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No Leaping and Doves Descend

King James Bible
And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

The Baptism of Jesus

(Mark 1:9-11Luke 3:21-22John 1:29-34)

13Then cometh Jesus from Galilee to Jordan unto John, to be baptized of him. 14But John forbad him, saying, I have need to be baptized of thee, and comest thou to me? 15And Jesus answering said unto him, Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness. Then he suffered him. 16And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him: 17And lo a voice from heaven, saying,

This is my beloved Son,


whom I am well pleased.

John the Baptist had been baptizing around the river Jordan and while

John the Baptist is baptizing Jesus comes to be baptized and basically is introduced to John the Baptist

and John the Baptist is introduced to Jesus

as if they didn’t know each other.

NO LEAPING, but there was a sign and he heard a voice from heaven1

They were not at Thanksgiving day celebrations or at a family member’s home having a reunion such as a birthday celebration, family barbecue for Memorial day or Labor day or because it was a free meal by a rich cousin or sister to bring your own meat/beer, etc.

While in the wilderness John the Baptist was prepared by God for his purpose: to prepare some people to follow Jesus and to be the sign of introduction. I think he was teaching some people about the truth that’s why some of his disciples left John the Baptist to follow Jesus. John the Baptist didn’t even think he had the right to tie Jesus’s laces of his sandals before he met Jesus so it’s not like they were familiar, as in cousins. And he said that his work was culminating when Jesus came to be baptized of him to fulfill all righteousness. So Jesus had not been baptized as a baby (Catholicism) i’m assuming or Jesus wouldn’t come again to be baptized and more than likely would have said I fulfilled Catholicism’s idea of righteousness when I was a baby and now I want to fulfill baptism again. I doubt he went to every religion in the world to fulfill their ideas of righteousness such as getting ashes on his forehead or the Hindu mark on the forehead (same thing, eh?). I don’t think it is mentioned at all in the bible that Jesus was baptized as a baby so you have to wonder why Roman Catholics think it is appropriate to baptize a baby (sprinkle babies with holy water they holy-ize, ever hear of water babies?) except as some kind of ownership rights, etc. I don’t think the River Jordan was holy water and doubtful any priests were transubstantiating the river Jordan.

 Baptism is supposed to be voluntary and not forced upon a baby who cannot defend itself.

Obviously it is also a testing ground once a person is baptized.

Suffer it to be so



  1. experience or be subjected to (something bad or unpleasant):

    “he’d suffered intense pain”

    synonyms: hurt · ache · be in pain · feel pain · be in distress · be upset ·

  2. dated

    “France will no longer suffer the existing government”

    synonyms: tolerate · put up with · bear · stand · abide · endure · brook

    Maybe that is why they sprinkle babies? So they won’t suffer as much?

    There is a true story about a baby that Walter Veith had to cope with. His own baby that was having big  troubles and at the time he was Catholic and that was the beginning of his search for truth because of his baby:
    His site will help you to see the relationship of Islam and Roman Catholicism as sort of a tug of war with humanity in the middle. They work off each other and tend to help each other though they would never admit it because that is their tactic.
    Anyway that is what made him question Roman Catholicism and the way he was treated by the nuns after his mother was sick and died. Anyway you can listen to his testimony and witness and learn a great deal about Roman Catholicism and Islam and other things such as history. Very enjoyable and insightful.
    And as far as history goes concerning Roman Catholicism and their desire to Catholicize the world you can read Ian Paisley’s input and studies which are also helpful if you prefer the historical witness against Roman Catholicism and their crimes against humanity.
     Which might help you understand their tactics and their desires.

Obviously, Jesus was in Israel near the River Jordan and He was Jewish.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 2.08.54 PM

I think the baptism of Jesus was the beginning of the three year teaching by Jesus about God the Father,


It was also a test of his character from that point on till he was crucified.

No one knew who Jesus was till then or they would have tested him before that point in time and we would have testimony of it in one of the gospels, but we don’t so  obviously he was not tested before then.

They have their stories about leaping and gratuitous greetings of John the Baptist and Jesus in the tummies of two women but it’s only hearsay of two women who felt flutters which most people feel at a certain point in pregnancy and sometimes because of blood pressure, gas, excitement, etc:

FEELINGS Barbara Streisand and Julio Iglesias

Jesus allowed it to be so because he was prepared by God to handle everything that was thrown at him.

Most of us are not that good, talented, or prepared but that doesn’t matter to ROME or ISLAM because they are pricks.

Look what happened to John the Baptist. He was beheaded because some young woman danced before King Herod and he liked her dancing and he asked her what she would like and she wanted John the Baptist’s head for some reason. I think it had to do with her mother who was screwed up and John the Baptist affected their area of rulership in a way that caused some problems for them or possibly because John the Baptist didn’t want to have sex with her mom (story of Joseph) who knows but it is a weird thing to desire the decapitated head of a person on a tray who was baptizing people. I imagine she was offended somehow by John the Baptist….possibly having to do with divorce and remarriage or something and back then people were not forgiving of others and especially of women (They blamed everything on the woman). More than likely King Herod wanted his head anyway and used a woman and her daughter as the blame. It seems more likely. Anyway King Herod probably suffered from Syphillis/Gonnoreah/DRUNKENENSS or similar kind of problem and it affected his mind so that he imagined something or other about John the Baptist and was crazy enough to have him beheaded.

Pope Francis still won’t allow women to be priests or bishops etc because he and the laity have something to hide from women such as how they betroth people and how they entrap people, etc. that aren’t yet catholic and

Launder DIRTY BLOOD money, make sex slaves, sell drugs, and all the other shit they do. Women tend to be more sensitive about those things as a rule and more protective of others because they are blessed in that way INTUITION though some males also have that in them but tend to be ensconced by how they are raised in a



a man needs a maid by Neil Young

and those nuns don’t have anyone to clean for so they end up cleaning for those who don’t have anyone to love because they are afraid to live like a man without a fraternity of men, marry, and have children and the nuns are like Father Jonathan. Usually illiterate, don’t have any understanding of life, and mangy other reasons that are probably caused by bad dads and so forth.

They are so full of crap they come up with the idea of HOSPICING to spread their misery on those that are infirmed, unable to talk, or aged,

thinking they do God a service.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 4.59.51 PM


Death Queen of Hospice

of Romans

Why do Pope’s squeak?

they seem to sound the same from Pope Benedict XVl to Pope Francis at least they talk like they barely have a voice and yet people flock to witness the Pope I think mostly to say they saw the Pope and to see the entourage of mafia boys next to the pope protecting him.

Everyone loves a parade and a circus so they flock to see the Pope and it’s menagerie but it doesn’t mean they give a crap as much as a clown making balloon animals.

Ever hear of emoting?


That is the question.

I know that Pope Benedict XVl spoke a few languages but it sounds an awful lot like Pope Benedict XVl talking in spanish, doesn’t it? Could it be? And if they believed what they said they would be more passionate and speak louder:


What does a dragon speak like? a mouse?

I have never heard one speak and I know they have to deal with their tongue slithering in and out though we can’t see it because it’s a spiritual slithering so maybe that is why they squeak like a mouse.

I watched Pope Benedict talk to a crowd in Italy I think and telling them not to join the mafia, It was rather weak and that is what Pope Francis talks like, very similar, as if someone else is speaking, mocking.

Anyway I noticed the Pope was having a hard time balancing and walking and I imagine when under the control of someone or something that might happen. There ought to be a law if they can’t balance they shouldn’t talk (in regards to Popes)

You would think a much as the Pope reads the bible or pretends to read the bible the Pope might not need a bible handler at their podium. It’s not like he reads more than a paragraph: ever hear of memorization by rote? That way it sticks in the mind and actually has an effect on the mind and affects behavior.

Oh well, he’s a spartan and wants everyone else to be a spartan with him. NO THANKS.

I can’t help but remember how MR SPARTAN Pope Francis stole a necklace off a dead martyr so that he might gain the martyrs’ courage and was proud of that act so much so he recounted it. Thought it was cute close to Benghazi time. Could have been after Benghazi. That was when the Jesuit side kick of the Jesuit Pope Francis gave the excuse for Benghazi which was the video tape.  Anyway Pope Francis confessed his sin of thievery to the world as a tribute to himself but Roman Catholics like to keep corpses around a while just to be sure they are dead and then to steal their bones so they can display them under glass, even fingernails have been under display claiming to be someone or other. Anyway that is the character of Pope Francis stealing a necklace from a dead martyr to gain courage and it doesn’t seem to have coalesced. Oh yea he rides around in a pope mobile with 50 mafiosa’s running by his side with out a bullet proof top. BIG DEAL. We now have cameras watching everyone so it’s not like whoever would not get caught the moment someone attempted anything. So it’s a pretty safe bet. Why kill the pope when they will just put in another. Replace him on a  moments notice with a big todo using smoke signals like the indians in the old west. And then send Father Jonathan of Fox News (Watter’s world’s alter ego) the worlds most stupidest human on earth to laud everything the current pope says, eats, drinks, drives, walks, carries, swallows, etc. It’s gross. It really is gross.

Why bother to kill the pope when he is killing his own followers. They just don’t know it yet. 

My ex is in the sound effects business:() LOL So the extreme applause and vocalization is a bit over the top. Like the pressure cooker bombs that went off at the Boston Marathon seemed to get louder as time progressed in the films shown on Fox and other stations and as backpacks changed colors and set behind and in front of the fence line of the audience where the Sandy Hook Elementary survivors sat  and prosthetics falling off and reattached to victims who supposedly were injured.




Roman Catholic LONG TERM PLANS to rule the world?




HIs way of warning when he couldn’t say it out loud or would have been martyred and replaced

or is that what actually happened?


so maybe he actually rose to the occasion unbeknownst to the public at the time.


Maybe it wasn’t the Jews fault that Jesus was crucified, he said.


One World Government & Religion

>>Catholicize the world>>Neocatechumenal Way>>

Tsunami in Japan/nuclear accident/poison water>>Obama Care>>

Hospice using Medicaid>>

Coverup using Planned Parenthood HOAX

to look like they care about babies

(check out pictures of Pope blessing woman who is involved in the Planned Parenthood hoax below)

when they are responsible for the HOAX


People like Ted Cruz know it too and know they are being used as a distraction

and their 2 year run for the White House is the same. 

He’s a scam artist!

It’s a monumental coverup, Catholic Style!

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.48.35 PM


on any documents








If this helps those who want to know I never felt fluttering or a leaping feeling the first time I was pregnant when I aborted. I don’t remember the second time or the third but I do remember the feeling very well. I wasn’t the type to keep track at that time about those kind of things. Forgot birthdays etc. Course I have changed since then having to defend the truth against a barrage of lies.Time isn’t always what it seems;) It can go forward and backward, etc. I did not enjoy pregnancy even  when I kept the ones I kept. I didn’t advertise it or walk around with some kind of attitude. In fact I continued on with getting on a ladder and painting a house while early in pregnancy until I knew for sure I was pregnant and that it was a keeper in the sense that my body had kept it on it’s own. The feeling was not fun for me to be pregnant I hated how it felt on my bladder most of all. I know some women go around like they were the Madonna but I didn’t. I see women over doing it on line as far as their pregnancy goes or their breast-feeding goes. You can do it in public in any place because you have to but it would be nice to be a bit less proud. You are only one of millions. It’s pretentious and a bit over the top.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 6.54.55 PM

Pride goeth before a fall.

 I loved breastfeeding for a lot of reasons. For one thing it was relief because it is painful not to breastfeed when it is needed and you make a mess as you are standing at the counter in some store and look down and your shirt has a big wet mark. LOL I however enjoyed watching the women in the army breastfeeding because it was cool this I find offensive, but that’s me. IT’s a necessity and it is beautiful when you do it but not for others. Does she love her kids or her boobs? I think she likes her boobs more than her kids. I’ll guarantee a rapist would too.


Those boobs will shrink someday after they suck em dry especially when you have twins. And you can have breast implantation but they aren’t the same as real ones. I have never had it never needed it, but for those that do please don’t be offended. I have a deep 14 inch scar on my belly which was my best asset physically (my waist) and caused by a lot of bad input some self inflicted because of sexual abuse, emotional, psychological abuse by my enemies. And I lost some other important things as well via this suffering. I didn’t flaunt it for a long time but worked through it and found some truth along the way which I am sharing for free. I didn’t ask for donations for my blogs and accept a million dollars in the first week as did Ted Cruz for his contribution to mankind (knowledge of the US Constitution which has been for the most part useless in his hands. Remember Obamacare and those promises and he still attempts to make promises he won’t keep for if he would he would have already with a majority in Congress unless he isn’t smart enough) nor did I consider that an endorsement or a disapproval from God. Don’t get me wrong I would love to be rich. Doesn’t everyone wish for that? No that’s right Pope Francis doesn’t wish for that because he is the Pope of the largest undiscerning congregation in the world.

Thanks for sharing though because it fit this post If that was the reason? Only God knows.

Let’s hope no one gets raped over it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 7.05.40 PM

That’s cute. LOL

I think God knew ahead of time what I was in for and what I would do and supported my decision and the help of my parents because it matters how I conceived in HIS JUDGEMENT or I doubt I would have been so fortunate to have the children I have now. I can’t say that for some Catholics I know who annulled their first marriage and had a late term miscarriage which is a nice way of having an aborted fetus and can be caused in a myriad of ways with or without their knowledge. Course you can’t say you didn’t know you got married. It wasn’t a good marriage or mutually satisfying but it’s not like it didn’t happen. I think it is a judgement of some kind in regards to Catholicism and their penchant for indulging their own though she was an Orthodox CAThOLIC WHATEVER THAT MEANS, I DON’T KNOW. I don’t think it was necessarily a judgement against her personally but for her faith in a notorious false religion that has caused so much needless turmoil, grief and sadness in this marvelous world.

Amazing watching the Pope who has never been married or had children of his own giving advice about families and raising them and about taking care of the elderly when it was their own follower the famous Mother Teresa who made famous the hospice death with intent to kill the elderly so in my estimation the pope was mocking when talking about the elderly especially recently what has occurred to them. The reason he does it so well without much notice is because he is evil and so is his religion.

Anyway Mark Wahlberg the actor is on the TV introducing someone having to do with the pope’s visit in Philadelphia and it really irks me especially since he was on Fox acting as the weatherman a while back in one of those time loops in his ruse about the man imprisoned in Mexico a few different times same person different body.

This is Roman Catholicism at the height of it’s power at different times and what they did and they seem to be pretty proud of their heritage and I think they should not be so proud. They aren’t the navy, army, marines, or the air force or the military they are a religious STATE camping out in almost every country in the world to do their evil shit and I guess Mark Wahlberg is one of them:

The Fruits of the Vatican

 You ought to read some of the things done in the name of Christ by the Vatican, mind you, but most Catholics ignore it. It couldn’t happen to them. It can. It can turn and rear it’s ugly head and rend you.

The Bloody History of Papal Rome – A Timeline
In 1940, French statesman Baron DePonnat stated “Roman Catholicism was born in blood, has wallowed in blood, and has quenched its thirst in blood, and it is in letters of blood that its true history is written.” Indeed, the history of papal Rome has been one of brutal torture, slaughter, and mass murder. The below list provides a sampling of papal Rome’s bloody history.
1096 Roman Catholic crusaders slaughter half the Jews in Worms, Germany.
1098 Roman Catholic crusaders slaughter almost all of the inhabitants of the city of Antioch.
1099 Roman Catholic crusaders massacre 70,000 Muslims and Jews when they capture Jerusalem.
1208 – 1226 The Albigensian Crusades in southern France. Roman Catholic crusaders slaughter   approximately 20,000 citizens of Beziers, France on July 22, 1209. Both Albigensian Christians and Catholics were slain. By the time the Roman Catholic armies finished their “crusade,” almost the entire population of southern France (mostly Albigensian Christians) has been exterminated. During the six centuries of papal Inquisition that began in the 13th century, up to 50 million people were killed.
1236 Roman Catholic crusaders slaughter Jews in the Anjou and Poitou regions of western France. The Catholic crusaders trample to death under their horses 3000 Jews who refuse baptism.
1243 Roman Catholic mobs burn alive all the Jews in Berlitz, Germany (near Berlin).
1298 Roman Catholic mobs burn alive all Jews in Rottingen, Germany.
April 26, 1349 Roman Catholic mobs burn to death all Jews in Germersheim, Germany.
1348 – 1349 The Jews are blamed for the bubonic plague. Author Dave Hunt tells us, “Accused of causing the ‘Black Death’ Jews were rounded up [by Roman Catholic mobs] and hanged, burned, and drowned by the thousands in revenge.”
1389 Roman Catholic mobs murder 3000 Jews in Prague when they refuse to be baptized.
1481 – 1483 At the direction of the Roman Catholic inquisitors, authorities  burn at the stake at least 2000 people during the first two years of the Spanish Inquisition.
1540 – 1570 Roman Catholic armies butcher at least 900,000 Waldensian Christians of all ages during this 30-year period.
1550 – 1560 Roman Catholic troops slaughter at least 250,000 Dutch Protestants via torture, hanging, and burning during this ten-year period.
1553 – 1558 Roman Catholic Queen Mary I of England (aka “bloody Mary”) attempts to bring England back  under the yoke of papal tyranny. During her reign, approximately 200 men and woman are burned to death at the stake. Her victims include bishops, scholars, and other Protestant leaders.
1572 St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. French Roman Catholic soldiers begin killing Protestants in Paris on the night of August 24, 1572. The soldiers kill at least 10,000 Protestants during the first three days. At least 8000 more Protestants are killed as the slaughter spreads to the countryside.
1618 – 1648 The Thirty Years’ War. This bloody, religious war is planned, instigated, and orchestrated by the Roman Catholic Jesuit order and its agents in an attempt to exterminate all the Protestants in Europe. Many countries in central Europe lose up to half their population.
1641 –  1649 Eight years of Jesuit-instigated Roman Catholic butchery of Irish Protestants claims the lives of at least 100,000 Protestants.
1685 French Roman Catholic soldiers slaughter approximately 500,000 French Protestant Huguenots on the orders of Roman Catholic King Louis 14 of France.
Circa 1938 –  1945 Catholic dictators such as Adolf Hitler and Monsignor Tiso slaughter approximately six million Jews in Europe prior to and during World War 2.
1941 – 1945 The Roman Catholic Ustashi in the fascist state of Croatia butcher up to one million Serbian Orthodox Christians. Roman Catholic killer squads are often led by Franciscan priests, monks, and friars. This genocide is choreographed by two Jesuit prelates: Aloysius Stepinac and Ivan Saric.
Compiled by Darryl Eberhart.

I do hope and would love to see the Vatican, Mecca and Medina, and the White House crumble to pieces and all the businesses that support them go broke and from what I gather that I have read they do and they will.

But war is hell and we are in hell and in a war that has not been introduced. The enemy uses all kinds of ways to implement their suffering and one is the Pope visiting the East coast mocking America and americans who don’t know any better and the Press cramming it into our consciousness with their courageous stupidity adoring the pope adoring Mary. LOL

When they get you into their fold by compromising this and compromising that in regards to their blessed doctrines because of the world and it’s demands and needs that they caused indirectly and directly then they will they will turn their canon laws on you and renege on their progressiveness and their temporary liberty. They place their canon laws above truth and above God. They don’t fight wars because they lack courage they undermine humanity by causing wars, austerity, starvation, immigration, joblessness, plagues, and every vile thing know to mankind and look holy while they do it although I don’t see holiness I just hear about it from the press who are obviously conjoined in their stupidity. The Pope is no more holy than Matt Drudge and both have extremely long chins.


Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.48.22 AM

Looks like the Huckabee’s clerk a bit aged getting her forehead rubbed and a woman crying in the background. DOESN”T LOOK LIKE A JOYFUL MOMENT!

Actually it looks like the woman in the Planned Parenthood videos recently released

Why her in particular? Why is Pope Francis touching her forehead? Because more than likely she is the one in the Planned Parenthood video?

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.26.20 AM


Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.23.11 AM






“Oh what a wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive”

Pope Francis praises women’s ‘immense contribution’ to church during Philadelphia visit

Listen to this video and the sound effects of the crowds as his car is driving up and the volume is the same and no variation in the sounds as is the case in real life. It’s ridiculous. He isn’t the Beatles. The people he is chatting with at the stairs hear him and they aren’t yelling. No one cupping their ears to hear because of the loud noises around them etc. Probably a host of nuns helping to make noise in those sound effects. The pope while reading the sentiments of the pope about the church sounds like Inspector Clouseau from The Pink Panther and can barely stand at the alter with his alter guys and steadies himself (probably a bit drunk) Good thing it wasn’t the Ark of the Covenant he would be dead at that moment. Does it again. It’s not an alter but a communion table but isn’t that what communion is: altering the truth in order to commune.



Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.28.10 AM

This video is like in the Book of Acts speaking in tongues everyone talking at the same time in different languages and no one can tell what the hell they are saying except perhaps the japanese because of the loudness of the japanese woman (chinese perhaps? (They all sound the same to me. LOW CHOW PAN….No offense, LOL.) Ted Cruz is singing in a soprano voice. Do you really think people sang their prayers in the olden days? This is about the time I would be wanting to go home feeling faint and vomity when they are sitting across from each other and the organ is playing. Talk about a turn off. These are grown men acting like numb nuts. A bunch of pumpkins are sitting in the pews together.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.30.13 AM

Then singing “his mercy is on those who fear him from generation to generation” with a trill in the


 of the word generation in a soprano voice (Ted Cruz). This is not a musical though they think it is. I would not have mercy on this crowd. IT’S GROSS as they take communion.

This whole scene is not a demonstration of fear but punishment for those who succumb to their antics. If I’m not impressed

I doubt God is impressed. Not that I think myself is God but I know that having witnessed this display in this you tube that I would not attend this church ever again.

I want to write though in all honesty and because it is important in my estimation but when my dad had a TIA and was speaking funny, backwards it was a very hard time for me to watch, I felt some strange feelings as it occurred echoes and I heard some strange effects as well and one was like the way this amphitheater-cathedral’s ambiance sounds in the room when he suffered his exhaustion at the hospital where we met and where he had his TIA having driven in from San ANtonio to Dallas to the hospital without a nap to please my sister’s whims. Not that having a grandchild is a whim but it could have waited a few hours. He was old and deserved to be respected. ANYWAY he loved kids but I think he would have been honored if my sister had honored his wife in return in his absence.

He went to grandparents days and so did my mom for their family and every Hockaday event you can imagine and yearly ballets at McFarland Auditiorium, babysat even the grandkids kids which is WAY beyond the call of duty IMO and put her in charge of my mom’s welfare and estate and in my opinion she turned her ugly heads and rended him, my mom, and me and maybe a few others though they fear her instead of God.

I didn’t even get invited to the funeral of my mom. Though I would not have attended because of the rank defilement by my sisters. Didn’t even know she was hospiced two weeks before she died. They would not communicate with me out of vengeance. THAT”S LOW, AS LOW AS YOU CAN GO. THen lied on the brochure about my mom as if they didn’t know any better.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.06.27 AM

 Bocelli Schmochelli

By the way that heroin addict I wrote about in my last post on the blog Eye of the Needle his name was Botello a very good singer and songwriter and guitarist.

I don’t believe their abortion/appenDIX story one iota about the opera singer. I don’t believe Catholics.

He sings well and so what. The ex and his catholic friends at his gig last night were saying in regards to the coverage about the POPE


 and mimicked him kissing a kid in a wheel chair with palsy and the reaction of the family about the pope kissing the kid. Was the kid healed? Can Bocelli see?


I believe the doctor probably botched the birth and was protected by insurance. IN any case it is being used politically for reasons our Congress is trying to defund Planned Parent hood because a bunch of nuns infiltrated the institution to have their way.


I don’t pray to HELL MARY. THEY DO.


snark snark snort snort

And what does that  have to do with his blindness, anyway? DId the appenDIX strike him blind? LOL

It’s hearsay and nothing more. Unproven and not provable.

Proof is in the pudding.

Read Revelation.

Super Blood Moon to Make a Rare Appearance

“Most people are unlikely to detect the larger size of the supermoon. It may appear 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter, but the difference is subtle to the plain eye. But the reddish tint from the lunar eclipse is likely to be visible throughout much of North America, especially on the East Coast.”

In coordination with the visit of Pope Francis to the East Coast. Notice he didn’t go to the West Coast or even the Bread Basket of the United States and remained on the East Coast Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. Noticed the cathedral of Matthew in Washington had a depiction in stained glass of THOR, It looked the way to me anyway.

I hope the places that accommodated the Pope and his entourage will crumble to pieces by an act of God. 🙂

 Is that wrong?

 Hurricane Joaquin with 85 mph winds and building strength heading to the east Coast and what do you want to bet it hits Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Boston hard and if it does I hope it hits St. Matthews Cathedral with a vengeance. I thought he went to Boston but the ex says he went to New York. Vaguely remember that but we were barraged with his presence in the most disgusting fashion on our TV’s and I hope it never happens again.

What does he have in that brown bag? Buttons?

Hurricane Joaquin means wet weekend for East Coast football, baseball

bummer, lol

Honestly, I really feel that way about the visit of Pope Francis to America. I think he’s a pretentious little prick and a self described thief and proud of it. He should not be allowed to come to American and spread his voodoo and we should not have to see his ugly face in the news and hear about what a great guy he is because he is not.

I hope the Obamas have to move to Mt. Vernon and the Senate and the Congress can’t convene caused by the hurricane winds and the damage because they don’t do anything anyway,

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 12.10.05 AM

Then I would love to watch Chris Christie’s support and mob bravado dwindle to a drop of water and see him and his sleazy friends slink back into the woodwork and like a cockroach lose that color and never want to peek his little turd out in public again. He is a pope ass kisser and so are his financial backing and they deserve to lose their social standing and their assets and Chris Christie deserves to lose his position for kissing ass. He did it before with Obama and now the Pope. It’s sickening to see a presidential candidate kiss so much ass. That is not what America needs in office or in any office. I’m sure that will not sit well with Eric Bolling but he’s similar in character and he should follow Chris Chrisite.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 12.04.25 AM

When my sister was a tot she came home

with a bunch of Roly-Polys

in her purse

and I hope the same goes

for Chris Christie and his newt RICH buddies.

I hope everywhere the Pope goes the places that harbor him and entertain him

get screwed up financially, physically, mentally,

so that no one will ever invite him to their country or their state or their city ever again.

He will be isolated.

I hope this hurricane will be some kind of lesson, but I ain’t God.

Found this on a site:

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 7.38.27 PM


Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 8.17.38 PM

Where in the gospels does it say you have to confess. That’s like the inquisition. Jesus in the Gospel of John said to some people that asked “what may we do to do the works of God?” and he said to them: “BELIEVE.” Believe in whom?

God the Father. The one he teaches about.

I Am The Lord Thy God.

You don’t have to tell one soul what you believe and/or why, how, when, where, what for, who, etc..

The above 4 Romans verses are Roman Catholic Dogma as in the picture below:

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 7.46.24 PM

for the purpose so that they can trap you, or entrap you, or make you suffer, or pressure you, manipulate you, manage you, squeeze you for $$$$ (charge you), occult you, tease you, belittle you, use you, torture you, guilt you, organize you into their perception of where you should be and how you should appear, how you should act, how you should vote, etc, intimidate you, violate you, rape you, cheat you, undermine you, molest you, try to make you go crazy, isolate you and eventually destroy you if they can,

hence HO-SPICE the invention of Muther Teresa and Roman Catholicism:The largest CULT in the world.







Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 12.41.51 AM

Pope Pushes Malthusian Elite Agenda In Historic Call For New Global Order


Here is my personal story about suffering:

I listened to Greg Gutfeld talk about naming names of mass murderers such as what occurred at a community college in Oregon and how it glorifies the person doing it to name their name which makes another mass murderer want to outdo the one before which is BS. That is the epitome of politically correct. It doesn’t glorify them whatsoever and dishonors their name and their name needs to be publicized for the purpose of witnesses and acquaintances and the information they might be able to provide in regards to that person named which might be helpful and while we are at it it helps to identify their religion and their race and anything else that might be pertinent so that just in case there is a copy cat aspect involved we might be able to ascertain a connection.

Anyway I said out loud about my feelings about it TO THE EX and said for similar reasons as the incident in Aurora Colorado where a man acts like the Joker and gets into the theater to commit a mass murder with the help of an insider (person in the theater that let him into the theater)

kills a bunch of people and in particular a woman who worked for Fox affiliate as a sports announcer who was at a mass murder a month before in shopping mall in Canada (witnessed the murders) and a month later was killed in a mass murder in a theater which happened to be situated in a town that had some secret military base where the shooter was getting medication and treatment for mental problems or some kind of problem (probably Ritalin) and the theater where the mass murder took place was where military men and women frequented which sounds like a traitor within the military killing the military. (Probably during blackouts.)

THE EX compared it to someone going to Iraq for tour of duty three times and comes home and gets killed in a mass murder at home.


THERE IS NO COMPARISON BETWEEN THE TWO coincidences the one THAT HE CITED vs what I cited!

His was a coincidence whereas my example isn’t only a coincidence, it’s collaboration and it is complicity of some kind.

A Cabal.

ANYWAY he has been shampooing the rugs in the last two day yesterday and today.

He was taught “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” It’s Catholic DOGMA! Though I do live in the same place as he does. LOL

He does it usually after he has done something he shouldn’t have, so I’m wondering what he did!

The man that took down some terrorists in France went to college at that same community college. I call that not a mere coincidence and there is probably connection.

Anyway, that’s suffrage, is one kind of suffrage, there are other types as well. IT’s called having to be living in the same house with the EX who is mind boggling stupid. LOL

CHRIS HARPER MERCER was the guys name who did the deed in Oregon and I will guarantee there are some important connections to Obama’s religion of Christianity (snark snark “The Future must no belong to those that insult the prophet of Islam” he said at the UN a few years ago. IS THAT CHRISTIAN?)) and this desire to disarm the American people and connected to the man that took down a terrorist in France and the President of France who gave him the highest award yet the man didn’t know what the President of France said when receiving the award because he was traveling around in France with his buddies and he didn’t understand French. All three heroes had BLACKOUTS! Really makes no sense not to know what was said in an awards ceremony especially the most regarded award in France given by the leader of that country. That is nonsense and so there probably is a connection between the President of France, President Obama, the man that received the award and the college where the mass murder took place at Umpqua Community College in Roseberg, Oregon, the man that did the deed, gun control, mental illness, BLACKOUTS and RELIGION. I think it is likely related to Sandy Hook Elementary mass murder as well and I think it is orchestrated especially since it was not done in a fit of anger but premeditated and with a warning. The Sandy Hook Elementary mass murder was hoax. None of the victims had birth certificates or death certificates and were not provided to the public for the obvious reasons and it was in a Catholic town and many priests were involved with the families afterwards at least in photos and so was our government involved. The shooter in Oregon hated religion and lived with his mother, I read. A mama’s boy. Sounds very Catholic.

Not to mention, but I will, the mass murderer in Aurora looks like my nephew and the woman killed in the theater in Aurora looks like my step niece by marriage both in the same family of my little sister who is a follower of Billy Graham (that was how she was introduced to Christianity by his tours (CRUSADES) which started in Britain.) She didn’t know him that I know of but that was how it started for her GRETA journey into Christendom.

The Fog of War

Watched for a minute or so Dr. Bob Arnot on Judge Jeanine of Fox News on SUnday night and they were discussing the tragedy of Doctors Without Borders where I guess US military hit their location and killed a bunch of doctors but that there was artillery fire going from their location of some kind and so it ended up being a target of the US military. The same doctor that came out with a fetus that lived I presume that he grew somehow out of utero to prove some kind of point.


I guess Doctors Without Borders is an international program. I know the Roman Catholic Church (Pope Benedict XVl but more than likely not his idea alone) wanted a World Without Borders for the One World Government/Religion with Teeth) so I understand that it must have been inspired by Roman Catholicism and probably is sponsored by Rome in war torn countries or anywhere they want to rule. I guess it bites hard when you are the victim. What the hell do they expect in wartime….total safety? Doctors WIthout Borders was also in Africa working on the Blood virus Ebola (I believe caused by the tsetse fly but the powers that want to be are afraid to spray to contain the tsetse fly or eradicate the tsetse fly because they the Africans won’t need their help in that capacity. Coincidentally at that time was the African Summit with Barack Obama akin and seems that Samaritans Purse was trying to consolidate some kind of deal for Obama akin to trying to disarm the US public so we have school shootings like the ones we have witnessed lately.) a while back and were trying to find a cure for that disease and came up with a serum for a few doctors that worked for their company doctors while a bunch of Africans died of that disease. By The Thousands. The doctors were flown to the USA even though it was dangerous and caused some problems at some hospitals in the USA and a few people that were infected because of their overconfidence and pride. I saw pictures of the Africans that were not protected by suits so no wonder it spread at that time. Took advantage of their ignorance which is typical of those involved in those companies. Luckily those few doctors lived and were flown out of Africa by the planes owned by the Grahams business called the Samaritan’s Purse (Franklin and Billy Graham). So I presume that they are involved with Doctors Without Borders as well since they are shills of Roman Catholicism. Their company is calling it a war crime but how can they complain when working in a country at war? Did the Mash units in Vietnam call it a war crime when they were attacked in Viet Nam/Cambodia/Laos etc. Do you think the enemy in Viet Nam cared whatsoever? Doesn’t make sense but the Benedictine Order in Germany complained about a place (Monte Cassina which you can read about on the site hosted by Ian Paisley of European Institute of Protestant Studies and put in a search about Monte Cassina to compare their reaction)  that was bombed in Germany that was harboring the enemy the Nazis and we were at war with the Nazis at the time. They bitched about the incident and wanted revenge.

Reminds me of what is occurring in Syria with the Russians bombing some groups they called ISIS ( I think there are a few different groups called by that name that aren’t necessarily connected top each other which makes it confusing) and we accuse Russia of killing Syrians insurgents attacking their own country of Syria and President Assad’s regime which is called civil war occurring Syria and we are afraid they will kill our people that are in Syria (our people that should not be in Syria without a Declaration of War but they are there I presume working with the Saudis that invaded Syria in the first place and we say that Russia is working with Iran and the Hezbollah.) 

Anyway I don’t think we know what we are fighting except that Barack Obama wanted to get to that Golan Heights and has wanted to for quite a long time and I presume Roman Catholicism would like to do the same.


Because it is a very important border for Israel, so I see an IRONY in that whole situation.

Don’t you?

Turkey Dragged A Kurdish Man Behind An Armored Vehicle.

Then It Got Worse.

The images reignite doubts about the government’s fight against Kurds.

Hey if it works for the Palestinians on the West Bank it ought to work for the Turks.

Also reminds me when Hillary Clinton defended the use of empty UN buildings that were harboring/storing weapons used to cause problems in Israel by Palestinians/Hezbollah/whoever else (the RC) was involved and Roman Catholic priests complained when Israel warned some people to leave buildings because they were gonna bomb them in response to some activity from the buildings and the RC priests mocked Israel and those that were being warned and said: “Where do you suggest that they should go?” I would have suggested: Go to the Vatican, they have plenty of rooms at their Inns. It’s hard to deal with that kind of an enemy and I don’t think they deserve warnings anymore because they are impossible to deal with.

Illogical and unrepentant

in other words

they are assholes and should not be allowed to do business as usual in the USA.

Noticed what Benjamin Netanyahu said on Great’s show on Fox in regards to his speech at the UN where he demonstrated silence for she said 45 seconds, he said 44 seconds, and I wonder what’s the difference?It seemed to make much of an impression at the UN and seemed that it fell on deaf ears and they were silent.

Are we talking about parallels like the 49th Parallel, etc?

I wonder what difference does a second make?

44th Parallelnorth

In my opinion, Netanyahu ought to disregard the UN as being a TOTAL waste of time. Don’t bother. They are worthless and might as well sell girl scout cookies. No offense to the Girl Scouts. I love their thin mint cookies.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 1.41.15 AM

Notice the red line?

The biggest thing that happened in Israel besides becoming a state was the 6 day war (WIkipedia says it was in 1967 (June 5th – June 10th) i thought it was in 1968) so are we talking about

What a difference a day makes? 

Esther Phillips

By we, I mean, Benjamn Netanyahu.

I think he meant something, but I don’t read minds. LOL


“Local pastor Randy Scroggins has said his 18-year-old daughter, who survived the shooting, told him the gunman gave an envelope to another student and instructed him to give it to police. The envelope contained a flash drive, Scroggins said.”

“Also Monday, some faculty, staff and students returned to the campus for the first time since the shooting, while President Barack Obama announced he will travel to Oregon this week to visit privately with victims’ families.”

Hide it.

Ben Carson defends comments about Oregon shooting

Dr. Ben Carson is right about what one should do unless you want to be a martyr for a nutcase

which I believe are driven nuts by a bunch of nuts. 

This shit didn’t happen until Obama graced our White House at least not to the extent it is occurring these days and especially ever since Benghazi!

South Carolina got hit kind of hard storm wise by Hurrican Joaquin. I wonder if that has anything to do with the the investigation of Benghazi and who is in charge of the investigation in our government. Trey Goudy.

Shut Down the Benghazi Committee

It’s understandable when one doesn’t try to ask the right questions because of political pressure and one’s religion so that no information can be gained that is important and everyone goes off on little witch hunts that have nothing to do with what occurred but a HUGE SIGN that affects everyone, obviously.

In any case it is a conspiracy to prove that truth isn’t the right way or the life as stated by Jesus in the Gospel of John and it is illogical and a ridiculous way to demonstrate some moot point. It’s like what happened in WWll when some people only fed the prisoners bread to prove that one can’t live on bread alone written about in Elie Weisel’s book though I forget the title. I don’t think Elie Weisel even understood the point of that experiment: Misinterpreting scripture in a Catholic kind of way: Cleanliness is next to Godliness (my ex starts cleaning house when he has done something that is bad and forgets: A day is as a thousand years as a thousand years is a day and relying on that verse to keep them afloat and sinking as we write or this shit would not be occurring as frequent as it is occurring like a toilet flushing though now we have to flush it twice to be successful thanks to Al Gore. LOL.

Poop, flush, power!

Fox news in the morning interviewed Ben Carson about the Oregon event and talked about giving up one’s life for their faith as the highest calling and that is insane. One has nothing to do with the other. Jesus wasn’t saying we don’t have a right to lie if our lives are in danger because of some assholes on a revenge trip about the demotion of the Gospel of Matthew by it’s own petard. Some can’t handle that the mustard seed is not the smallest of seeds and have been freaking out about it for quite a while. I guess many feel betrayed by the truth. Anyway you can read about it on some posts linked on that Merangue’s Blog.

The ex (the insignificant other) just advised me which is kind of infrequent but means something by his actions that the Golan Heights has struck Black Gold. He doesn’t do it often and there are reasons for the treasons. I have prayed begged and scolded God with vigor to release me from his madness and help me out of this mess of a situation. I will never forget his excitement about his mom’s health soon after my mom’s death. It was revealing as in Revelation and like I said he proved that the Gospel of Matthew is a farce in regards to the attitudes when one one mourns for someone they love. It was as if he had proved something by my mom’s death and his mom’s health improvement. I won’t forget EVER. There is no comparison between the two. NONE!

I don’t think he appreciated me reproving him in a gentle way to not sleep with his teenage daughter for whatever reason.

He will have to answer to God for those reasons, pretty soon, I hope and for the other things he forgets. Things do seem to be winding up and down.

I have read and heard that rape isn’t about sex, it’s about control. Though I think sometimes it is about sex but why force it when you can buy it or jack off (and not go to jail even if it used to be considered a sin by Roman Catholics.)

As far as oil goes in the Golan Heights i believe oil is like blood in the human body. It’s everywhere. The earth is a living body and oil is its lubricant like blood is in the human body. The earth shifts probably because of the oil consumption but luckily the earth produces more however it does that like we produce more blood when we lose blood via blood drives or accidents. My cousin’s husband (a geologist) found oil with some kind of technique in Texas and when I told him I felt a small earthquake years back he told me it was impossible. He was wrong. We have had small ones since then that were recorded so either he lied or he was overconfident in false information. Anyway the news reports that oil is super plentiful in the Golan Heights and guess what that’s not the only place. Pretty soon we won’t need it so it’s kind of silly and the hoopla about it except for what is occurring in Syria these days and another excuse for some kind of deployment.

I am including this post from Rush Limbaugh not for it’s content but I liked the picture. LOL. But I agree with Rush Limbaugh about the funny timing.

Could Oil in Israel Change the Middle East?

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 11.29.32 PM

Anyway Jesus in the Gospel of John didn’t say or suggest to martyr oneself for some crazy nut. The Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark & Luke) however did suggest it and seemed to promote it. So I would surmise those that are supportive of the Synoptic Gospels are responsible for the craziness of these events such as in Oregon and Sandy Hook Elementary to prove absolute madness, etc. Illogical.

In my opinion, the Oregon school shooting was a set up and in one of the pictures I saw of three girls one crying it seemed that two of them looked ashamed looking at her as she cried, as if they were in on the event. I can’t find the picture anymore but one girl was crying her eyes out (it looked like) and a girl was on either side of the girl that was crying and they didn’t act right or look right and reminded me of the kids that were being interviewed in regards to the Sandy Hook Elementary hoax. An interviewer (psychological type interview) at Sandy Hook looked just like the woman that got in the car with a judge before she swore in LBJ as the new President on a plane soon after JFK was assassinated. IMO. (You can read about it in the JFK series linked on Merangue’s Blog.) Though her skin color changed. (The Judge was the one that was involved in Roe v. Wade.) The kids that were interviewed were the siblings of a female teacher that was killed in the Sandy Hook hoax. LOL The two girls were excited about their interview and the part they played even though their sister had supposedly been killed (exuberant acting) and the boy didn’t look like he was proud of himself and very quiet. These events are politically motivated using religions and if they can’t get our guns they gonna try to get us using the mental illness (a very fuzzy line) to put away those that are against their One World Government with Teeth and it’s political and religious agenda which fluctuates depending on public opinion and however the wind changes like currents in water change depending upon the tides, the moon, storms, El Nina and El Nino, solar flares, etc. So whose nuts?

I’ll tell you who is nuts: Bill O’reilly. LOL

talking about traditional values and comparing the dems to the republicans and as far as I’m concerned traditional values are not exclusive to the Republicans. Ridiculous to suggest that it is. Ben Carson isn’t right about traditional values having more successful families: BULLSHIT. (Depends on what you mean by successful.) I wish it were so but it isn’t. The Occult is not traditional though they have their traditions and Bill O’reilly is an OCCULTIST AND THAT IS WHY HE SUPPORTS AND PROPS UP THE VALUES AND THE TACTICS OF THE JESUITS. HE IS TRYING TO ACT AS IF HE HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE WAY DR. BEN CARSON TURNED OUT AND HE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CHARACTER OF BEN CARSON.

He developed his character hisself.

Hey, I enjoyed Sanford and Sons. LOL Just Kidding. I hear Dr. Ben Carson is being attacked racially which is silly but some attacks aren’t attacks but in fun kind of stuff. My problem with him is I feel he may be Obama’s “chosen one” because of the breakfast that both attended which made Dr. Ben Carson famous. I had never heard of him before that even though he was a renown in his field of medicine, I guess. Nevertheless it could be boondoggle and he might be a great president. However tithing and taxation are two different concepts based on two different type situations.He suggested that taxation was tithing and it is not comparable. The White House is not the temple. LOL Nor is the Senate or the House of Representatives or the Supreme Court the temple and the practitioners of all these houses are not the Levites, etc. Though it is interesting that he said that since some of our tax dollars are being funneled to the Vatican and it is not the Temple either. The Vatican is an Abomination but I did notice a great interest in him after he stated what he stated about tithing to the government and ears perked and he got ver popular and I’m pretty positive that Laura InGraham and others in the press probably became intensely interested in Mr. Carson hoping for some Christmas bonuses.


In any case it has to do with the choices but it doesn’t help to be entrapped or tempted by those that like to corrupt or adulate for political and religious advantage

I wonder how his twenty something siblings are doing! Never get to hear or see them.

It’s time to exert our attention to the

hospice situation in old folks homes and retirement centers.

It’s a cover for offing a generation of people that contributed to making America great, using Medicade/Medicare and using inheritance which are tempting good people for nefarious reasons and offing those that are not desirable to the advancement of the NEW WORLD ORDER – A World Government with Teeth, AN ABERRATION,

(and to punish their children.)

and it’s agenda which needs to be destroyed. The New World Order does not appreciate America and those great Americans (many in the military and their spouses) and wants to diminish it’s power and character and is going unnoticed by many. It needs to be noticed by Congress and there needs to be some action devoted towards that protection and stop the forced suicides and stop the mental tampering of the public for nefarious reasons by false news stories to promote gun control. Everyone knows that is the tipping point towards FASCIST type governance and we do not want to oblige and only the crime bosses and nazis will be able to use guns against the population with those false news stories.

They were born and created by God and deserve respect and protection

 and quit using Planned Parenthood and the hoaxes involved as a decoy for advancing that agenda, (which is evil.)

Might promote the alternative to the hospice death trap by providing doctors care and take advantage of the new traveling doctor business that is a direct response to Obama Care. Give it the good ole American boost and while we are at it provide access to certain treatments without consent from our doctors every 6 months or a year requiring a visit to see a doctor which is pandering doctors on medications that are not likely to be abused or to get high or to make a profit such as asthma treatments etc. (That is my personal request.) That is abusive to the public and it is blackmail and should be punishable with fines to the doctors that use that excuse to get business in their doors. Most people are mentally responsible and aware enough to know if something changes to see their doctor but those changes don’t usually come bi-yearly or yearly and the citizens should not be treated as infants. You can always put a surcharge on the drug prescribed in the first place to go to the doctor that prescribed it but otherwise it is forcing oneself on their patrons and that is abusive and controlling and needs to be


Also sometimes the past has some better medicines than the present.

When I was younger my mom very rarely but when I was uncontrollable, visibly upset, losing my cool she would give me a quarter of a tranquilizer to settle me down and it worked and there were no after effects. It softened my edge. I was given recently from a hospital that prescribed a drug to help me sleep and for my nerves and I took one yesterday and a day later I still feel sluggish and heavy from that drug. Too bad doctors don’t prescribe tranquilizers instead of these psychological drugs that I think are less effective and damaging to the psyche than tranquilizers. I’ll tell you the name of the drug: HydrOXYzine HCI 25MG NOR which is the substitution for the same thing without the NOR. It would have felt much better having a portion of a tranquilizer. Prescribed by a different doctor from the same hospital and same visit that prescribed a albuterol in the strength that would have caused my death with a seizure that I investigated because I was curious why it had to be overnighted by the pharmacist because albuterol is usually in stock at a pharmacy who then got curious about the strength and alerted the ex that it would have killed me and called the doctor that prescribed it to me and she changed the strength to the normal dose. Her name was Raashee Kedia and was working part-time at the hospital but normally worked at another hospital so wondering if it was a trick or a mistake intentional or not. Could be spiritual like when I received an overabundance of Cat scans without the proper preparation even after notifying the nurse of the lack of preparation I had to partake of radiation that was needless and indulge her schedule because I was too weak and drugged to thwart the abuse. I think that was deliberate negligence on another occasion when I nearly died. Don’t know if I can ever find that out about Raashee Kedia but luckily I was suspicious. Lucky for her, too! Have to get a refill from her and hopefully she will represcribe the inhalants so I don’t have to make a trip to the hospital that I don’t need and shouldn’t have to make to receive medicine that is important for my well being. I would think she would be agreeable since I did not sue her for malpractice. There is always a reasonable doubt as to her intent on the physical plane but on the spiritual plain I think it was intentional without her knowledge which is a conundrum for humanity. Anyway, doctors are not perfect human beings and they make mistakes and older people are more susceptible and much more vulnerable than the average person having to rely on their practitioners that aren’t nearly watched as they should be and can do great harm to the elderly on their whims without much intervention, however in my case I think it has to do with my beliefs.

Like the laws in Texas about restraint which are abused by retirement centers which allow patients to have falls that affect their longevity, their bones, their organs, overall health which need to be reviewed. I think they allow the falls intentionally because they don’t like the laws and would rather duct tape their patients and drug them up to keep them asleep as schools would rather put kids on Ritalin to control kids that are overactive.

There are some bad apples in the business of the elderly as there are in the business of childcare. They are attracted like moths to a flame. Take for instance Planned Parenthood.

You know what else is weird this morning I found a quarter on the floor which is not that unusual except where I found it was unusual so much so I wondered who was on that quarter because my eyesight sucks and I was sluggish and still fighting the sluggishness I feel. It’s George Washington. My mom reminds me of George Washington and kind of took after Barbara Bush in her later years. She had teeth problems as I do and so did George. My dad reminds me of Benjamin Franklin in a way. Something about the nose and mouth of George Washington and the gaze and the mouth of Benjamin Franklin. That sounds weird but I needed a sign for my beliefs, my hopes, and my desires. I lost my way a bit because I have been so upset because of the things that have happened to my parents and to me obviously being deeply affected and I got one, the quarter, which also says In God We Trust.

My mom said when I visited her before she died that she had read my stuff (knew about it) and so had others even though she does not have access to a computer and was in a wheel chair in a retirement center and it was on a tape that my sister recorded but won’t send because she considered me to be Satan and the Devil rolled up in one because of my angsts that I revealed in some letters that were sent to family members that were true and concise to settle the matter and because of their actions and their deliberate ignorants. And because I think that her faith seems to be competing with my beliefs for some reason. She exiled me from her home which was near my mom and they didn’t invite me to the funeral but they were not mad that I didn’t come to the funeral. LOL. Talk about insanity. Maybe it’s jealousy.

By the way I still think that Rand Paul is a good contender for the Presidency! I like what he wrote to Hillary Clinton about Benghazi in response to her prank.

Back to Bill O’reilly and Dr. Ben Carson:




Fox is suggesting Newt Gingrich as the new Speaker of the House to replace John Boehner which makes snarlingly good sense to me that they would since he is Catholic.

Not sure this verse applies but it might especially if John Boehner is replaced by another catholic as if that is a requirement for that seat. Talk about complicit.

And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear,and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.
Newt Gingrich has been sleeping for about 6 years (haven’t heard from him in ages). He had an affair I think and then got a divorce and then divorce was recently within a few days authorized and INDULGED by the Pope especially to closet catholics and those willing to remarry a Catholic and Newt becomes Catholic and starts vocalizing his deep thoughts on Fox and now he is their proposal for a candidate for that seat. I would rather have John Boehner anyday than Newt Gingrich. UGH.
He will be a puppet, no doubt.
(The first one aware there was a problem with Obama and didn’t hesitate to reveal it,
which was very courageous.)
Alan Simpson would be really good too.
Joni Ernst would be fun. LOL
A ton of people in the Senate would be able to do the job and I don’t think they would be puppets with the exception of John McCain who I think is a traitor (a suspicion of mine!)
 I think that Joni Ernst is Catholic but I think she’s got spunk and class and the right stuff.
Louie Gohmert could also suffice and is tough enough.
The Ex suggested Jason Chaffetz and while I really like him and he speaks his mind very succinctly the fact that the ex suggested it worries me, but I think he would be very aggressive (could be a double cross kind of trick.) So he could be a good candidate as well.
And I love Donald Rumsfeld but he might be too old, I don’t know his age.
Still a lot of good people in our government if only it worked for the citizens of the US so that the unemployment wasn’t so high and so misrepresented by phony numbers. If rent wasn’t so expensive and medicine and healthcare weren’t so screwed up. Crime rate is a good indicator of good or bad representation and the diminishing middle class and growing lower class. Fewer small businesses by those with imagination and less competition, etc. If taxes were simple and I think ought to be based on consumption. And if the alcoholic club would let up on the marijuana users to separate them from the mob influence like was done for alcohol users in the past, it would be kind and considerate to many people that are having a tough time and can’t handle booze and it’s effects on their own bodies (vomiting, bellicoseness, rape, incest which lead often to abortion and things like that ) and the effects on their friends, family, and relationships. So I think a bit of an open mind to other people’s preferences would be justified having put them through HELL for about 10 years and regulate marijuana to keep them safer as was done for alcohol.

Try a little tenderness

Otis Redding

Whoever it is that replaces John Boehner if in fact he is quitting his post has to have a conscience, be a realist, have imagination, love truth, and can handle dealing with Nancy Pelosi and not fall head over heels for her shirt , I mean shit, or Michelle Obama and care about freedom and independence, and believe in God, IMO. I think all of them do have those qualities/characteristics. I don’t care about whether or not someone had an affair once or sinned in some way or another because it is the nature of man and women and hard not to be found guilty of something untowards or inappropriate in someone’s eyes especially in government or entertainment businesses or guilty in someway, but to care about it is important.
Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.56.10 PM
I know nothing about Kevin McCarthy.

Bill O’reilly has a lot of work to do within himself on his own character;

Remember this?

“Hey, that’s not fair!”

I could go on and on, but it would be redundant. 

As my dad said “he’s a blow hard.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 12.16.50 AM

Belle Donna Stevie Nicks

Bill O’reilly thinks Paul Ryan would be a good candidate and I don’t think so because he is unrealistic, lacks character in that he thinks he owns it, lacks imagination, doesn’t give a crap about independence or freedom, uses people in a John Kerry kind of way, capiche?, etc., Not saying he isn’t good for sump tin but I’m sure it will catch up with him someday or another.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.23.24 PM

The Ugly American and Sons of Trump and the Ugly American

I didn’t know that Mexicans had a sense of humor or rather I didn’t know Mexicans had a good sense of humor.

Even got Saddam Hussein to comment acting as if he’s a Mexican.

A few seconds of fun.

Caller from 2009: I Was Wrong About Obama

“CALLER: I called in 6-1/2 years ago and got to speak with you, and you let me have it. And it didn’t take me long to realize after you let me have it, how right you were and how wrong I was. I worked on Obama’s first campaign as a volunteer in Lorain, Ohio, and, you know, I was a staunch supporter. And I believed the — I guess — nonsense that he was spewing. And since then, it didn’t take me long to realize what a mistake that I made and what a mistake that this country’s made in keeping him president for two terms.”

By the way, for those that are going through some shit because of the Roman Catholic and Islam’s desire to rule the world and their punishment to those that aren’t Catholic or Islamic they get theirs, DOUBLED. It says so in the bible: When the tables turn they have twice as much to swallow as everyone else swallows. So the more they dish out they more they get.
Hope that helps, it sure helps me;) So I guess God isn’t into Tit for Tat or What goes around comes around.

He says GIVE IT TO HER DOUBLE and HE means it.

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Hummingbirds Drinking Out Of Red Solo Cup Are The Best Party Fowls
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My mom used to say to her kids when they were upset at someone for some kind of harm or slander:


It helps sometimes.

Sometimes it’s a cop out. LOL Depends upon the situation.

There were times she would say that the person acting bad towards us was jealous and sometimes that wasn’t true and sometimes it was but she couldn’t be with us all of the time to know. It was a way to cope.

Although my little sister didn’t understand that concept and believed her every time she said: “Oh, they’re just jealous.” and it had a great impact how my sister regarded herself, way to highly. For years she had lousy sight but had her eyes fixed with laser surgery later in life and she wouldn’t let anyone go without squeezing a black head or two. She went after my dad’s back quite often (He sweat profusely when he worked) and a few places I tend to get them. I wish she had never gotten so microscopic. She isn’t even an artist. It got to the point near the end of our relationship that when I visited her at family gatherings I would pray casually, “Please let them see me as they want to see me.” And she did and some of them did, too.

Almonds or walnuts? (a personal inside jab which I wrote about in another post but don’t want to again,)

I still love her just hard to forgive and I can’t forget because more than likely I wouldn’t live to see the next day.

Good thing I don’t have a $35,000 inheritance. Eh? Black hearts, etc. Kiss kiss.

Probably has something to do with who she married!

My mom used to say to me: “You would give the shirt off your back.”

And I would say, “Oh, Mom.”

When my sister and I were still friends (although I may not have been aware of the motives of my sister then as I have become aware since) while visiting my mom in her room at her retirement center, we sang a song that we used to sing as kids from South Pacific of the two little girls who sang: Happy Talk – You Got To Have a Dream (though this video shows the elderly version) and animated it like the kids in the show and my mom said annoyed I think because we belabored the song:

“A voice inside my head said I think you need to leave.”

Anyway the next day after the day before when I had washed some laundry and was warned by my daughter that she wanted to wear my shirt that is green and black and I said no I just washed it (it was hanging to dry) and I want to wear it. Anyway she comes in the next day wearing it so I made her take it off. She had worn it without permission overnight against my wishes just so she could (IMO) vie against me and what I had written which is typical of my life these days with my Ex and her dad. It’s a Catholic phenomenon. My daughter is not Catholic but her dad is and that is his influence and his friends (really messed up spirits) upon her somehow. First of all that they would waste their time on such a stupid antic.

I saw his mom at the hospital recently the hospital where the doctor was working part time that mis-prescribed me drugs to overdose and to kill me but she was darker (I mean she was african american and I don’t know why she appeared that way) and younger and acting weird (like an ape the way she sat and scratched her head in the back like you would imagine an ape to do) but brought up stuff about marriage and a certain amount of years that coincided with my marriage to a nurse by me, etc. Her sons were never wrong when they were divorced it was always the fault of the women they married even though both men were alcoholics and were married a few times. It was her spirit even though she is alive up north. She was guarding me in the hallway of the hospital because I had admitted to the staff that I had thought about suicide within a certain time period. Suicide because of her son for one thing and all the other crap going on. It isn’t easy for me. Everyday is a struggle to want to get up and cope with the mess in this country and world and in my life. It was a strange episode in my life that particular visit and what I had to deal with. I saw some recognizable people having trouble coping (some famous ones in their natural state that married a catholic that were going through a divorce. She was on a gurney in the hallway fidgeting with her phone every 10 seconds or so and I wanted to tell her get off the phone it might help but didn’t have the nerve to interfere with her nervous breakdown.) His mom once told me about her mom when she died who she did not like and that her mom said, “No, I will not go with him!” and was very upset by who she would have to be escorted by during her death knell and his mom thought that possibly it was her husband because her mom wasn’t very nice to him. I doubt it. It was probably the devil. LOL  Just kidding. It was only a story and her imagination about her mom’s death and it made her happy. It gave her satisfaction that her mom was unhappy in death having to deal with her husband who she didn’t like. I think her mom mistreated her as a child but so did her husband when he said “you aren’t pretty but good for having babies” kind of shit. I think Catholics don’t care for people divorcing them and will harass them if they can to death or back to the RCC which is the same thing, if you ask me. IT’S AN OCCULT and IT’S MEAN AND INSANE, IMO.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 4.22.25 PM

Sometimes it feels like this to have gotten a divorce from a Catholic but I am determined to survive it and outlive it’s demons and go my way soon.

HIs mom was the one that kept a huge bible in her house but would not allow her five sons to read it or touch it and had a picture of Jesus in her bedroom and she was raised Catholic. She had her good qualities I must say ( she could cook) but she had her bad ones not caused by her as much as by her religion and what it does to people. When I got home which was tough because I spent a day in a psych ward for having admitted what I admitted even though I am very strong in my spirit but honest which is a problem for the world they called me to make sure I made it home on the drug that they gave me that day. The drug was potent and it was hard to drive, but I managed. It lasts for days. Very heavy sluggish kind of drug. They weren’t too concerned when they allowed me to drive on it. When I had to reveal some stuff about my angsts they brought in 4 or 5 people to listen as if they couldn’t access it with one person. They said the reason was so I would not have to repeat what I said which was cool however one person should have been able to handle it. But then when you see Pope Francis give a sermon he has to have someone hold the bible and turn the page for him for one paragraph he might read of the bible so they need 5 people to do one task.One to hold his train and one to adjust his braid in the back, etc. If they didn’t wear that shit they could manage their clothing themselves but for appearance sake they wear a fish hat and long robes with sashes, etc. The nurses, men and women, stood around in the hallways most of the day trying to work on their machines, reading them, being directed by them instead of dealing with their patients. The machines are running them. Devry machines no less. I don’t know if they are Devry machines but that is where many get trained, I think. I saw a doctor in the hallway for five minutes at most for at least a 7 hour day and she was the one that prescribed me deadly medicine either on purpose or by accident, either way it is disconcerting. It was a public county hospital that used to be a great hospital as far as training excellent doctors goes and is a mess now. It’s like going to Disney Land but less clean. The people were nice for the most part but it was RIDICULOUS. Mismanaged to the nth degree and even though going through construction it was crazy and the staff seemed nutty. You didn’t have to wait as long as I did in the past but you weren’t treated as well. The ratio of doctors to patients was very low but nurses to patients was I think there were many more nurses than patients but they were a confusing bunch and most of the time doing nothing, Nurses are so important to a well run hospital. They do most of the work normally. I wonder if they have UTI’s going on in their bodies affecting their minds. In any case it was like I was drugged somehow even though I didn’t drug myself before going to the hospital having to deal with that woman that looked like my Ex’s mom. Honestly I have no idea why she was african? LOL I didn’t make her that way. What was the point? Why would she appear that way? I have nothing against her being an african american however in real life she isn’t so I have a problem with her being portrayed that way. I think she represented a slave to the RCC. It must have something to do with Obama, honestly. Before he came to America this kind of shit didn’t happen. I read that the horse that Mohammad rode in on was called Baruk that my ex told me about on the third comments page of an article about Jihadi John which I have not read and don’t feel like reading it now. I’ll read it later, maybe, but it made me think of the four horsemen of the bible.

Former ISIS hostage says ‘Jihadi John’ beat him, forced him to dance Tango

 Here is a pretty extensive post on another blog that I wrote. I hope you read it:

Person, Place, or Thing?

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Minimum Wage, Obama Care, and Insurance Fraud

Defederalizing Health Care is the answer. They don’t git it.

On Fox News lately of Insurance Unreliability: A young girl who has Leukemia and receiving radiation treatment recently who was insured but because of the Obama Care debacle her insurance was dropped and now cannot receive radiation treatment is a good case in point. Obviously insurance did not protect her. Individual mandated insurance is not the answer. Why do I say that? Because that is what Obama wants therefore I know it is the wrong way, because he is a proven liar over and over again. Her doctor should treat her with the therapy if he really thinks it is a cure for her disease regardless of the insurance debacle. In my estimation he was soaking the insurance company her family had bought into. She should be sent to a County hospital such as Parkland in Dallas for a better chance and better doctors. By the way I know that Parkland also does medical research so it is not just a place to come for care. Many hospitals do research but what I can’t figure out is why with all the money and research hospitals there are no cures. When Polio was a big problem it didn’t take that long for a cure. I recall that Israel was working with marijuana and a cure for cancer and was successful but now we don’t hear about it, so what happened….Obama and Iran? Just watched a bit of Kerry speaking to Congress about the deal they have struck with Iran., If Iran isn’t guilty of trying to build nukes then why do they have the ingredients to build nukes. If Iran doesn’t intend to use the ingredients they possess for nukes on their neighbor Israel and other neighbors then why did they make the threats to eliminate Israel and what country will be next and why have they not tried to negotiate with Israel itself? I think Obama is playing blackmail with Israel using Iran and playing blackmail with America using Obama Care and my suggestion is Israel should do what it needs to do to defend itself (whatever is necessary) and America needs to oust Obama and help Israel. And I think Kerry while trying to juggle a bad situation and put the best light on it (their bad deal) it is a bad situation and a bad deal. You can’t negotiate with terrorist nations and you can’t negotiate with liars. But it seems they try, don’t they.

Iran and Obama, both are terrorists and both are liars.

Not putting aside drones!

I would think the timing is quite right now but that is because Obama is in Africa right now with a bunch of other heads of state and their only escape is an airport.

If that isn’t perfect timing, I don’t know what is.

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.Rahm Emanuel

In essence turn the tables.

Otherwise since Israel is suspicious of Iran because Iran wants/wanted to destroy Israel in the past what good does it do to have Kerry/America/the Vatican/the World making deals with Iran as if it will allay the suspicion of Israel. If anything I would be even more suspicious of all those mentioned. If Iran isn’t interested in moderating the suspicions of Israel by negotiating with Israel then obviously they are up to no good. I met some Iranians in America but they were americanized and they seemed to be very nice law abiding people so I know the general population of Iran probably are not bad people as a whole. And I know that the Israel people as a whole are nice law abiding people. Benjamin Netanyahu seems to be a very wholesome leader genuinely worried about his country’s safety. If I were Iran or the spiritual leader of Iran and the military leader of Iran I would think it would be wise to meet with Netanyahu and more than likely would be much more productive than meeting with a surreptitious American diplomat Kerry appointed by a very dishonest President Obama who have blundered in Egypt a few times lately and betrayed who they dealt with. Of course Iran would have to prove it’s trustworthiness which seems like a daunting hurdle because of it’s past support of terrorism. I would rather make deals with Netanyahu because I think he is an honest broker. He may be difficult but you get what you see whereas with many others you get screwed. Not like Iran isn’t difficult either. The people of both countries are very similar but it’s the form of government and religion that seem to not mix well and Iranians don’t seem to be a very happy people so it must be Iran’s government and Iran’s religion that must be the problem. Inhibiting and abusing women in every way possible is a good indicator of the Iranian affliction and their deficiency as a nation and shows that their beliefs are substandard and cultic acting. The men don’t even trust themselves which shows they have problems in the trust department. The women don’t even get to go ice skating. That is absurd. I guess women are not allowed to have wholesome fun.

I don’t wish that Iran is destroyed or it’s people and I hope they get free of the black cloud that seems to be over them and I do hope that as a country in all the ways possible would get their act together and build a good relationship with Israel for both their sakes because it certainly would be worth the investment to try instead of heading towards destruction for Iran especially under the tutelage of Obama because so far Obama’s success rate is beneath the zero mark. From the looks of Rouhani and I have no other way to judge but he seems kind of deep. I would think he could lead his country by investing some time with Netanyahu and working things out between the two countries and influence the military men and scientists to invest their time in other ways such as inventions, cures, and art (their forte). Creativity seems to have been squashed in recent years and ought to be rewarded instead. The Iranian women ought to be given the freedom and a chance to develop their skills with education and treated with respect and are probably the most untapped asset the Iranians have that is being wasted.

These Stylish Iranian Women Won’t Let A Dress Code Hold Them Back

“Iran isn’t exactly known to the Western world as a hotbed of inspiring trends in fashion. Under Islamic law, women must dress modestly in loose-fitting clothing that doesn’t draw attention to their figures, with a hijab at least partially covering their hair. Dark colors are encouraged so as not to arouse men (who are apparently wired like bees). Nail polish, sandals and leggings have also been banned by police, who have a long history of arresting women for their sartorial offenses. But there are signs that could all be changing:”

Some cool dress, yet feminine. Who’d have thunk?

And Iranian prisoners such as American Pastor Saeed Abedini ought to be released as an act of goodwill toward America and Israel. Forget Obama because I agree he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about Israel, he doesn’t care about Iran, but probably plans to only use them and they would be nuts to go along with Obama. A great gesture by the Iranians to America would be to release American prisoners and Christian prisoners. That would really mess Obama, Kerry, Chris Matthews up, wouldn’t it?



Then the Iranian leaders could send selfies with Benjamin Netanyahu and the freed prisoners and get a bunch of press attention.

Believe me I know America has it’s drawbacks and made some big mistakes, Obama for one, but women do have opportunities. Learning to use them wisely is confusing, but at least we still have them.




Medications aren’t going to be covered in some parts of Obama Care and looks to me like his plan is to kill one way or another. Now Obama wants to control what cities get what drugs and controls how doctors conduct their business. REALLY BAD SITUATION!

Dr. Ben Carson says that Obama Care basically is making doctors into government employees.

Don’t they have enough employees?

So what happens when there is a government shut down because Obama wants to extort more money from Congress for terrorism? IMO

What happens if Obama wants to stay in office more than his 2 terms?

You see by giving the doctors over to Federal Government control or rather Obama Control because he seems to be controlling the whole thing which is not democracy the people have no power. The Congress has no power. That is BS. That is TYRANNY!

Does anyone remember what happened in Germany in WWll? First: It was control of the doctors and everything else soon went to shit. And everyone eventually was affected. Started with the jews, the gypsies, the gays, etc. Everything became militarized to the point that even the german civilians were unhappy and afraid of their government.

IT might be time for a revolution.

Prophetically speaking and Revelation wise:

An hour with the beast is 10 years or so I have learned.

And by my estimation although not a good sign there is about 1 year and half left, maybe 2. So you can follow Obama to hell if that is your inclination…..

The hour (I think) started with Pope Benedict and his grand vision of a world government with teeth.

(The young man that dresses him Georgie Porgie Puddin’ and Pie Pulled out a plum and said what a good boy, Am I?  Known for his looks and tennis shorts has traits similar to the Hearsts…sounds like a funeral car) HERES A GOOD REAON NOT TO FOLLOW THE RCC:

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 12.11.28 AM




Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 12.16.42 AM






Makes me think about the warning from Jesus at the Sea of Galilee to Peter: “When thou get old another shall gird thee and carry thee where thou would not. Follow thou me.”  From the Gospel of John. He ended up in Rome. Fair warning to the RCC and their partners in crimes against the truth and against humanity. Keep it up and you will wish you hadn’t very soon.) Putting Santa Claus ahead of the truth is really stupid. To base your beliefs on a tradition is O’reilly stupid. 

Then came Notre Dame Courtyard of the Gentiles in Paris,

and so on and so forth.

Things have certainly deteriorated in many ways around the world, haven’t they?

Roman Catholic Cleric Uses Christmas Address to Slam Israel





SO IT’S OKAY. I got my coke for the day!

Just fair warning to those who wonder why things are so bad in the world.  AND WHEN YOU SEE THESE PICTURES OF GROWN UP MEN IN THESE SILLY FROCKS DO YOU WONDER WHY THINGS ARE BAD IN THE WORLD? And to the others who don’t care or don’t believe you will when that day comes and when you drink what you dish out and more. So I would suggest you try harder to be nice and maybe open the book and try to figure it out for yourself. I have done my best and my part to decipher the implications, the meaning, and the timing. That is all I can do and all the hostages in the world isn’t gonna help you. Like in the days of Moses they will be released:)

I know I will get my reward….. not sure what it is yet but when it comes I think I will know it. 

I have nothing to do with the timing ………it just is, for you. Life will go on with or without you, take your pick. The earth was established forever. Those that are victims now will get their lives back and you won’t.

Dire Straits – You and Your Friend

(In my estimation and belief Mandela probably would have lived longer if it weren’t for Obama. Now look what is happening in Central Africa to the Christians. I’m sure it was planned to deceive. Everything Obama does is deception because he is trying to fulfill revelation, tribulations and deceive because he is totally insane and unfit for his statute and vice-versa! ) 


 The whole point of medication is to cure or subdue a disease but if drug companies are going to price the medication out of reach of the diseased then I dare say they don’t deserve buildings, equipment, researchers, time or space, donations, attention, or any kind of support or respect. Insurance cannot possibly be why Polio was overcome. It was dedication and great desire to cure a disease. Insurance pays commissions of insurance sellers etc for the most part and very little goes to research IMO. (Like the unions that destroyed car companies and everyone lost.) Otherwise with the amount that has been accrued by insurance by now would have cured every disease known to mankind. I get the feeing that drug companies are trying to control doctors like the President is trying to control the other branches of government such as Congress. Without Congress there is no need for a president. Without doctors there is no need for drug companies. If our federal government would back off and let the free market work there would not be the abundance of insurance agents and IRS agents with nothing else to do but feed off the talented. They have become like a disease that feeds off everyone else to the point of cannibalism and pretty soon the IRS will eat the insurance agencies or vice versa. Let’s hope so, anyway. The talentless eat the talentless. Then doctors can be doctors and do what they do best.

That is the main problem with insurance. Fraud.

When someone buys life insurance someone will receive money when that person dies which is a great incentive for the death of that person which can lead to fraud by those who might have something to gain such as a big check.

The History of Health Insurance

Health insurance does not save lives unless of course politics by companies and the government make it deadly.

Good hospitals, good doctors, good education, good nurses, good equipment, good drugs, and good care saves lives. Bad ones don’t save lives and that is why insurance has caused failure of the field of medicine because it protects the bad and drives up costs of health care for the individual and makes business for the good doctors more expensive. Personal accountability of doctors and their businesses needs more work to drive down the cost of insuring their businesses but I know that doctors tend to protect each other and that is part of the problem and why we are now dealing with this monster called Obama Care. As Benjamin Carson said in some interview, “You only have yourself to blame.” Kind of haunting words, but that could be said of every misfortune that occurs. Doctors need to be held accountable by other doctors and establishments and patients for their own good and for the population they serve and that occurs usually naturally in a free market system except for the pandering similar to Billy Graham and the agreement he made with other pastors not to bad mouth each other: Basically protecting their hydes at the cost of good pastoring.

New Affordable Care US health plans will exclude top hospitals

The business of health needs insurance to protect against fraudulent claims, against bad medicine, bad care, bad doctors not for them.. Every big city ought to have a good county hospital supported by property taxes and consumption taxes (add a penny or two to what is sold and bought to pay for the county hospital.) Dallas County has a wonderful hospital called Parkland Hospital open 24 hours a day and serves surrounding counties. Doctors come from far and wide to work there, to educate themselves and to gain experience. Patients come from far and wide also because of it’s reputation. One advantage is that a doctor can choose to live in the county of his choice, or in the city of his choice etc. Insurance helps to assure the maintenance of equipment, buildings, and the business of health care but does not protect the individual from sickness or death. Doctors need to be insured because it is their talent that needs protection. It is their business that needs protection. It is their equipment that needs to be protected in case of failure, in case of damage, or replaced for many reasons. Doctors could earn access to equipment at these hospitals that they cannot afford in their own business for their patients who pay them for it when they are billed. You cannot replace a person such as a patient. They are not objects. A person, place, or thing. While they are in the category of a noun they are special because they come first and they have names and birth dates. They have personality, thoughts, brains, hearts, and they have life and a soul. Each County hospital ought to be a place for re-educating doctors and updating their talents and knowledge and equipment and they could still have their individual businesses outside the county hospital where their patients come that they build through their talents and knowledge via the hospital care they give and through their own business practices of their individual business/s and the building of trust with their patients. A bond that should not be broken except by their own relationships by either party: the doctor or the patient.

70% Of Calfornia’s Doctors Expected To Boycott Obamacare

In order for the doctor to make a good living as they deserve to earn after many years of of education via student loans the work they do at the County hospital could be how they pay off their education debt and their monthly insurance debt for their individual businesses and practices and help to pay for their equipment and the updating of their equipment and also their service would help educate other doctors and build relationships with others in the field of medicine each honing their skills constantly by participating at the county hospital weekly or monthly or whatever is agreed upon at whatever hospital that they apply such as specialty hospitals, county hospitals, cancer hospitals, children’s hospitals, etc. depending on upon their circumstances, their talents, and the needs of those hospitals. Individuals cannot possibly keep up with the nuances in medicine and the bad doctors or their reputations or their negligences but each state can and should regulate bad medicine by a record of their performances or lack of, their interaction with others in the same field etc and they should be regulating them and each other…….not the patient. Free Market place health care where the patient goes where and to whom they want to go because of reputation, price, trust, a good record, etc., just like any other business.

If via the consumption tax when one buys a product we add a cent or two to the dollar could pay for these doctors and hospitals etc

and everyone would be assisting and paying into health care even illegal immigrants.

We could tax food for health care since everyone needs to eat

and everyone needs health care at one time or another.

Kind of a unique relationship between the two (food and health care) and ought to be tied together for that cause and would not exclude illegal immigrants since they eat as well instead of requiring the patient to be insured.

That means that from the time you are a baby the taxes on your food are going to healthcare. Food Stamp recipients can also pay the tax on the amount they use in food stamps. Food Stamp surge lately can be tightened and corrected of the fraud involved as Bret Baier of Fox News has aired:

Fox News Reporting The Great Food Stamp Binge With Bret Baier

If President Obama wants to make himself great and to be remembered fondly he ought to improve what the Feds started a long time ago such as Public Education and cleaning up the fraud and waste in the Federal Government and quit puffing himself. He ought to renig on his promise about repealing Obama Care and instead put Obama Care in the trash by repealing it and call a spade a spade. Obama Care is a bad idea and a failure and you might as well get used to it. Big Deal. Sorry for the colloquialisms but they apply in this time when it comes to Obama Care and if you can’t handle them then you are thin-skinned and ought to dress in layers.

Confucious says: Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.

I gave some ideas in another post about public education on another blog called The Keep which I hope you will read and consider:

Ted Cruz and Personal Responsibility

My experience with insurance agents is I never met one person in college who desired to to be an insurance agent. It’s what people do who don’t get to do what they want to do or were trained to do in college because of the lack of jobs. WHose fault is that? Over taxation and federal squeezing is the direct cause for our stunted economy and especially since Obama took office. It is similar to the real estate business and the IRS. When I grow up I want to work for the IRS. It is a food stamp career. A federal trap. That needs to change. These career fields would shrink if our government would ease and lower taxes and make better trade deals in favor of Americans instead of masturbating the laws in favor of their own private and public businesses investments and do what they were sent to Washington DC to do but somehow get waylaid and bribed by lobbyists who could care less about the future of America. Being a Senator or Representative is not supposed to be a ticket to wealth. The less our Representatives and Senators hang out in Washington DC the better. They should be contending for the people of their state and it’s future, not their own bank accounts and the more they reside in their home state the more likely they will care about their home state and it’s people. They should be exempt from buying real estate in the DC area. They should have to reside in an apartment or condo that is paid and provided for by their state and it’s constituents. since the closing of the White House to the public it should become a museum and the President should live at Mount Vernon in Alexandria Virginia as past presidents in the past. They are not royalty and to allow them to live as royalty confuses them as the Obama’s have proved grotesquely. If Americans are on a picnic budget so should the President and his first lady be required to exist on a picnic budget. Presidents were not intended to be treated as kings. They are supposed to serve us not themselves. They are our servants.

Lower Taxes and Create Jobs

I have a few ideas such as: Gas stations ought to have at least one gas station attendant who washes windshields, checks the oil, checks the water in the engine, checks the air in the tires, who fills those needs and gases up those that can’t such as old ladies and old men and cleans the area and gives directions, like they used to do and were actually providing a service with the product. Nice to have both and many customers prefer it and they are usually right. Teachers assistants. Playground attendants who actually watch the kids on the play ground. Hall attendants who stop bullying and keeps the peace at the schools etc. If Obama attempts to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour (to distract from Obama’s failures and to gain support for his failure, Obama Care) it will put a crimp in big business such as McDonalds and Walmarts etc and their prices will go up and their franchise business will decrease which will give rise to small businesses and family owned businesses. I am all for it. I like both those businesses but the choices have diminished because they undercut small businesses. It’s cyclical. What is good for the gander ought to be good for the goose. If income taxes are lowered it will help everyone: Rich, middle class and the poor. And Walmarts, McDonalds, and family owned and/or small businesses will flourish and everyone will be happy including workers with the many choices big and small, otherwise everyone will fail including OBAMA and his future generations including his beloved daughters.

 Replace the machines with people behind the counters at Walmarts and grocery stores. I would rather have a person than a machine when I check out.

Only use machines for work that people cannot do.

Hire operators for telephone information instead of a automated voice that doesn’t understand most of the time. I would rather get a person on the other end than a recording.

If you pay someone in the US a certain wage for their work you should have to pay what is comparable to that wage for someone over seas. In Africa they pay a person a dollar a day to dig for diamonds which is slavery. Blood Diamonds should be illegal and those that are in the business of abusing workers overseas and in our country should be prosecuted and put out of business. We do not need sweat shops just to put others out of business or to maintain dominance over small business or undermine them. They should reimburse the people that have been abused in those workshops or diamond mines etc. The reputation of the companies involved should be made public knowledge and their products and businesses should be laden with a huge fine to halt the abuse or should be put out of business all together.

How to stick it to the poor:

A congressional strategy

If you watched the Bret Baier about Food Stamps and the fraud involved then it is right to hold people accountable for taking advantage of the system such as the beach bum musician who probably can’t make a living playing music because he wasn’t that good and ought to join the Federal government and become an IRS agent, federal worker, or an appointee for Obama. Probably be just as imaginative. Obviously the binge has been purposefully established to cause havoc and cheat America and is politically a ploy to make Republicans look bad when in reality they are trying to be responsible and those trying to sell food stamps to people that don’t want it or need it should be investigated and fined and brought to justice for their participation to undermine our system and bring it to failure against those that really do need it. The fraud needs to stop. Ex-Mayor Rudy Guiliani took a great approach before the twin towers were destroyed by helping those that didn’t have jobs find jobs and made a huge dent in the cities problems for the unemployed. I guess the drunk powers didn’t appreciate his success at the time. I listened to him on some news show relate his approach and learned to respect his stewardship for the people. We need more of that kind of nobleness of character.

Mark Levin interviews Paul Ryan on the new budget agreement

Haven’t listened to this but Paul Ryan is like a Peter King and double speaks at least he did at the first fiscal cliff trying to push Republicans around calling it

“the abyss”

fiscally speaking right after Benghazi as a diversion for Obama in regards to Benghazi, IMO. I thin k he knows something or knew something at the time that others were not aware of in regards to Benghazi and tends or seems to be in control of John Boehner probably through unusual kind of knowledge that helps bad politicians to sway other ones.

Timing odd for that kind of language as if he knew more about it at the time and seemed to affect the Republicans quite a bit at the time. He probably knew quite a bit about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as well before the second coup as did a few others such as Lindsay Graham.

Spiritually speaking, I think Paul Ryan is an Obama drone. He undermines the Republicans and those that really have improved their party with their courage such as Ted Cruz who scares them because he is the genuine article in my estimation. I’m sure Ryan’s budget agreement will be welcome to those that want to kick the can down the road and cover up their bad diplomatic interventions. I used to like him but after Benghazi and his funny comment about the fiscal abyss I kind of learned to dislike him and mostly distrust his motives. He seems like an O’reilly.  In other words: A narrow minded moral giant and a shill like Billy and Franklin Graham are for the RC. (Don’t forget about the tsunami, the nuclear accidents, the Neocatechumenal way, Pope Benedict, and Obama and their handling of Japan before, during and after the crisis as if they were aiders and abettors of the whole mess.)

Simplify the Tax Code and Lower National Debt and take the Herman Cain approach.

Just because he is a conservative black african male

doesn’t mean he didn’t have a good idea.

I think the consumption tax would be helpful and simplify our tax debacle.

Herman Cain was attacked in a way that is used regularly by those with certain knowledge they should not have in the personal lives of men and women that they have no right to pursue and I think it has to do with the Big Brother Award that Billy Graham received when LBJ was President and could be our biggest foe in government a big sign about his purpose to derail good men and women who make moral mistakes in their personal lives as if Billy Graham isn’t a huge moral mistake himself and for many others.

Mechanical drones: Forget drones delivery of packages because that puts a lot of people out of the work force and we do not want mechanical objects to replace human dignity.

(Put chairs or sofas in Walmart clothing areas by the fitting rooms so the clerk can sit and sort clothing. Work does not have to be punishment.)

And another reason is what will Obama do when 10.000 of those little drones descend on the White House

from all different directions with little packages. Will he run again?

No telling what might be inside some of those little packages that might cause a great deal of confusion.

Not a threat just an educated observation of the possibilities of a lot of threats

expecially in response to the intentional undermining of our health care system and businesses in America

and the dissatisfaction of many people in the US and other countries.

Confucius says: Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire.


Hardball?? How Chris Matthews rolled over for Barack Obama

…….”aside from drones” ……..

“Matthews’ curve-ball question was asking the president to compare two potential 2016 rivals, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Obama ducked, praising them both, as Matthews must have known he would. And then he let the president deliver a long, final disquisition without interruption.”

That question was asked a while back and Obama reacted exactly the same way as I recall so it was a bit practiced or is Obama a drone also?

Wooden eye…. wooden eye! I think it’s Obama’s right eye.

Reminds me of the Michael Hastings accidental car explosion and seems likely he might have been assassinated.
Possibly Colonel McChrystal of Nazcar Racing and a Wounded Warrior might know.
Course so might Gen. Schwarzkopf?
Maybe the DOJ Eric Holder has some answers?
Where did the money go that was supposed to go to the Obama Care Web Site? Six hundred million to a trillion dollars. Who received this money? OR is that a secret?
Why doesn’t the Press, Congress, the Justice Department figure out who received the money?
Oh Really, O’reilly?
As far as O’reilly show (Tues, Dec. 10th) about drugs, unfettered abortions (not true because they are fettered just not to the extent O’reilly would prefer but jokes about an older women’s boobs in a painting as if that is moral) and atheism being the cause of lawlessness. I would say in part they may be partially responsible and certainly are obnoxious but Christians certainly don’t help matters in many ways. O’reilly has a show that props Hillary Clinton when ever possible and diminishes any other possible Republican candidate except Chris Christy because he might as well be a democrat and wouldn’t have a chance against Hillary Clinton. They ought to run on the same ticket. Bill Oreilly isn’t very honest, but O’reilly thinks he himself is the classic Christian. If you think dishonesty makes good Christians then he might be right. However he isn’t thinking right in his head because he is so dishonest and vice versa. It is self evident. He is so obvious it’s gettin’ sickening to watch him. I like Chris Christy personality wise he seems like a nice fellow and humorous but is not Presidential material and definitely a push over. We really need someone like Ted Cruz who isn’t afraid and stands up when he needs to stand up for the people and for our form of government. We need people like Herman Cain who have good ideas that will help our country get back on the right track. Sarah Palin has stood up for the people and their rights even when not in office and would be great on a ticket against Hillary being a woman and being outspoken about our form of government when most if not all of the Democrats and the White House and his appointees were defending closing open air memorials at great expense and effort and trying to cause as much pain for a free people when ever possible.They are the control freaks that the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written to protect us from. I’m not saying that Republicans are all good but there are a few that can be named as cited that stand up for freedom and should be rewarded for their courage against a mob who are drunk on power like Obama and his mites.
He didn’t build the United States, did he?
Honestly, if I could think of a Democrat who represented our form of government to any degree I would bring up a name but so far I haven’t seen any Democrats stand up for truth or for our Constitution and the Bill of Rights ( I think many Dems are in the Republican Party and definitely in the acting press trying to weaken it because it’s so easy and easy is sleazy least resistant which is pitiful) but instead want to change our government to a socialist/fascist form of government and are doing everything in their power to overtake and destroy what they are supposed to defending.
If Obama had tried to start Obama Care as an alternative to other options at hand without destroying other people’s businesses it might have been impressive. He is just an ignorant arrogant bully and should run for president in Iran if the shoe fits. They don’t play basketball either. He ought to go ice skate with his brethren in black in their shrinky dink ice rink.
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights is the protector of honest men and women of all kinds and that is why so many that are dishonest try to undermine it for their own gain and to take over other peoples businesses and control other people’s careers and even their health. Next thing you know they will try to tell us who to marry, how to marry etc. Already trying to teach kids to add wrong. Pretty damned good sign something is wrong with their thought processes. Like they are missing a link in their brain. Synapses of the brain gone amiss and askew. There won’t be freedom to love who you want to love, or buy clothes or products from who you would like to purchase from and soon will tell us who to worship just like in Egypt with the Pharaoh. It is getting awful close and eerily similar to the days of hebrew slavery, the collision of MOSES with the Egyptian Pharaoh using NOAA and HAARP and all the other bloodsucker followers who lack ideas mostly because they ignore them such as Obama does purposefully because he is a LIAR and DECEIVER, a THIEF, a TERRORIST, a DESTROYER, a LITTLE SPOILED PRICK with a huge EGO because he is the first black President……..WHO CARES!

People Not In Labor Force Soar To Record 91.8 Million; Participation Rate Plunges To 1978 Levels

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 9.23.14 PM

The Obama-Castro handshake

that shocked

the world

Why is anyone shocked by a handshake? Yes it matters to some degree, but it should not surprise anyone with half a brain. Obama has done so many things worthy of impeachment yet no one who has the power to impeach him even tries. Isn’t that why we have a Congress and a Supreme Court? You can’t impeach him because he greeted someone you don’t like. I don’t think it is constitutional. I know Ted Cruz and other Cuban Americans were offended by this handshake. I was offended when the little boy who crossed the ocean (because of his mother) and was sent back to Cuba a few years back (because of his dad) by Janet Reno/Clinton Administration/Jeb Bush was governor of Florida and by those that had the power to let him stay about the time the woman on feeding tubes was not allowed to be fed anymore even against her families wishes because her husband wanted to let her die even though he might have and more than likely he played a big part in why she was in the condition she was in, which seemed totally unfair and against all decency. Both seemed very Patriarchist but if Hillary is so influential could have stepped in, but didn’t. I don’t know much about Raoul Castro and I’m not Cuban. I do suspect his bent to be both Communist/Socialist and Jesuit which both are very Catholic but charity is the key for Catholicism whenever they deem it appropriate with OPM. Makes them look good especially at Christmas time. Whether Capitalist or Communist charity makes the giver feel justified and improves their own image. IN the long run does it help? IN the short run people sometimes need help especially women with kids. You can’t let them starve in America.
Charity is not the answer. Charity is just a mask and helps the poor eek by, but it is Better than nothin’. Whether or not Mandela was a communist (As O’reilly claims)  by choice or not I think he cared about his race and his people and others. I think he was in between a rock and a hard place, being used for sure i.e. a pawn and did the best he could under those circumstances but I have no personal knowledge of his contributions and/or his compromises he did seem to make a difference to many people in his country in a good way and probably eased a lot of tension between the races. He believed in forgiveness for peace, which was extremely big of him in his time.
Capitalism isn’t exactly fair either especially if you own a diamond company and force someone to dig for a dollar a day. If you take Vladimir Putin of Russia for example probably thinks Communism is the best kind of governance yet he personally lives like an extreme Capitalist and I think is Catholic or a form of Catholicism in his beliefs. Look at the popes and the Vatican same difference. They live like kings in palaces and are generous with OPM at Christmas especially, travel the world shaking hands and kissing babies and each other and have photographers to capture these moments so we can see their great work and their charity and their tolerance for those they overtax, rob, and deceive.
Pope Francis impresses many for his way of living I guess because he “walks the talk” or whatever that adage is and now is on Time magazine. He still is deceiving spiritually whether purposefully or not. What makes America and it’s form of government superior to most others is The Constitution and the Bill of Rights which we should try to uphold based on good spiritual insight whether or not some take advantage of the system or not. There will always be thieves and those that take advantage and those that try to upend it, diminish it and/or ridicule it and it is based mostly upon Capitalism, freedom, respect for privacy, respect for human rights, and fair competition, freedom of religion which many call faiths and a lot of other good things. 
Fox News recently and in past few days showed a woman running for some post in government being questioned incessantly about Benghazi which was a mock. She didn’t know anything about Benghazi as her answers to their mocking suggested because she didn’t know anything about the middle east she said. Here is a map of the middle east and it does not include Benghazi: Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 10.23.51 AM Benghazi is in the country of Libya which is in the continent of North Africa to the left/west of the country of Egypt beneath the country of Italy (das boot) which is of the continent of Europe and a member of the flimsy conglomeration named the European Union and I think one of the main power brokers of that glob of nations although many of those countries seem to be vying for top position. They don’t really agree on much of anything. Have they figured out their currency yet? I don’t think it much matters they just want to steal American tax dollars and destroy the American Medical success, the American currency, Americas success so they can run it and govern America.

Pope Benedict XVI

and His Power of Suggestion

  explains a bit more about Benghazi and the Sea/See/C

which in Revelation is no more (See Sea C) but hard to know what is meant since it might have been transliterated (which is scary considering the initials of JC but then might make sense if you take into consideration the location, the power and dispower, the thing Jesus said after the Sermon on the Mount recounted from the Gospel of Matthew, maybe all of the above, because of the confusion. Like parish vs. perish and statue/statute )

Fox  News thinks they are superior to other agencies in the press and in some ways they have proved it and others they have disproved it. They are IMO based mostly on Catholicism as so many faiths are based on Catholicism which is what is meant by “daughters” in the bible. Catholicism is the mom and she is very intrusive. If you haven’t noticed Catholicism is in every country of the world but just because they have managed to encroach upon others does not make them right. Communism has done the same thing in big and small ways. It is because it is easy. Most things that are easy are pretty worthless. Not catholics or communists themselves obviously but the system. Both systems obviously are compatible and eerily similar. What is difficult and hard to do is to keep our form of government the freedom it professes which it takes work and intelligent managers to keep. Take the human body as an example our Constitution and Bill of Rights are the cells that fights disease. The cell membrane of a cell that protecst the cell. Communism and Fascism are the disease. While we tolerate Catholicism and other faiths we protect the individual from contamination if they so desire. Catholicism tends to use communism and fascism (Islam) to invade and ignore other evidence to unite under their mothership. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution helps to protect the individual from their encroachment and we ought to elect those that consider individual rights as important as their own faith. It does help if you believe in God and in the right one and can differentiate between the gospels because they are different in some respects by that I mean the Gospel of John vs the Synaptic Gospels.
I have no idea when Jesus was born. Catholics and many faiths say it is on the 25th of December and that may be so and it may not. The bible says he was 33 years old when he died and yet the bible also says he was not quite 50 years old. I have celebrated Christmas all my life as a tradition. The gospel of Matthew says Jesus said “Tell no man that I am the Christ” after he had given the sermon on the mount and healed a maniac and after feeding a bunch of people. It seems a bit odd. I wrote about that subject and confusion which is linked on Merangue’s Blog. I’m not trying to abolish Christmas. I don’t want to base my beliefs on a baby in a manger and the mother with a halo depicted in many icons and pictures. I would rather base my beliefs on the words and meaning of what is recorded that is believable to me and my experiences such as the miracles in my life and other evidence I encounter on earth. If I base my beliefs on something that is nonsense such as I have written about in some posts I would not believe for long. Each of us who read the bible should have the right to discern using our own common sense and our own personal experience and ought not to rely on the clergy even though for a millennium the Catholic Church didn’t even allow people to read the bible, to own a bible, much less discern that is how much they like to control to the point of controlling one’s thoughts.
The big difference between the synoptic Gospels and the Gospel of John is confusion. That is why I prefer the Gospel of John and that is why I believe it. He was/is believable. There are parts of the Gospel of John (a few chapters that are confusing still such as the meeting with Nicodemus) but I have a feeling they were added to and altered, slipped in, but to be dishonest about the contradictions in the bible and between the gospels and say they harmonize is “wishful thinking.” Same goes for the OLD TESTAMENT. 
The Story of Abraham, Lot, Sodom and GoMorrow will be my next challenge. I think there is a lot of added assumptions to that story that need to be questioned,  clarified and/or at least discussed. I will link it as soon as I start and finish it
Catholicism is the great addender of the bible like Obama is to Obama Care. Probably why the bible is called the living bible because it is allowed to be altered by clergy whenever they decide. There isn’t much of anything that isn’t a sin of some kind in Catholicism and there isn’t any sin that can’t be forgiven or forgotten if you buy it with a donation: they call it an indulgence, which is pandering and obscene since that is not how you are forgiven but that is where charity began, IMO. That is why Catholics tend to be smug. They made a business of it. Should make you wonder why Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple because he was afraid as Bill O’reilly pointed out recently? A false sense of security, but that is what they are taught so you can hardly blame them for their smuggery. It’s their sin. Hence the saying goes in Revelation – Come out of her my children and do not be a partaker of her sins or something to that effect because she was drunk. Her, meaning “the mothership.” That is the impression Pope Francis exudes to me IMO. Smugness. To others he is a saint. Probably a bit of both in reality.
A SMUG SAINT as so many are.
Laying that aside and knowing many wonderful catholics and others of other faiths however inferior they’re faiths may be or my beliefs to them and even though we don’t always agree can we agree to concentrate on dumping Obama and Obama Care for heaven’s sake! I have a dream and that is that Obama stays in Africa and never comes back. I bet they could teach him a thing or two. Perhaps Egypt would be a good place to dump him with a sign on his back saying: My name is Barack Obama from America and I screwed you a while back. It’s just my nature.
Strange to watch Obama taking a selfie at Mandela’s funeral/memorial and Michelle concentrating on something as if he wasn’t even there and just a few hundred miles away Christians are being threatened by Islamic thugs. Obama and his experience seems to be a communist in away and Islamic/ Christian in another if it helps him. I don’t think he likes free enterprise but he may have his reasons but that is what America is about for the most part except for welfare, food stamps, Medicare and few other safety nets for the sake of the poor and the unfortunate in their time of disarray. Many go through it some time in their life. Some of us live on the edge. In the depression the rich also suffered and some could not handle it committing suicide because they got caught without their pants down. It can still happen but the safety nets are for them too. Those safety nets have worked good enough in the past they just need better maintenance and management as Ayotte recently discussed on Fox News. I think Obama prefers Mandela over Lincoln because he is black and African Americans respect him so in order to have a following he pandered him as well plus even while taking selfies at his funeral and paying astute attention with respect and shaking hands with tyrants.  He is one himself so why is anyone surprised. We all act funny sometimes though at certain kinds of events such as funerals and weddings, etc. because of emotion but he is the President and should have had more respect knowing it would be publicized but he does not  RESPECT and in a way was mocking Mandela, IMO. It is his nature to mock good people while at the same time confusing his base with meaningless words. He has many layers of that in hisself.
As Americans we need to protect our government and its premises because every inch we give in to the enemy of those premises they will take a mile. Now Bloomberg wants to force 1-6 year olds a flu shot. Used to be a choice now it’s force fed. Does he know something we don’t? (Some people make cures or drugs for diseases, but others create the diseases. That guy is a fruit cake.) I think Obama would best serve those in the Middle East or Africa with the exception of Israel. (Slavery was a staple of Egypt … North Africa and the Middle East. It did not start in America though it was exported and lingered.) That way they could serve him and his disregard, disrespect, and disdain and basically dissing everyone and everything, freedom and human rights except himself of course, because I don’t think he believes in those kind of things for others but thinks he is those things that’s why he sits where others have gone before. He’s a pretender. Wants to be those things for others in the place of those that were those things.
He want’s slavery again and will DISMANTLE our health system to get it and dishonor our Constitution and Bill of Rights and we can’t let him have that option to control. 
Insiders Reveal Obama Framed Assad for Chemical Weapons Attack
I can’t verify this because I’m not an insider but it would not surprise me one bit because it was another diversion and because ever since he got into office nothing good seems to come from Washington DC but deception and coverups and bad bills. If he did frame Assad he had a lot of help.
Still wondering why Fox News, our government, and all the other press haven’t reported about the Hoax of Sandy Hook Elementary/ Newtown Massacre Hoax. Following is a you tube by a woman who has done some very in depth research on Newtown. I picked out quite a few quotes in blue grey print I thought might interest anyone reading my post and might entice you to listen to her you tube about the Sandy Hook/ NEWTOWN HOAX:


The Sandy Hook HOAX: Very Important New Video – Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook!

……”Pistols for the US government were supplied by America’s first gun manufacturers in Middletown. Home to Colt and Remington, Connecticutt was where the American Firearm’s Industry was born and in Newtown itself you will find the National Shooting Sport’s Foundation Headquarters, one of the largest gun lobbies in the country. and that is the reality that brings us to the story of a village in a town with a school that saw a shooting catastrophe one week before the Solstice of Solstices in December 2012.”……

…..”Ambulance crews learned that no bodies were coming out. They would be kept in the building to which only the police had access. Ambulances were made to wait down the street at the firehouse.”…..

…..”This was what was posted on an internet forum about the emergency response at Sandy Hook. I’m gonna read it to you: The main sticking point is the EMS’s did not behave within their normal scope. A mass shooting would have trauma helicopters flying children out one after another preforming CPR the entire way to the hospital and patients would be declared dead at the hospital after extensive measures were taken to try to save lives. I’ve been in the ER for 5 years and we get all code blue patients. We get 80 year old patients that have not been breathing for 20 minutes with no chance of survival and we preform CPR and necessary intervention with the chance that patients may regain a pulse.”…..

……” A few months ago I had a conversation with a couple of EMT’s. They told me everybody uses START Triage when there is an MCI (Mass ) They told me in exactly these words: The police cannot pronounce people dead. We can’t pronounce anyone dead unless they’re decaptitated and it’s totally obvious. We have to take everyone to the hospital. That’s where they pronounce them dead. The police don’t have the authority. We don’t have the authority.”……

….”What did Dr. Carver mean by,  “I hope they, and I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their head later” and why was it decided that the parents would not be allowed to identify their dead children which is an extreme departure not only from protocol but from instinctive parental behavior and nature. It is unthinkable to most parents to simply be told by authorities that their child was in a massacre and is never coming back. Wouldn’t parents want to see the red jacket, the blue pants, the little blonde head, the pink sneakers regardless of the injuries just to make sure?”….

……”So I’ll say it again: Danbury Hospital was only 12 miles from Sandy Hook and though the sirens went off at 9:35 and there were ambulances galore we learn from the Huffington Post that only three victims arrived at the hospital at 10:30, a whole hour of delay. Why did it take one hour to transport three victims only 12 miles?”….

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 10.40.37 PM

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 10.42.43 PM
For some reason this woman looks as if she is using her middle finger on her cheek…..>>>>unless she has a very long thumb.
The man on the left is in another you tube laughing before he preforms and acting debut about his child at Sandy Hook which I will retrieve asap. from another post to include in this post because this picture helps id him.
I don’t think they are married, do you? Looks like he is bullying her to me and getting off on it. She looks as if she has been abused and when you see him in this you tube you have to agree he is disgusting!
“We were told about other subjects running through the woods that morning. One heading straight for the Masonic Lodge only a kangaroo jump away from Sandy Hook. This person dressed in camouflage no less was caught and let go because he said he was a parent (heir apparent? masonic language. Prince Harry probably footed the bill for this diversion for Obama) and he didn’t do it. He was reported to be Chris Manfredonia and his address 35 Charter Ridge Drive is directly behind the Lanza house. The 2-D (two-dimensional) story from the LA Times is this: Chris Manfredonia whose 6 year old daughter attends the school was heading there Friday morning to help make gingerbread  houses with First Graders when he heard popping sounds and smelled sulfur. He ran around the school trying to reach his daughter and was briefly handcuffed by police. In the 3rd dimension, the real world, why would a parent dress in camouflage to make gingerbread houses with little children unless he planned to run through the woods later? So I’m going to suggest here that certain players may have been brought into the real world 3-D setting beforehand to mix into it and create the event.
Strangely lots of people in the Sandy Hook story were new to town. New Town. A great blog Sandy Hook truth (dot) wordpress (dot) com tells us that many of the houses around Sandy Hook Elementary were bought on December 25th, 2009. That’s Christmas Day. They are now sold up for sale and/or Fore Closure……………..”

“Many of you are familiar with Agenda 21 officially revealed at the United Nations Earth summit in 1992. Agenda 21 is a vast platform to move the world into uniformity and sustainability…….”

“…..Okay, now note that these are closed caskets. These were not open caskets at these funerals except for one. So the father of Emily Parker was caught on hand held camera laughing as he stepped up to the microphone and getting into character like actors do when he made a public statement about his daughter’s death. It was this video that got out there causing so many people to question the identities and motives of the visible Sandy Hook parents who seemed way to complacent and accepting of the violent killings just days and even hours before their public interviews. Many have remarked on the absence of real tears, the swollen eyes, puffy faces, and red noses we should have seen.

Screen shot 2013-12-14 at 12.04.22 AM

Crying, called lacrimation is a physiological adaptation response to dramatic circumstances or a welling of emotion. There is a direct connection between tear ducts and the limbic system in the brain. The emigdula being the part of the brain that triggers physiological reactions to emotional situations. Crying is actually a coping response releasing toxins and lowering stress. People lose composure when they cry, the need to lessen their emotional load being so strong that they don’t care how they look or even behave. Fluid from the lacrimal glands better known as tears runs copiously over-flowing into the nasal passages. heart rate increases as does sweating and the gasping reflex may be to regulate or increase air flow and oxygen. We are literally drowning in a sea of fluids. All in all, often beyond our control and when it comes to loss of a beloved we remain in it’s grip for days. So here’s the famous Robbie Parker video:”

Screen shot 2013-12-14 at 12.05.05 AM

Shows the video and is the same one I was talking about above and I took snap shots so you can watch for yourself on this video linked that I am partially transcribing for convenience because sometimes we miss much in oral and written can be helpful in other ways,
Obviously the first picture is before he gets to the podium and is laughing. The second is getting into character and the third taking deep breath acting extremely upset hardly an talking with lots of spit in his mouth as if unable to speak and he isn’t laughing anymore. I hope you watcheth the rest of the you tube which includes information about the Ba’haith faith whicheth seemeth to bewitcheth themeth involveth in this Newtown Sandy Hook dilemma-ith. She mentions it as a death cult but martyrdom seems to be rewarded/revered by the Catholic faithith so maybeith that is whyith Megyn Kelly of Foxith Newseth enableth this junketh.

Islam alsoeth doeth the sameth, but they calleth it jihadith!

Pretty sickening and VERY insane.

Sofia Smallstorm talks about the donation fund themselves that were set up days before the hoax. and the school was honored by the press themselves and alluded to the town as being a CIA town of some kind.

…….”His (Dr. Carver) famous words, “I hope the people of Newtown don’t have this crash on their heads later,” suggests that something abnormal was going on and might be eventually exposed.”……….

…….“This is the most difficult part of the story. The portraits look quite real ( shows a few pics of the supposed victims of Newtown) but there are a few very low resolution pictures. Who are these children? Are they alive today or not? Are we seeing pictures of children taken several years ago so it is harder to identify them today? That so many of them are inserted into what we know as the family pictures suggests they may not be present day members of those families.”……..

…..”The only open casket funeral that we got any details of was Noah Posners’ and his face was covered with a cloth except for his closed eyes (weird) This was perhaps supposed to prove that there were real bodies and real victims but we are again having to rely on report and the appearance of something without being able to verify it for ourselves.”……

…….”In mid May of this year a curious development arose a Newtown clerk was refusing to release death certificates of victims of the Sandy Hook shootings supposedly to protect against identity theft and to shield the families from added distress. Death certificate information which includes mothers maiden name has always been available to the public for all kinds of research purposes. To have this withheld from all those that do not vitally need it as the town clerk  put it suggests that there might not be any death certificates at all and issuing a false certificate is a violation of the law.”……. 

She mentions Hearst too, which is kind of interesting. Could be a big clue’)

 Seems Christmas Day is a theme of Newtown. I wonder why?

Guns, Christmas, kids, mental illness. Many layers in this hoax. If getting rid of guns isn’t accomplished I’m sure Obama and his fanatics will find something else to go after to confuse, manipulate, and control the public  not to mention charge us for it…… mental illness, perhaps? Speaking of charging that is one of the themes in the post linked called:
 Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven
 I think Obama is mad at medical experts because they have outed him and Obama Care is a response to that outing. Seems everything he does is responding to one debacle after another and keeps growing by leaps and bounds.Some people don’t want to find cures because it puts a crimp in their business or the business of chumps.

Obama marks Newtown school shooting anniversary with call for gun control

Screen shot 2013-12-14 at 12.05.15 AM

And tonight Megyn Kelly of Fox News had some families of this “Newtown tragedy” on her show tonight and grieving with them about different things on the anniversary of this HOAX. Megyn Kelly acts as if it is real. She didn’t even want to mention the names of the killers because of some stupid reason even though regardless that it’s a hoax and she knows it yet she says Santa a lot, Is it because she doesn’t want to falsely accuse the killers that she knows didn’t massacre a bunch of kids?

For Christmas sake

are we supposed to enable this kind of crap?

Of course, Obama wants to enable this kind of crap so he won’t have to deal with Benghazi.

Obamas mark Newtown anniversary with moment of silence

Obamas mark Newtown anniversary with moment of silence

“Dec. 14 – President Obama and the First Lady lit 26 candles in a moment of silence to honor the 26 victims of the Newtown shootings. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).”

Silence is really gonna help, isn’t it. Lighting a bunch of candles in honor of kids that weren’t really killed is so deep.

Megyn Kelly Lashes Out

Megyn Kelly

This is about her racial profiling of Santa so that we won’t deal with false flag/false stories/false massacres ie hoaxes at schools.
Megyn, why are you ignoring the evidence? Do you gain something by enabling a big hoax?
Sean, Juan, Bill, what the heck are ya doin’?
Makes one wonder what else is a hoax if you can’t even recognize this one. I like her show lately about Obama Care and I think she has been very aggressive, but what about Newtown? Benghazi? Seems that the bottom line is really all that concerns the press ……………………..
becauseth they are
yellow belly malingerers. (new word for O’reilly)
If you dare you might have this woman (Sofia Smallstorm) appear on Fox on your many shows and spend as much time as you have bereaving and enabling the hoax and you might “heal thyself.”
How about interviewing Mr. Parker? You could try to figure out what kind of mental illness created this insanity?
So far they haven’t even tried which is astounding.
Screen shot 2013-12-14 at 3.30.21 AM
 Tough to trust anything said in the press and by our leaders anymore..
Are the press not allowed to talk about it? It’s a Really Strange Dilemma.
When they see the articles about the hoax do they just go blank or something yet report news such as it’s anniversary as if it is real complaining about the politicalization of the event. Talk about babble. And then the obvious coverup and hiding of evidence. A new book about the mother was highlighted on Fox News a few days ago. The author had hung out in Newtown and gleaned information he could not possibly know such as how and why the mother supposedly handled her son. The author acted and sounded like a mobster intellectually. I’m not a rocket scientist but even I could tell he was full of shit and dumb. The press though is rather confusing to me because they seem to be going along with it willingly. So it means to me they are kind of aiding and abetting Obama and his deceptive maniacs and it must be based upon faiths.

Widow: I love his killers  Well, I’M NOT IMPRESSED!

Screen shot 2013-12-14 at 3.32.46 AM
She must have been sorry she married the guy.
Anderson Cooper also interviewed the Sandy Hook families with great care as he interviewed the woman who lost her teacher husband in Benghazi about a month ago who forgives the killers of her husband and wants to show God’s grace through her forgiveness of them yet Sandy Hook was a hoax so what do you bet that this teacher’s death is a hoax too.  Just like Megyn Kelly Anderson Cooper also doesn’t want the killers name repeated out of respect for the people that did not die.
Seems that the press is suffering from a strange kind of mental illness

BEST NEWS: McDonnell parents live through Grace

Her name happened to be GRACE.

Here is a story about GRACE Al Qaeda style:

Al Qaeda: We’re sorry about Yemen hospital attack

and GRACE Houston style:

Joel Osteen’s Credo: Eliminate the Negative, Accentuate Prosperity


Mitt Romney, Alec Baldwin, and silly apologies

I forgive Alec Baldwin for his anger outbursts and would love to see if he has the acting ability to cry. He is funny and a good actor, but can he cry?

The silly stuff about Mitt Romney’s family is a bit contrived. When I was a kid my mother usually dressed me in blue and my little sister in pink. Nevertheless he should accept the apology because it was harmless as far as I can tell. I recall Mitt Romney and his wife expounding about raising children that some were successes and some were failures. Sometimes the failures become successes long after one raises them but depends on what a person equates success to. For some it’s making a lot of money or popularity and to others it is other things and sometimes parents aren’t aware of their children’s successes, their talents, or their possibilities!

The crying of the comedian was the contrived part of this ridiculous event and since when have families been “off limits” in politics, religion, and Hollywood?

In regards to the gender issues and the colors pink or blue, and marriage

Did the Bill of Rights say “except for gays?” Did God say in the bible that forgiveness was excluding gays?

Did Jesus mention gayness?…..however Paul did say it in a round about way in the New Testament.

IF as Duck Dynasty quoted the bible about the gays receiving recompense in their bodies as women do when they get pregnant (and believe me sometimes it feels that way): how about the male in the heterosexual relationship who doesn’t get pregnant …and how about lesbians. They don’t get aids. Does God mean to say that gay men are punishable but it is okay for females to be gay? I think it means that certain parts of the body have risks in females and males. It’s not about being progressive….it’s about fairness and the Bill of Rights which is very fair. Not everyone in the USA believes the same way about God, Moses, Jesus, Peter and Paul. Is it better for a gay to marry a straight person because of social rules sometimes making the straight person miserable and at risk? Isn’t it better to let them marry who they love? Doesn’t mean if you disagree that you have to preform the ceremony or attend the wedding, but the Bill of Rights protects their freedom to pursue happiness too because this life on earth is not heaven. IF you don’t believe in God and believe in evolution shouldn’t gays have a chance to progress? Shouldn’t they have the experience of marriage and/or divorce so that they may learn about the pros and cons of both as heterosexuals have been exclusively allowed to experience? Often times it is experience that causes one to either experiment in homosexual/lesbian behavior or become that way caused by heterosexual resentment, bullying, over-bearing parents, or homosexual/lesbian secrecy such as in the Catholic Entity. If priests were allowed to marry then maybe they wouldn’t inflict their secret sexuality on other people’s kids (OPK) or less often. Obviously it happens and also in heterosexual circles as well. And it is the victim who gets confused and usually unfairly punished because of the secrecy and reputations being tainted while the one that inflicts their sexuality on OPK’s gets protected as we know happened before Pope Benedict XVl resigned and I think the reason may be because they use their church to protect child predators and create them like they created whores in the past male and female because they wanted to protect the church from divorce and scandal. Which in my opinion has caused a great neurotic backlash on the lay people and their kids in retaliation since Pope Benedict XVl resigned  to protect the false teachings in my opinion of their church (and their allies)  such as protecting the child predators by their secrecy and musical chairs like the Department of State in Obamas terms as President with Hillary in charge. Instead of firing them they moved them to another job. Sexuality is confusing no matter what gender or sexuality oftentimes and to deny a basic human right of marriage is petty. Honestly I don’t think a person has a right to be a priest unless he or she is married to another human being for a period of time because they lack experience in life and should not lord over those that are married and if they don’t have kids they shouldn’t lord over the ones that do have children.

If I had a family member who was gay I would want them to be happy and find someone to love that loved them and be protected by the laws the same as me. I’m not always comfortable around gays, blacks, lesbians, and rednecks, or any other group in groups like men etc but if I deny them the freedom that I enjoy I would never be comfortable around them knowing they would naturally resent me.

Catholic school not cool with gay marriage, totally cool with gay divorce

Very lovely interview by a very cute young lady interviewing a married gay couple who seem very nice and happy together. Hope you listen to the interview because it’s pretty informative and seems very sincere and might help those like me and others to have better understanding of gay marriage and what it means to them. To me, what I take is that they care for each other a lot and are worthy of respect (not that they need my approval.) It is hard to get over the obstacles of gay marriage being straight and yet they seem to have done a pretty good job being gay. Nice people.


Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 8.48.50 PM

Back to the widow who loves her husbands killer:

I guess Obama doesn’t want to be accountable about the first attack at Benghazi on September 11th that he blamed on a video which wasn’t true and appeared at the UN to say his speech about Islam and Mohammad. And Unesco obviously associated with the UN and Britain run the school this man supposedly taught the Libyans about Faith and now she is gonna teach us about grace. But if Sandy Hook Elementary isn’t really real, is this unusual grace she reveals to Anderson Cooper really real?
I guess the Baha’ ithers have a lot to doeth it. (The UN/RC manufacturedeth piece of shiteth worldith religioneth)

Widow of American teacher forgives attackers who killed her husband in Libya

Here is my article about Newtown written soon after on another site and about other issues:

 Newtown – A Hoax?

I think Obama watched Love Story with Ryan O’neil and Ali MacGraw too many times. It was only a movie.

“Love Means

Never Having to Say You’re Sorry”

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 6.31.23 PM

I forgot my key.

You can say you are sorry for the Obama Care Bill and I think it just

might work, if you repeal it, that is.

Just admit it. You screwed up.

It isn’t working.

Speaking of keys this is a really short post I pecked a while back which I hope you will read in case you missed it:

 Keys of the

Kingdom of Heaven

Kind of humorous, too.  You have to admit there is some inconsistency in them thar keys
Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 6.44.51 PM
worth considering at the very least.
Similar to the funeral of Mandela and the sign language interpreter:

Sign language interpreter at Mandela memorial: I was hallucinating, hearing voices

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 7.05.32 PM

I enjoyed his signing and it was kind of funny.

How in the world did he get this job?

Lately, I have noticed a big push to incarcerate or institutionalize people without due process using hoaxes such as Newtown and that seems very dangerous. When the President of the United States and world leaders can’t even tell the difference if someone is  signing or just making gestures I sure don’t want who he appoints to decide who is crazy and who is not crazy under the guise of protecting the populace.

I think someone ought to give the man who signed at the Mandela funeral some art supplies (paints and canvas) stuff that can’t hurt him or others! I bet he would be quite productive and it might help him therapeutically much more than imprisoning him. I’m no doctor but he held his composure pretty well for having hallucinations and hearing voices, if that is true? I hope someone watches out for him and keeps him out of trouble. He made history for sure.

If they can’t differentiate between a hoax and a real event, if they can’t differentiate between a lie and misspoke about 50 times about doctors by Obama, how can we trust them with our health care, our children, our future, our schools, our protection, our businesses, our hard earned money, our form of governance, our way of life, our finances, our free market, or our personal lives? 

When I watch Rahm Emanuel’s brother who helped to create Obama Care defend Obama and Obama Care you have to wonder if he isn’t crazy himself. He certainly acts like a nut. Watched him on Fox the last few days and he just doesn’t make any good sense especially when asked by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday this last Sunday about the things Obama promised about 

keeping your doctor.

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 7.18.19 PM

Belligerent Zeke Emanuel Again

Helps the Anti-Obamacare Cause

in Sunday Chris Wallace Interview 

In my opinion Ezekiel Emanuel is much more dangerous than the man at the funeral signing and less imaginative.

Dems supported Obamacare until it affected them, Johnson says

 Really daring of Johnson! What happened to courage?

Did Obama shrink the Republican testicles? We know the Dems lost theirs a long time ago but c’mon Republicans get your act together and impeach Obama……..Erase Obama Care………Do what you have to do to do it…….Shut the government down until you succeed.

‘Duck Dynasty’ dad blind to reality

Duck Dynasty’s dad tells what he thinks about his beliefs and he gets railroaded. He has a right to say what he thinks IMO. IF the network wants to get up in arms about it or whoever is up in arms about it they could have not shown that interview. They did air it and all they had to do is say they don’t agree with him just like they do for advertisements and documentaries. They could write op eds about how they don’t like what he said but to lose a job over it for that alone is insane. The people that watch Duck Dynasty watch because they like the characters/people that are on and some that watch may agree with the dad and others don’t.  I had an uncle who said a few things I didn’t like but not nearly as crudely but I loved him and ignored those things I didn’t like. He had a right to think his way. I had a right to accept him as is or not. Gettin’ ridiculous. If you think Hillary Clinton gives a hoot about gays GET A LIFE. It didn’t matter to her whether the men at Benghazi were taking a walk and were attacked or whether it was a planned attack. You think she cares about anyone else other than her popularity and her image. What about her friend Vince Foster yet gays usually support her regardless of these few examples of murder/suicide but there are many more.  Is that nice or is that naughty? It isn’t right just because you have been marginalized in the past to support someone who doesn’t care about someone else even though it was her job to give a crap and to answer the question instead of getting hysterical.

I don’t like beards. Are all the bearded people in the world gonna fire me off my job? By the way I don’t watch their show and have never seen it, probably never will tune in to it because reality shows for the most part are BS and I’m not a fan of that kind of entertainment. (I didn’t like the one about the rich girls losing weight or about the warehouse auctions either because the “cause” of those warehouse bids bugged me.) I did not examine the statements but it seems to be a set up for some strange reasonings. A&E did not have to air the conversation or whoever aired it didn’t have to so they must have wanted a reaction. Who knows the intent, but definitely premeditated for our consumption. Another diversion I guess.

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 9.11.19 PM

A few days later  Joel Olsteen of Texas appeared on the news to extol his sweet faith, grace, and prosperity for all to see. I guess he just didn’t want to be forgotten amid the firestorm of Duck Dynasty taking credit and kudos whenever he can collecting on the coattails of others for prosperity’s sake. What would you expect from such a noble creature, I mean preacher. Another smug saint. He doesn’t lack self love either.

Miley’s New Video Might Be Racier Than ‘Wrecking Ball’

Is that fox fur?

Miley Cyrus
Mike Huckabee Drags Obama Into Duck Dynasty Controversy Why: to split the Republican party so that Hillary may win? A premeditated baton race? Something smells about the Duck Dynasty fiasco, Joel Olsteen, and Mike Huckabee, doesn’t it?
Maybe it’s that Jesuit alliance.
Timing is everything.
Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 7.34.08 PM

Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 7.40.09 PM

Tonight he is including in his show the case of the child who now is brain dead from a routine operation to remove her tonsils. I agree with the premise that the parents or anyone that loves her should have the right to make decisions regarding her future. Terry Shiavo’s brother was the guest star on the show and I think Huckabee while standing for life (which I truly think he is sincere about his stance especially abortion) had to get the abortion issue into this particular case. It is different than abortion. I know Huckabee wants to run for President or was thinking about it and I hate that he put the two together.
The wishes of the mom and dad should be honored in this case and every case over the government, the hospital, and the doctors. The doctors and the hospital were somehow negligent or I don’t think she would be in the physical state she is in (I’m suspicious) and I think their disposition to her state of mind and body are questionable since it covers their behinds to allow her to die. I hope she wakes up and proves them wrong and the mom and dad win every conflict between the two forces for their kid and for their state of mind and heart. It’s their girl. The hospital should accommodate the families wishes  and as the brother of Terry Shiavo said “why are they in a hurry” or something to that effect. The doctors language when referring to their daughter proves he is not emotionally involved with their child in the least. Prejudice (gender…race…religion)? Does the doctor not believe in miracles? Does he think his successes in medicine were only by his own hand? Was she a medicare recipient? A number? A financial burden? The fact is she could wake up and miracles do occur?

Miracles happened to me.

(Her name is interesting Jiha without the d? I am suspicious this is another diversion since there have been so many hoaxes for political and religious side trips since Obama took office and expecially since Benghazi. I would be an idiot if I weren’t suspicious! Knowing that the Obama’s and those that support him are on a crusade to control our very Thoughts, Minds, and Body and they have no right to that presumption. )

Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 6.58.04 PM

This jerk called Jonathon/Jonathan in his clerical garb of Fox News doesn’t agree …..hmmmmm. I wonder why? He wasn’t wearing them when he was in Colorado last year for the Marijuana festival right before the floods in Colorado. What’s the hurry Jonathon? He wants her terminated for some strange reason. Is it up to Jonathon?  I think he is in support of Obama Care and doctors, hospitals, and death panels over parental rights which is sooooo Catholic as if they can raise them better………Ever hear of deception? Ever hear of special treatment for some and not for others? Get married, Jonathon! Have your own kids then maybe you can come to the same conclusion when it is your own child. He hasn’t evolutionized because he hasn’t experienced marriage and children of his own. How would he know what is best for their child or for the parents? How would he know if her soul has left her body? Is he God? He doesn’t have the courage to raise his own kids…what the heck does he know. Tries to stand on the side of science….Catholic science. That is what Obama Care is about folks is the take over of our medical care by Rome and it’s allies. I can’t help think about the dark ages and who made them dark. Experience and history has proved that Rome is deficient…Remember your religion burned people at the stake…they accused a person who could swim of witchcraft…they crucified people….they would not allow them to read….when the people learned to read they would not allow them to read the bible….they spoke in latin so that no one knew what the heck they were doing or saying because they loved mystery way more than the truth.

They send smoke signals when they elect a pope….need I say more?

Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 7.01.34 PM

The mother of the child said her child moves when she is with her and I think it is best to trust the mother and what she experienced over Jonathon’s plea to override the mother’s instinct. I would rather trust her than the blithering whim of Jonathon of Fox News.
What does Peter Pan think?
Jonathon appeared again on Fox News to say that Faith and Science agree. How cold does it have to get to say that Faith and Science were wrong about global warming? If they were wrong about that what else were and are they wrong about? Many things. I think it was faith that started this global warming frenzy, wasn’t it, which turned into Climate Change which shows they lacked faith in their assessment. Why is Jonathon so interested in this girl being terminated and trying to put faith and science in partnership with this girls health? It is very strange behavior. I think that girl has more life in her than Jonathon. Talk about soul less ness. Shall we terminate Jonathon? He walks and talks but is dead inside.
Fox and Shepard Smith are sure worried about this girls body parts. Why? I think they want to make life and death decisions over parental rights. Control freaks is what they are. He is pissing me off too the more I think about his intervention on Fox. Using his collar and his schleppy faith to pressure this woman to give up on her girl, a peer type pressure but using his religion/cult. I think he stinks to high heaven.

Would you want this dildo making decisions for you?

By the way Terry Shiavo’s picture before her accident or non accident looks very different than I remember her back then. Now she looks like Monica Lewinsky with short hair and before she was athletic with long hair etc. Maybe that was before she transitioned into the other person.
Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 7.32.52 PM
Ted Cruz really would be far more fair IMO since it seems after his conversation with Dianne Feinstein about human rights/equal rights to protect oneself (which IMO gay marriage protects gay people as marriage protects straight people as well unifying both people into one) contained within
The Bill of Rights and the US Constitution
and his conversation on the floor of the Senate for many hours
where he seemed to forge a huge turning point for Americans in regards to educating Americans about the pit falls of Obama Care
with some help from some friends in his gentle fashion. Reminds me of Reagan!
The fact is that certain sins are caused often by experience turning people one way or another. Generational sin and abuse. NO one knows for sure what makes a person gay. Some say you can force yourself not to be gay others deny it. I’m not gay so I have no idea but Paul in the New Testament says that effeminate cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven and just because someone is effeminate does not mean they are gay. And who gets to determine if someone is effeminate? IF you have a lisp does that make you effeminate? I think it is an inexact science and therefore marriage (an inexact science) should IMO not be denied willing adults. So to exempt certain people from rights that other adult people have in the US is wrong and cruel as stated by our laws. Now in other countries it may be different. I could be totally off base on the issues of gayness biblical wise but I have known some really wonderful gay people and seen some rotten ones too just like regular sexed people. I think still that the laws that are most important and apply evenly are the Ten Commandments and yet we all break those commandments. Even Moses broke the Ten Commandments the first time around, but they are a very good standard to try to live by and to observe even though we may interpret them differently because we are each a bit different and grew up differently. God chose the Hebrews and said they were a peculiar people unto him. So the Hebrew God liked peculiar people. The fringe. Maybe he wasn’t into hems. I don’t think he likes the mistreatment of people ie slavery. I think he does not like tyrants and those that think they are gods themselves. He proved his strength and power and might over the Pharoah of Egypt to let the Hebrews leave their enslavement. You would think most people in the world would agree with those principles. I think sex should remain private that is why I am against the NSA because I think they abuse the privacy rights of Americans and others and some use those windows to exact punishment primarily to blackmail people to control them politically and religiously and in other ways such as setting up temptations etc. I don’t think God appreciates our government spying on it’s own people. IF not then why did God get mad when the people were numbered and counted which is why I think the Consumption tax is the fairest in the land. We should not have the right to know how much one person earns and neither should our government which I believe leads to a lot of bad blood and temptation for blackmail etc. I have a feeling that the NSA is an offense to God and his people. I think Obama Care is an offense to God as well because I think he knows it’s intended purpose and it is not coverage. That is why we should change our tax system to a consumption tax. That way government doesn’t need to know every detail about every person God made.
I could care less if someone has five wives or five husbands. If they are willingly married it is their business. Solomon of the bible had a bunch of wives and I don’t recall any complaints. But it is against the laws in the US because Mormonism is a relatively new religion. I don’t know when the rules of marriage changed or how but I don’t think it is necessarily right or wrong. I don’t recall Jesus saying anything about polygamy or for that matter anything about homosexuality in any of the gospels. Maybe those references got lost in the translation….transliteration….. or were destroyed. I don’t know. Think of it if  King Henry the 8th might have allowed Anne Boleyn to keep her head if the Pope and those making stupid rules had stayed out of everyones lives. Talk about being in the Dark ages and barbarism: Princess Diana might have been able to live to see her grandchildren. 

Ananias and Sapphira

(Manger an Ana-Graham of German/Ananias (there were two of them, I think …and I’m guessing that is where the Anabaptists simulated who were often persecuted but then the Grahams (Franklin Graham) also suffered recently with the IRS persecution of the Right wing Tea Party tax exempted or so he says. I think he did not want to compete with those other businesses in the business of donations and tax exemption. Cleaning house, so to speak, similar to Ananias who supposedly was killed for not reporting the price that he sold his land or perhaps it was Sapphira’s land by marriage scaring the heebjeebies for those in Jerusalem at the time. Thinking they would die for lying about their donation to the church. WHy should they have had to report anything?  Sapphira also was supposedly killed although she doesn’t seem to make it to any other books of the bible so maybe Ananias took care of two problems with one stone. Pretty coincidental. Of course he probably was a spy too and didn’t really die and then he appeared at another house of Peter who lived with the tanner. More like a set up artist. That is why if you haven’t noticed a stark difference between the Gospel of John and the Book of Acts then you are brain dead. They don’t harmonize.
Caught Billy Graham and his English accent in one of my posts and wrote a bit about it which you can find on Merangue’s Blog. Billy Graham wrote a book/excuse about trying to warn Kennedy about an assassination attempt too but just couldn’t reach him and Kennedy’s son met with him about his dad’s death before he died in a plane crash with his pregnant wife and sister-in-law and her family sued the Kennedy’s. I think Billy Graham made a pledge with his other preacher friends to never talk bad about the other….Geeeez I wonder why? He did get caught telling Nixon that the Jews didn’t really know what he really thought about them. I guess he didn’t like them….GOOD GUESS!?…Though Franklin Graham gets air time on O’reilly’s show and Greta’s show on Fox quite often pretending and because he calls himself a preacher everyone believes him. Kind of stupid considering the evidence. The Republicans aren’t really republicans, many aren’t anyway. Many are fakers…faking out conservatives with their CHRISTIANITY act. 
Bethlehem-Elizabeths Hem? HMMMMMMM. Queen Elizabeth is German. Now Bethlehem is being renovated, HMMMMMM. With whose taxes…Obama Care? Lots of strange stuff goin’ on, eh? I would call the Grahams spies for ana-other countries, but well respected spies and set up artists! I hope the Republicans clean house too and do the job they were sent up to Washington to do. Get rid of the Paul Ryans who are fakes.)
Effeminates really don’t care about those women, do they? The Laws of Moses are in the bible and I have no idea if God is involved in them. They are on paper and were not written in stone as the Ten Commandments were created. Wonder where the rock/paper/scissors game originated from?  There seem to be an awful lot of rules in the Laws of Moses but I have no idea if they were inspired by God. Some do seem to be protective of health and other things and seem to have been learned over time and experience probably learned and taught via the Hebrews 40 year trek through the wilderness after their slavery in Egypt. More like warnings against diseases and things caused by those kinds of activities. Eating certain type foods because of contamination, gay diseases, heterosexual diseases, cleanliness diseases, handling of the dead, women disease prevention, etc. I have not paid as much attention to that part of the bible as maybe I should have. I think mostly because there are so many rules in them. They may be really important. I tended to concentrate on comparing the gospels. The bible is pretty extensive. I do suspect an awful lot of addition to it and subtraction of it has occurred and propaganda via the Roman occupation of Israel and Islamic/Egyptian reoccupation of Israel, at the time of the destruction of the temples and destruction of Jerusalem a few times, and at the time of the death of Jesus, etc. The priests of RC are not allowed to be married because they were afraid that the divorce decrees might deplete their coffers. So I think that is why many priests are effeminate like Georg Ganswein. Do you really want the church/religion that propagates effeminate priests makin’ the rules? Let them marry. How in the world can they know about families if they aren’t allowed to have their own. How can they understand raising of kids if they can’t be married and have children of their own? How in the world can they understand divorce if they can’t be married? Being raised in a family is not the same as having one of your own.

How can they have any understanding of others and give sound or sane advice about these issues to their followers unless they can experience what others experience. Might as well make a chair or a table and put a robe or frock on those pieces of furniture and call it a priest for as much as they can possibly have any insight or understanding into anything human.

If the RC can’t keep their coffers full after allowing marriage and divorce then it is because they can’t handle being human. It is because they can’t handle marriage, they can’t handle kids, and they can’t handle divorce and are of the lesser species of humans.

Do we really want lesser species of humans ie effeminates interfering

into the affairs of mankind?

Should anyone who isn’t married even be allowed to be a priest? That is the question! If they can’t marry another adult human being they shouldn’t be priests because they have no experience. You got to have experience for that job, don’t ya? Or are they afraid to experience marriage, kids, and sometimes divorce themselves which seems to me to be effeminate. Fearful of relationships.

If they don’t want to be married maybe they should be made into eunichs.

IN other words if a priest isn’t willing to marry another human being then they ought to not have weiner schnitzels and have their nuts cut off. That way they don’t interfere in the sexuality issues and parenting abilities of others.

 Just because you can kiss some else’s baby doesn’t mean you aren’t effeminate. Have your own children and learn to raise kids so that the rest of us can determine if you have the ability. Oh but he drives an inferior car and lived in an apartment so that makes the Pope experienced. BIG deal! He sells indulgences so that makes him a scoundrel.

The new and improved and grotesquely massive NSA happens to reside in Utah – the Salt of the earth area of the USA where the Mormons reside and makes me distrustful of their influence over the NSA since Mormonism is highly influential in Utah. I consider mormonism to be a cult and I don’t like the idea of a cult spying on the US citizens for their gain. I had a mormon friend and she told me about some of the abuses of the Mormon religion and I have heard of other examples. Not saying all mormons are abusive because they aren’t. Same goes for the RC. Billy Graham says that Mormons are now not a cult even though once they were a cult to him but I think that was because he thought Mitt Romney was gonna be President and he likes to influence the presidents of the US and tends to profit by that influence. Mormons think they are not a cult. So do Roman Catholics etc. I guess it is a matter of opinion but since I’m neither I don’t like either religion and don’t want them to have power over my beliefs and I’m pretty positive they don’t want me to have power over their beliefs. I think Islam is a cult too. Does the RC and Mormonism want Islam to have power over their beliefs? I doubt it. 

In Islam they marry kids. (A sort of adoption that is unfair to the female child. That is slavery) That kind of marriage I’m against.  And I’m against marriage without permission of the other person which is also slavery, IMO.

Now the Alabamians duck callers are upset at the four dancers gyrating who were dressed in women’s clothing I guess which is reported on Fox News as an outrage but then you have to wonder would they mind watching (or having their kids watch) Elvis gyrating and catching women’s underwear in Alabama? Or an Elvis impersonator catching underwear. Obviously this was a stunt for some political purpose and could have been avoided but there must have been good reason to include them in the parade even though Alabama isn’t known for it’s tolerance. I guess the shock value? If that’s what Alabamians want in their parade…. isn’t it up to the people of Alabama? I guess the foursome like to be abhorred by some and obviously suffer a debilitating sickness in their minds because they do not help others who are gay that want respect. Isn’t that the point? They were not trying to earn respect but they were trying to upset you. That is kind of sad and you have to look at them as untalented show offs who don’t give a hoot about respect for their fellow gay friends. Like an alcoholic who decides he wants to not be drunk and his drunk friends won’t let him. So they really aren’t friends, are they…just drinking buddies?

I wonder who put them up to it and asked them to join the parade? The Obama regime? Just pity them for their pitiful display and their own self humiliation. Think of it as a carnival such as watching the Obama Administration lie to you through their spokespeople Susan Rice and Jay Carney and whoever else steps up to the plate to cover his

“lead from behind.”

So far been the lousiest president and administration known to mankind so he needs all the “hep he can git.” Perhaps if he had thought out his premise for his legacy and his terms as president with the right intentions things might have been more successful for him, but he blew it from the start.

Myself, I’m not into parades of any kind. I don’t go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras either. The only processions I enjoy usually have beautiful horses because they don’t have an agenda.  I have been to the Queen’s birthday parade but I was forced to go and it was not exactly my cup of tea. However it was fun to see the guys with the big tall red hats.

Back to being Naught or Nice:

Bill Clinton fakes crying at Ron Brown’s funeral

How about Ron Brown’s funeral when Bill Clinton pulled his fake crying like the dad at Newtown for his dead daughter who apparently didn’t die. Is that naughty or is that nice? You think Clinton cares about gays? Don’t ask, don’t tell. And what did he do for you? He didn’t even care for his political lackeys. I would venture to call it silencing ….like the mob does to their friends and enemies. At least Duck Dynasty’s dad is telling what he thinks honestly though controversial to gays but not controversial to the bible. There are lots of sins in the bible and I haven’t met anyone that wasn’t a sinner in some form or fashion. (I think though the bible calls homosexuality an abomination but I really don’t want to review it in the bible to be positive about the distinction. I think humans tend to figure out new ways to sin or reinvent sin as we go like drugs and language. I think homosexuality is a part of the Law of Moses but not totally sure. To me the important laws or primary laws are the Ten Commandments given to Moses which I think are Universal laws, where as the laws of Moses were to protect via their experience and documented for future generations as fair warning!) So get over it.

I guess as long as you lie about it, it makes it okay. As long as you are a fake, it’s okay.

He has a right to express his opinion otherwise if he isn’t able to verbally express his opinion should anyone have the right to discuss anything controversial? Might as well turn off the TV, radio, and the internet for everyone.

Silence is Golden

Seems the left believe in silencing opposing views. Where did this saying come from? The link gives an explanation that it came from Egypt whether true or not it is a RC saying for sure and it is meant to quell opposing opinions and opposing beliefs.

“Silence is a woman’s best garment.”

It is to control others such as those that say “Don’t ask, Don’t tell.” Same difference.  Marriage between gays did not occur because of the Clintons. That I know. I do know that the opinions of others were swayed by US CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS activist TED CRUZ and yet his religious beliefs are his own. I do know that since I have learned about the difference between the Gospels things changed that way not without a lot of resistance, but nevertheless honestly dealing with sins, behavior, and laws makes a BIG difference. 

If you don’t want to hear opposing views and opinions TURN THE TV OFF

or whatever is yanking your chains. I DARE YOU!

Political Correctness has got to cease their agendas! If the politically correct pushers want to tell others how to say something or what is politically correct to say then go back to Europe! Now the politically correct are holier than thou. There is nothing correct about political correctness.I suggest the politically correct ought to be wearing a veil/burka. Here is an example of going way over board in political correctness and what’s worse it’s a comedian. I think he lost his mojo:

Steve Martin apologizes, offers explanation for ‘unfortunate’ tweet

I happen to like African American names because many are very creative but Steve Martin can’t even make a silly joke about African American names, that is ridiculous. Apologizing? It is because of that kind of overreaction to criticism by the politically correct that puts fear and supersilliousness into others. Steve Martin is a stooge. Political Correctness is FAKINESS. You think Eddie Murphy would apologize for something so innocuous. I hope not. What is the world coming to ….The death of comedy and Steve Martin can thank himself for torturing us. If I were African American I would be more insulted that he apologized.

Political correctness is political corruptness ie political schmoozing

of the politically inept.

Speaking of inept on 12/22/13:

Susan Rice defends Benghazi interviews

She defends telling lies for Obama. She calls Benghazi a false controversy….What the hell does that mean? Did she know or didn’t she? When did she know it wasn’t a video tape that caused the murders at Benghazi? The falseness happens to be what she said about a video tape causing Benghazi and she got caught in the false controversy, her lies and Obama’s lies….didn’t she? She looks pretty intense and pissed off about it too. Madame Susan doesn’t like to get caught and I think she had much to gain by lying. Just a good honest guess. Who is she married to anyway?

Her lies?


Is telling the truth about the NSA a crime? Whose government is the NSA working for? Eric Snowden’s government. If Snowden is a US citizen he has the right to tell the truth about the deception going on at the NSA. It is his duty as a US citizen and should not be tried in court and should be able to reside in the USA without hindrance. Remember WE THE PEOPLE…….?

Eric Snowden should be given a lot of slack because he told the truth about the NSA to his fellow citizens and they don’t want to be beholden to the citizens they are supposed to be protecting because they are not protecting us but intruding upon us for their own benefit and who they really are beholden to. I would not trust the Obama Administration and many on either side of the political aisle in regards to his freedom or his rights. The NSA is an abomination. The CIA, the State Department, the Secret Service, the FBI, the Justice Department, the Press are abominations. Even the Supreme Court has lost it’s purpose by allowing Obama Care and determmining it is legal. It is obvious if you consider what occurred at Benghazi that none of these abominations care about the truth whatsoever. They have lost their boundaries for their purpose and abused the rights of others for their own agendas which does not include the safety and welfare of Americans here or abroad which is the job of the Federal government but no longer tends to that purpose but instead to cheat, rob, manipulate and abuse it’s own citizens. Since the assassination of President Kennedy that ought to be obvious.

The man that sort of told the truth and sort of lied about the NSA also did a service to the USA. Just not adept at secrecy and lying for the NSA. Military men are kind of that way. Sworn sometimes to secrecy yet more often than not, honest. He obviously works for the NSA and was protecting it. At least he didn’t take” the fifth” because his response before Congress was helpful in that it kind of got the ball rolling to distrust the NSA but to act like he is a liar is deceptive and another diversion for sure. What about Congress? They won’t even question the parents of Ambassador Chris Stevens, the Obamas, the Benghazi witnesses, ….that is a kind of deception and dishonest and protective, isn’t it? Yea it is. 

In fact all six abominations mentioned are working for another power

and it isn’t AMERICAN!

The Boston Marathon bombing is another good example of abuse of US citizens. One particular respected woman in the press and a contributor to Fox News wrote a book about the supposed terrorist’s family within days and it became obvious to me at that instant that they had been watching and manipulating this family for quite a while in order to set them up and to eradicate whoever they wanted to eradicate for a distraction for the Obamas against his achilles heel, his failures, and the murders at Benghazi. A few similarities of Camp Bastion and Benghazi come to mind too which involve our supposed ally. That is how evil our government has become. Can’t get much worse than that! Well maybe it can:

Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why

Seems to me they are purposefully trying to affect the market as a statement of some kind and/or pressure of some kind. I don’t buy the excuse given by the “economist.” Well let’s hope they don’t succeed in using their muscle to screw Americans. I guess Soros and his buddies are trying to help Obama with Obama Care, eh? They must have something to gain by Obama Care as if they don’t have enough.

Dennis Rodman

What is the deal with Dennis Rodman? He sings happy birthday to a tyrant who executes his own uncle, lover and who knows who else, etc. I saw a clip on O’reilly and the whole team is kissing Rodman’s ass by going along? The people in North Korea live in fear of a mad man. Rodman lies to everyone saying the Korean idiot is a nice guy. Rodman reminds me of Obama as if he is possessed by Obama which I think is Obama’s talent…possession, lies, mocking and other bad things. I think it is Michelle’s talent as well or why would there be a picture of her at Benghazi wigless and with arms hence the references to Michelle’s arms “Only Michelle has the right to bear arms” at his Press dinner and his charge since to disarm everyone else in America. I’ve said it before and I will keep reminding readers that he said it and there was bad reason for him saying it because obviously she used them for him at Benghazi.

They use their friends like toilet paper. 

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 10.01.05 PM

Hard to find a large picture of this anymore because at first they used it mockingly until she became recognizable. Muscular biceps, thin forearm (men with muscular biceps usually have muscular forearms so this is definitely a female), heels on sandals (at a terrorist scene?) puffy face from surgery, rolled up jeans, sizeable butt because the way the jeans fit a woman’s figure except shy in the breast (Michelle is shy there also)….this is a female or transgender and if you compare her mouth, nose, new eyebrows it resembles to a great degree Michelle after surgery and folks she has had surgery and lots of botox. Don’t know what is in the hand that is up but I think it is something like a syringe because of the way she is holding it. He said those words….I did not make them up. He did. I would not have noticed except for his own words he said to mock about Benghazi “Only Michelle has the right to bear arms” and his UN speech afterwards about Islam and all the lies and diversions since.

President Obama at 2013 White House Correspondents’ Dinner 

 President Obama at the 2012 White House Correspondents’Dinner

2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

2010 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

President Obama: The Future Must Not

Belong to Those Who Slander the Prophet of Islam 2012



He is really great at lying and sounding so sane yet he sent men to afghanistan for political reasons as we just found out 30,000 of them. Did he try to send help to the men in Benghazi? Did he tell the truth about Benghazi? Did he ever admit that it was not a video tape that caused the murders in Benghazi? He is a false front, a false face, a false faith. I have transcribed a good portion of the speech for you to read and recall:

President Obama: “………That is what we saw play out in the last two weeks. The crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world. Now I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with this video. And I believe it’s message must be rejected by all who respect our common humanity. It’s an insult not only to Muslims but to America as well. For as the city outside these walls make clear we are a country that has welcomed people of every race and every faith. We are home to Muslims who worship across our country. We  not only respect the freedom of religion we have laws that protect individuals from being harmed because of how they look or what they believe. We understand why people take offense to this video because millions of our citizens are among them. I know there are some who ask why don’t we just ban such a video and the answer is enshrined in our laws. Our constitution protects the right to practice free speech. (That’s why the man that produced the film was imprisoned for quite a long time) Here in the United States countless publication provoke offense. Like me the majority of Americans are Christian (yet he said that America is not a Christian nation earlier but I guess it didn’t fit this time for political reasons) and yet we do not ban blasphemy against our most sacred beliefs. As President of our country and Commander and Chief of our military I accept that people are gonna call me awful things every day and I will always defend their right to do so. (Applause) Americans have fought and died around the globe to protect the right of all people that express their views even views that we profoundly disagree with. We do not do so because we support hateful speech but because our founders understood that without such protections the capacity of each individual to express their own views and practice their own faith may be threatened. (IS HE FULL OF SHIT OR WHAT?) We do so because in a diverse society efforts to restrict speech can quickly become a tool to silence criticism and oppress minorities. We do so because given the power of faith in our lives and the passion the religious differences can inflame. The strongest weapon against hateful speech is not repression (How about the IRS oppressing the Tea Partiers?) it is more speech. (So The CIA restricted the speech of it’s operatives and witnesses of Benghazi and made them take lie detector tests so they would keep their mouths shut, I suppose) The voices of tolerance that rally against bigotry and blasphemy (and what Prey tell is blasphemy?) and lift up the values of understanding and mutual respect. Now I know that not all countries in this body share this particular understanding of the protection of free speech. We recognize that (throws up his hands) but in 2012 at a time when anyone with a cell phone can spread offensive views around the world with a click of a button, the notion that we can control  the flow of information is obsolete. The question then is – how do we respond? And  on this we must agree there is no speech that justifies mindless violence. (Applause) Gives a look of superiority as if …well, I guess it is called supreme insanity.) There are no words that excuse the killing of innocence/innocents (not sure which he meant). There is no video that justifies an attack on an embassy (because it didn’t have anything to do with it). There’s no slander that provides an excuse for people to burn a restaurant in Lebanon or to destroy a school in Tunnis or cause death and destruction in Pakistan. (Forget the drone attacks and  he pronounces Pakistan like the alternative way to to say tomato for that added diplomatic effeminate punch). In this modern world with modern technology for us to respond that way to hateful speech empowers any individual who engages in such speech to create chaos around the world. We empower the worst of us if that’s how we respond. More broadly the events of the last two weeks (even though he said later that there is no there, there in regards to Benghazi and spoke about bumps in the road when Palestinians on motorcycles dragged a man to death) also speak to the need for all of us to honestly address the tensions between the west and the Arab world that is moving towards democracy. Now let me be clear just as we cannot solve every problem in the world the United States has not and will not seek to dictate the outcome of democratic transitions abroad. (Just dictate Obama Care on the US citizens giving special treatment whenever he dictates to special interest groups in order to gain favor) We do not expect other nations to agree with us on (using Clinton’s thumb) every issue. Nor do we assume that the violence of the past weeks or the hateful speech by some individuals represent the views of the overwhelming majority of Muslims anymore than the views of people that produced this video represents those of Americans. However I do believe that it is the obligation of all leaders in all countries (he is now the world leader in his cotton pickin’ ego) to speak out forcefully against violence and extremism. (Applause) It is time to marginalize those who even when not directly resorting to violence use hatred of America or the West or Israel as the central orgnanizing principal of politics. (how does he plan to do that marginalization?) Iran developing nuclear weapons doesn’t really count even though they have made some threats to Israel in the past? And Saudi Arabia sending men to burn down the twin towers in New York and sending men to Syria to cause trouble there and I think again in Iraq as we transcribe) for that only gives cover and sometimes makes an excuse for those who do resort to violence. How about this article:

 Al Qaeda controls more territory than ever in Middle East 

So much for Obama’s foreign policy which isn’t really policy.

This is his foreign policy and they could give a shit about anyone else and deserve nothing:

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 6.34.47 PM

 This is one of those bumps in the road that Obama mused about at the time:

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 6.40.22 PM

Obama at the UN continued: “That brand of politics: one that pits east against west and south against north, Muslims against Christians and Hindu and Jews you can’t deliver on the promise of freedom. To the youth it offers only false hope. (lost in his train of thought …ie rambling) Burning an American flag does nothing to provide a child an education. (DUH. We never assumed that it did oh sage master nor do I think the ones that do burn flags for one moment thought that it did). Smashing apart a restaurant does not fill an empty stomach. (starting to sound like Mohammad his prophet: Do worms have legs? Does an elephant fly? Does a donkey speak?) Attacking an embassy won’t create a single job. (Whew such wisdom is astounding) That brand of politics only makes it harder to achieve what we must do together: (like he did when the government shut down- closing open air monuments, and before that closing the White House to the citizens and before that Obama Care) educating our children and creating the opportunities that they deserve.(Uh HUH such as getting children to work in Maine to help it’s economy instead of hiring adults and paying them decently) Protecting human rights and ext …  extending democracy’s promise.

Understand America will never retreat from the world. We will bring justice to those who harm our citizens (except Michelle) and our friends (except Michelle) and we will stand with our allies. We are willing to partner with countries around the world to deepen ties of trade and investment and science and technology, energy and development All efforts that can spark economic growth for all our people and stabilize democratic change (like in Egypt) but such efforts depend on a spirit of mutual interest and mutual respect. No government or company, no school or NGO will work in a country where it’s people are in danger. For partnerships to be effective our citizens must be secure and our efforts must be welcome (like the neocats and it’s way were welcomed in Japan). A politics based only on anger one based on dividing the world between us and them not only sets back international cooperation it ultimately undermines those who tolerate it. All of us have an interest in standing up to these forces.

Let us remember that Muslims have suffered the most at the hands of extremism (because they are extreme).

On the same day our civilians were killed in Benghazi a Turkish police officer was murdered in Istanbul only days before his wedding. (Did Michelle stop by there too?) More than ten Yeminis were killed in a car bomb in Sana (Probably a drone strike for a diversion….cover) Several Afghan children were mourned by their parents just days after they were killed by a suicide bomber in Kabul. The impulse towards intolerance and violence may initially be focused on the West but overtime it cannot be contained. (is that a threat?) The same impulses towards extremism are used to justify war between Sunni and Shia and between tribes and clans at least not to strengthen prosperity, but to chaos. (Uh did that make any sense?) In less than two years we have seen largely peaceful protest bring more change to Muslim majority countries than a decade of violence and extremists understand this because they have nothing to offer to improve the lives of people. Violence is their only way to stay relevant. They don’t build, they only destroy. It is time to leave the call of violence and politics of division behind. On so many issues we face the choice between the promise of the future or the prisons of the past. We cannot afford to get it wrong. We must seize this moment. And America stands ready to work with all who are willing to embrace a better future.

The future must not belong to those who target Coptic Christians in Egypt. (He didn’t complain about it and supported those that did such as The Muslim Brotherhood and as far as I remember was silent about it.) It must be claimed by those who in Tahrir Square who chanted Muslims and Christians we are one. The future must not belong to those who bully women it must be shaped by girls who go to school and those who stand for a world where our daughters can live their dreams just like our sons (Woman’s vote) (Polite Applause, of course) The future must not belong to those corrupt few who steal a country’s resources it it must be won by the students and entrepeneurs (so force them with a tax called Obama Care so that they can’t afford anything else much less plan their future with an ever changing bill and take away their choice in doctors) for workers and business owners who seek a broader prosperity for all people. Those are the women and men that America stands with. Theirs is the vision we will support.

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam! 

(snuck it in, but what about the right to free speech?)

But to be credible those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see in the images of Jesus Christ who are desecrated or churches that are destroyed or the Holocaust that is denied. (that should take care of almost everyone he needs to schmooze!) (Applause by about half of the audience) Let us condemn incitement against Sunni Muslims and Shia pilgrims. It’s time to heed the words of Ghandi (oops forgot one) ‘Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of true democratic spirit.’ (Waits for applause and receives it.) Together we must work towards a world where we are strengthened by our differences (defiantly says) and not defined by them. That is what America embodies. That’s the vision we will support.

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 12.29.41 AMAmong Israelis and Palestinians the future must not belong to those who turn their backs on the prospect of peace……”

(Tough to do when one watches men drag another man on ROCKY pavement or ignores the pleas for help as in Benghazi or tries to disarm Americans with hoaxes and real events rendering them defenseless so that ISLAM may annihilate them. Nobody forced the men to ram the twin towers and many (Palestinians) celebrated like they do when they throw Israeli men out of buildings, etc. There is such a thing as reasonable evidence that ISLAM is anything but peaceful or tolerant and definitely untruthful in every way and seemingly possessed by evil. Hard to trust the possessed when they are possessed and hard to trust a President who says what he says about Michelle’s arms and there she stands at Benghazi carrying some kind of arms and fire raging behind her with something in her other hand as if she seized the moment and yet no one dares to question her or confront the President that he lied about the video tape even when he knew it was not true. Hard to trust a President who shirks his duty as President to protect the people overseas and in the country he serves in and who ignores, disrespects and intentionally attempts to weaken and destroy the Bill of Rights and the Constitution which is his job to uphold regardless of his beliefs which are ISLAMIC extremism…no doubt about it. If the prophet of Islam can’t take slander, he isn’t worth it!  Nice sweet empty words which amount to a waste of everyone’s time to hear except to expose his real agenda and to justify his inaction at Benghazi and his coverup afterwards. There is more but I don’t think it is necessary. Maybe later.)

The Obama’s are like the nightmare where you are trying to get to the end of a hallway and it keeps getting longer IE the diversions such as Chris Christie a day after the book about Obama sending 30,000 troops to Afghanistan knowingly for political reasons (and religious ones though unstated but any idiot by now has to come to that conclusion.) I imagine if this goes well for Chris Christie to make him look good they could easily control him too. I still think he was set up for their favor in a weird kind of way. Either way it works for the Obamas.
It is their MO. And if Boehner says “he remains a contender” then you know he will be their puppet using the three M’s. 

It’s official: Pope has not abolished sin, says Vatican

“Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi told Vatican Radio that “this affirmation that the pope has abolished sin” was wrong.

Fredrico Lombardi

 ought to know. He was the first one ‘on record’ to come up with the excuse of the video tape causing a riot for the murders at Benghazi. I wonder who told him? God?

Shouldn’t the US Congress question his grace about that assumption? 

This ought to be a big clue about who is running our government. If you control information, communication, miscommunication, disinformation, federal workers the White House, the Secret Service, much of the military and much of the press you might be running the whole shabang.

I don’t know how much the Catholic ENTITY makes off indulgences but it must be quite a haul especially using the NSA.

I wonder what Jesus meant when he said:

Matthew 23:9

And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.
Here’s a few links to some posts about No Man which makes me think possibly Jesus was talking about priests:


Salute No Man

Tell No Man

And in the Gospel of Matthew Jesus warns that when Jerusalem is encompassed by armies that they who are in Jerusalem should head for the hills (actually I think it says the mountain of God) or something to that effect which seems rather obvious.(I think specifically it is said that those that are in Judaea should flee) 

If armies encompassed a city it might look very suspicious to the inhabitants of that city that those armies were up to something, wouldn’t it?

 Was Jesus cryptically warning that when they see Jerusalem encompassed by priests head for the hills (mountain of God)?

 And I don’t mean Hillary. Hillary plans to run for President now and I guess she thinks she has the answers . She doesn’t. She still hasn’t figured out why it matters whether 4 men were killed one way or the other at Benghazi. She became hysteric-al at the hearings about Benghazi. Her method to avoid telling the truth. She shouldn’t be able to run for President until she does figure it out and tells the truth about Benghazi. (Who needs hysterics in the White House.) I have kind of spelled it out using Obama’s speech at the UN, if that helps. What we need is Ted Cruz to run and win back some sanity in the WHite House. And if Hillary runs we should get Sarah Palin to assist Ted Cruz to win back the White House, regardless of how the press feels about her makeup. Talk about silly!

By the way, where did the word hilarious come from?

Mountain of God has me stumped but it just occurred to me that it might have something to do with the mountain that Moses received The Ten Commandments. Maybe they know something we don’t about the Mountain of God. Perhaps other mountains like Everest ? Not sure what is meant but I think “spiritually speaking” most of all.


Reminds me of a blind sheik and a puppet at best!

She has her moments but this isn’t one of them.

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 10.25.52 AM

Here is an exerpt by Rush Limbaugh:

“During Clinton running around with Monica Lewinsky, she enabled him to stay in office. She enabled him to stay married. She took all of that, and it’s her turn — and it was her turn in 2008, until Obama came along, and then the party powers chose the young black guy over the… uh, over her.  She’s been a dutiful soldier since then.  So now it’s her turn, and they tell us she has a “diverse resume” and all of this. 

What about competence? “

What about


Not saying he or she murdered these people, but to disregard them and not get to the bottom of who did …… FASCIST and UNACCEPTABLE.

Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 4.51.21 PM

John 7:5-7

For neither did his brethren believe in him. Then Jesus said unto them, My time is not yet come: but your time is alway ready. The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil.

If you read Salute No Man you might understand what I’m referring to and now Bethlehem is being renovated with some kind of funds from some untold source as asked somewhere in this post ‘where did those millions and millions of dollars for the raunchy Obama Care web site actually get funneled or rather tunneled to? How about the fraud in our government’s safety nets mentioned by many, yet never investigated and curtailed.

Rome has a mass of tunnels beneath it I hear…catacombs and passages etc. Which brings to mind the Neocats who seem to have germinated quite a bit through apomixised exponentially in the last few years and pollenated parts of Jerusalem in the process and probably Bethlehem too.

Seems like a neon sign to me.

Pope to travel to Holy Land in May amid peace push

VATICAN CITY (AP) — “Pope Francis says his upcoming trip to the Holy Land aims to boost relations with Orthodox Christians. But the three-day visit in May also underscores Francis’ close ties to the Jewish community, his outreach to Muslims and the Vatican’s longstanding call for peace between…”

Please read

 Keys of the

Kingdom of Heaven

 Check it out if you haven’t already because I’m kind of promoting it in this post. It might make a lot of things make sense that otherwise don’t.


Neil Cavuto lectured America on cutting Obama some slack today December 11th. There are no words to describe how disappointing Neil Cavuto’s political outlook is and his total lack of understanding and empathy for the average american. Very smug also. The guy must be in la la land if he thinks it is justifiable to cut Obama some slack. WIMPY Cavuto is close enough. The guy isn’t even interesting and is as dishonest in his interviews. Watched Neil Cavuto interview Rand Paul and while not shocked by Cavuto’s doublespeak it still is gross to witness. I think he needs to get a big rock and hide under it till he gets with it in his head and begins to grasp his confusion. A very deceptive person I just don’t think he realizes it which is very odd. He is just really weird. Extremely shallow man. And his looks do not betray him! I wonder how he would have reacted if he got caught with his pants down when the depression hit America.

With $3M From Andreessen And Others,

Doctor On Demand Launches To Bring A $40 (Virtual) House Call To Healthcare

Interesting concept! I don’t know the consequences of this kind of treatment but for regular type sicknesses it might help to alleviate long waits, exorbitant fees for regular type sicknesses, and unneeded contamination of others sick with more serious problems and the doctors and nurses at the Doctors offices which can’t hurt, can it, especially if your personal doctor or preferred doctor is included in this business. Saves gas too. In fact it could create jobs for delivery people to deliver the preferred medication or drugs from the doctors preferred pharmacies to their patients and/or they could create their own pharmacies for nominal sicknesses. Saves the doctor precious time and could be a 24 hour service 7 days a week, no matter the weather.

I don’t want doctors to lose their power, productivity, or profit because their investment in their knowledge is immeasurable especially when you find a doctor that you have learned by experience and over time to trust and rely on for sound medical treatment and I want them to be able to rely on their patient’s patronage that they established between them. It’s a two-way relationship and especially important when you have kids to have a doctor that you trust. I don’t want to support a doctor I don’t trust or don’t like personally, or who is a jerk, or for what ever reason is applicable.  I want to keep my doctor in business because he deserves my support.

I’m sure there will be limitations such as a yearly or bi-yearly checkup for certain type ailments but still it could actually be more profitable for doctors because many times people on the go decline to see their doctors and for many other reasons. So in the long run I think doctors might actually rake it in. But I worry it might be a trick of some kind since everything lately seems to be leaning that way.

Obama Care



Obama Care needs to be shut down and if it takes another government shut down or two or three to do it

then do it!

It is crucial to dismantle the program in it’s entirety. I don’t know why some conservatives are so afraid of a shutdown. I sure didn’t blame the Republicans for the shutdown nor did anyone I know, but I did blame the Democrats and Obama for their stubbornness about a terrible bill with terrible consequences.

I think the majority of America (99.75%) will blame the Obama administration and the Democrats and are relying on the Tea Party and many others to defy it, defund it, degrade it, debunk it, and destroy it before it destroys America, our health care, and our economy

even if Paul Ryan and Boehner bow down to their new found friends in the Democratic Party.

Get Boehner off the booze ….it might help!

Watch John Boehner’s epic rant against tea party groups

(He is losing his footing.) If he was as good at his job as he pretends he would never have attacked the best movement his party has had in recent years and I bet Paul Ryan and Michelle have lot to do with it. She is only toying with you.

The selfie episode at Mandela’s funeral was to give you false hope! And you fell for it. It helps Obama and you helped him by dissing your own party and capitulating with Paul Ryan, his stooge/shill. How do you think Obama got elected in the first place besides being rigged in the first place. Not hard to do with computers. If a government agency can take a snapshot of a person on their personal computer in their  home they can hijack the elections. He had a lot of help…..Paul Ryan was his ace in the hole. (Paul Ryan scares the female voters.) The Obama’s are pros at deceiving even in their personal ways to get MO MONEY. She used to ignore Boehner, remember? Rolling her eyes at him so everyone else would notice, etc. More than was necessary because she was trying to get his attention and make him desire her attention. It’s a woman thing. I bet she made him feel powerful too. so powerful that he would rebuke his own party in the news to the press. Not normal for the Speaker of the House. Not very cool.

Dick Morris: Boehner Eats His Young With Attacks on Conservatives

The shut down backfired because Obama and his minions and the press and everyone who has a brain knows they are afraid to confront Obama and they caved too soon. He was losing it mentally which was evident trying to tell the federal workers to stick with him (his cloak) similar to Jim Jones of Guyana, but fear got the best of everyone. You don’t cave till you accomplish your goal. The first shut down was barely noticeable except for the open air monuments and while it was a bit of a nuisance it is worth it to shut down Obama Care. If the weather was bad would you go to an open air monument? So you proved you could go to one by moving fences and barriers. BIG DEAL We still have Obama Care being forced upon Americans most of whom don’t want it. We still have a President breaking laws along with his appointed ones. So what if they acted like assholes about open air monuments. That is the point …… we are dealing with assholes and a tyrant similar to other tyrants in the world and we have to shut it down

because they are assholes.

In order to regain control of our government before it is too late. Git it? Next time support the cause and dig in deeper and don’t let the press scare you. It’s their job to be alarmists and most of the press are in Obama’s camp they just like to pretend they are fighting for you, but they aren’t.

Next time Support Ted Cruz and whoever stands up for freedom and our rights by shutting down the government and let the tyrants and his federal workers and appointees stew in their own poo poo.

Emails reportedly suggest Christie’s office involved in controversial lane closures

The New York Times reported Wednesday that emails indeed show his deputy chief of staff, Bridget Anne Kelly, suggested closures to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey two weeks before the incident. “

Pretty strange kind of activity. Doesn’t fit Christie’s personality to me anyway. Maybe he is being set up as a way to get him undue attention or to pressure him. Hard to know but that seems to be the way of politics these days or rather more than ever. Similar to what happened in the Government shutdown to punish citizens and cause confusion, like they don’t want to be accountable. Duh ——————————————–

How long was the last shut down a few days? That was soft. I expected it to be much longer and couldn’t believe the shallowness of that shut down. Did it accomplish anything? It was symbolic and symbolism has it’s worth. It did expose Obama by the reaction by closing open air monuments etc. Only politically which is not enough. It was practice though and it was mighty interesting to see their reaction so it was a lesson about them. Next time we ought to go for a lot longer and see if it accomplishes the goal. It was about 3 weeks but in those three weeks Obama showed what a dick he is and begged for his federal workers to stick with him. Most did. If the shut down had lasted a lot longer I guarantee he would have chucked Obama Care. Next shut down needs to last a long time to achieve a victory without promising federal workers one thin dime. Obama Care is holding America hostage and  the medical business hostage and doctors and their businesses and business in general hostage etc. Time to hold the federal government hostage in return and take that card of hostage power from the Executive branch of government once and for all that they hold and against everyone and destroy it. The Executive branch is way too powerful and top heavy and needs to be sized down and it needs to go on a diet and until Obama cries U.N.C.L.E.

Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 1.41.08 PM

and invests in a one way ticket with this guy to Uganda and takes his Ba’hai-ethers with him to his paradise.

Honestly, the money that is funneled/tunneled from our taxes and not accounted for should be halted. I think we are assisting unknowingly (some knowingly) in the near future encompassment of Jerusalem and many of the events that we are experiencing since Obama took office such as the hoaxes and real events such as the coverup of Benghazi to keep our eyes off what occurred: to distract and confuse. And in my opinion war veterans ought to be sensitive to the new tactics of war unless they have lost their good sense and should not freak out when the administration stoops to new lows such as closing open air monuments proving that the President and his administration are petty narcissistic tyrants…a fact which we already knew. WWll is over but now we are in a new kind of tension with a new kind of  threats and for the sake of their grandkids veterans and patriots might step back and support government shutdowns for the sake of their grandkids. What’s more important? A statue? a grave site? or getting our country back in the right hands and under our control (the people), fiscally accountable, and out of the hands of a terrorist fascist using drones, the NSA, the IRS, Obama Care and many other horrendous activities to destroy what those war veterans fought for and their brothers in arms died for. Freedoms and the pursuit of happiness, etc. Certainly the war vets that lived through WWll care about generations to come… they not?

  Otherwise their sacrifices were in vain and those monuments are meaningless.

Natasha Leggero’s Stunning ‘Not Sorry’ Response Over Controversial Pearl Harbor Joke

The shutdown was important and could have been a success, but wasn’t.

The group who bussed in vets may have been duped or may be duping Americans about what is really important. Very superficial integrity and played into the hands of the press and others to obfuscate the ambition and the mission of the shutdown. While it made the group who funded the bussing look like they are patriots the failure of the shutdown was the result. THE CONCLUSION WASN’T PATRIOTIC! In fact it was cowardly, shallow, and weak. We would never have won WWll worrying about a monument or two.

Remember Monte Cassino? 

 Next time we ought to try to succeed: That is the point, isn’t it?

It turned into a political game and this isn’t just a political game any more.The Shutdown was and is a great tool ie a strong card to hold and to be implemented and should be tested again and again until he falls. What else can be done besides impeachment by the Congress which seems to have been ignored. His appointees won’t even obey the laws. Someone has to hold the line and hopefully will have the courage to keep fighting Obama and Obama Care. And the American people if they know what is good for them and their children will oblige whoever does have the courage. Anyone have any better ideas? Speak up.I suggest next time that the Senators and Congressmen and women go to their states and hunker down with their constituents before the shut down begins and hold the line as if your future depends upon it….. because your future depends upon it.

GOP Struggle Widens as Boehner Rebukes Hard Right

Paul Ryan uses his principles but he doesn’t really own them. He uses them to bash women over the head very much like O’reilly. It’s their nature since it is nearly impossible to be guilty of sins that only women can commit.

There’s Something About …. his faith which he shares with Obama.

John Boehner on the other hand struggles with his principles and wants to be respected. She played her hand but at least John Boehner wasn’t duplicitous, just outsmarted and thinking with the wrong head for this:

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 6.45.53 PM

I hope next time he won’t fall for false impressions especially on America’s dime and appreciate the strength of his party which are the principles he is supposed to uphold since he is a Republican/conservative. and was elected to esteem those principles and defend them (The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, remember?) in which he erred this time around. I think someone who struggles with their principles is usually a lot more honest than those that don’t in this day and age. So let’s hope he does better next time around and doesn’t get way laid by the Obamas and Paul Ryan.

These are my personal political observations of Michelle’s game with John Boehner.

Can this marriage be saved? GOP, hard-right groups at odds

“In the recent dust-up over the budget deal, the outside groups suspect that Boehner has a hidden motive. They suggest he’s anxious to put economic fights in the rear-view mirror so he can tackle contentious immigration legislation early next year, before the first round of March primaries in Texas and Illinois.

The groups’ suspicions were heightened by the recent high-profile budget success of Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., who favors a way out of the shadows for the estimated 11 million immigrants living in the U.S. in violation of the law, and in Boehner’s hire of a Senate staffer who worked on bipartisan immigration legislation for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.”

Because Paul Ryan wants to own you, CONTROL you and get tax dollars.

I think it would be wise for illegal aliens to stay in the shadows until the leaders of our country regain their sanity.


JapaneseTsunami, Gooey Starfish, Shellfish, and the West Coast

There may be pre-knowledge when Obama met the Chinese at the beginning of his first term in office. I wrote about the Neocatechumenal Way that was a point of contention with the Japanese Roman Catholics who resisted the Neocatechenal Way enforcement because of the rise in suicides since their involvement in Japan. They wanted to wait 5 years. Then a tsunami occurred and affected their nuclear installations.

Japan Quakes after Confirmation of the Neocatechumenal Way

Lots of tweets of course from stars and there was one from Obama about “another on it’s way” but I can’t find the tweets. Either talking about another quake or Franklin Graham coming to Japan. Not sure what he meant and I doubt he would explain. I don’t know anything about computer technology and if someone else can tweet in someone else’s name etc. One interesting point is the Arms of Pope Benedict on this post linked above has a picture and since has changed to include not just one Moor but two now, which is weird. Odd that it would change, isn’t it?

Notice in the article that Pope Benedict said that the Lord had approved of the Neocatechumenal Way. I wonder who he meant by ” the Lord?”

China bans shellfish imports from US West Coast…

‘High levels of arsenic’

China Imposes First-Ever West Coast Shellfish Ban

And they love to serve Americans Sushi

“Is sushi chinese or japanese?”

What is sushi? – Not just raw fish –

“Is sushi equal to raw fish? No. Raw fish is called sashimi in Japan and is not the same as sushi. Sushi indicates foods that use rice seasoned with sweet rice-wine vinegar. Of course, raw fish is the most popular ingredient in sushi, but the main element of sushi is Japanese sticky rice. There are many kinds of sushi, which don’t include raw fish. Cooked fish, shellfish, and various other ingredients can be combined in sushi.

History of Sushi – Came from China –

The origin of sushi is not Japan. It is said that sushi was introduced into Japan in the 7th century from China. People began making sushi to preserve fish by fermentation when there were no refrigerators. Since salt and rice were needed in order to ferment fish, sushi became to be closely related to rice in Japan. Then, it developed into current sushi which combine fish and rice.”

My sisters and my brother and his family went to a really posh restaurant in California near LA and one sister ended up in the hospital and almost died the other was really sick with her husband. The restaurant did not want to be held accountable. That was about a year or more ago. I imagine it isn’t gonna get any better and would think most people would not eat sushi or raw fish anymore considering what is occurring to the starfish and what happened in Japan recently and their intense secrecy regarding their nuclear sites not to mention that Obama seems to want to hide the evidence of sick people in the future using Obama Care. It’s an educated guess. More than likely he doesn’t want anyone to know he might be responsible and with quite a few other collaborators and we know that he does not like to be held accountable under any circumstances. Deny, deny, deny. Refuse to comply with Congress (Sebellius) create diversions anywhere possible whenever necessary and refuse to repeal his coverup.

World Health Organization sees cancer risk rising around the world

I bet they do.

1400% Radiation Hot Spot Found on San Francisco Beach

Never Before Seen Conjoined Gray Whale Calves Discovered Off West Coast

Pretty interesting. I think the reason they are lying is because they are responsible. Not sure intentionally responsible, but responsible nevertheless in order to force the Neocatechumenal Way on Japanese Roman Catholics when they resisted. Probably didn’t think about the repercussions such as nuke sites being at risk of nuclear meltdown, or did they? Like a double-double cross. One group trying to do one thing and another taking advantage of an opportunity and then came Obama Care perhaps to coverup.

Alex Jones is selling Iodide on his site and has a you tube promoting a certain type because he thinks that North America and the Northern Hemisphere is at risk of radiation caused by Fukushima. Funny name Fukushima. I don’t speak Japanese! I have looked at the at that word and anagramatically it is interesting. ISHn’t it?

Obama Care’s phone number was similar to the first two syllables in substance as the name Fukushima.


 Ishma-el ……. El is a diety. Ishmael was Abraham’s first son.


John 8:58

Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham wasI am.
I wonder what Jesus meant?

Before Abraham was…. could be transliterated to Ahead of Abraham but then that would conflict with The Son of man hath not where to lay his head in the Gospel of Matthew and Gospel of Luke:

And Jesus saith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath nowhere to lay his head.

Luke 9:58 And Jesus said unto him, Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath nowhere to lay his head.
(‘Course where and when are two different concepts Before…Ahead…Not where, but when), ….Capiche?

I guess the Department of Health and Human Services is ordering a bunch of Iodide supplements that protect against radiation sickness. 14 million of them. I wonder how many federal employees there are in reality. Seems to me that the west coast should prepare and be given the first dose if it is true. I had heard in another article it was 70 million which might help the people on the West Coast, if this is true.

Is The Government Stockpiling Iodine

In Preparation for Fukushima Meltdown?

Pelosi says to “embrace the suck” ….. I wonder what she means and why she is all giggly about it. Reminds me of the Obama Care advice she offered You have to pass it to read what’s in it and she was giggly then as I recall. Not a good signal when she giggles. WICKED LADY!

They Sucked Me into This Budget Deal

Rush Limbaugh

” Did you know that Paul Ryan interned for John Boehner?  I read that today.  There’s a Washington Examiner some story. 

I didn’t know that, that Ryan interned for Boehner way back when.  “

Screen shot 2013-12-15 at 10.58.42 AM

So what did he know and when did he know it?

Doesn’t Paul Ryan look a bit overbearing? Like Boehner is under his spell!


Yep it’s gettin’ tough and it’s gonna get tougher, I suspect, Thank God.


Americans need to wake up!

Rand Paul Suing Over NSA Policies, Senator Tells Fox New

Just to reiterate they are watching you through your TV screen and listening to your phone calls.

Who are they?………ask FOX!

“Guess who’s on top of the world and who just got knocked down a peg or two,”  said Shepard Smith.

Screen shot 2014-01-03 at 10.30.50 PM

Does plastic freeze?

Apparently these chicks haven’t! They be talking about Sarah Palin and the Pope. Such depth is hard to come by and these girls proved it.

Mind numbing conversing goin’ on here.

Did you approve of her makeup? ….that is the question!

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 2.45.45 AM Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 2.45.30 AM

Sarah Palin Makes Controversial Comment On Pope Francis

They’re cool though, aren’t they?

How “progressive” is the Bill of Rights?

Sarah Palin stood up for it, how ’bout you? Did you stand with Ted Cruz when he needed your support or did you piss and moan about the Government Shut Down? : The difference between pandering and acting progressive or standing up against tyranny and handouts. Today they are voting on unemployment benefits so that Obama and the “progressives” may win votes and steal OPM instead of standing up for freedom, free market, independence, and a healthy economy so that the unemployed can find jobs and be free, also to enjoy the rights endowed by our Creator.


One quality about Sarah Palin you cannot deny is her sincerity.


Aren’t you tired of liars. Hasn’t the Obama Administration taught you that at the very least?

(I’m giving credit where credit is due:)

Obama says that unemployment benefits don’t inhibit a person from wanting to look for a job.  Not true. It does inhibit some but the worst part about it is it is slight of hand by the feds to appease the jobless with handouts and appeases them from desiring a better government that is accountable to the people. It masks the real problems in our government and that is lousy leadership in government so that they may own your ass.

Rome loves handouts and so do Democrats: it makes them feel powerful and gives them that feeling of charity, makes them look good, gets votes, enabling dependence and slavery because they don’t do what they are supposed to do such as getting the economy back on track so that those that are unemployed might feel empowered by their own progress in the job market as well. Why? Because they don’t know how to get it back on track. They like to tell people what they can and cannot eat, how large a drink, who will be their doctor, and pretty soon you too are wearing burkas and they love to take credit for everything.

Why did the Secret Service kill that woman in the car near the White House? Because she dared to drive a car? Or to steal her baby?

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 9.43.38 AM

Do you think they should be

allowed to vote?

NSA won’t say whether it spies

on Congress

“The NSA provided a preliminary response Saturday that said Congress has “the same privacy protections as all U.S. persons.”


That is partially why Congress needs to vacate Washington go back to their states send mail the slow way, get some walkie talkies because between the NSA spying and the “federal workers”  who can’t be fired and spies on both sides of the aisle (but mostly on the Republican side to destroy and make the Republicans, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights powerless)

there is no privacy for Congress.

What happened to liberty and Rand Paul.  He wants Snowden to go to prison and wants a class action lawsuit against the NSA and Obama wants equal pay, unemployment benefits for a life time, and take tips from waitresses for a period of time so he can steal from them too. Like I said the Consumption tax is the fairest and no one will have to give their salary or information about how much they are worth to anyone and save themselves a lot of headaches and save their own necks.

GOP is losing on unemployment insurance — and running scared

Time for a government shut down if the Left/Dems do not want to stop fraud and abuse as Senator Ayotte suggested to get their bill passed for the unemployed than it is apparent that they want unemployment and fraud. The lady at Fox that interviewed her acted like a loon as if Senator Ayotte was on the wrong track for wanting to stop fraud and abuse….why? Probably Fox News and other press agencies receive benefits somehow from that fraud and abuse that goes to millionaires and billionaires and people that do not exist. It is possible that is how and why they double cross the Rep’s in the press. They don’t want anyone to know who it really goes to because in a roundabout way it probably goes to them and they don’t want the Rep’s to find out that they actually are undermining them by double crossing them and the unemployed via Rome and their allies of Islam. I know that Ayotte is Catholic but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t being double-crossed too because in the long run it will destroy your freedom which is slipping away because of false pride and the abject ignorance of catholics. Remember the dark ages hurt catholics too and their mystery is the root cause of ignorance to keep you in the dark.

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 2.20.59 PM

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 2.29.18 PMDon’t read your bible it might enlighten you. Just skip on your tippy toes through it like Tiny Tim and the two lips. Wake up before the lies and Obama’s shit flies in your face and you have eat it yourself like Chris Christie is facing now and you have to watch your kids eat it. That’s what happens to those that defend Obama …they become toilet paper for the  Obamas. Take a REAL stand for accountability and help your fellow man in REALITY instead of exacerbating the lies and the downfall of your own freedoms and your own lives. Ayotte is not stupid she just doesn’t understand.  The Dems and the false Rep’s want their cake and eat it too. If the Republicans have any courage and any sane Dems they will win against fraud and help the unemployed by shutting down the government, ridding the government of future and past fraud involved in Obama Care by repealing the law, which will help the unemployed in the long run find jobs that Obama Care is taking from people and their personal doctors they chose over the years as well as fraud that is robbing the people. This time go all the way until the insane Dems and false Reps cave in to common sense and sanity.

Hopefully, Rand Paul isn’t using his lawsuit for political gain but if he really was a patriot he would start impeaching the President. Not like Congress doesn’t have a plethora of evidence against President Obama already. You had enough evidence a long time ago. I feel like Congress might be more successful buying a voodoo doll of Obama and sticking pins in it. Why is it so hard to pin this guy down and question him before Congress? He isn’t that sharp just resourceful which provides plenty of evidence as well. Don’t you want to see him on the other end of the cattle prod. Believe me he will lose his composure quite fast and provide everything you need to impeach him because of that short temper and enormous ego. I imagine a few 8 hour days of questioning and he will fold, maybe a week. Remember when he was heard to say 56 states in the USA. Now that is not sharp! Quiz him about his knowledge. He is ultra sensitive like a china doll and will break humsef. Be sure to check for hearing apparatuses so he can’t cheat. I recall at one event when running for the office he lost it. Not sure what caused it …….a flash in the eyes, but something happened to cause him to act and sound like Dennis Rodman. Remember? Find out what it was that caused his discombobulation and befuddlement and prepare to insure it occurs again and again and again. It might be something in the eyes that has been implanted enabling him to read and repeat and then

occupy him.

Find out everything he does and doesn’t know. That ought to be interesting.

Push his Islamic buttons.

(Be sure to put him in the fleet seat and hammer him, agitate him, get him riled up. He will cop an attitude and expose himself. Be sure to flash him yourself. Get Senator Mikulski to do the same. Really work him in into a lather and he won’t know what to do or say. You can’t be conventional with this person.

He isn’t normal.)

The UN speech and the lies by Obama and his appointees

after Benghazi should have been

reason and evidence enough.!!!!!!

If an artist is allowed to urinate on a depiction of Jesus we have the right to insult Islam and Mohammed.

The future belongs to those who do insult Islam and Mohammed, if they so desire!

It’s called freedom.

Remember 9-11? That was a whole lot more than an insult that was an act of war by ISLAM and MOHAMMED.

It was not caused by Saddam Hussein, as evil as he was. The attackers were Saudi Arabian, not Iraqis! We sort of missed the mark by a long shot and should have destroyed Mecca instead. Not very intelligent….If we had conducted WWll the same way we would have attacked Thailand after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor …it makes as much sense! And if we had attacked Mecca instead we would not be having the troubles we have today. Just because the Saudis were being trained in Afghanistan doesn’t mean we should attack Afghanistan either. Did the Afghanistan people come to America and slam planes into the twin towers? No the Saudis took over parts of Afghanistan to train the Saudis and control parts of Afghanistan. Who destroyed the monuments in Afghanistan? Weren’t there some real big ones that were obliterated? Yes there were.

Afghanistan Taliban Muslims destroying Bamiyan Buddha Statues

I linked the two pages to show the ones that were destroyed in Afghanistan so you may see. The USA trained the Saudis to fly planes but did Americans fly planes into the towers? No. This is a Saudi Arabian and Mecca poison. You want to make a difference destroy Mecca and the oil they profit from for their prophet and it’s followers to afford to go to other countries and displace other people to do their dirty work. I know they sent people to Syria as well. It is their belief to do what they do. So you teach them that their prophet and their religion is shit. Voila. )


Now look what has replaced it.

Twin Towers Replacement: Mosque and Islam Cultural Center

Posted on May 8, 2010 by chillguy33

“The much heralded “religion of peace” will replace the Twin Towers with a mosque, and an Islamic Cultural Center.

My guess is that the $100 Million cash will come from the vast hoard of unexpended “stimulus” funds Obama has diverted (stolen) and amassed in his reelection coffers.

New York Morons (capital M) want their daughters to marry handsome Muslim polygamists and experience clitorectomy. Obama change. Islamic culture which is ? Stoning women with a sun-tan qualifies in New York as culture?

The “religion of peace” is actually the religion of conquest; but we knew that. In New York, this amounts to “culture.”

$100 million mosque slated for site near Ground Zero


G.W. Bush Quote

 ‘When I take action, I’m not going to fire a $2 million missile at a $10 empty tent and hit a camel in the butt.’

He also said that Islam was not the enemy……….Guess what he is absolutely wrong again. Islam is not a religion of peace. That is the lie.

They lie about anything and everything that is how they succeed which is the power of deception. How do you think Obama learned to lie so easily.

The False Prophet is Mohammad.

I believe the man at Benghazi being dragged around was sent to me as a witness to me. I had some unusual major problems and I believe he helped me and that some miracles happened to me that I witnessed. I saw them. I witnessed the miracles. He was a witness to me that what happened at Benghazi and the vast amount of lies afterward about it by the Obama Administration and the speech at the UN by Obama revealed to me that Obama and his wife are evil. It made me notice what was said at the UN soon after Benghazi and by others afterwards such as Susan Rice and made me notice all the other things too such as the disinformation etc and that is a witness. The shutdown and the response by Obama and his administration proved they are evil. The response of the Obamas to the hurricane Sandy were evil…she sent her heart to them and went to Hawaii and schmoozed the military at the funeral of the Senator from Hawaii Senator Inouye because they need the military to do their evil. There is more of course about them that proves they are evil but it gets redundant to repeat. When will our government realize it and oust them? When will Americans wake up? The hoaxes…..that is deception all to divert attention. That is what happened in the middle east as well. Divert and get us beating around the bush so we don’t hone in on the problem we have which is Islam and the false religions that support it by aiding and abetting their war on the world because “a woman rides the beast” profiteering by her offerings and the offerings of others by going along and enabling it and vice-versa. It is a mutually advantageous relationship one covering for the other. There is deception in the bible as well which we can learn by. There were evil kings told about which deceived etc and Christians keep saying they believe in the bible…. all of it verbatim, but do they believe in those evil kings as well? Obama’s theme is faith… in his lies?

Do you have faith that the future must not  belong to those that

insult Islam and it’s prophet?

That is what he said at the UN soon after Benghazi amidst the lies about a video tape causing Islamic extremists reacting to a video tape excuse offered by the Vatican by Fredrico Lombardi, Susan Rice repeating it many times, Hillary Clinton’s hysterics “What does it matter…” at the hearings to avoid answering questions, and Obama denying it even happened saying, “There is no there there” which turned out to be lies. Do you have faith in those excuses? Those things occurred but do you have faith in those excuses? Do you have faith in Obama Care? That is how he plans to make a future which doesn’t include those that insult Islam and it’s prophet. Do you have faith in his blind hope? I sure don’t.


How many times has he double crossed the people of America? So keep the faith because to me it is worthless.

Remember what gift he offered Pope Benedict xv1 at the G8 meetings? A mantle. Wonder why, don’t you? It was relevant.

On Fox News Tues. January 7th Bill O’reilly had pictures of men in Fallujah Iraq who supposedly are related to Al Queda and guess what they were wearing? Tablecloths just like they wear in Saudi Arabia on their heads and in Italian restaurants they dine on them. Interesting huh. Here is another link to some pictures of new fighting and conquest in Iraq:

Al-Qaeda-linked force captures Fallujah amid rise in violence in Iraq

So far Obama Care is a failure I believe it will fail. So far Obama and his administration haven’t succeeded at anything except little by little dismantling our rights and our hopes as a free country. I think until Obama is dismantled and impeached we ought to forget about celebrating Independence Day because it obviously is a farce (Pharisee) and a joke.


The Obama experiment has been a succession of failures, unfortunate events, cover ups, hoaxes, a multitude of lies and great confusion.

That’s pitiful!

I don’t think it is possible for the Obamas to be anything butt scumbags!

Would I lie to you 

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 11.33.38 PM

Cruz Calls President ‘Dangerous And Terrifying’

Ted Cruz: Democrats will rue letting

President Obama’s lawlessness slide

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Why Does It Matter Hillary?

Clinton: Benghazi Won’t Affect Whether

I Run For President

Actually, it might!

Hillary said:

What difference at this point does it make?

I think if you were the parents it might make a difference at this point.

If you are in jail because your first amendment rights have been tread upon it might make a difference.

If you are an American citizen with the threat of losing your constitutional rights it might make a

BIG difference.

(Before It’s News)


Screen shot 2013-02-02 at 5.50.17 AM

Screen shot 2013-02-02 at 5.38.23 AM


Unseen Footage Of Sandy Hook Shooting (Shocking New Evidence) – Video

Friday, February 1, 2013 13:50

AND CAN’T even  SHED A TEAR yet her voice cracks a bunch

If you don’t want to swallow Islam and it’s lack of rights and it’s lies it might make a difference.

If you are a woman and don’t want to be

ruled by a woman hating religion it might make a difference.

IF you care about the truth


There are reasons this happened

although Hillary ‘swept up’ the House and outsmarted most of them!

Obama had already slayed the Senate.


Obama is Slaying the Senate



The Execution of Benghazi

Why doesn’t it matter to Hillary Clinton?

Obviously, it does not matter why to Hillary Clinton!

Partly the reason it doesn’t matter why to her is because of her lack of belief because of her Jesuit education and upbringing and her propensity to lie being a lawyer and being taught to lie to avoid responsibility. That’s a pretty bad combination and hard to overcome in order to understand the importance and the depth of what I believe occurred at Benghazi.

Here is a good post which I believe is applicable:

Judge Not, That You Be Not Judged

How in the world do you FORM AND PURSUE A FOREIGN POLICY without knowing why?

Why is important.

Knowing why makes a difference in knowing direction and knowing intent.

Did the men at Benghazi die because there were men walking around? No

Did they die because Hillary is a woman? No

The reason they died is important.

That is the question that needs to be asked by the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives.

Also, it would be smart to compare the pictures of the man dragged around by the Libyan mob purportedly to be Ambassador Chris Stevens

who is not Ambassador Chris Stevens and why he disappeared for so long. (11 hours?)

Sounds like a set up to me.

Did Ambassador Chris Stevens set up this debacle and these murders?

I think Ambassador Chris Stevens knows why.

Is Hillary protecting Ambassador Chris Stevens and his whereabouts?

Could he be hiding out at the Vatican?

Ambassador Chris Stevens was very active in all the countries mentioned below….not just Libya.

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 11.12.06 AM

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 11.09.18 AM

Compare their hairlines which are remarkably different. The man on the right is younger by about 20 years. Their hair characteristics are different. Their foreheads are different – the man on the right has a bigger forehead. Their eyebrow shapes are different. The man on the right has a higher arch on the rightside edge of the eyes. Their eyelids are different. Their hair color is different – one is blond and the other is brunette. I’m a portrait artist and I can tell. The man on the right is tougher and manlier than Ambassador Chris Stevens by a huge measure.

These are not the same person.

So why  is Hillary Clinton not revealing what she knows is a misrepresentation?

She met with Chris Stevens.

She knew him!


Here are some reasons why it matters:

Because our foreign policy is directed by the Vatican since they followed their lead. The Vatican provided the excuse on September the 12th via Father Lombardi the Vatican Spokesman. That matters. Obviously, they directed the other protests in the other countries ‘to cover’ the murders of 4 Americans. The Vatican controls the arab people and the terrorists. 

The Red Cross was pretty aware because they left early.

Our State Department followed the excuse from the Vatican and fed it to the public.

Our President followed or he lead theVatican and fed the excuse to the public and to the world via the UN.

Obviously, our State Department is nothing more than agents of the Vatican.

That’s why.

They want to feed us the religion of Islam.

Yet Islam wants to murder Americans.

US gift of F-16 fighter jets headed to Egypt

If you watch Sean Hannity’s show last night linked above for Tues. Jan. 22 2013

which is a video of Morsi of Egypt

it’s pretty evident they don’t care for American people just their money and arms shipments.


Because Islam is a bad religion.

Our first amendment and our 2nd amendment rights are in jeopardy because Obama, Roman Catholicism, the Vatican, and Islam

don’t care about our first and second amendment rights.

That’s why it matters.

Any group that wants to feed us the religion of Islam

must be the deceiver .

So therefore Roman Catholicism must be a bad religion.

Anyone who tells me Islam is a good religion is a deceiver

which includes Hillary Clinton!

The Vatican must be bad if they want to deceive the American people and take away their constitutional rights.

Obama, Clinton, Advocates for gun control, Gore, Vatican are deceivers.

This is the Coat of Arms of Pope Benedict.

Notice the red crosses at the bottom.


Obviously the Red Cross has another purpose.

Part of the book of Daniel is being fulfilled.

That’s why it matters.

I must confess I don’t understand it.  I’m not a prophet or an expert in prophetic biblical writings,

but it sure looks like some similar things are occurring.

Daniel 11:31

King James Version (KJV)

31 And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength,

and shall take away the daily sacrifice,

and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate.


32 And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries:

but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

33 And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days.

34 Now when they shall fall, they shall be holpen with a little help: but many shall cleave to them with flatteries.

35 And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed.

36 And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.

37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women,

nor regard any god:

for he shall magnify himself above all.

38 But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.

39 Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god,

Islam= Allah

whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory:

and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain.

40 And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.

41 He shall enter also into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown:

but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon.

42 He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape.

43 But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt:

and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.

44 But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him:

therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many.

45 And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain;

(Temple of Apollo in Libya?)

yet he shall come to his end,

and none shall help him.


I think the abomination that make desolate is


It was not much of a choice.


Daniel 11:20-21

20 Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes in the glory of the kingdom:

but within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle.

21 And in his estate shall stand up a vile person,

to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom:

but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.

 Gore? Kerry? 

Gore praises Obama for speaking ‘powerfully’ on climate change

Both are flattering each other

Climate change was also birthed by the Vatican before Gore took the ball and ran with it.

Hillary was also flattered a bunch today at the hearings.



Red Cross

Our Relationship with

the Federal Government


“The relationship between the American Red Cross and the federal government is unique. We are an independent entity that is organized and exists as a nonprofit, tax-exempt, charitable institution pursuant to a charter granted to us by the United States Congress. Unlike other congressionally chartered organizations, the Red Cross maintains a special relationship with the federal government.

We have the legal status of “a federal instrumentality,” due to our charter requirements to carry out responsibilities delegated to us by the federal government. Among these responsibilities are:

to fulfill the provisions of the Geneva Conventions, to which the United States is a signatory, assigned to national societies for

the protection of victims of conflict,

to provide family communications and other forms of support to the U.S. military, andto maintain a system of domestic and international disaster relief, including mandated responsibilities under the National Response Framework coordinated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).”

but instead they left.

(Not to mention Sandy’s victims still with little help from the Red Cross

and probably just for those that are of the same religious ilk)

So maybe the red cross knows about the other witnesses of Benghazi…and of course the Vatican probably does too!
No one has been allowed to interview them. Were they debriefed in Germany? Supposedly that is where they were airlifted.
But what seems to matter to most to the Senate and the House of Representatives is to flatter Hillary Clinton
because that is what they did most of the time today in the hearings
except for a few courageous people: Ron Paul, Ileana Ross-Lehtinen, and Ron Johnson.

But they still ignored the identification dilemma of

Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Most of the representatives did not do their homework or they would have asked more questions instead they pandered.
Pandering is the biggest characteristic of the Obama administration and pandering usually is accompanied with deception.
I have never witnessed so much of it in all my life as I did with these hearings. John McCain might as well have been wall paper for all he is worth. Milk Toast!  If they had done their homework they would have asked about the appearance of the ambassador and the man dragged around.
They are protecting Obama and the others involved sow they must be involved if they need to be protected.
therefore the panderers share the guilt of this massacre and others that follow
because they are aiding and abetting the murderers of these men by protecting Obama, Clinton, and the others.
They did not make a good faith effort in their determinations.

They did not make a good faith effort to gain

any information…

they didn’t need to because instead they acted as a shield for Clinton and Obama, with exception of a few people.
Now, John McCain is trying to change his image from milk toast to aggressive at the Hagel hearing. What a joke! Why?

Because he also knew that the man dragged around was not Ambassador Chris Stevens, because he also knew Ambassador Chris Stevens:

Chuck Hagel, John McCain Clash Over Iraq Surge (VIDEO)

 Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 11.52.36 AM
And to top it off on September 15th, 2012 Vladamir Putin said:

Putin Turns Photo Ops Into Soviet-Style Agitprop

……..”Of course it was a set up.”…….

………”Of course there are excesses,”……..

……..”Well of course they were planted!”………

……. “Of course it was a set up.”……..

 “Actually, if President Putin has gills, I’d say he’s entitled to show them off. If an American politician confessed to having gills, we’d see an attack ad that went,

“Can an aquatic organism really represent your interests in Washington, D.C.?”

Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 11.54.14 AM

Supposedly talking about his geese and tigers,

yea right, more like sending a message to someone

via the press.

Timing is very suspicious!

Was Putin referring to Ambassador Chris Stevens
as the representative who did the setting up?

McCain: After thinking ‘long and hard,’ US should suspend aid to Egypt

He doesn’t know what thinking is. I doubt he ever had an original thought. Could it be that he is having one now? I doubt it. It isn’t possible.

So who is yankin’ your chain?

Gee I wonder about McCain and his intent. I don’t think it is good. He supported arms when Muslim Brotherhood was in power and now he doesn’t after they are not in power. He is buds with Ambassador Chris Stevens. He is on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Did McCain have anything to do with Benghazi? Wouldn’t surprise me he such a mealy mouth kiss ass soft spoken never stand for up anything. Has no depth of anything, just there. I know he is a war hero because he survived torture in Viet Nam but who paid the real price for his freedom. Worth looking into. I wonder what the real story is. Neither adds nor subtracts from anything, just bleh. Couldn’t even stand up for a filibuster with Rand Paul. I hate career senators who don’t even read what they pass in the Senate like Obamacare etc He is one of them. He is a dumb ass. I hope he gets voted out next time. He is worthless IMO.

Read more:

Remember what Obama said to President Dmitri Medvedev in March 2012
that he would have “more flexibility” after the election and that he needed more space:
What is it about space and Obama always needing more space?
When Obama says he needs more space does he mean he wants more daylight?



the Son of  Senator John Kerry?

Why did Senator John Kerry at his hearing in response to Senator Ron Paul’s question about

whether Senator John Kerry would work with Senator Ron Paul on Benghazi (execution/massacre/terrorist attack/video) say

“If you are looking for daylight between me and Secretary Hillary Clinton,

uh that’s not gonna happen here today (laughs) on on that score……”?

(I think I found the reason which you can discover below about the little daylight between them,

and I mean “a little daylight” a long time ago!

Had to be a little daylight cuz some men are little.

And some men are


“”I’ve done what was possible to do,” Clinton said

I bet it was difficult! A miracle!

Which reminds me of the mustard seed parable:


What is the smallest seed in the world?

The Parable of Faith – Part two

Pope Benedict XVI and the Mustard Tree

Parable of the Mustard Seed Part 4

Hillary Clinton works last day as Sec. of State

On Jan 26th, 2013 Jeanine Pirro of Justice with Judge Jeanine 
nailed Hillary’s weaknesses and Hillary’s made up stories about Benghazi
and the aftermath of the congressional hearings.
Here is the you tube of the show:

Judge Jeanine: Clinton ‘did the Washington side step’

Hillary said there was not real time video and said they got the surveillance videos some weeks later

that was the first time we saw any video of the attack.

Jeanine Pirro mentions that Charlene Lamb the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State said when she testified

“I could follow in real time what was going on in the Command Center.”

What does real time mean?

Is Hillary lying? Why?

Did she forget about Charlene Lamb’s testimony?

Was Hillary at the Command Center

at the same time as Charlene Lamb?

Hillary should have to testify again to answer these kinds of comparisons to other testimony about Benghazi and against the casual comments made by her staff and President Obama before she leaves office and before she is replaced? Then President Obama should have to testify before the congress also. Joseph Biden and anyone in the Command Center that night should have to testify before anything else is allowed to be done by the President, Biden, Hillary and their collaborators.

I wonder if Bill CLinton is involved especially after his teasing comments at the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony about the deals he did not make. Maybe those deals are part of the coverup of Benghazi and maybe he should testify about those deals.

Maybe he knows about Benghazi.


You tell me there’s an angel in your tree
Did he say he’d come to call on me
For things are getting desperate in our home
Living in the parish of the restless folks I know 

Burn down the mission

If we’re gonna stay alive
Watch the black smoke fly to heaven
See the red flame light the sky

They did it once before in Waco……..

If Congress doesn’t call in the people that were at the Command Center

during those hours of the attack at Benghazi for testimony

should they be paid for not doing their job?

And does that mean they are involved in Benghazi?

Still I wish Judge Jeanine would acknowledge (if she gets this post) that

 the identification dilemma of Ambassador Chris Stevens, if she has noticed.

On a brighter side of this tragedy Judge Jeanine still has the right to bear arms

and can bare her arms with dignity and honor

not only that – her arms exceed Michelle’s bare arms,

because Judge Jeanine is so so so much brighter than Michelle Obama

because Jeanine Pirro really  has tried to obtain information in a good faith effort.

She did the very best coverage about Benghazi of them all and a few of Greta’s investigators did also..but not Greta. I think Greta is competing with Judge Jeanine and just could not win so Greta brought in Franklin Graham and he needed her as well because in the end for Greta it’s about ratings and not the truth that matters and as for Franklin Graham it’s about money and not the truth that matters.

Michelle needs to cover up and Obama needs to shut his fly trap about bearing/baring arms

and own up to his part in the executions of americans.

Really there is no comparison between the two

because Jeanine Pirro wins hands down because she has great beauty, brains, courage and a lot of soul.



Still all of the Fox News Shows and personalities have come up a bit short of my expectations

and shirked their duty (as the press)

to their jobs, to their families, to their friends, to the american people, to the world

and most of all to God.


Do we deserve freedom when we can’t do what is right?

It’s hard when your government, the religious institutions – the clergy, and the press

are against their own citizens, their own families, and their friends and future generations

by hiding the truth often times because of ignorance, protecting their salaries

instead of telling the americans the truth.


That is why Obama and Hillary can mock!

The news story about the romance between a football player with a non-existent woman was part of the mock and received a lot of coverage and attention via Fox News after Franklin Graham came to Greta’s rescue

and yet not once did anyone dare to compare the two men even after the obvious differences

were made evident and in my opinion crystal clear. Clearly they are not the same person.

It spoke volumes to me about the lack of integrity of Fox News,

Picture 10

but I saw it coming when Franklin Graham pressed upon Greta Van Susterne for her allegiance to his ministry which is his veil and by now you ought to know that.

He is a fake.

I have to assume he is involved…timing is coinci-dental.


The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree (Billy Graham)

Murder, martyrdom, ridicule, and the silencing of others is his fruit.

JFK Assassination, CBS News and the Second Vatican Council

Remember JFK?

Please read:

Beware Oh brother, beware don’t you listen to the words.

The tender lies….

Their identifications make a huge difference as to the meaning/purpose of the event

and it’s proven



If you don’t ask how will we ever get any answers? Sure Obama and Clinton and many others are lying but at least confront them about the plain and obvious discrepancy of the main characters involved. Who is tying your hands on this question?

If they are, then obviously it is super important and the ones that are tying your hands are also involved in the coverup!


The deaths that come after because of the lack of your earnestness on this event might occur

because of that failure.

Are you willing to take responsibility for those deaths?

At least ask the question in public to Obama and Clinton so that they are held responsible,

instead of you.

In Dallas the audience at the noon luncheon were blamed for the death of JFK by the clergy because they did not believe….

all they had was faith and hope

i.e. like having Obama and Clinton…

and it is just

i.e. Graham

not enough!

So far that combination is a bust

Game Over

Because The Truth Matters

disregarding the truth leads to failure and death

(which I’m pretty sure that Graham had lots to do with that failure probably because he tanned you

ie. stopped you in myriad of ways from asking and confronting by using his pressure.

He is very bad but effective at keeping others from truth and freedom)

Thank you, Greta.

Who needs enemies when you have friends like that. I’m sure JFK could opine to that.

Orange Juice anyone?

You got squeezed!

Greta is one of the Fox News watch dogs. She is there to steer the others.

It won’t be long and she’ll be barking at them.

Of course, you could use Rush Limbaugh. I’m sure he’s willing:) ruff ruff

Picture 11

Got pain?

you need a rush?

Thank goodness … I stopped listening to him a long time ago. He got old.

Who let the dogs out? oooh oooh oooh Who let the dogs out? oooh oooh oooh

Very funny  ……>Bo Obama Receives Visiting Dognitaries From Furuguay

Cause of Super Bowl power outage remains unclear

Lawmakers propose liability insurance for U.S. gun owners

By Ian Simpson

WASHINGTON | Wed Feb 6, 2013 3:30pm EST

(Reuters) – “Lawmakers eager to reduce gun violence in their states are proposing mandatory liability insurance for American firearm owners as a new way to limit deaths and injuries.”

And how does it limit deaths and injuries?

They are incorrigible!

It won’t stop till Obama and his legions and spiritual dopes stop causing school massacres and murder (Fast and Furious, Benghazi etc.)

The problem is Obama savors it.

He loves the misfortune of others.He needs a little of his own misfortune. It might help him:)


The Dividing of Times – Part One

Maybe you should read:

Why Callest Thou Me Good?

Who did TIME puff?

Billy Graham

Who told TIME to puff Billy Graham?

William Randolph Hearst

Are George Ganswein (the pope’s handler) and Ambassador Chris Stevens


It was two very powerful Knights of Malta,

William Randolph Hearst and Henry Luce that made “Billy Graham” a household name.

Henry Luce was also known as “Father Time” of Time Magazine:


by Chris Pinto

Here is what the Roman Catholic Pope said in regards to faith:

“With regard to material things, our knowledge and our technical accomplishments are legion,

but what reaches beyond,

the things of God and the question of good,

we can no longer identify,”

Benedict added, saying that faith was the “true enlightenment.”

Pope Benedict Says “Faith was the True Enlightenment”

It’s purpose was to be a tool, obviously created by Roman Catholic dogmatics, that eventually

“Petered out” I guess.

Now the “true Enlightenment” is “Global Warming” and “Gun Control.”

Tomorrow it will be something else because they are “grasping at straws.”

The last picture of the man in this post came from

CBS News and JFK Part 3

after the assassination of JFK in Dallas at Andrews Air Force Base in Virginia where JFK’s body arrived in a casket was taken to be flown by helicopter to Bethesda Naval Base and where LBJ and his wife were paraded around when LBJ gave his infamous short speech:

“-It is a sad time for all people. We have suffered a loss that cannot be weighed. For me, it is a deep, personal tragedy. I know that the world shares the sorrow that Mrs. Kennedy and her family bear.

I will do my best. That is all I can do. I ask for your help, and God’s.”

They were paraded around by the man in that picture

who is supposed to be Secret Service Chief Rowley.

But it is also a picture of Franklin Graham.

Go Figure! 


I did a few post about Josephus Flavius which might help you to understand what we are dealing with

and what others dealt with many years ago:

Joseph of Arimathea (A JUST MAN)

Josephus and His Footprints

I hope you read them!


Daniel 8:24-26

24 And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.

25 And through his policy also he shall

cause craft to prosper in his hand (TIME? Magz?);

and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many:

he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

26 And the vision of the evening and the morning which was told is true:

wherefore shut thou up the vision;

for it shall be for many days.

The press have an important job but is most often misused and misappropriated

take for instance the effect the press had at the Gulf of Tonkin:

“A pattern took hold: continuous government lies passed on by pliant mass media…

leading to over 50,000 American deaths and millions of Vietnamese casualties.”…..”

That’s a lot of deaths and that is one reason why the power of the press is so important,

Scary, huh.

Ex-Navy sniper killed at Texas gun range

“Recently, Kyle spoke out against weapons bans. In a video interview with,

Kyle accused President Barack Obama of being “against the Second Amendment.”

“After leaving the military, he founded Craft International, a military training company.”

The killer said he sold his soul for a truck? Who Kyle or the killer?

Kyle did have a price on his head, but was Kyle about to make a hit for money?

Or does someone use people with mental disorders such as ptsd easily suited to succumb to bad spiritual cues (Synoptic Q?) to kill another person or a friend? Been happening a lot lately, hasn’t it? How did they know each other? He the killer had just gotten out of a mental hospital. Green Oaks Psychiatric Hospital which is accredited by the Joint Commission. Is this a pet project of Colin Powell?

All those suicides in the military…..more than ever before…..hmmmm.

Is it the medication or is it the spiritual deception?

Of my own personal experience with the military my dad was in the army, went to West Point, went to war college in Carlisle, went to a few wars a few times for a few years and worked at the Pentagon under Westmoreland at the time of the Vietnam War. He was a straight arrow….one of the straightest I ever saw in the military. He went to a gathering with my mother once and had a bad experience with my mother while working at the Pentagon and my mother told me they had been drugged. We knew a lady who was married to a Colonel who had been raped by men, being drugged by men in the military about that same time. It was a horrific experience for her to overcome as I recall.

They or some in the army at the Pentagon test drugs on people. It is not above some in the military, probably in the psychological warfare division (or department) of the military to use people and test drugs on their own people and I imagine it isn’t past Gen. Colin Powell to do the same. He did not rise through the ranks on his own merit as he would like everyone to believe. He used a bit of Conyers race baiting as a crutch/his staff.

Like Billy Graham in the religious/political realm was a stooge,

Colin Powell in the military/religious/political realm is a stooge. Now he is Obama’s stooge/drone. He’s a back scratcher.

The military has some wonderful straight arrow type men but I know that it also includes some real big stooges that are not taking care of the men that serve or their families. Figuring out who they are would help the military immensely.

There is no excuse for the suicide rate in the military

and I believe it is purposeful and possibly disguised murder to look like suicide

with the evil intent to weaken our resolve against Islamic terrorism.

They serve a different purpose.

Kyle was of the faith of the Knights of Templar.


which also don a red cross but theirs is a red cross hairs.

He was just recently on the O’reilly Factor of Fox News talking about his book and his recent slam dunk

of the wrestler and former Navy Seal Jesse Ventura.

The killer said he sold his soul for a truck, obviously in a bad state of mind, but it is a clue.

Templar is a temple for the military to protect a temple.

When Jesus was crucified they say he was crucified at golgotha….the place if the skull. I imagine it was at a templar or the military temple that protected the temple. The templars use a skull as symbolism. Free masonry, knights of the temple, etc.

Obviously, this was a hit but luckily they have someone to pin it on. Some one with a mental disorder.

Maybe a human drone.

That is convenient.

You could pin it on the president and his wife,

they certainly qualify and I don’t mean it lightly.

They seem to be Vatican drones. (It was the video tape, right?)

I’ve thought about it and my thinking on this is justified!

I think it would be legal now to pin it on Obama and Michelle.

It works for me, how about you?

Panetta: Drone Strike Decisions Don’t Come Lightly

 ”The Pentagon chief says he realized when he became CIA director that he was “making life-and-death decisions.”
As a Catholic, he says, he’s “got to really think about it.” 
What amazes me is the casual response to this news by the media and everyone in government positions!
It is insane

Malta is an island above Libya and below Italy

that looks like a bee.

The Knights of Malta originated there

partially because of its strategic location.

Very Important location!

This is where Paul shipwrecked literally and spiritually.

They thought he was a god…

and eventually he thought he was god, too.

William Randolph Hearst and Henry Luce were Knights of Malta

and Billy Graham is their puppet

although they may actually be his puppets!

Depending on how you look at it because they did him a service.

 Like Greta Van Susterne and Franklin Graham and Haiti.
(you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours)
but who is really getting reamed?
That is SODOMY!
 Benghazi is very close to Malta
and the US definitely has forces and friends there
that could have intervened within minutes.
 There were photographers there, were they given pre knowledge to be there?
Who do they work for?
The Vatican? The President?

This new news about drones is an excuse

for the murder of 4 americans in Benghazi.

I’m very suspicious that the deaths of these 4 men may have been caused by drones!

That is why I’m against the drone warfare against americans and in general because if the President is the enemy of mankind,

should he be given freedom to use drones against mankind?

If the president is the puppet of the Vatican should he be allowed to make decisions about whether or not one person or another is the enemy. I don’t think so. I’ll tell ya one thing it will backfire on him if he is given the power to make those decisions. That may be his end……also.

To Obama and the Vatican the witness is their enemy because he exposed them, but to humanity he is a God send.

It is insane to allow the president or anyone else to use drones to kill american citizens anywhere.
The administration is freaking out and trying to cover their asses
ahead of  Panetta’s testimony this week and others to come.

Am I nebbish?

But I would put Rep. Mr. Conyers in that category talking about what to call an illegal immigant!
Not only that he’s a pain in the ass to listen to!
How he ever got his position is a travesty. Would  Ahmadinejad like to take Conyers to the moon? Can you imagine?
I still laugh when I think about it, even if just a road trip.
I would think future immigration recipients would seriously reconsider
their desire to legally immigrate to the United States!
Israel……..Benjamin Netanyahu do NOT deal with OBAMA.

He is your ENEMY. He is our ENEMY.



Obama Will Visit Israel This Spring

Obama To Visit Israel For The First Time Since Becoming President

He is a master twister of words and deeds.
And that includes anyone that id be-holden to him..
If you truly care for your country and your people have nothing to do with them.

“The threat is addressed to the daughters of Jerusalem.”


(Barack and Michelle Obama are insane!)

 “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The government has authorized the killing of American citizens as part of its controversial drone campaign against al Qaeda even without intelligence that such Americans are actively plotting to attack a U.S. target, according to a Justice Department memo.The unclassified memo, first obtained by NBC News, argues that drone strikes are justified under American law if a targeted U.S. citizen had “recently” been involved in “activities” posing a possible threat and provided that there is no evidence suggesting the individual “renounced or abandoned” such activities.”

You don’t suppose Kyle the Sniper was killed by a drone?

A drone is also a bee. A male bee, a worker bee, that protects a queen bee of a hive.

How about a maccabee?

1 Maccabees and 2 Maccabees are part of the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox canons,

but not the Protestant or Jewish Hebrew Bible.

Killer bees are Africanized bees…..Islamicized Roman Catholics. I believe these kind of drones executed 4 men in Benghazi. (not Ambassador Chris Stevens. He is somewhere and I bet Senator Kerry would know where he is hiding out)

When Obama uses words they are not to be interpreted as the normal man would interpret them.

He transliterates words!

That is why he seems to never mean what he says.

He double-speaks with a.forked tongue etc! So if a memo is found talking about drones don’t assume he means what others mean. He may mean “drones” in a myriad of ways. He is mentally ill like Caligula was mentally ill. Same goes for those that are in his inner circle. They think they are from above and can do whatever they please such as Fast and Furious, Benghazi etc  Like Hillary and Bill Clinton and Eric Holder.

This sleazy attitude comes from never being held accountable!

Please read:  The Stones of Amen

They love to mock as they tread on everyone else’s rights.

Ted Nugent Blasts Piers Morgan, Defends Gun Owners: ‘Would You Leave Us The Hell Alone?’ (VIDEO)

“It’s a simple inanimate tool that tens of millions of American families own, that have never caused a problem, never had an accident and will never commit a crime,” said the rocker, who previously has suggested he is ready for an armed revolt if the government were to attempt to take away his firearms. “You have the aberrations that are such a minute percentage.”

It’s not like they leave us much choice!
They want an armed revolt and maybe they should
receive it!

How To Exercise Your Problem Areas Away:

The Best Arm Workouts For Post 50s


Obama and Clinton: The 60 Minutes interview

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 3.12.44 AM

60 Minutes Interview

(The BuddyHood of Obama and Hillary )

The hearings were a debacle for the most part which is why President Obama is rewarded Hillary Clinton
with the show “60 minutes” appearance  Sunday the 27th of January.
Of course, he is mocking the americans that care about his criminal involvement in Benghazi
and is using Hillary Clinton who is flagrantly willingly aiding and abetting.
He is rewarding her for covering him probably making his VP jealous so that he will desire an appearance with his boss some day just in case Joseph Biden might have to testify,
but most of all Obama was mocking America. He loves to do that.
They are a diabolical mess,
but highly incontinent 
Smug, aren’t they?

The Onion Demands John Kerry Tell The Truth

About His Swift Boat Service

Kerry: Clinton and I agree on Benghazi

Senator Ron Paul asked:
“And it makes a big difference whether or not the American people have the confidence that the President and the administration is being truthful with them. So I guess my question is, “Do you agree with that point and are you willing to work with me or do you basically kind of agree with Hill Hillary Clinton that Ahhh, (waves hand around), that’s kind of yesterdays news and let’s let’s  move on?”
Senator John Kerry said, “Well Senator, if if if if if you’re trying to get daylight between me and  Secretary Clinton, uh, that’s not going to happen here today (laughs) on on that score, but I think you’re not I think you’re talking past each other.”
Which basically means he is playing politics with the truth which is not truth and that is laughable to Senator Kerry and he does not plan to work with Senator Ron Paul at all because he doesn’t care whether the American people have confidence in the President and the administration’s truthfulness on the matter of Benghazi.



Then why bother allowing SENATOR KERRY to have

the position he desires.

IF he is unwilling to work with you then why would you want to work with him?




 He looks crazy as a loon.

I think Ambassador Chris Stevens is son to Hillary Clinton and Senator Kerry. Senator Kerry looks just like ambassador Chris Stevens.

Skinny too. No wonder. HA!

Same eyes. same brows, same body type, same insanity,

same indifference (ie stupidity).

Now he’s mourning,

SO sad So sad, BUT WILL IT FLY?


CBS/AP/ April 7, 2013, 8:30 AM

Kerry mourns first diplomat killed since Benghazi


Kerry Struggles to Get Turkey to Mend Israel Ties








Although it is a miracle that they even could perform, I would not call it a “love child” as in

Another Love Child Scandal

more like a devil’s child willing to do the devil’s work.

Ambassador Chris Stevens set them up and

had a few good men

and the man that was the real target

(who is not ambassador Chris Stevens)


and made an example of

if you don’t accept Islam as a believer in the real Jesus of the Gospel of John (because they love power and money)

not the Synoptic version of Jesus

because Roman Catholicism actually created Islam (their protectorate and partner)

and now the real ambassador Chris Stevens is probably playing tennis with George Ganswein,

the pope’s Secretary and primp/handler.

Chris Stevens’ mother speaks out on death in Libya

Ambassador Chris Stevens’ Mother: ‘Not Productive To Lay Blame’ Over Benghazi Deaths

Slain Libyan Ambassador’s Mom:

“He Was Trying to Do Something Much Bigger”

of the woman who was supposed to be Ambassador Chris Steven’s mom. 

Kerry: Obama Offered Me the Job

a Week Before Susan Rice Pulled Out

White House refuses to comment.

Because the thimble fit:)
Obama likes to be the dominant male.

Call in Joseph Biden!

Because we demand the truth.

What does real time mean? I guess I should say ‘a real time’?


Hillary said she sent Ambassador Chris Stevens there

and Obama said he sentthem” there.

Who is Obama talking about when he says “them”?

The Libyan Mob?

Are they his drones?


Who is the photographer?
Chris Stevens?

Was he taking a photograph in real time?

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 8.51.19 PM

Our President should be called in for questioning. A.S.A.P.

Former Mayor Rudy Guiliani appeared on Sean Hannity’s show
tonight Wed Jan 23rd and he said that

why was important

in answer to Hillary’s question of “What does it matter?”
although he doesn’t know why, but that figuring it out would be immensely important and essential to know why for those pesky policy decisions in foreign policy. Hannity said when Mayor Guiliani figured out why to tell Hannity.
I’m trying to tell you both and anyone else that cares why;

that this is about beliefs.

While Hillary says she is for religious tolerance there are many in Islam and Roman Catholicism that disagree
(even though they pretend that they are)
that is why people are dying in school massacres and terrorist acts.
Islam does not adhere to her religious feelings. Roman Catholicism also does not adhjere
because they help to facilitate these massacres and terrorism in conjunction with Islam.
I also like to allow religious freedom, but not at the expense of everyone else’s rights and their lives
that don’t agree with Islam and Roman Catholicism and their agendas.
I don’t believe Hillary Clinton really is for religious tolerance, but she wears it to cloak herself just like Obama cloaks himself in defending women’s rights. Islam and Roman Catholicism cloak themselves in peace. Democrats and liberals wear the cloak of disarmament as they go for the throat.
Large foibles in their character to confuse.
Obama ‘Must Go For The Throat,’ ‘Declare War On The Republican Party’
For instance, I don’t think Hillary tolerates the Sabbath being Saturday.
I don’t think the Clintons tolerated David Koresh of the Branch Davidians of Waco. They demolished them using the government machinery and their agents and Janet Reno.They could have ordered Janet Reno to stop, but they did not and that was on Clinton’s watch.
Now when the Roman Catholic priests were accused of child rape (pretty similar type accusations as that of David Koresh of the Branch Davidians) I did not see them demolish them.
What’s the  difference?
Hillary’s religion aligns with the Roman Catholic Dogma. Obama’s religion aligns with Roman Catholic Dogma.
She was educated in a Jesuit environment and so are/were many of her colleagues in Washington D.C.
I don’t think Jesuits tolerate Judaism either, but in fact are arming the enemy of Judaism as we speak with a lot of help from the ignorant members of the House of Representatives, the Senate, the President, the State Department , and the Pentagon, and the arms dealers. That is why there is a tunnel from Egypt to Gaza that we helped to fund with american tax dollars that benefit their dogma for the Egyptians, Roman Catholic Hierarchy, Islam, etc.
I don’t think Hillary tolerates the Seventh Day Adventists.
She pretends she does, but underneath she seethes resentment because she was raised that way.
-the Jesuit way
The Jesuit Way is/was murder and assassinations, etc. History has shown that that is what the Jesuits accomplish for the Roman Catholic hierarchy and then the Roman Catholic Hierarchy absolves them. And it works both ways because the Pope gets absolved only by a Jesuit leader.
Hillary Clinton and George Bush wished the Seventh Day Adventists congratulating them for a date that their prophet (I don’t know her name) calculated would be the return of Jesus (prophetically speaking) a few years back,

which is kind of funny

since Hillary said she was no more responsible for the attack at Benghazi
then President George Bush was for the September 11th attack in New York at the World Trade Center
….or words to that effect.

Strange alle-Gory

Both Hillary and George Bush had you-tube videos made of their congratulations of this religion (the 7th Day Adventists) that I think in reality they both were actually were mocking. I have these posted in the “Vatican and the Bohemian Grove” post that I wrote a few years back when I started this blog and a few other blogs. Most of my links have been de-linked since then such as the Vatican and Arab League sign agreement and Clinton lies about Bohemian Grove links. (That one showed Bill Clinton in a bit of a rage about the subject of the Bohemian Grove.) There is one link also with Donald Rumsfeld giving some clues about Flight 93 being shot down over Pennsylvania which is relinked here and some other information to be determined said by him and the reaction of the Secret Service (I think) who are stunned standing behind him. Pretty interesting.
At the time I watched  the you tubes to the Seventh Day Adventists I thought both Clinton and Bush were pretty disingenuous because it’s odd they would both go to the trouble to make a you-tube genuflecting their admiration. But they both have had power at their disposal which I think they both misused whether or not they are responsible for those attacks that happened on their watch. Whether they ever have meant harm to anyone or not, their power has been misused by someone who does have the power to misuse and has power over them and their decisions or lack of decisions.
Here are those you-tubes from Hillary and George Bush to the 7th Day Adventists:
President Bush and Seventh-Day Adventist
Senator Clinton and Seventh-Day Adventist
Did those you-tubes seem sincere to you?
Actually George did sound sincere in his you tube about freedom of religion (imo)
but why make it at all?

Hillary does not sound sincere.

SO I guess this was a Republican vs Democrat or a strange bi-partisan 150 anniversary of the 7th Day Adventists.
Did they make one for Roman Catholicism’s anniversaries? No.
 Why in the world would two prominent politicians be so concerned about this date and this religion
if it was meaningless to them?
I haven’t noticed any other politicians make you-tubes concerning a prophet or a false prophet?

That is perplexing.

To be honest I don’t know much about this religion or their prophecies, but became concerned
when David Koresh and his followers
were annihilated/desolated by the Clinton administration
and this is about the time when mass murders and terrorism in our country started to accelerate.

Both Hillary and her husband Bill and the Bushes

are followers of Billy Graham.

Did Billy Graham help to make these you-tube statements?
What would it matter to either of them what the 7th day Adventists believed or their anniversaries or their prophecies?
But obviously it did matter to them

I wonder why?

David Koresh:

“In 1981 he moved to Waco, Texas, where he joined the Branch Davidians, a religious group originating from a schism in the 1950s from the Shepherd’s Rod, themselves disfellowshipped members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the 1930s. They had established their headquarters at a ranch about 10 miles out of Waco, which they called the Mount Carmel Center (after the Biblical Mount Carmel), in 1955.”

“David Koresh (born Vernon Wayne Howell; August 17, 1959 – April 19, 1993) was the leader of the Branch Davidians religious sect, believing himself to be its final prophet. Howell legally changed his name to David Koresh on May 15, 1990. A 1993 raid by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the subsequent siege by the FBI ended with the burning of the Branch Davidian ranch outside of Waco, Texas, in McLennan County.

Koresh, 54 other adults and 28 children

were found dead after the fire.[2] “

That’s a lot of adults and kids burned to death!

No one of them stopped this mass murder and this was the Clinton Administration.

Even Billy Graham was silent!

I think Billy Graham has played a very important role in that regard and with many presidents before the Bushes. Franklin Graham is now good buddies with Greta Van Susterne and obviously influencing her version of the news. The Clintons were very involved with Billy Graham and they prayed together etc even in private:) with a photographer there to catch that moment. The Bushes were very involved with Billy Graham. He seems to be sort of a link to Roman Catholicism and we know he is their ambassador ‘incognito’ ALTHOUGH he was outed a long time ago. It seems that everyone that becomes president feels a need to visit Billy Graham as did even President Obama. It’s like a prerequisite in politics.
Even Mitt Romney felt a need before the election. Of course Billy Graham was under the impression Mitt Romney was going to win the election and the right supported Mitt Romney of the religion of Mormonism and Billy Graham and his son backtracked on their views of Mormonism being a cult. I guess he thought Mitt Romney was going to win because the press reported that it was a good possibility at that time.
All these believe that the Synoptic Gospels blend with the Gospel of John,
yet these gospels are dichotomous to each other.
Same as the causes that Hillary and Obama champion
ie the cloaks that they wear to their actions
which are dichotomous to each other.

I would call it “deception even unto themselves.”

Kind of like the quacks in the sphere of medicine.
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it probably is a duck, speaking of which: 

Billy Graham and the Praying Mantis

I don’t think Hillary Clinton or the Grahams are tolerant of my religious views either
which are that the Synoptic Gospels are in fact Roman Catholic/Islam influenced
and do not shuck and jive with
the Gospel of John which is the gospel that I believe.
Here is a post about the Synoptic Jesus saying he is not good.
The Synoptic Gospels are the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.
The Jesus written about in the Gospel of John does not say that he is not good so someone is 
obviously disparaging Jesus in my estimation in the Synoptic Gospels.
Here is the post to explain:

Why Callest Thou Me Good?


Another reason IT MATTERS IS






One thing for sure their deaths at Benghazi warned me of the danger of ISLAM and Roman Catholicism

and the dangers our leaders

pose to Americans.


You know you are on the right track when you disagree with Farrakhan

Obama’s daddy:

Farrakhan: Right To Bear Arms An Outdated Concept

Pentagon ends ban on women in frontline combat

Pentagon to open frontline combat roles to women

Pentagon announces decision to lift ban on women in combat roles

Because Obama, Leon Panetta, and Colin Powell probably plan on implementing

the draft to punish women

because in actuality

the spirit they worship hates women

(the Roman Catholic/Islamic influenced Synoptic Spirit of Jesus).

That’s my opinion!

Daniel 11:37

37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers,

nor the desire of women

nor regard any god:

for he shall magnify himself above all.

Timing of Women in Front Line Combat is extremely suspicious

And Eric Bolling said on “The Five” of Fox News Thursday, Jan 24th

“Why today?”

I agree that it is suspicious on the heels of the schmoozing of Hillary Clinton at the hearings the day before.

I think she resented the very few who actually confronted her so that

she lost her cool

when she revealed her indifference by saying,

“What difference at this point does it make?”

I think the truth is getting too close for their comfort.

I think they are preparing to escalate the war against terrorism to a wider arena

(Mali/Algeria/North Africa/Syria),

I think they are getting ready for a draft

and they want to include our daughters, 












Probably imparted to the Congress by MItt Romney’s running mate PAUL RYAN

a stooge for Obama and also a follower of Billy Graham.

(Stooging is a characteristic of Billy Graham and his followers.)

Watch where your tax dollars are going to grow big business and big government in Washington D. C.

Watch Hannity’s guest explain on his show on Jan. 25th called Boomtown.

They do not want a tax revolt because their businesses depend on our tax dollars using the tax money  they rob from us that is why they are delaying the Budget agreement till then because they are afraid of a revolt; but if there isn’t a tax revolt they will continue to abuse the American public and get rich off our hard earned money while at the same time punishing us.

IT is Time For a Tax Revolt

to get their attention and make them serve us instead of us being served

and to abolish OBAMACARE

which is also killing small and medium sized businesses. The big businesses have lawyers and all sorts of ways to avoid paying

and are laying it on us. It is not like we get to see their tax returns.

This is total anarchy by our government. Our money is their power and it should stop!

Now President Obama is giving the religions a tease and a pull

by changing the reproductive rules in his Obamacare as if he respects religious freedom and testing their resolve against his persecution.

Will they be slayed by him?

Will they stand up for americans or are they against american freedoms and the constitution?

He is schmoozing them now because he needs them now. Do they care about the individual american or just themselves?

He wants the Obamacare to control our fates.


after he uses them he might change his mind when they least expect it.

Government control of whether or not we live or we die!

Clinton warns of growing threat to US in North Africa,

says ‘we are in for a struggle’

Published January 23, 2013

It looks like the men

(if you can call them men)

are gearing up the women.




Dick Morris has a point about the Senate and Obama:

Senators, Hillary Miss The Point At Hearing

“If President Obama blamed the attack in Libya on a film, knowing that it was not a demonstration but a planned terrorist attack

and did so two months before an election, then that is an impeachable offense.

That’s what difference it makes.”

Did the Senate know?

Was it purposeful because they want to sell arms to Egypt

and they were actually involved in the change of leadership there and in Libya etc

because of their beliefs.




How would Joseph Biden know? Because he had to have watched and was aware of the events

as was the President

and Hillary Clinton.

If you read the article it is obvious they knew.

I think that these men were executed for their beliefs

and were made examples of

to the people at the White House, the Pentagon, the CIA, the State Department etc

to separate the goats from the sheep sow to speak.

That’s why there were so many odd and preposterous statements (for two months afterwards)

by everyone campaigning for Obama, including Bill Clinton.

(They continued with him through his temptations.)

This whole Senate and House of Representatives hearing on Benghazi is a coverup.

Video: Dems rule out any lack of Hillary Clinton awesomeness

as potential cause of Benghazi attack

Megyn Kelly of Fox News interviews guest Michelle Malkin about the one moment that counted in the hearings

and of course Hillary’s leeches were upset because they like her left-overs and her lies (such as Barbara Boxer.)

Like a shark (host) and it’s parasites

which clean the shark.

By the way how fair is this committee that is chaired by Sen. John Kerry?

He more than likely wanted this hearing to move on so he can get the sleazy job he desires.

Did Sen. Rand Paul cross the line at Clinton hearing?

Not a bit.! In fact, he was too kind!

I thought he was more honest than not and seemed so sane and normal, unlike the Democrats and quite a few Republicans

acting like total fools falling all over themselves

to feed on Hillary’s toe jam and teeth tarter.

I guess it’s profitable?

What occurred at Benghazi matters


and forever.


Christian pastor held in Iran missing from jail, says family


Does a Leopard Change His Spots? This one does!

(Panetta’s hearing- lots of lying)

After his speech at about 10:25 CST a Fox news reporter lady interviewed a man…..I am assuming he is a representative…I did miss his name who looked like an older Keifer Sutherland who also looked like Billy Graham when he was about 50 years old. Pretty weird as if inhabiting this man’s body. Billy Graham is a camelion. I proved it in my assassination of JFK posts when Billy Graham visited a singer named Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash has an extremely large nose especially as he aged. When Billy Graham visited him he took on Johnny’s characteristics. It was Billy Graham at that age that was inside this other man at the interview on Fox outside in the hallway at the Panetta hearing.

Just thought I should alert Fox News and those in our government

the camelion is with you at these hearings.

He can jump from one person to the next.

Jesus, in the Gospel of John, said that He knew what was in man and so He did not commit to man.

This is who he meant!

Here Billy Graham is with Johnny Cash:




Here is another picture of Billy Graham with a golfer Arnold Palmer and his nose gets smaller


Here he is with LBJ when he was a bit younger and he takes on LBJ’s features;

Ill find it when I can.

Here he is as Jack Ready Secret Service agent the day of the assassination of JFK:


He can’t seem to get rid of the flip in his hair. LOL

Here he is as Rev. Wilkerson from the BGEA site:


Pretty weird huh!

Billy Graham himself said:

The devil relies on our disbelief

He ought to know.

He is an evangelical I.E. an EVIL ANGEL

So does what happened at Benghazi matter?


My other blogs on similar subjects:

Eye of a Needle

The Drawbridge

The Keep

CBS News and JFK Transcriptions


Merangue’s Blog

Many posts are comparisons of the Synoptic Gospels to the Gospel of John

and many are about current events in light of my religious outlook and y beliefs

and many are about JFK’ s assassination and the involvement of the clergy.

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Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven


Matthew 16

13When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?14And they said, Some say that thou art John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others, Jeremias, or one of the prophets.

 compared to


27And Jesus went out, and his disciples, into the towns of Caesarea Philippi: and by the way he asked his disciples, saying unto them, Whom do men say that I am?28And they answered, John the Baptist; but some say, Elias; and others, One of the prophets

Why would Jesus Christ, the Son of God, ask

Whom do men say that I the Son of man am? or Whom do men say that I am?

Did he need feedback?

Trying to say I am the son of man without saying it in a tricky way because he couldn’t say it for some reason which is kind of untruthful! I guess he was insinuating.

If He is the Son of God, wouldn’t He know who he was?

Just kidding.

Wouldn’t he know what they were saying about Him?

 Jesus Christ or the TRUE Son of God was well aware of what people

were thinking and saying who He was? Wouldn’t He?

It’s like the opposite of what happened when Moses met God.

Moses asked God his name or identity to tell the Hebrew slaves. God didn’t ask Moses what do the Hebrew slaves think I AM. He told Moses and Moses told the Hebrew slaves. God didn’t say whom do you think or say that I AM. He wasn’t coy about it. Seems to me Jesus in this conversation was fishing for information he should have known.. Testing and seeing if it would fly or set sail.

You ought to read the post The Fig Tree: Blessed Are the Barren linked on

Merangue’s Blog

It’s Mighty Interesting!

Angels shall rise and fall upon the son of man and the third reich (3rd or 4th),

I would imagine!


Matthew 16:15-17

15He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?

16And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.

17And Jesus answered and said unto him, 

Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee,

but my Father which is in heaven.

compared to

Mark 8:29

29And he saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?

And Peter answereth and saith unto him,

Thou art the Christ.

And the Lord said, SimonSimon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat:


Matthew 16:17-20

18And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.19And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

20Then charged he his disciples that they should tell no man that he was

Jesus the Christ.

This Synoptic Jesus tells Peter who he is……as if he did not know.

Peter just told Jesus who he was, but now Jesus is telling Peter who he is!

He had just miraculously fed 4000 people out of a pittance of food earlier

and he did not want his disciples to tell anyone who he was?

Why were those 4000 people hanging out with him fasting for 3 days

that he fed with a few fishes and a few loaves of bread?

Did the 4000 men not know who they were either?

This is utter nonsense!

What was in their fish?

This is an attempt to build a church on Peter’s name.

Art not thou that Egyptian, which before these days madest an uproar, and leddest out into the wilderness four thousand men that were murderers?


Then Jesus charges them to tell no man that he is Jesus the Christ after he goes through this strange conversation with Peter about who he is etc.

Now Phil Robertson was incited to the Olympics and thinks he’s Moses while wearing some kind of deep tan on his face (I think from his torch, helps to hold the torch a little bit higher) and hasn’t yet crossed the Red Sea.

Almost as tan as Christine LeGarde IMF Chief of the world.

Love watchin’ your back!

And in the Gospel of John at the Sea of Galillee Jesus warns Peter BarJona (son of Jonas) that when he gets old another shall gird (guard) him and carry him where he would not and to follow him though he says “follow me” so I guess the gates of hell prevailed or will prevail depending on whether talking about him personally or figuratively as the figurehead of the Roman Catholic Church,




The rock could be referring to the Dome of the Rock? Perhaps the maps have changed since then to confuse and obfuscate as far as the location of Caesarea Philippi e.g.. the Mediterranean Sea was not always the Mediterranean Sea, etc.

Or the

Rock of Gibraltar


and Matthew was a tax collector

It was a very strategic location as well militarily and i think in regards to shipping.


The True Messiah knows who he is

and what people were thinking

and even what would happen in the future!

If he didn’t know who he was then how in the world would he expect us to figure it out?

Matthew 21-23

21From that time forth began Jesus to shew unto his disciples, how that he must go unto Jerusalem, and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day.22Then Peter took him, and began to rebuke him, saying, Be it far from thee, Lord: this shall not be unto thee.23But he turned, and said unto Peter,

Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me:

for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.

compared to

Mark 8:30-33

30And he charged them that they should tell no man of him.31And he began to teach them, that the Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected of the elders, and of the chief priests, and scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again.32And he spake that saying openly. And Peter took him, and began to rebuke him.33But when he had turned about and looked on his disciples,

he rebuked Peter, saying, Get thee behind me, Satan:

for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men.


The Gospel of Matthew 6:17 above has Jesus BLESSING Peter and giving Peter the keys to the kingdom

and then tells him that he is the rock which the church will be built upon

and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it

and within a short time (like within the same conversation)

Matthew 6:23

Jesus REBUKES Peter

and says that Peter is SATAN!

Not only does he say he is Satan, but also an offense to him!

What happened to the gates of hell not prevailing against the church?

It lasted a whole minute!

This is like a Japanese Monster movie dubbed in English

out of sync!


There are no keys!




They have managed to make Jesus sound like a lunatic,

which is typical for the Synoptic Jesus!

In Phillipians is a verse that says to “value others above yourself” which in my opinion is enslaving oneself especially if you value someone who doesn’t deserve it. It’s ridiculous and I suspect the writer was a lunatic like Jim Jones of Guyana or Scott Walker of Wisconsin (faith in a tubular pregnancy!)

At the very least the Jesus that “charged them to tell no man” that he was the christ obviously was the anti-christ! The Gospel of Matthew’s Jesus was the antichrist by his own words as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew it seems. You can read the post called Tell No Man linked on

Merangue’s Blog.

In the Gospel of John

At the Last Supper,

after Jesus and his apostles had eaten,

He talks to his disciples about who He is and explains Himself to them

and what is going to happen to Him and to them!

Please read!

John 14

John 15

John 16

After he had risen from the grave and visited them

he gives them the HOLY GHOST!

Did Mary get one?

When he met Mary One of the Marys anyway he said she should not touch him some thing about being unclean and not having met the Father and needing a bath or something like that. So I think she was left out of the breath of the Holy Ghost even though she probably was willing.

Is there a difference between Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit?

Probably a hologram!

Then meets the disciples hiding in a room and DOUBTing Thomas thrusts his finger into the spear wound ….etc by invitation  And nothing else happens? except he says blessed are they that have not seen and yet believe. We are obviously missing some pages or something is amiss except for the breath of the ghost entering them.

JOHN 20:21-23

21Then said Jesus to them again,

Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.

22And when he had said this, he breathed on them,

and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost:

23Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them;

and whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained.

Basically: a status quo which is weird, IMO

What would be the point?

And no forgiveness as well.

And where’s the peace, eh?

They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.
What religion says it is the religion of peace? Peace Corps? I don’t think these options exemplify much.
I think someone has been messing with the bible for quite a while!

WHO BEGGED FOR HIS BODY? might have something to do with the altitude (their station in life? or their plight?) of appearances such as the appearance in the hiding room? Its suspicious, anyway when taken with the verse in Isaiah 53:9

Either Joseph of Arimathea (son of Matthew) or Nicodemus and yet who buried him?

 The Rich and Evil Knieval? Remember this verse in Isaiah?

Isaiah 53:9

And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death; because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.

Who wrapped him and other things? Mary and some others. I think there are two versions. One of the Jesuses tells his followers he goes before them to Galilee and others he meets in a room where they are hiding and another he meets on the road begging for meat. Seems like at Galilee he had something to say where as the other versions are kind of empty in meaning and he feeds them.





I think the Sea of Galillee account is the better and more reliable version of the after resurrection meeting of followers with Jesus of the three versions offered so

I think his instructions at the Sea of Galillee might be wise to take seriously.

Feed my sheep and follow him.

Cease the hospice practice!

Figure out a better way to prevent abortions such as teaching the males to respect the females for starters in all kinds of ways. No big deal! Teach against incest and rape and instead of adoration of Mary might instead teach the truth. Kids and young adults will always screw up so you have to be tolerant of their problems coping with the crap thrown at them and females deserve a safe abortion when needed and a sober and understanding atmosphere/environment regarding their plight when caught in a predicament such as an undesired/unexpected pregnancy just as much as a male would deserve the same dignity and understanding if he had the ability and until then when those ideals are attained in humanity a safe abortion is a necessary option in birth control and human behavior. Males are the ones with the outie, not the female. As far as divorce is concerned it should be fair (half and half of the assets and material wealth) like mitosis unless you sign an agreement ahead of time. So as not to tempt either party if one dies during a divorce it goes to the dead person’s parents to spend or disperse however they desire (like a boomerang) or to whomever the dead person trusts to disperse to the children at the appropriate time. Children should have rights too and whomever they prefer to live with if it is possible or when they want to live with whomever, etc. but so they aren’t separated from each other.) 

Annulments should be outlawed.

It’s untruthful. Everyone makes mistakes but we learn from mistakes. Tough love, as my brother would say. A bad marriage mistake shouldn’t have to be deadly or erased as if it never happened. It’s not like the divorcee needs his or her diaper changed or all the things kids need once they are born. I know some miscarriages occur late in pregnancy from a first marriage annulled just to not be pregnant or have a kid when they meet their next husband in order for the annulment to make sense. And they are indulged for seeking an annulment via the The Roman Catholic Church for their mysterious miscarriage or abortion to give credence to the power of the RCC’s indulgence to their children/fold because the RCC thinks they are God? The RCC made their rules in order to keep the money in their family and made priests unexperienced with the rules and lures, peaks and valleys, twists and turns regarding marriage and raising kids which makes them useless in the real world yet wielding power they should not wield against others who live lives and not live off lives in many ways.

Nigeria facing ‘a famine unlike any we have ever seen’

You either believe in Jesus or you don’t. You believe in God or your don’t. Which God?

I BELIEVE in the Jesus who acted like a sane person which is in the Gospel of John and who he glorified, His Father and TRUTH! But there are parts of the Gospel of John to beware of.

I believe in the Jesus that knew who he was, where he was, what he needed to do and didn’t need others to tell him.

I have a few posts one in particular with many faux pas called

A Desert Place (a Different View) 

where I compare the same events in each gospel and some of the gospels Jesus is lead by his disciples who tell him where to go and when instead of the other way around which should make one shudder to think as if Jesus were on meth or heroin or as if he were

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 5.41.32 PM

Also goes into the denominations way a head of the denominations that eventually result because of dissatisfaction.

I think the Synoptic Gospels are like actors/decoys

interacting with a hologram of what they want to have occurred

in order to change facts and twist the truth to replace the truth with fiction and to create confusion and to control the power.

When doing the CBS transcriptions of the JFK assassination found on Merangue’s Blog I used their film and the reporters reporting and added my two cents of what I saw occurring that they didn’t notice such as the puppet being handed over the fence line at the airport in Dallas to Jackie Kennedy and her tucking the puppet in her roses. The people on the side of the fence line with the President….his entourage are also similar to people interacting with a hologram of the event that is filmed. Some of them act as if they know what is occurring or going to occur and are witnessing it and acting in it at the same time and some of those faces are recognizable. The gospel of Matthew other than the first few chapters does the same thing in a way without a documentary to back it up. 

The genealogy is a different matter and is only found in the Gospel of Matthew. However in a few other posts I cover that subject and my inconclusive conclusions (because I am not a bible scholar and hold no degrees) with the help of a few other apologists who have researched it demonstrate the catch-22 of it’s proof.

The story that goes along with the genealogy account seems to indicate a pact or royal alliance between England and Germany/Rome:


Quotes from the Christopher Hitchens expose about Mother Teresa following:


Christopher Hitchens – Mother Teresa: Hell’s Angel

“The rich world has a poor conscience”

“It wants in fact it needs to think that someone somewhere is doing something about the third world and the Muther Teresa Myth ministers to this desire”

“In the subliminal appeal that she generates there is something of the mission to the heathen, something of the OLD Colonial Outpost,

and something of  Florence Nightingale while in the

*silented-*abject demeanor of her patients”

(to quell)

“there is something of the deserving poor.”

“The Great White Hope in this ICONOGRAPHY takes on the Black Hole/Hope

and the rewards are by no means

Aul/Awl/All in heaven.”




Who is the guy in the middle ad I think the guy on his right is the exorcist of the RCC. Could be John Joseph McLaughlin Bye-Bye who died recently: 8-16-2016

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 10.17.57 PM.png


Billy Graham gets around but he couldn’t quite get around to help JFKennedy when he had a premonition about Dallas:

why? Because he had a cold!

Ouch, did it sting?

 Miracles do happen and so does intentional malpractice to place someone in needless jeopardy. Many will come in my name>False Covenant spoken about in the Book of Daniel>Covenant with Many in the Synoptic Gospels at the Last Suppers which he breaks. a hater of women like the devil in Genesis and a hater of God and in retrospect a hater of men. LBJ awarded him the Big Brother Award but not for the Good Big Brother Award! Nixon taped him saying what he really thinks about Jews and I’m sure other Presidents tried some things as well. He could not have done it without Obama’s help offering free hospice care to those who might be tempted without realizing (some of them anyway) that assisted suicide is the wrong way and tricking others to sign papers like don’t give resuscitation etc if near death which can be interpreted as permission to murder depending on who you are dealing with and if they are friend or foe spiritually and using abortion to blame females for all the problems in the world. It worked for Adam.


King Henry the 8th who blamed the queens that didn’t bear sons and it’s the sperm that determines the sex of children. 

My supposition is: The devil comes down to the world with great wrath seeking whom he may destroy I think it is why he breaks the covenant….because of an entrapment which he was so skilled at and it works for the RCC for now, but not furlong.

(EXCELLENT EXPOSE by Christopher Hitchens and should be watched over and over again

to gain understanding of evil

like a golden cow chews it’s cud! )

Christopher Hitchens expose continued:



so what the FUCK

Fox News says: “The sisters have a vision that runs like electricity through all of their houses. And that is to serve, without getting noticed, without pride, without a pat on the back, without the instant gratification of, say, more social media followers.”

What about the Nobel Peace Prize, and all the other awards she received?  What about the money Mother Teresa received in the millions, annually. What about the nun getting kudos from Pope Francis for her false testimony about partial birth abortions and the scare tactics about brains being sucked out on some you tube during the Republican primaries?.

King James Bible
They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.  

I don’t recall many Jewish people with the name Elizabeth, though I could be wrong. The cousin of Mary and since there seem to be many Mary’s to add to the confusion. One in particular called Mary wife of Chuza which seems to be a BIG CLUE. Sophie’s Choice? And then we never hear about Joseph after a certain point. Not a hint. He just disappears. We do however hear about Joseph of Ari-mathea.

Kind of reminds me of Benghazi. Everyone more concerned with the IRS abuses such as Jay Sekalow (which by the way have a long history of abuses for the average middle class American) than figuring out about all the lies, the coverup of Benghazi, the UN speech by Barack Obama’s promise/pledge about Islam soon after Benghazi. Even Franklin Graham was insulted by the IRS, or so he says and I don’t recall that he was insulted nor alarmed by Barack Obama’s pledge at the UN,

nor anyone else that I know of.


What happened to the witnesses?

Were they executed by executive order

or was it a mandate?

Where did they go?

How did they get there? Who Kerried them there? Who took over the State Department? Who did he marry? Who met Assad before the “sarin gas” hoax? Who over heard the military talking about it? How convenient! JUST a coincidence? Diverting State Department fund’s funded by American Taxes to his daughter’s new charity


To train doctors? Are they kidding?


Can’t doctors afford to train doctors without diverting funds from the State Department? Sounds real sweet but if it’s based on a lie and theft so how can you trust the excuse? Soooooo catholic! It’s called bullshit.

Do they train mother teresa’s nurses as well?

We all know Kerry married for money and reputation. We know he’s a fake beginning with his tales of heroism at war! And we know he doesn’t really work for the USA, so who does he work for? He took over the State Department! Germany took over the State Department as did France. Courtyard of the Gentiles is in France at Notre Dame of Paris (UR Lady Of Paris) which was the only building lit up during a massacre in recent times to bring attention to it over the Eiffel Tower as I recall. And Kerry did not want any space between him and Hillary.


Some of the witnesses were taken to Germany. Some State Department employees were given lie detector tests weekly after wards to keep them in Chech. We don’t need to be deceived into a civil war which was proven by truth seekers on the internet but not admitted to by the news but hard to refute when dead bodies change clothes and women/nuns wearing painter’s masks walking around with kids in hand in Saran gas exposed areas and photoed. It was probably the rice.

John Kerry ought to answer the question below and expound upon it so he can have a clearer conscience before we ought to believe his suffering conscience in regards to Syria.

Might unravel some problems and give him that space he could enjoy which might lead to a silver lining in the cloud over his head. There were other clues having to do with South America, Argentina or near there I think in the clothing worn by the people in supposedly Syria and I think the people wore them for a reason. It was OBVIOUSLY a set up and Where is Pope Francis from? He is a Jesuit, that we know. They make a vow to protect their establishment and are capable of doing anything to keep it at a great cost to everyone else. The RCC wants them Golan Heights, me thinks, because “it’s Precious!”

Where are the witnesses? Supposedly one witness was transferred to Bethesda and visited by another Senator who said he was afraid to talk and then there was the lost nuke fear, wasn’t there ? I think it was Senator Lindsay Graham. And Christine LaGarde is getting kind of antsy lately. She likes USA tax dollars so she can bake on her yacht.

“What is truth” said Pontius Pilate.

What is that to thee?

(And of coarse Pontius is wrong)

Follow me.


The Tradition of Christmas


For those that defend Christmas the tradition such as O’reilly who staunchly and vehemently defends the holiday to honor Jesus why on earth would he laud a musician Herbie Hancock for his religion of Buddhism? Seemed odd to me. I know Herbie Hancock’s music is definitely laudable, but his religion? Course Roman Catholic Jesuits prefer Buddhism to delineating the differences in the gospels which are many. I guess it’s taboo. He just wrote a book called Killing Jesus because he thought or felt that God had prompted him to write it in his third installment of the trilogy about killing:

the first Killing Lincoln and the second Killing Kennedy

and the third of the trilogy and last but not least Killing Jesus.

Watch Bill O’Reilly ‘Surprise’ Obama

at the Kennedy Center,

Shake Hands with Snoop Dogg

And by the way I will include at the bottom of the page the flags of the Middle East and parts of North Africa and Italy and many of them are the colors of Christmas except a few. I wondered if since Jesus was Jewish why the colors of Christmas aren’t blue and white instead of green, red and white. Seems odd since the instructions in the Old Testament for certain housing and decor are blue and white and REAL GOLD (not credit!)

Seems to me in honor of Jesus

even though O’reilly admitted Jesus probably wasn’t born in December

we would celebrate his birth with the colors of his country and his ancestry

but then maybe Christmas really isn’t about Jesus.




A dish towel?

I wonder what they served Mother Teresa when no one was filming?

Christopher Hitchens Expose cont:

“The Teresa Cult is now a Missionary Multi National with annual turnover worth tens of millions. If concentrated in Calcutta that could certainly support a large hospital and perhaps even make a noticeable difference but Mother Teresa has chosen instead to spread her franchise very thinly.

To her the convent and the catechism matter more than the clinic:”

)That could actually make a difference(

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 6.29.30 PM

“Now we are in 105 countries and we are 500 convents around the world

without counting India:

HA,HA,HA, Beautiful.”

Eventually 700 and 300

…………contradiction contradiction contradiction ………….

My mom told me she wanted to live to 105 YEARS OF AGE and SHE ACTUALLY IS/WAS BEAUTIFUL

and my dad concurred


they are they

My mom might have had the opportunity to make it to 105 if it hadn’t been for Mother Teresa and her death cult and those that don’t question the status quo hoisted upon us by those that hate the USA and freedom.

My eldest sister was in the 500 Club

so to hear 105 countries and 500 convents is a bit strange


Eerie like a woman pulling a plug on her husband’s kayak in Lake Erie kind of eerie and with a chuckle. Heard it on Fox news first and my LITTLE sister and her new husband planned on buying kayaks for their lake home before my mom died and her husband who was not that much of a husband was with my mom when she died. He had been married twice before and never put a cent of his money into their lake home and lived off my sister’s settlement from her first divorce from her first husband and she socked away $35,000 before my mom died in a savings account of my mom’s estate as if that made it okay and her second husband looked eerily like the ring bearer of Queen Elizabeth at her Diamond Jubillee a few years ago and very much like DOD Chuck Hagel. One of his earlier wives didn’t live so I don’t think his record is very good when it comes to women. He told my sister’s son that he was guarding my sister.

My dad was set to go to his apartment at The ARC and the day of his release from the hospital I was told that he aspirated on a pill someone gave him (my little sister said she went to his apartment to clean it before he came home when it occurred) and then I had to return from another city by plane to watch him die so forgive me if I’m suspicious. It happened in a hospital and there is such a thing as a tracheotomy. And then my mom was hospiced without warning for me or to me by any family members two weeks before she died. I heard that the hospice people interfered with the hospital and that was when she died. Both of their deaths are suspicious/auspicious.

The problem with assisted suicide/murder

is the abuse of the patient

depending on their social status, religion, race, sexual preference, vendettas, 


and that is why

it CANNOT be allowed to PROSPER,



I know my teaching or revelations or what ever you want to call them is a threat to Roman Catholicism so



Mother Teresa came from a rough neighborhood Albania and imo a fraudulent religion so it’s no wonder she is full of shit. The USA has a lot of problems but we don’t need theirs. Instead of soaking them into our culture as if we need vultures we need to be an example however birth control and abortion are her tools to degrade our nation and she used it but then taking bribes and dirty money and using dirty needles to get the job done isn’t something to brag about hence the coverup. She is probably by interfering in the world guilty of more death and more deaths of children that were actually born than most who fight in legitimate wars. She should be considered the enemy to our nation as well has her legacy the hospices she generated which hopefully will be short lived.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 3.00.10 PM

The mystery of iniquity

2 Thess. 2:7 “He Who Now Letteth Will Let, Until He Be Taken Out Of The Way” (KJV)

Which He? the one that letteth or the one that is taken out of the way?

blood letting 

  1. the surgical removal of some of a patient’s blood for therapeutic purposes.
    • the violent killing and wounding of people during a war or conflict.
      “gang members have halted their internecine bloodletting”
    • bitter division and quarreling within an organization.
      Remember the picture of Michelle at Benghazi with the arms in one hand and a syringe in the other? I remember whether you do or not.
      blood rising to the horses bridal/ 1600 furlongs/ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and the longest Presidential race in history


Art not thou that Egyptian, which before these days madest an uproar,
and leddest out into the wilderness 
four thousand men that were murderers?
The reason I added this same verse is the word leddest in comparison to the word letteth in the verse in  2 Thess. 2:7 “He Who Now Letteth Will Let

I have no respect for Mother Teresa

(She/He is NOT a mother)

nor do I respect  priests called fathers by catholics because of the instruction by Jesus to call no man father but your Father in heaven. Most of them never have children but live off the backs of other parents who do have children. 

I imagine that got him in trouble with the temple people and I don’t think it was a deceitful thing to say. I think that God the Father and your natural father have the best interests of their kids much more in mind than a priest who is denied the opportunity to learn about children personally and can’t possibly have any understanding about raising their own kids especially when they rebel which they do sometime or others. Hence you have limited their personal growth in the most important part of a person’s life: their kids, but I can’t stress it enough call no woman your mother but your mother in heaven. One of the commandments God honors parents by commanding children to honor their mother and father and a commandment for parents to their children.

Muther Teresa has no boobs which is evident in the photo montage above,

nor does she have a forehead

neither that I can see

Are these albanian traits?

Was her name? JOY?

And while they yet believed not for joy, and wondered, he said unto them,
Have ye here any meat?


We’re Off to See The Wizard – The Wizard Of Oz (1939)

which she harbors inside her soul and she has great misunderstanding and lack of discernment and causing Great Harm to others.

In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t ASSIST with the AIDS Epidemic and obviously TB using those dirty needles

(which my mom had as a young woman and a mother and my past boyfriend and his brother died of aids both were hemophiliacs. His name was Bob.)


in the expose by Christopher Hitchens.

She could barely speak english broken at best.




CITIZEN KAINE by Orson Welles


Release dates

Mother Teresa Died: September 5, 1997, Kolkata, India

“Hearst prohibited mention of the film in any of his newspapers.”

William Randolph Hearst is the person who had the media he controlled

puff to the public


Sort of looks like a combination of a feminine version of BGEA Billy Graham and George Ganswein in the smile and the brow,

in a way!

as if their spirit or ghost entered her.

Not a feminine bone in her body


as in MARY the virgin!

Billy Graham of the BGEA


Hearst has relatives I think one of them was the Secretary and dresser adjusted his cloak and braids to Pope Benedict XVl. His comptroller. Saw the pope flinch once when he adjusted his braid while Pope Benedict was on a bridge checking out a memorial for three fellows MEN who were martyred and I think it might of had to do with Benghazi. Pre-nup type honor. He had the instinct to flinch and soon wasn’t the pope. He didn’t steal a martyrs necklace for courage as did Pope Francis a Jesuit POPE and I suspect that Ganswein is a Jesuit and many other secret things that are not good such as Opus dei. A man for all seasons just to fit in at every opportunity.  OPUS DEI etc. He is BAD NEWS and warned about in the movie known to be the Greatest Movie ever produced for a reason. Abortion being used as an excuse to kill the elderly (or impaired or those that suffer mental disorders) is typical of boys that hate women very deeply using the one thing: abortion which is  VERY hard to pin on a male and those that aren’t worthy in their eyes that depending on politicks and keeping power to afford their lavish lifestyles. If priests were required to be men with families they would be just as vulnerable as the next guy who does have families of their own and a VerY REAL and TRUE stake in the game of life, hence it is forbidden.

That my friends is what one of the Jesuses was warning about.

Think about what Solomon did when two women claimed the same baby and though it was barbaric (a man’s way) it had some merit and at the time people were barbaric and he was their leader. What if the sword fell out of his hand while making his point??? Where were the husbands? But nevertheless it is in the bible. It could have been handled better with the same conclusion and back then people did not know about depression and post partum etc. but for that time it worked.

The TEN COMMANDMENTS also warn about it as well. The difference between God and man. Roman Catholicism even changed the Ten Commandments and I think deleted one commandment and divided a particular commandment and made it into two to make them ten to indulge their sensitivities, so you can imagine what they did to Jesus and to the bible: (Made one cloth for the Shroud of Turin instead of what Peter witnessed in the empty tomb which was two burial cloths) Can you imagine Roman Catholics trying to compete with only

The Nine Commandments.

They had to have ten to compete with God and for their replacement theology. Why not accept the Ten Commandments AS WAS GIVEN as a basis of their religion if they weren’t competing. Obviously no human has fulfilled the law but it is still the law. You don’t change the law to fulfill it. Like changing the rules of the game in the middle of the game to appear holier. It ain’t fair. And that is why the RCC will be destroyed very soon 


 because of their sins: the 7 deadly sins that the RCC created, exploited and supported in place of the Ten Commandments. They definitely did not fulfill their own laws. I’m talking the clergy not the layman as far as responsibility. Even some of the clergy realize their own shortcomings and still support the religion of Roman Catholicism and they should resign ASAP because they do a disservice to themselves and others and give undue credence to a very abusive religion and because of the warning in Revelation to leave the religion and this would be a good time to do it since the signs are there to leave: some self-fulfilled, but fulfilled nevertheless and maybe some laymen and laywomen will leave too and you will have accomplished a good thing:

Divorce it.

You don’t have to mortify your own flesh just leave mentally, psychologically, spiritually and as best you can physically without making a big ordeal or making new religion (daughter) only to exacerbate and multiply the RCC by multiplying it’s daughters like a plant shooting out a new branch or branches only to be infiltrated and brought back to the fold of the RCC. Resign and Retire from Roman Catholicism. Make your excuses, but leave  and I’m sure God will understand since you are obeying his plea! You don’t have to congregate to be a believer in God. I know it’s human nature to congregate and makes one feel good but it’s not necessary. Believing in the same different tenet separated from the RCC. etc.: I’m a calvinist, I’m an orthodox,  I’m an anglican like different denominations of money but you are still money. So when the pope urges christians to have dialogue with muslims is total nonsense. I saw on the news or internet a bunch of men on one knee praying in Charlotte NC and seemed fakey, set up, displaying like Tebow who is IMO obnoxious. What happened to the idea of praying in private instead of making a spectacle as if Charlotte NC wasn’t a spectacle to begin with. Talk about turning everyone off to prayer. Why not send a chain letter while you are at it. LOL. I do have a problem with praying about a football game. Granted you want to win but do it in the locker room, you know? Congregating isn’t bad such as going to church unless you make a show of it in regards to God. Then it’s pomp. Who cares if a few football players won’t pledge allegiance or stand for the national anthem unless it’s the military or the President of the USA or those representing Americans in politics (those in high places). Now if those men praying ran around with the Ark 7 times around Charlotte rioters it seemed kind of pompous like watching the laying of hands on a few politicians in the Presidential race in Iowa before the Iowa Caucus…sickening at best especially after hearing about a friend of a relative whose parents laid their hands on their son on the same day before he ends up dead after falling off a building with one sock and one shoe on the same foot after complaining to friends and family that he was being pursued by some bad people in Chicago. Just because he was paranoid didn’t mean he didn’t have a right to be paranoid, obviously.

People wanted to lay their hands on Jesus and look what happened to him when they did lay their hands on him. Of course the notion “laying of hands” has come to mean other things such as “understanding” but how it got to mean that is a mystery or putting your hands on each other in prayer as if that somehow makes prayer stronger.

Did the walls of Charlotte NC come down?

There is a correlation to the Ark when David danced before it and one of his men died transporting it when he laid his hands on it to steady it because it was gonna fall and the Gospel of Luke and Joseph of Ari-mathea being a  just “something or other.” Which you can read about in the post about Joseph of Ari-mathea linked and posted on Merangue’s Blog. I don’t think he was the same David that the bible relates concerning the information or verse in the OT:  I am the root of David. How many David’s do you know? And maybe not the same Ark or in the wrong hands the Ark becomes a curse, etc. anyway seems to have disappeared for good reason. It became a curse otherwise where is it?

affidavit is

  1. a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, for use as evidence in court.
     That verse may have to do with whoever affirms the Ten Commandments is the root of David? I don’t know but seems to me the foundation to a good religion would be the Ten Commandments and without the Ten Commandments you are only a cult. It’s worth investigating.
    Confirmed vs affirmed
    Those are the values we need to use as a standard whether or not we miss the mark which everyone I have ever witnessed has missed the mark not just once but you have to have a standard to try to reach and you don’t dumb it down in order to reach it.
    Anyway I think that is what Jesus meant when he told Peter 
    Feed my sheep and lambs
    at the Sea of Galillee was to affirm the Ten Commandmernts as the standard whether or not he fulfilled the law then but seems to me Jesus is still in the process of fulfilling it. I guess it doesn’t happen over night. Was Rome built in a day?
    The Ten Commandments point to Jesus who said I Am etc and the true Jesus points to the Ten Commandments and it’s a good idea to try to be in that sphere of influence. He had to veil some things I think till the right time because there were some charlatans imitating him. Wolves in sheep’s clothing, etc. Plenty of wolves in sheep clothing on tv preaching some because they are deceived and some knowingly using tricks like the gold dust phenomena crap, falling backwards like Benny Hinn, etc. using ridiculous antics, clucking like chickens, talking about getting rich, talking in tongues, and are insincerely possessed.

Mean while the RCC will take as many with them as they can but God isn’t dumb though the RCC thinks he is dumb because God is patient, and said “come out of her my children”, (you are not their children) and so you do not partake of the RCC’s sins.

George Ganswein

who didn’t age well

obviously trying to influence the Pope lol


Criticism of Mother Teresa

Bhopal disaster

Was the Bhopal industrial accident

MERELY a publicity stunt

for the Roman Catholic Church and for Mother Teresa?

Recall Bhopal Tragedy To Know Real Teresa


She looks like a Hummel figurine especially on stage praying and being honored in the you tube by Christopher Hitchens.

Hummel figurines
Hummel figurines are a series of porcelain figurines based on the drawings of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, O.S.F.
The only ad the ex was in was for Precision Tune Auto Care and it went like this
“It hums a precision tune.”
It’s the mob, more than likely.


The fact that she got involved and told people to


and thousands and thousands died and then had instructions to destroy correspondence is SUSPICIOUS. 

What were they supposed to forgive?


snow flakes who had annullments?

females (real females) who use birth controls




She did not say,

so I think clearly she was demanding forgiveness

because of her part in Bhopal and form $$$. etc.

I wonder how much money she received for their forgiveness? kind of like my younger sister destroying photos of my parents and their friends and my eldest getting rid of pictures of me in her home as if I never existed. My mom didn’t worry about shit like that. She kept everything, lol which drove my dad up the wall sometimes. My younger as far as I know got $35,000 and my older got $250,000 a year, maybe more to fritter away and she did: she Commisioned a Ten Foot (thereabout, it was huge) Portrait in Oil of herself sitting in a wicker hawaiian queen’s chair with her first daughter by her side and not in proportion unlike herself which was the main theme obviously and should have been a clue for me she had a problem, a big one. Who does that? My mom could have done a better job but my sister had a way with demeaning her family.  Her ceilings were not tall enough so it was obvious something did not fit. She commissioned it near the time I made my witness to her about her husband that she didn’t take well or in the spirit in which it was given. I wasn’t trying to destroy them I just didn’t want to have to handle it alone. He wanted to carry me to the car in front of his wife because I was barefoot and it was moist outside etc and he went further than that which was unnerving and incriminating me and the past reared it’s ugly head at me that night when he molested me interrupting my sleep in a hide a bed sleeping a foot away from and next to his wife years before. I don’t think a portrait is handling it by any measure and lying to my parents was

EXTREMELY unnecessary and petty.

It seemed premeditated now that I think about it: the actions of my brother-in-law.

Maybe Babs (Barbara) and Sammy Kinkeade (banker) could explain, her suite mate who said “it is harder for those who have money to lose it than those that don’t” as if she knew. Went to the Methodick Church the largest congregation in the world in Dallas on NW HWY.


Or Lori Sparks (not a favorite of the family) her Royal Oaks buddy and real estate agent who when I first met her was pretty shabby looking but improved with some major work as did my sister: boob job, enlarging her vagina (her husband wasn’t into foreplay with his wife or she couldn’t have an orgasm because of hoe tiny her vg was. Probably didn’t understand you have to help), nose job, said it was for a deviated septum but ended up looking a whole lot different and other stuff neck and face lift? Even lied about it to her daughter. Virginia Cooke? Perhaps Scott Brown or Canda his ex wife might know what happened to my sister? Susan Johnson Caine a school teacher (perhaps she knows) or her ex Wayne Johnson. Fred Schlicker? Nancy Rattan, Gen. Rattan’s (4 star general the one that was lost in the Congo for a while) daughter…the one that called me about the morning when I left abruptly and advised me to tell her the scoop and worked for a hospital in San Antonio? Perhaps Scofield non-denominational church might know. BOB BANKS the church director for kids who got a divorce and dated my little sister while he taught her when she was only a young lady at Ferguson Baptist Church or perhaps Kay and Chris Krusz of Rockwall Texas might know? The one that said Texas doesn’t have earthquakes and worked for an oil company and said he was the one that found oil by fracking or some kind of technique? He was a geologist in college and now a wino etc and said we dated when we didn’t and was my little sister’s old friend to the point of jealousy from his wife. She was jealous of both of us because he had a problem: LYING! Richard and Debbie Stanford might know? Betty and Johnny Stanford? Or How about Bob Lamereaux? Many went to SMU. Seemed like it changed her into a nasty person. Mark Kircher, Gary’s brother, a doctor I think, in Colorado, maybe he gets it. Chuck Larson her affairs or how about Lon Williams, the other affair? Maybe the 500 Club knows, her ladder? How about the BGEA and the English saint who lived across the street from them on GLEN AIRE Drive  in Dallas.  I’m just getting started:)

I have a right to expose them because my sister’s husband the molester and dick showoff

SAE Gary JOHN Kircher of SMU

the dunce as my dad said about him

told my family to isolate me so that I would come back to the fold


for more harassment, belligerence at the oddest times, tricks, set ups, and for their Stellar reputations.

I can’t tell you how many times my sister wanted me to spend the night at her house and I had to decline nicely and I can’t figure out why she would even think about it? I think once I did and was on the couch with one eye open almost all the time. I’m talking years and years. Every time I declined I thought it might be a source of resentment but she asked. It was weird. I would have loved to have spent many nights with her as sisters, but I couldn’t. We had fun together often and it was hard to be in the middle of whatever it was we were dealing with, I was anyway. Usually involved drinking when he acted up.

Instead we tried forgiveness and silence for the kids sake and my parent’s sake after a meeting with my brother and my younger sister and my older sister and her hubby  who did not attend the meeting wouldn’t adhere to it! Asked my brother leading questions when he stayed in their home as to the reason for his visit and meeting with me when i was in isolation of theirs using many lies. Walt said he was fishing when we met at the hotel to find a reasonable way to handle  this problem we had as a family and of course Gary knew why. I think something happened to my brother because of them because he changed and in some ways we were very close because of our upbringing and our explorations. Tricking me into watching ATONEMENT and trying to get the family to watch it and little needling shit was my sister’s way. DIGS AND DIGS. Used her friends often as well and they went along and

THEY KNEW! I know they knew!

It’s hard to try to walk in her shoes b/c she never even tried to walk in mine.

When she spent a few hours shopping for those flip flops she made a point of saying “Money was no object.”
I had invented a contraption/a machine for welding small jewelry metal parts for the serious welders and hobbyists and I wanted to show her my drawings of it b/c I was excited and had seen a patent company and they were very interested b/c it passed their tests of patent laws which would mean a profit in various ways and she would not even look. That was on the trip with just my sisters to see mom when my sister said “Three was the number of perfection” which she must have learned on a Christian woman’s retreat in North Carolina. BGEA country) The patent company said I needed to come up with $17,000-$19,000 to get it perfected to get it to the manufacturing stage and that family is usually who you approach first, so i did. I think if it had been perfected it might have been successful and sold for around $600 per unit (maybe more) and replacement parts would have yielded a great profit as well. A very cool idea that came to my mind out of need. She didn’t even show interest in my drawings of it. Never even looked at them.  Never bothered to ask about it and reminded me of my ex’s mom who was very stubborn. She could have had a percentage but didn’t dare to examine. I don’t remember if I told her the money aspect of it but not to even look at my drawings was really a slap in the face and this is before the letters and before my indiscreetness in my blogs about family and before my mom was hospiced without my knowledge. Yet I had to spend two hours on her project: the flip flops!

Just one of her kind of digs!

So why THE FUCK should I be discreet anymore which I haven’t been for a while since being isolated, prevented from profiting, attacked in various ways, belittled, mocked, etc?

NEVER AGAIN. I will rub it in till the day I die.

There are those temples that were unearthed and I think there is something to it after the dams were built. You can read about it in the JFK stuff and Jackie Kennedy had something to do with it and was awarded by Egypt with gifts because of it. I think they are our worst enemy:the temples because of the things I learned about them but to explain it is too much for me to do and needs to be investigated by others if they want to make a difference in this world.

The office fiasco with my sister and her husband I think that I perplexed them


and I didn’t even bring up the past molestation to the office manager Sheila Rice of Virginia Cook Realtors, just what happened at the office when he grabbed my ass underneath in a harmful way. I was shaking afterwards and very upset and he was gleeful.

The truth works though not without a lot of hurt. After may strange threats and hassles

I ended up in the ER for the first time (besides the caesarian births) with a peritoneal abscess and Sepsis from the poison in my abdomen poisoning my organs, skin, everything and almost died. 14 days as I recall. For some reason the ex lied about the amount of time saying it was ten days. My sisters wouldn’t watch my kids. One had to go home and do laundry for her grown up kids and husband and the older sister who lived nearby didn’t offer.

When I had to tell her why I left my parents home that morning at the suggestion by her best friend the gnarls daughter and I barely got out what needed to be said and didn’t get to the part at the apartment years before. She told me she was gonna call our parents and tell them I was attracted to her husband and then called our parents in front of me and told them I left because I was attracted to her husband. So I left and went to my apartment kind of upset and bewildered and then he called me later that day and called me a fucking liar and was irate and I hung up on him and then they called later on to set up a meeting at their home to discuss it and Gary said at that meeting  he would go to church blah blah blah while my sister clanged pots pans and dishes in the kitchen a living room away. She didn’t attend or anything. I didn’t dare go to the kitchen because she wasn’t approachable at the time. I can’t remember how we got back to seeing each other again but we did.

I wasn’t attracted to him, though I cared about them and he was entertaining to everyone that knew him including me but there are limits and I wanted it to be healthy for all of us. I wanted him to be like my brother or like a brother in law should be. I did not want to be part of a harem. He ruined my sister and our relationship and our family. All he had to do was respect her! If you want to have an affair do it with someone who wants one and not within the family.

Anyway the earlier molestation my sister finally learned about recently through some emails we had and I sent to family when things got real strange and she called the accusations I made zingers. She didn’t obviously want to know or she would have attended the meetings but I thought she should know since he was using the night in San Antonio as proof he didn’t molest me then. Until I gave her some zingers she was in the dark about what she did not want to know and using that ignorance against me to our family.

Clever, but not clever enough.

My older sister changed as well and had quite a bit of memory loss such as when the first husband of my youngest sister who saved her son’s life when her son was about 3 yrs old and he slipped into the pool. No one noticed and we were all there nearby. He did it quietly and it was a weird coincidence one would not forget. I had to remind here of it when she phoned me when she was attempting to console him during the time my little sister and he were in a divorce at the beginning (I thought it odd of my older sister being so friendly with him at the time b/c I did not feel I had the right to be in touch with him during their battle. It’s not like I was in touch with him anyway however my older sister tended to be pushy in her way. My younger sister was living with me off and on for a couple of years and took over the household in her way and my daughters bedroom yet did not allow me to stay with her during my divorce and afterwards and even when my mom was in dire straits and called me satan and the devil b/c I divulged some truths they did not like when threatening me and my mom in weird ways like she had lost her mind as well) about the death of his granddaughter who at her 3rd birthday party actually drowned in their pool. My sister’s xmas letters became one page letters typed but spaced very big spaced dbl/triple spaced as compared to the five to ten page letters with single spaces going over every detail of the years accomplishments of her family to the point of redundancy since we knew those things as they occurred. So something changed and I think I know why sort of anyway and who was behind it: the angel with white hair at her bedside when she had her ureter cut by mistake during some operation but I can’t remember why she went in the first place though probably something to do with her allergy to corn products. She was similar looking to Billy Graham’s daughter with the white hair and the bright white gnarly smile. I think that phone call was a fishing expedition to get information. When I told her or reminded her she said something like “oh yea.” I had never seen that woman before in my sister’s life and I think I would have noticed or heard about her so she was a new friend since often we hung out together a lot. The surgeon that performed the operation had a very german name and I think operated on her on a Friday b/c it was mentioned to me then that that is when many doctors make mistakes b/c of their outrageous schedules and desire to live in castles and the woman did a lot of service to her during that time for some reason. The hospital was not Parkland but I think it was St. Pauls but I’m not for sure. It’s been a while and I have been though a quite a bit since then. Anyway they settled out of court and she wore a urine bag for a while. It was how they recouped some dough Gary lost on the stock market. Luckily the doctor figured out her dilemma that he caused before it killed her….get  it? Insurance.

One night I heard about when my mom and dad still lived in their home their front door was blown off the hinges by a very strong wind and I think was a marker of something strange. A harbinger. Remember chapter four of the Gospel of John with the not-so-secret-follower of Jesus since it is in the bible written about: Nicodemus, Paul’s friend, and it talks about the weather and the wind, etc. A false Jesus! 


Nick has something coming down his chimney soon as do his many friends.

I guarantee it. It’s not a threat, it’s reality.

It’s gonna knock the socks off him.

That’s for sure!

It’s gonna be a helluva day and less than the average kind of day as in an hour biblically speaking and it’s almost over! It’s not my timing but God’s timing.

I know I’ll reunite with at least most of my family, friends and pets. I don’t know however about Gary and his prospects, and the same goes for the ex. I think they might have gone over the edge of the precipice to ever return!

God isn’t blind, deaf, or dumb.

 We’ll see.




I don’t know what they produced but I bet we will never know however it might be some interesting possibilities!

Abortion is for those whose body was ready but the mind wasn’t and many other reasons.

Matthew 26:41 Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Why is the spirit willing?

Is he talking about the holy spirit? I don’t really understand this verse and seems a bit backwards!




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If she loved babies/fetuses in the womb so much then why didn’t she have any children                                                                                                    of her own, that is the question. (Was she really a she?) She didn’t have kids and preferred to travel like a rock and roll star!


I bet she hasn’t even read the bible being catholic, which is typical of ignorance and untruthfulness, the papacies greatest tool. I think she was/is one of those angel revealed in Revelation 12:9 and that’s why she spread herself so thinly.

 Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

She had a lot of ground to cover. Her costume is very telling. Mocking.

Do you real think God would kill Bathsheba and Uriah’s baby because of David’s sin? Well it is told differently but sometimes you do have to read between the lines. The bible has incurred much renovation/transliteration and sometimes it is not an improvement but a huge mistake, like the One World Order which has been a complete failure. They did work on it in Dallas in the 70’s and in the 60’s Vatican 2.

They did not know about DNA then!

Was Diana pregnant?

Franklin Graham often lately in the last few years has said “More Christians are gonna die” and I think he meant it! Either from fear or knowledge.


Abomination of Desolation

 Abomination of Desolation Pt 2

The Covenant with Many


Joseph of Arimathea (A JUST MAN)

Josephus and His Footprints

The Absurdity of Cloven Tongues, Mighty Winds and Proselytes


I Am That I Am (The Sign) -Revised *

I AM THAT I AM (Part two)

The Stone Which the Builders Rejected

The Synoptic “Q Source”

Salute No Man

The Fruits of the Vatican

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Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 12.13.39 PM

U.S. returns to 1 World Trade Center 15 years after attacks

Why would the US Customs and Border Control move into the New 1World Trade Center in New York?

Watched a little bit on the History channel about 9-11  where George Bush was being told about the planes hitting the towers (World Trade Center) and mentioned to the ex the similarity of that and how JFK was gonna give a speech at the Dallas Trade Center before he was assassinated and because I made the  mistake of calling it the world trade center got him riled up but in any case I meant the Dallas Trade Center which was attempting to be worldly and how the school book depository was where the alleged shooter was and how George Bush was reading a schoolbook to school children when he received the news about the planes in front of the cameras and he didn’t see the correlation and he’s catholic. Sort of a cultish correlation. Anyway we got in a heated exchange and I came back and said do you see a correlation between you calling the police and my arrest by the police and it really got heated. He was royally pissed! I said YUMMY. Thank God he’s only a house painter and a musician.

Other correlations: Jeb Bush Governor of Florida where the Saudi pilots were trained to fly planes without learning to land them. New school curriculums for public education: dumb down the public. One of the first governors to be involved in assisted suicide/murder by starvation i.e. hospiced patient against the will of her family. The Catholic connection. Maybe it too was an assassination in regards to 9-11. One plane never left the tarmac and probably the incentive for the suicide squads – to hit the White House or the NYSE or to erase a debt?- and conveniently was thwarted. Maybe the real reason was to hit a particular competitive company? I’m sure there is more we don’t know yet but it was definitely religiously and vengefully inspired.

Personal coincidences: My niece watched from Brooklyn the attack on a roof top the attack on 9-11 and my mom watched the attack on Pearl Harbor on a roof top when the planes came in to attack the USA. Her grandmother was Grandmother White who lived to 104 years of age and my mom wanted to outlive her to live to be 105 and instead was hospised (by my niece’s mom the executor who was married to a man whose dad was President of CONOCO OIL and his son lost a shit load of money on the stock market and blamed everyone else one Tuesday in October and knew the Bushes and even went to their vacation spot and loved golf and went to the place in the Carolinas once a year sometimes bringing guests by invitation the one the Bushes went to) and my niece (the one that got the jealousy lesson in a hot tub at night by her dad alone outside when she was a tot the same guy who wanted to carry me to the car, etc) married a White. My mom was born in Panama which we gave away the canal which was really DUMB making us vulnerable to attacks in various ways. Those are some strange kind of connections.

Remember Jesus said:: Feed My Sheep! That includes oxygen and nutrients and whatever else is required. It wasn’t just a suggestion, but also a warning. So mother teresa and her cult is /was barking up the wrong tree the wrong way, imo. And also in regards to feeding his sheep may have been a clue that he was against fasting which would sure eliminate a lot of scripture (possibly false scripture more than likely.) He could have said be sure to fast my sheep and he didn’t. Would you fast your children, your pets, zoo animals, Free Willie before you swim with him at Sea World, your cattle or your crops, your date, a diabetic, athletes, pilots flying your plane, anyone operating machinery, your car, your cell phone, your laborers, a surgeon before your operation, military men and women before a battle, a pregnant female, or your guests???

Before Abraham was I Am.

Do the Ten Commandments say anything about the religious practice of fasting?


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Merangue’s Blog

Here is the flag of IsraelScreen shot 2014-01-02 at 12.25.56 PM

 Found out I’m not allergic to shrimp!

It must have been hospital error.

 What Would Jesus Say About Distortions Of His Teachings?

Added this because I agree with some of what this person wrote but definitely not all of it however each of us grow at our own pace and start in different locations, religions and families but personal growth requires some effort and experience. Keeping people ignorant is evil like when catholics were not allowed to read their bibles but encouraged to buy them which is sick or performing rituals in pig latin so the patrons were kept in the dark ages.

By the way

 Ganswein means pig’s wine.

Remember that event told about in the New Testament

about a lunatic, some pigs, and the cliffhanger was a cliff?    hmmmmm

We had a close person to our family though I did not know her who supposedly committed suicide and suffered a great deal so it’s no wonder. She was a Christian woman. I guarantee she could have gotten better treatment in regards to pain. I guarantee politics got in the way. Ever since Obama care the world has been deluged by greed of the career politicians and career clergy exponentially. Who would employ austerity? Obama. Merkel, Rosebud/muther fucker teresa, Gov.Mary something or other of Oklahoma, usury, plastic surgery is great enticement for weak flesh but looks can kill:

I received one of those looks and I didn’t die via the TV and the ex. I felt sick for a while though because of it but I looked down and left the room. It happened while watching a popular TV series about Washington DC and during an Shakespearian aside. It  went to the ex and then to me and it made me feel very sick and I saw it in their eyes from one to the other. It was very strange but real. I heard that the woman that died was put on different  psychological type medication recently which could have been the cause but I guarantee the media had something to do with it as well b/c it was after she watched tv. that she left the house and killed herself. The last hour of a suicide or murder I think is very important such as who they were with and what they were doing! very relevant. The ex said it as “the fog of war”, but he is a huge liar and forgets frequently and conveniently. Very sneaky as well. Double standards and other crapola but comes off to strangers and friends as a gentleman, polite, concerned and helpful but it took me a very long time to notice. I don’t think he’s necessarily a master mind but a conduit and I think his actions lately and his reactions shows signs of collusion and fear of getting caught in that collusion and fear of backing the wrong side. Miscalculating his future interests thinking he was on the winning side (deluded) and not believing he can change his course. and direction for the better. He loves to use my family against me and their lack of support and when one neighbor (barely an acquaintance) gave him the cold shoulder he couldn’t handle it. The fortitude and character of a fellow gang raper. A mama’s pampered boy. His dad died when he was quite young (18 yrs of age or so)so that may be part of his problem. There is such a thing as honor not for honor’s sake, but for truth’s sake. That was very telling how weak, cowardly and insecure he really is. Hopefully he’ll work it for the sake of his kids and for truth’s sake but still relying on things he shouldn’t like the RCC and their stature b/c of their general ignorance and numbers. Easy side to pick but the wrong side regardless and the same goes for Islam. Mega churches is another example b/c there is still a lot of crud in them which cancels out the good like fast food. He is such a control freak I rarely got to shop for groceries by myself yet I did the cooking most of the time in the marriage and I didn’t get paid on the job. That’s why I threw that fantastic Turkey soup in the trash when I did and other things that preceded that soup. He certainly should know by now they don’t care about individuals they care about vast numbers and when you aren’t needed anymore they ignore you. Ted Kennedy??? His mom after her husband died??? There are many examples. The church she attended snubbed her, etc. She told me so. Perhaps in her death she atoned for the RCC’s stake and returned to their fold for honor’s stake, and not for truth’s sake by her sons and their steak who hospised her and at least two of them estimating the days it takes to starve their mom I was told by the ex in the car. She could not talk or swallow. How convenient. The ex waited to see his mom dead instead of going to see her alive sheep-ish which is weird but PROP er (himself) in his mind’s eye and hoping I was next. She had only been a WAC and not for long but she got a husband who when he was dying wished it was her instead of him I was told by the ex. I know that feeling but I did not marry to have kids but was blessed  and sometimes cursed as well by those blessings. Took me 14 years to have a kid and  a second one some years later after I was married. His mom was buried with full honors but you should have seen what I saw and heard what I heard when I went to Parkland representing her: patronizing and simple taking credit for something she did not do… a slave but without a brain and not doing very much at all.  A surreal zinger. If the ex saw or heard he would be changing his tune for the sake of his family tree and for his kids and himself. But I will go it alone if need be to affix my family tree with their help where they are for them, for my kids, and for me and the people that have helped me that are sort of hard to distinguish yet. 

We are not the root of all evil but as most people have been deceived and learn eventually: deception begets deception often times more than expected and more than is due.

We were very close as a family (and played a great game of Balderdash together) and as it grew in a lot of good ways. We were spiritually attacked very harshly but each of us had some kinds of resilience, strengths, and talents

so I think we are gonna come out okay, I hope,

but our kids need our help!

Our family name is Root though he pronounced it Rut up north near Flint, Michigan  (lansing) where he grew up. He doesn’t see the forest for the tree yet. Dishonor among thieves! the mob. The bible tells about wars won with few and our own experience with WW11 should also do the same in people’s hearts and souls. The Six Day War is a good example as well. God stopping the sun for a day. However this christian woman was thinking about it before: who hasn’t thought about it, but she got serious about it. So she was hurting inside and desperate but I think something occurred with the drugs she was taking prescribed to her a change in her medication and the media: TV like what occurred to me but I was in better shape maybe and made more aware by my family in weird and mysterious ways ones with miracles included. She will get her chance on the other side like my parents and others who have died being on the front line crossed first (a surprise attack, like at Pearl Harbor and New York) but you have to try to listen and try to see and try to discern. Distinguish between truth and deception which is very perplexing. The ex doesn’t believe that my parents are helping but to try to explain that they were lied to by their first daughter and Gary the golden boy of Conoco oil and they have since showed me their way that they know and are doing somethings about it and tried to do while they were alive. Some big things and I don’t think I would have made it thus far without them and without God’s guidance:  I believe, but I falter sometimes and so did they.) 


anyone that follows Obama eventually feels his indulgence.

I know of a girl (teenager) who acted rashly and shot herself in the stomach over a break up and wished she hadn’t and still died. I know God loves both of them. Suicide happens often but we don’t need to incorporate it or franchise it. Thank you, Christopher Hitchens. I could not think of that word earlier and it was written in your expose above. Some of the events in our lives are premeditated by others in high places who are spiritually weak, mislead, lied to, divided, united, to weaken one’s spirit and destroy their flesh and God knows as well. It’s calculating spiritually and psychopathic and very rough but that is what we are dealing with….

I know that subliminal techniques have been used in the past and social media sure is a great provider for that kind of warfare and when someone is at a weak stature in health and age and  b/c of that warfare is when I imagine it is employed by evil entities. Remember the cell phone in the mouth of one of the guys at Benghazi and they had passwords to the US State Department? and who sold their presidency using the bribe of a free cell phone? Plus I have seen and noticed some things using the TV as a method and computers so its possible since she was watching TV right before she left the house and shot herself. Her mind and spirit might have been attacked and didn’t realize it wasn’t her fault or thinking she was crazy or because she was reminded of past sins by those who don’t care about reality. A woman in my past when I was a child hung herself for fear of hurting her children and we were in England at the time. I know it’s occurring: a hidden agenda, a hidden war, and hidden persecution but it’s cowardly to use it on civilians, the retired, females, and children but who said evil is heroic? none.

This kind of stuff was used during WWll influenced via many ways that the RCC have perfected as well as by fascists the ghosts of the past.

Remember “War of the Worlds” on radio? I’m not saying Orson Welles caused some strange reactions b/c at the time it wasn’t developed and there are those that are susceptible b/c of mental illness and religious fervor type stuff. The first house we rented the wall near the garage had a big blue painted name of jesus on it and the people that rented it before us I believe were from India (the ex said Ethiopians ) and we had to clean the living room that had a mountain of dirty diapers to get a no deposit break on the rental. I guess they didn’t use the trash religiously, they used the living room. It needed work. Anyway it is also rumored the deaths from the radio show to be a prank to gain publicity. I have experienced some nutty people and read about some as well:

1000  Peanut butter sandwiches?

He eventually outed the BGEA in his last post before he died in a car wreck in East Texas. Wished he was able to forewarn the people at the World Trade Center so they wouldn’t need firefighters and a thousand peanut butter sandwiches but it spawned his career in religion kind of like muther teresa. Actually it was a trial based on the killing of a jewish boy by a gang of kids that he took under his wings and mentored that got him started and he looked a bit (quite a bit) possessed but I think struggled against it: Rev. Wilkerson was his name. He got some attention to show deception and possibly foreknowledge by the same person who did not warn JFK to avoid Dallas because of his intuition but he had a cold which prevented him as he wrote about in one of his books titled even though he had access to the President.:

Just as i am. Just a siam?  Just a twin? Who knows what he meant?

His name was Billy Graham. I think the purpose was to remind people of his alibi by radio for the time of the JFK assassination which could have been pre-recorded.

Have ye any meat?

The ones that were afraid in a room are the one’s being called out of the Whore of Babylon who do the dirty work of the devil because they are binding and remitting (I think they are evangelicals-evil cia angels secret service types gone over to the bent cross stuff-avenging in any case ) You can read about austerity in the Gospel of Luke and on some of my posts linked on Merangue’s Blog

and of course those who are not professional catholics.

The funny thing about austerity is it eventually kills the rich and well-connected and their trees. Its absolutely a ridiculous concept and it will be devastating. How about Nancy Pelosi’s tree for instance?

I used to stick up for my ex when we were married and so did my mom and he betrayed us in many ways, but he sure can put on an act of caring. I got very hungry at the hospital recently and wanted some eggs, etc. he declined fixing them but he put on my blood pressure wrap after i had to get a urine sample when the curtain was open to the hospital people with the door open. it’s sickening. He does what he can to appear a certain way. His birthday was a few days ago and because of a death of the woman who committed suicide that he barely knows and met once (the suicide which bolstered his reasoning about hospices which is the opposite of my views and bolsters the catholic way. he met her once as far as I know. It’s a sad story but he brought up to me whether suicide is considered murder??? twisted reasoning! I guess it depends on the circumstances and who or what caused it.)  But most people can accomplish it themselves if they are desperate if they have a mind to do it and don’t need avenging anger to assist them: which is murder. God knows the difference. I would not get into the business of it if I were a believer in God b/c it can get very complicated and take you on roads you don’t want to go and abortion rights is no excuse for killing those that are or were born or to harass women and girls who make that personal decision or harass their parents or the hospitals that provide safe abortions for the female unless they are abusing that privilege which I think much of the accusations are pig’s wine to divert attention from the real criminals in high places who cause many problems in order to keep a swell lifestyle.

I love money but I rarely have it. It’s because I rarely have it that causes me problems sometimes with God not the love of it but depends on what kind of love we are talking about.

The verse in the bible about the love of money makes you hate God is BULLSHIT. UTTER nonsense. Depends on which God one is talking about. Definitely muther teresa’s god, more than likely. But to steal and rob is the wrong kind of love of money or making money like charging outrageous taxation and killing for inheritance or charging outrageous insurance costs which is unreliable obviously definitely is a hatred of God. Insurance is Very NEO and wasn’t needed in the past. I think insurance is good for machinery and objects/things that need replacing or updating for better service is certainly a good reason for insurance but not people’s health isn’t, which causes inflation and higher costs and debt in the long run, IMO and doesn’t save lives in fact it kills people, businesses, economies, talent and delays cures.

A fetus is not viable till it is viable when born hence the powers that be don’t insure them till a certain point: IPSO FACTO.

 The ex did not want to have a good meal and wanted McDonalds instead for his birthday to appear as if he were mourning.. I asked what would he like and he went in to his explanation about his grief so then I said what would fulfill your desire in not being extravagant kind of meal (not in those words because I can’t remember the word he used) and so that was his birthday wish. He bought it.

My mom used to have this really long hair on her arm and she kept it and called it Aloishes or Alowishes. She never spelled it out, but that was what it sounded like. It’s true!

Richard Burton sings Camelot 1978



Camelot 04: Follow Me

beautiful song

The two live musicals my parents took the kids to was Camelot and The Sound of Music,

as I recall.

I am positive we saw the play The Sound of Music. I was just a kid and both parents made an impression on me and it’s possible we only saw the movie of Camelot and also the movie the Robe and the Greatest Story Ever Told with Max Von Sydow which I loved.

I trust their character as a team. They were amazing. I think it was a long view message to me and my shadow and hopefully to my family and the family that I grew up with and their families, etc. I think she witnessed some things she could not say. We really had a great childhood because of them. Maybe they KNOW something we don’t. She wanted to live to 105. Maybe it’s a message to some other humans as well. I think it’s a powerful message! It’s hard to explain things to kids and young adults how the world really works till they experience it. Like Thelma and Louise the movie when Susan Sarandon says “that ain’t how the world works” or words to that effect.

I do get a lot of help in mysterious ways from beyond and in the present but have been attacked as well which is par for the coarse.

PS: My little sister did admit to serving me walnuts instead of almonds she attested to when she served her dip the first time I came down with what is called COPD. The reason I persisted for the truth from her was others close to me got sick with pneumonia around the same time with the same symptoms (youthful non smokers). There was a listeria outbreak with walnuts at the time and her second husband provided the walnuts for her dip which is unusual so I appreciated her truthfulness that she blurted out to me over the phone, so I think there is hope for her in the long run. I felt like my dad was with her helping her to have courage by the way she blurted it out. I hope so and her truthfulness at that crucial point helped me to take notice of my ex’s insistence of my disease and his excuse as well and helped me to notice other things as well I might not have noticed or been as watchful. AWARE! She was my Shirley Temple buddy and many other things growing up;) : dipping potato chips in neopolitan ice cream at five in the morning for our entertainment ritual to see some great cartoons once a week and our shared horse hobby my parents provided us at great cost and hassle to them and our horse sense.

Boy did I have the best nap and a great poop.

I needed it

and I also received a very sweet sign afterwards and I didn’t even ask.

Divorce is rough no matter how nice you are……. on everyone.The ex instructed me not to allow my 18 yr old daughter to drive my car w/o license even to the neighborhood store two blocks away alone. I think I have allowed her to go to her friends house two or three blocks away and to the neighborhood store two or three times. She has previously driven her boyfriend off and on for two years all the way to Forney many times 40 minutes away b/c of his drinking problem and being on probation with a breathlizer which has just been removed from his car  and the ex knows this which is partly how she learned to drive in the middle of the night after he was with his drinking buddies who drink excessively to out drink each other…kind of a 21 year old male activity.  I’m talking about vast amounts of booze and she does this for him or she did to protect his life whether she was with him for the evening or he was without her. I also taught her to drive in the neighborhoods nearby and a small bit of driving within 5 miles or so off and on for those years as well. Her dad has done the same a couple times but they don’t get along and she doesn’t like his car b/c it’s too tight and sensitive as he is. A terrible type teacher and a real dick when it comes to small things b/c he is perfect.

Today while he was at work she comes in to wake me to change in some change of his for something or other though she did not say why or what and wanted to use my car to take it to the store to use on a money change machine nearby but I declined her demand b/c I was heeding his demands and while I was still asleep but coherent I thought I want her to have the desire to finish her driver’s course on the computer which she only has a couple more hours to accomplish and then take the test and the driving test after that in order t get her license but I did not voice it but that was my reasoning. She pitched a fit for about a minute in the house and I guess went to bed. Wakes up and complains about a headache. pain in her chest for two days though only complained about it at this particular moment. pain in her jaw from her wisdom teeth possibly.which she has felt a few times in the past. So we take her to the ER because of the chest pains which can be serious and I entered the admitting room to put in my two cents not without dissent from her and her dad b/c she is 18 yrs of age but I insisted in a motherly way. She doesn’t have a great deal of information about heredity on my side of the family plus she was recently there in the ER and was prescribed antibiotics and pain meds for the pain she was having which they called it endometriotic disorder. She took a days worth of the antibiotics and then the ex took her or her boyfriend picked her up to stay at his home for a few days without her medication and caused a storm of trouble not wanting the medication driven to her by me or the ex and he didn’t want me to go with him b/c I might cause a scene. I called the boyfriend left a message and said if you love her you will take an hour out of your time to pick up the medicine since you are responsible for the reason she is sick and needs the medication and for the endometriotic condition in her body. He never came and nor did she for a few days until I guess he needed a break from her and then she may have taken a few of the pills a few days later which is not what you do with antibiotics of course. So while being admitted she admitted to taking 6 days worth of antibiotics but w/o the days between information and I checked the medication and for a ten day prescription she had 5 and a half days worth left that were never taken and so I took her medications to the ex’s room and left them by his desk with her other self medication tool and told him to handle it in every aspect b/c while at the ER she treated me like a dog. She did not want me there and told me so, so I left for her health sake not to rile her up b/c anything I said to her to comfort her had the opposite affect but while there they asked a few things only I could have answered and I did my best to be discreet and as honest as I could be for her health concerns about teeth history on his side of the family wisdom teeth trouble and on mine in -general teeth problems mostly on my mom’s side of the family and a few other things. My ex suffered pleuracy quite often b/c of lifestyle, lots of cocaine, lots of pot at least three joints a day for umpteen years on gigs and on his day job and for entertainment. He came back once from Florida after visiting a music producer for about a week and tooling around on his sail boat visiting the Bermuda Triangle and I guess they snorted a bunch of cocaine and it scared him because of his symptoms so I tried to get him not to do it anymore when he came home as nicely as I could b/c he was still feeling bad. They gave her fluids for the migraine, medication/I think the ex said a shot of ritalin for something and something else: Benedryl a combination or something like that aid the ex while there for pleurisy. I had to think why she did not complain about the chest pains yesterday and could only surmise that they started today when I defied her wishes and obeyed his for her sake and for keeping the peace between all parties involved and to inspire her w/o saying to get her license work done and I got the royal treatment.It was hurtful and very degrading and mean and I won’t forget this time. She’s his little slave girl and too much of his bs will get to her soon. It doesn’t take long b/c he never really means it. He uses her terribly and with a lot of help from his secret religious friends , I think.

Ritalin? Really?

So she is in his hands and under control of his ability to schmooze everyone not for joy. He is the one that drives her to spend the night or the week with her boyfriend often which caused those pains, possibly.  I don’t believe she had an abortion as she stated in the ER last time by the way she acted about it, embarrassed as if she lied not that she was caught. Supposedly loved the guy as well. Doesn’t match! Or perhaps she isn’t really my daughter but only a facsimile, which is very possible! Sometimes she is and sometimes she isn’t. She has been through a lot that she should not have had to deal since she was about 5 or 6 years of age.

No more hanging out in my art area. No more bumming cigarettes which is good and the other tool that she got from her fried Merilla (Merrill Lynch? JK) she complained the residue was putrid and the only way to know that was if she used it and it is up to him from now on. He blamed it on me and cigs though she did it regularly with her b/f and friends on her own. She also ate cheerios a few days before the chest pains which in the past caused a reaction as did a meat loaf a while back when I added oats to make it fluffy. Threw up but not food she threw up flem.  NO MORE! I love her but it’s a mad, mad world sometimes especially when the ex wants control and to abuse me, her, and us: our relationship mother-daughter relationship and so forth. It’s like walking on egg shells. Sometimes it’s best to let someone have their way their way like when he undermined my home schooling after abuse from the high school she attended and ended up in the ER so he could control her and do it himself and he failed miserably. That’s the plan on my end. Let them have at it and it was probably b/c when he got his b/day gift from his other daughter I did not join him watching the blue screen tube he received when he invited me on his birthday. LOL.  Besides he was grieving as best he could. He’s a dictoid: why on earth would anyone want to watch a show with him on his new toy on his birthday when the day before he pulled some bs on me and many other days before that?

My beloved cat the most recent heart breaking abuse in regards to me? Remember? :She didn’t kill your cat bitch!” Remember? The ex noticed I primed the floor of my art space and moved around the furniture and organized it for many reasons. He prefers me in a miserable state of affairs, b/c it makes him feel secure and I kind of got it together for a while any way but it was not easy. I need to work on other aspects like making money and eventually it might get my creative juices flowing b/c truly I have truly grieved for those I love and it has been very hard and bitter.

The ex deserves to be thrown off a cliff by his own petard but we don’t have any here IMO not steep enough you know like The Grand Canyon. LOL Maybe he might get on that balancing rock and prove his utter stupidity AGAIN and this time it will achieve the right balance as it tumbles into the abyss.

Anyway I am enemy number one now to my daughter. TOUGH SHIT!~~

Not in my car, you don’t.

My biggest and best retort will be “Ask ur dad!”

With my ex and my daughter it wears very thin very quickly;)

He will lose her in the end but not for lack of trickery and I will eventually have her back when she wakes up. His occult is cunning and thoughtless at the same time.

He bought some coffee and came in to let me know when he came home. Weird.

And then comes in sheepishly to get me to take her somewhere to sell some song storage  piece of shit and I after a few remember how you treated me statements and her excuses etc and then I said

“ask ur dad.”

Went to the corner store and the clerk said “Phillip is mad, etc …..”

and I said,

“He’s an asshole, take it from me . If you could get him around anyone long enough they would know.” Then I prayed out loud to God and myself: Please throw him in the abyss. Frankenmuth would work as well.

 I wonder what the clerk will say next?

Cruisin For  Bruisin Basia

Basia Brave new Hope

If that is true about the female in the house in my living room acting as my daughter and if it is true that she lied about having an abortion and if she is the same one at the ER last night then I hope she gets thrown into the abyss with Phil and anyone who put her up to it or is involved in any way to deceive me, as well! It’s not something one should lie about for a political purpose or religious purpose or to ridicule those that have had to take that course at one time or another.

She seems different! SHE’S 18 YEARS OLD SO SHE IS DIFFERENT, SO THEY SAY. I HEAR AT TE AGE OF 21 SHE WILL BE NORMAL AGAIN. IT WAS TRUE OF MY FIRST DAUGHTER AS WELL.  Unless she is being mind controlled….ritalin.

 mind raped.

If that’s the case she will be innocent in my eyes no matter what and I think she is being forced into something! She has had a rough time since 9th grade. i’m pissed and I hope God is too. Pissed enough to do something drastic in a response!

The hospital people gave her ritalin with benedryl last night in a combination shot said the ex. That would be extremely evil if that is what is going on. It might be a test of some people without them realizing it, that they would stoop that low and be deserving of the abyss. When my daughter took two pregnancy tests both were negative a week or so apart which is partly why I’m suspicious! Besides being prescribed a ritalin shot and not needing her anti-biotics prescribed by the same hospital and they did not seem to care about it, like it’s no big deal. Some pretty big negatives, if you ask me. We will find out eventually, I hope. Not only that No nicotine withdrawal at all. Highly unusual for a smokers if she never smoked a cigarette in her life. Put on a pair of shorts (not short enough) she never liked as well. Like she did not remember her likes and dislikes. Something she would never wear- hand me downs and out of style. She looked confused as well. When I noticed and said something to her he took them off and put on the ones she was wearing beforehand,,,,weird. So I don’t think the ritalin combo shot worked on the migraine, but her memory is not right..

That’s my wish! ASAP

In order to stop deception in regards to abortion it might be wise to perform dna tests on the mom and dad if possible as well as the fetus to prove it isn’t deception or to use against her later in her life or him later in life for religious or political purposes or to cause a mental disorder or to use as an excuse for something not foreseeable except by those that would do it maliciously…especially in the religious climate these days and for the New World Order.

I know she is important to God. I have proof. A miracle.

And she still uses my art room and all those things i said have kind of poofed away like a bad cloud.

So it may be confusing but may also be to protect her somehow. We were getting along and then something happened and of course her dad was home when she turned on a dime into hatefulness, sickly, and in pain. It also happened after I told her a little about Gary on vacation at the condo when he had the shower on and the door open to the bedroom stark naked stroking himself as I walked out to the porch balcony to have a cigarette while family was gathered at the dining area. Not the bathroom door…the bedroom door in front of the bed. He used the shower as an excuse to be naked as if he was on his way with a hard dick. I think it was the same vacation possibly the same day and hour when his daughter was mad at me for smoking and as I recall my mom cried on the balcony later because of the argument that ensued b/c of both of them and my reaction and my sister’s reaction, her mom. Phil was there because we talked about it later that evening on the beach walking. He rarely attended those beach reunions because of his gigs. Gary avoided them often b/c he hated the beach. So that narrows it down somewhat. My niece was quite young. A work of art in the making as my niece said? actually said progress in the making later in life in regards to her dad in a letter to me when the shit was hitting the fan. She eventually had a verse from Ephesians tatooed on her back between her shoulders and I can’t remember which one but might be the verse about seasons. Remember the massacre in C0nnecticutt and the mom talking about the picture her daughter and her painted where every space of white was covered in marks-a-lot colors? niece’s bedroom floor was kind of like that but not neat: that’s what it was about. She did it to protect herself when she slept so that her mom wouldn’t get jealous. And she cut herself a bunch and her sister found her and rumors abounded at Hockaday about a dad and his daughter and my sister mentioned it on the phone. He wanted my niece to be left alone and not see a psychologist, b/c she just needed her space but then that changed and she saw a Christian psychologist who cured her in one visit. I wonder if it was that white haired woman at the hospital when my sisters ureter was cut by mistake that resembled Billy Graham’s daughter in some ways..   hmmmmmmmm?

I don’t think he goes willingly or gently.

a bribe?

Maybe something more going on…. like witnessing for me?

Then a few years later as a young adult I find out without probing but was told to me by my older sister that my niece drove her b/f/husband in the car with her and his kids by a previous marriage about 100 mph down a main road in Padre scaring him half to death. And then Gary tells me a few times they were begging for money from their wealthy parents who were awarded money yearly for nothing that my niece and her husband were blackmailing him. I thought pray tell what for and in my mind thinking more like compensation for damages caused by his weird habit of sneaking around doing things he shouldn’t do which regardless of being zapped to forget by a christian psychologist are still affecting her w/o real progress i.e. masking a real problem. Forgiveness is a wonderful feeling if it is based somewhat on the regret of the person that needs forgiving and if they don’t feel they need forgiving, don’t give a shit and continue doing it to other females and to his wife making her more of a bitch on wheels to women and family then how is forgiveness helpful empowering him to fuck with everyone and their livelihoods? It encourages psychopathic behavior and eventually full blown sociopaths on the job and off with co-workers, in families and with friends which hinders their lives, health, well being, relationships (personal and career), and their chance to grow, survive and profit in their abilities and talents turning them into introverts and other lowly types which makes them more insecure and vulnerable to their attacks, less successful and makes their children suffer as well many kinds of real and unreal paranoias, real and unreal suspicions because of the damages incurred snowballing into an avalanche down the pike. “Put some ice on it!” doesn’t help because eventually it melts like a festering septic tank stinking of pus and worms with flies buzzing and buzzards swooping in on the wounded and weak, the elderly and the children and others get hurt as well.

It’s sick and it’s evil. Then causes more macro problems b/c the sickness grows filling up the ERs, the welfare lines, the crime rate soars, joblessness grows, excuses abound and it all caves in and those on top either don’t survive or go into hiding thinking it will save them and it does not save them and those on the edges fill in the middle, but not all of them, etc. like a volcano which is hard to avoid or predict when you are sitting on one.

It’s stupidty at IT’S CORE!

Two plus two does not equal five.


Which is why there is a Courtyard of the Gentiles kind of stuff going on to protect the Roman Catholic Church and their sociopaths and their lowlys they created with their bad behavior and lust for power and I think from the sounds of it in Revelation the R.C.C.loses b/c they don’t get to continue for many reasons having to do with the Covenant with Many (a false covenant spoken about in the Book of Daniel.) Many shall be offended in me ….remember?

My 2nd daughter had not been born


at the time of the condo shower

expose of Gary!

Remember when a holiday feast was approaching and his brethren said he should go and he said my time is not yet come, your time is alway READY (without the plural at the end of alway) and something about how the world cannot hate them for some reason……… Remember? I think it has to do with a time completed and over. an end. Anyway that was about 2000 years ago and it seems Moses was 2000 years before that etc I don’t know for sure the dates I don’t carbon date nor trust it as much as some do but its like stages of something big.

I don’t think either of my daughters had been born YET!

List of volcanoes in Italy

Who says France doesn’t sit on a volcano?

Who determines that?

The wind and the rain?

The weathervane?

We need their recipes!

Simon And Garfunkel – The Sound Of Silence 

This may not sound very nice but the 47 year old Christian woman was buried and it rained so I guess Apollo watered?

Paul might have written and possibly said in

1 Corinthians 3:5-7King James Version (KJV)

Who then is Paul, and who is Apollos, but ministers by whom ye believed, even as the Lord gave to every man?

I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.

So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.

Via an autopsy it turns out she had


but the doctors she had seen said it was all in her head.

My uncle had diverticulitis for years without pain and lived to a ripe old age but the medical field has taken a wrong direction since then for the worse

for some any who

she didn’t need plastic surgery, she needed a good doctor.

INSURANCE hindered her chances for a good diagnosis for relief from her sickness and I think she was made an example of to others to hinder them. She worked for the government the DOD in the past.

Franklin Graham predicted more christians are gonna die….in the news.

He ought to know and he is no insurance!!!!


What does Jesse Watter’s think? Are some people getting the schtick?


Since when have hospitals been forbidden to prescribe more than one refill for a medication? (even via the ER and ICU etc.) Who makes these ridiculous rules?

What would Paul Ryan do?

(from the results I have seen of the plastic surgeries of the rich and/or famous a really good makeup artist have better results most of the time. Probably lesser expectations of beauty would help as well and help their speech impediments as well. I wonder how beautiful can a person become? If people were honest about the distraction of those impediments verses the beauty improvements most women would choose makeup over surgery. I guess beaks are in, huh? It’s true! We should all grow fur and not worry about it. Have you ever seen a cat without fur or a bird without feathers?

The moral to the story of the woman misdiagnosed is insurance hindered her life. It employs a lot of people but is like a bubble of glycerin and dish soap. It doesn’t make bad doctors good and raises prices by protecting their negligence or lack of talent, inhibits choice in doctors, causes inflation in health care and medicine and hurts the patients and good doctors in the long run and is like insurance in the card game of 21 Black Jack if you do it on every hand you won’t profit.

Insurance is a mirage.

It’s a way to employ the masses and a way to make politicians look good because of the employment statistics but it doesn’t help the patient, doesn’t help good doctors, doesn’t help good nurses and doesn’t help good hospitals and doesn’t help the medical field and HINDERS the economy and hinders cures. Raises costs and kills the field of medicine. Insurance is a bad deal and was useless in finding a good diagnosis for the woman who lost her life. Insurance is anti-middle class and anti-lower class and definitely pro upper class. It hurts America and Americans.

It helps negligence and bad doctors and leads and promotes insurance fraud with those doctors and their patients.

It also lead to muther teresa’s death cult.

Basically Insurance is a death cult device.

Health insurance hurts the insurance companies that sell insurance

for  inanimate objects

If consumption tax was employed and insurance was only sold for equipment and buildings in the medical field and for cars, home insurance etc .

small business would exponentially increase,

costs would go down and EVERYONE would be happier even the rich

because more people would have more money to spend.

The only people it helps in the long run is the Federal Government

and helps foreign countries across the world that compete with the USA and use America to fight their wars and fix their mistakes in foreign policies and only helps those with businesses overseas like the Bushes and many others that we have to protect the countries that allowed them access and many americans die b/c of it.

It’s not their fault b/c they took advantage of US policies that were already in place but that is the case and we need to turn it around for America and Americans and one way would be to un-employ insurance companies in the medical field for starters and go to a consumption tax so we know who is overcharging taxes on their products that they sell to the citizens of the USA and unemploy career politicians taking advantage of America to feather their own pockets if we want to survive the collapse of the NWO which is coming.

Some of the drawbacks of Capitalism which we need to contain. There is no perfect form of governance but we can at least try to save our country and hold the press accountable for their delusions to hinder our chances especially when they hide the truth such as the hospice situation. Have you heard any news agency reveal the intentional killing of good Americans using the medical field to the public EVER? They are in essence feathering their own survival and might as well be working for Chancellor Merkel and Pope Francis.

Rome’s secret weapon for recatholicising the EU

Ann Coulter has an article below about the press and their ridicule of Trump about a bomb in a trash bin vs. a bomb not in a trash bin and is very similar IMO how they treated Eisenhower when JFK was assassinated. Testing. Eisenhower said some strange things at the time and was reacting to the news and it was kind of unfair to do hoping to upend him and catch someone off guard at a difficult time. Eisenhower had a lot to do with the results in WWll and the Benedictines vowed to get revenge b/c of a certain monastery that was hiding Nazis which was destroyed at the time. They should have been upset with the nazis hiding in the monastery instead for making it a legitimate target during wartime but they had the wrong reaction and obviously were pro nazi. Anyway you can read about it on the Ian Paisley site about European Protestant Studies and I linked the article above. Was the assassination of JFK a response to the vow for revenge of the Benedictines b/c of their monastery (Monte Cassino)? The press kind of tipped their hat at that time but with so many things going on and people in shock they got away with their mock of Eisenhower and the mock of the assassination of JFK. The difference between fore-knowledge with intent to undermine mockingly and a normal reaction. Sometimes news is shocking and one’s first reaction isn’t always reliable because of lack of information and malicious intent of those that have foreknowledge because they are intimately involved in the event to illicit a reaction. Testing.


Our country has run amuck and we need to unmuck ourselves ASAP.

The press are overpaid for the good they don’t do. It’s vicious. But they get paid to keep silent and instead entertain and not educate like Watter’s World and Jesse Watters riding around in a limousine with his collar up mocking Americans, as if he were superior. The free press are the heroes who try like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh and The Onion who in their way educate a little off the wall et al but the press agencies are not free and work for the destruction of America and those who care very little for America and are delusional in regards to the NWO with teeth and it’s purpose. I’m not in total agreement with any of them but I can tell they have Americas interest at heart and take some heat for it as well. Jesse Watter’s never does. His fashion of informing is ridicule and meaningless Roman Catholic BULLSHIT. He’s a wolf and should be ashamed. Many he ridicules for lack of knowledge are over worked or under worked b/c of the influence of his religious BENT cross and will be hoisted by their own petard. He won’t be laughing the day he meets God.

I bet I could stump his knowledge biblically.

Shocking: World record 199-mile-long lightning bolt reported

My next post is gonna have some real big zingers

“I think therefore I’m  hoping (and coping) for the truth to set us free,”

any who.


We aren’t getting a whole lot of truth from the winepress


but the press/newspapers were run by the oil conglomerates and their clergy that think it’s the way and that’s why the Hearsts had the press puff Billy Graham to the USA and abroad where he started his campaign in England after we succeeded in WWll for a short time but he wasn’t from England to make matters worse because they know time isn’t on their side. IMO The two countries with others that allied with us against Fascism (bullies to the maximus) that won WWll. Communism isn’t much better IMO. Freedom is the best route as far as I’m concerned with some guidelines like the Ten Commandments to uphold as best we can under the duress we face. Not easy when sometimes you have wars that are necessary and unnecessary depending on intel that is usually propaganda for the enemy to America’s independence and freedom. Of course just b/c you are English or American doesn’t mean you are a patriot and just b/c you might be German or French descent doesn’t mean you aren’t a patriot.

What is a patriot?

Search me.

Here’s a partriot:

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

probably a relative of Benjamin Franklin

Doesn’t mean you should not defend your country or sovereignty as a country. Anyway some interesting witnesses in the Six Day War especially near the Golan Heights and not by jews but by their enemy at the time which ought to deter those with a brain.

We should never trust treaties like contracts which are meant to be broken!

Take Iran for example.

So I will write what I think I find out to chew on b/c I think we need to find the truth to gain independence and the promises of God.

How do we know that the 9-11 terrorists with box cutters were from Saudi Arabia and not Polish is one of the things I want to know just to be on the safe side.

The Post Master General?
His wife was later rumored to have been spotted in Poland and she worked for the press.

Why do Muslims repeat the phrase allahu akbar (God is great) in many contexts, from weddings to battle, jubilation to shock and tragedy?

As far as the word “akbar” if you change it’s sequence is barak without a “c”

isn’t it?

son of man, NOT GOD

 (Maybe they aren’t into ck vs. k because it has the same sound.)

A  crab?

Hence the pressure cookers.

HAS TO DO WITH THE SEQUENCE 153/135/351 TEMPLE STUFF UNEARTHED AND REASSEMBLED in our lifetime AND LANGUAGE AS STRANGE AS IT SOUNDS (sequence, sounds like, spelled the same etc languages) but AN OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN THE PROS AND CONS OF FALSE gods. I don’t think a one world order is helpful. I could live w/o the opportunity but it was forced upon us so …….How? I don’t know. I have my suspicions. Remember the Book of Acts and everyone speaking the same language on Penta-(If I don’t help him he won’t help me kind of tactics as if I haven’t and I did help him but he didn’t help me in the right way. I caught this conception over what we might eat for a meal tonight. It was ridiculous and I wanted to kill him. Obviously, it was frustrating.) cost and obviously it wasn’t true and definitely a different meaning and John walked away as I recall.

(When I made my design of my invention he wanted a portion and he didn’t do anything towards it. Antagonistic towards it, if anything, because I came up with it, a female. He would have benefited but he would have had to trust me and he didn’t. I had divorced him and therefore i’m not worthy. He was not worthy because he didn’t help. But I still would have helped him if it was allowed to progress and if it succeeded, if given the opportunity but perhaps not enough in his estimation and that’s probably true but still would have b/c he is my children’s dad and for that reason alone for their sake but they are females. His daughters would have helped him as well. Stalemate kind of juxtaposition: a fucked up deal. That is how my hate towards him GREW besides all the other shit he put in my way to hinder me! Hey he hocked “the gold wedding ring” a long time ago before we had kids; I lost mine on a trip up north because my hands were swollen from working so hard helping him and not getting paid as well and I took it off it kind of disappeared in a car or a restaurant possibly but it wasn’t mine to begin with, it was Gladys and Fred’s gold wedding ring and they lived a long time ago, LOL. I think it was their farm where I found myself in the middle of a cow pasture with a bunch of cows mooing at me. Those cows were kind of scary. I know they were relatives that owned the farm we visited when I had my first peaches and creme. My parents drove us on that trip and we ate swiss cheese sandwiches my mom made in the car but how I got in the middle of a bunch of cows is a mystery to me (probably my brother had something to do with it ) as was waking up in Spain on the beach alone and my parents drove us there as well. I followed him to school one day when we lived in Fort Leavenworth around the same time period my older sister took a pair of scissors and cut his eyelashes because people often exclaimed about his eyes and eyelashes but they grew back : I’m hoping the same happens to mine but I lost them a different way: radiation from numerous and some needless cat scans. The last one almost killed me and I’m not allergic to shrimp. What I remember is the person in the ambulance looked like the ex’s friend Mike Castleberry (Cass) who he had just visited previously which I thought was berry berry weird. Possibly gave me something that may have caused a problem via injection or the person at the cat scan didn’t flush the line after the last cat scan before me or I was plain ole poisoned. He is a musician/song writer/singer, not a doctor or whatever qualifications that ambulance people usually attain. I lived through it somehow. Anyway my hair is falling out and possibly the purpose of it, I don’t know, maybe to mess with me or to kill me. Not the first time that I have gone through this and my hair grew back. Cass might have been a cover but I saw him in the ambulance and I have not seen him in many years. A cover possibly. Trying to fulfill his marital wish for me to bury him and he to bury me. LOL. One of the reasons I was adamant about divorce b/c it was a lousy reason to stay married. I guess I wasn’ t helping him enough when I went in for that weird cat scan event for three days.. So I don’t morally feel like I owe anybody anything. I feel like my country owes me and my parents and my children. I can’t say how much b/c it’s that much.  The next time or time before a young white girl came in to show me my debt gleefully in front of my ex, of course. Looked like his niece who lives up north which he might have seen either at his brother’s funeral or his mother’s funeral.

Here’s an interesting inventor advertised on the google search engine which I though was interesting to read:

Who was Ladislao José Biro, how did he invent the ballpoint pen and how did it help in World War II?

What’s kind of strange about it when we were overseas after WWll quite a bit after WWll my brother went to a private school and the teacher smeared his face with ink because he made a blot on his paper with a fountain pen by mistake. Probably a Freudian slip of some kind. A rorschach indication he was a little bit over the top. It was his island. I guess the teacher didn’t like americans and that was in England. Still my brother loved England. I think they were still dipping then, I think. Could be we had cartridges but I think they were still dipping as well. We really tried to talk sense into him and nothing worked. It isn’t your island it’s theirs. Eventually he scooped up his brain and tried to develop it. Took him a very long time but I was patient. It seemed like he was happy eating bamboo so we left him with his friends to work at his own pace hoping he would learn about physics out in the wild.


Neil Diamond – “I Am… I Said” Music video 1971

The ex was raised catholic by a devotee who was betrayed by her own son, imo, but she would never admit it. She can’t now as herself b/c she was starved to death hospitably and couldn’t talk then either but her sons knew her desires so they say because of something she said in the past a long time before so he says. Whether she meant it that way is a mystery but perhaps she did and perhaps she didn’t I guess depends on the circumstances and interpretation, People say a lot of things they don’t mean the way someone else might understand or interpret but it supported his lack of belief and his intentions at the time and whatever it is he is up to which only God knows but I have my suspicions because of his actions and his mendacity

as long as it helps him

and fuck the implications

it might have on the future generations or even to his own kids:

a real shellfish person.

I did not cause the Abomination of Desolation

in the world and in our country.

I reacted to it the best way I could

with truthful information

to help not hinder.

You are welcome to read between the lines and add to this dereliction if you have the guts to add to it and aren’t afraid to expose your self. I dare ya.


Private Investigations

 Maybe Muslims don’t have a choice: crabs take over houses in the form of shells and perhaps the same goes for the people of the faith of Islam/muslim faith being shells and controlled by the crab. I guess Chelsea Ny or NJ there was an attack and some people were injured and there were pressure cookers found nearby..some form of mind control using cell phones technology/microwave towers/electro-magnetic fields?

Prepare for Change

I did not watch the video but I know what I know in regards to H.A.A.R.P. and seen a lot of hullabaloo in regards to cell phones by the ex being a control freak (imo a traitor to his kids and to himself and to me he is a blight of some kind and has caused a lot of harm and I think someday he’ll be sorry but he isn’t now, obviously,which is too bad b/c there is no honor among thieves for one thing and so on. It’s kind of funny when you think you have the upper hand b/c of religion, NWO, and a gang mentality and eventually find out you don’t have the upper hand-It happens … .) and I think its relevant but I don’t think it will succeed!!!!!

Are they trying to say that allah is a cancer? A DIS-EASE. A blight. Makes sense to me!

No offense!

Only trying to figure out what the muslim expression means! Perhaps muslims know not what they say in line with Romans knew not what they did kind of an oxymoron of some kind probably having to do with the Covenant with Many.

The Covenant with Many

Since writing this post I have evolved and devolved because of tons of deception LIKE A FLOOD but I think a lot of good information regardless.

Thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treadeth out the corn (maize).
For it is written in the law of Moses, thou shalt not muzzle the mouth of the ox that treadeth out the corn. Doth God take care for oxen?
Remember those fields with messages of some kind, but those weren’t corn fields
but it was recently.
(So either this person who penned corinthians got it wrong because it’s in deuteronomy or deuteronomy is the law of Moses. which may have evolved or devolved from the sounds of it and as possible as the changes of some other parts of the bible
and possibly excluding Leviticus as the law of Moses.?.) Talks a bit about what will happen to Amalek:Blood suckers like the RCC sucking the life out of people in all the ways they do from stealing taxes and other means makin’ it ex-tra hard to exist, run a business, start a business, earn money, keep money, afford a family, exclude those that aren’t them, etc, My interpretation of course. I would include mother teresa and her purpose in that interpretation condemning those who consider their bodies their own personal property which it is to make decisions EVERYONE makes in various ways taking away the rights of women over their own bodies to degrade, demean, disgrace and defile and control women/girls (as if males could do a better job especially in this day and age) and obliterating personal freedom of parents to teach (dumbing down the USA with the Bush plan CORE) and to try to protect their daughters and females women and girls to protect themselves as an excuse to kill those that are not RC or pro RC or pro NWO and b/c of how they handled blood products and those her business pretended to care for, etc. pushing and tricking the hospice travesty upon others in various dubious, malicious, insidious ways and the RCC for glorifying it by making her a saint recently to upgrade themselves as if they are superior when the RC Papacy is illiterate and stupid take
Pope Francis for instance. Can there be anyone as dumb besides Governor Scott Walker and he is the RCC fruit? Using every trick in the book/crises to cover up their mess and continue to undermine societies all over the world and

MOCKING and I don’t think God likes it!

I think President HW Bush is a shell but is now anti Trump and pro Clinton perhaps b/c George is her cousin, I don’t know, but that was in the news a while back.

what’s that riddle about family?

‘Brothers and sisters, I have none. But that/this man’s father is my father’s son’.

Isn’t that wild? How it happens I DON’T KNOW it just does. Hopefully when he dies he’ll get a chance to reinvigorate himself to fight for the rights of Americans and for freedom and for THE TRUTH. I’ll never forget that morning when he tossed his cookies at a breakfast meeting in Japan (the land of the rising sun) or something like that.

It seemed od.

Or should I say ODIN?

The Principal Germanic Gods

We all carry a lot of baggage and have been hindered by it in numerous ways. I think the words said by Pres. HW Bush “the NWO and a thousand points of lights” is what started this shit but be that as it may we still have to deal with the repercussions and try to have the courage to learn and overcome. I’ll never forget when I first heard the expression “The New World Order” and it alerted me and I think I probably thought “OH SHIT!” Shit was the only cuss word I think I ever heard my mom ever say once as I recall, but I can’t remember why she said it. Then came the expression “The New World Order with Teeth” said by Pope Benedict XVl so it emulsified into something else : the iron and the clay talked about in the bible (of all places) because they don’t mix and because they don’t mix ….i forget what happens but I think it all falls down because of the feet of clay.

Ring around the roZes…….

Prophecies sometimes are fulfilled in a multitude of ways: macro and micro so the feet of clay some say toes of iron and clay can mean a lots things and all be right because it’s a big world and in my case a very very small one having been secluded and isolated as I’m sure has occurred to others as well.  Sure can think of a lot of meanings to those feet/toes of clay. Maybe not a lot but more than one meaning any who.

Media and Zombie Hillary More Angry at Trump for Calling a Bombing a Bombing Than They Are About the Bombing

Zombie or no Zombie it’s getting ridiculous political correctness seems so pompous and we have to get past it’s purpose which is to hinder the truth if we want to survive. It’s like tying our hands behind our backs and trying to win poker game when the odds are against us to begin with.

Any who: Wasn’t Amalek David’s son? Nope it was Absalom. Perhaps one and the same and perhaps not but the RCC are one and the same interfering in the affairs of people, families, governments, societies, etc , I think and I don’t think the same David that slew Goliath.  Absalom rebelled against David, and since finding out David wasn’t necessarily on the right track maybe there was a reason for it. David was IMO being manipulated by the clergy (perhaps already became a shell for the crab) remember Bathsheba and the baby and Uriah her husband who he sent out to the front lines to die because she posed (POSER) for him was young and beautiful and just happened to be bathing under his balcony and he happened to notice (a victim of circumstance of course because he wasn‘t snooping) seems fishy to me and he was already married. Uriah might have been the real David and perhaps the clergy set it up to weaken David’s character. David screwed over Uriah and his own military numbered his people and many people died a No-no in God’s ways and told in the bible perhaps to teach us that it’s not how many that win’s wars, but God and/or the right reasons. A lot of conflicting info but even if you don’t read a bit between the lines like I sometimes do because changes may have occurred in translation or propaganda reasons it is still quite telling about human nature and clergy nature. The clergy said David’s baby died after being born because of what he did to Uriah but then why didn’t they prevent it if they knew the reason:

seems kind of lacking after the fact:

a way to get ones claws/Claus into somebody.

How did the clergy know??????????  and who wrote about it????????

Did a little birdie tell them?


‘Naked’ bird with rare illness captures hearts

How often does one sit next to a priest on a plane?

She thought it was God is what she told me. What is it about a collar? She never told me what he said or what she said except that she confessed. What, I don’t know, but the timing was suspicious for me and auspicious for her.

When hospicing happens to you, I promise, you  won’t be laughing! It’s worth discussing and silence in regards to the hospice practice won’t fly unless you are NUTS!

A very bad influence and forewarned by

Jesus at the Sea of Galillee.

It won’t pass!
Fore warned is forearmed. The pope represents a lot of people and he should have taken the advice and had the courage to speak up and he did the opposite by honoring Mother Teresa and said he was glad he was ignorant of many things and that is no excuse for someone in his position and stature and he will be one sorry SOB very soon.
The Ten Commandments say nothing about honoring your sister or brother and the reason mainly I think is because of mother teresa and her sisters in their mission to kill at the will of the Roman Catholic Church and it’s motive to be the most powerful abomination on earth. You think that a commandment about siblings/sisters and brothers is not included in the Ten Commandments is only happenstance? It’s a Huge sign. Besides sibling rivalry the muther teresa blight and her receiving awards for her death cult exposed by Christopher Hitchens and others is

A Phenomenal Sign!

I think it went unnoticed till now!

At least for 4000 years!

Maybe 6000 years for such a time as this.

Well I noticed but I didn’t really question it or understand till now.

“Jesus did not commit to man because he knew what was in man.”

A double standard!


What is the smallest seed in the world?

“HINT: It’s not the mustard seed!”

Says the orchid seed is a third smaller in size than the mustard seed and there are other seeds as well that are smaller than the mustard seed.

Oh yea, semen is also in man, the smallest of seeds, not the mustard seed, but inventors hadn’t invented the microscope YET. The Old Testament talks about man’s seed and not in regards to faith but in regards to spilling it as in bodily fluids, et al:

Physically, not fiscally.

“Why study Orchidaceae? With more than 800 genera and 25,000 species, Orchidaceae are the largest and most diverse family of plants. Orchids represent a significant branch in the tree of life, with more species than vertebrates (excluding bony fishes). Although new orchid species continue to be described, a solid alpha-taxonomic framework exists in the form of a collaborative provisional checklist of all genera and species. No other group of plants attracts such widespread interest from professional botanists, horticulturists, and the general public alike.”

Weird that the Orchid is the most diverse and populated family of plants.



ORK picture from the movie Warcraft which was a fun movie with a few curves


like the game WOW!

How often is war called a craft? Not often.

The bible brings up “craft prospering in his hand” as a sign but doesn’t say what craft it’s talking about: WOW the game?, Warcraft the movie?, war?, home and hobbies crafts?, witchcraft?, craftiness and trickery (propaganda, false news, framing people tyrannically like the mob, false testimony? etc.  Definitely WOW and Warcraft have messages in their plots and language.

I would say the Syrian war is crafty because there has been an awful lot of propaganda as truthers have demonstrated on the internet and I have in a few pics i got from them on the internet and placed in some of my content of my posts many linked on  Merangue’s Blog and if you look and are interested might compare some of the ambulance scenes with others and very much alike because what you see on the news shows on various station on TV are owned and so give a perspective of the owners that pay them hefty salaries they depend on severely and they want war that includes the USA and in the bible it talks about Syria in the OT and demonstrates via it’s imagery it is not a good idea to get involved (tongues and eyeballs melting) except from the standpoint of feeding the hungry (Feed my sheep, feed my lambs etc). The gospels (Jesus of one of the three synoptic gospels of Matthew Mark and Luke) bring up a contested piece of territory as well between Turkey and Syria called Racca (Raqua)? HELL AND DAMNATION KIND OF REFERENCE and then there are the Golan Heights which is to some people still a contested piece of territory between Israel and Syria. I believe Israel achieved it via war they did not start or cause except for their presence as predicted/prophesied in the OT. The Golan Heights is a barrier (like the Barrier Reef is to the ocean) or a fence (says the Mending Wall by Robert Frost but also in terms of Mark Twain (his testament about the physical state of Palestine earlier last century in the 1900’s and I believe he came up with the saying, “Good fences make good neighbors” or coined the phrase and possibly Robert Frost is revealing that in his poem) and “from twain to twain’ as in the Temple veil being torn in the New Testament (a reference to a time period) when Jesus was crucified, or a wall as Trump would say. It’s their protection and even angels guard it (I’m assuming good ones but I guess that depends on if you are for the existence of Israel or against it and perhaps there are two kinds of angels there as well?)  Then the Court of the Gentiles located in Paris which was an ice breaker prophesied about and it was not a welcome sign. A self fulfilling kind of prophecy and I guess Paris (Notre Dame of Paris, obviously catholic and probably jesuit) obliged?

Maybe a wall/fence in Syria is a good idea?

Putin warned the FBI about the Tsarnaev brothers which Orthodox KT McFarland spokeswoman for Fox News who seems to think she knows a lot about freign affairs wrote about the the Tsarnaev family life as if she was watching them for a long time and wrote some kind of book about them which I never read (were they from Turkey?) Did she warn the FBI? Putin had some information about Benghazi and gave it his way flying around like a goose and where we got the good tidbit about the Roman Catholic Jesuit involvement in Benghazi via Pope Francis’s sidekick Father Lombardi and I think Leon Panetta is deeply involved as is frightened John Kerry since he knows about the many witnesses and took over Hillary’s job in order to keep it secret where John Kerry hid them probably as hostages as a bargaining chip of some kind (like the iranians nasty habit) and de-brief them probably another talent of his: a wild goose chase? Don’t know, but he ought to be outgoing as soon as Trump is in charge. I think it was Germany at first where they were flown to. Don’t the Germans know where the witnesses are? Can’t John Kerry ask where they were flown to besides Germany? Did anyone in congress ask him where they were? Why haven’t they been questioned by Congress?

KInd of puts a whole different view of who is our friend and who isn’t, IMO.

“When thou get old another shall gird thee and carry thee where thou would not, follow me.” (people tire of it?) is the last thing  Jesus said in the Gospel of John

Maybe it was Rome they (the Benghazi witnesses) were flown to.

But in the game of WOW you have crafts you have to learn to make it in the game though some people buy it from others.

What we do know is Obama wanting to get involved seriously in the affairs of Syria while Russia says it’s handling things and we have neighboring countries causing trouble and then some disgruntles (quite a few). And the Vatican seems to be for getting involved in a war with Russia which makes me think trouble is on the horizon instigated by quite a few bad players and we should stay out because I think they are severely involved in all of those troubles with the help of their husband. And who is their husband?

………and something about when the rubber meets the road stuff and the rice shipment attack that was poisoned somewhere between China, India, and Syria that caused the saran gas propaganda stories in the news that truthers uncovered but India has become quite muslim and/or islamic lately so…..Not to mention the tape of some Syrian military guy which sounded fake about sarin gas attacks as was to be overheard by Germany conveniently and used as an the excuse for the UN involvement and their propaganda and trying to get us involved in war with Assad and probably Russia for Turkey’s sake? I think for Saudi Arabia’s sake because I think they sent hired hands (little armies) to stir up trouble probably for the Vatican because of it’s precarious reputation all over the world and because these are times we are in which we were kind of alarmed to on 9-11 by a bunch of Saudis, predictions about “a world government with teeth” by Pope Benedict XVl and a New World Order by Pres. George Bush, etc.

And then the problems in the USA the union which used to be for the people being abused on their jobs etc which is occurring in places like India and China and others countries  called outsourcing and companies moving overseas for cheap labor and basically slave labor but gives those countries more power because more money is in their countries etc and we lose business but we are always their clients usually at the sale of the item being sold and we need to change that.  Messages in bottles about abuse of their workers is a good indication something is awfully wrong. Undermining the USA via unions and outsourcing but it would help if we were more particular about the products we produce and manufacture for sale. We don’t want to gain a reputation like Taiwan and many chinese products we got in our Cracker Jack in box snacks. LOL and of course if we could fire workers that do work in the federal government type jobs to increment the standards of the federal government to higher level and to higher standards which includes teachers in the public education and so forth. Called Turn Over. Mobility. Letting the free market work as it should if you let it. Problem is the sociopathic tendencies of people in government and those benefitting not seeing the suffering of others because it’s convenient for them to get their million dollars when they retire. The federal government taxes was for a wall….a good army, navy, etc a good military to protect us. That is why it exists and the only reason it should exist and we should protect them as well. Hospice is not protecting their interests or their lives when they need protecting, it’s taking them and their businesses assets etc. Why? CORRUPTION to corrupt us so the employment in the Secret Service and other Federal programs that did not protect our president in the past can be ridiculously huge and ineffective. Now we have got to unbind business in the USA and unbind small business and unbind the self employed and bind insurance and big government. IT’s a mess now and needs someone with vision. Hopefully Trump has a vision unlike OBAMA and Michelle.

includes the health care industry as well and health insurance business that has been abused and involved in the abusing undermining our health care in our country and cronyism to undermine the USA (the priesthood of insurance) and big business in general undermining competition undermining the middle class and undermining choice and squeezing everyone in the long run. Health insurance did not exist before a certain date which I don’t want to to look up but in the last century for the most part and it has proved to be a failure causing trouble in every aspect of it’s existence adding insult to injury. Taxes have alway been around as far as I can tell even in biblical times but insurance is a new fraud and I think the game of 21 (Black Jack) probably started the mess:

life and health are not a card game.

People are different than equipment and homes and cars and things.

Do we tax places like Germany or France for being a place?

Do we insure Germany and France for being  a place in a bad location these days anyway?

Maybe we should for causing great hassles because of where they are located.

I think Truth is a process

and it takes a while to get there.

But not my dad, my mom, and hopefully not my brother because they knew what was in man, too.

They were not followers of Billy Graham and his nonsense!

Victims maybe, but not followers.

Hence the letter, possibly kept for posterity. How it occurred and was found and why it was kept and who wrote it I don’t know but could be sign for my younger sister. She ought to investigate its purpose.

The RCC are screwed and soon will have a VERY deep understanding of their fate. I guarantee the Jesuits love her mission: Pope Francis is a Jesuit and I think and pretty certain Bill O’reilly is a Jesuit and Jesuits will do anything to protect the Roman Catholic monstrosity. They take a vow to do anything and they think they do God a service. Whatever it takes. His books are death cult books that he sells: The Killing Books and he thunks God told him to write them.
How ironic.
Get him a leash.
He has had ample time and opportunity to do the right thing and he didn’t do the right thing. He should have warned the world about Mother Teresa. I know he knows.
Getting a bit technical here and it’s not my forte.
 Eto mites?

Maybe muslims are trying to warn us the only way they can that Allah is a crab. Every muslim is instructed to make a journey to mecca crab.

If Allah were omnipotent you would not need to go at least once in a lifetime to Mecca a crab. You would not need to go at all.


Remember the translator at Mandela’s funeral? He saw things we didn’t see and translated in sign language for the deaf. Can’t remember the things he said but it was

kind of funny.

Remember what Obama was doing?

I doubt we would have noticed other wise.

Language may be a sign!

High school athlete wakes up from coma speaking Spanish after concussion

Some in the past wrote from right to left what about speaking/language thinking they say one thing when they say another.

Jesus was asked if he could turn these stones into bread when he was out and about…..maybe? Could mean a multitude of things.

………”The Chelsea explosion occurred about 11 hours after a pipe bomb exploded in a Jersey Shore garbage can, shortly before a scheduled charity 5K race to benefit Marines and Navy sailors. No one was hurt.”……….

“…………..Two law enforcement officials said residue of tannerite — used primarily for making exploding targets for firearms practice — was found in material that had detonated in New York. The explosive material found in New Jersey was a black powder.”

…….”The two officials said a cellphone was used to detonate the explosives in both New York and Seaside Park, N.J. Bollwage said there was no cell phone with the devices in Elizabeth………….”

Remember what happened in Israel with the testimony of a few tunnel diggers blindfolded and taken to the tunnels and forced to dig!

For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west;
so shall also (P-AUL SEW) the coming of the Son of

man be.

M bean? Manbee? beaman? mean b? average b? killer b/africanized bee? a drone (a male bee)? Island that looks like a bee in the Mediteranean Sea is where Paul landed which was the island of Malta? or the island nearby and the isle of man.
Supposedly Barack means lightning, any who, how do we know that barack means lightning, well we don’t except from this verse about the coming of the Son of man and lightning.
I think probably where he was born/created, not Kenya. Kissinger trained him and supported him during the first election with the help of the Vatican who hired Kissinger for a revamping themselves.

Only a guess

but leads to during my translittering Arab man from scarab
but lightning comes as well.
I have a post about a scarab and other things having to do with an artifact found in Israel having to do with Yodfat.
Luke was with him (Paul) when a snake came out of the fire and everyone on the island  thought Paul was a god.
Is he the snake?
Besides there are other Baracks such as in Israel: Ehud Barack so that prophetic verse about lightening and barack isn’t’ that specific since there are others called by the same name such as Egyptian Pres. Hosni Mubarak. They’re around. I’m sure someone could come up with a good joke about a jew, an egyptian, and well if only we knew where obama was born we could finish the joke, but alas we aren’t privy to that in formation,
no offense;)
is also a possibility which sits near Alleppo the contested territory in Syria/Turkey anyway some prophecy about it which might be heeded.
and then of course barracks found on bases.
barque is a ship and bark is what deer eat when starving. homonyms. Pope Benedict XVl was given a Barque of Peter early in his career as Pope but can’t remember by who nor can I find the you tube of the event, but I saw it.
Muther Teresa had quite a bark when she said FORGIVE to the people during the Bhopal industrial accident/sabotage.
Pope Benedict XVl went to the Dome of the Rock and it was written in the press at the time he was the first pope ever to do so which I thought was interesting and that he brought something to Jerusalem in a big mac truck and closed down roads to do it and at the time I thought about the Alter of Pacis (AoP) might have been what was transferred either to one of two locations: the Dome of the Rock or to Notre Dame in Jerusalem near the “image of Jesus” displayed about that time and created a 3-d image hologram using the Shroud of Turin (SoT)- (a Graven image a no-no of the Ten Commandments) which could be anyone because in the bible there was a separate cloth for the head and a separate cloth for the body which equals two cloths, not one cloth and might have a different meaning for the cloths which might also fulfill the AoD as well but the Alter of Pacis (AoP) might fulfill Daniel’s prophecy of the alter constructed many years ago and transferred to Jerusalem from Rome of the Abomination of Desolation (AoD) but there are a lot of those and since Ganswein (his personal secretary as in state: Secretary of State (SoS) of Vatican possibly but he is the comptroller of the pope) means what it means pig stuff more than likely he fulfills a type of AoD that signified a possible fulfillment in the Book of  Daniel if he is offering oblations using the Alter of Pacis (AoP) in Israel and then where is the peace? oh that’s right SoS John Kerry has it in his back pocket not to mention some missing witnesses but he is as slow as heinz ketchup without a bit of shaking! It’s a possibility. Possibly another location involving a mountain and a glorious sea and in-between them in Israel or maybe the castle he retired in in Italy and some transport to and fro: sub level possibly because they love those tunnels?. Things have progressively gotten worse all over the world since then IMO. As far as king of the north written about the Danube is kind of north, isn’t it? So is Turin up north. The Vah of the Danube also goes into other countries as well in the north.
I haven’t had enough sleep in the last couple days so could be being far fetched however so is the next post but true in the sense it’s documented but not true in the sense of truth. More like an attempt to distract and misdirect like so many events but still has some clues and like some leaders planting artifacts in some seas to validate their religion, etc. I think it will be fun and personal as well because its someone we knew or thought we knew but he didn’t know us as well as he thought either.
Any who I hate the expression any who because it’s so affected but I recall hearing it in the past by the person I plan to expose upon. I could be wrong but it seems like I remember it somehow.

Distance from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Dallas, Texas

What is interesting are the charts of distance, time, and various travel times

I imagine cost would be a good chart to add

oh lo and behold it’s included. LOL

as compared to 7 seconds or so of travel time of a lightning bolt and it’s free if we can capture it somehow and what is nice about it is we do not need to disturb the earth’s crust or spill it into the oceans and the seas killing wildlife out the kazoo.

Could edge us closer to traveling at the speed of light if we embarked on a lightning bolt exploration for fuel and independence which could lead to time travel to other planets in the solar system/universe both forward and backward.

I have seen some form of travel that I could not explain and it was quiet as well so as not to disturb the peace:

A blink of an eye kind of travel so it’s not like it can’t be done!

The ex said he checked his little red box and some of his two dollar bills are missing that he has collected. I have no idea how many? Asked his daughter if she took them and she said no and then said he checked his little red box after Merilla stayed the night a few nights way back when and they were still there, but not after Katy/Katie stayed the night. So he was worried about Merilla??? Any way called them skanks again. I don’t think anyone wants his two dollar bills but I wish they would have taken his M&M dispensaries he has collected. Next thing you know he’ll be complaining about some Hummels he doesn’t have. His mom collected Hummels and I hated them. IMO they are worthless figurines in an artistic viewpoint. Today he started vacuuming even my room and plans to shampoo the carpet so I know he is up to something, but what?

Meanwhile Mel Gibson is on wife number nine?

The Beatles Revolution 9 Number 9 for 9 Minutes

(My ex’s b’day is Sept.9th.)

We need
Mel Gibson just in case the world runs out of children!


Big-headed babies are brightest

but take it from me they usually lack common sense: run into a pole, run out of gas, stand under bottles thrown in the air, shake 7 ups and drink them, takes them twice as long to speak for themselves, and no sense of direction that’s why someone came up with the idea of taxis to accommodate those missing a particular chromosome.
Any who I hope to cover some ground next post;)

Veni, vidi, vici

More really cool posts linked on

Merangue’s Blog

some of them any who

Meanwhile, Geraldo Rivera and Hannity

are kissing cop ass again.

We all know you like and respect them,

they know you like and respect them,

enuf already!

(Getting to appear like the press are fearful of cops in a way because of their adulation or fearful of someone else. A bit overdone! I think I heard Mark Fuhrman in their frenzied sound bytes:

 Is that who they fear?)


We like cops too if and when they are good!

Luke 24:41

And while they yet believed not for joeys, and wondered, he said unto them,

Gidday, Have ye here any meat?

Need not fear Lower Lid Subciliary Blasphemy is here, but not furlong.


Are cops Geraldo Rivera’s and Hannity’s parents or their children?

How about some objectivity for the sake of the public and for the sake of the police?

Where was Det. Bo Dittle Dietl when they needed him? Would have been more believable!

The ex swept the floor today pissed off about Charlotte NC and me and how I reacted which was “I wasn’t there. I don’t know and have not seen the evidence” just snippets in the press online and on TV.

(He wasn’t wearing a body cam, huh? )

How convenient.

On Fox they talk about the cop that shot the black victim and the fact that the cop was black as if that makes it kosher or legit and then talk about black on black crime epidemic as if it’s the problem: if a black cop shot a black citizen couldn’t that be considered black on black crime if the black cop is found guilty? I think every cop should be required to wear a body cam to protect their reputation and the department they work for and to ease tensions between cops and the public. There is such a thing as the mob /mafia and the mafia sometimes employ cops. The mafia is not exclusively white, russian, mexican, or italian…….. some mobsters are black and some use cops to make hits, not necessarily in this case, but they should wear body cams to settle the matter.
It would be a good idea to come with a better weapon for cops that don’t kill an alleged assailant, a person sitting in their car reading a book. Something safe that renders the alleged perpetrator when affected and not maimed in a state of “innocent till proven guilty” type state since cops are here to protect us not kill us and to protect cops from bad cops and protects their liability/likability.
Something that makes guns and books harmless.
Who pays their salaries?
 Any ideas?
a bullet proof mithril uniform
robot cops which we could insure instead of human cops because they seem to be erring more than humanly possible: four shots? One shot he might have lived, but four?: Cheaper in the long run b/c the public would not need to pay a salary just replacement parts. I doubt anyone knew what the wife meant by a TBI. I watched a video and it is unclear the cops and the alleged book reader and it looked like a set up and sounded like one too.

I Will Not Share Videos Of Police Officers Killing Black People

I did not vote in this election because of the deception not to mention :   Pence reminded me of Mitt Romney too much and his NSA. I don’t think Mormanism is an improvement of the Roman Catholic Church. DO YOU?

OFF course I think this is a take off of my ex showing a video of my cat dying to my kids to show his suffering as an excuse to kill my beloved cat and my belief that it desensitizes them and an EXCUSE to fuck with me NOT TO MENTION HAVING TO WATCH HIS BEAUTIFUL WHITE CAT DIE WITH MY TEN DAY OLD BABY my first child IN MY ARMS because he was TOO busy gigging and thought his buddies couldn’t gig w/o him. He plays the saxophone so they could do without him for the rest of the night and money had nothing to do with it since they didn’t make much money, if at all, and they were mediocre at best. Black people love to come to his gigs with Don Morgan still. Not kind nor concerned, not cool, unreasonable, sadistic, mean-spirited and unthankful to me and risked his own child in a way when he should have come home and been a man. I did suffer post-partum and he helped:

WAS THAT LOVE? I think not:

I have  a higher purpose than satyrs’


Sometimes speaking plainly is called for in certain instances however I don’t know if that applies to these protest marches and their out of


An excuse to kill and destroy businesses and take attention away from the real problems and solutions to those problems. Could demand video cams on all police officers for one. Could demand no health insurance since it doesn’t save lives and kills business and when business die so do people. Could demand Obama’s impeachment: for having a black president seems like more blacks have died so how did that happen? Speech, speech, speech: big deal.

Did Obama lead the way to make a law about video cams on all police officers

one obvious solution?

Why not? Why didn’t he lead the way

if black lives mattered to Obama?

It’s an antagonistic tool to keep everyone disheveled and disorderly to suggest without requiring and implementing a good suggestion and to keep HIS PEOPLE: black lives wondering not for joy: running in circles. Both posts written quite a while ago (years) so forgive me if I may have evolved and devolved since then in certain ways and uncertain ways because learning amid MASSIVE deception is tough. Still some good info regardless and since I wrote and compiled it I don’t at the moment feel like reviewing it while my hair is falling out from the last cat scan that I don’t remember

and I have my own problems as well:

Pope Benedict XVI and His Power of Suggestion

The JFK Challenger to the Power of Lies

Franklin Graham: Only God Can Fix Charlotte — and America

Is Charlotte NC protest another

muther teresa trick? A Publicity Stump? The wall of protestors for Asheville?

Another Notre Dame trick?

After the white cat that died he ran over both of my other two cats on two different occasions 3 months apart. The siamese cat and then when some people were nearby selling Jesus door to door with their pamphlets, the orange cat. They were next door and scared my cat under the car.: Jehovah’s witnesses. Pretty weird. They did not come to my door, obviously.

These cats were buddies and used to walk ahead of me when I walked my daughter in her stroller outside. Jeffie and Rocky. Really cute. Before that he saw some lights 3 0r 4 in the sky that dropped down from the same point of light.

Are the Bushes Jehovah’s Witnesses? The reason I ask is the point of light (a thousand points of light) and George Bush sold himself door to door in the beginning of his career (stumping) I read and I heard and I saw on a show about the Bushes.

I looked up Jehovah’s Witnesses to see where they originated thinking it was Germany and every source on the internet put it somewhere else and it seemed false so I looked up


and it’s german: The left tributary of the Danube River.


I think it may be Ninevah? Now online they spell it Nineveh? Maybe it is both?

I do recall it spelled Ninevah.

Slim Dusty –

Walt-zing Matilda

My dad liked that song!


hava nagila

Amazing how language catches on fire like in the Vook of Acts


Sting – Why Should I Cry For You (CD The Soul Cages)

Did you cry for me or for my parents

and how they died.

Not one F—— word!

I doubt you could know why WITHOUT ME!







and the first name as well?


“Some scholars have asserted that Luther taught that faith and reason were antithetical in the sense that questions of faith could not be illuminated by reason. He wrote, “All the articles of our Christian faith, which God has revealed to us in His Word, are in presence of reason sheerly impossible, absurd, and false.”[171] and “[That] Reason in no way contributes to faith. […] For reason is the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of spiritual things.”[

Johnny Guitar Watson – Superman Lover


The ex’s reaction was about niggers, etc. It’s a new aberration so I’m sure there is something to it’s newness, an excuse, or spiritual possession. Frustration. Guilt? Possibly b/c of the stance he took on hospicing/starvation of his mom which was wrong and may be haunting him. Plus before that he was talking to someone about the woman who committed suicide from frustration and talked about being a man and handling the death of his mom thinking he was right of course and caught me giving him the FU sign in another room. I didn’t realize he was behind me at the time. Before he left the next morning he noticed bananas growing on his tree. He pays the rent! Who knows what is going on inside his head and heart but I bet he feels something he can’t explain. The part that is hard for him is that I might have been right and the fact that I’m female. Possibly starting to notice things he took for granted or hadn’t noticed before.

Pride goeth before a fall.

I am against Sharia Law that’s fer sure!

I have no idea what Sharia Law has to do with Charlotte NC’s incident but a few were inciting Sharia Law in NC?

I think it has EVERYTHING to do with Franklin Graham, Billy Graham, the B.G.E.A..

the RCC b/c they benefit from it

cell phones more than likely,

the press, and Obama.

That’s what!

I think the Ten Commandments are good enough.

Two great sites to feast upon if you like knowledge and reason about lots of things:

Walter Veith


The pope urges sincere dialogue between christens and muslims

I say:  We need sincere dialogue between muslims and catholics and just plain ole sincerity within each catholic and within each muslim and especially within the Vatican and out of Pope Francis’s own mouth of decay.

Like the five classical planets, Uranus is visible to the naked eye, but it was never recognised as a planet by ancient observers because of its dimness and slow orbit.[18]



Here sincerity for ya: I hope Pope Francis gets a severe case of foot and mouth disease from kissing the wrong foot and I hope Pope Francis gets water under both of his patellas from kissing a porcelain baby Jesus and I hope Pope Francis gets the biggest hemorrHOids known to mankind inside his own rectum for being an asshole of epic proportions and I hope Pope Francis has to wed Mother Teresa for eternity here on earth and in heaven for making her a saint and eternally tied to each other with a ball and chain and they have to have sex once a day with each other. That ought to even things up between the two of you.

PS: after a stay at the hospital while at the hospital the ex finally shampooed the rug as promised a while ago and i had cleaned the bedding on my bed and dried them but hadn’t made the bed asked him to make it for my arrival home from the hospital to make things nicer for me because hospital stays while restful are an interruption in my life but necessary sometimes. I felt something where I lay sometimes on my  bed often doing my computer work and my posts and other things that I do on the computer to better myself and stay off my foot I injured opening he garage door that at the time wasn’t working and the spot on my bed was hard so I thought wow what in the world is that under my sheets and also under my mattress cover and it was a light blue children’s hanger for hanging children’s clothes which was not there before. LOL anyway one ought to discover what is missing on URanus.and what is not missing such as 560 mph winds. 211 mph gusts are the highest winds recorded on earth in a hurricane 301mph in tornados. I have no idea about volcanic winds!

Having trouble with Dr. Dang again not prescribing correctly and some untruths in prescribing and playing games with her power. It’s uncanny. The only doctor that seems to have that problem with me, so far. Lack of training or a vendetta? A very pretty oriental woman but don’t think she appreciates my work, my work in progress, or my art. Truth is I’d rather be doing something else but someone has got to set the record straight and since the discovery it’s maddening to some but I did not create WWl or WWll and all the other shit afterwards like most people I lived through some of the shit afterwards oblivious for quite a while but learned some things along the way and I guess that’s a threat to some perhaps even to Dr. Dang. Not my intent. I really have tried to be as fair as possible under the shit circumstances we find ourselves in in this world and in our country and tried to testify to what I see for their sakes as well and mostly for the common man, woman, and child and even for those rich politicians who want to hide in underground bunkers for themselves.

Kind of a habit with her getting’ it wrong and I don’t like it. You would think she could get it right out of the two times I have had to deal with her and both times she didn’t. The first mistake she made had if it been fulfilled would have killed me said the pharmacist. She is sporting a bump so I don’t want to be too hard on her but you can imagine my surprise as she took over my case the second time. However some people sport a bump for the wrong reasons to gain favor, an advantage, tax purposes and/or pity, etc.. A hanger in my bed? Kind of hard to miss since I found it pretty quickly and it was covered up. A hanger and a bump in the same day within hours. Pretty coincidental. Maybe both are vying for the same purpose? Allies.He got kind of generous a few days ago which was unusual. Distrust was hard to not feel and she foiled again. Got to go and straighten it up tomorrow as if don’t have anything better to do like discoveries or try to get well at home. Maybe the third time she’ll be a lady. Sometimes that’s all we get. I guess they don’t like those Ten Commandments way ahead of them. Honestly I stumbled upon that amazing discovery in the Ten Commandments but I don’t want to grind anyone to powder just passed it along in defense of myself and others who have had to climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow till you find your dream since we have been attacked, tortured and tormented by a very evil religion.  A religion that makes no sense whatsoever and the leading cause of mental illness all over the world, IMO because they are mad as the mad hatter.


So help me God!


My discovery about the Ten Commandments

must have really hit hard.

I didn’t write them and I didn’t make them up.

The Vatican Pushing Sunday Law

(have no inkling if it’s the mark of the beast but it’s intrusive which is what the RCC should be renamed The Intruder’s Church.

to recatholicize everyone.

I sure didn’t rewrite them either or try to mock them with:

and then:

The Ten Commandments of Climate Change.

The mark of the beast could be something as Simple as the

Deutsche Mark

Germany’s Merkel cannot afford to bail out Deutsche Bank: media

possibly b/c Germany can’t even sustain themselves?  I guess grease didn’t help them get out of the hole?

I think I hit a nerve and ought to make some nervous. Maybe it’s time to talk about hospicing like we do abortion just in case I’m right.

GREAT VETO/Override:

it was a veto but to be politically correct it is now a veto override for victims families of the Saudi aggression on 9-11! Hard to believe reid would be against the victims families: is he prating to mohammad or krishna? (the hare), probably both!

(never noticed the spelling of veto is an alteration of the word vote. hmmmmm)


Expect soon he’ll be wearing a little pony tail dancing around at an airport.

They Call the Wind Maria – Paint Your Wagon – Harve Presnell

Sorrry to hear about Shimon Perez and his passing away. Noticed a bit of a blurb about was and peace since he was awarded i think he was awarded the Nobel Peace prize a long time ago along with mother Tersa though not at the same time I imagine, and so did Obama before he ever did anything, but who is counting. Meaningless award, obviously and I would not consider it to be in good company.

Shimon Peres of Israel Dies at 93; Built Up Defense and Sought Peace

Here is that blurb I thought was kind was timely though I have heard it said time and time again the two things people shouldn’t do in public is talk about politics and religion and all anyone ever does it seems is talk politics. Politic is religion! but here is that blurb I found about Shimon Perez:

“Mr. Peres, who frequently drew on historical allusions, thought of himself as philosopher more than a politician. When asked about the 1993 Oslo Accords, he said: “There was no alternative. We had to do it.” He added, “An ancient Greek philosopher was asked what is the difference between war and peace. ‘In war,’ he replied, ‘the old bury the young. In peace, the young bury the old.’ I felt that if I could make the world better for the young, that would be the greatest thing we can do.”

Makes me wonder what was in that OSLO Accord. I never did check but I doubt the public ever really sees some of what we hear about and if it was based on the reasoning given by Perez in that little paragraph it can’t have been too good.

Really silly reasoning. I wonder who that philosopher was? He or she wasn’t forthright, obviously.

You won’t get much truth from the press so you have to be a bit cynical which comes with age.

Not so: In war you bury all ages.

I guess Shimon Perez was vying for the medal for his nobleness. I don’t know him so writing about him is kind of dry and maybe cynical but I hope his family and friends can cope with their loss, for the present time because I know how hard it is to lose someone you love and/or like. I remember he planted a tree with the Mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno, didn’t he?

The Deadly Wound Is Healed

(don’t know the veracity of every idea in the article above, but it’s interesting)

I remember Gianni Alemanne talking to some taxi union about conjuring something and it didn’t sound good. Also remember him with a bishop or cardinal Bertone on some anniversary having to do with the Lateran Treaty and the deadly wound that was healed. I don’t know him either and have no idea what his meaning was in the things he did, and don’t know his intent but it is prophetic. I’m not a professor of prophecy and know the changes were made in the 70’s and in the past to the bible and it’s different versions and especially during the Second, possibly the 50th Vatican Counsel, but seriously I think they need mental, spiritual, and psychological counseling for changing The Ten Commandments and mocking the Ten Commandments.

Aretha Franklin – Border Song (Holy Moses)

And in peace the same,

but we aren’t supposed to trick the old hence it’s war under a different Guise

Mary of Guise:Queen of Scots

and it is much more evil because it is murder with intent to kill! It’s worth fighting over just as it was in WWll. It’s called organized crime i.e. FASCISM and it is supremely evil and needs to be stopped. It’s spiritual too but physically we have to stop organized crime for starters. As far as abortion is concerned you aren’t supposed to trick young women, girls, and their families in all the ways that are done in regards to unwanted and wanted pregnancies. Which is also evil to trick them, ….as well. Families have a more sure right than government or the Roman Catholic Church to make decisions about their daughters, sisters, and mothers own bodies with the available options that are and were available and a much safer option than what the Roman Catholic Church offered indulging themselves of course and their shellfish dictates.They could not take criticism for their treatment of their own parishioners and instead threatened them in mobsterish ways and again could not take criticism for money laundering for the mafia and money laundering our taxes to achieve their goals not to mention deceiving those they were supposed to enlighten with the truth and failed again. We all have trouble with criticism. It’s hard to take sometimes and a few bad apples can really screw up a good pie. Snow White, etc. And then came the Court of the Gentiles also prophetic, however self fulfillment by the RCC’s inebriated goals to RCC-osize everyone. Judge not lest you be judged it says in the New Testament. I think much more is ahead soon that will dismantle the RCC and it’s deceptive and illustrious past, but it’s not in my hands. It’s in God’s hands, Thank God. I don’t think I would or could be as patient as God has been but I don’t think the RCC should take it as a sign to take advantage anymore and instead should take it as a sign to clean their own stables and try to go for the truth as much as they can because I think the truth will help them and take the advice of Jesus at the Sea of Galilee: Feed my sheep

Progress is not achieved based on lies especially when dealing with the people. There is a choking point that would certainly help the smallest of borders would make a big difference and we built it, but a peanut farmer Carter )probably under the influence of Billy Graham gave it away influenced by possibly the same influence that inspired a preacher to make a 1000 peanut butter sandwiches for firefighters the night before 9-11.) If Mexico and Central America/Latin America care for themselves I would think they would be wise to return the Panama Canal for their own benefit and for the kids b/c I think it will help separate some bad apples.

Did Fox News tell us about it? CNN? MSNBC? Reuters? Huffington Post? Drudge Report?

Howard Dean:
It was a joke.

I guess those long gas lines willy swayed us in the wong direction.

Funny thing is we hear about our oil reserves (150 years worth of it)  yet we don’t want to use it to be independent and while using it we could AFFORD to research other more economical, clean and possibly free energy such as what one lightning bolt can achieve without using up ANY of our resources or getting involved in civil wars of other nations. They have a right to try to improve their countries as we did without our approval or disapproval. Wars suck but sometimes it is the only way to get some human rights for those that are denied them and usually occur because of really bad behavior. Loping off heads etc like in Mexico dealing with organized crime and seem to have dropped the ball or allowed it to overtake their desire to be civil and I don’t think the RCC has been helpful spread out so thin just to Catholicize the world with their Nine Commandments.

Have you noticed who loves to drive it in that we owe a certain country a lot of money and he happens to be a friend of Chris Matthews and I think he is Catholic and advertises on Fox channel and wants everyone to invest in gold from Rosland in L.A.while he sits in his golf cart I guess he gets a tickle up his leg too. Anyone that does both those things ought to go live in a cave very soon and he won’t be missed.


Carly Simon – You’re So Vain – YouTube

He played in the series called DALLAS. Gold isn’t gonna be worth anything if we don’t get our country back.

In Perez’s honor Obama might plant a tree or exchange one, who knows but it doesn’t mean SHIT.

I did finally get my medicine and I have to give Dr. Dang the benefit of doubt again and the ex even though he has exhibited some pretty weird loony kind of behavior some very very bad which I have expounded upon quite a bit. For one: Starving his mom using the hospice lunacy and that’s a big negative but if it wasn’t lauded by the Roman Catholic Church via mother Tersa/Tarsus and supported by kissing Koran Pope John Paul and her recent sainthood by Pope Francis I doubt I would be writing about it. Talk about a bad influence!

Who made the option of hospice available for free in our government health exchange?

Either Medicare or Medicaid offered it for free so perhaps they might know.

What was the motivation behind it?

I watched the movie Pearl Harbor when in the hospital and reminded me of my parents when the ships were attacked in the harbor and the hands in the water that were trapped. I loved my parents hands, as funny as that is and in the movie they held each others hands and some did not live. I feel like my parents were attacked early like those people were attacked and I feel like my parents are holding my hands now and they have helped me through some of this. It’s hard to know who to trust anymore but I know I could trust them! I think the commandment about honoring our parents is about trust and they were trust worthy and that’s that.

October 5th could be an important date. It was to me, our family and my parents but for personal reasons but my mom did say she wanted to live to 105. Not trying to freak anyone out but everything that has happened has been kind of freaky in the last 10-15 years or so, hasn’t it????

“The Huns were a nomadic people who left the steppes of Central Asia, traveled to Europe and threatened what was left of Rome’s empire. Chinese documents, from the Han Dynasty, refer to a warlike tribe called the “Hsiung-nu” who may have been the Huns‘ earliest ancestors.Feb 23, 2015

I’m not a history buff but that’s kind of interesting!

I have some posts about the Neocatechumenal Way and what I gleaned from it that occurred in Japan a few years back which I think is noteworthy thrusted upon the the Roman Catholics of Japan and their desire for a five year delay they did not receive. The reason for their desire for a delay was the rise in suicides they attributed to the Neocats (layerers of hands?) as a possibility that was kind of in a test run of some kind. Some of the dialogue was kind of interesting that was published early on and the responses to the tsunami and by whom were ready on the spot. Reminded me DOD’s Chuck Hagel’s later warning to America when he said “Get Ready America.” He really never explained himself which was weird but said he never questioned Obama’s motives which is kind of dumb, but revealing. It’s kind of confusing but nevertheless worth investigating and soon after was a devastating tsunami. I just can’t get places like H.A.A.R.P. out of my psyche and what that kind of power can cause storm wise, earthquake wise, etc, etc, etc.

Suicide seems to be the central theme of many of the things that have happened and I don’t think it’s MERely coincidental. I think it has to do with Mother Tersia being sainted by Poe Francis on a collision course with The Ten Commandments.

Lots of posts about Mr. Tarsus in Merangue’s Blog intertwined with other subjects. I think Paul was a pope because he sure traveled far and wide on someone’s dime and changed his name from Saul to Paul. Popes do change their names and there could not be any other reason to change his name, that I can think of. One name was a title. He was so boring people fell out of windows listening to him preach because he was kind of other wordy and then he would fall on them.


The stone.


The ex’s brother called and he and the ex chatted a while and I over heard him say “Barely livable” in a kind of small voice (I must be doing something right’) and obviously the brother asked him how things were going or something similar. Feeling sorry for himself not too long after starving his mom to death and I’m supposed to be grateful he paid my bail for a false arrest and a night in jail since he was the one that called the police and told me I should be grateful and all the other things I have elaborated about in my posts and tells his brother life with me, I’m supposing, is barely livable. Also said if I don’t help him he won’t help me but I can’t remember what had transpired in order to get such a strange threatening reaction but it was said very coolly. You would not believe how much I helped him in the past for nothing and I would NEVER do it again. I think I would define his whiney-wimpy-sleazeballness as he is full of shit/gaul and many other vile things!

Could be he meant something else such as  ‘barely viable.’

His mom’s name was Vi/Violet. Am I his mom now? Sounds silly but you have to try to think sometimes like a loon when dealing with loony people when trying to understand what they or why they say the things that they say and why they do what they do

but I let him know I heard and said

“Barely livable?”

and he did not respond and seemed to compartmentalize or something like that.


VP nominee hoping to be Clintons helpmate if she can win votes which seems implausible.

A REAL KIND HEART and the astounding thing is his brother probably does feel sorry for him. Both were estimating the days it would take for his mom to die and his brother estimated quite a long time and the ex pretty much had the time it took to a tee and had not seen her. Disgusting. He let his brothers deal with it using a hospice that checked her vitals once a day and the ex waited to go up north until after she died to attend the funeral because it was proper. A real gentleman. How does one converse with someone so freakin insane? I do my best to keep it minimal. He tried to get me to watch a show with him on his new Blue tooth screen TV on his birthday and I declined, of course. Kind of hard to have a relationship with a person that far gone. Be like trying to live with the Prime Minister of Poland.

Totally outrageous!


Wonder what she got for her unhelpful advice!

Speaking of outrageous:

The woman that died of undiagnosed diverticulitus resulting in suicide  I found out her husband belongs to a very small secretive baptist church but another subsidiary of the Baptist church where when you join you aren’t allowed to speak and very few people join. Probably Ana-Baptist? A secret club and the wife did not attend his church but instead she went to a different church. He got paid insurance money because it was not ruled a suicide because the autopsy showed she had undiagnosed diverticulitus that drove her to want to pull the trigger on her own head on the swing outside their home after cuddling with her daughter and before that watching some tv with her other kid and his wife and the dad/husband doled out the life insurance a few days after her death. Wasn’t a great deal of money but I guess helped to sooth a conscience. Her funeral brochure said she had worked for the DOD (Department of Defense) in Austin for quite a long time. I don’t think it pays to work for the DOD when doctors can’t diagnose a patient with diverticulitis a well known illness/disease and are less talented than coroners in the case for a female government worker. The doctors she was able to see being limited by her insurance as to who she could see told her and misdiagnosed her diverticulitis as a mental disorder and said it was all in her head. So she was having trouble digesting food in her head? In Germany the beginning of the holocost was the undoing of the medical field as I recall and that was Obamas main contribution and probably why he received the Nobel Peace Prize as a pre-despot reward. Couldn’t do it without the insurance business to back it up and act as a support and use it as subterfuge for the unwary public of the USA. Obama care would never have been able to pass the mustard without that first step in order to fix our insurance troubles. The USA is a big country in comparison to Germany so the insurance business was sort of a seed. It had to be sowed first all over the country to make the USA dependent, even the doctors. Lots of people make a living selling and administering the insurance when their talent could have been better utilized if they had been allowed to endeavor, develop, and prosper unhindered by insurance and income tax to support other countries (Rome/Vatican especially) and their goals to outwit us and bog us down in a myriad of ways and not have to compete with America/USA (because we won WWll) who want death to America by any and all means.

Anyway: Thou shall not Ken dull (kindle) a fire on the Sabbath. I wonder what that means?  Is it a clue of some kind? Not all bibles say the same thing and definitely mean other things. Doesn’t make sense to me.  Even if it’s 33 degrees outside???

a member of an international order established for mutual help and fellowship, which holds elaborate secret ceremonies.
I wonder if it’s related to the Club of Rome another secret club. If it is on the up and up why be a secret organization and hold secret ceremonies?
Was Pentacost actually on the Sabbath?  I guess it depends also what day one considers to be the Sabbath. Some say Sunday and some say Saturday.

The news about Trump stumping on a bus about moving in on some woman is outrageous.

Was this before or after going to Iowa?

Did the Iowa Caucus lay their hands on him.

Did Trump know he was being yapped?

Why didn’t this tape of