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Fetality and the Elderly

Using Fetal Heads for Products

For what?

What are fetal heads used for as products? I would love to know how one can use a fetal head or their brain! I want to understand how one can possibly believe a bunch of nuts because they act like nuts that are on those videos talking about the prodecures involved which I have never seen those procedures . I don’t think they have seen it in reality. I think it’s their imagination.

This is the show of The Five who are defending Ben Carson’s stand on life and his believe that it starts at conception which is the French View and many others. Course a lot money riding on his viewpoint which could be the resin for his viewpoint.

“Only Eric Bolling of the Five has had the courage to watch the videos all the way through,” said Dan Perrina and she admires him for that courage (BIG FUCKING DEAL. HE’s  A LIAR) and doesn’t have the courage. I don’t have the time nor the desire to sit through a bunch of hired nuns/guns and listen to their fantasies about something that is not occurring at least not in the way they say it is occurring or for the reasons they say it is occurring and is

used as an excuse to kill the elderly

 without even a mention.

What does that say about The FIVE?


The reason it was done that is, in reality, was as a procedure was for the spinal cord fluid and brain stem research I think to help those that had some disabilities caused by falling off a horse. For Superman. Christopher Reeve who we witnessed in Congress on TV pleading for the privilege because he fell off a horse and broke his neck but lived but was paralyzed from the neck down.

I have no idea what Congress did in that regard. I only saw snippet of it on TV and I was young at the time. I thought they nixed the idea. But it is not a new idea it started around 1963 with the assassination of JFK in Dallas.  This was around the time skin serums were being sold via TV and claiming it was the fountain of youth from a European Company that had some form of baby by-product in them using the embryonic sac that a baby is born in and that comes out before a baby is born when water flows out and I didn’t use it once I realized. First of all it was confusing what they said in the pamphlet so I didn’t quite get the gist of their claim.

I don’ t have a problem with someone who thinks life begins at conception. It’s called germination.

A seed is watered and germinates above ground because the soil is so shallow. It develops roots as it grows and develops upwards also.

We are not plants. And humans develop differently than a plant. Plants can’t walk and talk so it is hard to compare the two but the plant world is life. Are we plants? I think the nuns and the guns planted in Planned Parent hood are plants.

In the bible of the Old Testament there is a plant that is very very hard to pull. By pull i mean out of hiding and pull up. I think they are called mangroves I mean mandrakes but they are probably harvested in mangroves that were farmed and Rachel of the bible employed them. Like I’m saying in essence making girls and women get pregnant using devices: alcohol and other things to have a harvest and then blaming the women of course other women, but not herself. GET MY DRIP, DRIP, DRIP, DRIP. They have long roots but they don’t grow downward, but sideways around people and their possessions. They spread out over a wide area to cling to the dirt. There is a special way to uproot them that has to be employed in order to not have them grow again from their roots that is lets say if they are cut. You have to get the whole thing or you are wasting your time.

It’s magical. Mangroves were used by Rachel as a way to get people to fall in love as in witchcraft and other things They scream when you pull them out like you would a dragon or an evil spirit inside a human being. It is thought to be a fable, but I don’t think so. They can look like people and act like people but they aren’t people. They stand in the place of people and do a lot of dirty, nasty work inside people to mess with people including who they impersonate or possess.

Hence what I saw in a photo may very well likely be that kind of work. Michelle Obama with arms that Obama himself mentioned at a press dinner is a good example and she looked like she didn’t understand what he meant. I saw her expression as like, “What?” and she was laughing, embarrassed a little to be highlighted by his comment, unless it was an act. She was not wearing sleeves in her magenta pink dress I think and has pretty muscular arms but in the picture at Benghazi it was those same arms and shoulders her neck and same face though swollen from surgery 46 days ahead of the next election. She was not wearing a wig so had her natural hair what accommodates wigs easily. The Election day is a big day for the first lady to look her best and many people do have surgery so it’s not a sin to have plastic surgery and she did look great after that. She didn’t look that bad before it but had aged and weathered as we all do. Everyone can look real bad and I have seen some other pictures of her at her worst I think her worst. I have seen pics of Goldi Hawn at her worst and other actresses. Photographers love to show them at their worst. They get paid lots of money for those photos like my sister probably got paid for her shots. Like Princess Fergie and some actress with cellulite on and off season of her career or life. It’s degrading because they usually go after women to degrade them expecially famous ones but sometimes men as well. It’s really bad though to go in their living room or on their porch sunbathing or as in Fergie’s example in her yard behind a fence. It helps for the regular people to see once in a while some of those pictures that aren’t posed to not feel quite as gross for not having those attributes or traits because of lack of money or time or their injustices to their figures and face like when they are on the street wearing sunglasses. I don’t want to see them at their worst if i don’t have to I like to see them look normal if I can but I don’t often buy magazines about stars (I don’t know if I ever have bought one) but they are on the aisles at the grocery store for our edification and i do every once in a while flip through one while waiting in line if I have the privilege of buying groceries and those magazines make a lot of money degrading stars in many ways and propping them up because they end up being products instead of people which is done in various ways besides photos. And of course they touch it up if they like you and they touch it down if they don’t like you.

Most people do not travel during or after surgery especially via airplane because of possibility of blood clots and other problems they might have after surgery, so if she was there at BENGHAZI after surgery she took a big chance but in her other hand was a syringe. OF course depends where she had surgery and what kind of transportation she used.  You can tell it is a syringe  because of how her fingers grasped it unless she was squeezing a resin bottle, but they have tried to make the picture less clear since I wrote about it quite a while ago soon after Benghazi occurred.

There are better ways to travel these days. It’s not for everyone just for thrones that get to use it.

Hence Queen Elizabeth not dolled up.

“Mary, Mary, quite contrary”


Mary, Mary, quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockleshells
And pretty maids all in a row.

We all have doubles and maybe triplets and quads etc. There are people that look similar because I think there are just so many variables in traits of people but they can be combined in may different ways and then make up and so forth.

They use old shows to make us think they are young and shows that didn’t make it early on and store them for later use to fool the public and to make money. All the while we thought they made their money in one great movie and they or others were working like slaves to produce a bunch of stuff that one person could not possibly produce in a life time and the same with authors unless they did it in a vacuum or somewhere else.

During the JFK assassination investigation that I pursued I found out about some places that seem to be a types of temples where I think there were passages inside them. Ley lines? Travel spots. LBJ was a builder of dams early in his career and unearthed these places or so it was written about. I can’t say for sure. I wasn’t there. It seems there are at least four places that were rebuilt in other places to use. One in Spain, one in Manhattan, one in the Netherlands, and one in another place and probably others. One in one place was rebuilt the wrong way and so had a different result of that blunder all having to do with the number 153, 135, 531 etc. anyway Jackie Kennedy received some things from these places as gifts from Egypt for their help unearthing some places and her help somehow or another. She was the one that shot JFK or her double.

Which also has to do with Josephuses footsteps I wrote about a few years back that others have tried to write about as well or have written about and problem solving type the riddle of those writings about the footsteps having to do with poisoning and suicides especially of the jews and enemies of Rachel using tunnels and other things.

“Another shall gird thee and take you where you would not go, follow me.” is what Jesus said to Peter who denied him three times when the cock crowed three times during that night of the arrest when he followed Jesus to see the end which was not the end because other people witnessed the crucifixion and when he said follow me was after the crucifixion a few days later at the Sea of Galilee. Meaning he went to see the point the stuff that happens in-between we don’t see behind the scenes such as the inquisition Jesus went through and maybe some other things we don’t know about not written about in the bible because we are not privileged enough to know about it or trusted enough, etc.

Then after the Gospel of John is the Book of Acts which goes into what happens either before or after the Gospel of John. Some of it is after but seems like it is before so it’s kind of confucious. It’s kind of gross some of the things that did occur and extremely cruel for money, power, and control.

During the trial and after Nicodemus or Arimathea begs for the body of Jesus. That can be construed differently then what is normally relied upon for the masses. The body could mean the people of Jesus. The body could mean the DNA of Jesus. The body could mean his body in actuality to bury and probably other meanings as well. (Could be talking about Necrophiliasm. Making love to the dead or having sex with the dead.)

Hence the Synoptic gospels.

Jesus of the Gospel of John is the only one that props truth.

Remember it was Pontius Pilate very piously said, “What is truth?”

But back then people did not punctuate sentences so it could mean something else.

Could mean he said “What is truth!” and then after the decision to kill Jesus washed his hands.

as in


 which we heard a bunch about from evangelicals recently (avenging angels used to confuse the masses, the fallen angels or those that are deceived by them which of course don’t know any better than to deceive because it is what they are taught to have faith in and it’s not their fault it’s the deceivers fault and GOD knows it)

obviously opposite in a sideways kind of way to


WHICH IS A NAME of GOD possibly the only name of God and he is the one saying what it is (his name) in Exodus but there are other names of Gods that are written about in the OLD Testament and the NEW Testament. Some having to do with his traits or just from the times when people worshipped devils, demons, plants, animals, and things.

When doing the JFK assassination the woman with Jackie in the limo (John Connelly’s wife Nellie) when he was shot in the head by Jackie Kennedy or her double with big calves was dichotic speaking. When he was turning that fateful corner she said as he neared the time of his death she said. “You can’t say that Dallas doesn’t love you” because of the crowds that greeted him however they changed the course the route of the drive at the last minute. I don’t know if he was aware of that change but it is written about in the transcripts I transcribed as best I could and at that moment a shot was fired or that may have been when he grabbed his throat. Now if you change the punctuation it could mean something else. Not saying she did it on purpose but from within she chose those words. IF you put a comma or a period after the word “that” then you have a whole different meaning.

“You can’t say that,. Dallas does’t love you.” There may have been the word anymore after it but I don ‘t want to check because it is not important to this reasoning.

He was about to give a speech at a luncheon at the Trade Center in Dallas and it was gonna be a good one. I think he was thinking about what he was gonna say and how he was gonna say it and she probably overheard him

“Thinking in a Lincoln.”

Course he might have fooled her with his thoughts knowing what was gonna happen because he made a taped version later to be released just in cases he didn’t get to say it in Dallas when they made a switch hand off at the airport and it was handed over to some people in Dallas but that could have been a trick as well. THE WOMAN ON THE RIGHT TRIES TO GET THE EXCHANGE GIFT THAT HE IS HOLDING BUT HE HOLDS ON TO IT AND GIVES IT TO THE GUY IN THE LEFT PICTURE.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.33.30 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.33.43 PM

Think about this we hear in our mind not just in our ears and sometimes those thoughts aren’t ours. One of the Pauls said we would be judged by our thoughts and that is not true. I don’t believe that. How could we think if that were the case. When we think we think thoughts that aren’t always what we would have thought if we could. So in a way JFK was having a conversation not just with himself and the same for the people involved and they testified to it. I documented the handover and so that the average viewer would notice using snap shots of a video to demonstrate because if you don’t look real close you miss it. Course he could have been handing over a button as in nukes but one lady tries to get what he hands over and he makes sure he hands it to someone else and he walks off with it. I imagine he might have been involved in a switch of some kind having to do with the people he loved. It is done now in IRAN with hostages so could be he was dealing with a hostage situation then or a kidnapping. He did a gesture of his lower button on his jacket during that time as well, twisting it.

My mom when she was a young girl with her brothers and playing around because she was a tom boy and very silly which is some of what I loved about her because she was a stinker and very funny (with a great imagination) was playing in their automobile with her youngest brother Ted. He was a tot or a little older said to him “Don”t you do that” when he had his hand on the part of the car that would unlock it to roll either the clutch or the gear shift and changed her tone and inflection to make it mean Don’t you. Do that.  I think she said it in a few different ways and he did that and the car rolled. I’m sure her eyes were big and she had big ones to begin with but she was prankster in way in her personality. It was a lesson. My brother and I did the same kind of stuff with the words: “Fuck you”, saying it to each other in many ways being silly one night and not meaning it but being funny. And it was.

My brother and I had a lot of fun together growing up. He told me in my mind/heart somehow “to never stop exploring.” He does’t talk to me anymore since quite a while ago after the last trip I saw him and we didn’t really get along at all partically because of my beliefs and his and my sisters faith but we got along after we smoked a nub of marijuana and got a tiny bit altered. He was very into what he was reading a book called The God Particle so it is a start and the last time I saw him after we drove down Purgatory Road. The last thing he wrote was “Delusion much.” it had a question mark but that could have been added on the way to my e-mail box.

We explored together a bunch as kids and as adults in a different way.

When at an army base known for educating about war that we were stationed (a war college) we made some friends. I had a boy friend named mike and he had some siblings one named Dallas. My sister rolled in a Volkswagon with Dallas on the way to date a boy at West Point because of strong winds. Later we visited them in Hawaii when on R&R the second time. The mom was a senator and I went out with the middle boy who took me to a movie to see while I was there. I think it was an irish type movie about woman who was in love with a ghost and how she was treated like a whore by the townspeople, I can’t remember why, probably because she was different. The townspeople were kind of like the people that met the travelers on a river raft in the mountains who were not made well as in inbreds and that movie was called: Deliverance. However they weren’t quite as bad as the ones in Deliverance they were mentally as bad or worse because the young man in Deliverance could play the banjo quite well so he was different than the other inbreds in and around the area but he was still dangerous because he wasn’t right in the head.

It was a long movie and lots of interesting characters to say the least in that depiction, I’ll add the name later of the movie I saw when I recall it. I found it: Ryan’s Daughter.

He later died in a car wreck hitchhiking in the states soon after. I don’t know the details just that he had island fever and wanted to do some traveling. I saw his older brother on a bridge walking and bouncing a ball recently. We didn’t talk I just recognized him and he did not recognize me.

It wasn’t our Volkswagon it was their Volkswagon although we used to have two Volkswagons. It totaled the Volkswagon and they were lucky to live with out too much of a problem physically. I don’t recall any physical damage to my sister but I think Dallas was injured. Her leg. I could be wrong about whose Volkswagon it was because I was only a kid. We did get another car and it was olive colored in another state later on and one of the Volkswagons had had an attempt upon it’s ownership when a guy went AWOL. I love Volkswagons the ones in the past because of their output in mileage and they were so easy to fix. I don’t think they are as good anymore, but cute.

Anyway these portals or what ever they are (temples) are in different order in one place and affects their names and their language and their meanings as does punctuation.

I am terrible at punctuation as far as the rules go but I think I do a good job as far as the meaning goes and tend to do less punctuating as a rule which is convenient.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.44.48 PM


Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.45.05 PM


Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.46.47 PM

SOMETHING WEIRD ABOUT THIS. Looks like something in her throat like a straw and she has arm around something .

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.47.02 PM

ROY KELLERMAN THE SS AGENT THAT JFK TRUSTED AND HE IS LOOKING AT A CAMERA THAT HE KNOWS IS THERE. THE REST DON’T SEE IT. HAS A LOOK LIKE MY DAD. Kind of like he is saying: watch this or watch carefully and I noticed Jackie behind him and some other faces and started to examine. I’m probably not right about everything b/c nobody is correct about everything. But lots of stuff going on in matter of seconds or less and in those frames.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.47.53 PM


Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.44.24 PM


Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.33.43 PM


Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.33.30 PM

Woman in front looks as if she is trying to get what is in JFK’s hand and then he hands it to another person. A relay. Spy stuff.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.45.05 PM

look way deep inside

The first shot or second was not a shot but something thin sharp and long went through his tie and the tie stopped the object which is impossible. The wound came from the car and entered from the back like an automatic type contraption built into the car that went back out the same way it went in to the tie because of the wound it made which did the same and if he were shot in the neck his neck wouldn’t be there anymore and a massive amount of blood would have bled at that time and it didn’t. The car and the jab in the back was designed to hold him in place so that Jackie could finish him off with a shot to the side of his head with the gun she was handed in her roses at the airport with he noise make the puppet Lamb chops to shock and awe the spectators and a device to injure and drug JFKs secret service agent and friend (which I document from the films with snapshots to illustrate what happens to him afterwards) just to be sure so all the crap you read about the assassination is cover up and like the many things written about the bible – a flood to divert and very much like Benghazi and the books written about it and shown on Fox for the most part and a lucrative way to make money for those that are leeches of life and leeches of the living: The mob and they run the show in the Vatican and elsewhere. They think they do anyway. I think it’s changing.

And I don’t want to get stuck on the that and the this or the me’s, the i’s, and the you’s etc right now to express myself but there is difference for other reasons.

Funny ad about it in the Geico ad with the me and the you and the you and the me.

When I was a tot i followed my brother to school one day. The school called and told my mom because I was sitting in the classroom. They sent me back through the field and she said she could see my head bobbing up and down through the tall grass. I don’t remember it except by what she told me about it. The house we lived in had a pole in the middle of the room. My dad at that time had a broken back or sprained his back and was in a bed but I was only a tot and remember the film of him on a stretcher much like the stretcher that JFK was on when his back was broken somehow with Jackie. Same timing, I think. Some similarities that are kind of eerie.

We went overseas by ship. Took about 8 days. It was impressive when I first saw the ocean and the ship and it even had a theater. Watched Bambi. I was about 7 years old. Weird out in the middle of the ocean. The skies and the water. The reason we went by ship was because I had hearing problems so it was the safe way to go.

When living overseas my mom had a date with the Queen of England. We also saw her at a parade in her carriage and all the stuff about it I think it was her birthday and it was filmed by my family while we sat on the bleachers. They are really into hats and parades over there. Went to a private boys school for a while and then to a public school. That experience was quite an experience and kind of magical. we toured and camped it and other countries while there and sometimes inns. I didn’t know that was why we went overseas but that is all it could have been. We had a twisting party and JFK was assassinated during our party. We could barely see it on TV because the reception was so bad and no telling if we were getting it in REAL TIME but however long it took to get to us.

 Now when one says











which is why were WERE DEFEATED


and as I said i got some messages from them that they were aware.

We can change our future but GOD can change our past present and future depending on our awareness and if GOD feels like it.

What will this man do asked Peter to Jesus and he said What is that to thee, follow me. (If I wilt that he tarry) he said that too in there somewhere.


My mom used to like to scare me for fun. LOL. She would take out her teeth after a party and liked to see me freak out because I was a scaredy cat. She was acting like a warlock and fearing me which is what you do when you are a warlock in a game of WOW and it is defeating when you get feared. It wasn’t cruelty it was entertainment. I don’t recall her ever hitting me. She pinched me a few times but not very hard.  She cussed once that I know when she said shit. I forget why but it was a first and the last time that I ever heard her cuss. She put me on restriction a few times. but that was pretty much it. On the other hand the siblings did kind of get physical sometimes. I saw my older ones acting like they had some turf fights and my youngest and I had some turf issues like when I drew a line in the bed so my sister wouldn’t cross over but she did because she was kind of cuddly and I would kick her. I hope I wasn’t too hard on her. For the most part we got along and i think my dad and my brother had one physical antagonistic confrontation and neither won because both were pretty equal forces but it hurt their relationship for a while but they healed and learned to respect each other. My brother liked to get behind me and hold my shoulders and stick a knee in my back to make me submit with my knees on the ground which he never outgrew pumped my stomach a few times till I couldn’t breathe for fun and once smeared some snow in my face but nothing harmful it was how we played. When we were young dad had a paddle he never used  twice as big as a ping-pong paddle and twice as thick. I don’t think he ever used it he just showed it once in a while. Only once could he catch me to spank me because I was very good at dodging and that was when I told some girl she going to hell or something like that for something she was doing, said, or did on the playground where we played tether ball (and i felt like the whole neighborhood watched it was embarrassing) which was one of my favorite sports besides horseback riding and dodgeball which I usually won. The boys hated me at school because they couldn’t get me out of the game and I like tennis too as long as I don’t have to run too far. I used to like to play it in a cage with a wall for practice.

My mom had a lot to get over in her life being an abandoned poor black child by her dad who left his wife of seven kids for a rich woman without kids but in actuality she was white. My grandmother when she was left by her husband had her teeth removed to avoid costs since she still had kids and had teeth problems and didn’t want to have to worry about it and she was a bit freaked out having to cope. Like i said in another post the kids sent her money when they worked a little here and a little there. My grandmother was kind of a pioneer and a member of the Daughters of the Revolution. DAR She was a bible believer though I don’t know what she knew or didn’t know because we never talked about it which is too bad. She had great sense of humor and suffered quite bit losing one daughter who was said to have committed suicide off a roof of a building a two story or one story building hanging her laundry and found to have bleach in her body when they did an autopsy. I found out from my mom that she had been driven down a dirt road by her husband/future husband in order to abort her pregnancy but I didn’t know when that happened after her two kids or before. He got custody of the kids which my mom also was hurt by because she didn’t just lose her sister she lost touch for the most part of those kids. She did reach out and write and visited them but he moved far away and made it difficult. I think what happened was it was a cover up. She probably was poisoned with bleach. You don’t jump off a building from one story or two if you want to commit suicide you pick a high building to make sure it works. She did break her neck from the fall, I think, so this haunted my mom plus witnessing the Pearl Harbor from the roof top of some homes in the area or near the area when they saw the planes come in.

Kind of eerily like what happened to my niece who witnessed 9-11 from a rooftop in Brooklyn.

And Paul McCartney witnessed from an airplane on the tarmac. Not that he had anything to do with our family but I was thinking at the time of adding a song of his because I do that sometimes in my writings where it fits, but I forgot which song. Maybe later I’ll figure it out.

My little sister had a friend whose son did the same thing (jumping off a building) with one shoe and one sock on. An unusual way to dress because usually you put two socks on and then the shoes. He was an engineer or going to be one like my dad was interested in as young man so he wasn’t stupid and he lived in Chicago. His parents were holy rollers. They prayed over him (laid hands on him I think they call it) the day he did what he did so it had no good effect or affect. He had complained or reached out to others about his paranoia of being stalked spiritually and physically and they thought he was out of his mind, I think, delusional which many are these days and not by accident. He had I think touched my sister’s boob one night just to see what it was like. She had had implants so it is kind of natural to be curious. I think he is the one. I did the same thing as a girl to a girl named Penny. Everyone laughed about it and didn’t let me live it down as families do. It was there and I wanted to know what it was like. I don’t think it was anything to die for, I’ll tell you that much. Even Penny laughed embarrassed and blushed big time but she was a young teenager and she laughed about it. I doubt my sister would think her boobs were to die for. She had kind of an open heart in some ways. They did not have an affair because i think she would have told me since she told me lots of things that were not good about herself or from guilt and she felt a little guilt perhaps because of the divorce. She didn’t tell me everything but she was for the most part an open book which I appreciated though I have mocked her since I was handled the way I was by her and others. Like shit. I was trying to also wake her up during my travails ant hers.  It was probably used against her somehow but it wasn’t anything to cause a death over. It is a natural thing that isn’t that bad. So anyway he felt he was being hunted and he was ignored till that day. She went to his funeral and gave her prayers and good wishes to the parents during the divorce so it seemed to be a way to see her family that she desired still because she loved them which is very natural for her. We all think things out of order. So it wasn’t her that caused his death it was something else. I think I know what it is it is who she was indoctrinated by and the kind of system it is. An occult. Jealousy. The Journeyman. He was only a young man and had a beer or two, I wasn’t there but I imagine that was the case with this thing that happened. I would imagine my sister would have blushed unless she was drunk or high on booze and she was indoctrinated by the antics of some friends and family not to give a hoot. When she was young she was maybe too sensitive but still had sensitivity when she grew but alcohol kind of blurs things and feelings. It was an unfair and tragic occultic crap. Like the dust of the temple I wrote about in regards to jealousy that is written about in the bible and like what Gary did to his daughter at a young age whether anything happened out of order (which it probably did some guys don’t like brunettes especially when the wife they hate is a brunette. It has to be something like that and that is a type of psychopath that does that because she is overbearing and she is very very overbearing and probably black mailed the family possibly with innuendo or something? or it is because of me and my ideas threaten them? or just a plain ole collision ) outside in the jacuzzi or not he did it to me and my mom and his wife and thereby our family because it spread like a wildfire the effects and the bad feelings. It was gross and needless. The baby hadn’t even been born so how could she have been jealous. Sure she had jealousy in her towards her older sister as everyone has jealousy at one time or another with siblings, friends, marriages etc. it’s a part of life and is something that has to be reined in by the person who is jealous and it takes practice. So when you hear O’reilly snort know that usually is what he is snorting about. I have heard it in the ex. What a night. Whew.

The occult has to do with this person who talked about girlie magazines in regards to pornography and can’t seem to get with the times. Franklin Graham, a sex pervert full of false guilt. He used that expression to sound like a little boy or those pictures you see of Jesus on many catholic walls with his eyes looking up as if “who, me?” There are pictures of Billy Graham and Franklin Graham praying or thoughtfully looking up and it’s propaganda BS. They knew they were being taken of him being holy which he isn’t. He has a lot of holes.

I don’t know if you have been in a church to see people when they have to sit through a bad sermon but they fidget and fuss etc. They are forced to sit and watch some idiot lighting candles and walking down the aisle with whatever it is that they carry in robes and lace and chant the same thing over and over again. It’s sickening and I doubt GOD is honored. Like sticking little flags on my dad’s grave. Meaningless BULLSHIT and then to take a picture which is why I’m trying to get through to my sister and I compared her to a woman that was alleged to have murdered her two kids in their sleep and on their birthday sprayed silly string on their graves with her family watching her which is even worse. obviously the woman had problems and they did what many do with alcoholics go along laughing about it as if it is normal and like with politicians holding them unaccountable to their duties thereby propping up shit.

I heard a story that GRETA told about how a POW that was kept from death at a camp in Japan or some island involved and was taken out of the camp because he had some kind of talent and i think it was hitler who did it for this POW. Anyway it was some kind of perverted indoctrination of some kind. That’s how low these assholes are and to think she thought it was a good story. It wasn’t a good story because HITLER killed 6 million jews and then and I don’t know how many Russians and Americans and English and French and Italians and Germans  and so forth. She is kind of macabre and likes to tell stories about weird crimes that are unsolved. She travels with Franklin Graham on trips where kids get shoe boxes full of shit after calamities that Christian donate and feel good about themselves which is cool except that one is feeding the others appetite and many of those christians are the ones profiting because that shit is bought from somewhere and I don’t think you get a choice where and who it is bought from.

 God says I AM A JEALOUS GOD in some of the commandments i have seen and not some I have seen. I think it was added. I don’t believe GOD is a jealous god. Why would GOD be jealous of a false god. It’s ridiculous,.And why would he tell us he had a bad trait. Only a god would be jealous of GOD because he hasn’t the power of GOD or the creativity of GOD. It doesn’t make sense and in my opinion a bunch of rubbish. The reason GOD doesn’t want us to have other gods before us is because of the confusion which I have encountered and because it is dangerous. Not because he wants our love more than this other god or needs it. He can just go out in the universe and create another universe which is why god is jealous of GOD. The reason that was added was because one of the commandments says Thou shalt have no other gods before me. So some asshole added the addition to it out of jealousy. So often times there will be two sentences or three of four and you have to kind of separate or part what you read. Like an egg: the white from the yolk. One makes a heavy cake when not separated and the other an angel food cake which is not bad for health unless you add too much sugar and stuff and each person does it from their perspective but it changes when you read, learn, and experience more as you go along. Building blocks. But there are those that don’t want you to do that and refuse to grow up and do a lot of things to undermine you growing up.

My mom did not breast feed us. I didn’t notice the difference. We were raised on bottles and canned food often which was the style/fad at the time. The first time I saw her bosoms was on a camping trip up north in a shower we shared at Yellowstone National Park. I was amazed by them and could not take my eyes off them and I bet I embarrassed her. One of the times I saw her last she said I love them and we asked what she was talking about looking down at herself under her gown. She was talking about her bosoms. And my sister and I told her we loved them too. That was when she was in one of her weird zones but it was cute as can be. Someone somehow may have made her feel funny about them because they were doing some mental stuff to her at The Arc to prove her lack of mental skills like Dementia to prove COPD which encompasses just about every disease known to man kind of like GLobal Warming encompasses everything to do with Climate Change which is like saying we have seasons which we already knew (COMMON CORE CRAP) and perhaps it was spiritual as if they did not suffice anymore but that wasn’t what we loved about her only it was her everything even with the bad. She had a drinking problem that lasted many years but it was not a daily thing or even weekly. It came in like storms on a GRETA lake up north. We could see them coming. LOL and learned to recognize what was ahead.

But they were bad storms when they came sometimes. Letting off steam and probably hormonal as well and those demons we all have for a number of reasons.

Women have it worse in some ways because of their treatment but some don’t seem affected by their demons and some do because some are attacked harder than others. Catholics tend not to be too affected by their demons usually because they are catholic. They forget and are indulged. Some of us don’t forget so easily and aren’t indulged. Some of us are less a threat to the status quo than others. Some put on their blinders and while it helps a horse to cross a bridge it doesn’t help when a snake is nearby.

Instinct and experience helps etc. and so does GOD when you learn about Him.

I never saw my dad hit my mom. I was told about it and she a few times languished in her bruises though I didn’t bite. I kind of ignored the languish so that may have made her less trusting but I knew her pretty well pretty deeply and understood her I think the older I got. She had fair skin, very fair and delicate. I saw him drag her down a hallway by her arm once when she was really bad. Just happened to be the person who caused trouble for me was there that night. He was also there the day that my dad had a TIA. All the bad things that happened Gary was there. (even visited me at my abortion, which was weird.) When I showed him some stuff about Sandy Hook Elementary Hoax he seemed amused and like he knew what it was. Though my sister his wife didn’t buy that it was a hoax but she only watched the man who went up to the podium and was laughing and then started crying about his dead daughter and was the one that was holding a woman at the scene of the hoax who was slanting her eyes with her finger like she could not see very well and acting as his wife and my little sister used to do that as a child to see better and looked chinese when she did and we used to called our Lotus Blossom for other reasons but that was one and then we realized that she needed glasses but since has had laser surgery for her eyes and sees way too much. WOW. They also vacationed at Augusta yearly and took my dad once for some reason.  near the end of a healthy life. “While membership is strictly by invitation only and limited to around 300 high-paying members per year, Augusta is still a must-see for any golf fan.”  They went by invitation. And he would have reason to be attacking me now. But i did get my hope chest and a few portraits one my mom did and one small one portrait that I did but forget to put masterpiece the 8′ by 10″ portrait that is hanging on her wall that I gave my mom. My best portrait and I had already given one that was pretty good to my older sister but I think its a claiming kind thing because the picture of my little sister in the same pose behind my mom’s head when I got some strange notes and pictures of my mom from my sister which alarmed me. They also hung out with the Bushes up north. I find that interesting.  OIL BUSINESS. Conoco OIL. Mr. John Kircher was the President of Conoco Oil his wife was named Dorothy as well. They called her Dottie. and they lived in Greenwich, Connecticut in a mansion and Texas in Houston for a while. They went to SMU. The Kirchers. Gary Kircher. They had a 2nd/3rd wedding in Durango, Colorado. Had a potato farm up north. The night when we were together in San Antonio for birthday celebration for my mom when I was watching their grandkids on the walkway as we all walked and Diane said “Don’t watch their kids. Let Tootie do it.” right by the river at night and she had three then running wild and has since added more. Diane was drinking and wanted me not to care and because Lori/Tootie didn’t really care. They let everyone else do it which was typical so Diane was right but you can’t do that with kids. Gary was thinking about my butt because he had to mention it when I was adjusting my clothes getting up from the table and made a special point of talking in my ear about it and they sent underwear in the hope chest inside a bag . THEY ARE SO FUCKED UP! I have to send the ex to ask for the portrait that I painted that took months again because she doesn’t want to give it back. He didn’t ask even though he was there. DUH. She also worked for the Republican party in Dallas and a very successful real estate agent. But didn’t remember when Diane’s first husband saved their son from drowning that’s how much she cares about her own kids. Billy Graham was the Bushes mentor and many of the Presidents except Truman because he knew he was a crook. He had common sense. Anyway my little sister does not look like that woman except what she did with fingers to her eyes to unblur her vision it looked more like Greta as a witch. They have similarities especially because of the eyes and in between and facial surgery and like my older sister in ways that I don’t like. She’s not a pretty thing to begin with but she certainly looked better than she does now. IMO.  And when my sister was drunk when I kicked her out she had been over at their house and when I had my first COPD attack eating those walnuts with listeria and the sour grape. I think I was set up. LOL So this is cooked up by the Bushes and Billy/Franklin Graham. It was a weird night and I said as I was about to leave, “Enough of this bullshit!” I was right. Remember what George Bush said about wanting him back. What a choice. Stinks.

Baha Men, “Who Let the Dogs Out” 

Anyway John Boehner Left the House recently and Paul Ryan Took Over

Rep. John Boehner ends tumultuous speakership with budget fireworks

WASHINGTON — John Boehner’s speakership will … and a short-term spending deal about to expire, Boehner said he was simply making good on his promise to “clean out the barn” before he leaves the House and …

I guess he was pooped but I think he was right about those false prophets in the House making promises they know they can’t keep.

It’s because of Billy Graham and Franklin Graham and the BGEA and GRETA VAN SUSTERNE. Gary was the one that gave me a website about a conspiralist which I’ll have to find it. I included it in another post what he was suggesting was going on. He liked to collect Roman things and Nazi stuff. Not only that he for a long time slept with a gun under his pillow because of his courage and then eventually under his bed which is kind of dumb. Real nice people. I bet he did rape those women with a ski mask in Dallas. The Kirchers treated them each year to a ski trip (probably in Colorado and trips to ride horses possibly on their potato farm but I think they did it on a ranch as well.) When he took his young daughter about 2 years of age before their John was born (my sister was very pregnant and he was still in her naval) for the Jealousy lesson to the Jacuzzi at night in the back yard he carried her there in his arms. It may have something to do with when I wouldn’t let him carry me to the car for my cigarettes or matches. It was ridiculous. I think he resented my mom being there because she was a good mom and he was drinking beer sitting in his chair. They live on Glen Aire if anyone is interested. I think he resented my dad because he was good dad who was not there (not sure why) but I think it may have been a Grandmother’s Day at Hockaday Private School for Girls in Dallas.) Now I know why my sister did the CAN_CAN crap with the 500-CLub. Because my mom did it as young woman but much better. MOCKING MY MOM but probably was something that influenced her and them inside her. Tootie wasn’t much of a dancer or anything else. a cold fish. She couldn’t do the hula worth a shit either and my mom did:  I guess you have to have grace. They don’t dance much but my mom and dad did. They loved to dance together and he knew how to hold a dance partner. You didn’t mess up even if you didn’t know the dance.

I think Gary was the demon. His own little sister changed her name which may have something to do with the stupid movie I had to watch about the couple whose little sister said she was raped and ruined their life. I have no idea why she changed her name, but I ain’t stupid. She went to college in Ft. Worth and got involved with a criminal type and had to leave and had to be guarded etc. Then married a real jerk who wan insane and married her for money and had two kids, two boys and got a divorce ……..Her name was Elizabeth.

Gary enjoyed throwing his first daughter into the air very high especially near ceiling fans and enjoyed the reaction of others getting scared and she loved it because she was a tot and didn’t know better. Proving he was in control even in a tight spot.

When Gary would put things together that had to be built he never did it all the way like swing sets there were always screws loose, or electoral things there would be wires exposed and things that might hurt if an accident occurred.

And if you followed Gary in another car like on a trip he loved to make it hard and dangerous switching lanes at the last minute in heavy traffic especially in SA, TX. I have no idea what that disease is that caused him to do these things. Like tickle his first daughter from a far reach to touch her in the wrong place and I saw her ration she jumped up and was not enjoying it.

I think it is the difference between a sociopath and psychopath and think he went to the right in regards to those two terms but he was able to hide it around others for the most part but I don’t see how they could not have known that there was something not right he left clues but because his dad was MR. KIRCHER who drank a lot who put on airs because he was the

PRESIDENT OF CONOCO OIL he got a way with a lot.

Obviously he was showing us what was wrong with him:

he had a screw loose and wasn’t wired the right way.

It was a sick way of showing it and it took a lot of time to put it all together because things happened in fragments and over a long time. I think alcohol made him worse and he probably should have been on some kind of medicine but it went unnoticed. As far as jealousy he was jealous of his brother the doctor and Mr. Kircher I think enjoyed making him jealous treating his first son like a king and he was not that smart as you think and mistook how to deal with his second son. So the jealousy thing in the jacuzzi with his daughter was a lot of things all rolled up in one and he wanted us to see for some reason. I guess we were supposed to figure it out for MR. JOHN KIRCHER and for his mom MRS. DOTTIE KIRCHER. They raised him, didn’t they know? They knew something but didn’t warn us.

His dad did said he was caught by company he worked for at something he did that was illegal or wrong and it changed his life somehow and that is what my sister told me. Entrapped? I don’t know cause I don’t know what it is but I they used it against him.

I was gonna change my name after my operation. I was pretty messed up. I did divorce eventually but kept the name for the kid’s sake, but I plan to change it when I think the time is right. I like my last name that I grew up with it has a nice RING besides the fact that I love my family (It was a wonderful time) and it’s easy to remember because our last name was ROOT.

The woman that fell off the roof who had bleach in her system she was my mom’s big sis

 her name was Lorene the same as my big sis.


but that’s what happened!

My sis didn’t even have a middle name, isn’t that kind of weird, but we called her TOOTIE

Little Richard, Tutti Frutti

I think she earned her nickname as Tootie when she was a kid via her best friends “the Rattans”,

the one that called me and gave me the GRETA advice:)

i guess I could have said when Nancy called me that day

why don’t you ask Gary

but I’m sure he would have said

I have no idea what she’s talking about

So i did what I did

and let it play itself out

Know what I’m talkin’ about?

Frank Sinatra I Did It My Way


‘My mom met John Glen a long time ago. (the astronaut). I think it was him one of them that were famous. He had some strange stuff happen to him out in space I think. Which might interest some people. I have seen strange stuff as well like quiet flight at very fast speeds one second it’s there and one second it’s gone kind of stuff. Had light light up my room and soon got pregnant 14 years after I was married, but it was weird and no sound but it was like a helicopter without sound between the houses or something. I wasn’t the only one to witness it. Shits happening. I guess my family are in the number 14 or something. Perhaps it’s genetics.

 I don’t remember mom bruising that night or the day later but I could be wrong. The few times that happened when she languished in her bruises I didn’t see what he did. I’m not saying he did or didn’t but I used to get scared when she was drunk. It upset the whole family and usually it was around Christmas time or special celebrations. I remember once when she had a bottle in her hand and I was walking ahead of her down the hall and i got the chills running down my spine because she could have killed me with that bottle but she didn’t. She never hit me or pushed me or anything just said some shit. LOL. She accused my brother of stealing her diamond wristwatch which was no big deal and he hadn’t taken it because she found it later and he wouldn’t have stolen it anyway.  Sometimes we as a family huddled in one room when she got drunk in order to sleep. It may have been only once but I remember Gary was there huddled between us. So she had her demons. She had thrown up a few times though I didn’t see it. I heard about it from my little sister. She sang Felice Navidad at about 5 in the morning to me and my husband on the other side of the door when we were first married. LOL. It was weird but she was kind communicating something IMO and didn’t know how or what she was trying to say and I didn’t ask later but it sometimes was her way and I have often thought about it retrospect. What she meant. I loved her. I sure remembered those things so it must have mattered I’m not sure I would have remembered otherwise and maybe that is what it takes.

Sometimes I think maybe something came from within and caused those bruises and blamed my dad and she may have hallucinated it being drunk. I don’t know. It could have been she was possessed sometimes because that is how drunks act. But let me make it clear it wasn’t everyday, or every week it was once in a while that she did that so it made it more confusing because it was so rare so it took us a while to learn how to deal with it. If she did it everyday we would have been able to determine the problem quickly that’s what made it kind of weird. But the bad times that she did over do it kind of got bigger over time in our minds. You tend to remember weird things more than things that are normal. I guess you call it negativity when most of the time it was pretty cool.

Catholics sometimes bleed out of their palms and suffer that kind of thing which is spiritual and demonic. They also are proud of bleeding eucharists as if it is a good sign from God. I had my hives, my nervousness, my panic attacks, and my anger. He probably lost his temper though because he couldn’t stand it when she was that way. Nobody could stand it. She was not herself which was really sweet, loving, intelligent, funny and graceful and many other great things that I could not fill the world with how great she was/is and the same with my dad for me. I would go through it again and again to be with them.

He took us finally to a place for families of alcoholics to learn how best to manage when it cropped up. And we learned not to cross her and to vacate the premises or whatever was convenient but we didn’t hold her accountable. It wasn’t like she didn’t know. She knew but over a period of time every one would cool down and get back to normal. That’s why they say its a disease because it is partially a disease. So he would leave the house sometimes overnight but usually for about 4 to 6 hours or more to avoid trouble and to avoid being implicated or losing it and causing more havoc. She made some bad phone calls in the middle of the night but I think she may have had her reasons but it made her look bad. Some people know how to get under one’s skin. She got better and for the most part rarely drank after a while but it took some time. I think she was frustrated with the world and from what I can tell she had reasons to be upset.

Her art helped her quite a bit and she communicated through it and the movie theater helped my dad quite a bit and golf.

I guess in regards to my dad aspirating on a pill they gave him at a hospital they could have done the straw in the throat to let him breath. It was hospital after all. I guess they don’t do that at hospitals, just in restaurants and in movies? Where they cut the throat a little and stick a straw in there. They call that a tracheostomy:The terms tracheostomy and tracheotomy are often used the same way. Tracheotomy is the name for the operation, but tracheostomy refers to the actual opening in the neck. But I remember it was called a tracheotomy. They did it in Mash. Jackie in the picture has a straw in her throat and a tray with something on it that she is hugging. I think it was a Methodist hospital in SA where he aspirated and the Methodists in Dallas played a big role in the assassination of JFK. At the time it was the largest Methodist congregation in the world and they weren’t alright in the head. You can find out about that as well in the JFK stuff I wrote about which is quite extensive. Too bad about medicine field now and what did the Republicans do about it when they had the chance? Ted Cruz what about those promises you made and others. Are you holding it hostage? I think that is what Planned Parenthood Debacle is about partially holding hostage health care and using Hospicing of the elderly as a threat. Some really bad politics going on. All of these issues should be separated and not one looming on the other such as the bills in Congress adding shit in which messes up our country.

Massive ‘crack in the Earth’ opens up suddenly in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains

One night when they got older living in SA their front door blew off the hinges and there was no storm, I don’t think. Anyway I think it has to do with faith and chapter 4 or 5 in the Gospel of John and the secret admirer which isn’t a secret so why does it say it was a secret?: It talked about the weather, but it wasn’t the weather. I think he was besieged by something bad that had hunted him down (my family). They lived through it but it was if they had been stalked by something invisible. Their door front was fixed. Dad wrote a synopsis of  his and my moms life an accounting stapled it and gave it to the kids put into folders.

NIcodemus. Old Saint Nick. As in Santa Claus ie SATAN.

and shoe boxes of shit

“Simon, Simon Satan hath desired to have you the he may sift you as wheat.” is what Jesus warned in one of the Gospels.

in place of who or what? Not sure.

You want a talk about courage. My mom was a LEO and it was a good fit.

She had courage the kind that old Mr. Eric Bolling and Miss Dana Perino wouldn’t dare dream about.

Change isn’t easy and it isn’t always clean.

Anyway I know she’s still there somewhere cause I felt her I get communications in weird ways but I have learned to listen and to separate the white from the yolk for the most part. I have learned how they communicate when you can’t see them. I can differentiate if it’s evil or good as far as I can tell depending on the context of what I’m experiencing and common sense,

When my niece was going through her stuff after New York she moved south because it wasn’t a good experience for her.

During a family reunion my eldest sister te insisted  that we get my mom a little white poodle mix of some kind from Mexico or near there and got her daughter a Cocker Spaniel to keep with her in her apartment they rented for her and we all moved her in to that apartment having her tuff from up north and in her families home moved in so it was not just a vacation it had a purpose. She didn’t like to work so she got everyone else to do it for her. LOL That is how my sister worked it. Kind of piled it on a reunion/vacation. It wasn’t like she was effortless, she wasn’t’ into sweat type work/physical labor. You could spend a day with her doing errands and she loved the company and details were her thing. She would drive you nuts with details. So we moved her daughter into an apartment with a spaniel and found a white mix toy poodle because my mom had everything she needed. It was a brainstorm that she poked up. That was the year we went over the border to Mexico in the middle of the night and had dinner with my tot in a stroller and at the time I thought she was nuts. I had never been there and they wanted to go and assured me it was okay to go and so we went to Mexico.  we lived through the night and a had  good meal and a few drinks. Although I don’t remember the meal that much it was more of an experience.

Anyway my niece met her future husband and had a bunch of kids. I don’t know what happened to the cocker spaniel because I never asked but I never saw it again.

I don’t remember much about the vacation because that was the highlight of it but it could have been the same time my sister and i had heard that olive oil was good to put on the hair when out in the sun so one of those days we put it in our hair and sunbathed on the beach. We looked ridiculous and laughed about it later. It didn’t really help though it is good for the hair it was how much we used and not what you should do on public beach,

I don’t really know what happened to the lithe white dog but I heard my dad entrapped on it or it was underfoot and may have crushed his head on mistake. I do remember my dad sitting on the back porch with the dog on his knee and seemed very serious with his hand on the dog in deep thought. I think I was sitting with him or he was next to me. Surreal.

I don’t think it’s wise to give old people something they can trip on. DO YOU?

 These BOOBs are made for walkin’

and that’s just what they’ll do

One of these days these BOOBS

 are gonna walk all over you.


Republican Debate

3rd Debate I saw the look in Gov. Christies eyes when he was asked a question he already knew. And i noticed they didn’t ask Ben about the debt and what he would do. He isn’t running for Physiciadent.

Raising the retirement age is good and makes sense keeps people active and it’s better for their health (to pay for entitlements and if you raise minimum wage use the difference to do the same until entitlements runs out.).  Rand Paul

Dying Cancer Patient Sees His Beloved Horse One Last Time

“The emotion was overwhelming and there wasn’t a dry eye in the ward.”

Finding cures is another good idea. Huckabee. Get rid of health insurance and they will have a reason to.

Get out of our bedrooms and who we marry or divorce.

Starting at zero and knowing where it’s going is very macro and very smart. Carly Fiorina

I think Trump could definitely change the finances of government and is very practical which is very good and would make good trade deals.

Kasich proven himself imo in his own state and is a fighter and I think very honest but still too involved in social issues and he probably should continue doing what he has been doing in his state since he is so successful. Why switch horses. bigger is not better. Maybe your state will get bigger. 

Im’ sorry to say the others are not thinking out of the box even though I think all of them really care about this country.

Screw the unions and let the market and the talent rise to the top and is good for competition and the ones that aren’t talented can find something else to do which is obvious. Sometimes that’s GOD’s will to get them to the talent he endowed them with or can foresee them do and for a number of reasons besides economics and if you aren’t into GOD you can figure it out. Use temporary workers to fill in the gaps and to find other good talent training a work force giving them opportunity for non temporary jobs. It’s a great way to find talent for companies and for a worker to figure what he or she is good at. And some will start companies once they figure out what they are good at creating opportunities for others even the elderly.

It will create a more fluid kind of an economy and more fair.

That’s my opinion.

Medicare and Medicaid are fine as long as it’s not used to fund ObamaCare because it’s a tax. Scrap it.

Go to Consumption tax it will eventually even the debt out naturally using Fiorinas ideas about smaller government and starting at zero.

Get rid of the IRS and forget about the debt until it is viable. Get rid of the signs about it and quit telling us because it is debatable whether it really exists.

Forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors from the Lord’s Prayer

without the amen

Everyone will be more likely to make better decisions spending wise based on what they have instead of the waste in spending we are guilty of in the US and the House of Representatives will have something to do. They should be able to handle what the IRS does because they are the purse so they should be held accountable and in control of the consumption taxes they collect.

We don’t vote for the IRS.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Favorite Ruling Of Her Career

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 12.14.33 AM

I think the bible put it backwards in the Synoptic Gospels.

Mankind was betrayed by the sons of men as in amen.

I also agree with what was said by Kelly of the Kelly File (I don’t know if it is her real name) at the end of her show. The very last things she said after the discussions about the debate seemed very true.

It isn’t easy doing what they do but how about what they are eating at school!

Fourteen generations is somehow involved.

The Odd Parallels Between Kennedy and Lincoln 

and it may have to do with the false covenant.

Before Abraham was IAM.

stirred up the people at that time when it was said by Jesus in the temple i think and written about in the Gospel of John.

You knew Abraham….you are not yet 50 years old? They asked. If he had been 100 years old would it have been possible? and everyone thinks Jesus died at the age of 33-36 years of age or something like that.

All of the religions/faiths say that Abraham was the Father of the religions/faiths and we are not supposed to call any man father in the bible it is written as no man instead of any man….because of the priests called fathers which they aren’t supposed to be fathering kids especially if they are celibate.

So we have two famous Abrahams and there was also a covenant made having to do with penis doodles.

A Covenant was made with some PRIESTS? at the Last Supper in the Synoptic Gospels which had to do with blood before Jesus was crucified.

I have no idea about Abraham Lincoln but maybe we were not told of a covenant.

And then Kennedy there might have been a covenant that we were not told about as well. I do know that the Vatican propped him up in chair up high as they do kings in the past with priests holding him up at the Vatican and then he was assassinated.

It could all be related in a pattern kind of way.

Kind of like Jacobs ladder children’s game,  criss crossing each other using DNA string.

The Lost Tribe of Dan who may not be lost it may be everyone else.

DNA: Say D is 1 N is 3 A is 5 which if you use Jesus in the Gospel of John is 153.

N is also used in math to denote power isn’t it? or unknown power or something like that at least in equations.

Something to think about.

I don’t know how many generations between the two but there is a pattern. Maybe 14?

Then the generations are written about in the Gospel of Matthew possible 14 again and there is a catch -22 which I wrote about having to do with the abomination of desolation and few other writings in the bible Zechariah and some other places which you can find these posts and perhaps study yourself to further knowledge about it since it might be one day when we don’t get to further knowledge because we didn’t even try even though we knew something is very wrong because everyone seems like they are suffering from PTSD since Obama became President.

Merangue’s Blog

isn’t it funny the word abomination very similar to OBAMA in sound and austerity is used in the Gospel of Luke and Obama also used that term to control the people and put them down.

Politico on Drudge

Bush Campaign manager confronts CNBC PRODUCER comments:

Do you like puppies? do you still hit your wife?

Ed Taylor

The questions seem quite different than the Dem debate.

Dem question: Do you like puppies?
GOP question: Do you still hit your wife?

9-11 was in 2001 about 14 years ago?
Hmmm I wonder what that means?
Might be a count down of some kind.
Not sure DNA is gonna work this time. We shall see.
My dad was a libra.
When my dad spoke about my mom he put her first.
Dorothy and I is how he referred to their relationship.
When he named his business it was Dorwalt and he did most of the work, but she helped him and he helped her raise the kids.
He didn’t call her the wife, my old lady, etc.
He didn’t say you ain’t pretty but you are good for having kids.
Course she was pretty in her time depending on how you judge that kind of thing.
When women have kids they kind of give some of their beauty away which helps to multiply otherwise no one would.
The more you have the more you lose. LOL Not sure that’s true, some people age well.
She had a miscarriage or two and no one seemed to care. We didn’t talk about it except I knew about it. It was between kids. I guess GOD aborted them for no reason or her body wasn’t ready and I guess that soul just disappeared. sorry charlie fetus. What happens to miscarried fetuses souls?
OR did they not get one yet until they were born.
Why would we need to replenish it? Restore it, etc.
The great deluge?
The Greta Delusion?
I recall when she said Game Over and a tree was split by the wind in my yard pretty soon after. I remember when Billy Graham had an interview with her and sort of fit inside her. I wrote about it and it is in one of my posts. I saw him adjusting.
Joseph of Arimathea was a just in the Gospel of John and they omitted the word man for some reason
(it could have been in the Gospel of Luke but it’s in the bible)
 Billy Graham authored a book called
Just As I Am
standing where he should not? (I think he does it a lot) His own wife said he slept with his eyes wide open
 He said he never got on an elevator with a woman which is weird! why? maybe because he might blossom. (He must have changed his mind.)
(Let the reader understand) which was in the Book of Daniel and moved to the Gospel of Matthew recently.
We filled the earth and now we have to subdue

To hospice i.e. to watch death is not the way.

In the bible and in Genesis times they lived about 900 or more years. So obviously hospicing is not the way. My mom wanted to live to 105 to outlive her grandmother my great grandmother. Instead she was hospiced by my sister 2 weeks before she died and whoever else was involved for some reasonings she had. She did not have COPD. She was missing a part of an artery in her chest that the doctors early on in the middle of her life found out as I recall.

[200 years from now are people only gonna live to approximately 50 years of age?]
So let’s not be stoically stupid.

Who should control our own bodies?

Chancellor Merkel, President Obama, Pope Francis?

Ourselfs, perhaps?

Me, myself, and I

not it.
Abortion is a glorified miscarriage unless we enjoy it.
Miscarriage is a glorified abortion unless we don’t enjoy it.
It was not fun, except for the men (and women) who exploited it for numerous reasons mostly to self grandizement of their careers and those that love to chastise females and their families and other occult reasons. They had fun. Did they do the same to the women and their families that had miscarriages resulting in the same thing? No usually they gave them treats and indulged them and many of those miscarriages were purposeful.
Here honey, I’m so sorry you slipped on the ice getting the groceries out of the car when I was at home. Here sweetie pie, I’m so sorry you fell off the swing when I pushed you too hard. Here my dove, I’m so sorry you were poisoned with the food that I brought you after you threw up that morning, I wonder if it’s related. Here dear slut, I’m so sorry you were in the woods when I shot that gun or on a bike and fell off the cliff when my leg for no reason kicked your wheel. Here my dear love, I thought you could swim.
Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 1.35.45 PM

My brother’s favorite actress, Natalie Wood

Let’s get real.

I gave Rand Paul credit and I shouldn’t have because now he is saying to raise the age for medicare hence a hospice admirer. Is he stupid?
We should lower the age of eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid
and raise the age of retirement. It will work itself out.
God never said for people to retire, did he?
Did God say:
And when thou is 60 you may retire and get a watch.
Men as a whole just won’t give it up.
 Jesus didn’t commit to man because he knew what was in man.


Maybe we should have a retirement age for Congress, the House, The Senate, the Press, and the Presidency and raise the age of eligibility. Would that do the trick?

I bet it would. I bet it would end the cronyism in government and naturally it would make it smaller.

This is a prick.
The chain came off the gear of our garage a few minutes ago which might be some sort of a set up or a sign, don’t know, but the timing is weird.
But there is a thing about a chain in the book about
The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea
I guess the chain holds back the unicorn in the crest of someone in the Royals,
a mythical creature.
Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 1.55.49 PM
And there is a unicorn or a one horned creature in the Book of Daniel.
In the bible it talks about something that is held back
On Fox they just said
“out of the track” in reference to something and she laughed.
Geez I wonder what the ex was doing a few minutes ago before the chain came off.
He is catholic and he probably does’t remember.
Donald Trump said that he negotiated the debates from three hours to two hours and they said it was always two and he said you know that’s not right basically in a nice ways saying you are lying after they basically said he was lying.
I have no idea if he’s telling the truth but it was a short exchange of ideas. He didn’t exactly elaborate a bunch which I appreciated. It was sickening to watch Ted Cruz and his act especially his pronunciation of the word  question and that’s what he did. Basically impressing for donations. He knows he’s not gonna win.
Why does he persist? MONEY
During the  assassination of JFK at the airport there was a guy there and he looked like he was muslim but VERY different than the ones you see in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, etc and to the places we have witnessed via TV and the news. And it was like he was in control of the whole thing at that airport. Pleasant look on his face as if knew what was gonna happen as if it was his delusion. There was something in the sky that wasn’t normal when JFK was at the airport that I noticed. It wasn’t a plane or a helicopter it was something else.
This person reminded me of the guy you see in weird movies about space and a race of people that are not human who think they are gods type of people and Obama acts like he thinks he is a god but he is actually possessed so he isn’t, know what I mean?
Madness isn’t superior. It’s Possession and very Excessive as in Excession which is what occurred in Dallas with JFK in 1963
I see Obama when he talks if you watch him and stop the film a bunch some weird shit going on with his eyes and eye lids. Like someone else’s eyes using Obama eyes and eyelids. Sort of like a blind sheik who can see. And I think Obama is possessed BIG TIME.
You have to stop it a lot to see what I see.
In the JFK assassination stuff I transcribed to see some things that might help you see things going on these days because it is similar and related and check it out on Merangue’s Blog and then he has a huge diatribe about some jacket in this film. Definitely madness in his eyes so he is in there somewhere and being used.
Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 4.49.32 PM

This is a really weird picture of his mindset and his hand is kind of weird too .sort of a salute


Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 4.50.42 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 4.57.16 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 4.57.27 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 4.57.36 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 4.57.46 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 4.58.00 PM

Anyway he seems to have the heart and ego and madness of: Isaiah 14:12-14

Check out what he does in this video at o:40/2:08 and 0:41/2:08 and he mocks the bible. I wonder if he had anything to do with it.
There is another video I have no idea at the same site and I have no idea what he sees in it.


And he brings up in the sides of the north in Isaiah which could have something to do with the sermon mount sermon.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 5.10.29 PM

Morphing is easy to do in the film industry and using computer technology. But this is what they present.

It has a song in there I’m assuming is called “Somethings Wrong With the World” which is kind of a cool song but the hand could be poser shit on top of film but this eyelid thing is significant. I think he possessed by many, not just one. I see a bunch of people in him and I think they want to be seen warning ya. His mannerisms are really weird like he is the Prince of the world and he is just a slave too.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 5.20.34 PM

He is trying to read his own mind and looks cross eyed.

IT’s the BLIND SHEIK that’s what is wrong with the world. Looks like he is having some conversations in there but ones that have kind of morphed too much.

He looks possessed and acts it too.

I think he needs to be exorcised and it might help to get rid of that blind sheik in him for starters.

He looks as high as someone on heroin and as if he is listening to Jimi Hendrix trying to multitask between it and the music of ISLAM thinking about his loved ones, and trying to take a cat nap. He needs some analyzing.




examine methodically and in detail the constitution or structure of (something, especially information), typically for purposes of explanation and interpretation:

“we need to analyze our results more clearly”

He also visited Billy Graham. It’s something these guys do for some reason and he is not good for our country.

I saw Denzel Washington as well but I think he may be holding him back and making a difference. Keeping him more sane and also showing us. Keeping him saner.

We all take in the people we see, our peers and theirs, the things that impress us and they affect us and we use those things and it is hard when there is so much and so many and we have to feed the good dog in us and starve the bad in us for control of ourselves. Listen to the good voice and ignore the bad as much as possible though it helps to weigh our thoughts but we have to be smart about it. Sometimes those good things in us sleep and sometimes they are aware same with the bad. Sometimes the bad have information that we would not have seen otherwise. Working it out inside us. Evil is dumb because it’s easy. even our enemies have something to say because they are dealing with the same things and other things and you have to listen if you want to learn things. Awareness.

There is time and time has seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks , months, years, decades, centuries and all those others in-between. In those seconds are other times that are even smaller. We see things sometimes that we don’t recognize or catch but they are still there in our psyche. When you go into shock like when in a car accident time slows down our perception. That is why shock and awe is used on the population to slow down our perception to control us such as the JFK assassination, 9-11, attacks upon us in order to control us and to have power over us. That is why war is hard on people and those that HAVE TO fight. War is hell but necessary sometimes yet we have been mislead by certain people that used war for their personal gain and not for the people. Doesn’t mean the military is evil but the politics often is. (War is usually cut and dry as far as the physical but there is so much more going on. Sometimes to divert and fool the opposition. Not like they are gonna tell everything because they can’t tell us everything.) And then the insiders write a ton of propaganda based on their misconceptions, interpretations, perceptions to make a bunch of money on these shock and awe situations and to affect us. I didn’t buy those books much. But I did read the CBS transcripts of the assassination and I did learn but it took a few times. Watched films and stopped them to discern often over and over again to gain information from the different characters involved. I got a ton of information that way. I didn’t play them backwards but I bet there is information that way as well. We are not all on the same plane, and then think about other worlds, underworlds, over worlds, inside worlds, and how they perceive and communicate, they do. Even the smoke and the air when the Challenger went down had information: (A wrench and a Y as in WI as in ISLAM and possibly the Chinese as in the game system and The Game/Game over/Greta and who she travels with and computers the cause for the glitch a wrench. Like sometimes doctors leave a tool inside their patient;)), I read what I thought was important in other events. Gleaned. Their are double and triple meanings because sometimes other people talk through the people involved or witnesses etc. Such as in the assassination:the Lamb Chops puppet and some thought it was little white dog and it was a noisemaker but it had meaning to some people.  Some are helpful and some are not. Even the colors have meaning of what they wear and why. JFK was said to have picked out Jackie’s dress and he might have had his own reason but something inside him may have influenced that decision if she was telling the truth. Psychological warfare and sending messages to things often we are not aware of to others who are aware. Spiritual warfare as well. We are also dealing with the occults and many faiths which often are wrong. I saw the ex president of IRAN (who was a believer of some things-prophecy) and I can’t remember how he spelled his name

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

but i thought he ran real quick from Obama once spiritually, I thought anyway when Eric Holden (Dep. of Justice) bowed-wowed to Obama. Could have been propaganda and manipulating scenes and photos but that is what I saw.

Think of film: lights, action, and speed and other things same with our vision and our perception.

I did not see Senn Lindsay Grahams debate but watched him a bit on TV and I think he is pretty smart in some things because of experience in different ways. I think he needs work on the Russian aspect of his vision. I think Putin needs to do the same thing. I don’t know what I think about him. It’s hard to say.  I know I hate McCain. He’s a chump.

We need some vision in the office of President and so far I haven’t seen it except in a few,

but only in part.

Trump, Graham, Kasich, and Hillary seem to possess it to some degree and while Ben may act thoughtful so did Obama in New Jersey, Billy Graham in his photo ops as well as his son Franklin Graham but they were posing. Thoughfulness is important but you need other things. My dad had other things beside thoughtfulness. He wasn’t a wimp. I saw him going through things because he was being attacked inside especially when he was weak which is the opportune time for some to attack a man like my dad when you can drug him, and when they are old and young and when everyone around you is going nuts. Some people say what you want to hear which is not believable if you aren’t fair and by fair I mean fairness with reason.

The USA needs someone with a vision, common sense, and belief. Someone who can part intelligence from different sources and be a good judge of character and someone’s intent with fairness. I remember this when I first started my stuff and everyone has motives and you should always question them in others and in yourself or you will never see. It’s human nature.

I used to be totally against Hillary Clinton but I think something happened to her and made a big difference and I think it is what she went through in regards to Benghazi. Things and experience change people. I still think she knows things but may not realize it nevertheless it was not a small change. We will see.

White House says will not release emails between Obama, Clinton

in any case I don’t think our idea of control is in our control and it will come out eventually but probably not via e-mails. I don’t think she knew what she saw or understood it even if she might be somewhat involved but I bet she was used,


I don’t think people like Mr. Schooze funny man sidekick for O’reilly (though I enjoy his humor) in our government realize what is going on behind the scenes in government and in the press and what we are up against as a people besides our own demons we are up against theirs and their major and minor personality disorders and flaws which are many and some stupidity. It’s daunting, but not impossible.

The most exciting candidate is Trump. No nonsense kind of candidate.

Maybe he is in the bible.

Tarantino is doing good. Calling murder what it is. Calling the murderers the murderers and the murderers the murderers. Not exactly sure what he meant and I’m not sure he even does. I doubt it had to do with one specific murder or a specific cop. There is problem in the police union and they have to get rid of the shit in their own eyes. They’re task is daunting because they have to deal with criminals on a daily basis and nuts and the lower human element in all of us but they still have to clean it up in themselves. As far as his timing goes for his outrage if you read Ezekiel it makes sense. A wheel within a wheel. Notice the reaction of the unions?

The reason I don’t think he knows what he means is because he says names don’t mean shit….. well……..his first name is Quentin as in San Quentin so I think they mean something, don’t you? But I read that on line and then saw it again another way the first name is what i’m talking about. Nevertheless obviously there is a lot of misinformation, propaganda, etc going on and there are reasons for that good and/or bad. What is good for the goose is good for the gander and i guess until changes are made it’s gonna continue………what do you expect it to do? 

I have heard O’reilly talk about black on black crimes so the problem must be the blacks but recently heard a person argue that most white murders are white on white crimes which is true and I guarantee that most cops that are killed are killed by other cops. Like those two in a car and some at Ferguson etc but it’s easier for cops to pin murders on a civilians because they are cops and can work deals for pleas, barterism, and for things and probably use the money they get to help them cover a lot.  I think Chris Dorner was one that was set up by other cops for some reason and then they didn’t really try to arrest him they just burned him up because they didn’t want him to survive because of what he knew and probably would have implicated the ones that burned him out. Probably has to do with drug cartels in our country the mob which obviously infiltrate the police so they can move about. The unions are not helping the situation and protecting themselves because they like the power they wield and other cops are afraid to speak out that is why unions need to go. The sheriff that gets a lot of air time on Fox is who I’m talking about as an example. He is afraid so they use him to substantiate their views. “Who ya gonna call,” asked Judge Jeanine. I don’t want to call him that’s for sure.

When I went to make a complaint about a police officer I talked to one “he gave me the wrong papers” said the next one I had to talk to who said he would get back with me and he never did. They skirt about and they wear you out. This is how they work which is very corrupt. The one that I was complaining about did me a favor later but he owes me some after all that. I don’t consider us even though I’m sure he thinks he does but since it was a set up we still aren’t even even.

You think I’m stupid, Stupid? You better think twice.

Watched Tarantino again who did not apologize but he did explain himself and it was a good explanation and he should not have to do more than he did because it is true what he said. He doesn’t have to get specific we have all seen what is going on with the police and the people. Each case is different but there seems to be a theme, we aren’t stupid. Problem with the system is, it is unfair. Not all crooks have a history of being crooks as O’reilly says, my cousin went to prison at Huntsville for a few years for marijuana possession and he was a good kid and remained a good person through it all. Everyone knows not all cops are bad but it is bad when they as a whole won’t stand up for the truth which will destroy their institution allowing the bad to takeover. Basically feeding the bad and not the good.

Blame it on the unions because they are to blame and certainly are propping the bad.

Viggo Mortensen: Police Unions Condone Brutality By Attacking Quentin Tarantino

“As disturbing as the police brutality that we’re talking about — these instances of abuse of power that have unfortunately caused the death of people, unarmed citizens — as disturbing as that, if not more so in the long run, are the people who are condoning it, these heads of police unions, by going after Tarantino instead of sitting back and going, ‘Yeah, we know there are some issues.’ It has become endemic because these people are condoning it. That’s what they’re doing when they go after the messenger like that.”

Seismic Station in Alaska Records a Disturbance That Wasn’t an Earthquake: ‘Something Big Moving Out There’

I liked the questions at the debate because they were kind of unusual. Certainly two hours can’t give us what we need to make a decision. You can learn a lot from questions as much as from the responses. (not answers because many weren’t but had some good information)

Jeb Bush should have attacked Chris Christi but he got mixed up and attacked Rubio who said somebody made you think:

why do you persecute me (in essence)

it isn’t gonna help you.

wrench ranch wrenxh ranch wrench ranch wrenxh ranch

Manson stuff.

I WILL TRY TO LOCATE THE PICTURE OF THE BLIND SHEIK WHO SORT OF SEES though his lids but he was weird looking and acting at the airport BUT I HAVE TO SEARCH IN MY FILES AND LOTS OF ENGLISH ROYALS HANGING AROUND THAT AREA before they leave the airport after they meet the crowds.

Rev. David Wilkerson and Evangelicalism

As far as the new starfish eating themselves. I think it might be impossible for a starfish to eat itself (not like they have knees) but they are turning to jelly as they were a while ago. Japan has to leak out radiation and the cleanup from Fukushima in stages a little bit at a time. That was a decision that was made because they have nowhere to put it. The oceans are pretty hardy.  I would stay away from tuna which collect mercury in their systems and sushi for awhile, probably crab meat and things because as recall bunch of crablike things hitting the beach in Mexico and moved up the coast or something to do with BAHA because they weren’t getting the plankton they need which produces oxygen. As I recall the plankton provide a third of the world’s oxygen but that could be a myth. So you can see why it has to be done in stages. It was a bad man made accident having to do with the Neocatechumenal Way.

Millions of starfish along Pacific coast are dying due to a mysterious disease that causes the sea stars to devour themselves

What if a day is seven years then what is an hour? I came up with that poser because of the ” a day is a thousand years as a thousand years is a day” (that peter says in the bible) and how it was determined that an hour was ten years which is 100th of a thousand years and so from there the term 24/7 b/c of the convenience store 7-Eleven.

I thought it might be interesting. If only I were a mathematician. I will think about it when I’m in my right mind, maybe.

How do 7,000 people just disappear in the EU camps?

Physical Evidence Scant, Focus Is on Statements in Kayak Case

Some form of communication I think is what this story is about

  1. As far a the Kayak story on Judge Jeanine my little sister was gonna buy some kayaks for the little lake her house oversees in Texas that she was able to get with the money from her ex by their divorce decree. Her present husband by the same first name didn’t put in a dime he has already been married two times before she was on his mind and he was at the hospital at the time when my mom died being hospiced and they couldn’t make up their mind between the ARC the hospital or the hospice is what I was told  that my little sister was beside herself while this occurred. But it was for that $35,000 that her present husband wanted to hurry along. o I think the plug has to do with that decision that she kept of my mom’s money in her savings account until my mom died and wanted to hospice earlier on we nixed that idea and then my other sister thought it was a good idea for her COPD that she did not have. But they use that term to cover a whole bunch of things that are caused purposefully because of their incompetence in the medical industry since Obama took office.

    It’s called a coup in AMERICA DUH

    Hospices is just one of their tools to Roman Catholicize and eventually push Israel into the SEE.

    Not guilty plea in Hudson River kayak killing case

    If we don’t get our shit together we are all gonna die:

    Course Country Joe McDonald didn’t have any brains and didn’t know why we were there, but he should have asked. Instead everyone got high or drunk and blamed the military it was their parents.

    It’s called World War Three they just forgot to tell us for some reason I guess they didn’t want us to know. But then why was Hitler the third reich in WWll? So possibly this is WW 4 or perhaps between the two.

    But I think we missed something in the beginning and history rewrote itself but possibly the first world war started in

    A MANGER or a stable.



    and not only that but

    Pope Benedict XVl was born at Markti am Inn in Bavaria.

    But lately it started again in Japan with the Neocatechumenal Way with Pope BENEDICT XVl and the tsunami in JAPAN when the JAPANESE RC refused the Neocats Way and asked for a 5 year delay because a rise in suicides when they experimented on them which caused a nuclear accident using HAARP technology called microwaves and blamed Global Warming and now it’s called Climate Change.

    War profiteering

    That was Gore’s idea.

    Actually it was borne at the Vatican

    as was the Benghazi video tape excuse, as was Hospicing by Muther Teresa who then was made a saint for her GRETA IDEA for a good coverup, etc

    Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 10.13.20 PM

    Notice the woman in blue/green? Pope Benedict with the wives at the 35th G8 meeting in July 2009 Everyone else had to wear black. I have no idea if she is Hindu but nevertheless what is the deal plus why is she wearing a green quilt?








    Talk about radical!

    Do you see a pattern here?

    (It was the sarin gas, no it was the rice that was shipped. It’s about the Golan Heights. REMEMBER?)

    First they came………


    because he was jealous that we won the war and now we have to do it again

    because we let our guard down and trusted his BULLSHIT.

    I DIDN’T but many did still most of us got sucked into the shit by those that did.  LBJ awarded him the big brother award even still and NIXON caught him on tape

    and that’s why he was booted from the hill in reality and I guess the VIET NAM WAR was a mistake and it had to do with the FRENCH who have this very bad habit at NOTRE DAME. HEROINE. THEY ARE USERS OF MEN and they work in conjunction with the VATICAN so people like Christina Lagarde can keep tanning on her yacht using our tax dollars and heading the International Monetary to fund it based on a false premise that we owe a huge national debt and we don’t and that would be a good place to start and forgive them for their pleasures and forget about the inane debt because we don’t o it they owe us because of our parents.

    Our generations owes a debt to our parents and to our kids to do the right thing. Let’s proceed and progress:

    I think it might be a good idea to admit the truth that the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seeds and may be it will help to get us on the right track because I think that is where this started a very long time ago.

    And not allow our government to fund hospicing our parents using medicare and medicaid because it is twisting the truth about their purpose being Free (without a doctors care which is ridiculous) and because they were born it’s retribution with malicious intent and they fought for our freedom and because we are supposed to honor our parents. It’s a commandment. Death watch/hospice does not honor our parents! so many are using abortion to hold us hostage to kill our parents and accept the hospice crisis even though abortion was legalized because they don’t want our parents to live long lives and want to rule our personal lives tempting us with their lies: inheritance/retirement savings/(they sold their house to get in on the deal at the ARC in SA Texas and I think was a mistake) using free insurance type incentives. Basically punishing our parents. Those that are for hospiciing don’t want us to have possession of our own bodies. they want to make those decisions because they think they have the moral authority to decide who and when one should get pregnant to twist up our lives and they make those things happen in various ways mostly using booze and other agents. We have to stand up for our freedom to plan our own lives without their interference.

    Jesus doesn’t say anything about conception in any of the gospels but he talks about being born if that makes a difference to all you moral laurels.

    I don’t respect those that say life begins at conception because they don’t respect me!

    Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.28.01 AM

  2. The strangest thing my elder sister did was make a big deal with my Aunt Patsy who was my God mother and my Aunt Mary Helen.

    My sister made them give me her Vintage Rosenthal China made in Hand Malerei, Germany  6831 that was my grandmother Gams that my Aunt Patsy I guess took when my grandmother died.

    They were in the Title Company Business which was in front of the parking lot when I almost lost my legs while leaning into her car to get her samples out for decorating her house and another van backed up ran into her car door and the car that I was leaning into and squished my legs in between them the car door and the car, and boy did I get sick. Luckily it didn’t break my bones. I turned kind of green, I think, because I guess I was in shock and I wanted to throw up but I couldn’t.

    And Tootie demanded they give me the green elephant that my Aunt Mary Helen had that my dad brought back from Viet Nam.

    And made me go along. She acted like it was really really important.

    I wasn’t really into china porcelain that much except when I painted it with my mom and learned how to do portraits. I wasn’t really sure of what was going on but I think they were at war with each other Aunt Patsy and my sister Tootie.

    It was a strange thing to do but she seemed adamant.

    I added this because I thought it mighty be important. We don’t always understand what and why people do the things they do and I still don’t get the meaning of it but I think there is something to it.

    Anyway some very big birds in the very big tree a ways off just went nuts as if they were laughing really loud for about 5 minutes. I wish I knew what they were laughing about because it was obviously what they were doing in a bird way.

    The Ten Commandments

    Mustard is leaven and makes bread rise and Leavenworth was a Federal Bureau of Prisons so I think it is a BIG SIGN.

    8. Mustard & Leaven

    but it was also a poison ingredient used in mustard gas and other things like Agent Orange which caused a great deal of sickness in Viet nam and sarin gas and other bad things and seems to have affected a lot of people making them drunk on parables that had some value but were not true because it isn’t the smallest of seeds but grew fast maybe too fast like the RCC.

    Former U.S. senator, actor Fred Thompson dies

    I told the ex when he had a chance to call my sister about that portrait that hangs in her entry way that I painted and gave to my mom which she took of my mom’s possessions because I don’t think she should have it after all that has happened but he didn’t say that but this is basically what she said in return

    She said that she loved me and that the portrait she considers it to be the most valuable art (or valuable thing?) that she has in her home and that it would be fine to return it if I give her something of mine in my house to replace it which is insane.

    And I said “that’s not right!”

    And my ex understood and saw her point. Brown nosing my sister which is one of the problems we have.

    She’s a toughie but this is the chick who used to schtick peas in her nose so she wouldn’t have to eat them.

    How do you deal with people like that?

    Peace, peace and there was no peace.

    Because, even because they have seduced my people, saying, Peaceand there was no peaceand one built up a wall, and, lo, others daubed it with untempered morter:
    And in those times there was no peace to him that went out, nor to him that came in, but great vexations were upon all the inhabitants of the countries.
    I think the house that the wind blew out the front door was a sign but I didn’t recognize it at the time.
    It was like Pearl Harbor or Fukushima, a surprise attack. I think the dream Joseph had about the wheat bowing down it actually was grass. When the Pharaoh hired Joseph he fed the people the wheat he stored because it was meet. (14 year period 7 he stored and 7 they ate.) The wind made the wheat/grass lay down in the dream didn’t mean they were bowing 


    to him.

    There was a wall built around the Vatican about 20 feet high. The fact is they want to control everything.

    The people, the grass (marijuana), and the wheat (the food for the brain, the body, and the soul).

    That is the problem we have. CONTROL FREAKS! That is where much of their money is made and laundered and how they are able to entice the young to pow-wow and get screwed in various ways.

    It is the line that we have to take from them. A front line. By legalizing marijuana it definitely will help to keep the mob at bay and keep the mob away from the young.

    OHIO voted against it which made O’reilly snort because I suppose he and his friends think booze is better and it isn’t. It’s poison for the most part and what it does to the mind.



    I believe in moderation and that’s what we should try to enforce and there are various ways to do that once you legalize it. (strength, the amount, the location, the price, the tax, improve it making it better for who buys it so it’s not laced with a bunch of crap,  push out those who buy and sell it illegally vs legally so they will want it buy it legally, making the rules in regards to it, etc) and so far the tools at our disposal on controlling alcohol intake have not been utilized either which would definitely help like limiting the amount they’re able to consume at a restaurant or bar and do the same at the alcohol stores that sell it to help limit it’s use. A yearly allowance of alcohol and make it more precious, and when you go over the line you pay twice as much and then three times and then get the feds because the person needs meds. Utilize a sin card when purchasing alcohol and weed with limitations. As far as eugenics the problem is not necessarily the DNA but what we consume.

    “The American eugenics movement was rooted in the biological determinist ideas of Sir Francis Galton, which originated in the 1880s. Galton studied the upper classes of Britain, and arrived at the conclusion that their social positions were due to a superior genetic makeup.[8]

    Now come on which do you think is superior:

    This?                                                                                                             or                                                                                          That?

    Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 6.25.26 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-05 at 6.31.29 PM

    Diana was what helped their impishness for their next generation.


    I don’t think it’s always up to us to raise the standards I think it comes with some help from God but even so only an idiot can’t see the difference.

    The problem is that when you marry generation upon generations within the same sphere it deteriorates their makeup, I think. And because of their position they think they have achieved something but was passed along and if they were so great why all the troubles in Great Britain and the world.

    Prince Charles had to dip down beneath him to find something better to lift up his genetics and then he wouldn’t share it with those he pretends to apotheosize. That’s what partially brought down the Pharaohs and their kingdom.

    I know he is into veggies but there is more to consumption than just food. Common Core probably was born somewhere besides by the Bushes and intentionally sent to dumb down our nation which O’reilly and Watter’s World (with his collar up) love to share. I bet if you went overseas and did the same thing it wouldn’t be any better. I know that the school I was sent to after a boy’s private school in England was RAF Greenum Common and the only thing I remember about it was a big cement playground and swings that swung very high and an hour long ride on a bus and watching a kid on the side of the road that was run over. I don’t think I learned anything except that some of the English were jealous and didn’t like our presence for some reason. My brother had ink smeared in his face at a private school by his teacher because he made an ink blot with the ink pen on his paper by mistake. When I went to the privates boy’s school I ran races and won and received a motorcycle as my reward. I didn’t really like it. I still won the race. There was definitely competition between the english and americans even though we helped them but I don’t think the Royals were too happy with the results I think they were on the wrong side of their nation undermining it.


    Why let the mob have control of marijuana and the kids? They call it the gateway drug then control the gates and the gateway and so far the tactics that have been used have failed and out of control so I think to do that you have to legalize it and which will help to cut off the mob when you circumcise it. It will definitely help.  It’s a popular drug because it is fun and for the most part harmless compared to alcohol. Marijuana makes men and boys less potent and less driven by sex, less belligerent, and less likely to brawl and rape, makes doing menial tasks more pleasant, and girls like it for various reasons, it helps when in their periods with their angsts and helps those that are upset with each other to agree to disagree, etc. And I watched a panel with Bret Baier and the same old ideas about the drug war were discussed as if they haven’t learned much course they are on the payroll of Fox.

    To win the war on terrorism and drugs you have to have control of the gates.

    When we gave up control of the Panama Canal we opened the gates. My mom was born in Panama so I think it’s important. She was at Pearl Harbor too and I think there is a connection. I think the reason for all these family connections is partially because we were attacked without notice and because we were a good family once and because of the truth which I think I found because of the crap going on around us but it’s not like the enemy is gonna show their cards and so we got trumped. (THE BRIDGE) I only learned to play bridge for short while so I wasn’t that good but my parents played quite a bit. And not only my family but our country was trumped as well but it isn’t over yet. I don’t mean to disparage Trump but I think it’s a sign of some kind and not to be taken lightly. I think the world has also been trumped because of the Tower of Babel.

    I think Carter gave away the Panama Canal and did that while dealing with the Iran hostages crisis (a diversion) and it was a nutty thing to do but probably was a coup that he may have been a part of.

    Either do that or blow up the gates so no one can use them.

    Anything O’reilly thinks you better understand is the opposite of what we should think!

    Has he ever said anything about the hospice crisis? His kind made Muther Teresa a saint that’s how much he cares for the elders. But he sells those wheel chairs. He should give them away for all that he and his have done. He is a War Profiteer and touts the sale of his book he advertises each night as if that’s a big deal. Now Judge Jeanine is selling her book “He Killed All of Them” without even interviewing the killer because she didn’t really want to know why. And she will succeed to profit off death instead of trying to circumcise it. What is wrong with learning why to figure out what and who and the reason behind it i.e. THE WHY! It’s intentionally being deaf, dumb, and blind as if not asking why makes you a saint. It’s doesn’t. It makes you part of the problem. It will open our horizons if we take back control of those sidelines.


    QUELLE to kill or put down


    The Synoptic “Q Source”

    (a post I wrote a long while back and I’m positive it could be improved but will give you some clues.)

    That is what the marijuana issue is about circumcising the mob so we can get a handle on it

    and until we do we are fucked.


    Noticed O’reilly change his tune about why all of a sudden now he’s attacking George Will and vehemently and snorting real loud.

    In any case another thing my sister did: she threw her sandwiches out on the roof (but I don’t remember what kind (probably pimento cheese kind and maybe spam sandwiches) from a window on the second floor. I’m sure it means something besides that she didn’t like them I just haven’t figured it out yet but wanted to add it in my memoirs. She was older then I think and it might have been after she rolled in the Volkswagon with Dallas on the way to West Point, not sure but we didn’t live in many 2 story homes and it was the same year I think the cat got lost in the vents and in the walls of the house and we had to get the firefighters to save the cat once it found its way to a place we could see her. Strange because throwing sandwiches on the roof is something a tot would do but she was not a tot.

    Probably the Neo Cats of the Neocatechumenal Way (They started in 1963 so probably installed stuff during the JFK times) are listening in between the walls of the house using the NSA (anyway the cat was part persian what ever that means.)

    Today on Fox they compared the Russian airliner that went down in the Sinai desert that killed a bunch of people and 25 children to the explosion in the air of the Challenger because of the sign of the smoke in the air that was made a “Y” compared to the debris that was collected to make the same sign on the ground a “Y”. I guess a piece of French cheese called Brie caused the debris to magnetize into a “Y” to respond to the sign of the smoke in the air of the Challenger that the currents of air formed caused by the explosion was French Camembert and what was already there in midair and was not caused by man collecting the smoke in midair. There is a deference.

    deary me it’s not the same thing in response to this and my last post which is really weird.

    They prefer Camembert to Brie which are pretty much the same damn thing repackaged differently as was

    Napoleon when he ousted the Pope that caused the deadly wound that was healed with a new deal

    or why ERECT the Court of the Gentiles at Notre Dame in France, for no reason? Just in case you didn’t know that is prophecy about judgement and killing people that don’t go along with the Roman Cafroglicking of the people. I think it has to do with the Jesuits since they seem to be involved in all sorts of places that have been news which usually isn’t good and the Pope is also a Jesuit. (And so is O’reilly a supporter of the Jesuits because he likes their tactics.)

    I DON’t. I think they stink to high heaven.

    Lateran Concordat of 1929 – Papal Wound Healed!

    Lateral is sideways!


    I wonder did the French cause the downing of the Russian air liner leaving Egypt? I suspect they did being the Queen of Clubs, their working the other strait for access to oil and Iran on the other strait of Hormooz.

    That’s why they introduced french underwear to split the farts in too. (upharsin in the Book of Daniel haarp)

    “And Egypt shall not escape” They have to control Egypt to have control of that strait. Right? Miss Isis. Jaqueline

    CAN-CAN here  and a  CAN-CAN there ……….  everywhere a CAN-CAN

    We ate a lot of canned food because my parents were not rich and had 4 kids and it probably wasn’t good for the health high in salt so my dad had high blood pressure but then it was the way it was back then. People didn’t know back then what we know now.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 10.40.23 AM

    That’s why they introduced french underwear to split the farts in too. (upharsin in the Book of Daniel)

    Funny because when I visited a family farm as a child I somehow entered a cow pasture and was in the middle of a bunch of cows and they started to moo a bunch and started to get closer and closer to me. Someone saved me. It was scary. I didn’t understand what they were saying but they were communicating and surrounding me meandering closer and closer. Same place I had my first peaches and cream/milk for breakfast.

    Jackie Kennedy clubbed her sister over the head as a young woman at least that’s what her sister said.

    I noticed lately on Fox a news story about some guy hitting someone over the head from the back of the car and it was not like that in my case. Twisting things, the kayak story on Fox, lots of other things they do on Fox. I don’t know exactly what they are doing but it isn’t right. Trying to scare people and play with their minds and partially why we are having problems in this country. Exaggerating and lying to everyone and on the internet. Not sure of the mental state of those that are involved. Trying to influence and put thoughts in our head. I have accounted some things that are unpleasant about my family as an example to demonstrate some things and because it is important for understanding what is going on and the attempt to silence the people and I have counted on God to protect them in order to do it because He can can.

    How hard can it be to admit that the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seed? Only a bunch of mentally deranged nuts can’t do it!

    Pretty bad when people write false information about your own mother in her funeral brochure. RIDICULOUS!

    Not only that I have a bone to chew such as the story of moses and the burning bush. I think that is fabrication of the story of Moses. Lots of insertions and/or assertions. I’m sure it has to do with the mustard seed and the BUSHES. George Bush saw God in Pope Benedict’s eyes: He saw himself. George Bush the dad who lost his daughter in his biography :  blah blah blah I saw the possessed look on his face. BULLSHIT!

    Perhaps she was the Bush that didn’t burn.

    They take after Hitler’s friends. Rudolph Hess or someone like that. One of his men that I think the Vatican hid and then our government got involved with the Vatican snuff. I think it has to do with the occult. IT’s NASTY!

    Do you want to evolve?


    Battered by scandals, Rome set for mega mafia trial

    I think in regards to my sister I’ll let her keep the portrait and make me another even better, I think, like I did when my other sister scrunched my pastel painting of lady in the The Kingdom of God

    in her RV

    when she unexpanded her space and I did it two times later and I definitely improved it with the practice that I needed. One of the last things my mom said was to “keep painting” and I think it is good advice because they taught me the ropes of the art and they knew how to love.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 1.41.03 PM

    One other thing she said when I visited my mom with my younger sister at a different time we sang You Got To Have a Dream and my mom said “A voice in my head said I think you should leave.”

    It was pretty cute and I think she was talking to both of us since we both sang the song.

    It ain’t that easy being cheesy but I see it down the road and I will take a big leap after I work on myself.

    2 Protesters Rappel From Balcony at Colts-Panthers Game

    I rappelled  with the Rangers and I met the person who sabotaged me. So I don’t think I’m gonna leap because I’m not a frog!

    Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 4.22.42 PM

    Taxing the rich and raising the minimum wage ain’t gonna help. It’s like the difference between camembert and brie. It’s a trick that’s why they call it a leap of faith, you see, to get more of your taxes and it solves nothing at all except that the federal government and their employees get a pay raise and the federal government grows and prices go up so that the extra you make equals nothing at all. Kills small business that’s why Walmart and Target are all over the place and then they raise their prices when their competition go bankrupt.


    Consumption tax

    is the answer to raise incrementally as we keep our promises to those we still need such as the elders,

    because the Nouveau Rich will pay more of the taxes that way as they consume more than they need!

    Walmart Raising Wage to at Least $9

    It’s really F…ed UP!

    We have to try to learn from our mistakes

    if we want to be free.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 9.54.52 PM

    Listened to Rubio on Greta’s show and Rubio said that if someone misspends while they are overseeing such as the Department of Defense spending 43 millions of dollars on a gas station in Afghanistan worth $500,000 or something like that they should be removed from their post BUT NOT ONLY THAT they should also have to pay back what they allowed to go on along with those that they entrusted with that kind of money that are responsible for the waste and mismanagement of the funds they received. Obviously it is more than those two excuses such as: fraud, deceipt, and money laundering and stuffing their own pockets somewhere down the line. That is the only way to stop it. Removing from their post isn’t enough they should have to pay it back with their assets and possibly jail time, because someone worse will step in just like what happens when you remove a world leader and end up with something worse. If they are gonna take such an important post they ought to be accountable and clean up the institution they are heading and take it seriously or they don’t have a right to those taxes at all that support them.

    And not only that possibly those things they invested in ought to be burned down legally if is proven they stole from those funds that were earmarked and wasted to make a point but that could be a bit overboard nevertheless it needs to be more than a mere changing of the guard.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 12.58.32 AM

    Merangue’s Blog

    Trump and Carson are getting Secret Service help which means they can’t make a difference. The NSA is offering it for their protection and I think it’s the opposite intention to control them instead. They ought to turn it down they would be better protected if they believed God instead. And whoever wins the office of President should get the Secret Service out of the White House and have it vacuumed of all the hearing devices that are there and plug up the tunnels and have it wiped clean or live somewhere else which is probably the easiest thing to do and then don’t ride in the limos and use your own car or you will be mincemeat and under their control.

    Ben Carson, Donald Trump Receive Secret Service Protection

    Isn’t it funny the establishment that are against borders built a 20 foot wall. Get the Vatican to tear down it’s walls.

    I’m not gonna give up. So it’s a stalemate and I guess we’ll have to wait to see who wins. I think I’m on the right side because I’m not out there doing stupid stuff anymore and I haven’t forgotten which seems to be a big problem for the rest.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 4.05.48 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-07 at 4.06.32 PM

    If illegal immigration is a problem there ought to be an adjustment made in the borders. For every illegal immigrant you should take so many feet from the border to expand to make up for the increase. If 20,000 cross over multiply that amount by how many feet to house them with a yard say 2000 square feet of land into Mexico and make it America per illegal immigrant. Just keep moving the border each time a group comes in. I imagine that would help. It’s a decent option since we have had so much illegal immigration because of their failures in their own countries. I think you have to count the breeding one person can do especially if they are Catholic. Figure most families are abut 3 generations at a time. If they aren’t Catholic you would count it to about a multiple of 12 and if they are catholic figure it to be about 144 and multiply them by the 2000 squares feet for each person that comes in illegally. So if they aren’t a Catholic it would probably be about 24 thousand square feet of land and for Catholics 288 thousand square feet of land which is a pretty good deal. But again you would have to adjust those numbers because usually there are 4 generations but for Catholics you have to add one more for stealing one generation from the other. And that is what is happening because they don’t like to control themselves using birth control or abortion and laud themselves for their big families and their ignorance, so then you would have to make another adjustment and add one more for Catholics for that inconvenience. 4 generations and for Catholics 6 generations. And then you would have to consider what they might do to a country such as killing their opposition and replacement theology and they take it literally so you might have to add about 10 more for that. Anyway the Pope tripped on the steps and had 5 mob guys to prop him back up. SNL (who the ex said wasn’t any good anymore which I haven’t watched in a long while) decided to cave I guess in regards to Trump for the unions I suspect and because some latinos kids in a video saying some very bad stuff and even had a grandmother and I didn’t watch what they said or did except in a glance but that’s so typical of Rome and the unions to use kids and grandmothers because they are insane. Losing their moral authority isn’t gonna fly very soon.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 10.14.37 PM

    Like a big mushroom cloud.

    You better watch OUT! It’s happened before!

    I think you crossed the line.

    Shall you not know it?

    IF we have 12,000,000 illegal immigrants (*now Kasich says it’s 11 million* Did he send some back?) we already own Mexico (758,249 sq mi) and we already own Central America (524,000 square miles ) =1,282,249 square miles Cuba square miles is 42, 803 add that to the total and you get 1,325,052 so we should cuba as well. The square miles of Columbia is 52,491 sq miles and Venezuela is 352,144 sq miles so you add that to the total and you get 1,729,687  

    SeaWorld Employees Place Orcas In Plastic Bags Of Water While Cleaning Tanks

    Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.32.54 PM

    If you total the square miles of South America all together it is 6.89 million sq miles we own all of them. We own Cuba, we own South America and we own Central America

    So Trump is right about illegal immigrants to be sent back in droves by the millions

    or we take over those countries and/or

    they pay America what they owe America yearly in taxes.

    I think it would be a good idea to reclaim those countries as part of the United States.

    I guess that is why the South America is America we just forgot that it was also America,


    Possibly while we trying to free the europeans they undermined us and colonized the southern part of America.

    They called us the Sleeping Giant!

    I can’t believe that was just the USA.

    I think the reason is that ROME did something to make us forget

    and we need to oust that church.

    (Probably because of Dragon’s Breath.)

    What’s in a name? AMERICA and America is US.

     The way to re-own them it is to take over

    the Panama Canal

    and clean out the mob from those countries and send them back to the Vatican

    or they will reclaim the United States of America.

    That is why illegal immigration occurred was to take over the USA for the Vatican

    and we can’t let them.

    What’s wrong with Ted Cruz’s tie: It’s way too long when he sat down with Neil Cavuto, that’s whats wrong with his tie.

    It was profane.

    I’m sure it was purposeful folly! Vetting. vetting with the same design of material a Saudi wears on his head. The new style of ties. VETTING IS THE NEW BUZZ WORD OF THE PRESS. HAVE YOU NOTICED? A FAD! I GUESS TED CRUZ KNOWS NOT WHAT HE DOES OR WHY, MORE THAN LIKELY.Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 8.15.50 AM





    Trump’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ gig draws ire of Latino activists


    IT should never have been shown on any media and is a disgrace.


    But they showed the show an hour later so I guess it was a bunch of fluff. Some funny stuff so I guess the ex was wrong about SNL.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 8.37.53 AM

    It was quite funny in parts I watched about half of it and then left. I couldn’t stop thinking about what has come down the pike and kind of get where I feel like suicide but what keeps me afloat is I want to witness the end of the RCC. I think it’s soon, I hope. Then I will be satisfied.

    Land for people.

    God established the earth forever so it would be a good deal for America but maybe not for you.

    Bada Bing Bada Boo

    (instead of Land for Peace)


    When Pope Benedict XVl retired or left the popeship it was quite dramatic and left in a white helicopter. I was very hard on his popeship at the time but I felt  like my dad had something to do with it. It was very emotional experience for me and I think he helped to give him courage to say some things and to be a bit different and maybe vice-versa, probably. The last house my dad built and designed with my mom’s help was on Sawgrass and an english tutor style home and I think it was a sign whether at they time he knew it. My dad flew in helicopters when he was in Viet Nam and jumped out of them as well. He also signed up for the jet pack design when they asked him what he would like to do. A survey type thing but they gave some options and he really liked that kind of thing. He had imagination. 101st airborne. They loved England and so did there kids. It was very magical in some ways!

    Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 7.50.22 AM

    Report: Ben Carson lied about West Point acceptance

    As far as Ben Carson and his West Point Scholarship debacle about his Scholarship offer from Gen. Westmoreland it seems to be hinged on a few words or a misunderstanding however my dad worked as Secretary for Gen. Westmoreland (during or around that time) and thought he was a bit tall and a little bit stupid (an air head) his head in the clouds so it’s not necessarily that great of an offer because of who was behind it. People are impressed by men that are tall didn’t mean he had much more to offer but he wasn’t black so he couldn’t play basketball. Just kidding! Anyway there seems to be some distance in time between what Ben Carson thought occurred between him and Gen. Westmoreland as opposed to what occurred on the records which seems to indicate something strange going on. In regards to the Pentagon and the military things got super strange for my family and our friends in the military especially near the Pentagon because of political shit. Like hearing Geraldo who recently said 5 % unemployment when 90 million are out of work. Politics, politicians and the press do a disservice to our people and need to get their heads out of the clouds and come down to earth. That’s where it started to go whacky was when we were near the Pentagram.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 7.37.31 AM


    Lots of very bad stuff which I have inserted in other posts and I think it’s emblematic of what it represents. I don’t mean war because sometimes it’s unavoidable I mean spiritual deception, disintegration, and confusion like the book of Acts in the bible and the Tower of Babel.

    A guy from the mob has appeared on Fox News and says the root of the problem is the deteriorating family and of course not the mob which is an O’reilly angle.

    Blame the victim.

    An an interesting thought just came to me in my misery that the ex’s mom’s nickname was Nubby, when her real name was Violet, in real time I think.. Not sure why so I plan to ask him, I assumed it was because of her club thumb which the ex inherited. Luckily the kids didn’t.

    As in NUBIAN, maybe. The kind from the SUDAN.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 8.29.57 AM

    The other day we ran out of coffee and had some bags of coffee beans on the counter. Then I looked up and there was some ground coffee high up in the cabinet so I used it for a few days. While in work space/room/garage the ex started to walk out with some coffee beans in his arm tucked under his arm pit to grind the coffee and I said we had some in the cabinet. And he was surprised. It was like he was a robot or something the way he did it. Then I saw a COSTCO ad with a purple tiger and I thought about does a tiger change it’s stripes? Like the leopard that changes his spots? Anyway we ran out of coffee very fast like in a couple of days. It sounds petty but he has tried to kill me a few times so it’s not that paranoid to be paranoid. He said he wanted to bury me and me to bury him a few years back when I was divorcing him but he meant it romantically or something which wasn’t very attractive. And recently told me “mind over matter” as my blood pressure went sky high and my pulse in the 140’s and went to bed and could have cared less and various other things that have occurred. I wondered out loud why we were out of coffee so fast because it was at least 2/3 full or 3/4 full a few days ago and he got very defensive. Told me I was accusing him. Overly defensive but I was in my mind accusing him but I didn’t say it. Got very upset with me about it like he had been caught and he said I go through coffee because I drink it all day. Not necessarily and drink it pretty weak when I make it so I decided to buy individual bags of coffee instead on the side. NO JOKE! It was weird. So far about 2 individual bags a day. But what got me was the way he walked out with the bag under his arm tucked in the arm pit as if trying to get one by me and look innocent and he is snot. OH I forgot to add because of the psychology I think is important he started to vacuum which he does house work when he gets caught. Cleanliness is next to Godliness catholic stuff. There ain’t any way to keep the house clean with 6 cats and 4 dogs. Only one I am responsible for. The other pets my kids brought home for various reasons and we can’t seem to get rid of Zeus the black labrador who is evil in my opinion. Funny he rarely makes coffee and made some today. So I drank it. It’s some sort of strange macabre game. I will never forget how he reacted way overjoyed almost to the point of leaping about his moms good health right after my mom had died as if he won something, and he didn’t. I think he may be in for a big surprise.

    Turns out her nickname was Nubbins and eventually morphed into Nubby and her son/my ex thought it had something to do with her fingers. Anyway when I went to a certain hospital and ended up in mental ward for a few hours just for admitting I ha thought about suicide in a certain period of time being honest about it and the woman that was  guarding me in the hallway and looked an awful lot like her but she was much darker and talking about divorce to some nurse and it was obvious because of the number of years she included about it was near the same as mine. It was a strange experience but I didn’t check out her fingers. I should have but like many things that occur I wish I had said of done this or that but I tend to weigh things later, etc.

    “Scientists have successfully genetically altered a goats embryo with the DNA of a spider.”

    Speaking of spiders do you remember this video and I think there is another one as well:

    Raw Video: Spider Bugs Pope

    Pope Benedict XVI Greets Shuttle, Station Crew

    May 21, 2011

    This is not the video but

    as I recall in the other video he was not in Prague but seemed to be at a place like NASA and he was outside because the wind was blowing and also the spider was on the camera lens and not on him but it could have been another place that launches rockets/space vehicles but was earlier than 2011.


    They have a space observatory type place either at the Vatican or at the castle that he resides in or did reside in at Castel Gondolfo! He was pretty interested in space signs and wonders and astronomy.

    And Obama did talk about something in space and to let it out of the box and let it stretch it’s legs to teach a lesson that will not be forgotten for a long time. That was around the same time as the Safeway shooting in Arizona of Gabriel Giffords whose husband or his twin  is in space and a district attorney was also killed who was involved in Fast and Furious and other people.

    Not everyone thinks Starbucks’ new holiday cups are so great

    Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 8.54.46 AMπretty wild abut the news story on Media Buzz on Fox about the Untold Story of John Lennon and you have to wonder why people embellish/lie sometimes. Why would they make Yoko look kind of crazy. She kind of didn’t mind being herself an artist I don’t think she needed help in that regard. I do I know often people I have known get mixed up as to who did what in regards to some past memories in families. I do know that Billy Graham said somethings about John Lennon but I can’t remember what it was but I think it was after John Lennon said that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus or something like that and made some people mad but I don’t think he meant any harm by what he said and I doubt Jesus would have retaliated unless he were a false Jesus. I do know it was the religious nuts that got mad about what he said and seemed to be incensed. Most people knew what John Lennon meant but I think that was why he was killed in reality. Retribution and used a mentally unstable person to do the deed. Real men don’t have a vendetta because of something so small. Kind of like what Tarantino said and it was way overblown and the unions and some of the press got mad as fire ants. Totally unreasonable reaction. Pandering to the mob (and possibly the Grahams have some control of those unions) and maybe from fear. I have a reference by Billy Graham somewhere in my posts about JFK because it was relevant and also his accent etc.: Does a leopard change his spots?) I think he may have something to do with it in a spiritual sense somehow affecting events in a very bad way. But because four people say one thing and one says another doesn’t mean they are right. However, I would think that Yoko Ono remembers pretty clearly what she did since it was her husband and backtracking is kind of schmaltzy by Dr. Lynn.

    Did he get paid to lie?

    Funny though: the one that took credit for a lot in regards to the Emergency Room experience of the death of John Lennon Dr. Stephan Lynn has the least memory of the events. Perhaps he put himself in their place but the sheepish reply was a bit weird (meaning he knew he lied if it’s true) to his doctor friend blaming it on the press. Reminds me of those heroes in France that received the highest medals of honor The Legion of Honor medal from the President of France Bertrand  I mean Hollande and they the heroes mentioned having black outs during the event which is convenient and they don’t even know what Bertrand, I mean Hollande said during the ceremony because they didn’t understand French which is ridiculous. I’m sure they had an interpreter.

    I wonder why Roosevelt Hospital didn’t respond to

    The untold John Lennon story

    And why Yoko Ono is speaking out

    Conclusion of this Post

    The Untempored Mortar is INDIA and/or Pakistan

    *(and may involve other places that are mixed up)

    The ink smeared in my brothers face when he was a kid because he made an ink blot on the page.

    The elephant my sister insisted we retrieve from my aunt was green that my dad got from Hong Kong when he was in Viet Nam and had an R&R.

    The elephant that Jackie rode in India and received something that JFK couldn’t because I think he was already dead.

    The Taj Mahal is in India.

    She changed her appearance after her visit to the Taj Mahal and everything was opposite after that because of the reflection pool in front of the Taj Mahal. It was a sign of some kind. She suddenly had big calves and her purse was in the other hand in front of the the Taj Mahal. Then the man at the airport I think was the blind sheik.

    India has nukes and so does Pakistan.

    Pope Benedict allowed one woman to wear green and all the others had to wear black at the G-8 meeting which coincided with

    the accident my ex had before that infamous trip up north when the Indian Ocean had a tsunami which tilted the Earth’s axis was with a man who ran into him in the fog and totaled our car which ran amok at a gas station and the man was from India. The man from India was very erratic and lied his ass off. Barely missed the gas tank at the gas station.

    Perhaps Benghazi is about the fog. I mean frog. LOL

    The woman who almost poisoned me with a bad prescription that would have given me seizures because it was an overdose and would have killed me (but I caught the mistake because they had to overnight it which didn’t make sense because it was always readily available medicine) when I went to the hospital that JFK died in was from India.

    The very latest doctor I saw just a few days ago was from India a woman from India or Pakistan because it hard to tell the difference and she lied to me about the prescriptions I would receive and didn’t give me the right medicine for my prescription even though she said she would because the another nurse told me she didn’t know how to use the computers, I guess. Maybe she lied as well.

    She knew i had something in my finger that hurt and wouldn’t pull it out. Told me I might have to have it lanced eventually. She refused to fix it. She’s a doctor.

    Seems to me a conspiracy of some kind with doctors from India trying to kill me or make me sick or not heal me etc for no reason just because they are considered to be smart and aren’t necessarily all there. immigrants that have been given a green card because they were educated but by whom?

    The woman that allowed the baby to fall out of the shopping cart on cement floor at the grocery store because it wasn’t her child. She was just a nanny and didn’t care at all. I witnessed it. Not sure why she didn’t care but they have so many kids they can’t keep up with them and to her it was just a job not a child. They get married when they are 12 years old because of their religion and have some problems as a result. It affects women and girls like others I have known. IT’s abusive and abuse breeds abuse and negligence.

    The poisonous rice that was sent to Syria came via China through India and it was not Sarin gas that killed those people in Syria. It was a farce. It was the poisoned rice.

    I think that is the untempored mortar of the wall of the Vatican , I think that is Isis (Jackie Kennedy),  overpopulated country because of their beliefs, the green elephant is the big clue.

    So the jealous god is from India and the religion is Hinduism and has something to do with the Taj Mahal and nuclear weapons.

    That is my guess with all of the clues I have been given.

    The green elephant in the room and the snot in the wall probably has to do with India and Pakistan and the Taj Mahal!

    And the Gospel of Matthew and the mustard seed?.

    I think there is gonna be some trouble there soon and that is where there is a great amount of population which could add up to about one third of the worlds population which may be prophetic because 1/3 of the population dies eventually because of war and famine and may had something to do with Iran.

    Makes sense in a weird way. All these people and their signs. They probably are Indian Persians and not to mention but I will the cat (she was part persian) that got lost in between the walls in the house at Carlisle Barracks (which is a war college), but we did find her and got her out with the help of the firemen who saved her when she could be seen in-between the vent slats on top of the house. Then Greenum Common  in England. The RAF? Cement. Lately noticing Hillary and the Fiorina wearing green. Birth control and abortion are also involved because of their idiotic notions about life beginning at conception and not when born which is not true. Life begins when you are born otherwise if you aren’t born you aren’t born. Know what I mean?

    I know it sounds weird but these are the signs I have accumulated over MANY years.

    May have something to do with the Neocatechumenal way may be causing trouble over there, that’s my guess. Some strange stuff going on there. Definitely has something to do with Catholicism birth control or lack of because of Catholic beliefs and a plane went down with a christian man in India early on when the Pope Benedict was the pope and this guy was very popular. It adds up to something going on doesn’t it? Black ops. etc.  Peas in the nose. The green giant. And I think it has to do with Obama who probably is part persian or something. Maybe from Iran. Makes sense doesn’t it. Maybe Bobby Jindal may be involved somehow happens to be governor of Louisiana which is very Catholic because of the parishes Perish the thought France and England which colonized India didn’t they or England did. It’s all kind of mixed up like mixed veggies.

    John 3:16

    The carrots that were given to Pope Francis by Obama. Don’t know what he was talking about but it happened. There are wild carrots that actually poison people that grow in the wild. I heard about some kids that died that way a while back eating them. Could be how they clone themselves, those kind of carrots so they can continue to populate the world with their poison. Rape young girls and get to a hospital  etc.


    Bethlehem, Elizabeth and the leaping in her belly leaping frogs, etc

    Those cows, they also worship cows in India.

    Refusing to believe that the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seeds because of faith FAYET a new concept to enlarge the mass which is silly since it isn’t the smallest of seeds but very parabolic. DUH

    Not understanding truth or caring about truth which is poisonous because TRUTH MATTERS and has to do with Jealousy and way too much pride.

    Probably because I figured it out 

    and you didn’t.

    Of course I had a lot of hep getting there because of the flies, I mean lies and the coverups etc.

    I investigated those things and learned a lot and i didn’t sell out.

    The last visit to the hospital one woman told me that her husband didn’t retrieve stuff from their home to bring to the hospital when she had her babies and I guess she was trying to compare to what my ex did for me while I was there . We live a block away so it isn’t that big of a deal. LOL. I am getting a lot of crap for my divorce from the Catholic Church and from my ex.

    Now I am supposed to take some steroids a bunch the first day so I hope it’s not poisonous. You can imagine how suspicious I have become because of the events lately.  And the ex came in concerned that I take them which is unusual in a way. Being concerned. LOL Plus the doctor wouldn’t give me the stuff for my nebulizer machine even though she said she would so she lied. OR someone lied about the prescriptions. This happened similarly at the last hospital I went to before this one. IT’s ridiculous. The doctor the Pulmonologist was an ass and didn’t listen to what I had to say and could have cared less. The nurses basically run the place. The doctors check in for a second or two just to make an appearance. Things have got to change the medical field is Pucked up,

    Anyway I’m supposed to take 40 milligram pills of steroids 8 today (5 mg each) and for two more days, then 4 for three days (20mg), then take 2 tablets for three days (10mg), then one tablet (5mg) for 3 days and they are all in the same bottle so I think I will space them out just in case. It’s really getting hard to trust them. The ex brought in the phone which is unusual and said for me to make sure to take my pills.

    Anyway you can imagine why old people get mixed up with their medications because it is convoluted in some ways.

    The doctor who prescribed them is Dr. Sylaza Kantamneni!

    The pharmacy is Walmart on Rusk Road in Rockwall County. .

    Just in case something happens.

    The ex is the one that went to the pharmacy. We went through this before and had a big mixup with the drugs that I would have died if I had taken for the nebulizer because it was doubt the strength and the pharmacist had to have it overnighted and I got suspicious and had the ex check it out and he called the doctor who said “absolutely not” even though she prescribed it and the pharmacist told the ex I would have had a seizure and died if I had taken it now a whole new situation which could be kind of scary.

    You can see why I am a bit paranoid, can’t you?

    While I was at the hospital on the last day there the sky marks in the sky made a big Y right out my window.

    Anyway I called the pharmacy and talked to Karen Green the pharmacist and she said that that medication is cool that I just got but I warned her about my ex and the last experience between the doctor and the pharmacy and him. Now she is gonna call the hospital and talk to the doctor to find out if I am supposed to receive the nebulizer medication (NUbe) for my Nebulizer machine that I was promised and the ex said that the doctor made a mistake to see if he is lying or they are lying. So I am supposed to call her back to see what is going on. Crazy shit.

    You would think I would be receiving the nebulizer medication but for some reason I didn’t  receive it even though she promised and I thought the nurse went back to check it and acted as if I got it on the new prescription and she checked because the doctor left the hospital so I had to stay an extra few hours waiting for the prescription I never got or so the ex said. That’s insane and the nurse said it was because of computers was why the doctor didn’t prescribe it in the first place because she didn’t know how to use it and she straightened it out yet I don’t have the prescription still. So I called the pharmacy to have them call the doctor to check it out and am supposed to call her back because the ex just changed our phone number because he changed the way we get internet in the last day or two so I don’t know our home phone number at the moment. Doesn’t it seem like some kind of trick going on? Sure does to me especially after what I went through before this time.

    Called her back and still no answer from the doctor to her.

    Then called the next day and turns out she was a fill-in Pharmacist and the Pharmacist on duty today said that they did not receive a phone call from the doctor from India or wherever and they usually don’t. I said I wish she had told me that in the first place. I get more information from a pharmacist than you do a doctor which is ridiculous. Not the fill in though who was less than helpful. Anyway I think I’m gonna  hire the Black Panthers and pull a Patty Hearst and get a machine gun and demand all their nebulizer medicine. LOL That is how bad our medical field has gotten that you almost have to take such measures for something so easily produced and needed, I paid my taxes the years I smoked. Hell I could have sued the doctor for malpractice for prescribing me overdose if I wanted to but I didn’t so I think they deserve a Patty Hearst/Black Panther run on their Nebulizer medicine for not cooperating and prescribing what she said she would prescribe and in the first place it should be over the counter and not have to be prescribed. It’s ridiculous. I will hope and pray that those in charge of stupidity in regards to those kind of medications get pleurisy and call it COPD and don’t get disability or relief or my pity and we can watch their death. Oh well another Fukushima release might do the trick. Give Pelosi what she deserves. Have you noticed ink pens are shit these days and I found out it is because they are made in China. We need to start producing good pens in America that last more than 2 days. That would be a great place to start manufacturing something simple, stupid. Make them last at least 6 months. Then we don’t have to buy them by the 100’s and can be a space saver type pen and time saver not having to try to write and not be able to write until you find the 30th out of a hundred.

    We have to change the way the medical field is being run because it is not right anymore and probably why my dad died and my mom. Purposeful fuck ups to kill off the elders our parents who protected this country for years. We need to fix it. I’m pissed off to say the least because they were my parents and I loved them. And because India and Pakistan and the catholic way overpopulating the world because of old notions about birth control and abortion etc. Finally the ex a catholic though not active but already poisoned by it being raised that way that the countries that immigration has occurred in Europe and America are from Catholic countries. And trying to Catholicize the USA and it is ruining our country but he doesn’t notice the prejudice of Catholics because it hasn’t affected him but I have noticed because it has affected me in many evil ways.

    They do not have the moral ground and should not have authority.

    How many catholics does it take to read a bible. THREE.

    One to hold the book, one to turn the page, and the pope to read a verse and ponder.


    Must have attended Texas A&M

       Aggie Jokes

    My eldest sister told me that three was the nuber of perfection when we got off the elevator at the hospital my mom stayed at the second to the last time she was in a hospital when they said my mom was naked all day long and we had been with her for 5 hours that same day and she was dressed but when we came back from lunch she was naked. Three or four men walked in the hallway to the elevator when I told my sister that three was not the number of perfection and that I don’t believe in perfection and they laughed as they got on the elevator as we got off the elevator and Monty the nurse is the one that said that my mom had been naked all day long which was very stupid so I complained and in those five hours Monte wasn’t in my mother’s room. She never showed up but supposedly was my mom’s nurse. Then we got some other nurses to help my mom get redressed because she was too weak to dress or undress herself and Monte overlooked the other nurses and didn’t help. That’s plain old dumb about the number three being the number of perfection but my sister was educated by the BGEA and the english woman across the street and the women’s retreats in North Carolina that she attended and her husband Gary’s ideology . I hope she wakes up! The woman that was an angel that heaped her during her surgery when the German doctor screwed up and cut her ureter and almost killed her till they figured it out and she had to deal with a bag for a while. The woman that acted as an angel at the hospital resembled this woman and obviously assimilated her appearance sort of like the women did that followed Jacky Kennedy chicness wearing her style of hat etc at their last breakfast, I think :

    Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 6.59.00 PM

    Anne Graham Lotz

    after the apostles lost Judas Ishcariot because he was hung and his bowels came out as told by Peter to a bunch of people (and I guess everyone knew it or Peter witnessed it) who had little fires over their heads (I think that was when he explained what happened) they cast/drew lots to replace him as an apostle because I guess they had to have 12 at a time. DOZEN that sound like a dumb reason, but that is what is written about in the Book of Acts.

    “A baker’s dozen, also known as a big or long dozen, is 13.”

    Sort of a business decision of some kind.

    Anyway the woman that assimilated Anne Graham Lotz look suggested that people shouldn’t get operations on a Friday because often doctors are overworked because of their strange schedules and 12 hour days, etc.,

    and I suggest they usually are dying to go on vacation.

    Anyway they took her under their winkles and screwed her up even more than she already was and more than likely why she didn’t remember on her own accord that one brother in law of the same name as the next one my little sister married saved her son from drowning and had to be reminded by me because she was too busy trying to take shitty pictures of him hugging me as if that’s a sin and probably why she did many bad things later like not inviting me to my mother’s funeral that she arranged and probably why many facts in the brochure of my mom that I received by my daughter were incorrect about her own mother, facts she should have known and probably why on one visit we shopped for two hours or so for her to find a pair of flip flops because she had a blister while visiting to see my mom yet “money was no object” she said. Probably why she wanted to see the movie called Atonement again with the family as if that was entertaining. Sorry it wasn’t, and we didn’t watch it to soothe her soul about her and her Hubbard.

    My little sister was indoctrinated by the BGEA as well and saved $35,000 of my mom and dads money in her savings account till my mom died using medicaid/medicare and the hospice situation she and her husband desired. It wasn’t hers it was my mom’s money. 35 more days till the next Republican debate and Fox news calls it the “death watch” by the man I saw as a boy giggling on stage because my sweater unbuttoned and my breasts popped out though they were contained in a french bra and I think it was his mom who turned around and scowled at me but didn’t tell me why I had to figure it out and he looks older than me and I was at least three times his age then if not more. I think I was four times his age at least.

    Dallas was where the supposed 2nd Vatican occurred changing things in the bible and the non-denominationals were involved. Bible believers changing the word. Appeasing.

    paul simon song I know what I know

    So we have a problem and it ain’t gonna fly.

    A house exploded in New Jersey due to gas explosion and I heard on Fox about a day or so ago someone on that network said “turn up the gas.” or something like that.  (Nov-12th) There can’t be very many reasons a person would say that on the news, can there, unless directing some kind of directive. It was a woman that said it and she was part of a panel discussing stuff with kind of long hair if that helps and also they were not talking about cars, that’s for sure. Could be wired or something. They say some pretty suggestive stuff sometimes like “I was waiting for you to say that” like they did to me when I said “she has such pretty eyes” about the cat lady (the one on outnumbered) and she turned to the camera just to say it right after I said what I said because they are in touch with people in their living rooms and they are seeing you and listening in on some people.

    Might be mob related and possibly REVING it up.

    New Jersey home explosion kills one, injures 15

    1 Dead, 15 Hurt After Explosion Levels New Jersey Home: Officials

    The Latest: Person unaccounted for after New Jersey house explodes is found; 1 dead, 14 hurt

    Home explosion caught on police camera injures 15 in New …

    Fox News better watch out what they say, I think.


    “This is for Syria” said a witness of a masked man attacking Paris said Shephard Smith.

    Does Mrs. Heinz live there?

    Honestly, if it were of Assad’s regime or his people that they would want to attract more interference in their country. Do you think he wants more trouble? Oh but Obama does. He is dying to go there. He has been wanting to do it since he got in the White House.  RIDICULOUS. Obama certainly was prepared. Sends 50 special ops to Syria. ISIS threatens Russia and then France gets attacked. It obviously was kids that were killed because of the bands name ( I have no idea) I can imagine it’s very difficult situation. I doubt it was ISIS I think it would be someone who wants us to to to Syria to get involved in a morass of a situation that we should stay away from and let Russia handle it. Probably some Saudis organized this because they started it in Syria and commissioned it in the first place like they did in the USA when we were attacked on 9-11 and we reared up and attacked Afghanistan and then Iraq as if that makes any sense WHATSOEVER. Should have held the Saudis accountable and it might have not turned into this INSANITY and we should have held Florida pilots responsible for teaching them to fly airplanes. Whose idea was that? So now Bertrand, I mean, Hollande says they are gonna conduct a war without pity against who but they need our support. Did they ever help AMERICA? EVER? I don’t hate the French ……I hate their lies. They aren’t too friendly and love to mock as in MOSQUE….. MOQUES and aren’t past anything in the past to get people to war.  REMEMBER VIET NAM? It’s their way and they want the USA involved. And OBAMA is more than happy to give his hand (TIME) which isn’t gonna be very long in fact it’s getting shorter day by day. WHY WOULD ISIS advertise themselves to get the USA to fight them for France? That is what you have to ask. To elongate the Vatican’s life to draw it out because of it’s death knell is tolling and they know it. They want the USA to save it from what: themselves killing Christians in Syria. They want to get that little important spot and have been of a long time The Golan Heights. Replacement Theology. They are the Eternal City they think. yet the Gospel of John doesn’t agree.  They would sacrifice their own people to do it because they don’t give a shit. It’s politics.



    Paris is also known as the City of Light where Notre Dame is located

    and where the Court of the Gentiles is located

    and Jesus in the Gospel of John said his burden is light.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 3.18.34 AM

    It’s possible even perfumes, makeup, toothpaste, coffee, tea, sugar ………all sorts of ways to control people.

    I think Rome is involved……I don’t know but it sure seems like they have their hand in doing all sorts of bad things. The Courtyard of Notre Dame is prophetic self fulfilling prophecy and if I were Paris I’d get rid of it.

    Rome introduced The Court of the Gentiles through Pope Benedict XVl and it was to court people (gentiles) about an unknown god using music and other amenities but in the bible it is a place of judgement. (HEBDO) Also Raqqa is a place of judgement which used to be part of Turkey (Paul of Tarsus) now part of Syria and Obama is going to Turkey tomorrow. Coincidence? 

    Why would the French get in bed with Obama after what he said at the UN about ISLAMS prophet/profit and after HEBDO? So who was killed in France? Americans? Jews? Who designs those awful Vatican guard uniforms? It’s gotta be the French. Who is in charge of the International Monetary Fund? Is that the profit Obama is  talking about? Christine LaGarde who is from France.

    Thank god it wasn’t Geraldo’s daughter who got killed. So who is in bed with the French? Who is in bed with Obama?

    She called on air and he and her had some emotional words and it was…….. well, it’s hard to explain. “Do you want to come home?”

    Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 1.31.41 PMThe Press? Spain?

    And to top it all off Greta Van Susterne is looking more and more like Billy Graham and the guy on the right looks like the guy that was in a cage in Syria with the weird music that was burned up alive. REMEMBER? The JORDANIAN Pilate? The one that Isis drug around for show and then we got to watch some really gory videos of Obama’s favorite music. Talk about deception. So who is in the past and who has a future? I guess we will find out pretty soon.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 1.54.35 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 1.54.22 PM

    Uncut: Medal of Honor recipient Florent Groberg

    Islamist militants kill 19 in attack on hotel in Mali’s capital
    Did it happen to be shopping center as well? Now Fox News is saying that what happened in Mali is because the US is not helping France enough. It was suggested in a round about way. What in the world do they want? MONEY? Was Mali a French colony? I have no idea but it makes sense that it might be.

    Obviously Libya was: Give me Liberty or give me death.




    If only the King of Jordan ABDULLAH SCHMOOLLAH had parachuted with his men! HE JUST PUSHED THEM OUT!



    VIDEO: The Islamic State Burns Jordanian Pilot Alive in a Cage Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 3.09.13 AM

    Well the Paris attacks happened just in time for the Democratic Debates so they can concentrate on terrorism instead of the economy , stupid. What a life saver!

    TALK ABOUT DILL-USIONAL AND IN DENIALScreen Shot 2015-11-14 at 2.19.29 PM


    One of the Jesuses in the Synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) one of them talks about being in danger of hellfire and damnation if they say the word Raka or some variation of spelling in regards to it and I say it and I don’t fear it. It is on the border area of Syria and Turkey but it was a part of Turkey in bible times. Paul of Tarsus/Turkey also said that men would be judged by their thoughts which is ridiculous especially in this day and age because of subliminal information and subliminal type tactics that are easily achieved by cell phones, internet, computers, tv’s, radio, anything that can influence the thoughts of mankind. Everyone especially in this day and age has to sort through thoughts to arrange them in their own mind and to make choices and try to use good and sound judgements. It’s a part of living life. Problem is alcohol and drugs and especially drugs people don’t realize are affecting them especially if they have been compromised with a substance they don’t know they are partaking of such as Dragon’s breath (seasickness ingredient grown in Columbia where diamond mines are located and other places, the Hanging gardens of Babylon) and the perfect place to include it would be in the Eucharist (or any other food used in religious rites and who knows what else) and so devilish too since Jesus of the Gospel of John said he was the Bread of life and that substance (Devil’s Breath) makes slaves of people for about 4-5 days who are not in charge of their own thoughts and actions. It may sound outlandish, but it isn’t. It’s documented what it does and you can look it up on the internet. “Nothing propinks like propinquity” Diplomat George Ball saying to control leaders and famous people etc whoever they want to control to do what ever they want to do. I have no idea of the memory affects of that drug but it’s just one of many tools that are used and spiritually things people say and do that are on the wrong side of things are apt to do them without a drug and may not remember doing it or understand that they were and are used by evil. I see it all the time. Catholics forget a lot. It’s in their DNA. Bred into them. The foxes have holes (in their memory like sieves). That is why you have to denounce Catholicism and then you will start to notice a bunch more. It might save your life because you are nothing in comparison because there are many involved: “Love is a dunghill, Bette, and I am but a cock who climbs upon it to crow.”

    One of the terrorists of the Paris attack that so far has an estimated death count of 158 said, “I am from ISIS.”

    Too bad he didn’t give his full name, his DOB, his address, his social security number, his dog tags, his license, his phone number as well and sell his biography while he was at it!

    You betcha!


    By the way just watched one scene of the attack in Paris on Fox news and it’s the same place that was attacked during the HEBDO attacks a place that was very well lit inside and was a glass store front. So I think what is going on is they are reliving it with different results different people different date. Sort of a cyclical repeat of what happened before or one was warning about this one.

    Anyway on Chris Wallace Fox News Sunday Miss Perfection was in her apartment near by the attack and narrowly escaped and it was very surreal for her. And then a can of carrots fell out of the refrigerator. Incentive. Must be a male shortage in France. Didn’t Obama give some “carrots” to Pope Francis recently?

    Finding a Syrian passport on one of the attackers was too too too much!

    wee wee wee, wee wee weeScreen Shot 2015-11-15 at 11.19.13 PM

    I suppose her flat roomies weren’t good enough specimens to showcase. She means serious business. Anyway if you’re interested in getting involved in WWlll and possibly a nuclear showdown come to Paris the City of Light and you might have a good time or you could end up in a cage in Raqqa.

    Jack Keane needs you!Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 11.01.31 PM

    The way I look at it if you aren’t gonna fix it permanently, then don’t bother you will only make it worse.

    By that I mean get rid of the ideological inspirations (Mecca & Medina) that drive muslims wild and affects their minds  like the Taliban did to the Buddhist monuments in Afghanistan by blowing them up. I guess they wanted to send a message and it worked. Made big news. And we are still there dealing with them and it should have been handled along time ago by blowing up their monuments in Saudi Arabia.


    ……..Continuation of the WHAT THE FRENCH ARE GONNA DO

     I got kind of sidetracked.



    The sooner they do it though the sooner I will gain what I want. Go ahead and we will be able to watch as a certain group of people have to bury their weapons for months (6 months which might be talking about bible times which are much different than regular times so could be longer) of the dead that occur because of some kind of gas or nuke or whatever it is that immediately melts the tongues out of their mouths. Read about it in the Bible and get prepared. I don’t think gas melts the tongues out of mouths immediately but I think that usually means some kind of nuclear designed weapon and then contamination. And when that wind blows you better hope you are in the right spot.

    North? West? East? South?

    Not to mention those crops. Food and cattle.

    You better hope God is on your side. Doesn’t seem like God is on France’s side as of tonight.


    who am i to go against the wind Paul Simon

    I thought France was for open borders?

    140+ DEAD


    That’s why we let them get away with sending Saudis to New York to collide with a few buildings because Obama said at the UN

    “The future must not belong to those who slander the profit/prophet of Islam.”


    Can you imagine what would happen if those Abominations of bullshit MECCA AND MEDINA were destroyed?

    Might make a big difference and turn some red and white heads around. I think those places are driving Muslims insane. Might save a lot of lives!

    Like the honey bees that get infected with killer bee sense. Attacking everything that even makes a tiny noise or like a fire ant if a person

    stands where he should not!

    Remember Paul of the New Testament? Remember the story about when he landed on Malta a place in the Mediterranean Sea (a very strategic spot at least at that time) that looks like a bee or an ant depends on your perception of the shape of the island/s. He did something that made the people think that he was God and he was with Luke the doctor. Paul moved about because he had backers and financial support like a pope would travel about.

    Anyway it was when his ship wrecked on the island. And I have a feeling he’s in Virginia because of something in my past that I remember that may have been provided to me for some reason. Don’t know of course. Lucius, the doctor of the church, I mean. I don’t know about Paul but there were times Lucius wasn’t with him and sometimes he was with him but gave him courage when he was with him. It may have to do with Microwaves because of that sign, tip, clue, from the past. 


    Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 12.11.39 AM

    Anyway we will be hearing Fox News, the politicians, the diplomats, and their clergy say a bunch of times, “Our hearts and our prayers are with you.” as if they memorized it and which they say about everything they report that’s bad which is a lot and I doubt that they have hearts and actually pray much. Like saying, “Bless your heart.” and has become an overused and an empty cliche. If they really meant it they would tell the truth and they would admit that the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seeds for starters.


    Maybe it is time to test FAYET.

    Anyway as I understand the bible ISRAEL GROWS TREMENDOUSLY FOR SOME REASON.

    Ever hear the expression BEYOND JORDAN?

    One thing for sure ISIS has a problem with direction. ISIS Jihadi John threatened Rome from Cuba and and ISIS threatened Russia and attacked Paris. Does that make sense? Maybe this will actually have something to do with that sign about 1600 furlongs as in possibly referring to The White House (1600 Pennsylvania) and the Vatican and the blood rising up to their horses bridles.

    By the way saw a great Seinfeld show about a woman walking around in a bra and everyone was freaking out while I was at the hospital. Very funny show sometimes.

    Anyway just had dream about trying to find lipstick in my purse. A real long drama about it. Before that in the dream a lot of people hiding.

    While I was at the hospital this last time I woke myself up from a very bad dream it was starting and I wish I could remember it but it was about the world. A secret I figured out or the secret came to me and then it disappeared from my memory. I’m sure it will come back to me soon maybe in another dream that occurs. It didn’t look good for the world!

    We found that part persian cat in the woods in Virginia when she was a kitten. we assumed see was persian she could have been parisian we don’t know because she didn’t have papers.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 3.17.15 PM

    Victoria’s Secret 2015.

    VETTING Ben Carson

    As far as vetting goes Ben Carson is obviously lying if he says he was offered a scholarship by Gen. Westmoreland unless it wasn’t Gen. Westmoreland that offered it to him. As far as vetting goes he admitted to getting an organ after he was caught having used one didn’t he? and not before and admitted that he could tell it was human after much ado about abortions.

    That’s a lie Ben just in case you didn’t know it.

    Then he said we should tithe 10% to the White House as if it was the temple,

    did he not? Obviously much of it being laundered to Rome or we would be see in an improvement in  our economy.

    Whether you were at Kennedy Center or where ever it was someone was up there that looked like they were up to no good a mechanic and the Challenger blew up in the air.

    I wasn’t invited to be a speaker at a prayer breakfast for the President, but you were which made you enormously famous. How did that happen? Was it a mistake or good fortune? Did Gen. Westmoreland offer you a scholarship if you attended?

    What is the smallest of seeds?

    Notice Christians never answer that question? Wonder why? How about Islamic faithers?

    If you really were TRULY a neuro surgeon you should know the answer to that question and you wouldn’t be afraid! BRRRRRRRRR

    You say you come from an outrageous family of 28 or so and only one turned out good which is not a good sign obviously bad DNA distribution and so we are so supposed to be impressed that it took that many kids to come up with Ben Carson and not one sibling will corroborate your legend not one neighbor will attest to your stories which proves that more is not better. Do they pay a 10 percent tithe to Washington DC?

    Ben Carson West Point controversy divides Republicans
    I’m not running for the office of President Ben Carson,

    but you are!


    He is an imposter, that’s all there is to it.

    I heard a little bell ring in my right ear. DING.

    What proof do you have that the Chinese are involved in Syria?

    asked Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday/

    However, I think Ben Carson is right about the Chinese being involved in Syria not necessarily on the ground or providing arms but they sent the rice that was poisoned or somehow tainted either in China or in India or on it’s way to Syria and a bunch of people died because they didn’t have their HASMAT gear/suits like the people in Africa when Ebola struck because only the doctors were protected until it was noticed. MR. HEINZ i.e. JOHN KERRY after having dinner with President Bashar Assad and his wife Asthma and with his well-connected wife MRS. HEINz; what’s in a name? (the same guy who met the many witnesses of Benghazi in Germany after it occurred and we never saw them again) and who readily blamed Sarin gas for the poisoning of the Syrian people because of a taped conversation of someone in the Syrian military who was stupid enough to be taped by the Germans and happened to be in the right spot to be overheard by the Germans in order to blame Bashar Assad’s regime.  That’s why people were not wearing real masks at the Sarin gas contaminated areas because it wasn’t gas it was poisoned rice. So that is involved, isn’t it?


    So it appears it wasn’t a very congenial dinner?

    In the bible it states clearly that Damascus would be a burdensome stone to the world and I think that includes China.

    Bashar al-Assad Blames Paris Attacks on France’s Foreign Policy

    Anyway after all that and the Paris attacks being blamed indirectly at Syria because of ISIS or so some suicidal maniacs said via Fox News Bashar Assad has the gaul to say that France and ipso facto the USA and the EU have some foreign policy problems.

    Maybe it’s NATO?

    The europeans often accused the West of being wild, Geez Louis.

    Kerry Vows ‘Despicable’ Daesh Will Be Defeated

    John Kerry’s explanation today was bullshit. What’s going on is way more than he would like the people to think but for him it’s about the survival of the Vatican/and their baby and it’s control. It’s his bed and he is married to it.

    His Kush.




    Oh, What A Tangled Web He Weaves

    “In the last few weeks we have seen Republican Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson defend himself against the press for allegations of lying about his past. This got me thinking, is he telling the truth about anything? I have to admit that I’m anxiously waiting to hear him say the words, “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on T.V.”……….

    Now Fox is saying that Ben Carson is so kind because he won’t reveal the name of the person he stabbed unless the press is kind and won’t harass tons of people he wrote about etc.

    The guy is nuts and what’s worse is the press. Just because someone talks softly does not make them good. I know some people who know how to seethe their anger in various ways that no one would suspect their evil intent for instance Popes in the past and present and President Obama. It’s called being of the devil. If you believe there is evil going on in this world than you have to assume there is someone behind it. It just doesn’t happen out of pure dumb unluck. Immigration is part of it and it was intentional not by those that immigrate but by those that made it impossible for those immigrants not to immigrate causing havoc and they came from Roman Catholic countries. Is that a surprise? Hey if they lose their rule they want everyone to be destroyed. You have to overcome the Roman Catholic way that is why they didn’t allow catholics to read their bibles for eons.  A WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS. GLOBAL WARMING. CLIMATE CHANGE. NEOCATECHUMENAL WAY. OPUS DEI. UNIONS, BAD UNIONS, BAD COPS, BAD CLERGY, DON’T TALK BAD ABOUT SOMEONE IN YOUR FIELD EVEN IF THEY HAVE COMMITTED CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY IN ORDER TO PROTECT EACH OTHER IN THE RELIGIOUS FIELD AND BECOME A ONE WORLD REUNION, DON’T FIRE  BAD DOCTORS AND NURSES IN ORDER TO KEEP THE INSURANCE BUSINESS IN BUSINESS, DON’T FIRE FEDERAL EMPLOYEES AND BAD TEACHERS, LIFT UP THE BAD NOT THE GOOD, DON’T LEARN FROM MISTAKES, DON’T TURN IN CHILD MOLESTER PRIESTS JUST MOVE THEM TO ANOTHER PLACE, APPLAUD THE POLICE EVEN WHEN THEY MURDER THEN PANDER THEM AND THEIR UNIONS BECAUSE WHO YOU GONNA CALL TO GET SPECIAL TREATMENT:

    To ex·ac·er·bate

     To make (a problem, bad situation, or negative feeling) worse:

    Create AUSTERITY


    All of this kind of activity is EVIL!

    You can read about it in the Gospel of Luke

    which illustrates the Abomination of Desolation!

    Fascism grows this way and so does Roman Catholicism to Catholicize the world.

    You scratch my back I scratch yours (BGEA).

    Call evil good and call good evil.

    Don’t reveal the hospice situation of the elderly and vets and use abortion as an excuse even though it is legal, make people get insurance even though it does not prevent death, sickness, or the ills in society, don’t find cures just insure to create a very sick population which is a scam because once there was no insurance and we had to find cures and people did, use Obama Care to hide purposeful man made catastrophes and for the purposes of fascism and ruin a country from within. Tax the shit out of everyone except those in Congress. Don’t hire certain people but make excuses for their unemployment (deception), create a national debt that doesn’t exist, it’s all about making people submit to Roman Catholicism. Divert. Political correctness so you can’t describe a person so crime can run rampant so good cops can’t work in a safer environment and people can’t live in a safer environment.  There is so much more to it but it would fill the world if books were truthful. It’s the flood in order to keep you blind and many people died and are doing it again. History repeating’ itself. Lots of books out there, aren’t there?

    Pontius Pilate: what is truth!



    Hey, if you can’t even admit that the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of the seeds

    you got a problem and deserve a:

    Mad World-Gary Jules

    and it will destroy you.

    If you read Revelation Roman Cathlocism doesn’t survive in the end so it would be wise to get on the right train if you want to be a part of


    He didn’t need a seed not even one that isn’t the smallest of seeds.

    He didn’t even need a woman or a man.


    Who is the Greater? The one that needs a man or a woman, a little seed or one that doesn’t need either. Who do you think will win?

    Before Abraham was I AM




    The Great State of Mexico votes …..

    The Great State of Brazil votes…..

    The Great State of Central America Votes……

    Consumption tax and lots of business

    for everyone.

    I bet the Bushes would feel threatened but they might get over it.

    The only thing is it would not work unless you give up and denounce Catholicism & organized religions

    since basically they are the same but with different formats and instead

    Believe in I Am That I Am and grow up and not grow out.

    I think it would be worth it.

    Independent thought and a personal relationship with God instead of en-masse and getting lost in the translation.

    I heard that Hillary Clinton said at her debate that we are not at war with radical islam. No, but they are with us. Bernie Sanders said that the most pressing problem of the world is Climate Change because climate changes. I heard that Assisi of Egypt had some strong things to say about the religion of Islam to his Muslim neighbors portraying itself very anti peace because he thinks it is the religion of peace which it obviously is not a religion of peace.  I agree with Newt Gingrich that the problem is psychological at least to some degree but the truth is spiritually the world and it’s religions are at war with God because of deep seated deception and that is why the world has the problems the world has including climate change and I don’t think that will be rectified until the world isn’t at war with God. I think the world can be cured but it takes a while. Obviously since the GREAT DISCOVERY that the MUSTARD SEED isn’t the SMALLEST OF SEEDS and no one wants to admit that it isn’t the smallest of seeds then there has to be something up with that kind of adversity which isn’t diversity because it seems to be a world wide calamity

    which is RIDICULOUS. Anyway there is a story at the bottom of the page about my sister and my cousin which I didn’t witness but heard about and I think that is what is kind of occurring world wide.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 4.56.43 AMI thought this: Alter of Pacis (ARA PACIS) might be what was transported to Israel in a big mac truck when Pope Benedict XVl visited the Dome of the Rock, the very first pope to actually do that or so it was rumored and it would take a BIG MAC TRUCK to do that but it could have been something else really big but the entourage blocked off the roads so none could see what was in the truck. When they did their sermon in Israel televised that was when I felt I heard “On the Precipice.” Then soon after all that fluff their were many tunnels from Egypt to Israel (within a few years) so it could have been more than one thing or tunnel digger equipment. But a Palestinians did say they were blindfolded to the tunnels and ordered to dig. Not sure what it was that they brought or why Pope Benedict felt a need to visit the Dome of the Rock. Never did say what they transported and I’m positive they wouldn’t tell us if it was something to undermine the Israelis. Could be they took whatever it was to Notre Dame in Jerusalem or other numerous places that are Catholic leased or owned in that city. But those tunnels were elaborate and wired that Sean Hannity showed us a while back.

    The Mayor of Rome Alemanno (the one with the cain) did some weird things around that time as well having to do with the “wound that was healed.” involving the Vatican Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone of the Catholic Church and some taxi drivers unions and talked about conjuring up something invoking. He’s a Celtic Catholic I think. Cleaned Rome of gypsies after one young gypsy girl was murdered, I guess he had to clean it up. (Might incriminate him or his son, you know what I mean? wipe clean) Anyway he set up some strange signals and he also visited Jerusalem. Didn’t hear much about his visit. I’m sure it was important whatever it was or he wouldn’t have bothered. I have been watching for quite a while and for good reason. He has a son who is also in politics and looks just like him in another country in Europe.

    1. make (something) appear unexpectedly or seemingly from nowhere as if by magic:
      to invoke:to call forth by incantation: conjure
      It could have been who I saw in that face in the restaurant with my daughter who looked possessed and freaked her out when she saw him as well. For no reason he would direct his attention at me from across the room and eventually I told her to check it out this guy is acting weird and she turned and flipped back real fast because it scared her. He was with some country folk but what we saw was in his eyes. A maniac.
       Mayor Allemanno loves the Catholic Church and the unions. Gee I wonder why! He’s a Nazi that’s why.
      Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 5.57.46 AMThe vent fell in the garage on an old air conditioner all by itself.
      Fox morning news has a guest on saying “Lighten up, don’t blame, don’t whine, drink it up. This is so-so Catholic.” Forget what we do and let us (them) keep doing it.
      F… THEM!
       What about 6 million jews and all those new intended victims?
      They have no conscience because they indulge themselves on a regular basis. The Roman Catholic Church needs to be trained to have one. Maybe they should be wearing training pants.
      My aunt and my mom left the room where their tots/babies were in their cribs (a boy and a  girl) and came back to find both kids eating their poop. I guess they hadn’t changed their diapers soon enough. I THINK RICHARD DID IT FIRST.
      enough.Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 6.29.44 AM
      I hear that Paris tourism will be for the most part closed . The eiffel tower and other places that are public sites. Sounds like the government shut down in Washington D.C. a few years ago and the closing of our monuments which are suppose to be free just out of spite for not being beholden to Obama and his federal workers who Billy Graham is counting on.
      Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 12.13.48 AM
      This is why the massacre occurred in Paris that’s how small some people acts who think they are god.

      Low and Behold

      Notre Dame is gonna hold some events honoring those that died.
      It’s syphillis of the mind of the BGEA and who it shills for all for a rally in support of Notre Dame.
      Why can’t we take these bastards out? asked the reporter who sounds exactly like Carlos Sheen (Martin/Charlie or a Sheen) in regards to ISIS because of our military might to Obama at G20. First of all it would help if you would remember who you are. You are an actor, not a reporter and you are Roman Catholic and I think pentacostal. That’s why.
      It depends on what is is!
      There are more than one group called ISIS and I imagine some aren’t on the same side.
      Just like those in the Vatican itself are having internal problems because one faction wants to control the others as they have for years and years. Some of those that are creating anarchy in their countries or other countries may be brutal but have been reacting to the fascism/unfair practices/insane control in their countries and ours. So some may be very confused but that is what happens when you lie to the people and all the tactics used to keep them profoundly deceived and call it civilized.

      Paul McCartney – Too Many People

      Ordering Austerity was a big mistake and extremely stupid and kind of a clue especially if you have read the Gospel of Luke.
      I think Syria would have been better to have been left along and there wouldn’t be Syrian refugees. They lived there for many years and while Pres. Assad was there as well so whoever invaded Syria in the first place which I think was Saudi Arabia is involved. They were funding it somehow. Why?
      That is the zillion dollar question.
      “The future must not belong to those that slander the profit/prophet of ISLAM.”
      We decided to be a little different since things are so different and instead of Turkey we are gonna have roast beef brisket.
      Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 5.04.56 PM
      As stated a few times by me my mom told me she wanted to live to 105 years of age to outlive her grandmother and one sister kept $35,000. in a Savings Account UNTIL my mom died of my mom’s money and they hospiced her instead FOR 2 WEEKS AND SHE DIED! And there are two other siblings besides me and if you add up $35, 000. times three you get $105,000.
      Is that perfection?
      The last conversation with my oldest sites she said mom ha died and that she knew she would not have wanted to live that was: with COPD a wide variety of things that might cause breathing problems real and manufactured and so she got mom a hospice cair-giver which means she was planning for my mom to die and which means that is the purpose of the hospice cair-giver to allow death at any opportune moment instead of trying to save her life hence the argument between the staff/doctor at the hospital, the hospice cair-giver and the retirement center on what was prudent to do for my mom and she died during that time hence it was purposeful fair given to my mom to make it happen and money was no object as my older sister said when she bought those flip flops.

      Whoever took on the name of the cair of Ho-spice and promotes that kind of treatment is the




      who is being awarded sainthood by the Pope Francis.

      They tend to do that in the Catholic Church such as fulfilling the prophecy of

      the Court of the Gentiles at Notre Dame.

      The reason told to me by my mother-in-law for her love of the Roman Catholic Church was the latin used which made the church mysterious because they didn’t understand the language of pig latin or latin which is a dumb reason to love a church which was the

       Mystery of Babylon!

      Anyway those that influenced them, the policies that influenced that kind of action, the religions and government institutions involved may have made a very bad turn for themselves that will bite them back so hard and it will hurt. My parents were good people and deserved much better. Anyway I think about that story in the bible about Lazarus and it helps because I think that is what will happen to those powers that deceived my family and many others. Shouldn’t have done that to my mom and dad.

      Terrorist Alert: U.S. State Dept Warns Americans Abroad to Steer Clear of Vatican

      Their Jubilee is approaching soon. I think that means a 50 year celebration. When was the last one, 1963?

      Probably be wise to allow the Syrian refugees into the USA! It’s why we are here and are supposed to do since we are America and might actually be good VETTING for America!

      By the way have you noticed that Fox News (Vatican) has kind of stopped harassing Planned Parenthood and those that had abortions lately since the crises of ISIS. I guess their self  preservation has taken hold of them and it just isn’t as important to them as their surviving terrorism.

      Abortion has taken a backseat so to speak.

      Funny how that is.

      Screw other people’s babies, eh?

      Republicans to Obama: Keep Syrian refugees out

      August 2013 was the Queens Jubilee Celebration. And this year is the Vatican Jubilee Celebration/ Jubilee Celebrations occur every 50 years or so. Sure it wasn’t the 12th?

      “The jubilee year will begin on December 8 and run until November 20, 2016. December 8 is one of the holiest dates in the Catholic calender as the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and is also the date on which the Vatican II council closed in 1965.”

      ” The council, through the Holy See, formally opened under the pontificate of Pope John XXIII on 11 October 1962 and closed under Pope Paul VI on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in 1965.”

      But they didn’t mint any coins on the date of the Immacualte Conceptions but minted coins on the 1963:

      1963 John XXIII Second Vatican Council

      So in actuality the Jubilee should have been two years ago since the 2nd Vatican Council was in 1963.


      yet the Queen’s Jubilee was in 2013.


      I think I saw a putty cat!

      Pope declares jubilee in powerful reform signal

      It’s the Immaculate Jubilee he is trying to thrust upon the world but they are body searching people that come to visit the Vatican. DID MARY SHIT IN THE WOODS?





      They call them ananus!

      When traveling in Europe on our family camping trip the first time I saw a hole in the cement posing as a toilet was either in Spain or France. It was disgusting. Luckily there was an ocean near by called the Mediterranean Sea.


      Massacre of the Innocents

      “The Massacre of the Innocents is the biblical narrative of infanticide by Herod the Great, the Roman-appointed King of the Jews…..”


      “……….In Matthew‘s account, magi from the east go to Judea in search of the newborn king of the Jews, having “seen his star in the east”. The King, Herod the Great, directs them to Bethlehem, and asks them to let him know who this king is when they find him. They find Jesus and honor him, but an angel tells them not to alert Herod, and they return home by another way………”

      Kind of weird and kind of twisted!

      I guarantee infantice occurs mostly in Muslim and Roman Catholic run countries of the world and that is no accident.

      I have been trying to figure out the part of the verse that says the birds of the air have their nests and I think that has to do with Look-Out perches which on a ship are called Crow’s nests.

      In hunting, a crow’s nest is a blind-like structure where a hunter or a pair of hunters commit themselves to stalking game.

      On Fox news Bill O’reilly says nightly, “We are looking out of you.” or “we are watching out for you.” When Jesus says the verse about the foxes and the birds and calls Herod an old fox he is talking in reference to the temple since it was called King Herod’s temple run by the ROMANS (NOTRE DAME in Paris and it’s Court of the Gentiles) and Herod wanted to kill Jesus at that time. O’reilly wrote a book called “Killing Jesus.” Kind of wild, huh? And it was Herod that had some baby boys killed up to the age of three years old.

      So there may be more to what is going on at Fox News than meets the eye.

      note: Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis said she was a hunter.


      Job 41 [Full Chapter]

      Canst thou draw out leviathan with an hook? or his tongue with a cord which thou lettest down? Canst thou put an hook into his nose? or bore his jaw through with a thorn? Will he make many supplications unto thee? will he speak soft words unto thee?
      I’m praying for Rome’s destruction
      (It is very deceptive and evil, insidious, controlled by the mob and has created havoc by it’s deceptions all over the world and they can’t see the forest for the tree but Kerry thinks it is “civilized” controlling others in every aspect of their lives. )
      and all of the other ones in the world and the destruction of some sites mentioned already and every business they are involved in. I prayed about it a minute ago and I will keep doing it when I remember to do it.
      Those places and those people that are a part of this junk knowingly deserve their own destruction ASAP.


      I hope it’s really soon.

      In the bible it says that God puts it into the heart of a certain unknown army to destroy the Vatican. It will happen.

      We just have to teach them geography!

      Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 7.34.25 PM

      Watched Watter’s World with Jesse Watters and his panel laughing about how if the Dems thought that terrorism was caused climate change they would actually fight terrorism

      How about this comparison:

      If Catholics knew that Catholics caused Islam and ISLAMIC terrorism they might actually fight them.

      Radical Islam is Radical Catholicism.


      Islam was created with the help of a nun and it is not a mere coincidence.

      It may be too late by the time they figure it out. If it can happen in nature it can happen to ROME.

      Ain’t That A Kick In The Head – Dean Martin


      Maureen Dowd Slams Hollywood Sexism: ‘It’s a Sick Society – Like the Catholic Church and Saudi Arabia’

      Watched the movie directed by Angelina Jolie and it was fantastic. Made the Italien olympic athlete into Jesus with PTSD of WWll and she did get to see the Queen of England afterwards or during (propaganda) but in order for her to be a director I guess this is what it took. I wish they had beaten up a great white shark to eat but maybe next time. Not sure the queen can help it either. She did a good job in any case. Anyway I guess Fukushima was called for, huh? Surprised that this story wasn’t made into a movie when all those WWll movies were made. Guess it wasn’t believable at the time or didn’t pass the smell test while those that were involved were still alive. In the past the Protestant Queen Elizabeth has been portrayed as a queen that liked knowledge and pursued it whereas the queen of england in our times is more of a figure head like a barbie doll as is her family.

      Recently my ex said that he loved the film by Angelina Jolie and I agreed it was good but totally unbelievable and he said, “What’s not to believe?” He’s was raised Catholic.

      Huckabee on Fox said that the Syrian refugees should stay in Syria and let the BGEA (with donations from Americans handle them.) I know that Angelina Jolie was a spokesperson for Syrian women for quite a long while.

      Maureen Dowd Slams Hollywood Sexism: ‘It’s a Sick Society – Like the Catholic Church and Saudi Arabia’ –

      I think Maureen Down is right at least this time It’s a sick world where men aren’t men anymore. We didn’t have computers way back when to search for information *knowledge shall increase* and had less chance of comparing things of the bible and now we do and we don’t exercise it to get it right which takes a lot of gaul to ignore it like ignoring the vetting of our vets and their wives using stories without evidence about Planned Parenthood. By now you would have thought there would had been a real investigation by Congress of the makers and actors of the you tubes about the malpractice occurring that has been revealed by a bunch of vatican nuts.


      This is why.

      When good is evil and evil is good.

      I had a dream about the pope and actually had a conversation with him and there were these things that came from the sky that were quite scary ORKISH and were in the clouds attacking and hunting people on the ground and the trojan horse was a huge black dog. Anyway I told him he had to change, or else.

      I said, “Do it for family, do it for friends (DIFF-DIFF) or the cult of the RCC and it’s  people which are many will get left behind.

      Buck had a big neck: the lady that had to be bucked was Notre Dame and the lady had to lay down.

      The rest of the dream I was running around with Rand Paul trying to find my car and a certain neighborhood in Alexandria, Virginia while this big black dog was looking for something or someone. It was night time so the dog didn’t see us between houses and none else was around. By big I mean it was the size of the radiated giant in that movie about a person who grows into a giant because of radiation that gets caught up in telephone wires. Very scary dream I guess you would call it a nightmare but I too suffer PTSD and had to take a pill last night to sleep  prescribed for stress and anxiety.  At one point I was climbing cobblestones which was quite inconvenient because they had already been paved.

      “If you’re going to tell the truth, you better have one foot in the stirrup.”

      Pretty weird dream.

      Then while looking for my black rimmed glasses that I lost somehow in the house I uncovered some change on the table and hoping the ex wouldn’t notice but he did and scarfed it up. It wasn’t that much change,

      maybe a dollar or so. He was raised Roman Catholic.

      Kind of funny.

      The Smell Test

      Listened to Hal Lindsay for about a minute the other night. I thought “I wonder what he has to say.” and he was reading something Paul said in the bible about being killed all day long and other things that is part of being a Christian and it fit with the sickness that has been taught in the name of Jesus. Basically promoting martyrdom and masochism. I think he was a sick man. I think Hal Lindsay sitting on his little perch is sick as well because he is teaching what Paul taught and this kind of teaching fits the picture above of Obama with his eyes crossed. Teaching pacifism.

      Female genital mutilation

      For reasons  behind female mutilation alone the Islamic sites (MECCA AND MEDINA) need to be obliterated along with the Vatican because it is partially their fault for not allowing birth control for years and their stance on abortion, aids prevention devices, etc because of their insanity. Obviously the Vatican influences Islam and vice-versa.

      One of the reasons is because Saudis and other muslims think women smell. Geez they are smelling themselves. Men’s ejaculation stink. That is why God made it (sperm ejaculation) to go inside of a woman instead of on the outside on their belly or thigh to avoid pregnancy but we have evolved and have birth control devices and drugs. I love the way I smell when I have sex with myself but I hate the smell of sperm. Honestly. Real men like it too. I have a good sense of smell and believe me their is a difference between men and women. Only a sadistic psycho would think a woman stinks. The only time women smell bad is when they are menstruating and that is why God via Moses had them separate from the rest of the people because it is foul and considered unclean but a necessity for life or if they are working out in a field in the sun which they are not meant to do. I know when I started to get going in real estate my nemesis was afraid I would show him up because he wasn’t that good at certain aspects of it and wanted to keep me down. It’s an insecure man that is this way but there are plenty of them *(mary types).

      “Sperm or Semen is created in the Vas Differens by mixing Water, Sugar and other things from the male body.The Sperm is then transferred up into the Semenal Vessel where over 100,000,000 Sperm cells are held until Ejaculation.”

      Without menstruation there would not be life eventually even with modern day technology. Sperm smell is equivalent to the smell of menstruation. It is because it comes from inside your body and is stored in there for a while. Where as the lubrication that is involved in sex that women excrete is meant to smell good to a man in order that men would be attracted sensually and actually be able to perform and the nose is one of the senses God gives humans to attract them and it is an attractive smell. The reason the clitoris smells good is like the difference between an oxygen tank that can explode and an oxygen generator. The clitoris excretes as it is generated whereas sperm is stored inside a worm sometimes for months or more and when it is lucky enough to find a willing partner it is like an oxygen tank and it stinks like a gas and that is why there is a thing called a rubber. Not just because of disease, or prevention of pregnancy, but because sperm stinks. I certainly would rather have it in a rubber bag than on me and I’m sure most women agree if they were truthful. I guarantee Robert DeNiro of Taxi Driver and others who do that kind of business would rather not smell it or clean it up because it stinks.

      The reason Jesus said to Mary not to touch him after he had risen and before he went to the Father was because she wasn’t clean because more than likely she was menstruating at the time and back then they didn’t have Tampax, Kotex, etc. And another reason because the worship of Mary has caused so much woe to females and it is obvious a particular Mary was not admired by a particular Jesus. One of them (Mary, the Catholic one) was a woman hater. Back in the old times women used cloth as a kotex and had to rinse them etc like parents recently in the past had to rinse kids diapers in the toilet to get the poop off and then put into a washing machine once we (THE USA) invented those great devices. Probably if women were equipped with inventions like washing machines it might help the sexuality and sensuality between muslim men and women that are full grown and educated. If you don’t educate the females she won’t know what she should do and will listen to some stupid women’s wives tales who weren’t taught either or some insane Islamic (Vaticanized muslim) who enjoys a woman’s misery. They are a sick society and they need a revolution.

      Obviously their religion is a problem and misinterpreting the bible is another problem and why we can’t seem to know who the REAL enemy is.

      Women’s natural lubrication device the clitoris does smell good but the problem is when a female is young or too young it doesn’t smell so good because they are kids and aren’t into their femininity yet. They run around like boys and their bodies aren’t developed and that is why they might smell worse because it was meant to deter real men. The problem is the age of the female that muslims like to assault. Saudis like to screw little girls and they are more likely not to smell good because they don’t have things working correctly in a sexual way until they are of age in their bodies and minds because God made them that way and then girls have to learn how to deal with their female cycles, moods, the pain, the hassles and all that it entails. Saudis and muslim men just want to screw little girls because they aren’t man enough to seduce a woman with all of her faculties working because not all muslim men’s faculties are working obviously (they forgot to evolve) and they don’t know how because they were not taught how. Probably why they wear those red and white checkered table cloths similar to Italian table clothes you see in Italian restaurants but decided it looked good on their head instead of on a table, that’s pretty weird to begin with and they use them to wipe their stinky head sweat and spilled sperm as they ejaculate when John Kerry walks by. French and the English used to wear wigs, same difference. In some courts they still wear a wig.

      The lubrication that comes from manipulating the clitoris is what makes sex good and pleasurable for both female and male. It is numbing for the vagina for her comfort and for the penis to preform for a longer period of time without ejaculating the moment it enters the vagina hence creating a great deal of dissatisfaction for both female and male involved. It possibly is what swells the vagina to make it more comfortable for the male: “Making a silk purse of a sow’s ear.”  A line from the movie Rob Roy starring Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange.  I don’t think my sister had a clitoris or knew she had one because she asked the doctor to make her bigger in the entrance of her vagina i.e. to have herself enlarged during the time she gave birth the first time in order for her to enjoy her husband who was quite large in the penis department. I know because he showed himself to me on a family trip. I don’t think she knew that she could help sex along by manipulating herself during sex and before sex thus making herself produce that good juice for their enjoyment so that sex isn’t only a duty but a fun experience otherwise she would be bleeding and sore for days not wanting to experience sex anytime soon as in rape.

      Why Did People Wear Powdered Wigs?

      They need some good hairdressers in Saudi Arabia? I’m not sure I have ever seen a Islamic man’s hair. Is it curly? Is it frizzy? Does it look like pubic hair? Is that the problem? There is such a thing as a wig, toupee and other inventions! They themselves are the epitome of a wetback. I think they don’t think too highly of their own race (self loathing) because they have been taught not to more than likely hence rolling out the red carpet for a pope and if they had they would wear normal clothes and get with the times. Some sort of mental illness involved. They come to the US to screw american women who still have their clitoris using diplomatic immunity and rape drugs so what is good for the elite is not good for the regular guy and partially why there is this thing called ISIS. They also want to be on top. They are having a revolution because of the elite and because their religion teaches them shit so why interfere? Maybe their revolution will evolve the race of muslims and the Saudis a degree or two or even more. They certainly need it. Our American revolution evolved us as well after our Civil War. I hope America stays out of their business because in the long run it might be a good thing. Europe might suffer but who started the mess to begin with?

      One world government? Notre Dame? The Vatican?

      If we get involved as a country in war in the Middle East we should be attacking Saudi Arabia since they attacked us in New York on 9’11 and we should attack their ideology (Mecca & Medina) as they have attacked everyone else’s ideology such as Capitalism in New York. That is if we want to conquer it. If we want to win. There are people that don’t like to succeed or are afraid to succeed and others that won’t let you succeed. FOr the life of me I cannot understand why American and the supposed free world protects their enemies ideology. They will not protect your ideology when push ones to shove. I’m sure there was a company they were trying to teach a lesson to that was housed in those two buildings that were rammed with airplanes and the lesson should be taught back to them. In the long run it would be helpful in the minds of those that practice the religion of Islam to know that they can’t get away with terrorism without a very good response. I imagine if every time there is an attack of terrorism a response by destroying some mosques would be very helpful to eradicating a major nuisance that teaches that terrorism works and has become a way to take away the rights of others in a free society as a whole. Every time a clit is slit a mosque ought to burn down. I think terrorism might eventually be a thing of the past if those that are threatened by terrorism would respond in kind to an ideology that attacks civilians and is obviously mad if they are guilty of clit slitting, that is INSANE. Instead they want to attack Assad’s presidency when we should be ousting Barack Obama.

      Did President Assad fly airplanes into the two towers in New York? Did Putin? 

      They were Saudis, every stinkin’ one of them.

      Obviously ISIS isn’t going to beg to be attacked in Syria by attacking France. That is ridiculous. Leaving a passport should be a clue to those that were attacked that ISIS isn’t the real culprit. It’s ISLAM that is the problem.

      If they are stupid enough to cut off the clitorises of their own women

      they deserve to lose power in the world

      and they deserve to lose control of the oil industry.

      Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers,

      nor the desire of women,

      nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

      Lagarde International Monetary Fund, regard, lamb, ram

      I think Hollande of France and those that are afraid to deal with Islam succinctly (Cameron) are ashamed of the past. Can you imagine?

      The sign of Jonas in the 70’s generation was Jones Town, Guyana

      I linked the verses that are applicable to the sign of Jonas.

      Jonas was a prophet and was a sign to the Ninevites and also the Son of man who is Jonas. These signs come from the Gospels of Matthew and Luke!

      Peter in the Gospel of John is the son of Jonas and was told to follow Jesus of the Gospel of John. Obviously there is more than one Jesus.

      The last thing I saw about Guyana (could have been Kenya) was a woman who had twins that she named Barack and I think the other she named was Paul Ryan.

      It has something to do with cloud nine and the fish people which I think are Roman Catholic.  Possibly if you want to get off that wheel you might follow the Jesus who talked about truth and things like that if you want to make a difference.

      John Kasich Video Links Donald Trump To Nazi Germany

      John Kasich is sick. 

      The Catholic idea of a Covenant with Mohammad, the false prophet/profit?

      Do you want to win the war on terrorism? Do you want your daughters, granddaughters, great granddaughters to have their clitorises slit in order that they might appear to be immaculate for an Islamic fuckhead. Unless you are another Scott Walker you ought to not compare what your own religion fostered in WWll.

      I like Miriam Ibrahim  but have not read her book. She was received by the Pope in Rome who I think helped to get her released along with Ted Cruz because at the time it was convenient politically and I think she may had been used by Rome. Hopefully she will depart from that mindset. Roman Catholics and evangelicals maybe partially why she was slit in a round about way because Islam came from the religion of Roman Catholicism via a nun and a false prophet Mohammad. It was the VERY least the Rome Catholic Church and evangelicals could had done was to help to get her released but they owe her much more than freedom. They ought to cut their own gonads and eat them at the VERY LEAST.


      Lt. General Thomas McIerney on Fox I thought had a good perspective on the shooting down of a Russian fighter over Syria by the Turks. Basically he said that the Turks should not have shot down the Russian fighter jet. The reason I added what I interpreted that he said is because Fox News tends to forget or have memory lapses. Maybe those are the holes. Like movies that are edited and much ends up on the floor. I think they (the Turks) are protecting a part of Syria RAQQA probably since it used to be part of Turkey. Anyway I think they want it back. That is their intent IMO for shooting down the Russian fighter because as the general said they used to be secular society and now have made a wrong turn in their leadership heading toward Sharia Law and Islamic-ness so it would make sense that they want some territory that has to do with their religion and it’s history.



      Tortured for Christ?

      When I was in my early teens a General’s daughter (He was Italian and Roman Catholic) told my mom that I was a bad influence on his daughter who was 2 years older than me. I never dared to have booze and pot parties at my parents house when they left town. She did and quite a few. Mu mom responded by taking us to a psychologist. It didn’t help. His wife whom I saw only a few times rarely spoke and looked like a ghost. I think she had bad mental problems because he was dick obviously and blaming me for how his daughter behaved. I loved her and considered her to be a good friend but I didn’t date a guy who put cigarettes out on my arm and hand….she did. I thought she was beautiful, talented, and sweet but she was not perfect. CAPICHE?

      I knew of a couple of guys that she dated one was italian and I doubt was the one but the other was a police captain’s son. He was blond and had a crush on her. I didn’t know him but he was the guy that drove by my house the day I found quite a bit of pot in my drawer in my bedroom when I walked into my room. The house was dark, unlocked, with the front door wide open, my mom was at work and I walked into my bedroom and a drawer was pulled out on my desk and there it sat in the drawer a big bag of pot. So my little sister and I freaked out and I threw it in the storm drain. I was being set up. It was a joke between my sister and I for years but what was eerie about it was after that occurred he drove up in his red Camaro. He reminded me of a young Chris Matthews.

      Jesus in one of the gospels said, “Simon Simon satan hath desired you that he may sift you as wheat.” SANTA MARIA…SATAN….NICODEMUS…Joseph of Arimathea WHICH IS COARSENING!


      Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 7.54.44 PM







      You can read about Racca/Raka/Raqqa in the Synoptic Gospels. It used to be there in the bible (I can’t find it at the moment but I have a good memory about it) but it’s an ever changing book it seems. Anyway it said whoever says racca to his brother is in danger of hellfire and damnation. I have no idea the meaning of that word (might mean hellfire and damnation) but it makes me think of torturous. Obviously it is kind of a cursed place. It was a deranged threat or warning by the Synoptic Jesus. There may be a reason for that threat or it may be warning having to do with end times type prophecy as if it might be a sign of the times we are in and possibly a tipping point. I would take it seriously because it is so out of place in the gospels, IMO.



      There is another thing that is said by the Synoptic Jesus: Some scribe said I will follow you anywhere and he says The foxes have holes the birds of the air their nests but the son of man hath nowhere to lay his head. I think I can fairly say that that is kind of an odd response. LOL

      In this day and age we have Fox News, the President of Turkey (Erdogan) his name starts with ER pronounced air, not to mention but I will anyway the Muslim Brotherhood (whoever says to his brother Racca/Raqqa/Raca is in danger of Hellfire and damnation. ), etc. Kind of coincidental and maybe a warning to Erdogan and/or to the Muslim Brotherhood. Could be saying your prophet is not worth dying for even though Obama said at the UN the future must not belong to those that insult the prophet of Islam.

      Turkey’s President Erdogan sure looks like Jordan’s King Hussein as if they are cloned brothers except I think he has a hair-lip (no offense). Reminds me of my aunt who was in a receiving line sometime or other and made a huge social faux-pas and when a person with a hair lip received her she imitated his voice thinking he was joking because I guess it wasn’t apparent that he had a Cleft Palate except for his voice. Anyway she was immensely embarrassed.  LOL

      Seems like everyone has skin in this game!

      I think protecting some skin is really important. ISLAM STINKS!

      France and Obama are chumps now and perhaps they will get their due due.

      And the way that the French (Parisians) used the situation they may have created to get people to go to Notre Dame. It was sort of predictable and definitely a grand maneuver. What are the three M’s of a psychopath/sociopath? Manage, Maneuver, Manipulate and that is what the French are proficient at doing. REMEMBER VIETNAM? IT WAS FRENCH INSPIRED. WE DIDN’T WIN IN FACT WE HAVEN’T WON A WAR SINCE THE BGEA AND THE GRAHAMS WERE PUFFED IN AMERICA.

       WE WON WWll but they hadn’t puffed Billy Graham and we attacked Japans IDEOLOGY and it worked. We didn’t have much choice because they attacked us and we had to fight a war on two or three fronts and they were suicidal using kids so it had to have been a bad ideology as ISLAM is a bad ideology and should be dealt with as harshly a Japan was in war time. Just because they shake hands with members of the Vatican and their agents like Kerry doesn’t mean they aren’t the enemy. The ideology of Islam is the enemy because it doesn’t stop. It might help with ISIS if we attack the ideology of ISLAM in Saudi Arabia. They might stop.?????? Obviously Saudi Arabia is not planning to stop because they think they have the upper hand. If our country is not willing to attack their ideology (MECCA & MEDINA) they must be in agreement with the ideology of Saudi Arabia and hence ISIS is needed to help to equalize the confusion. I have not yet heard one military person mention the possibility of attacking the ideology of Islam so I don’t think until I do hear someone in the military be brave enough to “do the math” and speak it out loud that they are serious about the war against terrorism. It can’t be that difficult to do! It can’t be that difficult to realize that they are the enemy. They attacked us and they were from Saudi Arabia no matter if they were hanging out in another country that they should not have been in. The Saudis have to contain their own people and if they aren’t gonna try and they didn’t and take responsibility for their people and they didn’t they need to be held responsible by those that they attacked. THE USA. Screw EUROPE and their interests. 

      THE USA MATTERS and we lost more than 200 people. We lost more than 3000 people. What happened in Paris doesn’t even come close and they had plenty of warnings. The people had plenty of warning unlike the american public. Did France come to our rescue or did they help to give us the correct INTEL? I DOUBT IT or we would  not have attacked Afghanistan and eventually Iraq. We would have attacked the country that raised the children that attacked us. We might as well have attacked Finland and makes as much sense as what we attacked. Obviously France was protecting it’s interests over our interests and probably was in charge of NATO at the time and whatever other groups that help to misdirect us that we have allied with for the protection of EUROPE. Obviously we get intel from the Vatican because of what was put forth by the Vatican in regards to Benghazi came from the Vatican. And we get it from Germany because of the false tape of the military officer in Assads military that was caught on tape lying on tape so that we would help Colin Powell (because he is a light black man like Obama who isn’t really part-african) with his assertions for why we attacked Iraq instead of Saudi Arabia. If this were a game of darts we would have missed the board.

      Anyway that is why Islam MOSQUES us

       as in MOCKS.

      Just because someone has a french accent does not make them superior.

      President Hollande is as dumb as the King of Jordan.

      Obviously there is something else afoot when it comes to foreign affairs. I think I know what it is. That stupid little mustard seed that isn’t the smallest of seeds and the incompetence of man to cope with the truth

      I AM THAT I AM

      and deal with it like REAL MEN. Yea it kind of is the seed that broke the camel’s back and kind of breaks down the fat in the bible,

      but it isn’t a total loss. LOL It kind of is a betrayal of the son of man, isn’t it? But it is understandable because of the reaction it has received in our day and age which should be above that kind of stupidity and should have grown up enough to handle it with intelligence. Matured. Evolved. I think the public has exceeded the intelligence of the government and it’s employees at this point in time. Instead Obama and Hollande are gonna blame ISIS for climate change and try to whiz that farce by the public. Next they will blame Assad because a tree fell in the forest and they didn’t hear it.

      Here are some posts that are written on those subjects that were written quite a while back but seemed to have caused some problems with the pea sized brain with S_L_O_W synaptic impulses of those that can’t admit they are wrong and they were wrong.

      I Am That I Am (The Sign) -Revised *

      I AM THAT I AM (Part two)

      The Mother of Jesus Christ: SHALOM!

      I Am the True Vine


      What is the smallest seed in the world?

      The Parable of Faith – Part two

      Pope Benedict XVI and the Mustard Tree

      Parable of the Mustard Seed Part 4

      The mustard in the Bible versus the Quran (1)

      Harry Truman called Billy Graham a charlatan but history has somehow changed that view point. It’s so catholic. Luckily a few people remember unlike Catholics who tend to forget because Foxes Have Holes. They do however tend to act out their angsts.

      But what is that to thee?

      Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 7.00.24 PM

      I THINK THIS MAY HAVE TO DO WITH MARY OF FATIMA AND HER LIES. Many of the so called immigrants came who are supposedly from Syria are coming also from Croatia and other places where she appeared. She appeared in Portugal in 1917 but if you have seen the video of it, it is paranormal and I truly believe an honest broker would not appear to children because of their vulnerability and lift them in the air which is like that movie called the Exorcist. So obviously she was a very dishonest broker whoever they saw or thought they saw or were coaxed into lying about but Catholics love to use kids. Fat-i-ma (I am Fat) obviously anti-God. The sign of the cross that Catholics make as they pew-pew. The world will be at war with God and that is why we have a major hornets nest occurring these days in our country and all over the world which coincides with Catholic and Islams desires to Catholicize/Islamicize the world and the one world government that has been a major disaster and will implode and is imploding. Jesus obviously didn’t think the catholic Mary was immaculate or he would have let her touch him.

      In May, 2000, the long-awaited “third prophecy” of Fatima was finally revealed by the Vatican. For some, it was a relief and for others an anticlimactic disappointment

      I think I agree with Meriam Ibrahim who got me going on the clitoris tragedy going on in Islamic countries when I watched her interview and I think she is right about learning from the Israelis. I think the American police need to be militarized and run by the military but be a branch of the military under the direction of the 5 branches of the military somehow. I think we need to copy what the Israelis do in that regard. They need oversight because of the unions that are indulging police brutality. I know that the military for the most part is honest because they are taught to be that when they go to places like West Point etc. They had high standards I don’t know about now but when I saw Lt. Col Thomas Mcieney he seemed pretty honest though I have disagreed with him on occasion and I have no idea what branch of the military he is in or his religion we need that kind to control the police and we need to oust the unions which have been Catholicized/islamicized and are like the mob which usually means ROME.


      I agree with this guy about Islam but not about ISIS because I don’t think it was ISIS that attacked Paris.

      It was the Columbians hired by Saudi Arabia.



      The Jesuit Oath Exposed

      “My son, heretofore you have been taught to act the dissembler: among Roman Catholics to be a Roman Catholic, and to be a spy even among your own brethren; to believe no man, to trust no man. Among the Reformers, to be a Reformer; among the Huguenots, to be a Huguenot; among the Calvinists, to be a Calvinist; among other Protestants, generally to be a Protestant; and obtaining their confidence, to seek even to preach from their pulpits, and to denounce with all the vehemence in your nature our Holy Religion and the Pope; and even to descend so low as to become a Jew among Jews, that you might be enabled to gather together all information for the benefit of your Order as a faithful soldier of the Pope.”

      “You have been taught to plant insidiously the seeds of jealousy and hatred between communities, provinces, states that were at peace, and to incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create revolutions and civil wars in countries that were independent and prosperous, cultivating the arts and the sciences and enjoying the blessings of peace; to take sides with the combatants and to act secretly with your brother Jesuit, who might be engaged on the other side, but openly opposed to that with which you might be connected, only that the Church might be the gainer in the end, in the conditions fixed in the treaties for peace and that the end justifies the means.”

      One of Billy Graham’s victims was a preacher who wrote about the exact subject on his last blog post and was killed soon after in a car accident: Rev. David Wilkerson who was puffed by Billy Graham as well. He eventually resisted and exposed Billy Graham which I wrote about in the JFK posts which you can read about on Merangue’s Blog. Lots of good stuff on there.

      The Jesuits are even instructed to impale babies;) Planned Parenthood Debacle hoax or real,

      but the Jesuits are involved and definitely some nuns.

      Then there are the Masons and the Free Mason Society which obviously are involved in some secret stuff. Many Presidents and writers of the Constitution as well as Benjamin Franklin were involved. But Billy Graham was a confident with many of the Presidents in the last century and a shill for Roman Catholicism. I think he was also a Mason. So they infiltrate each other and work off each other in various ways. And it gets kind of HARRY.

      ” In Europe of the middle ages and beyond, the Catholic Church ruled with an iron fist. Galileo was placed under house arrest till the day he died for claiming the Earth revolved around the sun. In those oppressive times, secret societies served a vital function, as they were one of the very few ways to preserve and foster knowledge suppressed by the church.”

      Sea of Galilee….knowledge 


      and now honoring Mother Teresa (Jeb’s foster mom) who I have read about that didn’t have any semblance of truth which is typical of a church that wants to decide who lives and who dies, who works and who doesn’t work, who attains success and who doesn’t, who decides what segment of society should lose their clits, who decides what knowledge should be allowed and mocks the ignorance they foster, who decides if females should be barefoot and pregnant so that they may receive more donations and more pew sitters, who decides if one is worthy in their eyes, who decides what women/girls to humiliate and which to stand on a pedestal, who marries who and who is allowed to divorce:  Basically communism with a heavy dose of a fascism. And so my belief is that the Vatican, Mecca and Medina should be destroyed for the sake of humanity and then every time a clit is slit a mosque and a catholic institution should be destroyed, and every time an older person is assisted to die (as in assisted murder) a mosque and a catholic church should be destroyed because it is evil incarnate and if that doesn’t convince them, and every time a massacre of civilians occurs then their businesses such as oil, their modes of travel highways and byways, their tools to enslave (the mob) is destroyed because they will devolve mankind if we don’t react in kind.

      So far the military is dancing and they ought to be in the fight to win and should start with the ideology! But that’s what happens when people are deceived thinking they can’t live without mosques and churches that deceive for a prophet and deceives the men that die and are maimed and eventually murdered using assissted murder that is sanctioned by the biggest church on the planet. Their mode of Thankfulness. But every once in a while to get attention they are awarded a wheel chair bought with donations by O’reilly or a hurrycane which is part of the mock of the American military and the elderly that they abuse and if you think being Catholic or Islamic will protect you, your beloved wife, your children or being pretty will protect you when those wrinkles start to grow and those boobs start to fall…


      There is no honor among thieves!!!

      The military ought to get their shit together and win the war against the ideologies that foster terrorism which means


      They teach the shit they should eat the shit when the shit hits the fan.

      Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 7.41.59 PM

      It shouldn’t be that the future belongs to those businesses and to that kind of tyranny or to those businesses

      that support those kind of ideas IMO.

      It’s a take off of what I read in the Gospel of Luke written about in this post and Obama’s adamant design about profit and his prophet at the UN early in his administration.

      What he said at the UN was a big SIGN of his intent and his kind of diplomacy such as using terror and climate change as his mode to govern the world to enforce Roman Catholic and Islamic Ideologies which SUCK BIG ASSHOLES! I hope Obama and his merry men get a burning ember up those ass holes as well until they change their tune.

      The 10 Most Elite Secret Societies In History

      Anyway I think they have all somehow met on the same road.

      And there is going to be a Great and Terrible Day of the Lord

      and if you call it a game that day will be the end game

      and it won’t be a GRETA DAY (GAME OVER)!

      Luke 23:50
      And, behold, there was a man named Joseph, a counsellor; and he was a goodman, and a just:

      Here is a post about Joseph of Arimathea which kind of applies to that last statement”

      Joseph of Arimathea (A JUST)

      Actually Luke doesn’t say he is a good and just man……

      Luke says he was “a goodman and a just:”

      Leaving off  “man” after just?

      (if  you can call him a just)?




      I Am the way, the truth, and the life.

      So I guess James Foley and O’reilly are not into truth or life or the way.

      I want to see the Mosques depart from our country or be destroyed. I don’t believe freedom should be free for those that don’t believe in freedom (Islam) or want to Catholicize the world which is not freedom. They don’t allow jews near the temple mount in their own country so why the hell do we indulge them? I think they should not be allowed to congregate without oversight and being monitored by the military especially these days and we would be stupid to allow them freedom. We were very hard on the Japanese and we need to be very hard on Islam. They are at war with us, no doubt about it. Not internment camps unless they earn that privilege, but VERY strict oversight even of the ones that speak softly because I don’t trust their lies and nor should anyone else. They never speak against what they should because they are cowards hence are part of the problem. I don’t want Obama in charge of our military because he is ISLAMIC. He should have been arrested by the military about 8 years ago or so for fraud (place of birth) and for being a traitor to our country and to the world IMO. He does not love the world. He does not care one iota. He CAIRS but he does not give a shit about freedom or people. Whoever colludes with him will regret it.

      He speaks in DARK SENTENCES as the bible forewarned. HE IS THE DESTROYER but luckily he has been held back by truth.


      “The future must not belong to those that insult the prophet of Islam”

      and the whole world heard it when he said it at the UN which is not an insignificant point because whatever was meant by that prophecy is something the whole world would hear. So some very clumsy attackers attack France leaving behind their ids, dog tags, ss numbers, papers so they could be identified within a day or so which if they were ISIS from Syria they would not be that easy to identify but were obviously mostly from France itself which would make it easier to identify the persons involved and because Hollande doesn’t want to offend the prophet of Islam even though he acts as if he is defending those that do offend the prophet of Islam is going to get involved in a war in Syria because he thinks his future depends on it because he believes Obama who is a known liar and a fraud. Talk about dark. BLIND.

      President Hollande of France is probably defending Christine Lagardes job of spending American tax money and obviously prophet means profit to the French government. He will be one sorry son of a bitch.

      OBAMA knows he is going to be impounded for a thousand years and wants to take as many with him as he can and that includes Muslims, Islamics, Catholics, and the FRENCH

      When men don’t stand up for women (clit slitting and stoning of women for adultery) they don’t deserve a country. Islam does not deserve to rule over people or to teach BULLSHIT.

      Neither does Roman Cartholicism deserve to teach the people any more. THEY FAILED!!



      They don’t know the difference between truth and fiction and need to go find a ditch and lay in it in SYRIA perhaps.


      Nevertheless I must walk to day, and to morrow, and the day following:
      for it cannot be that a prophet perish out of Jerusalem.
      I admit I thought this was one weird thing that was said by Jesus in the Synoptic Gospel of Luke (or so it says). It made no sense whatsoever and since prophets tend to have perished out of Jerusalem perhaps it is meant for a particular prophet such as the one that doesn’t like to be insulted.
      Maybe this verse is referring to the prophet/profit of ISLAM that Obama was referring to when he said what he said at the UN.
      I think he was referring to Mohammad, but I don’t read minds. However God does, but I do not believe he judges men by their thoughts as Paul of Tarsus, Turkey said but in this case it might be different. But it doesn’t make sense in the order of words written which is very bewildering and seems to infer he is a prophet which does not sound the same as the Jesus in the Gospel of John who does not call himself a prophet. He doesn’t say, “I am a prophet.” DOES HE? and I would think he would have said that if he considered himself to be simply a prophet, a caster (exorcist), a pedicurist, one who fixes things like elections and marriages, or a doctor. Either Jesus of the gospels had multiple personality disorder or one of them isn’t the same as the other persons, because his personality changes a bunch and not only because of the different authors but what he says and does.

      In context Jesus was responding to hearing a threat from Herod and says32 And he said unto them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day I shall be perfected.

      Anyway in the verse above (Luke 13:33) he must walk 3 days and then the part of the verse (Luke 13:32) he only walks 2 days and is perfected the third day. So he is kind of contradicting himself. 

      Sounds like an inference to the Bushes walking Walkers. Two times, and then perfected on the third time – (roman) JEB who I guess doesn’t get elected from what I can ascertain.  Also I think a bush of the bush family was somehow or another one of the guys in the press room at CBS during the assassination of JFK. I mentioned it in the CBS news transcriptions that I transcribed where he adjusts his belt up (girds himself) and appears to be George Bush pacing and directing what they could do and could not do or could say or could not say and there are some thugs in the room with the reporters and the reporters seem to be stifled by their takeover at the time and it is quite apparent if you watch closely. they had to be discreet about what they said but they did give some clues. Gary did the same thing when I walked through the office towards his bosses office. LOL. He girded himself adjusted his belt. He didn’t expect it though he should have because it wasn’t the first time I had confronted his affront.

      (I was very diplomatic and I didn’t even bring up the past only what happened at the office and the reason for that is because it wasn’t their business what he did in the past or what I did in the past, but the office manager laughed. She didn’t care and I think she knew. She threatened me about another man at the office who said I spilt a drink in his car which was laughable because I didn’t though I had a drink but he wanted to prove that I met him in his car and he was lying for some reason probably to protect himself and his job. I told her I had permission to meet him though he didn’t know I had permission because he didn’t ask and nor did she so when it came up it didn’t hold ANY water which I’m sure was a real pisser for them. They were trying to scare me. I told my husband what I was doing before I did it and he went along with it. It wasn’t as if I wouldn’t have done it without permission, but I was trying to be careful because I was dealing with some very big assholes and I was trying to gain some information from him because of the things that were going on at the office and at the real estate school I attended. They knew I had a case for sexual harassment on the job and they were protecting their business hence what occurred at the real estate school and the other man. So i was being followed and harassed even more and ended up very sick in hospital near death because of their harassment and it hurt deeply because they were family. Nevertheless I was morally in the right place comparatively and stood on higher ground and I survived. I didn’t sue but should have but I was too weak physically at the time which affected me in many other ways. I also uncovered some shenanigans: illegal stuff going on with a deal at that office that I learned was illegal when I went to school that my sister and her husband and the real estate company had been involved in involving one of their clients but it wasn’t worth my life. I kind of stumbled upon it but it wasn’t my aim/point (I could have cared less about that aspect for the most part but they knew I knew because they were watching me, and they were afraid of me so they had all their big guns on me and I think it was for the benefit of my sister that she had done something illegal so that the office and the company would protect Gary and her. Sort of sneaky stuff. I guess it would be considered VICIOUS and VILE to the nth degree. PRE-PLANNED. I was basically one person against many fuck heads. I was new to the business that my sister really wanted my help so that her husband could do what she did but he didn’t really want to do what she did. She offered me the job and used it for vengeance for the past when he violated me in my sleep. Absolutley ridiculous. The company was Virginia Cook on Forest Lane and the manager’s name was Sheila Rice, a real bitch; My cousin whose husband was in the oil business the one that said that it was impossible to have experienced an earthquake in Texas, a geologist, said that Gary was “the Golden Boy” of the family during her visits while I recuperated and told me about the pictures my sister showed her of Gary dancing on a table nude and drunk at a Frat party that she seemed proud of or she wouldn’t have showed them to our cousin who is in my estimation a son of a fool! )

      When a person loses a great deal of money on the stock market

      such as what happened on that fateful Tuesday in October

      who keeps the money?

      Back to CBS and what I discovered during my investigation: It was sort of a takeover of CBS News at the time. (Which you can read about via the links provided on Merangue’s Blog having to do with the CBS Transcriptions of the JFK assassination which had to be done twice because of the information that was gleaned after the first time through it.) Anyway something to do with the burning bush which is an insert/additive possibly to the bible about standing on holy ground having to do with Moses when he meets whoever was talking to him from the burning bush that didn’t burn in the desert I think it was in the desert. Could be referring to their daughter. Tells Moses to de-shoe himself because he was standing on holy ground. Possibly rewriting of history. Mocking perhaps? Smack dab in the bible which if I were evil I would go straight to the bible to alter it if I wanted to impugn the truth and take over the world which seems to be the intent of Islam and the Roman Catholic Church which makes them evil for having that intent. It could be a kind of fair warning to the Bushes.

      Who takes off their shoes when standing holy ground? The Japanese?

       Which is where George Bush Sr. tossed his cookies, wasn’t it in Japan.?

      Then, of coarse, the Dutch with their Holland-ish shoes because their shoes make a lot of noise?

      Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 3.55.47 PM

      I don’t think it is a tradition of the Jews? It’s definitely an asian tradition.

      Georgie porgie pudding and pie and pulling out a plumb saying

      what a good boy am I.

      Kind of weird very. LOL

      Anyway you can read about it via the links on

      Merangue’s Blog

      The Bushes have a lot to do with Augusta, THE MASTERS golf tournament in Georgia

      and I am positive the rewriting has an awful lot to do with the BGEA, Billy Graham Evangelical Association.

      I suppose if one can rewrite history history itself can be redone.

      My dad at a breakfast on a family trip asked if he ordered his breakfast or did he throw it up jokingly unlike what BIG George Bush Sr. did once when he lost his cookies literally I suppose from that cookie jar. My dad got to eat his breakfast. However he did attend one of those golf tournaments with the Kircher family as their guest once and that is when things started to go sour, VERY SAUER, in my family and I think that was a sign, but things have a way of changing. I’m certainly counting on it.

      Also sounds kind of like Obama. I shall write it like Obama’s directive at the UN:

      It cannot be that a future belongs to those that insult the prophet of Islam.

      for it cannot be that a prophet perish out of Jerusalem.

      Sounds eerily similar.

      Will there be an IMAX theater at the Climate Summit in Paris?

      Another danger of ‘climate change’: Giant flying boulders?

      I wonder why the words are separated between the “to” and the day specified. It sounds lunatic-like but he might have been meaning Fox News ahead of time. Strange name for a news programming, isn’t it? Why not “Doves Fly News” or “Birds of the Air News”

      Lež News

      I think the press needs to be overseen as well because I think they are doing a lot of lying and are being controlled. It’s obvious. Until we have a free press again there is no point in tolerating their propaganda and their games.

      I do cures either has to do with tanning or fixing marriages because Catholics hate divorce from their religion which usually is the cause of the divorce or both and because Roman Catholicism clergy don’t marry because of the money aspect of divorce and what it does to the church. Divorce is better than the alternative such as knocking off the spouse for money (or beheading) which happened in the past or locking up a spouse in the Tower of London all because of the idea that divorce is a bad thing. Often it is a good thing. In olden days divorce was blamed on the woman not producing a male child in a timely fashion when other reasons were the true cause.

      As far as divorce being caused by wives not producing male offspring in a timely fashion

      “The father provides an X or Y chromosome; the mother always provides an X chromosome. Therefore, the sex of the child is determined by the chromosome of the individual sperm that fertilizes the egg.”

      but we didn’t know that when King Henry Vlll was King of England

      and because marriages were arranged for a dowry such as John Kerry and because like dipshits don’t want to work. Roman Catholicism is basically a male institution of guys who like to hold up a book and one to find the verse and one to adjust the braid on the back of the pope like the Hearsts relative or son Georg Gaenswein. They call them hanger-ons. Yes-men.

      Anyway I don’t think this is the real Jesus though he might think he is. LOL  I think he is an exorcist and planning to be healed on the third day. I don’t think it works from what I have read in the bible and I think it probably is a real pisser to those that are uncovered and why the nations rage because they are freaking out because it ain’t gonna work out as planned which is apparent:

      The real Jesus did not want to commit to man because as a rule they were/are asses because they were/are taught to be asses.

      A society grows up and evolves because of a

      few smart women.

      Anyone can have 20 children and possibly out of 20 kids come up with a fraud such as Dr. Ben Carson. Or like my brother- in-law Gary Kircher (his dad was President of Conoco Oil for some time) try to cause problems in a family by taking his two year old daughter out to a Jacuzzi at night in front of his wife, mother-in-law, sister-in-law to teach his two year old daughter about jealousy before she had a chance to be jealous or their son. I do remember the night that I had had enough of the shit with Gary and wanted to sleep and couldn’t because he was acting weird and had been drinking was the same day I think that my mom gave me a new dress and it was a blah and red peasant dress that laced up the front. I think my sister was jealous that she gave me that dress or that I wore it. She didn’t stand with her husband but hung out on the other side of the room most of the night which was kind of weird. Maybe they were not getting along and didn’t announce it at the time. She seemed to be acting kind of snobby like at Kimberly’s first wedding. HAUGHTY. I hoped her to shop for her dress but I guess that wasn’t good enough which believe me was GRUELING.

      (When I jacuzzied with his family or him and his wife his legs would stray my direction so you can understand he was not intending to do good with/for his daughter or for/with his family. And I have laboriously written about other things he did so it wasn’t my imagination. Though when we met years earlier about his problem he said he would go to church and was already a Baptist which he did attend church and neither the Baptist church nor the Non-Denominational church helped him but I doubt he asked for their help he just attended. If he had asked for help I doubt they would have given him the right kind of help and either would have kicked him out of their church except that he had money. You have to want to be helped to be helped. The non denominational church that believed in the bible fundamentally had a school and taught “Be Careful Little Eyes What You See” and incrementally raised their prices yearly and eventually were to expensive for my children and other families. It is the bible that had their own bible with meanings on the side of the verses in order to interpret the bible for you which is the Schofield bible. They were involved (I think) in the 1970’s or 80’s with the rewriting parts of the bible for the unification of the churches to assist in the Roman Catholicization of the US and to help people like Rick Warren’s who got his start then. The Warren’s (though not sure the same family) wrote the Warren Commission Report about the JFK assassination which lied about the whole affair and was first published by Doubleday Publishers who hired Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis as an editor of Doubleday Publishers and I think for the Warren Report for a while and it was her with the smoking gun or someone that resembled her. As with the Warren Commission the bible was corrupted by the many Jesuses (warning that many shall come in my name) that came in his name injected into the bible in various ways at various times by various authors and mostly at the direction of the Vatican. Soon after Kennedy’s assassination we got embroiled in the VietNam War via the French (it had been their colony – the President of Viet Nam dedicated his country to Mary before that (I think) and soon was assassinated with his brother – LBJ was the President of the USA when we bit the bait and soon JFK’s brother was assassinated and via Nixon who exposed Billy Graham were able to leave though he resigned because of a break-in called Watergate-Kissinger was his confident and Kissinger was hired later by the Vatican [who Billy Graham was a shill for] because of money laundering charges, drugs, and pedophilia accusations of their priests to fix their reputation and Kissinger by grooming Obama and because of his reputation helped to get Obama in office as the President of the USA. Religion is not good. It’s best to read the bible on your own and research it on your own with lots of information out there to sort through and eventually you will get something resembling truth if you are interested. I prefer the Gospel of John to the others but it has been corrupted as well in parts especially chapter 4 by the secret followers who obviously were’t a secret but secreted but it takes time and critical thinking to identify the areas that are corrupted and why. Parts of the Old Testament have also been messed with such as the Jealous-Nesses and Nellies of God when the books were stolen and taken to Rome and edited by Josephus son of Matthias adopted son of the Flaviuses who hired him for propaganda purposes in Rome after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans a few times. In this day and time he probably would be a part of the press.

      Obviously catholicism isn’t good!

      Why Callest Thou Me Good?

      Schizophrenics sometimes think they are Jesus. Remember the guy doing sign language at the funeral of Mandela. I don’t know if he is a schizophrenic but there are mental disorders that humans suffer from and it’s not their fault often times. And maybe because prophecy type stuff is kind of confusing because of time and hard to understand and certain religious groups tend to try to self fulfill prophesy such as at Notre Dame and the Court of the Gentiles. There are people and entities that mess with our minds. I CERTAINLY CAN ATTEST TO THAT PROBLEM in order to drive us nuts or manipulate humans such as the NOTRE DAME PARIS MASSACRE TO RESTORE FAITH OR FOR A REVIVAL AT NOTRE DAME and TO GET PEOPLE INTERESTED IN BOMBING THE CRAP OUT OF SYRIA. THE THEATER SHOOTING IN AURORA COLORADO IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE. THE MAN INVOLVED WAS UNDER THE CARE OF A PSYCHOLOGIST AT A BASE  THAT DOES SECRET TYPE WORK NEARBY THE THEATER IN ORDER (TO ASSASSINATE SOME PEOPLE SUCH AS THE WOMAN WHO WORKED FOR FOX SPORTS NETWORK AND HAD BEEN AT ANOTHER  MASS SHOOTING AT A MALL IN CANADA A FEW MONTHS BEFORE.) TO CATHOLICIZE THE WORLD! ONLY INANE NUTs WOULD TRY TO HAVE A ONE WORLD ORDER! APPARENTLY IT HASNT SUCCEEDED.

      As far as the third day if y0u count a thousand years as a day than this is the third day from 2000 to 3000 A.D.

      My sister who was BGEA’d by the English woman acrose the street told me on the elevator that three was the number of perfection because she was taught that probably when she went on a woman’s retreat in North Carolina.

      1. a chief officer, magistrate, or regional governor in certain countries:

        “the prefect of police”

      2. BRITISH
        in some schools, a senior student authorized to enforce discipline.
        Fox News now has an ad very similar to the one asking for donations for the Jews because they are hungry doing the same for Walmart employees . They are mocking and Fox News is aiding and abetting the mock.

        I think they have lost their marbles.

        Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 12.37.42 PM

        “This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our eyes.”

      (PS: I love this portrait. I painted it years ago with pastel when I started to learn about pastels. Might do it again for the fun of it.)

      Fox News said that Obama has been notified about the hostage situation in Colorado near a Planned Parenthood  so everything should turn out okay. Just kidding of course.

      UPDATE: Gunman near CO Planned Parenthood remains at large…

      Roman Catholicism clergy and their secret societies DO NOT deserve to rule over people either and should be monitored and watched closely by the military for quite a while. They have abused their rights and the rights of others and Roman Catholicsim has to cease to be allowed to get away with what they have caused. They need to lose their power in our country at the very least. They should not be allowed to be in any position of power until we get a handle on terrorism because I think they are aiding and abetting the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia type insanity for their own benefit. IT’S SICK!

      800 Colombian Soldiers Hired by zionist Saudi regime to Fighf in Yemen with $1000 Weekly Salary

      Must be feeling desperation and can’t spell. Obviously a connection between Saudis and Roman Catholicism! 

      Who pays the Saudis to pay the Columbians?

      I think Armageddon is going to involve Turkey because of the name of the President of Turkey. Sort of an anagram. And because of Raqqa and because of Paul of Tarsus, Turkey. I have no idea what happens in Armageddon but I don’t think it will be pretty!

      30 People Were Injured In A Bloody Pillow Fight At West Point, So It’s Banned Now

      On 11/25/15 This happened already and was in the news at least a few months ago.

      The True Story of Thanksgiving

      provided by Rush Limbaugh which I appreciate. I happen to love Thanksgiving much more than Christmas. Lots less pressure and you don’t have to eat turkey if you don’t want to and you don’t need to buy gifts. Friendly time. Christmas is a farce created to help big business get their asses out of a hole because of taxation so I don’t buy before Christmas anymore or very little and like to give my kids money after the 1st of the year to take advantage of the sales and to buy what they want thus not being a part of the problem indulging big business from it’s own overstock, etc. People ought to celebrate after the first of the year in support of small businesses until things change in favor of small business and the self-employed tax wise and given a chance to compete, otherwise you get what you deserve TYRANNY, ANARCHY, and eventually a REVOLUTION especially now that we know their game.

      It’s hard to because my kids were raised on Christmases until I got wise. It’s hard because of the public schools and private schools teach what they teach about Christmas and they expect a lot, so you have wean them off Christmas. It’s a scam what occurs at public schools just like the one year bible to keep people from the truth that I’ll bet the clergy have a lot to do with so they can live easy on the people they are supposed to shepherd and teach instead they do it for their own edification and lusts. That is a few of the reason that the unions need to be eradicated in federal government, police, health business, teachers unions and tax breaks for religious businesses need to be eradicated so that they either get with the program of fairness and accountability or they go to the consumption tax, demolish the IRS, and give the power back to the people which is undoubtedly fair.

      Another way to help is to buy from small businesses to help them grow or succeed however many small business are owned by big businesses. I don’t have an angst against a business that is big and capitalizes on it’s products but when they take away the rights of others to do the same they have stepped over the line and when they inhibit some (quite a few) from working or succeeding they deserve to lose their business. So to me the best route is the take advantage of deals which are after the first of the year when stuff is dirt cheap. It’s picked over but worth the wait or another way is to buy throughout the year which I never do. It got so bad in my family my daughter had a panic attack on Christmas eve and we had to get her a paper bag to breathe in. That’s ridiculous. More suicides occur around this time of year because of the pressure socially and financially. I imagine there are  more alcoholic related deaths as well because of the partying that is involved. My mom used to have more of her drinking bouts near Christmas because of the pressure and high expectations that are not ever fulfilled. I remember I found a painting I loved at a very nice shop in San Antonio with a quail or some similar bird. It was a very small painting with a very cool frame carved like feathers. I hinted at it so many times and I didn’t get it and was sorely disappointed. I had no idea of the price but it never occurred to anyone else that I wanted it, I guess, and possibly my hints were intentionally ignored, but after that experience I started to resent Christmas. That is not why I do what I do now although maybe in small part. Our Christmases grew and grew until they were unaffordable and very stressful partially because my family some of them were quite well off and their Christmases grew and grew. It got out of control. Then the night before having to wrap gifts was grueling. I have two girls and when I give them money after the first they go together and have a lot of fun shopping and spending a few days together otherwise they wouldn’t and they get what


      When they were very young they didn’t know what they needed. Christmas is bewitching but that is not necessarily good for a population when you do the math such as watch people fight over a sale on items to give to their kids for Christmas, and watch Santa beg for money ringing a bell, etc.

      I’m still working it out because their dad is the way he is and it tends to make me look bad in their eyes, like a fuddy-duddy but the truth is we are getting sucked under a rug because of Christmas, overtaxation, price gouging, inflation (inflated prices), a lot of waste, insurance that is outrageous, unaffordable, and unreliable causing our population to expect the least in the field of medicine and even the hospice crisis for the elderly (assisted murder) which is ignored by those that call themselves


      By the way I have noticed that the immigrants I have seen in the news tend to be better dressed than me. So there is a game involved in immigration in ways we don’t realize. Used to be immigrants looked like they were in rags. The ones I have seen look like they shopped at Old Navy. Of course I am investing in my talent and working on a some skills so don’t waste too much money on clothing for now and in comparison its astounding. I basically starved myself of clothing, hairdos, makeup, etc until I get my business going someday and eventually will be able to give what I have collected to my kids otherwise I wouldn’t have anything to give them and hopefully will be able to change my appearance. Might not because of the anti disposition of those to my way of thinking and it has been difficult but I will never surrender to their unenlightened and cruel ways and means. In my opinion, the world has become irrelevant.

      Watched for a short while the show called Holy Money about Propaganda Fide and the Catholic Church and the Evangelical arm of the Church and out of the many billions they get 2.7% goes to charity I guess because they about that much truth. Problem is they don’t account for what they take in often so there is no telling if that percentage is far less.

      Roman Catholicism is like snot you can’t wash off. You have to burn it.

      Reminds me of an old friend who actually starred in a movie as Jesus years after we knew him. His dad had something to do with the nuclear site in California. I think he had it built, financed it, or something. Not really sure. He talked us into going with him to parts of California to showcase him to music producers etc. We didn’t have any money so thought he was gonna pay for it. He knew we didn’t have money at the time and he kind of hijacked us on the tail end of vacation/month trial gig in Vegas. He was well off. Nothing good came of it. At one point he sang to us with his guitar on the side of our bed while we were trying to sleep one night and I guess came up with the words as he sang which basically was Misunderstood. It was gross. It was like that snot. He sent us a bill including the price of some grapes he bought. We did not pay him. His house was full of newspapers row and rows up to the ceiling that he collected. Very weird person. He could sing and write, but he was as obnoxious as a person could be. Finally we did get rid of his friendship by not answering the door one night when he came for some reason and we could not stop laughing though we tried to be more mature about it. We had to turn off the lights etc. I can’t remember all of the circumstances of that particular night just that it was gross. I felt a a little bad about it but he was really gross. Sometimes there is not a nice way to do things giving a wrong impression like in the movie Dumb an Dumber:

      Dumb and Dumber ‘There’s a Chance’

      What I conclude to some degree about some males in my family (not my dad or my brother) is they punish another woman when they can’t punish the one they are upset with. My brother-in-law Gary Kircher punished his daughter (and me) or acted like it because it was his wife that was jealous of other females and their relationships I think and VERY overbearing so he took it out on other females because he feared his own wife and she let him which is the worst part IMO and my other brother in law who bragged that he beat me up to his family up north that I learned from his brother (which he didn’t ) but he did beat up another girl, a friend of the family’s daughter. I didn’t know them that well but it was what I heard trying to rape her.


      As far as my older sister goes I think it’s why she got to spend $250,000 a year or more. And she spent it trying to look like she had class.

      In the Bible 

      The Gospel of John (chapter 21:1–14) includes the narrative of the miraculous catch of 153 fish as the third appearance of Jesus after hisresurrection.[6]

      The precision of the number of fish in this narrative has long been considered peculiar, and many scholars, throughout history, have argued that 153 has some deeper significance. Jerome, for example, wrote that Oppian’s Halieutica listed 153 species of fish, although this could not have been the intended meaning of the Gospel writer because Oppian composed Halieutica after the Gospel text was written, and at any rate never gave a list of fish species that clearly adds up to 153.[7][8] It has also been noted that the Tetragrammaton occurs 153 times in the Book of Genesis.[9]

      Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.35.33 AM


      Not twelve apostles? hmmmm.


      1. the abandonment or renunciation of a religious or political belief.
        12 apostles plus 5 disciples equals 17
        but Jesus did not commit to man so I doubt the last fact is relevant!

      By the way the 153 fish I think has something to do with the Presidential candidates since everyone of them made abortion their issue though not necessarily by their own free will but because the RC press made them.

      There were 17 Republican candidates which is the amount of integers in the

      153 (number)

       and I think what might be meant in regards to that number

      and the fish that were caught by the fishermen on the boat with Peter

      that Jesus amassed on the right side of the boat

      but Trump who said he didn’t respect anyone that got caught though I’m not sure what he meant by that could be talking about infidelity or other things but he was pressured to give his opinion on the controversy of

      Planned Parenthood

      (by the press)

      and a bunch of stuff was alleged to have occurred at the Planned Parenthood though never proved but only alleged and seemed to involve Roman Catholic indigents probably doing the Jesuits work (devils) of impaling fetuses to oppress and burden women, girls, and their families and was brought to our attention by Fox News who have holes and I think some of their holes serve two masters and more than likely serve quite a few masters besides the obvious two masters but they can’t reveal them or they would lose their jobs and possibly lose more than their jobs

      and might get a new hole which some of them deserve.

      (and lately O’reilly has been on the war path defending his stances. You can tell because he snorts!)

      When asked forcibly on the question of Planned Parenthood Trump called it brutal and the others called it barbaric.  I think those were the words he used which happened to be the most liberal viewpoint on the issue of Planned Parenthood of the whole bunch and could have meant many things by that reply other than what was assumed such as the intentional undermining of the Planned Parenthood and the right it gives women (families and men involved) to have safe abortions in opposition to abortions performed by the Roman Catholic Mob in an alley or in a rudimentary bldg/warehouse/shack without the proper equipment, drugs, and proper physicians, care, etc. losing mother, child, sister, daughter, friend, embryo and/or fetus which is barbaric to the nth degree

      but in any case I think Jesus may have meant:

      up to 17 weeks and including the 17th week for embryonic age and possibly after that is considered a fetus meaning that the embryo is rudimentary up to the age of  17 weeks and including 17 th week and therefore is not a fetus but an embryo


      up to 17 years of age and including the 17th year of the female (possibly at any time when the fetus is a fetus)

      after the age of 18 years of age up to the 17th week and including the 17th week of the embryo with exceptions for rape, incest, and the health of the mother because all three affect the mother’s mind to make quick decisions and have to deal with some very nasty people and possibly be forced to report them for the sake of their wellbeing or we could leave the decision to abort between the mother, Planned Parenthood, and their God because it takes time to figure it out. Most of us aren’t given a choice what religion our families are born into or were raised into and takes time to gather evidence and access the evidence to determine what is believable and to develop a critical brain because of the many deceptions we have to overcome and other factors needed in progress.

      Ted Cruz: GOP isn’t ‘condom police’

      “Cruz said the charge that conservatives are anti-contraceptives is a “made-up, nonsense example.”

      “As I noted, Heidi and I, we have two little girls.

      I’m very glad we don’t have 17,”

      he told the hundreds of people in the audience.”

      Now not sure why that is in the article but it is yet I can’t find the tape of Ted Cruz saying this in particular about the number 17 but there are recordings of what he said before and after this particular concept. But later there is a recording of Peter King saying that Ted Cruz has a big mouth though probably not in context with this idea however they seem to talk in code.

      A GOP Presidential Candidate Just Told A Room Full Of Donors

      To Get Real About Rape and Abortion


      “Cruz, who opposes abortion, even in cases of rape and incest, said it comes down to the issue of winning. “The only Republicans who have ever won have run on all three legs of the conservative stool: They have run as fiscal conservatives, social conservatives and national security conservatives. If you chop off one of those legs, you don’t get to 51 per cent.”


      “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”

      KARL ROVE?

      Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.34.25 PM

      Most people aren’t convinced till later in life who God truly is and isn’t and sometimes people are still bewildered since history doesn’t care much for the truth and tends to rewrite itself with the help of O’reilly who has demonstrated and gloats about the ignorance of his potential book buyers using his chosen pupil Jesse Watters of Watters’ World to mock and sell O’reilly’s lies. A deviated septum in his own right especially after O’reilly taught him that Hitler wasn’t a Christian. I think he was Roman Catholic or a mix of both but definitely mixed up.


      In human development, a fetus (/ˈftəs/; plural “fetuses”), also spelled foetus, is a prenatal human between its embryonic state and its birth.

      Medical Definition of FETUS

      :  an unborn or unhatched vertebrate especially after attaining the basic structural plan of its kind;specifically :  a developing human from usually two months after conception to birth—compare embryo
      THE 153 FISH/17 INTEGER  would mean women after the age of 18 or 19 years of age and above would need to abort if they were to abort the fetus/embryo before the 18 week and probably would have the wherewithal to know, with the exception of rape, incest, and her health and ability to care for a baby AND THE MENTALLY DISABLED.
      Many woman that do not have the ability to raise a child lose their children early in their development after they are born. Financial ability is just one aspect but since our leaders believe in enforcing austerity they bear the blame for many abortions and many deaths of children in various ways after they are born and the elderly which they are purposely ignoring such as TED CRUZ and all the other candidates on both sides based on their stance on abortion which is based on fallacy and lies holding the elderly hostage over Planned Parenthood as Obama and his imperial friends holding the threat of terrorism hostage over climate change in order to rape the public of it’s funds either with hoaxes and real massacres. He’s a liar as i have come to find out and cares only bout how much he has amassed while running for President as if that makes a difference to the voters. They don’t get to spend it. And since most politicians don’t keep their promises that get them voted into office they too bear the blame for many deaths of mom, dad, embryos, fetuses and children. False prophets.
      Many women continue to have periods (menstruation) throughout their pregnancy tricking them because humans are not perfect. They should be allowed a great deal of leniency as well. I think it takes a few weeks probably 17-18 days for a pregnancy test to be considered reliable. All these things take time and can delay a prompt reaction that is doubtful if in the hands of men to do if they were a female. Such as occurred with Obama Care and all those unkept promises but there sure was a lot of

      weeping and gnashing of teeth.

      I could be wrong but it seems possible that is what was meant by Jesus at the Sea of Galilee.



      WHAT ABOUT A FEMALES right to freedom to make female decisions about her own body?


      Trump cancels event with black pastors after other clergy raise concerns

      We have been barraged with a lot of shit about abortion by the Press and the Roman Catholic church and pastors of the black race who kiss the BGEA’s ass but it is this population of woman who have had more than those in other races so they don’t want to forgive their own women of a legal reaction to unwanted pregnancy which is their right to do under the laws of the land and possibly and in my opinion sanctioned by Jesus of the Gospel of John. (It was only a half century ago they weren’t allowed to sit in the front of the bus and it was a woman who changed that, not a man.)

      Jesus saith unto her, Woman, what have I to do with thee? mine hour is not yet come.
      Anyway on Fox News a few Californian Muslims one associated with Cair apologized or expressed grief for the victims of the massacre in a social services complex in San Bernardino, California, etc.  I think they didn’t have much choice and more than likely was a political move to allay justified fears of not only radical Islam but average Islamic ideology which is radical in order to further their cause. Interesting this occurred a day after Obama (like Caligula) met leaders in regards to climate change and terrorism tying both as if one will be used to help the other advance and both are bad. Hostage situation to delay a good response. It is their strength and it works for them. Blackmail everyone and putting everyone at risk. There is no nice way to handle ISLAM because they won’t and don’t understand a nice way. Political correctness only encourages them when what works for them ought to work for us but in a different way. I would if I were in charge of Department of Defense or the Pentagon destroy a Californian mosque, for starters in California and I would go for the biggies (Mecca and Medina) in Saudi Arabia and I bet we would be hearing a lot of apologies and a lot of names, locations, and be getting a bunch of help. What happened in San Bernadino obviously was planned to some degree. And possibly destroy the White House if need be because IMO OBAMA is behind the cue ball of the murders in San Bernadino by what he said the day before more than likely. It is what he says: those dark sentences that need to be taken seriously even though he says them coyly. When Muslims and followers of Islam say it is okay to insult the prophet of Islam then I might think they were sincere and when they say it is not okay to slit clits, it is not okay to behead gays, it is not okay to stone women for adultery, etc. then they might be somewhat believable like about: 1/000,000,000,000 of a chance to be taken seriously. Recent history is hard to forget. Just like it should have been okay to insult Jesus by saying the Beatles are more popular than Jesus, but Jesus didn’t assassinate John Lennon, a lunatic in Highland Park, Dallas, Texas (a very exclusive neighborhood where the women tend to dress alike often like paper bags you get at the grocery store) shot him in New York under the influence of someone or something that is responsible for the assassination of JFK in Dallas Tx. How he got there is another story.
      At this point after all the things that have occurred since Obama took office I would be rounding up the Islamic people that are in this country like happened when Japan attacked us because if it is fundamentally clear that they are influenced by evil and those COY cues. Their religion teaches them that they will get with 100 virgins by doing suicidal massacres and that has got to stop. Obviously they want us now to attack Qutar but lets start from the beginning 9-11. Thousands were killed. Playing us with this last attack/trick more than likely and a few good strong bunker busters at Mecca and Medina and the Iranian nuclear site would probably do the trick or change the tide. I’m positive it might change a great deal of the Muslims populations and their ideology. They might recognize and comprehend that their god and their prophet/profit is SHIT.
      When my daughter after much harassment and hospitalization because of the physical problems that occurred due to the harassment left school to go to another type of education  business eventually and was approached by an Islamic girl. She was trying to engage my daughter with propaganda for the purpose of radicalizing her, but she didn’t bite. She was only a junior in high school at the time the Islamic girl approached her and her friend. Don’t believe anyone because they might be making a fool of you especially if they are Muslim and/or Islamic because they have declared war on the USA but lying is their forte.
      What was their response to 9-11?
      Except for the Palestinians.
      Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 7.20.15 PM
      I think the lawyers for the killers family think Americans are dumb.
      They are feeling a back lash and are afraid and they should be afraid of a back lash. Touting their belief in freedom of religion and 2nd amendment rights and the amounts of bullets they own and guns which is predominantly a male inclination for target shooting, etc. Sorry if that sounds politically correct but it is the truth.
      Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 5.04.17 PM
      Trying to make the man involved in the shooting seem normal and his thug picture makes him look like a thug. He looks like he thinks he is superior and has a problem with others in general which is the problem with Islam. Often when Obama says things he looks very normal but what he says isn’t normal. A good sign of a sociopath. Any good and determined enemies of the USA are going to try to appear as if they are normal in order to gain ground in their quest to Islamicize the world but they aren’t gonna tell ya that is what they want to do in a country that is based on freedom of religion but use it for their advantage which is what they are doing, IMO.

      Would they mind?

      Would they mind while we at war with Islamic terrorism if their mosques are cordoned off temporarily for a few years or more until we are not at war with Islamic terrorism? Would they mind if we investigate the mosques?  Would they mind if there are cameras put into their mosques to be watched over by the NSA and the FBI for the safety of the USA citizens including themselves since all they do is pray in those places, they don’t actually meet to plan terrorist activities. Would they mind for the time being and for the well being of the USA citizens and the freedom it offers to citizens of other countries to step back and allow truth tests on their segment of society just to be sure of their intent or their state of mind and to gain trust?
      A small sacrifice by the believers of Islam for the good of the USA
      and it’s freedom!

      I doubt it.

      We didn’t achieve the freedoms we have easily. Why should those of the Islamic religion achieve it easily in the USA without some offer in compromise temporarily

      to prove allegiance to those freedoms and to the USA!

      The Japanese-Americans did (because OBVIOUSLY there were spies) though reluctantly

      and it was tough on them

      but the Japanese were contained on an island and were a lesser threat to civilization.

      It will be tougher on believers of Islam

      if they don’t offer in compromise

      real soon!

      Why is it that these Islamic lawyers are not using their talent and brains in Islamic countries to help the women that are being stoned to death for adultery, clits slit for the fun of it, gays beheaded and thieves losing their limbs, helping woman earn the right to drive, etc?


      Do they believe in these rights for women and gays?


      We have plenty of lawyers in the USA (good and bad), we don’t need more however you cannot say that about Islamic countries and shouldn’t they take that needed skill back to their religion and their countries where it is needed the most?

      A small sacrifice for the good of Islam (which is not good) and muslims.

      Or are they relying on the USA to do it for them? If so then get right to the point and take out those ideological places that spur them to believe they are invincible: Mecca and Medina. Until you do they will believe it and keep terrorizing and taking whoever is in the room with the few jews (the intended targets  obviously) such as roman catholics, african americans, presbyterians and whoever is there at the time. They don’t care especially when they are possessed by their spiritual leader: Mohammad who hates everything other than followers of Islam.

      I would add after that for Roman Catholics as well after we overcome Islamic terrorism to be sure of their allegiance to freedom since their religion has the same goals as ISLAM along with the MOB: To rule the world.

      And then after that the W.A.S.P.’s!

      After that the mud daubers!

      It would help the cause of freedom in the USA and for the religious freedom of Islamic citizens in the USA to take the first step of disarming themselves and their brothers and open themselves to logical scrutiny of our protectors in our governments since Islamic terrorists took the first step in New York on 9-11!

      Here is what they looked like:

      Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 6.29.54 PM




      Then the same goes for Roman Catholics and the mob after we overcome the infamous threat of Islamic tyranny and terrorism.


      Deductive Reasoning

      Deductive reasoning, also deductive logiclogical deduction or, informally, top-down” logic,[1] is the process of reasoning from one or more statements (premises) to reach a logically certain conclusion.[2] It differs from inductive reasoning or abductive reasoning.

      Deductive arguments are evaluated in terms of their

      validity and soundness.


      An argument is sound if it is valid and the premises are true.

      It is possible to have a deductive argument that is logically valid but is not sound. Fallacious arguments often take that form.

      The following is an example of an argument that is valid, but not sound:

      1. Everyone who eats carrots is a quarterback.
      2. John eats carrots.
      3. Therefore, John is a quarterback.

      This is what americans sacrificed in WWll:

      World War II Rationing


      People offered scrap metals, their utensils, and other things in order that we could win the war on systematic ethnic cleansing and fascism. It started with the Japanese because they started it with us. It should start with Muslims (Islamic, Christian, or whatever faith) for this effort peacefully, otherwise ……..

      Rationing might be on the horizon for americans if they don’t quit being politically correct and ignorant and expect what is prudent in regards to muslims and those of the Islamic faith that have waged war with civilized nations and eventually the RC and the mob after that which have done the same to civilization and should be apparent to them as history can’t help but demonstrate over and over again and should stop protecting unearned trust of those of the Islamic faith and muslims who live under the most savage circumstances in their countries which is self evident because of their religious beliefs. I think internment camps for muslim-americans might be on the horizon. It should be self evident to Roman Catholics the affect of their religion on the countries they have overwhelmed who immigrate away from those same countries on a regular basis and often in great multitudes.


      Some really good posts:

      Merangue’s Blog

      Another problem that needs to be overcome is the male attitude towards older women who have sacrificed quite a bit in order to have children. Often men cheat on their wives while she is pregnant for various reasons and don’t appreciate wisdom of older women. Young women take advantage of older women because of naivety and ignorance about men not realizing that youth is fleeting and men take advantage of both

      have cake and eat it too

      which is morally wrong and shameful to do to young ladies and to motherhood.

      Granted often marriages suck once you realize what you got yourself into but women deserve much more alimony since they are held back immensely.

      Divorce has taught me a lot about who I married. He was worse than I gave him credit for and if I had known what I know now I would have divorced him a nanosecond after my second child was born. Some things I can never forget or forgive that I have enumerated quite a bunch in my posts that were said or done by the ex. For the life of me I can’t figure out why he keeps me around or what he gets by keeping me around. He must get some kind of compensation somewhere by someone. The latest outburst was that I was worthless and I know he does not possess much pity because of the other outburst MIND OVER MATTER except that he truly wants to bury me and holed me up like a piece of dead wood to be some kind of trophy for his religion as in the Angelina Jolie movie, Unbroken.

      I am hoping he is wrong and deceived and that I am right and will get my right of way instead with all the hopes I have and only God knows.


      On a personal note and I hate to be a tattle tale but it has helped me and it is my right:

      The Ex (former RC) admitted that my sister did offer my painting back to me and didn’t want to fight about it a month or so ago and what he said she said was that it wasn’t worth arguing about even though she said it was the best art work she owned and for him to pick it up and we never spoke to each other since she made the offer of trading it for something comparable in my home. This is also after he insulted me and told me I was worthless and then soon after a man who was in school in the field of art and who came to the house said my artwork was impressive. The ex didn’t tell me till a month later because he said he forgot. LOL.

      Reminds me of what happened to my little sister on New years Eve an the dress debacle with her husband for not showing off her boobs because of his partner at the time’s wife was showing her boobs (a competition amongst men about whose boob job is better) and a man came and complimented her looks.

      What kind of personality trait is this phenomenon?

      I have no idea what this trait is in reality but it is really F….. UP!

      So I wonder about that invitation to my mom’s funeral and the information she might have relayed to him? Of course they don’t send out invitations like a wedding but I wasn’t even apprised of the funeral and all the other things that go into that kind of a gathering until my daughter was there a day or two by their invitation and paid for with the funds they have kept of my mothers money. Of course I didnt want to go and stated it in my home because of the comfort zone that has been established for my family to me because of unwanted incestuous tendencies and unwanted punishment/excuses for those tendencies and my obvious detachment to family ties because of those tendencies stated by the guilty parties to isolate and ostracize me in order that I might return to the fold without their regrets, remorse, apologies, and admissions. LOL.

      The ex told me I needed to learn to compartmentalize which in my estimation might be why the US has so many problems. I disagree with Forbes even though he finds it extremely offensive that what was offered to the victims is mere platitudes very much like the Beatitudes. I didn’t get comforted when my mom died from BGEA’s followers (my sisters) or from the RC (ex.) In fact he was in competition with me in regards to his mom’s health vs. my mom’s health and which mom deserved to be given physical therapy which turned out to be his mom because she was RC (who had pictures of Jesus in her home and a BIG bible on display while he grew up at least that is what he told me that she never read and warned her kids not to touch it so they would not learn from it) which he then expressed mocking GLEEFULNESS right after my mom died without any deference to my feelings and believe me he was wrong. My mom deserved physical therapy! She was so much more gracious than his mom and to his mom as well. She wrote letters and invited her to stay with her etc. It was his religion that promoted and even sainted assisted murder of the elderly, vets and their wives, who fought wars for our country. (His dad fought also WWll and had a heart attack because of a wound he received in WWll on D-Day which probably was the cause of his early death in the long run but he told his wife that she wasn’t pretty but good for having babies which she resented or I would not have heard about it. She did have five sons and he was the fifth son of a gun. Perhaps he didn’t really try to win the war because of his religion [a spy among the real soldiers or a Nazi sympathizer? KInd of like the Islamic sympathizers today defending freedom of religion even if it wants to rule the world like Roman Catholicism wants to rule the world ] and thus was wounded, only God knows. Probably was compartmentalizing his-self when he received his eventual and consequential deadly-wound.) He was a mechanic that worked at several gas stations in his career and also worked for his brother who owned an oil business that distributed gas and oil in Lindstrom, Michigan. (Not sure of the city) HMMMMMMM.

      A PATTERN!


      I found out those details because I asked the ex just now.

      Anyway I don’t think the ex knows what he does and I think it has to do with his religious upbringing because he saw her point (my eldest sister) about me offering her a substitute for my painting that I painted that was of the same value back to her (which i already had given her a painting the first of anyone in the family of a young girl that was beautiful and not a family member but she probably forgot but it hung in nearly the same place as the new one she absconded) which was ABSURD and SELF SERVING to punish me for divorcing him in a

      no-fault divorce settlement because it takes two to tango.

      “Forgive them father for they know not what they do”

      kind of shenanigans

      because I think they do know what they do and then they forget what they did and didn’t do

      till it’s beneficial, advantageous, timely, and convenient for them to tell.

      In the meanwhile, I have to try to get through this crap as best as I can in very harsh circumstances which has been very difficult for me understandably and why it is necessary for me to take anxiety medication to assist me through panic attacks because of my pain and suffering which is extremely deep and needn’t have been if I were dealing with people with understanding. All of this could have been handled so well many years ago! It’s rather sad the lengths people will go to have it their way and got paid very well for their shit.

      Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 1.25.04 AM

      My other sister didn’t tell her ex spouse (whom she still loved who lost his granddaughter on her third birthday party because she drowned in their pool and loved the rest of the family that knew her) that I painted the portrait of their granddaughter so that they would think she found an anonymous artist to do it and paid more than what she paid, which at first was free and then she gave me 100 bucks for it out of her measly divorce settlement that her new husband will live on for the next two years and have been living on for a few years already besides the $35,000 she got from my mom’s estate after the two weeks she was ho-spiced that she put away in that savings account till after my mom died because I guess it wouldn’t look right. I never met her grand daughter but she kind of struck me when I saw her picture on the funeral brochure because we were having some family problems: me and my brother-in -law and sisters. I think my sister wanted some credibility back which is kind of normal since she was kind of bullied out of the family and made to feel worse than she was because they were just as bad in many ways which I have enumerated in other posts. But she had no mercy for me when I got divorced and in regards to my mom but wanted to keep that money or her new husband wanted to keep that money of my moms. It’s confusing because in a way my little sister was going along with what her husband wanted and what he wanted wasn’t his. I imagine in two years he won’t want her either.

      My youngest sister also is a subject of the BGEA. She said I was Satan and the Devil for revealing my problems to the family finally in toto as best I could because they threatened my mom in strange ways but mostly by having her ho-spiced because they loved her so much and wanted to advance Muther F…..’ Teresa to saint hood for ROME and promote an opportunity for generations to come to scarf up what is not theirs which is typical, isn’t it? To quicken others for inheritance sake. TO TEMPT YOUNGER GENERATIONS! But my little sister isn’t very bright and drank too much which she learned at Texas Tech and at Texas A&M with her boyfriend.Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.01.46 AM whose dad was a preacher for the Presbyterian religion. Guzzling vast amounts of beer. “…..some Presbyterians played an important role in the ecumenical movement, including the World Council of Churches.” IE the One World Government and One World Religion with Teeth!

      (Their grandson go his sister was killed at a gun range by accident in the last few years or at least we think it was an accident. Was that the third generation after the dad that might have been involved?)

      Maybe it doesn’t pay to backtrack, devolve, and appease!

      (Rick Warren’s son died of suicide as I recall! I know he was involved in the ecumenical movement (One world religion). Maybe Rick Warren doesn’t really care about his own son that was born. Probably cared more for the unborn of others who abort. Platitudes. And maybe if he changes so will his son.

      Read the scriptures: in them you think you have life…..maybe you don’t. Maybe you ought to read the scriptures and not take the pope’s word for it or Bo Diddles. I think only the Old Testament had been written at the time and The Gospel of John kind of sums it up except for chapter 4. which screws it up. You don’t have to be born again you had to be born and believe eventually when you are able to learn without all the deceptions going on around you or even amid the deceptions. The reason for the born again is for confusion about rudimentary ideas about abortion and to prop the BGEA: St. Nick. ) What happens to babies that are born but die 6 months later for all the reasons that they do. Well trust God on that but they never got a chance to be born again as is understood by the evangelicals. They probably got to be born again because they didn’t have a chance to believe in their short life. The same people that put forth their rudimentary ideas are the same people that make life hard for people, for women, girls and their families and then get you to donate to their business of someone they have inducted into their evangelical family with lies so they can give junk to the poor that lost their family because of their politics (HAARP) which is evil to support their ideology. He also knew what would occur later I’m sure to the scriptures but there is truth in them but you have to find the truth. Do you think Islamic terrorists have truth without knowing anything about it? I doubt even Forbes has life even though he is a rich man. You can kind of see it in his eyes. How would we ver have known anything if we didn’t read about it. The Pope? Santa Claus? Plus he was talking to some assholes when he said what he said who were guibbling with him about cooking corn on the Sabbath. Silly stuff. I know I do because I get the signs and I understand them as well because I have fine tuned my understanding which most people don’t even listen much less care, because they are taught not to notice by Christians churches and aren’t aware which tends to change under some circumstances but there is a war going on around you to either silence, equip you, warn you, make you aware, make you not care, and other things that you can’t see. Instead they are taught to speak in tongues that no one not even the one doing it understands what they are saying which is self evident. By allowing Mecca and Medina to inspire terrorism (which it does) you are allowing many people to die because of it, or lose limbs, or stoning of women for adultery, slitting of clits, etc and bear responsibility for their ignorance and end up deserving the terrorism we witness in the news or because of political correctness and antiquated Roman Christian ideals that are based on fallacies about freedom of religion because it isn’t free!
      Nor is the press free! The USA is not independent.
      FEAR and IGNORANCE. Terrorism is working because of fear. You have to have strength of character and understanding to know what it’s gonna take to stop it. 

      ….I wonder what Paul Ryan

      and those eager beavers and those moral laurels in

      Congress think about that?

      Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.47.29 AM

      What does Mr. Forbes think?

      I do ask for signs even though the Gospel of Luke says it is an evil generation that asks for signs, but I don’t believe it is evil to ask for signs, and I got one the other day as I was about to do something and my blanket that I put over my shoulder when I get chilled by the climate change (it was cooler) recently and a string of it was snagged on a dumb bell that I had situated on my computer table on the side of my dad’s picture because I was gonna try to do some arm exercises while I sit and write though I don’t do that and I should. Now you might think that it was saying I was a dumb bell but that is what my dad called Gary (my brother-in-law) to me once and I remembered that he said it. I didn’t compartmentalize it because it was immediately what I thought when it occurred. It was a sign to me a good sign and for you if you “get my drift.” It was good because I was feeling bad and it helped me and I got a good chuckle. You should ask for signs and you should look for those signs to help you do the best you can in lousy circumstances because that is how God and our loved ones that have died communicate if God allows it and He did allow it. It is not evil to ask for signs. Another sign I got was when the trash men were doing their tasks and yelling to each other while I was in the garage tinkering and one said (which I picked up on this particular segment of the conversation): “Do the best that you can,” and it hit home. I get knocks behind me, in front of me, to the right, to the left, etc., and lots of signs often and I have learned to listen because of my writing, and because of my circumstances that are out my control at the moment. They help me.


      Take that to heart. It happened and it might be helpful to those who have swaggered or regressed a bit. And as I said my mom did say that she knew and others knew about what I was involved in: my writing even though she was in a nursing home and didn’t have access to a computer. That’s a miracle. But my little sister who taped her saying that was supposed to send me the tape which was extensive and never did send it for some reason but more than likely because it was proof. I think be causes she got sucked in by the BGEA and hopefully she will get out of that occult and be my Shirley Temple and Saturday morning cartoons buddy again hopefully not in a nursing home, LOL.

      My mom was very lucid at times especially when in the hospital and when on prednizone. i remember the doctor at the Arc tested her for dementia while I was there and he wasn’t very nice so I noticed she was defensive and feeling attacked by his questions and there seemed to be more going on than meets the eye. I think that was what he was doing testing her memory. But at the hospital and sometimes even at the rc her memory would be quite proficient so it wasn’t a full time condition which dementia is a flu time condition so I think she was affected by the drugs given to her at the Arc for other problems. When mys sisters were still acting as sisters we visited a few times to find my mom without oxygen which an affect memory, of course. She was once below 78 percent which is very bad could have been lower but it was ridiculous and she was bent over when my little sister went to see her because that is what you do when you can’t breath and it took some phone calls to get them to take care of her. Drugs can also affect oxygen level and other outside antagonist. She had sinus troubles most of her life. The reason my ex said that his mother probably got the therapy my mom didn’t get had to do with her dementia but as I said she didn’t have it when on prednizone for the most part. His grandmother took steroids for a long time. If you multiplied his mom by ten she wouldn’t even rate to my one mom in talent, grace, friendliness, personality, or beauty and sweetness, IMO. My mom was aton more interesting too. To have a conversation was struggle with his mom though she was bitter because of her life and did not get along with coworkers because they never did their jobs as well as she did. My mom sometimes would lean over and grab my feet and massage them gently which she used to do to my dad as well. It was so sweet. The difference partially and  probably was in who she married, how they were raised and how they believed. As a daughter in law which is obviously a critical judge of a person his mom was like a flat note in a song or a cold fish, but she was a good cook. When two of her abusive alcoholic sons divorced it wasn’t their fault and of course it was their fault. They went out with the boys regularly but didn’t like it when the girls went out with the girls. Double standards. The girls got wise. She lauded over men and women were not as important to her and she had five sons. Her sons could do no wrong as Catholics laud about

      IMMACULATE Mary their Mother of God 

      who Jesus would not allow to touch him before he went to be with His Father.

      (Not hers)

      So my educated guess is Mary wasn’t Immaculate in his estimation.

      The ex’s mom, my ex-mother-in-law didn’t like her mom. Not for sure why but when her mom died her mom said something like: “I won’t go with him” in her delirium and it pleased my mother-in-law at the time which is weird. I guess her mom wasn’t nice to her husband or her and they didn’t get along. She thought maybe it was her husband meeting her mom in purgatory or something. Could have been someone else. Her mother was not catholic but when I met her once she seemed very warm to me when she spoke to her grandson. Odd comparison. My ex’s mom could hug but it was more of an expectation then a hug. That could have been how I was feeling towards her. It was obligatory both ways I think. I remember watching her reaction to something about my ex at the time my husband (her son) about something that wasn’t nice and it was a weird reaction and I was offended by it. Ridicule. She wasn’t that nice as she tried to act. Once when we went shopping together which was a drag (obligatory) some guy noticed me and I can’t remember what he looked like probably a long shore man or a lumber jack and she kind of acted funny about it. It wasn’t a big deal, but bigger in her mind.

      She loved growing violets, which coincidentally was her name. That is weird. I had not put the two together as why she might like them so much. My dad on the other hand had a green thumb and liked to shape mountain laurels in the south, and grew tulips in England in little groupings, and grew roses and knew how to trim them three sets of leaves of some amount in a cluster and then snip to grow more roses. His name was not Rose, Tulip, or Mountain Laurel, or Golf.

      She loved to read romance mysteries.


      If you have read one you have read them all.

      We Remember The Victims of the Terrorist Attack in San Bernando, California

      (As Hannity said on his show do you remember the victims names of gun violence in Chicago to one of his guests who admitted he could not name them all and nor could Hannity or he would have tried.) So when they say they won’t forget the victims

      big F……’ Deal!

      Fox loves to twist words. Using Bo Diddle, a cop, the most ridiculous character in the world but the fact is I believe in self defense and the 2nd amendment as he says he does unless between a civilian and a cop which he doesn’t believe a civilian has a right to defend themselves if a cop is involved. The terrorist would have used deadly force on anyone that defied his will and would have found ways to kill even if he didn’t have a gun such as the box cutters. Catching people off guard and the fact is we don’t know what other weapons they used in 9-11 because all we have is the testimony of a person who died in an explosion who was the Post Master General’s wife and she was seen later in Poland.

      How gracious of them, “We will remember you in our prayers,” is another platitude often used on Fox News by the lady with cat eyes. If she did pray she would be praying all the time. She is weird.

      Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 12.56.22 PM

      She has holes!

      My little sister wasn’t interested in art which is too bad because she might have wanted my mom to live to that ripe old age of 105 that she wanted and to surpass her grandmother and because we should want that to be the goal of our GREAT COUNTRY: TO SURPASS THE LAST GENERATION. We used to have the MOST sought after healthcare in the world and people far and wide came to be tended to in our country and instead we got hi-jacked by politically correct nonsense to confuse the masses and promote Islamic and Roman Catholic ideals which are substandard and easier to achieve

      and I guess instead decided to devolve as the romans have done in the past often times.

      I think we should not allow ships to cross the ocean anymore to devolve even further.

      WHAT SAY YE?

      Those evangelicals, I’ll tell ya, they got a screw loose. Radical.

      Here is some more of my work but instead a pastel on watercolor paper of the woman that played in the movie Kingdom of Heaven who I thought was quite beautiful and so I took a snapshot because it was striking and painted it with my own adjustments. It took me three times to get it right because my sister destroyed the first one on mistake in her RV and scrunched it. She was gonna try to sell my art but anyway it took her a few months to admit to me what she had done to my artwork and not just this one but a few others as well. She was afraid to tell me which was kind of silly and I was nice about it. I enjoy it so it wasn’t that hard to do again and improved it. She never did try to sell it and told me I needed to sell my art dirt cheap like her skills which she has. She did help to start and it might have been her idea the apartment aspect of her first husband’s business, but she didn’t get credit for it. Maybe this is why.

      You can find my artwork and other examples on

      BY THE SEA

      and some porcelain art that I was able to photo though photography isn’t my forte And I plan to add that other picture that my eldest sister is going to give to the ex eventually that I painted and gave to my mom because she taught me how to paint portraits on porcelain.

      Porcelain Portraits and Art by Beatrice Root

      And eventually I hope to paint again because my mom wanted me to continue painting.

      Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 1.29.44 AM


      Have you noticed Kelly of the Kelly File and her alarmist style which I would consider her to be  a pro at freaking people out (an alarmist) and she gets paid extremely well for her roll. It’s the pace of her voice when talking about whatever she talks about. What occurred is alarming and  we got to see the terrorist dead in his pool of blood dressed in his gear but I am suspicious of the circumstances and the stories we are being told about the San Bernadino event.

      There are some conspicuous details that shouldn’t be overlooked.

      1)The timing after the Climate Change Summit and Obamas veiled threat. (To Jews?)

      2)How the weapons were obtained.

      3)The victims religion. One was a jew. The main victim. And another was also Jewish and probably the others that were with them it was their misfortune.

      4)The lawyers for the killers of the jew and others that got in the way and what they had to say and their motives for what they said vs fighting their fight for freedom for men and women in Islamic controlled countries that prop their religion but that would be against their religion, wouldn’t it?

      5) ISIS claiming responsibility (after the fact) yet the wife involved in the mass shooting came from Pakistan and visited Saudi Arabia and she did not join ISIS at the time of her trip. I think she suffered postpartum depression more than likely because she had an ISLAMIC ass for a husband who was rattling her chains and I think when the bible talks about sowing (evil) at night I think there may be some dream/internet sowing going on with buzz words/cues to spark a reaction at a certain time to make planned attacks at a certain time specified such as after what Obama said at the Climate Summit…dark sentences. Cueing them. That is why it is important to monitor Islamic people and muslims in this country because even if they are innocent they may be being used while not realizing it. It’s like with Hillary if you don’t ask certain questions she isn’t gonna answer in regards to Benghazi. She may not know what she saw or understand what she witnessed or heard or understand it’s importance but it might be IMMENSELY important. Like a missing piece of a puzzle.

      As far as Sen. Lindsay Graham and Sen. John McCain traveling to the middle east to get questions answered in regards to ISIS or terrorism why on earth would muslims/arabs or Islamic people tell them the truth? WHat is in it for them? These are the two guys that helped to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to Egypt and from what I gather they funded them as well by the things that Lindsay Graham was reported to have said in regards to the money they threatened to stop sending to Morsi of Egypt. So why Judge Jeanine would take what he said seriously is beyond me. I think he use to have some sort of knowledge about things over there but things have changed dramatically because they are in a position of power unlike they were before the USA stepped into their messes. We are their enemy and they know it. LOL. Look what happened to the guy who helped the USA in regards to Osama Bin Laden. He ended up in prison and the USA did not save him!

      We don’t need to be compensating for the silent majority of muslims in this country. When they get the upper hand in this country they will not be kind or gentle to anyone including Catholics and Evangelicals. Look what happened to James Foley.

      If I had a magic wand I would bomb the shit out of Mecca and Medina on their holiest days and I wouldn’t feel bad about it either. I would pray that God would get the people out of there that should not be there during those days and proceed.

      Family Lawyer Brings Up Terror Suspect’s Online Allegiance to Islamic State, Then Stuns With Analogy

      “All there is thus far is some nebulous thing that somebody looked at something on Facebook,” he argued. “I mean, any one of us may have looked at something on Facebook. It doesn’t mean we believe in it. I’ve checked out a Britney Spears post and I hate Britney Spears music.”

      I have no idea what she is doing music wise because she tends to gear her music for the young and females in her art or at least she used to because they tend to buy music and go to concerts. So an Islamic lawyer doesn’t like her music, who cares. He shouldn’t because her music isn’t geared for Islamic men in suits, is it? Isn’t he a bit old for her style of music? But I bet he likes her in a lustful way and it must disturb his ideology to have those feelings. Better learn to control those feelings.

      Everyone has those feelings but you had to learn to control them.

      She is beautiful and she works at it very hard because it’s her bread and butter. She is known former dancing as well which is part of the entertainment besides the music which there are a few that are good songs like: Oops I Did It Again. It’s funny as well. I have no idea of the meaning nor do I care. I enjoyed her dancing for the most part because she is energetic and entertaining but never bought her music.

      It’s the American way.

      Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 1.10.12 AM

      Why would he check out her post,

      if he didn’t like her music?


      Do Islamic men use closets?

      And now Paul Ryan is going Islamist on the USA. I bet he doesn’t like Britney Spears music either.

      When was the last time he decided to grow a beard?

      You would think under the circumstances that we are under he would shave it for appearance sake,

      wouldn’t you?

      Is he an evangelical?

      EVIL angel?

      Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 12.45.44 AM

      I believe it’s my turn to get paid really well and receive my rewards.

      *And for those females who want to turn off their husband during sex or to shorten the experience start talking about shopping and how much you spent or say I think your boss called a little while ago, or look at the ceiling or walls and talk about painting, or tell a good joke or say “that’s okay, maybe another time.” as if he isn’t doing well! Whooooosh-the sucking sound!

      Amazing Evidence For God – Scientific Evidence For God a Catholic site has some interesting facts in one of it’s programs about biological life but they still have a few things in it that aren’t correct in my opinion or unprovable but they put it like it is proof which is too bad. But you can learn from it never the less. Talks about the complexity of the human cell and the universe etc to prove a point…… but so is a brick. It’s made up of microscopic stuff that we can’t see that hold it together LIKE GRAVITY FOR ONE but we don’t use every brick we receive especially a half a brick or bricks still in the process of baking. BRICKS ARE AMAZING IN THAT THEY MAKE A HOUSE, ETC. BUT THEN NEED SOEONE TO BUILD THEM INTO A HOUSE.

      I guess that is why some planets don’t have life and some stars explode etc.

      In the bible there is a place in it that talks about the world wishing someone wasn’t born who happens to be he. Not all life is good but made up of the same components. Hitler also had cells. Obama has some too but he definitely ain’t good. Comparing terrorism to cancer but shows how insane he is. He probably is addicted to it and it has become predominant theme in his term as President of the USA. And it seems the victims families want everyone to collectively mourn which is probably what Obama likes because he likes to feel UR pain.

      UR. vs RU?

      a take off of the name given to Moses for God to give to the Hebrews

       I AM THAT I AM


      It’s like this:

      Global warming, a trend in climate is now Climate Change

       Terrorism, a tactic in warfare is now Cancer. 

      Both global warming and terrorism

      are BULL SHIT and both are blackmail, no offense!’)

      It also says in the bible that whoever is speaking he knew them in the womb, but did they know it?

      Did the sperm cell that made it to the egg know what he was doing?



      It was forced into entering by ejaculation and landed by chance on the right spot at the right time. Did the egg say thank you? (Mine did not the first time it occurred because I wasn’t prepared! The second time and the third I was prepared and let it progress and purposefully didn’t take even a half of an LSD once I realized I was pregnant and fed it good food like high protein drinks sometimes daily in succession, went to the doctor frequently, was married at the time as well, etc I did have trouble with smoking because I was addicted but slowed down as much as I could and tried not to drink alcohol once I realized my condition,)

      Did the sperm say I love you to the egg and the egg say I love you in return! It didn’t the first, second, or the third time, but I treated it lovingly because I wanted it regardless if it was a male or a female WHEN I WAS PREPARED FOR GOOD REASONS AND EACH PERSON IS DIFFERENT THAT WAY!)


      Did the sperm select the woman? Did the woman select the lucky sperm?

      Did the sperm care if it was rape?






      Another thing as far as patterns goes: When my eldest sister had to find some flip flops (for about two hours) and in her words the cost was no object my little sister gave me a pair of used flip flops where I stayed  that looked exactly like the ones my eldest sister bought but very worn. I didn’t think much about it at the time but there is a pattern to these things that occur and even though it sounds insane it is for real and with the other things that have occurred similar it’s like some sort of imitations going on for some reason to confuse and deceive. Since both were involved in hospicing my mom I think they are the imitations and both collectively had memory but individually forgot some real important things such as my eldest not remembering that my brother-in-law the first husband of my little sister saved her sons life from drowning in their pool when he was about 3 years of age the same age as his granddaughter that did drown years later on her third birthday party a week after her birthday in another home that they moved to when they moved up in status and wealth. And I had to remind her but at the time she was more interested in taking pictures of me being hugged by him when he came home from work to greet his house guests and family to prove some insane point which she showed to me an my husband later with a BIG GLARE in her eyes. It was absolutely inane. She was the one dreaming about kissing him (the first husband, David) on a bridge while my little sister watched and told my little sister which is really odd for someone who was viciously attacking me with stupid photos. I did have dreams of her husbands prick in my face but I didn’t want to have them. It was after my operation when I nearly died and I was suffering from PTSD and he had exposed hisself quite a few times in strange ways over the years and had done some very shitty shit to me and so had she and it was not desirable to me nor did I want to kiss him sexually though as a family member I did on his cheek greeting him but it was not because i desired him. IN FACT, I WAS NOT TURNED ON BY HIM ONE IOTA! HE WAS NOT MY TYPE AND HE WAS MARRIED TO MY SISTER. I THOUGHT OFTEN HE WAS AN IDIOT. I DID MY BEST TO GET ALONG AND WE WERE ALL FRIENDS. We were trying to be normal amongst a freaking pair of nuts while she was trying to prove I was the one causing it which I didn’t realize was her game all that time. I thought better of her than I should have. There is a difference between kissing and kissing but to her it was proof I asked for it and I didn’t. I didn’t sneak on my belly while I slept to fondle me while being two to three inches distance from her. She said three was the number of perfection so I wonder what she meant by that or why she said it later in life?

      Anyway the picture of David and me was harmless but his arm was under my arm and we hugged quickly and I was in a bathing suit and he was in his work suit: BIG FUCKING DEAL. Anyway the picture made it look like his hand was near my boob which it was but it was not grasping it. LOL

      There is some psychology in this of some kind.

      Then saying that that the cost is not object about some fucking flip flops and then taunting me about not visiting my mom in mother’s day because I was in the hospital myself for my own physical ailments. She told me it was going  to be wasted and in hr words “money down the tube” a $400 ticket to San Antonio if I didn’t go and get the cash even though I didn’t buy the ticket, she bought the ticket but it was in my name. I didn’t get the cash partially because she was so bitchy about it and I thought I was being set up again, which I dare say I think I was being set up by her for some reason and probably has to do with the money she hoped to get from my mom’s estate by hospicing her soon after. A fucking $35,000 more than likely, the same amount as my little sister put in her savings account till after the hospicing was to occur.

      So it was like being between a bitch and a bitch and being harassed throughout and sent taunting letters with photos of my mom saying weird shit like “her eyes are clearer now” and her eyes were closed in the picture with a very sad look on her face that would make anyone that loved her cry.

      My mom wanted to live to 105!

      I hope my sisters fuck each other over real good.







      When my dad had a TIA at the hospital visiting my sister Tootie/Lori and her husband Gary for the birth of their daughter’s kids (she has about 5 now or so, their grand child). They had to drive in 5 or more hours he started to talk with weird words kind of backwards but not in the right order etc Gary was sitting on a ledge. His eyebrows went up and down like he was amused by it. I told my dad not to talk anymore because every time he tried it talk got worse. I knew he knew what he was meaning but it wasn’t coming out the right way. Tootie and mom went to find help in the hospital where this occurred. Gary was amused by it while it was occurring, never got up or anything. I remember hearing weird sounds like we were in an echo chamber though I don’t know what that is like but it was spiritual and it was alarming. It was surreal in a way because of the sounds like in a very hollow place. Very strange so I knew it was important besides what my dad was doing.   It was amusing later on in a funny way because he survived it and got the potassium he was light on because probably the meds he had been on getting ready for a trip, driving the trip, and going to the hospital etc without a nap more than likely. Tootie pushed people to their limit. You would go shopping with her and often it was excruciatingly long experience – I may be exaggerating but seemed like 8-12 hours. I think Gary resented her and took it out on her family who tried to help them because of her obsessive nature and his fucked up nature. To decorate her homes she would obsess about the materials for days and days. Gary sat the whole time observing and I will NEVER forget his expressions. I think she obsessed because of him to find solace but she was paid well for her troubles because money was no object.

      He could have cared less.

      My dad cleaned up after my sister when she was puking and having diarrhea at the same time when she poisoned herself with Calamine lotion when she swigged it thinking it was Pepto Bismol in my little sister’s kitchen in the dark (while we were watching The Last of the Mohicans when Gary exposed himself while on the floor at a family gathering) but her husband didn’t help her, my dad helped her. Diane and I were amused by it because of how she acted with pink stuff on her lips and told us what she had done. We called poison control.

      Gary didn’t help.

      He observed and came down and told us what my dad was doing.

      He could have cared less.

      It became a joke because it was foolish to do in the dark: to swig from a bottle in someone else’s home in the dark but kids do that kind of thing like I did with sour milk once as a kid and I never did that again. I’m sure she heard about it from Gary and it probably pissed her off.

      Seemed like everything that could go wrong in the family always involved Gary

      and whatever it was that he brought to the table


      My dad expected the same in return I would imagine in regards to his wife, her mom.

      He put my sister in charge of the estate to care for my mom and from what I saw and heard

      near the end she didn’t uphold her end of the bargain,

      not even close.

      I saved Kristen’s kid from falling off a very high ledge that would have killed him because there was no barrier and he was a curious boy. By saving I yelled at him to go back from beneath because no one  was with him and he listened. Kristen wasn’t there at the time but her mom and dad (Tootie and Gary) didn’t notice that he was missing. We had to walk through a neighborhood down a steep hill to get to the bottom to see the little lake by the ARC in San Antonio and he must have not followed us and it was their grand child, not mine. I hardly knew him.

      That may be the trip when I watched Kristen’s kids walking the river at night all Gary could think about was my underwear. NOt all he could think about but made a big deal to whisper in my ear about them as I got up because I guess he was amused and couldn’t stop himself from letting me know he noticed.

      He could have cared less about her kids.

      He or she could have said “hey thanks for watching out for my grandkids.”

      A son of a fool!

      I will never forget when he pushed my forehead with the palm of his hand to degrade me after tussling my kids foreheads and hair and my husband at the time and then came to me and pushed it and then asked the ex to bring the lawn mower over to the house because theirs wasn’t working and after I told the ex not to “Don’t you dare, he did anyway.” This was before I went to his boss. He was trying to scary me from telling on him. I didn’t get much support.

      Another time driving in San Antonio and I was following in heavy traffic he sped up so that I couldn’t follow easily and changed lanes a bunch. Fucking with me. He was a real sweet heart.


      A $100 million home in Dallas: Is real estate at its peak?








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Minimum Wage, Obama Care, and Insurance Fraud

Defederalizing Health Care is the answer. They don’t git it.

On Fox News lately of Insurance Unreliability: A young girl who has Leukemia and receiving radiation treatment recently who was insured but because of the Obama Care debacle her insurance was dropped and now cannot receive radiation treatment is a good case in point. Obviously insurance did not protect her. Individual mandated insurance is not the answer. Why do I say that? Because that is what Obama wants therefore I know it is the wrong way, because he is a proven liar over and over again. Her doctor should treat her with the therapy if he really thinks it is a cure for her disease regardless of the insurance debacle. In my estimation he was soaking the insurance company her family had bought into. She should be sent to a County hospital such as Parkland in Dallas for a better chance and better doctors. By the way I know that Parkland also does medical research so it is not just a place to come for care. Many hospitals do research but what I can’t figure out is why with all the money and research hospitals there are no cures. When Polio was a big problem it didn’t take that long for a cure. I recall that Israel was working with marijuana and a cure for cancer and was successful but now we don’t hear about it, so what happened….Obama and Iran? Just watched a bit of Kerry speaking to Congress about the deal they have struck with Iran., If Iran isn’t guilty of trying to build nukes then why do they have the ingredients to build nukes. If Iran doesn’t intend to use the ingredients they possess for nukes on their neighbor Israel and other neighbors then why did they make the threats to eliminate Israel and what country will be next and why have they not tried to negotiate with Israel itself? I think Obama is playing blackmail with Israel using Iran and playing blackmail with America using Obama Care and my suggestion is Israel should do what it needs to do to defend itself (whatever is necessary) and America needs to oust Obama and help Israel. And I think Kerry while trying to juggle a bad situation and put the best light on it (their bad deal) it is a bad situation and a bad deal. You can’t negotiate with terrorist nations and you can’t negotiate with liars. But it seems they try, don’t they.

Iran and Obama, both are terrorists and both are liars.

Not putting aside drones!

I would think the timing is quite right now but that is because Obama is in Africa right now with a bunch of other heads of state and their only escape is an airport.

If that isn’t perfect timing, I don’t know what is.

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.Rahm Emanuel

In essence turn the tables.

Otherwise since Israel is suspicious of Iran because Iran wants/wanted to destroy Israel in the past what good does it do to have Kerry/America/the Vatican/the World making deals with Iran as if it will allay the suspicion of Israel. If anything I would be even more suspicious of all those mentioned. If Iran isn’t interested in moderating the suspicions of Israel by negotiating with Israel then obviously they are up to no good. I met some Iranians in America but they were americanized and they seemed to be very nice law abiding people so I know the general population of Iran probably are not bad people as a whole. And I know that the Israel people as a whole are nice law abiding people. Benjamin Netanyahu seems to be a very wholesome leader genuinely worried about his country’s safety. If I were Iran or the spiritual leader of Iran and the military leader of Iran I would think it would be wise to meet with Netanyahu and more than likely would be much more productive than meeting with a surreptitious American diplomat Kerry appointed by a very dishonest President Obama who have blundered in Egypt a few times lately and betrayed who they dealt with. Of course Iran would have to prove it’s trustworthiness which seems like a daunting hurdle because of it’s past support of terrorism. I would rather make deals with Netanyahu because I think he is an honest broker. He may be difficult but you get what you see whereas with many others you get screwed. Not like Iran isn’t difficult either. The people of both countries are very similar but it’s the form of government and religion that seem to not mix well and Iranians don’t seem to be a very happy people so it must be Iran’s government and Iran’s religion that must be the problem. Inhibiting and abusing women in every way possible is a good indicator of the Iranian affliction and their deficiency as a nation and shows that their beliefs are substandard and cultic acting. The men don’t even trust themselves which shows they have problems in the trust department. The women don’t even get to go ice skating. That is absurd. I guess women are not allowed to have wholesome fun.

I don’t wish that Iran is destroyed or it’s people and I hope they get free of the black cloud that seems to be over them and I do hope that as a country in all the ways possible would get their act together and build a good relationship with Israel for both their sakes because it certainly would be worth the investment to try instead of heading towards destruction for Iran especially under the tutelage of Obama because so far Obama’s success rate is beneath the zero mark. From the looks of Rouhani and I have no other way to judge but he seems kind of deep. I would think he could lead his country by investing some time with Netanyahu and working things out between the two countries and influence the military men and scientists to invest their time in other ways such as inventions, cures, and art (their forte). Creativity seems to have been squashed in recent years and ought to be rewarded instead. The Iranian women ought to be given the freedom and a chance to develop their skills with education and treated with respect and are probably the most untapped asset the Iranians have that is being wasted.

These Stylish Iranian Women Won’t Let A Dress Code Hold Them Back

“Iran isn’t exactly known to the Western world as a hotbed of inspiring trends in fashion. Under Islamic law, women must dress modestly in loose-fitting clothing that doesn’t draw attention to their figures, with a hijab at least partially covering their hair. Dark colors are encouraged so as not to arouse men (who are apparently wired like bees). Nail polish, sandals and leggings have also been banned by police, who have a long history of arresting women for their sartorial offenses. But there are signs that could all be changing:”

Some cool dress, yet feminine. Who’d have thunk?

And Iranian prisoners such as American Pastor Saeed Abedini ought to be released as an act of goodwill toward America and Israel. Forget Obama because I agree he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about Israel, he doesn’t care about Iran, but probably plans to only use them and they would be nuts to go along with Obama. A great gesture by the Iranians to America would be to release American prisoners and Christian prisoners. That would really mess Obama, Kerry, Chris Matthews up, wouldn’t it?



Then the Iranian leaders could send selfies with Benjamin Netanyahu and the freed prisoners and get a bunch of press attention.

Believe me I know America has it’s drawbacks and made some big mistakes, Obama for one, but women do have opportunities. Learning to use them wisely is confusing, but at least we still have them.




Medications aren’t going to be covered in some parts of Obama Care and looks to me like his plan is to kill one way or another. Now Obama wants to control what cities get what drugs and controls how doctors conduct their business. REALLY BAD SITUATION!

Dr. Ben Carson says that Obama Care basically is making doctors into government employees.

Don’t they have enough employees?

So what happens when there is a government shut down because Obama wants to extort more money from Congress for terrorism? IMO

What happens if Obama wants to stay in office more than his 2 terms?

You see by giving the doctors over to Federal Government control or rather Obama Control because he seems to be controlling the whole thing which is not democracy the people have no power. The Congress has no power. That is BS. That is TYRANNY!

Does anyone remember what happened in Germany in WWll? First: It was control of the doctors and everything else soon went to shit. And everyone eventually was affected. Started with the jews, the gypsies, the gays, etc. Everything became militarized to the point that even the german civilians were unhappy and afraid of their government.

IT might be time for a revolution.

Prophetically speaking and Revelation wise:

An hour with the beast is 10 years or so I have learned.

And by my estimation although not a good sign there is about 1 year and half left, maybe 2. So you can follow Obama to hell if that is your inclination…..

The hour (I think) started with Pope Benedict and his grand vision of a world government with teeth.

(The young man that dresses him Georgie Porgie Puddin’ and Pie Pulled out a plum and said what a good boy, Am I?  Known for his looks and tennis shorts has traits similar to the Hearsts…sounds like a funeral car) HERES A GOOD REAON NOT TO FOLLOW THE RCC:

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 12.11.28 AM




Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 12.16.42 AM






Makes me think about the warning from Jesus at the Sea of Galilee to Peter: “When thou get old another shall gird thee and carry thee where thou would not. Follow thou me.”  From the Gospel of John. He ended up in Rome. Fair warning to the RCC and their partners in crimes against the truth and against humanity. Keep it up and you will wish you hadn’t very soon.) Putting Santa Claus ahead of the truth is really stupid. To base your beliefs on a tradition is O’reilly stupid. 

Then came Notre Dame Courtyard of the Gentiles in Paris,

and so on and so forth.

Things have certainly deteriorated in many ways around the world, haven’t they?

Roman Catholic Cleric Uses Christmas Address to Slam Israel





SO IT’S OKAY. I got my coke for the day!

Just fair warning to those who wonder why things are so bad in the world.  AND WHEN YOU SEE THESE PICTURES OF GROWN UP MEN IN THESE SILLY FROCKS DO YOU WONDER WHY THINGS ARE BAD IN THE WORLD? And to the others who don’t care or don’t believe you will when that day comes and when you drink what you dish out and more. So I would suggest you try harder to be nice and maybe open the book and try to figure it out for yourself. I have done my best and my part to decipher the implications, the meaning, and the timing. That is all I can do and all the hostages in the world isn’t gonna help you. Like in the days of Moses they will be released:)

I know I will get my reward….. not sure what it is yet but when it comes I think I will know it. 

I have nothing to do with the timing ………it just is, for you. Life will go on with or without you, take your pick. The earth was established forever. Those that are victims now will get their lives back and you won’t.

Dire Straits – You and Your Friend

(In my estimation and belief Mandela probably would have lived longer if it weren’t for Obama. Now look what is happening in Central Africa to the Christians. I’m sure it was planned to deceive. Everything Obama does is deception because he is trying to fulfill revelation, tribulations and deceive because he is totally insane and unfit for his statute and vice-versa! ) 


 The whole point of medication is to cure or subdue a disease but if drug companies are going to price the medication out of reach of the diseased then I dare say they don’t deserve buildings, equipment, researchers, time or space, donations, attention, or any kind of support or respect. Insurance cannot possibly be why Polio was overcome. It was dedication and great desire to cure a disease. Insurance pays commissions of insurance sellers etc for the most part and very little goes to research IMO. (Like the unions that destroyed car companies and everyone lost.) Otherwise with the amount that has been accrued by insurance by now would have cured every disease known to mankind. I get the feeing that drug companies are trying to control doctors like the President is trying to control the other branches of government such as Congress. Without Congress there is no need for a president. Without doctors there is no need for drug companies. If our federal government would back off and let the free market work there would not be the abundance of insurance agents and IRS agents with nothing else to do but feed off the talented. They have become like a disease that feeds off everyone else to the point of cannibalism and pretty soon the IRS will eat the insurance agencies or vice versa. Let’s hope so, anyway. The talentless eat the talentless. Then doctors can be doctors and do what they do best.

That is the main problem with insurance. Fraud.

When someone buys life insurance someone will receive money when that person dies which is a great incentive for the death of that person which can lead to fraud by those who might have something to gain such as a big check.

The History of Health Insurance

Health insurance does not save lives unless of course politics by companies and the government make it deadly.

Good hospitals, good doctors, good education, good nurses, good equipment, good drugs, and good care saves lives. Bad ones don’t save lives and that is why insurance has caused failure of the field of medicine because it protects the bad and drives up costs of health care for the individual and makes business for the good doctors more expensive. Personal accountability of doctors and their businesses needs more work to drive down the cost of insuring their businesses but I know that doctors tend to protect each other and that is part of the problem and why we are now dealing with this monster called Obama Care. As Benjamin Carson said in some interview, “You only have yourself to blame.” Kind of haunting words, but that could be said of every misfortune that occurs. Doctors need to be held accountable by other doctors and establishments and patients for their own good and for the population they serve and that occurs usually naturally in a free market system except for the pandering similar to Billy Graham and the agreement he made with other pastors not to bad mouth each other: Basically protecting their hydes at the cost of good pastoring.

New Affordable Care US health plans will exclude top hospitals

The business of health needs insurance to protect against fraudulent claims, against bad medicine, bad care, bad doctors not for them.. Every big city ought to have a good county hospital supported by property taxes and consumption taxes (add a penny or two to what is sold and bought to pay for the county hospital.) Dallas County has a wonderful hospital called Parkland Hospital open 24 hours a day and serves surrounding counties. Doctors come from far and wide to work there, to educate themselves and to gain experience. Patients come from far and wide also because of it’s reputation. One advantage is that a doctor can choose to live in the county of his choice, or in the city of his choice etc. Insurance helps to assure the maintenance of equipment, buildings, and the business of health care but does not protect the individual from sickness or death. Doctors need to be insured because it is their talent that needs protection. It is their business that needs protection. It is their equipment that needs to be protected in case of failure, in case of damage, or replaced for many reasons. Doctors could earn access to equipment at these hospitals that they cannot afford in their own business for their patients who pay them for it when they are billed. You cannot replace a person such as a patient. They are not objects. A person, place, or thing. While they are in the category of a noun they are special because they come first and they have names and birth dates. They have personality, thoughts, brains, hearts, and they have life and a soul. Each County hospital ought to be a place for re-educating doctors and updating their talents and knowledge and equipment and they could still have their individual businesses outside the county hospital where their patients come that they build through their talents and knowledge via the hospital care they give and through their own business practices of their individual business/s and the building of trust with their patients. A bond that should not be broken except by their own relationships by either party: the doctor or the patient.

70% Of Calfornia’s Doctors Expected To Boycott Obamacare

In order for the doctor to make a good living as they deserve to earn after many years of of education via student loans the work they do at the County hospital could be how they pay off their education debt and their monthly insurance debt for their individual businesses and practices and help to pay for their equipment and the updating of their equipment and also their service would help educate other doctors and build relationships with others in the field of medicine each honing their skills constantly by participating at the county hospital weekly or monthly or whatever is agreed upon at whatever hospital that they apply such as specialty hospitals, county hospitals, cancer hospitals, children’s hospitals, etc. depending on upon their circumstances, their talents, and the needs of those hospitals. Individuals cannot possibly keep up with the nuances in medicine and the bad doctors or their reputations or their negligences but each state can and should regulate bad medicine by a record of their performances or lack of, their interaction with others in the same field etc and they should be regulating them and each other…….not the patient. Free Market place health care where the patient goes where and to whom they want to go because of reputation, price, trust, a good record, etc., just like any other business.

If via the consumption tax when one buys a product we add a cent or two to the dollar could pay for these doctors and hospitals etc

and everyone would be assisting and paying into health care even illegal immigrants.

We could tax food for health care since everyone needs to eat

and everyone needs health care at one time or another.

Kind of a unique relationship between the two (food and health care) and ought to be tied together for that cause and would not exclude illegal immigrants since they eat as well instead of requiring the patient to be insured.

That means that from the time you are a baby the taxes on your food are going to healthcare. Food Stamp recipients can also pay the tax on the amount they use in food stamps. Food Stamp surge lately can be tightened and corrected of the fraud involved as Bret Baier of Fox News has aired:

Fox News Reporting The Great Food Stamp Binge With Bret Baier

If President Obama wants to make himself great and to be remembered fondly he ought to improve what the Feds started a long time ago such as Public Education and cleaning up the fraud and waste in the Federal Government and quit puffing himself. He ought to renig on his promise about repealing Obama Care and instead put Obama Care in the trash by repealing it and call a spade a spade. Obama Care is a bad idea and a failure and you might as well get used to it. Big Deal. Sorry for the colloquialisms but they apply in this time when it comes to Obama Care and if you can’t handle them then you are thin-skinned and ought to dress in layers.

Confucious says: Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.

I gave some ideas in another post about public education on another blog called The Keep which I hope you will read and consider:

Ted Cruz and Personal Responsibility

My experience with insurance agents is I never met one person in college who desired to to be an insurance agent. It’s what people do who don’t get to do what they want to do or were trained to do in college because of the lack of jobs. WHose fault is that? Over taxation and federal squeezing is the direct cause for our stunted economy and especially since Obama took office. It is similar to the real estate business and the IRS. When I grow up I want to work for the IRS. It is a food stamp career. A federal trap. That needs to change. These career fields would shrink if our government would ease and lower taxes and make better trade deals in favor of Americans instead of masturbating the laws in favor of their own private and public businesses investments and do what they were sent to Washington DC to do but somehow get waylaid and bribed by lobbyists who could care less about the future of America. Being a Senator or Representative is not supposed to be a ticket to wealth. The less our Representatives and Senators hang out in Washington DC the better. They should be contending for the people of their state and it’s future, not their own bank accounts and the more they reside in their home state the more likely they will care about their home state and it’s people. They should be exempt from buying real estate in the DC area. They should have to reside in an apartment or condo that is paid and provided for by their state and it’s constituents. since the closing of the White House to the public it should become a museum and the President should live at Mount Vernon in Alexandria Virginia as past presidents in the past. They are not royalty and to allow them to live as royalty confuses them as the Obama’s have proved grotesquely. If Americans are on a picnic budget so should the President and his first lady be required to exist on a picnic budget. Presidents were not intended to be treated as kings. They are supposed to serve us not themselves. They are our servants.

Lower Taxes and Create Jobs

I have a few ideas such as: Gas stations ought to have at least one gas station attendant who washes windshields, checks the oil, checks the water in the engine, checks the air in the tires, who fills those needs and gases up those that can’t such as old ladies and old men and cleans the area and gives directions, like they used to do and were actually providing a service with the product. Nice to have both and many customers prefer it and they are usually right. Teachers assistants. Playground attendants who actually watch the kids on the play ground. Hall attendants who stop bullying and keeps the peace at the schools etc. If Obama attempts to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour (to distract from Obama’s failures and to gain support for his failure, Obama Care) it will put a crimp in big business such as McDonalds and Walmarts etc and their prices will go up and their franchise business will decrease which will give rise to small businesses and family owned businesses. I am all for it. I like both those businesses but the choices have diminished because they undercut small businesses. It’s cyclical. What is good for the gander ought to be good for the goose. If income taxes are lowered it will help everyone: Rich, middle class and the poor. And Walmarts, McDonalds, and family owned and/or small businesses will flourish and everyone will be happy including workers with the many choices big and small, otherwise everyone will fail including OBAMA and his future generations including his beloved daughters.

 Replace the machines with people behind the counters at Walmarts and grocery stores. I would rather have a person than a machine when I check out.

Only use machines for work that people cannot do.

Hire operators for telephone information instead of a automated voice that doesn’t understand most of the time. I would rather get a person on the other end than a recording.

If you pay someone in the US a certain wage for their work you should have to pay what is comparable to that wage for someone over seas. In Africa they pay a person a dollar a day to dig for diamonds which is slavery. Blood Diamonds should be illegal and those that are in the business of abusing workers overseas and in our country should be prosecuted and put out of business. We do not need sweat shops just to put others out of business or to maintain dominance over small business or undermine them. They should reimburse the people that have been abused in those workshops or diamond mines etc. The reputation of the companies involved should be made public knowledge and their products and businesses should be laden with a huge fine to halt the abuse or should be put out of business all together.

How to stick it to the poor:

A congressional strategy

If you watched the Bret Baier about Food Stamps and the fraud involved then it is right to hold people accountable for taking advantage of the system such as the beach bum musician who probably can’t make a living playing music because he wasn’t that good and ought to join the Federal government and become an IRS agent, federal worker, or an appointee for Obama. Probably be just as imaginative. Obviously the binge has been purposefully established to cause havoc and cheat America and is politically a ploy to make Republicans look bad when in reality they are trying to be responsible and those trying to sell food stamps to people that don’t want it or need it should be investigated and fined and brought to justice for their participation to undermine our system and bring it to failure against those that really do need it. The fraud needs to stop. Ex-Mayor Rudy Guiliani took a great approach before the twin towers were destroyed by helping those that didn’t have jobs find jobs and made a huge dent in the cities problems for the unemployed. I guess the drunk powers didn’t appreciate his success at the time. I listened to him on some news show relate his approach and learned to respect his stewardship for the people. We need more of that kind of nobleness of character.

Mark Levin interviews Paul Ryan on the new budget agreement

Haven’t listened to this but Paul Ryan is like a Peter King and double speaks at least he did at the first fiscal cliff trying to push Republicans around calling it

“the abyss”

fiscally speaking right after Benghazi as a diversion for Obama in regards to Benghazi, IMO. I thin k he knows something or knew something at the time that others were not aware of in regards to Benghazi and tends or seems to be in control of John Boehner probably through unusual kind of knowledge that helps bad politicians to sway other ones.

Timing odd for that kind of language as if he knew more about it at the time and seemed to affect the Republicans quite a bit at the time. He probably knew quite a bit about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as well before the second coup as did a few others such as Lindsay Graham.

Spiritually speaking, I think Paul Ryan is an Obama drone. He undermines the Republicans and those that really have improved their party with their courage such as Ted Cruz who scares them because he is the genuine article in my estimation. I’m sure Ryan’s budget agreement will be welcome to those that want to kick the can down the road and cover up their bad diplomatic interventions. I used to like him but after Benghazi and his funny comment about the fiscal abyss I kind of learned to dislike him and mostly distrust his motives. He seems like an O’reilly.  In other words: A narrow minded moral giant and a shill like Billy and Franklin Graham are for the RC. (Don’t forget about the tsunami, the nuclear accidents, the Neocatechumenal way, Pope Benedict, and Obama and their handling of Japan before, during and after the crisis as if they were aiders and abettors of the whole mess.)

Simplify the Tax Code and Lower National Debt and take the Herman Cain approach.

Just because he is a conservative black african male

doesn’t mean he didn’t have a good idea.

I think the consumption tax would be helpful and simplify our tax debacle.

Herman Cain was attacked in a way that is used regularly by those with certain knowledge they should not have in the personal lives of men and women that they have no right to pursue and I think it has to do with the Big Brother Award that Billy Graham received when LBJ was President and could be our biggest foe in government a big sign about his purpose to derail good men and women who make moral mistakes in their personal lives as if Billy Graham isn’t a huge moral mistake himself and for many others.

Mechanical drones: Forget drones delivery of packages because that puts a lot of people out of the work force and we do not want mechanical objects to replace human dignity.

(Put chairs or sofas in Walmart clothing areas by the fitting rooms so the clerk can sit and sort clothing. Work does not have to be punishment.)

And another reason is what will Obama do when 10.000 of those little drones descend on the White House

from all different directions with little packages. Will he run again?

No telling what might be inside some of those little packages that might cause a great deal of confusion.

Not a threat just an educated observation of the possibilities of a lot of threats

expecially in response to the intentional undermining of our health care system and businesses in America

and the dissatisfaction of many people in the US and other countries.

Confucius says: Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire.


Hardball?? How Chris Matthews rolled over for Barack Obama

…….”aside from drones” ……..

“Matthews’ curve-ball question was asking the president to compare two potential 2016 rivals, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Obama ducked, praising them both, as Matthews must have known he would. And then he let the president deliver a long, final disquisition without interruption.”

That question was asked a while back and Obama reacted exactly the same way as I recall so it was a bit practiced or is Obama a drone also?

Wooden eye…. wooden eye! I think it’s Obama’s right eye.

Reminds me of the Michael Hastings accidental car explosion and seems likely he might have been assassinated.
Possibly Colonel McChrystal of Nazcar Racing and a Wounded Warrior might know.
Course so might Gen. Schwarzkopf?
Maybe the DOJ Eric Holder has some answers?
Where did the money go that was supposed to go to the Obama Care Web Site? Six hundred million to a trillion dollars. Who received this money? OR is that a secret?
Why doesn’t the Press, Congress, the Justice Department figure out who received the money?
Oh Really, O’reilly?
As far as O’reilly show (Tues, Dec. 10th) about drugs, unfettered abortions (not true because they are fettered just not to the extent O’reilly would prefer but jokes about an older women’s boobs in a painting as if that is moral) and atheism being the cause of lawlessness. I would say in part they may be partially responsible and certainly are obnoxious but Christians certainly don’t help matters in many ways. O’reilly has a show that props Hillary Clinton when ever possible and diminishes any other possible Republican candidate except Chris Christy because he might as well be a democrat and wouldn’t have a chance against Hillary Clinton. They ought to run on the same ticket. Bill Oreilly isn’t very honest, but O’reilly thinks he himself is the classic Christian. If you think dishonesty makes good Christians then he might be right. However he isn’t thinking right in his head because he is so dishonest and vice versa. It is self evident. He is so obvious it’s gettin’ sickening to watch him. I like Chris Christy personality wise he seems like a nice fellow and humorous but is not Presidential material and definitely a push over. We really need someone like Ted Cruz who isn’t afraid and stands up when he needs to stand up for the people and for our form of government. We need people like Herman Cain who have good ideas that will help our country get back on the right track. Sarah Palin has stood up for the people and their rights even when not in office and would be great on a ticket against Hillary being a woman and being outspoken about our form of government when most if not all of the Democrats and the White House and his appointees were defending closing open air memorials at great expense and effort and trying to cause as much pain for a free people when ever possible.They are the control freaks that the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written to protect us from. I’m not saying that Republicans are all good but there are a few that can be named as cited that stand up for freedom and should be rewarded for their courage against a mob who are drunk on power like Obama and his mites.
He didn’t build the United States, did he?
Honestly, if I could think of a Democrat who represented our form of government to any degree I would bring up a name but so far I haven’t seen any Democrats stand up for truth or for our Constitution and the Bill of Rights ( I think many Dems are in the Republican Party and definitely in the acting press trying to weaken it because it’s so easy and easy is sleazy least resistant which is pitiful) but instead want to change our government to a socialist/fascist form of government and are doing everything in their power to overtake and destroy what they are supposed to defending.
If Obama had tried to start Obama Care as an alternative to other options at hand without destroying other people’s businesses it might have been impressive. He is just an ignorant arrogant bully and should run for president in Iran if the shoe fits. They don’t play basketball either. He ought to go ice skate with his brethren in black in their shrinky dink ice rink.
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights is the protector of honest men and women of all kinds and that is why so many that are dishonest try to undermine it for their own gain and to take over other peoples businesses and control other people’s careers and even their health. Next thing you know they will try to tell us who to marry, how to marry etc. Already trying to teach kids to add wrong. Pretty damned good sign something is wrong with their thought processes. Like they are missing a link in their brain. Synapses of the brain gone amiss and askew. There won’t be freedom to love who you want to love, or buy clothes or products from who you would like to purchase from and soon will tell us who to worship just like in Egypt with the Pharaoh. It is getting awful close and eerily similar to the days of hebrew slavery, the collision of MOSES with the Egyptian Pharaoh using NOAA and HAARP and all the other bloodsucker followers who lack ideas mostly because they ignore them such as Obama does purposefully because he is a LIAR and DECEIVER, a THIEF, a TERRORIST, a DESTROYER, a LITTLE SPOILED PRICK with a huge EGO because he is the first black President……..WHO CARES!

People Not In Labor Force Soar To Record 91.8 Million; Participation Rate Plunges To 1978 Levels

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 9.23.14 PM

The Obama-Castro handshake

that shocked

the world

Why is anyone shocked by a handshake? Yes it matters to some degree, but it should not surprise anyone with half a brain. Obama has done so many things worthy of impeachment yet no one who has the power to impeach him even tries. Isn’t that why we have a Congress and a Supreme Court? You can’t impeach him because he greeted someone you don’t like. I don’t think it is constitutional. I know Ted Cruz and other Cuban Americans were offended by this handshake. I was offended when the little boy who crossed the ocean (because of his mother) and was sent back to Cuba a few years back (because of his dad) by Janet Reno/Clinton Administration/Jeb Bush was governor of Florida and by those that had the power to let him stay about the time the woman on feeding tubes was not allowed to be fed anymore even against her families wishes because her husband wanted to let her die even though he might have and more than likely he played a big part in why she was in the condition she was in, which seemed totally unfair and against all decency. Both seemed very Patriarchist but if Hillary is so influential could have stepped in, but didn’t. I don’t know much about Raoul Castro and I’m not Cuban. I do suspect his bent to be both Communist/Socialist and Jesuit which both are very Catholic but charity is the key for Catholicism whenever they deem it appropriate with OPM. Makes them look good especially at Christmas time. Whether Capitalist or Communist charity makes the giver feel justified and improves their own image. IN the long run does it help? IN the short run people sometimes need help especially women with kids. You can’t let them starve in America.
Charity is not the answer. Charity is just a mask and helps the poor eek by, but it is Better than nothin’. Whether or not Mandela was a communist (As O’reilly claims)  by choice or not I think he cared about his race and his people and others. I think he was in between a rock and a hard place, being used for sure i.e. a pawn and did the best he could under those circumstances but I have no personal knowledge of his contributions and/or his compromises he did seem to make a difference to many people in his country in a good way and probably eased a lot of tension between the races. He believed in forgiveness for peace, which was extremely big of him in his time.
Capitalism isn’t exactly fair either especially if you own a diamond company and force someone to dig for a dollar a day. If you take Vladimir Putin of Russia for example probably thinks Communism is the best kind of governance yet he personally lives like an extreme Capitalist and I think is Catholic or a form of Catholicism in his beliefs. Look at the popes and the Vatican same difference. They live like kings in palaces and are generous with OPM at Christmas especially, travel the world shaking hands and kissing babies and each other and have photographers to capture these moments so we can see their great work and their charity and their tolerance for those they overtax, rob, and deceive.
Pope Francis impresses many for his way of living I guess because he “walks the talk” or whatever that adage is and now is on Time magazine. He still is deceiving spiritually whether purposefully or not. What makes America and it’s form of government superior to most others is The Constitution and the Bill of Rights which we should try to uphold based on good spiritual insight whether or not some take advantage of the system or not. There will always be thieves and those that take advantage and those that try to upend it, diminish it and/or ridicule it and it is based mostly upon Capitalism, freedom, respect for privacy, respect for human rights, and fair competition, freedom of religion which many call faiths and a lot of other good things. 
Fox News recently and in past few days showed a woman running for some post in government being questioned incessantly about Benghazi which was a mock. She didn’t know anything about Benghazi as her answers to their mocking suggested because she didn’t know anything about the middle east she said. Here is a map of the middle east and it does not include Benghazi: Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 10.23.51 AM Benghazi is in the country of Libya which is in the continent of North Africa to the left/west of the country of Egypt beneath the country of Italy (das boot) which is of the continent of Europe and a member of the flimsy conglomeration named the European Union and I think one of the main power brokers of that glob of nations although many of those countries seem to be vying for top position. They don’t really agree on much of anything. Have they figured out their currency yet? I don’t think it much matters they just want to steal American tax dollars and destroy the American Medical success, the American currency, Americas success so they can run it and govern America.

Pope Benedict XVI

and His Power of Suggestion

  explains a bit more about Benghazi and the Sea/See/C

which in Revelation is no more (See Sea C) but hard to know what is meant since it might have been transliterated (which is scary considering the initials of JC but then might make sense if you take into consideration the location, the power and dispower, the thing Jesus said after the Sermon on the Mount recounted from the Gospel of Matthew, maybe all of the above, because of the confusion. Like parish vs. perish and statue/statute )

Fox  News thinks they are superior to other agencies in the press and in some ways they have proved it and others they have disproved it. They are IMO based mostly on Catholicism as so many faiths are based on Catholicism which is what is meant by “daughters” in the bible. Catholicism is the mom and she is very intrusive. If you haven’t noticed Catholicism is in every country of the world but just because they have managed to encroach upon others does not make them right. Communism has done the same thing in big and small ways. It is because it is easy. Most things that are easy are pretty worthless. Not catholics or communists themselves obviously but the system. Both systems obviously are compatible and eerily similar. What is difficult and hard to do is to keep our form of government the freedom it professes which it takes work and intelligent managers to keep. Take the human body as an example our Constitution and Bill of Rights are the cells that fights disease. The cell membrane of a cell that protecst the cell. Communism and Fascism are the disease. While we tolerate Catholicism and other faiths we protect the individual from contamination if they so desire. Catholicism tends to use communism and fascism (Islam) to invade and ignore other evidence to unite under their mothership. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution helps to protect the individual from their encroachment and we ought to elect those that consider individual rights as important as their own faith. It does help if you believe in God and in the right one and can differentiate between the gospels because they are different in some respects by that I mean the Gospel of John vs the Synaptic Gospels.
I have no idea when Jesus was born. Catholics and many faiths say it is on the 25th of December and that may be so and it may not. The bible says he was 33 years old when he died and yet the bible also says he was not quite 50 years old. I have celebrated Christmas all my life as a tradition. The gospel of Matthew says Jesus said “Tell no man that I am the Christ” after he had given the sermon on the mount and healed a maniac and after feeding a bunch of people. It seems a bit odd. I wrote about that subject and confusion which is linked on Merangue’s Blog. I’m not trying to abolish Christmas. I don’t want to base my beliefs on a baby in a manger and the mother with a halo depicted in many icons and pictures. I would rather base my beliefs on the words and meaning of what is recorded that is believable to me and my experiences such as the miracles in my life and other evidence I encounter on earth. If I base my beliefs on something that is nonsense such as I have written about in some posts I would not believe for long. Each of us who read the bible should have the right to discern using our own common sense and our own personal experience and ought not to rely on the clergy even though for a millennium the Catholic Church didn’t even allow people to read the bible, to own a bible, much less discern that is how much they like to control to the point of controlling one’s thoughts.
The big difference between the synoptic Gospels and the Gospel of John is confusion. That is why I prefer the Gospel of John and that is why I believe it. He was/is believable. There are parts of the Gospel of John (a few chapters that are confusing still such as the meeting with Nicodemus) but I have a feeling they were added to and altered, slipped in, but to be dishonest about the contradictions in the bible and between the gospels and say they harmonize is “wishful thinking.” Same goes for the OLD TESTAMENT. 
The Story of Abraham, Lot, Sodom and GoMorrow will be my next challenge. I think there is a lot of added assumptions to that story that need to be questioned,  clarified and/or at least discussed. I will link it as soon as I start and finish it
Catholicism is the great addender of the bible like Obama is to Obama Care. Probably why the bible is called the living bible because it is allowed to be altered by clergy whenever they decide. There isn’t much of anything that isn’t a sin of some kind in Catholicism and there isn’t any sin that can’t be forgiven or forgotten if you buy it with a donation: they call it an indulgence, which is pandering and obscene since that is not how you are forgiven but that is where charity began, IMO. That is why Catholics tend to be smug. They made a business of it. Should make you wonder why Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple because he was afraid as Bill O’reilly pointed out recently? A false sense of security, but that is what they are taught so you can hardly blame them for their smuggery. It’s their sin. Hence the saying goes in Revelation – Come out of her my children and do not be a partaker of her sins or something to that effect because she was drunk. Her, meaning “the mothership.” That is the impression Pope Francis exudes to me IMO. Smugness. To others he is a saint. Probably a bit of both in reality.
A SMUG SAINT as so many are.
Laying that aside and knowing many wonderful catholics and others of other faiths however inferior they’re faiths may be or my beliefs to them and even though we don’t always agree can we agree to concentrate on dumping Obama and Obama Care for heaven’s sake! I have a dream and that is that Obama stays in Africa and never comes back. I bet they could teach him a thing or two. Perhaps Egypt would be a good place to dump him with a sign on his back saying: My name is Barack Obama from America and I screwed you a while back. It’s just my nature.
Strange to watch Obama taking a selfie at Mandela’s funeral/memorial and Michelle concentrating on something as if he wasn’t even there and just a few hundred miles away Christians are being threatened by Islamic thugs. Obama and his experience seems to be a communist in away and Islamic/ Christian in another if it helps him. I don’t think he likes free enterprise but he may have his reasons but that is what America is about for the most part except for welfare, food stamps, Medicare and few other safety nets for the sake of the poor and the unfortunate in their time of disarray. Many go through it some time in their life. Some of us live on the edge. In the depression the rich also suffered and some could not handle it committing suicide because they got caught without their pants down. It can still happen but the safety nets are for them too. Those safety nets have worked good enough in the past they just need better maintenance and management as Ayotte recently discussed on Fox News. I think Obama prefers Mandela over Lincoln because he is black and African Americans respect him so in order to have a following he pandered him as well plus even while taking selfies at his funeral and paying astute attention with respect and shaking hands with tyrants.  He is one himself so why is anyone surprised. We all act funny sometimes though at certain kinds of events such as funerals and weddings, etc. because of emotion but he is the President and should have had more respect knowing it would be publicized but he does not  RESPECT and in a way was mocking Mandela, IMO. It is his nature to mock good people while at the same time confusing his base with meaningless words. He has many layers of that in hisself.
As Americans we need to protect our government and its premises because every inch we give in to the enemy of those premises they will take a mile. Now Bloomberg wants to force 1-6 year olds a flu shot. Used to be a choice now it’s force fed. Does he know something we don’t? (Some people make cures or drugs for diseases, but others create the diseases. That guy is a fruit cake.) I think Obama would best serve those in the Middle East or Africa with the exception of Israel. (Slavery was a staple of Egypt … North Africa and the Middle East. It did not start in America though it was exported and lingered.) That way they could serve him and his disregard, disrespect, and disdain and basically dissing everyone and everything, freedom and human rights except himself of course, because I don’t think he believes in those kind of things for others but thinks he is those things that’s why he sits where others have gone before. He’s a pretender. Wants to be those things for others in the place of those that were those things.
He want’s slavery again and will DISMANTLE our health system to get it and dishonor our Constitution and Bill of Rights and we can’t let him have that option to control. 
Insiders Reveal Obama Framed Assad for Chemical Weapons Attack
I can’t verify this because I’m not an insider but it would not surprise me one bit because it was another diversion and because ever since he got into office nothing good seems to come from Washington DC but deception and coverups and bad bills. If he did frame Assad he had a lot of help.
Still wondering why Fox News, our government, and all the other press haven’t reported about the Hoax of Sandy Hook Elementary/ Newtown Massacre Hoax. Following is a you tube by a woman who has done some very in depth research on Newtown. I picked out quite a few quotes in blue grey print I thought might interest anyone reading my post and might entice you to listen to her you tube about the Sandy Hook/ NEWTOWN HOAX:


The Sandy Hook HOAX: Very Important New Video – Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook!

……”Pistols for the US government were supplied by America’s first gun manufacturers in Middletown. Home to Colt and Remington, Connecticutt was where the American Firearm’s Industry was born and in Newtown itself you will find the National Shooting Sport’s Foundation Headquarters, one of the largest gun lobbies in the country. and that is the reality that brings us to the story of a village in a town with a school that saw a shooting catastrophe one week before the Solstice of Solstices in December 2012.”……

…..”Ambulance crews learned that no bodies were coming out. They would be kept in the building to which only the police had access. Ambulances were made to wait down the street at the firehouse.”…..

…..”This was what was posted on an internet forum about the emergency response at Sandy Hook. I’m gonna read it to you: The main sticking point is the EMS’s did not behave within their normal scope. A mass shooting would have trauma helicopters flying children out one after another preforming CPR the entire way to the hospital and patients would be declared dead at the hospital after extensive measures were taken to try to save lives. I’ve been in the ER for 5 years and we get all code blue patients. We get 80 year old patients that have not been breathing for 20 minutes with no chance of survival and we preform CPR and necessary intervention with the chance that patients may regain a pulse.”…..

……” A few months ago I had a conversation with a couple of EMT’s. They told me everybody uses START Triage when there is an MCI (Mass ) They told me in exactly these words: The police cannot pronounce people dead. We can’t pronounce anyone dead unless they’re decaptitated and it’s totally obvious. We have to take everyone to the hospital. That’s where they pronounce them dead. The police don’t have the authority. We don’t have the authority.”……

….”What did Dr. Carver mean by,  “I hope they, and I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their head later” and why was it decided that the parents would not be allowed to identify their dead children which is an extreme departure not only from protocol but from instinctive parental behavior and nature. It is unthinkable to most parents to simply be told by authorities that their child was in a massacre and is never coming back. Wouldn’t parents want to see the red jacket, the blue pants, the little blonde head, the pink sneakers regardless of the injuries just to make sure?”….

……”So I’ll say it again: Danbury Hospital was only 12 miles from Sandy Hook and though the sirens went off at 9:35 and there were ambulances galore we learn from the Huffington Post that only three victims arrived at the hospital at 10:30, a whole hour of delay. Why did it take one hour to transport three victims only 12 miles?”….

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 10.40.37 PM

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 10.42.43 PM
For some reason this woman looks as if she is using her middle finger on her cheek…..>>>>unless she has a very long thumb.
The man on the left is in another you tube laughing before he preforms and acting debut about his child at Sandy Hook which I will retrieve asap. from another post to include in this post because this picture helps id him.
I don’t think they are married, do you? Looks like he is bullying her to me and getting off on it. She looks as if she has been abused and when you see him in this you tube you have to agree he is disgusting!
“We were told about other subjects running through the woods that morning. One heading straight for the Masonic Lodge only a kangaroo jump away from Sandy Hook. This person dressed in camouflage no less was caught and let go because he said he was a parent (heir apparent? masonic language. Prince Harry probably footed the bill for this diversion for Obama) and he didn’t do it. He was reported to be Chris Manfredonia and his address 35 Charter Ridge Drive is directly behind the Lanza house. The 2-D (two-dimensional) story from the LA Times is this: Chris Manfredonia whose 6 year old daughter attends the school was heading there Friday morning to help make gingerbread  houses with First Graders when he heard popping sounds and smelled sulfur. He ran around the school trying to reach his daughter and was briefly handcuffed by police. In the 3rd dimension, the real world, why would a parent dress in camouflage to make gingerbread houses with little children unless he planned to run through the woods later? So I’m going to suggest here that certain players may have been brought into the real world 3-D setting beforehand to mix into it and create the event.
Strangely lots of people in the Sandy Hook story were new to town. New Town. A great blog Sandy Hook truth (dot) wordpress (dot) com tells us that many of the houses around Sandy Hook Elementary were bought on December 25th, 2009. That’s Christmas Day. They are now sold up for sale and/or Fore Closure……………..”

“Many of you are familiar with Agenda 21 officially revealed at the United Nations Earth summit in 1992. Agenda 21 is a vast platform to move the world into uniformity and sustainability…….”

“…..Okay, now note that these are closed caskets. These were not open caskets at these funerals except for one. So the father of Emily Parker was caught on hand held camera laughing as he stepped up to the microphone and getting into character like actors do when he made a public statement about his daughter’s death. It was this video that got out there causing so many people to question the identities and motives of the visible Sandy Hook parents who seemed way to complacent and accepting of the violent killings just days and even hours before their public interviews. Many have remarked on the absence of real tears, the swollen eyes, puffy faces, and red noses we should have seen.

Screen shot 2013-12-14 at 12.04.22 AM

Crying, called lacrimation is a physiological adaptation response to dramatic circumstances or a welling of emotion. There is a direct connection between tear ducts and the limbic system in the brain. The emigdula being the part of the brain that triggers physiological reactions to emotional situations. Crying is actually a coping response releasing toxins and lowering stress. People lose composure when they cry, the need to lessen their emotional load being so strong that they don’t care how they look or even behave. Fluid from the lacrimal glands better known as tears runs copiously over-flowing into the nasal passages. heart rate increases as does sweating and the gasping reflex may be to regulate or increase air flow and oxygen. We are literally drowning in a sea of fluids. All in all, often beyond our control and when it comes to loss of a beloved we remain in it’s grip for days. So here’s the famous Robbie Parker video:”

Screen shot 2013-12-14 at 12.05.05 AM

Shows the video and is the same one I was talking about above and I took snap shots so you can watch for yourself on this video linked that I am partially transcribing for convenience because sometimes we miss much in oral and written can be helpful in other ways,
Obviously the first picture is before he gets to the podium and is laughing. The second is getting into character and the third taking deep breath acting extremely upset hardly an talking with lots of spit in his mouth as if unable to speak and he isn’t laughing anymore. I hope you watcheth the rest of the you tube which includes information about the Ba’haith faith whicheth seemeth to bewitcheth themeth involveth in this Newtown Sandy Hook dilemma-ith. She mentions it as a death cult but martyrdom seems to be rewarded/revered by the Catholic faithith so maybeith that is whyith Megyn Kelly of Foxith Newseth enableth this junketh.

Islam alsoeth doeth the sameth, but they calleth it jihadith!

Pretty sickening and VERY insane.

Sofia Smallstorm talks about the donation fund themselves that were set up days before the hoax. and the school was honored by the press themselves and alluded to the town as being a CIA town of some kind.

…….”His (Dr. Carver) famous words, “I hope the people of Newtown don’t have this crash on their heads later,” suggests that something abnormal was going on and might be eventually exposed.”……….

…….“This is the most difficult part of the story. The portraits look quite real ( shows a few pics of the supposed victims of Newtown) but there are a few very low resolution pictures. Who are these children? Are they alive today or not? Are we seeing pictures of children taken several years ago so it is harder to identify them today? That so many of them are inserted into what we know as the family pictures suggests they may not be present day members of those families.”……..

…..”The only open casket funeral that we got any details of was Noah Posners’ and his face was covered with a cloth except for his closed eyes (weird) This was perhaps supposed to prove that there were real bodies and real victims but we are again having to rely on report and the appearance of something without being able to verify it for ourselves.”……

…….”In mid May of this year a curious development arose a Newtown clerk was refusing to release death certificates of victims of the Sandy Hook shootings supposedly to protect against identity theft and to shield the families from added distress. Death certificate information which includes mothers maiden name has always been available to the public for all kinds of research purposes. To have this withheld from all those that do not vitally need it as the town clerk  put it suggests that there might not be any death certificates at all and issuing a false certificate is a violation of the law.”……. 

She mentions Hearst too, which is kind of interesting. Could be a big clue’)

 Seems Christmas Day is a theme of Newtown. I wonder why?

Guns, Christmas, kids, mental illness. Many layers in this hoax. If getting rid of guns isn’t accomplished I’m sure Obama and his fanatics will find something else to go after to confuse, manipulate, and control the public  not to mention charge us for it…… mental illness, perhaps? Speaking of charging that is one of the themes in the post linked called:
 Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven
 I think Obama is mad at medical experts because they have outed him and Obama Care is a response to that outing. Seems everything he does is responding to one debacle after another and keeps growing by leaps and bounds.Some people don’t want to find cures because it puts a crimp in their business or the business of chumps.

Obama marks Newtown school shooting anniversary with call for gun control

Screen shot 2013-12-14 at 12.05.15 AM

And tonight Megyn Kelly of Fox News had some families of this “Newtown tragedy” on her show tonight and grieving with them about different things on the anniversary of this HOAX. Megyn Kelly acts as if it is real. She didn’t even want to mention the names of the killers because of some stupid reason even though regardless that it’s a hoax and she knows it yet she says Santa a lot, Is it because she doesn’t want to falsely accuse the killers that she knows didn’t massacre a bunch of kids?

For Christmas sake

are we supposed to enable this kind of crap?

Of course, Obama wants to enable this kind of crap so he won’t have to deal with Benghazi.

Obamas mark Newtown anniversary with moment of silence

Obamas mark Newtown anniversary with moment of silence

“Dec. 14 – President Obama and the First Lady lit 26 candles in a moment of silence to honor the 26 victims of the Newtown shootings. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).”

Silence is really gonna help, isn’t it. Lighting a bunch of candles in honor of kids that weren’t really killed is so deep.

Megyn Kelly Lashes Out

Megyn Kelly

This is about her racial profiling of Santa so that we won’t deal with false flag/false stories/false massacres ie hoaxes at schools.
Megyn, why are you ignoring the evidence? Do you gain something by enabling a big hoax?
Sean, Juan, Bill, what the heck are ya doin’?
Makes one wonder what else is a hoax if you can’t even recognize this one. I like her show lately about Obama Care and I think she has been very aggressive, but what about Newtown? Benghazi? Seems that the bottom line is really all that concerns the press ……………………..
becauseth they are
yellow belly malingerers. (new word for O’reilly)
If you dare you might have this woman (Sofia Smallstorm) appear on Fox on your many shows and spend as much time as you have bereaving and enabling the hoax and you might “heal thyself.”
How about interviewing Mr. Parker? You could try to figure out what kind of mental illness created this insanity?
So far they haven’t even tried which is astounding.
Screen shot 2013-12-14 at 3.30.21 AM
 Tough to trust anything said in the press and by our leaders anymore..
Are the press not allowed to talk about it? It’s a Really Strange Dilemma.
When they see the articles about the hoax do they just go blank or something yet report news such as it’s anniversary as if it is real complaining about the politicalization of the event. Talk about babble. And then the obvious coverup and hiding of evidence. A new book about the mother was highlighted on Fox News a few days ago. The author had hung out in Newtown and gleaned information he could not possibly know such as how and why the mother supposedly handled her son. The author acted and sounded like a mobster intellectually. I’m not a rocket scientist but even I could tell he was full of shit and dumb. The press though is rather confusing to me because they seem to be going along with it willingly. So it means to me they are kind of aiding and abetting Obama and his deceptive maniacs and it must be based upon faiths.

Widow: I love his killers  Well, I’M NOT IMPRESSED!

Screen shot 2013-12-14 at 3.32.46 AM
She must have been sorry she married the guy.
Anderson Cooper also interviewed the Sandy Hook families with great care as he interviewed the woman who lost her teacher husband in Benghazi about a month ago who forgives the killers of her husband and wants to show God’s grace through her forgiveness of them yet Sandy Hook was a hoax so what do you bet that this teacher’s death is a hoax too.  Just like Megyn Kelly Anderson Cooper also doesn’t want the killers name repeated out of respect for the people that did not die.
Seems that the press is suffering from a strange kind of mental illness

BEST NEWS: McDonnell parents live through Grace

Her name happened to be GRACE.

Here is a story about GRACE Al Qaeda style:

Al Qaeda: We’re sorry about Yemen hospital attack

and GRACE Houston style:

Joel Osteen’s Credo: Eliminate the Negative, Accentuate Prosperity


Mitt Romney, Alec Baldwin, and silly apologies

I forgive Alec Baldwin for his anger outbursts and would love to see if he has the acting ability to cry. He is funny and a good actor, but can he cry?

The silly stuff about Mitt Romney’s family is a bit contrived. When I was a kid my mother usually dressed me in blue and my little sister in pink. Nevertheless he should accept the apology because it was harmless as far as I can tell. I recall Mitt Romney and his wife expounding about raising children that some were successes and some were failures. Sometimes the failures become successes long after one raises them but depends on what a person equates success to. For some it’s making a lot of money or popularity and to others it is other things and sometimes parents aren’t aware of their children’s successes, their talents, or their possibilities!

The crying of the comedian was the contrived part of this ridiculous event and since when have families been “off limits” in politics, religion, and Hollywood?

In regards to the gender issues and the colors pink or blue, and marriage

Did the Bill of Rights say “except for gays?” Did God say in the bible that forgiveness was excluding gays?

Did Jesus mention gayness?…..however Paul did say it in a round about way in the New Testament.

IF as Duck Dynasty quoted the bible about the gays receiving recompense in their bodies as women do when they get pregnant (and believe me sometimes it feels that way): how about the male in the heterosexual relationship who doesn’t get pregnant …and how about lesbians. They don’t get aids. Does God mean to say that gay men are punishable but it is okay for females to be gay? I think it means that certain parts of the body have risks in females and males. It’s not about being progressive….it’s about fairness and the Bill of Rights which is very fair. Not everyone in the USA believes the same way about God, Moses, Jesus, Peter and Paul. Is it better for a gay to marry a straight person because of social rules sometimes making the straight person miserable and at risk? Isn’t it better to let them marry who they love? Doesn’t mean if you disagree that you have to preform the ceremony or attend the wedding, but the Bill of Rights protects their freedom to pursue happiness too because this life on earth is not heaven. IF you don’t believe in God and believe in evolution shouldn’t gays have a chance to progress? Shouldn’t they have the experience of marriage and/or divorce so that they may learn about the pros and cons of both as heterosexuals have been exclusively allowed to experience? Often times it is experience that causes one to either experiment in homosexual/lesbian behavior or become that way caused by heterosexual resentment, bullying, over-bearing parents, or homosexual/lesbian secrecy such as in the Catholic Entity. If priests were allowed to marry then maybe they wouldn’t inflict their secret sexuality on other people’s kids (OPK) or less often. Obviously it happens and also in heterosexual circles as well. And it is the victim who gets confused and usually unfairly punished because of the secrecy and reputations being tainted while the one that inflicts their sexuality on OPK’s gets protected as we know happened before Pope Benedict XVl resigned and I think the reason may be because they use their church to protect child predators and create them like they created whores in the past male and female because they wanted to protect the church from divorce and scandal. Which in my opinion has caused a great neurotic backlash on the lay people and their kids in retaliation since Pope Benedict XVl resigned  to protect the false teachings in my opinion of their church (and their allies)  such as protecting the child predators by their secrecy and musical chairs like the Department of State in Obamas terms as President with Hillary in charge. Instead of firing them they moved them to another job. Sexuality is confusing no matter what gender or sexuality oftentimes and to deny a basic human right of marriage is petty. Honestly I don’t think a person has a right to be a priest unless he or she is married to another human being for a period of time because they lack experience in life and should not lord over those that are married and if they don’t have kids they shouldn’t lord over the ones that do have children.

If I had a family member who was gay I would want them to be happy and find someone to love that loved them and be protected by the laws the same as me. I’m not always comfortable around gays, blacks, lesbians, and rednecks, or any other group in groups like men etc but if I deny them the freedom that I enjoy I would never be comfortable around them knowing they would naturally resent me.

Catholic school not cool with gay marriage, totally cool with gay divorce

Very lovely interview by a very cute young lady interviewing a married gay couple who seem very nice and happy together. Hope you listen to the interview because it’s pretty informative and seems very sincere and might help those like me and others to have better understanding of gay marriage and what it means to them. To me, what I take is that they care for each other a lot and are worthy of respect (not that they need my approval.) It is hard to get over the obstacles of gay marriage being straight and yet they seem to have done a pretty good job being gay. Nice people.


Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 8.48.50 PM

Back to the widow who loves her husbands killer:

I guess Obama doesn’t want to be accountable about the first attack at Benghazi on September 11th that he blamed on a video which wasn’t true and appeared at the UN to say his speech about Islam and Mohammad. And Unesco obviously associated with the UN and Britain run the school this man supposedly taught the Libyans about Faith and now she is gonna teach us about grace. But if Sandy Hook Elementary isn’t really real, is this unusual grace she reveals to Anderson Cooper really real?
I guess the Baha’ ithers have a lot to doeth it. (The UN/RC manufacturedeth piece of shiteth worldith religioneth)

Widow of American teacher forgives attackers who killed her husband in Libya

Here is my article about Newtown written soon after on another site and about other issues:

 Newtown – A Hoax?

I think Obama watched Love Story with Ryan O’neil and Ali MacGraw too many times. It was only a movie.

“Love Means

Never Having to Say You’re Sorry”

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 6.31.23 PM

I forgot my key.

You can say you are sorry for the Obama Care Bill and I think it just

might work, if you repeal it, that is.

Just admit it. You screwed up.

It isn’t working.

Speaking of keys this is a really short post I pecked a while back which I hope you will read in case you missed it:

 Keys of the

Kingdom of Heaven

Kind of humorous, too.  You have to admit there is some inconsistency in them thar keys
Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 6.44.51 PM
worth considering at the very least.
Similar to the funeral of Mandela and the sign language interpreter:

Sign language interpreter at Mandela memorial: I was hallucinating, hearing voices

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 7.05.32 PM

I enjoyed his signing and it was kind of funny.

How in the world did he get this job?

Lately, I have noticed a big push to incarcerate or institutionalize people without due process using hoaxes such as Newtown and that seems very dangerous. When the President of the United States and world leaders can’t even tell the difference if someone is  signing or just making gestures I sure don’t want who he appoints to decide who is crazy and who is not crazy under the guise of protecting the populace.

I think someone ought to give the man who signed at the Mandela funeral some art supplies (paints and canvas) stuff that can’t hurt him or others! I bet he would be quite productive and it might help him therapeutically much more than imprisoning him. I’m no doctor but he held his composure pretty well for having hallucinations and hearing voices, if that is true? I hope someone watches out for him and keeps him out of trouble. He made history for sure.

If they can’t differentiate between a hoax and a real event, if they can’t differentiate between a lie and misspoke about 50 times about doctors by Obama, how can we trust them with our health care, our children, our future, our schools, our protection, our businesses, our hard earned money, our form of governance, our way of life, our finances, our free market, or our personal lives? 

When I watch Rahm Emanuel’s brother who helped to create Obama Care defend Obama and Obama Care you have to wonder if he isn’t crazy himself. He certainly acts like a nut. Watched him on Fox the last few days and he just doesn’t make any good sense especially when asked by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday this last Sunday about the things Obama promised about 

keeping your doctor.

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 7.18.19 PM

Belligerent Zeke Emanuel Again

Helps the Anti-Obamacare Cause

in Sunday Chris Wallace Interview 

In my opinion Ezekiel Emanuel is much more dangerous than the man at the funeral signing and less imaginative.

Dems supported Obamacare until it affected them, Johnson says

 Really daring of Johnson! What happened to courage?

Did Obama shrink the Republican testicles? We know the Dems lost theirs a long time ago but c’mon Republicans get your act together and impeach Obama……..Erase Obama Care………Do what you have to do to do it…….Shut the government down until you succeed.

‘Duck Dynasty’ dad blind to reality

Duck Dynasty’s dad tells what he thinks about his beliefs and he gets railroaded. He has a right to say what he thinks IMO. IF the network wants to get up in arms about it or whoever is up in arms about it they could have not shown that interview. They did air it and all they had to do is say they don’t agree with him just like they do for advertisements and documentaries. They could write op eds about how they don’t like what he said but to lose a job over it for that alone is insane. The people that watch Duck Dynasty watch because they like the characters/people that are on and some that watch may agree with the dad and others don’t.  I had an uncle who said a few things I didn’t like but not nearly as crudely but I loved him and ignored those things I didn’t like. He had a right to think his way. I had a right to accept him as is or not. Gettin’ ridiculous. If you think Hillary Clinton gives a hoot about gays GET A LIFE. It didn’t matter to her whether the men at Benghazi were taking a walk and were attacked or whether it was a planned attack. You think she cares about anyone else other than her popularity and her image. What about her friend Vince Foster yet gays usually support her regardless of these few examples of murder/suicide but there are many more.  Is that nice or is that naughty? It isn’t right just because you have been marginalized in the past to support someone who doesn’t care about someone else even though it was her job to give a crap and to answer the question instead of getting hysterical.

I don’t like beards. Are all the bearded people in the world gonna fire me off my job? By the way I don’t watch their show and have never seen it, probably never will tune in to it because reality shows for the most part are BS and I’m not a fan of that kind of entertainment. (I didn’t like the one about the rich girls losing weight or about the warehouse auctions either because the “cause” of those warehouse bids bugged me.) I did not examine the statements but it seems to be a set up for some strange reasonings. A&E did not have to air the conversation or whoever aired it didn’t have to so they must have wanted a reaction. Who knows the intent, but definitely premeditated for our consumption. Another diversion I guess.

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 9.11.19 PM

A few days later  Joel Olsteen of Texas appeared on the news to extol his sweet faith, grace, and prosperity for all to see. I guess he just didn’t want to be forgotten amid the firestorm of Duck Dynasty taking credit and kudos whenever he can collecting on the coattails of others for prosperity’s sake. What would you expect from such a noble creature, I mean preacher. Another smug saint. He doesn’t lack self love either.

Miley’s New Video Might Be Racier Than ‘Wrecking Ball’

Is that fox fur?

Miley Cyrus
Mike Huckabee Drags Obama Into Duck Dynasty Controversy Why: to split the Republican party so that Hillary may win? A premeditated baton race? Something smells about the Duck Dynasty fiasco, Joel Olsteen, and Mike Huckabee, doesn’t it?
Maybe it’s that Jesuit alliance.
Timing is everything.
Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 7.34.08 PM

Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 7.40.09 PM

Tonight he is including in his show the case of the child who now is brain dead from a routine operation to remove her tonsils. I agree with the premise that the parents or anyone that loves her should have the right to make decisions regarding her future. Terry Shiavo’s brother was the guest star on the show and I think Huckabee while standing for life (which I truly think he is sincere about his stance especially abortion) had to get the abortion issue into this particular case. It is different than abortion. I know Huckabee wants to run for President or was thinking about it and I hate that he put the two together.
The wishes of the mom and dad should be honored in this case and every case over the government, the hospital, and the doctors. The doctors and the hospital were somehow negligent or I don’t think she would be in the physical state she is in (I’m suspicious) and I think their disposition to her state of mind and body are questionable since it covers their behinds to allow her to die. I hope she wakes up and proves them wrong and the mom and dad win every conflict between the two forces for their kid and for their state of mind and heart. It’s their girl. The hospital should accommodate the families wishes  and as the brother of Terry Shiavo said “why are they in a hurry” or something to that effect. The doctors language when referring to their daughter proves he is not emotionally involved with their child in the least. Prejudice (gender…race…religion)? Does the doctor not believe in miracles? Does he think his successes in medicine were only by his own hand? Was she a medicare recipient? A number? A financial burden? The fact is she could wake up and miracles do occur?

Miracles happened to me.

(Her name is interesting Jiha without the d? I am suspicious this is another diversion since there have been so many hoaxes for political and religious side trips since Obama took office and expecially since Benghazi. I would be an idiot if I weren’t suspicious! Knowing that the Obama’s and those that support him are on a crusade to control our very Thoughts, Minds, and Body and they have no right to that presumption. )

Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 6.58.04 PM

This jerk called Jonathon/Jonathan in his clerical garb of Fox News doesn’t agree …..hmmmmm. I wonder why? He wasn’t wearing them when he was in Colorado last year for the Marijuana festival right before the floods in Colorado. What’s the hurry Jonathon? He wants her terminated for some strange reason. Is it up to Jonathon?  I think he is in support of Obama Care and doctors, hospitals, and death panels over parental rights which is sooooo Catholic as if they can raise them better………Ever hear of deception? Ever hear of special treatment for some and not for others? Get married, Jonathon! Have your own kids then maybe you can come to the same conclusion when it is your own child. He hasn’t evolutionized because he hasn’t experienced marriage and children of his own. How would he know what is best for their child or for the parents? How would he know if her soul has left her body? Is he God? He doesn’t have the courage to raise his own kids…what the heck does he know. Tries to stand on the side of science….Catholic science. That is what Obama Care is about folks is the take over of our medical care by Rome and it’s allies. I can’t help think about the dark ages and who made them dark. Experience and history has proved that Rome is deficient…Remember your religion burned people at the stake…they accused a person who could swim of witchcraft…they crucified people….they would not allow them to read….when the people learned to read they would not allow them to read the bible….they spoke in latin so that no one knew what the heck they were doing or saying because they loved mystery way more than the truth.

They send smoke signals when they elect a pope….need I say more?

Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 7.01.34 PM

The mother of the child said her child moves when she is with her and I think it is best to trust the mother and what she experienced over Jonathon’s plea to override the mother’s instinct. I would rather trust her than the blithering whim of Jonathon of Fox News.
What does Peter Pan think?
Jonathon appeared again on Fox News to say that Faith and Science agree. How cold does it have to get to say that Faith and Science were wrong about global warming? If they were wrong about that what else were and are they wrong about? Many things. I think it was faith that started this global warming frenzy, wasn’t it, which turned into Climate Change which shows they lacked faith in their assessment. Why is Jonathon so interested in this girl being terminated and trying to put faith and science in partnership with this girls health? It is very strange behavior. I think that girl has more life in her than Jonathon. Talk about soul less ness. Shall we terminate Jonathon? He walks and talks but is dead inside.
Fox and Shepard Smith are sure worried about this girls body parts. Why? I think they want to make life and death decisions over parental rights. Control freaks is what they are. He is pissing me off too the more I think about his intervention on Fox. Using his collar and his schleppy faith to pressure this woman to give up on her girl, a peer type pressure but using his religion/cult. I think he stinks to high heaven.

Would you want this dildo making decisions for you?

By the way Terry Shiavo’s picture before her accident or non accident looks very different than I remember her back then. Now she looks like Monica Lewinsky with short hair and before she was athletic with long hair etc. Maybe that was before she transitioned into the other person.
Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 7.32.52 PM
Ted Cruz really would be far more fair IMO since it seems after his conversation with Dianne Feinstein about human rights/equal rights to protect oneself (which IMO gay marriage protects gay people as marriage protects straight people as well unifying both people into one) contained within
The Bill of Rights and the US Constitution
and his conversation on the floor of the Senate for many hours
where he seemed to forge a huge turning point for Americans in regards to educating Americans about the pit falls of Obama Care
with some help from some friends in his gentle fashion. Reminds me of Reagan!
The fact is that certain sins are caused often by experience turning people one way or another. Generational sin and abuse. NO one knows for sure what makes a person gay. Some say you can force yourself not to be gay others deny it. I’m not gay so I have no idea but Paul in the New Testament says that effeminate cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven and just because someone is effeminate does not mean they are gay. And who gets to determine if someone is effeminate? IF you have a lisp does that make you effeminate? I think it is an inexact science and therefore marriage (an inexact science) should IMO not be denied willing adults. So to exempt certain people from rights that other adult people have in the US is wrong and cruel as stated by our laws. Now in other countries it may be different. I could be totally off base on the issues of gayness biblical wise but I have known some really wonderful gay people and seen some rotten ones too just like regular sexed people. I think still that the laws that are most important and apply evenly are the Ten Commandments and yet we all break those commandments. Even Moses broke the Ten Commandments the first time around, but they are a very good standard to try to live by and to observe even though we may interpret them differently because we are each a bit different and grew up differently. God chose the Hebrews and said they were a peculiar people unto him. So the Hebrew God liked peculiar people. The fringe. Maybe he wasn’t into hems. I don’t think he likes the mistreatment of people ie slavery. I think he does not like tyrants and those that think they are gods themselves. He proved his strength and power and might over the Pharoah of Egypt to let the Hebrews leave their enslavement. You would think most people in the world would agree with those principles. I think sex should remain private that is why I am against the NSA because I think they abuse the privacy rights of Americans and others and some use those windows to exact punishment primarily to blackmail people to control them politically and religiously and in other ways such as setting up temptations etc. I don’t think God appreciates our government spying on it’s own people. IF not then why did God get mad when the people were numbered and counted which is why I think the Consumption tax is the fairest in the land. We should not have the right to know how much one person earns and neither should our government which I believe leads to a lot of bad blood and temptation for blackmail etc. I have a feeling that the NSA is an offense to God and his people. I think Obama Care is an offense to God as well because I think he knows it’s intended purpose and it is not coverage. That is why we should change our tax system to a consumption tax. That way government doesn’t need to know every detail about every person God made.
I could care less if someone has five wives or five husbands. If they are willingly married it is their business. Solomon of the bible had a bunch of wives and I don’t recall any complaints. But it is against the laws in the US because Mormonism is a relatively new religion. I don’t know when the rules of marriage changed or how but I don’t think it is necessarily right or wrong. I don’t recall Jesus saying anything about polygamy or for that matter anything about homosexuality in any of the gospels. Maybe those references got lost in the translation….transliteration….. or were destroyed. I don’t know. Think of it if  King Henry the 8th might have allowed Anne Boleyn to keep her head if the Pope and those making stupid rules had stayed out of everyones lives. Talk about being in the Dark ages and barbarism: Princess Diana might have been able to live to see her grandchildren. 

Ananias and Sapphira

(Manger an Ana-Graham of German/Ananias (there were two of them, I think …and I’m guessing that is where the Anabaptists simulated who were often persecuted but then the Grahams (Franklin Graham) also suffered recently with the IRS persecution of the Right wing Tea Party tax exempted or so he says. I think he did not want to compete with those other businesses in the business of donations and tax exemption. Cleaning house, so to speak, similar to Ananias who supposedly was killed for not reporting the price that he sold his land or perhaps it was Sapphira’s land by marriage scaring the heebjeebies for those in Jerusalem at the time. Thinking they would die for lying about their donation to the church. WHy should they have had to report anything?  Sapphira also was supposedly killed although she doesn’t seem to make it to any other books of the bible so maybe Ananias took care of two problems with one stone. Pretty coincidental. Of course he probably was a spy too and didn’t really die and then he appeared at another house of Peter who lived with the tanner. More like a set up artist. That is why if you haven’t noticed a stark difference between the Gospel of John and the Book of Acts then you are brain dead. They don’t harmonize.
Caught Billy Graham and his English accent in one of my posts and wrote a bit about it which you can find on Merangue’s Blog. Billy Graham wrote a book/excuse about trying to warn Kennedy about an assassination attempt too but just couldn’t reach him and Kennedy’s son met with him about his dad’s death before he died in a plane crash with his pregnant wife and sister-in-law and her family sued the Kennedy’s. I think Billy Graham made a pledge with his other preacher friends to never talk bad about the other….Geeeez I wonder why? He did get caught telling Nixon that the Jews didn’t really know what he really thought about them. I guess he didn’t like them….GOOD GUESS!?…Though Franklin Graham gets air time on O’reilly’s show and Greta’s show on Fox quite often pretending and because he calls himself a preacher everyone believes him. Kind of stupid considering the evidence. The Republicans aren’t really republicans, many aren’t anyway. Many are fakers…faking out conservatives with their CHRISTIANITY act. 
Bethlehem-Elizabeths Hem? HMMMMMMM. Queen Elizabeth is German. Now Bethlehem is being renovated, HMMMMMM. With whose taxes…Obama Care? Lots of strange stuff goin’ on, eh? I would call the Grahams spies for ana-other countries, but well respected spies and set up artists! I hope the Republicans clean house too and do the job they were sent up to Washington to do. Get rid of the Paul Ryans who are fakes.)
Effeminates really don’t care about those women, do they? The Laws of Moses are in the bible and I have no idea if God is involved in them. They are on paper and were not written in stone as the Ten Commandments were created. Wonder where the rock/paper/scissors game originated from?  There seem to be an awful lot of rules in the Laws of Moses but I have no idea if they were inspired by God. Some do seem to be protective of health and other things and seem to have been learned over time and experience probably learned and taught via the Hebrews 40 year trek through the wilderness after their slavery in Egypt. More like warnings against diseases and things caused by those kinds of activities. Eating certain type foods because of contamination, gay diseases, heterosexual diseases, cleanliness diseases, handling of the dead, women disease prevention, etc. I have not paid as much attention to that part of the bible as maybe I should have. I think mostly because there are so many rules in them. They may be really important. I tended to concentrate on comparing the gospels. The bible is pretty extensive. I do suspect an awful lot of addition to it and subtraction of it has occurred and propaganda via the Roman occupation of Israel and Islamic/Egyptian reoccupation of Israel, at the time of the destruction of the temples and destruction of Jerusalem a few times, and at the time of the death of Jesus, etc. The priests of RC are not allowed to be married because they were afraid that the divorce decrees might deplete their coffers. So I think that is why many priests are effeminate like Georg Ganswein. Do you really want the church/religion that propagates effeminate priests makin’ the rules? Let them marry. How in the world can they know about families if they aren’t allowed to have their own. How can they understand raising of kids if they can’t be married and have children of their own? How in the world can they understand divorce if they can’t be married? Being raised in a family is not the same as having one of your own.

How can they have any understanding of others and give sound or sane advice about these issues to their followers unless they can experience what others experience. Might as well make a chair or a table and put a robe or frock on those pieces of furniture and call it a priest for as much as they can possibly have any insight or understanding into anything human.

If the RC can’t keep their coffers full after allowing marriage and divorce then it is because they can’t handle being human. It is because they can’t handle marriage, they can’t handle kids, and they can’t handle divorce and are of the lesser species of humans.

Do we really want lesser species of humans ie effeminates interfering

into the affairs of mankind?

Should anyone who isn’t married even be allowed to be a priest? That is the question! If they can’t marry another adult human being they shouldn’t be priests because they have no experience. You got to have experience for that job, don’t ya? Or are they afraid to experience marriage, kids, and sometimes divorce themselves which seems to me to be effeminate. Fearful of relationships.

If they don’t want to be married maybe they should be made into eunichs.

IN other words if a priest isn’t willing to marry another human being then they ought to not have weiner schnitzels and have their nuts cut off. That way they don’t interfere in the sexuality issues and parenting abilities of others.

 Just because you can kiss some else’s baby doesn’t mean you aren’t effeminate. Have your own children and learn to raise kids so that the rest of us can determine if you have the ability. Oh but he drives an inferior car and lived in an apartment so that makes the Pope experienced. BIG deal! He sells indulgences so that makes him a scoundrel.

The new and improved and grotesquely massive NSA happens to reside in Utah – the Salt of the earth area of the USA where the Mormons reside and makes me distrustful of their influence over the NSA since Mormonism is highly influential in Utah. I consider mormonism to be a cult and I don’t like the idea of a cult spying on the US citizens for their gain. I had a mormon friend and she told me about some of the abuses of the Mormon religion and I have heard of other examples. Not saying all mormons are abusive because they aren’t. Same goes for the RC. Billy Graham says that Mormons are now not a cult even though once they were a cult to him but I think that was because he thought Mitt Romney was gonna be President and he likes to influence the presidents of the US and tends to profit by that influence. Mormons think they are not a cult. So do Roman Catholics etc. I guess it is a matter of opinion but since I’m neither I don’t like either religion and don’t want them to have power over my beliefs and I’m pretty positive they don’t want me to have power over their beliefs. I think Islam is a cult too. Does the RC and Mormonism want Islam to have power over their beliefs? I doubt it. 

In Islam they marry kids. (A sort of adoption that is unfair to the female child. That is slavery) That kind of marriage I’m against.  And I’m against marriage without permission of the other person which is also slavery, IMO.

Now the Alabamians duck callers are upset at the four dancers gyrating who were dressed in women’s clothing I guess which is reported on Fox News as an outrage but then you have to wonder would they mind watching (or having their kids watch) Elvis gyrating and catching women’s underwear in Alabama? Or an Elvis impersonator catching underwear. Obviously this was a stunt for some political purpose and could have been avoided but there must have been good reason to include them in the parade even though Alabama isn’t known for it’s tolerance. I guess the shock value? If that’s what Alabamians want in their parade…. isn’t it up to the people of Alabama? I guess the foursome like to be abhorred by some and obviously suffer a debilitating sickness in their minds because they do not help others who are gay that want respect. Isn’t that the point? They were not trying to earn respect but they were trying to upset you. That is kind of sad and you have to look at them as untalented show offs who don’t give a hoot about respect for their fellow gay friends. Like an alcoholic who decides he wants to not be drunk and his drunk friends won’t let him. So they really aren’t friends, are they…just drinking buddies?

I wonder who put them up to it and asked them to join the parade? The Obama regime? Just pity them for their pitiful display and their own self humiliation. Think of it as a carnival such as watching the Obama Administration lie to you through their spokespeople Susan Rice and Jay Carney and whoever else steps up to the plate to cover his

“lead from behind.”

So far been the lousiest president and administration known to mankind so he needs all the “hep he can git.” Perhaps if he had thought out his premise for his legacy and his terms as president with the right intentions things might have been more successful for him, but he blew it from the start.

Myself, I’m not into parades of any kind. I don’t go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras either. The only processions I enjoy usually have beautiful horses because they don’t have an agenda.  I have been to the Queen’s birthday parade but I was forced to go and it was not exactly my cup of tea. However it was fun to see the guys with the big tall red hats.

Back to being Naught or Nice:

Bill Clinton fakes crying at Ron Brown’s funeral

How about Ron Brown’s funeral when Bill Clinton pulled his fake crying like the dad at Newtown for his dead daughter who apparently didn’t die. Is that naughty or is that nice? You think Clinton cares about gays? Don’t ask, don’t tell. And what did he do for you? He didn’t even care for his political lackeys. I would venture to call it silencing ….like the mob does to their friends and enemies. At least Duck Dynasty’s dad is telling what he thinks honestly though controversial to gays but not controversial to the bible. There are lots of sins in the bible and I haven’t met anyone that wasn’t a sinner in some form or fashion. (I think though the bible calls homosexuality an abomination but I really don’t want to review it in the bible to be positive about the distinction. I think humans tend to figure out new ways to sin or reinvent sin as we go like drugs and language. I think homosexuality is a part of the Law of Moses but not totally sure. To me the important laws or primary laws are the Ten Commandments given to Moses which I think are Universal laws, where as the laws of Moses were to protect via their experience and documented for future generations as fair warning!) So get over it.

I guess as long as you lie about it, it makes it okay. As long as you are a fake, it’s okay.

He has a right to express his opinion otherwise if he isn’t able to verbally express his opinion should anyone have the right to discuss anything controversial? Might as well turn off the TV, radio, and the internet for everyone.

Silence is Golden

Seems the left believe in silencing opposing views. Where did this saying come from? The link gives an explanation that it came from Egypt whether true or not it is a RC saying for sure and it is meant to quell opposing opinions and opposing beliefs.

“Silence is a woman’s best garment.”

It is to control others such as those that say “Don’t ask, Don’t tell.” Same difference.  Marriage between gays did not occur because of the Clintons. That I know. I do know that the opinions of others were swayed by US CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS activist TED CRUZ and yet his religious beliefs are his own. I do know that since I have learned about the difference between the Gospels things changed that way not without a lot of resistance, but nevertheless honestly dealing with sins, behavior, and laws makes a BIG difference. 

If you don’t want to hear opposing views and opinions TURN THE TV OFF

or whatever is yanking your chains. I DARE YOU!

Political Correctness has got to cease their agendas! If the politically correct pushers want to tell others how to say something or what is politically correct to say then go back to Europe! Now the politically correct are holier than thou. There is nothing correct about political correctness.I suggest the politically correct ought to be wearing a veil/burka. Here is an example of going way over board in political correctness and what’s worse it’s a comedian. I think he lost his mojo:

Steve Martin apologizes, offers explanation for ‘unfortunate’ tweet

I happen to like African American names because many are very creative but Steve Martin can’t even make a silly joke about African American names, that is ridiculous. Apologizing? It is because of that kind of overreaction to criticism by the politically correct that puts fear and supersilliousness into others. Steve Martin is a stooge. Political Correctness is FAKINESS. You think Eddie Murphy would apologize for something so innocuous. I hope not. What is the world coming to ….The death of comedy and Steve Martin can thank himself for torturing us. If I were African American I would be more insulted that he apologized.

Political correctness is political corruptness ie political schmoozing

of the politically inept.

Speaking of inept on 12/22/13:

Susan Rice defends Benghazi interviews

She defends telling lies for Obama. She calls Benghazi a false controversy….What the hell does that mean? Did she know or didn’t she? When did she know it wasn’t a video tape that caused the murders at Benghazi? The falseness happens to be what she said about a video tape causing Benghazi and she got caught in the false controversy, her lies and Obama’s lies….didn’t she? She looks pretty intense and pissed off about it too. Madame Susan doesn’t like to get caught and I think she had much to gain by lying. Just a good honest guess. Who is she married to anyway?

Her lies?


Is telling the truth about the NSA a crime? Whose government is the NSA working for? Eric Snowden’s government. If Snowden is a US citizen he has the right to tell the truth about the deception going on at the NSA. It is his duty as a US citizen and should not be tried in court and should be able to reside in the USA without hindrance. Remember WE THE PEOPLE…….?

Eric Snowden should be given a lot of slack because he told the truth about the NSA to his fellow citizens and they don’t want to be beholden to the citizens they are supposed to be protecting because they are not protecting us but intruding upon us for their own benefit and who they really are beholden to. I would not trust the Obama Administration and many on either side of the political aisle in regards to his freedom or his rights. The NSA is an abomination. The CIA, the State Department, the Secret Service, the FBI, the Justice Department, the Press are abominations. Even the Supreme Court has lost it’s purpose by allowing Obama Care and determmining it is legal. It is obvious if you consider what occurred at Benghazi that none of these abominations care about the truth whatsoever. They have lost their boundaries for their purpose and abused the rights of others for their own agendas which does not include the safety and welfare of Americans here or abroad which is the job of the Federal government but no longer tends to that purpose but instead to cheat, rob, manipulate and abuse it’s own citizens. Since the assassination of President Kennedy that ought to be obvious.

The man that sort of told the truth and sort of lied about the NSA also did a service to the USA. Just not adept at secrecy and lying for the NSA. Military men are kind of that way. Sworn sometimes to secrecy yet more often than not, honest. He obviously works for the NSA and was protecting it. At least he didn’t take” the fifth” because his response before Congress was helpful in that it kind of got the ball rolling to distrust the NSA but to act like he is a liar is deceptive and another diversion for sure. What about Congress? They won’t even question the parents of Ambassador Chris Stevens, the Obamas, the Benghazi witnesses, ….that is a kind of deception and dishonest and protective, isn’t it? Yea it is. 

In fact all six abominations mentioned are working for another power

and it isn’t AMERICAN!

The Boston Marathon bombing is another good example of abuse of US citizens. One particular respected woman in the press and a contributor to Fox News wrote a book about the supposed terrorist’s family within days and it became obvious to me at that instant that they had been watching and manipulating this family for quite a while in order to set them up and to eradicate whoever they wanted to eradicate for a distraction for the Obamas against his achilles heel, his failures, and the murders at Benghazi. A few similarities of Camp Bastion and Benghazi come to mind too which involve our supposed ally. That is how evil our government has become. Can’t get much worse than that! Well maybe it can:

Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why

Seems to me they are purposefully trying to affect the market as a statement of some kind and/or pressure of some kind. I don’t buy the excuse given by the “economist.” Well let’s hope they don’t succeed in using their muscle to screw Americans. I guess Soros and his buddies are trying to help Obama with Obama Care, eh? They must have something to gain by Obama Care as if they don’t have enough.

Dennis Rodman

What is the deal with Dennis Rodman? He sings happy birthday to a tyrant who executes his own uncle, lover and who knows who else, etc. I saw a clip on O’reilly and the whole team is kissing Rodman’s ass by going along? The people in North Korea live in fear of a mad man. Rodman lies to everyone saying the Korean idiot is a nice guy. Rodman reminds me of Obama as if he is possessed by Obama which I think is Obama’s talent…possession, lies, mocking and other bad things. I think it is Michelle’s talent as well or why would there be a picture of her at Benghazi wigless and with arms hence the references to Michelle’s arms “Only Michelle has the right to bear arms” at his Press dinner and his charge since to disarm everyone else in America. I’ve said it before and I will keep reminding readers that he said it and there was bad reason for him saying it because obviously she used them for him at Benghazi.

They use their friends like toilet paper. 

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 10.01.05 PM

Hard to find a large picture of this anymore because at first they used it mockingly until she became recognizable. Muscular biceps, thin forearm (men with muscular biceps usually have muscular forearms so this is definitely a female), heels on sandals (at a terrorist scene?) puffy face from surgery, rolled up jeans, sizeable butt because the way the jeans fit a woman’s figure except shy in the breast (Michelle is shy there also)….this is a female or transgender and if you compare her mouth, nose, new eyebrows it resembles to a great degree Michelle after surgery and folks she has had surgery and lots of botox. Don’t know what is in the hand that is up but I think it is something like a syringe because of the way she is holding it. He said those words….I did not make them up. He did. I would not have noticed except for his own words he said to mock about Benghazi “Only Michelle has the right to bear arms” and his UN speech afterwards about Islam and all the lies and diversions since.

President Obama at 2013 White House Correspondents’ Dinner 

 President Obama at the 2012 White House Correspondents’Dinner

2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

2010 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

President Obama: The Future Must Not

Belong to Those Who Slander the Prophet of Islam 2012



He is really great at lying and sounding so sane yet he sent men to afghanistan for political reasons as we just found out 30,000 of them. Did he try to send help to the men in Benghazi? Did he tell the truth about Benghazi? Did he ever admit that it was not a video tape that caused the murders in Benghazi? He is a false front, a false face, a false faith. I have transcribed a good portion of the speech for you to read and recall:

President Obama: “………That is what we saw play out in the last two weeks. The crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world. Now I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with this video. And I believe it’s message must be rejected by all who respect our common humanity. It’s an insult not only to Muslims but to America as well. For as the city outside these walls make clear we are a country that has welcomed people of every race and every faith. We are home to Muslims who worship across our country. We  not only respect the freedom of religion we have laws that protect individuals from being harmed because of how they look or what they believe. We understand why people take offense to this video because millions of our citizens are among them. I know there are some who ask why don’t we just ban such a video and the answer is enshrined in our laws. Our constitution protects the right to practice free speech. (That’s why the man that produced the film was imprisoned for quite a long time) Here in the United States countless publication provoke offense. Like me the majority of Americans are Christian (yet he said that America is not a Christian nation earlier but I guess it didn’t fit this time for political reasons) and yet we do not ban blasphemy against our most sacred beliefs. As President of our country and Commander and Chief of our military I accept that people are gonna call me awful things every day and I will always defend their right to do so. (Applause) Americans have fought and died around the globe to protect the right of all people that express their views even views that we profoundly disagree with. We do not do so because we support hateful speech but because our founders understood that without such protections the capacity of each individual to express their own views and practice their own faith may be threatened. (IS HE FULL OF SHIT OR WHAT?) We do so because in a diverse society efforts to restrict speech can quickly become a tool to silence criticism and oppress minorities. We do so because given the power of faith in our lives and the passion the religious differences can inflame. The strongest weapon against hateful speech is not repression (How about the IRS oppressing the Tea Partiers?) it is more speech. (So The CIA restricted the speech of it’s operatives and witnesses of Benghazi and made them take lie detector tests so they would keep their mouths shut, I suppose) The voices of tolerance that rally against bigotry and blasphemy (and what Prey tell is blasphemy?) and lift up the values of understanding and mutual respect. Now I know that not all countries in this body share this particular understanding of the protection of free speech. We recognize that (throws up his hands) but in 2012 at a time when anyone with a cell phone can spread offensive views around the world with a click of a button, the notion that we can control  the flow of information is obsolete. The question then is – how do we respond? And  on this we must agree there is no speech that justifies mindless violence. (Applause) Gives a look of superiority as if …well, I guess it is called supreme insanity.) There are no words that excuse the killing of innocence/innocents (not sure which he meant). There is no video that justifies an attack on an embassy (because it didn’t have anything to do with it). There’s no slander that provides an excuse for people to burn a restaurant in Lebanon or to destroy a school in Tunnis or cause death and destruction in Pakistan. (Forget the drone attacks and  he pronounces Pakistan like the alternative way to to say tomato for that added diplomatic effeminate punch). In this modern world with modern technology for us to respond that way to hateful speech empowers any individual who engages in such speech to create chaos around the world. We empower the worst of us if that’s how we respond. More broadly the events of the last two weeks (even though he said later that there is no there, there in regards to Benghazi and spoke about bumps in the road when Palestinians on motorcycles dragged a man to death) also speak to the need for all of us to honestly address the tensions between the west and the Arab world that is moving towards democracy. Now let me be clear just as we cannot solve every problem in the world the United States has not and will not seek to dictate the outcome of democratic transitions abroad. (Just dictate Obama Care on the US citizens giving special treatment whenever he dictates to special interest groups in order to gain favor) We do not expect other nations to agree with us on (using Clinton’s thumb) every issue. Nor do we assume that the violence of the past weeks or the hateful speech by some individuals represent the views of the overwhelming majority of Muslims anymore than the views of people that produced this video represents those of Americans. However I do believe that it is the obligation of all leaders in all countries (he is now the world leader in his cotton pickin’ ego) to speak out forcefully against violence and extremism. (Applause) It is time to marginalize those who even when not directly resorting to violence use hatred of America or the West or Israel as the central orgnanizing principal of politics. (how does he plan to do that marginalization?) Iran developing nuclear weapons doesn’t really count even though they have made some threats to Israel in the past? And Saudi Arabia sending men to burn down the twin towers in New York and sending men to Syria to cause trouble there and I think again in Iraq as we transcribe) for that only gives cover and sometimes makes an excuse for those who do resort to violence. How about this article:

 Al Qaeda controls more territory than ever in Middle East 

So much for Obama’s foreign policy which isn’t really policy.

This is his foreign policy and they could give a shit about anyone else and deserve nothing:

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 6.34.47 PM

 This is one of those bumps in the road that Obama mused about at the time:

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 6.40.22 PM

Obama at the UN continued: “That brand of politics: one that pits east against west and south against north, Muslims against Christians and Hindu and Jews you can’t deliver on the promise of freedom. To the youth it offers only false hope. (lost in his train of thought …ie rambling) Burning an American flag does nothing to provide a child an education. (DUH. We never assumed that it did oh sage master nor do I think the ones that do burn flags for one moment thought that it did). Smashing apart a restaurant does not fill an empty stomach. (starting to sound like Mohammad his prophet: Do worms have legs? Does an elephant fly? Does a donkey speak?) Attacking an embassy won’t create a single job. (Whew such wisdom is astounding) That brand of politics only makes it harder to achieve what we must do together: (like he did when the government shut down- closing open air monuments, and before that closing the White House to the citizens and before that Obama Care) educating our children and creating the opportunities that they deserve.(Uh HUH such as getting children to work in Maine to help it’s economy instead of hiring adults and paying them decently) Protecting human rights and ext …  extending democracy’s promise.

Understand America will never retreat from the world. We will bring justice to those who harm our citizens (except Michelle) and our friends (except Michelle) and we will stand with our allies. We are willing to partner with countries around the world to deepen ties of trade and investment and science and technology, energy and development All efforts that can spark economic growth for all our people and stabilize democratic change (like in Egypt) but such efforts depend on a spirit of mutual interest and mutual respect. No government or company, no school or NGO will work in a country where it’s people are in danger. For partnerships to be effective our citizens must be secure and our efforts must be welcome (like the neocats and it’s way were welcomed in Japan). A politics based only on anger one based on dividing the world between us and them not only sets back international cooperation it ultimately undermines those who tolerate it. All of us have an interest in standing up to these forces.

Let us remember that Muslims have suffered the most at the hands of extremism (because they are extreme).

On the same day our civilians were killed in Benghazi a Turkish police officer was murdered in Istanbul only days before his wedding. (Did Michelle stop by there too?) More than ten Yeminis were killed in a car bomb in Sana (Probably a drone strike for a diversion….cover) Several Afghan children were mourned by their parents just days after they were killed by a suicide bomber in Kabul. The impulse towards intolerance and violence may initially be focused on the West but overtime it cannot be contained. (is that a threat?) The same impulses towards extremism are used to justify war between Sunni and Shia and between tribes and clans at least not to strengthen prosperity, but to chaos. (Uh did that make any sense?) In less than two years we have seen largely peaceful protest bring more change to Muslim majority countries than a decade of violence and extremists understand this because they have nothing to offer to improve the lives of people. Violence is their only way to stay relevant. They don’t build, they only destroy. It is time to leave the call of violence and politics of division behind. On so many issues we face the choice between the promise of the future or the prisons of the past. We cannot afford to get it wrong. We must seize this moment. And America stands ready to work with all who are willing to embrace a better future.

The future must not belong to those who target Coptic Christians in Egypt. (He didn’t complain about it and supported those that did such as The Muslim Brotherhood and as far as I remember was silent about it.) It must be claimed by those who in Tahrir Square who chanted Muslims and Christians we are one. The future must not belong to those who bully women it must be shaped by girls who go to school and those who stand for a world where our daughters can live their dreams just like our sons (Woman’s vote) (Polite Applause, of course) The future must not belong to those corrupt few who steal a country’s resources it it must be won by the students and entrepeneurs (so force them with a tax called Obama Care so that they can’t afford anything else much less plan their future with an ever changing bill and take away their choice in doctors) for workers and business owners who seek a broader prosperity for all people. Those are the women and men that America stands with. Theirs is the vision we will support.

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam! 

(snuck it in, but what about the right to free speech?)

But to be credible those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see in the images of Jesus Christ who are desecrated or churches that are destroyed or the Holocaust that is denied. (that should take care of almost everyone he needs to schmooze!) (Applause by about half of the audience) Let us condemn incitement against Sunni Muslims and Shia pilgrims. It’s time to heed the words of Ghandi (oops forgot one) ‘Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of true democratic spirit.’ (Waits for applause and receives it.) Together we must work towards a world where we are strengthened by our differences (defiantly says) and not defined by them. That is what America embodies. That’s the vision we will support.

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 12.29.41 AMAmong Israelis and Palestinians the future must not belong to those who turn their backs on the prospect of peace……”

(Tough to do when one watches men drag another man on ROCKY pavement or ignores the pleas for help as in Benghazi or tries to disarm Americans with hoaxes and real events rendering them defenseless so that ISLAM may annihilate them. Nobody forced the men to ram the twin towers and many (Palestinians) celebrated like they do when they throw Israeli men out of buildings, etc. There is such a thing as reasonable evidence that ISLAM is anything but peaceful or tolerant and definitely untruthful in every way and seemingly possessed by evil. Hard to trust the possessed when they are possessed and hard to trust a President who says what he says about Michelle’s arms and there she stands at Benghazi carrying some kind of arms and fire raging behind her with something in her other hand as if she seized the moment and yet no one dares to question her or confront the President that he lied about the video tape even when he knew it was not true. Hard to trust a President who shirks his duty as President to protect the people overseas and in the country he serves in and who ignores, disrespects and intentionally attempts to weaken and destroy the Bill of Rights and the Constitution which is his job to uphold regardless of his beliefs which are ISLAMIC extremism…no doubt about it. If the prophet of Islam can’t take slander, he isn’t worth it!  Nice sweet empty words which amount to a waste of everyone’s time to hear except to expose his real agenda and to justify his inaction at Benghazi and his coverup afterwards. There is more but I don’t think it is necessary. Maybe later.)

The Obama’s are like the nightmare where you are trying to get to the end of a hallway and it keeps getting longer IE the diversions such as Chris Christie a day after the book about Obama sending 30,000 troops to Afghanistan knowingly for political reasons (and religious ones though unstated but any idiot by now has to come to that conclusion.) I imagine if this goes well for Chris Christie to make him look good they could easily control him too. I still think he was set up for their favor in a weird kind of way. Either way it works for the Obamas.
It is their MO. And if Boehner says “he remains a contender” then you know he will be their puppet using the three M’s. 

It’s official: Pope has not abolished sin, says Vatican

“Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi told Vatican Radio that “this affirmation that the pope has abolished sin” was wrong.

Fredrico Lombardi

 ought to know. He was the first one ‘on record’ to come up with the excuse of the video tape causing a riot for the murders at Benghazi. I wonder who told him? God?

Shouldn’t the US Congress question his grace about that assumption? 

This ought to be a big clue about who is running our government. If you control information, communication, miscommunication, disinformation, federal workers the White House, the Secret Service, much of the military and much of the press you might be running the whole shabang.

I don’t know how much the Catholic ENTITY makes off indulgences but it must be quite a haul especially using the NSA.

I wonder what Jesus meant when he said:

Matthew 23:9

And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.
Here’s a few links to some posts about No Man which makes me think possibly Jesus was talking about priests:


Salute No Man

Tell No Man

And in the Gospel of Matthew Jesus warns that when Jerusalem is encompassed by armies that they who are in Jerusalem should head for the hills (actually I think it says the mountain of God) or something to that effect which seems rather obvious.(I think specifically it is said that those that are in Judaea should flee) 

If armies encompassed a city it might look very suspicious to the inhabitants of that city that those armies were up to something, wouldn’t it?

 Was Jesus cryptically warning that when they see Jerusalem encompassed by priests head for the hills (mountain of God)?

 And I don’t mean Hillary. Hillary plans to run for President now and I guess she thinks she has the answers . She doesn’t. She still hasn’t figured out why it matters whether 4 men were killed one way or the other at Benghazi. She became hysteric-al at the hearings about Benghazi. Her method to avoid telling the truth. She shouldn’t be able to run for President until she does figure it out and tells the truth about Benghazi. (Who needs hysterics in the White House.) I have kind of spelled it out using Obama’s speech at the UN, if that helps. What we need is Ted Cruz to run and win back some sanity in the WHite House. And if Hillary runs we should get Sarah Palin to assist Ted Cruz to win back the White House, regardless of how the press feels about her makeup. Talk about silly!

By the way, where did the word hilarious come from?

Mountain of God has me stumped but it just occurred to me that it might have something to do with the mountain that Moses received The Ten Commandments. Maybe they know something we don’t about the Mountain of God. Perhaps other mountains like Everest ? Not sure what is meant but I think “spiritually speaking” most of all.


Reminds me of a blind sheik and a puppet at best!

She has her moments but this isn’t one of them.

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 10.25.52 AM

Here is an exerpt by Rush Limbaugh:

“During Clinton running around with Monica Lewinsky, she enabled him to stay in office. She enabled him to stay married. She took all of that, and it’s her turn — and it was her turn in 2008, until Obama came along, and then the party powers chose the young black guy over the… uh, over her.  She’s been a dutiful soldier since then.  So now it’s her turn, and they tell us she has a “diverse resume” and all of this. 

What about competence? “

What about


Not saying he or she murdered these people, but to disregard them and not get to the bottom of who did …… FASCIST and UNACCEPTABLE.

Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 4.51.21 PM

John 7:5-7

For neither did his brethren believe in him. Then Jesus said unto them, My time is not yet come: but your time is alway ready. The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil.

If you read Salute No Man you might understand what I’m referring to and now Bethlehem is being renovated with some kind of funds from some untold source as asked somewhere in this post ‘where did those millions and millions of dollars for the raunchy Obama Care web site actually get funneled or rather tunneled to? How about the fraud in our government’s safety nets mentioned by many, yet never investigated and curtailed.

Rome has a mass of tunnels beneath it I hear…catacombs and passages etc. Which brings to mind the Neocats who seem to have germinated quite a bit through apomixised exponentially in the last few years and pollenated parts of Jerusalem in the process and probably Bethlehem too.

Seems like a neon sign to me.

Pope to travel to Holy Land in May amid peace push

VATICAN CITY (AP) — “Pope Francis says his upcoming trip to the Holy Land aims to boost relations with Orthodox Christians. But the three-day visit in May also underscores Francis’ close ties to the Jewish community, his outreach to Muslims and the Vatican’s longstanding call for peace between…”

Please read

 Keys of the

Kingdom of Heaven

 Check it out if you haven’t already because I’m kind of promoting it in this post. It might make a lot of things make sense that otherwise don’t.


Neil Cavuto lectured America on cutting Obama some slack today December 11th. There are no words to describe how disappointing Neil Cavuto’s political outlook is and his total lack of understanding and empathy for the average american. Very smug also. The guy must be in la la land if he thinks it is justifiable to cut Obama some slack. WIMPY Cavuto is close enough. The guy isn’t even interesting and is as dishonest in his interviews. Watched Neil Cavuto interview Rand Paul and while not shocked by Cavuto’s doublespeak it still is gross to witness. I think he needs to get a big rock and hide under it till he gets with it in his head and begins to grasp his confusion. A very deceptive person I just don’t think he realizes it which is very odd. He is just really weird. Extremely shallow man. And his looks do not betray him! I wonder how he would have reacted if he got caught with his pants down when the depression hit America.

With $3M From Andreessen And Others,

Doctor On Demand Launches To Bring A $40 (Virtual) House Call To Healthcare

Interesting concept! I don’t know the consequences of this kind of treatment but for regular type sicknesses it might help to alleviate long waits, exorbitant fees for regular type sicknesses, and unneeded contamination of others sick with more serious problems and the doctors and nurses at the Doctors offices which can’t hurt, can it, especially if your personal doctor or preferred doctor is included in this business. Saves gas too. In fact it could create jobs for delivery people to deliver the preferred medication or drugs from the doctors preferred pharmacies to their patients and/or they could create their own pharmacies for nominal sicknesses. Saves the doctor precious time and could be a 24 hour service 7 days a week, no matter the weather.

I don’t want doctors to lose their power, productivity, or profit because their investment in their knowledge is immeasurable especially when you find a doctor that you have learned by experience and over time to trust and rely on for sound medical treatment and I want them to be able to rely on their patient’s patronage that they established between them. It’s a two-way relationship and especially important when you have kids to have a doctor that you trust. I don’t want to support a doctor I don’t trust or don’t like personally, or who is a jerk, or for what ever reason is applicable.  I want to keep my doctor in business because he deserves my support.

I’m sure there will be limitations such as a yearly or bi-yearly checkup for certain type ailments but still it could actually be more profitable for doctors because many times people on the go decline to see their doctors and for many other reasons. So in the long run I think doctors might actually rake it in. But I worry it might be a trick of some kind since everything lately seems to be leaning that way.

Obama Care



Obama Care needs to be shut down and if it takes another government shut down or two or three to do it

then do it!

It is crucial to dismantle the program in it’s entirety. I don’t know why some conservatives are so afraid of a shutdown. I sure didn’t blame the Republicans for the shutdown nor did anyone I know, but I did blame the Democrats and Obama for their stubbornness about a terrible bill with terrible consequences.

I think the majority of America (99.75%) will blame the Obama administration and the Democrats and are relying on the Tea Party and many others to defy it, defund it, degrade it, debunk it, and destroy it before it destroys America, our health care, and our economy

even if Paul Ryan and Boehner bow down to their new found friends in the Democratic Party.

Get Boehner off the booze ….it might help!

Watch John Boehner’s epic rant against tea party groups

(He is losing his footing.) If he was as good at his job as he pretends he would never have attacked the best movement his party has had in recent years and I bet Paul Ryan and Michelle have lot to do with it. She is only toying with you.

The selfie episode at Mandela’s funeral was to give you false hope! And you fell for it. It helps Obama and you helped him by dissing your own party and capitulating with Paul Ryan, his stooge/shill. How do you think Obama got elected in the first place besides being rigged in the first place. Not hard to do with computers. If a government agency can take a snapshot of a person on their personal computer in their  home they can hijack the elections. He had a lot of help…..Paul Ryan was his ace in the hole. (Paul Ryan scares the female voters.) The Obama’s are pros at deceiving even in their personal ways to get MO MONEY. She used to ignore Boehner, remember? Rolling her eyes at him so everyone else would notice, etc. More than was necessary because she was trying to get his attention and make him desire her attention. It’s a woman thing. I bet she made him feel powerful too. so powerful that he would rebuke his own party in the news to the press. Not normal for the Speaker of the House. Not very cool.

Dick Morris: Boehner Eats His Young With Attacks on Conservatives

The shut down backfired because Obama and his minions and the press and everyone who has a brain knows they are afraid to confront Obama and they caved too soon. He was losing it mentally which was evident trying to tell the federal workers to stick with him (his cloak) similar to Jim Jones of Guyana, but fear got the best of everyone. You don’t cave till you accomplish your goal. The first shut down was barely noticeable except for the open air monuments and while it was a bit of a nuisance it is worth it to shut down Obama Care. If the weather was bad would you go to an open air monument? So you proved you could go to one by moving fences and barriers. BIG DEAL We still have Obama Care being forced upon Americans most of whom don’t want it. We still have a President breaking laws along with his appointed ones. So what if they acted like assholes about open air monuments. That is the point …… we are dealing with assholes and a tyrant similar to other tyrants in the world and we have to shut it down

because they are assholes.

In order to regain control of our government before it is too late. Git it? Next time support the cause and dig in deeper and don’t let the press scare you. It’s their job to be alarmists and most of the press are in Obama’s camp they just like to pretend they are fighting for you, but they aren’t.

Next time Support Ted Cruz and whoever stands up for freedom and our rights by shutting down the government and let the tyrants and his federal workers and appointees stew in their own poo poo.

Emails reportedly suggest Christie’s office involved in controversial lane closures

The New York Times reported Wednesday that emails indeed show his deputy chief of staff, Bridget Anne Kelly, suggested closures to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey two weeks before the incident. “

Pretty strange kind of activity. Doesn’t fit Christie’s personality to me anyway. Maybe he is being set up as a way to get him undue attention or to pressure him. Hard to know but that seems to be the way of politics these days or rather more than ever. Similar to what happened in the Government shutdown to punish citizens and cause confusion, like they don’t want to be accountable. Duh ——————————————–

How long was the last shut down a few days? That was soft. I expected it to be much longer and couldn’t believe the shallowness of that shut down. Did it accomplish anything? It was symbolic and symbolism has it’s worth. It did expose Obama by the reaction by closing open air monuments etc. Only politically which is not enough. It was practice though and it was mighty interesting to see their reaction so it was a lesson about them. Next time we ought to go for a lot longer and see if it accomplishes the goal. It was about 3 weeks but in those three weeks Obama showed what a dick he is and begged for his federal workers to stick with him. Most did. If the shut down had lasted a lot longer I guarantee he would have chucked Obama Care. Next shut down needs to last a long time to achieve a victory without promising federal workers one thin dime. Obama Care is holding America hostage and  the medical business hostage and doctors and their businesses and business in general hostage etc. Time to hold the federal government hostage in return and take that card of hostage power from the Executive branch of government once and for all that they hold and against everyone and destroy it. The Executive branch is way too powerful and top heavy and needs to be sized down and it needs to go on a diet and until Obama cries U.N.C.L.E.

Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 1.41.08 PM

and invests in a one way ticket with this guy to Uganda and takes his Ba’hai-ethers with him to his paradise.

Honestly, the money that is funneled/tunneled from our taxes and not accounted for should be halted. I think we are assisting unknowingly (some knowingly) in the near future encompassment of Jerusalem and many of the events that we are experiencing since Obama took office such as the hoaxes and real events such as the coverup of Benghazi to keep our eyes off what occurred: to distract and confuse. And in my opinion war veterans ought to be sensitive to the new tactics of war unless they have lost their good sense and should not freak out when the administration stoops to new lows such as closing open air monuments proving that the President and his administration are petty narcissistic tyrants…a fact which we already knew. WWll is over but now we are in a new kind of tension with a new kind of  threats and for the sake of their grandkids veterans and patriots might step back and support government shutdowns for the sake of their grandkids. What’s more important? A statue? a grave site? or getting our country back in the right hands and under our control (the people), fiscally accountable, and out of the hands of a terrorist fascist using drones, the NSA, the IRS, Obama Care and many other horrendous activities to destroy what those war veterans fought for and their brothers in arms died for. Freedoms and the pursuit of happiness, etc. Certainly the war vets that lived through WWll care about generations to come… they not?

  Otherwise their sacrifices were in vain and those monuments are meaningless.

Natasha Leggero’s Stunning ‘Not Sorry’ Response Over Controversial Pearl Harbor Joke

The shutdown was important and could have been a success, but wasn’t.

The group who bussed in vets may have been duped or may be duping Americans about what is really important. Very superficial integrity and played into the hands of the press and others to obfuscate the ambition and the mission of the shutdown. While it made the group who funded the bussing look like they are patriots the failure of the shutdown was the result. THE CONCLUSION WASN’T PATRIOTIC! In fact it was cowardly, shallow, and weak. We would never have won WWll worrying about a monument or two.

Remember Monte Cassino? 

 Next time we ought to try to succeed: That is the point, isn’t it?

It turned into a political game and this isn’t just a political game any more.The Shutdown was and is a great tool ie a strong card to hold and to be implemented and should be tested again and again until he falls. What else can be done besides impeachment by the Congress which seems to have been ignored. His appointees won’t even obey the laws. Someone has to hold the line and hopefully will have the courage to keep fighting Obama and Obama Care. And the American people if they know what is good for them and their children will oblige whoever does have the courage. Anyone have any better ideas? Speak up.I suggest next time that the Senators and Congressmen and women go to their states and hunker down with their constituents before the shut down begins and hold the line as if your future depends upon it….. because your future depends upon it.

GOP Struggle Widens as Boehner Rebukes Hard Right

Paul Ryan uses his principles but he doesn’t really own them. He uses them to bash women over the head very much like O’reilly. It’s their nature since it is nearly impossible to be guilty of sins that only women can commit.

There’s Something About …. his faith which he shares with Obama.

John Boehner on the other hand struggles with his principles and wants to be respected. She played her hand but at least John Boehner wasn’t duplicitous, just outsmarted and thinking with the wrong head for this:

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 6.45.53 PM

I hope next time he won’t fall for false impressions especially on America’s dime and appreciate the strength of his party which are the principles he is supposed to uphold since he is a Republican/conservative. and was elected to esteem those principles and defend them (The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, remember?) in which he erred this time around. I think someone who struggles with their principles is usually a lot more honest than those that don’t in this day and age. So let’s hope he does better next time around and doesn’t get way laid by the Obamas and Paul Ryan.

These are my personal political observations of Michelle’s game with John Boehner.

Can this marriage be saved? GOP, hard-right groups at odds

“In the recent dust-up over the budget deal, the outside groups suspect that Boehner has a hidden motive. They suggest he’s anxious to put economic fights in the rear-view mirror so he can tackle contentious immigration legislation early next year, before the first round of March primaries in Texas and Illinois.

The groups’ suspicions were heightened by the recent high-profile budget success of Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., who favors a way out of the shadows for the estimated 11 million immigrants living in the U.S. in violation of the law, and in Boehner’s hire of a Senate staffer who worked on bipartisan immigration legislation for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.”

Because Paul Ryan wants to own you, CONTROL you and get tax dollars.

I think it would be wise for illegal aliens to stay in the shadows until the leaders of our country regain their sanity.


JapaneseTsunami, Gooey Starfish, Shellfish, and the West Coast

There may be pre-knowledge when Obama met the Chinese at the beginning of his first term in office. I wrote about the Neocatechumenal Way that was a point of contention with the Japanese Roman Catholics who resisted the Neocatechenal Way enforcement because of the rise in suicides since their involvement in Japan. They wanted to wait 5 years. Then a tsunami occurred and affected their nuclear installations.

Japan Quakes after Confirmation of the Neocatechumenal Way

Lots of tweets of course from stars and there was one from Obama about “another on it’s way” but I can’t find the tweets. Either talking about another quake or Franklin Graham coming to Japan. Not sure what he meant and I doubt he would explain. I don’t know anything about computer technology and if someone else can tweet in someone else’s name etc. One interesting point is the Arms of Pope Benedict on this post linked above has a picture and since has changed to include not just one Moor but two now, which is weird. Odd that it would change, isn’t it?

Notice in the article that Pope Benedict said that the Lord had approved of the Neocatechumenal Way. I wonder who he meant by ” the Lord?”

China bans shellfish imports from US West Coast…

‘High levels of arsenic’

China Imposes First-Ever West Coast Shellfish Ban

And they love to serve Americans Sushi

“Is sushi chinese or japanese?”

What is sushi? – Not just raw fish –

“Is sushi equal to raw fish? No. Raw fish is called sashimi in Japan and is not the same as sushi. Sushi indicates foods that use rice seasoned with sweet rice-wine vinegar. Of course, raw fish is the most popular ingredient in sushi, but the main element of sushi is Japanese sticky rice. There are many kinds of sushi, which don’t include raw fish. Cooked fish, shellfish, and various other ingredients can be combined in sushi.

History of Sushi – Came from China –

The origin of sushi is not Japan. It is said that sushi was introduced into Japan in the 7th century from China. People began making sushi to preserve fish by fermentation when there were no refrigerators. Since salt and rice were needed in order to ferment fish, sushi became to be closely related to rice in Japan. Then, it developed into current sushi which combine fish and rice.”

My sisters and my brother and his family went to a really posh restaurant in California near LA and one sister ended up in the hospital and almost died the other was really sick with her husband. The restaurant did not want to be held accountable. That was about a year or more ago. I imagine it isn’t gonna get any better and would think most people would not eat sushi or raw fish anymore considering what is occurring to the starfish and what happened in Japan recently and their intense secrecy regarding their nuclear sites not to mention that Obama seems to want to hide the evidence of sick people in the future using Obama Care. It’s an educated guess. More than likely he doesn’t want anyone to know he might be responsible and with quite a few other collaborators and we know that he does not like to be held accountable under any circumstances. Deny, deny, deny. Refuse to comply with Congress (Sebellius) create diversions anywhere possible whenever necessary and refuse to repeal his coverup.

World Health Organization sees cancer risk rising around the world

I bet they do.

1400% Radiation Hot Spot Found on San Francisco Beach

Never Before Seen Conjoined Gray Whale Calves Discovered Off West Coast

Pretty interesting. I think the reason they are lying is because they are responsible. Not sure intentionally responsible, but responsible nevertheless in order to force the Neocatechumenal Way on Japanese Roman Catholics when they resisted. Probably didn’t think about the repercussions such as nuke sites being at risk of nuclear meltdown, or did they? Like a double-double cross. One group trying to do one thing and another taking advantage of an opportunity and then came Obama Care perhaps to coverup.

Alex Jones is selling Iodide on his site and has a you tube promoting a certain type because he thinks that North America and the Northern Hemisphere is at risk of radiation caused by Fukushima. Funny name Fukushima. I don’t speak Japanese! I have looked at the at that word and anagramatically it is interesting. ISHn’t it?

Obama Care’s phone number was similar to the first two syllables in substance as the name Fukushima.


 Ishma-el ……. El is a diety. Ishmael was Abraham’s first son.


John 8:58

Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham wasI am.
I wonder what Jesus meant?

Before Abraham was…. could be transliterated to Ahead of Abraham but then that would conflict with The Son of man hath not where to lay his head in the Gospel of Matthew and Gospel of Luke:

And Jesus saith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath nowhere to lay his head.

Luke 9:58 And Jesus said unto him, Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath nowhere to lay his head.
(‘Course where and when are two different concepts Before…Ahead…Not where, but when), ….Capiche?

I guess the Department of Health and Human Services is ordering a bunch of Iodide supplements that protect against radiation sickness. 14 million of them. I wonder how many federal employees there are in reality. Seems to me that the west coast should prepare and be given the first dose if it is true. I had heard in another article it was 70 million which might help the people on the West Coast, if this is true.

Is The Government Stockpiling Iodine

In Preparation for Fukushima Meltdown?

Pelosi says to “embrace the suck” ….. I wonder what she means and why she is all giggly about it. Reminds me of the Obama Care advice she offered You have to pass it to read what’s in it and she was giggly then as I recall. Not a good signal when she giggles. WICKED LADY!

They Sucked Me into This Budget Deal

Rush Limbaugh

” Did you know that Paul Ryan interned for John Boehner?  I read that today.  There’s a Washington Examiner some story. 

I didn’t know that, that Ryan interned for Boehner way back when.  “

Screen shot 2013-12-15 at 10.58.42 AM

So what did he know and when did he know it?

Doesn’t Paul Ryan look a bit overbearing? Like Boehner is under his spell!


Yep it’s gettin’ tough and it’s gonna get tougher, I suspect, Thank God.


Americans need to wake up!

Rand Paul Suing Over NSA Policies, Senator Tells Fox New

Just to reiterate they are watching you through your TV screen and listening to your phone calls.

Who are they?………ask FOX!

“Guess who’s on top of the world and who just got knocked down a peg or two,”  said Shepard Smith.

Screen shot 2014-01-03 at 10.30.50 PM

Does plastic freeze?

Apparently these chicks haven’t! They be talking about Sarah Palin and the Pope. Such depth is hard to come by and these girls proved it.

Mind numbing conversing goin’ on here.

Did you approve of her makeup? ….that is the question!

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 2.45.45 AM Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 2.45.30 AM

Sarah Palin Makes Controversial Comment On Pope Francis

They’re cool though, aren’t they?

How “progressive” is the Bill of Rights?

Sarah Palin stood up for it, how ’bout you? Did you stand with Ted Cruz when he needed your support or did you piss and moan about the Government Shut Down? : The difference between pandering and acting progressive or standing up against tyranny and handouts. Today they are voting on unemployment benefits so that Obama and the “progressives” may win votes and steal OPM instead of standing up for freedom, free market, independence, and a healthy economy so that the unemployed can find jobs and be free, also to enjoy the rights endowed by our Creator.


One quality about Sarah Palin you cannot deny is her sincerity.


Aren’t you tired of liars. Hasn’t the Obama Administration taught you that at the very least?

(I’m giving credit where credit is due:)

Obama says that unemployment benefits don’t inhibit a person from wanting to look for a job.  Not true. It does inhibit some but the worst part about it is it is slight of hand by the feds to appease the jobless with handouts and appeases them from desiring a better government that is accountable to the people. It masks the real problems in our government and that is lousy leadership in government so that they may own your ass.

Rome loves handouts and so do Democrats: it makes them feel powerful and gives them that feeling of charity, makes them look good, gets votes, enabling dependence and slavery because they don’t do what they are supposed to do such as getting the economy back on track so that those that are unemployed might feel empowered by their own progress in the job market as well. Why? Because they don’t know how to get it back on track. They like to tell people what they can and cannot eat, how large a drink, who will be their doctor, and pretty soon you too are wearing burkas and they love to take credit for everything.

Why did the Secret Service kill that woman in the car near the White House? Because she dared to drive a car? Or to steal her baby?

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 9.43.38 AM

Do you think they should be

allowed to vote?

NSA won’t say whether it spies

on Congress

“The NSA provided a preliminary response Saturday that said Congress has “the same privacy protections as all U.S. persons.”


That is partially why Congress needs to vacate Washington go back to their states send mail the slow way, get some walkie talkies because between the NSA spying and the “federal workers”  who can’t be fired and spies on both sides of the aisle (but mostly on the Republican side to destroy and make the Republicans, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights powerless)

there is no privacy for Congress.

What happened to liberty and Rand Paul.  He wants Snowden to go to prison and wants a class action lawsuit against the NSA and Obama wants equal pay, unemployment benefits for a life time, and take tips from waitresses for a period of time so he can steal from them too. Like I said the Consumption tax is the fairest and no one will have to give their salary or information about how much they are worth to anyone and save themselves a lot of headaches and save their own necks.

GOP is losing on unemployment insurance — and running scared

Time for a government shut down if the Left/Dems do not want to stop fraud and abuse as Senator Ayotte suggested to get their bill passed for the unemployed than it is apparent that they want unemployment and fraud. The lady at Fox that interviewed her acted like a loon as if Senator Ayotte was on the wrong track for wanting to stop fraud and abuse….why? Probably Fox News and other press agencies receive benefits somehow from that fraud and abuse that goes to millionaires and billionaires and people that do not exist. It is possible that is how and why they double cross the Rep’s in the press. They don’t want anyone to know who it really goes to because in a roundabout way it probably goes to them and they don’t want the Rep’s to find out that they actually are undermining them by double crossing them and the unemployed via Rome and their allies of Islam. I know that Ayotte is Catholic but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t being double-crossed too because in the long run it will destroy your freedom which is slipping away because of false pride and the abject ignorance of catholics. Remember the dark ages hurt catholics too and their mystery is the root cause of ignorance to keep you in the dark.

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 2.20.59 PM

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 2.29.18 PMDon’t read your bible it might enlighten you. Just skip on your tippy toes through it like Tiny Tim and the two lips. Wake up before the lies and Obama’s shit flies in your face and you have eat it yourself like Chris Christie is facing now and you have to watch your kids eat it. That’s what happens to those that defend Obama …they become toilet paper for the  Obamas. Take a REAL stand for accountability and help your fellow man in REALITY instead of exacerbating the lies and the downfall of your own freedoms and your own lives. Ayotte is not stupid she just doesn’t understand.  The Dems and the false Rep’s want their cake and eat it too. If the Republicans have any courage and any sane Dems they will win against fraud and help the unemployed by shutting down the government, ridding the government of future and past fraud involved in Obama Care by repealing the law, which will help the unemployed in the long run find jobs that Obama Care is taking from people and their personal doctors they chose over the years as well as fraud that is robbing the people. This time go all the way until the insane Dems and false Reps cave in to common sense and sanity.

Hopefully, Rand Paul isn’t using his lawsuit for political gain but if he really was a patriot he would start impeaching the President. Not like Congress doesn’t have a plethora of evidence against President Obama already. You had enough evidence a long time ago. I feel like Congress might be more successful buying a voodoo doll of Obama and sticking pins in it. Why is it so hard to pin this guy down and question him before Congress? He isn’t that sharp just resourceful which provides plenty of evidence as well. Don’t you want to see him on the other end of the cattle prod. Believe me he will lose his composure quite fast and provide everything you need to impeach him because of that short temper and enormous ego. I imagine a few 8 hour days of questioning and he will fold, maybe a week. Remember when he was heard to say 56 states in the USA. Now that is not sharp! Quiz him about his knowledge. He is ultra sensitive like a china doll and will break humsef. Be sure to check for hearing apparatuses so he can’t cheat. I recall at one event when running for the office he lost it. Not sure what caused it …….a flash in the eyes, but something happened to cause him to act and sound like Dennis Rodman. Remember? Find out what it was that caused his discombobulation and befuddlement and prepare to insure it occurs again and again and again. It might be something in the eyes that has been implanted enabling him to read and repeat and then

occupy him.

Find out everything he does and doesn’t know. That ought to be interesting.

Push his Islamic buttons.

(Be sure to put him in the fleet seat and hammer him, agitate him, get him riled up. He will cop an attitude and expose himself. Be sure to flash him yourself. Get Senator Mikulski to do the same. Really work him in into a lather and he won’t know what to do or say. You can’t be conventional with this person.

He isn’t normal.)

The UN speech and the lies by Obama and his appointees

after Benghazi should have been

reason and evidence enough.!!!!!!

If an artist is allowed to urinate on a depiction of Jesus we have the right to insult Islam and Mohammed.

The future belongs to those who do insult Islam and Mohammed, if they so desire!

It’s called freedom.

Remember 9-11? That was a whole lot more than an insult that was an act of war by ISLAM and MOHAMMED.

It was not caused by Saddam Hussein, as evil as he was. The attackers were Saudi Arabian, not Iraqis! We sort of missed the mark by a long shot and should have destroyed Mecca instead. Not very intelligent….If we had conducted WWll the same way we would have attacked Thailand after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor …it makes as much sense! And if we had attacked Mecca instead we would not be having the troubles we have today. Just because the Saudis were being trained in Afghanistan doesn’t mean we should attack Afghanistan either. Did the Afghanistan people come to America and slam planes into the twin towers? No the Saudis took over parts of Afghanistan to train the Saudis and control parts of Afghanistan. Who destroyed the monuments in Afghanistan? Weren’t there some real big ones that were obliterated? Yes there were.

Afghanistan Taliban Muslims destroying Bamiyan Buddha Statues

I linked the two pages to show the ones that were destroyed in Afghanistan so you may see. The USA trained the Saudis to fly planes but did Americans fly planes into the towers? No. This is a Saudi Arabian and Mecca poison. You want to make a difference destroy Mecca and the oil they profit from for their prophet and it’s followers to afford to go to other countries and displace other people to do their dirty work. I know they sent people to Syria as well. It is their belief to do what they do. So you teach them that their prophet and their religion is shit. Voila. )


Now look what has replaced it.

Twin Towers Replacement: Mosque and Islam Cultural Center

Posted on May 8, 2010 by chillguy33

“The much heralded “religion of peace” will replace the Twin Towers with a mosque, and an Islamic Cultural Center.

My guess is that the $100 Million cash will come from the vast hoard of unexpended “stimulus” funds Obama has diverted (stolen) and amassed in his reelection coffers.

New York Morons (capital M) want their daughters to marry handsome Muslim polygamists and experience clitorectomy. Obama change. Islamic culture which is ? Stoning women with a sun-tan qualifies in New York as culture?

The “religion of peace” is actually the religion of conquest; but we knew that. In New York, this amounts to “culture.”

$100 million mosque slated for site near Ground Zero


G.W. Bush Quote

 ‘When I take action, I’m not going to fire a $2 million missile at a $10 empty tent and hit a camel in the butt.’

He also said that Islam was not the enemy……….Guess what he is absolutely wrong again. Islam is not a religion of peace. That is the lie.

They lie about anything and everything that is how they succeed which is the power of deception. How do you think Obama learned to lie so easily.

The False Prophet is Mohammad.

I believe the man at Benghazi being dragged around was sent to me as a witness to me. I had some unusual major problems and I believe he helped me and that some miracles happened to me that I witnessed. I saw them. I witnessed the miracles. He was a witness to me that what happened at Benghazi and the vast amount of lies afterward about it by the Obama Administration and the speech at the UN by Obama revealed to me that Obama and his wife are evil. It made me notice what was said at the UN soon after Benghazi and by others afterwards such as Susan Rice and made me notice all the other things too such as the disinformation etc and that is a witness. The shutdown and the response by Obama and his administration proved they are evil. The response of the Obamas to the hurricane Sandy were evil…she sent her heart to them and went to Hawaii and schmoozed the military at the funeral of the Senator from Hawaii Senator Inouye because they need the military to do their evil. There is more of course about them that proves they are evil but it gets redundant to repeat. When will our government realize it and oust them? When will Americans wake up? The hoaxes…..that is deception all to divert attention. That is what happened in the middle east as well. Divert and get us beating around the bush so we don’t hone in on the problem we have which is Islam and the false religions that support it by aiding and abetting their war on the world because “a woman rides the beast” profiteering by her offerings and the offerings of others by going along and enabling it and vice-versa. It is a mutually advantageous relationship one covering for the other. There is deception in the bible as well which we can learn by. There were evil kings told about which deceived etc and Christians keep saying they believe in the bible…. all of it verbatim, but do they believe in those evil kings as well? Obama’s theme is faith… in his lies?

Do you have faith that the future must not  belong to those that

insult Islam and it’s prophet?

That is what he said at the UN soon after Benghazi amidst the lies about a video tape causing Islamic extremists reacting to a video tape excuse offered by the Vatican by Fredrico Lombardi, Susan Rice repeating it many times, Hillary Clinton’s hysterics “What does it matter…” at the hearings to avoid answering questions, and Obama denying it even happened saying, “There is no there there” which turned out to be lies. Do you have faith in those excuses? Those things occurred but do you have faith in those excuses? Do you have faith in Obama Care? That is how he plans to make a future which doesn’t include those that insult Islam and it’s prophet. Do you have faith in his blind hope? I sure don’t.


How many times has he double crossed the people of America? So keep the faith because to me it is worthless.

Remember what gift he offered Pope Benedict xv1 at the G8 meetings? A mantle. Wonder why, don’t you? It was relevant.

On Fox News Tues. January 7th Bill O’reilly had pictures of men in Fallujah Iraq who supposedly are related to Al Queda and guess what they were wearing? Tablecloths just like they wear in Saudi Arabia on their heads and in Italian restaurants they dine on them. Interesting huh. Here is another link to some pictures of new fighting and conquest in Iraq:

Al-Qaeda-linked force captures Fallujah amid rise in violence in Iraq

So far Obama Care is a failure I believe it will fail. So far Obama and his administration haven’t succeeded at anything except little by little dismantling our rights and our hopes as a free country. I think until Obama is dismantled and impeached we ought to forget about celebrating Independence Day because it obviously is a farce (Pharisee) and a joke.


The Obama experiment has been a succession of failures, unfortunate events, cover ups, hoaxes, a multitude of lies and great confusion.

That’s pitiful!

I don’t think it is possible for the Obamas to be anything butt scumbags!

Would I lie to you 

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 11.33.38 PM

Cruz Calls President ‘Dangerous And Terrifying’

Ted Cruz: Democrats will rue letting

President Obama’s lawlessness slide

More blog posts at : Merangue’s Blog

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America Land of the Nuns and Dishtowels



land of the free,

home of the brave

nerfing into


land of the nuns,

home of the dishtowels.

We need to get a grip and oust Obama from office

and anyone under the influence of the mob



Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 11.09.18 AM screen-shot-2012-12-03-at-11-12-06-am

Do they look alike?

Not to me.

I believe he was the target…>

I believe Ambassador Chris Stevens is alive somewhere and this was and is his enemy.  I think they were enemies because of who they serve. Ambassador Stevens served the Vatican. Obama, Susan Rice, and Hillary also served the Vatican which serves or is served by the UN.

The Weather report:

Matthew 16:1-3

16 The Pharisees also with the Sadducees came, and tempting desired him that he would shew them a sign from heaven. He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? Greta’ Van Susteren’s show On The Record of Fox News sometimes has weather reports, could she have, may she have been, I think she might be aware of the times?

Sean Hannity of Fox News had two guests on Feb. 18th, 2013 who have written an e-book since the Benghazi execution which was September 11th and already have promoted that book about the actions of the men at the scene of the crime. That is miraculous to have the information provided and even the dialogue between the people involved and yet the American people don’t even know where Barack and Michelle Obama were for those 11 hours, nor the Senate and Congress. I say 11 hours because it started out to be an 11 hour event that shrunk to 8 hours over time one of the reasons was not enough time to save some people and this interview brings it back to 11 or more hours.

I watched this video and noticed the man being interviewed got caught by the camera in what appears to be a BIG LIE.



‘Benghazi: The Definitive Report’

“Book pieces together night of terror strike”

Sean Hannity: Now a new E-book claims that the attacks may have been retaliation for some off the books counter terror operations that were run by John Brennan and that’s the Presidents nominee for CIA Director.

And joining me now are the authors of that new book Benghazi: The Definitive Report former US Army Ranger Jack Murphy and former Navy Seal Brandon Webb. And by the way on the floor of our studio we projected a map of Benghazi.

Now, before we get to the book we’re gonna go through the timeline of events from that night. Guys welcome uh to the program. Good to see you both.  (they mumble ) Look this is important because you’re saying that events that we don’t know about could have precipitated these attacks. Good Summary?

They are the experts so why say it’s absolutely accurate to say


This is lawyer jargon and is absolutely “meaningless.” 

Jack Murphy: Yeah. Yeah. That’s absolutely accurate.

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 12.56.01 AM

Sean Hannity: Okay. And… Alright. So let’s start with the timeline of events.

Jack Murphy: Its began at approximately 9:40 at night when the attacks were initiated with RPG’s hitting the consulate, actually the temporary mission facility that we know now that we call it the consulate. Uh, at that point the local militia guards were unarmed they fleed (FLEAD?). They were only armed with bats (BATS?) essentially, so when they see this mob coming they take off. They cut and run. The attackers breached the main gate and they overrun the compound? Uh, uh, at this point Ambassador Stephens er is going into the safe room inside the consulate and the DSS agents were retrieving their tactical gear and making a call up the higher to say they’re getting hit. So by 10:05 ? What you have is…

So what about the bloody hand prints on the walls inside Benghazi.

Is that the cutting and running? This is BS.

If all the deaths happened on the rooftop,

then what happened inside?

Looked like torture and execution to me on those walls.

Bloody prints of fingers dragging down on the walls inside…..Remember?

What was that, for effect?

Sean Hannity: Can I just stop you right there?

Jack Murphy: Yeah.

Sean Hannity: F for those that said this was uh in retaliation for a you-tube video and this was a spontaneous demonstration: they had mortars, rocket propelled grenades. This was not, this was not spontaneous.

Jack Murphy: No, it’s not spontaneous. And in the State Department they talk about arresting or detaining a Libyan policeman who’s taking pictures of the consulate with his cell phone that morning.

Sean Hannity: Right.

Jack Murphy: So there were people planning this attack ahead of time.

What does a cell phone have to do planning ahead of time?

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 1.26.55 AM

Sean Hannity: Okay, back to the timeline.

Jack Murphy: So by 10:55, 10:05 PM. Excuse me. Ty Woods and other Global Response staff members from the nearby annex about half a mile away were preparing to go to the consulate and rescue the State Department’s personel who were tied up there and Ty Woods was really instrumental in uh setting, putting together that rescue effort and insisting that it go forward and go in there.

Sean Hannity: Now, he was told to stand down and I interviewed his father and his family…

Jack Murphy: By the…..

Sean Hannity: We, we still don’t have answers to that question.

Jack Murphy: It, it, it was actually the person who was in charge of the annex that initially said, “No. it’s not our job to go in there.” Um, but Ty actually convinced them otherwise, and to his credit that person actually reversed course and agreed with Ty.

So who was in charge of the annex?

How does an ex-Navy-seal or an Army Ranger know? 

Obviously, he has been given the details by the way of ” the higher.”

And who might that be?

Sean Hannity: Did he convince them or did he disobey orders?

Jack Murphy: I,  I think he convinced them.

(turns back to the right at Brandon Webb laughing)

Does he look trustworthy?

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 1.52.46 AM

I was under the impression he disobeyed orders

so what is that whole story about?

Stand down, etc? 

What about the footage that we have seen numerous times with armed men threatening each other on a rooftop……..

was that “the convincing”?

How do these guys know all this and where were they 3 months ago?

These two men are on Fox News with Hannity to put a stop to the investigation

with false information, IMO.

 Fox News made a diagram of buildings with stick figures moving here and there in

 to look official

and ta da FINI. 

How would he know if Ty convinced them?

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 1.24.16 AM

WebbI think, you know, Ty just showed a lot of initiative. He was a senior guy, years of special operations, and he just said, “look eh”,  knowing and being overseas and being in these conflicts before, he said, “We need to act now to save these americans. If we don’t move now, and go, more people are going to die.”

(So was Ty not american? Maybe Tiger Woods knows?)

Hannity: Okay, back to the timeline.

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 2.33.30 AM

(Obviously has notes, I guess 3 months isn’t enough time to get it memorized)

Murphy: By 11 PM, the eh attackers completely overran the compound and the uh team uh from the uh annex is making their way to the consulate to conduct this rescue operation.

Webb: Um, once they’re at the annex the…. basically, the attack slowly followed them back and so the one. The one difference between the uh the State Department uh Compound and the CIA Annex is that the CIA had a very heavily fortified position. I mean, they had their act together when it comes to security so they, you know, throughout the night they were fending off uh small attacks. And then 5 AM the team from Tripoli (Libya or Lebanon?) comes up and it, it’s important, the the the the team from Tripoli is important, because here you have a group of CIA JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) Operators and which included Glen Doherty (licks)

“The Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) is a subunified command of the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).  It is charged to study special operations requirements and techniques, ensure interoperability and equipment standardization, plan and conduct special operations exercises and training, and develop joint special operations tactics.”

who were trying desperately to get up to Benghazi. (gulps) Um, you look at why it’s important is because ultimately the 2 JSOC, uh Joint Special Operations guys; they had uh a device called a Rover, which is essentially – you, it beams down the the  predator drone for ..(probably lazer but not sure of the word he said)… device. So that now they have an increased situational on the ground (licks) at the CIA Annex and they ultimately made the call when they saw that more and more attackers were amassing outside of the gate: Glen went up to the roof, saw Ty, they embraced and they were still engaged in the fight. Then they got bracketed by three mortar rounds. The first one hit Ty, uh killing him. The second one hit Glen. The third one uh injured one of the other security guys on the rooftop.

At just before 7:30 they made the decision Hey, we gotta get out of here.

(Who made the decision? JSOK Operators?)

So without that, without those guys coming up from Tripoli and having that Rover Device to to get the Predator footage, the the decision to evacuate everyone may not have been made and they may have been overrun themselves.

What is the Predator footage? I guess it’s the drone footage, but of what?

So the Americans were there for 11 hours before they the (predator guys) made the decision to get out of there after Ty and Glen were killed and the two other security agents were shot.

How about the DSS agents who were getting their tactical gear?

Defense Security Service (DSS) 

“The Defense Security Service supports national security and the warfighter, secures the nation’s technological base, and oversees the protection of US and…….”

Were they saving the equipment first?

And where are those americans? Didn’t Senator Kerry debrief them somewhere in Europe? Sen. Lindsay Graham mentioned that Senator Kerry now Sec. of State interviewed the rescued people involved, yet they have disappeared. How come our government isn’t allowed to speak to them? Is that why Sen. Kerry is now Sec. of State because he was willing to be involved in the coverup?

(Close to 11 hours has passed, not 8)

Here is a site I found that kind of demonstrates drone kills. In it they blow up a white pickup truck driving down the road and there is a voice that gives them the target and the other two people follow along as if it is not real. Interesting to watch however I would not want to be on the other end of this strike or behind it.


WATCH: The Safeway to kill:

Inside a Predator Strike

“It’s a video made by Raytheon Corporation, a major US military contractor, to promote its Common Ground Control System (CGCS). The CGCS is hardware/software package that enables drone operators to conduct surveillance and execute strikes anywhere in the world, from the security of a military base in the US. “

Behind the Predator Drone


“Raytheon Company is a major Americandefense contractor and industrial corporation with core manufacturing concentrations inweapons and military and commercial electronics. It was previously involved in corporate and special-mission aircraft until early 2007. Raytheon is the world’s largest producer of guided missiles.[2]

‘Tornado clearly targets conservatives’: Daily Show creator faces backlash over insensitive tweet

Another safeway to kill would be to use a weather manipulator such as HAARP and target your destruction in a large swath such as occurred in Oklahoma for two days. Of course tornadoes are a natural occurrence but they also can be produced with the right factors being manipulated such as can be done with HAARP. So this woman isn’t necessarily off the mark when she made her intuitive insensitive tweet kind of like when I posted on this particular post my opinion about Angelina Jolie before I knew she was contemplating her new breasts because of her fears of breast cancer. Why is it so hard to believe that our government under the leadership we have now is not above using a weapon such as HAARP to kill and threaten others? Look what happened in Japan when the Pope insisted upon the Neocatechumenal Way for the Japanese Catholics who were resisting. Japan had a tsunami. Obama tweeted that another was on it’s way after the Tsunami, what he meant was the Way ie Franklin Graham and his minions etc. The Way that Nancy Pelosi adored because she was in love with Dr. Zhivago -Rahm Emanuel- who believed in using crises to gain an advantage. This is the new era for bullies and weapons of mass destruction under the guise of mother nature. In the case of Obama it is to punish and redirect attention because of his crisis of Benghazi he is now enduring because he is against having to be held accountable. He is a monster, but he is black, a Democrat, a good speech giver, has a sense of humor, and Islamic….

so it’s okay.

 (20 third graders died? I wonder why they weren’t evacuated)

Obama to make statement on Oklahoma disaster ===ought to be a good one! I wonder if he will cry.

Oklahoma’s Preemptive Strike Against Sharia Law

Okla. residents took shelter in basements, bathtubs

(This blood and sadness looks real unlike the hoaxes of late.)


Check out this post called:

Michelle Obama, Where’d You Get Those Peepers

Back to the interview with Hannity:


Hannity: And then we learned through Leon Panetta’s testimony that he briefed the President only when it began and the President never re asked for an update throughout the rest of the night.

Webb or Murphy: Yea.

Hannity: These guys were under fire and we didn’t send anybody to help them. Now let me get this last question in. The premise of your book The Definitive Report beyond the timeline that we’re going through here you claim that there were incidents that the American public had never heard about where we attacked them. (incredulously)

Attacked who? What are they talking about and who is telling these guys we attacked them “whoever” they are. Sounds like an excuse to me.

It’ not my fault….

sounds like OBAMA

because someone is trying to warn the American people about OBAMA

which is an attack on OBAMA in his mind

even though he does the killing or has his mob do it.

(His shell was pierced and he had to react ….kind of excuse. What else could he have done kind of pyschology! Sort of like you only have yourself to blame kind of mentality.)

 Brandon or Murphy: Yes. Yea.

Hannity: In that we might have precipitated this and that then puts I think a lot more clarity on maybe why it happened and also then it it does there’s no explanation at that point why we didn’t at least eh eh ac abide by the requests by Ambassador Stevens to give him more security.

Murphy: I I think one of the big take aways from all this is that the State Department didn’t have any visibility on these operations. They didn’t have the where with all to even know that this counter attack, that this blow back from other operations is coming. THEY COULN’T HAVE KNOWN.


However, there was an escalation of terrorists attacks against american assets inside Benghazi over the summer. Uh and that alone should have been enough to elevate their security ……….

Brandon: I think we saw the State Department really not prepared in Benghazi. The requests were were going up the chain of command. They, they weren’t being responded to so the State Department was in a very poor situation when it comes to security to begin with.

Hannity: So before the security was denied, during no help came except for Ty and and the other guys and after they lied. True?

Brandon: Yea yea. There’s no accountability. People are they’re in this political game of musical chairs, but you know it it’s important to us ta to really to get the truth. I mean our bias in this whole thing is to to make sure these heros are represented. Their story is told and if there’s any bias it’s to get the truth.

Hannity: All right, guys. Thank you very much. Appreciate your good work here.

Murphy: Thank you.

Yea, right.


John 16:2-4

They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me. But these things have I told you, that when the time shall come, ye may remember that I told you of them. And these things I said not unto you at the beginning, because I was with you. Excellent article about Benghazi (one of the first) Good questions. Please Read:

LYONS: Benghazi cover-up continues, nearly six months later

and another good one with good questions:

GAFFNEY: Unanswered questions about Benghazi

Mystery persists six months after killings

……..”Specifically, what was the urgency of Stevens‘ last official act — an evening meeting with the Turkish consul general?”……… HMMMMM Syria comes to mind ……..”Why did the president insist for as long as two weeks after the episode that the video was involved, prompting him to declare — among other troubling statements — at the United Nations on Sept. 25, “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”?……. Here is another very good article: Comprehensive investigative report

Body of lies from Benghazi to Barack

by Doug Hagmann “…..Because easily obtainable evidence exists that the video was not the cause of the violence but a made-to-order excuse for it,…..” (First mentioned by the Vatican spokesman for Pope Benedict who is Father Lombardi and repeated by our President to the UN, Susan Rice and the State Department! ) “…..To bring more specificity to the above, it would appear that there is a possible connection between the dissemination of the controversial video with the 2008passport office break-in scandal that involved improper computer access to the passport records of Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and John McCain. The latter is an enigma in its own right, having its own level of complicity and complexity. Additionally, that particular event appears to involve other events at its periphery, including but not limited to the murder of the key witness in that case, Lieutenant Quarles Harris Jr……” On April 8, 2008, Obama continued to comment on the fact that the confidentiality of his passport records were apparently compromised. It was on this occasion when Obama admitted, for the first time in any public venue as a presidential candidate, that he traveled to Pakistan in 1981. One wonders whether Obama would have disclosed his Pakistan trip at this time had it not been for the uncertainty that the information was already “in play.” (Is the theater the same theater in the JFK you tubes? Probably is linking (as does the neo-nazi religion of Od) I am to the Vine theater. Trying to anyway, but seemed to have petered out in that regard. ) This is definitely a religious conspiracy! Lots more in that article worth reading! Isn’t that where Osama Bin Laden was living?

Death of Osama bin Laden

2001 was the year of the first September 11th attack on the World Trade Centers and it seems to me President Obama has come to finish off America’s economy. Could be he was the person behind the eight ball of that first attack. His first Correspondent’s dinner in his first term as the President he mentioned a few things about touring Manhattan and about resting on the 73rd day of his term. It would be great if someone asked him to explain what he meant. The second term Correspondent dinner he said :

“In my first term, I sang Al Green;

in my second term, I’m going with Young Jeezy.

 In my first term, we ended the war in Iraq;

in my second term, I will win the war on Christmas.”

Wonder what he meant? Clinton said he wanted more cookies. Please read:

Tell No Man

GOP congressional leaders meet on Libya, vow coordinated inquiry into terror attack


“Graham told Fox News, in an interview with Bret Baier, that he’d spoken to survivors who claimed they had been told not to talk. “I’ve had contact with some of the survivors. Their story is chilling. They feel afraid to tell it. It’s important they come forward to tell their story,” Graham said. “Some are back working for the government. Some are still injured. The bottom line is they feel that they can’t come forth. They’ve been told to be quiet.” THAT IS UNAMERICAN, but very much like the MOB WITNESSES AFRAID AND TOLD TO KEEP QUIET. THAT IS RIDICULOUS!


IF we can get an answer to that question it would open many avenues to research. THE ONLY PEOPLE WE KNOW THAT HAVE VISITED THE WITNESSES ARE KERRY, OBAMA, AND GRAHAM at WALTER REED ARMY HOSPITAL.

Benghazi’s Silenced Witnesses Hidden In Plain Sight?

Posted 03/26/2013 06:31 PM ET “Benghazi Scandal: A Virginia congressman says the witnesses to an act of war on sovereign U.S. territory are being held incommunicado in a Washington, D.C., hospital by their own government. Free the American 30″……” …….”It matters to GOP representatives Frank Wolf of Virginia and Jim Gerlach of Pennsylvania, who have written to new Secretary of State John Kerry asking him for the names and contact information for each of the individuals who survived Benghazi.”…….

Obama Inc. Intimidating Benghazi Survivors into Keeping Quiet?

Sean Smith’s mother, Patti Smith, was told to keep quiet by someone. She is complaining about the response she received by Hillary Clinton, Pres. Obama and Leon Panetta when she was interviewed by Sean Hannity. Why doesn’t she expose the person who told her to keep quiet? Why didn’t Sean Hannity ask her to tell? What good does it do to keep quiet? Then she is invited to some ceremony for her son but she has to pay her own way which is silly. Then her daughter-in-law in the Netherlands (married I suppose to Sean Smith) is telling the mom she has to go through her and that she was not invited and would have to pay her own way to the ceremony for her son. This is the most bizarre response even from the daughter-in-law. The ceremony sounds very false and is going to be for used for some political agenda. If I were the mother I would tell who it is that is keeping her quiet and not attend the ceremony.

Mother Of Slain Benghazi Officer To Sean Hannity:

‘They Want Me To Shut Up

Letter: Obama has forgotten four Benghazi deaths

“I got a bit of a chuckle when President Barack Obama vowed last week to never forget the 20 children killed in the Newtown massacre: “Shame on us if we’ve forgotten. I haven’t forgotten those kids.” “He has, however, conveniently forgotten the U.S. ambassador and three other brave Americans who died in Benghazi last year.”….

And those deaths at Newtown were a farce as I have tried to show in many of my posts. Of course he won’t forget them. He is keeping them close so he won’t have to deal with Benghazi.

What are they getting, money?  While Pope Benedict has resigned the article below has some good links about the connection of Roman Catholicism and Islam by Walter Veith. Might educate the average person about some big similarities, coincidences, and possibly a covenant between the two religions. I would think that would be worth investigating if you care about the truth. The inclusion of many religions is Rome’s conquest because they are behind the conglomeration of all religions with themselves being the mother hen of them all. I hope you take time to listen to Walter Veith’s you tubes. Quite revealing. Please read:

Pope Benedict XVI and His Power of Suggestion


Scientists trace origin of destructive giant meteor in Russia as coming from ‘Apollo’ asteroids (Video)

Funny, because Benghazi is one of the sites of the Apollo Temples. The place of the skull kind of temples.
Wonder if it is connected in “signs and wonders” kind of way?


The Hebrew term Abaddon (Hebrew: אֲבַדּוֹן‎, ‘Ǎḇaddōn), an intensive form of the word “destruction”, appears as a place of destruction in the Hebrew Bible. In a vision in the New Testament Book of Revelation, an angel called Abaddon is shown as the king of an army of locusts; his name is first transcribed in Greek as “whose name in Hebrew Abaddon” (Ἀβαδδὼν), and then translated as, “which in Greek means the Destroyer” (Apollyon, Ἀπολλύων). The Latin Vulgate, as well as the Douay Rheims Bible, has an additional note (not present in the Greek text), “in Latin Exterminans”, exterminans being the Latin word for “destroyer”.


According to the Brown Driver Briggs lexicon, the Hebrew abaddon (Hebrew: אבדון; avadon) is an intensive form of the Semitic root and verb stem abad (אָבַד) “perish” (transitive “destroy”), which occurs 184 times in the Hebrew Bible.

Hebrew Bible

The term abaddon appears six times in the Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible; abaddon means destruction or “place of destruction”, or the realm of the dead, and is associated with Sheol.

I think Congress and the Senate

ought to get some answers

from Barack and Michelle Obama.

ABC cuts first lady’s claim teen killed by automatic weapon

“Questions today in America’s 2nd amendment debate after First Lady Michelle Obama chose to discuss the need for a new gun control in her opinion during an interview with Good Morning America. During that interview the First Lady said that 15 year old Hadia Hendleton who was shot and killed in Chicago just after she had preformed in the President’s Inauguration. The First Lady saying that she was shot because quote “some kids had automatic weapons they didn’t need.” a detail not supported by police or apparently the facts. Chicago authorities have said they believe the fact that this child was killed by a handgun. However, in the video clip the mention of automatic weapons was edited out.” Listen: Michelle Obama: She was standing out in a park with her friends in a neighborhood blocks away from where my kids grow grew up, where our house is and she was caught in the line of fire. I just don’t want to keep disappointing our kids in this country. I want them to know that we put them first. So that in the piece that aired on TV they edited out the bit about the automatic weapons. ABC claims they did that for the sake of time.” She knew what she was saying and added irrelevance about a chemistry test, because that’s what liars do.

I think the problem Michelle Obama

had with this young lady

who was killed was that

she stood out.

WHY IN THE WORLD DID SHE SAY this stuff? Pretty weird. I think Michelle Obama is a very jealous person.  My dog died yesterday the same day Michelle Obama gave advice about dog exercise and dog food. Interesting. My dog was about 18 years old and her name was Lady. My other dog Buck was shot about a year ago by a neighbor’s visitor who was drunk. They were young and feuding over the mistreatment of a girl. The abuser pulled the gun. We did not realize our dog had been shot because dogs hide pain. Both dogs had legs. Soon after he had died we saw 2 dogs on the run both black labs and were able to catch one, the other disappeared (looked like Buck) and returned the dog it to it’s owner.


As far as North Korea and it’s leader Pyongadong and his aunt overseer maybe they have gone the way that the Egyptian Pharoahs did via inbreeding and is affecting his/her brain.

I don’t think Michelle likes criticism either…..


Now, the Pope has left his post and retired for the sake of the church. Says he’ll be hidden. In Catholic prophecy he is the 2nd to the last pope for their church system, but who knows whether or not in reality whether he isn’t really the last pope to reign. Lots of eerie coincidences! I know it sounds weird, but it was because of this incident that made me realize Obama was very bad news and because I think the man on the right at the top is one of the two witnesses in  revelations of the bible. One thing for sure he warned me that our government is not ours anymore. The Vatican gave the excuse for Benghazi – the Video Tape – on the 12th of September before anyone else did, after a few mob riots at other places in Egypt then Susan Rice did her appearances and then Obama did his appearance at the UN blaming the video tape for the execution of a few americans at Benghazi (could be more since we don’t know what happened to the others…they sort of disappeared into thin air). Somewhere in between these appearances Hillary Clinton distanced herself from this evil video tape, also. A video tape is no excuse (and ridiculous) for what happened, but now we have the Definitive Report which is ridiculous too. The man who made the videotape is in jail, supposedly. And since then Obama has managed to create crisis after crisis about anything he can mostly “the economy stupid” to distract from what occurred and a few massacres, martyrdoms, and murders and some merciless bumps in the road soon after Benghazi when Israel was attacked: article-2235635-1621f8b1000005dc-779_634x404 ….because he was exposed for what he is… a drool for the Vatican and Islam and they are drools also which basically are the stinkin’ mob. Obviously a false religion promoting a false religion the religion of the mob. They will use anything or anyone to keep power because they are evil cowards. (legion of ants, locusts, fleas and worms)

America’s unique relationship with the Vatican

“Q: How important and you were an important part of this, of course during your years, how important is the relationship between the United States and the Vatican? Secretary Jim Nicholson: It’s extremely important to, to the world. The Vatican has diplomatic relations with 194 countries. And the Vatican, the Catholic Church is one of the largest purveyors of the human assistance in the world. And a great deal of the resources that they get to hand out to people comes from the United States because the United States government, the United States people, and Catholics in the pews are very generous and they send a lot of money to Rome and the church does a very able job through it’s missionaries and it’s volunteers non-governmental agencies in administering that. Perfect example was the great amount of assistance that we gave to Africa. President Bush led us on that uh in in fighting off malaria and and aids. I was very involved as our ambassador in that. Uh, . So, so that coupling of our our natural resource base and their their missionary zeal, their commitment to human dignity, and helping people have a better life is a, is a very important partnership to people in the world today, but especially those people more underprivileged and underdeveloped…….” 2013-03-12T155906Z_1659475366_LR2E93C18E8WZ_RTRMADP_3_POPE-SUCCESSION

Is this ridiculous?

CONCLAVE CONVENESThe costumes are stunning.
These guys are all over the world messing it up. Can’t wait to see their offspring start to dress like the swiss guard. The Afghan President Karzai is attempting to follow, but prefers a green and blue motif, though lately he looks more like a nun.
It’s hard to imagine why any world would want guys in red with white lace and red hats with a gold braid down their back to rundown the world, but soon they will make a vote for a pope and give a sign with indian smoke signals. Scary, but just as scary is Obama and Jay Carney and their circus of actors.

Bob Woodward: White House is using my spat as ‘sideshow’

Reps escalate demands for information on Benghazi survivors, suggest ‘cover-up’

Published March 12, 2013

Where Are the Benghazi Survivors?

———————————————– Here is another sign of sorts: Eric Bolling and Ed Beckel of Fox News exclaimed today that they could not understand why the American public were so mesmerized by the Arias murder trial. I had never even heard of her till I watched it on Greta’s show on Fox News and not just once, but many times on Fox News. What a twist! Talk about turning cause and effect into effect and cause! That’s why. Here is another case of turning cause and effect into effect and cause:


It isn’t because he cares. It’s because he doesn’t. It’s a political ploy so he can rape the country and destroy. He just needs women in a bad spot to hide behind for his cover/veil and to bow down kind of like some Palestinians do with their children and use them as human shields. If he cared about anyone he would tell the truth about Benghazi. He would want his administration to testify about it and not keep the other witnesses from the Senate and House of Reps. He creates chaos by getting his drones to create mass shootings that are fake to disarm America and at the same time arm his friends in other places and the mob.  He would try to have a plan to balance the budget and not vacation all over the place. He would set an example and of course he has done the opposite. He is a in your face blatant liar! 

He would not have said the things he said at his Correspondent’s Dinners.


Obama will give up portion of his salary

What a twerp. Pitiful tripe.

Please read: Sour Wine

Western-Backed FSA Use Child Soldiers in Syria

Not only that Geraldo Rivera aired/erred on his show the other night some naked pictures of Arias and I guess that is considered to be okay because it’s a news talk show? I don’t think it is okay. Was it necessary? So now Fox News is into the pornography of a defendant in a murder trial? Something wrong with this picture, except not surprising since the Grahams seem to have some control of that station either spiritually or financially, or maybe both. Talk about twisted. Maybe their ratings have been down and thought a few naked pictures of Arias would pick up more viewers? In answer to Eric Bolling and Ed Beckel it seems to be premeditated mesmerization of the trial of Arias by Fox News, but for what purpose? I could not convict her of murder because she doesn’t even remember murdering her boyfriend. Where’s the knife? It wasn’t her and the gun that killed him, it was someone with a knife as far as I have ascertained. Those 4 roommates need to be questioned more since they were with the body for 4 days in an apartment. I could convict her of attempted manslaughter of her boyfriend. I could not convict her of premeditation to kill because I don’t know that she intended to kill him or whether in fact she did kill him. Just because she lied a bunch after shooting him is telling of her shock at what she did with the gun, her fear, and her self preservation. I think this is a group murder because of the odd circumstances with the friends and roommates, their religion, a place called Margaritaville that did not exist and his body hanging out for four days in a bath tub with his so called friends/roomates in an apartment stinking up the place. I think she was used as a fall guy for a mob/church type killing. At face value it doesn’t add up. I think she is the coverup for his death. Basically I think this is a cult murder. Bob Woodward is  another good case in point. He broke the story about Watergate and he was a hero. Now he broke the ranks and stood up and admitted being threatened by Obama’s legion (reminds me of Billy Graham kind of tactics) and everyone else attacks him. Talk about a bunch of cowards. How about standing by his side and act like a real man or woman instead of like french chickens. It’s like when a woman gets raped and reports it and gets attacked for standing up for herself. (the Islamic way.) If you don’t stand up now, it might be you next.   You would think the press would care about freedom of the press and the responsibility of the press. No wonder America has problems. Things sure have changed. The hippie generation turned into the NIXON. Like the planet of the apes with stupid social scientists making up excuses for the signs in the earth and the heavens. The religion of GLOBAL WARMING wow that’s pretty stupid only apes could have managed to come up with that idea and only stupid apes could have believed it.

Social Cohesion

Shared social responsibility: securing trust and sustainable social cohesion in a context of transition,

Brussels, 28th February – 1st March 2011


Is it because we have no bread?


Matthew 16:7

And they reasoned among themselves, saying, It is because we have taken no bread.

Mark 8:16

16 And they reasoned among themselves, saying, It is because we have no bread.

How is it That Ye Do Not Understand?

Folly of the Synoptic Gospels

Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven

I Am That I Am (The Sign) -Revised*

I AM THAT I AM (Part two)

Merangue’s Blog

Wartime rape preventable, actress Jolie tells G8 ministers


Great speech, I guess. She is stunning in appearance and there is Kerry behind her.

I wonder if Angelina Jolie might be able to convince Kerry and all those adoring men behind her to answer some questions about Benghazi, provide the silenced survivors for questioning by our government or is she a pawn of OBAMA and KERRY,


she seems to have enraptured the G8?

Does she have the guts or is she just a poster woman for the UN?

It’s hard to tell because nothing seems to change for the better…it just gets worse for the average Jo

via the UN and looks to me

like it’s just a place to pose and pander as is the Oscars.

I get the feeling she is their and her

Unknown Epiphany of Womanhood

What do the simple folk do? DO? SO THEY SAY….. 

They Got Married Really Fast

(And then CAME LOT.)

ZZ Top- She’s Got Legs

NO,no. Please, don’t rape me.

No, no. Please don’t inject me!

Did  it serve a purpose? Did it help? It helped her.



AP/ April 11, 2013, 10:51 PM
I know I have offended everyones idol but like Obama drapes himself in women,
so the poster woman drapes herself in children for reasons that are
beyond reason. Being beautiful isn’t all it is cracked up to be, but that is what you sell…unattainable beauty
and a tweek of charity. I have mixed feelings about her because on the one hand I’m jealous of her beauty (I’m only human lol although I don’t linger on it too much) and on the other I have enjoyed some of her movies one in particular (I can’t remember the name) where she steps off of a mine to save her lover in Chechnya I think which I found to be a very good movie. But she represents a power I do not appreciate and I think they have used her without her full knowledge and not in good faith such as the panda bear picture below represents to me. It is the UN and those that uplift it. They want our money, our rights, our freedom, our blood, our sweat, our hopes, our dreams, our privacy, our futures, our jobs, etc
for their charity at their discretion. It will never be even or a level playing field. Have you noticed that the rich get richer and the poor and now the middle class get less and less your way. It is apparent that the UN, and it’s abusers are benefitting a great deal and apparently you are one of the beneficiaries. It is not nor ever will be fair or good as long as you and they need and take OPM and interfere as the UN is famous for without accountability using the press and victims to flourish just like they always do.
A tease and an appease! A VICOUS DILEMMA
Just pompous nonsense and a facade which you have been ensconced
in other words
I watched some of the reactions of the men behind you as you gave a part of your speech and it was a bit comical kind of like a spaghetti western even though it isn’t funny akin to someone like Brigitt Bardot convincing Rod Steiger’s character in the movie
a Fistful of Dynamite about good manners which I don’t think she starred in that movie but you get the picture.
I think your intentions are good but I guess sometimes good intentions aren’t enough. A bit hard to believe.
Being a poster girl for adopting children or a good actress is believable.
I’m glad Angelina Jolie is doing well since her new surgery and can live her life the same as before. I was sorry to hear she had to contemplate this because of heredity and the probability of going through what her mother went through but the lady on Fox news who had the same decision to make seems to be a good lead in this kind of dilemma. I’m sure it is hard for her and brings back some tough memories about her mom. A few years back I went through surgery for an acute peritoneal abscess and acute sepsis and almost died. I was full of pus for an unknown reason. Stress was part of the problem caused by what stressed me out. I was having a personal crisis. The first time I went to emergency they misdiagnosed me took me off the antibiotics (big mistake) so 24 hours later I returned when it got much worse and had they left me on the antibiotic I would probably have avoided a whole lot of pain but who can know for sure. Still I was lucky to have great doctors the second visit who knew what they were doing. I have a 14 inch scar down my torso and did not have reconstructive surgery but let the two sides grow together and now I have two belly buttons:) Thought about imbedding jewels down the scar but thought nah it might just cause more trouble. Inhibits me from some things now and I live with it and it still hurts depending on my activities. It did slow me down quite a bit. Hopefully for Angelina Jolie it won’t slow her down for very long. The reason I added my personal information even though I’m an average woman of no great stature or beauty and no one really cares about my body is because I felt like a big jerk for having written what I wrote about her but the fact is I did. I still feel the same about her being pandered and pandering to the UN and Hollywood however the timing was unfortunate. I apologize for that and the best that I can do is add her to my prayers which I already have.

Obama Tells Wealthy Gathering He Wants To “Institutionalize” Crisis Atmosphere

Crisis institutionalization is a bad idea because it causes stress. Stress makes people sick. I suppose it would make Obama Care seem needed if he can cause sickness by instituting a crisis atmosphere however it would not help the people who are affected by crises. It’s a crazy stupid idea and I would call it just EVIL. Many people suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome which I was told by my doctors that I might have been suffering because of my personal crisis at the time, the trauma of the operation, and the sepsis. It is inhumane to contemplate the idea that Obama told to the wealthy and much more inhumane to implement it. I hope he regrets his stupidity and insensitivity to the average man and takes his dangerous ideas and toys and leaves his post as President of the United States for being stupid enough to voice it. It seems obvious that he is producing some of these crises since he wants to institutionalize them because of the affect they have on the people. That is sick. When a President loses his right mind he should be impeached and that idea alone is reason enough to impeach him.

Obama pissed offf

That is a vindictive expression! 

This man is full of pure hate

and it’s no wonder he comes up with ideas

as foul as a belly full of puss.

Would you leave your child with him? Or would you leave your ailing parent with him?

Why would you leave him in charge of our government?

Michelle Obama, Where’d You Get Those Peepers

I love horses and these are shots of a beautiful horse and a beautiful actress in an artful way but if you are of the persuasion, religion, or culture that deems that art is evil you might get a wrong impression. I don’t consider art evil. THAT IS MY PERSONAL OPINION. I’m an artist so I have an appreciation for good art but we don’t need to urinate on each other. However other countries that make women wear burkas would probably gasp, threaten families, isolate family and friends, chop off limbs, behead, crucify, imprison, torture, maim and scar, bomb, and drone others to make an insane gesture for an insane reason for a political agenda and it is starting to resemble the US. I think our country is headed that way and it is worth fighting back and against those that would have us head in that direction. What happened in Texas and in Boston are Huge indicators of government, politics, religion, and power gone mad.

Obviously our country has it’s problems and needs a bit of tweeking but I believe that that can be done by a loving Father and his son in his way in his time and his fashion as he did with me and other people in spite of a rabid power that perverts knowledge, love, hope, faith, beliefs for personal gain, personal ambition and personal pleasure at the expense of others and mostly against women and children and the disadvantaged using their victimization, mental illnesses, crises or weaknesses for their pleasure, personal and political advantage.


Recently I looked up Marilou Henner from the sit com Taxi because I remember a few years back she said “they know everything about you” at least that is what she meant and I just found bunches of you tubes where she and others remember everything they have done on any date in their past which seemed like a big switch from her earlier statements, As if she was snatched in a way. Something strange is going on there but the difference in statements is what caught my attention now.

I heard that the NSA (National Security Agency) are building a huge complex in Utah and I think it is related to her earlier statement. I think they are abusing our rights and intend to further impinge on our rights for their security. I wonder if the events occurring lately isn’t in their interest. Maybe we should ask Marilou Henner or Charlie Sheen, Mr. Neocat, since on that same show about the NSA he said “We’re winning.”  WInning what?

Degradation of our personal lives? Selling out?

Or protecting OBAMA from responsibility and accountability from Benghazi with other crises. Create havoc and move the lines like the fence at the Boston Marathon. Create hoaxes whatever they can to blur the truth of what is really occurring. But thank goodness President Obama is familiar with West Texas and knows how tightly knit the community is. Thank goodness for his well wishing the community flattened because he wants you to think he feels their pain and that he cares recently sent in his condolences.

“President Barack Obama, who was preparing for a prayer service in Boston for the victims of the marathon bombings, sent a message of condolence to West. “A tight-knit community has been shaken, and good, hard-working people have lost their lives,” he said.”

Texas explosion: residents of West shocked by devastation

It works for him:)

Devastation, that is.

The friends of the young man who is being hunted around Boston just barely more than a kid say he is a normal guy, didn’t harbor bad feelings and the friend sounds truthful and in his right mind. But Fox news madonna rolled her eyes at the kids description as she related the story I guess because the press have tried him in their court of the press. I believe the friend more than madonna of Fox News because he knew him and O’reilly’s madonna did not know him.

Hey, BIll O’reilly check out the OOOOPS mistake down below and be honest.

I get the feeling he is being set up or was set up.

That is how the mob works. They set you up and entrap you. That is how they make slaves or sleeves as Obama kidded about in his first Correspondent’s dinner. He has many departments to work with within our government to do just that  and it costs money, tax dollars to be used for his master plan and to help him corrupt everything.

Now Fox news is saying he was in a Honda Civic which is a different vehicle than stated before. Whatever works for their crises for Obama and it keeps blurring pretty soon he’ll be in a corvette.

Watched the family members talk about this young man and the angry ones seem to point to guilt and the sad ones and the closest ones to this man point to innocence. Fractured family but something stinks.

IN any case the white bag by the fence was discriminating in that its kill zone avoided the runners.

THAT IS A VERY SMART BOMB and a very smart fence.

I’m pissed with Fox News and all those that know that they had films of the bag in front of the fence line then later changed it to behind the fence line when it was caught to be a fabrication and they for whatever reason ….big paycheck  go along with the deception. Conveniently forget. I’m watching and so are many other people and they are catching on to your duplicitous BS especially O’REILLY. A BLOW HARD BULLY and LIAR. FOR WHAT, because you are CATHOLIC? YOU HAVE THE JUDGEMENT OF A RAT BECAUSE YOU BENEFIT BY IT> YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY STUPID. You  could care less that people are being maneuvered, manipulated, and brainwashed, mind controlled and set up via their religion which by the way stemmed from your religion.  The lies keep you in your job and in your lifestyle. The reason or an excuse was given for the creation of the religion of Islam told by an RC clergyman had something to do with securing Jerusalem.  I don’t know how true that is since it seems to be at war with Jerusalem. I would say more like securing Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

I hold out reservation on Sean Hannity

because he is sincere in his job

and seems sincerely to be a good honest person and tries to get to the truth.

I hope he stays that way!

Boston in lockdown for manhunt: Eerie photos of empty city streets hit Instagram


The cop that was killed at MIT or the MIT Policeman that was killed looks like a male version of the actress by the name of Tovah Feldshuh from the miniseries called “The Holocaust.”

Boston Marathon Explosions, Sean CollierWireImage_2978563

OOOPS did someone make a big mistake?:)

And are we using some smart technology with face imaging?

Someone is, that’sssss for sure….probably at the NSA complex in UTAH.

Obama thanks Putin for help in Boston

I bet he did. I hope he thanked him for West Texas too.

It’s interesting to see little men with huge egos brimming with

over confidence abusing the power in their hands

right before they lose it.

Texas Explosion Criminal Investigation Launched By Law Enforcement Officials

Why in the world would Reed give a box with explosive ingredients to a friend right after the explosion unless he was either setting up his friend or getting rid of evidence or his friend is lying. VERY ODD.

The first emergency phone call said it was a bomb. I don’t think it was an accident, more like punishment …like the sequester type punishments that have occurred because we are dealing with insane leaders and distraction from Benghazi as all the events that have occurred since Benghazi.



got them spooked.


It was Betty Davis that said:

“Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night”

Can I get a Witness-

Marvin Gaye

“Celeste lost both legs below the knee and Sydney has severe injuries as well, cousin Alyssa Carter said in a fundraising page set up at The page had raised more than $277,000 by Thursday morning.

Family members said Celeste was being incredibly positive. Her sister, Carmen Acabbo, told WJAR-TV that Celeste joked she “would be a hairstylist on wheels now.”

That is incredible. I guess it’s worth it…. losing limbs in return for some dough.

That’s gratitude for ya. AMAZING GRAVE.
She was probably super high on pain medication.

Bill O’Reilly Attacks Alex Jones and Infowars for Daring to Ask Questions

About Boston Bomber Narrative

Off and on watching Fox news on Sunday April 21 and amazed by their total hard core stupidity. I’m hoping they get better. One man described the alleged bomber in the hospital as being “dumb as rocks,” because of his alleged school grades at college. The man describing the alleged bomber seemed to satisfy that description as well as the blond at Fox News defending the singing of Sweet Caroline at a game. IT WAS SURREAL. I get the impression she took offense at my blog post about the Boston Bruins display. I get the feeling she wishes he won’t get a trial and hoping he gets the death penalty (even though there is no proof so far that I have seen that he is responsible in the least) because he will be 20 years old in July. The same woman of Fox News just said today that the alleged bomber became a citizen on September 11th this last year.


Just heard it had been all over the news for the last three days. Funny I never saw it but I do think it is relevant.

By the way the pictures of the brother that allegedly died doesn’t look like the same man as the first man at the Boston Marathon in front walking with a bag. This is getting to be absolutely ridiculous and am licking forward to Glen Beck’s Revelation on Monday.



Threatens to ‘expose’ secret of marathon attack

if administration doesn’t confess

Beck was in Oklahoma with his Operation Blessings to help after the tornado that hit Moore Oklahoma. I wonder did the administration confess or is this opportunity in Oklahoma and Operation Blessings your reward? Shouldn’t you have exposed the secret by now? Yea you are real trustworthy.

Saudi report: Michelle O visited ‘person of interest’


So why do the Saudis get a get out of jail free card?


Looking like a set up for the Chechnya brothers because they are not rich to cover the rich Saudis. I guess we may find out tomorrow.

Witness: Tamerlan Tsarnaev Run Over By Cops, Not His Brother

“…..But a witness to the incident went on a talk radio station and said

the police ran over Tsarnaev with an SUV and then pumped bullets into him……”

On Greta Van Susterne’s show on Fox News she had a guest who was a high ranking policeman who at the time was in a helicopter tell about the first brothers demise by his younger brother yet she doesn’t include this woman who states she witnessed the cops killing the older brother with SUV and multiple gun shots.

Eyewitness Boston Suspect was run over by police SUV , no bombs

I think Saudi Arabia is the numero uno enemy to the world.

Their religion of Islam, their stupidity because of their stupid Mecca, their lawlessness and the appeasement of the world to them in response because they wear dishtowels around their head and long dresses and the women look like tarps and tents and the stupid people that walk around an object meditating and they defend all the above:



This is why Obama is Obama: Remember the movie Deliverance with Burt Reynolds? It was the problem the Egyptian Pharoahs encountered and that is why they could not understand Moses (too stupid to understand where his power came from and fought it to their demise) and because they thought they were GODS (ego and pride)

and I think Lot may have had the same problem eventually.

Have  you seen the picture of the man they are deporting for the Saudi Prince? I think he suffers from the same problem.

Anyone that directs their people to walk around a stone at mecca once in the lifetime has got to be nuts.

Can someone destroy their little rock in Mecca, PLEAZE.

I’m not joking. It seems to be a source of their madness and a good lesson.

The source of their angst.

If we really are at war with terrorism then destroy it. (It could not be any uglier) We could commission France to make a Statue of Liberty or loan them ours.

It might help them to get a grip. That may be why they are nuts. Chances are it’s emitting harmful rays that make them want to do all of the above mentioned. You might have to korantine them for a few months but it might be worth it in the long run. Just think of it as a Fertilizer Plant, if that helps. Remember it was Saudis that ran airplanes into the twin towers not Iraqi’s. But instead we protect Saudis because of their Mecca which by the way has a unique relationship with Synoptic Jesus, and then we go to war with Iraq? Does that make sense?


OOOPS did someone made a big mistake:)

And are we using some smart technology with face imaging?

Someone is, that’sssss for sure….probably at the NSA complex in UTAH.

THe days of Deception are definitely upon us and they will use any technology to spin. Good try.

They could be brothers. Very similar characteristics.

Hey if Allah was so great why didn’t he protect the older devout terrorist brother?

Instead the younger undevout terrorist lived.

I’ll answer that: he loves to kill you. He loves death. He likes to feel your pain. It soothes him.

Misery loves company. That’s why he gets his people to walk around aimlessly around this ugly eyesore.

That’s why he makes women wear burkas. Keeps them down and uneducated. He loves false promises like paradise, and ten virgins etc

because he is an ass. Remind you of anyone? Yep, he does period. Obama, period. I double that.


Why Does It Matter Hillary?

Please read:

JFK Assassination, CBS News and the Second Vatican Council

Here is an interesting show on Sean Hannity and I think it is related to the NSA. I plan to delve into this interview in another post:

David Stockman says budget is ‘doomsday machine’

….We’re in a big mess. It’s been brewing for decades and no one in particular is at fault but we’ve believed a lot of things that aren’t true….”

I think HAARP is the doomsday machine.


3 teens arrested for assault after girl’s suicide

I don’t think some of us older women and, of course men, have done young girls a favor, do you, Jo?

IT helps if young girls are told how the system works for some but not for others. I think the UN doesn’t have the right answers, and you don’t either because you are a product a facade WHILE others are really trying to cope. I’m sure you are very nice, but let’s get real.

“She was compassionate about life, her friends, her family, and would never do anything to harm anyone,” the site says. “She was in the process of developing the ability to cope with the cruelty of this world but had not quite figured it all out.

“Ultimately, she had not yet acquired the antibiotics to deal with the challenges present for teens in today’s society.”

I guess we ought to ask Greg Gutfield of The Five, the friend to women in harm’s way.



Back to Angelina Jolie




Maybe Justin Bieber ought to be the poster boy for the UN which seems to be more appropriate and a good comparison to following the man in this report: Officer accused of having Trayvon Martin targets & Officer: Trayvon Martin target a ‘no-shoot training aid’

Then why bring it to a shooting range? Makes no sense and is ridiculous. Very similar type perversity. Definitely something insidious or someone insidious is involved in this event.

It is apparent that Justin Bieber has been diseducated.

At least Jane Fonda believed in what she was doing in her films and actions even if she may have offended good people. Seems rape is a dark desire for some diseducated people but I think Jane Fonda dunged the belle in her portrayal.

Here are a couple of sites with tons of information about the inconsistencies of the

Sandy Hook mass murder used by Obama to coverup Benghazi.

Sandy Hook Truth


Sandy Hook truthers are not giving up


McCain, Graham ‘hell-bent’ on getting Benghazi answers before Brennan vote


Andrew McCarthy on Benghazi:

‘Decisive action could have saved American lives’ [VIDEO]

……”In the interview, McCarthy also claims that the Obama administration continues to work with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to find agreement on U.N. Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18, which would deem it unlawful to incite hostility toward religion. “What we are effectively doing is codifying the Shariah blasphemy standard under which any criticism of Islam … is deemed to be a capital offense,” McCarthy said.”……
Boy you are deceived Juan.  You defend the administration because he is the same race (I suppose) as you. Do you defend Michelle for her lies above about the girl that was shot? How she was shot? Why she was shot? All of which Michelle Obama in her short interview explained. Do you defend that? Isn’t that political? Fox News paid the most attention to the execution at Benghazi but as I have said over and over again why didn’t they report about the man that does not physically match Ambassador Chris Stevens? No one has reported about it. Why not? Are ya blind? You can read my other posts about what Benghazi is about on my other sites listed and linked below and the various posts about it. This is not political. It’s because you do not believe that you have made it political. He is a witness in the biblical sense of the word. Believing is tough but helpful these days and it requires work because of the deception of the world.
Sec. of State Kerry talks about justice and a witness at Bethesda now, all of a sudden, 6 months after Benghazi. Jason Chaffetz Rep. Congressman from Utah interviewed by Greta Van Susterne why not subpoena the witnesses and he seemed to have many innocuous reasons for the lack of progress. He is an A-men kind of fellow as he espoused in the interview and I suspect that that is the reason for inaction. He also sounds like the voice on the tape with Senator McConnell talking about Ashley Judd and her weaknesses in the past supposedly leaked which seems contrived at best. Jason Chaffetz is from Utah and the NSA is building that HUGE complex mentioned above.
Here is a link about A-men and please check out the links provided:

The Stones of Amen

Jason Chaffetz was educated at Brigham Young which is owned by an LDS Church (the Mormon Church) because they too are deceived. He represents the wrong interests.

Billy Graham and The Synoptic Dilemma: The Beast

Shape-shifting Jesus described in ancient Egyptian text


Luckily I was blessed with some really cool miracles that help me to remember which seems to be a problem with many people in the world they just keep forgetting and I think that is a result of not believing. The forgetfulness of the world keeps them blind. I would suggest reading the Gospel of John to help in that regard. Maybe the problem with the Barack Obama is belief. He forgets from one day to the next what he has said especially when it comes to the economy or is that to keep people off balance so he won’t have to deal with Benghazi? Probably. Forgetfulness is contagious in Washington DC. as we go from one crisis to the next over the same contrived things. Now there is news of a witness or survivor of Benghazi at Walter Reed Hospital that no one knew about for 6 months, but obviously they knew they just forgot to tell us. I bet Mr. money bags Secretary of State John Kerry knows, he seems to be the heir apparent to the buck stops here as he bribes Egypt. I get the feeling America is well off when he can dole it out to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Hood. What did Kerry get in return?

Kerry, in Egypt, Ties $250M in US Aid to Little-Noticed Reform; ‘Outrageous,’ Says Congressman

How about the other witnesses that survived? Where are they?

Kerry in Egypt ‘with a poor hand of cards’ as IMF money mean cuts and tax increases

The aim of Kerry’s visit is to persuade Egypt to pass a set of unpopular reforms in order to qualify for a $4.8 billion International Monetary Fund loan package, with the US also promising to provide $450 million of financial help of their own to Mohamed Morsi’s government because of its promises of economic and political reforms. RT: Why is America appearing to side with what the opposition are calling a hardline authoritarian Muslim Government, after its vocal support for democratic change in the region? FWE: Well, It’s very good question. I think there’s a double-faced policy in Washington. The backing of the Muslim brotherhood goes back to the CIA’s role in Egypt back in the 1950s when they saw the Muslim Brotherhood as a potentially useful tool to put in their bag of organizations that they manipulate around the world. Then they brought the Brotherhood into Saudi Arabia in the 50s when it was banned in Egypt. And from there the Brotherhood has expanded out. Now they’re playing a key role in all the countries with the Arab Spring. I think some people around president Obama have the delusion that they could control what’s basically a political Islamo-fascist movement. It’s not a movement for democracy by any stretch of the imagination. And that’s what this Brotherhood is – it’s a secret society. 

White House cancels tours due to sequester

Burning Questions About Benghazi Still Abound

Biden should be arrested and put in prison for his expenditures in London and Paris. That is evil to spend that kind of money for a night or two and then talk about nuns. He is  insane and so is our government for allowing it.

Hotel Contracts for Biden Trip to London, Paris Totaled $1 Million

“These costs are nothing out of the ordinary. They are in line with high-level travel across multiple administrations, ” the State Department official said. “ BS BS BS BS BS BS BS BS There is nothing that Biden or Obama can do for anyone that is worth over one cent. In fact they should pay the Americans back with 1,000, 000, 000 times what they have spent. Worthless pieces of crap.


Better yet don’t come back. Cut off their funds. Let Biden and Kerry stay with the nuns. Let Obama stray where he is with the Palestinians in the West bank and send him some  checkered dish towels to wrap his head in and ditch these good for nothing rats. And send plenty more of those checkered dish rags for their Secret Service rats too. They need to cover their heads also. Let them be at home with their buds. Mecca-KSA-AFP

Saudi Arabia to investigate Egyptian brawl in Mecca

Just threaten their families, that auto work then behead all the dish toweled men
and castrate all the men that are named

Biden Schmoozes With Nuns in Latest ‘Being Biden’ Audio

“Time has come” for a carbon tax

Al Gore should be charged with fraud. What a liar. Send him to Saudi Arabia to live and buy him one too. PLEASE AMERICA DO THE RIGHT THING. THIS IS THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY!!!!!