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Obama Hobnobs with Crackheads

Ecclesiastes 3:1-3

3 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

A time to be born, and a time to die;

a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

Boehner starts second speaker term vowing end

to one-on-one meetings with Obama

Yea….there is no point in mano y mano meetings whatsoever with him.

You can’t believe anything Obama says so what is the point. In essence, I think he has been mocking everyone one way or another. Some realize it and still some don’t, but I think you know now he is untrustworthy and a liar. Took me a while too. I did not vote for him but was willing to accept him as President and followed along until I realized he stinks.

Benghazi was the ultimate warning for me that he was bad.

When I supported Barack it was about:

Do unto others as you would do unto them and gay marriage. Not because I like sodomy but because of the heart of a homosexual and their right to express it. It was a tough issue for me being straight but then it occurred to me that it cannot hurt marriages of straight people whatsoever unless they let it. Where they get married is a struggle for them but at least they can express it where they can or where it is available. Sodomy is not just physical. It’s screwing the people, your neighbor, your own friends with bull…. like Nancy Pelosi getting people to take ObamaCare with out reading it.

 Abortion also was a struggle for me because of my past and what happens to girls in our society and other societies because of many factors. I love babies, although it took me a while to appreciate them in my life. Until you have one of your own you can’t even begin to know how special they are and how hard they are to raise but when my sister had hers I began to understand.  I weighed in on the issue because of the election and because I noticed that we are ambushed within. The protests in one state (Ohio, I think) about right to life and the failure of their mission although the success of their mission because of the members within their coalition who were actually against right to life by their “all or nothing” approach, which basically leads to nothing accomplished and nothing gained. Compromise would have been advisable in this situation but instead the baby was tossed out with the bath water.

Knowing when to compromise and when not to compromise would be helpful, especially in this case.

A little here, a little there. Certainly more information can’t hurt anyone except those that want all or nothing. It’s great if you are on the all side, but not so great if you are on the nothing side.

I thank God Laura Ingraham isn’t God. I want to check if she has made any inquiry into Benghazi.

Not much. Hmmmmm. I wonder why? I just read a bit about her and I think she is capable of sympathy when hit in the face with hard choices. I hope she will learn from her past. The reason I am a bit hard on her is because I heard that there is no excuse for abortion in her estimation, but I disagree. I’m ashamed I had one. Obviously when abortion became legal there were reasons for the legality of it but since then we have learned much more and it seems we should be willing to inform an abortion seeker with that information and technology in order to make a more informed decision since the affects linger for some people the rest of their lives. You would think right to life proponents and abortion rights advocates would not be adverse to instilling into the process better science at their disposal for that woman if they in fact really care about women and the feminine children who are hit in the face.

When people send rockets and satellites out into space they use new technology for a better safer experience. They are constantly upgrading like people do with computers so why not do the same for the woman or feminine child in the case of unwanted or unplanned pregnancy and in her decision making process and avoidance and prevention?

I think men and boys need to be trained as well.

It isn’t as if God doesn’t notice the men and boys involved and absolved.

Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right but at least we should be fair if we really, really care.

Commentary: Morality is never one-size-fits-all

Leonard Pitts Jr. | The Miami Herald

The Fiscal cliff debacle seems to have been a landmark in nonsense, but it was frustatingly interesting to see how some reacted to it like Paul Ryan warning about the ABYSS. Abyss is mentioned in the bible in Revelations and he knows it. He is afraid of it…..I think. How the financial state of the US became a fiscal cliff seems evident by the junk sown into bills such as the one that passed in the House of Reps and in the Senate and I was impressed by the no’s that voted, but will check the list of names who voted no.

Boehner voted yes, Cantor voted no. That I do know.

Diplomacy is compromise and it seems to be what politicians do best and worst but to the detriment of our finances in our government and to the detriment of the people that supposedly they represent except for the few that had their pet projects sown in and hidden in between the bread – kind of like the gospels. I don’t think Obama compromised too much but the Republicans did. With the spending limit or spending mountain I think it is time for the Republicans and Democrats to hold the line this time.


What’s with Jack Lew’s signature?

Likely next Obama U.S. Treasury Secretary

Outrage over beheading of Sri Lankan woman by Saudi Arabia


Screen shot 2013-01-12 at 4.34.42 AM

What does Jack Lew’s signature have to do with the article above?

 Compare the signature with the handwriting in this article.

So is Jack Lew from Sri Lanka or was he born in Hawaii too?

Why doesn’t Obama get someone like Donald Trump for the Secretary of Treasury? Like get someone who actually knows how to make money in the real world?

And I’m not a fan of his but when it comes to money he has proven himself in the real world.

But I guess Obama wants to distribute American money to other countries with Sharia Law.


One good way to hold the line would be to dismantle the ObamaCare and it’s mandate. Stand behind Ted Cruz and make it happen. That’s a bunch of money most states don’t want to spend nor need nor do most doctors or patients or businesses. It is an abomination and Obamas attempt for more power to be able to physically and fiscally hurt more

americans (the ones he dislikes), their businesses, and jobs. That would save a lot of spending and people and save a lot of head aches.

Has any President asked for unlimited spending ever? That’s like giving a 2 year old a credit card. It is unreasonable and ridiculous. Don’t give him anything.

It is time to hold the line.

It wouldn’t hurt for every place that money goes in our system

to give up 10% of what they normally get and cut instead where they can. Let each of these places figure it out and give them 10% less. I’m sure they can handle it themselves. That would help. Ear mark that 10% and put that 10% to the deficit including the military immediately on thew debt to sub-stantially decrease the debt. The military should not have to take the brunt of the cuts but I’m sure they can find 10% in their excessive spending and cut in the right places to keep enough power. It would be impossible for any branch of government to have to figure it out for all the places money goes so let the places it goes figure it out. I’m pretty positive they will do a better job of it since they know their own business. And it might have some inequality in the cuts but there was inequality in the bloating. It is just the way it is.

Education can do the same. It is not rocket science. Their judgement in their cuts will reflect upon them so hopefully they will do it right.

10% pay cut to members of the House, Senate and the President, CIA, Fema, Secret Service, FBI etc, and all those beneath would help too.

10% cut in spending to every place that spending goes.

10% across the board.

Be an example to the people.

As far as Christie in New Jersey aren’t you ashamed of the pork that slowed this bill down? Why don’t you complain about that? How about Fema? Why didn’t you deal with their lack of performance? How about Obama, Why didn’t you deal with him and his lack of performance? Because he gave you a photo-op? He used you and you used him. (Now everyone is falling all over Christie. Why? Because he made a speech? Or because he hugged Obama? I think everyone is acting drunk in that respect)  Same to most everyone involved in this disaster and yet the people had to suffer for it. Obama’s arm on your shoulders, or his dry weeping, or putting a green ribbon on a desk in the Oval Office is unreasonable faith. It’s like watching  Georg Ganswein and other priests (or whatever they imagine themselves to be) adjusting the robes and fawning over Pope Benedict kind of like a documentary I saw of a funeral of a North Korean leader and the way the people acted was so insincerely sad, yet very sad they had to convulse for a camera appearance.

Thank goodness it was misty outside.

Screen shot 2013-01-13 at 5.30.55 PM

North Korea holds funeral for

‘Dear Leader’ Kim Jong-il

I wonder if they didn’t have mouse traps squeezing their toes to help their bad acting.

Really is pitiful. I would be totally embarrassed if I were a leader there. Hopefully the one that followed will at least attempt to sow something more humane, meaningful and sincere. It’s not that hard to do. Fear and spiritual depravity is agonizing and empty.

Mark Levin Reacts To Obama Presser: “We Have An Imperial President”

But Ann Coulter thinks its ridiculous for Republicans to talk of impeachment and she would rather blame the mentally ill for the massacres vs guns. Does Ann Coulter think she is sane? What about your book Demonic? I didn’t read it, but perhaps your idea of God and Jesus are not quite correct. Maybe you ought to read Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven or these articles:

How is it That Ye Do Not Understand?

The Fig Tree – Blessed are the Barren

 Prophecies of the Betrayal of the Son of Man

 The Temptation of Jesus Christ

In The Garden of Gethsemane

Folly of the Synoptic Gospels


What is the smallest seed in the world?

The Parable of Faith – Part two

Pope Benedict XVI and the Mustard Tree

Parable of the Mustard Seed Part 4

Sour Wine

Salute No Man

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Or other articles on

Merangue’s Blog

I think it is ridiculous not to impeach Obama.

The mentally ill are getting screwed by their doctors. It’s so easy for doctors of the mentally ill to manipulate them, as if that hasn’t happened before. They use drugs.

Well for instance how sane is it for Lance Armstrong to have drugged himself to gain an edge and notoriety. Everyone lauded him, he made a lot of money. A doctor gave him instructions on how to fool everyone. Obviously not all doctors are trustworthy. They did get a way with it for a while though and obviously it was about money. The same can be said for the churches and all of their businesses.

Just because something is between two pieces of leather with words in between and slap the words Holy on it doesn’t make it so.

If one gospel contradicts another gospel doesn’t it mean one is probably incorrect or was altered? Just because a person is called a priest or a pope doesn’t make them good.

Just because someone says they have faith in God doesn’t mean they are good.

Even Jesus of the Synoptic Gospels (Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke)

said he was not good. Do you trust him? Is he ridiculous? Or was the Jesus written about in a few gospels mentally ill himself?

Or maybe it was the writers of those gospels that was mentally ill?

Why Callest Thou Me Good?


Obama is Slaying the Senate


Please read:

Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven



Chris Christie drops bomb on GOP leaders

Charles Krauthammer: Larger Sandy Relief Bill Was

‘Rape Of The Treasury’ (VIDEO)

There is a lot of blame to go around on both sides of the aisle.

The democrats have taken the game to record lows what else can the republicans do but do the same, but it is time to do what is good for America on both sides of the aisle.

Don’t raise the ceiling. Don’t give the Egyptians any money. Don’t give Obama an inch to move and do his evil. Get rid of ObamaCare cuz he doesn’t care! Don’t even try to dis arm Americans. Obviously all the pork and other expenditures are being funneled to the wrong places to aid and abet his agenda and those that are with him.

Listen to advice from Sean Hannity:

Who’s to blame for playing politics with Sandy victims?

(Listen to the second interview about Bobby Schmuck who is a personal aid to Obama.
Can it be any plainer that Obama is mocking everyone even to people who have lost everything? Is that love?)
Another example of mocking:


I Will NOT Take Your Guns Away

White House weighs broad gun-control agenda

in wake of Newtown shootings

He is a fruitcake which reminds me of another post called:

The Fig Tree – Blessed are the Barren

which might help you to understand his frame of mind. My estimation is he doesn’t have a frame of mind because he’s all over the place or his mind has been had and was taken over by something way out on a limb somewhere between here and there.

Maybe it was Gollum that took Obama over because Obama couldn’t resist hobnobbing with a bunch of crackpots.

Something happened along the way, and it was not good like in the book of Daniel:

and he shall magnify himself in his heart

On Hardball Politics Shines Bright at the Golden Globe with ‘Lincoln,’ Game Change’
talks about Jodie Foster coming out which I thought that was a done deal a long time ago, but Hardball Chris Matthews said drinking was allowed at the Golden Globes and thats why it is one of his favorite award shows. If that’s the case maybe Jodie’s coming out again was to remind Mel Gibson where she stood, perhaps he had forgotten:)

Bill Clinton Makes Surprise Appearance At Golden Globes

Bill Clinton Introduces “Lincoln” – Golden Globe Awards

They laughed, but did they understand what Bill Clinton said?

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 4.22.21 AMTalked about the unsavory deals that had nothing to do with the BIG ISSUE that Obama made to push a bill through the House of Representatives and disimplying that Clinton himself knew anything about those  deals and sheepishly the audience laughed.

Talk about madness.

And he licked…….>

Presidential Absurdity at Golden Globe Awards:

Bill Clinton said Lincoln was responsible for them being there at the

Golden Globe awards ceremony because Lincoln ended slavery.

So if Lincoln hadn’t ended slavery there would not be a Golden Globe Ceremony in California?

Should we put that in our text books to ponder?

So then I could surmise that the Golden Globe Awards is why there was a civil war about a hundred years ago?

He is just absurd as those who bought his a-b-s-u-r-d-i-t-u-d-i-t-y.

No wonder our country is in trouble.

This looks like an unsavory deal:

Harry Reid Denies Bribery Allegations


“Jeremy Johnson, the Utah man who has been charged with felony bank fraud, money laundering, and other offenses, told federal investigators that he had funneled $600,000 through Utah’s attorney general, John Swallow,  to influence Reid in an FTC investigation.”

Harry Reid denies allegations….

House GOP release bill

to reverse Obama’s pay raise for federal employees


Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution


Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.Section 2. Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each State, excluding Indians not taxed. But when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the Executive and Judicial officers of a State, or the members of the Legislature thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State, being twenty-one years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime, the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of male citizens twenty-one years of age in such State.



fit into that category???

Section 3.No personshall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may, by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

Section 4. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

Section 5. The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.


The Civil Rights Act of 1866 had just granted citizenship to all persons born in the United States if they

were not subject to a foreign power.

Obviously Obama, Susan Rice, and others including Hillary said it was a video tape that caused Libya’s massacre of Americans in Benghazi. The excuse originated from the Vatican and therefore they were subject to a foreign power when they lied and continued to lie about the cause of the murder of Americans even to the UN.

Isn’t the Vatican a foreign power?


Would Benghazi be a good enough reason

to oust

President OBAMA

and his Little Men

and take away their citizenship?

Isn’t that the real reason for the new immigration law proponents to go after the 14th amendment to protect the citizenship of those in our government (themselves) who are subject to a foreign power as displayed by the Obama shields Sheila Rice and others and including President Obama when they lied knowingly about the cause of Benghazi.

The excuse came from Father Lombardi spokesman for the Vatican—-A foreign power.

Catholic World News

Vatican spokesman, responding to Libyan violence, decries provocations against Islam

CWN – September 12, 2012





How about MALI?

IT was inspired by the French wasn’t it? We sent drones to help. France is a foreign power!

What’s the deal with this blind sheik in prison and this other half blind sheik in Algeria?

When you look at him it’s hard to tell which eye they’re talking about. Is it the left eye or the right eye that’s blind.

Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 5.58.57 PM

Mokhtar Belmokhtar

sounds like

mock tar belle mock tar

(Mr. Marlboro)

Makes his money with kidnappings,

smuggling cigarettes, and diamonds.

Officials: One American Confirmed Dead in Algeria Hostage Standoff

Anyway he’s upset with the French interfering in North Africa. He is right, the French are meddling again to aid and abet the Vatican. Trying to get us involved in another arena.

It is a lucrative business…..the business of war. Obviously, the French have much to gain as do others as if it makes us safer……that’s not the point…..

It’s their sea Mare Nostrum.

Please read:

Pope Benedict XVI and His Power of Suggestion

It’s Benghazi testimony they want to avoid.

Are all sheiks blind? Was Anderson Cooper a sheik for a short while?

Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 7.03.48 PMScreen shot 2013-01-18 at 7.06.42 PMScreen shot 2013-01-18 at 6.30.09 PM

Kind of like these pictures. Which eye went blind? The left or the right?

Anderson Cooper Goes Blind for 36 Hours – Video

Anyway this terrorism is more deflection orchestrated by Panetta,

and the French are always willing,

(and the Pope)

to avoid dealing with Benghazi

and Hillary is very involved because she does not want to divulge the truth.

Even if she tried it would probably be impossible for her to be truthful.

They are calling this terrorism and yet they couldn’t call Benghazi terrorism.

Isn’t that od?

Maybe it depends on who is kidnapped?

The sea could actually be beneath.

Mali joins list of US ‘terror’ boomerangs

“In Washington yesterday Hillary Clinton, the secretary of state, said the US was ready to increase its role. “It is absolutely essential that we broaden and deepen our counterterror co-operation . . . with Algeria and all counterterror efforts in the region,” Mrs Clinton said. “I made clear that we stand ready to further enhance counterterror support . . . ”

So Miss Peace isn’t so peaceful when it comes to what’s beneath…..

How to avoid the issues involved in Benghazi! Do what the French do….cause trouble everywhere else.

Gettin’ somewhat predictable!

“Why would he oppose calling the Iranian revolutionary guard a terrorist organization? [It’s the] same outfit that’s on the ground now in Syria killing Syrians, same outfit that was exploiting the most lethal IEDs into Iraq killing Americans.

Hagel wants to normalize relations with Iran and Iran wants to hang a Christian Pastor. Does that make any sense?


Chuck Hagel’s Roadmap to Normalize Relations with Iran

Saeed Abedini /

Iran May Hang Imprisoned U.S. Pastor

For the first time in a long time I agree with Juan Williams and comments Charles Krauthammer

about Iran and the Christian Pastor today on Fox News Friday Feb. 1st.

Just Let Him Go and make his wife a happy woman. Prove that the US State Department is a useless and corrupt organization (which it is) and let the Christian Pastor out of prison to join his family.

GOP Rep:If Obama uses executive power on guns, I’ll impeach him


6:07 pm on 01/14/2013

Obama is impeachable now!

Otherwise this is the kind of country we will have before long if you don’t stand up to Obama and his thugs:

Do You Really Care? This could be someone you know in the future if you don’t stop him.


If you don’t set an example the people will have to settle it in April

and everyone will lose lots more.

And don’t blow off and skirt the massacre in Benghazi.

There was a reason that it happened

and purposefully avoiding that reason and obfuscating the crisis and it’s meaning is stupid and asinine

which I believe is what the “Fiscal Cliff/Abyss” was all about.


Don’t ignore the coincidences as if people don’t die so Obama can vacation in Hawaii and pander the military such as the opportune death and funeral of Inouye while most deaths overseas in military deaths are suicides, or what happened in Arizona to Gabrielle Gifford’s and others nearby who were important too but largely ignored and then going to Newtown (she’s being used), Fast and Furious, or Newtown, or Sandy, or Hillary’s fall. They are related. Whether they are democrats or republicans, black, white, or asian, indian, christian, or not they are being affected in harmful ways for an image or an appearance to benefit and protect Obama’s image and his demonic power.

These are not coincidences and ignoring them is insane.

Accountability needs to be applied to him and his murdering bandits.


Military Suicides Reached Record High In 2012

It is not an epidemic. I believe these men are systematically being killed/martyred to look like suicides.

The massacres are not an epidemic either they are manipulated cultic political martyrdom of others to further an agenda.

Radical Religion On The Rise In The Military

Aaron Swartz was ‘killed by the government,’ father tells mourners

Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 4.39.29 PM

“……Swartz was accused of stealing articles from JSTOR, an academic database at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Swartz was a longtime activist for an open Internet and it brought him into conflict with prosecutors who accused him of 13 felonies.”……..

…..”Swartz’s family posted on a memorial website: “Aaron’s death is not simply a personal tragedy. It is the product of a criminal justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach. Decisions made by officials in the Massachusetts U.S. attorney’s office and at MIT contributed to his death. The U.S. attorney’s office pursued an exceptionally harsh array of charges, carrying potentially over 30 years in prison, to punish an alleged crime that had no victims.”….

…..“Aaron wanted so badly to change the world,” said Stinebrickner-Kauffman, choking back tears at the service.

“He wanted it more than money. He wanted it more than fame.”…..


“When things are hard — and he said it is the important things that are hard, you have to lean into the pain. With his trial and what he is facing the last two years, he finally fell into the pain,” Stinebrickner-Kauffman said, according to the Chicago Tribune.


That is mocking how he died!

Didn’t he hang himself?

Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, Aaron Swartz’s girlfriend is speaking out.

Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman: Aaron Swartz’s Girlfriend

“While I can understand she is feeling hurt, and I am very sympathetic to Aaron’s friends and family, there are a few things to keep in mind. One, suicide is never the answer. There is something unstable going on in ones brain BEFORE anyone thinks of suicide. Secondly, he broke the law. If “the risk was too much for him” he should not have broken the law. Simple as that.

I hope the family finds peace, as does Taren. It must be hard to carry that around and have been the one to find him dead.”

Strange sort of a pathetic warning by Laurelei Livingston

I think it would be wise to stay clear of this group of people of Right Entertainment The Sum of Us All

Laurelei and the girlfriend seem to be playing a sick con game.



Why do we still know so little about Adam Lanza?

Because he lived in the cloud.

Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 4.42.44 PM

“……“The only person who recalled dealing with him was the town hairstylist, who had trimmed Lanza’s hair. Think about that: Except for using the bathroom and eating his meals, getting a haircut was just about the only thing Lanza couldn’t do online. All the things he apparently enjoyed were accessible to him without leaving his room. He could find community among gamers. He could order computer parts. He could buy books without ever visiting a bookstore. That he smashed his hard drive before the shooting spree was tellinga digital suicide preceding his physical one…….”

 “……”I come to this not as a Luddite but as a gadget-obsessed freak who stands in line on Apple’s product-release days. Yet I see in my life the ways technology enables us to live alone together, connecting less with the breathing humans around us and more with data and digital humans on a screen. “Alone Together” is the title of a searing book published in 2011by Sherry Turkle, an MIT professor who has studied our computing lives for more than two decades. “Our networked life,” she writes, “allows us to hide from each other, even as we are tethered to each other.When I called Turkle to talk about Lanza, her response was simple: “He’s my guy. These are my people.”……..”

So is MIT involved?


 I think the reason the hard drive was destroyed

was because the police involved destroyed it.

(Probably the clergy told them to destroy it.)

In the 1991 massacre in Colleen Texas the killer who gunned down 22 people was a seaman. I assume some seamen take sea sickness pills. Devil’s breath is an ingredient in sea sickness medication. I wonder if he accidentally took too much.

“Mr. Hennard earned his living on the high seas in the Merchant Marine”

a drinker and a drug abuser. Yet they did an autopsy and no drugs were found in his body ….but what kind of drugs were they searching for?

Is there a test for all drugs?

Wasn’t gun legislation a result of this massacre?


Obama is using you and abusing you and you need to confront him, make him confront it and investigate him and Biden, Panetta, and all their mob ties and obviously the Vatican in regards to Benghazi.

And don’t eat or drink whatever might be poisoning you by a particular drug in any form such as the one that renders the person a slave and in the control of a demonic power.

I’m talking about Devil’s breath

which I think is affecting all of you in many ways in Washington.

I think that may be partially what is causing Supplicity in Washington DC.


in your party or in the other party or on any committee, even family

because they may be under the influence.

Who you serve is also affecting you.

Read the Gospel of John and learn it. It will help you!

You can read my comparisons of the gospels which might help on the sites

listed at the bottom.

Boehner promises Republicans

he’ll fight Obama over debt ceiling

Double trouble: House GOP eyes default, shutdown

Obama To Major Garrett:

‘This Is The United States Of America, Major!’ (VIDEO)

Now he is threatening everyone and he needs to GO.

He double talked about leverage about the Americans people:


and the keys to that prison need to be permanently thrown away.



Dreams From My Father Not


Obama Clinton biting lip after Ramadan in Florida

savoring the massacre at Aurora with his friends

and tomorrow this maniac is gonna use some kids

to further his warped agenda

and will pander his friends and look like a hero,

but to those who know their God he looks VERY SICK.


Wed. Jan 16

Watched the Gun Control conference with Obama and looks like he backed down quite a bit from what the press reported he would do. The kids were cute and weren’t abused and their letters were very sweet.

Maybe Obama fears impeachment?

He put it in the hands of the Congress from what I could ascertain. Another way a bunch of people can make a bunch of speeches and lather up the people and avoid investigating Benghazi.

Anyway the conference proposals appear to be a way to spend more money all the while looking responsible. Not one thing he said sounded like would make a bit of difference to a cult bent on causing and creating havoc. It’s obvious truthfulness in investigating Aurora and Newtown is fixed and held up to influence politics. I would call it nonsense at this point in time.

By the way changes in magazine content of assault weapons will only affect new ones purchased…..right? As if a criminal can’t hold other magazines or other guns…it’s ridiculous. Maybe he just wants to sell more guns.

Will it affect who is the seller of them?

One thing he did say that caught my attention is holding those accountable that sell arms to drug dealers and criminals.

How about Fast and Furious? 

How about Eric Holder?

Or does he get a pass? If so? Why?

Because lawfulness is meaningless to Obama.

Does Congress have anything to do with Fast and Furious? I’m pretty sure it’s related to Benghazi in some form or fashion.

This was Obama’s way to lay the blame of  any new massacres on what Republican Congressmen does or does not do. Now the Democratic hoard will come out with speeches and press pundits guilting anyone because it works for them and is babel for reelection and lays the real work on the Republicans because Democrats don’t really work or read their bills as in ObamaCare they just push them like a drug dealer does their drugs stuffed in between.

Don’t buy them. Don’t read them. Just burn the bills they send to the Republicans in Congress so you don’t have to vote on them or read them, because they don’t read them so why should the Republicans be bogged down having to read and decipher them. Instead send stuff their way so they have something to do to earn their paycheck. Keep them busy.

Stuff them with pork to go after Biden and Obamas side businesses and other Democrats side businesses.I have a feeling manufacturers of his style of weapon are in his pocket. Really a great way to affect Obama and Biden is through their pocketbook….

Don’t raise the Debt ceiling and don’t listen to Paul Ryan…He’s a liar and a fake.

He is really an Obama man and always was

and he also is a misogynist.

Bankrupt them.

Don’t fund Egypt or Lagarde and their agendas either.

Hannity: America’s lecturer in chief scolds Republicans


The conference on gun control was totally a political piece of lint the size of 23 executive plunders,

another shield,

another deflection from investigating Benghazi

which might shed light on those cults

affecting children and future obscene massacres of law abiding people.

Of course I haven’t read any of the 23 executive directives or orders, etc.

Probably meaningless fodder for the press and the public.

Please read:

Tell No Man


“Obviously, there are two different Jesus’s written about in the New Testament!”


Ignorance is the biggest problem we have in America

and a lousy education system

that doesn’t include common sense teaching.

There would be many lives saved if kids were taught the basics of life and how to conduct it.

But those in high places like it that way because it keeps them in charge. They would rather trick and bully the people using their ridiculous notions about saving one life…..while turning a blind eye to Eric Holder or covering up Benghazi or blaming media for mass murders.

Should we blame the theaters?

I think it’s time to ban theaters, plays, musicals, golden globe award ceremonies, the inauguration ceremony and the inauguration ball and those that participate to their own shame, actors and actresses, singers, musicians, producers and directors, the press,

and red carpets.

I am amazed by the cowardice in those high places.

It’s astounding.

(It may not seem important now but when the American people are broke

will they buy movies, dvds, go to theaters and concerts?…..


(I would humerous to hear about an inauguration for Obama where no one attended. But no such luck as it turned out they spent about 50 million buckaroonies on parties and the whole affair.)


Rapper Lupe Fiasco thrown offstage during pre-inauguration event after anti-Obama rant [VIDEO]

Paul Ryan Booed By Inauguration Crowd

Ryan announced last week that he would be present for Obama’s public swearing in at the Capitol, calling it his “obligation.”

It’s your duty not to attend but since you are a pandering idiot you are obligated.

Today he is attempting to strengthen the party and mostly himself. Sat Jan. 26

He’s trying to be less transparent:)

Obama gut-busting lunch menu tops 3,000 calories No hummice?

Hannity tonight had a show about the arms we are sending to Egypt to Morsi :

US gift of F-16 fighter jets headed to Egypt

And astutely Sean Hannity asks, “Why do I think we are being played for suckers here?”

Then the two gentlemen didn’t answer the question but said the most important thing here is tomorrow Hillary Clinton will be testifying and the following day John Kerry will be coming in to testify and thinks that we need to ask Kerry ….not Hillary Clinton just Kerry even though he was not Secretary of State about the arms being shipped to Egypt and great sums of money. I guarantee they won’t ask the right questions of Hillary about Benghazi on purpose to avoid any problems because they don’t want the public to really know the truth about Benghazi. They have had plenty of time to design a show for everyone involved to waste tax payers money and continue deceiving by asking irrelevant questions so she can answer irrelevant answers to tidy up the whole affair. We shall see what occurs. I’m not sure Hillary had much choice in her involvement or her testimony.

I think her hands are tied to protect the guilty.


So is Islam harmless? Should we accept Islam? Does Islam use terrorism as a weapon? Should we accept a religion that props up Islam as legitimate? Should we trust a religion that props up terrorism? That’s what Roman Catholicism did in the case of Benghazi. That’s what Barack Obama did in the case of Benghazi. That’s what Hillary Clinton did in the case of Benghazi.That’s what Susan Rice did in the case of Benghazi.

Should we prop them up too?

Should you attend the inauguration of Obama?

Should you ask your congressmen and women and the senate to impeach Obama?

He has plenty of impeachable offenses

so what’s holding our government back from holding him accountable?

Are they afraid of him?

Where are those witnesses from Benghazi? They disappeared. Did they go to Algeria or are they hiding them somewhere else?

Algeria hostage crisis: Most weapons used in attack came from Libya



Blue Skies

Eye of a Needle

The Drawbridge

The Keep

CBS News and JFK Transcriptions

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