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I visited a retirement center for old folks and while my sisters were in the bathroom I whistled with some cockatiels, a male and female, and we talked. I don’t have any idea what the conversation was but it was interesting and fun. When my sisters were finished we walked down the hallway and turned the corner and there was a woman on the floor and a puddle of blood. She was bleeding from her nose and I think she was stunned. My sister thought she was dead because she wasn’t moving and after freaking out about it told the nurse at the station in front of her that there’s a woman on the floor bleeding.

They couldn’t see her because the nurse’s station was at a certain height and I guess the woman on the floor wasn’t visible to them because of the height of their counter. They often set their patients CLIENTS in wheel chairs in front of the station a little distance away for some reason probably because of the nurse’s station I think so they can watch them but they missed this one lady for a short time.

The woman on the floor was connected to an oxygen machine I think. In any case I think she got up and fell, but I didn’t witness her accident. I think she wanted to go to the bathroom and didn’t realize she couldn’t do it herself. So we alerted the nurse station about this woman and they got emergency people to her within minutes and she started to groan so I knew she wasn’t dead and her nose was still bleeding and her hands started to shake when they turned her over on her back, and when they got her into the gurney she said “I need to go to the bathroom” (something like that) so I knew she would be okay, I hope. I prayed for her that she would be okay.

The wheel chairs they use to set their clients in don’t have foot pedals for support for their feet to keep them off the ground when you wheel them around as do many hospitals and to help them stay in their seat without sliding which might help. But this is only a retirement center that has gone down the tube a bit since the person who built the place either has died or isn’t able to manage it anymore. I think he would be astounded and very disappointed at the lack of care the older people that invested their money into this center to protect their mate and themselves. Pretty shabby treatment. Supposed to be a reputable place for retired veterans of our armed forces and their spouses.

They set their patients in wheel chairs in the hallway without much protection such as something like a seat belt or barrier on the wheel chair to keep them in the wheel chair. (Some of them have dementia or other mental incapabilities.) Barriers such as you would if you were taking a ride on a ride of some kind. Usually a bar or I think a desk top with a pillow so they can rest their arms or heads when they are tired since they probably drug them to keep them sedate or under control like they do with kids that are out of control sometimes like kids with ADHD. I don’t know that they do that but I am suspicious that they do that. I know my mom was visiting people at a certain time in her stay at the residence because of her mental kid like condition and more than likely had some problems arise because of it such as falling. Possibly she suffers from the same like kids do sometimes. Older people tend to become child like at a certain point. Anyway it is natural for them to slip out of their chairs without additional help such as a desk top apparatus to lean forward on from the hip or waist and foot support especially if they are using drugs to inhibit them which we can’t prove of course. Pretty stupid if you ask me that they don’t do that kind of protective measures for wheel chairs for really old CLIENTS. Perhaps it’s on purpose, but I hope that changes.

When at the hospital with my mother before they transferred her back to her retirement center a woman named Monte a nurse who was supposed to be nursing my mother made a big mistake.

We had been with my mother because she had a urinary tract infection and pneumonia and had had a temperature of 105 degrees and was taken to this hospital ….A METHODIST hospital. She had a couple of other problems as well but those two were the ones causing her great sickness. The other nurses were fantastic, but not MONTE. She had been on duty supposedly starting at 7am and with my mom for about 5 hours from about noon to five. I sure didn’t see MONTE much.

Went to go eat after about 5 hours and came back and my moms blanket’s and sheets were at the end of the bed. Her hospital gown was off. She was totally naked. She didn’t care because she is old and didn’t realize she was naked without her blankets and sheets.. So I went to the nurses station and asked why my mom was naked without sheets and blankets on and the nurse sent me to another nurse who was supposed to be her nurse (MONTE) and asked the same question and she said “Oh she’s been doing that all day” (not sure about exact wording) And I said “No she has not. We have been with her all day (for five hours).” By way the other nurses came in and cleaned her up and got her dressed and covered again. Anyway I think MONTE had motives that were not nice for my mom because Monte lied which was a good indicator. She looked like a nun without her habit. A bitter old lady who lied about my mom to her daughters, me and my sisters. A person who should not be working at a hospital because she stunk as a nurse. Really CADDY woman and it was strange that she would say that about my mom since we were with my mom that day and didn’t see that nurse much in those hours. Unlike the other nurses who loved their job and showed it.

At the hospital we had a bunch of fun with my mom and brought back some memories to her and sung with her some songs my sister had recorded on her IPad that helped to bring back memories of her husband (my dad) and even old friends from high school, her sister, her kids and grand kids etc. My other sister danced to remind my mom of her dancing the hula that she sort of taught my sister and her friends when she was young. My mom was quite happy at the hospital even though this woman lied about her, but she didn’t know she did, but she did. My mom was a fantastic mom and I wouldn’t trade her for any other mom. I was and I still am blessed because of my mom and my dad.

I hope MONTE loses her job at that hospital for being a turd and I plan to report her for that crap. She should get a job she likes and doesn’t lie about her patient (my mom) to her daughters. Kind of stupid. At the least I hope Monte takes the hint and improves her service and her job for her own sake as well. Sometimes it takes a little scolding and I hope she reads this.

When my mom was transferred back to her retirement center at the Arc Community Center in the B Section though I don’t think she was quite well enough to go back strength wise from the hospital to her residence we did get to visit her near where the woman had her fall. My mom was not nearly as aware anymore for some reason but a woman came in who has worked there for a long time who helped to organize my mothers belongings and her room. My little sister had bought my mother a bunch of shoes and clothes that ended up disappearing and complained about it after she noticed they were missing and the retirement center said that they were not accountable for things missing for one reason or another. So stealing I guess is okay in retirement centers but it was my sister’s effort and money to give to her mom because she loves her. Anyway this woman who helped to organize my mom’s residence (room) was called NINA who reminded me of my Aunt Patsy. Really pretty for her age and charming. (WHEN I SAID OUT LOUD “SHE REMINDS ME OF PATSY” (which made me suspicious of her) MY MOM IN A LUCID STATE SAID, “THANK YOU,’ DIRECTLY TO ME AND LOOKED SUSPICIOUS, KIND OF DISAPPOINTED, HURT, AND DISGUSTED.)  My mother had introduced Patsy to her husband when they were young. She broke off her engagement to another man for my mom’s brother when she met him. Anyway she didn’t treat my mom with respect because of my mom’s infrequent alcohol problems. Patsy was tea totaler. Thought highly of herself and the same one that said “Beauty is as beauty does. ” to me once in a real weird way. She was beautiful but she wasn’t very nice to some people for some reason such as my other uncle (behind his back) who was a big alcoholic and came into some money later in life and became very popular and sought after he became rich. So the moral of this is you can be rich and an alcoholic and that’s okay, but it is not okay if you are not rich and especially if you are a female. It’s that christian dichotomy that seems to persist in so many “christians.”

I loved Patsy for her few attributes because she did have some good things in her, but I’m glad she was not my mom. Her sons love her. Her husband loves her, I know. She did take care of her husband when he couldn’t, which is a plus. She was lucky she met my mom or I doubt she would have met her husband or had those sons.

I hope she knows that and keeps that in the back of her head.

My younger sister trusted the woman that resembled my aunt quite a bit. But I felt distrust in her because of her resemblance and what I had been told about my mothers belongings given to her by my sister and the attitude of the place when it was told to them that many things were missing in those belongings. Not saying it was her but appearances can be deceiving especially in Christians at least that has been my experience in the past. I don’t hate them I just think they are full of holes. After I said out loud that she reminded me of my Aunt Pasty my mother said “Thank you” to me.

Earlier a few years ago my mom companied about a couple of women who she did not know who were not very nice to her for no reason.


Years earlier my older sister made Aunt Patsy give me some china of my grandmothers which I didn’t really need but by my sister thought I did and I guess Patsy had claimed some things that didn’t belong to her. I have no idea I was no in on the logistics of who got what but more of a ‘Oh. Okay, kind of thing.” So there may be some kind of retribution and redistributing going on. I don’t know but it does seem coincidental. Patsy and her husband were in the business often where they would get peoples things. He was a lawyer and she worked for him. Title company. So she may have been quite a pro at getting things.

I also met an African American woman named Mary at the Ark who I had met a long time ago that my sister befriended quite a bit. Very chummy together.

Sorry I’m not politically correct I don’t believe in political correctness. I think it’s a veil and is stupid. When I see something or someone I think it’s wise to be able to describe that something or someone.

Shall we call plants by the same name to be politically correct. We have all sorts of different varieties of trees, but I don’t think it would be wise to plant a palm tree in the Rocky mountains of Colorado, do you?

Here is a comparison of the Synoptic gospels and the Gospel of John of a certain event and my interpretation of the differences between them which I hope you read:

A Desert Place (a Different View) *

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 9.54.31 AM

Kind of reminds me of the ships of Christopher Columbus: the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria

and the weather changes called

El Niño and La Niña

Meaning of Pinta:

    “an infectious bacterial skin disease of tropical America that is marked by the formation and eruption of papules, loss of pigmentation, and thickening of the skin”
    Which happens to older people!

Pint is a liquid measure

but there is also a dry measure such as:

an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

“La Niña means The Little Girl in Spanish. La Niña is also sometimes called El Viejoanti-El Niño, or simply

a cold event.

“El Niño means The Little Boy, or Christ Child in Spanish. El Niño was originally recognized by fishermen off the coast of South America in the 1600s, with the appearance of unusually warm water in the Pacific Ocean. The name was chosen based on the time of year (around December) during which these warm waters events tended to occur.”

Paul Simon I know what I know

I also plan to talk to the retirement center for my dad (because he loves my mom) for those improvements.

I asked the same doctor that oversees the retirement center about possibly helping with something that might help her with her immune system since old people are very much like babies except with less immunities. Babies get milk usually breast fed but have high immunities for urinary tract infections even though they poop and pee in the same diaper. I think anything to boost the immunity for old people might be smart and possibly save some trips to the hospital and prevent infections and hospital beds etc. They started her on cranberry juice (or extract) to hopefully prevent urinary tract infection to see if it might help at the suggestion of that family medical doctor that oversees the retirement center. So it might help. They put barriers on hospital beds to prevent people from slipping off their beds I would think it might be wise to do the same for wheel chairs they leave them in for hours at a time in a hallway. My sister has another idea that might help as well which she will unfold when she is able.

While at the retirement center I tried to take her pulse and her oxygen rate with my little appliance and couldn’t get a reading. I tried numerous times. I could get a reading on my sisters and me but not her when she was at her retirement center for military veterans and their spouse at that place her husband afforded for her and earned by defending our country and serving his country. The nurse came in to do a reading after I asked her to and she took my mom’s hand the one that was clenched in the center finger which was arthritic to give the reading, not the forefinger, but the middle one that she could not straighten,which is weird. They always use the forefinger for a reading every time I have been in the hospital, but not this nurse and she got a reading. She said it was because my mom’s hand was cold that I couldn’t get a reading and I had no idea that was a precondition to get a reading. But why would a nurse take the finger that was screwed up for a reading? Talk about abusive, I think it was abusive. My mom was sluggish as could be and barely could keep her eyes open. Also when she was moved back to the retirement center her feet and ankles turned a deep purple and were swollen because they had her out in the hallway. That’s what they said was the reason. So it might be nice to come up with something to keep their legs up part of the time when in the wheel chairs to help prevent some problems for old people, if they give a shit.  if their legs dangle the weight at the place that the legs hang might cause a lack of blood to the extremity food areas whereas if they had foot pedals they have support fro their feet and they might not lose as much circulation. Perhaps socks that circulate their blood flow in their ankles and feet and keep their feet warm might be nice for their CLIENTS! What would be the cost?

Proceeds from another home?

Perhaps wheelchairs and a barrier such as a desk tray with a pillow on top for their arms and if they want take a nap in their wheel chair. Like kids do when in school on their desks sometimes. I did anyway. But they didn’t have pillows so if they fall asleep bring them a pillow.Texas law requires no restraints such as seat belts or anything that restrains them so I asked the nurse about trays with pillows on the to act as a barrier and comfort on the wheel chairs. The reasons for the foot pedals on some wheelchairs and not on others is for exercise. Ridiculous. EXCUSES. They only lift their feet as they are wheeled around so it isn’t gonna make much difference. Socks for circulation that vibrate would be much more appropriate for them. Anyway there are only two doctors at that retirement center in that particular part of the center. SO I’m gonna ask how many Dr. Denham has because he only is present 4 hours a week. There seems to be quite a few patients, so I’m gonna to ask to him tonight. Tried to call him with his business card I picked up a few days ago and the phone number in not a working number. I think he works in West Virginia though not sure. I ordered the rental of an oxygen machine because found out my mother’s oxygen was at 88 and at 85 you can’t barely breathe and no wonder she was acting out of it when my sister visited her yesterday. Had a nasty phone call with a nurse yesterday about it because I was supposed to get the results of her reading on oxygen because my sister was on the road going back to her house and didn’t get the answer because the nurse said she found the reading to be at 88 and wanted to give my mother a treatment of some kind breathing (for asthma though not sure) and got it back up to 91 instead of calling my sister which is the right order but she could have called afterwards but maybe we didn’t give her enough time. The phones were crackling so it was hard to communicate with them and  she had to repeat herself to me because of it which seemed to upset her which upset me. So I think the nurse on the shift before her may have been a bit too relaxed about my mom’s oxygen rate. So in order to get oxygen treatments I had the nurse that was in a good frame of mine the next day to order the rental of an oxygen machine (oxygen concentrator) that makes oxygen as you inhale it (because others are a fire hazard) and asked her to keep it at the lowest 91 and try to keep my mothers oxygen rate in the mid 90’s. And she said she would. You can buy them rebuilt so they are far cheaper etc than new ones. So eventually will replace the rental with a new or used oxygen regenerator so it will be cheaper. It’s quite an expensive rental but better than nothing. I’m surprised the doctor didn’t ask us about whether she should have one. So they are going to give her treatments throughout the day and have her wear the oxygen apparatus in the night even though she is apt to take it off in the night because she doesn’t know any better but hopefully they will soon train her to wear it through the night. When she left the hospital she was weak because they tend to let patients leave earlier than they should because of hospital beds etc. But you would have thought the doctor at the residence center would have suggested we get her an oxygen concentrator so she could take advantage of the therapy it gives a patient or an older person who isn’t getting enough oxygen for one reason or another. But he didn’t suggest it for my mom so I did. I can’t reach him because his phone number on the card isn’t a working number so will call him tonight when he is there for his four hour/week visit. Last time I saw him he was at the front desk in the lobby where those cocktails are caged.. MY MOTHER LOVES THE NAME OF DOUGLAS, WHICH IS HIS FIRST NAME. Both my sister’s cell phone mailboxes are full all day long, so far so I can’t reach them. One probably is packing for a cruise and the other is probably working. Both have GPS and cell phones that are supposed to remind them when their mailboxes are full but I doubt they know it. Technology is great if you know how to use it and if you keep using your own brain at the same time. It isn’t supposed to replace the human brain. Both sisters have offered to give me their extra cell phone and a GPS but still haven’t received it. They are convenient since I can never remember my own home phone number and have a hard time with directions on the road. I’m technologically illiterate, and don’t have a working cell phone or GPS and I would like to have both, however I fear that they might make me stupider.


Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 4.11.45 PM

The Tulips of Mecca

that they don’t,

do what they can to keep their patients from falling on their faces and having to go to the hospital as that one woman who was bleeding a pool of blood from her nose on their floor. They said she would have quite a bit of bruising as a result of her fall.

How hard can that be in any way? Kind of thoughtless they don’t try a little harder to have a little tenderness.

I hope the Denhams might read my latest post on The Eye of the Needle called

No Laws No Life Literally

because it may soon have a dire effect and may affect them pretty soon;)

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

if for no other reason


 it might be you next.

You’ve got to know when to hold ’em

Know when to fold ’em

You Gotta Know When to Hold Em,

I know that sometimes a business management makes a big difference between a Chili’s and a Chili’s. And sometimes people get complacent and lose their edge. And sometimes things seem to go wrong all at once. Criticism should, I hope, bring a change for the better. Used to be The Arc was a great place and I think it should try to be that again and improve itself. The goal of a doctor should not be to live in a castle but to improve on the quality of life for his or her patient or they should retire and move over for doctors that enjoy their profession and their talent. and the staff that get a paycheck for their input if they have lost their passion should move on to a less important job such as managing Walmart that sells vegetables and fruits and allow those that have the passion to replace them in the business of health care for people like themselves.

I heard recently that the home of Kenny Rogers who wrote The Gambler was on sale for $56 million which I thought was kind of repugnant. He was a good writer of songs (not one my favorites) but nevertheless no one should own a house that expensive. I doubt the White House is worth that much, hopefully. How many people could live in a $56 million home. At least 56 people or 56 families or 112 families. That’s insane. I think we have set our priorities in the wrong way or direction in America. Capitalism is a great way of life, but that’s taking it to the limit.

The Outer Limits.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.44.53 PM

Take it to the Limit The Eagles

While we are at it it might be nice to have seat belts in buses that bus the children to schools

to keep them safer

if we really care for the children of the world.

Walmart is having some plumbing problems recently and has had to close a few stores. I went into Walmart the other night and spoke to a very friendly lady about a job because I need one even though I have physical problems and she told me they really needed workers and help and I waited for the manager and he told me they didn’t need my help. Anyway I hope they go out of business in favor of smaller companies that can sell fruits and vegetables just as easily.

At the hospital I frequent (because of various reasons) that my daughter just recently was healed at they don’t give certain types of pain medication to children or teens for pain and I asked if they used topical pain relievers like Bio-Freeze or similar products and they don’t, which would decrease pain for the youth suffering from infections that are painful that can be rubbed into the area that is causing un-needful pain. Why would a hospital be remiss about harmless ointments that could make a difference? Isn’t that really stupid and possibly sadistic. I wonder why would they deny kids painkillers if they aren’t willing to subsidize them with other products that are very helpful?

CNN to Highlight National Consensus on MedicalMarijuana With ‘Weed 3’

Probably would have helped my child and my mom.

I do think sometimes when in acute manifestations of some kinds of diseases or sicknesses the hospital likes to know what level of pain a person is in for the sake of knowing if they are succeeding in their healing so I think it depends if the pain is chronic or an aberration pertaining to a temporary sickness but at a certain point in the ordeal of sickness it would help patients and the nursing staff so they don’t have to deal with people wailing. I do know that Marijuana that isn’t medical helps females be nice and jovial to others when in premenstrual syndrome or during menstruation which should be incentive for the legalization of marijuana on it’s own merit. Believe you me it will be worth it for most families and couples. Females were separated during their menstrual cycles in the Old Testament for everyone’s sake. They should have the right to stay home from school during that time and go to the bathroom whenever they need to go to the bathroom to prevent UTI, Bladder Infections, Kidney Infections, embarrassment from heavy menstruating, etc. There is a lot of wisdom in the Old Testament if people would look for it. Those that are against that are really backwards when you think about it. The only reason I think there are people that are adverse to the idea of legalization of marijuana is because they resisted in the past and sent many to prison for possession of marijuana, entrapped and set them up, and are afraid of repercussions because of that fear and if that were settled it might help to get marijuana legalized. KInd of like African American rights and wanting to be paid back for what happened 50 years ago because of the laws that were in place at the time. And another reason is they aren’t in on the profit and want to be. Drug companies are probably in the fight against marijuana as well because they aren’t in on the deal. Another good reason to legalize marijuana is to free kids from the influence of mobsters but the Roman Catholic Church would not like that because they depend on mobsters to keep afloat and to enforce their religion on many countries. Another is they are afraid that alcohol sales will slip even though alcohol causes many deaths and many rapes and they also like to rape easily so they want to keep alcohol at odds with marijuana and defy marijuana legalization. If they made it illegal to drink booze at beaches it might help the businesses that depend on alcohol sales. The amount of deaths on campus due to guzzling alcohol in fraternities ought to be reason enough to try to replace alcohol consumption with marijuana consumption avoiding deaths, fights, rapes, drunk driving accidents, and belligerence. Have they tried medical marijuana on the elderly in pain because of falls from UTI infections that cause Kidney and Bladder infections? Why not?

 Families would get along much better if they used marijuana to cool off family arguments. I can bear witness to the effects of marijuana between siblings who are extremely contentious about their beliefs or family problems. It really does help in moderation. I don’t think operating heavy equipment or driving ought to be allowed for people high on marijuana because I have witnessed the effects of that as well. I think it should be like guns at home. However they have to purchase marijuana in order to have a supply of it whereas gun ownership is a one time purchase unless you own many guns. They need to come up with a container for marijuana that is like alcohol so that it can be transported to the home and stay unopened during the transport. I think what they use for fresh vegetables and jams might be the ticket : resealable storage jars.

Certainly help those that are worried about overpopulation of the world because I can bear witness to the effects on the male sperm and male desire for sex over a period of time. It would certainly make a big difference instead of the other methods used by the Roman Catholic Church and those that consider humanity to be like germs such as the husband of Queen Elizabeth. (what’s his name?.)

Makes populations more peaceful as well which would help to avoid unnecessary conflicts once the mobsters are constrained. China ought to consider the use of marijuana for their population control and for their workers to be happier and to help with their pollution problem, I would think. Would help in India and Pakistan as well. Probably would help those of the Islamic Faith! LOL learn to laugh a little and certainly would help them oblige their religious tenets:

The Religion of Peace.

I don’t think marijuana can help Bill O’reilly. He needs to be isolated. LOL

Some people prefer misery to happiness. Those that are lovers of misery for others need to be isolated and forced to smoke marijuana and then studied. Not really because forcing a drug on anyone is wrong,

but denying those that like to drink alcohol and beer and the evils it causes should be denied their rights until they legalize marijuana and medical marijuana

I think that is what it will take.

I believe in toning marijuana down so that the content of THC or other additives is minimal just like is done with beer and some wine coolers. Labeling is a good idea for content and additives. Make a certain strength of marijuana illegal. It has to be limited but I think it will solve a big criminal element in the USA and help young people not get involved in the mafia and it’s deals. I don’t think that would make Bill O’reilly happy. I think he wants young people to get involved with the mafia. Jesuits are part of the mafia so it makes sense. The Jesuits and it’s mafia need a way to lure kids so they can use them.

Do they really care about kids?

Or do they have an axe to grind for some kids? Lack of pain medication, even topical ointments.

While at the hospital my ex heard a man screaming quite a bit for night and no one helped him and he didn’t alert anyone either. Why not? Recently when I was being treated I had to alert people next to me that were nurses that a person in the room I was walking by down the hallway for exercise after my sickness to improve my condition was wailing as if they were deaf and didn’t hear and then they went in to help him after I mentioned it to them. I think they were nurses. It’s hard to tell sometimes. Then when my daughter pitched a fit because I brought her a shirt instead of a tee shirt which she asked for because I wanted to use the shirt as a message about a a girl on a bicycle and the message about mistakes and getting back on the bicycle in defiance of her mother’s advice caused a scene and an argument and refusing my motherly counsel nurses were running to her room that were quite far away in comparison and were in her room quite quickly. The same place that ridiculed me for having my daughter checked for Ectopic Pregnancy during a sonogram while sexually active when 3 years before the physician at that time suggested an Ectopic Pregnancy test for her acute physical ailment that she encountered after bullying and being pushed around at her high school and being called names when she was not sexually active that inferred that she was sexually active which made the physician suspicious for her sake. Luckily the physician this time agreed with me that they should not have ridiculed me with my daughter this time for trying to protect her life and said she would deal with the staff about it, whether or not she actually did and said she would have had her checked for Ectopic pregnancy as well for her sake and because physicians some of them actually have intelligence and care about their patients and this one I think cared as well. I asked for a social worker to help her after her fit of anger and was told by the Ex that the social worker refused to talk to me about my daughter because of my daughters wishes to only talk to him, the same Ex that slept with her in the lower bunk bed when she was 16 years old for a while but luckily I shamed him by getting on the internet and asking “Should a 16 year old female sleep with her divorced daddy” and read the responses without my daughters presence so he slept on the couch after that. He cleared off the top bunk bed around the same week of the boxes that had been stored on the top bunk for two years making it unavailable for anyone to sleep on. Never has covered it with a sheet. Then I was assaulted by him over a cell phone soon after which I reported to the police with a description of all the events and was told that if I pressed charges I would have to leave her in his care for shelter for myself for my safety. Which I refused to do but have been threatened numerous times to be homeless by him and her. I’m sure the events are related being so close in time and because he didn’t like being shamed and wanted to show who was the boss and probably embarrassed  and then was told by another police officer that he would get back with me within the week and he never did about the claim during the visit about the abuse against a police officer. At the time of the assault I was treated very badly by the three cops who acted like thugs and had Chicago/New York accents in Texas who told my Ex to evict me over the unlawful act of picking up his cell phone off the table and being assaulted by him. So I asked the nice officer at the station to take pictures of my arm that was bruised a few days later that even worsened over time. I had my cousin also take pictures as well to document the assault and I put in a claim against my treatment by one officer to that police station said after I asked if he had a business card and said he didn’t “are you just an escort for the other officers in his car” (something to that effect) insulting him I admit it was purposeful because I could tell he was a jerk and had a beer gut) so much that he threatened to hand cuff me to prove he was a cop. I yelled at him that God was on my side blah blah blah even though I wasn’t really sure of it but I didn’t like being threatened for nothing. They never got back with me about my claim against the officer. Makes one wonder what the heck is going on? Is it my beliefs that are causing a stir and so that they might quell my views in favor of their faith and grace by their

cultic behavior and abuse of female kids and women?

In the meanwhile I found out that it is against the law not to report possible abuse of children so I had to tell the people at the hospital in case they didn’t know and they said they have to report it as well. So I really had no choice in the matter since it’s the law which I had no idea it was a law until I learned about it via whoever it was that told me. SO if i didn’t report it I would have broken the law and if I did report it I would be assaulted by my Ex and abused by the police of Rowlett and they didn’t get back with me at all about it in favor of protecting the EX and the bad cop but not me and my daughter. The case worker said that my daughter should not be on restriction and should be allowed to go wherever she wants and to make her happy under the circumstances event though that same daughter pushed her mom in to a ballet bar with hangers-on it 2 weeks before which caused me to go to the hospital with injuries and be on pain meds for two weeks and I’m still in pain and that same daughter has had intercourse with her boyfriend of 19 years of age more than once a multitude of times and got a job recently only to  found out she was boat her job but at her boyfriends house and she lied about it. So we (the ex and I) put her on restriction for 2 weeks for lying and during that time because the daughter wanted to go out anyway she decided to have a fit and push me around. But that isn’t a punishable offense for the ex, in fact he rather likes it. And said that we have to obey the social workers (case workers instructions) and let her spend the night with her friends even though she is on meds antibiotics and her other friend also has a kidney infection. Now who is pulling strings the case worker or the Ex? The daughter called me a bitch for not giving permission even though the Ex and I agreed she should have another week of restriction before the Case worker got involved. Case workers really like kids to be having intercourse at 16 years of age and the hospital that she has a job with is on Scenic Drive in Rowlett Texas and is called LAKE POINTE MEDICAL CENTER. I THINK THE CASE WORKER IS CALLED PAT. COINCIDENTALLY. There are only two case workers and that’s on e of those names. The friend makes really ugly art such as masks that have tongues hanging out and pigs faces. Is the daughter doing the Ex’s business as well pushing her mother around and what an EX he is! His name is PHILLIP ROY RODGERS of MICHIGAN, a painter of houses and a saxophone player that works at Eddie V’s a seafood restaurant located in Carrolton, Texas on Sunday night and some other night. Sometimes he works at a french restaurant in Carrolton Texas called Cafe de France, every other Sunday or Saturday. I just asked the names of those restaurants and he said “You better not pull any shit” and I said “Like what?” and he said “Anything.”. I didn’t tell him I was writing it in my blog, of course. LOL. My beef really is with the Ex and I hope he dies a painful death and finds the bottom of hell when he does die and never is released and loses everything he owns and everything he cherishes forever and ever as well as the case worker and those that go along with him not allowing me to be a mother to my daughter and come between us until they learn not to. But as far as the Ex is concerned I don’t want him to have any leeway whatsoever or any chance for he doesn’t deserve it and it is not in my daughters best interest but his own. When i was about to take her to the hospital he tried to get me not to take her by telling me her pain was due to the couch she slept on a few nights before and it’s ridges so I thought maybe he was telling the truth and she insisted that her pain was more than that and getting worse so I did take her in spite of him. He didn’t take her and frowned upon it. He slept on that couch in her room the night before (does that sound premeditated?) and did again since for some reason (which he never has done before)! I want what’s best for my daughter and not the freedom to do what ever she wants at age 16 which is going too far and for not being on restriction for lying and pushing me around is going to far. Kidney infection can also be caused by intercourse and not urinating afterwards and or cleaning oneself afterwards. Her friend also has relations, I suspect, with her boyfriend. She also is suffering from Kidney infection. 16 is too young for active sex and a 19 year old boy who doesn’t work should not take the chance. Luckily my daughter talked to her boyfriend. HIS NAME IS PATRICK (just in case some girls want to entrap a boy who has trust funds. How many can there be in Forney Texas?) via her cell phone twitter account saying that she would not have intercourse any more supposedly after I had talked to her about it. Her boyfriend had been accused in the past of getting a girl pregnant and had the DNA checked and wanted her to have an abortion but turned out it was his friends baby and she ended up in prison for theft ($20,000 worth). NIce wholesome crowd. I guess she was after his money and his fortune which is in some kind of trust fund so I guess he doesn’t need to work. He is from Forney, Texas. So I would imagine she was after that trust fund. While on restriction after my daughter pushed me into the ballet bar her friends picked her up after she snuck out the window and locked her bedroom door with out telling me. They knew she was on restriction. So because they all worked together and with her dad were affronting me IMO, purposefully. Did they take her to the doctor? Did they rub her back and her feet for a few nights and talk to her about her condition to help her to determine or try to determine her condition whether just a muscle ache, a pinched nerve because of the activity about the ballet bar, or many other things? She was on restriction so I doubt it but would they have. I don’t know the answer to that. Some parents love house guests- other peoples kids- to entertain their kids so they don’t have to deal with them and I think that is the case in this instance. Just keep them happy but don’t teach them.

The following is pretty funny, but I think this person maybe on to some truth about kids:

The Teen Brain: It’s Just Not Grown Up Yet

I’m not sure about alienating a kid if she means restriction. I did it and it didn’t hurt me. I’m not sure it helped. However punishment and teaching a kid what is right and what is wrong is important. What should we do for punishment when injuries occur that have one have to seek emergency care? I knew when my daughter didn’t apologize I could see her pain in her eyes for what she did, but with the help of her dad she has learned not to care what and why she did what she did to me and that is wrong. I still am dealing with the pain in my side under my ribs. I don’t deserve that under any circumstances. I can’t afford another visit to a doctor and so have to rely on TYLENOL and other drugs. I think a kid should be restricted for that kind of behavior and not be able to spend the night  a day after the hospital care for kidney infection, intercourse number of times and bullying her mom. But her dad thinks she deserves to be with her friends overnight as a reward for the above. That’s STUPID! More than likely he will reward her in other ways as well just to be an asshole and hoping he can keep her in check so she will side with him sleeping with her when he shouldn’t have and is over 50 years old and should know better and more than likely get her to lie for him. That’s evil. rewarding them for evil is wrong and to get the upper hand to be allowed to bully her mom or so that he can. Restriction is a punishment that is kind and gives limitations to a kid for others and for herself. I allowed her during her restriction for short spurts to be with friends with limitations and I”m not allowed to in defiance of me and I hope he pays for what she does in the future for not trying to be a good parent just to screw with me not because he cares about her, it’s about him and his ALIBI! I think his actions that I have enumerated prove it. It impressed upon me that my parents cared when I was restricted but didn’t change my rebellion as a kid. I never forgot it and I think she needs to learn to respect her mom which he is trying to teach the opposite and so I write about it to teach her about lovelessness love of her dad and his lack of development of a frontal lobe. I was restricted for month for going to a drive in movie after their curfew without telling them and coming home early in the morning. I tried to restrict my daughter for two weeks for being with her boyfriend and not at her job and lying about it and then another week for my needless injury for restricting her even though I let her go to a concert so her friends wouldn’t waste their money they had already spent and to not blame her and I allowed her time off pretty much each day to spend with her friends and boyfriend in spurts and she started to seem more balanced but that was not what her daddy wanted.: success in child BEHAVIOR because of her mom. That is an affront to me. Ahe got sick soon after with a severe condition. She just got out of the hospital a day ago and he is forcing me to let her spend the night while she is still on antibiotics and needs a lot of rest. I was going to allow her time with her friends but not a spend the night Nope he wants her to spend then night because I don’t want her to spend the night. I think she could get sick again if she doesn’t and isn’t limited for her own good. I truly hope he meets his demise soon as well as Pat in both hospitals for their wrongful influence on my child and my mother to punish me for my beliefs and I believe that is the crux of the matter. My child is their tool and so is my mother and I hope it backfires on them in a huge unrelenting way. I want what is good for them. Should I send my mom to spend the night with friends or go to a hospital? I hope they pay the ultimate price for screwing with my kid and my mom and screwing with their well being;) 

What does it profit a man or woman to gain the whole world and lose their own soul?


I didn’t know I tried to open her locked door with my butt because I was afraid she had committed suicide even though she had injured me severely because she wouldn’t answer me. She once threatened suicide and was taken to Green oaks or some place similar (I forgot the name of the place) for a few hours. While trying to open her door I found out she had snuck out because I called her dad and he finally told me she had snuck out but never called on his own to alert me even though he knew. He didn’t mind after all she was disobeying her mother and had injured me which is basically doing him a service. In fact he doesn’t think she should be punished at all to this day about that itsy bitsy hatefulness and uncontrollable madness. So you see why I hate his guts? I hate his family all of them even though I never met them. I would love to see Phil’s end and would love to see him suffer a great deal but not at my daughters expense because she did not get a chance to be raised right because he is a mother fucker and could care less how she turns out in the end. I do care and I want help for her and for me. He wants to bury me but I really don’t want to bury him, never have. But that’s his idea of love and marriage. He told me so. I don’t really want to see his end just the end of him in my life and my daughters lives even though they mistakenly love him because he is their dad and hate me because of him.

I want Wise help

 from I AM the Lord thy God

and the opposite for my Ex, my daughters dad, and his friends for: obstruction for aiding and abetting for her dad in his pursuit to punish me for divorcing him and because I have no respect for him and his religion, his faith, his grace (lack of for the most part use adept at being a dumb dick) or anything in fact I can’t even stand to look at the back of his head and his neck. He is so gross and disgusting in my opinion. That’s what I see when I look out my bedroom when he is playing WOW on his computer. And I’m gonna pray for it and to punish those who are an obstruction for her upbringing and to my motherhood and her health and my health (mental, physical and spiritual.) I wish upon my Ex our health issues to deal with in his own body and not receive pity or help because he doesn’t deserve help. He just told a dog in the backyard not to argue. Is that nuts or what? They growl and fight, but I wouldn’t call it arguing. I think he is insane.

(I’m not saying they don’t communicate but it’s not like they are debating and it gets out of control. I know that my animals have communicated intelligently but under the control of spiritual intervention. Like telling me to turn up the oxygen control or things like that when needed but I don’t think the pet knew exactly what it was doing just moseyed over there as if being controlled or he would have turned it up for me, he does have paws. They are affected by spirits. I’ve seen that same cat freak over something in the air and hide because of it. So I do feel that I am being watched over often and communicated to via spiritually even through animals, noises, flickering of lights or lights going off etc and not all of it is meant well and I can pretty much determine the difference by the meaning of the communication and determine it’s source whether it is abetting my Ex’s devices and delusions to mess with me;) It’s called discernment just as determining the reasons for things that occur in the bible. The actress Marilu Henner of the show Taxi received a gift recently as well as others having to do with knowing the exact date of things that happened to them. I received via hypersensitivity and maybe was tempted to read minds and chose not to because I didn’t like what I was hearing especially when around my Ex but learned enough to know he wasn’t on my side, he didn’t have my best interests in mind, and was possessive to the degree of POW kind of stuff so I know his intent and intent of his friends and allies to intimidate me and use my kids who are immature, naive and very inexperienced in the ways of the world and to the spiritual world and those in this world physically who have their reasons (most of the time not good ones and based on their own personal madness because they don’t discern and they don’t care) to manipulate them to mess with me for diabolical reasons. And he and them seem to not really care the affect on my kids which is unforgivable IMO. They deserve better than that and should not to be used that way. Any dad that would shouldn’t be a dad. It has happened so often there is no turning back. I prefer discernment. Now in the Old Testament God makes King Nebuchadnezzar and turns him and others in his kingdom into an animal for so many years as a lesson or something because his kingdom was found wanting of morals. But when the dogs have it out with each other over jealousy and claim of a person or of food they aren’t exactly getting into the how and why of the matter. I don’t think they call each other names either like we do to illustrate what they think of that animal. However I have a cat who when the other cat came indoors actually put his arm over the cats shoulders greeting the other cat, but he didn’t meow Aloha. And when my cat disappeared for 7 weeks before he left he did kind of communicate as if saying “I have to do this lovingly” In the gospel of John Jesus was able to know where and how to make a certain amount of fish get caught in a net for a message to Peter. Cats like to chase lights from a laser and they never seem to figure out that they can’t catch it and they do worry such as when people are sad or are not getting along but when another cat is sick they treat it badly. They sense things like danger.)

I’m testing HIm, the Lord, because Phil and his friends and allies are testing me.

My daughter said recently that she doesn’t believe in God and you wonder why? Her daddy is why.

She is against my blogs but has never read them and you wonder why? Her daddy, even though he says i’m prolific and should write a book to make money but doesn’t believe in who I believe in and doesn’t go to church and doesn’t pray with his kids and doesn’t really know what the heck he thinks about anything he just wants revenge and using my kids for that sake and other people as well like cults do. He is a lousy dad. And if you think I will pay for my treatment at the hospital since it was caused by my ex and his friends you can count on the fact you will never see one thin dime in the future from me. Might try Phillip Roy Rodgers instead for the funds. As far as I’m concerned the hospital owes me a great deal of their business and money for the harm they have done to me and my girls in favor of a dunce head. The Rockwall school district owes me as well for their bullying and causing my child to get sick and they owe her monetarily and many other ways. He used my inheritance that I borrowed to get the house for a down payment on the house he yearned for and went bankrupt without trying to sell the house to pay off his debts. I never saw that $16,000. It went to him instead. That was while we were married. But he knocked me over for slapping him and about a week or so later I ended up in Parkland with a peritoneal abcess and sepsis and almost died and not the same person physically since and unable to work regular jobs and am mentally hurt and spiritually hurt and physically hurt and not happy at all. And I hope he pays a big price for his impotent dick attitude but not at my daughters expense either , for they are innocent of his crap because they don’t know any better and were raised by a dumb ass who was raised as a Catholic fuck head and dealt drugs at the same time. Who thinks he is a good person and he is anything but a good person. He’s a dunce head and will always be a dunce head. He is vengeful and indecent and should not be able to exist in the same 300 miles of his daughters or me. He should lose everything and be treated like cow dung at every opportunity.

Why would anyone help him?

My dream

I had a humorous dream about  my Ex. He was in a wheel chair and I put him on the track of one railroad track with a bunch of others and miscalculated which track and the time of the trains and he disappeared and I looked at my watch  (which I don’t have) and said, “I thought the train was coming later on.” Or something similar.

So I called and called her friends to bring her back when she left without telling me out a window of her bedroom because she was on restriction and she is my daughter and asked them to bring her back numerous times and after the first call to each of them they refused to answer the phone and I threatened her boyfriend on the telephone but he never spoke to me. I begged them to have her call me and to bring her home. She came home about over an hour later. So i don’t really care for her choice in friends anymore or care one iota about her boyfriend except that he has had a DWI and may be on parole at this time even though she mistakenly loves him. He brought her a brown blanket to the hospital that she uses at his home. I think they are really mixed up kids. He is 19 and will have a birthday in June. He is still a kid in my opinion and lacks good judgement but nevertheless I still resent him now.

My Ex loves animals so much that when his cat was dying in front of me and he was at a gig and I was holding my ten-day old baby in my arms crying and upset he wouldn’t come home for a lousy 100 dollar gig even though most people would have left under those circumstances for me, for my first daughter, and for the cat. NOT the unconcerned PHIL RODGERS FROM LANSING MICHIGAN! He’s a fake and a fraud.


Why do I hate him? Let me count the ways! I learned to hate because of him. I wish for those that support him that they get to marry as well as I did and get to have clones of Phil Rodgers as husbands and wives to learn why I hate so much the ground he walks on, his smell, his looks, his mind and everything about him, except and excluding my daughters and our pets. Pets don’t argue, they fight. Kids argue. He doesn’t get it. He blames mexicans for stealing dogs on construction sites. He is a turd, the fruit of his church the Roman Catholic Church that he was raised by.

Me: Do you know how gross you are to me, Phillip Rodgers?

a takeoff of the line in the movie Rob Roy between Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange:

Robert Roy MacGregor to Mary MacGregor: Do you know how fine you are to me, Mary MacGregor?

I’m thinking he might be a psychopath I just didn’t recognize that possibility until recently. I hope he comes your way anyone that stands on his side of these things and you get to indulge him and he you to your death and destruction until you release my daughters and me from his craziness and deal with him as he has dealt with me because he is absolutely screwed up in the head.

Oh have your eyes not seen, nor your ears heard, neither have entered into your heart the many things that I despise with all my heart about you, Phil Rodgers? Have you not read my blogs and the posts?

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 11.04.56 AM

You and Your Friend………ssssssss 

Dire Straits

The village are the idiots and I think it is because of who they trust spiritually and how they were raised and the city of Rowlett and Rockwall and it’s way of handling kids both female and male and women probably because we have the Abomination of Desolation in the White House currently who are pawns of or are pawning the Vatican in Rome and the daughters of the Whore of Babylon.


I THINK THERE IS A MEDICARE OR MEDICAID FRAUD INVOLVED AT THIS HOSPITAL AND I THINK MY EX IS INVOLVED TO GET MONEY VIA THE FRAUD AND I WISH SOMEONE WITH INTELLIGENCE IN THE LEGAL REALM WOULD INVESTIGATE. I THINK I OUGHT TO CALL THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF TEXAS AND SEE IF THAT IS LEGAL AND IF THEY MIGHT INVESTIGATE THIS POSSIBLE FRAUD. Just found out lat night that my mother is not doing well and on the way to the hospital but he nursing home The Arc (a retirement community for military families) in San Antonio Texas wanted to know if we wanted her to go to the hospital in favor of letting her die instead. My sisters and I said we wanted her to go to the hospital to get help instead of staying with them who would love to see her die because they got caught being negligent and they know it and lied about it and I know it and now anyone who reads this knows it. It’s not a good place to go when they have a woman on the floor bleeding out her nose without help in front of the nurses station without notice. That is absolutely NEGLIGENT AND OBSCENE. The doctor who runs it is named DR. DOUGLAS DENHAM, a woman hater and a freak of nature who this he is superior to those that are infirmed (not physically or mentally strong) or the elderly. I watched him in an interview with mom years ago dealing with her dementia and I didn’t like him then because of the way he treated her and the way he talked to her. He talked down to her and acted like a NAZI. No wonder he hired Pat Sturn or Pat Stern to oversee the place who lies and is negligent as well. He lacks the right heart for the job he sucks off of. He should lose his business and his fortune he made off the ills of other people because he doesn’t deserve anything good for the rest of his life and I know this is retribution from him and his staff. I think he also has business in West Virginia because he flew there recently allowing me to get his business card with a faulty phone number at the time which I alerted him about once I was able to reach him. Really a together business person an doctor, isn’t he? Mentally superior, isn’t he? He only works at the Arc 4 hours a week on Wednesdays and was sitting at the front desk in the lobby when I arrived acting really busy doing his job sitting there doing nothing the last time I went to visit my mom and sister. I hope he turns into a cranberry and rots away on the leaves that it grows upon for the sake of others that he uses for his personal gain.


There are nurses and then there are nurses, as there are social workers and then there are social workers, there are cops and then there are cops, etc.

Probably time to sift them for the good ones that aren’t of a particular cult that like to abuse females. Probably time to hire better ones when some ignore wailing or ridicule mothers who love their daughter regardless whether they make mistakes instead of protecting the dad who should know better and obviously knew better or he would not have moved the boxes and would have continued on with his potential unlawful behavior for who can read the mind or the intent of another person but only can judge their behavior before, during, and afterwards and the behavior of others in favor of potentially unlawful behavior towards a female teenager and the problems caused by such behavior such as blaming another female and assaulting her. Sex isn’t always about sex. Sometimes it’s about power in order to feel sexually potent or manly when obviously they aren’t. Probably time to rid the police of bad cops in favor of good ones that aren’t Yessa-ing on Fox TV just to look like they are good when they are part of the problem because of their lack of courage to stand up against bad cops while good cops are getting killed in favor of bad cops who probably are hiring the killers or are responsible in a detached sort of way by using drugged up, brainwashed psychos that they use for the benefit of unions or union bosses, etc.

It’s not like females go around with a sign and their telephone number on TV enticing a phone call from someone that might be causing a stir which would be like rolling a bowling ball down a dark alley. Kind of stupid.

Fool of the Week: America’s lap dog, lamestream media

The Arc and the woman named Pat lied to me over the phone about the woman on the floor bleeding out her nose in a puddle of blood that was unattended and which when we arrived had to alert the nurse at the nurses station where the woman was lying on the floor.IF you had see it it would have repulsed anyone if the have parents that are elderly and actually love them. I just heard from my sister that she thought that Pat was there at the time so it wasn’t that she lied because others lied to her but because she was there at the time. I told her that she was lying but tried to give her the benefit of doubt that maybe others lied to her and so she was ignorant. She tried to intimidate me over the phone and I told her I had three witnesses to the event. The place and the nurses lied and told me they had ordered an oxygen machine for my mother and found out later they didn’t for some reason at one company but didn’t try others at that time which was about a week and that instead they dedicated a machine of their own for her which I suspect is a lie since they lied numerous times to me over the phone. Why would they need to lie? Is the machine they dedicated a good one and did they continue with the albuterol treatments or forget to to help the oxygen machine work better? I believe they have purposefully put my mom at risk because they are idiots and vengeful. They blame the fact that my mother takes out the tube from her nose which probably is true sometimes because i have witnessed it but they can try to help her not to as much as possible. I don’t think they try at all unless people are around to put on a show of care as if they give a crap. They obviously don’t. If you are doing a good job you should not have to lie about it under any circumstances.

 Post in progress in other words I ain’t done yet because I’m pissed off.

I noticed that one sister couldn’t remember something she did as a child and the other couldn’t remember an event when recalling another event that reoccurred and she was there with us, I think. They tend to follow the wrong people about spiritual things and their opinions matter too much. ONe sister I had took months to figure out what material to have her couch covered with. I ended up being hit by a car backing up in a parking lot while leaning in her car to get some samples that hit her car door with my legs in between and almost lost my legs but they didn’t break. But the reason is to impress her friends in her octal circle which was impossible.

These were memorable experiences lost somewhere in some black hole.

Strange memory lapses.

While on the plane one attendant thought there was an empty seat in the back and asked about it to another flight attendant out loud from the front. I didn’t have a cell phone with me. Probably the only person without one and I filled that seat I think. Then they got all gushed up about a bag I had that my mother gave me to carry on. Said it was a classic. Also noticed almost everyone ordered water for their drinks except for a few. Really weird.

Perhaps they were fasting for some reason? Based on the sighting of a Crescent moon?

Did we have a crescent moon lately?

2013: The Year of War for Israel?

Dates of lunar and solar eclipses in 2015 and 2016

I think the airliners that are running into mountains are being assaulted from the ground remotely such as the one in the French Alps that went down. It’s possible. Then they can blame it on someone with problems as if everyone doesn’t have them, nowadays.

It’s called Blind faith.

After our visit at the center for residents to see my mom I visited the cockatiels out in the lobby and both cockatiels were on the floor of the cage lying down one at each corner of the cage in the back and weren’t talking.

The Beatles- Blackbird

Rook uses stones to raise water level and get food 1 

a series of experiments with a black bird and seven stones.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 10.25.39 AMScreen Shot 2015-03-28 at 10.25.58 AM

Beware Oh brother, beware don’t you listen to the words.

The tender lies….

It’s rather obvious no one really knows what the heck is going on by the sounds of it in the news in the middle east, europe etc.

Watched the movie with Matthew McConaughey and Matt Damon and Anne Hathaway called Interstellar which was pretty good. The folds of time kind of peeked my interest. I think like tucking of material. Not sure about gravity but recently there was some kind of gravity thing going on in Canada or lack of gravity in Canada. Not sure which but happened about a year ago or so and was purported to have been somewhere in Canada and was in the news and also a movie called Gravity.

By the way when I’m thinking I hear noises around me as if spirits are talking to me. They don’t hang out in a bookcases but it’s like the closet in that movie with little kids

and sometimes the lights go out in the house at funny times, trying to influence me, In any case I interpret the meaning of those noises and odd occurrences and decide if they are reasonable. It helps. Every incident isn’t necessarily a good sign or meant well. I decide by what I’m thinking or doing and ask myself why and try to discern. I notice and take note. I tested a spirit once with a question it couldn’t answer. It was a pretty good one. Sounds nutty but it helped me at the time because I was very fragile then and felt like I was being attacked and bullied mentally and spiritually and I felt a little stronger because I confounded the attack. At least I thought I did! Anyway the answer to the question was Jim Thorpe.

It’s called testing the spirits.

Not too long ago the door to my parents house was blown off by a gust of wind or an intruder of some kind. I recall it but I wasn’t there and now know that they were being attacked spiritually and physically.

When my dad was about to come home from the hospital a nurse gave him a pill that he aspirated on and physically died soon after and I don’t think it was a mistake I think it was spiritually intentional though the nurse may not have known it. I wasn’t there at the time of the aspiration but I was there when he died. After my sister picked me up from the airport and took me to be with my dad we saw a dove dying in the sun in the yard outside his part of the hospital. We put it in the shade.

I think it looked like this:

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 7.42.26 PM

It’s a mourning dove. I don’t think it was a coincidence

I took some seeds from the mountain laurel in his back yard hoping to plant it because it was really pretty and reminded me of my mom and dad’s home. I can’t find them though (the seeds) but I have them somewhere stored in some container and I have looked for them from time to time but anyway was going to try to plant them. They used to have families of birds that would hatch in the spring and summer on their backyard porch light appliance called (I can’t remember their species) and they used to kind of raise them and protected them. Remembered they were swallows like the ones of San Juan Capistrano mission.

Jolie delivers empowerment message at Kids’ Choice Awards

To a point! 😉

Oprah got in front with “hands up, don’t shoot” and it was based on a lies. Remember? Like the pied piper.

Isn’t breast cancer and rape enough? She is approved of by the Queen after he accident. I like her too but I am suspicious of her tactics. My mother also went to a luncheon with the queen early in my childhood. I never did hear what happened, but I think something did happen and that’s why all that other stuff happened and her expressing herself in her art possibly and other ways which has helped me. There is some imagery in the bible about it. Heck if I know what it means, but I can imagine the intent, especially because of those blood diamonds and other things we are experiencing these days. How many crown jewels does one need? It always seems to come down to money. It reminds me of the Bermuda Triangle. KInd of weird.Since writing this I kind of felt bad about what I said about Angelina Jolie. I don’t know why. Maleficent was well done by her and whoever produced it. Funny my niece reminds me of her and Ellen Degeneres combined very deep and bright. I don’t think females have been empowered much though and part of it I think is not sticking together more against the powers that are working against females. LOL. I think very deep sometimes makes people think they are affected.  Anyway kind of like two sides of a coin.

Right as I wrote that my daughter asked for money and I had a dollar in cash. Too bad the powers of the world aren’t SMARTER ABOUT ECONOMICS and have found many ways to make it hard for everyone.



Or taxing the shit out of them and making it hard to do business.

Taxation was the problem in the Gospel of Matthew

(the subject comes up a bunch in his account and I THINK the other synoptic gospels of Mark and Luke coincidentally),

Europe when the Protestants left,

and now.


Independence FOR REAL. Consumption tax is far better than Income tax and if we don’t like the consumption tax on the product we can throw it in a lake, river, creek or burn it, or not buy it then the customer/citizen/disaffected voter has some power. Screw the debt.

I don’t believe in the national debt of the USA anymore.


My dad paid it and so has the rest of the population for the bad governance of our leaders. Let them pay the debt themselves. It was their duty to keep it under control and they didn’t. And the EU if they are gonna use our troops they need to pay for their salaries.

Pay back AMERICA!

IRS chief to GOP: You can’t abolish us

Oh, Yes we can.

The Governor of each state can hire an accounting firm or firms to collect consumption taxes depending upon the business. He can allocate what taxes received go to where they should go and also be close to the people who can hold him accountable.

The Crown/Rome/Islam and I think it started in Bethlehem. Then there is France and Germany. Five pointed diamond? It is definitely based on the occult many of things that have happened to some good people even leaders and their wives. PEOPLE MOVED FROM EUROPE BECAUSE THEY WANTED FREEDOM. MOSTLY RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. THEY WERE PROTESTANTS. THAT WAS A DIFFERENT ELIZABETH THOUGH BUT WAS INFLUENCED GREATLY BY ROME AND OTHERS. THE ONE NOW IS GERMANIC I THINK. Now the protestants returned a few years ago and have been edging that way for a while. I think that is where Islam comes in. A tool. To help reunite the religions a back to Rome and The Crown.. I DON’T KNOW IF THAT MAKES ANY DIFFERENCE BUT IT DOES SEEM AS IF WE ARE STILL IN WW11 IN A DIFFERENT KIND OF WAY. I DON’T THINK THE TREATIES WERE HONORED AND THEIR INTENTIONS NEVER CEASED IMO. IT’S THAT NIMROD THING WANTING TO UNITE EVERYONE AND IT SEEMS TO ME EVER SINCE THEN IT HAS CAUSED A LOT OF HARM TO EVERYONE. I DON’T THINK IT’S GONNA FLY. SO FAR IT HAS BEEN A WHOPPER OF FAILURE FOR MOST PEOPLE AND I THINK IT WILL GET WORSE.

There were four that were killed at Benghazi and there were 4 martyrs that were honored on a bridge by Pope Benedict XV1. I don’t know the date of their martyrdom or the date of their being turned into a memorial or his visit. They may be connected somehow. I would imagine that Ambassador Chris Stevens is alive and well riding donkeys somewhere. Maybe the Grand Canyon? Switcharooni kind of thing. What his parents (especially Mary, his mother) say in the few interviews given pretty much sum it up. Ambassador Chris Stevvens as a boy looked like the boy that Benny Hinn may have intervened with whose parents were preachers as well. He looked like he was afraid. I have it in one of my posts and I’ll add it later. Benny Hinn is Palestinian, isn’t he? He’s an absolute nut, too, but get’s a lot of attention because of his absurdity.

There come’s a time ………..Neil Young

I say beware.

Maybe it’s just the way it is. Seems to be that way but then maybe it’s not. We will see. It sucks. LOL

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 3.54.53 PM

 since I had to endure the strange things I encountered soon after and the unnecessary and unkind slights and haughtiness. Anyway that link is for you to look up what the word haughty says in the bible: it talks about long necks and mincing, etc. I had to perceive the signs and add it up with other things that were occurring at the time of my dad’s death, before, and after. I sure did learn a lot about evil and those that know not what they do. I guess I was receptive to learning because of a bunch of hard things to understand which is probably occurring with many people these days. I swallowed a lot of jabs and mocking and have for a long time. I’m looking forward to the days the tables turn. One of my sisters was being taught about bible stuff from an English woman who had some influence on her that lived across the street and went to a woman’s gathering recently in North Carolina if that gives you a clue who is influencing her. It certainly is a hint. I have been there myself to the beach. She’s just getting started, though, so who knows. She does tend to be inquisitive.

 I know both my parents deserved to be treated better.

Have you ever heard of anyone suffocating themselves with a blanket?

That’s what the woman on Bret Baier’s recent special called

Fox News Reporting: Unholy War–The March of ISIS

said that some of the Yazidis did to avoid being victims of ISIS. I would guess they did it to each other if it happened. I don’t think a person would do that to themselves or could do that to themselves. Seems extremely unbelievable and reminds me of the hearings before Congress by the Kuwaitis. I think they are making some things up for attention or they were tricked into thinking they died by suffocating themselves. I can see it happening to a baby, but not a full grown person akin to strangling oneself with your own hands. Hard to do. How about this one: holding your breath to death. C’mon. They are pulling our strings for someone or for some reason and I don’t think it is necessary to lie about it if you really are experiencing some bad stuff. DOZEN MAKE SENSE.

Why would she say something so ridiculous? I wonder what else she said. Oh well I don’t want to watch it right now. Maybe some other time. I don’t really appreciate stupid tactics. Maybe she is forced to lie for Fox News or getting paid to lie? Desperate people do that for money, I would imagine. I think it would be really wise of Bret Baier to have questioned her and really listened to her to find out what she meant by asking her but I think there is a political and religious agenda and it helps Bret Baier and his team. KInd of like that book he promoted about Benghazi. It was so PAT as in Quelle.

The Synoptic “Q Source”

(money has nutting to do with it.)

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 9.03.52 PM

Neil Young Comes A Time

That or they edited out what they didn’t want to be kept in the documentary about the unholy war. I guess you possibly could call it a documentary, sort of anyway. Not very in-depth if you can’t represent accurately or precisely the situation of the Yazidis and makes me wonder why! No wonder the Yazidis are misunderstood. Maybe he could go back and ask her what she meant.

Recently heard that you have to be careful what you do or say (such as asking for what drugs a patient is on who is a relative) or it (meaning the place where the patient is: hospital or residence and their staffs) could turn on the patient. I guess a patient with her faculties was missing that day for some reason. One that might spill the beans.

That’s pretty bad that one would have to worry about that. 

Tiny Tim – Tiptoe Through The Tulips

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 3.49.29 PM

Somebody has to be mindless of their INTIMIDATION or it won’t change for the better!

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 4.02.26 PM

I still got some lips on my fingertips.

Anyone ever hear of a General by the name of Cushing or Cush?

I have heard of a Cardinal named Cushing. He was at a Navy installation on the East Coast when JFK was killed.

Purportedly General Cush-ing went to see my nephew recently about my dad.

At least that’s what my sister said. I guess he told him he was my dad’s commanding officer at some point in time?

I don’t ever remember hearing about him other than from my sister.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 10.02.15 PM

And the sons of Ham; Cush, and Mizraim, and Phut, and Canaan.
And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth.

Habakkuk 3:6-8

He stood, and measured the earth: he beheld, and drove asunder the nations; and the everlasting mountains were scattered, the perpetual hills did bow: his ways are everlasting.

7 I saw the tents of Cushan in affliction: and the curtains of the land of Midian did tremble. Was the Lord displeased against the rivers? was thine anger against the rivers? was thy wrath against the sea, that thou didst ride upon thine horses and thy chariots of salvation?

I think he’s a kuk!

There are other pictures of Cardinal Cushing and he looks quite a bit different so there must be a few of them. Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.31.50 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.32.12 PM

There’s a movie with him where I think he is singing in Latin or some other language after JFK was killed. It’s in the CBS transcripts found on Merangue’s Blog and I think I linked his melody to the picture of him. 


Jackie Kennedy also said she was a hunter! Cardinal Cushing married JFK to Jackie. He gets a round. Maybe someone ought to tell Fox News and Bret Baier. What do you think? Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 10.08.11 PM

Nimrod—Who was he? Was he godly or evil?

Obviously, he was not good.

It’s a tug of war between Islam and Roman Catholicism, occurring in the area on the map. IMO.

Everyone in-between I think is screwed because they are drunk on revelry, power, and oil.

And the media is too. Otherwise they would ask legitimate questions like:

What do you mean the Yazidis women smothered themselves with blankets?

Anyway I think she was trying to prove that they were unwilling to convert. True conversion doesn’t occur this way anyway so she shouldn’t need to prove it. But it makes for great publicity and media fodder. Not sure where they are going with it or if they even know. But if you – the media – don’t ask they ain’t gonna tell ya. That is called a great opportunity/power to control: manage, manipulate, and all those other M’s and then have O’reilly say Who’s looking out for you or We are watching out for you when in reality they aren’t.

More than likely has something to do with the election and the


The elect.

Linked it so you can read what the bible says about THE ELECT and discern for yourself the meaning.

Anytime someone wants to rule the world they got a problem. 

I went to wash my face and the disposable face pads that I use I found had a red line on it which reminded me to add RED LINE into this post. That may sound silly but it reminded me to add that into the post and it made sense. Kind of a sign…an important sign, I think. Now I could have gotten another pad and not thought about it but I was in the midst of writing this part of the post.

Those that want to rule the world tend to like masochists. There seem to be many.

When my daughter lost her dog off the truck and Bill O’reilly was on TV and used the word unleashed (in a ghoulish kind of way like it excited him because he is a nerd) as I walked in the door after the first day I searched. After we had searched a couple of days though didn’t give up on the dog I took my other daughter to share a lunch at a Mexican Restaurant and had her apply for a job because it seemed like a nice place and she was interviewed. When talking about it to my oldest daughter who was with her dad he said that Mexicans steal dogs off of construction sites. Now if that ain’t a give a way I don’t know what is. I think he was jealous. We only had a half lunch. I thought it was a funny comment about Mexicans. As if they lie in wait at construction sites to steal dogs. LOL.

We got the dog back:) It was a miracle. And the dog is helping me walk everyday a few times a day. LOL

But even when miracles happen people forget or just won’t accept a miracle as being a miracle however it happens, it’s still a miracle. I have had quite a few of those even through tough times, and they do help me.

He fixed the L-Bracket above my head holding the garage door fixture that was about to land on my head and showed me, but it wasn’t that way before. He just happened to notice it one day even though we have been here a few years. An attempt to save me from himself.

I can’t number the amount of times I have had to deal with stupid stuff like that with this person and it is not a coincidence. It’s called a set up.

Left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing or vice-versa. I did not require him to cut his hands off as does the Gospel of Matthew. While it was offensive I know what the trouble is. He doesn’t know what he does sometimes  I think. Regardless, I hope he gets his act together for himself and for his daughters and stop with the BS. I could go on and on about it with so many examples but it would bore most people. Islam requires it though, but I’m not Islamic.

Masturbation used to be sinful as far as Catholicism was concerned (and scared people by saying that you would grow hair on your palms), but I doubt many had their own hands cut off for it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 3.22.46 PM

Then they made eunuchs! Just kidding. I have no idea when or where the practice of eunuchism came about.

Nimrod & Semiramis Symbols Babylon

“Nimrod was the first man to seek power for its own sake. From this will to power came cruelty and decadence.— Mark Booth; The Secret History of the World The ancient Greek historian, Diodorus, reports that Queen Semiramis erected a 130-foot obelisk in Babylon and it was associated with sun worship and represented the phallus of the sun god Baal or Nimrod. Some Masonic researchers say that the word ‘obelisk’ literally means ‘Baal’s shaft’ or ‘Baal’s organ of reproduction’. It is for this reason that the obelisk also represents the Illuminati bloodlines.–David Icke Fish were originally worshiped as a symbol of Nimrod,  Each priest is depicted wearing a fish-head mitre. One of the names of this God in Babylon and Philistia was Dagon (dag=fish, on=sun) “The head of the fish formed a mitre above that of a man, while its scaly, fin-like tail fell as a cloak behind, leaving the human feet and limbs exposed.” Layard’s Babylon & Ninevah, p. 343″

 Bible verses about Semiramis

Two key figures in the origin of Christmas are Nimrod, a great grandson of Noah, and his mother and wife, Semiramis, also known as Ishtar and Isis. Nimrod, known in Egypt as Osiris, was the founder of the first world empire at Babel, later known as Babylon (Genesis 10:8-12;11:1-9). From ancient sources such as the “Epic of Gilgamesh” and records unearthed by archeologists from long-ruined Mesopotamian and Egyptian cities, we can reconstruct subsequent events.


Putin letter to Arab summit triggers strong Saudi attack

“SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of hypocrisy on Sunday, telling an Arab summit that he should not express support for the Middle East while fuelling instability by supporting Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.”

Thought so. I knew the Saudis were involved in what occurred in Syria and wrote about it a long time ago just like they were involved in 9-11 in New York. 

I’m sure Putin is upset. I think he has been called worse things over the years by his own people.


God at some point (at least the bible hints) puts into the heart of some army to destroy The Vatican (The White House)? What if that army were IRAN’S ARMY. I guess we will find out soon enough because I think it is soon.

Al-Shabab militants kill 147 at university in Kenya

HORROR: 140+ students killed in Kenya University attack…

In Kenya the Al-Shabab asked if people were Christian or Muslim and killed the Christians. Why didn’t they ask if they were Catholic? I’ll guarantee there are more Catholics in Kenya than there are Christians.

Blood Moon With Total Lunar Eclipse & Eerie Biblical Message Rising Over U.S. Easter Weekend

“….The action begins at 3:16 a.m. PDT on the morning of April 4 when the edge of the moon first enters the amber core of Earth’s shadow…..”

John 3:16: For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that those who believed in him would not PARISH/Perish.

But I don’t love this world. It needs an overhaul and I think it’s coming.

“….According to the King James Bible, “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord comes,…..” (Joel 2:31)

And then the last Blood moon is supposedly September 28th which is some Jewish Feast I think:


      a major Jewish festival held in the autumn (beginning on the 15th day of Tishri) to commemorate the sheltering of the Israelites in the wilderness. Also called

Feast of Tabernacles

Where did the word Nazi come from? Nazareth?

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 12.46.19 PM

Cornucopia floral centerpiece

Matthew 12:1-3

12 At that time Jesus went on the sabbath day through the corn; and his disciples were an hungred, and began to pluck the ears of corn and to eat.

But when the Pharisees saw it, they said unto him, Behold, thy disciples do that which is not lawful to do upon the sabbath day. But he said unto them, Have ye not read what David did, when he was an hungred, and they that were with him;


Middle English anhungred, alteration of Middle English ahungredahungered

First Known Use: 14th century

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 12.24.45 PM So I guess his disciples were deer? DasherDancerPrancerVixenCometCupidDonner, and Blitzen (dutch words thunder and lightning) to German equivalent: Dunder [Rum] and Blixem [Cure for meats]) and of course Rudolph Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 8.38.17 PM Something “Lost in Translation” perhaps?

The Lectern: Corn in Ancient Israel

Corn in Ancient Israel

“Americans use the term “corn” to designate what is generally known as maize in the Old World (although American culture continues to infiltrate its usage since the end of World War II. MAIZE :I AM EZ The term “corn” in English usage at the time the Masonic ritual developed, meant any grain but most often wheat. ‘Corned Beef’ was originally beef cured with salt granules, the size of wheat grains or wheat ‘corns’. So! No! There was no corn in Israel or Egypt or anywhere in Eurasia/Africa until brought over from the New World after its rediscovery by Columbus in 1492.” “The term once characterized the bulk of the Middle Ages, or roughly the 6th to 13th centuries, as a period of intellectual darkness between extinguishing the “light of Rome” after the end of Late Antiquity, and the rise of the Italian Renaissance in the 14th century.” So perhaps Jesus of the Gospel of Matthew capitulated to Jesus of the Gospel of John sometime after the 1400’s and after the dark ages because they were pretty rotten.

Luke 22:31-32

31 And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: 32 But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. Maybe Simon, Simon got wise. And to clarify with out too much notice in those days because they didn’t know what we know today. LIke the press does when they retract a statement but much more mysteriously with a hint in an anagram style. Probably had to in order to keep it in the New Testament. 

Have you ever plucked an ear of corn to eat. You have to boil or roast the corn in order to eat the corn otherwise it’s kind of hard to eat. Maybe Jesus of the Gospel of Matthew is talking about popcorn? Still you have to cook it, don’t you? While I’m not a fan of the Pharisees I really am not sure what David did when he was hungred, but I doubt he ate a fresh ear of corn off the stalk. An apple? Perhaps a fig?

The Fig Tree – Blessed are the Barren

The carbon dioxide problem  and the answer to the Carbon Dioxide problem is photosynthesis and wheat, wheat …….:

Ear (botany)

In some species (including wheat), unripe ears contribute significantly to photosynthesis, in addition to the leaves lower down the plant. Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.16.51 AM

Wheat: Love And Death

Instead of blaming cows for farting we just need more unripe wheat! We had the answer all along if only we had listened.

Yet the Lord hath not given you an heart to perceive, and eyes to see, and ears to hear, unto this day.
Might be partially why Jesus of the Gospel of John said I Am the Bread of Life. (wheat)

Obama: I’m Concerned by ‘Less Than Loving’ Comments From Christians

Not sure what he is talking about but included it for the sake of a good tag line for today. Everyone says bad things sometimes, don’t we? He got a lot of laughs although I can’t tell if they were real laughs or a laugh track. It wasn’t that funny though but because of who he is (the President) people just laugh to please him, I think. MANIACAL.  Anyway the clip of the movie above is  funny.

Power outage strikes much of Washington, D.C.,

including the White House

Timing is funny concerning Obama and the loss of power. Of all the times to have an outage it occurs after his statements about Christians and their “less than loving” comments.

Is that a sign?




The Fruits of the Vatican

Flat tax exacerbates the Roman Catholic degradation of women and God. Stop doing it and you would be surprised at the results. Stop nerfing God, Jesus, women, and girls. How many children does Hannity have? TWO? How many times has Hannity had sex? Twice? You are a liar and a thief. Does Hannity have sex between his wife’s thighs? Are you guilty of spilling your seed on your wife’s body or in a rubber and down the toilet? Think of the possibilities you wasted because of lust and cheating the system. I would say you are as guilty as any woman or child who had an abortion but guilty a million times more each time you had protected sex. Billions and billions. Fix your church and do not support a flat tax which enables the destruction of society as a whole. Stop supporting a pope who steals a necklace from a martyr to give him false courage and teaching false notions about gaining character instead of developing it through experience and believing. Is Hannity willing to forgo getting over paid for his faith? I doubt it. None of these guys in government or in the press deserve what they have been paid and not earned using American tax dollars and the IRS. They like the IRS and they love manipulating candidates. DRUNKS! I hope you bear responsibility for every illegal abortion and woman or child in a dark alley with a hanger, or tossed off a building, mountain, poisoned, kicked, drowned, choked to death, shot, smothered, thrown down the stairs, tripped or murdered beheaded or stoned to death or by suicide and religious chastisement because she (any female) got pregnant by any of your drunk friends and foe alike. Quit using the only feminine way out that is safe for the female and have a second chance to have a baby or babies in the right circumstances:

It’s too easy!

Like I said if you believe in God would He have allowed me to have babies after having had an abortion. Well He did and I love them and I believe He loves them. Pretty much proved it quite a few times. And I am not blessed for being barren, but the opposite though it isn’t easy being a mom these days with assholes like you in the world. Hanntiy and his seminary is controlling the candi-DATES! Have ye any meat? That is what Jesus of the Synoptic Gospels did after he was raised from the dead and visited his friends and acquaintances in different places asking for meat. Does that sound coherent? Messiah-ish? Someone in their right mind? Does that sound Godly? Sean Hannity is the epitome of smugness as his pope.I think his job, his beer and his religion contributed to his regression. Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 3.35.52 AM In my opinion you are no less sleazy than you are smug. Looks like he has had a few beers already. If he cared about pregnancy and abortion he would be a lot more critical of alcohol and his beer that he consumes daily and the havoc it causes in young girls bellies. An aunt of mine had a baby who was severely impaired by a drunk doctor and as I recall they had to have him in a special place and were not able to raise him themselves and I don’t think he lived very long. Are you willing to go after the businesses that use alcohol? I don’t think so because you like to have a six pack and it In your opinion doesn’t affect you. But obviously it does affect you and has had a long term effect upon you that isn’t good for you and made you sanctimonious in other words caused a lack of humility in your own character over a period of inebriation. Just because you can handle beer the more you drink it doesn’t mean it hasn’t caused some long term affects that you don’t notice, but I sure notice it. I noticed that Rand Paul had a gathering in his own honor at a bar on St. Patricks Day I think it was.. I suggest you start with your faith of Roman Catholicism and try to reform it and then work on the alcohol problem your faith upholds over and above the truth. Getting the mob out of your religion would be a great start which obviously love the effects of alcohol and what it does to young females and young males as well. Just recently Pope Francis welcomed the mob back to your faith but I sure don’t remember him kicking them out. Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 3.52.49 AM




Along side of cutting off the foreskin maybe stitching the corpus cavernous of the penis so that blood doesn’t fill them or fills them very slowly to prevent quick erections (being cautious of gangrene) until males get married might be a solution to the abortion problem. Instead of a bachelor party the night before the wedding boys and men could have an erection party. Is it a worthwhile endeavor? I like that idea and I think it would work. Prevent rape, unwanted babies, sexual diseases, abortions, and cruelty to women after the fact for decades. A small gesture for a big cause. Probably feel like a little pinch and far less invasive than the alternatives. In addition to Circumcising we could utilize Circumventing! LOL A religious rite for those that are against abortion and want to make a difference in popular culture. I think Rome Catholics ought to head that cause for their benefit and for others if they really want to lead in a healthy way for all involved and not be total hippos. By leading I mean actually having it done to yourself and Roman Catholics for the world to follow if it is successful. Start with the clergy, government employees, and the press. Then test it’s reliability and employ the practice on your flocks to prove the sincerity of your values. Maybe Father Jonathan of Fox News, George Ganswein, Sean Hannity and Mel Gibson might lead the way for this noble cause. Prove your sincerity and devotion to life! I imagine it would only take two or three permanent stitches on each side and could be done over and over again if divorced or in case of annulment of marriage. Military men and diplomats and their entourage could also receive this procedure before going to war or overseas so that they don’t have unwanted pregnancies to women and girls in war torn countries in honor of Angelina Jolie and leaving them to fend for themselves. Help prevent spy weaknesses as well. The CIA could also get involved and all the other agencies that are vulnerable to sexual favors. Most boys are circumcised as a baby but this procedure of circumventing could be performed at the age of 13 years of age and up. I’m sure a good physician such as Dr. Ben Carson could experiment with the procedure and what it might involve to be a successful deterrent to unwanted pregnancies making abortion unheard of in centuries to come. He could also study it’s effect on the male brain over a period of time making improvements as we learn more about the procedure as I’m sure was done in regards to circumcision. He could lead the way in the study of human behavior after circumvention of the male penis. I had a vein in my wrist sewn (because it went through a window pane) and it was painless. Create jobs too. Could even make a religious celebration of it with invitations to a party honoring the circumvented which would also create more jobs and a whole new line of Hallmark cards. Could receive gifts etc. Now I’m wondering if circumcision was like the bra movement in the 60’s and not really a part of some covenant. Why would the creator have foreskin on a penis if it were useless. There must have been some reason for foreskin and perhaps it protected women and girls. From what I have read it did and helped to increase pair bonding. The thing is or the crux of the matter is removing the foreskin did not stop Catholics and others from idolatry as it was supposed to. Jesus in the Gospel of John said Before Abraham was I am. Abraham was who made the covenant with “a god” and it didn’t work. DId it? IDOLATRY IS PREVALENT IN ROMAN CATHOLIC RELIGION AND FAITH IS PREVALENT EVEN THOUGH  Passover in Egypt happened before Abraham existed. The main religions of today say that they have a common father Abraham but Jesus said call no man your Father but your Father in Heaven (in noncompliance with priests who are called fathers and can’t forgive sin and usually don’t but save it your sin for reasons later on to hold against you as does Rome who promote faith in unbelief) and I think therein lies the problem. UNBELIEF! For if they Believed they wouldn’t need Rosaries which is not faithful because they are just a bunch of beads and it isn’t as if they are invisible which is what faith is dependent upon “not seeing” “not hearing” “not saying” and yet saying a bunch of Hail Mary’s which can’t possible remove sin or forgive it and it is evident they don’t forgive sin by their indulgences for they would not need to indulge sin if they forgave sin. Writing on a chalk board 100 times doesn’t forgive sin either but it is good for memorization with an “e”. Bunch of silly nonsense and idealogical poop that even Pope Benedict said faith was a hoax (to gain more attendees I suppose.) How many faiths are in the world? Keep the Faith. What does that mean? It’s the same as hope. That’s why they don’t read their bibles and for that matter didn’t read ObamaCare before they signed it. Faith. Yet they say faith came by hearing so they want it both ways. Nancy Pelosi said ObamaCare was worthy so they signed it. (Not exactly in those words) I guess the difference between hearsay evidence (so and so said which is why there are three synoptic gospels basically recalling what the others wrote or heard or said and the Gospel of John an eyewitness account and proof: HEARSAY EVIDENCE. The evidence of those who relate, not what they know themselves, but what they have heard from others (like fathers/priests who don’t usually read the bible and have to hold up the bible so that the pope can read a verse for his audience even though bibles come in smaller sizes but that way they can earn their salary doing next to nothing or straighten a braid in the back of their mantle/cloak like Ganswein did for Pope Benedict) and

proof (experience)

Anyway I doubt removal of a flap of skin on a penis is as important as the Ten Commandments. Don’t ask me why I just have a feeling about it. LOL I think it’s relevant. Otherwise: what is sin? Laziness? One of the 7 deadly sins of Roman Catholicism is laziness. LOL ANYWAY MIX UP SOME LETTERS IN “FLAP OF SKIN” AND SWITCH THE WORDS A BIT AND WHAT DO YOU GET.



Abrahamic religions


Nazi chants at Dutch soccer game expose an ugly blot on ‘the beautiful game’


Like Baptism is a rite as is circumcision. So circumcision is done now with babies and so is baptism in Roman Catholic and similar religions. They sprinkle holy water that they holy-ized somehow or another. PROBABLY SOMETHING SAID IN LATIN SO IT’S A MYSTERY HOW THEY MAKE SOMETHING HALLOWED. Abrahamic Covenant is a religious exercise. It doesn’t forgive sin. It doesn’t make you believe especially done when you are one month old. SAYING YOU WANT GOD IN YOUR HEART (WHATEVER IT IS THAT BILLY GRAHAMS FOLLOWERS SAY TO MAKE A CHRISTIAN) DOESN’T MAKE YOU BELIEVE EVEN THOUGH IT IS A MATTER OF THE HEART, BUT NOT LITERALLY. THOUGH IT MEANS WHEN YOU SAY IT THAT YOU ARE AWARE THAT GOD EXISTS UNLESS SAID WITHOUT ANY THOUGHT WHICH IS POSSIBLE LIKE YOU MIGHT DO WITH SOME RELIGIOUS NUTS THAT WALK DOOR TO DOOR SELLING THEIR RELIGION AND GET A FOOT IN THE DOOR JUST TO GET THEM TO LEAVE. I HAVE LISTENED TO PRAYERS OF CHRISTIANS GO FROM SIMPLE TO REALLY WORDY VERSIONS THAT SOUND LIKE OTHER PEOPLE. I CAN’T STAND IT. weird: got a phone call of someone that has learned to pray that-a-way. Public prayer which is usually very obnoxious and I can’t explain it but like the pope who deplores often the behavior of those that he is in  bed with because of his beliefs and I think he is responsible for that behavior in some ways. When someone can say something in one sentence they make it a 5 minute ordeal which is obnoxious. I love this person but it is a learned style of prayer that often one hears at Thanksgiving, or at church depending upon the preacher, or in prayer circles which tend to be overly obnoxious. IMO. even though they mean well. To me it’s a turn off. Think about if you were God and had to listen to a ton of them does He turn it off too? Restraint come to mind since I just read it and seems to fit the crime. The crime of over wordy prayers. I don’t think it is how many people pray a similar prayer that matters, hence the prayer circles and the power they think they have via the amount of people they involve in their circle.  Same way with armies or religions. The more doesn’t mean the better or mean superiority. The Six Day War is a good example comparing the amount of people on both sides of that war. Same goes for World War 2. In the old Testament the Jews picked warriors by how they drank the water from a stream vs how many drank the water from the same stream. WIth caution watchful of the enemy and wary of the enemy. Experienced. They chose the experienced.  Got Ham and The Insanity of Sgt. Bergdahl  (Green eggs and Ham) With Sgt Bergdahl who was swapped for 5 leaders of some terrorist group a few guys were killed who were searching for Bergdahl and that is the complaint of many for his release and hoping to have him imprisoned because of the deaths of the ones searching for him. Who ever was in charge of those that were looking for Bergdahl should not have taken the chance of more men dying to get him back in the first place. He ought to be dealt with harshly because that is bad leadership and it sounds like entrapment. They could have been smarter and more patient. I don’t think Bergdahl should have been allowed to have been in the military in the first place by the sounds of his upbringing, his personality type, and his beliefs, his talents (ballet) and possibly the person in charge of those troops was in cahoots with Bergdahl. Sgt. Bergdahl was bound to go AWOL. Why would our military include those of the religion of Islam (green eggs and ham) into their ranks knowing that they have an ideology that makes them at risk to do something extremely Islamic such as suicidal tendencies to kill a bunch of other people who Islam isn’t appreciative of and desires to be wiped off the face of the earth. I call that absolutely ludicrous. just as ludicrous as having islam taught in prisons. They should be separated from the other prisoners and put with like minded in POW camps such as Guantanimo because that is what they are: POW’s. Ludicrous is a word that Mark Levin often employs. Would Jews in the Six Day War have included Hamas in their ranks? If they did they would not have been victorious. I wonder not for joy what Senator Chris Cruz would say about that? Also I wonder about Ted Cruzes ties with oil in Canada I would love to hear more about in the press and since he was born there. Did he know ahead of the time before he was Senator about the possibility of an Oil pipeline from Canada? Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 12.11.35 PM Now he is saying to not listen to his words but his deeds. Yea like what? Please explain but use sign language instead or speak in tongues.

There’s Something About IOWA 

and CBN


(He said that his father said that he would be a great man. (hearsay evidence) I think he was until this (proof): Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 3.41.38 PM

Hundreds of Pastors Pray and Lay Hands on Rand Paul & Ted Cruz (PHOTOS)

Was Ted talking about his dad or his priest? I guess this is the IOWA CAUCUS Who is the guy in the middle? Isn’t he that billionaire? Ka-ching Ka-ching Warren Buffet possibly!

Hedge-Fund Magnate Robert Mercer Emerges as a Generous Backer of Cruz

Anyway they look like their eyes are closed and their eyebrows are furrowed which I think means they are concentrating hard together because they are one entity (borgish) because they are laying hands on each other to give them strength in their prayer. Probably repeating each other in words …….not sure about their thoughts. Ted Cruz is probably thinking: “What the hell am I doing here.” Probably wondering where Rand Paul and his wife are going for dinner. Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 4.27.03 PM Caucus is a legislative body that are members of a particular political or religious group. Where does the word Caucus come from? Caucasus Mountains which are a coup of mountains separating Europe from Russia I think. Caucasian is a white person but the link says skin tone has nothing to do with it. Maybe religion does have something to do with it. Every Caucasian I have met has been white. (Think about those surveys.) Caulk is usually white unless you add tints. Something to do with Zinc. Opaque white. And then of course there is the COCK. Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 3.38.26 PM Rand Paul is probably thinking: “Is this really necessary?” and his wife is probably thinking: “I wonder what restaurant we should go to?”

Sandra Bullock’s chilling 911 call played in court:

‘I hear someone banging on the door’

I’m not sure Senators make good Presidents. I would think governors and private citizens with business sense or even farmers (which at this time would not be a bad idea someone with agricultural sense) have a better sense of governing a country successfully rather than a Senator. Common sense really is a plus in the Presidency. But not Jeb Bush for a number of reasons first of which is his mother said he shouldn’t and I think she probably has good reasons to have said that in public. Second is what happened during his governorship were lots of bad decisions and proving he is not trustworthy and I think his religion had a lot to do with those decisions. I like both men (Rand Paul and Ted Cruz) and they have some good ideas and I like Ted Cruz’s desires to dismantle the IRS but not his ideas about a flat tax which is frivolous and cowardly not trusting supply and demand and the premises of Capitalism which makes me suspicious whether or not they haven’t been brain washed along the way into Socialist/Communist/Fascist ideals. Fascism being a combination of the three with dreadful results. Don’t they have FAITH in Capitalism? Their position in government alone allows them firsthand knowledge of under the table deals and things they know are on the horizon in government and business because they have a lot to do with what goes on in government In fact they probably would get richer if they allowed Capitalism to prosper and quit supporting the mob and their unions which always are helpful at first because they need support but turn on their members eventually swapping places with the one they unionized against. It’s not like they won’t still get heads up on some deals even if it is wrong and sneaky. I wish they would back off the abortion controversy until they have a better grasp of the situation in America and other countries around the world and the females caught in a very lousy position and start to question the male counterpart for it’s duplicity and look for a solution in the attitudes of men and boys and their upbringing (moms, jealousy of nuns) and religious notions (priests called fathers) about females and first fix that situation before you make a huge mistake.


A girl or woman does not inject sperm into herself. It takes a certain amount of energy, momentum, mass, and force to enter a female (her home). I don’t believe any female has ever been able to rape a male commensurate with blaming the product for being stolen by a thief. Start with the object that invades. Fix that first than work your way out from there.


Anti-aging effort moves into ‘foreskin facials’ Just a few decades ago people were using placenta for anti-aging serums, now foreskins. What will be next? Testicles? In a JFK blog post a priest said that aids was God’s punishment for homosexuality, but babies and hemophiliacs were also included in that wrath. So it seems kind of coincidental that the foreskin covenant would include them as well. I know that the Royal Russian family that was mowed down their son was a hemophiliac during the Bolshevic revolution. (Tsar Nicholas) and their spiritual leader who had befriended the wife of Nicholas. Kind of interesting.  Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.07.49 PM

The Waiting Tom Petty and the HeartBreakers

You take it on faith and you take it to heart, the waiting is the hardest part.

Why not a mammory gland covenant?

Casino odds and Roman Catholic and Christian duplicity in regards to innocent unborn

Can a life insurance be taken out on an unborn child?

“….. life insurance cannot be taken on an unborn child. This is mainly because the newborn has to complete at least 30 days to be offered a plan…….”

Hmmmmm I wonder why!

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 8.07.38 PM

Secret deaths: CNN finds high surgical death rate for children at Florida hospital

Perhaps insurance on the unborn ought to be available at the same number of weeks or months as when legal abortion is prohibited? And when abortion is prohibited and totally banned then the unborn ought to be insured with life insurance from the first week of pregnancy. Would that work? If you aren’t willing to sell life insurance on a baby in the womb or until they are 30 days old you must not consider them to be viable (capable of working successfully or feasible)- Meaning it is unprofitable in the estimation of life insurance business.  I guess the odds are against them. Isn’t that right? Should Roman Catholic sell life insurance….. should Christians sell life insurance if they aren’t willing to sell it for an embryo, fetus, or baby in the womb? Should they work for agencies that don’t insure the embryo, fetus, or baby in the womb? It’s a moral question having to do with abortion and/or miscarriage and the judgement they judge females who make a decision when pregnant before they are ready to be pregnant to have an abortion?. Shouldn’t Roman Catholics and Christians who judge them be judged as well if  Roman Catholics and Christians do business with those that sell life insurance to everyone but embryos, fetuses, and babies in the womb? Should Roman Catholics and Christians do business with those that force abortion on their populations such as China or even buy Chinese products if they are against a girl or woman who is faced with that decision? Or India where they force some women to be unable to have children because of population control? Or how about England where people are considered to be germs by their royalty. Or Saudi Arabia where they fly planes into buildings and don’t take responsibility for their people such as al qaeda? Put your money where your mouth is and prove it.

Obamacare Regulation Effectively Bars Catholics from Owning Health Insurance Companies

How many life insurance companies were and are owned by Christians and Roman Catholics? I would imagine quite a few own them or work for them. In my estimation life insurance is immoral no matter what  because there are no guarantees and because it invites criminal activity, but the churches (Christian and Roman Catholic) were never against life insurance that I ever heard of, or read, or saw.

why not?

Roman Catholic Foundation ‘What are the tax implications of a gift of life insurance?” is one of the lures (Come-ons) of this particular business. And the answer is you can invest in their schools, parishes, etc and in effect their businesses etc. and be dependent upon them for your viability. Pretty Cushy Philosophy. e.g. self gratifying.

Casino Rules!


Entrepreneur and artist aim to curb global infant mortality rate

IN the past Roman Catholics really liked being in charge of who lives and who dies as WW11 demonstrated because Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 8.21.32 AM “they are looking out for you.”

Here is a good example of the difference and where I think is a red line in regards to the abortion issue. Urinating and curtailing of urination. Men have a longer contraption I think it’s called the urethra that helps them to hold their urine easier and women are made with less of that contraption. Get my drift? When I think God (the Creator) expects men to protect women from pregnancy (such as my dad did for me because he loved me and I asked him for his help and he never (not once) threw it in my face unlike THE MANY as in Covenant with Many and he believed deeply in God though he was not educated that way because he was a soldier and defended his country trusting a bunch of thieves. A very wonderful man and loved his wife, his daughters and his son and very forgiving unlike what I have witnessed on Fox, Roman Catholic Hierarchy and it’s daughters, or in the press) not the other way around and I don’t think GOD the Creator appreciates the females being constrained from protection by religious assholes and their spouses who keep them down just to have an edge. (Like I said the more/many isn’t necessarily the strongest, nor the best in warfare neither in lifes decisions in general.) He was and in my opinion I believe still is very smart and logical. Smarter than those he had to contend with in his career and definitely more courageous and he was like a square peg that didn’t fit into a round hole like most males. If he is an angel he sits on a higher and much bigger cloud than many. Be wary of the candidate who wears his faith on his sleeve By Cal Thomas Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 1.47.27 PM Before Abraham was, I am, hence: before David was, I am. The story of David is about 5 or 6 books past Exodus. His son was given the honor to build the first temple but it wasn’t necessarily Jewish. Solomans temple and then there was another temple and that must have been Herods Temple and that was not jewish either from the sounds of it. I think the temples were Catholic. I ll have to check it out sometime later on. to see if that’s true. Obviously somewhere between Exodus and the book of Samuel they got involved with some false stuff. Makes sense now about “Daughters of Jerusalem weep not for me but weep for yourselves and for your children what is done in a green tree what will be done in a dry tree?.” statements or something similar by Jesus if the Catholics were running the show at the time in Jerusalem since Roman Catholic charlatans were occupying the city at the time. so I think Catholic mothers and daughters ought to be wary. Daughters of Jerusalem is transferring blame to the Jews in that statement because it was their city before it was invaded by Roman Catholics and they were in charge at that time. Daughters of Jerusalem was a good switcherooni statement by a false Jesus. Very tricky stuff. Very Synoptic. The only blame they carry in that regard was trusting Roman Catholic hierarchy who have since made themselves very transparent by their history of martyring everyone in their way to continue a cushy life style even at the expense of their own followers. Just get them a union boss that will really help them adding another middle man. Typical-to be held unaccountable then add another and another etc.Make a crisis if that doesn’t work or hold an election.

Talks a bit about King David and his wisdom, but remember King David also had one of his men (Uriah the Hittite) who trusted King David put on the front lines so that King David could obtain that Uriah’s wife (Bathsheba, also spelled Bethsheba which is VERY interesting, as in Bethlehem) by his death purposefully because he hungered for her body while she was bathing in the moonlight (I could be dramatizing the bath because it might have been daylight when he saw her bathing or beth-ing, hemming and hawing?) and lost their future baby in the process somehow or another. Hard to say how exactly but their baby died after birth and they grieved a long time. He also lost his other son Absalom by another marriage for other reasons. So he wasn’t THAT WISE but had courage when fighting Goliath the giant with a sling and some stones but was not allowed to build the first temple, I think he was a believer in God just made some mistakes due to human fallacies and lust though his life was used for an example and teaches quite a bit about man, woman, children, and God, in my opinion. I DO THINK BATHSHEBA/BETHSHEBA CONVENIENTLY WAS BATHING IN THE NUDE SO THAT KING DAVID WOULD NOTICE HER PRETTY BODY  BENEATH HIS BALCONY SO HE WAS KIND OF SET UP AND TESTED. SHE PROBABLY WANTED TO BE QUEEN and may not have been happy with Uriah the Hittite and used him because she knew he knew King David and probably wanted to influence him using her beauty. Perhaps Uriah the Hittite was involved, who knows. Perhaps the whole thing was a set up and he didn’t die in the front lines as David had hoped. Remember? Balls Rule of Law:Nothing propinks like propinquity.” Anyway his close friend and spiritual advisor and confident came to him about his sin so he found out somehow or another (which is suspicious at best) before the baby died however it occurred. His son by another marriage campaigned against King David so he might have been involved and so might his spiritual advisor been influenced. Very interesting part of the Old Testament and the Bible and very heart wrenching as well. A lot can be gained by reading about King David with many lessons that apply to modern times as well as olden times. They blamed God for the death in the OT. But could be because she was pregnant at the time of their marriage by Uriah the HIttite or it was Davids baby but because it was produced out of wedlock. The spiritual advisor warned about the baby’s death…..I think but can’t remember for sure about that, but if he did he may have had something to do with the death of the baby. The baby died and perhaps they made up reasons for the death afterwards or sanctifying her body for the future birth of Soloman which was the excuse for the deaths of people dancing around a bull when Moses came down the mountain with the Ten commandments. They used the excuse that God was sanctified by their deaths even though it was not done by God. I think it was the tribe of Levites that killed them, but not sure.  If Jacob who was the son of Isaac whose name was changed to Israel relocated to egypt to escape a severe famine in the land and Joseph (was Isaac’s son) who had the coat of many colors and got thrown into a pit and ended up working for the Pharaoh and then feeds his family through his purse set up and regains them. This is where it gets mixed up. Because the Pharaoh made Joseph the second man in charge of Egypt. But it was not his family that got lead out of Egypt by Moses as much as they want you to think it is. Replacement theology again. This Pharaoh was nice to Israel and Joseph whereas the Pharoah when Moses was growing up was not nice and they were slaves but Moses was raised by the Royal family because they were killing the babies in the land that were slaves. Two different Pharaohs. Two different times. Because if so then how was Isaac a son of Abraham? How can Joseph have happened 400 years earlier. They say Jacob was named to Israel but as I recall it was Isaac and he was the father of Jacob and Esau. Anyway the binding of Isaac has something to do with the mixup and the covenant made that was false may have been the binding in actuality. Where was Joseph then. Couldn’t he have saved Isaac from binding or was he the binder. IN any case this is the point of time between and betwixt Moses and Joseph that they get screwed up and has something to do with that false covenant and the precepts of their pricks. One has nothing to do with the other. IN my opinion it was happening at the same time. Over here was Moses leading the Hebrews out of Egypt and out of slavery and over there was Abraham was coming out of the land of Ur leading his guys back into slavery. I think they were concurrent events! Though I think Abraham coming out of the land of UR was in response to the fact that the Egyptians lost their slaves and army and needed to save face and needed to replace them hence, Replacement Theology. It was also a tactic….decoys. Reminds me of the Lincoln ads with imposed clips of Ellen DeGeneres and Jim Carey with Matthew McConahuey. Roman Catholicism is like a houseguest that lingers. Kind of what is going on now with the Roman Catholic Church and their fall and the rise of ISIS some are bad and some are doing some good things like getting rid of some idolatry. Isis is definitely not unionized and are not working together. It’s super confusing but there are reasons for it such as putting into the heart of some army to destroy a certain place. And then James Foleys doubles beheading a bunch of people hoping to get attention to save Roman Catholicism while threatening them in Cuba with orange suits from Guantanimo. The Big shuffle in a Big card game called WAR and it’s a world event. Tribulation and the 1000 year Armageddon war afterwards. But a 1000 years is a day and a day is a 1000 years so no telling when it will be over. It’s related differently in the bible but I think it was altered like many things are. That’s why everyone is confounded and no one knows what is going on which is evident in the press, politicians, religions, the military, and Intel, and the leaders of the world including Obama who thinks he knows but is fooling himself. I guess it just depends on whose side urine.

I Know What I Know Paul Simon

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 11.22.46 AM

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.
However I don’t believe this verse but I added it and applied to this situation and the situation caused by The Whore of Babylon as long as she is able to continue which isn’t in the cards, thank GOD.
Rev: 18:23
23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.
Read it and WEEP.
Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 11.36.15 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-12 at 11.54.49 AM

18:24 And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth. Whose fault is it? Then we will watch as she eats humility for real with precision to a finely tuned hum. (By the way earth usually represents Israel (Isaac) in the bible whereas the world is the others that try to destroy Israel (Isaac) and Earth. Kind of like they did in the above Moses vs Abraham with Jacob vs Isaac etc But I’m not sure about that just what I think is occurring. Son killing the Father kind of stuff – wanting to rule the world ahead of schedule.) Happens a bunch in the bible and in the world. Synoptics Jesus (came in his own name) vs Gospel of John’s Jesus who represented the Father (came in his name I AM), Kings knocked off so sons can take over, Inheritance type temptations, Popes knocking off other popes, etc EG I kind of think Syria may be inferred by this in futuristic terms and Bashar Assad’s wife who is quite beautiful. Obama, the Saudis, TURKEY and many in Congress and the press have been anxious and very ANTSY as can be about Syria from the start. I do have a big imagination as well ( though leaning heavily towards narcism, who isn’t; which is not only a flaw but an asset because you tend to also walk in others shoes sometimes a bit easier), however, Syria does seem to be a Burdensome STONE as described in the bible. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION


our Government and Presidential Candidates ought to

Think PRECIPICE and it might SOBER your thoughts and your prayers. The Gospel of Luke helped me to see the disparity between the Synoptic Gospels and The Gospel of John and these low down preachers also alarmed me about Christianity. If I hadn’t seen it I might not have been curious and same goes for if I hadn’t read a few exaggerated parts of the Gospel of Luke I might not have noticed some things that differentiate the gospels and led me to investigate further. They made millions doing it on the backs of many people which is too bad, kind of like Congress I think because they are scum but not sure they would have gotten the message across had they not been exposed. However it still isn’t right and would have been better to teach the truth and made millions but as the game of Civilization says “if you speak the truth, have one foot in the stirrup.” (metal foot part of a saddle of a horse)

Like Paul Revere

had his feet in the stirrups probably both feet were in the stirrups when he warned Americans that the English were coming in the American Revolutionary War  which was 


“The English are coming, the English are coming.”  linked above to read about his adventure. Which is far better than Bill O’reilly who uses his programming to mock the American public and mostly their kids about their ignorance instead of teaching them. HE WAS A TEACHER!  HE IS ALSO A JESUIT I THINK AND THINKS THE JESUITS ARE A GOOD SOURCE OF DISCIPLINE: Yes, they may be disciplined in one way and undisciplined in the other and they protect the papacy the source of false worship and idolatry, thuggery, thievery, murder, drugs, arms, infiltrations of independent governments to enslave them, unnecessary wars, christian martyrdom, roman catholic martyrdom, islamic madness and martyrdom, and excessive means to keep control for personal gain, LIES. (They make a deal with the devil! witch is undisciplined ) at all costs no matter who they hurt in the process. O’reilly taught Watters’ World, Jesse Watters, that Hitler wasn’t a Christian on air and as far as I have ever known or heard or seen Hitler thought he was a Christian and made deals with Roman Catholic Hierarchy or they made deals with Hitler so it doesn’t really matter what O’reilly thinks: Six million Jews were killed and many others from many other countries: Because the Bible Tells Me So Obviously Bill O’reilly wasn’t a good teacher and still isn’t. He’s an asshole, and an ignorant asshole at that. I highly doubt Roman Catholicism will have the last word no matter how clean they try to appear;) Revelation of the bible doesn’t think so either. Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 12.42.38 PM Al Quaeda is disciplined, but that’s no excuse.

CBN Christian Broadcasting Network who brought you 

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 11.32.28 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 11.35.25 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 11.47.16 AM

Ted Cruz: ‘Outrageous And Indefensible’ That Fort Hood Victims Will Be Denied Benefits [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton

If Hillary Clinton runs for President she should first have to answer a bunch of questions about Benghazi such as where the excuse came from originally, the phones and how the terrorists got the passwords from the State Department, what happened at the White House during the event before and after, about the photos taken at Benghazi and who took them, conversations with the President before and after, etc and many more.Why the Red cross and the British embassy people left before hand, what cued them to leave, Why Ambassador Chris Stevens a friend of her went to Benghazi that day. etc There are millions of questions she should have to answer first. She should be grilled about it in every angle, nook and cranny. What happened to the witnesses and who are they and who do they work for and where are they now? Who silenced them and how? And why did Donald Trump say the things he said about Ambassador Chris Stevens and what occurred such as male rape at the site in Benghazi and how did he know? Give a minute by minute account of what occurred that day and night and the next day where she was minute by minute and why. Who was in Las Vegas the next day with the President? Why did the Democrats not attend the hearings with one of the mothers of the victims. And should be asked to get answers from each and every one of them that did not attend the hearings as to why they skipped it. Which witness or witnesses were at Bethesda in Maryland? What was the conversation with Senator Lindsay Graham with them and what was said and why did he say they were afraid? Why did Senator Kerry visit the witnesses in Germany and what happened from there on out in Germany to those witnesses? What was Kerry’s job in Germany with those witnesses and who sent him there? Who was he representing and why?Did she see Michelle Obama during the event before and after?What intelligence came from the Vatican during before and after Benghazi and to whom.  What intelligence came from Russia/Putin during Benghazi before and after. What intelligence came from Saudi Arabia during Benghazi before and after and what intelligence came from the Red Cross during Benghazi before and after and what intelligence came from Britain during Benghazi before and after and what intelligence came from Germany during Benghazi before and after and what intelligence came from Mike Rogers of Michigan during Benghazi  before and after? And who took the pictures during Benghazi with the woman/man swollen in face with weapon in high heeled sandals and in jeans rolled up and what is in the other hand of that person in that infamous picture and who is it? Hillary Clinton ought to have to wear a lie detector apparatus as she testifies just like the CIA took tests of their agents and of the State Department with lie detector tests who were involved in Benghazi. Which agents were given those tests weekly and why and what was asked and who authorized it and question them! I THINK THE ABRAHAMIC COVENANT IS WITHOUT REASON. IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE SO IT CAN’T BE THAT IMPORTANT! THE TEN COMMANDMENTS MAKE SENSE SO I THINK IT IS IMPORTANT. HOWEVER THE ABRAHAMIC COVENANT DOES HAVE A PURPOSE WHICH I HAVEN’T QUITE WRAPPED AROUND MY HEAD YET BUT I HOPE TO SOON FOR THIS POST BUT GETTING CLOSER TO THAT REASON, I THINK. IMO IT HAS TO DO WITH FREEDOM COMES RESPONSIBILITY. AND WE HAVE NOT ACHIEVED EITHER BECAUSE OF MALE DOMINANCE (EGO) AND THE EASY YET SIKH EXCUSE TO BLAME THE HUMAN FEMALE LACKNG COURAGE AND STRENGTH OF CHARACTER TO EXERCISE RESTRAINT.



Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 9.36.00 PM LOL Cool design! Experience comes in handy oftentimes and obviously whoever wrote about the covenant didn’t know about Hemophiliacs (and other blood diseases) at the time and whoever wrote about the Abrahamic Covenant wouldn’t have been so stupid. Kind of like the smallest seed debacle.


Besides the fact that God renamed Abraham to a new name: Abram. So why make an everlasting covenant with his old name the one that God changed? Probably to nix it, defund it, repudiate it, disapprove it, upbraid it, and condemn it as a  false covenant. Don’t you think so? Notice the word EVERLASTING in the Abrahamic Covenant which is used in the Gospel of John if you believe in Jesus of the Gospel of john you have an everlasting life which the Abrahamic Covenant is OBVIOUSLY mocking. Because you see there is another covenant in the Synoptic Gospels that is not in the Gospel of John at the Last Supper. There is a covenant that is false spoken of in the Book of Daniel. So either it means the Abrahamic Covenant and/or the Covenant made at the Last Supper and Paul speaks about a covenant that is binding between men and the Book of Daniel speaks about the dissolution of a covenant-Breaking it- in essence and Paul speaks about catching people in their GUILE: (DUPLICITY) and (TRICKERY) and (ENTRAPMENT). Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 9.38.16 PM WAS OR IS HAM THE FORESKIN? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? HEAD STRONG AS IN PENIS YET BRAINLESS IE BLAMELESS AND WILL COME TO A HEAD AT SOME POINT.

The flap of skin (foreskin) is called the prepuce.


which I think we are ever so close to ever since Pope Benedict XV1 went to Israel and was the first pope to visit the Dome of the Rock. A very important signal and the many other signs since. “IF I DID” KIND OF EXCUSE. NOT REMEMBERING, ENTRAPMENT,  ETC WHICH ARE VERY CONVENIENT BUT I THINK A SOURCE OF EVIL THAT GOD EXPECTS US TO DEAL WITH EVENTUALLY HENCE: By the way Abraham came out of the land of Ur, not Abram. Many writings are going in the opposite direction and saying that Abrams name was changed to Abraham. So did Abraham go back into the land of UR instead as well after his name was elongated? LOL Gosh that could be bad news for Mecca and Medina and the Wilderness of Sin which I believe are Sodom and Gommorrah. But have it your way;) Ever hear of the word



Who is the Father of Lies?

I think it’s ABRAHAM. Makes sense to me! Fools the whole world! Doesn’t that make a lot of sense? I don’t even have a bachelor’s degree and I figured it out. I think I deserve a reward for this. A BIG ONE! LOL NO WONDER THE WORLD IS A MESS! (Knowing this kind of changes things, doesn’t it?) Here is a site about Abram and Abraham and it doesn’t make sense. Why because it goes back and forth to Abram then to Abraham to Abram to Abraham, either Abraham had a dual personality or there were two and one was mimicking (aping) the other and seems the same thing happened to Jesus in the New Testament between the Synoptics and the Gospel of John, etc: Abraham, The First Hebrew I know that Samson used foxes as a ploy against some tribe or town by tying their tails together and setting the tails on fire and as I recall Abraham did too but I could be getting mixed up about his tactic using torches on cattle to look like a big army because a town had captured part of his tribe but I don’t feel like finding them in the bible right now. I think Abraham inserted himself perhaps to mock? Anyway Islam says that Abram came out of the Land of UR and the Bible I think says it was Abraham and God renamed him after he did what he should do. And I think because he doesn’t God does via Revelation and punishes those that don’t where that little boot lies. Could also be why we can’t find Sodom and Gomorrah! Maybe it didn’t happen…..YET! Possibly because of UNBELIEF! And Duplicity: Faith and Grace I don’t think I have witnessed a person who has faith who also had grace except at Thanksgiving before the meal.


The same reason the USA attacked Iraq and Afghanistan instead of Saudi Arabia when it was 12 Saudi disciples with box cutters who attacked the USA in airplanes and rammed them into the buildings in New York City with innocents (the unaware, citizens going to work) inside them, the planes and the buildings. And Duplicity: THE OIL BUSINESS They say there were 19 Saudis but one plane didn’t make it to it’s course which I think was intending to go to the White House and another hit the Pentagon. Perhaps two different things going on at the same time. Like the Boston Marathon. One planned and one not planned. Sandy Hook Elementary. Benghazi., ETC May have something to do with our intelligence which comes from the Vatican who are not really our allies. And possibly England. PERHAPS GERMANY. THE CROWN OF ENGLAND ARE GERMAN! The two entities that left Benghazi early before the attacks were: THE RED CROSS and THE BRITS AND THE ONES THAT ATTACKED A FEW OTHER PLACES THAT WERE PLANNED BY SOMEONE WITH FALSE AND OBLIGATORY RIOTS OVER A VIDEO TAPE NO ONE EVER HAD HEARD OF OR HAD SEEN EXCEPT JESUIT FATHER FREDERIKO LOMBARDI, the pope’s right hand man and side kick. REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED AT CAMP BASTION? THE BRITS LEFT THEIR POST AND AMERICANS WERE ATTACKED AND KILLED! I THINK THE JESUITS ARE INVOLVED! UNDERCOVER CATHOLICS PROTECTING THE POPES INTERESTS AND THEIR INTERESTS. I THINK MANY BAD THINGS OCCUR BECAUSE OF BAD INTELS INTELLIGENCES BECAUSE OF SPIES AND STUPIDITY AND THE REACTIONS TO IT. What is the mark of the beast?  OR Maybe the unmark of the beast?

Calls it everlasting covenant yet it lasts about however long it is till he renames Abraham to Abram. and/or possibly however long it takes to destroy false worship and idolatry, perhaps.

The flap of skin (foreskin) is called the prepuce.




Child mortality


U.S. Senator Salaries – How Much Does a Senator Make?


Flat Tax vs Consumption Tax




Rand Paul hits bumps in first week of campaign


Europe’s Sex Education Goal: More Babies

I sense a morsel of fear on this subject but it makes absolute good sense to tackle this moral challenge at the nub and still be able to go to the pub. No more rubbers (pollution). No more birth control pills that cause blood clots and other problems (very expensive). Less rapes and easier to pin a rape on the real culprit, Etc MIght even lead to cures of certain kinds of behavior for some men that cause problems in marriages and families. Less venereal diseases. It’s a win-win kind of solution. IT MAY BE UNCONVENTIONAL BUT PERHAPS IT WOULD BE A SUCCESS AND A WORTHWHILE ENDEAVOR. This could be monumental for the human race and not turned into an election ploy and prevent the insincere piety of certain groups to gain favor and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and actually solve a big crisis without banging over the head women and girls who had to make a decision in a crisis and in a timely fashion when many or some couldn’t deal with the crisis maturely or weren’t ready to raise a child or didn’t want to entrap a male and probably prevented their own murder or death in a back alley or some abandoned field or creek bed etc. Could help with the mental health of many girls and women (and males) that usually flare up later in life due to unusual reactions to brutal or bad behavior, disbelief, senseless psychological and physical bullying of victims AND THEIR FAMILIES and religious folly, bullying, intimidation, etc. IT WOULD HAVE A GREAT AFFECT ON THE CHILD PORN INDUSTRY, PORNOGRAPHY, AND THE MOB. IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE FOR MANY PEOPLE. LESS MURDERS AND LESS SUICIDES. LESS DRUG USAGE DUE TO THE PAIN AND SUFFERING AND GRIEF THAT COMES BECAUSE OF SEXUAL INSANITY, STUPIDITY, MALE DYSFUNCTIONS AND RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS WHO HAVE LITTLE UNDERSTANDING OF THE TRUTH ABOUT THE LIVES OF OTHERS LESS FORTUNATE USING PEOPLE (ENTRAPPING THEM) TO ENLARGE THEMSELVES, ENLARGE THEIR RELIGION, ENLARGE THEIR OWN CONTROL AND THEIR OWN POWER TO FILL THEIR OWN POCKETS AND BANK ACCOUNTS AND TO GET ELECTED! EVERY ELECTION ABORTION COMES UP AND BY NOW YOU WOULD THINK WE MIGHT HAVE SOLVED THE PROBLEM AND MAYBE THIS IS THE ANSWER IF IT REALLY MEANS THAT MUCH TO YOU TO:


Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 4.16.04 PM



Are you REALLY pro life

or merely pro pious about your convictions for the election and to hobnob with other pious pimps. If you aren’t interested in solving the abortion dilemma it appears you are using it as a tribulation sport!

The press when it lies doesn’t just lie to one person they lie to many people so they ought to be careful, IMO because it seems to be without remorse. They never check out, neither include, nor inquire about what the truthers (for free) have documented about the lies of the press on many news stories in the past few years and in regards to the hoaxes. Like they say in regards to Tsarnaev who they say is without remorse, you have to teach remorse and if you teach lies in your religion you aren’t teaching about remorse, are ya, because you don’t seem to care about the truth! The Boston Marathon was proved to be a hoax. Not one piece of evidence was offered by the press for examination obviously because it was a hoax otherwise why would they be afraid to include it as an option and who or what is stopping them i.e.: HOLDING THEM BACK. THE HOLY SPIRIT? Hiding evidence is untruthful and is evidence tampering by ignoring evidence and they get paid to lie. It has been proven over and over again (thanks to the truthers) with each hoax that has occurred since Barack Obama won the election and since Benghazi. Tsar (Tsarnaev) is another form or spelling of the word CZAR which are rulers of Russia in the past (history). What did Obama call his appointees? Czars. Naev could be another form of spelling of NAVY or NAIVE or KNAVE? LIndsay Graham feared a loose nuke on the run was on the coast of his state a while back. Is that why? Fear? If you really cared about mothers and the unborn you would have thought about the idea I put forth as an option or a potential solution instead of using abortion for political fodder to gain a seat in Congress or the Presidency. How many years have you had to come up with a viable solution? How many years have you used this controversy?


TIT FOR TAT…YING AND YANG is what I see occurring in government and religion. How about the truth or including some? Dost thou get a kick out of being Sikh pricks? Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 1.46.10 AM It’s so easy for thee might as well learn Bhangra Punjabi dance steps for your lack of credibility!

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 2.09.04 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-09 at 2.08.21 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-09 at 2.09.18 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-09 at 2.11.02 AM

Take some lessons! OOOOHHHHHMMMMMMMM. How many Sacraments do you have in your Catholic Faith? Seven. The Seven Catholic Sacraments Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 8.05.15 PM

Seven deadly sins

And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.
For some reason they call them hills.
Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 8.00.56 PM

Revelation 17: 4-5 

King James Version (KJV)

And the woman (church) was arrayed (dressed) in purple (bishops) and scarlet (cardinalscolour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations (Obama Nations?IRAN) and filthiness of her fornication (screwing people): And upon her forehead was a name written, (ashes: Wednesday’s child is full of grace, but not really just plain old B.S.Grace is holding sin over your head for as long as they CAN unless you receive an indulgence via paying them off or ally with them, or annulment as long as you are faithful to them.) Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 7.57.59 PM  Mystery (latin), Babylon The Great (abortion), The Mother Of Harlots (churches in alliance with Roman Catholicism and the RCC is the hen) And Abominations (nations in alliance with Roman Catholicism and all the other BS they do) Of The Earth (The planet we live on). Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 7.55.40 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-08 at 7.54.39 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-08 at 7.57.03 PM

For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath (tribulation via the wine press and other tactics : abortion ) of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.
No other religion besides Islam competes with Catholics in the injecting themselves in the politics and religions of the nations of the earth. Does Islam drink wine?

Umm that doesn’t bode well for the elect.

What say ye, Hannity? O’reilly?

Can these verses be any more explicit? You have to read Revelation to understand what’s in Revelation, and guess what… your religion/faith is in Revelation with it’s allies and offshoots etc.

Who killed Jesus? Who was in control of Jerusalem? Roman Catholics.


Tea Party rivalry brewing between Cruz, Paul in 2016




‘Allah Akbar’ or ‘Allahu Akbar’?


International Pillow Fight Day: People are clobbering each other with pillows

around the world (photos, video)

‘SNL’ Spoofed Church Of Scientology With A Scathing Fake Ad


which happened right after Pope Benedict XVl pressed the Japanese to accept the ROMAN CATHOLIC Neo-Catechumenal Way and the Roman Catholic Japanese (the mother of all martyrs) resisted and asked for a 5 years delay because of the suicide rate had increased dramatically on their trial run. Why doesn’t Sean Hannity or Fox News investigate Fukushima and the Neo-Catechumenal Way and it’s connection to Roman Catholicism’s desire for a One World Government with Teeth and Obama Care and Nancy Pelosi or are you afraid what you might find? It would be a noble love (Chernobyl) to pursue the truth about your religion and the pain and suffering it has indulged itself upon the earth and those living on this planet. Or the effects of the cell phone and mind/population control. Or how about the connection between the Jesuits, the Popes spokesman, and the excuse for Benghazi or are you afraid?

Oh, that’s right you don’t get paid for the truth: it’s the election, stupid.

There Comes a Time by Neil Young

People commenting on tv about everyone else have no idea how far off the mark they are concerning reality and truthfulness and sanity. The truthers proved the insanity of the press many times. Take the story about Fukushima and the comments which prove it as far as I’m concerned the press is “The big liar” machine. What about those starfish that turned to jelly? Memories like sieves. That is why one of the Jesuses is said to have said in one of the gospels – Simon, Simon (not Simon, simon as in Amen, amen) Satan hath desired to sift you as wheat- or whatever he said because of the memory gland in the heads of the press and in males as a rule of thumb. By the way how many of the many have come in Jesus name? All they care about is the next election. As far as people and their problems or conflicts the press bears a great responsibility for many of those conflicts in this world as far as I’m concerned because of their shallow reporting and their lies. Good luck when you need it, cuz you’re gonna need it. The winepress….drunks. I think it is getting time to turn off Fox News, They have proved over and over again they don’t care about the truth which is intentional which means their intent is bad and don’t deserve any attention. So i’m gonna do my best in that regard from here on out. I think they are a cult. DUH, I guess.

Chicago’s first-ever mayoral runoff election nears end

Tough to win an election when elections are fixed. What happens when the power goes out will Rahm Emanuel dare to walk out his front door?

When the IRS is abolished what in the world will New York do?

Have you ever had a cop call you acting like the IRS? LOL I have a good memory and an ear for voices. What does it mean? I DON’T KNOW.

It’s EERIE, but true though not truthful!

A Kind of Romance

I think Scots like to be Scot Free of responsibility for things they cause and will go to extreme measures to be innocent of their kilt. MY ex is part Scottish and Belgian (and part noodle head), even using their daughters for this dirty deed because he wants to bury me. I keep getting up again. LOL

Harry Reid Says He’s Blind in His Right Eye


Think about the verse in Zechariah about

Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.
This video about John McCain is quite interesting as well as the comments that follow. He was playing video games during the Hillary Clinton hearings about Benghazi (or John Kerry hearings). Not sure which one. But he should have been interested enough to pay attention. His Vietnam POW buddy died at a convenient time recently. The woman Senator Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head at Safeway which happened in Arizona as well as the district attorney I think it was who was investigating Fast and Furious. There was a strange out of control fire in Arizona when a bunch of fire fighters were trapped and it happened at a convenient time. Probably to hide some kind of evidence. He blinks a bunch when he want’s people to like him and accept his lies which is very irritating to watch. He supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He keeps getting reelected which means something is definitely wrong at the polls such as voting means absolutely nothing anymore. He was photo’d with Ambassador Chris Stevens of Benghazi and obviously involved as was Hillary Clinton. He is just sucking off the American taxes as most of the Congress. He obviously wasn’t interested in testimony of Benghazi because he knows more than he is letting on. A lot of coincidences. In any case he’s a wash in that there is nothing worthy about him. Obviously Ambassador Chris Stevens is still alive but something happened there but not what we are hearing or seeing but I don’t think it’s gonna pass by as if nothing happened as much as they wish it would go away. They ought to fess up and face the truth before they get sucked into a big worm hole in space. Add it up with the stuff about Viet Nam in this video and you got a traitor. I don’t know whether he was tortured or not in Viet Nam but he doesn’t act like a hero in his activities as a Senator. Could be he was brain washed and sent back to America to be a traitor. Now he’s there for the ride (easy money) and not for the good of Americans, Egyptians, or anyone else for that matter. I think he is just a very weak person with weak character and no scruples and used his injuries to get elected over and over again. I think he’s a coward and very lazy such as playing video games during a hearing that was important and misusing funds earned by Americans to take away rights of many people. I think thats evil. 
When I think about John McCain I think of the words:

Milk toast.

Now May Be the Time for John McCain to Retire

A long time ago would have been better.

Both John McCain and Harry Reid are Federal Senate representatives for states on the border and that ain’t no coincidence and probably has to do with arms and terrorism. His POW friend who died recently probably was a way to keep McCain in line. HIllary Clinton’s injury was to keep her in line. Harry Reid’s injuries were to keep him in line. Benghazi was to keep the administration of Obama in line.

That’s how mobsters work and that’s what terrorism is about.

Roman Catholic Papacy and Islam are the culprits.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

By the way, if you change the spelling of Guile you come close to the name Luige or LUIGI


federico luigi lombardi.

He is the Jesuit Pope Francis’s spokesman and is also a Jesuit who came up with the excuse for Benghazi FIRST:


(A mobster and a half)

Both are haters of females and have demonstrated it over and over again in their deeds to protect their false church, false worship and to protect their ill-gotten assets

(obtained by duplicity, lying, thievery, murder, and terrorism)

It is ruff-age for thee to poop against the hemorrhoids, the glory of the olives, and/or priests, bishops, cardinals called fathers that don’t reproduce?

However it’s not that hard to kick against assholes just be sure to wear shoes.

Hillary Clinton: Granddaughter led me ‘to speed up’ political plans

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 11.21.29 PM

wonder how many photos it took to get this one. 200? Must have been grueling. LOL She loves it so she wants to be really busy so she doesn’t have to baby sit. They hire nannies anyway more than likely: a kid is like a doll you put it on the shelf when you have other things to do. Quality vs Quantity time -wisdom. Let someone else change their diaper and educate them such as the village with Common Core teaching the study of study. Analyzing analyzation, 2 + 2 =5 if you insert a 1 later one. Dumbing down for the sake of the common good: ROMAN CATHOLIC DOGMA giving Bill O’reilly and Watters’ World, Jesse Watters something to do : mock ignorance that they teach!

That’s obnoxious. She is really looking forward to having time with her grandchild fund raising, press conferences, debates, and hopefully Congressional hearings about Benghazi. Maybe it’s time to retire, Hillary. You don’t have to die though, you can still influence with your ill-gotten wisdom. I can’t imagine Hillary running for President and hasn’t answered hardly anything about Benghazi by stalling with Clintonian dexterity (sounds really old doesn’t it? Clintonian “Don’t ask, don’t tell” HUSHHHHHHH Little baby don’t say a word, papas gonna buy you a mockingbird……..)

I do think if they took a video tape of the birth of Chelsea’s child they should provide it for public consumption. DNA testing should also be provided so that we KNOW it’s Chelsea’s baby and whoever it is she married while we’re at it and not Bill’s love child or a mere prop as many candidates tend to do for a vote: Telephones, etc. to make Hillary seem child friendly. She only had one child in her marriage so is she using her grandchild and pictures to soften her image? I’m sure they wouldn’t mind providing proof: video tape of them interacting with the baby or during child birth since we get to see them in action and hear them in action with their grandchild instead of a mere in a photo, something usually reserved for good friends and family

for gift’s sake.

Why not have a video tape running all the time in their house so we can see how they interact all the time and how often Hillary is willing to baby sit between her duties as a Presidential candidate and the same for Bill Clinton so we can see how much time he is willing to devote to the grandchild between fund raising, hobnobbing, and backing his Presidential candidate, his wife and how they make determinations about their future hopes so we can decide if they are doing it right and if and how they handle the pressure under pressure so we may learn.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 1.46.42 PM

Is the baby insured now? Was the baby insured during pregnancy? If so ….HOW and how much? What company? Will she ride in a pope mobile with the grandchild and will the public be able to kiss her grandchild? Will her grandchild be with her at the Iowa Caucus? Will she allow them to lay hands on her and her grandchild and pray? Will the grandchild be allowed to speak in tongues? What religions will the grandchild be raised in? Will she take the grandchild to Benghazi, Libya and/or the hearings about Benghazi? Isis territory? Syria? Israel? Egypt? What doctor will the grandchild go to? What will be the grand child’s inheritance and where will it come from: fund raising? Haiti? Central America? Argentina? Saudi Arabia? The Roman Catholic Church? Vatican? The Jesuits?

What is the grandchild’s name and social security number? Where will the grandchild bank at?

What difference does it make, at this point……..?

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 11.52.00 PM

Beginning to look like Bill O’reilly or vice versa! I suspect on the horizon we will experience an attempt by Roman Catholicism at a false covenant of some kind having to do with anuses. I’m pretty sure that Pope Francis will be involved somehow or another. Seems fitting if the shoe fits. Hemorrhoidal attempt to hold on to the status quo.

Does the grandchild have any recognizable marks such as freckles or moles etc? Will the grandchild be covered by Obama Care? Will the grandchild go to public schools and learn Common Core and eat the required calorie intake by Michelle’s suggested lunch program? Will the grandchild have dental records provided just in case there’s a mix up? Who will be the God parent (Sean Penn?) and why? Will the grandchild be allowed to immigrate to Central America unchaperoned? At what age? Will the grandchild be allowed to marry an African American or anyone of another race, creed, or color, sex if desired? Will the grand child be allowed to travel with the Secret Service in the future unchaperoned? Will the grandchild have diplomatic immunity when traveling? Will the grandchild have religious liberty to pick it’s own religion? Will the grandchild be baptized, sprinkling (Catholic) or full drench (born again)? Why? Will the grandchild be circumcised and by whom? Will they encase the flapdoodle of their grandchildren and show it at their Presidential library? What blood type is the grandchild? At what age will the grandchild be allowed to have sex? Will the grand child be allowed to go to Spring break in Florida, Texas, California or Overseas?

Will the grandchild be restrained in a car seat when traveling? Will the grandchild be restrained in a seat belt as it ages when traveling so it won’t fall flat on it’s face if an accident occurs? Will the grandchild be bundled with gates on the side of it’s crib so the grandchild won’t fall out of the crib while dreaming or in the state of REM or needing to urinate and fall flat on it’s face? Will the Clinton and Chelsea help the child learn to walk with or without help? Will the child be restrained in a stroller or will it be unrestrained even when strolling down a hill? will the grandchild be allowed to be unrestrained in a cart at the grocery store? Will the child wear warm socks and warm clothing in wintertime? Will the grandchild be breast fed, fed from a bottle, or fed from a drinking glass at the start? Will they provide breathing treatments and/or oxygen for the child if needed in case of asthma or because of a weak constitution? Will the grandchild be required to go to the doctor every time it needs medication for a prescribed chronic ailment or will the child be given leniency to skip the doctors appointment saving time and money and be allowed the medication because it was prescribed until something obvious changes? Will the child be able to pick it’s doctor when it gets older or will the Clintons disallow their grandchild the freedom to choose between a good doctor and a bad? Will the Clintons hire a doctor with a bad reputation for making mistakes in the operating room, drinking while operating on a patient, bad hygiene in medical devices, bad reputation for making false statements, and bad reputation for many bad diagnoses, and a bad reputation for providing negligent care?

Will the grandchild be allowed to dye hair, tattoo, or body pierce and at what age? Will the grandchild be allowed to own property or rent property? Will the grandchild be allowed to be employed? Will the grandchild be allowed to serve in the armed forces? What friends will the grandchild be allowed to rub shoulders with? Who will be the grandchild’s nannies? What religion will they be? Why? Will the grandchild have an ironing lady? Who will guard the grandchild and why? What will be the grandchild’s inheritance? Will the grandchild be protected by armed guards? Will your grandchild provide you with protection from falling flat on your face? Will the grandchild provide rational common sense restraints, warmth, medical devices and medication, food and lodging, entertainment, and the care that you provided your child (their mother) or tried to provide for you child with intelligent people trained properly who aren’t ignorant and negligent because of a lousy education system forced upon the population and not offered to some because of beliefs in their wiley ways or because they might have common sense ideas and inventions to help fix the problems caused by a bunch self righteous avenging idiots who can’t see the forest for the trees motivated by political and religious fear, intimidation and blind occult and cultic devotion to Mary and the degradation of other females for the sake of mankind and their flapdoodle covenant?

Will the grandchild have to wear pantsuits or a red and white checkered shirt?

What does it matter?

What if the banks fail world wide and the money you thought you stored up means absolutely nothing thus the power you thought you could depend upon disappeared. That’s what.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 12.40.19 AM

For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?

What about that point?

Ryan’s Hope was a good movie though I don’t remember how it ends because it was a long movie and a bit depressing. I saw it as a teenager when I was in Hawaii with a young man who had been a neighbor in the past and soon after he died in a car wreck trying to get on the mainland or after he had gotten to the mainland via hitch-hiking, so I heard. Pretty strange. Kind of felt like it was a message looking back but I think it was a misguided one as so many are. I was pretty ignorant then about the world and about God and the times we live in as most of us were. His mom was a Senator. Very nice family. Since I think I have seen a part of his family though we didn’t communicate.

I have had some strange events in my life like a fire ball shooting into a home I was in and other otherworldly type things. And I know I have taken some guff because of my beliefs that seem to upset a lot of people. Little ole me? Ridiculous that it does make people so irritable and unhinged, but they like their apple cart even though it seems to be rotting. However in my estimation I will be victorious with the ones I love regardless how it appears at the moment because appearances are deceiving.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 1.37.42 AM

There ought to be a rule that if your leaders are still wearing garb from the 16th century and their woman are wearing garb from the 3rd century you should not be allowed to have modern warfare weapons such as Iran however because of that it will probably backfire.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 1.40.09 AM

The Pope and Darth Vader are planning to reconcile their differences. Took long enough.


If they try it in some states they may actually be dealing with a dirty bomb kind of like what happened in Boston at the Marathon when they were training rescue people and actually had to rescue people. HArd to fight the effects of a dirty bomb with out the proper coverings. Kind of stupid to be thinking of attacking Americans by your own government. Gosh there will be some sick national guardsmen if they don’t watch out. Might backfire.

Alan Colmes: Hillary derangement syndrome has begun

“Alan you say Hillary derangement syndrome has begun:”

“(Alan Holmes engages in unintelligible rambling trying to begin to read tweets about Hillary Clinton and then finally says:) Republicans think she was Jodie Arias, I mean (laughter) I mean (laughter) you got, listen Steven Crowder tweets: Let me clarify my wife not a bitch, Michelle Obama not a bitch, Hillary Clinton total bitch. Chuck Johnson: The only way to stop the bitch is to think like her…………”

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 5.32.22 PM

Senator Marko Rubio has announced his run as a Republican for the office of the President

and he brought a small paper cup of water with him to announce his intentions

and took a sip of water and continued forward with his rationale.

My advice: Don’t go to Iowa! You don’t need to!

Carly Fiorina

I’m not sure I trust Carly Fiorina from what I watched on an interview on a Sunday on Fox News Sunday and her dependence on electronics. There are other issues in our country besides what Hewlett Packard is involved with which brought her up for their reasons, I’m sure. Their product. I hope she can elaborate more in other kinds of ways besides what the world more than likely will destroy itself by such as the inventions and intervention of devices to impede on our privacy and on our rights. I’m not sure I want Hewlett Packard ruling our country not that they don’t have good qualities. Just not sure I want a world without the human touch. Robots are really amazing but I don’t want them to take over, do you? They don’t have souls, spirits, or consciences and are merely facts and figures that can be manipulated to lie, take over jobs, making humans nonessential when the earth was created for humans by God and not for robots to control humanity. ALso saw her on a show talking about gay marriage and she was asked if she had or would attend a gay marriage and said she attended a reception but felt uncomfortable if she would attend a wedding at a church. For heavens sake a church is only a building and doesn’t have a mind to discern the difference however the reception does have a mind and knew she attended. I think she blew that answer. What she should have said is it spends on the couple getting married. There are gay people and there are gay people. Some are cool and some are not cool. Some are extroverts being gay is a game and not a reality for them, but merely entertainment. Fakes. Attention getters. There’s a difference. Like naked women painted in flags in New York city walking in heels like they worked in Las Vegas with big showgirl feather hats. Fakey attention for their own egos. I’ll bet if they were 50 years old they wouldn’t dare but the one I saw was slinking around getting off on the attention. I have no earthly idea why they were doing it in the first place but must have been advertising of some kind near the businesses. Good thing the cops didn’t slam them to the concrete with a choke hold and hand cuff them, but the businesses didn’t seem to complain.

Just Hannity!

Sell sex not cigarettes! Political correctness gone awry.

Did they sell more american flags that day because of it?

I don’t care what country you live in or how united a country seems you don’t have the same destiny and it has nothing to do with race. It’s plur-privity, which is absurd. If it were true I would be as rich as the Clintons or the Obamas and that rich feeling wouldn’t feel that rich since everyone would be the same. Prices would definitely rise at an alarming rate. It’s nonsense. Even when seemingly united some nut case went after Lincoln whether it was his wife in a trance or some guy in a theater. A potato chip wrote a poem to Mrs. Lincoln about grace. I have no idea if this is true or not because it talks about having blood on her hands which is weird but typical of nuts. Kind of an unforgiving poem which is typical of grace.

What does ballet, swans, saying grace, and grace have to do with forgiveness anyway? It’s Roman Catholic dogma and makes absolutely no sense.

Kind of reminds me of the guy forgiving another guy of beheading a bunch of guys a day later to prove his faith.

He didn’t know any of them if it even happened, so it hardly had an affect on him. If it had been his son who was beheaded he might have felt differently, more than likely. And if they do forgive a day later they don’t mean it and they didn’t obviously love their son that much. People say things in shock and because of peer pressure. That’s my opinion. There is a lot of peer pressure in Christian religions to prove something and I think they (religious assholes) get a kick out of it. Just remembered it was a COPtic Christian who forgave the beheaders. I don’t. I don’t forgive them even for the mere fact they made a movie about it with Islamic mocking music like the one with a man burning in a cage and it’s putrid music. Obama’s kind of music.

It was Dominic.

Maybe the reason for the forgiveness by the COPtics leader is fear or compliance. How can you comply with that kind of


 But they got the Jordanian King to randomly bomb a site for Obama because of fear.

Another word for compliance is appeasement. That’s all it is but wait for another day and they will be compliant and appeasing the shit out of themselves LITERALLY.

Like for instance IRAN. When they are developing nuke technology to destroy everyone appeasing them but the moment they use it, believe me it will be the end of appeasement. What happens to a dozen guys for a movie won’t be an issue because a nuke is a whole different kind of ballgame.

There won’t be kings anymore.

(nor Presidents)


We will all be simple folk.

Rick Perry hits Republican presidential candidates over experience

Rick Perry, Gun Control, and Border Security

We need to be able to carry guns in Texas and any state on the border of the USA since some ISIS are out for blood in the USA and terrorists of all kinds are a threat whatever they call themselves. I think some that claim that Isis is responsible for everything in the middle east are mindless since before ISIS terrorism was occurring quite frequently and spread to Europe, Russia, Africa, South America, North America and The USA. I don’t believe all of ISIS is the same but our borders are not safe and therefore we should be armed if we want to be armed in those states to protect the borders until the borders are secure and so far they are not, OBVIOUSLY. However guns should not be allowed in anyplace that serves alcohol with in so many feet or miles from places that sell alcohol. If someone has a BEER GUT they probably shouldn’t own a gun or be allowed to because their mind is not in tip top shape including COPS. There ought to be a law against beer guts and alcohol tainted brains and carrying arms. They tend not to have sound judgement longer than while they are intoxicated, but beer guts tend to illustrate quite readily those that are influenced by alcohol and should have to work off the BEER GUT in order to carry a gun and have their brains examined frequently with ultra sound or X-rays to determine the damage done. IF you are affected by alcohol you should not be able to carry arms in public places at all or get paid to be a cop or keep their job (if they are frequent users (weekly) of either alcohol or drugs), and only have guns just for protection in the home. Same goes for marijuana use and carrying guns. There should be standards for cops, the Secret service or any other law enforcement that carries guns or use weapons of any kind in public places. Probably psychiatric evaluation might also be required if done fairly with a variety of psychiatrists from different political/religious bents.

So I guess they ought to work on securing the border first in order to implement laws that are ridiculous and suicidal! I would like to hear more from the former Texas Governor Rick Perry in regards to the border and what he would do about the things related and written about in this post. I think experience matters and being a Governor of a state is far superior to being a Senator in regards to that kind of experience that is needed in The White House. Senators are merely good at talking most of the time that I have witnessed and not really doing. HERE, HERE.

I would think that Rick Perry would be the most desirable because of experience and being on a border state since the job of the Federal Government is for protection of the shores and country side of the USA. That’s why Federal income Taxes were introduced into the tax code and IRS in the first place and as long as they collect Federal Income Tax they ought to secure the borders because that is the job of the Presidency. I think Rick Perry knows the ropes and the pitfalls in that regard. Makes him the best contender IMO for the Presidency of the USA not all the other rubbish they try to inflict upon the citizens. Otherwise all Sentors that want to become President ought to live 10 miles over the border from Matamoras or similar cities of Mexico that are on the border with border states of the US just to gauge the danger or have a real sense of the danger of illegal immigration that includes some that shouldn’t even be in Mexico much less crossing the border amongst normal people for their cover such as probably occurred when a bunch of kids supposedly crossed. I think Rick Perry has some experience as to the possibilities more than for example: Nancy Pelosi .

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 8.19.26 PM

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee is running now for President. Hw was on the Kelly File and said that one lady sent him $10  of the 38 she had in her possession totally and softly bragging about it. He should send $10 back to that lady, I have watched his shows and while he may think he is a good guy I think he is full of it. He could be a wild card that screws it up for someone more desirable. Sometimes that is what these guys do, steal votes. I don’t think he could possibly be even handed as a President because of his religion. He yucks it up a lot. I think he is a typical of some christians and not reasonable. In LA LA LAND. Anyone that feels they have to play with every band that is on his show is gross. IMO He has to pay to play, not that he doesn’t serve a purpose which sometimes is good. I don’t think he’s intellectually honest, but soft-spoken. He reminds me of my Uncle Ted. Easy faith. Not much substance otherwise he would be truthful. That’s important. Kind of looks like Pope Francis and evangelicals do represent Catholicism. That’s where they came from based on deception. I liked my Uncle Ted but he was kind of dishonest in some ways. He was the youngest of a brood of 7 and a bit wild so he has a pretty good excuse for his ways and all the other things he went through as a child and adult. Talked softly but wasn’t one to stand up against the odds. More like a sponge. Sorry Ted you are still a good guy in some ways in my memory. Not much courage! And we as a country need to have courage. His life has been to easy for Huckabee to really understand but he makes one think that he is concerned but I don’t think he really is. Just bragging about the woman that sent him one fourth of her cash is kind of sleazy to prove he is in their camp or has suffered much lately because of his beliefs. Trying to get votes by his donators suffering is kind of cheesy. Run on the issues and say what you are gonna do to change it. There are a lot of poor people these days and it would be a shame if they fell for his humbleness. I think he’s kind of a fake. HIs humility isn’t believable and especially since he is untruthful and can’t possibly understand what it’s like to be poor. Plus I noticed he was using the audience adding as he went knowing his schpeel wasn’t sufficient. I think he is more of a vote stealer and has enough money to waste on stealing votes and will use poor people to trick voters. There are tons of poor people now so it isn’t dumb, just sleazy. Lot of poor people spent their last 30 bucks to see Elvis Presley forgoing what their kids needed, etc. Poor people aren’t necessarily the wisest. Could be Huckabee needs some dough. If all the poor people in his state or the country gave him ten dollars he’d haul in some bucks. LOL We don’t need a mama’s boy as a President.

Thumbs down!

Whatever you don’t vote for Ben Carson he had something to do with the Space challenger’s space disaster.

The o ring.

The most ridiculous subterfuge is the minimum wage hike. 

Feels like high school politics.

Clergy and hospital parking lots

Clergy get special parking places reserved at hospitals so that other people coming to visit family have to skip their parking place that is empty to wait for others leaving the hospital to get a place somewhat near the entrance. That is absolutely ridiculous. Next thing you know they will provide a pope mobile for the clergy to visit patients. Makes you think they profit by the sick and those that are hospitalized. ONe day it was just empty. The next day after writing this it had a car in there for a little while and today all day long. I didn’t dare park there for I didn’t want to offend.

They don’t deserve a reserved parking space, they can walk upright can’t they?

I was in the hospital 2 weeks ago, on pain medication and I would have liked that parking space to park in to visit my kid because it was convenient and empty. Still is.

You would not believe the hoops I have had to jump through in terms of the old folks retirement community center in San Antonio and still they resist doing what they should do and are untruthful when caught being negligent in regards to what they said they would do or what witnesses observed. It’s a tough business and could use some good hardworking intelligent people to make improvements: THEY REALLY NEED TO GET WITH IT and BE WHAT THEY ADVERTISE TO GET PATIENTS TO SELL THEIR HOMES TO INVEST IN THEIR BUSINESS. SO FAR THEY HAVE ALLOWED THEMSELVES TO FALL TO THE LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR AND THAT”S CALLED LAZINESS, STUPID, HEARTLESS AND FALSE ADVERTISING. THEY TRY TO INTIMIDATE THE FAMILIES TO EXPECT THE LEAST AND THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

To be fair there are some state laws that they have to adhere to that make their job harder when handling old people. Somehow there needs to be some common sense brought back to the laws vs. what is best for each patient.

Restraining laws seem to be a problem obviously so they don’t restrain them unkindly and hurt patients however they take it to the nth degree to the detriment of the patient such as the woman found on the floor bleeding out her nose in a puddle of blood in front of the nurses station and no one was attending her. Obviously they can’t tie patients down with duct tape. but to say they can’t use seat belts in wheel chairs is ridiculous so that they don’t leap to the floor bleeding profusely like you would a child in a stroller. In the past there must have been some abuses that required legal action in the restraining of patients so the over reaction is to put patient in peril just to make some kind of stink. Talked to the overseer (not the doctor that spends 4 hours a week with his patients but) the one that is in charge of the whole section. She told me that the woman on the floor who was bleeding was not true basically calling me a liar as a few others but she wasn’t there and I said I have three witnesses and mistakenly she blurted out the name of the patient who was on the floor bleeding though I didn’t get it exactly. Then she tried to tell me it wasn’t true that my mom was at oxygen level 75 because she was in the hallway sleeping on her own lap and I said she was not telling the truth because my sister happened upon my mom in that position and in that condition in a wheel chair. (Third time’s the charm i.e. the cock that crows, so let’s hope they don’t go there.) I tried to suggest earlier in the week with a sane worker that tables which are found in their bedrooms would help them while in their wheel chairs being set in the hallway for an hour or so before lunch so that they could rest their heads and upper body on the table instead of relying on the air to keep them up. I don’t know what drugs they might use to restrain but let’s hope that is not in the equation and I doubt they would rat on themselves if they do. Both times Pat wasn’t getting the right scoop about her workers and the patients and system that she oversees. Not entirely her fault though where with who is responsible? Where does the buck stop and with who? So state laws need to be a bit flexible for the sake of the patient and the retirement centers workers, nurses and doctors. Seems to me to be extreme type tactics to make some kind of statement at the expense of those that need good care who are paying for it and deserve it and because of their promise otherwise false initiatives used to gain oversight of old people without merit.

Then found out the oxygen concentrator they said they would order that they (as time went by) said they did order they did not order because the one company they tried to order from would not accept an out of city medical provider. So they hadn’t tried any other company and were lying about that they did receive an Oxygen concentrator to be dedicated to my mom’s breathing problem and then said they have their own and were providing her with dedication an oxygen concentrator 24 hours a day and I said then how come twice she was below 80% oxygen once at 75% another at 78% so had to reiterate strongly that the hospital told us that she needed to be in the 90% or above 90% oxygen for her health and now they are gonna try to do that but she said they can’t watch her 24 hours a day even though that is their job. That is why they have workers through the night to check on them 24 hours a day. Otherwise they would be an 8 to 5 business and that is not what they are or what they sold to those that bought their product of care. Excuses Excuses Excuses. They do have limitations but they also should attempt to be much much much better than the least common denominator.

Families of patients at these fine businesses need to get to know each other so they can compare notes and treatment and do their part to help each other and keep the staff in tip top condition especially when dealing with military families whose officers and men were expected to behave that way in battle and on the front lines to protect the people in the USA when serving in the armed forces. The woman bloodied who fell on the floor unattended and had to be taken to the hospital her name was Berglia or Berglian something like that. They aren’t supposed to give out information on other patients but it kind of blurted out of Pats’ mouth in the heat of the moment. Still I know it’s a tough business but if you can’t handle it let someone fill the spot who can handle it. Pat was the name of the overseer. Anyway I’m gonna deal with Pat as much as possible to help her on my end to do better job on her end with common sense improvements. It isn’t her fault if people lie to her but that seems to be part of the problem and it has to be rectified.

Pat tried to intimidate me and what she got was deserved however I apologized for her sake and to be kind knowing that she must be struggling to be the least she can be and maybe there are reasons for it and with reason and common sense we can work it out so that she can be the best she can be for the sake of doing a good job and for the sake of our parents, their patients and for the sake of their business. Someday it will be her so I would think it would be wise to keep that in mind and hopefully there will be care 24 hours a day in actuality to the extent that is possible to give 24 hours a day care. They get paid to do it so they need to try harder to do it. And if they want help in the state laws overseeing them (marginally) they ought to ask so that they can do a better job and not resent those that want what’s best for both parties: the patient and the retirement center business and their workers and thirdly the families of the patients so that they don’t end up in a really nasty law suit filling the pockets of lawyers instead of improving care for themselves in the future, their families (their loved ones in the present), as well as the businesses that provide care and provide good paying jobs for now and for the future. Obviously a doctor overseeing a retirement center as one of two doctors expending 4 hours a week with his dedication is making beau coups of money or he wouldn’t do it at all. He ought to get in on the act and try to improve his future as well. Changing his business card provided in the lobby front desk and put the correct phone number on it that actually works so he can be reached would be a good start or as he said he will get the phone number fixed. Why not? It’s kind of important! But as I said it turns out that Pat was there at the time of the woman falling because my sister said she thought she saw her which I found out yesterday via  phone call about my mom’s new sickness and bd health. Wko hired who? Did Pat hire Dr. Denham for being a scumbutt? OR did Dr. Denham hire Pat for being a scumbutt? Or were they hired to make life miserable for army families because they aren’t actually patriots of the USA and possibly work for another government? Are Pat and Dr. Denham spies or are they getting paid by another government. is our government medicare involved? I think their accounts and tweets ought to be investigated for premeditated harm to military families for the Obama administration or for ISIS?


They never ask for the middle finger!

(Until the last time I went to the er a few days ago the nurse or what ever he was did it on my middle finger for the first time which is after I wrote this and the first time I ever rode inane ambulance only a few streets away from the hospital but zI couldn’t breath because of the panic I felt because of what has happened to my mom, my little sisters games about hospicing her and the reactions to it and her trying to earn that $35.000 she keeps in her bank account until mom dies which could be used on my mother instead since DIANE has everything a girl could want. She sent me some clothes of my mothers recently via the Post Office and the timing was kind of funny. Sent some of her clothes too which is kind of funny as well clothes she could wear. WEIRD. But she was told through meeting at the arc that by her diplomacy suggested she hand a bird feeder by mom’s window with a






I wonder sometimes if my mother has undergone some purposeful trauma at THE ARC in SAN ANTONIO.  

(She did mention some women who weren’t nice to her for some reason and she did not know them.)

IT APPEARS THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who trained her to do that, Pat?


I have witnesses, again.

Army Residence Community

Brian Kilmeade on Fox morning show called Fox & Friends interviewed a guy who reported that Putin is selling $500 million surface to air missiles and some other stuff to IRAN showing pictures of Putin shaking hands with some people and comparing our arms to their arms and Nato etc. Then invites people to come to some kind of Freedom picnic or something like that. I wasn’t paying too much attention, but instead devouring my bacon lettuce tomato sandwich, and I thought that’s really gonna help.

Now Christians are supposed to wear orange in solidarity with the beheaded by ISIS. That’s really gonna help!

Maybe we should make it a holiday. Like the Valentine’s Day Massacre.

When that day comes written about in Revelation everyone can wear red and purple in solidarity and make it a holiday.

How many Pats are there? I asked for a case worker for my daughter in the hospital and the name of one of the case workers was Pat. Hopefully she isn’t the same Pats I have encountered recently. I want my daughter to get professional help. I hope this woman named Pat means well and isn’t intent on punishing me using my kid because of my beliefs but it wouldn’t surprise me. We shall see. Everyone else does.

I have found that Roman Catholic Christians really don’t like freedom of speech if it reveals things about Christianity that they don’t like.

So they really aren’t into freedom, are they. They tolerate tongues and frauds all day long, but someone tries to discern the truth and they don’t like it.

The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so:
and what will ye do in the end thereof?
I get ridiculed for trying to teach my child and to protect her and I get tricked and pushed around.
I hope I truly hope to see the tables turn SOON.
Spring Break and the Hannity Show
Why does Hannity make a big deal about drinking on the beach when he consumes vast amounts of beer? A business ought to be able to sell drinks to adults that are legal age at a resort. I’m assuming the legal age is 21 then how do these kids get booze? Booze or beer should not be allowed on the beach. By the time an adult goes to the club they sweat off the alcohol walking back to the beach because it’s not on the waterline or walking back and forth unless they guzzle vat amounts and usually wouldn’t be able to get to the beach if that’s the case. Beaches aren’t that easy to walk when the sun is bearing down on the sand so most of the time those getting drink at a club on the boardwalk or safe building site of most businesses on the shores aren’t gonna walk back to the waterline to act drunk when they can look at the water from a distance and sit in air-conditioned club with lots of waiters or waitresses to wait on them. I guarantee the majority were drinking concealed drinks in flasks or drinks in their coolers they bought at a liquor store and refusing to pay the prices for individual drinks in a bar restaurant and because they would be carted. Why is everyone acting so dumb? Why don’t cops station themselves at convenience stores instead where the kids are obtaining their booze and checking the cars for minors with older kids. Obviously some parents (chaperones) are assisting in buying the booze for them to have on the beach. I think they just like to show the girls doing the dance in their bikinis over and over again and discuss moot points because they don’t intend to change anything and get off on it like the little Cop on Fox who has the brain the size of a hamster brain and got off on how heroin addicts act when high on drugs as if he is any better. He doesn’t need heroin he is already an idiot. Maybe the heroin addict are just trying to emulate cops and need a little help.
If the cops want to stop the madness why not make sure they are legal age at the club and check out the coolers and flasks and take their booze. Find out where they got their booze and blame whoever sold them the booze or bought the booze for them. It is so weird to watch Hannity act so vacant and skip the important part of the problem.
By the way sunshine can also make a person drunk. If you are out in it too long it can affect your senses and make you drunk in a way. That’s why often times people get burned because they fall asleep because of the sunshine and the wind even when cloudy. So you should try to wear hats or cool off often and use tents for protection to sit in or umbrellas besides using skin ointments.
In context:

Jeremiah 5 King James Version (KJV)

One strange event that took place between me an my daughter is I took her to a friends pad… where they were meeting up with other kids and on the way I was kind of mad at her because of the fog. I thought it was ridiculous to be going anywhere in that fog and she acted like I had taken her there the week before but I was in the hospital at the time when she thought I had driven her there and I hadn’t. So who did and why? Anyway the Ex wants to get me out of his life and hopes to win the Lotto which will enable him to rid himself of me. So why does he allow me to live the house? GUILT? I guess he feels trapped when I want the same thing which is pretty weird. He doesn’t want his kids around either. He thinks it’s okay if they are gone all the time or as much a possible and definitely doesn’t want them around me or influenced by me. He is playing WOW.

FBI Admits Elite FBI Forensic Unit Lied In Court For Decades

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 6.49.33 PM

They look like sperm educated in a Seminary.

Semen, also known as

 seminal fluid

is an organic fluid that may contain


One thing for sure because of the abuse by Christians and Roman Catholics ISIS will grow to eat up Christians and Roman Catholics because they refuse the truth. I can see why people are joining! It’s too bad, but probably deserved. If only the truth mattered it might make a difference to Roman Catholics and Christians. Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 6.43.15 PM Back to Federal Income Tax and it’s stated purpose and it’s beginnings which were to protect the USA and was voluntary and still is but most people don’t realize it. Because Christians and Roman Catholics prefer the Synoptic Jesus they pay taxes to the IRS, but if you believe in the Gospel of John’s Jesus you don’t.  Thus making the Roman Catholic Church your spiritual leader plus they have a douche bag for a Pope. Make’s sense that they do, too. The guys in the picture above clustered together didn’t make it. Because that is where most taxes are sifted to their ideas of the world and what it should look like such as be borderless and their idea of Jesus and their idea of God and their idea of women and their place in society which is wearing habits and falling for their mischief. the guys in the picture above don’t look like they know anything that other people don’t know but they get special parking and everyone lauds them as if they do and they don’t because if they did know they wouldn’t be what they are. I bet everyone buys their dinners when they are out thinking they might get to heaven. Their idea of heaven is having the Pope mock women with pictures of embryos or placentas WHY? Because males can’t have embryos or placentas. SO it’s picture perfect jab at women who have to make hard decisions when they were raped or made a huge mistake at age 15 or can’t afford to raise a child because they are a child or because they had too much too drink and get pregnant, but Catholics love alcohol. If they really cared about embryos and placentas and the unborn they would be suggesting no alcohol to themselves and others until after the child bearing years of women and for men after their sperm is totally depleted. Notice they never bring that up? Just spring break kids acting drunk on the beach and blame the guy with a business serving drinks about a mile away. INANE. Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 6.47.09 PM Michelle Hughes of the CPS stopped by just now at the house and left her business card. Said she didn’t want to talk to the EX or me just to the daughter who is at a barbecue with friends …one called Christian who was busted in Padre Island falsely for a drug ( I think it was a molly) passed to him by someone and he passed it on to an under cover Homeland Security Agent on Spring Break and spent a night in jail the first night they were there because the daughter gets to do what she wants because the EX paid for it. The Ex and the Hospital Case Worker said so just a few days ago because the daughter is an unhappy girl and needs to have the freedom to do what ever she wants even though she should be on restriction. I didn’t give her permission to go to Spring Break but had to comply with the EX and the daughter because the EX paid for it. I think he paid the fine or someone did instead of having to go down to Padre Island to contest it. SHes 16 and isn’t quite ready to do whatever she wants even if she thinks she is, she isn’t but the Case worker (from the hospital) told the Ex since she is unhappy and hence should have the right to do whatever she wants which insane. Is the Case Worker gonna take responsibility for what she does? They don’t feel she should not have to say sorry to her mother or be on restriction for pushing her into the ballet bar with hangers on it forcing me to have to go to the hospital for X-rays and pain medication for two weeks. Nothing broken luckily just bruised what was in-between the ribs like my liver and kidneys. And it still hurts without over the counter pain meds. OR causing a needless scene at the hospital about a shirt vs a tee shirt or ridiculing me with the sonogram lady for having her tested for possible Ectopic Pregnancy for her sake even though the physician said it was a good idea just in case. The case worker from the hospital ought to marry the Ex and go off into the sunset. He won’t take her phone away when she acts up , restriction is out of the question now because of the case worker so what is a mom to do? Just because she is 16 years of age doesn’t cut it. The girl is unhappy because she was bullied at school when she had friends and was a cheerleader and called a whore, got sick and had to got to the hospital for emergency care, etc. it affected her but she blames her mom I think and he definitely doesn’t mind that, obviously. It’s a nightmare in a way. And I hope his turn comes and their turn comes because I think he’s in bed with some real assholes and they are in bed with him and using my daughter for their lack of moral ground and to have power over her their way so she can be what they want her to be and make me watch because they are probably Catholic. My hope is to see the ex reamed big time in a number of ways. As in roto-rootered financially, spiritually, physically, mentally, and for the rest of his life so that mom (me) can take my daughters some where nice where nice people live and live well in all those ways he has squandered just to be a stupid prick. They are on a power trip and Against Mothers who are for their Daughters. Of course at 16 years of age she likes to be able to do whatever the HELL she wants, but deep down inside I know she loves me and is sorry but the daddy doesn’t and isn’t sorry. It probably made him feel all tingly inside making up for the tingles he never had. IMO they are MAD as MADHATTERS……… Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 7.25.29 PM and IMO the Ex is an SOB Viol-eting my rights as a mom for his mummy who happens to be called VIOLET. MOTHER OF 5 CATHOLIC BOYS! AND PIUS SHE IS. Every woman that divorces her sons are the problem ….not the sons.  One was a mormon girl he used to beat up. Do you think this is jealousy for the forget me nots my mother used to paint mentioned in another post and some of my invention ideas? I THINK SO! When I have visited her in her pad when the families got together the sons would go fishing leaving the women in the pad to, I guess, SEW? Make blankets? Conversation was polite and boring. I always liked to go fishing not because I like to fish that much but because of the other things I would rather do than polite conversation and anyway because I didn’t marry his CATHOLIC sister-in-laws. Sure didn’t try to help me when I needed it. I started to tell a problem and she did not want to hear about it and rather do the dishes. No having a polite conversation is not what I enjoy. What’s the point? See what I’m dealing with is absolute DISGUSTING SHIT! Their mom was told she was ugly by her husband but good for having babies. I tried to tell her she wasn’t, but at the time I didn’t realize how disgusting her son would turn out to be. 3 sons are divorced. One 3 times (the black sheep in his own words), the other lived with us and stole things from us mostly tools and sucked off us for quite a while during his divorce and aftermath we had to lose a van over it which was repossessed and a truck which was stolen and a stolen paint sprayer rig (which my uncle helped to fix that problem for the Ex as i recall, actually for another rig he had to rent in it’s place that was stolen because my ex doesn’t learn from the first experience of losing a spray rig which is kind of suspicious ) but the other rig that he owned that was stolen before that was blamed on a heroin addict friend even though he had one or more already and was their employer (he was mexican and a song writer guitar player) but not charged even though the older brother of the Ex ended up with a spray rig somehow or other when he went up north soon after to start his own business. Both two sons drink excessively and could be considered alcoholics.The other is the EX who gets off on it when his daughter punishes mom etc for sticking up for her and trying to teach her right from wrong. Anyway the Ex brought in the card (of the CPS lady) to me in the garage. She only gave the Ex one card but he wanted me to have it. LOL She wants to talk to the daughter first by herself, but he told her she was with friends. This occurred at 7:30 at night. So we shall see how this unfolds. I lost my wedding ring when I worked for no pay with my Ex and his brother after they stopped working for their employer because my hands were swollen on a trip up north. He pawned his wedding ring. MIne was handed down from a relative in the past. I did it to save money. My engagement ring was a pretty diamond ring my mother gave me at least a carat. Can’t find it. I found both daughters wearing it at different times. Love to have it back since it was my moms ring. Probably got pawned when I didn’t know it! HES A LOSER THRU AND THRU! The silverware set my parents bought for a wedding gift he pawned to a friend because of the VAN. He talked me into it saying he would get it back. He did years later but you would have thought he had bought it in the first place by the way he acted. It’s mine too because he gave it back as a gift. LOL Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 8.20.15 PM Probably a facsimile and/or a copy of the real thing with out the real metal…I wouldn’t be surprised. Probably luster instead of gold on the trim. LOL. I don’t use it anyway and was going to give it to our daughters. May melt it down and make jewelry, instead. Their daughter of the man that he pawned the silver to and who added to the collection was mistreated by my Ex’s brother the one that stole a bunch of stuff. Not sure if it was rape or beating her. I don’t know the details. I had set up my little sister with the Ex’s brother to go out and have fun and had to kick her out of my apartment because he went too far and she was really drunk and soon after got him the heck out of the apartment which wasn’t easy. I just didn’t want her messed up by him and realized after finding some tools of ours in his bags that he was a mess. Even putty knives. LOL Yea she was of age (which was his other brothers excuse) make her own decisions but she was drunk and she was my little sister and my older sister was on the phone with me when I did kick her out for her sake and rooting for me. I know I did her a favor. LOL Should never have trusted any of the Family of my EX and of course him because they are F—ed UP. I think it was their lack of upbringing lacking quality and instead trading quality for quantity. There were two different times his brother lived with us so it’s hard to not get those times a bit mixed up. I think my sister came first then NIck’s daughter. But could be the other way around. You begin to add things up and it doesn’t look good.a schlicky schleppy schlock. The brother also lied about going to Viet nam when he hung out in Guam. Anyway he knew we knew he didn’t but he still would act like he did and about his college degrees and nobody said Hey, You didn’t you go to Viet nam you SOB you were in Guam. You don’t have a degree. Lying was acceptable and not confronted in their family. Is that raising your kid? He told a story to his family that he beat my up when he didn’t. I think he got mixed up. Oh I bet he wished he did. LOL.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 7.44.18 AM The mom had a bible a very big one that she set out and I guess it was an adornment of some kind and when her son touched it she whacked his hand and they never read it. They were taught not to read the bible or touch it and when they went to english instead of latin services it upset her because of the mystery of latin since they didn’t understand latin. She also had a picture of Jesus on her wall similar to the picture above. I bought her a book about the pope at the time for her by Pope John Paul and she read that. That was when I was still really naive. When I brought a book about Jesus or could have been Elijah, Joseph but possibly some other ones I bought from the Charles Swindoll collection the daughter in law seemed to be interested mildly. They are good books though and I would suggest them because he is a good writer and kind of gets you into some things other writers don’t about bible stuff. Anyway when dealing with the average catholic you are dealing with some real doozies and it is very problematic. I think the most the Ex has learned is a day is a thousand years and a thousand years is a day and no one knows the time, etc. He uses that line every time the subject comes up. Ding-a-ling-a ling. But they don’t know what Jesus looked like either yet his mom had a picture of Jesus and his religion sells the image of Jesus on a cloth for tourism.They spend their Sundays with doilies on their heads and the Islamic guys wear table cloths on their heads and the priests like George Ganswein wears little white frilly frocks and you gotta wonder what that means? I think that is how Catholics work the system and families to gain favor. Come out looking like a nice guy when he is anything but a nice guy. It’s called  “It has nothing to do with me,” the Ex says when it comes to his daughter. Yeah right. Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 2.32.39 PM It’s that damned female or whoever he is dealing with. The guy is a pretzel and twists everything and  he says “he’s in the dark.” I think so too. Never takes the high road always right and any misunderstanding has NUTTING TO DO WIT HIM: Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 2.38.59 PM

Neil Young Comes A Time

I don’t know what the disease is that he has but it is definitely mentally deranged. Went to the beach in North Carolina to see his brother and to go to the beach and left my favorite beach tent and chairs because for some reason we had less room coming back. He said we would go back and we didn’t and his brother got evicted out of the place I think because of a divorce or separation. On the way back something bad happened between the two of us and the Ex promised I could have anything I wanted. He wrote it down in a letter. I have no idea where it is. Said the same thing another time around the divorce but I doubt he meant it because some Catholics lie as if it doesn’t matter and after a while it does matter and gets really old and tiresome. They shrug it off, but one day they won’t.

 Comes a Time by Neil Young

(instead they’ll be a shittin’and a gittin’) I think it’s time for a bath. LOL My mother is in the hospital again and my other daughter just happened to be reading a book called DOROTHY MUST DIE Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 7.57.22 PM SHE STILL LIVES THOUGH LUCKILY! And so does Gary’s mom who happens to have the same name as my mom. but I think they would love it if she died because she probably has some money they could abscond somehow. Trying to coax my daughter to goto the state near where she lives better not be a way to frame her for something you want done to get that money you desire so much. I’m gonna try to get her to stay home and not visit KIMBERLY because I THINK TOOTIE AND GARY HAVE SOME NEFARIOUS IDEAS. THEY DIDN”T HELP HER WHEN SHE NEEDED IT EITHER. HOW COULD I NOT BE SUSPICIOUS OF THEM AFTER ALL THEY HAVE DONE TO ME AND MY GIRLS BECAUSE OF THEIR SEXUAL ESCAPADES.  My mom is a really sweet lady too and not a PIUS Catholic. Gary’s mom is real sweet as well. My mother was very gracious to VIOLET. HIs mother stopped going to the Roman Catholic Church once her husband died because they were not nice to her AFTER HE DIED. ITS A CULT! They don’t like women except Mary. When the leader of Viet Nam DIEM (and I think Haiti, probably Chechnya) devoted his country to Mary they were demolished, raped, and pillaged. He was assassinated. So it’s not a good idea obviously. Roman Catholicism should not be allowed to spread in any country and their shrines should be demolished IMO and same with Islam. If they want to worship in private I guess that’s okay but it wasn’t in the days of Queen Elizabeth when they wanted power they did it undercover and did what the heck they wanted. IT’s really not about beliefs with them its about power for if it was about beliefs they would talk about it openly and explain themselves. they would have allowed the people to read the bible. Their masses would not have been in latin. They would not welcome the mob. they wouldn’t steal a necklace off a martyr to steal courage as Pope Francis did and tell about it as if it was cute. They would not ride around in a pope mobile like cleopatra. When a religion or political group talks about uniting and taking over the world it’s time to knock em down to size. That means they have lost their minds and think too highly of themselves. Circumsize the power structure not the dick and if that doesn’t work then Eunuchize them! And then they won’t want to rule the world. What is a eunuch in the Bible? What does the Bible say about eunuchs? I don’t know why Matthew thinks they earn the kingdom of heaven because they are sexually inactive is a bit strange. Whatever happened to be fruitful and multiply. Matthew’s Jesus did not represent the creator I guess. Didn’t much care for kids either so why do Christians and Roman Catholics believe him? Taxes?? which is why priests probably were not allowed to marry to keep the church strong hence no settlements in divorce. So maybe the answer is to force marriage upon priests if they want to serve the church they have to marry a woman. Perhaps that is how to circumvent and circumcise the church that has too much power and give power to divorce and receive settlement through the churches possessions and valuables. I think that may be the key to success of squashing Roman Catholicism.

Make them merry.

Or perhaps force them to read the bible and be fluent before they can become Roman Catholic, vote, and earn a living, or donate to the church.

Like you would someone who has to know certain facts in order to be a citizen.

They have to have a license to be catholic.

It’s time to mow down the vatican. Not it’s people but it’s structure and things that empower them. Same way with Islam and it’s shrines and structure. Time to disenfranchise them.

deprive (someone) of the right to vote:
“the law disenfranchised some 3,000 voters on the basis of a residence qualification”

One of my ex’s favorite shows is the one that people leave their things in their storage units for some reason and can’t get back for some reason (death?, debt ridden?, bankruptcy? sickness? divorce?) and others bid on them sight unseen. I think it’s disgusting! I don’t think it’s entertainment! It’s probably a catholic kind of show. Like the one on Fox where people reveal their RARE COLLECTIONS so that someday down the road they might get ripped off. Revenge My daughter the one I’m currently having problems with watched a show last night called Revenge. Bunch of well dressed pretty and a bit aged bitchy ladies bitching for the most part. Great show if you like that kind of thing. Anyway they aren’t very expressive in their bitching because it might cause wrinkles. One of the actresses is the one that I thought was beautiful in Last of the Mohicans and I think she is too good for the show and ought to stretch her talent more in another direction. Stage, perhaps? The show Revenge doesn’t help her reputation or leave a good lasting impression of her skill. Kind of a take off of the show Dallas with less older men and more younger men who are rebelling against the bitchy women for some reason. The women don’t move their mouths when they talk so it ought to be called Ventriloquist’s Revenge. I am hoping my daughter doesn’t learn from the show what I think it teaches. I’m having enough troubles with her moods. My other daughters boyfriend went on a binge after he was falsely arrested at his job for a traffic ticket he had already paid and taken to the police station and he was never the same. Started acting like a real jerk and looks eerily like the cop that was watching as the man that was handcuffed and strangled for selling cigarettes in Staten Island. Now is not her BF because of it. Something weird goin’ on! Today I wished I had never met THE EX and had daughters with him. However I love my daughters I just don’t like what they turned into because of him and if I could undo what he has done I would and will keep trying too. So if you can pray, pray for me and my daughters and my mom. I could use some help. I think I will get them back someday in the right way in their right minds and hearts. Michelle the CPS agent is gonna come to the house tonight and the Ex said it won’t take very long whatever she has in mind according to the EX. How does she know that and how does he know? Why did he add that in the second conversation about the CPS agent to me? KInd of fishy so I did something to help me hopefully it will be sufficient but at some point you have to take measures to protect yourself against LIARS instead of being a fool. Michelle looked just like a nurse at the hospital. By the way Andrea Tantaros and the show Outnumbered you guys really lack substance, but you guys look very pretty. Something happened to Andrea Tantaros around the time that Andrea Tantaros lost her brother around the time of the Boston Marathon and the hoax.  I remember the look in her eyes and her fear. I will never forget it. Someday you will understand, I hope, and be free again, but for now you are posers (dense)…facsimiles at least on that show! She sits very poised and that makes such a difference to the show and it’s quality. She used tone so in-depth and seems mostly sitting in heels with her hand on her lap just like she should and really doesn’t add a whole lot to the subjects they skim over most of the time and how is that gonna make a difference except that most of us don’t have their beauty or grace. I think she went the way of the step ford wife or was replaced by one. In any case if I don’t write another post you will understand why and see me acting like them but I plan to be protected with the kind of protection they don’t understand or believe:

I Am That I Am (The Sign) -Revised*

I AM THAT I AM (Part two)

I’m still here. This dog below is the same dog that conspired with Al Qaeda and gave them a heads up you can read about it on another blog post below of the accusation against the same damned dog. I guess he barked when he shouldn’t have and so was found to be a dog spy for al qaeda which got some other people in harms way. Probably when they were trying to find Bergdahl. Supreme Court: Cops can’t hold suspects to wait for drug-sniffing dog

As far as mentioning names of some of the cast in my story I think their names are pretty damned pertinent to the envy and the vitriol they have wielded against me and the people I love. I was gonna leave the names off recently and thought no I won’t  because it matters and seems to show a pattern of abuse even in regards to their names and reputations and the names and reputations of those they have tried to hurt.
Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.36.24 PM
I think Benghazi may be related somehow to Nebuchadnezzar and turning the kingdom into beasts for 10 years. LIBYA
Nezzar may have to do with Nazis or the nose signals, reasons i have noticed from even the journalist reporting the assassination of JFK and Obama. What JFK said about getting swallowed by a tiger, and the many things said in jest by Obama at his press dinners about Christmas, Al Green, Michelle’s arms, etc etc etc Kind of interesting.
There is also a ten year period with the beast in Revelations. AND THEN…….
well I think we will see what happens because I think that period started before Benghazi. It may have started with Pope Benedict XV1 which was 2009. His term as Pope began April 24th, 2005. His early departure which was pretty significant and poignant and the few things he said and did while acting as pope.  Hmmmm.
The celestial picture behind Benedict and the first ladies of the leaders of the G8 group. Kind of a big picture.

The Hermit Pope Who Set The Precedent For Benedict XVI

The Earthquake in Aquilla left the remains in tact. Anyway what is said in the article I think is BS but I added it just because I remember that the earthquake happened and the meeting and the remains were the only thing in the building that remained without damage and the famous clock picture at that time which indicated something else. I remember that Obama gave Chrysler or a part of Chrysler in Detroit (something like that) to Libyan President Khaddafi, his visit to Rome, and he died soon after of a beating. I guess it doesn’t pay to accept gifts from Obama. The broken arms and legs of leaders around that time and around the time of the hearings about Benghazi coincidentally delaying some testimony, the deaths surrounding Benghazi during and after, and the disappearing witnesses and those phone passwords of the State Department phones that were obtained and used for the purpose of Benghazi. The deaths of some important people in our country which I think were untimely but convenient even for a Hawaii vacation to make it seem legit. I think it’s kind of between and betwixt Joseph of the OT and Daniel of the OT kind of dichotomy going on in a mixed up kind of way. Joseph had a dream about being ruler over 12 brothers/tribes Nebuchadnezzar had a dream that Daniel had to interpret or else, both dreamers and their dreams had consequences.

So Ben raisin’ reason?

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 2.03.20 PM I had a dream too kind of a day dream, where I sat a few people on the beach in chairs and put CHET’s hat (hatchet) in front of them and had them catch a live grenade in place of a can of beer and said “I think you are supposed to eat it.” LOL I don’t have access to those kind of incendiaries or I might be tempted. Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 4.17.14 AM

Diminish a miracle that I hadn’t even written about but there are reasons ‘Here is a case where someone may have been tempted. I have one of my attacks where I can’t breathe I believe because of the wound on my stomach 14 inches scar that when I eat sometimes its tough to breath. Gets stopped up in my intestines I think due to scar tissue or a malfunctioning intestine. So out of the blue the ex gets me some water which is highly unusual because the last time I had my pulse go up to 145 and was not doing anything to have it be so high and he said “mind over matter” and could have given a shit and went his merry way to bed. This time got him to order the night before some stuff that I use with my albuterol which last time it was the last time for the albuterol but not this time which is weird . I actually had found some albuterol in a funny place when I needed it before I just got it and it was a miracle IMO and I think it may have something to do with that to make me think or others to think that it wasn’t a miracle that I found it when I was out of it. So I take some pills to help me poop and they did and helped me to breathe but not until ex leaves so he thinks I’m iffy. I have the phone nearby just in case. So ex goes off to work in the morning and I get to get on the computer and the internet is off as well as the phones in the house so I went to the convenience store and call the ex and he tells me what to do with the modem unplug it and replug it etc. I think he was surprised to hear from me by the way he acted. Go back and it was unplugged already. It sits high on a shelf so he must have unplugged it or the cats did. So I feel like I’m being radically messed with. I don’t think he wants to cause my demise so that everyone else knows it but I do think he wants to bury me soon. Kind of personal stuff but if you knew what I have been through with this person and what I have revealed is the tip of the iceberg you would understand my dilemma. Like Austin replacing a lost dog with another and then says he doesn’t want either and doesn’t love either of them starts making out with a girl on the couch in front of his live-in girlfriend after breaking up with her after the missing dog comes back miraculously obviously to hurt my oldest daughter. Games we are in the midst of I think because of unbelief, unbelievable good will, and faith vs belief. Obviously wasn’t intending to stay with her or something even more nefarious. ANTAGONISTIC CRAP! Like being a doll in a doll house and the dolls are real people and the person who is the child playing is nuts. AKIN to those type nurses and /or doctors that hurt people to help them. I think that is what is going on at homes for the elderly oftentimes and in the case of The Arc in San Antonio. Sick shit. TO BE NEEDED kind of insanity. TO BE RESPECTED kind of insanity. IT’s easier to do with people that have dementia but when they are lucid they know. And believe it or not if the world continues as is each of us is gonna be dealing with it and we ought to improve it for others and for ourselves and stand up against the insane ones. I talked with my ex about a bit of what I saw at the place and he reminded me that his mother was a a bookkeeper for a while at an old folks home and that it stunk and was not a good place for old people. I don’t know how involved she was in the place other than her job as a bookkeeper which tends to be in an office away from the living of the people that are old. Perhaps she listened to Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels: “Let the dead bury the dead, follow me.” when a follower wanted to take time to bury his dad. Nice of Jesus in the synoptic gospels to show concern for the dad and his son. Gee, I’m so sorry for your loss or we will wait for you or when you can, come back and follow me or is there anything I can do such as raise your dad from the dead? like Jesus of the Gospel of John who said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life”.

Ferguson and Baltimore 

What’s goin’ on in Baltimore should be goin’ on in Washington DC if change is gonna happen. It’s the Federal government that is the problem! It is what gives federal money to the Vatican and all the other black holes and white holes in space. That is the only way I think to gain independence and to stop enabling them. I don’t like looting either but the Federal government is looting the people and that’s the root cause of why the people are so upset because they don’t have any alternatives. Notice Fox and all the others are enabling them too and Fox is pretty much aligned with the Vatican and it’s causes using Islam as it’s anti force when in actuality it’s their ally. But it is getting closer to Washington DC which is progress. How far is Baltimore from Washington DC? Only 39 miles away. Getting ever so close. The Secret Service is in Maryland somewhere which is maybe effective if they take out the Secret Service which controls the politicians in DC because they are agents of the Vatican. Without the Secret Service, who is gonna protect the President? It is silly though to burn down your own neighborhood. It’s not smart. You burn down the White House, the Senate, and the House, IRS, but leave the Pentagon to defend the country etc and they are gonna have to govern in the states in their capitals and be more responsible and responsive to the people of their state instead of incestantly running for office. I think it is bound to happen because of the federal debt that doesn’t really exist and if it does it doesn’t mean a damned thing. It’s only paper backed by nothing. Throw the politicians out of Washington DC and make them go home. Absolutely useless sucking off the people. ET GO HOME! Get some buses and bus them back! Then cut off the press and we can get back to business as usual. Baltimore Protests: What Smacked Baltimore Teen Has to Say Abou… I think she loved her kid and was trying to get him out of harms way. But I’ve had the same thing happen to me and it wasn’t for my good it was abusive by someone drunk while I was operating a vehicle with kids in the car and their grandmother so it depends the reason for the whopping. But kids should not get involved in riot type activities because what a kid thinks one day may change when they are an adult. Kind of like using kids with a bomb on their back and not wise to include them because most kids are clueless, kind of rebels without a cause. Parents should be concerned though about what is happening by a few bad cops that need to be dealt with harshly. However I don’t think this is just a bad cop hurting a black guy I think this is more revolutionary than that. I have no idea how many kids were involved in the revolutionary war many years ago but probably a lot were affected somehow or another. I think the cop abuse is a sign of tribulation type activity and the press is trying make it a black and white issue such as the other night the way the press handled the congressman, Elijah Cummings, which was quite abusive IMO. I don’t normally like the guy but he had a right to be there and the press were antagonistic to him for some reason. I guess the press doesn’t like being called out for their self involvement in what is occurring which I think he called them out on and I think he is right! They wouldn’t get out of his face which was really nonsense. The questions they asked him were trivial and combative. He has a right to talk to the people and it seemed the press didn’t like it. Does Elijah Cummings work for the press or the people? We have  bad cops that are making hay mostly on blacks but also on whites or whoever they feel like abusing and it has got to stop. There is no excuse for what happened to Eric Garner and and that was all we got were excuses. Chris Darner imo was also manipulated, managed, maneuvered to act the way he did and was killed and that was their intent to begin with. Until it does change their ought to be a halt to insurance for cops of all races and creeds to inspire them to clean up their act in police forces throughout the country.It’s gross to see one black cop defending another cop who would shoot a kid 7 times for cigar theft. Talk about Uncle Tom the ones that come on O’reilly , Susterne’s show and Hannity’s shows are exactly that. Do they get something out of the deal? What happens in a Secret Grand Jury should be taped and shown to the people after the proceedings to prove it’s honesty and it’s worth. Otherwise it looks like KKK is running the Grand Jury System. I think we have a situation of witness tampering and jury tampering and the system while some have faith in the system are actually subscribing to lynch mobs in a way and a license to kill. I sure don’t have faith in the system that I have seen and also been intimately involved in myself and think it has to do with religious zealots who think they have the right to determine when someone should be executed, who can marry who, and many other issues. I think the cops I have seen seem to be very dumb people and I think there ought to be a law against stupid cops and glad handing Fox news. Seems like Fox news is creating some folly. The ex cop that is on the daily show commenting often on Fox is so emblematic of Fox and their frame of mind. DUH. When I see him and hear his commentary on any subject I think of drool. O’reiily is an ex teacher and the same goes for him especially in regards to the people he wrote books about. Drool. It’s a catholic perspective which I think represents drool. Like watching Father Jonathan. DUH. A boy telling catholics what to think. How stupid can you get? They do keep trying, don’t they? It helps to know who you are at  odds with and it isn’t just cops that are bad its a bad system controlled by unions which are Catholic based because they want to control the world just like Islam does. They are playing the black card but truly it’s about religion and lack of belief in favor of faith based shenanigans which is rooted in making money off everything they do and don’t do. Nazis. They can’t see the times they are in and it’s gonna take them by storm and if they do see the times they are trying to get ahead of it. They are afraid of losing their CUSHY jobs and lifestyles and deception has worked in the past ………Really does having Geraldo walk around gloating help? The Press are so self absorbed it’s scary. Just watch Outnumbered and you would have to agree. Harris Faulkner: Common guys what about…… MOCKING. When a political religious system delves to the lowest common denominator and neglects the truth we are in deep shit. I can’t tell if they know that they are an accomplice but they are aiding and abetting ignorance.

Revelation 14:20 (KJV)

20 And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs. which equals 1600 Pennsylvania Ave….The White House

And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal.
I think this is the Vatican. I kind of figured it out in another post in one of my blogs but was not able to use search on blogs anymore because for some reason that feature disappeared somehow, I don’t feel the need now to go through it again just to make a point but hopefully that number will ring a few bells in some people to take notice that I think the blame for the deaths lies squarely in the hands of whoever lives in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I think it’s a sign written in code many, many years ago. And in my opinion the Vatican is the last measurement who we get intel from proven many times by them and who runs the Secret Service who make suggestions for the Presidents daily briefings and other things. etc They manipulate the Presidents and their agenda. Whore of Babylon I think is referring to the Vatican who work with Islam (Babylon), though they aren’t gonna shine a light on it for you to understand that but I am.
Fur (furlong) equals Führer sure do sound alike.
Manger equals german.
“The Word” it plays too. And what does “The Word” play?
Nancy Perlosi: Her Favorite word “The Word”
When referring to the great winepress of God in revelation I believe it is saying that the press is drunk and they act like it too. Anyway you ought to read those verses above in context at the site linked.

I can’t tell if they know that they (all of the Press) are an accomplice but they are aiding and abetting ignorance, deception, confusion, and a lot of grief and make a lot of money doing it.

Common guys, what about…….

I Am That I Am (The Sign) -Revised *

I AM THAT I AM (Part two)


Matthew and Cyrus, Ellen and Jim Thinkin’ in a Lincoln

A bunch of good posts on this site

which compares the gospels of faith to belief:


Thought this was interesting:

The Milky Way

When observing the night sky, the term “Milky Way” is limited to the hazy band of white light some 30 degrees wide arcing across the sky.[33] Although all of the individual stars that can be seen in the entire sky with the naked eye are part of the Milky Way,[34] the light in this band originates from the accumulation of un-resolved stars and other material when viewed in the direction of the Galactic plane. Dark regions within the band, such as the Great Rift and the Coalsack, correspond to areas where light from distant stars is blocked by interstellar dust. The region where the Milky Way is self-obscuring is also known as the zone of avoidance.


I think this woman is brave and needed these days. So rare to see.

It does hurt to pursue the truth but worth it I believe to overcome fascism which is rampant.

I hope she succeeds!

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 4.22.52 PM

When I saw the man that said he was in the back of the van with the man that died in police custody I thought either he is lying for the police or he might have been the one throwing this guy around in the back of the van so that his head was injured or couldn’t see what was happening and assumed he did it to himself, which is possible if on certain drugs. Often bad cops use criminals to do their dirty work, like the mob does.


But it could be more Bullshit as so many of the things going on are in this country since Obama came to Washington.

And I’m thinking the whole rigamarole is Bullshit just by the picture captured of this woman makes me suspicious.

Type casting.

Its Ice. The whole matter to make you think Justice will be served finally and it won’t because it’s Ice not just. Another diversion to stop anarchy in Baltimore when it should be going strong against the White House. How many of these we have to get through before you realize it’s BS. Ever since BENGHAZI and MICHELLE In her sandals and rolled up jeans with arms in one hand and a syringe in the other because only Michelle has the right to bear/bear arms.So they bat African American woman to look official or something like they are making headway when they are

only making hay.

IE Food for FODDER.

I just saw Hannity with Geraldo Rivera and some lady correspondent (kind of recognize her and never liked her I think Tucker is her name but not sure) on June 10th talking about Mosby’s conflict of interest because this (Freddy Grey’s death) happened in her husband’s district and you can turn that around and say maybe this was done on purpose in her husband’s district so that drugs can continue to reign in her husband’s district as punishment by bad cops of the mob teaching her husband a lesson and her a lesson about their territory. I don’t know what her husband does but it would not surprise me because that is how bad cops work that work for the mob. I hope the truth comes out what ever it is for everyone’s sake. I think the mob is causing this trouble between right and left black and white and hispanic and black or white. They had him in the back too long and that is the crux of it. Freddie Grey should have been taken to the police station immediately instead they did other stuff messing with him! OBVIOUSLY!

It won’t stop till Michelle has to answer some questions about Benghazi and then lies about it gets caught in the lies and has to eat school lunches. She’s PATHETIC pathologically like a black widow. A blood sucker with false eyebrows on her hairline. Pretty soon her eyebrows will be approaching the northern part of her occipital bone and her eyes will remain and man she is gonna look really weird. Maybe then everyone will notice there is something pariah-ish about her and want to defang her.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 4.20.53 PM

Mariah Carey – Star Spangled Banner (Live) (with lyrics)

Thank god it’s not Barbara singing. I hate nasal singers.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 4.21.09 PM

Juliette Bracelet

friendship bracelet made of parachute chord with a childproof clasp when wet alarms parents tot is in pool.

By Beatrice Elaine Rodgers



Root is my family name and it is gonna win!

(Rod as in Rodham?)

 (I’m protecting myself against flagrant robbery of my intellectual property and pursuit of happiness. The company deemed it unimportant in favor of less important ideas because of Bath and Body, etc)

I hope you check out my idea to save lives of kids pursuing happiness as well and grandparents who deserve to be cared for by their children and grandchildren and the common sense approach to making their days more comfortable and add quality to their lives that they deserve.


Right before I came in and saw the advertisement on TV on Fox ˜News I prayed and asked what are we up against because of the many things I have had to endure for quite a while and I got my answer as i walked in to the icing room:

On Fox News this morning they are advertising SWIMBAND A device kids wear on their head and or arms connected to a cell phone to alarm parents when they are in the pool. It’ looks rather stupid looking and I can’t imagine a kid wanting to wear it  but the device looks like it was made in CHINA. I have seen it before they just added a plastic wrap to apply it headband etc,and connecting it to the cell phone industry. It sells for $79. So I think what our country is up against is CHINA and FOX NEWS (Rome), June 2015. I don’t think having it on a cell phone is gonna help IMO. I think it will hinder and make each child a victim of whoever wants to victimize them if they want to so they may end up dead for wearing this if the device is connected using cell phones. The control device is the important part of the product in that you do no want connected to a cell phone. You want the alarm to be separate and apart from a public type application as our cell phones are the problem in our society and if your kid is not suitable they won’t get saved. Meaning cell phones can be controlled on the other end if you care about your child you don’t want another industry or big business deciding who lives and who dies such as Roman Catholicism or China. You want to have the control totally separate from the cell phone industry. You would want the control device to be without access from another country, religion, another influence, etc. hence making the control device controlled by the parent of the child.

Timing is what saves kids from dying. One minute can make all the difference. So lets say it works but is delayed that won’t save your kid yet you can do nothing because you were alarmed and you can’t sue because how can you know whether or not the alarm went off at the right time? It’s quite disconcerting if you think about it. Anyway I had the idea on Quirky about a month ago and wanted it to be not connected to the cell phone industry. What happens if there is a solar flare on the sun which affects cell phones? Solar flares happen frequently and depends on the strength of the flare and they are unpredictable and you can’t see them. How about an electromagnetic storm of some kind. What if the cell phone gets damaged? Sand, dirt, water, cracks, moisture, extreme heat, extreme cold, corrosion etc. (My cell phone got wet and my kid drowned in the meantime) What happens if your phone service is disconnected? (my kid drowned because my husband forgot to pay my bill. Damnit George you said you paid that!) What happens if their is a glitch. Parents are gonna have to keep up with uploading upgrades constantly to keep on top of this dumb idea. (Maggie 2nd wife, didn’t you say you uploaded that 9.2 upgrade? Oh that’s right I’m so sorry dear husband, but I don’t think it would have made a difference with YOUR son: KEK KEK KEK Now my kid can own the company ) What if you are in the wrong area or service area for your cell phone? What if you drop the phone and then your kid drowns? I know that you can’t often reach people on cruise ships and they have pools and recently they had a drowning. There are lots of things that can go wrong with cell phones and I sure wouldn’t put a life saving device alarm on my kid and depend on the cell phone industry to save my kid. Who you gonna blame? Have you noticed that sometimes you get messages and sometimes you don’t or sometimes they are delayed for no apparent reason. Sometimes you can reach who you call and sometimes you can’t. Why would anyone want to depend on a cell phone to alarm them in a life or death situation if you can’t even depend on them when you want to talk to someone often times.

Can you sue the cell phone industry for a product that uses it? Can you sue the government?

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 7.48.11 AM


I think this is gonna be lawsuit alley in my opinion.

What if your account gets hacked as you are sitting tanning by the pool and your kid sips in?

Have you noticed when you call information to get a phone number how one it takes to get the information now that we depend on a voice with out a person.

For instance have you noticed that when people use GPS often they get lost, delayed, and sometimes screwed up by GPS. I’ve seen it a number of times for people that depend on GPS. You will find them, but when is the problem. My sister was late for dinner and her husband was upset with her on the phone about being late and she used her GPS and we had a problem getting there because of GPS. What if there are a number of kids wearing this device run by a bunch of different cell phone users it might get quite cumbersome and confusing. 

When knowing a kid is in water is important but often that isn’t enough. It’s the timing of the alarm that is important and if the cell phone industry and it’s workers are delayed it won’t help. And how will you know if it was delayed or not if it can be controlled electronically via cell phones and it’s pioneers and their slaves and from another place. What if someone in a car runs into a pole that happens to have a cell phone comptroller etc thus making some that are connected wirelessly screwed. I think you would want a device that is totally in the control of the user the parent to switch on and off and to test it’s reliability and not in control of BIG BUSINESS or the GOVERNMENT no matter which GOVERNMENT. The control should be totally free of influence or favor or unfavor depending on if you are desirable to the industry or not and how will you know if you are desirable or not desirable ???


Cell phones are not free of influence because of who owns it. My alarm for smoke does not depend on the company that owns it. It goes off if there is smoke and the sensors sense it. That is all you need.

The sensor is the important part of the invention. The parent needs to be in charge of the sensor that senses if the kid is wet….you do not want the cell phone industry to be in charge of the sensor in order to alarm the parent. It is like putting a priest in front of a kid before they sin and that sure hasn’t worked.


know what I mean?

It’s adding a third party to the equation when you want there to be only 2 parties to the equation.

It’s safer that way.

Do you want a union to control whether your child gets saved in water?

What if the union boss doesn’t like your kid?

I hope they do get sued for a number of reasons and since I had this idea on Quirky quite a while back and was mislead.

They Besmirched the premise of the invention by connecting it to the cell phone industry and they also stole my invention via Quirky and I think they will regret it because they missed the point of my invention and Screwed it up. I think more kids will die because of the cell phone aspect involved as more kids sin when depending on priests to stop them from sinning.

*What a travesty of a good idea just to beat me to the punch. I hope they pay in a ton of lawsuits if this invention is sold to the public. It was my idea and they dumbed it down.

When Obama took office the first thing he did was or had to do with CHINA. The 100,000,000 million man army (not necessarily troops in uniform) and the Euphrates did dry up to make way for the Kings of the East.

Comes a Time 

by Neil Young

I have e-mails to family I might add in my pursuit for the truth and the deception I have had to endure along with health problems caused by my pursuit to tell it like it is at the right time and place.

So watch out!

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 6.51.27 PM

I sure would hate to ruin the other family names but I will if I have to because of their faith

and my beliefs. If they think their lies will cover their bodies and their future they are so wrong.

Covetousnes? Incest? Many lies? Pre-destined Inheritance? Theft? Malfeasance?

I revealed myself and it’s getting close to the time to reveal you.

A shepherd’s hook recommended for a bird feeder? May your gods barf on you.

Is that supposed to be your idea of some sign from God? What a strange detail to include? WIll you worship it as well?

Diane fell for Billy Grahams BULLSHIT! she “doesn’t really know what he thinks of her.”

And Tootie (LORI KIRCHER (TOOTIE ROOT) & GARY KIRCHER) the eldest and most refined who used to work for Virginia Cook Realtors and now Lori Kircher Homes. It was her husband that started all this shit.

Hope their business isn’t affected by this in any way, sometimes though bad publicity is better than no publicity.

Peephole. People who love peephole are the luckiest people in the world.

She and her youngest and least refined took this little game to new levels because they are the  shepherd’s hook.

Diane Dorothy Root Howard-Sherman

is the youngest and the absolutely sweetest fart you could ever know and by that i mean JUST ASK HER AND NO MATTER WHAT THE AGE “SHE’S READY.”


Dorothy and I dared her man’s root.


Walter Herald Root

Sherman…..Shire is what that name means which is an area of land

“A shire is a traditional term for a division of land, found in the United Kingdom and Australia. The word derives from the Old English scir, itself a derivative of the Proto-Germanic skizo (cf. Old High German scira), meaning care or official charge.”[1]

In Britain, “shire” is the original term for what is usually known now as a county; the word county having been introduced at the Norman Conquest of England.

How much wood would a wood chuck wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood DOD CHUCK HAGEL-GET READY AMERICA. THE QUEENS Stone of Scone man.  It is also known as Jacob’s Pillow Stone and the Tanist Stone. Check out the queens Jubilee and watch the man with the pillow. Temptation of Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels turning stones into bread, etc obviously to degrade, mock and demean “I am the bread of life.” Compare the three synoptic gospels in that one event and they do not match.


anagram of my sister’s names. I don’t know if this means my ex or her ex and new hubby or if this is about BILLY GRAHAM.



Hoist with their Own Petard 

Following the Gospel of John,  PETER has a few people killed about their land sales. Sapphira and her husband ANANIAS which I think was really testing Sapphiira and her husband who I think was in on the deception for how would anyone know how much they sold the and unless they were the buyers or sellers. HE WAS SEEDING A COMMUNE KIND OF COMMUNITY. SEEDING like they do at bars for bands to get more tips. THEN THE PEOPLE WERE AFRAID because of what happened to SAPPHIRA and were afraid to lie to the holy spirit which Peter thought they did and thought he was the holy spirit. ANANIAS APPEARS ALSO WHEN HE MEETS WITH PETER WHO LIVED WITH THE TANNER. ANANIAS HAD TWO LIVES OR SOMETHING but an UNUSUAL NAME AND ONLY IN THOSE TWO INCIDENTS. But that’s what i got out of that story. I think she was railroaded by her husband and lied for him and him for her and Peter PTAH had them carried out by little feet or something like that (ANTS) etc. IN ANY CASE IT”S A TURN IN THE BIBLE FOR THE WORSE FOUND IN THE BOOK OF ACTS.

BILLY GRAHAM HAS A TEACHING ABOUT ANTS AND BASICALLY ABOUT setting up people In other words: ENTRAPMENT like what happened in PADRE ISLAND WITH SOME KIDS and the UNDER COVER Homeland Security agents handing drugs to kids and they pass it along and they get busted by the HOMELAND SECURiTY UNDERCOVER AGENTS that they pass the drug to in order to MAKE SOME EASY MONEY AND HURT REPUTATIONS FOR THE FUTURE. WHO IS GONNA DRIVE TO PADRE ISLAND TO CONTEST?> MOST PEOPLE WILL JUST PAY IT> TRICKERY.



Samaritan’s Purse in Japan, Nepal, Haiti, Oklahoma, Arizona, Operation Christmas Child, etc.

(All of these places are linked and this is how he exists off the suffering of others and helps make it happen!)



HAARP: Weather Altering, Earthquake making machine

RIght before the Earthquake Tsunami in Japan that caused and is still causing environmental problems because of Fukushima Nuclear accident Pope Benedict XVl insisted on the Roman Catholic Church of Japan (Muther of all Martyrs) to accept the Neocatechumenal Way against their will. They tried to get it delayed by 5 years and then came the earthquake and tsunami and the nuclear accident causing starfish to turn to jelly found on our coasts a while later (they only have one nerve which includes their mouth).

Now we have some bigger fish dropping off the coasts of California, maybe it’s related, maybe not, but I sure wouldn’t ignore the probability of the mess made in Japan and now reaching California,

Fourth whale found dead along California coast

 the food chain, plankton: what would happen if plankton disappeared?

This answer says something about the oxygen of the planet would also disappear by about 1/3-1/2. So the Fukushima disaster, the Neocatechumenal Way of the Roman Catholic Church might responsible for a lot of problems on earth as well as whoever and whatever caused the earthquake in Japan to promote the Neocats (Charlie Sheen and his friends)! I think he is a Pentacostal (another dividend of Roman Catholicism) but might be evangelical. I know whatever it is, it’s radically stupid. If you read Acts it’s obviously a deviant-aberration of the Gospel of John and the message sent. (I AM).

 Sheen was in France during the Hebdo cartoon fiasco: wasn’t he kissing the Prime Minister of Paris, France near where the Courtyard of the Gentiles is located at Notre Dame? which is prophetic and somehow involved in the other strait by Yemen and some casualties in Yemen for access to oil because Iran controls the Strait of Hormuz. (No, I’m sorry that’s Rome’s former mayor Gianni Alemanno’s son: Manuel Valls.) I mean Sheen was kissing the President of France Francois Hollande. Seemed like a bunch of shit to me.

Then came Obama Care. I guess to cover up the damage of Fukushima and for the sake of getting money to retire in California which they will certainly enjoy. Blame flaps on breast and tooth X-rays to the Bridalwood moms by Dr. Oz a few  months after the earthquake and nuclear disaster. Then we read the tweets of another was on ti’s way by Barack Obama and Charley Sheen blah blah blah and the Samaritan’s Purse was rearing and

Ready to go!

I sure would eat a lot less tuna since it is the fish that soaks up the poison in the oceans. Maybe the flapdoodles of the whales are the reason for their deaths. My brother had some major health problems and pain in his legs and couldn’t walk (supposedly , however when I saw him at my sister’s house (Diane) visiting he was in peak condition for his age even though I was told he was in a wheel chair, something not quite right about that intelligence) and I did too (one leg and I think it was the sciatica (I thought it was the asiatic nerve but now it sciatic nerve kind of a anagram of asiatic) nerve damage from tuna. Interesting since he may be responsible.(Ananias?Graham? “Qing David” of the bible said at the Nixon funeral by Billy Graham) Used Beactiv and it helped a bunch with pressure points. It helped him too but he eventually went ahead with an operation of some kind for other stuff. When my brother was young and working as a construction worker in his college days he would fix a loaf of tuna sandwiches with ketchup and worcestershire sauce and eat them for lunch so it makes sense he might have poisoned himself with too much tuna in later years.

Thank God for volcanos! I think they help! But in order to help to offset the damage, people lose their homes and lives as well. Ventilation system of earth. Might be a lot worse if we didn’t have them in the design of earth. Anyway the weather seems cooler lately. Might be why a bunch are very active and for centuries been asleep. Isn’t there a volcano near Rome?

Rome (Italy): new fumarole near Fiumicino airport


Now, I have no idea if Pope Benedict’s XVl was responsible personally for Fukushima or was JUST being helped, but Evangelicalism was born from Roman Catholism or vice versa, just like Global Warming now Climate Change came from the Vatican (and given to Gore as a conciliation gift for losing the election and he took off with it and derived many including my brother a follower of their deceptions) and all the other messes on Earth including WWll, WWl. I wrote a post about “the Just” as in Just as I AM (a twin? a clone? a carbon replica without a brain and heart? an ant and something to do with Matthew anyway It’s been a while and is on some posts in the blog mentioned but leaves off the word man so as if he isn’t one, maybe a mutating amoeba of some kind. Watched him fit himself into Greta one day and that is also on a post when she interviewed him. Very weird. Subtle: renting her substance. Perhaps that’s the 200 million man army of Revelation. Makes sense to me like the man of Louisiana Bill Cassidy: they all kind of look alike. Might be a good idea to check their DNA and start putting them away behind bars where they belong and stop supporting his maniacal crusades and strangle his businesses. That is if we as a human race want to survive. (There are a lot of parishes there in Louisiana so makes sense to me, too! Perish the thought!)

Is it a plant, is it an ant, is it a crustacean, is it a crab? IS IT A MUCK FISH? What the hell is it? We need to figure it out. Mandrakes? Very hard to pull and they scream when you pull them out like people that are possessed scream. Mike Rogers of Michigan is one of them. LOL. NO JOKE! Whatever it is is needs to be done away with. IT STINKS. 

After the Box: Kids Take the Greatest Journey

 I think the kids would prefer their parents alive and not have to go through needless earthquakes and tsunamis, and ebola, needless hurricanes and tornadoes. Probably would prefer to live in their house still standing. But if it makes christians feel good that’s the important thing. Destroy their property and kill off a bunch and then get Christians to fill some boxes bought at his friends businesses or his own businesses and makes Christians feel like they have really helped the world mocking and build up his empire. NICE GUY. How about learning what the hell you believe? His businesses are non profit and of course he doesn’t have to deal with taxes so why were they worried about the IRS? The profit comes when the scarf up the stuff from the damage and rebuild using your donations. It’s ridiculous and ought to be squashed and it will be but probably not by Christians or Roman Catholics. And he and them will be expelled eventually from earth by God himself, I think.

in the gospel of Luke or John and Pontius Pilate’s wife’s nightmare about him that was pretty scary to her saying,” Have nothing to do with that man……” to her husband at the time of the inquisition of Jesus in Jerusalem. So check out Merangue’s Blog and read what you haven’t been told about the bible, the gospels, and the Old Testament. Perhaps from there you might be able to see a bit clearer instead of reading the one year crap making mincemeat of some important issues.


Yes, but the IRS audited the Grahams. KEK KEK KEK

Agent Ready was a Secret Service agent when JFK was assassinated and looks and awful lot like Billy Graham with a funny haircut at the airport. Billy Graham wrote his alibi in the book JUST AS I AM (thinks he is god! but about to find out he is not GOD) and also about his visit from JFK’s son who was investigating his dads murder and trying to get a Senate seat of Hillary Clinton. He died soon after with his wife and child and sister-in-law in a plane crash of a suspicious nature.

He had his alibi aired on the radio that day as well. He was quite worried, I guess.

A crab has a shell that he uses that is what we are dealing with. The shell is the human body when it is taken over by the crab.

During the old days in Jerusalem there are some monuments of old (warnings) when massacres took place and one has the crab inscribed on it as a sign as was the Nefesh (mausoleum/death) and other things like a harp (HAARP).

Anyway you can read about it on Merangue’s Blog on a few posts and read about the

“Q Source”(inspired the Synoptic Gospels) and part of the Gospel of John. Acts, etc,

and other interesting posts with many links to back it up and get a grip on reality of False Worship, and the False Church inflicting a lot of pain and suffering on the people of the world and they can’t even hold up the bible they read from needing two guys one holding it and the other with a microphone so the pope can recite some verse about nonsense they know they don’t understand. They didn’t even allow people to read it in the past. IT WAS FORBIDDEN. Obviously there is a problem with the church and the world and if you don’t wake up it might overtake you. POPE FRANCIS IS A DUNCE! THE VATICAN IS THE MOB. OUR GOVERNMENT IS INVOLVED AND ALLOWING OUR COUNTRY TO GO TO SHITLAND.

I think his real name is Rumplestiltskin. LOL He looks like he might be that person.

Paul Simon-Graceland

Greta van Susterne Franklin: Graham’s woman of Fox: HAS SHE EVER BEEN RIGHT ABOUT ANYTHING? ZIMMERMAN?  and on and on and on about everything she reports: Even about a hero made in a prison war camp who was able to avoid punishment in Japan to give HItler the nazis credit for making of an Christian. (more like he was a spy, IMO):  I wrote abut it in another article but it was disgusting but Greta was inspired.

Inspiring Grace

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 12.14.38 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 12.13.01 AM

Greta travels with him and is his substance like Susan Rice is Obama’s substance (BENGHAZI), etc.

Willing to lie with them, for them, about them, to them, and to the world, etc.


I will compile all the e-mails sent my way and if you give a poop you can read them and see how high class they really are. They are really into loving children and watching out for them when in danger, and into loving on my mom and dad. $35,000 at stake. In other words if they would do that to them just think what they might do to you, if given the chance.

I’m pretty sure they are loving DOTTIE (Dorothy) KIRCHER BIG TIME AS WELL. JOHN KIRCHER’S WIFE. HE WORKED FOR CONOCO OIL for quite a long time was President of the company. I think it is now CONOCO-PHILLIPS.  I think it’s a British company, though not sure about that but looks to be British by the name that follows CONOCO. Kind of revealing. He (gary’s dad) loves Jews as well. sometimes Gary talks black” when around African Americans and really likes them too. He does it for fun at home as well. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.



However, they didn’t offer their seat in the first limo at my dad’s funeral to me. No…. they sat in the first car as the first family of the Roots. Perhaps they don’t really know how to handle their mom and dad but somehow I think I would feel funny having the 3rd daughter in the 4 limo with the ant Patsy. They were not raised by my dad, I was. They were raised by their daddy. I wonder how that funeral will unfold? Put Tootie (Lori his wife) in the trunk of the limo, perhaps? LOL

So you have to wonder what they think of themselves in comparison to the rest of the family kids. I imagine they think very high on themselves when they should be embarrassed. My mom was was in the first limo. My mom didn’t raise them, she raised me. Lori raised them and their maiden name is Kircher, not Root! My maiden name is Root.

Here is the last letter from my sister after I wrote a long revealing letter and sent it to her kids who are now grown up instead here is a picture of my sister’s business card when with Virginia Cook Realtors and that ought to be enough for now until I feel the need to disperse more crap. I can’t get to that stupid letter. One of the kids was trying to talk my little sister into letting my mom die blissfully without air, at least that’s what Diane told me with a bunch of little black hearts in her e-mail. So I knew how FUCKED UP they had become because Lori Kircher had raised them and probably it was all about Uncle Ted’s money that they went off the track. The abuse to them was: I don’t know it was to them? The abuse and ridiculous stuff they did was so foolish and I kept trying to forgive them as we went through our lives, but they didn’t want it. They wanted to humiliate me and it definitely is/was a spiritual morass. My brother was wrong at the meeting we had not to tell the kids and protect Gary and Tootie. Of course, there was no way to tell everything in an hour meeting or whatever it was or explain the problem sufficiently. I was reeling and suffering PTSD and being alienated and lonely. It just gave Lori more time to find a movie called Atonement and twist the knife a little more. I don’t think he realized her motives or thought to question her character or her madness. It only made her worse. She started to think she was Keira Knightly. LOL That’s ridiculous. I wrote her to give me back the portrait I painted that she stole IMO from my mom’s things. The person who should have it is Diane (because of her attempt, though a bit skewed by other rationale, to do what is right in regards to my mom), but I was rebuked by her. It’s only a portrait that I spent many hours painting and cooking in the kiln and it isn’t as good as the original artist but Diane never got one. She rebuked me as Satan in Jesus Christ’s name because I was ever so blunt and because of the games they have been playing about mom and whatever money is left under Lori’s executorship of mom’s estate and in Diane’s savings account that she is saving until mom dies and was gonna hospice her without a doctor’s care [diabolical] and which is really weird as if that makes it right) which are truly hard to comprehend. They are influenced by a cult and it has had some bad affects/effects on them as it did me for many years. Something has possessed them, in essence. I think the black hearts in the e-mail may have something to do with it. The kids are now grown up and need to address it for their mom and dad and change their direction because I sure can’t seem to do it. They are way too whacky for me to handle with their strange communications. Totally untrustworthy and seem to have been trying to lead me off into the outer limits. This is the epitome of generational sin and what it does left to bubble over into many lives and will have a bad affect on their future in a spiritual sense such as: killing off the elderly for money and thinking it is blissful for them to die from lack of breath. (Kimberly E. Kircher, Heb’s wife is in the insurance business, I think.) That’s ridiculous and leading themselves down a primrose path of destruction and for their children and trying to do the same to mine. And because they are wealthier than me they have more friends that are “as fucked up” it will turn on them and THOSE FRIENDS as well pretty soon, I think. We have had signs of it in the night sky and it is OMiNOUS and in many other ways throughout the world especially dealing with political and the religious system prevalent in the world today. Taking the eye off the Bael that is screwing everyone and confounding them to a notable eclipse of some kind worldwide.The kind of destruction that may come that money nor reputation can stop it’s rampage.

You don’t want what Chuck Hagel said to Americans, I KNOW THAT! 

A way that seemeth right, but leads to death.

billy graham and the presidents

Chuck Hagel was Secretary of Defense and said he didn’t have any reason to question the motives of President Barack Obama which is really stupid but he was appointed by him. I think that nonsense should stop. I don’t think Presidents should be able to do that anymore. It’s like the criminal system of the Grand Jury. Really stupid and corrupt and corrupting all of the above in this paragraph.

 My sister reminds me of Greta NOW. OUCH! She used to be a nice person but I guess her dick got her all messed up.

Santana feat. Everlast – Put Your Lights On

In truth i think because of what I have found out I think my family including them (Tootie and Gary) were attacked in retrospect and attacking me.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 9.49.18 PM

Santa Claus is just so difficult to get over.


Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 7.14.02 PM

That was years ago she looks a bit less energetic. She kind of sold her own soul to something, not sure exactly what (I think the Grahams more than likely), with their lies. There once was a person that was really cute inside and out but was taken over with revenge and I hadn’t done anything to deserve it. All she had to do was get some help for both of them and their marriage. I tried to help and give them time at hotels and watched their kids so they could be together. I think she baby sat my kids once and used her kids to do it. Now with Dave Perry-Miller Homes in Houston and San Antonio and Lori Homes in Dallas. Someday she will find sorrow and maybe change, hopefully. But in the meantime I plan to make it hard.

Down the street from them or close by where they live were some friends/acquaintances of theirs relatives that got caught in the fraternity scandal recently reveling in their prejudices which is kind of revealing as well. Diane lives in the hill country near Austin Texas in a beautiful home with a newly built pool on a small lake where deer roam freely and she feeds her deer. My eldest sister works for the Republican Party in Dallas and is a fine specimen. Sometimes have mingled with the Bushes up north at some place they have or entertain. The eldest sister was christianized by the woman across the street from her who is English and I guess they went to a woman’s gathering for a weekend recently in North Carolina. The Graham’s home state. Billy Graham’s Crusades began in England sent to us with love from the British Monarch. Puffed by the Hearsts of California and the Hursts of Germany. The British Monarch are Germans as well and obviously Kircher is a germanic name. The crown visited JFK right before he was assassinated. (the guys with the big black hats) were seen and reported about at the White House and you can read about it on the JFK posts I transcribed which is kind of interesting. Anyway JFK is heard to say at one of his last performances in Dallas and Fort Worth that Jackie was worth waiting for because it takes her a long time to get READY. She came in late to that particular gathering.

The pope’s right hand man (Pope Benedict) is a Hearst at least he sure resembles the Hearsts named Georg Ganswein. He made sure the pope looked good. Plays tennis and is a heart throb to many in Europe.

Hearst Company sign in the Dallas Downtown area where JFK was assassinated on top of the building near the Book Depository where the alleged assassin worked. Of course everyone by now knows it wasn’t him.

I’ll add the emails asap in order that they came and were responded to. Well the ages will show it I’ll just add first the main ones. and then include the others as well.

I don’t think Gary wears a ski mask anymore.

I’m doing this because I need to for anyone who cares at all which doesn’t seem like hardly anyone does care. If you do read it you can imagine what it was like to be between two money grubbing sisters competing and having to deal with their shallow heads and hearts. It was and is still very hurtful to witness and be involved with I think because of their faith and false pride. They were and are sick and it must have to do with their religion and of course money and definitely has to do with Gary Kircher and his strange attraction. Kay (my cousin) used to call him “The Golden Boy.”

So sue me.

Letters are coming, but there are so many it may take a while to copy and put in a folder for this post.

I meant e-mails but I got some snail mail too.

Just goes to show you don’t want to know the Grahams if you can possibly avoid them you should.

The Samaritan’s Purse is on a rampage about the recent volcano in Nepal and gonna make some big bucks at their expense and yours. That’s his gig. The demolition man. That’s his coup d’etat and it works quite well for his business of religion and I guess all those mentioned that puffed him are helping him too.


Charlotte North Carolina I guess they had to name their baby for the Grahams. Talk about servitude. They have a lot of courage don’t they. Like I said that’s where the Grahams got their start in their crusades.

A shepherd thou shall not want.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 5.57.45 PM

Stranger in Town


…..Better watch out,


Can H.A.A.R.P. cause earthquakes? How about SURI and the others. They sure can. I think they are responsible for the earthquake tsunami in Japan recently for the common good of the Neocatechumenal Way, Opus Dei, Roman Catholicism, The Vatican, The British Crown, Obama Care and for that ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT WITH TEETH and also for CLIMATE CHANGE for the new pope, POPE FRANCIS that insignificant other of popes.



My mom and dad are wonderful people and deserved better but I think they helped me in many ways understand the things going on and while they were deceived about me they loved me still. That’s how sweet they are but they also have their faults as we all do but they never went after other peoples inheritances or businesses or anything to screw people or to control them. They deserve more than a bird feeder at my mom’s window. Both my parents were raised in poor families and survived most of them through the Great Depression. They were and are amazing people but it shows what money does to people that don’t deserve it. When my sister wrote the last of her e-mails it was totally disrespectful and mocking. I don’t know which sister wrote the e-mail because I think they are two peas in a pod but really fucked up women not all by their lonesome though. They had a lot of help. They are gonna try to influence my eldest daughter through their beautiful talented daughter without her realizing it but she hasn’t understood the depths my sister and her husband went with me in the guise of protecting them from me. LOL. I love their kids and their kids as much as one can love them having not seen most of them in years.  I’m sorry I had to do what I have done responding to maniacal psychopaths and their politics, religion, and sexual problems. It started when Gary snuck up on me when I was asleep next to his wife after partying at a business party of theirs a wine and cheese tasting party because they owned The Cheese Shop in Richardson Tx at that time and having too much to drink and told to stay at their apartment separating Gary who was instructed to sleep in the bedroom by Tootie which had it’s own bathroom and my sister and I slept on the hideaway bed in their living room. That night a blond woman they befriended sat in his lap who we had gone to the First Tuesday/monday sale thingy that happens once month in some city nearby. And when he snuck up and molested me with his hands while he lied next to me on the floor and I woke up and saw my sisters face sleeping and I kicked him off once I realized what was happening and when it was easy to do so near my leg and avoided a huge scene by screaming and was trying to protect my sisters feelings. They were newly married by a couple of years. I think I was 18 or so. It was a shock and I was not awed. I was discrete and it snowballed over the years that I knew them and loved them and their children and mine.

I don’t want my kid to be their folly but she’s (my daughter) is not experienced enough to know better either of them (my daughters) and I don’t want them to be their pawns to make me look bad. And that is what they are doing to make them look good and benevolent using their daughter who is benevolent, but wishfully wistfully protective and not being honest which is hard to do when dealing with her parents. I know, I’ve been there, done that. It’s what people do that manage other people and manipulate other people even using their kids for that purpose. I don’t think that is love. i think it is demonic.

Tootie’s danger ranger more like Ranger Danger, huh?

On a trip to San Antonio or the beach with Tootie’s kids in the back of her van once we were having problems with the kids. I can’t remember what it was that they did I think they were not getting along, probably arguing, but they had a TV in the back and they were cramped in the back because of a bunch of stuff in the back of the car with them and in order to gain control of her kids she stopped the car somewhere near Waco. They were older then but still. Anyway it was night time and stopped the car at an empty parking lot in a place we had never seen before and made them run around the parking lot.. Made them jog around a parking lot just to make them settle down. It was weird. I was uncomfortable with the idea. I would not have done that with my kids because of the danger of it. But that was how she controlled them. Now some people might think that is good however a strange town, an empty parking lot, night time, and your kids jogging it just to control them? Not very protective. Control freak. Managed them quite well but I sure don’t think its good And yea people lose control, not this one. She has it tuned to a fine art. Kind of a scary woman.

They call it Damage-Control what they did to me but they don’t want to have to pay for it. They want to get paid for it and deprive me of a decent living by interfering in my life and using the powers they have to prevent me from making a living or being a success and believe me I have talent. Many talents, IMO. They keep me poor for their sakes. And uplift elevate their own kids above all others. And their kids ought to change that and not allow it and tell the truth and do it believing in God for someone who has been bullied, assaulted, demoted just about all de’s there are and I have proved myself in many ways to be superior to their sensibilities. When they die I’m sure they will be extremely sorry. I hope their kids change the course of their family dynasty for the sake my kids, my mom and dad, and me. And for themselves and their kids.

My little sister- I have no idea what happened to her except Billy Graham type christianity and selfishness but was caught in the middle too and isn’t very nice or bright but puts-on a good show. Corrupted by lots of deception and human foibles. She was though once. Still has moments that are sweet and real but doesn’t get it or feel for others much.

Ex just got home and brought in the mail: One from CPS saying both of us have to be meeting them at our home at a certain time with our daughter to present her. Then got another letter and it looks like a letter from Gary But I will have to see when I open it and a certified letter notice left in the mail box instead of being signed for at the front door to our address which is probably an attack by family. It was just an advertising for floors throne that looked like Gary’s writing in a frenzy on the envelope but the Ex came in right after I opened it up and said “what was it, a letter from Tootie?” So does EX know something or not. Coinci-dental. Tootie doesn’t often write me letters (like not!) except at Christmas with a letter abnormally long (6-8 pages typewritten) but in the last few years abnormally short (one page) and/or her magnetic real-estate refrigerator ads once a year. The last e-mail from my little sister about my mom and the bird feeder was kind of mocking as I said: This is what it said:

Bird-feeder I Promised Winking face

in the title of the letter and a picture of the bird feeder.

I’ll add the rest in a while that have transpired before and since. I think she is watching my every move. I think she has been deeply affected as well as I have by her letters because you should see them. I don’t really know how to take them but they are whacked out. Like that night she whacked me in my head a bunch as I drove. I do think it has had some dire consequences in her head as well. Anyway the e-mail talking about eating two cupcakes which could be kind of sick. Not sure. I don’t really know what the heck she means if it is a SHE!

Good thing I’m taking pain medication or I would be a nervous wreck. Still unnerved but less than I know i would be especially after some e-mails i have written and sent and received. This kind of stuff is really really hard to deal with but I need to.

Really weird writing on the envelope of the one mail and has a kind of emotional feeling to it but I could be reading into it. I’m a bit wrought.

It’s not really important what Gary and Tootie do (accepting that it is bad) as much as what everyone that knows about it one way or the other does about it. Just because you aren’t committing the trouble doesn’t mean you aren’t part of the trouble – aiding and abetting, obliging, asSISting, serving, encouraging, implementing, arming, making good of the bad, allowing bad behavior to thrive by silence, etc. and if they did what was right it might actually change his behavior and circumvent hers PREVENTING THEM FOR EVERYONE’S SAKE.

(You need to have courage, though, and not defer)

Come out of her my children that you may not partake of her sins!

When I started to confront this problem later in life I had nightmares. The dick one and after my operation and the nazi one clicking heels and then being driven in their white van all over the place in a big warehouse type place with many rooms and levels, ramps, kind of like a parking lot mall with levels and people and then being taken to a place nearby our house, near a creek and looking behind me and seeing some men and I recognized them but not really in real life just in the dream and then they used that stuff to cover my nose and mouth to make me fall asleep and that was it. I assumed my dream was being dumped by the creek. They said I suffered Post trauma Stress Disorder after my operation because of the operation and how I was acting at the time which was pretty wild -I heard that I was cussing and threatening etc. I was pretty high too. Morphine and other type pain relievers besides the SEPSIS which is blood poisoning all my organs so no wonder i was delirious.

I tried to put the letters into a file on the Hotmail site and lost the important one that I sent to the kids. I imagine I might get it back sometime soon hopefully but it’ in e-mail mode somewhere. The others lead up to it but it basically is a copy of a letter sent to family that said Mom and You on the header the OOPS added. Must have been plucked in e-mail heaven somewhere. So  if I get it back I will put it in this post but until I get it back I won’t put the others in till then.

Not someone you want to deal with because she is cold turkey. A cool cucumber. Though I ‘m sure Gary rebelled because of her ways he also got a great deal of protection by her tactics. In a way he was a victim but a destructive one.

Once after some bad stuff occurred he went around to everyone and put his hand on their head affectionally playing with their hair and when he came to mind he took the middle of his hand which are large hands and pushed my head to put me down. No one else noticed, but i did. Like he had control and that is how they coexist.

Pretty gross.

He wasn’t very cautious and loved to throw Kimberly in the air and she loved it but it scared people who watched and he loved it. He also wasn’t very cautious with swing sets and things and their nuts and bolts, wires. etc. Pathologically deranged kind of shit.

Tootie spent a lot of time and money buying rich people silver trays as if they didn’t have enough already just because she sold them a house. They loved it,

her being their slave which she is.

The girl went shopping for shoes in San Antonio and spent 2 hours looking for the perfect flip flops when we could have been seeing mom or eating or anything else. It didn’t matter the cost either she said. She would buy a pair for 200 dollars if she could find them just to prove she could.

She was generous but there were reasons for her generosity.


Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 11.32.58 PM

Grueling kind of shopping. I’m not much into it probably because of it. She used to fart a lot when shopping. So she would move to a different wise. Corn. Corn was really hard on her system and so is milk. When she was younger she was okay but boy she sucked down the Sheila RIce snob attitude and the Highland Park drones and became really gross. Highland park women and men tend to wear the same clothes as each other. You can usually tell if someone lives in Highland Park by their clothing. Khaki this and Khaki that. I think they all shop at Old Navy and most belong to the Methodist Church the largest congregation in the world at onetime. The leader of that church was the investigator of the JFK assassination at the Book depository and was at the World Trade Center and blamed those in the audience for his assassination. So I think they are sort of slaves of some kind. I guess they were caught applauding the assassination at one Methodist school or Highland Park school, like Palestinians do when Jews are killed, though I think this is even more sinister than that. I wrote about it in the JFK posts on Merangue’s Blog. At the time some controversial stuff going on religiously about the Gospel of Matthew and it’s preeminence, Neocatechumenal Way, Opus Dei, and other things such as cloning/robotics and whether we have the right to clone, and abortion which I think has to do with Replacement theology and for what? as I wrote about in this post and the one beneath that or on the Eye of the Needle blog.? IF Abraham is a lark than all of this is for naught. So I think it’s quite possible we are dealing with that these days. Carrot seeds as Obama called them I think he might have been talking about recently with Pope Francis which I goes could be sought by rape and other medical techniques.

Whatever you do don’t let Lori Kircher decorate your home. LOL It will never end. i was leaning into her car once getting sample out of the car and woman backed her car into Tootie’s car and pinned my legs between the car door and the car. I went into shock but didn’t break a bone. Pretty amazing because the dent on her car door was quite large but luckily the lady in the van was backing up slowly.

The beach trips we had to deal with her on the phone constantly and wouldn’t often times get out to the beach till 3:00 because of her incessant NESS. A real boar.

She acted like one to when she was mad her nose would flare. Seething kind of anger.

You could always tell when she was getting upset if you watched her nose.

She marched often head first, then shoulders, feet last, and you knew she was hot about something. Proving something to someone.

She has a portrait of herself with Kimberly as a tot and it is at least 8 feet tall. Had it painted in San Antonio an oil painting on canvas. It’s in her entry. It was in the dining room. Disproportional too I might add, but the main thing is she is in it. It wasn’t really about Kimberly, her toy. Anyway that’s how the painting looks. And right by it is a picture I painted on porcelain of a famous portrait by a famous artist, of a woman in a garden with black and maroon bonnet and black lace gloves and her finger on her chin which reminds me of a photo of my little sister in the background of the picture she sent me of my mom. I painted the portrait and gave it to my mom wanting it back obviously if she couldn’t use it. Did my sister ask? I don’t remember that she asked for it because my mom at that time was still with dad and living in their home. No she just took it and hung it by her portrait in the entry. I had already painted her a portrait of little girl on porcelain that was really pretty. I had asked for it back too The one below and never heard a word about it thinking it was still in the warehouses where my mom and dads things were stored. That’s how my sister works her work. She just takes what she wants. Anyway I painted a copy of this painting on porcelain and it’s in her entryway next to her Humongous portrait of herself with this weird looking kid that looks totally disproportional as if it didn’t matter. What mattered is how Tootie looks.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 2.57.44 AM

Type of Beauty by James Tissot

This is more like my mom than Tootie could ever be.

I have a site where some of my pastels are kept online: Hope you check it out:


Pastel Paintings by Beatrice (Portraits of movie stars, imaginary people and places, animals, and kids that I love)

Never said thank you. It took weeks or more (more than likely more but it’s been while) to paint it because it is cooked in a kiln and painted in layers. My mom taught me how to paint on porcelain. Tootie was never interested in art except to steal it. I would have loved to have had it in my repertoire of paintings to show my talent. It might help me gain some clients but that would not be productive for LORI KIRCHER since she hates my guts! I was forced to move from the place that my kiln was set up so haven’t done any portraits on porcelain since because living in a rental now and don’t have the 220 plug to get it started for a few years and I have been sick for a long time. I have invested in jewelry making tools learning some things and have a few inventions one is at the patent company but don’t have the money for developing it but still hope to eventually. A tool for soldering metal to metal. It got through some level that is hard to get patented and is a really good idea plus a money maker if I could do it I would. I don’t think out of all the pictures she shows framed or unframed in her home did she include me and I’m talking close to at least hundred or more she cleaned house of me after Virginia Cook Realtors and my stay at Parkland when I nearly died. She’s a real wing dinger. She showed me what her daughter wrote about the time we had that was what broke the family apart and her daughter wrote something about the devil. It was in some book handwritten and insinuating I was the devil.

I’m really not. I just stood up to them and was whalloped quite a bit and told the truth and they lied about me.

Her last e-mail said I can’t find it (it disappeared) but said something to the effect:

I do wish you had gotten over that whole affair a long time ago……….and said she is going now to San Antonio for Mother’s Day even though Diane said she wasn’t and told me that i was the only one who could use that ticket with my name on it that she bought to go to San Antonio a few days ago but I was disinvited by the little sister Diane, of course, because of my letters to the family including Tootie’s kids. So I’m not going and they are making it so I can’t see my mom but said for me to get the oxygen concentrator etc which I wrote I can’t I’m sick and haven’t received it because it hasn’t been bought and in a city a ways a way and is something you take in a car and not on a plane. And hoping Tootie would take care of it I just wanted to get the leg work done on it for her. It’s also weighty and they are kind of large. She never went on a trip alone in a car or even to do errands but mockingly un-expects me to. She is mocking about her control of mom and her life. She rarely does things by herself. How you gonna get there? So I have bad feelings. I can’t stand to see them do well. Honestly it’s hard to take. It’s hard to see them gloat and antagonize and agonizing in a way. EVIL.

It’s like getting hazed by a fraternity. And many are afraid that they go a long as long as it’s not them. It’s a changin’.

The ones that seem to be the most afraid are the males. Fraud of a woman, lol

Mocking me and the fact that mom might be without an oxygen concentrator depending on The ARC of San Antonio and what ever it is they maintain that they do or not do depending on who you talk to and when which I explained earlier. I think I did.

Anyway having lots of fun dealing with the woman I tried to protect when her new husband (2 or 3 years married) molested me. They as I said are 6 and 7 years older than me. They were married at 21 years of age I think. HMMMMMMM

I don’t know how old I was but it was pretty sneaky.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 3.15.09 PM

He’s a bunch older now and kind of got a lot of wrinkles and is the wife’s boy toy.

Our family was changed when Gary came into our lives and it was not good.

I sent an e-mail back to the company he works for Dave Perry-Miler and where Lori sent some NASTY emails from to me and he sent back one about about Agenda 21.

The Son of man indeed goeth, as it is written of him: but woe to that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! good were it for that man if he had never been born.
They attend Scofield non-denominational church in Dallas and you will notice them Tootie usually weeps when she hears the church leaders words of wisdom: the sermon. They are a private school as well. Were involved in re-editing the bible during the time they did that with Rome I think in the 70’s to make the Gospel of Matthew pre-eminent and for the one world government that is so successful now and inclusive. About the same time that Ricks Warren’s bible came out as well or beforehand. I think he had something to do with the Warren Commission or his relatives during the JFK assassination who prospered the one bullet theory for the masses to eat and to make bunch of money on ridiculous books about it competing with the bible publications.

She magnifies him in her vagina course the doctor had to enlarge her…after birth, because she was tight and he needed more room. I guess sex wasn’t that fun or she couldn’t enlarge herself. She had other things enlarged as well so she wouldn’t appear to be a heavenly pear. I do so wish she had never been born and Gray as well but they were. HAIL THE KIRCHERS KEK KEK WHEN YOU SEE THEM. IF they would come down to earth and act nice I would feel differently but they are a bit hard to swallow and the things they have done are outrageous. What they do to other people is disgusting.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 2.36.36 PM

This is the bishop i think and the first woman to be one in the Episcopal religion or the Church of England or both in England I guess and looks eerily like my sister, Tootie and Kristen in a way. The short hair and the neck. A combo.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 2.40.49 PM

 I was looking for the one of her hugging some man with white hair on the day of her ordination and it was so close to looking like Tootie when she hugs people, like you were her long lost friend after being a hostage for 365 days or something. Her name is Bishop Libby Lane. Kind of took me back in some ways watching her greet people, LOL with all her heart.

It looks like mysister Tootie2015-06-02 at 8.27.19 PM

She looks just like my sister Tootie aka Lori Kircher. She used to look different but had a nose job similar to my little sister’s nose but she told us it was surgery for a deviated septum. LOL Right! I remember her taking off her bandages and checking it out and that’s because it was surgery for the shape of the nose vs the deviated septum. The deviated septum though probably made the surgery cheaper and insurable, don’t ya bet? While you are at it……etc. It was done at The Medical Center on the first floor in Dallas off Forest Lane, I think. I was with her in the waiting room for some reason…Oh that’s right we were sisters then. We did things like that with each other Hang out, do errands, pick up kids etc. Now they remove all  family pictures of me but keep my art work. Absurd. I keep asking for it back via e-mails NOT A WORD BACK the last chiding me about a 200 dollar ticket she bought down the tube and I was in the hospital taken by ambulance. God I wish she would give a crap about my mom and dad’s hopes in her that she would take care of mom properly and not be an asshole to me. He probably would appreciate it if she would try to be a good daughter and sister. It’ isn’t that hard.

 The moles have something to do with the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. I AM GROOT! Not exactly sure why but in a twisted way I can see her point to a point. My dad had some moles on his back. One big red one we used to like to wiggle it. LOL. Diane used to like to squeeze blackheads on our faces and on his back. It was rather irritating but she was into microscopic flaws and noticed often when others didn’t. She meant well. LOL.  Our family when we sweat we don’t glow. Except maybe mom and Tootie. But the rest of us sweat drips of sweat. If you saw my dad mowing the yard you would know what I mean. Big drops of sweat! I loved the movie Guardians of the Galaxy! Fun movie! Yup, it’s a good movie!

Gary was the one that got Christianity going in the family and yet look what he did. Course it was a cover. The iies are probably why my parents may have dared Gary, could be someone else they are talking about. i question just about everyone in my family in that regard. (However Diane was christianized by Billy Graham crusades early on.) Her pastor she ended up dating during separation of he and his wife with kids (I think he had kids) and he became a manager at Gary’s deli. Just because someone is a pastor doesn’t make him good or perfect.

My Kid’s Phone Call to Tootie

Before I had the operation my daughters left a message to Tootie on the phone to stop harassing me, to stop bullying me and to stop lying about me. I received a phone call from my mom who must have heard from Tootie that I set up my youngest to call Tootie. She let my mom hear some of the conversation I think because she brought up some things from the conversation. Said that my voice was in the background prompting my youngest daughter which that must have been my eldest daughter prompting the youngest. It was a total surprise to me that they had called until my mom called accusing me of using my youngest child and my eldest got her little sister to do it with her. It was cute of them to stick up for me. My youngest was in the first grade or so (somewhere in there) and my eldest five years older and they were upset, because I was upset. Anyway I got in trouble for that with my family and I had nothing to do with it but obviously having an affect on my kids. So she lied again to my mom and accused me of abusing my kids that way and using my kids. I didn’t. I just remembered this when talking to my youngest who is much older now who brought it up which I had forgotten about this episode in the Kircher’s saga. I was asking her opinion of what I am doing sending letters to lawyers about the $35,000 and the inheritance before the death of my mom and told her about the funeral procession and said, “That’s messed up.” LOL her style of communication at this point in time (but at least she knows the difference unlike Tootie’s kids and they are older by a mile than my kids), and that’s when she brought up the phone call to Tootie reminding me of what they did in their bedrooms and the phone calls after about it accusing me when I tried to assure everyone I didn’t do it or set them up or prompt my kids to make that phone call and it was on their own initiative for their mom, but at the time I thought it was really cute of them and outrageously ridiculous the reaction by the family and another form of bullying on false information. My sister lying about my kids to my mom and another reason for my sickness as far as I’m concerned and another reason for not talking to the rest of the family any more at that time because they did not believe me again. Another reason for me to not want my eldest to go to New York to vista their eldest child. I think they will use it somehow against my eldest because it is not beneath them to use my kids for their folly. It was an unbearable time dealing with their problems and their abuse. They were adept at twisting everything out of the norm or reality! This is the one my Ex (because we aren’t married) won’t let me teach my kids and she is the one that was in the hospital that freaked out about the t-shirt and the bicycle/horse lesson but maybe it will stick later in her conscience as often lessons do after first being repulsed by it. Who knows.

My husband and now Ex is in the sound effects business, voice talent business, is an engineer of sound and owns a sound studio. Mostly does car ads for some clients and mixes music as well and sometimes writes music for various reasons.

Ex said he heard it. I don’t remember hearing the message, but hearing of it so he may vicariously have thought he heard it. He tried to tell me that they didn’t have the technology then to change a voice and of course I know that’s not true and his reason was because one voice on top of another would change both voices but I said what about someone changing one voice when it’ s in between the voices which I know can be changed without changing the other voice. He said they wouldn’t spend $150 to do it. LOL. Oh yea? I don’t remember hearing the tape or message they left just heard about it via my mom, but the kids admitted to me that they called when I asked them if they did and I called my mom and told my mom after the first call that they admitted calling Tootie on their own.

The Ex just said he doesn’t know why I’m worrying about it now anyway!

Of course, he doesn’t read my stuff, LOL, but says I’m prolific and should write a book. LOL. at least in the past he has said that I doubt he would feel that way now. LOL. He thinks I’m an idiot as well. Trying to tell me they didn’t have technology 10 years ago to change a voice. DUH!

Gary used to call my husband at the time often: Phili-pone without the n sound as the french sound of the ending ant as in croissant in disrespect for him and it got old and I told my mom about it that I didn’t think it was nice. This went on for  many years and I guess made Gary feel superior to him and able to harass his wife. It was a put down. Phil didn’t like it so I told my mom and I think she mentioned it to them and it stopped. Signs of an abusive couple in the family.

Anyway I feel since I did handle it correctly in the first place at our meeting and telling discretely about it to Tootie he should have backed off for Tootie’s sake and his kids. Instead he lashed out in belligerence and kept doing it and when someone makes a mistake it’s okay as long as they don’t react that way antagonizing by doing it more and isolating and all that kind of stuff. And then have Tootie doing her business on top of it was also hard, even harder than his weird problems.

I do so wish he had gotten over it a long time ago.

Trying to get the family to watch The Atonement is not getting over it.

She must have bought it in the meanwhile.


She already made me watch it at their house when we were still talking to a small degree and Gary went to bed. I was clueless what it was about of course and even had to go to the store with her to rent it. Anyway she was trying to prove something in my head and hers as well. It was grueling watching it the first time.

That was less than a year or a year ago. Geez. LOL Seen it, Thanks It was enough.

Not the most interesting movie except for the costumes. Who would suggest that for a gathering of family? You know? Let’s steam some clothes while we’re at it!

Anyway she has some delusion about her and Gary. I can not imagine Tootie in the love scene with the curtains. or whatever it was in the movie. If you watch her do the hula you will understand what I mean.

Also what is weird when I had my abortion as a teen Gary came to visit with Tootie. She came to alert my parents but why did he travel over a 1000 miles to visit? Very odd. Were they on their way to the Kircher home in Greenwich, Connecticut? I know they j had had one as a couple before they were married, an illegal abortion. But why would he be at mine? Mine was on base.  My brother didn’t even know about it for a long time. Was Gary at Gaby’s abortion as well? Gaby is die-hard catholic. Her parents were die-hard catholics too. I never did ask why Gary was there but I guess it must have been a family affair? Of course I’m sure that’s why Patsy said the thingy about “Beauty is as beauty does” real snarkley at her house. I thought what the heck and not sure what brought it on but she often was putting her foot in her mouth like the time she was in a greeting line and talking to hair-lip and started talking like it. LOL She thought whoever it was was kidding. No offense, but she actually did that. KInd of like what Gary does with african americans nearby and far and talks jive talking like he’s an Uncle Tom.

Just to get in the spirit of it I’ll add this song which is really a good one by Otis Redding:


I know that General Colin Powell made general because of the new policy in the army/military about African Americans and it worked for him I thought I heard him say. My Ex did the book on tape about Colin Powell by Colin Powell years later in his studio. Wonder if there’s a connection. He was the general that swore about the Iraq chemical weapons that I guess was why we attacked Iraq instead of Saudi Arabia after the Saudis attacked the Twin Towers in New York. Something like that. Strange reaction. The Iraq and the Iran countries had some wars where both used chemicals against each other. They didn’t get along for some reason, probably their religion had a lot to do with it that Saudi Arabia (MEcca and MEdina) perpetuate. Now Iran is close to having nukes. (I dink we made a big mistake, one of many camel butts! Colin Powell had a lot to do with that decision! Perhaps it would have been better my dad had made general. Oh well. I doubt they were in contention between themselves it was more of a percentage type quota.) That’s why partially we were busted on base by the military police just to make sure my dad didn’t make general and a few others colonels. Not my problem anymore or my dads.

It’s UR problem.

I know what needs to be done, but no one listens to me. I wonder why?

 Add that last ump (the bust) which was definitely a set up. The Bust of the colonel kids, not colonial. Tracy and Brad Powell were there so their dad was affected and some other older kids Walter’s age. Brad gave Walter the cold shoulder at his wife’s funeral and Walt thought possibly Brad had helped his wife with a kick on her bicycle go down a big hill somewhere with the spike going into her kidney and killing her. Anyway Walt didn’t understand why Brad was acting weird and told me the rumor of his. He and his wife Walter and me did a certain drug and went down the Perdernales Falls when I was in college nearby. Real outdoorsy kind of couple. But Walter didn’t do anything about it. For a former District Attorney for the Air Force that’s kind of weird reaction. NOTHING. What does it take to get a handle on things? Be proactive? Brad’s daughter was a friend of Kimberly (Gary’s an Tooties daughter) when they were young. Makes me wonder if the pregnancy wasn’t either since I don’t remember a lot of it. I will probably find out one day in heaven. Of course a priest happened to be on the plane sitting next to her and she talked to him abut my upcoming abortion. So you have Gary, Tootie, and a priest. Never heard the content of the conversation but I’m sure she did her crying thing and forgot to mention her own abortion. Obviously Patsy knew. I didn’t tell her. My mom didn’t tell her, I know that. So who did? Not someone you would want to divulge your secrets. Patsy never called me I don’t think she ever did call me even for gatherings . Usually went through the head of the family kind of person like Tootie and she would call the rest of us.. After the big meeting at Virginia Cook she called me and I did not answer. I knew she was Tootie’s compatriot. She was who I was supposed to be in the limo with at my dad’s funeral in the fourth car. No thanks. I refused. I knew she was up to no good. I think it was Tootie one upswing me somehow. Undermining me from the start. That’s what I think. I think I was around 20 years old then when Patsy said that to me on one of family gatherings. Why did they invite me in the first place?

I went to a gathering at Tootie’s house with lots of family and had my first attack breathing wise on the way home. Was it the sour grape or was it the cheese dip with almonds, I mean, walnuts. It was sold to me with almonds and found out after inquiring if it wasn’t almonds but walnuts and my little sister (DIANE) blurted it out on the phone as if confessing. Weird. The ex noticed the sour grape that I didn’t continue to eat and put in a napkin. I guess he watches closely. I thought I was discreet about it. Lysteria had poisoned some people and the source was walnuts at that time. Anyway soon after about a day I got diagnosed with COPD. I was at 85 oxygen rate and barely could breathe. The doctor gave me a treatment and sent me to ER. We were only a few blocks away. Coincidence? And have been labeled COPD since and have had many problems since breathing wise attacks. Though some are due to my intestines because of Sepsis and the peritoneal access years ago that 14 inch scar that caused probably blockage with scar tissue. Pretty hard combination. Lots of poisonings going on and excuses excuses excuses. I think that was a set up because Patsy’s son was acting kind of different. Really whipped kind of personality and used to recite to us bible things and other poems. Turned into a one worlder somewhere along the way. Lost his ump. He reminded me of the press guy Dick Morris. Sort of looked like him that night when he asked: When was the last time you saw your mother? And I said “with the family when they saw mom.”

It was kind of accusatory sounding and odd since Tootie and him were very close and I’m sure he had talked to Tootie that night. They were the same age and were once caught eating each others poops as babies. That’s how close they were. They were competing as babies..

Whats odd too is Gaby (my brothers wife) mentioning the money in the lobby of the hotel we stayed at that we owed yet they had already tapped into moms money via Lori way before that for that debt. Doesn’t make sense. That’s why I think gambling is involved and maybe punishment for that meeting Gary was inquisitive about. Did Walt payoff a gambling debt and not tell Gaby? Did Walt, Gary, Tootie sue for damages of Diane when she was poisoned in California but not tell Diane, Dave or Gaby? Or was Dave involved? Got a settlement out of court?

I didn’t say this though the time that I went to the car for a lighter or cigarettes and told Gary I didn’t need to be carried to the car (I was barefoot and it was wet outside but not raining) and Gary came up behind me as I bent in the car. Did that kind of thing a bunch enough to be gross. NIce guy. SLEAZY. There were friends of Kim’s that I think were affected by him in a negative way. Can’t prove it but I kind of noticed some stuff. Little things. So he didn’t stop, obviously.

I guess Tootie just didn’t have what it takes at least not for long.

Of course who would want to for that STUPID DRUNK prick.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 12.27.12 AM

I doubt Kristen would be blissful if I hadn’t prevented Malachi from falling off that ledge at The Arc

and I doubt he would have felt blissful either.

Ignoring the obvious. Negligent and cold. Your faith is screwed up. Why would Kristen say that not breathing and dying is blissful. Has she done it? by the way that is what Diane told me that Kristen said in other words “let her die.”

When the idea of a hospice came up Diane finally admitted it meant a way to die and wouldn’t include the care of a physician because it cost money and the hospice would be free using Medicare while she has $35,000 in a bank account saving it for later from my mom’s account. So the hospice didn’t go through because my brother deferred to Tootie the executor of mom’s money but I doubt it was because of that. Instead my mom got a bird feeder out her window to watch the birds on a shepherds hook, which is nice but it isn’t a $35,000 hook.

Thanks so much for standing for up for death.  Would you have liked it if I had taken Diane’s advice about your son, Kristen?

Your kids?

You said your dad was a “work in progress.” Mighten you help him along? Teach him a little about his problem?

Instead of enabling him and enabling your mom to be a witch with a bee in her butt.

Can’t the three kids stand up to their mom? Kimberly, Kristen, and John? You are old enough. What’s it gonna take?

How about Babs? Barbara Kinkead? Canda Brown, Scotts ex wife? Kimberly’s friends and you know who you are? Hockaday school? Scofield? Merrill Lynch?

When Kimberly was a little girl she had so much cuteness and spirit and now she’s a Stepford wife.

Lacks personality, though very sweet, but a shell of what she was. IMO

Kristin was/is beautiful and definitely spirited, but angry as a kid. I used to call her Little Miss Opposite. I think she married to get the hell out of that household though and I think she is happier, but that isn’t saying much. She loves kids and work but they are mixed up spiritually. I can’t imagine having parents like that and I hope the kids get it together and stand up for themselves against that kind of parent that they were cursed with. The devil is in the details and it was their parents that caused the problems and blamed everyone else. I don’t think there is one person in the world that they (Tootie and Gary) behind their back talked nicely of unless they have a bunch of money but that usually doesn’t last for the others that do have money.

They will find out when they are old and realize what they did and didn’t do and wonder if it would have made a difference and it will really sting especially when it affects their kids.

I prayed about it outside in my driveway the way I pray and two doves (mourning ones, I think) came to the tree separately. I asked for a sign from my God if he will show his power. And each roosted a small bit in the top of the tree and flew away. I don’t know what that means but it was a sign to me. Could have been the same bird because they looked similar, but it was reassuring and I think it was meant to be that just like many other miracles I have been blessed with. I think I’m not done with that 10 year period we all get to go through.

I heard about Kristen and a man that was near death at a hospital and she washed his body and he died. Tootie told me.

I guess that’s her job is to send them off. Miss Mother Teresa without a clue. What about Malachi?

Kristen stood her ground (about the eye drops) then at the Arc because she had her brood with her even though she is close to being a doctor herself, why not for my mom? Tootie and Gary (because I don’t think Tootie would had turned out so bad if not for Gary) have really done a number on the kids and the family. I hope they pay dearly for it. Not as much the kids except for their accepting being their mom and dad’s coverup. But it’s complicated as well.

It must be tough though having a molester for a dad and bitch for a mom. The perfect fit to ruin some really good kids. But they prospered because of it so it must not be so hard for them after all the intimidation they went through. Gary did not want Kristen to have therapy. Why? Good question. She got it later though via Tootie by a Christian therapist.


I have no idea if it helped but i think she was vacuumed or something. Her memory. That’s what I think. Probably for their faith and their sakes.

I was invited by Kristen via Tootie on the last trip to San Antonio to go visit anytime I wanted to go where she lives because of the beach nearby and she even offered me and my kids to stay while she and her husband are off to Colorado for 10 days without her there which is pretty nice but that was before the letters. She told her mom to encourage me or at least that is what her mom said.:”Encourage her, mom” I called her a few days ago while at work and she is supposed to call back, but we’ll see. I love the ocean and it would be good for me and my girls because they missed out on a bunch because of family retaliation about Ted’s money that they lost but I don’t like being treated like dog poo by her mom. They mossed out on the family stuff too with my parents because of Tootie and gary’s retaliation. It hurt them. I don’t like my mom’s life threatened the way my sister does and I can live with out the ocean if I have to. It’s not as important as my mom or my kids. Tootie got my oldest daughter a ticket to New york via Kimberly for a weekend because of a bad boyfriend culminated with some bad behavior by him and hurt her tremendously though she is over it and I just a day or so ago asked that my sister cancel the trip because of her strange kind of behavior bribing, IMO? My daughter wants to go though and it was sweet of Kimberly but I know whence her mom is coming from and it’s not good, I don’t think. I don’t trust her obviously. I wanted to, but I don’t. The ticket Tootie bought for me for Mother’s day to be with my mom, her, and Diane in San Antonio. Diane disinvited me because of the letters and Tootie wasn’t gonna go to San Antonio according to Diane and then I got the cup cake letter from Diane and now Tootie is gonna go so I warned Diane via e-mail that a turd was on it’s way actually did it before I knew that but it does seem like a fulfillment of the message. Then got a message from the big sis and the little sis that she didn’t show up for Mother’s Day so maybe the turd is still coming. The emails were kind of spooky from both sisters. LIke they have something up their sleeves and possibly some insanity in them. That or trying to be funny? I kind of got a message about that trip that something wasn’t right in the way that I get those kind of clues. Cues. So I feel my family is at risk and so I am gonna write about it to lay down my defense just in case they are up to some shenanigans. I feel like that’s the best I can do and pray. I’m not a big prayer-type person in the sense I don’t have long winded prayers, just posts. My prayers are usually short. I don’t like being screwed with and I don’t like people entrapping others and me. I don’t like it at all.

Diane said that Dave and Diane asked for an accounting of mom’s accounts awhile back and Tootie sent a pencil scrawled very short message back. Sounds like Gary to me! That’s the way he was. Obviously it wasn’t an accounting at all. I guess she resents being harangued about it. Though I don’t think it was too much to ask and should have been important for Tootie to prove her honesty and forthrightness in regards to my mom’s money (that dad earned) since she is the one that was honored with the job of “executor of her estate” for my mom’s well being by my dad. He trusted her. You would think she would have taken the time to do it for them. She spent an awful lot of time lying to mom and dad and everyone else about me and Gary. Gary wanted to isolate me which they have. I guess her priorities are a bit skewed, but why?

I do know that Tootie wanted to be top woman of the men in our family. She just needed that extra love or respect and would go to great lengths to get it. After a while you just say to yourself: FUCK IT. I don’t care. She can’t seem to fulfill herself without screwing others especially females and kids.

She didn’t want to invest in the pulse/oxygen medical tool for Diane to take care of mom. It was on sale at the drugstore for about 40 dollars. She said “what do I need one for?” Well for one thing finding my mother at the middle 70’s a few times in the oxygen rate would make one think it’s important, but not Tootie. I think that’s a sign of intentional negligence in regards to my mom. I don’t think dancing the hula is quite as important. I was trying to get Diane to buy one for when she visits mom which is often to help her. Diane did buy it and it made a difference once. IF you knew how many times Tootie got us to purchase something as a gift and be indebted to her and how she would do an accounting to the cent Oh man it is unbelievable how she has changed when the tables turn.

On the elevator at the Methodist hospital with Lori (Tootie) and Diane in San Antonio the last time I was there before I think it was the same day we found my mom naked in bed with covers off on the end of the bed which is hard to do when you can hardly move, isn’t it? My moms nurse said that mom had been naked all day long and we had been with her for 5 hours that day before we went to get a bite to eat out somewhere. On the elevator Tootie said that 3 was the number of perfection something I’m sure she learned from Gary the bible scholar or the English woman across the street (another bible scholar) and probably while in North Carolina at her woman’s retreat. i’m sure it has something to do with that Synoptic BULLSHIT. I said “I don’t believe in perfection” as we were getting off the elevator and a bunch of people, mostly older men laughed and made a joke of it.

Is a ménage-trois perfection?

The synoptic Gospel a lot of the three that are considered synoptic having been cued by a “Q source” supposedly are very similar in many parts of each (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) comparing them is quite interesting. The differences in the similarities are interesting. Gospel of Luke kind of illuminates the differences quite well or in a big way. Which I have tried to show in my posts located and linked on Merangue’s Blog. Some of the differences are kind of humorous a well.

I’m sorry but I’m pissed when someone tells my sister Diane who is not all there sometimes to just let my mom go blissfully. Oh Kristen but she didn’t want to put those eye drops in herself which wasn’t her job and had to make the nurse do it. Diane does have a sweet side but doesn’t have a clue either. She was willing.

I remember I had a designer jeans party selling jeans with my hand made jewelry and Diane invited 300 friends and then it was really 500 friends to her home for the affair and 1 showed up. I don’t think so. The work involved was quite a bit for a woman who was cut from chest to my caesarian scar to the innards of my body like a big upside down T and have her lie about that. I recall she insulted me that day because i needed to rest or something and I wasn’t energetic enough, like her.

How does one invite 500 people and 1 show up? There might have been two. I guess they were distracted by a mirror I hadn’t made yet or had I? “OUCH” as my sister would say.

Anyway i think she ought to become a bishop for the Church of England, like Tootie.

I think they are actually hindu-cized christians!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 1.32.45 AM

That’s my mom. She’s a very fine woman. I’m not being facetious. I love her.

Too bad about some of the Stanford’s falling for Buddha. My sister left her picture again rather touched up a bunch on face book just to be TOOTIE. Sure would be nice to get my portrait back.


I wrote her and asked for it, we’ll see what she does. Probably send another portrait of herself touched up extremely! In real life she ain’t all that. LOL!

The one that had it on his Facebook is spiritually not well. He is an artist and a sweet guy but he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, obviously. Been in a wheel chair a long time.

I heard my brother’s screams on the sound affects of the game WOW. Every time I hear it I know it’s my brother’s voice. Not sure why. I’m sure he would say: “Delusion much?”, or “Don’t go there, Bea.” He said that about the Sandy Hook Elementary hoax that I was trying to show was a hoax to my siblings and the man with his wife whose child supposedly was killed laughing before he got up and cried about his kid which was on you tube all over the place on the internet but they didn’t notice however Gary did. Like a plant, the ones you hear about in the bible in the Old testament that are hard to  pull. Walter also said that what Tootie and Gary did was called “Self Preservation” at a meeting we had when he wanted me to reconcile with mom and dad in his bad health and because of Walter and Diane, we did reconcile. Gary was pretty frightened of that meeting. He was asking leading kinds of questions to my brother that i heard about while he stayed with them. I guess he felt ganged upon but my brother was diplomatic to some degree and wanted the family to reconcile and flew in town just for that. After the meeting we had agreed to not tell the kids. I guess that was his job or maybe he did it for their sakes. They aren’t kids anymore, are they? Of course, I told mine discreetly and not very detailed but for them to understand to some degree for their protection and to be leery of Gary and Tootie. The one that was bullied at school kind of understands but the older one isn’t quite there yet and I think they want to royally screw her. She is head strong and the eldest, the one that Tootie via Kimberly are going to try to turn against me and already have with a trip to New York City. Pandering. Of course I don’t trust them. Who could, except those that are totally vacuous? I know that God will help me if she goes. He has so far and it is their folly. Too bad they keep digging in deeper into their own devises and demise. My ex seems to be involved as well by the things he has done lately and in the past few years that I noticed and the things he has said. My brother years ago told me that Phil was a loser. He was right. He obviously knew something I didn’t know ahead of time. I should have but I didn’t. Certainly have plenty of evidence of it now. I sure hope they get their shit together for their own well being. They better not mess with my kids or I think they might truly regret it!!!!! Rejection is pretty tough I guess. I certainly have felt it and I guess Gary couldn’t handle it hence the isolation stuff he told my sister and the payback for his crap. It’s pretty complex what occurred in my family and we loved each other I think. My brother was quite emotional then after that meeting and seemed real and I appreciated it. He thought he was right in what he was doing. Of course how can you possibly explain in a meeting what had really occurred. I don’t think he understood the depths of their deception and those involved who helped like Sheila Rice of Virginia Cook Realtors (better watch out, better not cry…I think the tables are turning) and I do think it is because of religion to some degree. I know I couldn’t explain to my mom on the phone when I was so upset about not screaming or taking a job with them as my bosses. It was hard to explain sufficiently. I don’t know about Tootie and Gary. Being banished even in pictures is a bit weird. Talk about delusional and denial. WHOOOOSH. Having to watch Atonement almost a second time is really weird. She threatened us with watching that movie (she obviously bought it and vicariously deferred to it on a trip to my little sisters home to see mom.) Kind of scary like Dr. Jekyl and Mrs. Hyde. I understood that it was self preservation but what the heck I’m doing the same thing and I didn’t start it. The difference with my brother was I threatened to file a law suit (I was highly emotional) and that is not good to do to family as far as he is concerned the same guy a lawyer who defends people on the job against job discrimination and abuse on the job but not his sister. I guess he wasn’t gonna make any money off my case. He made a bunch of money off of a lawsuit involving Federal Express. It wasn’t as if Tootie and Gary didn’t threaten the same to me with letters that were sent though snail mail the kind you have to sign for. I doubt he knew it unless he helped and using the company of Virginia Cook so I think he was representing them. Thanks Walt! He used to smash snow in my face and pump my stomach. Kind of a bully. Once a bully always a bully especially if money is involved. They (Tootie and Walter) were in a hurry to put dad down when he had aspirated on the pill as he was about to go home to my mom. My brother looked at me funny at the funeral. Watching my reaction to my dad’s death instead of his own reaction, which I think is kind of weird. Somewhere between the time he had that meeting and staying at Lori and Gay’s house at that time and the funeral something happened to him I think. Maybe by Gary because Gary was afraid. When Diane was afraid of something she allowed to happen between her and boy at the time drinking was involved of course and he died soon after. He wasn’t a boy anymore but it was in Chicago when he supposedly committed suicide with a sock and shoe on one foot. Most people put two socks on first. NO this person put on a sock and a shoe on one foot first, and then jumped. Diane was at his funeral to console the parents, her friends. They prayed over him the day he jumped. I think they were Pentacostals or similar. He was paranoid and thought people were trying to get him (kill him). He was a friend of Diane’s son Andy Howard. Something that wants to place Diane as some saint which is ridiculous if only you knew. I love her but she is not what she thinks she is. She has a very sweet side though but lacks something on the the other side. Telling me to concentrate on mom when a woman is bleeding profusely is a bit strange and a strange thing to say and then telling me not to watch Tooties grandkids at the river a while before is a strange thing to say. Let Tootie do it…..They were a bit wild running around but really cute and they were Kristen’s kids. We were all together my brother Lori and Gary, Diane and Dave, Gary and Kristen’s kids. It was night around the river that is black blue in the middle of San Antonio at the river walk.. Being told he was in a wheel chair and then not being in one and being in ‘it seemed perfect condition’ at my sisters retreat in the hills and telling me not to go there in regards to the Sandy Hook Massacre hoax. “Don’t go there, Bea,” he said (eerily like Eric Holder said to Louis Gohmer), when I was trying to show Diane who is very hard of hearing spiritually. My brother had some gambling problems in the game of baseball. I wonder whether he was in trouble or something and figured dad didn’t have the quality of life anymore. Until someone is cured the quality of life sucks when people are sick. He might have gotten better but I think the timing was funny about when he died soon after their conversation trying to talk me into whatever it is they were thinking about doing. He died in front of us soon after that conversation about letting him die (blissfully?). I don’t know. Dad owed Tootie and Gary money for his business Dorwalt Homes that he couldn’t pay back (his health and the economy) and possibly Gary and Tootie decided to fuck him over because of that meeting when we discussed what to do about Gary. Did Gary pay back Uncle Ted? NO, I DOUBT IT! Uncle Ted’s son sure did die young. Uncle Ted died soon after the mistake on Wall Street, as well. The last e-mail from my brother was “Delusion much? NO I don’t delusion much but there is a lot of delusion around.

He is a believer in the Global Warming Scam and The God Particle! Delusion much?

If I had a business I would not hire them such as Dave Perry-Miler Homes and I sure wouldn’t let her be your real-estate agent if she works for anyone including her own business: Lori Kircher Homes.’ 

If she would do that to her dad which is a possibility, and to her sister, possibly her daughter, God only knows what she could be capable of. What does she need an oxygen/pulse reader for? Executor of my mom’s future in a way. OH but only a rich person knows what it’s like to lose money then someone who never had it. She is married to a banker. Bab’s (Barbara) Kincade member of the biggest congregation of methodists in the world The Methodist Church of Dallas on Preston Road.

t was paid back on a loan for the house I was part owner of with the ex who went bankrupt and would not sell the house via mom and dad’s money that Tootie was executor of even though that was not part of the contract that we signed in regards to the loan/gift. I was too unhealthy and emotionally unfit to fight him over it. She and Walter did it anyway. Walter was supposed to get it off the sale of the house if it wasn’t paid back and if it was sold. Then of course Gaby thinking they didn’t receive it when I was told that they did by Tootie. So they probably have been lied to by my sister or something all together more sinister. I feel kind of railroaded but I was very weak from my operation and family abuse. It set a precedence for the rest of my siblings to get that same amount off the top of mom’s money (that dad earned) to take care of mom. And now the excuse for the lack of care for mom is money. That’s what you call negligence? I think so. Intentionally early on. Seems kind of illegal to me. I think I was tricked when the getting the house as Tootie was the realtor because the interest rate went up from what was agreed on the day of the sale. We had never owned a home and were kind of naive to the difference it made to the price monthly. It seemed like fudging and wanted it so badly. The house we had been living in a rental every new Years and 4th of July I had to worry about bullets flying or landing on my head, peeping toms, a nut walking around with a bat bringing me food that smelled like mothballs, a neighbor wanting me to take care of her children, rising creme rate, a guy who picked up dog poop with his hands, gypsies walking in my house, animal poisonings, kid next door breaking into my house for my kids toys he stuck in a tree out front and got his younger brother to climb in the broken window glass, a really great neighborhood. I was obviously dying to get out of that area. lIke living with a bunch of crazy people. We were kind of desperate for a better life. The house that Phil loved near where he had a gig at the chinese restaurant on the lake. what i liked were the bedrooms sizes the view of the lake and the neighborhood pool which turned on us because of the fear of drownings and insurance costs. So went through beaucoups of trouble about it trying to keep it open and was a great entertainment for the kids and something to do in the summertime in 100 degree weather. Reminded me of the neighborhood pool we had in Virginia and knew my kids would love it and I did too. It was a part of the deal and the attraction of buying the home and that deal didn’t last. It was part of the cost of the home in my opinion and we got screwed. ROYALLY! I recall when working for Tootie and Gary there was house that she sold or was the listing agent that may have been some form of illegal stuff. I can’t remember what it was but I had kind of found out mistakenly when I was really sick looking into things and I think what they did was highly against the law and that may have been partially why they went after me continually afterwards because I was a threat to them and the company of Virginia Cook Realtors which was involved knowingly. Something I found out but lost along the way because of sickness and despair. They have deadlines in regards to that kind of thing but it was a real shady deal. That was close to about ten years ago or so maybe less I can’t remember the dates exactly i was so frazzled by it all. Maybe 7 years. Not sure anymore it was so long ago and I kind of gave up then in a lot of ways because of the intimidation and my frame of mind at the time and physically, of course being poisoned by Sepsis is tough stuff. I thought maybe licking the envelopes might have been involved in the last job I had. There are a few things that happened that I can’t pin it on. My ex likes to pin it on my brother and I dancing at Kimberly’s 2nd wedding 2 months before and I slipped on the dance floor (on my skirt that was too long and didn’t have time to hem it and really never planned to hem it because it was a really long hem. But it was pretty and on sale and filled the spot for that night. I think I had bought the day before the wedding.) it was no big deal because I wasn’t hurt and it was funny to me and embarrassing. But he said that I mentioned it to him (Phil) as maybe the cause of my physical ailment just recently and of course don’t remember blaming the slip on the dance floor for that. I don’t recall that so I think he is trying to put thoughts in my head too. I do remember slapping my ex when he wouldn’t listen to me telling him that they were watching me with hidden cameras and things like that were going on following me because of their fears of a lawsuit and I was wrought and very paranoid because of the things they were doing to me and slapped his glasses off his face and the glasses fell down (didn’t break so it wasn’t that big a deal) and he said they flew 20-30 feet which would be impossible. But he slammed me to the floor from a standing position and put his fist in my face. So I thought maybe that was the reason for my sickness however I had lost a lot of weight before hand and was bleeding a lot for a month or two (maybe the change of life kind of stuff) and was totally emotionally bullied by my family and the company of Virginia Cook to save face for Gary, the golden boy. when I told the woman in charge of Virginia Cook realtors in a meeting and I was very discreet however they knew i was there but it pissed them off when I had the undisclosed meeting. I didn’t go into details about Gary as I should have and the woman laughed. I felt harassed. Gary spanking my butt Not really a spanking as much as a totally degrading grab  unexpectedly real hard on the job in the office isn’t harassment? I think it is. That happened before I was fired obviously and it was unexpected. Sexual harassment obviously because of the past. It shook me up and I was shaking all over immediately after and I know they have cameras at work. It affected me and pissed me off and was very scary. And I know they know. I guess he couldn’t resist the temptation and they didn’t want me to live after that and I did live though not very well, but I lived. They circled their wagons and Tootie got promoted. I got on line after my operation and started to play WOW as kind of therapy and to have something to do. Couldn’t do a whole lot else but that because of my health, isolation, hurting emotionally for family that I loved but I couldn’t deal with them or them me. I prayed for help from God. I was a mess by then in a lot of ways with a lot of help from them. I wouldn’t say that I was the devil in this whole debacle. I was defending myself against radical assholes and trying to get information because of that one deal that I stumbled upon and from people that weren’t exactly open to offering information because of fear. I was trying to figure out what they were up to in regards to me. Anyway I think they ought to open up about it because I don’t think they have a whole lot of time left if they don’t. I think they think they are in the cat bird seat but I think they are about to go down town.

Downtown by Petula Clark

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 12.02.09 PM

Funny those Christmas letters are so short now: Seems more like Gary’s kind of a letter than Tootie who writes the longest of letters detailing every little accomplishment of her kids and herself and Gary. Tooting. And then saying “What do I need one for?” in regards to the pulse/oxygen tool she didn’t want to invest in for Diane and my mom. When my sister Diane was food poisoned in California at a sushi place she and Dave wanted to sue and Walter was against it because they treated him like a king. Diane almost died and suffered for sometime afterwards as well she said however no one notified me of her poisoning or that she was in the hospital. Only heard about it afterwards which is weird.  I wasn’t there because I wasn’t invited or I didn’t have the money They had disowned me at that time for the most part  I guess for fun things and I didn’t even know it happened till weeks or more later maybe more. we were talking but not really close, like family. I feel like the guy in the movie Cable Guy. I desired the family and my reputation back. We grew up together as army brats and were very close. Oh well, that’s would be expected. Tootie said “That’s Pathetic” that my brother thought of the restaurant owners as friends because they treated him like a king when they served him. LOL, etc. A social dummy. I guess Walt thought they were his friends and they pressured my brother not to sue and I think gave him the cold shoulder and he succumbed to their intimidation and pressured my sister not to sue. Something about Gaby is involved, but I can’t remember what that was. Gaby is his wife the one that my ex boyfriend supposedly molested or made a pass at. Kind of coincidental. Not sure which but was told about it via my brother. I don’t remember Gaby talking about it just Walter. She hated David Howard, Diane’e first husband because he was a hunter. Usually didn’t want to be where he was except she didn’t mind being in his condo at the beach, but other than that. Her mom or her dad (one of them) died on Christmas day and from then on they did not celebrate it on that day. Her sister died young of cancer I think. Barbara. My brother said that Gaby never farts. I hear Kimberly doesn’t either. I heard Gaby’s voice at The Arc as one of the nurses that I had an argument with about either the concentrator and/or my mom’s oxygen being at a level 78 to 75. Gaby’s catholic. She even got my brother to go to church with her even though he is agnostic and thinks god is a particle.

He is the deferrer to Tootie in regards to my mom’s well being because he cares so much.

Get him a collar and a leash!

I don’t understand why all this has happened or the way it happened or how it all happened but I think it is related to whom they worship and their faith. That’s what I think. Kind of a microcosm of what’s going on in the world and a prototype which is a good example for the world to understand, maybe that’s why it happened to me and how close we are to some big events that are detrimental to the world.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 6.28.13 PM

For What It’s Worth’ This Is What a Diamond Mine Looks Like Compared to the Precious Stones Taken From It

Interesting. Blood diamonds I wonder?

 I don’t think they even understood or were necessarily aware of the pattern or coincidences which is pretty unaware. They weren’t too affected by it is probably why they weren’t too aware of it. So even though I wish sometimes mean things and I have a right to I hope they get their shit together and stand up for the truth and take care of my mom with zeal.

I heard some things my mom said the last time I was there and I think she knows and other people know by what she said not as coherently as I would have liked but that’s not her fault. She did say when looking at Tootie kind of affectionately holding her chin

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 4.40.30 PM

“Can you beat that?”

I know what she meant. I doubt Tootie gets it, but she needs to. I think Gary gets it. He did understand about the Sandy Hook Elementary hoax pretty readily. She said some other things as well that were quite interesting. Diane needs to send that tape! :

Wake Up Little Susie by the Everly Brothers

I feel like I heard Kristen’s voice in a women wearing a burka in a beheading video or something saying; “I did not kill….” a few months back in Saudi Arabia or Iraq. Sounds weird but it sure sounded like her.

Woman beheaded in Saudi, in the street.

By the Police! Now the article says she said “I’m a saudi”, but I sure didn’t hear that in the you tube I saw and heard earlier.

Can’t find the you tube but it really sounded like Kristen and I saw a little girl that looked like Kristen on a bus at 3 in the morning. Looked a lot like her as a child and kind of like my mom as a child. It reminded me of them.

Just like the hand on the man that burned in a cage or the hand that was bulldozed but stuck out of the dirt reminded me of my dad’s hand. I loved his hands and my moms. They could really dance.

I think I’m being intentionally tortured in various ways because of my beliefs and because it just doesn’t fit with the FAITHERS and their religious sensibilities. Trying to change my position and it seems rather important to do so by them if they have to go to such lengths which of course strengthens my beliefs even more to their detriment, I think, and magnifies their fears. You have to wonder why all the fuss over my beliefs? Got to be a reason, because the reaction to them is so volatile. Must be a reason for the resistance. Don’t you think? Anyway Im going to try to outlast those that have a problem with my beliefs. I think those will change.

But so much deception on the Fox News it’s hard to tell if they aren’t a big part of the problem going on. The press and their sick games. I know that sounds funny but I have seen a lot of weird stuff and heard a lot of weird stuff. I think they are Jesuit controlled to protect the Papacy and the Crown and are very cruel. That’s probably how they get paid via our taxes via the papacy more than likely. Strange days and nights we are enduring. God knows I love them (my family and the kids and the kids that aren’t kids anymore who know the truth, but aren’t telling.)

The plants that i talked about in this post in regards to my Ex are called mandrake plants which have a certain type roots that are hard to pull (something like that), I think. Written about in the OT having to do with Rebekkah and Leah parts of the bible. Something to do with dragons. There are reasons for what is contained in the OT and I think they are pertinent today. I’m sorry, it’s Rachel, not Rebekkah, I think.

My ex as he went to work was in his everyday clothes and had his painting clothes with him and I said are you going somewhere before work and he said something that he always takes his painting clothes with. Since when? Didn’t do that before a few years ago anyway and that was for many years. He lied. Of course he probably doesn’t know that he didn’t used to do that. You get it? But very defensive about it so I think he does know. Or he doesn’t know but something inside him does.

Anyway I think that is what my mom and dad meant when they dared someone maybe someones

in a name (dared their roots of their faith)!

The grown up kids that know more than they let on I hope they wake up and do something

before it’s too late. Head for the mountain of God. TELL THE TRUTH for their sake and for their parents if they can. When you have children of your own it’s time to do the right thing for their sakes and their futures.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 5.24.37 PM

Do not go gentle into that good night!

Dylan Thomas

Maybe it will all work out in the end but I don’t think you can reconcile without the truth. It’s kind of like allowing Iran nuclear weapons. Good things take time and as Kristen said “a work in progress.” I’ll let you know if it does.

I hope so in honor of my mom and dad and their love.

My dad had a TIA because of Tootie because she pushed and pushed people to their limits to please her. She made them come to every little Hockadayday to honor her kids which was honoring her. Diane and I just kind of let it go. Our kids were in the back seat because Tootie and her kids were all important. When he had his TIA he had driven 5hours in that day for some reason I can’t remember what and then made him go here and there. NO rest for the weary. He started talking funny backwards like he knew what he was saying but kept coming out wrong. So I told him not to talk anymore. And he got the help he needed but she just drags people down and you can’t let people do that to you. PUSH PUSH PUSH.

NOT VERY LOVING, UNDERSTANDING, AND DEFINITELY NOT CARING. If she had she wouldn’t have done that. Talk about an egomaniac. She needs some help in a different way. She needs some hard knocks at her own expense and at no one else’s. She needs some really tough and rough knocks to get her to learn not to run people into the ground and deserves the truth about herself and her possessions.

I think she thinks she is the Queen of England.

An 8 foot portrait is ridiculous. Usually people hang portraits of the people they love or portraits of other people.

She hangs one of herself. That’s sick. It’s not that good of a portrait either. The artist was average at best.

Leave no stone unturned

I’m working on it. LOL There is so much I could add, maybe in the next post and the one after that.


While I sat in my garage thinking about it a bird flew in and around and out of the garage and back in and around and out of the garage.

I think that may be a sign. I have no idea what kind of bird but it was. It was raining outside.

I think I have something to look forward to. LOL

Why did Kristen when I talked to her after telling her I was in the hospital recently and needed a vacation say “How you gonna get there?” To the beach. I don’t know if it was conscious, but it was said.

It’s spiritual and derogatory, IMO. She hasn’t called so I guess “Encourage her, Mom,” was conditional


I guess she had heard from Tootie without the internet.


I think there will be consequences if they do.

Pretty sleazy how they work it.

Recently Diane sent me a box of mom’s clothes because of the nurse telling her they were not responsible for the things in mom’s room that are mom’s. I get another box of clothes of Diane’s. Perfectly good clothing. Dave (Diane’s husband) tells me the last visit to just bring the girls no friends for the next visit especially after the cup cake e-mail.

I don’t think it’s wise to go there.

But I have a 200 dollar ticket if i want to that only I can get redeemed and I don’t think I will. I think they are up to no good. Plus i’m not invited.

They are on the Hoard side, as in WOW. The girls initials are KEK (1) and KEKW (2). I don’t know Heb’s last name.

I don’t think they know what they do, honestly they are possessed IMO at least to some degree. Like many muslims are possessed because of their faith. They are pawns of the Crown, I think who consider people to be germs yet they are German. Self loathing like HItler.

Heb’s dad looks just like “The Steam Roller” guy, the older version of James Taylor, as he is now.  Honestly he really does. James Taylor did a thing with US Secretary of State John Kerry about the Hebdo stuff recently. I’ll look for a picture in their last Christmas letter and see if Kimberly’s father in law had his picture taken.

UK wants to put old people down like animals. I think they have a business investment probably they want to see expand and exploit. Possibly has to do with Prince Charles wanting the crown. IDK. He had a conversion on the way to Damascus (became a muslim) and had his kids tagged with a little rice like apparatus a veri-chip i guess because they are royalty and they don’t want them to get lost. What kind of person would do that to their kid with all those warnings abut the mark of the beast?

My cat went to to my dad’s picture and nudged the corner of it: I think my dads in my corner. It is the cat that kind of communicates via someone else but the cat does it in such a way it is really cool. Looking for what it is that someone is telling it to do and does it. Really wild. Cats aren’t normally obedient. Usually they have a mind of their own, but not this one. It’s fun to watch the cat look for the object and i can usually tell when the cat is trying to tell me something otherwise just acts like the rest of them. Just call whoever it is The Cat Whisperer. LOL

Speaking of poisonings I just went to a part of my mail on line and saw an old letter from my sister Diane giving a precautions for mammograms and dental x-rays by Dr.Oz who said thyroid cancer was the fastest growing cancer among women and the reason could be improper usage of x-ray blocking such as the thyroid guard when getting an X-ray that was sent to her neighborhood of Bridalwood moms. That was in 2011 August she sent that letter to those 300-500 women but in 2011 I read that Fukushima occurred due to the earthquake/tsunami. So the timing seems right however I thought that the tsunami happened in 2009. I’ll have to check that out in my posts because I wrote about the coincidence and the attempted conversion of Roman Catholics to the Neocatechumenal Way in Japan and they refused and asked for a delay of 5 years because of the rise in suicides on their experimental try of the Neocatechumenal Way and then an earthquake/ tsunami occurred and the Fukushima nuclear site was greatly affected by the tsunami. (I think Sheen was a neocat, but I don’t know) And then in 2011 is when Obama Care came into existence. It was a letter from cricket to my sister who lived in that neighborhood of Bridlewood. Nope it was 2011, So Dr. Oz knew that thyroid cancer would increase in women because of mammograms and dental X-rays. Why not in men also? Perhaps talking to women was the reason because men don’t watch his show like real men don’t eat quiche? Hence, the jellied starfish on the coasts of California. Seems the press knew something we didn’t eh? He works for the press right? Gets paid by the press so therefore he is the press giving false information to blame mammograms and dental x-rays for the potential rise in thyroid cancer

which is also called

damage control.

How much wood would a woodchuck wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood (DOD) Chuck Hagel? (SOD)Secretary of Defense Hagel said he had no reason to suspect or question the motives of Obama even though it’s his job as Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Obama care was for a coverup in part.

Even though that’s what defense is, stupid. What is the next move of the teams etc and why. But if you can’t even do it after the fact it’s scary. Meaning it was a coverup for sure using Dr. Oz., et al. also means alibi.

There were some interesting tweets at the time by Obama and Hollywood stars such as Charley Sheen and Obama mentioned “another was on it’s way” except he said “is” and BGEA was on it’s way like they are doing now in Nepal India because of an earthquake and advertising it as well. Quick production for Fox news. Wasn’t sure he didn’t mean another earthquake or a tsunami at the time.

What’s really funny is Diane’s husband sure resembles Chuck Hagel in a big way and his name is Sherman which means Shire in British terms to divide the land, etc:) KInd of biblical, in a way. And both resemble the queens pillow man at the celebration of 50 years or is 60 year anniversary of something. I think it was the Queen’s Jubilee. He is the one with the diamond on the pillow or a diamond ring. Kind of all coagulating into some kind of doodle. A hard on?

A flap not used for women in mammograms and dental x-ray to guard against the radiation from x-rays.

Instead of a flapdoodle for men, it was a flap for women.

How weird is that?

Truth might have been a better way, but then we would know the game and the players of

abominations and devastations!

I guess that is what Chuck Hagel meant when he said “GET READY, AMERICA.” recently.

He never did spell it out so that we might know what he meant. Like listening to crickets and not knowing their language it’s kind of tough to figure it out without a little more information. When crickets stop chirping that usually means something is in the area.

“Another shall come in my name, him ye shall receive” bible quote… of many warnings.

“The prince of this world cometh and he hath nothing in me”…….another quote from the bible.

Anyway I think that is what my dad and mom meant

in their dare.

I think they read my stuff because of what my mom said that was taped at a visit lately. And by that I mean not via the internet but those that have died know what is going on and are trying to help. And they don’t sit in bookshelves either. They affect people some are good and some are bad. Mine are good. I think they are trying to help in their way to waken people. I thought I saw my dad a few times in other people and he is no longer alive but somehow, somewhere I think he has the will to live, but I noticed some familiar gestures in care of me and mine and hopefully everyone that reads this. We need all the help we can get and need to help each other to see the truth. It’s important for everyone. Even if it’s a bit wild that’s because of deception and it’s attempt for people not to wake or notice or be confused etc or attack witnesses and/or attack victims etc., because they make lots of money at our expense not thinking maybe this will be their last chance. We don’t really know when that is but there is a time when that is.

I think it matters what kind of person you are, hence my dad who is no longer alive, but is trying to help on his end. Maybe he is alive in a way we can’t see. Another dimension. The spiritual world and I do get messages via the spiritual world in lots of different ways but have learned to listen and see. I think when one is isolated that happens a little easier. The devil’s business is to keep people busy and without spiritual sight or spiritual sound so as not to awaken them. Keep them off balance. Some men like to do that to their wives like Dave Sherman, Diane’s husband freaking out because she was gonna be a little late after visiting her mom at the hospital over a dinner out. She got all nervous and in a hurry just to get to the Olive Garden on time and which caused a tiff between her and her older sister over it. He couldn’t just have a drink with her son for 15 minutes? When we got there though he acted “all cool” like he wasn’t a shit about it. So he does a lot of acting. He hasn’t spent any of his own money on their home in the hills overlooking a lake. She is still getting her alimony from her first marriage and when that runs out and that $35.000 in savings from my mom’s account runs out,

I wonder, what then? One of his earlier wives has already kicked the bucket kind of early, IMO. He wrote on face book about his “dear wife” getting in an accident recently. I think it’s a bit slurpy sounding. It’s kind of degrading, IMO to have written it that way: Didn’t mention she was unconscious, had a bump on her head or black eyes though she told me later. I wonder if he tried to get her to go see a doctor just in case like a “dear husband” should!

I do know that people that murder or abuse they like to bury things. Evidence. So the whole family thingy going on is bewildering and I’m sure it was a lot to do with my beliefs that I have been barraged with some strange attempts to bewilder.

I think my dad could have lived longer if some people had let him. Nevertheless, I think he is affecting things in a good way. I haven’t received the tape yet of my mom from my sister, but it was quite revealing some things that she said.

They loved each other!

The Roots of Obama’s Rage 

Fukushima, Phosphates, Obama Care and X-Rays

Now I just saw in the bathroom my Ex uses to shower a book on the top shelf he must have gotten from my daughter called The Roots of Obama’s Rage.

I will have to check it out I would imagine the roots of his rage has to do with ISLAM.

HIs favorite music, remember?

But it certainly has nothing to do with my family, the Roots. I saw my dad warn of OBAMA CARE in a way I can’t explain, but I think Obama Care had to do with covering up Fukushima and the nuclear accident that was caused by man-made HAARP or similar type of place to threaten them for not accepting the Neocatechumenal Way that the Pope at the time was urging and they were stalling or wanted to stall for 5 years because of suicide rate. I would imagine Common Core has something to do with it that suicide rate and probably part of the Neo-Catechumanal Way as in NEO-CATICHISM and when Nancy Pelosi was talking about “the WORD” and the BGEA went over there to act as the demolition crew (clean up crew and probably found lots of treasures left behind) with Charlie Sheen (Mr. Pentacost) tweeting about it. Remember?Then after that the shores of the California coast inundated with starfish turned to jelly and whales beaching and other things, probably Tuna is affected since it collects mercury and more than likely why my sister got sick on sushi and had to be hospitalized in California. And the long term affects could be even worse since they are now trying to convince people that women are gonna get more cancer because of radiation flaps not used by dentists and those that take x-rays. LOL. LInked is some information about phosphorus:

Phosphorus cycle

The information under Biological reasons for phosphates says that phosphates are good for teeth enamel. so I guess Obama wanted us to go to the dentist more frequently to be x-rayed incorrectly?

Sure seems coinci——dental

Maybe we should go ahead and allow phosphates in our dish soap, one of the first things that Obama and his merry men and women managed to pass in some bill or something and now our dishes look like crap. Did he plan Fukushima ahead of time?

“A catechism, is a summary or exposition of doctrine and served as a learning introduction to the Sacraments traditionally used in catechesis, or Christian religious teaching of children and adult converts. Catechisms are doctrinal manuals often in the form of questions followed by answers to be memorised, a format that has been used in non-religious or secular contexts as well.”

What I heard about it was that the teachers and the students were upset and crying all the time and bullying kids and possibly teachers and I heard it from a teacher and a student. Heard it a few times from the same people over a 3 month period. My kid was bullied out of school as were many other nice kids and not only that some kids (though hushed up) committed suicide in our part of the outskirts of Dallas in another county, hence the shit for police that I had to deal with, etc.

Here is the e-mail:

—– Forwarded Message —- From: “” <> To: Sent: Tue, August 30, 2011 12:26:11 AM Subject: [bridlewoodmoms] (More) Precautions for Women from Dr. Oz

Subject: Precautions for Women to take


Precautions re:Mammograms and Dental XRays/ A Useful Warning On Wednesday, Dr. Oz had a show on the fastest growing cancer in women, thyroid cancer. It was a very interesting program and he mentioned that the increase could possibly be related to the use of dental x-rays and mammograms. He demonstrated that on the apron the dentist puts on you for your dental x-rays there is a little flap that can be lifted up and wrapped around your neck. Many dentists don’t bother to use it. Also, there is something called a “thyroid guard” for use during mammograms. By coincidence, I had my yearly mammogram yesterday. I felt a little silly, but I asked about the guard and sure enough, the technician had one in a drawer. I asked why it wasn’t routinely used. Answer: “I don’t know. You have to ask for it.” Well, if I hadn’t seen the show, how would I have known to ask? Someone was nice enough to forward this to me. I hope you pass this on to your friends and family.

That was the letter sent to a bunch of ladies in the Bridalwood area.

I know my dad had the will to live just as much as George Bush Sr. who I just heard about parachuting out a plane 5 months after his own son George Bush jr thought he was gonna die (my dad was a paratrooper and had a lot of will to live in him) and I think he was waylaid. Hi-jacked when he was weakened. My mom also has a will to live to 105 years of age. I think my dad had a debt to Tootie and Gary having to do with Dorwalt homes and I think that may have swayed them a certain direction. It certainly seems to be swaying them now about my mom because of the lack of money, or so they say. Diane is holding out with her $35,000 in her bank account saving it for later. I don’t think she is thinking right but it doesn’t help hearing BS about the blissfulness of dying. Most of the time life is a struggle in various ways besides/and including physically. I think my dad might have lived if given the chance but I think the elders made a decision without our knowledge. Perhaps he is alive.

Gee if only Uncle Ted had done the same to them.

Forgive your debtors. Isn’t that what Chrisitanity is all about. Forgiving? Not atonement, but forgiveness. I guess that was just a farce, hmmmm? That’s Billy and Franklin Graham kind of Christianity, ain’t it? Of course Dana Perino wouldn’t write a “tell all book” about George Bush SHE’S A SPY. I caught her in her faux pas of language a long while back and wrote about it in a post on one of my blogs. George Bush attacked Iraq because his dad’s life was threatened and not because he didn’t want to hit camel’s butts. I guess he wasn’t in a forgiving mood then. He used his position in government for personal vendetta but his dad was the ex president and you can’t threaten their lives in reality or you are being dumb. I think he knew she was a spy all along.;) Kristen watched in Brooklyn as the twin towers were attacked on a rooftop. How appropriate. I hope she gets her shit together and heads a different direction for her kid’s sake if not for moms. It might be the difference in 20-25 years or more when people decide that after the change of life a women is no longer useful. It depends on the psychobabble at the time of these kind of decisions. Seems money is the deciding factor now, but that can change. Next it might be moles. Skin rashes. Club thumbs. Hair lips. Deviated septum’s. Small boobs. Tattoos. Pear shaped bodies. Amputees. Stupidity. Allergies to corn. Flatulence. Cellulite. Skinny calves and fat thighs. Short waisted. Thin hair. Small vaginas. Small dicks. Big dicks. Masturbators. Exposing one’s genitals. Pouty faces. Butterfingers. Social climbers. Tax evaders. Bad Reputations. Scribblers. Long letter writers. Too many kids. Imaginations. Messy cars. Childless. (Anne Boleyn). Bitchiness. Being a witness. Not being a witness. Pride. Prudence. Impudence. Pretending that girlie magazines are the reason. Acting like the IRS is harassing you. Life insurance. Dreams, etc.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 1.39.50 AM

What is an ankh?

It is known to be the key of life, breath of life, key of the Nile, cross with a handle, also a new (NEO) age sign. It seems to embody a lot different ideas so I don’t think it knows what it is, but this is on Kristen’s arm as a tattoo. “In their 2004 book The Quick and the Dead,[6] Andrew Hunt Gordon and Calvin W. Schwabe speculated that the ankh, djed, and was symbols have a biological basis derived from ancient cattle culture (linked to the Egyptian belief that semen was created in the spine),”

  • the ankh, symbol of life, thoracic vertebra of a bull (seen in cross section)
  • the djed, symbol of stability, base on sacrum of a bull’s spine
  • the was, symbol of power and dominion, a staff featuring the head and tail of the god Set, “great of strength”
  • The ankh (/ˈæŋk/ or /ˈɑːŋk/EgyptianIPA: [ʕaːnax]; U+2625 ☥ or U+132F9 𓋹), also known as breath of lifethe key of the Nile or crux ansata (Latin meaning “cross with a handle”), was the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read “life”,
  • a triliteral sign for the consonants n.”

EYE Nun Ha See this is not good. I think I know partially why Kristen liked getting tattooed.

There are reasons and their are reasons. She had that particular tattoo when she was married so she was quite young and impressionable.

Tootie saying that 3 is the number of perfection so I suppose She, Walter, and Diane are perfect. LOL KEK KEK or her own kids. However, she didn’t feel that way after I told her about Gary. KEK KEK KEK Whatever Gary’s reason to have a daddy-daughter talk (3 or 4 yrs old) in a jacuzzi at night alone about jealousy is screwed up the same night both my mom and I were present as guests in their home and obviously made Tootie an enemy that night and on some kind of a holy crusade. What was the purpose behind his charade? He is demented.. Yea he has a great sense of humor but that doesn’t mean he should get away with this. Does it? His sister Beth changed her name ….I wonder why? Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 5.14.53 PM

HuffPost What’s Working Honor Roll: Turning Poop Into Power

sounds GREAT! Instead of marking them for being pollutants by the CROWN because they fart as if the Queen doesn’t do the same when no one is standing next to her unlike my older sister who makes a habit of it when shopping and so others have to walk through her invisible cloud. She has an allergy or something similar to corn even cooked corn so it makes her a bit dicey. LOL Can you imagine a woman having an 8foot portrait of herself hung in her own house stealing a portrait I painted on porcelain for my mother and to be given back to me obviously if my mom can no longer use it and hanging it right next to her 8foot portrait of herself, and not bothering to buy a pulse/oxygen meter for her mother on a trip to see her mother after having found out that her oxygen had declined to a 75 oxygen rate and 78 oxygen rate on two different occasions and the cost was only 40 or so dollars saying “What do I need it for?” and she is the executor of my dad’s estate to take care of his wife and had her daughter (a nurse in Brownsville or near it working in a hospital in neurology) visit the other youngest sister Diane and tell her that dying blissfuly is a good way to go. What bunch of maniacs. Loving aren’t they. I guess they have plans of some kind and they better watch out! I was told there was a Mexican man that was in very bad health and when Kristen took him to bathe him he died at least that’s what my sister with the 8foot portrait told me. I guess she wanted to blissfully send him off to death with her bath.

Muther Teresa!

That is why a freak for a dad can hurt others and make a shit for a wife can cause great harm even to those she was trusted by her dad to take care of her mother his wife. And thus making a weird nurse for the world to beware of: Kristen Elaine (Kircher) White wife to Levi White in South Texas. Soon after the visit from Kristen to see my lithe sister at the hospital my sister was rammed by a tow truck from behind and collided with another truck and luckily lived. I call that lousy luck and possibly a message: a real loud and clear message from God. I hope she listens and ponders that idea just like Gary should have when he lost a ton of money on the stock market and tried to hide it and then blamed others. I sure wouldn’t trust him with money or young girls or his wife who is his defender in chief. At least that’s what her “dear husband” said. Dave Sherman about my little sister’s accident on Facebook. They live on a lake about 45 minutes from San Antonio where there are deer in their yard and have a big pool and have stored 35,000 dollars from the estate and holding it till mom dies so they won’t feel bad. Not as if they need it at all. Just greedy. Except for the shepherds hook with a bird feeder for my mom to view outside her window. I think some of the money was spent on a huge wedding a second wedding for their daughter Kimberly Eaton Kircher Heb’s wife or to pay back loans by the big sister Tootie and her molesting husband Gary, I have no idea of Heb’s last name but they live in New York City and she is in the insurance business and he is rather successful. What companies were attacked in the world trade centers, I wonder. Merrill Lynch? That was the company Gary worked for when he lost a ton of money and tried to hide it hoping it would go away  blaming others for his blunder. Was it a sign from God and he misunderstood how to react to it? DON”T MOLEST FEMALES AND ESPECIALLY AFTER THEY TELL YOU NOT TO AND DON”T WANT TO BE TOUCHED OR SEE HIS DICK WHILE WATCHING A MOVIE OR SITTING WITH FAMILY AT FAMILY GATHERINGS WITH KIDS AND GRANDPARENTS. RIDICULOUS! I GUESS HE DIDN”T REALLY KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT. One of Kim’s friends I think also was affected but I doubt she would have the nerve to say it but she went through some major changes that were apparently unfortunate type of changes. THEY ARE REALLY QUITE A FAMILY THOSE KIRCHERS AND THEIR REPUTATION MEANS SO MUCH TO THEM. I wouldn’t call that a loving relationship. I think it’s gross, PERVERTED and evil. That’s what my family had to deal with which was not an easy task. Even if I had screamed I doubt it would have made a difference. Anyway I deferred to Tootie on it a long time ago. And she said Im calling mom and dad and telling them that you are attracted to Gary. Can you imagine that kind of reaction? I was flabbergasted to say the least and upset. She thought I was talking about that weekend specifically and i was talking about the first time when she talked me into sleeping on her hideaway bed with her in her living room and he was supposed to be in the bedroom and decided to sneak on the floor on his belly to molest me while I was asleep next to his wife. Screaming I doubt would have solved this problem and I would have been exiled from my family early on. In a way I think it would have been better but I tried to protect her feelings because I loved her. I don’t love her now. I want to ruin her now deep inside. I want people to know what kind of woman she is and what she protected and how she does it and uses her kids and their reputation, relationships, successes as her veil. I want her to learn that her reputation is SHIT! I don’t think North Carolinian excursions with women’s groups of the Christian church of Billy Graham is gonna help her. She married the guy still married to him! He never got therapy. They never got therapy. She never got therapy. She never complained about his problems so I guess she likes it. I doubt that dad or mom if they had known the whole truth would have made Tootie (Lori Kircher) the executor of their estate and of mom. Often truth takes time to come out, takes time to assemble, and most of all takes quite a bit of time to be understood. Still hoping others come out and take a stand for the good of others and themselves and in the end for Tootie and Gary. Takes courage. LIES ARE A SHORT CUT!

Hems and Haws and unFringe Benefits

Tootie had an operation a while ago before mine and her ureter was mistakenly cut during the operation by a german doctor. She almost died. Can’t remember why she had an operation but he cut her ureter and I think she sued the doctor. He was a german doctor or had a german name at the Methodist Hospital in Dallas. She had a woman friend who helped her throughout the time at the hospital just to make sure everything was fine. A woman with whitish gray hair. The reason is they think because the operation was on a Friday however I’m not sure about that. But I guess doctors get tired on Fridays? That’s what she said she thought might be the reason, I think. She had to go around for a short while with a bag to pee in and eventually healed or it was treated. Been a long while. Weird I can’t remember why she had an operation in the first place. There had to be a reason. No I think it was the Baylor Hospital in Dallas. Course that could be where Uncle Ted died. Perhaps a tummy tuck was the reason. Babs (Barbara Kinkead) had a job done on her fat. Sucking fat. She was born a pear but beautiful in the face and married a banker. She was the one that told Tootie at her swanky house on Inwood Road that it was harder for a rich person to lose money than a poor person. How would she know? She was a Highland Park girl and attended the Methodist Church on Preston Road. The one that was the largest in the world. Tootie didn’t want her kids to know she had a boob job and her deviated septum was actually a nose job because they made it look like Diane’s nose. She normally had a piggish nose which was pretty. I think that was at the Methodist hospital was for the nose job. Kristen questioned the nose job because of pictures of Tootie earlier in her life.And she didn’t tell her the truth which is really weird, the bob job, and just like the neck jobs etc. Probably got in a bunch of trouble too. IDK about that perhaps not so she would know. There is a pattern and I have to figure this out why she had an operation and had her Ureter cut and who that woman was that helped her that Tootie considered to be an angel. Reminds me of Billy Graham’s Daughter with the bright white teeth. At Virginia Cook the person that closes the deals on houses looks like another person having to do with the dress or suit who had it cleaned. The one that John Connolly’s wife wore and had the fringe removed. Nancy something or other Sayers I think is the name. Abington? She closed the deal on our house when the interest rate changed and changed the monthly payment by quite a bit on that day and made it really unaffordable to us but we bit the deal anyway being naive. Gee I wonder if that wasn’t purposeful. She was Sheila Rice’s daughter the one that laughed when I told her about Gary’s assault at the office. Sheila Rice looked an awful lot like John Connolly’s wife (nellie) in some pictures that I wrote about her dress, the one with the fringe removed for some reason even though it was evidence they had it cleaned as well. Anyway I noticed the lack of fringe when no one else did. Abingtons (brother) had something to do with the Highway Department in Dallas and changing of names of buildings etc. I wrote more about it in those posts and shows there was definitely a conspiracy involved and it was was a religious conspiracy about the Gospel of Matthew. Lineage of Jesus and Elizabeth the cousin of Mary. Bethlehem. Hems. I wrote about it in another post or posts that is found on Merangue’s site having to do with the assassination of JFK. I’ll get down to the bottom of it eventually. Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 2.23.48 AM

How you gonna get there Bea?

said Kristen to me on the phone.

Not with the help of Christians, I’m sure of that.

Hopefully I will get to show ya!

I’m not sure she understands where thoughts sometimes come from. It’s like at the same time I was trying to get a patent on an invention O’Reilly was producing his book about General Patton. At the same time I was writing about my mother Dorothy my daughter bought a book called Dorothy Must Die and was reading it. The world goes in different directions in different planes and word gets out and there is a reaction against and for, etc.  The things that are in the bible and their fulfillment aren’t necessarily on the same time width or breadth as another fulfillment of bible concepts in both the Old Testament and New Testament. I also think most people are in compliance with the wrong side because it’s easier but it’s not better.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 1.26.43 PM

Watched the The Kelly File again about the man, Freddie Gray, that rode around in a police van for 45 minutes before he was taken to the police station which is the crux of the issue of how he died. The police are in charge of him who went around the city with him in the back instead of directly to the station and are responsible for his life once they have him stashed in the back of their van and he was killed under their care. They are paid to care for those that they incarcerate in their vehicles because they aren’t guilty until they are tried in a court of law and not in the court of TV or Fox News.

But if I were to make a judgement I would say the police are guilty and ought to go to jail for about 15 years each without parole or pay and that might nip the stupidity, negligence, and brutality of future police in our cities and towns in the USA but I fear they would fake it anyway because who is supposed to check on them later to see if they are still in jail and serving their sentences, etc. Lots of holes in the system:

Pink Houses

AIN’T THAT AMERICA John Mellencamp

Miss Kelly is absolutely beautiful but uses her personality or is used as a prop for men to converse with her such as Chris Stirewalt etc and they get to indulge themselves in her virtue, beauty, and social prowess. She is a lawyer so she knows enough to know not to ignore some aspects of a case such as why were the police driving around with a man in the back of their van for 45 minutes and she conveniently neglected that part of the case as do every sleazy contributor that broach the news stations, cable news and Fox News and that get paid to ignore the obvious. I think she really has found a new low. She does that so well. PHONY BALONEYS and FAKES mocking the man on the street and the power they wield over them with a very corrupt system and the people that fill those jobs who have been corrupted and compliant like little ants!

I would not be surprised if that’s their true appearance!

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 1.49.33 PM

They have sirens to get them to places quicker for their convenience but instead

I think decided to make a patty melt

out of Freddie Gray.

Tsarnev gets to be lethally injected by the feds for a hoax. GREEEAAAATTTT!

Prosthetics just don’t fall off someone’s body before they get a prosthetic


Enhanced visual effects and noises…HOLLYWOOD style mass delusion.

Constantly driving the population on the brink for kicks and to keep the ball rolling so they never have to admit their involvement in the takeover of the USA and BENGHAZI.

Obviously the guy on Fox talking about his friends who were hurt was/is lying.

Sure looks familiar like a relative of someone I have seen in the religion of BGEA.

Must have many copies that get more corrupt as they are copied over and over again.

Barbarians at the gates: Syria says ISIS approaching ancient city of Palmyra

I have to agree with ISIS at least the ones that say these relics and shrines etc promote idolatry. Of course they do, but so do many other things. By the way it’s written that God puts it in to the heart of some ARMY to destroy a few places and seems to infer ROME and the VATICAN itself. It’s coming and it is unavoidable. TSK TSK TSK That’s what happens when you go to far and Catholicism has gone too far.

ISIS needs to screw the Companies

if they want to actually make a BIG SPLASH

Just heard on Greta that Iraqi troops are leaving behind arms and loot for Isis. I dare say they are donating to ISIS the loot. Have you ever heard of any troops leaving loot behind by mistake?

Dempsey: ISIS didn’t drive Iraqi forces out of Ramadi

I do believe they are assisting. Not sure if that’s good or bad either, sorry to say. It’s a strange part of the world and we have not as a country dealt with that part of the world with the proper knowledge and I think since 9-11 made some strange decisions and possibly because we were deceived which may have something to do with the spiritual leader that presidents prostrate to. The only one that didn’t was Harry Truman and we won that war. I don’t think the presidents now want to win.The only President of the past ten that would have nothing to do with Billy Graham and called him a charlatan, and they are (The Grahams). And of course Charleston is in that state that they horned in on. Their crusades as I stated earlier started in England. Prince Charles,,,,get it? They don’t  want to win the war on terrorism or gain independence, just suck off the people and get rich. Started with the JFK presidency. He tried to get us involved in some things with Europe and then I guess they turned on him anyway (and because he was trying to take on the mob but I don’t think he understood the relationship to the Vatican), like they did Ted Kennedy at his funeral even though he went along with them. They ignored him when he was really sick. It doesn’t pay to abide the Vatican eternally and in the short run even if you are catholic. One wrong step and kaboom. And he trusted Billy Graham which was a mistake, since he was there at the airport in disguise and because the Crown and the Vatican work together. Benghazi: the Red Cross and the Brits left earlyI Camp Bastion: the Brits left their post and americans were killed. The Crown is germanic and that is their allegiance. I guess blood is thicker than water. I don’t know about Parliament. Lets say I think we have the same trouble they do knowing who is working for who? It’s a big problem and the enemy is winning because of that problem.

When 12 saudis attack with little knives (or however many there were) used for opening packages or boxes and ram into buildings and then we go to a different country and engage them. It makes no sense. Saudi is not Iraqi. Not that Saddam was a nice guy or anything but it was the wrong country and none of those guys that rule them are nice guys. PErhaps has to do with the ten kinds that give their allegiance to someone but I still think that prophecy has to do with ASEAN which is mostly Muslim. Whoever advised the President was not thinking correctly and perhaps bewitched somehow. It would have been better to engage the Saudis and make them control the Saudis.

ISIS claims responsibility for Saudi mosque bombing

That’s kind of an interesting twist!

Now if I had been President I would have sent a clear message and destroyed mecca and medina and then engaged the leaders of Saudi Arabia and I think it would have worked. I don’t think we would be dealing with the confusion over there now at all. Like I have said in many posts when Japan attacked America we did not go to China and start bombing them. We attacked Japan. That was Harry Truman that did that. It was harsh but so was a surprise attack. I think things were quite different then and we didn’t have the resources we do now. Planes didn’t go as far etc. I hate that civilians were hurt so badly but their country was fascist and even using their kids for suicide missions. They lost their moral ground on that issue alone. Like the Hamas using kids. The Leader of Hamas or the Pope calling Mahmoud Abbas an angel. An angel of what? Of course, Pope Francis (he really looks like what i would think Rumplestiltskin would look like if there were such a thing) has no moral ground and neither does the Fatah for all of the shenanigans they both have inspired. And if I were Israel I wouldn’t even put up with their shit. The Palestinians would be living in Iraq or somewhere else.

Jeb Bush said the problem with IRaq was the intelligence. I might add it was purposeful lies and stupidity. My ex said it was British intelligence (not sure how he knows that but he is Roman Catholic.) We get our intelligence obviously from the Vatican because of what happened at Benghazi and the intelligence came from the Vatican on that event. Jesuit Father Frederiko Luigi Lombardi. The Jesuits. The Brits left early and so did the Red Cross.

I think the destruction of Mecca and Medina would solve a lot of problems and of course the destruction that will occur to the Vatican and the Papacy and I think life will be easier for everyone.

Ousting the Grahams into the area of Medina and Mecca first, before we destroy it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 8.25.42 PM

That is really absurd. If Jeb really said that. Course, he is Roman Catholic!


JEB BUSH WROTE A BOOK ABOUT NOT ENOUGH SHAME …WHAT ABOUT TERRY SHIAVO AND THE BOY FROM CUBA WHO RISKED HIS OWN LIFE TO HAVE A CHANCE IN FLORIDA AND HE WAS TURNED AWAY AND BY THE WAY ABORTION IS A PRODUCT OF SHAME. WHY DO YOU THINK KING DAVID”S BABY DIED? WE DON’T KNOW HOW THE BABY DIED WE JUST KNOW IT WAS BECAUSE KING DAVID SINNED! AT LEAST THAT”S WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT KING DAVID AND THE MAN THAT WAS HIS SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR/ADVISOR AT THE TIME. WE DON’T KNOW IF GOD KILLED THE BABY THEY JUST ASSUME GOD DID, BUT NOT NECESSARILY SO. IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN URIAH THE HITTITES BABY (her husband that King David put on the front line so that he would be killed so that King David could be her husband) IN THE FIRST PLACE AND AN EXCUSE TO RID HER OF HIS HEIR. AND NOT TAKE A CHANCE ON HER LIFE TO HAVE AN ABORTION THEN BECAUSE HE WAS IN LOVE WITH HER AND MAY HAVE FOOLED HER. I think Barbara Bush George Bush SR.’s wife and First Lady of the Bushes was right about Jeb Bush, he should not run! By the way Jeb may be one of those people that has no shame and they are called psychopaths or sociopaths and it would belike a psychopath and a sociopath to write a book about shame, wouldn’t it? I don’t recall him ever vocalizing his position about both those things that happened in his State when he was governor of Florida. WHy doesn’t the press ask him about the boy from Cuba and Terry Shiavo? I don’t think he likes women and I think he is not fit for the Presidency even his mom thinks he is not fit.

He loves mexicans just not cubans?

Remember he wasn’t allowed to build the temple and more than likely this is why.

He might have committed Infanticide or allowed infanticide by his spiritual advisor.

(The fact that he set up his own man Uriah the Hittite doesn’t say much for David.)

Another thing babies are hard to recognize unless they are alive and you hear them etc. Could have switched the baby on David and killed another. Lots of intrigue back then, We are talking about prophecy and people trying to fulfill it: self fulfilling type stuff which makes people do a lot of strange things especially Catholic hierarchy! They poison their own popes and other leaders were often killed by Popes orders. They are a bunch of nuts for the most part. In any case, they could have sent their baby in a basket down the river or up the river for someone else to raise.

I don’t think this was the David the bible prophesied about anyway and hence Soloman’s temple was a false temple as well as the second temple which was destroyed and the veil was torn from twain to twain when Jesus died. If it was a legitimate temple I’m sure it would still exist if God wanted it in the first place.

If ISIS really wanted to screw America, England, the EU and screw those that rule over them they would go after their business and holding companies such as Berkshire Hathaway headquartered in Nebraska and Heinz, Mars Incorporated, Coka-Cola Company , IBM, etc. That’s the power that has to be eliminated if you want a piece of the pie. They are the ones that make the rules and suck off everyone else and strangle their consumer’s businesses. A mere suggestion! I wouldn’t want any harm to come to them personally but commercially they deserve to lose their shares. IMO.

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 5.52.17 AM

That picture sure got darkened. Before we could tell it was Michelle Obama with a swollen face and in sandals and rolled up jeans with a syringe in one hand, but it’s hard to see those particulars now. Perhaps 

Esam Al-Fetori
could help us out with some better photos.
Still trying to figure out why she has a syringe in one hand. What is the significance of that object?
Who was injected with it?  A prisoner?
Notice that the photo of the other attacks didn’t seem to make the grade. It would help to be able to meet the witnesses (quite a few or were they the attackers from Germany) that now Secretary of State Kerry (then he was just a Senator) met in Germany soon after and I’m sure they could tell us more. I’ll bet the one in this picture got to Germany.
“Only Michelle has the right to bare arms” probably hitched a ride back with Senator Kerry to the US.
Maybe Trey Goudy might call Jesuit Father Frederico Lombardi in to testify since he gave the bad intelligence about a flash mob and a video tape and the photographer. Would that be smart?

What is the purpose of the Jesuits?

To protect the Pope and the religion of Roman Catholics hence, that is the purpose of the State Department, obviously, and probably the purpose of all State Departments in all of the countries of the world which are the tool of the Vatican and the Jesuits.

Does the USA want to be independent? Doesn’t look like it.

I don’t think the senators or representatives for the US House of representatives want independence, otherwise Congressman Trey Goudy would have called some witnesses long time ago. Not sure why except they are deceived and are afraid for the USA to be independent. They are afraid of Michelle Obama. So they dance around a bunch of e-mails for a few years hoping that might stem the tide of what’s ahead and it won’t. And then when God says what did you do to help your fellow man? THEY WILL HAVE TO SAY: I LIED MY ASS OFF TO DECEIVE!
The same church that thought the earth was flat. In a way, they were right.
The same church that killed people for swimming.
Or killed people for having a mole or discoloration on their skin.
The same church that killed 6 million jews.
Because they love Santa Claus.

Ever hear of making a new holiday?



Ought to screw the businesses that have strangled other businesses by not buying  Christmas gifts. A good start to independence. The reason for the date of Christmas is because of the end of the year and taxes and has nothing to do with the solstices shit. Anyway that would be a great start gaining some independence and for small businesses. The more big business gets screwed over on their excess stock the more chance small businesses can get a better chance for the next year. Forget the decorations which are big business. Instead buy some fruit and veggies in the summer from small farmers and make jams and things and give that away instead. The only people that receive what they want for Christmas are the ones that exploit it in their big business. This way eventually they can’t.

BIG BUSINESS will have to eat the loss of profit they make at Christmas time.


Give your kids a check or money to spend on or after the first of January. My family is hard to convince but it is the only way to strangle Big Business at that time, then Easter is another one that needs to be stomped on. They can make Easter and Christmas decor via big business much cheaper than little business that’s why you have to control yourself and not buy decor for these holidays. Don’t buy cards and don’t buy trees and it will eventually make a difference. 

That way the kids get what they want or need

without going broke

or go into debt.

And artists will eventually make money.

Robert DeNiro might have a problem with this, but who cares!

Robert De Niro Tells Graduating Art Students: ‘You’re F***ed’

Go see a movie and/or have dinner out, take a trip, stress free and Fock Christmas!

You may have to do it incrementally because of family traditions but try to do it. They will scream like mandrakes especially if you let on what you are doing, but in the long run it will help. The suicide rate at Christmas time is a pretty good indication it’s not a good tradition.

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 11.59.35 AM

You should not donate to the BGEA in any form or fashion! EVER. You are contributing to needless deaths of people that the BGEA is more then happy to oblige for their crusades and AMAZING journeys using HAARP!

Don’t buy diamonds.

Buy something original from a good artist. It’s not about how big the diamond is or the cut except to the socially aware it’s about the union. So don’t have the wedding at church …BIG DEAL. They have abused their power and don’t deserve to be a part of the marriage.

HAVE IT AT THE BEACH, in your back yard, etc.

Only good thing about a diamond is they cut glass and metals precisely. KInd of like marriage spouses. They cut really good and when you are finished with that marriage you get to see it precisely. LOL

When you die ask for a pine box for those excess fir trees they couldn’t sell ya at Christmas time. Use one limo if possible even if you have to lie about how many are in the family. It’s a white lie to save money and to cut costs kind of like what everyone whether they know it or not lies on their taxes because of the multitude of tax laws.

Use hand me downs at weddings and don’t rent tuxes. Don’t buy into the florists either I know they are mob related. Usually they are called Vince or Guido, etc.

When someone is in the hospital buy them fresh peaches and plums so they can poop sooner INSTEAD OF FLOWERS THAT ARE A HASSLE TO GET TO THE HOUSE AFTERWARDS AND YOU CAN’T EAT THEM AND THEY DIE WITHIN A WEEK.

Don’t donate to Fox News and Wounded Warriors. Let Fox pay for it since they cause these conflicts with their lies.

THERE ARE LIES AND THERE ARE LIES! Let the military pay for the wounded warriors if they can afford:

Boondoggle HQ

The $25 Million Building in Afghanistan Nobody Needed

Let the military cinch in their belts and take care of their men and women like they should and keep them out of conflicts they don’t need to be involved in SUCH AS THE BERGDAHL RESCUE or do it intelligently and use better intelligence i.e. if it comes from Europe, the EU, The Vatican,  or The State Department it’s not good intelligence. Otherwise how can one explain the Iraq war after 9-11with a bunch of Saudis and their box cutters?


Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 2.11.12 PM


Let the military explain this building BOONDOGGLE. Demand that Now-Lt. Gen. Peter Vangjel pay back this debt in prison after he is court-martialed and be BRANDED Foreclose on his properties and find out the businesses involved that contributed with their products and workers and make them pay it back and foreclose on their properties and assets and the Representatives in government that went along oust them from Congress.

 Promote those in the military that disputed the waste when it could have been spent on the veterans that are being cheated, mocked.and pandered to, but for what?

Don’t buy or believe in anything Bill O’reilly pushes. (He’s a Jesuit!)

How many shows did he devote towards Benghazi? Deafening.

Do you really think Saudi Arabia can be trusted with a nuclear weapon bought from Pakistan after 9-11?

SEE YA LATER NEW YORK! And those that prevented me from my good works It will be on your heads and you will be held accountable for those kids, the elderly and the families that suffer for that breach and for loss of life and suffering!

Flashback: Benghazi attack

Internal emails show Clinton got detailed intel on ‘planned’ Benghazi hit


talks about the hit as being planned one month before…how do they know that? That Ansar al Sharia took responsibility for the attack even though it was al Quada

but then how did they get those

cell phone passwords from the State Department?

The enemy are the Jesuits first and foremost and whoever protects Roman Catholic popery and their mob which use Islam and vice-versa. The spies within that act like they are on the side of Christians when they aren’t like the Grahams. They protect the popery and Islam. Unless you like wearing a burka and having your head chopped off you ought to do something about it in our government. Our military hopefully is learning!

Bill O’reilly said the Jesuits were good for discipline. How would he know?

Because he is one. They take a vow to the devil

for the papacy.

Wounded Warriors is a pittance and a mock …….as in mosques (mocks).

They work together.

Military tributes at baseball games:True honors or hollow gestures?

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 1.43.04 PM

Nazis were patriotic as well.

The HItler Reich celebrating Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Hitler Reich 2015-05-24 at 2.47.25 AM

The shows that O’reilly loves to show about the ignorance of Americans. (CORE) Take note. If he was pro American he would teach the truth: He said that Adolf Hitler was not a Christian to Watter’s World, Jesse Watters on O’reilly’s show a while back. I thought I noticed Jesse Watterses jaw drop when he did, too. Hitler thought he was a Christian and he used Roman Catholiism and they used him. (protected each other at the cost of many others.) The people above in this photo are avid patriots of the HItler/Nazi regime and blindly did some very rotten things. We beat it and I think we have to do it again even within our own country. There is also a Cathedral of Light in California. Looks different, but has the same name. You would think they might have changed the name a wee bit under the circumstances of what our country had to endure and other countries and those that we fought WITH in WWll and who we fought against and why we fought at all in WWll. The Roman Catholic Church screamed when we destroyed a location in Monte Cassino that housed some Nazi’s within and swore revenge for the destruction at war time. At the time they were still at war with us and had not surrendered and obviously if they didn’t want destruction they wouldn’t have been complicit.’ They used their sites to protect the enemy of decency and freedom and later we got to watch The Sound of Music which showed a different TUNE. So you got both. I loved the musical, by the way, but it was a bit OVER-GLAZING of the truth of what occurred in WWll and I think that kind of show may have blinded many of us quite a bit to the dangers of Rome, It’s church, THEIR IGNORANCE, and their tactics, the Vatican and their BAD intelligence.

Kind of a spiritual thing as well that is involved that many who claim to believe or have faith have nothing but ashes as in Ash Wednesday. That makes them somehow superior?

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 2.37.50 PM

They don’t even read the bible much less understand it. Such as Nancy Pelosi, poor thing, jumping on the Iraq war debacle. Wouldn’t it be nice if she suggested what should have been done in response to the bombing of the buildings in New York by Saudi Arabians with box cutters and explain that the bad intelligence came from her religion! Admit some truth besides using the debacle to gain her seat again or a majority down the road?

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 2.42.19 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 2.40.12 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 2.40.55 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-24 at 2.40.27 PM

There were probably many examples of good people doing good things, but plenty of bad ones doing bad things. That’s bad when you use wars politically and religiously costing lives and don’t learn and revel in the ignorance of the average person in America (CORE) and use it to justify O’reilly’s treason.

He was a teacher. He needs to be pupil.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 2.29.27 PM

You don’t lose 6 million jews for nothin’!

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 4.56.35 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 4.57.28 PM

Probably having to do with Jesus saying “I Am the Bread of Life”

in the Gospel of John and the desire by some to have the Gospel of Matthew preeminent. I guess they don’t like bread.

I have to think of that woman from Turkey who works for Fox and wrote a book about Tsarnaev family that they were obviously watching closely before he was made into what they made him into otherwise how would she know she likes to add her idea of what the US should do in regards to foreign affairs and especially in regards to the Ukraine and the Russians. THe Russians (Putin) actually warned the FBI about the family of Tsarnaev so obviously her book writing was quite convenient way to frame a person (never read it because I don’t like her opinions) and possibly causes their activities. If they were watching them then why didn’t they stop them????????Turkey has played an important role in the EU making people do all sorts of things to please them I think because of LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. She is the propaganda woman of foreign affairs and her name is KT McFarland. Reminds me of a friend I had who was orthodox catholic and was worried why she choked on a cracker. I had to tell her it’s not the important thing. It took her a while to get over it. She cried about it. She had a daddy that she said she got some memories of abuse somehow. We parted ways a while back because she was a bit syrupy, but obviously part of the deception. This is a good picture of her but there are many others that look like someone else all to gather so no telling what the deal is but she is a deceiver what ever it is that she became.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 5.18.49 PM

I don’t much care for her input. Some people can only thrive on others and their lies. She has no pity and no regard for the truth and I think perhaps helped Tsarnaev and his brother lose their mind if it indeed happened which looks like a hoax from the falling debris i.e. prosthetics falling off victims before they got the chance to get to the hospital and get fitted for one. I think it will bite hard when it does to those who don’t face it. I read it has soothing to do with tongues and eyeballs melting in their mouths. It’s in the bible. Sounds nuclear. Taking months to bury weapons and stuff. Could be right on the horizon.

Israel does the burying this time.

Part of the problem with the USA and our foreign-middleeast-oil foreign policy. We kind of made enemies like Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein etc and I have no idea how we did that because that stuff is CIA type activities (not for the public to know redacted kind of stuff) but obviously the Vatican was involved since that is where we get intelligence from as demonstrated at Benghazi. Trying to get us into war for the Ukraine against Russia is a bit stretching things and has to do with religion and oil access. Anyway she is one of those that turns my stomach watching her piety (something about some catholic piety is so prevalent and yet so far away). I think she ought to be ousted from the USA and sent to Turkey where she belongs. I think her religion screwed her up more than likely and of course Fox News. Her middle name is Troia which is kind of interesting. I don’t think National Security is her talent. LOL Peeking on families without helping them might be and then writing about it and helping them get convicted. Probably controlled by the Catholic eucharist (usually made by nuns) for about 4 days a week. Dragon’s Breath. So not responsible for her bad behavior which is soooooo Catholic. Like the pope said he is far from about not having certain knowledge which helps him maintain his lifestyle not in those words but similar. Being oblivious to the crap they do and the crap they cause.

“If I did?”

kind of malfeasance.

I almost had one of those crackers once with my daughter and it fell out of her hands

and you would have thought I had dropped her, the expression on the clerics face (methodist), or whatever he was.

It was fortunate, I think.

Does Islam eat the eucharist? Might explain a lot.

There was book written about what happened in WWll testing of feeding only bread to prisoners and things like that because of the gospels. Ridiculing and mocking. Not quite getting the meaning of it and taking it literally.

It’s pretty good book called NIght by Elie Wiesel

My mom had a book though I never read it because it was too thick for me called Out of the Night something like that but I will check later might even read it, Getting tired of watching Fox and getting lies every which way.

Military tributes at baseball games:True honors or hollow gestures?


Great site if you want to learn what O’reilly won’t tell ya:

European Institute of Protestant Studies

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 2.16.17 PM

I found a picture of Japanese man whose back was injured severely because of HIsroshima (I’ve seen even worse pictures of the injuries that occurred) but at the time planes couldn’t fly very far and they were bombing ships with suicide bombers, siding with Hitler, and mixed up spiritually, using their kids because they ran out of men, so they were being stubborn as well as on the wrong side and their leaders obviously were lying to their own people brainwashing them (or they wouldn’t be sending their kids) for their mission of evil at the time. You can’t fight an enemy that is willing to commit suicide (because of brainwashing and spiritual blindness) without a good plan of action. We were fighting on two fronts or three fronts and had to alleviate some pain in our ranks in order to win the war and save lives. No telling how many lives were saved because of it. Probably millions. That is why Hiroshima occurred as horrible as it was. Perhaps there would not have been a jew left at all if we hadn’t which was the their plan because of ineptitude and ignorance. I believe when that day comes there won’t be a world for anyone so it’s extremely dumb.

So my idea about Mecca and Medina I think is appropriate to fighting what we should have fought in the first place in regards to the attack on America. I think it makes sense and will help even their own people. IT sounds harsh but so was 9-11. Their mindset is suicidal and destructive to everyone and they use kids and abuse women and they won’t stop until their religion/ideology is obliterated.

Then we have to deal with Roman Cathoiicism/ the Vatican. Either they capitulate or they don’t. It’s simple.

IMO the Papacy and it’s lies needs to be contended with and cease to exist because they have proven to be INCREDIBLY EVIL! WHY WOULD ANYONE DISPUTE THAT?

THEY TURNED EVEN ON THEIR OWN PEOPLE (Roman Catholics) IN JAPAN. Glorifying being THE MOTHER OF MARTYRDOM IS SICK. That is what Roman Catholics obviously teach their people and it needs to be eradicated (that kind of thinking.) Not the people, but the religion. They rely on the mob to keep them in power and all their other tricks (the Jesuits) and it’s EVIL. NO ifs ands of buts about it.



They are even trying to make the Chinese Catholic. LOL, ROMAN CATHOLIC. THEY CAN’T BE THEIR OWN KIND OF CATHOLIC? THAT’S WHAT THEY DID IN JAPAN RECENTLY and now we have jelly starfish and other things that are not good going on in our oceans (bad tuna) and climate alterations that they make via HAARP and other places probably from space to engorge themselves on the resources left after the damage done in the countries of the world. How about the Indian ocean tsunami? That actually altered the earths axis. Would it surprise anyone if that were a man-made atrocity? THEY HAVE NO BARRIERS. THEY DON’T KNOW WHEN TO STOP. THEY ARE MAD AS THE MAD HATTER! LIKE A MACHINE WITHOUT A BRAIN. and won’t stop until they have to stop. They have to be stopped and sending a letter like Ghandi did to Hitler ain’t gonna stop them.

Neuroscientist Explains The Similarities Between The Brains Of Praying Nuns And Psychedelic Drug Users

I imagine that happens during fasts and ramadan. POSSESSION

I remember Linda always talking about the Stanford name as being so important. They failed. Tried to get some family to read the stuff I wrote and they glaze over in a fog. Then my sister prefers little retreats in North Carolina with a bunch of other stupid women probably because of some stupid woman across the street with an english accent. So what? Who cares? That makes her better? She hasn’t yet learned to talk right?


Pope Benedict XVl is wearing accompany helmet (hard hat) and they are celebrating their acquisition.

I think the company is BMW! Headquartered in Munich Bavaria Germany. Parent company of Rolls Royce. The Big 3 includes them and Audi and Mercedes- Benz. This picture occurred around the time of the Detroit Chrysler sell off/bankruptcy and Libyan Ghaddffi appearance (in the guise MIchael Jackson) in Rome before he was beaten to death near the time of the G8 meeting in Aquilla, Italy.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 6.22.09 PM

A Desert Place (a Different View) 

(A post comparing the same incident of Jesus and his followers from the 4 gospels.)

Will the real ISIS please stand up and do something that makes sense. Actually Americans should do it, but Americans are too stupid and afraid. They fear independence and that’s why they are dying at a high rate because these companies are killing them.

During the JFK and LBJ terms there was a bunch of interesting exchanges by Egypt to the Kennedy’s and some dam building by LBJ that opened up (unearthed) some ancient sites and building of temples in various places. I think they are far more important than realized or given any attention except as tourist type stuff when in actuality they serve another purpose and something Jackie received at the Taj Mahal that her husband could not.

I wrote something that seemed to get erased so adding it again. Too bad about the Stanford’s who believe in Buddhism. Went to Hal’s Facebook and he had a big picture of Lori that she posted of herself of course extremely touched up and does not look like that especially in real life. Not what I remember seeing. She’s just mocking. Good at it. Lots of slogans and advice type pictures on his page and he is great artist IMO so was his mom. He has been in a wheel chair a long time and too early in his life and is a bit mixed up. Had a thing about forgiveness on his site and that one that does not forgive is the prisoner.

By the way Catholics are getting special treatment these days. It is purposeful folly and a lot of people are being excluded.

Drunk on themselves AGAIN!


WWl the first cock that crows? 1914-1919

WWll the second cock that crows? 1939-1945

WWlll the third cock that crows?

IN a world war kind of way?

Mussolini wanted to take over Egypt during his campaign but was supposedly hung or something before he had a chance to take over Egypt. IT doesn’t really look like the pictures of Mussolini only in a strongman kind of way but the expression isn’t really similar. I have no idea if this picture is legitimate as far as a building like this back then. It seems a bit silly.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 9.10.08 PM

Looks like James Foley

after he became Islamic in prison after having been raised a Catholic and photographing in Syria as a free lance photographer (sure thing), interviewed on O’reilly’s show, (then how did O’reilly know about him and how did he get a hold of him to interview him.) and then going back to Syria to photo the things going on (burdensome stone) in Syria.

Where did those photos come from that proved the sarin gas attacks by Bashar Assad was bullshit since none were wearing gas masks (they were wearing paint masks that you wear when painting a house or mowing the yard) and nuns not wearing gas masks, nor children being hauled around sarin contaminated areas by those nuns (impossible), and dead bodies changing clothes and moving around, and some of the sites looked as if they were taken in Argentina (Pope Francis’s home) by the tee shirts warning of it in some of those photos, etc. And the rice that had poison in it we found to be sent by someone (from India, and another place before that) and sent to the people in Syria glossed-over by the press so that we might send a ship that-a-way and start banging the war drums. This was before the Ukraine saga.

And then finding out via letters to his parents he was being incarcerated by someone in Syria as if they allow letters and someone to send them (Do they even have a working post office?) Parents posing at church as if they have been enduring suffering as if they couldn’t stand on their legs because of their religion of Roman Catholicism and taking interviews. Writing letters he had become Islamic in prison after being raised Catholic (not too far a stretch). Then beheading prisoners asking for ransom from the parents of the victims via some kind of intelligence or mail out in the mdidle of the dessert, and then marching out on a beach beheading bunches of guys who look like they are Cuban in orange suits (as in Guantanimo Bay suits with pockets,…..pockets for what?) growing to be about 7-8 feet tall and multiples of the same person on some beach in Haiti with sharp knives or something using a green screen and threatening Rome from Cuba (as if Rome was DUE north of Cuba)? KEK KEK KEK


Also looks like the military leader in Egypt, now.

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

And now we are fighting some different groups in various places calling themselves ISIS

and they don’t know how to swim.

Also another group of multiples that look like JFK’s son JFK. I think that is the CUBAN aspect of this stuff.

Another coincidence when JFK had a broken back, so did my dad. I think that’s coincidental, don’t you? He was pulled out of the Korean War for some reason and his troop or the troops he was with were all killed with bayonets.

Homecoming Queen Dies in Texas Floods On Way Home From Prom

Part of her obituary says:

‘Faith grows through hardship. Faith does not grow in a garden of property, but in a desert of tribulation. Even though it is never pleasant to experience hardship, it teaches us to persevere and to cling to God. He will never desert us.'”

Strange but I have avoided many things I didn’t see coming so I think those that defend faith ought to go a little deeper and forget the word “faith”. There are many faiths and the meaning of the word itself is a misnomer. You don’t have to go through hardship to believe nor should you be required to make a lousy journey for the sake of Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, the BGEA, Great Greta (miss macabre), to make a bunch of money and screwing vast populations just to influence them …It’s an excuse for faith and bad weather, tsunamis, nuclear accidents, altering earths axis physically, earthquakes, ebola, and other intensely evil things and blame it on global warming. Pope Benedict XVl admitted that it was a ploy added probably by Rome in compliance with Billy Graham puffed by the HURSTS/HEARSTS/ HERTZ rent a car for that special day:

Pope Benedict Says “Faith was the True Enlightenment”

Which I think means that part of the Gospel of John (the fourth chapter?) with the secret follower NIcodemus and the prediction of weather might have been added later for “enlightenments sake” to recharge (like a battery) the followers. Might have been lagging or sluggish and does seem like inferring something to do with Old Saint Nick. (Santa Claus) Doesn’t it?

I think Faith was the Norman Enlightenment!

(Tell NORMAN; Salute NORMAN by the way)

linked are the posts that explain what the heck I think was going on before the lack of R became a possibility No man vs NORMAN, It’s plausible:

Salute No Man *  An Holy Kiss *   Tell No Man *

Seems probable if adding commas was employed to change the meaning then so was leaving out R’s. LOL especially after what Pope Benedict said about Faith being the new enlightenment.

I kind of got started writing because I noticed some strange sentences about telling no man as in noone who Jesus was which seemed kind of odd since he had just had a sermon and they knew who he was so started to investigate why Jesus would say don’t tell anyone who he was when they all knew it, and sounding quite a bit like a lunatic

in the Synoptic Gospels ( Matthew, Mark, and Luke) Linked are the sentences with those exact phrases in the bible:

Tell no man vs Tell Norman 

Salute no man vs Salute Norman

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 10.33.03 PM

And he charged them that they should tell no man (NORMAN): but the more he charged them,
so much the more a great deal they published it;

The Moor vs the more vs Rome vs the many

Above is the Coat of Arms of Pope Bendict Xvl and at the top left of the coat of arms is the Moor Head.
So I think we have some obvious strange transliterations that we ought to look a little closer and not be so hell bent.
They wrote in stone in the year 33 or 66 hence the stuff found in caves, etc. I don’t think they had publishing companies at that time so it kind of makes sense. I don’t think we had paper though we had papyrus which came from Egypt The Holy Books were taken during one of the destructions of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple which may have happened in 33 or 66 There were two Roman destructions of jerusalem and one time involved the temple as well . When Jesus died the temple veil was torn from twain to twain (Mark Twain)
IN 1066 was the Norman Conquest which is kind of coincidental.
Sort of like a reoccurring dream of something kind of like what’s been occurring lately in the world.
In 1066 we may have had publishing companies. But the King James Bible was published in the 1600’s.
Mark Twain visited The Holy Land:

Mark Twain’s visit to Lebanon, Syria, and the Holy Land in 1867 was published in “The Innocents Abroad”, where he described Palestine as follows:

“….. A desolate country whose soil is rich enough, but is given over wholly to weeds… a silent mournful expanse…. a desolation…. we never saw a human being on the whole route…. hardly a tree or shrub anywhere. Even the olive tree and the cactus, those fast friends of a worthless soil, had almost deserted the country.” (The Innocents Abroad, p. 361-362)

Quoting Mark Twain out of context on Palestine

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 4.14.28 AM



Anglo-Saxon oath of fealty. An oath of fealty is what knights said to their lord as a promise of loyalty. [1]

By the Lord before whom this sanctuary is holy, I will to N. be true and faithful, and love all which he loves and shun all which he shuns, according to the laws of God and the order of the world. Nor will I ever with will or action, through word or deed, do anything which is unpleasing to him, on condition that he will hold to me as I shall deserve it, and that he will perform everything as it was in our agreement when I submitted myself to him and chose his will.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 4.02.23 AM

Anglo-Saxon Flag


Anglo-Saxons (or Anglo-Saxon) is the term usually used to describe the invading tribes in the south and east of Great Britain from the early 5th century AD, and their creation of the English nation,

to the Norman conquest of 1066.

The Anglo-Saxons were a people who inhabited Great Britain from the 5th century. They included people from Germanic tribes who migrated to the island from continental Europe, and their descendants; as well as indigenous British groups who adopted some aspects of Anglo-Saxon culture and language. The Anglo-Saxon period denotes the period of British history between about 450 and 1066, after their initial settlement, and up until the Norman conquest.[1]

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 4.02.38 AM

And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.


History of the Jews in England (1066–1290)

William I to Henry I: 1066–1135

There is no record of Jews in England before the Norman Conquest in 1066.[1] The few references to Jews in the Anglo-Saxon laws of theRoman Catholic Church relate to Jewish practices about Easter.

Believing that their commercial skills and incoming capital would make England more prosperous, William I (William the Conqueror) invited a group of Jewish merchants from Rouen, inNormandy, to England in 1070.[2] However, Jews were not permitted to own land (as most gentiles were not allowed to own land) nor to participate in trades (except for medicine). They were limited primarily to money lending. As Catholic doctrine held that money lending for interest was the sin of usury, Jews dominated this activity.

History of Israel (linked)

The history of Israel encompasses the history of the Jews in the Land of Israel, as well as the history of the modern State of Israel. The area of modern Israel is small, about the size of Wales or half the size of Costa Rica, and is located roughly on the site of the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah except that these ancient kingdoms also included what is now the West Bank. It is the birthplace of the Hebrew language spoken in Israel, and of the Abrahamic religions. It contains sites sacred to JudaismChristianityIslamDruze and Bahá’í Faith.

Although coming under the sway of various empires and home to a variety of ethnicities, the Land of Israel was predominantly Jewish until the 3rd century.[1] The area became increasingly Christian after the 3rd century and then largely Muslim some centuries following the 7th century conquest until the middle of the 20th century. It was a focal point of conflict between Christianity and Islam between 1096 and 1291, and from the end of the Crusades until the British conquest in 1917 was part of the Syrian province of first the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt and then (from 1517) the Ottoman Empire.


And they compel one Simon a Cyrenian, who passed by, coming out of the country, the father of Alexander and Rufus, to bear his cross.

Salute Rufus chosen in the Lord, and his mother and mine.
During the Middle Ages, usury, or lending money for interest, was considered a sin by the Catholic Church. Therefore, Christians were forbidden to work as moneylenders and Jews were called to that occupation and were able to set high interest rates. They played a vital role in maintaining the British treasury and, for a time, the Crown watched over the Jewish financiers and their property, though they also taxed them onerously. Disputes between Christian clerics and Jews in this period were supposedly encouraged by William Rufus (1087-1100). Another influential English figure was Henry I (1100-1135) who granted the Jews a charter of liberties.

The House of Normandy

William II Rufus


Rufus and Religion

The bible talks about usury in the Gospel of Matthew and Luke so the Catholic Church may have considered usury a sin but they sinned anyway probably usurped and indulged themselves in the act of usury. It also talks about usury in the old testament and prohibits it to the poor and others which you can read the link for


and read the different verses that talk about USURY plus these two verses in the New Testament about USURY:

Thou oughtest therefore to have put my money to the exchangers, and then at my coming I should have received mine own with usury.

Wherefore then gavest not thou my money into the bank, that at my coming I might have required mine own with usury?

The obituary in the article about the Prom Queen and this thing called faith reminds me of Zimmerman with a fire extinguisher trying to fix his bad reputation. Look, they got caught in the lie about the mustard seed being the smallest of seeds in the three synoptic gospels and the “faithers” are reeling about it and need to get over that word and move on.

Serenity and Forgiveness

 In regards to forgiving family who continued to abuse, lie, and punish for years and years: IMO, Forgiveness is a wonderful thing, but not until the abuse is admitted to, stops, and changes made, then forgiveness might come, but not till then. Atoning for others sins is not forgiveness. It’s stupidity. The prisoners are Lori and Gary and their kids and those that cater to them such as weak, infirmed, stupid, and those that were deceived and doing the devilish work, trying to gloss over something that was avoidable and could have been a positive improvement if one can overcome their foibles instead of enabling them : The Stanfords and those helping’ them and mocking me and what I had to deal with. Thank you;) Because of my moms problems with alcohol at times and dad’s reaction to those times he went to Al Anon and learned to go to the movie when she was in her altered state of mind. It worked for him and we learned as well. Course she wasn’t lying, stealing, and molesting; she was having anger issues out of frustration so the serenity concept of Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon helped my dad with my mom, but it doesn’t help when dealing with liars, thieves, and molesters. That’s a whole different ballgame often times because they are in a cult and the cult protects their lars, thieves, and molesters (indulges them.) My mom and dad loved each other deeply but some things are hard to handle at times. It helped her as well in the long run. It worked and they got over it. Enabling is not wise and usually becomes worse growing into absurdity hurting others for sake of revenge.

You cannot be at peace with liars, thieves and molesters

because they just keep doing it to destroy others and indulging themselves

and those that help them are aiding and abetting them

such as the grown up kids, the siblings, etc.

Hence, generational sin and the consequences of their silence.

I think Gary is probably proud of what he did to his kids. Corrupting them for his own purpose to continue being an ass and have a wife that protects his ass with children that veil his behavior and enabling it. It’s sick. Their children will probably suffer the same or be the abusers and may have to pay dearly for it somewhere in time. They may get off scot-free, but their children may not? Who knows? Something to think about in any case because I think this may be true. Being at peace with evil deeds or enabling it is probably considered just as bad as doing it themselves because of the effects/affect it has on the victims and their families. I have seen what it has done to my little sister. Whew. I have been rebuked as being Satan in the name of Jesus Christ a number of times for revealing the truth to her as best that I can and been forbidden to go to her home when visiting my mom which is more expensive and inconvenient for me and at the same time rebuking me says she wants me back as her sister as if that is sane? The old sister is also playing mind games talking about me wasting 200 dollars on a ticket because I did not go because I was disinvited to stay at my little sisters house, rebuked etc, and then the older one saying I do so wish you had gotten over that a long time ago as if I could with her harassment of me in various ways over the years because she never had to deal with their problems because the rest of the family enabled her and emboldened her to be a NUMERO UNO BITCH accusing me of lying about his molestation and ruining her relationship with him and ruining her life even though it was the opposite. TOTALLY INSANE. My life was ruined by it, my relationships were ruined, my ability to make a living was hampered in various ways, my children were punished by others in retaliation and then I’m supposed to trust my older daughter visiting their oldest daughter in New York when the oldest knows enough of the truth about her dad and mom and doesn’t do anything about it? My mother is being abused and her bank account that they are supposed to protect is being robbed and inheritances given before she is dead? Excuding me of course. They took money that I owed on a loan for a house that my ex went bankrupt on and made it the premise for their taking that same amount even though it was not in the contract but was supposed to come out of the sale of the house which never had a chance to be sold…..Isn’t that FRAUD?  have no idea anymore who has Power of Attorney and they won’t tell me or give an accounting of the account of my mothers that is supposed to take care of her which I have heard is very low….Is that LEGAL? My eldest sister is supposed to be the one in charge but she has been pissed off about the fact that Uncle Ted and the money they lost of his on the stock market and that he was not told by them about it for quite a while and later was admitted to by me via a phone call from him to me asking and I had to tell the truth about it. I said, Yea Gary lost your money and he’s trying to get it back (because that was all I knew about it) and taking it out on my mom and me. It didn’t really matter that he molested me and acted the way he did at family reunions or whenever he had too much to drink but what mattered is they had to deal with Uncle Ted even though they would have had to anyway. They schmoozed him for  access to that money and blew it in five minutes and my mom and I have to take the brunt of their FUCK UP. If I had lied wouldn’t I have been complicit in a cover up legally? Damned if I did and damned if I didn’t. Either way I could have been in trouble if I had lied. I think so. So no matter what I did I was up a creek without a paddle and a victim of Gary and a victim of Lori and her sweet character, a victim of her children because of the lies and the truth, My mom is an old woman who deserves to be treated with great care and she wouldn’t even invest in a pulse and oxygen meter and said “What do I need one for?” even though my mom had readings twice in the 70’s for oxygen at the ARC ARMY RETIREMENT CENTER of San Antonio. My dad served in two wars for our country and his wife is in a precarious spot because of revenge, payback, coverup, misuse of money, possibly fraud for some of that money, lack of respect for both my mom and dad, and both the eldest and youngest have homes worth over $250000 at least and some other properties, pools, one overlooking a Canyon Lake, beautiful furniture, fine cars, lots of decorations for all those Christian holidays, clothes out their KAZOOs, trips, cruises, my artwork unreturned, etc. The eldest shopped for two hours for flip flops with cost not being a factor as she said and then later writing and telling me if I don’t pickup the ticket she put in my name for a Mother’s day visit to see my mom that would be $200 down the tube yet I was rebuked, harangued with their mind games via e-mails, disinvited to stay at their homes, put through all kinds of crap for Diane’s wish that she prayed for with her dear husband to Hospice my mom without a physician’s care because it was free (medicare/caid) which basically is a death watch and a political football right now (and they are on the wrong side of this issue both followers of Billy Graham /Franklin Graham though the oldest doesn’t realize it because she is stupid) and the youngest had $35,000 of mom’s money (her inheritance) before the fact in a savings account (no telling how much has been stolen and hidden and given to the brother and themselves) to be used when mom dies as if that makes any sense and definitely an incentive for my mom’s death? Why? Because I told the truth again and will continue until something is done in the right direction for mom, me, their theft! 


SHHHHH Don’t rock the TITANIC.

“Isolate her” said Gary to Diane about me. So she might allow more prick games and harassment from the wife?

Thus rehabilitating their reputation and destroying mine. 


Gee Hal (my cousin who is a Buddhist and in a wheel chair) I’m not so sure you have the quality of life

because of your religion and your physical state. Maybe we should have done something about it a long time ago.


Not so sure Linda has the quality of life having never been married.

I don’t think Diane or Tootie have the quality of life being followers of the Grahams

and all mixed up like a can of nuts.

I think Gary may lack the quality of life having to expose his penis at family reunions and drink excessively.

I don’t think Ben or Andy have the quality of life since they haven’t found a woman to marry.

Kay doesn’t have the quality of life because her husband is a tight wad and drinks too much wine.

Kimberly doesn’t have the quality of life because she married an atheist HEB.

Walt doesn’t have the quality of life because he is agnostic and defers to his older sister, hence he is her patsy.

Gaby doesn’t have the quality of life because she has a twitch and repeats and rambles in conversation.

Kristen doesn’t have the quality of life or she wouldn’t have felt the need to tattoo a great deal of her body with bible verses and ankhs, shave her head. cut herself, etc. There is such things as paper, pen, and courage.

John doesn’t have the quality of life or he would have asked his dad not to grab his aunt’s thigh  from the front of the car to the back of the car (not like I was sitting next to him asking for it) or videotape her thighs while carrying her baby (Bernadette) on her hip while looking at her niece’s new van for his mother’s sake.

Would have been nice to erase it but instead enabled his dad and his mom.

Was it on the wedding tape, KIM?.

Why didn’t you video tape Kristen cutting herself and have that on that wedding video?

Was Kristen with her shaved head included on that video tape?

Too bad I didn’t video tape all three of you jogging around an empty parking lot at night in a strange city on a trip?

Too bad I didn’t video tape a lot of things that weren’t nice. Daddy’s Money, Lover’s Lane, Burr Road, Winedale Drive, etc.

Course it was hard to know when things might happen a head of time. I wasn’t prepared each time something occurred because I didn’t know their intent.

Johnny doesn’t have the quality of life or he would have sat in a different chair all his life.

Patsy doesn’t have the quality of life or she would have known better than to talk like she had a hairlip to a hairlip.

Love to know how Walter went broke and lost his home and had to live in his office for quite a long time. He was well off and a very successful attorney. Made a bundle off Fed Ex on a discrimination on the job lawsuit. Lived in a nice home in a popular neighborhood in California overlooking the ocean and with a pool. He promised my mom that he would pay to have Bernadette educated when he was doing well. Pay for college. She never got educated at college except through a student loan for a year and was lied to about it that prevented her from getting educated. My other daughter bullied as a freshman cheerleader in high school and left the premises and two days later in the hospital bleeding from both parts of her body and dropped out of school. Then he took mom’s money for a debt unlawfully. HMMMM. WEIRD. Yet Gaby, his wife, didn’t know about that in the hotel lobby years later when visiting mom and family. This was after he had a meeting with Diane and I and stayed at Lori and Gary’s house and (Gary was asking some leading questions which he told me about at the meeting and he told Diane at that meeting as well, (Does she (Diane) deny this?) about the meeting trying to find out what it was about. I think he was afraid and since the meeting was with me he must have known what it was about because before then I had been isolated totally from the family (self inflicted for my sake because of the insanity of it all and denial by everyone) except with Diane via the phone once in a while. She got credit from Walter for keeping in touch and getting the family back together for a short while before my dad died. Did something happen to Walter at Gary and Tootie’s home that weekend because of that meeting? It doesn’t make sense.


Soon after when dad aspirated  on a pill which I still don’t know who gave him the big pill as he was about to go home to be with mom though Diane was the one in charge taking care of him at the time but said she went home to clean the house for his return that day, kind of like the laundry excuse when I needed help with my kids while extremely ill? “I’ll be there for you,” she said.. Tootie said she would baby sit my kids many times when I baby sat her kids so that she and Gary could have fun without the kids once in a while but Tootie babysat once using her kids to do it. Then Walt wanted to have dad put down because of the lack of quality of his life though most people that are sick do lack quality in their life while sick but it gets better when they get better even if old it just takes a little longer for old people to get well and normally don’t aspirate on a pill on the same day they are going home which is suspicious. Soon after that conversation….which Tootie and Diane agreed in that conversation with Walt, dad died within a couple hours. Coincidental? All three got inheritances, but don’t tell Gaby.


Then Diane get’s poisoned at a Chinese Sushi Restaurant on a visit at Walters. Ends up in a hospital, almost dies. Dave wants to sue but Walt advises them (pressures) not to because of his friendship with the owners of the restaurant (who pressured him not to) because they treat him like a king and supposed friends of Gaby.

Then Diane serves me almonds in a cheese dip at my Lori’s house, some kind of new cheese dip (she’s not that original and doesn’t usually add new ingredients to recipes, been stuck on mud pie for years), and I have a breathing attack on the way home but diagnosed with COPD and find out about Lysteria in walnuts and I ask if it wasn’t walnuts instead that I was served because of the severity of the attack and later by phone Diane admits it was walnuts. WHY LIE ABOUT IT in the first place. The first breathing attack was when I had pneumonia as did my eldest daughter and felt like an elephant was on her chest and I felt the same. She went to a football game and scared us to death because she couldn’t breathe to get back to her car and had to bend over to walk and we stayed on the phone the whole time until she was able to get to her car but they diagnosed me with COPD even though I had the same exact symptoms as my daughter and was sick within the same week.She didn’t have COPD EITHER. I guess they want me to have COPD really badly. I have been telling them for a long time my problem is my intestines from scar tissue that  gets blocked and makes it hard to breathe and causes my blood pressure to rise etc, because of my earlier operation that was so severe. I guess afraid of where the responsibility lay for that sickness in the first place. My sister and her husband and mine as well. My personal doctor told me that it might be a problem because of scar tissue a blockage could occur and make the intestine get gangrene and die and have to be replaced which is serious business literally. LOL. So I have to watch my pooping habits whether I’m constipated or not because of that potential risk and my weight which was out of hand and not only because I cried every day for a long long time. Sobbing often which does not help the breathing. Then people acting kind of weird like Richard at that same party at Tooties house, “How long has it been since you have seen your mother?” he inquired. Not “How’s your mom?” I dared not ask “how long it’s been since he had sex with his wife.” but should have. I always think of a good response later after the fact. Not like he was interested in my mom before, but more like an attack on my devotion to mom in comparison to everyone else such as my sister Diane fawning over mom with 35,000 dollars in her savings account when I answered -when the family went to visit her the last time- or something like that and not like he ever gave a hoot about her in the first place. His mom didn’t like my mom because my mom had a few problems due to alcohol. I haven’t seen Richard the cousin in years and supposed bible scholar surrendering to a world government and world religion with teeth because of that family courage. Yet Tootie and RIchard were closer because of age and their experience together as kids such as eating their poops and bonding on that experience as children among other things. I guess they were in the same crib and got bored and decided to explore their diapers and i guess Patsy was busy. Where was his mom when they ate their poop? The bible warns about it (not eating poop) so why would a bible scholar want a world government with teeth. Then Betty taking pictures which is not like her (never did before even by cell phone) at any family gathering, That was Tootie’s fervor often constructing them such as the picture of me and David hugging like normal relatives without an exposed penis.)  I think Betty has been on Morphine for a long time. LOL Lori made a big deal of that picture to me and my husband at the time as if there was more to that ……..with glaring eyes. It was weird. (That was after the hot tub daddy-daughter 3yrs of age talk about jealousy at night alone because of John in her tummy while mom was visiting from out of town a very unusual time for a daddy-daughter talk in the hot tub at night alone about jealousy and while I came for a visit to see my mom. Was Kristen jealous of John before he was even born? The picture of David’s hand (he is 6 foot 6) under my arm as he hugged me while I was in a bathing suit, is that’s a crime. Mrs. Keira Knightly in Atonement standing up having sex which my sister Tootie would never do being that it would be impossible LOL (she would have to have really long legs) and not being the most creative female in a sexual kind of way. Not like she enjoyed sex having to be enlarged (CUT) at the same time as having that baby so that she might enjoy it even though pregnancies usually does the trick of enlarging. We are talking about a big prick. Obviously a problem in that department but 250 thousand dollars a year was worth it. LOL

Am I supposed to fall on my sword because Gary has a big prick and big problems with it? Am I supposed to allow them to cheat my mom and dad because Gary has a big prick,? Am I supposed to take the blame for his big prick even though he was quite proud of it at the frat house showing it off dancing on a table? And Tootie was quite proud of it showing the pictures of it to Kay? Am I supposed to lose my reputation because he wasn’t satisfied with his wife? Am I supposed to take responsibility because his prick was too big for her to enjoy sex? Am I supposed to lose my reputation for his kids? Am i supposed to shut up about it and take abuse from his wife because Gary has a big prick? Am I supposed to watch Atonement for his wife’s insensitivity towards me having been molested in my sleep lying next to her? Am I supposed to shut up about it to protect the kids? Is that protection or stupidity? Or maybe they don’t really matter, what matters is money to them and their reputation at the cost of my reputation trying to protect their future with their sick dad and sick mom as it turned out.

What about my kids? What about their reputation?A trip to New York is supposed to make up for the lies about me and the collusion of their kids in those lies by their silence. They got rid of every photo of me in their mom’s house except for the ones I painted (which I would like back, thank you) Is that bizarre? LOL Called me a devil in a card/book from Kristen which was showed to me by their mom with a purpose of some netherworld type reasoning. Am I supposed to accept the splitting of inheritance money ahead of schedule as in before my mom dies and accept that a shepherds hooked bird feeder out side her window is good enough and a supposed wheel chair I haven’t seen yet? Am I supposed to accept being rebuked as Satan by the younger sister because I won’t shut up. Am I supposed to accept her lies in rewards to what I know she witnessed and heard from Tooties family and Gary exposing himself and Kristen talking about blissfully dying without breath for my mom and now I am supposed to accept that I misunderstood what was related to me about it by a ferocious liar who is storing 35 thousand dollars of her moms money in a savings account? Am i supposed to shut up about it because of the family devotion to me and my mom? Am I supposed to shut up about it to make Kristen an angel sent by God as Diane put it in an email who may have been corrupted by daddy and mommie years ago in many ways even if my mom is at risk? Am I supposed to trust Kimberly with my daughter? Would anyone trust that? Yet I can’s stop it because she is old enough she just does’t know the whole truth in regards to what kind of people Tootie and Gary have become. I don’t even know the whole truth. I am pretty positive it is much worse than I can imagine. Will that trip make up for the abuse?

I do so wish they had gotten over it along time ago.

Then I wouldn’t have to worry or be resentful.

A lot of what happened is still a mystery but as long as everyone is lying

we won’t ever get down to the nitty gritty

to fix it.

I thought Christians had courage!

Gary’s dad was in the oil business -Conoco Oil- and I guess that makes it A-OK. 

Wink wink nod nod

I guess I’m multi tasking in this post which my sister questioned my ability to do asking rudely  “Can’t you multi task?”  while I was talking on the phone and she was yacking at me and I couldn’t answer her because I was trying to hear the person on the phone as she was flip flopping around my home for two years while getting her divorce off and on and in her trailer. She had it so rough getting an allowance from her husband, dating, and hanging out with Joe Martin, and then my mom which is suspicious. I think she found a new source of money after Joe Martin.

Yea there may be strength in numbers but the reason for the numbers is they have no courage!

Numbers vs Deuteronomy a Y in the Old Testiment and when David numbered them many people died. Good people.

David also put a man in the front lines so that he would die and so that he could wed his wife. Their baby died somehow or another. I think David was Catholic. I don’t think he was the same David that slew Goliath with a stone and a sling. Replacement theology.

A lesson.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 8.21.11 PM

Trevi Fountain in Rome

  1. trevi(Noun)

    A person from the Trevethin area of South Wales, either resident or native of the town.

I think Trevi has something to do with the number three as in the three synoptic Gospels,

A rewrite in history more than likely or David lost his MOJO. Perhaps we should find out what Josephus, son of Matthias, who stole the holy books during the time of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem and was hired by Rome for propaganda purposes by the Flaviouses (their adopted son) and was a traitor to his people and obviously edited the Holy Books from whence the bible is TRANS-ILLITERATED from, I think.

Trevi also could mean 351 the opposite of 153 in the Gospel of John.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 8.28.22 PM

It says David was according to the books of Samuel the second king of the UNITED KINGDOM of Israel.

I think he might have been the second king of the UNITED KINGDOM as in ENGLAND. LOL

There are some temples that were unearthed and rebuilt in certain places when LBJ built some dams and Egypt gifted Jackie Onnassis with some things from Egypt. One of the temples I believe may be located in Spain, perhaps in England, Manhattan etc One of the temples had their entry built backwards.  Hence all the number signs 153, 531, 351,135 as codes, for some who might know the meaning. Not sure which one’s entry was built backwards but they might be little portals of some kind for certain people who know their purpose or signs of some kind. Reminds me of “The Mummy” the movie. Always scared me as a kid. Sounds whacky I know but often religion has been whacky. I hope you read about a big whacker, the following:

The Fruits of the Vatican < link

It says in the Gospel of john (verse 3:16) about those shall not perish who believe in Jesus of the Gospel of John but it has been corrupted as well by those in Rome and Rome builds parishes and England builds shires, dividing the land and the people. Both have ish in their divisions. ( left-overs of ish out of their divisions. (pears/spear/spare/rapes/reaps and res)

I think Rome represents ish as Ishmael as in possibly has something to do with Shi-ites vs Sunni muslims. Don’t know but they are at odds with each other often. But since finding out that Abraham might be the Father of lies since he is supposed to be the Father of Isaac, Jacob and etc depends on what you read and since he came out of the land of UR and lied a bunch and since the Koran and muslims believe that Abram came out of the land of UR and we think Abraham came out of the land of UR I think we have a problem with some texts and rewriting of holy things. Hs name was shortened to Abram according to the bible and according to Muslim faiths his name was elongated to Abraham.

Ham usually means pork and pork usually means money ill-gotten for fattening someones bank account by thievery on the backs of the people (slavery) so I doubt his name was elongated.

Also has a great deal to do with SODOM AND GOMMORAH which I believe might be Mecca and Medina located in the land of sin near each other which Abraham camped between meaning Sodom and Gommorah. Could be an unfulfilled prophecy since they are beheading and hanging gays and anyone that gets in their way and probably without a trial etc That’s sinful. We still haven’t found out where Sodom and Gommorah are but Saddam does sound like Sodom but a lot of muslim people have that name. So it might be a good idea for some changes over there unless they want to be Sodom and Gommorah. It’s possible especially these days with Iran and Iraq and Saudi Arabia which seems to have bewitched everyone to attack Iraq over a bunch of Saudis attacking the USA. Then they were attacking Syria over chemical weapons to get us off the track I think. Misleading the USA with the help of the Vatican and their false INTEL. Not sure about Syria but since SOME OF THE UN AND VATICANITES (NUNS) were running around in paint masks in sarin gas contaminated areas (WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE) and come to find out some were poisoned with poisonous rice sent by way of India it seems possible that we are getting mislead. Doesn’t it? It makes it hard to believe them about anything.

Could be that David is the Father of Lies too because of what he did. Replacement type stuff. Rome lies all the time so it would not surprise me.

It’s like slavery. The South dug in it’s heels and a lot of people died needlessly more than just about any war. It’s obvious that slavery is bad (is there anyone in the world that would like to be a slave?) so even if there might have been some good slave owners there were more bad ones. Now we have unions causing havoc in the police forces digging in their heels and people are getting hurt and while some unions are good more of them are bad and hurting people and the various police force as well by hurting the good cops and their stature in the communities. Then you have the various mobs from different countries and some even involved in the church of Rome. I’m sure some mobsters are good but the majority are not good. They use other mobs to dig in their heels so that they can keep power in the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church has dug in it’s heels and are causing problems. The Chinese do not need more problems. The Roman Catholic Church cannot solve their problems and don’t intend to IMO they just want Chinese Catholics to be ruled by Rome. Has the USA been improved because of Roman Catholicism except to those that prostrate themselves to it. Like I said Catholics are getting special access, preferential treatment and ARE BEING INDULGED because it helps the Roman Catholic UNIONS.So I think what happened is exploitation of people in different countries because their rulers weren’t smart and didn’t care about them other countries came to exploit that problem by hiring them at low minuscule wages which was better than nothing then Catholicicism comes in to unionize them (organize) to get higher wages to expect more and also exploit them and make a profit and prices go up and it excalates into a competition between companies  so I think that is what the hard hat is kind of about. With the world heading to a one world government working with world wide communication system the companies are having a hard time profiting and basically the One World Government/Religion doesn’t work with Capitalism and can only work with Communism/Fascism type governments and people get hurt by that as well. Then pretty soon people won’t earn anything. Innovation will cease because the guys at the top are lazy and greedy. People will revolt because only a few will live well and back to a free market eventually. The companies ought to be on the side of the people if they want to survive. The government will try to entice the people with telephones and a socialist heath care system or whatever works only to control them and screw the companies and eventually turn on the people (hospices) because they will not allow them to come to the top like cream in milk because of their innovations or patents on things they might invent out of need or creativity in a free market and then you have slavery again at either extreme. Creativity is part of freedom. Freedom inspires creativity. Then pretty soon everyone will wear scarves on their heads (like the russians did in Soviet Union) or burkas as in the Muslim Countries and or Catholic countries and create a bunch of nuns and priests. Everyone will be unhappy even the guys at the top always trying to keep the people down and getting killed doing it.

One of the Ex’s brother had a job sitting on his butt most of the time (there is a name for it) because he had the skill to do all the jobs at the car company and was used only when someone was sick or on vacation. A whole lot of waste in that. They were unionized and catholic. Gets a pension now. Prices went up and car companies lost their buts (many of them) when they could have hired temporary workers and trained them but didn’t because of the unions and laziness and had those people on call so that they might eventually rise to the middle anyway and a few to the top. The top obviously didn’t want that but not considering they might not be able to work either or die it is kind of stupid but would put those union people out of profiteering for most of the time doing nothing but complaining and trying to bully the union members and the non union members just to have their control. Free market Capitalism is less wasteful and allows more creativity. There is always favoritism in any type of rule and the poor you have with you always but our country works best with a healthy and vibrant middle-class in many different kinds of ways socially, mentally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Catholic countries usually are mostly poor if you haven’t noticed and those that devote themselves to Mary usually are dirt poor and get ravaged and usually have a lot of tent cities and women get treated like shit, and lots of bankruptcy. (Detroit, and other cities, and countries lie: Haiti, Vietnam, Chechnya and many others)

Catholics (and those religions united with them) many of them are getting a free ride because of the unions and also are discriminating against those that don’t bow to the pope and themselves (even though they nothing about whom they worship) and are getting preferential treatment because of that (devil may care) attitude abut truth vs lies in the bible because they don’t read it and usually are instructed not to but don’t mind excluding those that did (for the most part) and using bully tactics at the schools and via the ways that they do socially to isolate and punish them (revelation type judging punishing some and indulging others), some for nothing but because of natural beauty or ugliness or beliefs (SOLID) and because of something spiritually undiscerning (mob mentality) of those serving that entity and losing their own minds in the process


Weather isn’t discriminating

(nor are earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, wars, famines, diseases, solar storms, asteroids, nuclear accidents)

even when we try to control some of those things with HAARP not like it can tell oh that house has catholics in it, etc Fema does discriminate as the Hurricane Sandy demonstrated favoring some usually catholic but you still lost your favorite things: such as irreplaceable pictures, pets, and lives, set back financially, etc. Not all storms are controlled by HAARP. Not all earthquakes occur because of HAARP. It’s hard to tell which are witch.

God does discriminate: SIX DAY WAR ought to enlighten the world. Just because you have a majority doesn’t make you stronger or smarter. KEK KEK KEK

My dad was in Greece at the Parthenon and said to the taxi driver “Take me to the Parthenon.” and the taxi driver said “you are at the Parthenon” or something like that. It was kind of a funny story that he didn’t mind telling. It isn’t necessarily our brains that make the difference or our haughtiness. Sometimes they are the problem and an Achilles Heel languishing in it’s arrogance only to be destroyed by sheer madness of it’s own making. I did not want to be molested. Okay? I may have worn a dress that said in someone else’s mind “take me” but it did not say that to me. LOL Just because a girl wears a bikini does not mean she desires to be raped. She wants to get a tan and go swimming is what it means and doesn’t want to be dragged down by the weight of her cloth. It’s a comfort zone of that particular person about her own body doesn’t mean she wants someone else’s husband. Some women don’t like that in another woman so they assist in their folly to punish other woman because their man wasn’t satiated with his own woman who is not comfortable in her own body either because it isn’t that great or they are too lazy to do anything about it but abuse other women who do or are blessed by their age, heredity, and attributes. Those women are just “too easy” if you ask me.

I went to my little sisters at the second to the last visit to see my mom and sat on the couch where Gary sat because that was the only place to sit. I can’t remember if he was there first or I was but there were two couches and one chair and his wife sat in the one chair. So I kept my back to him while having fun with family. He lingered a lot and finally she called him over to rub his back and he went and sat at her feet for a rub. But it took a while and was uncomfortable for me. My little sister knowing the troubles we have had bedded them in one room with a bed and my brother in the other bedroom (because he was so ill even though he really wasn’t at that time) and me in the dining room but tried to get me in the living room by the back door, but ended up on the floor of the dining room, and got to use the inflated mattress that the Kircher’s brought. It was comfortable, but uncomfortable. It was disrespectful of me, purposeful IMO because of my beliefs vs hers. I’m satan to her and the devil to Tootie’s daughter. It’s ridiculous. That was the weekend Tootie tried to get the family to watch Atonement, me for the second time and I have no idea how many times she watched it herself. Probably a lot. Luckily no one wanted to watch it and I don’t think were aware of her meaning. But because my brother deferred to waiting to deal with molestation another time because the kids were not grown up all the way though they weren’t that young emboldened my sister and her hubris. That’s why my brother was wrong. We should have handled it better at the time and she and he might have been rehabilitated. I think she tried to prove to Kay that Gary was quite comfortable being nude dancing on a table at a frat party doesn’t mean he has the right to expose his penis at family reunions or sneak up on a person asleep and molest them. Keep the penis in the Hanes even if you have to double fold it or buy bigger Hanes. Any right thinking person would assume he has a problem and would deal with it appropriately if she loved him and if she loved her daughters. She uses them. She obviously didn’t love them or her former family and it was about the money she gained each year from his family. Cozy relationship with bad intent and I’m sure I’m not the only one but molesters tend to pick on only a few because it’s easy. He used his wife for the rest and to protect his folly and paid her quite well and the others that went along are just patsies. They used to invite people to their house to eat but bring your own meat. That’s the kind of people they are.


Have ye any meat?

And while they yet believed not for joy, and wondered, he said unto them, Have ye here any meat?
Dates were considered meat and were fed to Islamic followers after their fasts such as Ramadan and for travel because we didn’t have cars and dates could be dried. Dates also mean chics. Obviously, meat means piece of ass, male or female. In context, supposedly this was Jesus after he had died and risen running in his Nikes from Beth-any to Jerusalem in a New York minute, mosqueing (mocking) the Gospel of John’s Jesus when he met his disciples at the Sea of Galilee.
Then Jesus saith unto them, Children, have ye any meat? They answered him, No.
In context, he showed them where the 153 fish they caught were located.
At the hospital 6 weeks visit after my huge operation my ex then my husband was rubbing my back at Parkland Hospital in the waiting room with a bunch of other sick people. We had to wait 6 hours because of the shortage of doctors that day and I was threatened by a woman and her husband verbally abused me in the hall I really like your back and something else I can’t remember now but it was derogatory and spiritually an affront to me. I was in a lot of pain. I had a 14 inch incision all the way to the organs in the stomach area from ribs downward. It was supposed to be 6 inches I was told but ended up being more. When you have one of those your back aches often because your muscles have been cut in half. So obviously this back thing is related somehow to Gary and Lori in a spiritual sense years later. I was discussing God with two black men in the waiting room, one a preacher’s son and an older man. We happened to be sitting across from each other. I was sitting next to an italian man who was whining about his pain from kidney stones that he was having at that time (Just kidding). Everyone in the waiting room was talking about their health problems and then his biker guy in the back of the room and his mate were not happy with me and threatened me and blamed me and the room went silent you could hear a pin drop. So i went to the lady in charge and asked for the police to come and they did. My husband at the time just sat there dumb-founded so he was a lot of help which is kind of weird, because of how he behaved during thoffice problems with my family. They wanted him to bring a lawn mower for them to their house and I was being abused and trying to deal with it and he knew it. So was basically too was their patsy for his prides sake. I went to the hall to get out of the room from those weirdos and waited for my doctors appointment. The next time I saw her after he had been escorted away by the police she was totally oblivious to how she had behaved like she was not in control or was possessed at the time she threatened me with her cain in the waiting room blaming me for his belligerence about waiting for 6 hours as if I caused the doctor shortage that day. The strangest thing, but so are my sisters! Like they are possessed such as Rebuking me a bunch in the name of Jesus Christ. A girl can only take what a girl can take and I took it for long time and now I’m dishing it out with a big ladle. This is my al-anon without the anonymous. Anyway it was a team effort and still is but it will have an ending for my sake. Religious bullshit kind of team effort. I have a good memory.
I wrote a post I’ll have to find about Ben Carson the very quaint neurologist. The candi-DATE who said, “You get what you deserve.’ He was stationed at that breakfast for Obama as if Obama had no idea what he would say. It was a total surprise. PLANT PLANT PLANT
Did the teacher, Christie McCauliff in the Space shuttle Challenger disaster that exploded in space get what she deserved?
Does an O-ring a bell?
Those 6 million jews got what they deserved, didn’t they? Woman who wear bikinis get what they deserve when drugged and on alcohol as Hannity likes to exploit, but he won’t give up his six pack a day or his religion that exploits the masses and 6 million jews. You would think he had a conscience. How about 6 million consciences?
Did the prom queen that was killed by the floods in Texas get what she deserved for the Faithers?
Was she the intended target, or a decoy?

Nor are nuclear accidents discriminating. It hurt Japan, the USA, the Oceans and the weather: How does a cloud produce water? It doesn’t produce it’s own source of water out of nowhere.) When Chernobyl occurred it didn’t just affect Russia only in the short term, it affected Europe in the long term. (Probably a lot of bald people in Europe now!

The first time I went and tried to be civil about the problem I was having with Gary, it should have been successful. it should have stopped then and there and it didn’t. I could have healed well, forgave, and not have had to go through so much needless BELL-IGERENCE and enormous health problems and some mental and a lot of sadness: I wouldn’t feel the hate and disgust I feel now and they would have avoided much in return. But Tootie and Gary became belligerent about it and towards each other deep inside which I think increased the problem towards me. We all have problems and make mistakes does not mean we continue to make them just to save face. Instead we should try to learn not to and be understanding of human foibles especially when drunk and not enable it by drinking more or trying to set up/attack the person who is trying to help and cope in order to make them look worse or make them look false. You can take credit for driving me to a point that I searched for truth and found some but it seems instead are in alliance with a bunch of ants who rely on Faith and their numbers vs. Belief. There is plenty of ignorance in the world, but that’s no excuse. That is a never-ending mistake and won’t work because I have dug in my heals against that kind of crap and I have help because of whom I believe and I don’t think there is anyone that can fight that power. It’s futile and destructive to the faithers and the drunks. You are only a multitude of cogs in a wheel insignificant to the wheel when it has plenty of them to exploit and much more to lose.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 7.13.07 AM

My Dog Has Three Legs Your Dog He Got One by Paul McCartney

It’s gonna hurt to lose those three legs, isn’t it?

In time, I’m sure you will agree.

There are heels and there are heals.

“A dog returns to it’s vomit as a fool returns to his folly.”

Sure were a lot of Stanfords at that poisoning party for me!

Coincidence? Paul McCartney was sitting in an airplane at some airport in New York when the Twin Towers were attacked.

I am a prisoner in a way but not because of forgiveness or lack of forgiveness.

Have you ever heard the quote “if one tells the truth, have one foot in the stirrup?”  (I used to live on Stirrup Lane! Coincidence? and on McCommas too but that’s another story for another blog post coming! The bible used to be without commas because that was how they wrote back then without commas. I wrote a blog post in part about the commas and the difference a comma makes in a sentence to it’s meaning) So get prepared, but don’t get ready.

 Problem is I have nowhere to go and have to confront my enemies. They want and hope to contain me. Some people take their merry time so I just gonna let them. Can’t do what I want, when I want, otherwise I would have already. My time will come, I think because I know that I handled it as good as the best could have. People are really strange. THe ex too. Not sure what he gets out of the deal a platonic relationship with someone who doesn’t really like him. IT’s kind of robotic in a way.  PRIDE.

. For example I found this where those other pictures came from somewhere on the internet. For example:

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 7.20.32 PM

That’s crazy! Got to have come from England. They stick their kids out in their carriages on their front porches or used to for air then send them off early to let someone else raise ’em. Looks like my little sister as a baby. (Coincidence) She was a pretty cute baby. Always got to wear pink. I had to wear blue. Said berry instead of very. My Shirley Temple buddy. Our family lotus blossom.

What KNUT JOB Screw BAEL would do that and why? Someone delusional?

I don’t think very many people like what I write and why I write it. 

When in the hospital a few times back a woman and her son came to visit the woman next to me. Her son suffered from a form of mental illness (schizophrenia) and admitted it to me in a short conversation and the woman with him looked like ‘the Queen of England” in drag (not all dolled up.) She kind of treated him like a nitwit. Told him to “Shut up” as I recall. Then others visited that same woman next to me for a few days and one looked like my cousin’s wife Betty except with blond short hair who kept repeating over and over again to that woman, “You were on Morphine for a day” … many times it was getting obnoxious listening to her. Poor woman. Very strange people. Morphine isn’t that big a deal: I was on it for a while before, during, and after my first operation. It helps sometimes when in pain. She was like a broken record and what was strange about it is the way she did it in a monotone voice too so it was like some form of brain washing going on. Looked like a little field mouse. I was glad to leave that room when I did so I wouldn’t have to hear that voice seeming to need attention and wanting to be the caretaker of this woman and so that everyone else around her knew it or would capitulate to her nonsense by her incessant “You were on morphine for a day.” Even if she hadn’t been on morphine for a day she probably ended up believing she had been. It was odd.

I live in this world. I can’t take a space ship to another world. That’s why America is America. Before coming to America as pilgrims had a place to go and escape, but the world is smaller now. We were chicken shits, not really! It took a lot of courage to head out into the ocean (since the world was flat.) Also takes courage to face what we really have no choice but to confront. I can’t help it some people I know are really mixed up.

Now we have to deal with what we ran away from or it will consume us. 

monolith2015-05-07 at 6.03.27 AM

My Family Monolith and what JFK is talking about is Cyclopean!

We are opposed, around the world, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.


It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published; its mistakes are buried, not headlined; its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. ~ JFK

I’m trying! LOL

I think the reasons for those secret societies and why they cropped up is because of the monstrosity in middle of the living room and of earth. The Roman Catholic Church. That’s why they came to be as dangerous as they are and the problem with them is that they were infiltrated as well. So the answer is to get rid of the Roman Catholic Church for starters. IMO


“I was a radio”

was one of the quotes of the people that were witnesses indirectly) of the JFK assassination. I know Judge Jeanine would be sad about it but my gosh when all we get are lies and propaganda from those that are supposed to be reporting the news truthfully seems to me they have also contributed to that tumor. Better yet get rid of their Intelligence. ONe way is the way that Judge Jeanine has reported about that could happen to the USA and it’s cities. That would certainly affect them and their power. Then we might not have the Benghazi Debacle blaming a video tape with riots staged in a few cities concurrently. Obviously they are responsible as well as the Red Cross and the British Embassy that left early, as if they didn’t know?

It would make a bid difference that’s what difference it makes.

Then maybe four American guys could be out walking on the street and not get attacked!

It’s like getting rid of the huge tumor then get rid of the contributing factors. OR get rid of the contributing factors and sit of the supply to the Roman Catholic Church. Or do both!

Sounds like Peter attacking Malachus but the difference is when someone actually turns around and says “I was waiting for you to say that” after saying something about her looks in my living room and it’s the woman on Outnumbered with the big cat eyes you know there is problem at Fox News. Or something about our dog being unleashed when it jumped off the truck and Oreilly is aware of it, thats intrusion into the privacy rights of American citizens and I think it comes from Catholic Ideology and their tools probably in collusion with the NSA in UTAH which needs to be reined in and brought down so they may never want to do it again. It’s coming regardless of what America doesn’t do  I guess it depends on how they want it peacefully or at a great loss to them?

It’s not like they haven’t done the same in the past as history has recorded not just in the World wars but way before to Jerusalem.

That is how they steal ideas and patents. Thwart others from succeeding. I had a patent at the patent company for a design I made and O’reilly comes out with a book called “Killing Patton.” I think that is illegal and might make a great lawsuit if I could find a lawyer that would help me. It seems like I have been discriminated against for my beliefs a few times (3 at least) by Fox News and had my privacy infringed upon by Fox News because of my beliefs which are not as delusional as their own behavior against my beliefs and whoever is helping them. In fact I would say I have a pretty good grasp of the situation worldwide and the deception and their bully tactics employed to keep people down and unable to pursue their happiness: The American dream and the right of all citizens. Drove down the alley and saw an easter egg.

Doesn’t that sound highly ILLEGAL and worthy of SEIZURE OF THE PROPERTY of the ones invading my space. I’ll just take the proceeds from his lousy books and movies, his station and show, instead. Then I’ll pursue my dreams and ideas because they are good ideas and so are the basis of my beliefs far superior and more discerning than what he thinks or has faith in. We’ll see.

How about the bullying (physical and emotional) of my daughter at public school who ended up in a hospital a couple days later? That wasn’t intentional? Jesuit discipline? She was a FRESHMAN cheerleader and had only kissed a boy at a church function at that point in time and they were calling her a whore at school. Helping her trip on the stairs at school. So she is no longer in public school and has to wait till she is 17 to attempt to get her GED. Affecting her personality and her self image and believe me it hurt her and created possibly a health risk to her for later. That’s when I felt my dad and a gesture by him was when she was hurting and in the hospital. THere are so many examples but I think Roman Catholicism is seeing it’s last days maybe hours. I can’t wait for that day I see it’s Final Moments. I think I’m gonna get to see it.

Can’t wait to see the FINAL MOMENTS OF O’REILLY AS WELL. NOT PHYSICALLY but in every other way. I don’t call his comments discipline I call them really immature and devoid of a conscience. But like the pope thinks he is good. LOL

THAT”S NOT FAIR he said once after I changed my shirt. A long time ago. Around the time he was making fun of a painting of Beatrice Arthur as if he has a right when he’s one of the stupidest guys in the world making fun of other stupid people.

Course he’s bragging tonight about his movie Killing Jesus getting nominated for some award. IT may have something to do with those in Hollywood who can’t speak out without getting hung or dying while operated on. I’m sure O’reilly had nothing to do with it.

I never saw the video tape of him giving this speech just the transcript and his voice on tape so I imagine it was what he planned to give at the World Trade Center in Dallas when the wife of John Connally said, “You can’t say that! Dallas doesn’t love you.” and he didn’t get to (at the World Trade Center) and probably partially why he was killed. But I guess he figured on that and had it get out anyway. Nellie Connally said she said, “You can’t say that Dallas doesn’t love you,”  when he was shot at that moment.

What a difference a comma makes!

Nellie Connally went in and out of an English accent especially at the hospital with John Connally as did Billy Graham at times especially when talking about the Beatles. It’s in one of my posts on the subject of JFK which are quite a few. It was about,”Does a leopard change it’s spots?”

When my mom was a little girl with her younger brother Ted in the drivers seat and not supposed to be she said: “Why don’t you, do that!” LOL and he did and they got in big trouble. The car rolled backwards and I guess ran into the street and rammed into something, probably the curb, but it was the way she said it prompting him. My mom is a stinker and taught me a lot. She met the queen when we were overseas at a luncheon she was invited to. Never talked about it though.

When I first got married she sang at the door in the morning of the first Christmas Felice Navidad. I think she had her reasons. One was she was drinking. LOL I think that was what the brass rubbings were about expressing herself in certain way while in England. Something weird happened.

Pope trying to be a good guy even though he is a Jesuit:


Can’t make a deal with the devil and be a good guy nor steal characteristics from a martyred man’s necklace for his courage. Sorry good try but not feasible! How about ridding the church of the Jesuits, giving back the treasures stolen that are hidden in the Vatican, return all the money laundered, destroy the Cloths of Turin, allow priests to marry, and in fact require it, stop lying to everyone and destroy all relics and shrines devoted to Mary, etc that’s just for starters….

YOU ARE NOT A GOOD GUY LOL You are a little prick pimp among many (deceiving and being deceived.)

Honestly the best thing for the world is for it The Vatican and the Popery to be destroyed and start over. I’m sure we can locate a good artist for all those new ceilings and things.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Sentenced To 8 Months In Prison For Corruption

Wasn’t this in the news a few years back? So he has to do it again?

Model Nicole Trunfio poses breastfeeding her son on Elle cover

“When I saw the cover of me breastfeeding, which was unplanned and just natural, I teared up and thought, ‘Wow this is such a special moment where my worlds have collided’,” Trunfio said.

She didn’t know? LOL Nobody looks like that breastfeeding without a lot of help. Doesn’t suede stain easily? Maybe it was sprayed with scotch guard 24 hours a head of the photo shoot. She is pretty and a good role model.

Darlee Routier 2015-05-28 at 3.35.22 PM

Darlee Routier

Darlee Routier 2 days after 2 2015-05-28 at 3.31.52 PM Darlee Routier 2 days after 3 2015-05-28 at 3.31.43 PM Darlee Routier 2 days after2015-05-28 at 3.32.55 PM

Two days after she allegedly killed her sons

Darlee Routier grave 2015-05-28 at 3.28.25 PM

Darlie Routier having a birthday celebration for one of her sons at his grave with silly string and her family who I guess enabled her strange behavior before she went to prison

Darlee Routier should get life imprisonment without parol because she was used by evil and was possessed. That’s why she did what she did to her kids. It was her religion and her name that got her in trouble and being weak minded because of her FAITH and being the way she was obviously then, demonstrated in the pictures of her. You can tell she was a bit insane by those pictures of her at the gravesite, 2 days after, and the evidence. NO DUST DISTURBED on the window sill of where the supposed intruder entered with a slashed screen but left the dust on the sill untouched, etc. Picking up the knife and then making sure to let them know as soon as possible that she had it in her hands. ALIBI ALIBI ALIBI and maybe woke from a dream to do the killing. The shadow of a man she saw was probably real. It was a demon which left after the evil deed was done sent from hell. The one boy fought back that’s how she got hurt more than likely. I bet they were Graham’s crackers. LIKE GRAHAMS ALIBI THE DAY OF THE ASSASSINATION VIA HIS WAYS ON RADIO ETC. WHICH CAN BE TAPED. HIS FRIENDS. DON”T EVER TALK BAD ABOUT EACH OTHER AS PREACHERS. HIS BOOK “JUST AS I AM” WITH HIS ALIBIS< HIS LETTER TO JFK ABOUT A POSSIBLE AFFAIR, THE TONE OF IT>ETC.

I think she should not be put to death but given lots of attention for that possession and lots of psychotherapy. I don’t think her kids would appreciate her being put to death for being possessed. IT”S A POWERFUL THING WHEN SOMEONE IS TAKEN OVER BY DEMONS AND IN THIS CASE. THEY DON”T SEE WELL FROM THEIR VANTAGE POINT.



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