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Billy Graham and the Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

A colloquial name for the order is “praying mantises“, because of the typical “prayer-like” stance, although the eggcorn “preying mantis” is sometimes used since mantises are predatory.[2] In Europe, the name “praying mantis” refers to Mantis religiosa. The closest relatives of mantises are the orders Isoptera(termites) and Blattodea (cockroaches), and these three groups together are sometimes ranked as an order rather than a superorder. They are sometimes confused with phasmids (stick/leaf insects) and other elongated insects such as grasshoppers and crickets.


The scientific name Mantodea comes from the Greek words μάντις meaning a prophet, and εἶδος for form or shape. The name was coined in 1838 by the German entomologist Hermann Burmeister. The common term mantis is also from the Greek word μάντις for prophet.[3][4]


One theory for the evolution of the species is that mantises evolved from proto-cockroaches, diverging from their common ancestors by theCretaceous period, possibly from species like Raphidiomimula burmitica, a predatory cockroach with mantis-like forelegs. Possibly the earliest known modern mantis is Regiata scutra, although more common (and confirmed) is Santanmantis, a stilt-legged genus, also from the Cretaceous. Like their close termite cousins, though, mantises did not become common and diverse until the early Tertiary period.


Praying Mantis
Ogre of The Insect World


Billy Graham praying


Billy Graham having a private contemplative moment

caught on camera, of course.

Did he know he was being photographed?

And again Billy Graham looking down and forlorn, or maybe just thinking alone?

Did he know he was being photographed?

Billy Graham looking up.

Did he know he was being photographed?

Franklin Graham praying, I think.

Did he know he was being photographed?

Hey he’s wearing his little finger now!


Franklin Graham’s profile.

Did he know he was being photographed?


Billy Graham, Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton praying,

or just all three being sullen together.

Did they know they were being photographed?

Clinton seems to be aware he is being photographed!

Ka Qing, Ka Qing!

Sorry Sarah!

Donald James Lawn

Author of

The Memoirs of John F. Kennedy: A Novel

Doesn’t he look like Bill Clinton’s clone?

bill clinton and larry king off air

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