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Jeb Bush Hanging By a Chad


The Donald Doubles down on previous comments
 Where did the 9-11 pilots get trained to fly airplanes?

They were trained In Florida when Jeb Bush was Governor of Florida. They did not come as immigrants , I don’t think. How often does one train illegal immigrants to fly airliners. I think they were educated here because of immigration policies I think they had Diplomatic immunity, more than likely which is a State Department license. The terrorists came from Saudi Arabla, not Afghanistan, armed with box cutters

SO some SAY.

No one lived to see their weapons except on those planes. We heard about it by the husband Postmaster General at the time whose ballet dancer/press wife was on a plane using her cell phone before it was shot down. She was seen in Poland later on. So she probably didn’t die. t think they were enticed to perform by the thought of hitting the White House and weren’t able to fulfill that quest and were intercepted in Pennsyvania by our air support.

Hence Donald Rumsfeld’s interesting witness.

George Bush saw God in Pope Benedict’s eyes. I think it was a reflection his own image in the popes eyeballs.

Both George Bush and HIllary made a you tube about 7th day adventists wishing them a happy anniversary mocking their prophecies. I wonder who influenced them to be so ridiculous.

Their spiritual big brother puffed by Time and the Hursts in Germany.

Strange things going on Alex Jones documented about the Bohemian Grove with David Gurgin (the Press) and others full of inference to black babies being altered.

I don’t think I have ever seen two high ranking officials in government ever stoop to that level.

Certainly didn’t do it to the faithers having faith as small as the smallest of seeds the mustard seed (spoken about parabolically and written about in the Synoptic Gospels),

which it is not, though it be small they isn’t aren’t smallest of seeds.

When the planes hit the buildings in New York President George Bush was found at that very moment n a classroom reading a book to schoolchildren and alerted as to what had occurred. Obama made reference I don’t care whose kids they are they can’t fly in Manhattan after their curfew etc at his first Press dinner making a joke of many that were there and talked about Micelle’s muscular arms saying no one has the right to bare arms as she was pictured to have had arms in her muscular arms at Benghazi etc then trying to disarm americans still in many ways with attacks on arms facilities and manufacturers, chemical sites and on the average citizen.

In 1963 when JFK was assassinated the deed was blamed on a man who worked at the Children’s School Book Depository in Dallas Texas with evidence of a rifle and spent bullets. He was called THE OSWALD by Henry Wade (Roe v wade? coincidence?) a lawyer judge at the time.

When LBJ was sworn in as President on a plane on the tarmac with a Catholic Bible by the Judge that was involved in Roe v Wade with some english guest and some jewish ones as well.

The Catholic Church was involved in the 2nd Vatican (I think it actually was the third or fourth probably some things occurred during the dark ages but under a different name. Another occurred in the 70’s changing things contained in the bible to entice other protestant leaders so as Jesus said he would fulfill every jot and tittle and also promised to curse those that change one word in Revelations)  which involved many religious zealots to prop up the Gospel of Matthew as the preeminent gospel of the gospels and the birth of Opus Dei and The Neocathecumenal Way and other secret groups in the Roman Catholic entity and in Dallas research on Bio technology and Bioethics was being discussed and employed.

1963 in Israel

The woman that drove the judge to the plane where LBJ was made President was involved in psychoanalyzing the kids involved in Sandy Hook Elementary Hoax whose sister was “assassinated” supposedly. She interviewed them for the record.

LBJ was known for dam building. The Kennedy’s received some gifts from Egypt for their part in those dams that uncovered some temples and artifacts some of which ended up in Manhattan near the Onassis apartment that overlooked the display. I think she thought she was ISIS (egyptian goddess) as in the woman and her painting of herself.

Catholics while JFK was visiting the pope and the Vatican propped him up as the Son of Man. Picture of him in a chair with priests holding up the chair. Painting of Jackie n the limousine with his head in her lap but it wasn’t in her lap as the dress demonstrated the airport. No blood on the front, or not enough blood on the front of the dress. That has to do with The Son of Man shall be betrayed and the Son of Man has no where to lay his head prophecies in the gospels. Her son salutes his casket at the funeral having to do with Salute no man by the way Biblical/gospel stuff.  She had had a miscarriage right before that trip whether purposeful or not. Might have been an abortion or an abortion/miscarraige. Anyway she was upset but well enough to proceed. They were supposedly near divorce for some reason. He got off the plane at Dallas and was limping down the stairs after a visit to Hawaii where he got tanned as spoken about by the Press humorously. Jacob in the bible had a thorn in his side after wrestling with God as if God wrestles men physically andy he prevailed/vailed the same person biblically in the OT who slept on a stone and had dreams of angels going up and down a ladder known as Jacob’s Ladder. Angels shall rise and fall on the Son of Man in the gospel told to Nathaniel by Jesus in the Gospel of John written by someone we have to assume is John (not the baptist who is beheaded already by Herod and his girlfriend.) The entourage included a man called Secret Service agent Jack Ready (hence the Get Ready America by Dep. of Defence Chuck Hagel who never question the motives of Obama a must quality for defensive type people or defensive jobs, the queen’s ring man at the Diamond Jublilee 50th or 60th anniversary) who was at the airport in Dallas Love Field seems to have had an unusual physical change in appearance and hair cut looks like Billy Graham. Jackie receives a lamb chops puppet (famous character used as a noise maker during the assassination) in her roses at the airport over the fence line with a stinger or syringe in the bouquet in order to pierce the trusted bodyguard of JFK near the fence line after she dips her head in a strange contraption that looks like a bloody baby brain that was handed over the fence line by a few people on whose dad I think is a priest at the time and gave their alibi soon after as if the y received the news in Rome as did BIlly Graham gave his alibi as being on the radio at the time with other friends that don’t tell on each other I think and was involved in Three’s Company and who has since died of cancer. Watched the Jack Ready have a conniption fit because he was seen on camera and knew it pointing to someone in the crowd or in the entourage and it was a bad mistake and his reaction was even worse. I think there were people on the roofs filming the event because of the importance of what was occurring knowing someone and something was afoot and probably had good reason and they did,

Billy Graham wrote a book called Just I am a mock of I am that I am written about int the OT when the Hebrews were led out of Egypt and in the Gospel of John with one the Jesuses giving statements about I AM the Way (weigh/scales) the Truth and the Life. I am the Vine reference to the asp on the poles in the desert during the 40 year journey of the Hebrews from Egypt when the snakes/harpies that were in the grass/sand testing and messing with them. I am the bread of Life, etc.

I am the Lord thy God

Thou shalt have not other gods before me/thee

First Commandment of the Ten Commandments.

In that book. mocking/mosquing God, he gives his alibi for the assassination and his feeling about it before hand (a cold was why he didn’t warn the President his friend about those prophetic hints) and his testimony about the visit JFK’s son had with him and with the Cuban Jesuit President looking for evidence about the death of his dad and then soon after was shot down somehow by Laser/HAARP technology??? on his way to some visit with his family with his pregnant wife and sister-in- law and a pilot in the cockpit during the time he was running for the same seat as HIllary Clinton and she won the seat while he was the publisher or creator of George Magazine because there was no one running against her. No wonder Bernie Sanders said what he said at the debates changing his stance on lives making him look like a fool.

Nothing is past some people to get their reward.

Such as hanging chads in Florida (dade county) and Al Gore lost the election by a CHAD, but won a billionaire business in Global Warming now Climate Change to shut him up about the unfairness of his loss that was first floated by the Vatican and he ran with it and made mucho dollars on premeditated microwave heating of the land and oceans of the world causing havoc on the food chain and other things and changing the system of how votes are counted using technology that can be wiped/ swiped clean as Hillary’s e-mails making elections moot except for earning thousands, millions, billions of dollars of support for nothing



During Jeb ‘s governorship a woman was taken off feeding tubes for her husband who longer wanted her around for various reasons which probably include premeditated murder of his wife by him and she lived to threaten his freedom to remarry. She was in coma. Her family wanted her to live but he was an ADAMANT STONE and she was allowed to be hospiced by those in charge and while history may repeat it also rewrites itself. I don’t recall Jeb interfering in her stead though as I said history rewrites itself.

A boy from Cuba was sent back to Cuba for the dad who was rising in ranks in their banana despotic  government of FIDEL CASTRO whose mother died trying to get him to America during the Clinton years while Jeb was Governor and Janet Reno (NERO) was in the Department of Justice .

Patriarchal shit.

During the CLINTON YEARS a place in Waco, Texas a Davidic cult was rammed and torched having to do with Adventists I think in any case some in the Reps and Dems don’t like competition. Severely paranoid of others.

And if you don’t think the elections don’t have anything to do with religion you are a fool.

Happened in Australia too with wild fires on their assembly.

SInce when do politicians send birthday wishes to a religious groups

if they don’t have any steak in it?Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 6.44.55 PM

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

It  was a mock of their mistaken interpretation of true and false prophecies which is understandable since there are false prophets in the bible but Obama said at the UN that the future must not belong to those that insult the profit/prophet of islam which is also written about in the gospels, mostly in the Synoptic Gospels.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 6.39.32 PM

Amazing what big hair can do for a figure. I wonder what would happen if she wore her hair high instead of wide how that would affect the image;)

All of these people mentioned have been deeply affected by the BGEA, except for Truman who knew he was a charlatan and was able to change the course of history at that time ending a bad actor at the time and their immoral war as bad as it was, it was bad. (Using kids and suicidal maniacs because they are the MUTHER of …Martyrs…….. said during the push of the Neocats in Roman Catholicism in Japan around Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 6.52.23 PMthe time of the nuclear tsunami because of the rise in suicides because of the test trial by the way of the neocats they wanted a delay and didn’t get one) that has affected many of us in a multitude of ways using Obama Care to cover it up and to treat some and hose others as in ho-spice the elderly and the sick and the military in a multitude of ways. I think probably because of el nino affecting others on the other side of the globe.


In our case it is a COUP d’etat. They take a while if not thwarted with better intelligence than where they have previously been receiving it: the Vatican and their allies. (a video tape for instance)

The Secret Service HQ’d in MARYland used to and probably still advice the Presidents on their talking points for each day. That’s a lot of influence.

Potus Flotus etc

The Press are involved as well.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 4.59.20 PM

I think if the militaries of America wants to survive

they better change their allegiance

because spreading the military thin is part of the tactics used to destroy

our power.

A consensus does not make policy or thought good or successful. Often times it is the opposite. It’s just peer shit.

In another post on another blogsite (Eye of the Needle, I think) I wrote about the number 1600 having to do with Furlongs and the Vatican that is mentioned in Revelation.

Fuhr long is measure of some kind.

as in Fuhrer as in ADOLF.

And the blood rising to the horses bridle in both places.

It’s a very strange prophecy and ought not to be ignored.

Destruction of possibly of both and destruction of others and might be good time to scatter

for the sake of living another day.

 The District of Columbia is possibly a mock and reference to what grows in Columbia.


and those hanging gardens of Babylon.

One air duct system one thought.

For instance:

Harry Reid Hopes Paul Ryan Becomes House Speaker

Defunding Planned Parenthood is another however a business and a service shouldn’t have to depend on Federal funding but oversight by someone to keep it honest as is done with alcohol in order to avoid nuns infiltrating the service to prop up Roman Catholicism. I think they think they are responsible because of LBJ swearing on a Catholic Bible on a plane


Some kind of Occult trickery on both sides of the issue since both sides are entrenched in the OCCULT.

I think the federal government should pay for federal funded rape and those pregnant by those in the federal government.

In my case, that was the case though we did not have Planned Parenthood then. I didn’t know his religion and perhaps they should have been responsible as well.  An RC priest was on that plane with my sister sitting right next to her of all times! Never happened before or after to any of us since then.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 [Full Chapter]

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be;
and that which is done is that which shall be done:
and there is no new thing under the sun.

It was handled appropriately by my family and me, IMO. And I believe GOD agrees with me. The proof is in the pudding’.

I think the State Department should pay for those raped or impregnated by those in their organization all over the world.


and allow the planning to the families and the victim.

I can’t remember the car ad’s ownership and will add it when I see it again but I think it is for renting a car and he gives himself a 10% raise and sits with himself in his rent a car talking about me and you. Very cute ad partially for me because of the verses in Gospels which can get to be very confusing. First person type stuff and language which can be often misconstrued. It is kind of mind boggling and I find myself getting into some weird thoughts sometimes.

It’s pretty bad socially while playing  CIV some of my humor I have with the game and myself because I have been isolated and other things. But I still have some laughs once in a while over weird stuff.

No man sees the Father but by me!

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
while I was grieving momentarily I prayed that I wanted to fuck over whoever did what was done to my dad and mom. WE TRIED TO HANDLE OUR FAMILY PROBLEMS WITH GRACE AND SOMEONES WOULDN’T LET IT GO. My ex made some noises from another room abruptly twice with a half a minute between and I thought he was barking at the dog named Zeus, the one I yelled at a few times to “Kill the dog” because he was attacking another dog of ours out of jealousy. I had a flash while in my prayer which was a bit earthy because of my words and the depth of my feelings it came to me the SUEZ as in canal. I asked if he was yelling at the dog and he was sneezing. Interesting since that canal is right in the thick of things in the middle east. I remember someone else mentioning it in our government when things really weird. Maybe he had a flash of some kind too.
My family without me had a visit to Egypt on a cruise and brought back my name on a little charm in hieroglyphics in silver and gold. The Suez uncovered some things that may have been meant to covered, more than likely like temples and those steps libya, to somewhere else in the Book of Daniel and the order of some of the attacks of terrorism and precious things that were taken/stolen during the first Egyptian coup, artifacts and, the first one when Roman Catholics who were assisting the Muslim Brotherhood. against the President (Mubarak) at the time who was defending his country and has been in a trial off and on mostly because some people didn’t like how he spent the money given to him via American tax dollars probably laundered by the Vatican which I think he used for tourism type things. While he was President of Egypt the Palestinians living in his country seemed content. SInce then they have not been content and seemed to have had caught that african bee madness that affects normal bees in a bad way making them nuts digging tunnels towards Israel and in Israel and when they hear a noise or something it makes them attack like a killer bee attacks and as has been going on in Israel lately. The people that seemed to support the Muslim Brotherhood coup had some statements such as McCain and few others in our government I guess those on the Ways and Means committees?
Mike Rogers? Lindsay Graham? Made some statements about the canals too and seemed to be afraid of some loose nuke lost in our country.
I wonder what those light beams that were witnessed emitting out of the Dome of the Rock a few years ago and whatever it was that was transported to the Dome of the Rock by Pope Benedict might be related.
I think there is something to it.
May seem far fetched but recently got a new puppy that my daughter named Arbor and the blade in my arbor of my tool to cut jump rings broke. The apparatus that I tried to invent and took to the company to have made if only I could get investors for the legal shit. They loved the invention and thought it would make money too, but couldn’t get a few in my family interested heck they wouldn’t even look at the diagram because we have our past. Alerting me about my moms hospicing NOT  two weeks before they say she died. Never sent the tape. Never gave me what was given to me by my parents. Dishonest assholes.  I might have made some good honest money. I replaced the blade and it works now. The timing is what made it interesting. They love holding me back every chance they could. They would rather make money attempting to manage-trois me.
We need to revet our differences;) which will require you having to reinvent yourselves.

If Hillary is the best the Democrats can muster,

Why have an election?

I guess we have to figure out who is going to be President. Obviously the Dem’s threw in the towel!

Biden isn’t gonna try for the presidency because he thinks time is running out.
As my ex said to me one night as my pulse went up to 140 something and I think I was near a seizure:
Mind over matter,
and then went to bed. LOL.
If I had had a gun at that moment he would have been sorry.
Or another time when I think i was actually having a seizure and said, “Water?” to me was bother moment if i had had a gun he would have been sorry.
I know one day he will be VERY SORRY.
Probably on this day:
Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 3.53.14 PM
Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 9.53.21 PM
But I don’t have a pipe
It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.
Tomorrow Hillary on C-Span dissing and hissing more than likely
Hopefully she will nail herself and some others as well.
Amazing speech by Trey Goudy and I hope he succeeds
Cummings is a schmuck attacking Goudy for doing his duty.
I want to have a copy of Trey Goudy’s opening speech.
It is so full of the symptoms of deception by the administration,
The State Department, and Hillary Clinton.
Impossible task to get to the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Both Trey and Elijah Cummings said because of the political atmosphere!
Who chose to run for President of the United States while this investigation has been stalled in every way?
Trey Goudy, Elijah Cummings, or Hillary Clinton.
Who had a head injury and couldn’t testify for a long time?
Hillary Clinton
Who is stalling?
Hillary Clinton
Who was in charge of the State Department during the Benghazi massacre?
Hillary Clinton.
I thought she wanted to take responsibility for the deaths of Americans?
I guess she lied about that.
I wonder why? The Vatican?
Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.35.00 AM
From what country and from what port did Christopher Stevens depart from on his normal getaway?
The Santa Maria, La Niña (“The Girl“), and La Pinta (“The Painted“). to get to Libya?
La Santa María de la Inmaculada Concepción
(Spanish for: The Holy Mary of the Immaculate Conception), orLa Santa María,
was the largest of the three ships used by Christopher Columbus in his first voyage.
Her master and owner was Juan de la Cosa.
The other ships of the Columbus expedition were the smaller caravel-type ships Santa Clara, remembered as LaNiña (“The Girl“), and La Pinta (“The Painted“).
The Red Cross left and so did the British embassy before the attack and the Vatican set up some mass demonstrations in other places in North Africa like the surge to America now.
This is about RELIGION and the fallacy of The GOSPEL OF MATTHEW
and it’s mustard seeds that aren’t as small
Small , smaller
What about man’s seed? sperm
What gospels besides the Gospel of Matthew said they were the smallest of seeds?
The Gospel of Mark and the Gospel of Luke.
What about the Beatitudes:
When one mourns thou shalt be comforted.
What difference does it make?
Who was the cousin of Mary: ELIZABETH whose baby leaped in her body when it met Mary and her baby in her tummy but back then they didn’t realize that sometimes that happens and it has nothing to do with babies meeting each other in utero in different bodies.
Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.50.18 AM
without fringe
The prince of this world cometh and he hath nothing in me was said Jesus in the Gospel of John:
Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.51.51 AM
Who cooked the books?
The cook, the tailor, or the candlestick maker?
Who took the books and cooked them as well and where?
Josephus Flavius son of Matthias, adopted by the Flavius family of Rome admitted he did in his writings and they hired him for propaganda purposes to reconstruct the holy books (I believe was the purpose because he had access to them having stolen them) and used him to betray the people of Jerusalem and the world and I have no idea if it was voluntary or not, kind of like federal income taxes and are not the same as tithing to the Levites priests of the Hebrews because our government are not the Levites or even Hebrew for that matter and nor are Roman Catholic Clergy and federal income taxes are supposed to be voluntary as is written in the tax code so it is kind of fitting like a glove,
The tax collector and raiser of taxes and used Santa Claus as a bribe to pass out the junk in place of living the abundant life in order that they elite would remain pre-eminent along with the Gospel of Matthew and it’s little seeds. Seminarians, etc.
Besides the seed of man being smaller there are other smaller seeds than the mustard seed in the plant world but Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels hadn’t traveled that far and didn’t know it.
You would have thought God would have told him, but He didn’t.
When thou gets old another shall gird thee, Follow me.
That is what Jesus said to Peter at the Sea of Galillee because he denied Jesus 3 times:
The synoptic gospels add up to 3.

Three is not the number of perfection:

Ménage à trois

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 10.09.35 AM
I guess the French got involved. LOL
John 3:16
Perish/Paris/Parish-Notre Dame of Paris
 the Court of the Gentiles
and the inquisition.
The Gospel of John is not without it’s problems as well: the parts that prop up the Synoptic Gospels.
It’s a conspiracy as is Benghazi.
Ambassador Chris Stevens is alive and well!
All you have to do is listen to his mom to know it.
And then watch the you tube of Benny Hinn and the young boy who I think is Chris Stevens.
He might be the stepper in the Book of Daniel.
And Egypt shall not escape: The coup in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood which was a mutual democrat and republican intervention.
This isn’t just about Hillary as Trey Goudy concluded. She is but a pawn and no one wants to believe that the video tape and demonstrations were caused by the Vatican and the Jesuits and the excuse was from the Jesuit Father Frederico Lombardi and has to do with the change in popes from Pope Joseph Ratzinger Benedict to the successor Jesuit pope :Pope France and the Court of the Gentiles an this attack on women who have had abortions to give the Catholic Church preeminence in moral authority which they don’t and started with the JFK assassination and the swearing in of LBJ on a Catholic Bible by the judge involved in  roe v wade.
Problem is abortions are not new because there is nothing new under the SUN and under the Eucharist
Read a post of mine and what they did to women basically causing the poisoning of women in the Temple using mustard seed derivatives to lick the floor of the temple (either Notre Dame of Herod’s Temple) especially to married women that were caught in affairs that got pregnant via rape or in compliance with drugs and the efforts of religious men who could not resist to enter her temple, her body, and if it was not Catholic seminarian semen or one of their mobsters it was destroyed if it was Catholic layman it might have been indulged.  It just depended on what they decided was good for the Catholic Church, ETC or the woman was sent to a nunnery and other institutions to institutionalize them the Catholic way orphanages for the kids if she died from childbirth and if tubular pregnancy occurred or a mob abortion in a warehouse or alley, just wash your hands. Often kids that survived were abused by the nuns depending on who was affording it, funding it and whatever was convenient for whomever was responsible to protect the Catholic churches ASSES and their allies and their assets and often they were used to squeeze people for money and donations thereby having moral authority of some kind to Catholicize the world they were attempting and have always attempted to rule.
Catholics only have miscarriages and annulments
not abortion and divorce.
They don’t have incest and their Fathers don’t have sex
but they are the direct descendants of the apostles.

It’s a


by a


with a



Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 12.17.17 PM

He used an axe to get in the door.

“Axe not what your country can do for you, but axe what you can do for your country.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 12.26.31 PM

4 hours or five hours ( I saw it written that way on another occasion) or 45 minutes when you measure time it’s hard to know how long he would do that

but since Peter said “a day is a thousand years as a thousand years is a day”

it might not be that important to be that exact.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 12.26.10 PM

Probably however long it takes.

Anyway it is bible scholars that say that an hour biblically is 10 years.

Since time is hard to imagine in GODLY terms I think it may be hard to imagine or quantify.

I would imagine for Hillary Clinton an hour probably feels like a thousand years at this time in the Congressional hearing

but it is necessary!

“Someone stands where he should not” in the Book of Daniel was always thought to be the Temple in Jerusalem (Ariel Sharon in the past, and many others recently at the Dome of the Rock or the Temple Mount and at Notre Dame in Jerusalem where the 3-d image was displayed of the burial clothes from Turin and other places because there are quite a few.) Could be talking about Pope Benedict XVl when he stood at the Dome of the Rock the first pope to ever go to the Dome of the Rock and with a transport of some kind that was huge, could have something to do with holding a sermon at the Garden of Gethsemane (GOG) by Pope Benedict (that was when I had that feeling about ON THE PRECIPICE which may have something to do with the hospice crisis (which I believe is very pertinent to that verse in the bible because of Iran and the hostage crisis we had with Iran years ago are connected in some kind of weigh. Not abortion as some would like to connect as a blackmail device and tool as if that gives them the right but many in the clergy and many who follow clergy are simple minded dimwits obviously and so many people are looking the other way on purpose and silent about it and it is probably gonna cause a huge upheaval of the world such a the world itself so beware of this delusion and the hoaxes involved which are many thanks to those dimwits. THEY WERE MADE AND COMPLETED i.e. BORN, because it might be you next before your time and you won’t get a pass in the door of life in the after life and I know my parents did get one because they let me know it),

“Someone stands where he should not” in the Book of Daniel could be the meaning is in place of someone else perhaps?

Anyway it occurred to me tonight (this is my latest entry in red that possibly it has to do with moral authority about others and why they do what they do.

And in that verse or what ever it is

it says

he should not 


Could be talking about O’reilly talking about barbarism and abortion. I mean really, could be talking about O’Reilly.

Could be talking about the man at Benghazi that was not Ambassador Chris Stevens or vice versa and then MIchelle,

of course.

That line that was in the Book of Daniel (let the reader understand having to do with standing where he out not stand) moved to the Gospel of Matthew recently.

I just watched Manson and some people discussing him and his reactions to their questions and lack of shame and he actually has some legitimate gripes as far as the Jews that were killed and other crimes in the past that we do regularly when we go to war for the Vatican. If you read some articles in my posts there are lots of crimes by the Vatican in the past inquisitions, tortures, burnings,  crucifixions, poisonings, wars,

it goes on and on and on.

In the Synoptic Gospels it talks about the Son of man and his last name happens to be MANSON.

Also talks about the Son of man in Ezekiel and other books of the bible in both the new and Old Testament so there is more than one Son of man.

What does that mean : Born of man pretty much sums it up.

Came from man’s seed.

In the Old Testament God tells Moses his name or identity and in the Gospel of John Jesus one of them because there are a few with differing personalities and messages says the 7 statements about I AM. The Old Testaments says that God says to Moses to tell the Hebrews: I Am That I Am. They recognize the name somehow and follow Moses out of slavery and do some growing up out in the world for a long time and receive

The Ten Commandments.

In the New testament it talks about the Son of man being betrayed into the hands (times) of men and everyone assumes that is Jesus or some of the characters (real people) written about in the books because he was betrayed and some call him the Son of man. Jesus talks about the Son of Man in different contexts in all the gospels as well, I think.

I’m not gonna check on it because that is a big task.

My brother when I discussed this subject and showed him a few articles said to me


mocking me because he liked to do that and because he is an ass sometimes and dispelling my desire to talk about it with him sometimes because he had had some experiences about religion and so did i with him like getting sick and he probably had some without me.

Me and My Wall

He liked to possess certain chairs especially a red one we had. No one in their right mind would have dared to sit in it. I had a wall I possessed when I was about 7 years old but I grew out of it. A huge black spider tried to crawl in between the wall and the bed and made it even scarier. But at about that age up to nine I used to think I cold move a statue we had the size of a figurine with my mind. It was called The Thinker made of brass and quite heavy for it’s size and it moved one day and scared the crap out of myself and ran out of the house. My brother was/is a lawyer and he didn’t like BS. He liked people to say what they gotta say kind of person which is kind of funny because he is a lawyer but that’s a different language in a way with lots of differing meanings to certain words like the word: “fifth. “We had our ups and downs as brother and sister and through many things good and bad. He fell for Al Gores crap who got his crap from the Vatican. That is where it started. I remember and so did some other shit like the hospice via Mother Teresa who has been sainted by the Vatican and the Pope. As far as him falling for AL Gores Global Warming psychosis there was global warming caused by man and by sons of man at H.A.A.R.P. located in ALASKA  and other places when they used technology that uses microwaves to cause all kinds of storms and find oil and causes earthquakes tsunamis etc and I’m sure it has progressed in other ways. There obviously are other kinds of places as well that use other technology that affect the earth and I don’t know their names. I think there is a place in the Everglades and others all over the world in retaliation for places like H.A.A.R.P.

There are different definitions of son of man. One is good and one kind isn’t necessarily good. By the way Jesus in a gospel says “why callest thou me good?” and then goes on to say essentially that no one is good but God.

A YAM is a potato. A starchy TUBER

Yam is the common name for some plant species in the genus Dioscorea (family Dioscoreaceae) that form edible tubers.

These are perennial herbaceous vines cultivated for the consumption of their starchy tubers in AfricaAsia,Latin America, the Caribbean and Oceania. There are many cultivars of yam. Although some varieties ofsweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) are also called yam in parts of the United States and Canada, sweet potato is not part of the family Dioscoreaceae but belongs in the unrelated morning glory family Convolvulaceae.

He killed and/or his followers killed a woman name Sharon Tate and her boyfriend or husband at the time and other friends. They searched for them to find them. They did not happen to be in the neighborhood I guarantee you. They were a communal group of nuts. My ex said a day later when we discussed it for a minute that it was a ranch rhetorically and that Manson supposedly ordered the murders and stayed on the ranch. I have no idea but the show said that he tied them up and the followers murdered the people. The people they killed lived in a real neighborhood in a house I assume in luxury to some degree because she was famous for her beauty, obviously.

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 3.25.18 AM

Whether he was in full charge of his faculties or was a total maniac or whether he did it or his followers did it or whether he has a conscience or not the fact remains her last name represents a potato.

TATER TOTS are made from potatoes. The man in this picture below is probably eating a steak with tater tots. In fact that kind of looks like the way my brother eats VERY close to the plate. He liked baseball. Usually watched Baseball and ate at the same time. I don’t know what is proper in that regard, but my brother sometimes had a ravenous appetite and took it seriously. His wife was/is a great cook. A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, they say, but first things first you have to be attracted and then you have to be able to tolerate each other etc. and then depending on your station in life or your desires in life: fulfill other qualities.

Tater Tots

“A tater tot is a side dish made from deep-fried, grated potatoes. They are widely recognized by their crispness, cylindrical shape, and small size. Tater Tots is a registered trademark of Ore-Ida, which has become generalized.”

I definitely think that Manson is crazy but not as crazy as some. He was responsible for some really nasty bloody murders. I don’t think he is honest about his feelings but defensive and the doctors are about as nutty as they get that interviewed him and made there opinions televised about him. He is definitely confused and you can see it in his eyes. a lot of trauma and a lot of disorder and who is to say who was possessing who? DId his followers actually possess him and use him because of his name? He got the attention he wanted and so did they but he is not incurable. He is somewhat aware and if given the right treatment and the truth he probably would have been cured by now.

I know that that is why she was killed because of her last name.

Perhaps he was possessed by a demon and so were his followers but her name represents in some capacity because of the mocking

IAM that IAM

She is beautiful and she was pregnant

in fact she was 8 1/2 months pregnant.

What about the dog food?


Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 4.15.40 AM

It is good dog food and maybe they were possessed

when they named their product.

I don’t know when MANSON became possessed but it could be because of his name.

He might have been a baby when it occurred and it might not be his fault? Possession is with some heavy duty bad spirits. Manson asked not to be released so there is something to that that he would do that. A conscience and some awareness. So many people think they are above it all and it couldn’t happen to them, but it is in the bible and I have seen and experienced some that were indoctrinated in certain ways and some that weren’t that did things they would not normally do if they knew they were doing it and why they were doing it and other adverbs. I have seen it in my own family what can happen when someone is controlling someone else. Just like what happened to the baby of a very well known man who preaches the truth as best he knows it about THE ROMAN CHURCH AND ISLAM. He was raised Catholic and his baby had some problems and that started his questioning of his religion and his investigation into what was going on in his life and in the bible and in the world because he loved his baby.



Videos of walter veith

 (I learned so much from him and his discoveries. Very enjoyable to listen to.) I did not search out God when everything was cool and when nothing could rain on my parade kind of living. I searched for the truth because I suffered not what they suffered but I did suffer and it led me to investigate and I incrementally followed my heart out of curiosity and because I lost some people I loved dearly before and in the process of searching who I believe were killed for their faith and because they believed in God and because of their name by those that sold us down the river for money, fame, and an easy living telling lies and teaching lies:

PRIESTS and because many of them are deceived.

Because of Jealousy and other human crap that all of us are guilty of at some time or another.

There are so many people that because they are in the occult do not want the truth out because they are afraid of the truth and afraid what might happen to them if they tell the truth because of bad people possessed who might hurt them for challenging evil and because evil sells souls so they sold out the truth when it came to MANSON and a VERY PREGNANT WOMAN WHO WAS FAMOUS, BEAUTIFUL AND FROM WHAT I COULD TELL VERY NICE AND VERY DESIRABLE HUMAN BEING AND HER FRIENDS AND THE MAN THAT SHE LOVED AND MILLIONS AS IN SIX MILLION JEWS OF OTHERS IN WW2

The Holocaust in Russia








Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 3.02.51 PM


In the Book of Exodus God used a man named Moses who murdered a man. He murdered a man because he was beating a slave. I don’t know how he felt about what he had done but he left the area for safety possibly because there were witnesses? Didn’t say in the bible that I know of but they were looking for him. He was in the Royal family after being sailed in a basket down the river as a baby to a woman who adopted him into the Royal Family because they were killing babies under age of 3 years or so especially jewish ones or hebrew ones and and I think the mother sent it that way down the River Nile because she knew this woman somehow, or they had a deal, she couldn’t have kids of her own, maybe to nab a husband, possibly black mail and was caught in the act, for money, or could be she thought Moses was cute and had expressed it once to Moseses mom. There are all sorts of reasons someone might adopt someone else’s baby: some good reasons and some not good reasons, but it happens and it doesn’t really elaborate on why the woman in the Royal Family did what she did. But the reason for the deaths of kids around and under the age of 3 was IMO

 because of prophecy.

Infanticide happened also in Jesus time because of prophecy.

Names are pretty important so much so that even RC Pope Benedict XVl was VERY interested in people names because some of them have meaning by heritage or just by artistic liberty as often African names are or by characteristics, etc.

In Genesis God creates man and woman one from dust and one from a rib.

Adam And Eve.

Could be he created man from dirt and back then they thought dust was dirt. Does anyone know how to create dirt the kind you grow plants and trees in and the kind you walk on and often people grow in dirt too because they have no choice and they learn. Perhaps it was dust from the floor of HIS temple.

He did not need a man’s seed to do it. But in the Gospel of Matthew he uses Mary a perpetual virgin (Just kidding. I have no idea if she was a perpetual virgin) to create Jesus and it does not say whether or not it was with man’s seed.

Via angels and via dreams and some form of communication Mary gets to have Jesus as her baby. God either asked permission and she accepted the proposal …their deal and/or if it was not above board a dishonest deal then he schmoozed/seduced her with man’s seed and impregnated her to fulfill prophecy using modern day technology or he raped her in her sleep and deceived her with dreams.

It’s one way (it happened as stated in the gospel of Matthew) or the other (She was tricked or she was tricking the public) or neither (it didn’t happen) in the Gospel of Matthew.

Man was not made by a bubble. Nor were the creatures we see in the world or the structures we see that even we build or the landscape we enjoy. I know Donald Trump did not build his buildings using bubble technology and I’m not saying he is in the bible or is god but merely a man who achieved somehow some success. Lucky for him.

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 5.02.58 AM

Creation came from an idea like many inventions man makes more than likely with the help of God if it is good. Often inventions are both depending on the possibilities. Creation is artistic to be sure. Many think because of the age using carbon technology that they can determine age which I think is fantasy but there are traces of evidence of monkeys turning into man yet there are still monkeys. So either they landed late in the game or that is not how we were created. I do think it is possible God experimented like a scientist but the bible says he thought creation and it takes thought to create. It takes time but he did it in a day to a week. Perhaps he did it in a black hole or in a vacuum where there is no time or in another part of the universe and transported the whole thing somehow.

I cannot explain God Himself but lets say He was a survivor of a different time who knows, I don’t,

but in the OT He says I AM THAT I AM meaning He is alive and well and has the power to do things man can’t yet do.

Pharaohs and Kings and people like that often thought they were gods because of their powers that they had learned or were gifted via heritage, inheritance, practice, science, etc

Manson probably thinks he is a god. I think my brother thought he was a god. LOL. He was born with a huge head and I’m not talking about his penis though I don’t know he was not a show off except with his brain power but he lacked common sense like not filling up his car with gas before it ran out of gas, stupid stuff like that and not just once. I think that he did that because he threw a bottle in the air and stood under it when he was kid. It was bound to have affected his mind afterwards and before or he wouldn’t have done it. That’s pretty stupid. He tried to sell me to Jack -in -the-Box a few times when we were together but when he was a dad he had the wherewithal somehow or another to prevent his son from diving from the roof to their pool. He had been sunbathing up there on the roof. I know the sun can make people drunk because I have encountered it when sunbathing. A lot of men think they are gods and so do women. We often get kind of narcissistic and think we are more than we are, including myself. Can you believe it?

It might have taken eons to do what God did but a thousand years is a day and a day is a thousand years so I don’t think it really matters how long it took to create and I think God is still doing it and some of what He created took on a life of it’s own as often things do even bad things take on a life of it’s own. Doesn’t make it good because it lives, doesn’t make it right because it continues, doesn’t make it what many would like to call life.

Because something lives does not make it good, holy, innocent, godly or …….

Germs live and they can be good and they can be bad and they can be both good and bad.

Below is a sight on the internet that is faith based about life in their opinion and their logic though they still won’t admit that the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seeds even when shown the evidence. They still believe Jesus cursed a fig tree the one that his Father used the leaves to cover Adam and Eve when he kicked them out of the Garden of Eden because of some things they did and how they reacted to what they did and none of them live in that Garden so far that we know of so they are a bit illogical and unyielding to logic and truth. They don’t think truth is that important even though it is important but they think they own it and they don’t. They are against abortion but they don’t mind killing jews for their faith or killing africans for an ebola cure or killing babies to divert prophecy to have it their way or for that matter to kill Jesus or to build on the temple mount an abomination and they protect it’s right to stand where it should not or to allow a false Jesus to stand in place of the real one that spoke about truth.

They used to have faith that moles were from the devil and killed the babies born with moles, defects, or things they imagined were from sin or they killed people for swimming because they thought they were witches when in fact they had learned to float and move in water, they thought the earth was flat thereby using it as an excuse to dispose of peoples that crowded them when all they needed to do was build a boat and float it out to sea to find more land or space technology to go to other planets or inventions to go in the oceans and the seas to live or kill those that were not productive or enslave some and many other things and it took them eons to admit it and some they still deny vehemently or look the other way: such as hospices based on faith tactics making them stoically stupid to CATHOLICIZE THE WORLD killing our parents and eventually us when we reach a ripe old age or when we aren’t desirable for one reason or another and because they have some knowledge that some don’t want you to have so they can live off you like a leech.

Faith-Based Pro-Life Thought

Here is a tactic of faith:

I Saw What You Did 

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 6.07.13 AM

She also reminds me of my mom. The brains and the wit. Twern’t no fool aspect of my mom.

Jesus said in the Gospel of John to Nathaniel: I saw you under the fig tree.  Nathaniel followed him and jesus said “you believe me because i saw you? then Jesus said, Greater things than these thou shall see “angels shall rise and fall on the son of man.”

Perhaps Manson is one of those sons of man who got messed up by deception and those that don’t want the truth. It was an interesting show and worth watching but there is lots of deception in the show.

Jesus healed some lunatics either because he had the power and/or he knew what was in them and was their leader in the spiritual world, hence the exorcists in Roman Cathlicism. Someone or something rules them. Like I said there is more than one Jesus written about in the bible IMO.

No mention of a fig tree for the rest of that book but in the Synoptic Gospels the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, and Luke which are similar in many ways and why they are called Synoptic and because they don’t know who inspirited or wrote them but the books were named regardless. Often the excuse is “it’s the Q source.” meaning they don’t know or they don’t want you to know. There is a lot of information in them when compared a very instructive and helpful. Like germs. Many vaccines and cures came from germs and Germans, Russians, and Jews and if you would allow Africans and females opportunities they might cure you in the future or find another world to live in happily or they may find the fountain of youth.

In those gospels Jesus of this gospels curses a fig tree. All three accounts are not consistent in details or facts in many ways and by quite a margin of error if you compare them. The fig tree dies and amazes the followers he is schmoozing and seducing and they fall for it.

In those days they had tunnels and even an city underground written about in some other history books that are esteemed and studied often where people lived, traded, bartered and there were even some people that lived in caves and caverns some who had diseases or were outcasts. They had tunnels then that were used by spies as in Rome and middle easterners as in Islam and to assassinate etc Some people were afraid of getting stabbed in the streets (Sicari sounds italian to me) because of the turmoil a few times in the areas that were important. They were occupied a few times or more by their enemies so they definitely had an underground system in Jerusalem because it is in bible and because of prophecy was coveted by lots of peoples for different reasons. If you read the book called Salt which is hard but I had to read it to my kid in school it enlightens the reader about the commodity of salt and it was precious stuff back then especially because it preserved food such as meat. We didn’t read the whole thing but it was interesting in some parts.

Anyway I think Nathaniel was a follower of the Synoptic Jesus or one of the Jesuses written about and may have either assisted in the poisoning of the fig tree to help schmooze and seduce those people using a mustard seed derivative which can make poison or a root killer such as we have today for trees that we don’t want in our yards, and mustard gas probably sarin gas and probably led to some pretty nasty weapons, etc.

I think there may have been a trade war between the Dates of Lebanon and the Figs of Israel. the meat in them is used for trips and long journeys and especially for the religion of ISLAM that eats them after their diets and religious fasts, etc.

Rome was occupying Jerusalem at the time and they were not kind to the people. So it is possible it was good thing for their rebellion to poison the fig tree hoping to move a mountain meaning Rome to another place and out of Jerusalem for the time being. I don’t know but the temple obviously wasn’t a good one then and they were persecuting people hence the veil was torn “from twain to twain” (as in Mark Twain i think a time sign or hint) or something like that when Jesus of the Gospel of John was crucified and water came out of his body when he was pierced to make sure he was dead beyond a reasonable doubt which I think may have to do with piercing his liver and may have to do with his baptism which he suffered to do and for some reason it was a suffrage as in women’s suffrage and because they were afraid of Jesus.

 History of Woman’s Suffrage

I’m sure there are plenty of other great sites and books about it but most women realize the suffrage at one time or another and truthful women make a difference in that regard, I think those that aren’t indulged out of an obligation to lie for their faith (some are forced to lie a suffrage of faith) or those that admit their suffrage hence the liver controversy at Planned Parenthood made famous on Fox News for the RCC to debilitate  women and the female from her own body, her temple and to degrade her body for entertainment and for power over the female body, her future, her career, and her self image to degrade for entertainment and to be able to determine her destiny for herself instead of allowing her to determine her own destiny using every tactical and deceptive means that were possible to shame her, to ridicule her, to keep her barefoot and pregnant and a merely a toy to be thrown away when messed up from all of the above using the one thing that a man can’t do naturally using faith to fool her when in actuality they used to do much worse to both mom and child and fetus and degrade the child because they don’t really give a shit, IT’s Politics. If they did give a shit woman would have great jobs to bring up their children that they decide to keep and would not be hindered from improving herself and those stoically stupid would not fool the faithful making them think that their morality is higher quality than those that believe in God and those that believe the Jesus who spoke about the truth so help me God.

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 7.37.38 AM

Look ma…. No veins!

Not only that ma my bag is made of saran. Not really saran, but it is fakery.

This is disgusting. Using fakery to fool the faithful. And I can tell it is fakery because of the creases. I’m an artist of portraits of tots and people and so was my mom.

And the same faithful who condemn those that have had abortions prefer this:

Barefoot migrants

 as if they care about families and the decisions they are forced to make.

This is computer rendered and I used Poser way back when I was in to computer art.

Jesus said he created everything that was made.

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 7.57.11 AM

This is batter and you are not supposed to eat it because of the eggs in it that might make you sick because it is not cooked all the way and the cake is not made yet. It also doesn’t have veins.

This is a cake that is edible:

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 8.01.57 AM

Obviously Jesus was not talking about cake or batter but the difference between the two is what I’m trying to demonstrate and it is not fakery.

I understand the passion but if you have to resort to lies to win an election or sway the faithful you don’t deserve to even discuss the issue and should shut up about it. That is how important it is to those that have had abortions, might eventually have one out of need or in the future to save your beloved daughter’s life, for those that have daughters who might get raped or fooled, for your beautiful new wife who might need one because she has tubular pregnancy and it will kill her, for your mother who might need one in order to continue to be your mother and not have to be raised by a wicked step mom which sometimes they are as in fairy tales. Truth is stranger than fiction. There are all kinds of reasons and a big one: to avoid being raised catholic in a monastery or a nunnery with some real messed up bitches or they wouldn’t be there who have been hood winked. And last but not least because it is my temple and I can grow what I want in it when I want to grow it so that it is successfully made and can survive this really wicked world and I have the wherewithal to make those decisions because God Made Me That Way.

If you want to stand on the highest moral ground you offer a woman or girl everything possible to make her succeed and eventually be a good mom for the next generation.

The pill and other types of birth control, some rules even if she breaks them without beheading or stoning her and making a more of a child of  hell with occult practices, offering education, abortion, the right of transportation, protection, opportunity, truthful pictures of  sonograms so she can make an educated decision based on her maturity and her own conscience which is learned, psychiatrists who cares about females, rehabilitation afterwards, other options, so that she can contribute to mankind and the future of mankind with a healthy mind and body, and self respect and most of all the truth

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 7.50.59 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 6.13.44 PM


and make men happy doing it and maybe down the road a ways we might not need abortions.

paul simon I know what I know

Found this article on the net by the Got questions people and thought it might help but I won’t attest to everything that is written in it but Jesus said something like that He was the door, the entry way and the exit, the gate, the place where his sheep travel and are comin’ and a goin’.

Question: “What did Jesus mean when He said ‘I am the door’ (John 10:7)?”

Rome and it’s offshoots for the most part are not doing that work to bring truth (there are always exceptions Thank God;) but those mentioned have not done that. The clergy are self-ingratiating to stay in power and obviously have failed miserably to do what is morally fair for females and the populate as a whole and deserve to not continue.

They need an abortion. Start over and do it the right way.

God does not throw souls away or sell them. He restores them, and he makes them, and he does not waste them so that ought to make you feel better about my abortion. He puts that soul somewhere else where it is able to survive and is desired.

He has foreknowledge! He is not stupid. So if someone has an abortion he knows they will and he does something about it so that the fetus does not feel it though it may react but so does a sponge. This I believe unless He doesn’t care!

If abortion is murder then miscarriage is manslaughter and all deaths of infants are negligence by parents, state, or government responsible and should be treated that way proportionately in a court of law and able to be pursued with lawsuits if migration and immigration, bad economy, austerity, wars have any share of the blame for the deaths of infants and that could be a nightmare for the legal system and insurance business, the economy, jails, and prisons, state and national debt putting everyone at risk of lawsuits.

“I am” in John’s Gospel

Now lets work on the hospice situation and quit using abortion to ignore the real debate and the real crime that is being committed for money, to disconnect us from our past knowledge and our families and their knowledge, their experience, and their love which is how knowledge is builtScreen Shot 2015-10-24 at 6.38.46 PM

 and for punishment of those that don’t want to be Catholicized or Islamicized by a bunch of assholes wannabes because of the coup occurring around the world and in our country to return to the saying 

SILENCE IS GOLDEN to protect their empires and their own HYDES even though SILENCE is not GOLDEN unless you are watching a really good movie or reading a really good book or on the phone or making babies in a crowded home, etc

My last name growing up is Root. I’m proud of it because of those people I love and those people that they love and we were not golden nor perfect by any means but we did try (not to be perfect) and sometimes we failed for various reasons but we should not stop trying. As my niece said “we are a work in progress.” She was talking about her dad specifically.

I still haven’t finished any of my jewelry projects. I start them and really work hard on them but I never seem to finish them so far. I’m still learning how.

I was intimidated and so were others in my family, and everyone in our families by things we did not understand and misunderstanding each other and I’m sure it is that way in the world for most people.

The picture in another post of a tot inside a plastic bag looks my daughters as tots (Tater tots) and looks like my niece when she was a tot who was beautiful and her and her family were attacked by evil but our children did not use pacifiers. Who in their right mind would put a tot in a plastic bag with a hole in it?


Personal note: INCEST

I’ll tell you a feeling I had years later when my sister was caring for my dad in the hospital before he aspirated he watched her every move and he couldn’t talk at the time and I felt at the time he was depending on her so much that he would not take his eyes off of her and thought it was nice and then later when I learned some things that happened later I reaccessed that memory. And because of how my sister’s were indoctrinated and by what or whom I realized it wasn’t innocent. Maybe on her part but something inside me makes me think it was something inside her maybe controlling her. It was like he didn’t trust her. He was drugged, sick and SUPER weak and he would not close his eyes and couldn’t talk at the time or take his eyes off her every where she moved in that room. It was weird. When I had my huge operation she was gonna take care of my kids….promised to do it and then instead had to go home and do laundry. When she was caring for my dad she went home the day of he was gonna go home and someone gave him a pill that he aspirated on supposedly while she went to their residence at the ARC to clean it up for his homecoming. That’s what she said. Now I don’t know who gave the pill to my dad or when. We were so excited about him getting well and that he was going home that day to be with mom. I flew in from Dallas to San Antonio after I got the call and that is when I saw the dove in the yard under his window dying so I moved it to the shade or the sunshine. I’m not sure which because i was distraught before I went to see him though he was unconscious. Anyway then she tried to hospice my mom with her 2nd husbands direction (his 3rd marriage, one died and still receiving my sisters divorce settlement for 2 more years which is hefty) recently and was denied after some controversy because she told me it was free with medicaid and medicare and would not include a doctors care. So I looked up the traveling doctors service and said she could still have doctors care and she poo-pooed the idea because it cost money. She held on to $35,000 in her savings of my mother’s money until my mom died from my mom’s estate as if that made it right or honorable or kosher or honest. I didn’t get $35,000. she had sent email of her putting some flags on my dad’s grave and a few pic of my mom with junk jewelry on that a 2 year old would wear and so I wrote to family members that she was mocking in so many words. And then they bought a shepherd’s hook that The Arc suggested for the hummingbird feeder outsider her windows that my sister bought out of that $35,000 or perhaps out of her own wallet with blinds and which is blinding and in one of those pictures talked about my mom seeing clearer now. Her eyes were closed in that pic with a very sad look on her face.

She had a huge diamond ring that all of us contributed to for a surprise I don’t know which sister got it. Previously, I borrowed 6 thousand for a car that I needed and did not pay back as I should have. My older sister borrowed money for huge 2nd wedding for their daughter with all the socialites you can imagine from Dallas and it took them a while to pay back. Then my older sister said they hospiced my mom two weeks before she died in their time. The one with the brother-in-law in charge of her estate. There was controversy between the hospital, the hospice people, and the retirement center and somehow they couldn’t agree about my mom and she died. Somebody held up good medical attention and blamed it on COPD and she never smoked. My older sister said she knew she didn’t want to live like that yet my mom told me she wanted to live to 105 to outlive her grandmother, my great-grandmother WHITE.) That is what my older sister told me after she died and she said she loved me. Didn’t warn me they were hospicing her which is insidious and didn’t invite me to the funeral (IS THAT LOVE?) or the other events and I had been previously ousted from my little sister’s home near by the hospital and the residence so I couldn’t stay nearby. But as you encounter things you  don’t realize things that help you to understand that takes time to unfold and so I wasn’t prepared for the many deceptions I have had to cope with.

My sister stole a painting (didn’t ask for it that I know of and I asked for it back and never heard back about it that I painted for my mom that took me months to paint on porcelain and hung it in her entryway) and removed all pictures of me in her home that I could tell. I suffer from supposed COPD and need good care. There are so many things that happened to get me there including poison. (Almonds or poisonous walnuts listeria and admitted later her recipe was with walnuts even though she told me that her dip was made with almonds? inside jab around the time of the listeria outbreak in walnuts and I got really sick but was diagnosed with COPD for a reason.) Why lie about it if it weren’t premeditated. She told me in a conversation near that time that she had thrown away all the pictures of my parents friends that they had collected and is that okay? She and my sister were the ones making decisions about the stuff in the warehouse of my parents things deciding what to do with their things and their memorabilia. Not sure of her intentions but it occurs to me now either she was protecting the friends or hiding who they were for other reasons (especially since that general, his daughter, and son were in those pictures. Sort of a Helter Skelter decision without telling the older sister for some reason kind of thing or she was under a spell of some kind. Said she didn’t want to deal with the pictures she threw them away before she asked and then asked if that was okay. Leaving no evidence behind. I wash;t into pictures photo of people other than than my parents or family a few friends but didn’t occur to me she might be un-tanning a rat. Protecting the guilty. Covering something up. I was just reacting to her whims without any choice not knowing her reason or her intent, trusting in her love for my parents. I don’t think she was in control at all or the things she was doing and had any idea why. She never thought much about much. She just wasn’t all there. HEnce, Praising the Lord when she found her cell phone like Fox news anchor woman with the pretty cat eyes in regards to a news story about a parade ambush about the people being in our prayers. saying “they’ll be in our prayers.” RIght. Like a greeting without any thought and just BS. Things people say and that they don’t really mean it’s just a formality of some kind without any meaning. She was the same lady that when I said how pretty eyes she had out loud in my living room she said to the camera I was waiting for you to say that. That’s nuts for ya and it is not me, it’s them. She had found a letter she told me about in their things which was probably planted by my brother in law and his wife – a letter from my brother to my dad about her lack of brain power and felt hurt by my dad even though it was not from him. Could be she was lying. I have no idea i never saw it.) When she lived with me she took my recipes to organize them and put them on computer and I never saw them again. She was kind of scattered. I probably would not have gone to the funeral because of the controversy in our family about me and him and all the shit in-between because it was that bad. My daughter went to honor my mom and my relatives told her that they weren’t mad at me for not coming. LOL Crazy shit.

The daughter of the incestious shit married another White and wears an ankh tattooed on her shoulder/arm. She thought my mom looked peaceful without air when she was having trouble breathing and she is a nurse at least that is what was told to me in an e-mail. She didn’t want my sister to reset the oxygen tube to her nose because she had a habit of taking it off in her sleep. She didn’t want to help with the eye liquid to help my mom’s eye infection because she had a bunch of kids with her in the room that she I c guess was having problems controlling in the hospital room. I thought that wasn’t allowed and she thought that the nurse in charge should do it even though it was her grandmother lying there but she did insist that the nurse do her job which she should have without insistence since she it was her job. She is probably a victim of incest but has been mind vacuumed and fucked with when she went to see a psychiatrist, I think. Gary didn’t think she needed a psychiatrist for a long time, but needed her space. She shaved her head in Highschool, put a tattoo on the crack of her butt that pointed to it, cut herself purposefully tp bleed, and the school she went to, a very prominent private school, had rumors afloat of a dad abusing their daughter that my older sister told me about.

He gave his daughter a jealousy lesson in the hot tub in the back yard (that’s what he said it was) one night when my mom was visiting them from out of town when I went to visit her at their home because of the 3rd child that was about to be born. She was 2 or 3 years old. She married early and witnessed from Brooklyn from the top of a building the towers being attacked on 9-11 in Manhattan. Was beaten up by her boyfriend at the time in New York and moved to a safer place far away and got married ASAP and had bunch of beautiful kids. But she is not well even if she thinks she is and married a kind of funny guy with may tattoos and he liked those big holes in the nose and ears. His name was LEVI, but they matched and were happy. She used to keep all her art work and papers on the floor and it covered just about every inch on her floor (just like the daughter who filled every inch of her paper with her crayon artwork with her mom from Newtown) in her bedroom when she lived at home as a teenager. Her alarm to wake her when she least expected it.

The incestuous shit’s sister changed her name from Elizabeth to Jessica when she was quite young.

He danced naked for his college frat on a table and my sister showed the pic to my cousin who told me about it….when I was sick

so she was definitely proud of him and it. The dick that she had to have surgery to make herself bigger to enjoy sex she she had a baby and a boob job and face lift and nose job to feel good enough.

Now does that sound innocent having a jealousy talk with a 2 or 3 year old daughter alone in a jacuzzi at night in the backyard? Was it O’REILLY necessary?

He had been drinking beer probably on all accounts. It was a bad habit and was an ingredient for much of the mess we had to deal with.

In fact, she got his attention when she noticed him the first time by dumping beer on his head in a stable or barn party so that he would remember her and he did.

When he molested me in my sleep he did it when my sister his wife slept a foot away from me. We had been to a wine tasting party having to do with their business their Cheese Shop.  I was about 18 years of age. My mom wanted to know why I didn’t scream: Because I loved my sister but I did kick his hands off me when I realized I wasn’t dreaming. It took me a time that I cannot evaluate except i had to figure it out when it was right and he slithered away on the floor the same way I imagine that he came into the room where we slept. I really had a right to sue them then. She had asked me to stay so I would not drive home and made him and their male employee a young boy about 16 to sleep in the bedroom with the bathroom in their one bedroom apartment and the girls slept on the hideaway bed of their couch in the living room to keep it kosher and safe and so we wouldn’t drive intoxicated home from their business party and I guess i slept on the wrong side of the bed. The next morning we went to breakfast and i was still trying to figure out what the hell happened. He acted like nothing happened. I was still in shock. I will never forget it. It was surreal. I went to see a friend who didn’t understand and he could have cared less. I cried on the side of my house. I started to have panic attacks which grew into an extreme reactions and physical manifestations: Urticaria. Very big and painful hives.

The kind of hives that can grow to be the size of a football and hurt to the very bone. Very deep and long lasting pain.

 Got on Allegra for a while and eventually Effexor which takes care of both panic attacks and allergies.  I overdosed on the pills when I went to see my sister at the office to tell her about the butt grab. It was an accidental overdose. The kind that you use to get off of effexor in stages is what i used and I forgot how much I took. I did go to the hospital for that. I had eaten a dorito around that time that I think had glass in it. I had been knocked over by my ex for slapping his face for not believing me that I was being followed by investigators even at the school I attended trying to improve my circumstances and he didn’t like that. He was afraid I might outdo him in real-estate. The ex accused me of being paranoid and I was paranoid but I was being followed I know because of how the teacher treated me trying to hug me and it seemed like it was for a picture. It didn’t seem natural since we didn’t know each other and it was from afar distance meaning it was unnatural and for no reason, just out of the blue. The ex said I knocked him hard but his glasses fell down to the ground and not across the garage as he remembers. He was into wrestling as kid so when he came at me i was flattened on my back with a fist in my face though he didn’t quite hit me. I licked envelopes for the last job I did for them, (about 2000 of them a fulfillment advertising extra job). I think he may have poisoned me to shut me up but it is not provable because I didn’t know I would get sick. So I’m not sure what made me sick. All of the above. The ex said it was from the fall i had at the wedding when I stepped on my skirt that I didn’t hem because of the time and the hemline of the skirt while dancing with my brother and it was not a hard fall and we were laughing: it was a slip on a very soft skirt full length almost like a hoop skirt that full. I think I bought it the night before.  But my sickness happened a long time after the wedding and  after that garage scene that I looked like I was exploding and was pregnant by about 7 months so that even the crossing guard said “I didn’t know you were pregnant” when I walked to school to pick up my kids from school. I ended up at the doctor who got me on antibiotics then went to the ER at the hospital and they took me off the antibiotics and they misdiagnosed me and sent me home and then I went the next day after throwing up and a high temperature and feeling deathly ill and was taken care of by some good doctors.

There is so much more and that is what my sister did to me in retaliation besides trying to make me look like I was being hugged by my brother in law innocently by both of us while she dreamt of kissing him on a bridge and telling her dream to her younger sister his wife. The brother-in law that saved her son’s life from drowning at their pool when he was 3 years of age when she was trying to take a bad picture of me and him hugging and she didn’t even remember that he did save her son’s life after his granddaughter died on her third birthday party from drowning. I had to remind her that he had saved her son’s life because she was in touch with him during his separation from my little sister. I didn’t think I had the right to be in touch with him nor was I with her husband when they separated. I stuck with her. So I told her because I thought he probably was distraught to remind him which might help him in some way what he had done for her and she called him to console him with the information she had forgotten about her own son. I don’t know if it helped but I realized something is weird about this. She also stayed in touch with my ex but we weren’t able to separate during our divorce because of lack of money and because my younger sister who stayed with me for 2 years during her separation and divorce  in my daughters bedroom and many drunk nights didn’t want to ruin her new marriage by me staying with her. I learned I didn’t want to stay with them when her husband said don’t bring friends and I thought wow he has a room in the garage where the cars are stored. What if? So I chose not to visit just in case he had something planned. Not often do men make stipulations about a kid bringing a friend for a visit and that is what he was doing about my kids around the time that hospicing was being discussed and I didn’t know what they meant by hospicing until some conversations later and it meant basically hosting death. (Just bring your own kids not anyone else kind of stuff for a visit. It occurred in my little paranoid mind (eye) since the guest room was in the garage that it would be so easy to poison my family with CO. OOOH yea. ) Money was riding on that decision. She has two more years of divorce settlement to swindle and he knows how to rattle her chains. I wonder what he will do then to her being the third wife, one has already died etc. He did not put one dollar of his own into buying the home they live in. So I warned her in an e-mail and she called me Satan and the Devil. When we got stoned without him on a family visit from a joint she got from a friend basically a nub of a joint that was left over after they had smoked it the night before we dropped my brother off at his son’s town and on the way drove on a road called Purgatory and we kind of mused about it. That was the second to last visit but that joint helped us to get along because we didn’t get along otherwise. That was when my other sister wanted to watch that movie and they set me up on the dining room floor to sleep on their blow up bed because my brother was sick in a wheel chair etc though he wasn’t at all sick when we met him at the airport and walked like he always had. Before that my sister knew that i needed a certain kind of arrangement for my safety and peace of mind while I slept with family around and I guess she forgot. After the molestation my sister often asked me to spend the night and I don’t remember doing it but a few times but ever so watchful because it wasn’t worth it. The reason I had to tell on him was a visit with my family in San Antonio a few years after i was married and he started his look and wanted to carry me to the car for my cigarettes because it was raining or wet outside and I was barefoot in the house and I declined and came up behind me anyway while I leaned into the car so I couldn’t sleep all night because he was possessed and i left in the middle of the morning without telling anyone because I wanted some sleep, I was tired and it upset them that I left so early without a word. A girl needs her sleep. I didn’t want to deal with it then or anytime but I had to when they asked and they asked. She used her best friend growing up as her messenger THE GENERAL’S DAUGHTER and she called me and asked. So I told her and I was upset and she advised me what to do and I chose the better of the two to tell it to and it kind of ballooned from there.

It took on a life of it’s own and was out of my control. LOL

A Schizophrenic named Johnny

The best friend’s dad had a funny habit which got to be a joke of walking in on the Roots when we were on the toilet because we had a habit of keeping our bathroom doors unlocked even when having parties. We just didn’t think about it especially the Root kids but he would do it like: “AHA, I Caught ya!” when he opened the door wide and it became a joke partially because of how he did it. It was weird and it was kind of funny and obviously happened a few times and had been discussed in passing and sort of a muse. I don’t know how many stars he had but it was impressive. He was an MIA in the Congo for a while and I don’t know the details. He lived through it somehow but it was in the news and was a concern at the time. He had some kids besides my sister’s best friend and one was a Schizophrenic named Johnny who imagined during his episodes with Vincent Bugliosi who wrote the book called Helter Skelter before they got a handle on it that he was Jesus. Nice kid though I did not know him well because they were not my best friend’s family but my sister’s best friend’s family. When on a mutual trip as kids in Europe my sister almost drowned  with her friend in the ocean when their raft went out via a current too far and they were saved by another boat that happened upon them. They lived in one country while we lived in another country in Europe at the same time so they visited each other during that time as well.  General Rattan was not a Gummerson who took some privileges he should not have when I was only a kid when my dad was away (probably trying to find the Parthenon and distinguish the differences between it and what ever he had already seen during his trip that he took without us when we camped without him for a while in our trip around some of the countries in Europe. We did both with and without him but that was the plan that my dad made for us and for him because he was in charge of his family at the time) or we would not have thought it was so funny him walking in on us when on the toilet and figured out his scheme.

When I had to kick her out of my home it was not the first time but this time she had my mom in her care. The reason was because while driving home from a family gathering where she was drunk she started slapping my head from the back of the car while I drove my mom in the front passenger side with my kids in the back so much so I could barely keep my head up high enough to see over the dashboard luckily we were close to home. It was a family argument that went amuck and she was drunk. So I was pissed off and she was livid when we got home and she was breathing fire and brimstone at me and it wasn’t dissipating quick enough to my satisfaction which is why I made her leave which made my mom have to leave since she brought her. It reminded me of Mel Gibson on his horse before his army in Brave Heart right before they attacked the English. It was late and I’m sure that has something to do with it and some of the things she did later. She was going through a really horrible divorce with very few allies. She didn’t always show what she was really feeling hiding things like sadness and shock inside her and expressed it using booze and partying to cover it up. Her family turned on her and her future ex was totally innocent. He had the company in his name, what do you expect. It was his second marriage and her first marriage and she didn’t know any better and he was prepared. He took advantage of her naiveté and so did the hangers while they could. In essence he had her up against the wall like red-necked mother fucker even though he was better than that. He still did it and so did the lawyers, their family, their friends and acquaintances and I didn’t understand the depth of her despair because she hid it. I knew she was in trouble i just didn’t realize how bad it was. It wasn’t easy living together in my home at the time but I had a family and my own problems, too. She said when I was on the phone trying to listen to to what was being said on the phone and she talking at me flip-flopping by in her sandals being very busy, “Can’t you multitask?” I guess she wanted to know where the laundry room was located, something trivial at that very moment while I was on the phone. LOL. So we did some bickering here and there. The first time she I kicked her out of my apartment at the time was she was drunk again. She never drank when she lived with mom and dad growing up except once that I remember when I found she had gotten into some vodka with her neighbor friend. She was about 13 years of age, the neighbor whose dad took some privileges with her she said as he picked her up over the fence between our houses and I guess he touched her in the wrong place. That was near the time another little girl was either raped or attempted rape at the age of about 12 -13 years of age in the woods near the elementary school across from our house. She was undressed and I don’t know any more of the details but she was one her way somewhere to a friends house and got waylaid. Very pretty blond girl. I don’t remember her name. She was friend of my little sister at that time. Don’t know who did it and we didn’t see her again after that. My youngest sister started to drink beer in college. When the brother in law my ex’s oldest brother lived with us before I knew he had been stealing from us although he lied his ass off about stupid stuff and probably more than we even suspected and a loser  but needed friends. My sister was kind of needing friends and I thought they might have fun together as friends. Have someone to go places with in the meanwhile. He took it too far and came home with her to sleep with her and I thought I wasn’t gonna let him take advantage of her drunkenness. So I made her leave and it upset her. I think she was crying in the parking lot looking for her car. And then he was kicked soon after that. My other brother-in-law of my ex his brother thought I was ridiculous for protecting my sister because she was old enough to take care of herself. She may have been old enough but she wasn’t in her right head. So I think we never resolved that night somehow or another and she may have resented it. The reason I wanted them to have fun together was both were lonely at the time and I thought with each other they might meet someone while out together and that was how I stated it as well to both as I recall though I don’t remember the conversations I had with each I know that was what I was thinking. I didn’t want to to have family affair. It was embarrassing for her though she really was better off not having slept with him because we found out some time or other he might have raped a friend’s daughter it was alleged though not pursued. He was leeching us while he was going through his divorce. Getting paid by the ex while I worked for free. When the eldest got back to his northern frontier told his brother and mom that he had beaten me up which he didn’t but I think he wished he had. What a weird thing to tell them.  I guess it was the friend’s daughter that he beat up. He went to live in the hill country in a tent for a couple of years. He was the one I think that stole the paint rig the second time he mooched off us after everything was forgiven when his other brother was going through a divorce or something like that. They are catholic and it’s okay for catholics to get a divorce if they are male. We all forgave each other but I think there were some resentments. They drank a lot of beer and smoked pot. I didn’t drink that much because I don’t really like beer that much except on a really hot day or every once in a while i will partake but i smoked with them. The reason I didn’t like drinking because I did it for a while and it never was a good ending.

Anyway while adding this information that I recalled while editing because my account is a bit disjointed an exaggeration LOL in this attempt I started to have an allergy attack itchy throat and stuff and found my dog with an unopened box of equate for allergy relief and she wagged her tail but she chews on anything she can find chewable so I think I will take it but gonna jut take one because I can’t read the instructions the writing is so small but the advertising is quite easy to read which isn’t very older friendly. How weird is that to get a suggestion from a puppy?

Anyway both brothers are a bit crazy and worked at the auto shops in Michigan one lasted a long time and gets a decent pension for sticking with it off and on. He learned all the skills and became a utility man and could sit around most of the time making phone calls and getting drunk and got paid for it. They weren’t all bad and I liked them but they had no respect for me or females in general except if they were children and their mom of course she didn’t care if they lied their asses off and didn’t mind blaming the wives because her sons could do no wrong. Well they did a lot of wrong. The brothers would get together all five sometimes just four and go fishing while the wives stayed with their mom and kids cooking and knitting and chatting about nothing. So I would go fishing not because I like to fish but because I liked the outdoors and didn’t like what they’d did and they were nice but the moment anything serious came up they went blank. Put on their blinds. I remember when I brought a book from the south to the north and it was about Jesus a series of books I collected at the time WHO also wrote abut Elijah and other prophets written by a pretty good author Phillip Yancey one sister-in-law looked at it wistfully as if she wished she could read it and she was a school teacher. I reached out to her when I was upset and got the blinds. The mom had a picture of Jesus on her bedroom wall and a bible they were not allowed to touch much less read and you have to admit that is ridiculous.

I remember doing a job that had to be finished in 24 hours. (Quite a few times I made it happen.) A spa in the country. I did it and finished it. It was still wet but it was finished. Anyway it was a tough life and I would definitely not do it again with the same person but I love my kids and they are worth it. So if it meant not having them I would do it again but I would have gotten a divorce much earlier when they were tots when I saw the light hopefully much earlier and if possible would have raised them myself with the help of my parents. I think they would have been much better off.

I know they would have been better off.

His family the women were used and I mean used to have kids and to screw (but they don’t realize it) and to use as a maid to degrade and to chastise except for their mom. The two sons that had some divorces blamed their wives for having affairs and they were doing the same thing before they were. They owned their wives and the wives did not like it. Only one son seemed to have a grip to some degree about females and was sweet to his kids and his wife. She was/is good wife but she wasn’t very deep or if she was she didn’t show it but very sweet. The handsome one had a hard time figuring out why he wasn’t allowed to get information about his mom from the hospital she was at for some emergency health problems and why they called the one that was the alleged rapist. (Not that he tried that hard to understand) I had to sort of say out of my own experience because he probably has Power of Attorney and was the eldest son. The one that was handsome didn’t think about that even though he worked for company named ALCOA and was very successful with the school teacher wife. There is something wrong with catholics and Catholicism.

Experience is a good thing even when sometimes it seems bad. For me it was both. Some times it takes a while but is unlike anything else. I wasn’t much of a reader of books until I became interested in why I was watching clowns on TV speaking in tongues and acting like jack asses, asking for donations, and smiling like cheshire cats when talking about Jesus. They were sick. Every once in a while though I learned something through them. Then I started to read other peoples books about Jesus and the bible. Eventually I read the Scofield Bible and read his additions and interpretations. Then I tried for a short time the One Year bible and got turned of because it was ridiculous as was the Chicken Soup book I received and eventually started reading the bible skipping the begetting parts. I don’t think I have yet read the whole thing. Then I started reading on the internet prophecy sites and listening on the radio about it and was concerned because of  things going on in the world. Then read some other things related like Apologetics (I guess because of the flood) and was able IMO to fit some puzzle pieces together. I did the same with JFK’s assassination and came to some unusual conclusions that no one else dared to do but they made lots of money doing it like Bill O’reilly who brags about his book sales while advertising them nightly on his yak show of Fox. It would be impossible not to sell a lot of books plus you get a tee shirt and sometimes a free mug and if you O’reilly lucky you get a hurrycane when you least expect it  after he sells ya down the river. Anyway he is about as useful as catholic moms in a different sort of way. SNORT SNORT He does that a lot especially when he knows he’s wrong. His way or the highway which is the same thing.

It was kind of funny coming from her.

When I started a designer jeans business under her tutelage as my boss she had a party to help along and said she invited 300 people and then 500 and 2 people showed up. She didn’t think I was prepared or energetic enough. I wore out quickly because of the operation setting up. I have no idea if she really invited very many people because she did exaggerate in the past. I got a message in a different kind of way which was not very kind: OUCH. She bitched at me for not being good enough when no one showed up. I sold two things one thing for about 15 bucks that took me abut 15 hours to make off and on. It was really disappointing and the girl wanted another for a friend and I never did fulfill it. It was really nice leather bracelet.

Another time when she had neighborhood sale thing going on invited me and my daughter to participate with our jewelry that we made and other things and her neighbor came over and she changed her tune with me. Told me to move a mirror I brought to sell that I had made, a mosaic (my first), to a better place because it was distracting the neighbors or the shoppers and I guess that was why they weren’t buying or approaching her home. It was by her front door leaning on the bricks on the ground and was only about 18 high in order to be out of the way of the shoppers or the tables. She and her neighbor sat in their chairs by the road and I accused her and her friend of distracting the potential shoppers. I think I said, “I think it’s you guys distracting the customers.” It was a garage sale, for heavens sake. I wasn’t out of line, even my daughter (the one that gave up her bedroom for two years) thought she was ridiculous at that time and she looked up to her most of the time, but it was because of her friend. She did not like me and I didn’t even know her. If looks could kill she was sending some my way.

I think by that time when I kicked her out of my home after two years she may have gotten Power of Attorney over my mom’s estate to help with the costs of the divorce she was involved in which had a lot of money riding on it. The lawyers were expensive and not on her side even though she hired them. My mom probably willingly was trying to help. my sister sort of lived with us the last half year to a year off and on but still occupying the bedroom but using her RV intermittently that she was able to get with the lawyers help in order to travel and get away from my family when she needed her privacy and space. That was after the time she scrunched my pastel portraits in the expanding part of her RV forgetting she had stored them there and didn’t tell me for three months.  She finally let me in on the secret. I did one of them over again a few times and it turned out better so it wasn’t all that bad and it’s not like I sell them. I was pretty nice about it because it was understandable. She wanted to sell them for me and screwed up in her confusion. A few were really good portraits though only one was sellable as far as desirability for decor. But the rest showed my talent as an example and I redid the one I thought was desirable of the lady on her horse close up in the movie Kingdom of Heaven because of the snapshot and my style of pastel painting. She had me do one of her step grandchild from her brochure at the funeral. She was the three year old that died on her birthday party in their swimming pool. Beautiful kid. Never met her but she was penetrating and sweet looking. So i did it twice. I think i did a pastel and a porcelain on her. She gave it to her ex and her step daughter and I didn’t sign it because I usually don’t. Haven’t got a great signature and so it remained anonymous and she wanted them to think she found an artist and had it painted for them. She did find an artist and it was me but for some reason she didn’t want them to know it. Makes no sense except that my reputation proceeded me? They knew me. They knew them.

She was not a perfect wife nor was her first husband a perfect husband and they together became successful. She often did the shit work for him like taking care of kids in her home his, hers and his, and others to help. She suggested I do the same and I knew I couldn’t handle it so I didn’t. She was great sales lady and started a very successful part of their business in fact it was her idea. The apartment side of their business which he bequeathed to a friend one of his followers after it was developed and up and running. He like to have an entourage most of the time causing problems in their marriage. The ELvis type. Part of the problem was that he was generous to a fault and that attracts people not all of them bad. They drank a lot and partied a lot and traveled a lot. Before her he had not reached successful success with his first wife. so my sister made a big difference. And he used her looks and personality. She had to get a boob job in a dirty room somewhere to keep him happy and he berated her one night on the New Years Eve for not showing them off  like his new partner’s wife who had boobs that looked like water bags on her belly button. I saw the picture of her and she was not anything I would consider attractive. There should have been some paper bags around just in case. My sister was pretty. People often compared her to Raquel Welch because of some of her natural beauty, high cheek bones, pretty neck, beautiful smile, long legs, pretty skin. I shopped with her for the dress she wore that night and she looked beautiful in it. It was a classy black dress backless to a point. She had pretty long legs and the dress showed them very well and she looked really classy. But her husband drove her to tears that night because of the boobs of the other woman and my sister went to gather herself together and luckily came out of the bathroom where they were celebrating and a different man told her how beautiful she was. Believe me she had her moments. He noticed.

Another night she was partying with her husband and his entourage and ended up at Dennys for breakfast and was forced to watch a woman suck a man’s dick under the table across from her and she did not want to watch and resisted and was berated by her husband and his friends. I think it might have been a company party they had attended of their company that he took full credit for even though he knows she helped unless you don’t think your own kids by the first wife and their kids are important. She was abused by him and by the situation which often occurs with second marriages. He was a wonderful guy in many ways and so are all of his kids from both marriages, IMO. They loved each other but when one gets successful and you have hangers ons its kind of tough for everyone involved, parents, kids, marriages, etc. Its a balancing act and excessive drinking doesn’t help.

Older men loved her; she made them laugh because she had a great sense of humor and liked old people. She saved her husband’s dad when he fell once. I forget the details and circumstances but he was alone at the time and said something funny to her when he found him and assisted him off the floor. It was a cute story. She made a point to see him for her husband and they were great friends but not so with the mother in law who put her down all the time but they were divorced for good reason. She was not a sweet lady. Always comparing one wife with another of her sons and even putting him down and comparing one son with another. And the other brother was married to a dog. Not really that bad. She just is not what i would imagine as attractive except she had pretty skin. My sister tried to help her when she and her husband divorced until it became impossible but he dumped her because she got Lupus. She wasn’t too bad before that though but not that great either but one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder i just didn’t beholden to hers or his idea of beauty. She was a pear which is sometimes beautiful on there right person. I don’t know what lupus does to a person and it probably affected her though I don’t remember liking her very much to begin with I didn’t really know her but I’m a pretty good judge of qualities I think but have been fooled as well. We didn’t know each other very well so but I heard some things about some behavior that just was caddy about her and under the circumstances she was taking it out on the wrong person, I think. She was not treated fairly by her ex or the mother in law and guess by me at this time but it was only an impression of her. Women can be hard on each other in families when the family grows.

As far as her family goes my sister rarely called when she was happy but when she had something to bitch about was when I heard from her. So I didn’t hear about the good stuff much which is usually the case, I think.

She was my Shirley Temple buddy when we were tots. I was 13 month older. We ate ice cream and potato chips while we watched those shows and many cartoons. We liked to dip the chips in ice cream: mostly Neapolitan ice cream. We would wake up super early before sunrise to get a good start on our fun together. That may be an exaggeration. We flew in our bedroom together like Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. We saw a hobo with the knapsack and a dog in the woods together from our window in the back yard. We saw monkeys at the castle over the tree tops together. She was usually dressed in soft pink and usually fuzzy and I was in blue kind of crisp stuff when my mom sewed for us or bought outfits. That was the color code she used I guess to tell us apart even though we did not look alike. She was the lotus blossom of the family. I have no idea what flower I was.

For some reason my dad was glad I had a long nose. I was given that impression somehow and it’s not that long but what is interesting about that is my older sister when she had her surgery for deviated septum who started with a pugish nose though it was pretty kind of like Marilyn Monroe but had her nose changed to look like my little sister and it did her no justice. Made her look hard/harsh unlike what that similar nose looked like on my little sister. She competed with my little sister and I guess felt inadequate having all those surgeries and would not admit to them even to her kids. Maybe something was going on I didn’t know about with my little sister and her husband. I have no idea but I didn’t ask nor did I even suspect till lately. Not that anything happened except the night we watched The Last of the Mohicans at my little sister’s house on a family trip when my sister swallowed Kaopectate thinking it was Pepto-Bismal. She didn’t check and it was very dark in the kitchen and it was not her kitchen. She had stomach problems because she couldn’t handle corn products, so she opened up the bottle and swigged it not taking a tsp or tbs of the medicine and came in to tell us. I didn’t see her do it but I had seen her do it in the past so I knew that was probably what she had done.  We called poison control and she threw up and pooped a lot of the night as we found out later and dad cleaned her up and the mess that was made upstairs. That same weekend Gary was shown’ hisself and I nudged my little sister on the couch so she could see. He was on the floor and hanging it out his shorts. It was one of the first times he was doin’ it so others could see. She saw and she mused about it. It was a strange reaction, but she had been drinking and so had i been drinking though I don’t drink much. My sister and i could not help but laugh about my older sister which a strange reaction but she came in with pink lips like a Japanese Concubine (no offense) and the expression on her face was startling, kind of funny, and it was scary, though we didn’t know the depths of her sickness till later and it became a family joke though I don’t think she was amused especially then. Her husband reported to us what was going on upstairs and we let dad handle it. Another time was at the beach on a family trip sharing condos and the shower was going in their room, I think and I walked by their open door next to the living room where all of us were and he was stark naked in a standing pose stroking his dick and looking at me. I guess she was in the shower or in the dining room. It got to be a schtick, but it was sick. He was huge and I guess it was problem for him. Past abundant to the nth degree and I think that may have been part of the problem. He was oversexed, perhaps.

He was so big he could have sucked himself so that is kind of over doing it trait-wise,  but I don’t think he ever tried. I don’t think it was fair in a way for someone to have been over blessed or over endowed since she was uncomfortable, I was uncomfortable, and perhaps others etc. So I don’t think it’s all his fault, necessarily. But to base pride in one’s size is too bad because it isn’t necessarily a blessing, but a curse.

On one trip we took she played a joke on dad as he drove and covered his eyes with her hands while he drove on a highway, I think it was, and we lived through it. On another trip, my mom wore a wig and the wind was blowing and she said, “Mummy, your wig is blowing off.”  real loud and embarrassed mom. I think we were traveling on our camping trip in France at the time. She used to call her that because of where we lived at the time and her age. Mummy this and mummy that. We hiked up a mountain on an Appalachian trail with backpacks with my dad to a pretty place and ate dehydrated food that we hydrated in the stream and other times shopped for yachts with dad for fun. We rode horses together and apart. We did a lot of cool things as a family and we sang together as a family. We were a pretty damned good family for the most part for quite a while. Dad organized us and mom helped and they made wake up early when it was still dark to take trips to show us things and to learn to camp though she and i didn’t really do the work. The older kids did the work setting up the tent and stuff. But we did imagine together a bunch. He changed our diapers and gave us baths to help mom and she did what she could do to help his career and raise a family. Nobody is perfect.

He quit drinking late in their marriage and expected her to follow suit and she wasn’t ready when he was ready to quit. I think he was planning to divorce because he had had an affair when her first kid was young or was caught at the office with her late at night and ended up marrying her after their divorce and her husband conveniently died at the right time so that they could marry and he called her his field mouse. I never saw what she looked like but I can imagine at the hospital with Queen Elizabeth.

Just because I was on morphine for 10- 14 days doesn’t mean I lost my memory and I’m not a schizophrenic.

[No offence.]

She was abused and he wasn’t. Then the wives of the friends and it gets kind of dicey. The second daughter in law (second wife of first son of her husband at the time) who sang like an angel at church, looked like one to some people but not to me and complained to her in laws when her husband his son didn’t pay attention to her while he was watching football when she sucked his dick. They did divorce, thank God. I could see right through her. When at the wedding the first thing she said to me “you have something in your eye.” not, “hi, you have something in your eye!” I guess it was that christian saying about a log in the eye. My calves are not great anymore or anything for that matter since I have been sick and even before I was not happy with the calves but her calves were like well Hippo comes to mind. that maybe over stating it but ……..Spoiled brat. So you can see why divorce came to my sister. It was an untenable marriage at some point, probably New Years Eve but they take time. When her angelic daughter in law talked she ate chips that fell out of her mouth because she wanted to do both at the same time.

They had a big company that was worth a lot of money and on some top Ten lists and it may have been the cause of much of their problems. The last time I saw him was when we went to pick up some things in a truck that belonged to my sister and she asked me to come along. We shared some wine and they talked and then argued and we left so he wouldn’t get sick because he had already had a nervous breakdown and had been in the hospital. She meant a lot to him but I think that other woman figured out a way somehow to part them because of that company they had built together. It was worth a lot of money and got maybe too much notoriety. It’s a mistake to get published in business magazines if you want to keep your family.

That’s the world baby at it’s worst.

 I think they got divorced last I heard. It’s like a game of some kind and some people have information that can be used against you and know how to wiggle in with the right neighbors who are there when you need them as occurred to her when she jogged, friends, acquaintances and I think it has something to do with the church, the NSA, and other type conveniences for why they can rob and steal.

My older sister received 250 thousand dollars a year after I was molested from her in-laws who were in the oil business in fact he was the President of a prominent ENGLISH oil company. Gary wasn’t really into shopping he was into the female thing and had a big dick he liked to show at family gatherings and family trips.

She was a shopper.

I was confused.

I loved her. She was my older sister by 6 years. I looked up to her.

They schmoozed her before they married with a trip around the world where she stole a pearl in Bangkok or Hong Kong that she told me about when they displayed a bunch of gems to her future family because I guess she wasn’t satisfied with the one her dad bequeathed to her that he bought in Hong Kong when on his first R&R during the Vietnam war. That is a dangerous indulgence to steal in a foreign country, but she got away with it somehow. She cut my brother’s eyelashes when he was tot and she was only 2 years older than him because she was jealous of his eyelashes and the comments about them from people. She spoke for him for three of his first 3 years. It took him a while to open up and talk.

Gary had problems and I believe it is spiritual especially when he got baptized or indoctrinated with his friend Bob who was Baptist minister of kids during his divorce he tried to date my sister who was one of the kids. Gary grew worse and worse IMO and so did his drinking and belligerence such as the hot tub event with his kid to prove something to my mom, to me, and to his wife. My mom and I freaked out and it was obvious we were freaked out because our eyes got really big and I know my heart was racing and my sister noticed and I know she noticed and that did not help my niece or our relationships in the family, it was so surreal.



 Soon after when her son almost drowned a few years before she printed a picture of me with my other brother in law hugging around a pool while i was in a bathing suit when he came home to greet his guests. It was nothing but a hug by a man who was 6 foot 6 inches tall and never showed sexual interest in me. Believe me I know the difference. It was a normal greeting and my sister tried to make it into something else to me and my husband at the time and glared at me way too long. It was weird and untimely since what occurred I think it was the same weekend with her 3 year old son.

Premeditated shit.

I don’t hate him though i do. He had his qualities and some were good and i know why she loved him besides the beaucoups of money. He loved her too. He loved his kids as much as a man like that can. They loved him too. He wasn’t all bad which made it confusing. I even helped her when they were separated and was her confidant often and when my time came of confusion I didn’t get help. I got shit. I got retribution. I baby sat their kids she baby sat mine using her kids once or twice. I babysat so they could go to hotels to make love, entertain each other, anniversaries, on trips and some trips they took without the kids. My parents did the same. Though she promised she would take care of my kids she didn’t offer when I almost died and the other sister had to do laundry when I was on morphine for 10 to 14 days. But their dance teacher did take care of them and also my neighbor.

We tried to handle it as best we could each of us in our way, but we didn’t know how,

each from a different vantage point.

It would have been so easy to have handled him being his wife. All she had to do was get help and she didn’t.

They relied on the church which I wrote about that care about money and not their purpose. And the church didn’t help.

The Roots tried but it was untenable and very confusing. We did our best but it fucked us up in our relationships with each other over a period of time and not like a molestor and an exhibitionist is gonna show his stuff to the males of the family if he has a thing about females in order to continue doing it without a piece of furniture ending up in their throat.

I alerted her before their second daughter was born about her husband and I paid a big price for years and she got paid a big price for years and she lied to everyone. She was hurt and confused but it was her responsibility to handle it, not mine. And she didn’t. He should have gone to get help but he went to the church. That was his idea when we discussed it after I told on him and they settled down and wanted to make amends. That was what he said he would do after I alerted her after he told me I was fucking liar on the phone. I was advised to tell either him or her by her best friend over the years and she worked for a hospital so I thought it might be good advise and I didn’t feel comfortable with him so I told her as nicely as I could leaving out much detail partially because of her reaction which was weird (I’m calling mom and dad to tell them you are attracted to Gary) so I was taken aback by her reaction. I got screwed in so many ways over the years. But I really loved her, still do in some ways, but it’s past a certain point when one turns into a killer to protect their reputation.

My daughter was abused at school called a whore tripped on the steps at the school pushed around by people and had to leave the school and was in the hospital a few days later bleeding from both ends. And some strange things happened. But she is doing the best she can for having been a virgin at that time. I guess it was retribution?

They accused me of making a phone call that my daughters made as kids on their own when the shit hit the fan and I was not involved but no one believed me. The kids did it saying, “Tell the truth, you are hurting my mom” to my sister and her husband. They did it because they loved me and knew that I was upset. They had overheard some yelling etc in the garage and between me and my family on the phones and other ways. They were not immune. I thought it was cute of them and I appreciated it and they were just kids but I didn’t know about it till I received a phone call from my mom who had been alerted by my sister that I had set up my kids to make this awful phone call. They had some spunk and expressed it. I’ll never forget it when I had to question them because my sister told my mom and she called me accusing me and asking me if  I did it and I tried to tell my mom I didn’t know. Big FUCKING deal. It was a tough time for my mom, for me, and my dad because of the lies and lies can be tough to get through to the truth when one is upset and everyone was upset. There were many lies. And soon after I went to the hospital. Got a 14 inch deep scar and poisoned with sepsis and peritoneal abcess was being followed before that when I went to the real-estate school and because the company they and I worked for were protecting themselves against a lawsuit i  had a right to make  because he grabbed my ass at work pretty hard which is considered sexual assault in most businesses and is not allowed.  Against the law. They knew it and I know they had a film because I know they had cameras at the office going but I didn’t sue after many threats and being followed because I was afraid for my life (because I was being followed) and having such a prominent company on their side and they were ruthless the company and my sister and her husband. I have no idea who hired the investigator but while I never saw the person I know I was being followed  because of the actions of the teacher at the real estate school was very well I can’t’ think of the word known and involved in the business well connected and I believe he was paid somehow or another or maybe it was just a favor.

It was too much for one woman to handle.

The real reason for the retribution by my sister is because Gary lost my uncle’s money and his own on the stock market one Tuesday in October. It was a lot of money. He didn’t divulge it to his client my uncle, my mom’s brother, for a long time and was freaking out for a long time about it. He looked as sick as he could have ever looked and they were having some marital problems as well during this time and he lost his mojo big time. My uncle called me asked and I said “yes he lost your money and is trying to get it back.” Later he offered me a job and I declined. I didn’t tell my sister but since they delayed telling him by about at least 6 weeks or so I think I thought he had a right to know since he asked. I didn’t call him. He called me. Same goes for their daughter. I didn’t call her, she called me. She and her family had to move down the road because their dream home was too expensive for the loss they made and blamed my mom and me and my dad for their mistake though they didn’t know it. They applied material on her walls and other things to decorate it for free because my mom sewed and dad could staple and apply it etc. it was a beautiful material for that dream home. I think they did some other type work as well like wall paper. It was really tough having to move into a house with a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, 4 bedrooms, a study etc.  Can you imagine?

But her friend from college, Babs said in my company, ” It is harder for those that have had money to lose it than those that don’t.” She was married to a banker. Tough to be rich.

If I had lied to my uncle I could have been sued or charged in some way during a process that might have occurred if I had lied and the truth was found out so i did the right thing and possibly for the wrong reasons but I didn’t call him, he called me and I told the truth very succinctly. Short and sweet. My mom and i were put between a rock and hard place by their frivolous shit and punished for it as well.

But after that I didn’t realize it I was their enemy and i didn’t know how low they could go but they went really low all because of money. They barely earned what they received fucking with me and those that I love. I can’t think of how many homes they lived in that they were able to buy. I owned one home in my life for about 3 years till I got sick, we divorced, and the ex went bankrupt, etc.

Pretty dammed small of them, wasn’t it?

When I felt that my mom’s life was in danger by my sisters, possibly my niece who was messed up, and brother in laws the new one of the younger and the old one of my older sister I wrote some letters and they were potent to settle the matter.

I made it a multi generational problem because it was. The Whites?

It had been agreed upon before that to keep it in this generation with the help of my brother and little sister for the sake of my parents and the kids but my older sister wasn’t willing to hold to that agreement and wanted to shovel some shit in me and my family trying to show a movie about an english woman and her husband whose marriage was affected by her younger sister who accused her husband of rape falsely. I saw it once with her without warning that she rented and her husband went to bed and she tried to do it again when the family visited again to see my mom. She bought it. She lived in her own little world of make-believe. I was getting little digs here and there and that was not the only one.

At my dad’s funeral her kids and her were in the first limo with my mom.

I guess they didn’t any know better. So much for their upbringing. Real classy, huh?

I was sent to the back limo the 4th and I was the third child to hang out with cousins and aunts.

My older sister was in charge.

That was my mom in that limo and my dad who died

 and I refused to ride with my aunt and cousins and stayed in my own auto.

It was a deliberate fuck you from her to me when my dad died and when my mom died.

I wonder if they aren’t’ responsible for their deaths. Sure looks like it. Sure convenient.

 I sent out letters to lawyers about my mom before she died and no one responded because I don’t have money.

 I was livid and started to get sick around the time of the 2nd wedding of their first daughter the first I think was annulled even though they are Protestants. Not sure about that but I think it was annulled and it was a very bad first husband who shot cats in his yard but he could cook like her dad. My sister didn’t cook for her family or rarely. So he had his place and so did she rubbing shoulders with people she should not have and fucking up her big head. She sold me down the river for $250,000 year so I guess I was worth it and I’m selling her back. LOL

WOULD YOU TRUST THEM? WOULD YOU WANT TO GO TO THE FUNERAL. Would you want your daughter to go. I begged her not to but how do you explain to a young woman what I had endured? Impossible to make one understand what incest does to a family and believe me my dad was not who I’m talking about. He was a wonderful dad and so was my mom. Could not have been happier with who they were and are. If I were to wish upon a star for every person on earth I would hope they would be so lucky to have parents like I had. But I hate the world right now.

Do you see why I feel the way I feel?

No telling how much each sibling got, I have no idea and they won’t reveal it. I’m supposed to receive a hope chest my parents willed to me but haven’t gotten it yet. Never saw the will and I know they left one but they were killed.

My sisters were indoctrinated by the BGEA through his crusades and the other by the english woman across the street.

Really made her worse. She was ready.

My mom set an example for me years before and didn’t show up to one her parents funeral and I think she knew I would face this someday. I felt her hand on my shoulder about 2 months or so before they said she died after I saw her the last time.  I get messages and a lot of help from them and others to write what i write not necessarily about this personal stuff because it was hard for them to understand from their vantage point. It was hard for them to believe it and it is messy stuff but about the really important things. And my mom told me the last time I saw her that she knew about what I wrote and so did others and she doesn’t have a computer and was in a place that would not support it. She was in a wheel chair in assisted living. It was spiritual. It was taped what she said and was promised by my little sister to send and she never did. I Wonder WHY?

THE BGEA? The shill.

I didn’t mean to rewrite all of this stuff again but it crops up sometimes especially

when u.n.c.l.e.s. intimidate ya.

My uncles never did, but I’m talking about those that don’t want certain information to get out.

Probably someones FATHER as in priest.

My older sister was dreaming about kissing her brother in law on a bridge when I went through my hardship I was having nightmares about his dick in my face. I had PTSD, obviously.

My sister was real busy body communicating with exes or separatees when she shouldn’t!

She thought it made her look good. I guess she wanted attention? The money was not enough?

How about that nose? boobs? etc

She wanted to be the most loved by the males in the family. Probably because of who she married.

Kind of whirl pool of crud.

Let that be a lesson to others. It’s manipulative. OVERBEARING!

Sexual dysfunction is sometimes caused that way.

I learned something through all of this.

I could have handled her problem like I did with my ex when he was sleeping with his daughter and a far as I know he never did again. I embarrassed him privately using the internet. And he had enough sense in him not to do it again however he set me up and physically abused me we had to call the police. But I got through it with a lot of hassle.

Things can get really weird just by a misunderstanding. The kid next door when we were renting in  a really weird neighborhood used to do the farm snort thing and it’s not like she did it all the time but I witnessed her doing it in our yard. She was really cute, vivacious, smart, and little low class type but a very interesting kid and a friend to my daughter when she was tot. My daughter caught a cold and her nose was stuffed up and forget how we got to what she said but I thought she said: My nose is fucked up. SO I assumed she had learned it from the neighbors kid and got upset. She was attending Christian private school at the time and it was scary because she might say something like that at school and I was a bit nerdy as a mom for the first time and bit nervous as a mom partially because of my past. It was around that time I was having those hives etc. Anyway turns out she said “My nose is pucked up.” meaning, “My nose is plugged up.” The neighbor used to try to pawn her kids off on me over the fence. One would try climb the fence and then she would start handing me her kid for no reason. She had two kids one was a climber driving her nuts and the other was energetic. She lived with a guy and seemed nice enough. His nickname was “Frog.” I really learned to like her over time the more I knew but it bugged me to be pressed upon to be her baby sitter but she had a lot of family stuff happening and guess was desperate or something though I never asked what the deal was. And of course on the other side of the house were other neighbors that came and went that were absolutely wild. Gypsies by the dozen that would just enter your home and start chatting, and a peeping tom weirdo with a gold necklace italian type. I caught him peeping while I was in my kitchen and it was weird from then on dealing with them. On July 4th and New Years Eve you had to worry about guns going off in the air so sometimes I would just kind of hide in the house. I stopped going out on New Years because of kids and didn’t really enjoy it that much. USually the ex then husband was playing in the band and it got to be extremely boring. so when I moved to home that we bought it was really exciting and my sister was the real estate agent and we ended up paying too much per month which was kind of surprise at the closing but we wanted that chance and we got it (It was the ex’s dream home location, he found it) and it was over our head eventually through various means and no help from banks and things. It was a mess and i think it was purposeful. I helped by getting a loan from my brother which was extracted from my inheritance even though it was not in the contract because the ex wouldn’t even try to sell the house and I was too messed up. He wanted to bury me. Still does I think.

I know what I know paul simon you tube

I lost my wedding ring on the way up north because my hands were swollen from working. It was given to me by family and was an heirloom. The ex hocked his around that time. While his brother lived with us our van was repossessed because of the times and other things. Hocked the silver my parents bought to a friend named Nick (who his brother might have raped his daughter [I don’t know]) for a wedding gift with the promise I would get it back. I did quite a few years later with additions added. He got a lot of pats on the back for a  Christmas gift to me, so it’s mine now. Lost the pearl my dad bought me in Hong Kong somewhere. It disappeared. My diamond ring that was an heirloom from my mom disappeared that I used as my engagement ring. Caught my teenage daughter wearing and got it back and then it disappeared. I wasn’t wearing it because the silver was wearing down and I was afraid I would lose it. Our truck was stolen. Piece of shit anyway. Two spray rigs stolen and one blamed on a friend who was an addict who had about three of his own and very good business so he didn’t need it. The ex’s brother when we had to kick him out because he was stealing from us and mooching off of us started a business using a spray rig up north within days or weeks of ours disappearing and very little suspicion by the ex or his family about it.  He used to tell lies about serving in Viet Nam when he was in  a safe haven of GUAM and other lies to girls in front of us about his combat. A bad habit. They were raised catholic. My kids weren’t and I tried to unconvert the ex but he still doesn’t believe history about Roman Catholicism. Unreasonable. Now what in the world happened to those things? I think I can guess and I’m probably correct and he probably conveniently wouldn’t remember. But I got my milk shake.

Won’t keep his word about our daughter. Fickled. ONe minute he doesn’t want her to go and next he does depending on certain things. Usually something I write or think. Weird. It’s about fun regardless of safety. She’s young and can’t miss one thing as if it might hurt her even though a day ago he wanted to make her stay home because it was safer and now it is safer for no good reason.

Honestly I think he is insane. I don’t think he realizes he is being tested and is playing games with my kid and me. I have no say over it. It’s a power game that i do not enjoy but it’s a Catholic schtick and it will fall and it will burn I think forever pretty soon. Eternal HELL and he will with it if he doesn’t get a brain. He will lose everything imaginable, I truly believe it. I consider him to be a fool.

Mind over matter.

Hillary Clinton



What’s next?

And just as I was getting somber and displacent I decided I can’t change what happened and through it all I still really love the worst in my family but I don’t want to accommodate the worst. I thank God for my mom and dad and few others often. I felt like why should I keep trying and then decided to keep going…. learn some more….. try to finishes some things i started such as jewelry…… and catch up on some stuff…… maybe I will even change my clothes, LOL and then I see Hillary on TV looking like a dapper dan saying after her first hearing in a long time “one thing she is not is a quitter.” Weird. Wired? Not only that she had the biggest rally for her since the age of time applauding her come back while she made her comeback and she has only been tested for about a day.

Anyway I think it’s deception of some kind. Just a feeling. It’s that kind of day but it still is almost over. In my right ear I heard three bells.

Personally I don’t want to see her destroyed by events in the news, or what occurred at Benghazi, I want the truth. I thought she did a decent job at the hearing. I felt they questioned her for too long and I would rather see the truth come out with her in tip top shape. Shorter and more frequent hearings. I know that is a ploy to wear out the defendant but isn’t necessary in order to get to the truth. Good questions are the way to get there. If you aren’t willing to ask her truthful questions I doubt you will get to the truth. I ‘m positive and pretty sure she will not be able to answer a good question if it were asked. Trey Goudy did a great job but is still avoiding asking the right question IMO, which has to do with the Vatican and stuff like that. When she isn’t able to answer is when you know you have something but I think her life might be endangered if she answered those kind of questions and then she will have to take the 5th. You haven’t gotten there yet because you haven’t asked counting on her lawyerly good sense to evade, which of course she will do, because she has to evade.

She still is not fit to be President but neither is anyone else that I can tell.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.51.28 AM








IF she had written to Chelsea: Elijah Cummings just put a pubic hair in my coke. Would you have defended her then?

I wonder why. Getting something out of the deal, eh?


Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 2.33.43 AM

Maybe we won’t get to the truth until she is acting as the President. Sure isn’t happening now.


Just because she wrote one thing to her family and said one thing dissimilar to someone else doesn’t prove anything. Everyone does that. You cater your language and your suppositions depending on who you are directing your conversation with.




I have not heard one question about the Vatican’s involvement, Jesuit Father Lombardi, the picture of Michelle at Benghazi because you don’t care. I think Hillary may care more than even the families involved. Sometimes things are difficult to understand or perceive because of the deception involved when being deceived and that may not be her fault. She may be a patsy used by the administration and lots of people. If that’s the case she is doing a good job. We don’t know because you (Congress and others) are too afraid to ask and that might be a big mistake not just because of the election but because of more important things way over your head.

Back to the subject at hand: Notice that it didn’t say she stands where she should not;) and believe me if it could have been blamed on women it would have been: The Garden of Eden, etc. Only women can naturally produce.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 3.20.47 PM

There are bikers and then there are bikers. Know what I mean?

could be Pope Francis on his stand about abortion and for that matter many on that controversy such as Fox News and other politicians, but could be speaking of Paris as well (Notre Dame, Court of the Gentiles – self fulfilling prophecy) or in Washington DC and could even be talking about Dr. Ben Carson at breakfast for the President, or at Benghazi itself or all of the above (let the reader understand) and it might mean something else and whatever is meant is important enough to be in the Book of Daniel of the OLD TESTAMENT written thousands of years ago


 Obama stood before Abraham Lincoln’s Memorial on Martin Luther King’s Day


Ambassador Chris Stevens also stood before it for his video tape thinking like he was in a lincoln.

I know people who own them.

Perhaps that is what the “video tape excuse” is all about.

I could mean that The Dome of the Rock should not be standing where it stands and could have been part of the conspiracy involved in those cooked books the Holy ones stolen and edited by Josephus (BIN/BEN/ARI/SON) of Matthias adopted son of the Flavius family of Rome.


I think these are the onuses of the matter, the cruxes of the matter,

and it matters even though we are dealing with many


Even the uncle of Sean Smith who thinks the death of his son and the conspiracy  is about the election year, but then if he’s lying about his son then more than likely he is part of the deception as is the mom of Ambassador Chris Stevens. I don’t think anyone who cared about their son would say what you said in order to dismiss the testimony that might be helpful to your nephews memory  or to honor his death and obviously you don’t care but then you are only an uncle. You know what they say about uncles:

BEWARE of uncles

Good mothers say that to their daughters but you probably didn’t hear it when they said that about you.

It is not my duty to tell my sins to you or anyone else 

I don’t work for the American government, Rome, The Vatican, or Islam.

Here is a hint for the Man from U. N. C. L. E.

My soul and my family’s souls are in God’s hands and He knows the truth. Thank you

Get over yourself and your allegiance to a false god. It will behoove you to stick to the task

or you may grow some hooves yourself.

Read the Book of Daniel and contemplate what happens to those that aren’t credible.

Take this to heart:



comes a time 

by neil young

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 1.31.24 PM

Is Congress gonna question the Ambassador’s mom AND DAD before the American people as robustly as they do Hillary or are they gonna do what they did with Jackie Kennedy and use her femininity to obfuscate the truth. She will lose her composure because she is lying and can only handle a little pressure so she is good candidate for the fleet seat and great entertainment for C-SPAN and FOX NEWS!

It might backfire if you don’t and then you might lose your soul by your own petard.

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Better to have the truth than lose your soul trying to avoid it

because you sure don’t want to be fooled by an election.

We don’t really know how much time we truly have we can only guess and it may be your last hour.

Trey Goudy so far was awesome and one other questioner was pretty good until he fell into political morassidic. When you go for the truth you get armed with something unfathomable and when you do the opposite, you lose. Proof is in the pudding.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 1.10.35 PM

Islam was started with the help of a nun.

That they do not partake of but accuse everyone else because a woman’s body is theirs in their

maniacal opinion.

And it isn’t.

Because of those Damned Protestants that they tried to burn
those damned Jews
and to
using mustard seed derivatives (poisons and gases)
from a bunch of nuts!

When Jerusalem was attacked the first and second and other times was because the Temple of Herod wasn’t the true temple, anyway and the son of man was betrayed by men and a generation betrayed the the next generations

with Bull frog stuff.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 10.51.09 AM

Generational sin hence the mental diseases throughout the world and that awful forgetfulness of indulging it for those laundered tax dollars.

Heavens to Murgatroyd

“The first use of the phrase wasn’t by Snagglepuss but comes from the 1944 film Meet the People. It was spoken by Bert Lahr, best remembered for his role as the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz.”

Watched Bret Baier on his repeat special that he has shown quite a few times with the three men that wrote 13 Hours at Benghazi. One of them said and I caught it half way through the connection which I caught to what Hillary said about Benghazi:

What difference does it make about the three guys.

Are they dead?

because what Hillary said is that those three are dead in reference to the guys out on the street one night.

One of the writers said he was on building three and pointed to it in a diagram and said he saw a guy on the roof and he said to himself, “I wanted to shoot him this guy, or thought, was he just out trying to take a wok?” This is what I heard from one of the three faces of Bret Baier tonight on his show about Benghazi, one of quite a few and all different and they don’t agree who wrote books marketing Benghazi. Funny it seems to echo Hillary Clinton or vice versa. Were they out taking a wok on the roof (out on the street?)? Why would he think that? Do people always take woks on the roof?

While watching them again while I ate my dinner I said out loud how they seem to act like convicts. mannerisms etc. (Leathernecky). Not saying they are convicts but they seem like it and their stories reek of nonsense. Dead men woking. I’ll reassess it later when I find the time. I have other things to do. But I remember what one of them said while changing a tire with a bad arm though I don’t remember exactly what he said I remember being alarmed by it and thought it was weird.

I have to see the show again to get the exact quotes and obviously I spelled walk as wok instead but there is a connection here with what this guy said and what Hillary said and she said what he said after he said it, I think.

Or is Bret Baier sniffing Kryptonite again?

Actress Maureen O’Hara dies aged 95

One of my favorite actresses died Maureen Ohara who I watched often in many great movies who had a really great daughter who also was very talented and was very funny: Orange County with Jack Black and some funny stuff. Funny movie! Reminds me of my mom too, her spirit and spunk. Not the best picture of Catherine O’hara but she didn’t mind being funny.Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 7.26.33 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-24 at 7.39.50 PM

W-ant to hear

something absolutely wild?

I called time because the skies are so dark right now and have been most of the day instead of using the computer I called time and it had a FAITH-based verse on the telephone repeated to me as 2Chronicles 7:14  which is

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
and instead of saying “seek my face” said “seek my FAITH” on the phone.Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 7.24.49 PM

Is that ridiculous or what?’

It’s a fatwa I tell ya against my beliefs and a

fatwa against the truth.

That is what fatwa means FAYET: FAITH and it is a WAR as in TRIBULATION

How many faiths are there anyway? How many religions are there in the world?

How many Fayets or religions teach about I AM THAT I AM? The name of God.

Creation took thought and planning and it was masterful. We should have a right to plan our lives and not be ambushed in every which way we turn which is Schmotherly love and is not helpful as in Big Brother and LBJ gave that award to Billy Graham and his crusades. I believe the true God supports that kind of family planning. Probably should start educating boys and girls that way early and I think we are delinquent and derelict in that way in our schools and institutions

Common sense and Common Core are opposites of each other one mocking the other.

2 plus 2 equals 4, not 5 minus 4 plus 3 minus 2

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 9.19.27 PM

He can taste it, he can smell it, he can see it but he can’t get it. Why? Because his arms are too little. LOL

Some things in the past really are better than some things that are being fed to us by listerical nuts.

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 9.38.34 PM

Ad on Fox about chicken pox and those bloody looking sores you get if you get shingles threatening because he wants what’s in the bag not because he cares about the poor which on this person in the ad was near the eye. Its an indirect threat as Franklin keeps reminding us that christians are gonna die. That’s an OCCULT.

He wants THAT TATER TOT thats in the bag with the pacifier. Not sure why though but it’s near the eye.


This one:

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 9.06.48 PM

Remember what he did with  ebola?

Watched Judge Jeanine last night for a part of her show and she was reading the teleprompter that was illustrated on the screen of comments about where the buck stops in essence about something I think referring to Benghazi and it said 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue and she read it that way. She kind of flinched when she had read it. The address of the White House is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and I had previously written about the 16oo furlongs (a measure) written about in the bible: the blood rising up to the horses bridle and in another post connected it to the White House and the Vatican by the clues.  I wonder, what is 1500 Pennsylvania?

I think it’s the Department of the Treasury.


They show it twice usually again on the next night and I bet they change it.

That would be LEW HEad of the Department of of Treasury who writes his signature like a muslim.

which is also very interesting which I included in a post quite a while back.

Saw a bunch of big birds again but they were higher in the sky and not near the roof tops. They were big and they were not geese and lots of them covering a big huge swath of an area and I went to answer the phone came back and they disappeared. Gone. But the ex who didn’t see it said it was probably geese but geese fly in formation. and they were swirling and hunting for something. Hundreds of them. But they were too high to tell how big they were, but definitely big. In a matter of seconds they were gone every one of them and the side of the area that they swirled in was a few miles. Reminded me of the birds in the hobbit movie because they were predatory birds of some kind but not evil as in the hobbit movie. Maybe they found what they wanted and took it up or something, How do that many birds disappear in a few seconds over that big an area?

Then saw an ad on tv about a guy who is out watching for a comet and drops his phone and picks it up as the comet flys by and misses what he was there for.

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There is a way that seemeth (seems, sows faiths) right unto man that leads to death.

I think that’s the hospice and the mustard seed because it sows and it is based on a lie: It isn’t the smallest of seeds.

That should matter.

Hence the BS on my moms funeral brochure about her sewing everything for her kids which she didn’t however she did sew some things. Like I said we did shop at Sears and Penny’s and other places. She also knitted, painted porcelain sold real-estate, cooked, and she danced. etc.

By the way the woman I saw was Mary Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma who looks an awful lot like the woman in Visiting Angels (one is blond one is brunette) advertised on Fox often as a nurse hospicing/home care service that is supported by Medicare and Medicaid because it pays for it without doctors care and is a trick and ought to be fixed. I saw her with Romney she was with him in his group when he first ran for President in the beginning of his run once perhaps he was in Oklahoma but nevertheless Visiting Angels I think leads to death of those that aren’t desirable? Whether it is her or not it is someone acting like her. Might be one of his wives. At the time when I first started writing she was acting as his wife. and then the other one with MS was used. I don’t think she is on the right path.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 7.27.49 PM

Ben Carson wants abortion outlawed, even in cases of rape or incest


Carson said: “All you have to do is go and look up the many stories of people who have led very useful lives who were the result of rape or incest.”

REMEMBER the Challenger?

Was it useful?

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 7.41.35 PM


They heard his voice from the ground and then he jumped from a burning tower and the Jews thought he was on their side:

His name was Niger/NIgel, wasn’t it?

Of the New Testament

I read about it in some writings about the History of the Jews.

Times are a changing’ and don’t think you aren’t about to experience that change.

Ill never forget that day most of all the dad of Christa McAuiiffe.


I can’t find the picture but it was heart wrenching.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.58.58 AM

Ben Carson Tormented By Periodic Rational Thoughts

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 7.59.52 PM


You ought to watch it.

And when we were all fallen to the earth, I heard a voice speaking unto me, and saying in the Hebrew tongue, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.
When he received that organ in the mail i guess

Ben Carson could tell it was human.

He bought it. Didn’t he know?

Ben Carson’s violent past

What if he has a flash back?

I think people can change but we are talking about the Presidency and that is different than allowing someone a job at Walmart. I chased my sister around a table once with a pair of scissors, I think it was whatever it was it was sharp and luckily there was a table between us. It wasn’t nice but she wasn’t very nice but I scared her to death and I didn’t actually use them. I can’t remember what started it or got me so angry but the look on her face stopped me. She was horrified and scared. I think I might have looked like she looked in my house when I kicked her out.

Perhaps something he does will help to stem and tie off him and his intentions and bite him in the butt and put him in the annuls of


I think something is headed his way but he won’t see it coming because he doesn’t believe it will come.

Here is a reason that a certain baby should not have been born: It’s Ben Carson. He should not have been born. He was a mistake and an abomination of the term baby. He needs to return to his mom’s womb and be terminated.

Is that a good answer, Ben? It’s true.

It would have been better if he had never been born.

He’s a fraud and was groomed by someone to look as if he was an accomplished surgeon.

(The propaganda about him is so perpetrated and obvious with a picture of him in a surgeons suit etc How many surgeons were chosen to speak at Obama’s prayer breakfast?)


I think I saw what you did with the wrench way up high on a ledge next to something big and white.’

Maybe he is the one that was standing where he should not on that ledge by the Challenger.

Space Shuttle Challenger disaster

I don’t know how much it cost the USA but it isn’t anything that Ben Carson can pay back or ever make. He may have altered the course of mankind in a multitude of ways and if he had never been born it might have been successful but he likes women to be barefoot and pregnant because it makes him feel superior and that is the only way that that can be achieved, and not flying into space finding cures, finding other worlds, learning to travel at the speed of light and may have doomed this planet. WHY? Because he couldn’t go. He wasn’t chosen. Jealousy.

Believe me it would have been better if he had never been born.

Why do you think he just happened to be at the same breakfast Obama planned. A prayer breakfast because they have faith in the same god.

It would be an insult to their prophet/profit if a woman could do those things and he couldn’t and many other things.

Can you beat that?

This is just, isn’t it? LOL I bet my dad is laughing in his chest. And my mom would probably say I taut I taw a puddy tat. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 12.46.39 PM

Is this my breakfast or did I throw this up? Said by my dad. He often ate grape nuts for breakfast when he was at home.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 10.00.57 AM

I chose this picture because it is rendered like the picture of the fetus above. I could have chosen a real pornographic picture of a real woman or girl showing her boobs to demonstrate out of billions and billions of pictures on the web of boobs. I know I tend to be crude but decided not to be crude this time. It’s a fettish.

Ben Carson needs a boob job.

Would that help?


: a strong and unusual need or desire for something

: a need or desire for an object, body part, or activity for sexual excitement

: an object that is believed to have magical powers

Fiorini said she witnessed a baby kept alive to get a organ. Show it then.

If you saw it then it it’s on film, right?

 James Brown I feel good

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 12.20.14 PM

What I think I saw 

Truly what I think I saw was a black man on the side of the challenger on a ledge a mechanic type worker in uniform of a mechanic either blue or white and it is on a film somewhere because I saw it on TV . (Maybe he’s a pope.)  I don’t know if it is Ben Carson but I think it is doing a favor with a wrench high up in the air before the Challenger was launched obviously and with a railing. It’s vague but I remember it. It might have been a few days before, I don’t know. All of the propaganda around Ben Carson and the things he has said smack of falsehood even if he is soft spoken. (Popes speak softly too and  happens to be when the Vatican was waging war against women gang banging them for doing what they would have done in their place) and that is biblical prophecy: (He shall speak like a dragon hisssss and they lick and lie a bunch) Could be someone impersonating him, but it was not an accident. Could be a spiritual manifestation inside him. One of the biggest things: You get what you deserve which is a lie…….When talking about the organ he bought after he was caught in his lie he said: I could tell it was human (which is pretentious as can be like having a conversation with a socialite)……….Tithing in regards to taxation (which is laundered to the Vatican where the USA gets intel and many trust it hence doing it’s business). ………… and being at the Prayer breakfast with Obama (what a coincidence) and making it really big after that and GOT Extremely FAMOUS …………and not answering the Pepsi Challenge: what is the smallest of seeds (avoiding it at all costs? Why because it’s a lie and he doesn’t want to admit he fell for it because he needs those faith votes who have faith as a mustard seed of all things. why not a rose? or a forge-me-not, no he would rather have faith in a sore made by shingles and chicken pox……….even though he is a doctor and knows about seman. and in the plant world as well knowing it has been outed as not being the smallest of seeds. That is stoically stupid. Comparing abortion to slavery to divert and get unmerited attention (because he is AFRICAN/American and he is rich) now which are two totally different things that are not comparable and then bible things I have learned. And playing Poor me at the debates when he was not questioned for quite a while and probably couldn’t have answered the questions anyway which is all manufactured to get him to do say what he said when he finally was asked a question. Probably more I have forgotten but Ill add it later if I remember. I don’t hate the man, I find him humorous, intelligent, handsome but that ain’t enough. He has some real problems in his psyche that are problematic and probably because of his religious fervor and evangelicalism and what he has faith in. He learned to control his anger and he probably had a lot to be angry about. My dad learned to go to AL ANON and to escape to the theater to stop him from reacting to my mom when she drank too much and that was a good way to handle it because it worked and settled my mom down, She drank less and less often and she had a lot to be angry about. But my dad didn’t say you get what you deserve in the context that Ben Carson did (and I don’t know if he ever said it he was sorry he did because he loved her proven by their relationship) and he didn’t equate tithing with taxation (which is absurd ) and he never threw abortion in my face nor did my mom (since it is not born!) and never mentioned it because it is my body until it is not in my body. He didn’t attend a manufactured prayer breakfast to fool the public. He took the hit of losing his career and his dreams to be a general for negros/african americans and I was bussed to a black neighborhood and a black school and I got pregnant that same year. We took a lot of hits for African Americans to give them a leg up.

And then years later a lot more hits by some African Americans and all kinds of people.

Would Ben Carson do that for women?



He isn’t ft for the presidency touting his shit about abortion using false information knowing it’s false. He should have said something about having bought an organ before hand it would have made a big difference.

Which reminds me of that church that bought a new organ and was struck by lightning and burned down.

It was an Episcopalian Church behind my house. That was before the movie The Exorcist.

Aren’t we supposed to grow up not down?

When we find out that moles aren’t the mark of the devil we stop killing people born with moles.

When Ben Carson figured out that the organ he bought and received was human, did he use it?

To Everything There is a Season

1To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

2A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

3A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

4A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

5A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

6A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

7A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

8A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

The Excellence in God’s Works

9What profit hath he that worketh in that wherein he laboureth? 

10I have seen the travail, which God hath given to the sons of men to be exercised in it.

I think that is what is happening to sons of men because they have no respect for women and the decisions they have a right to make and sometimes have to make because they are women. IF you take that right away from women then you have no right to decide who you marry or where you can reside and/or which neighborhood you can live in or decide what restaurant you want to dine in or decide which seat you can sit in on a planes trains and automobiles and should go back to slavery. We’ll send you there.

Sow your seeds and then watch the world turn right side up and we’ll see what happens to those seeds.

Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion (GRAPHIC)


Let’s talk money: This is what Ben Costed:

What economic impact did the challenger disaster have?

Is he worth it?

Does that give you a clue?


Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.39.45 AM

Carson’s violent past: Bricks, bats, hammers

“As a teenager. I would go after people with rocks, and bricks, and baseball bats, and hammers. And, of course, many people know the story when I was 14 and I tried to stab someone. And, you know, fortunately, you know, my life has been changed. And I’m a very different person now,” said Carson.

Some maniacs learn to hold it in for a while. They are sociopaths and psychopaths that hold it in for another day when they can let it out on a bunch of people and besides only a dip shit would say what he said about taxes being tithes. Taxes aren’t tithes because our government is not the temple. So he is lost his ever loving mind and cannot be trusted in the office of the President or near it because he isn’t in his right mind or he would not have equated the two and doesn’t know what he is talking about.

He’s a blithering idiot.>>>>>>>>>

I don’t think Ben Carson’s aspirations are gonna solidify or succeed.

I imagine these discoveries are affecting the value of some art in the past which could be hard on some art collectors making Monte Python skits more valuable than million dollar paintings. We’ll see.








EU STANDS FOR THE EUROPEAN UNION OBVIOUSLY and when my daughter was tot in the tub we had a whale made of plastic that she played with that she called ooee.

It was black and white and known as a Killer Whale.

Sounds adolescent but since they have tried to unify they have been a big problem and it is prophetic. Not the whale in the tub, but the EU.

Oklahoma woman charged with plowing into crowd had mental illness: lawyer
Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 1.27.13 AM

Adacia Chambers

While writing about Manson and his desire not to be allowed out of jail or around that time or whether or not I wrote it it was his desire not to be released from prison because of his demons and his confusion and trauma IMO about what he is alleged to have been involved in with the murder of Sharon Tate and her friends a woman ran into a parade in Oklahoma, a flood occurred in Navarro County in Texas and a train derailed because of the flood due to a hurricane named Patricia. Probably other stuff too we haven’t yet heard. It is reported on Greta and/or on Fox that she doesn’t want to be out on bail after coming out of an ice-cream shop crying and plowing into a parade for the (Oklahoma State University homecoming) and they are now saying it might have to do with diabetes which can cause blackouts and all sorts of stuff. You would think by now the field of medicine would have figured out a way to cure diabetes but they would rather not do what doctors and scientists used to do in the past because of Insurance. It’s easier to ride the disease and look what happened: kicked out the talent in the medical field. Didn’t Ben Carson retire? He kicked himself out. A lot of those seals overseas that were given France’s highest honor in the EU by their President Bertrand also suffered blackouts during their heroic deeds on a train fighting terrorists. They didn’t even know what Bertrand said to them it was so french. Did they have diabetes too? One seal ended up stabbed a few times in a bar fight outside the bar by japanese people somewhere or other. Alcohol may be involved in this tragedy as well. I guess they serve alcohol in ice cream shops in Oklahoma, now. anyway supposedly some people were killed, I guess. I would think the bar or the ice-cream shop that served her alcohol and the University ought to pay for her bail and for her lawyers and surely they are insured for that kind of a potential risk.

She isn’t my daughter Thank God but she doesn’t look like the type to premeditate this type of a hoax or if it is real this type of an incident. My daughter is doing well but very close, but no cigar.

This is what occurs when you try to enlighten a bunch of nuts that can’t handle a few answers to some controversies in the bible. The powers that lied to us will do just about anything to hide the truth. It’s ridiculous, short-sighted, and ignorant.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 1.39.01 AM

 Ben Carson reminds me of the doctor that visited the White House in Obama’s first term. Discombobulated a bit, the same in essence.

My name is Benito Muchacho Laquisha Mogwa Amuud Amad

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.28.53 AMI was the 18th child of a black family of 21. My mom was Catholic when she was 5 when she started to have babies and eventually married a few times. They got her used to sex using a stone to get her ready for the experience but before that they stitched up her vagina to keep her a perpetual virgin for as long as it took. The first husband was separated by two trees tied together and then someone cut the rope for some crime he committed and the other one was my uncle. We lived in a shack. My uncle eventually abandoned us for another 5 year old.  I used candlesticks, lead pipes, and flamethrowers when my anger arose because of my anger issues, evenso I got educated in a junior college and got my degree in separating quadruplets. I speak softly. I think tithing should be 15 percent. While I was separating quadruplets, found an organ and it sure looked like human organ but I don’t know where it came from. It appeared out of nowhere and I had nothing to do with it. I think men should be castrated at the age of 15 to avoid pregnancy in young girls and woman because it’s barbaric then we wouldn’t be barbaric.

Can I run for the Presidency?

Mixed views on Ben Carson’s abortion stance: #tellusatoday

“Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson’s comment that abortion should be banned, even in cases of rape and incest (but not when the mother’s life is in danger), re-ignited debate on the issue.”

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