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and anyone under the influence of the mob



Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 11.09.18 AM screen-shot-2012-12-03-at-11-12-06-am

Do they look alike?

Not to me.

I believe he was the target…>

I believe Ambassador Chris Stevens is alive somewhere and this was and is his enemy.  I think they were enemies because of who they serve. Ambassador Stevens served the Vatican. Obama, Susan Rice, and Hillary also served the Vatican which serves or is served by the UN.

The Weather report:

Matthew 16:1-3

16 The Pharisees also with the Sadducees came, and tempting desired him that he would shew them a sign from heaven. He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? Greta’ Van Susteren’s show On The Record of Fox News sometimes has weather reports, could she have, may she have been, I think she might be aware of the times?

Sean Hannity of Fox News had two guests on Feb. 18th, 2013 who have written an e-book since the Benghazi execution which was September 11th and already have promoted that book about the actions of the men at the scene of the crime. That is miraculous to have the information provided and even the dialogue between the people involved and yet the American people don’t even know where Barack and Michelle Obama were for those 11 hours, nor the Senate and Congress. I say 11 hours because it started out to be an 11 hour event that shrunk to 8 hours over time one of the reasons was not enough time to save some people and this interview brings it back to 11 or more hours.

I watched this video and noticed the man being interviewed got caught by the camera in what appears to be a BIG LIE.



‘Benghazi: The Definitive Report’

“Book pieces together night of terror strike”

Sean Hannity: Now a new E-book claims that the attacks may have been retaliation for some off the books counter terror operations that were run by John Brennan and that’s the Presidents nominee for CIA Director.

And joining me now are the authors of that new book Benghazi: The Definitive Report former US Army Ranger Jack Murphy and former Navy Seal Brandon Webb. And by the way on the floor of our studio we projected a map of Benghazi.

Now, before we get to the book we’re gonna go through the timeline of events from that night. Guys welcome uh to the program. Good to see you both.  (they mumble ) Look this is important because you’re saying that events that we don’t know about could have precipitated these attacks. Good Summary?

They are the experts so why say it’s absolutely accurate to say


This is lawyer jargon and is absolutely “meaningless.” 

Jack Murphy: Yeah. Yeah. That’s absolutely accurate.

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 12.56.01 AM

Sean Hannity: Okay. And… Alright. So let’s start with the timeline of events.

Jack Murphy: Its began at approximately 9:40 at night when the attacks were initiated with RPG’s hitting the consulate, actually the temporary mission facility that we know now that we call it the consulate. Uh, at that point the local militia guards were unarmed they fleed (FLEAD?). They were only armed with bats (BATS?) essentially, so when they see this mob coming they take off. They cut and run. The attackers breached the main gate and they overrun the compound? Uh, uh, at this point Ambassador Stephens er is going into the safe room inside the consulate and the DSS agents were retrieving their tactical gear and making a call up the higher to say they’re getting hit. So by 10:05 ? What you have is…

So what about the bloody hand prints on the walls inside Benghazi.

Is that the cutting and running? This is BS.

If all the deaths happened on the rooftop,

then what happened inside?

Looked like torture and execution to me on those walls.

Bloody prints of fingers dragging down on the walls inside…..Remember?

What was that, for effect?

Sean Hannity: Can I just stop you right there?

Jack Murphy: Yeah.

Sean Hannity: F for those that said this was uh in retaliation for a you-tube video and this was a spontaneous demonstration: they had mortars, rocket propelled grenades. This was not, this was not spontaneous.

Jack Murphy: No, it’s not spontaneous. And in the State Department they talk about arresting or detaining a Libyan policeman who’s taking pictures of the consulate with his cell phone that morning.

Sean Hannity: Right.

Jack Murphy: So there were people planning this attack ahead of time.

What does a cell phone have to do planning ahead of time?

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 1.26.55 AM

Sean Hannity: Okay, back to the timeline.

Jack Murphy: So by 10:55, 10:05 PM. Excuse me. Ty Woods and other Global Response staff members from the nearby annex about half a mile away were preparing to go to the consulate and rescue the State Department’s personel who were tied up there and Ty Woods was really instrumental in uh setting, putting together that rescue effort and insisting that it go forward and go in there.

Sean Hannity: Now, he was told to stand down and I interviewed his father and his family…

Jack Murphy: By the…..

Sean Hannity: We, we still don’t have answers to that question.

Jack Murphy: It, it, it was actually the person who was in charge of the annex that initially said, “No. it’s not our job to go in there.” Um, but Ty actually convinced them otherwise, and to his credit that person actually reversed course and agreed with Ty.

So who was in charge of the annex?

How does an ex-Navy-seal or an Army Ranger know? 

Obviously, he has been given the details by the way of ” the higher.”

And who might that be?

Sean Hannity: Did he convince them or did he disobey orders?

Jack Murphy: I,  I think he convinced them.

(turns back to the right at Brandon Webb laughing)

Does he look trustworthy?

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 1.52.46 AM

I was under the impression he disobeyed orders

so what is that whole story about?

Stand down, etc? 

What about the footage that we have seen numerous times with armed men threatening each other on a rooftop……..

was that “the convincing”?

How do these guys know all this and where were they 3 months ago?

These two men are on Fox News with Hannity to put a stop to the investigation

with false information, IMO.

 Fox News made a diagram of buildings with stick figures moving here and there in

 to look official

and ta da FINI. 

How would he know if Ty convinced them?

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 1.24.16 AM

WebbI think, you know, Ty just showed a lot of initiative. He was a senior guy, years of special operations, and he just said, “look eh”,  knowing and being overseas and being in these conflicts before, he said, “We need to act now to save these americans. If we don’t move now, and go, more people are going to die.”

(So was Ty not american? Maybe Tiger Woods knows?)

Hannity: Okay, back to the timeline.

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 2.33.30 AM

(Obviously has notes, I guess 3 months isn’t enough time to get it memorized)

Murphy: By 11 PM, the eh attackers completely overran the compound and the uh team uh from the uh annex is making their way to the consulate to conduct this rescue operation.

Webb: Um, once they’re at the annex the…. basically, the attack slowly followed them back and so the one. The one difference between the uh the State Department uh Compound and the CIA Annex is that the CIA had a very heavily fortified position. I mean, they had their act together when it comes to security so they, you know, throughout the night they were fending off uh small attacks. And then 5 AM the team from Tripoli (Libya or Lebanon?) comes up and it, it’s important, the the the the team from Tripoli is important, because here you have a group of CIA JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) Operators and which included Glen Doherty (licks)

“The Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) is a subunified command of the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).  It is charged to study special operations requirements and techniques, ensure interoperability and equipment standardization, plan and conduct special operations exercises and training, and develop joint special operations tactics.”

who were trying desperately to get up to Benghazi. (gulps) Um, you look at why it’s important is because ultimately the 2 JSOC, uh Joint Special Operations guys; they had uh a device called a Rover, which is essentially – you, it beams down the the  predator drone for ..(probably lazer but not sure of the word he said)… device. So that now they have an increased situational on the ground (licks) at the CIA Annex and they ultimately made the call when they saw that more and more attackers were amassing outside of the gate: Glen went up to the roof, saw Ty, they embraced and they were still engaged in the fight. Then they got bracketed by three mortar rounds. The first one hit Ty, uh killing him. The second one hit Glen. The third one uh injured one of the other security guys on the rooftop.

At just before 7:30 they made the decision Hey, we gotta get out of here.

(Who made the decision? JSOK Operators?)

So without that, without those guys coming up from Tripoli and having that Rover Device to to get the Predator footage, the the decision to evacuate everyone may not have been made and they may have been overrun themselves.

What is the Predator footage? I guess it’s the drone footage, but of what?

So the Americans were there for 11 hours before they the (predator guys) made the decision to get out of there after Ty and Glen were killed and the two other security agents were shot.

How about the DSS agents who were getting their tactical gear?

Defense Security Service (DSS) 

“The Defense Security Service supports national security and the warfighter, secures the nation’s technological base, and oversees the protection of US and…….”

Were they saving the equipment first?

And where are those americans? Didn’t Senator Kerry debrief them somewhere in Europe? Sen. Lindsay Graham mentioned that Senator Kerry now Sec. of State interviewed the rescued people involved, yet they have disappeared. How come our government isn’t allowed to speak to them? Is that why Sen. Kerry is now Sec. of State because he was willing to be involved in the coverup?

(Close to 11 hours has passed, not 8)

Here is a site I found that kind of demonstrates drone kills. In it they blow up a white pickup truck driving down the road and there is a voice that gives them the target and the other two people follow along as if it is not real. Interesting to watch however I would not want to be on the other end of this strike or behind it.


WATCH: The Safeway to kill:

Inside a Predator Strike

“It’s a video made by Raytheon Corporation, a major US military contractor, to promote its Common Ground Control System (CGCS). The CGCS is hardware/software package that enables drone operators to conduct surveillance and execute strikes anywhere in the world, from the security of a military base in the US. “

Behind the Predator Drone


“Raytheon Company is a major Americandefense contractor and industrial corporation with core manufacturing concentrations inweapons and military and commercial electronics. It was previously involved in corporate and special-mission aircraft until early 2007. Raytheon is the world’s largest producer of guided missiles.[2]

‘Tornado clearly targets conservatives’: Daily Show creator faces backlash over insensitive tweet

Another safeway to kill would be to use a weather manipulator such as HAARP and target your destruction in a large swath such as occurred in Oklahoma for two days. Of course tornadoes are a natural occurrence but they also can be produced with the right factors being manipulated such as can be done with HAARP. So this woman isn’t necessarily off the mark when she made her intuitive insensitive tweet kind of like when I posted on this particular post my opinion about Angelina Jolie before I knew she was contemplating her new breasts because of her fears of breast cancer. Why is it so hard to believe that our government under the leadership we have now is not above using a weapon such as HAARP to kill and threaten others? Look what happened in Japan when the Pope insisted upon the Neocatechumenal Way for the Japanese Catholics who were resisting. Japan had a tsunami. Obama tweeted that another was on it’s way after the Tsunami, what he meant was the Way ie Franklin Graham and his minions etc. The Way that Nancy Pelosi adored because she was in love with Dr. Zhivago -Rahm Emanuel- who believed in using crises to gain an advantage. This is the new era for bullies and weapons of mass destruction under the guise of mother nature. In the case of Obama it is to punish and redirect attention because of his crisis of Benghazi he is now enduring because he is against having to be held accountable. He is a monster, but he is black, a Democrat, a good speech giver, has a sense of humor, and Islamic….

so it’s okay.

 (20 third graders died? I wonder why they weren’t evacuated)

Obama to make statement on Oklahoma disaster ===ought to be a good one! I wonder if he will cry.

Oklahoma’s Preemptive Strike Against Sharia Law

Okla. residents took shelter in basements, bathtubs

(This blood and sadness looks real unlike the hoaxes of late.)


Check out this post called:

Michelle Obama, Where’d You Get Those Peepers

Back to the interview with Hannity:


Hannity: And then we learned through Leon Panetta’s testimony that he briefed the President only when it began and the President never re asked for an update throughout the rest of the night.

Webb or Murphy: Yea.

Hannity: These guys were under fire and we didn’t send anybody to help them. Now let me get this last question in. The premise of your book The Definitive Report beyond the timeline that we’re going through here you claim that there were incidents that the American public had never heard about where we attacked them. (incredulously)

Attacked who? What are they talking about and who is telling these guys we attacked them “whoever” they are. Sounds like an excuse to me.

It’ not my fault….

sounds like OBAMA

because someone is trying to warn the American people about OBAMA

which is an attack on OBAMA in his mind

even though he does the killing or has his mob do it.

(His shell was pierced and he had to react ….kind of excuse. What else could he have done kind of pyschology! Sort of like you only have yourself to blame kind of mentality.)

 Brandon or Murphy: Yes. Yea.

Hannity: In that we might have precipitated this and that then puts I think a lot more clarity on maybe why it happened and also then it it does there’s no explanation at that point why we didn’t at least eh eh ac abide by the requests by Ambassador Stevens to give him more security.

Murphy: I I think one of the big take aways from all this is that the State Department didn’t have any visibility on these operations. They didn’t have the where with all to even know that this counter attack, that this blow back from other operations is coming. THEY COULN’T HAVE KNOWN.


However, there was an escalation of terrorists attacks against american assets inside Benghazi over the summer. Uh and that alone should have been enough to elevate their security ……….

Brandon: I think we saw the State Department really not prepared in Benghazi. The requests were were going up the chain of command. They, they weren’t being responded to so the State Department was in a very poor situation when it comes to security to begin with.

Hannity: So before the security was denied, during no help came except for Ty and and the other guys and after they lied. True?

Brandon: Yea yea. There’s no accountability. People are they’re in this political game of musical chairs, but you know it it’s important to us ta to really to get the truth. I mean our bias in this whole thing is to to make sure these heros are represented. Their story is told and if there’s any bias it’s to get the truth.

Hannity: All right, guys. Thank you very much. Appreciate your good work here.

Murphy: Thank you.

Yea, right.


John 16:2-4

They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me. But these things have I told you, that when the time shall come, ye may remember that I told you of them. And these things I said not unto you at the beginning, because I was with you. Excellent article about Benghazi (one of the first) Good questions. Please Read:

LYONS: Benghazi cover-up continues, nearly six months later

and another good one with good questions:

GAFFNEY: Unanswered questions about Benghazi

Mystery persists six months after killings

……..”Specifically, what was the urgency of Stevens‘ last official act — an evening meeting with the Turkish consul general?”……… HMMMMM Syria comes to mind ……..”Why did the president insist for as long as two weeks after the episode that the video was involved, prompting him to declare — among other troubling statements — at the United Nations on Sept. 25, “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”?……. Here is another very good article: Comprehensive investigative report

Body of lies from Benghazi to Barack

by Doug Hagmann “…..Because easily obtainable evidence exists that the video was not the cause of the violence but a made-to-order excuse for it,…..” (First mentioned by the Vatican spokesman for Pope Benedict who is Father Lombardi and repeated by our President to the UN, Susan Rice and the State Department! ) “…..To bring more specificity to the above, it would appear that there is a possible connection between the dissemination of the controversial video with the 2008passport office break-in scandal that involved improper computer access to the passport records of Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and John McCain. The latter is an enigma in its own right, having its own level of complicity and complexity. Additionally, that particular event appears to involve other events at its periphery, including but not limited to the murder of the key witness in that case, Lieutenant Quarles Harris Jr……” On April 8, 2008, Obama continued to comment on the fact that the confidentiality of his passport records were apparently compromised. It was on this occasion when Obama admitted, for the first time in any public venue as a presidential candidate, that he traveled to Pakistan in 1981. One wonders whether Obama would have disclosed his Pakistan trip at this time had it not been for the uncertainty that the information was already “in play.” (Is the theater the same theater in the JFK you tubes? Probably is linking (as does the neo-nazi religion of Od) I am to the Vine theater. Trying to anyway, but seemed to have petered out in that regard. ) This is definitely a religious conspiracy! Lots more in that article worth reading! Isn’t that where Osama Bin Laden was living?

Death of Osama bin Laden

2001 was the year of the first September 11th attack on the World Trade Centers and it seems to me President Obama has come to finish off America’s economy. Could be he was the person behind the eight ball of that first attack. His first Correspondent’s dinner in his first term as the President he mentioned a few things about touring Manhattan and about resting on the 73rd day of his term. It would be great if someone asked him to explain what he meant. The second term Correspondent dinner he said :

“In my first term, I sang Al Green;

in my second term, I’m going with Young Jeezy.

 In my first term, we ended the war in Iraq;

in my second term, I will win the war on Christmas.”

Wonder what he meant? Clinton said he wanted more cookies. Please read:

Tell No Man

GOP congressional leaders meet on Libya, vow coordinated inquiry into terror attack


“Graham told Fox News, in an interview with Bret Baier, that he’d spoken to survivors who claimed they had been told not to talk. “I’ve had contact with some of the survivors. Their story is chilling. They feel afraid to tell it. It’s important they come forward to tell their story,” Graham said. “Some are back working for the government. Some are still injured. The bottom line is they feel that they can’t come forth. They’ve been told to be quiet.” THAT IS UNAMERICAN, but very much like the MOB WITNESSES AFRAID AND TOLD TO KEEP QUIET. THAT IS RIDICULOUS!


IF we can get an answer to that question it would open many avenues to research. THE ONLY PEOPLE WE KNOW THAT HAVE VISITED THE WITNESSES ARE KERRY, OBAMA, AND GRAHAM at WALTER REED ARMY HOSPITAL.

Benghazi’s Silenced Witnesses Hidden In Plain Sight?

Posted 03/26/2013 06:31 PM ET “Benghazi Scandal: A Virginia congressman says the witnesses to an act of war on sovereign U.S. territory are being held incommunicado in a Washington, D.C., hospital by their own government. Free the American 30″……” …….”It matters to GOP representatives Frank Wolf of Virginia and Jim Gerlach of Pennsylvania, who have written to new Secretary of State John Kerry asking him for the names and contact information for each of the individuals who survived Benghazi.”…….

Obama Inc. Intimidating Benghazi Survivors into Keeping Quiet?

Sean Smith’s mother, Patti Smith, was told to keep quiet by someone. She is complaining about the response she received by Hillary Clinton, Pres. Obama and Leon Panetta when she was interviewed by Sean Hannity. Why doesn’t she expose the person who told her to keep quiet? Why didn’t Sean Hannity ask her to tell? What good does it do to keep quiet? Then she is invited to some ceremony for her son but she has to pay her own way which is silly. Then her daughter-in-law in the Netherlands (married I suppose to Sean Smith) is telling the mom she has to go through her and that she was not invited and would have to pay her own way to the ceremony for her son. This is the most bizarre response even from the daughter-in-law. The ceremony sounds very false and is going to be for used for some political agenda. If I were the mother I would tell who it is that is keeping her quiet and not attend the ceremony.

Mother Of Slain Benghazi Officer To Sean Hannity:

‘They Want Me To Shut Up

Letter: Obama has forgotten four Benghazi deaths

“I got a bit of a chuckle when President Barack Obama vowed last week to never forget the 20 children killed in the Newtown massacre: “Shame on us if we’ve forgotten. I haven’t forgotten those kids.” “He has, however, conveniently forgotten the U.S. ambassador and three other brave Americans who died in Benghazi last year.”….

And those deaths at Newtown were a farce as I have tried to show in many of my posts. Of course he won’t forget them. He is keeping them close so he won’t have to deal with Benghazi.

What are they getting, money?  While Pope Benedict has resigned the article below has some good links about the connection of Roman Catholicism and Islam by Walter Veith. Might educate the average person about some big similarities, coincidences, and possibly a covenant between the two religions. I would think that would be worth investigating if you care about the truth. The inclusion of many religions is Rome’s conquest because they are behind the conglomeration of all religions with themselves being the mother hen of them all. I hope you take time to listen to Walter Veith’s you tubes. Quite revealing. Please read:

Pope Benedict XVI and His Power of Suggestion


Scientists trace origin of destructive giant meteor in Russia as coming from ‘Apollo’ asteroids (Video)

Funny, because Benghazi is one of the sites of the Apollo Temples. The place of the skull kind of temples.
Wonder if it is connected in “signs and wonders” kind of way?


The Hebrew term Abaddon (Hebrew: אֲבַדּוֹן‎, ‘Ǎḇaddōn), an intensive form of the word “destruction”, appears as a place of destruction in the Hebrew Bible. In a vision in the New Testament Book of Revelation, an angel called Abaddon is shown as the king of an army of locusts; his name is first transcribed in Greek as “whose name in Hebrew Abaddon” (Ἀβαδδὼν), and then translated as, “which in Greek means the Destroyer” (Apollyon, Ἀπολλύων). The Latin Vulgate, as well as the Douay Rheims Bible, has an additional note (not present in the Greek text), “in Latin Exterminans”, exterminans being the Latin word for “destroyer”.


According to the Brown Driver Briggs lexicon, the Hebrew abaddon (Hebrew: אבדון; avadon) is an intensive form of the Semitic root and verb stem abad (אָבַד) “perish” (transitive “destroy”), which occurs 184 times in the Hebrew Bible.

Hebrew Bible

The term abaddon appears six times in the Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible; abaddon means destruction or “place of destruction”, or the realm of the dead, and is associated with Sheol.

I think Congress and the Senate

ought to get some answers

from Barack and Michelle Obama.

ABC cuts first lady’s claim teen killed by automatic weapon

“Questions today in America’s 2nd amendment debate after First Lady Michelle Obama chose to discuss the need for a new gun control in her opinion during an interview with Good Morning America. During that interview the First Lady said that 15 year old Hadia Hendleton who was shot and killed in Chicago just after she had preformed in the President’s Inauguration. The First Lady saying that she was shot because quote “some kids had automatic weapons they didn’t need.” a detail not supported by police or apparently the facts. Chicago authorities have said they believe the fact that this child was killed by a handgun. However, in the video clip the mention of automatic weapons was edited out.” Listen: Michelle Obama: She was standing out in a park with her friends in a neighborhood blocks away from where my kids grow grew up, where our house is and she was caught in the line of fire. I just don’t want to keep disappointing our kids in this country. I want them to know that we put them first. So that in the piece that aired on TV they edited out the bit about the automatic weapons. ABC claims they did that for the sake of time.” She knew what she was saying and added irrelevance about a chemistry test, because that’s what liars do.

I think the problem Michelle Obama

had with this young lady

who was killed was that

she stood out.

WHY IN THE WORLD DID SHE SAY this stuff? Pretty weird. I think Michelle Obama is a very jealous person.  My dog died yesterday the same day Michelle Obama gave advice about dog exercise and dog food. Interesting. My dog was about 18 years old and her name was Lady. My other dog Buck was shot about a year ago by a neighbor’s visitor who was drunk. They were young and feuding over the mistreatment of a girl. The abuser pulled the gun. We did not realize our dog had been shot because dogs hide pain. Both dogs had legs. Soon after he had died we saw 2 dogs on the run both black labs and were able to catch one, the other disappeared (looked like Buck) and returned the dog it to it’s owner.


As far as North Korea and it’s leader Pyongadong and his aunt overseer maybe they have gone the way that the Egyptian Pharoahs did via inbreeding and is affecting his/her brain.

I don’t think Michelle likes criticism either…..


Now, the Pope has left his post and retired for the sake of the church. Says he’ll be hidden. In Catholic prophecy he is the 2nd to the last pope for their church system, but who knows whether or not in reality whether he isn’t really the last pope to reign. Lots of eerie coincidences! I know it sounds weird, but it was because of this incident that made me realize Obama was very bad news and because I think the man on the right at the top is one of the two witnesses in  revelations of the bible. One thing for sure he warned me that our government is not ours anymore. The Vatican gave the excuse for Benghazi – the Video Tape – on the 12th of September before anyone else did, after a few mob riots at other places in Egypt then Susan Rice did her appearances and then Obama did his appearance at the UN blaming the video tape for the execution of a few americans at Benghazi (could be more since we don’t know what happened to the others…they sort of disappeared into thin air). Somewhere in between these appearances Hillary Clinton distanced herself from this evil video tape, also. A video tape is no excuse (and ridiculous) for what happened, but now we have the Definitive Report which is ridiculous too. The man who made the videotape is in jail, supposedly. And since then Obama has managed to create crisis after crisis about anything he can mostly “the economy stupid” to distract from what occurred and a few massacres, martyrdoms, and murders and some merciless bumps in the road soon after Benghazi when Israel was attacked: article-2235635-1621f8b1000005dc-779_634x404 ….because he was exposed for what he is… a drool for the Vatican and Islam and they are drools also which basically are the stinkin’ mob. Obviously a false religion promoting a false religion the religion of the mob. They will use anything or anyone to keep power because they are evil cowards. (legion of ants, locusts, fleas and worms)

America’s unique relationship with the Vatican

“Q: How important and you were an important part of this, of course during your years, how important is the relationship between the United States and the Vatican? Secretary Jim Nicholson: It’s extremely important to, to the world. The Vatican has diplomatic relations with 194 countries. And the Vatican, the Catholic Church is one of the largest purveyors of the human assistance in the world. And a great deal of the resources that they get to hand out to people comes from the United States because the United States government, the United States people, and Catholics in the pews are very generous and they send a lot of money to Rome and the church does a very able job through it’s missionaries and it’s volunteers non-governmental agencies in administering that. Perfect example was the great amount of assistance that we gave to Africa. President Bush led us on that uh in in fighting off malaria and and aids. I was very involved as our ambassador in that. Uh, . So, so that coupling of our our natural resource base and their their missionary zeal, their commitment to human dignity, and helping people have a better life is a, is a very important partnership to people in the world today, but especially those people more underprivileged and underdeveloped…….” 2013-03-12T155906Z_1659475366_LR2E93C18E8WZ_RTRMADP_3_POPE-SUCCESSION

Is this ridiculous?

CONCLAVE CONVENESThe costumes are stunning.
These guys are all over the world messing it up. Can’t wait to see their offspring start to dress like the swiss guard. The Afghan President Karzai is attempting to follow, but prefers a green and blue motif, though lately he looks more like a nun.
It’s hard to imagine why any world would want guys in red with white lace and red hats with a gold braid down their back to rundown the world, but soon they will make a vote for a pope and give a sign with indian smoke signals. Scary, but just as scary is Obama and Jay Carney and their circus of actors.

Bob Woodward: White House is using my spat as ‘sideshow’

Reps escalate demands for information on Benghazi survivors, suggest ‘cover-up’

Published March 12, 2013

Where Are the Benghazi Survivors?

———————————————– Here is another sign of sorts: Eric Bolling and Ed Beckel of Fox News exclaimed today that they could not understand why the American public were so mesmerized by the Arias murder trial. I had never even heard of her till I watched it on Greta’s show on Fox News and not just once, but many times on Fox News. What a twist! Talk about turning cause and effect into effect and cause! That’s why. Here is another case of turning cause and effect into effect and cause:


It isn’t because he cares. It’s because he doesn’t. It’s a political ploy so he can rape the country and destroy. He just needs women in a bad spot to hide behind for his cover/veil and to bow down kind of like some Palestinians do with their children and use them as human shields. If he cared about anyone he would tell the truth about Benghazi. He would want his administration to testify about it and not keep the other witnesses from the Senate and House of Reps. He creates chaos by getting his drones to create mass shootings that are fake to disarm America and at the same time arm his friends in other places and the mob.  He would try to have a plan to balance the budget and not vacation all over the place. He would set an example and of course he has done the opposite. He is a in your face blatant liar! 

He would not have said the things he said at his Correspondent’s Dinners.


Obama will give up portion of his salary

What a twerp. Pitiful tripe.

Please read: Sour Wine

Western-Backed FSA Use Child Soldiers in Syria

Not only that Geraldo Rivera aired/erred on his show the other night some naked pictures of Arias and I guess that is considered to be okay because it’s a news talk show? I don’t think it is okay. Was it necessary? So now Fox News is into the pornography of a defendant in a murder trial? Something wrong with this picture, except not surprising since the Grahams seem to have some control of that station either spiritually or financially, or maybe both. Talk about twisted. Maybe their ratings have been down and thought a few naked pictures of Arias would pick up more viewers? In answer to Eric Bolling and Ed Beckel it seems to be premeditated mesmerization of the trial of Arias by Fox News, but for what purpose? I could not convict her of murder because she doesn’t even remember murdering her boyfriend. Where’s the knife? It wasn’t her and the gun that killed him, it was someone with a knife as far as I have ascertained. Those 4 roommates need to be questioned more since they were with the body for 4 days in an apartment. I could convict her of attempted manslaughter of her boyfriend. I could not convict her of premeditation to kill because I don’t know that she intended to kill him or whether in fact she did kill him. Just because she lied a bunch after shooting him is telling of her shock at what she did with the gun, her fear, and her self preservation. I think this is a group murder because of the odd circumstances with the friends and roommates, their religion, a place called Margaritaville that did not exist and his body hanging out for four days in a bath tub with his so called friends/roomates in an apartment stinking up the place. I think she was used as a fall guy for a mob/church type killing. At face value it doesn’t add up. I think she is the coverup for his death. Basically I think this is a cult murder. Bob Woodward is  another good case in point. He broke the story about Watergate and he was a hero. Now he broke the ranks and stood up and admitted being threatened by Obama’s legion (reminds me of Billy Graham kind of tactics) and everyone else attacks him. Talk about a bunch of cowards. How about standing by his side and act like a real man or woman instead of like french chickens. It’s like when a woman gets raped and reports it and gets attacked for standing up for herself. (the Islamic way.) If you don’t stand up now, it might be you next.   You would think the press would care about freedom of the press and the responsibility of the press. No wonder America has problems. Things sure have changed. The hippie generation turned into the NIXON. Like the planet of the apes with stupid social scientists making up excuses for the signs in the earth and the heavens. The religion of GLOBAL WARMING wow that’s pretty stupid only apes could have managed to come up with that idea and only stupid apes could have believed it.

Social Cohesion

Shared social responsibility: securing trust and sustainable social cohesion in a context of transition,

Brussels, 28th February – 1st March 2011


Is it because we have no bread?


Matthew 16:7

And they reasoned among themselves, saying, It is because we have taken no bread.

Mark 8:16

16 And they reasoned among themselves, saying, It is because we have no bread.

How is it That Ye Do Not Understand?

Folly of the Synoptic Gospels

Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven

I Am That I Am (The Sign) -Revised*

I AM THAT I AM (Part two)

Merangue’s Blog

Wartime rape preventable, actress Jolie tells G8 ministers


Great speech, I guess. She is stunning in appearance and there is Kerry behind her.

I wonder if Angelina Jolie might be able to convince Kerry and all those adoring men behind her to answer some questions about Benghazi, provide the silenced survivors for questioning by our government or is she a pawn of OBAMA and KERRY,


she seems to have enraptured the G8?

Does she have the guts or is she just a poster woman for the UN?

It’s hard to tell because nothing seems to change for the better…it just gets worse for the average Jo

via the UN and looks to me

like it’s just a place to pose and pander as is the Oscars.

I get the feeling she is their and her

Unknown Epiphany of Womanhood

What do the simple folk do? DO? SO THEY SAY….. 

They Got Married Really Fast

(And then CAME LOT.)

ZZ Top- She’s Got Legs

NO,no. Please, don’t rape me.

No, no. Please don’t inject me!

Did  it serve a purpose? Did it help? It helped her.



AP/ April 11, 2013, 10:51 PM
I know I have offended everyones idol but like Obama drapes himself in women,
so the poster woman drapes herself in children for reasons that are
beyond reason. Being beautiful isn’t all it is cracked up to be, but that is what you sell…unattainable beauty
and a tweek of charity. I have mixed feelings about her because on the one hand I’m jealous of her beauty (I’m only human lol although I don’t linger on it too much) and on the other I have enjoyed some of her movies one in particular (I can’t remember the name) where she steps off of a mine to save her lover in Chechnya I think which I found to be a very good movie. But she represents a power I do not appreciate and I think they have used her without her full knowledge and not in good faith such as the panda bear picture below represents to me. It is the UN and those that uplift it. They want our money, our rights, our freedom, our blood, our sweat, our hopes, our dreams, our privacy, our futures, our jobs, etc
for their charity at their discretion. It will never be even or a level playing field. Have you noticed that the rich get richer and the poor and now the middle class get less and less your way. It is apparent that the UN, and it’s abusers are benefitting a great deal and apparently you are one of the beneficiaries. It is not nor ever will be fair or good as long as you and they need and take OPM and interfere as the UN is famous for without accountability using the press and victims to flourish just like they always do.
A tease and an appease! A VICOUS DILEMMA
Just pompous nonsense and a facade which you have been ensconced
in other words
I watched some of the reactions of the men behind you as you gave a part of your speech and it was a bit comical kind of like a spaghetti western even though it isn’t funny akin to someone like Brigitt Bardot convincing Rod Steiger’s character in the movie
a Fistful of Dynamite about good manners which I don’t think she starred in that movie but you get the picture.
I think your intentions are good but I guess sometimes good intentions aren’t enough. A bit hard to believe.
Being a poster girl for adopting children or a good actress is believable.
I’m glad Angelina Jolie is doing well since her new surgery and can live her life the same as before. I was sorry to hear she had to contemplate this because of heredity and the probability of going through what her mother went through but the lady on Fox news who had the same decision to make seems to be a good lead in this kind of dilemma. I’m sure it is hard for her and brings back some tough memories about her mom. A few years back I went through surgery for an acute peritoneal abscess and acute sepsis and almost died. I was full of pus for an unknown reason. Stress was part of the problem caused by what stressed me out. I was having a personal crisis. The first time I went to emergency they misdiagnosed me took me off the antibiotics (big mistake) so 24 hours later I returned when it got much worse and had they left me on the antibiotic I would probably have avoided a whole lot of pain but who can know for sure. Still I was lucky to have great doctors the second visit who knew what they were doing. I have a 14 inch scar down my torso and did not have reconstructive surgery but let the two sides grow together and now I have two belly buttons:) Thought about imbedding jewels down the scar but thought nah it might just cause more trouble. Inhibits me from some things now and I live with it and it still hurts depending on my activities. It did slow me down quite a bit. Hopefully for Angelina Jolie it won’t slow her down for very long. The reason I added my personal information even though I’m an average woman of no great stature or beauty and no one really cares about my body is because I felt like a big jerk for having written what I wrote about her but the fact is I did. I still feel the same about her being pandered and pandering to the UN and Hollywood however the timing was unfortunate. I apologize for that and the best that I can do is add her to my prayers which I already have.

Obama Tells Wealthy Gathering He Wants To “Institutionalize” Crisis Atmosphere

Crisis institutionalization is a bad idea because it causes stress. Stress makes people sick. I suppose it would make Obama Care seem needed if he can cause sickness by instituting a crisis atmosphere however it would not help the people who are affected by crises. It’s a crazy stupid idea and I would call it just EVIL. Many people suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome which I was told by my doctors that I might have been suffering because of my personal crisis at the time, the trauma of the operation, and the sepsis. It is inhumane to contemplate the idea that Obama told to the wealthy and much more inhumane to implement it. I hope he regrets his stupidity and insensitivity to the average man and takes his dangerous ideas and toys and leaves his post as President of the United States for being stupid enough to voice it. It seems obvious that he is producing some of these crises since he wants to institutionalize them because of the affect they have on the people. That is sick. When a President loses his right mind he should be impeached and that idea alone is reason enough to impeach him.

Obama pissed offf

That is a vindictive expression! 

This man is full of pure hate

and it’s no wonder he comes up with ideas

as foul as a belly full of puss.

Would you leave your child with him? Or would you leave your ailing parent with him?

Why would you leave him in charge of our government?

Michelle Obama, Where’d You Get Those Peepers

I love horses and these are shots of a beautiful horse and a beautiful actress in an artful way but if you are of the persuasion, religion, or culture that deems that art is evil you might get a wrong impression. I don’t consider art evil. THAT IS MY PERSONAL OPINION. I’m an artist so I have an appreciation for good art but we don’t need to urinate on each other. However other countries that make women wear burkas would probably gasp, threaten families, isolate family and friends, chop off limbs, behead, crucify, imprison, torture, maim and scar, bomb, and drone others to make an insane gesture for an insane reason for a political agenda and it is starting to resemble the US. I think our country is headed that way and it is worth fighting back and against those that would have us head in that direction. What happened in Texas and in Boston are Huge indicators of government, politics, religion, and power gone mad.

Obviously our country has it’s problems and needs a bit of tweeking but I believe that that can be done by a loving Father and his son in his way in his time and his fashion as he did with me and other people in spite of a rabid power that perverts knowledge, love, hope, faith, beliefs for personal gain, personal ambition and personal pleasure at the expense of others and mostly against women and children and the disadvantaged using their victimization, mental illnesses, crises or weaknesses for their pleasure, personal and political advantage.


Recently I looked up Marilou Henner from the sit com Taxi because I remember a few years back she said “they know everything about you” at least that is what she meant and I just found bunches of you tubes where she and others remember everything they have done on any date in their past which seemed like a big switch from her earlier statements, As if she was snatched in a way. Something strange is going on there but the difference in statements is what caught my attention now.

I heard that the NSA (National Security Agency) are building a huge complex in Utah and I think it is related to her earlier statement. I think they are abusing our rights and intend to further impinge on our rights for their security. I wonder if the events occurring lately isn’t in their interest. Maybe we should ask Marilou Henner or Charlie Sheen, Mr. Neocat, since on that same show about the NSA he said “We’re winning.”  WInning what?

Degradation of our personal lives? Selling out?

Or protecting OBAMA from responsibility and accountability from Benghazi with other crises. Create havoc and move the lines like the fence at the Boston Marathon. Create hoaxes whatever they can to blur the truth of what is really occurring. But thank goodness President Obama is familiar with West Texas and knows how tightly knit the community is. Thank goodness for his well wishing the community flattened because he wants you to think he feels their pain and that he cares recently sent in his condolences.

“President Barack Obama, who was preparing for a prayer service in Boston for the victims of the marathon bombings, sent a message of condolence to West. “A tight-knit community has been shaken, and good, hard-working people have lost their lives,” he said.”

Texas explosion: residents of West shocked by devastation

It works for him:)

Devastation, that is.

The friends of the young man who is being hunted around Boston just barely more than a kid say he is a normal guy, didn’t harbor bad feelings and the friend sounds truthful and in his right mind. But Fox news madonna rolled her eyes at the kids description as she related the story I guess because the press have tried him in their court of the press. I believe the friend more than madonna of Fox News because he knew him and O’reilly’s madonna did not know him.

Hey, BIll O’reilly check out the OOOOPS mistake down below and be honest.

I get the feeling he is being set up or was set up.

That is how the mob works. They set you up and entrap you. That is how they make slaves or sleeves as Obama kidded about in his first Correspondent’s dinner. He has many departments to work with within our government to do just that  and it costs money, tax dollars to be used for his master plan and to help him corrupt everything.

Now Fox news is saying he was in a Honda Civic which is a different vehicle than stated before. Whatever works for their crises for Obama and it keeps blurring pretty soon he’ll be in a corvette.

Watched the family members talk about this young man and the angry ones seem to point to guilt and the sad ones and the closest ones to this man point to innocence. Fractured family but something stinks.

IN any case the white bag by the fence was discriminating in that its kill zone avoided the runners.

THAT IS A VERY SMART BOMB and a very smart fence.

I’m pissed with Fox News and all those that know that they had films of the bag in front of the fence line then later changed it to behind the fence line when it was caught to be a fabrication and they for whatever reason ….big paycheck  go along with the deception. Conveniently forget. I’m watching and so are many other people and they are catching on to your duplicitous BS especially O’REILLY. A BLOW HARD BULLY and LIAR. FOR WHAT, because you are CATHOLIC? YOU HAVE THE JUDGEMENT OF A RAT BECAUSE YOU BENEFIT BY IT> YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY STUPID. You  could care less that people are being maneuvered, manipulated, and brainwashed, mind controlled and set up via their religion which by the way stemmed from your religion.  The lies keep you in your job and in your lifestyle. The reason or an excuse was given for the creation of the religion of Islam told by an RC clergyman had something to do with securing Jerusalem.  I don’t know how true that is since it seems to be at war with Jerusalem. I would say more like securing Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

I hold out reservation on Sean Hannity

because he is sincere in his job

and seems sincerely to be a good honest person and tries to get to the truth.

I hope he stays that way!

Boston in lockdown for manhunt: Eerie photos of empty city streets hit Instagram


The cop that was killed at MIT or the MIT Policeman that was killed looks like a male version of the actress by the name of Tovah Feldshuh from the miniseries called “The Holocaust.”

Boston Marathon Explosions, Sean CollierWireImage_2978563

OOOPS did someone make a big mistake?:)

And are we using some smart technology with face imaging?

Someone is, that’sssss for sure….probably at the NSA complex in UTAH.

Obama thanks Putin for help in Boston

I bet he did. I hope he thanked him for West Texas too.

It’s interesting to see little men with huge egos brimming with

over confidence abusing the power in their hands

right before they lose it.

Texas Explosion Criminal Investigation Launched By Law Enforcement Officials

Why in the world would Reed give a box with explosive ingredients to a friend right after the explosion unless he was either setting up his friend or getting rid of evidence or his friend is lying. VERY ODD.

The first emergency phone call said it was a bomb. I don’t think it was an accident, more like punishment …like the sequester type punishments that have occurred because we are dealing with insane leaders and distraction from Benghazi as all the events that have occurred since Benghazi.



got them spooked.


It was Betty Davis that said:

“Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night”

Can I get a Witness-

Marvin Gaye

“Celeste lost both legs below the knee and Sydney has severe injuries as well, cousin Alyssa Carter said in a fundraising page set up at The page had raised more than $277,000 by Thursday morning.

Family members said Celeste was being incredibly positive. Her sister, Carmen Acabbo, told WJAR-TV that Celeste joked she “would be a hairstylist on wheels now.”

That is incredible. I guess it’s worth it…. losing limbs in return for some dough.

That’s gratitude for ya. AMAZING GRAVE.
She was probably super high on pain medication.

Bill O’Reilly Attacks Alex Jones and Infowars for Daring to Ask Questions

About Boston Bomber Narrative

Off and on watching Fox news on Sunday April 21 and amazed by their total hard core stupidity. I’m hoping they get better. One man described the alleged bomber in the hospital as being “dumb as rocks,” because of his alleged school grades at college. The man describing the alleged bomber seemed to satisfy that description as well as the blond at Fox News defending the singing of Sweet Caroline at a game. IT WAS SURREAL. I get the impression she took offense at my blog post about the Boston Bruins display. I get the feeling she wishes he won’t get a trial and hoping he gets the death penalty (even though there is no proof so far that I have seen that he is responsible in the least) because he will be 20 years old in July. The same woman of Fox News just said today that the alleged bomber became a citizen on September 11th this last year.


Just heard it had been all over the news for the last three days. Funny I never saw it but I do think it is relevant.

By the way the pictures of the brother that allegedly died doesn’t look like the same man as the first man at the Boston Marathon in front walking with a bag. This is getting to be absolutely ridiculous and am licking forward to Glen Beck’s Revelation on Monday.



Threatens to ‘expose’ secret of marathon attack

if administration doesn’t confess

Beck was in Oklahoma with his Operation Blessings to help after the tornado that hit Moore Oklahoma. I wonder did the administration confess or is this opportunity in Oklahoma and Operation Blessings your reward? Shouldn’t you have exposed the secret by now? Yea you are real trustworthy.

Saudi report: Michelle O visited ‘person of interest’


So why do the Saudis get a get out of jail free card?


Looking like a set up for the Chechnya brothers because they are not rich to cover the rich Saudis. I guess we may find out tomorrow.

Witness: Tamerlan Tsarnaev Run Over By Cops, Not His Brother

“…..But a witness to the incident went on a talk radio station and said

the police ran over Tsarnaev with an SUV and then pumped bullets into him……”

On Greta Van Susterne’s show on Fox News she had a guest who was a high ranking policeman who at the time was in a helicopter tell about the first brothers demise by his younger brother yet she doesn’t include this woman who states she witnessed the cops killing the older brother with SUV and multiple gun shots.

Eyewitness Boston Suspect was run over by police SUV , no bombs

I think Saudi Arabia is the numero uno enemy to the world.

Their religion of Islam, their stupidity because of their stupid Mecca, their lawlessness and the appeasement of the world to them in response because they wear dishtowels around their head and long dresses and the women look like tarps and tents and the stupid people that walk around an object meditating and they defend all the above:



This is why Obama is Obama: Remember the movie Deliverance with Burt Reynolds? It was the problem the Egyptian Pharoahs encountered and that is why they could not understand Moses (too stupid to understand where his power came from and fought it to their demise) and because they thought they were GODS (ego and pride)

and I think Lot may have had the same problem eventually.

Have  you seen the picture of the man they are deporting for the Saudi Prince? I think he suffers from the same problem.

Anyone that directs their people to walk around a stone at mecca once in the lifetime has got to be nuts.

Can someone destroy their little rock in Mecca, PLEAZE.

I’m not joking. It seems to be a source of their madness and a good lesson.

The source of their angst.

If we really are at war with terrorism then destroy it. (It could not be any uglier) We could commission France to make a Statue of Liberty or loan them ours.

It might help them to get a grip. That may be why they are nuts. Chances are it’s emitting harmful rays that make them want to do all of the above mentioned. You might have to korantine them for a few months but it might be worth it in the long run. Just think of it as a Fertilizer Plant, if that helps. Remember it was Saudis that ran airplanes into the twin towers not Iraqi’s. But instead we protect Saudis because of their Mecca which by the way has a unique relationship with Synoptic Jesus, and then we go to war with Iraq? Does that make sense?


OOOPS did someone made a big mistake:)

And are we using some smart technology with face imaging?

Someone is, that’sssss for sure….probably at the NSA complex in UTAH.

THe days of Deception are definitely upon us and they will use any technology to spin. Good try.

They could be brothers. Very similar characteristics.

Hey if Allah was so great why didn’t he protect the older devout terrorist brother?

Instead the younger undevout terrorist lived.

I’ll answer that: he loves to kill you. He loves death. He likes to feel your pain. It soothes him.

Misery loves company. That’s why he gets his people to walk around aimlessly around this ugly eyesore.

That’s why he makes women wear burkas. Keeps them down and uneducated. He loves false promises like paradise, and ten virgins etc

because he is an ass. Remind you of anyone? Yep, he does period. Obama, period. I double that.


Why Does It Matter Hillary?

Please read:

JFK Assassination, CBS News and the Second Vatican Council

Here is an interesting show on Sean Hannity and I think it is related to the NSA. I plan to delve into this interview in another post:

David Stockman says budget is ‘doomsday machine’

….We’re in a big mess. It’s been brewing for decades and no one in particular is at fault but we’ve believed a lot of things that aren’t true….”

I think HAARP is the doomsday machine.


3 teens arrested for assault after girl’s suicide

I don’t think some of us older women and, of course men, have done young girls a favor, do you, Jo?

IT helps if young girls are told how the system works for some but not for others. I think the UN doesn’t have the right answers, and you don’t either because you are a product a facade WHILE others are really trying to cope. I’m sure you are very nice, but let’s get real.

“She was compassionate about life, her friends, her family, and would never do anything to harm anyone,” the site says. “She was in the process of developing the ability to cope with the cruelty of this world but had not quite figured it all out.

“Ultimately, she had not yet acquired the antibiotics to deal with the challenges present for teens in today’s society.”

I guess we ought to ask Greg Gutfield of The Five, the friend to women in harm’s way.



Back to Angelina Jolie




Maybe Justin Bieber ought to be the poster boy for the UN which seems to be more appropriate and a good comparison to following the man in this report: Officer accused of having Trayvon Martin targets & Officer: Trayvon Martin target a ‘no-shoot training aid’

Then why bring it to a shooting range? Makes no sense and is ridiculous. Very similar type perversity. Definitely something insidious or someone insidious is involved in this event.

It is apparent that Justin Bieber has been diseducated.

At least Jane Fonda believed in what she was doing in her films and actions even if she may have offended good people. Seems rape is a dark desire for some diseducated people but I think Jane Fonda dunged the belle in her portrayal.

Here are a couple of sites with tons of information about the inconsistencies of the

Sandy Hook mass murder used by Obama to coverup Benghazi.

Sandy Hook Truth


Sandy Hook truthers are not giving up


McCain, Graham ‘hell-bent’ on getting Benghazi answers before Brennan vote


Andrew McCarthy on Benghazi:

‘Decisive action could have saved American lives’ [VIDEO]

……”In the interview, McCarthy also claims that the Obama administration continues to work with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to find agreement on U.N. Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18, which would deem it unlawful to incite hostility toward religion. “What we are effectively doing is codifying the Shariah blasphemy standard under which any criticism of Islam … is deemed to be a capital offense,” McCarthy said.”……
Boy you are deceived Juan.  You defend the administration because he is the same race (I suppose) as you. Do you defend Michelle for her lies above about the girl that was shot? How she was shot? Why she was shot? All of which Michelle Obama in her short interview explained. Do you defend that? Isn’t that political? Fox News paid the most attention to the execution at Benghazi but as I have said over and over again why didn’t they report about the man that does not physically match Ambassador Chris Stevens? No one has reported about it. Why not? Are ya blind? You can read my other posts about what Benghazi is about on my other sites listed and linked below and the various posts about it. This is not political. It’s because you do not believe that you have made it political. He is a witness in the biblical sense of the word. Believing is tough but helpful these days and it requires work because of the deception of the world.
Sec. of State Kerry talks about justice and a witness at Bethesda now, all of a sudden, 6 months after Benghazi. Jason Chaffetz Rep. Congressman from Utah interviewed by Greta Van Susterne why not subpoena the witnesses and he seemed to have many innocuous reasons for the lack of progress. He is an A-men kind of fellow as he espoused in the interview and I suspect that that is the reason for inaction. He also sounds like the voice on the tape with Senator McConnell talking about Ashley Judd and her weaknesses in the past supposedly leaked which seems contrived at best. Jason Chaffetz is from Utah and the NSA is building that HUGE complex mentioned above.
Here is a link about A-men and please check out the links provided:

The Stones of Amen

Jason Chaffetz was educated at Brigham Young which is owned by an LDS Church (the Mormon Church) because they too are deceived. He represents the wrong interests.

Billy Graham and The Synoptic Dilemma: The Beast

Shape-shifting Jesus described in ancient Egyptian text


Luckily I was blessed with some really cool miracles that help me to remember which seems to be a problem with many people in the world they just keep forgetting and I think that is a result of not believing. The forgetfulness of the world keeps them blind. I would suggest reading the Gospel of John to help in that regard. Maybe the problem with the Barack Obama is belief. He forgets from one day to the next what he has said especially when it comes to the economy or is that to keep people off balance so he won’t have to deal with Benghazi? Probably. Forgetfulness is contagious in Washington DC. as we go from one crisis to the next over the same contrived things. Now there is news of a witness or survivor of Benghazi at Walter Reed Hospital that no one knew about for 6 months, but obviously they knew they just forgot to tell us. I bet Mr. money bags Secretary of State John Kerry knows, he seems to be the heir apparent to the buck stops here as he bribes Egypt. I get the feeling America is well off when he can dole it out to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Hood. What did Kerry get in return?

Kerry, in Egypt, Ties $250M in US Aid to Little-Noticed Reform; ‘Outrageous,’ Says Congressman

How about the other witnesses that survived? Where are they?

Kerry in Egypt ‘with a poor hand of cards’ as IMF money mean cuts and tax increases

The aim of Kerry’s visit is to persuade Egypt to pass a set of unpopular reforms in order to qualify for a $4.8 billion International Monetary Fund loan package, with the US also promising to provide $450 million of financial help of their own to Mohamed Morsi’s government because of its promises of economic and political reforms. RT: Why is America appearing to side with what the opposition are calling a hardline authoritarian Muslim Government, after its vocal support for democratic change in the region? FWE: Well, It’s very good question. I think there’s a double-faced policy in Washington. The backing of the Muslim brotherhood goes back to the CIA’s role in Egypt back in the 1950s when they saw the Muslim Brotherhood as a potentially useful tool to put in their bag of organizations that they manipulate around the world. Then they brought the Brotherhood into Saudi Arabia in the 50s when it was banned in Egypt. And from there the Brotherhood has expanded out. Now they’re playing a key role in all the countries with the Arab Spring. I think some people around president Obama have the delusion that they could control what’s basically a political Islamo-fascist movement. It’s not a movement for democracy by any stretch of the imagination. And that’s what this Brotherhood is – it’s a secret society. 

White House cancels tours due to sequester

Burning Questions About Benghazi Still Abound

Biden should be arrested and put in prison for his expenditures in London and Paris. That is evil to spend that kind of money for a night or two and then talk about nuns. He is  insane and so is our government for allowing it.

Hotel Contracts for Biden Trip to London, Paris Totaled $1 Million

“These costs are nothing out of the ordinary. They are in line with high-level travel across multiple administrations, ” the State Department official said. “ BS BS BS BS BS BS BS BS There is nothing that Biden or Obama can do for anyone that is worth over one cent. In fact they should pay the Americans back with 1,000, 000, 000 times what they have spent. Worthless pieces of crap.


Better yet don’t come back. Cut off their funds. Let Biden and Kerry stay with the nuns. Let Obama stray where he is with the Palestinians in the West bank and send him some  checkered dish towels to wrap his head in and ditch these good for nothing rats. And send plenty more of those checkered dish rags for their Secret Service rats too. They need to cover their heads also. Let them be at home with their buds. Mecca-KSA-AFP

Saudi Arabia to investigate Egyptian brawl in Mecca

Just threaten their families, that auto work then behead all the dish toweled men
and castrate all the men that are named

Biden Schmoozes With Nuns in Latest ‘Being Biden’ Audio

“Time has come” for a carbon tax

Al Gore should be charged with fraud. What a liar. Send him to Saudi Arabia to live and buy him one too. PLEASE AMERICA DO THE RIGHT THING. THIS IS THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY!!!!!  



Today (Wed. March 6th) Rand Paul is filibustering the Senate on the Brennan nomination over drone attacks of americans on american soil:

Rand Paul slams Attorney General Holder for ‘refusal’ to rule out drone strikes in US

Senator Graham and Senator McCain I guess didn’t appreciate the filibuster. I thought it was fantastic and very American especially when dealing with an issue as important as drone attacks on Americans.

Drones Are More Important Than Benghazi to Lindsey Graham

I hear that a few in the Senate have tried to stop drone attacks of Americans on foreign soil.
I agree because the constitution applies to an American overseas, doesn’t it? We don’t become foreigners just because we leave the country. Wouldn’t the American military agree? I don’t like the drone attacks on foreigners either. I know we are at war but we are not the mob. I don’t like innocent casualties and anytime we can avoid it I think we should. Being a powerful military doesn’t mean we should abuse that power. I think Obama has abused it for his own agenda not in defense of our country, but getting rid of his and Michelle’s
 personal enemies.
McCain is out of his mind if he calls them wacko. Talk about going over the deep end. However, the tweets were funny and harmless unless you have a big ego problem. The tweets about monkeys etc. I’ve made a few myself that might be considered racist but I don’t consider myself to be racist. However these days with all the sensitive people and their sensitivities I don’t think anyone on earth could pass the mustard except Chris Matthews, Collin Powell, and Bill Cosby.

Sen. Rand Paul on top issues facing Congress

I like his views for the most part.

I think marijuana should be decriminalized. Get the criminals out of the business and treat it like cigarettes and alcohol and be given absolution to the indicted or incarcerated for possession or small sales of marijuana. I have used marijuana, effexor, cigarettes and alcohol and tried a few other things in the past.  Alcohol is fine if used in moderation and I think the same for marijuana. I don’t think anyone should drive under the influence of any drug or alcohol (or fly planes!) or operate any kind of machinery or be in charge of kids or in authority of others where others can be affected but I believe privacy in a home is imperative unless kids are hurt sexually or physically. I think emotional and mental abuse is prevalent in most homes to some degree just because that is how people treat each other most of the time even in those fine dignified classy ones. People live in an imperfect world and tend to shed the effects of that world on those around them especially between the sexes or under the influence
 of the various cults that people tend to flock. (and that includes peer pressure and mob rule, but that seems to be unavoidable within those groups.) 
I have seen so many ads for drugs on tv that cause so much harm and yet under some circumstances are good.
I know the harmful effects of any drug can be bad, but sometimes their use is good and vice versa.
When people are broke and without jobs I would imagine a little flexibility in these areas is a good gesture,
especially in regards to marijuana. I know when I was deeply depressed marijuana helped me for at least a little while a few hours anyway to let off or vent some anger because it made me laugh if off for that short time but that was enough to alter my devastation. It helped. I know it is not the best answer, but at the time it was available.
Once my dad who is the straightest man I ever knew became severely depressed and went to get an anti-depressant from his doctor which is highly unusual for him and within a few months was out of his depression, but anti-depressants can also be harmful because it makes many complacent with their status or condition or underlying problem, like a mask. GOod article about psychiatric drugs being by perpetrators of some horrendous crimes and I think it is the facilitator to many things going on lately such as the Aurora theater massacre. Since WWll there are groups that use drugs to manipulate innocent people to do very bad things using drugs and other techniques within our government and in the civilian population:
The giant, gaping hole in Sandy Hook reporting
But as a kid marijuana and alcohol are not helpful. Got me into a lots of troubles. I’m sure there are extenuating circumstances though even for kids. Also when I was young and high strung and out of control/frantic my mother gave me a fraction of a pill (can’t remember the name of it) and it helped.  It didn’t happen a lot but there were a few times I needed it. My dad said his girls were neurotic and most girls are neurotic especially around their periods.
I think prescription drugs often are worse than marijuana.
People definitely should not be killed or imprisoned over marijuana, that is for sure. Most people that use marijuana are law abiding citizens in every other aspect of their life regarding the laws of the land even more so than alcohol users. Alcohol use can cause aggression in some people and I have never witnessed marijuana to do what alcohol does in that regard.
I think the effects of marijuana hurt the user more than anyone else
 such as being silly stupid (but sometimes that is helpful), paranoid, uninvolved, lazy and unmotivated while the use of alcohol usually hurts others more than the user because alcohol can cause severe aggression of all kinds. Most rapes, fights, physical abuse, sexual abuse, incest, and murders, I believe, occur under the influence of alcohol. I guess it is relative to each person, but marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol except for it’s criminal ties to the underworld, gangs, the mob and drug pushers but such was the history of alcohol. If we can alleviate that aspect of the drug it would make a huge difference, in my opinion.
I would rather be around a person who is stoned than a person who is drunk in a physical way because I would feel safer. I think marijuana and the content and strength of the drug that is in it could be better controlled than it is now and in the past. The “coolness” of it would be lessened which would make it less desirable.
My cousin spent time in Huntsville Prison for marijuana. I don’t know the details but he is one of  the sweetest young men you could meet, but he had had about 6-8 step dads in his life. Is it any wonder he was a bit mixed up at an early age.
I don’t have that excuse because my parents were for the most part pretty devoted to each other most of their marriage. My excuse was drugs were everywhere when I lived in Virginia and the Viet Nam war was occurring and  I was very peer impressionable and my dad was away at war. I think the  propaganda about “Just say no,” is a good deterrent and other modes of teaching in regards to drugs, alcohol, DUI, and sex. (Helps with the social taboos.) And let Law Enforcement concentrate on the DUI’s and hard core drug dealers, illegal gun dealers who are more likely to commit real crimes such as rapes, murder, kidnapping and child pornography and sex trafficking especially of youths, cult crimes and money laundering.
Now I rarely have a drink and when I do I only have one or two. I haven’t had pot in years. So I grew up quite a bit. 
I find it interesting that the President, the Senate and the House of Reps and all the people that work in those areas of our government and the other areas of government and the Press (with a few exceptions! ) seem more apathetic to what happened in Benghazi than does the public at large and I wonder what it is they are taking as their drug.
Must be OPM that makes them apathetic which hurts everyone.
I agree with Eric Bolling of “The Five” on Fox News about the legalization of gambling. It is allowed here and there, but not everywhere. It’s a risk but no one should lose a job over it, or their reputation, or their life. There would be more competition and laws to govern when disputes arise such as when someone gets in over their head and can’t pay and instead of some mob or mob boss handling it, the courts could handle it.
Get the criminal ingredient out of the business.
Basically take the legs out of the mob and deal with them on more serious issues such as child pornography and the sex trade, murder, hard drugs and arms trading and take their legitimacy from beneath them and concentrate on arming the enemy, such as:
Eric Holder and the Obama Administrations involvement with Fast and Furious and Benghazi and the arms traded there and put into the enemy’s hands. If we are at war with terrorism then why send money and weapons to Egypt if they are intent on the death of Christians, Americans, and Jews via terrorism. How about the Syrian rebels. No one knows where they stand and yet Europeans and some Americans want to arm them. 
Isn’t that a crime?
 It should be!

Libya Imprisons American for Allegedly Proselytizing

Christianity in Benghazi

This is very disturbing. Why has it been kept out of the news? 
I guess the RC is probably responsible because they are in control of Islam and want to be on top.
Please read about their relationship to Islam and their manipulation of the Islamic people and vice versa:

Pope Benedict XVI and His Power of Suggestion

IT’s sickening

but the first person to come up with the Benghazi excuse

the video

was Father Lombardi

the Pope’s spokesman at the time.

Roman Catholicism, the Vatican,

the Jesuits

and Islam

have a nefarious relationship

that needs to be choked off/defunded


witch use OPM!

The pretty lady on The Five mentioned that maybe the new pope might be able to get these Christian prisoners/proselytizers freed. Yea probably since he has that kind of control of the Islamic peoples. It would make him a hero in the RC parishioners eyes too I would imagine. More than likely Senator Kerry wouldn’t even try, nor his predecessor. I wonder if Billy or Franklin Graham have any pull in the area….. I would imagine they do being shills for RC. It’s amazing we are having this problem giving millions of tax dollars and weapons to our enemy when they just want to kill Christians, Americans, and Jews. Why don’t the want to kill the RC? Is it because they aren’t Christian, but CRYSTALIANS or to put it another way Crystal Meth-ians ie slaves If you read

Obama is Slaying the Senate

you will understand why I say that about RC’s. Is that why they don’t mind the Pope and his input? They bow down and kiss his ring and have given each of them the royal treatment.

If Catholics care about other Christians they will stop the vicious circle by not attending their RC churches and giving their hard earned dollars to a system that supports ISLAM. And the same goes for Islamic nations to not support a system by giving their hard earned dollars or whatever is their currency to their churches/synagogues/temples to a system that supports the Roman Catholic hierarchy or the Islamic hierarchy. Same with the Jesuits and any other cult. That would help to stop the madness. Gain control of your governments and stop the misuse of OPM.
(Other peoples money)
IF you care about your own freedom and your children’s futures you will not attend or donate
to their cause:

your slavery.


The Church Does Not Speak for Me: 6 Quotes by JFK on Being Catholic and a Politician

Bill Cosby says those who oppose Obama are racist

So Bill Cosby if you opposed George Bush, were you a racist? Bill Cosby and Catholic nuns have a special agreement which you can read about in the post. He seeded for his wife and who knows what else he received. Obviously, he is in the depths of deception and paying the piper, and a backscratcher as well. The actors need american tax dollars for their lifestyles of the rich and famous selling out the americans for those needs:) NICE HUH? such as:

Harrison Ford on sequester: ‘Accidents are going to happen’

when FAA closes air traffic control towers [VIDEO]

Obviously, this is black mail because of Feinstein’s loss today against the 2nd amendment rights of the average person in America.

But instead they would rather have pretty haircuts for free and fair weather friends in Hollywood.
You would think Harrison Ford could object a wee bit but he’s acting as if he’s all for it when in reality sequestration is being used as an excuse to hurt and punish Americans. All it would take is thoughtful and diligent work in all areas of government to size it down to cut the fat, fraud and abuse, find and cut the funding to the enemy with arms, tanks, money and who knows what else. I guess this actor is just a wimp. I won’t be wasting my money on his movies.

Michelle Obama: ‘This Is Your House, Too’

A conversation and  some stroking of Harrison Ford by Michelle Obama. MIGHTY STRANGE! I guess there is a Hollywood movie called 42. He must be starring in it, I don’t know.

42 (number)


  • In Japanese culture, the number 42 is considered unlucky because the numerals when pronounced separately — “shi ni” (four two) — sound like the phrase, “unto death”.[12]
  • There are 42 principles of Ma’at, the Ancient Egyptian personification of physical and moral law, order, and truth. In the judgement scene described in the Egyptian and the Book of the Coming/Going Forth by Day (the Book of the Dead (which evolved from the Coffin Texts and the Pyramid Texts)), there are 42 gods and goddesses of Egypt, personifying the principles of Ma’at. These 42 correspond to the 42 Nomes (Governmental Units) of Egypt. If the departed successfully answers all 42, s/he becomes an Osiris.
  • 42 is the number with which God creates the Universe in Kabbalistic tradition. In Kabbalah, the most significant name is that of the En Sof (also known as “Ein Sof“, “Infinite” or “Endless”), who is above the Sefirot (sometimes spelled “Sephirot“).[13] The Forty-Two-Lettered Name contains four combined names which are spelled in Hebrew letters (spelled in letters = 42 letters), which is the name of Azilut (or “Atziluth” “Emanation”). While there are obvious links between the Forty-Two Lettered Name of the Babylonian Talmud and the Kabbalah’s Forty-Two Lettered Name, they are probably not identical because of the Kabbalah’s emphasis on numbers. The Kabbalah also contains a Forty-Five Lettered Name and a Seventy-Two Lettered Name.
  • The number 42 appears in various contexts in Christianity. There are 42 generations (names) in the Gospel of Matthew‘s version of the Genealogy of Jesus; it is prophesied that for 42 months the Beast will hold dominion over the Earth (Revelation 13:5); 42 men of Beth-azmaveth were counted in the census of men of Israel upon return from exile (Ezra 2:24);God sent bears to maul 42 of the teenage boys who mocked Elisha for his baldness (2 Kings 2:23), etc.
How about Harrison Ford and Janet Napolitano
tying a good taut knot in marriage
or did he already drink her blood.

I guess he drank Michelle’s blood

or did she drink his because she does appear to have some teeth.

Nefarious indeed!

Again this is about religion and the fanatics of the Preeminence of the Gospel of Matthew as I stated earlier that is why JFK was assassinated and the executions occurred at Benghazi. Now Michelle is a busy single mother….has she ever been a single mother? But her hubby Barack is there……huh. O’reilly? Weird chick! How does her garden grow?


Obviously, the incognito worship of ALLAH


Remembering Ambassador Christopher Stevens

“……. Ambassador Stevens liked being out among the people……….” Similar to Pope Francis…….. Kabbalah is an exclusive group. You have to be important and just the right shape and size.

Thieves and murderers are in the White House

and they are not good


they wouldn’t have to stoop so low. Beyonce Knowles new cultic song comes to mind: BOW DOWN This is a cult and that is why we have these massacres, sequestrations, fiscal crises occurring in America. I believe that one of those men in Benghazi was a witness and as far as the genealogy of Jesus I wrote about that in two posts on another blog, but specifically part two of this series. It’s a catch-22! It’s pretty deep stuff but shows the deception occurring then and now:

Abomination of Desolation: Part one


The Abomination of Desolation Part 2


#BENGHAZI: The Sound Of Silence


Marine Corps Veteran Questions DHS on Huge Ammo Buys

Big Sis Refuses To Answer Congress On Bullet Purchases

DHS questioned over decision to let Saudi passengers skip normal passport controls The Sequester is affecting the amount of border patrol agents at our borders by about 5000. I think Nepolitano (with Obamas direction) is very integral to Pope Benedict’s desire to have a “world without borders” an essential ingredient to a one world government and an illustration that this Sequester is Vatican inspired and basically castrating Americans purposefully. Of course, who will lead this one world with out borders??????…….. the Roman  Catholic Pope and the Vatican as it seems to be doing incognito. Pope Benedict said he would be “hidden” after he retired, like the hidden taxes in ObamaCare. I guess he really didn’t retire. (Hard to know whether the RC Vatican is run by Islam or vice-versa  one is an apologist for the other using each other to get their way in any witch way they can. ) HARRY REID LINKS MARINE DEATHS TO SEQUESTRATION He is insane and so is his boss.

Jim Carrey mocks gun enthusiasts in

‘Funny or Die’ ‘Hee-Haw’ spoof

Jim Carrey needs to read about the hoaxes involved in all the mass shootings in my blogs so he won’t be so foolish.
Does Jim Carrey make money on his mock of gun enthusiasts? Probably. Jim should move back to Canada if he doesn’t think the 2nd amendment of the Constitution is worth standing up for. Americans do think it is worthy of protection because it protects our rights. I love his humor but he is wrong. I bet he thinks giving 300 million to the Palestinians is good and of course he is wrong again. Does Jim Carrey want to defend himself against terrorists, murderers, rapists, thugs and thieves with his humor? Would his humor have prevented the animals dragging a man around with motorcycles? Maybe he should move to the West Bank and see if there isn’t a need to arm oneself against that kind of mercilessness with more than comedy. Perhaps it is okay with Jim if our government rapes him and his bank accounts and everything he has earned such as his homes such as occurred recently to the people in Cyprus?
Would that send a message to Jim? Does Jim Carey have children? Does he want his kids to wear burkas and have their hands chopped off for stealing food? That is what will occur if we give up our right to bear arms to defend ourselves against tyranny and real insanity.
“He was allegedly forced to confess after the authorities threatened to torture his mother.” The leaders of Saudi Arabia rob the people and then rob them of any rights such as a fair trial and get confessions by threatening torture of their family members and publicly execute them to scare everyone else. This is the worst kind of government and the worst kind of leaders, but AL GORE is their ally. We definitely do not need to do business with this government, because they are insane. Not only that their religious leaders walk around a meteor in Mecca and consider that spiritual and expect others to do it once in their lifetime.

Mercury Meteorite?

Green Space Rock Found In Morocco May Be First From Innermost Planetr-MERCURY-METEORITE-large570

Next thing you know the Moroccans will set up a shrine around this meteor call it the holy spot and expect people to walk in mass around it. King Abdullah is slimy, gross, and a coward of the wurst kind.

Wouldn’t it be just plain wonderful if that place disappeared to show how insane their religion is?
 Obama is slimy, gross, and a coward also.

King Abdullah, President Obama hold talks

June 3, 2009

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and U.S. President Barack Obama held bilateral talks at the King’s ranch in Al-Janadriyah today. During remarks to the media, President Obama stressed the value of his relationship with the Saudi monarch. “I’ve been struck by his wisdom and his graciousness,” he said.  The U.S. and Saudi Arabia “have a long history of friendship, we have a strategic relationship.” President Obama said he purposely chose Saudi Arabia as the first stop on his Middle East tour because the Kingdom is a key ally and the

 cradle of Islam.

Obama: “The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander The Prophet Of Islam

Obamas words and his actions speak volumes.

Why you do what you do and say what you say

and the results of your words and your actions are just as telling.

It makes a difference how.



Turkish pianist Fazil Say convicted of insulting Islam

I hope the future will belong to a world without ALLAH and he is forgotten like a piece of poop being flushed down the toilet:)

Same goes for Obama and his mob!


The people who lack tear ducts and mucous membranes

Kind of like Obama himself (in his own hand) and they live in Connecticut and they want information about gun owners in America,

but Obama doesn’t want to give the Americans information about Fast and Furious or Benghazi. Will it fly?

U.S. victims of mass shootings seek control over donations

It seems that donations are highly sought after by victims families. I have watched a multitude of you tubes of these so-called victims of mass shootings within a few days after their so-called victimization seeking money. It ought to raise ones suspicions of the intent of these   volunteers.

Kind of like Paul Ryan more worried about the contrived “abyss”/fiscal cliff than the truth of what happened in Benghazi. He certainly tried to scare his side of the aisle which gave Obama and his cronies more space to distance themselves from the executions.

Here is another licking video of the supposed victim being remembered by her dad who is acting

obviously coerced by the likes of the press CNN to be exact and Piers Morgan:

Here is a snap shot from the video you tube and the you tube.

The snap shot is taken at 1:01.

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 12.56.31 AM

This is a sign given over and over again by CBS news and many others when JFK was assassinated and with Newtown which I believe is a big hoax to get us to disarm the public to render us helpless.

Video memorializes slain Newtown student

CNN also was involved in another Newtown fraud and I think they are deeply involved in the Newtown cult. Please scroll down to the part about the massacre called


in the article below:

Boehner, Chris Christie, and Obama’s Image

It ought to give you goose bumps. Very much like the Jim Jones cult, even the woman who interviews the kids looks like his relative. Very cold and calculating b…..! Here is a good example of the licking phenomenon:

CBS News and JFK (A Lot of Lickin’ Goin’ On) Parts 59-60

Here is another example of the Newtown hoax

Screen shot 2013-02-02 at 5.38.23 AM

(Before It’s News)

Screen shot 2013-02-02 at 5.50.17 AM







Conn. passes bill that prevents release of photos, video from Newtown shooting

I wonder why?

‘Evangelicals could be put on watch list, denied guns’

“Tony Perkins ties Army rhetoric with proposed background checks”

Maybe for good reason since they seem to be involved in some scary cons but using innocent people.

Wolves in sheeps clothing conning their own sheep. That is the ultimate betrayal. If the press would be honest, and if the clergy would be

honest it might help protect their own families, neighbors, friends, loved ones,

husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, sons and daughters, and even the clergy and the press themselves, etc.

Very twisted stuff goin’ on.

Families of Newtown

Lots of pictures of families of supposed Newtown victims in all sorts of locations and with many expressions and not one tear drop or wet skin just acting yet the press overlooks it. I wrote this last addition today Monday April 8th and I just found a you tube from Fox News of an interview with Megan Kelly of a man who is definitely trying to prove he has mucous membranes and tears and fails again.

Now Michelle Obama is trying to prove that she has mucous membranes:

WATCH: First Lady Tears Up During Speech On Gun Violence

But still can’t legitimately cry, but trying very hard.

“My what big teeth you have grandmother,” said little red riding hood.

Time to start wearing garlic.

Michelle Obama Steps Into Gun Control Debate

Obama spoke Wednesday about meeting with Pendleton’s classmates in February.

“It is hard to know what to say to a roomful of teenagers who are about to bury their best friend,” she said. “But I started by telling them that Hadiya was clearly on her way to doing something truly worthy with her life.”

Yea, because the Obamas mission is “truly worthy” and that is why this young girl died ……for the OBAMAS!


The OBAMAS are evil and twisted. PERVERTED

April 8, 2013

Newtown parent: More gun control is not the answer

He snorts and sniffles and uses a handkerchief, but it seems kind of coincidental. Knowing the failure of the gun control activism by Obama and his friends/cronies and the town of Newtown participants Mark Mattioli is going for hospital mental illness substantiation. This is amazingly ridiculous.

He was asked about the mental health system that he feels that there is a major failing in mental health initiatives and talks about the Governor of Connecticut who is slashing the budget to hospitals by $550 million and tells us that the hospitals are the ones that treat and diagnose mental illness and how are they supposed to do that when these DOLLARS are taken out of their system. This is fakery.

He is asked about his “Global Response” and Mark Mattioli said he had a plan of how to make this world better and his son was a part of that plan.

(The GLOBAL PLANS of mice and men often go awry.)

This is such BULL-CRAPIOLI!

Here is Obama the Master Manipulator of women. Interesting picture:


I bet she thinks she is special in his gaze
and the man behind is very very very
sinisterly aware
of that control.

But first he has to get them some $dough

I bet he’s determined but with the wrong attitude and design. What does he gain?
His freakin’ followers can annihilate all his enemies:
Christians and Jews and anyone against his prophet.
He is an imitator. That is how he tricks people.
If he was a good guy he would testify about Benghazi and Fast and Furious. He is evil and his intentions are evil.
IF he cared about the US and it’s citizens he would not punish them with his insanity. She is his slave and one of many. Her relationship with him is like Pelosi’s relationship with Dr. Zhivago mayor of Chicago. They know how to woo their prey. She has worked very hard for his agenda and he is making her think he is hers.


and so is the man in the background.
Here is a you tube of President Obama again trying to get Americans to disarm using victims of Newtown and all of them are smiling in a surreal way and he falsely promises them that their children are not forgotten, totally disgusting, like he is their guru the kind of hold that Jim Jones had on his followers:

Chilling Details Emerge on Newtown School Shooter Adam Lanza


Newtown – A Hoax?


Obama is Slaying the Senate

JFK Assassination, CBS News and the Second Vatican Council

Now we have a North Korean idiot making ridiculous threats right after a visit from a basketball player friend of Obama named Dennis Rodman. Obviously the North Korean Leader is getting something in return for his little madman act to help Obama’s distraction from Benghazi. Probably american tax dollars. This is getting redundant and Obama is irrelevant as is the leader of North Korea. I think both of them have a inbreeding complex in their whittle bwains hoping everyone else won’t notice this stupid game.

Honestly has Obama accomplished anything worthy of a twit? He is a dumb ass.

Anyone, even the dumbest in the world, can destroy, but very few can build because it takes brains and know how.

All he is is a “go fetch it, boy” for the Vatican



Anyone can shoot better basketball two422. I bet the North Korean leader as short as he is could do better. LOL

I know Sarah Palin could dunk more with her eyes closed.’

Tonight he celebrates a Soul Concert

OBAMA encapsulates the term SODOMY.


If anyone in Washington has guts they would impeach him so where are the real men?


April 11, 2013

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show:

Mark talks about the 16 Republican Senators that voted against the Constitution today

and voted for the gun control law to be presented next week.

Click for full recap and show notes


Was Benghazi an attack on Americans

by drones on foreign soil?


Is Obama (and the State Department and CIA and others) trying to free themselves of responsibility for the attack of a few Americans at Benghazi with the drone issue by legalizing it after the fact? Leading from behind policies. Drone StrikesTed Cruz Repeatedly Questions Holder On Hypothetical Use Of Drones In US By the way there are lots of kinds of drones. Not just flying ones. There are human drones. Charles Krauthammer on Fox news used Civil War as an excuse for using drones to kill americans today Wed March 6th. So Charles where did you grow up? Germany? Your name certainly is telling. You got something up your sleeve? When the press turns on the people with lies, half truths, twists and turns, etc. No wonder we can’t get to the truth about Benghazi because the press is hiding the truth. What a jerk. Now, President Obama wants to meet with the Republicans. I hope some of you won’t….the ones with brains, hearts, and courage. He is your enemy and there is no point in meeting with him because he will just lie to you because he is evil. The financial crises we have experienced over and over again this year and last year are to cover the Presidents hyde in destroying Americans and America. He will never do what is right for America because that is not his purpose. There is no point in dealing with him on these issues whatsoever, because he flips on a dime because his intentions are to destroy Americans and America. The same goes for Michelle. They will use any person willing and any government entity willing to do the job and their will if you let them. He is playing games with the government, our country and its people. Until you figure that out you are being used by him one way or another and in essence a pawn in his stupid game.

Obama lunches with Ryan after dining with GOP senators

Obama Invites Ryan, Van Hollen to Lunch

I guess they’re hungry.

He’s a little man handed power by unbelievers. Here is an article about Bill Clinton flipping: Bill Clinton flips on gay marriage — is Hillary far behind?


This article talks about arming the Syrian rebels via Benghazi with aid of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, through Croatia etc all of these muslim countries. Why?

I guess they don’t like Assad of Syria

(for crimes against his people?)

as much as Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

who chops peoples heads off for small unproven crimes.

A bit lop sided. Obviously cruelty isn’t the real reason. However when President Clinton was in office we had the wars in Serbia, Croatia the Yugoslavian wars etc (prophetic) so there is a connection. The Clintons were and are just puppets, I think. Gore was VP and never received his kingdom (prophetic) in the Book of Daniel. I think Assad’s name is sort of a clue to these cults. Pope Benedict was very concerned about names. Something to do with trying to outsmart or fulfill prophecy of the bible ie self fulfilling kind of ideology which is scary I think Plus his wife just had a baby and that seems to be threatening to this mass cult synosis Obviously, the RC and it’s daughters and the Islamic connection with fanatics and zealots suffering from Synoptic fever syn-drone, their preoccupation with the preeminence of the Gospel of Matthew duplicitousness, yingin’ and yangin’ everyone, even themselves for the proppers of the worship of Mary and baby Jeezes  (as Obama said at his Press dinner) probably Neuro using H.A.A.R.P. against the Gospel of John (freedom from the above mad alliance). There is probably some truth in this article, but definitely lots more going on here than that. Lets see the survivors now:) It ain’t the economy as demonstrated by Obama, our government and others. It ain’t just about OIL either.

It’s about religion, their demonic cults,

slavery of women

for sex and protection,

(like the bereft woman with Obama in the picture above)

money,  power

and the Great Deception.


and self deception!
Both feeling “the pain.”
Not their pain but the pain of others because they like it.
I think it’s called demon possession.
The bestselling author of “The Spooky Truth” series wants to teach kids that pulling back the curtain
on what the government doesn’t want us to know can be fun! 


That’s Billy Graham and the affect he had on these people and others isn’t good.

Does Benghazi matter to Billy and Franklin Graham?

Why Does It Matter Hillary?

The Gates of the Boston Marathon and the Bag


Biden: The ‘affirmative task

‘ before us is to ‘create a new world order’


Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan leader and U.S. foil, dies

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dead after battle with cancer

Stands like a woman in rolled up jeans and sandals!
Where was Michelle Obama the night of Benghazi?
Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 3.50.11 PM

 Lawmakers demand access to survivors injured in Benghazi attack

Pakistani girl shot by Taliban appears on video saying she’s getting better

Another case of human drones trying to silence

a very beautiful smart young lady!


JacQueline Kennedy and then Came Lot

Tuesdays show on Greta watched her female guest who read a fascinating book or account of the friends of the family of the alleged terror Boston bombers. Talked about how these people went to get weekly “Facials” and how they watched this family who started out as a normal immigrant family to religious family to religious zealots family to conspiracyists to terrorist family.

And this account is already out now.  3 days later?

M y   t h a t   w a s  f a s c i s t- l y  q u i c k.

That is fascinating. This woman is a jerk and so is her fascinated fan and propaganda-ist BS ie  the woman on Gretas show. How does this female know what is a normal immigrant? Does she study normal and abnormal immigrants? Did she tell the authorities that she suspected them? Is it her job?

Evil inspired by online Al Qaeda magazine

Oh She’s a Fox News National Security Analyst.

Her name is KT McFarland also talking about the magazine INSPIRE. Promoting it in fact.

That is because she is an 

anal      yst for National Security zzzzzzzzzzAgency perhaps? SLEEPING ON THE JOB I  GUESS. CUSH-Y JOB EH?


It must be fascinating. Too bad a lousy job was done in intervening  and preventing the maiming of people.

But I guess the study was worth it so you could bad mouth anyone that thinks

conspiracies are occuring in our government or the world.

Just looked her up and boy her looks sure have changed which I have linked.

I feel like I’m in a time warp.

I bet you hate Alex Jones too.

Does Alex Jones spy on you?

timthumb.phpDo you spy on Alex Jones? Probably

Has Alex Jones made bombs?


Has the National Security Agency made bombs?


If it smells like a rat, IT’S A RAT. She stinks…..>  But let’s not judge her before she goes as low as she can go.

I have a feeling she ‘s gonna swan dive…….. full of grace………starting to take on Napolitano’s characteristics.

I’m sure she is “exceedingly sorry.”

Obviously she ticked me off as I watched her fascination.


They just sell grace is all. Eventually it isn’t enough dough. It’s addicting stuff…OPM

As a child I was attacked by a swan, I guess that was a sign.

You may think my idea about Mecca is far fetched.

It should have been the first thing targeted after 9-11 because the pilots were Saudis with box cutters (big clue),

weren’t they?

The fact is it would have been the appropriate response with ample warning to disperse the people to safety and eliminate their reli-ants on their false worship, the Beyonce kind of worship.

and it would have helped them in ways to0 numerous to count and helped the rest of the world,

but instead we went east to Iraq which is really weird. Rolling over, so to speak. DID IT HELP? Of course not and the USA was spiritually inept and all the Presidents and his men were being led by MR. ANT, Billy Graham.

Billy Graham and The Synoptic Dilemma: The Beast


I wonder why there are conspiracy theorists?

Turkey protests: Clashes continue despite PM’s warning

The man that is being dragged around by the Libyans at Benghazi who is not Ambassador Stevens helped me to see that Obama was evil and it was a big warning to me. I hope whoever reads this will take it seriously. Benghazi should not be overlooked or swept under the rug. There is way more to Benghazi and the Senate has only skimmed off some of the fat and barely scratched the surface. Obama should be ousted as President and put on trial as he suggests for the bomber in Boston.

He knows who, what, and why he sent them there. It’s time for him to be arrested.

It’s time for the American people to hear the truth.

Michelle Obama, Where’d You Get Those Peepers


(pssssst….. that is who and what he represents. It’s his weapon of choice!)



Disturbing situation involving John Kerry and Michelle Obama

The Execution of Benghazi

Benghazi: 6 Months Later



CBS News and JFK Parts (Second to Nun) Parts 33-35

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Billy Graham and the Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

A colloquial name for the order is “praying mantises“, because of the typical “prayer-like” stance, although the eggcorn “preying mantis” is sometimes used since mantises are predatory.[2] In Europe, the name “praying mantis” refers to Mantis religiosa. The closest relatives of mantises are the orders Isoptera(termites) and Blattodea (cockroaches), and these three groups together are sometimes ranked as an order rather than a superorder. They are sometimes confused with phasmids (stick/leaf insects) and other elongated insects such as grasshoppers and crickets.


The scientific name Mantodea comes from the Greek words μάντις meaning a prophet, and εἶδος for form or shape. The name was coined in 1838 by the German entomologist Hermann Burmeister. The common term mantis is also from the Greek word μάντις for prophet.[3][4]


One theory for the evolution of the species is that mantises evolved from proto-cockroaches, diverging from their common ancestors by theCretaceous period, possibly from species like Raphidiomimula burmitica, a predatory cockroach with mantis-like forelegs. Possibly the earliest known modern mantis is Regiata scutra, although more common (and confirmed) is Santanmantis, a stilt-legged genus, also from the Cretaceous. Like their close termite cousins, though, mantises did not become common and diverse until the early Tertiary period.


Praying Mantis
Ogre of The Insect World


Billy Graham praying


Billy Graham having a private contemplative moment

caught on camera, of course.

Did he know he was being photographed?

And again Billy Graham looking down and forlorn, or maybe just thinking alone?

Did he know he was being photographed?

Billy Graham looking up.

Did he know he was being photographed?

Franklin Graham praying, I think.

Did he know he was being photographed?

Hey he’s wearing his little finger now!


Franklin Graham’s profile.

Did he know he was being photographed?


Billy Graham, Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton praying,

or just all three being sullen together.

Did they know they were being photographed?

Clinton seems to be aware he is being photographed!

Ka Qing, Ka Qing!

Sorry Sarah!

Donald James Lawn

Author of

The Memoirs of John F. Kennedy: A Novel

Doesn’t he look like Bill Clinton’s clone?

bill clinton and larry king off air

 More interesting articles:

Merangue’s Blog

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Beware Oh brother, beware don’t you listen to the words. The tender lies….

The Beast

Speaking with his tongue which he does quite often.


For instance Franklin Graham representing BGEA:


5 things we learned from Franklin Graham

By Dan Gilgoff and Eric Marrapodi, CNN Belief Blog Co-Editors

5. Graham didn’t direct the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to remove its website’s reference to Mormonism as a cult shortly before Election Day. But he agrees with the move. “I didn’t even know it was there. We have like 10,000 pages on our website,” Graham told us.

Graham said the reference isn’t coming back to the site. “I don’t want to be involved in calling people names,” he told us. “I want to reach people for Christ, and how can I do that if I’m calling them a name? I don’t even like the word cult; it sounds like dungeons and dragons or something.”

Give me a break….he didn’t even know it was there?

This guy is full of deceipt.

It’s okay to change your mind. It was a self-serving gesture for your ministry and an alliance to benefit you, and nothing more.  

Talk about disingenuous!

False dilemma

“……The presentation of a false choice often reflects a deliberate attempt to eliminate the middle ground on an issue. Eldridge Cleaver used such a quotation during his 1968 presidential campaign: “You’re either part of the solution or part of the problem.”[4] Another example would be the former US president George W. Bush stating that the world had a choice to make; “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”……”

Luke 9:50-51

 49And John answered and said, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name; and we forbad him,

because he followeth not with us.

 50And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.

How about Benny Hinn?

Here is a you-tube of an example of Grace in the form of Benny Hinn a product of Billy Graham’s Evangelicals and Roman Catholicism

which I tried to transcribe a portion:

Benedictus Hinn Slaying himself I guess
Benny Hinn – Servant of God – You must See this

Benny Hinn – Casting Out Demons & Devils from people (1)

“Look at me. You’ve been oppressed by a devil. You’ve had demons literally try to kill you. You’ve had the devil himself try to kill you. I see when you were a child about three years of age. Someone put a curse on you. You remember that? “

(Woman shakes her head saying no.)

“You don’t because you were three years old.”

How does he know?

(Then Benny Hinn says something hard to translate and then says:)

“…….you are free in the name of Jesus From the top of her head to the soles of her feet she’s free.”

(Then Benny Hinn yells and pushes her: ) 

“She is free in Jesus name.”

(Then the crowd erupts in applause and he raises his hands in the air and says something I cannot translate:)

This is junk! Oh, it may be real, but it is still junk!

Were Christians really thrown to the lions?

“4. Roman executions typically were considered a form of public spectacle. “

In the gospels and the following books the person who curses a person is Paul! And the other time a curse is mentioned by Peter in regards to Jesus becoming a curse and implicit in that assumption is Judas, the slaves that were hung in the south,  and anyone who hangs on a tree which could have another meaning….such as.Christmas Tree Decorations/ decorators. 

1 Corinthians 16:22
If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema Maranatha.

Please read:

The Grace of Anathema Maranatha

In Roman Catholicism the only person allowed to curse an anathema marantha is the Pope and his Bishops.

Which of course you have to wonder: Was Saul/Paul a pope?

He sure traveled far and wide as do popes in our time.

Anyone who curses a three year old is sick.

What Bennie Hinn offers this woman is a false dilemma. A False Jesus. One that kills, maims, curses, possesses,

and ultimately destroys.

The devil posing as a healer.

What he offers her is Paul. Ba’al!

This is the way of Deception. However, Thank God we do have someone that loves us written about in the Gospel of John. And He is aware of what occurs in these arenas!

Please read:

I Am That I Am

I AM THAT I AM (Part two)


Here is a link with information From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia about Benny Hinn:

Benny Hinn

“Toufik Benedictus ”Benny” Hinn”


Hinn was born in Jaffa, in 1952, in the then newly-established state of Israel[3] to Palestinian Christian parents. He was raised within the Eastern Orthodox tradition.[4]

Soon after the 1967 Arab-Israeli War (a.k.a. “The Six-Day War)”, Hinn’s family emigrated to TorontoOntarioCanada, where he attended but later prematurely left the Georges Vanier Secondary School. In his books, Hinn states that his father was the mayor of Jaffa at the time of his birth, and that as a child, he was socially isolated and was handicapped by a severe stutter, but was nonetheless a first-class student.[5] These claims, however, have been disputed by critics of Hinn.[6] As a teenager in Toronto, Hinn converted from Greek Orthodoxy to Pentecostalism, eventually joining a singing troupe made up of young evangelicals. According to a 2004 CBC report on Hinn, his newfound religious devotion during this period became so intense that his family became concerned that he was turning into a religious fanatic. Hinn was taught the bible and mentored by Dr. Winston I. Nunes of Broadview Faith Temple in Toronto.[7]

speaking in tongues

Again speaking with his tongue 

Benny Hinn – Billy Graham’s Little Ant

The Devil is tricky: Very interesting parable and very quaint except that the problem with it is the false dilemma such as what occurred recently in Japan. Please read: 

Japan Quakes after Confirmation of the Neocatechumenal Way

Benny Hinn was raised Eastern Orthodox tradition which is another form  of Catholicism, one of many. Then he became Pentacostal which is still another form of Catholicism, one of many!

They created it as another false choice!

Where do you think “All Roads Lead to Rome” originated?

Same choice offered for the “little ant parable of Billy Graham.”

They create a dilemma, and they offer solutions to makes you think you have overcome! 

They interfere so that they may intervene! In legal terms it would be called “Entrapment.”

The Fruits of the Vatican


“In criminal law, entrapment is conduct by a law enforcement agent inducing a person to commit an offense that the person would otherwise have been unlikely to commit.”

In moral law it might be perhaps causing unwanted pregnancies by introducing drugs, propaganda and making abortion legal. Or causing joblessness through hate or prejudice causing a person to steal for food, deal drugs, prostitution etc.

The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia

While our troops fought in Vietnam drug use among youth definitely increased. Itis not by accident!


You are not given a fair choice!!!!!! 

Like the nurses you hear about that create near death experiences in order to save you when in fact they are the enemy obviously. It gives them a false sense of power over others. Makes them think they are Gods angels or God himself.

Like Sophie’s Choice.

Billy Graham and Benny Hinn are products of Nazism…Facism…..Roman Catholicism!

(Above picture is a snapshot of Billy Graham posing as Jack Ready a Secret Service Agent at Love Field Airport in Dallas the day of the assassination of JFK. He is signaling someone after Jackie Kennedy received a Lamb chops puppet which she hid under the red roses, the same red roses that she mused about receiving in later interviews , and failing to mention the puppet! I would guess that is where she hid a weapon used to kill JFK and/or to create a diversion which Roy Kellerman did mention hearing a flurry of gun shots. Whatever was hidden inside the puppet was important enough for Billy Graham/Jack Ready to make a signal to someone….probably another agent/press/clergyman)

They are



 ”Tyrannosaurus was a bipedal carnivore with a massive skull balanced by a long, heavy tail. Relative to the large and powerful hindlimbs, Tyrannosaurus forelimbs were small, though unusually powerful for their size, and bore two clawed digits.

Their massive skull is Golgotha:

The place of the skull where Jesus of Nazareth was nailed to the cross.

 Their works are their veil!

They are evil.

They are Evangelicals: Evil Angels: Beasts


CNS exclusive excerpt: Msgr. Ratzinger discusses his brother, the pope
Q. Do you also watch television together? Does the Holy Father have a favorite program?A. Well, before the news, there used to be a television series “Inspector Rex.” We always used to watch it, because we like dogs, too.”

John 16:2-4

  2They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh,

that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.

 3And these things will they do unto you,

because they have not known the Father, nor me.

 4But these things have I told you, that when the time shall come, ye may remember that I told you of them. And these things I said not unto you at the beginning, because I was with you.

US election 2012: Rick Santorum says JFK makes him sick

The pictures of Billy Graham are snapshots from Greta Van Susteren’s interview of him talking about the Bush family .

Greta Exclusive: A Conversation With the Rev. Billy Graham

The last picture is of a man  (who I think is none other than Billy Graham in disguise) at the airport with JFK in Dallas less than an hour before the assassination right before he enrages

because he is caught on camera signaling to someone with his two claws

as Jacky receives something at the fence line.

Revelation 16:10-11

 10And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness;

and they gnawed their tongues for pain,

 11And blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains (panis?=demons)

and their sores (roses?),

and repented not of their deeds.


Please read all of the parts of the

The Covenant with Many

Rev. David Wilkerson and Evangelicalism

CBS News and JFK (The first few hours)

The Stones of Amen

George Gänswein, Pope Benedict XVI, and Mel Gibson

Mary’s Spikenard and Luke’s Parable – Revised

Other articles can be found at

Merangue’s Blog

New and Revised Articles

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Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven


Matthew 16

13When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?14And they said, Some say that thou art John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others, Jeremias, or one of the prophets.

 compared to


27And Jesus went out, and his disciples, into the towns of Caesarea Philippi: and by the way he asked his disciples, saying unto them, Whom do men say that I am?28And they answered, John the Baptist; but some say, Elias; and others, One of the prophets

Why would Jesus Christ, the Son of God, ask

Whom do men say that I the Son of man am? or Whom do men say that I am?

Did he need feedback?

Trying to say I am the son of man without saying it in a tricky way because he couldn’t say it for some reason which is kind of untruthful! I guess he was insinuating.

If He is the Son of God, wouldn’t He know who he was?

Just kidding.

Wouldn’t he know what they were saying about Him?

 Jesus Christ or the TRUE Son of God was well aware of what people

were thinking and saying who He was? Wouldn’t He?

It’s like the opposite of what happened when Moses met God.

Moses asked God his name or identity to tell the Hebrew slaves. God didn’t ask Moses what do the Hebrew slaves think I AM. He told Moses and Moses told the Hebrew slaves. God didn’t say whom do you think or say that I AM. He wasn’t coy about it. Seems to me Jesus in this conversation was fishing for information he should have known.. Testing and seeing if it would fly or set sail.

You ought to read the post The Fig Tree: Blessed Are the Barren linked on

Merangue’s Blog

It’s Mighty Interesting!

Angels shall rise and fall upon the son of man and the third reich (3rd or 4th),

I would imagine!


Matthew 16:15-17

15He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?

16And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.

17And Jesus answered and said unto him, 

Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee,

but my Father which is in heaven.

compared to

Mark 8:29

29And he saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?

And Peter answereth and saith unto him,

Thou art the Christ.

And the Lord said, SimonSimon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat:


Matthew 16:17-20

18And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.19And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

20Then charged he his disciples that they should tell no man that he was

Jesus the Christ.

This Synoptic Jesus tells Peter who he is……as if he did not know.

Peter just told Jesus who he was, but now Jesus is telling Peter who he is!

He had just miraculously fed 4000 people out of a pittance of food earlier

and he did not want his disciples to tell anyone who he was?

Why were those 4000 people hanging out with him fasting for 3 days

that he fed with a few fishes and a few loaves of bread?

Did the 4000 men not know who they were either?

This is utter nonsense!

What was in their fish?

This is an attempt to build a church on Peter’s name.

Art not thou that Egyptian, which before these days madest an uproar, and leddest out into the wilderness four thousand men that were murderers?


Then Jesus charges them to tell no man that he is Jesus the Christ after he goes through this strange conversation with Peter about who he is etc.

Now Phil Robertson was incited to the Olympics and thinks he’s Moses while wearing some kind of deep tan on his face (I think from his torch, helps to hold the torch a little bit higher) and hasn’t yet crossed the Red Sea.

Almost as tan as Christine LeGarde IMF Chief of the world.

Love watchin’ your back!

And in the Gospel of John at the Sea of Galillee Jesus warns Peter BarJona (son of Jonas) that when he gets old another shall gird (guard) him and carry him where he would not and to follow him though he says “follow me” so I guess the gates of hell prevailed or will prevail depending on whether talking about him personally or figuratively as the figurehead of the Roman Catholic Church,




The rock could be referring to the Dome of the Rock? Perhaps the maps have changed since then to confuse and obfuscate as far as the location of Caesarea Philippi e.g.. the Mediterranean Sea was not always the Mediterranean Sea, etc.

Or the

Rock of Gibraltar


and Matthew was a tax collector

It was a very strategic location as well militarily and i think in regards to shipping.


The True Messiah knows who he is

and what people were thinking

and even what would happen in the future!

If he didn’t know who he was then how in the world would he expect us to figure it out?

Matthew 21-23

21From that time forth began Jesus to shew unto his disciples, how that he must go unto Jerusalem, and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day.22Then Peter took him, and began to rebuke him, saying, Be it far from thee, Lord: this shall not be unto thee.23But he turned, and said unto Peter,

Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me:

for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.

compared to

Mark 8:30-33

30And he charged them that they should tell no man of him.31And he began to teach them, that the Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected of the elders, and of the chief priests, and scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again.32And he spake that saying openly. And Peter took him, and began to rebuke him.33But when he had turned about and looked on his disciples,

he rebuked Peter, saying, Get thee behind me, Satan:

for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men.


The Gospel of Matthew 6:17 above has Jesus BLESSING Peter and giving Peter the keys to the kingdom

and then tells him that he is the rock which the church will be built upon

and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it

and within a short time (like within the same conversation)

Matthew 6:23

Jesus REBUKES Peter

and says that Peter is SATAN!

Not only does he say he is Satan, but also an offense to him!

What happened to the gates of hell not prevailing against the church?

It lasted a whole minute!

This is like a Japanese Monster movie dubbed in English

out of sync!


There are no keys!




They have managed to make Jesus sound like a lunatic,

which is typical for the Synoptic Jesus!

In Phillipians is a verse that says to “value others above yourself” which in my opinion is enslaving oneself especially if you value someone who doesn’t deserve it. It’s ridiculous and I suspect the writer was a lunatic like Jim Jones of Guyana or Scott Walker of Wisconsin (faith in a tubular pregnancy!)

At the very least the Jesus that “charged them to tell no man” that he was the christ obviously was the anti-christ! The Gospel of Matthew’s Jesus was the antichrist by his own words as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew it seems. You can read the post called Tell No Man linked on

Merangue’s Blog.

In the Gospel of John

At the Last Supper,

after Jesus and his apostles had eaten,

He talks to his disciples about who He is and explains Himself to them

and what is going to happen to Him and to them!

Please read!

John 14

John 15

John 16

After he had risen from the grave and visited them

he gives them the HOLY GHOST!

Did Mary get one?

When he met Mary One of the Marys anyway he said she should not touch him some thing about being unclean and not having met the Father and needing a bath or something like that. So I think she was left out of the breath of the Holy Ghost even though she probably was willing.

Is there a difference between Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit?

Probably a hologram!

Then meets the disciples hiding in a room and DOUBTing Thomas thrusts his finger into the spear wound ….etc by invitation  And nothing else happens? except he says blessed are they that have not seen and yet believe. We are obviously missing some pages or something is amiss except for the breath of the ghost entering them.

JOHN 20:21-23

21Then said Jesus to them again,

Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.

22And when he had said this, he breathed on them,

and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost:

23Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them;

and whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained.

Basically: a status quo which is weird, IMO

What would be the point?

And no forgiveness as well.

And where’s the peace, eh?

They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.
What religion says it is the religion of peace? Peace Corps? I don’t think these options exemplify much.
I think someone has been messing with the bible for quite a while!

WHO BEGGED FOR HIS BODY? might have something to do with the altitude (their station in life? or their plight?) of appearances such as the appearance in the hiding room? Its suspicious, anyway when taken with the verse in Isaiah 53:9

Either Joseph of Arimathea (son of Matthew) or Nicodemus and yet who buried him?

 The Rich and Evil Knieval? Remember this verse in Isaiah?

Isaiah 53:9

And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death; because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.

Who wrapped him and other things? Mary and some others. I think there are two versions. One of the Jesuses tells his followers he goes before them to Galilee and others he meets in a room where they are hiding and another he meets on the road begging for meat. Seems like at Galilee he had something to say where as the other versions are kind of empty in meaning and he feeds them.





I think the Sea of Galillee account is the better and more reliable version of the after resurrection meeting of followers with Jesus of the three versions offered so

I think his instructions at the Sea of Galillee might be wise to take seriously.

Feed my sheep and follow him.

Cease the hospice practice!

Figure out a better way to prevent abortions such as teaching the males to respect the females for starters in all kinds of ways. No big deal! Teach against incest and rape and instead of adoration of Mary might instead teach the truth. Kids and young adults will always screw up so you have to be tolerant of their problems coping with the crap thrown at them and females deserve a safe abortion when needed and a sober and understanding atmosphere/environment regarding their plight when caught in a predicament such as an undesired/unexpected pregnancy just as much as a male would deserve the same dignity and understanding if he had the ability and until then when those ideals are attained in humanity a safe abortion is a necessary option in birth control and human behavior. Males are the ones with the outie, not the female. As far as divorce is concerned it should be fair (half and half of the assets and material wealth) like mitosis unless you sign an agreement ahead of time. So as not to tempt either party if one dies during a divorce it goes to the dead person’s parents to spend or disperse however they desire (like a boomerang) or to whomever the dead person trusts to disperse to the children at the appropriate time. Children should have rights too and whomever they prefer to live with if it is possible or when they want to live with whomever, etc. but so they aren’t separated from each other.) 

Annulments should be outlawed.

It’s untruthful. Everyone makes mistakes but we learn from mistakes. Tough love, as my brother would say. A bad marriage mistake shouldn’t have to be deadly or erased as if it never happened. It’s not like the divorcee needs his or her diaper changed or all the things kids need once they are born. I know some miscarriages occur late in pregnancy from a first marriage annulled just to not be pregnant or have a kid when they meet their next husband in order for the annulment to make sense. And they are indulged for seeking an annulment via the The Roman Catholic Church for their mysterious miscarriage or abortion to give credence to the power of the RCC’s indulgence to their children/fold because the RCC thinks they are God? The RCC made their rules in order to keep the money in their family and made priests unexperienced with the rules and lures, peaks and valleys, twists and turns regarding marriage and raising kids which makes them useless in the real world yet wielding power they should not wield against others who live lives and not live off lives in many ways.

Nigeria facing ‘a famine unlike any we have ever seen’

You either believe in Jesus or you don’t. You believe in God or your don’t. Which God?

I BELIEVE in the Jesus who acted like a sane person which is in the Gospel of John and who he glorified, His Father and TRUTH! But there are parts of the Gospel of John to beware of.

I believe in the Jesus that knew who he was, where he was, what he needed to do and didn’t need others to tell him.

I have a few posts one in particular with many faux pas called

A Desert Place (a Different View) 

where I compare the same events in each gospel and some of the gospels Jesus is lead by his disciples who tell him where to go and when instead of the other way around which should make one shudder to think as if Jesus were on meth or heroin or as if he were

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 5.41.32 PM

Also goes into the denominations way a head of the denominations that eventually result because of dissatisfaction.

I think the Synoptic Gospels are like actors/decoys

interacting with a hologram of what they want to have occurred

in order to change facts and twist the truth to replace the truth with fiction and to create confusion and to control the power.

When doing the CBS transcriptions of the JFK assassination found on Merangue’s Blog I used their film and the reporters reporting and added my two cents of what I saw occurring that they didn’t notice such as the puppet being handed over the fence line at the airport in Dallas to Jackie Kennedy and her tucking the puppet in her roses. The people on the side of the fence line with the President….his entourage are also similar to people interacting with a hologram of the event that is filmed. Some of them act as if they know what is occurring or going to occur and are witnessing it and acting in it at the same time and some of those faces are recognizable. The gospel of Matthew other than the first few chapters does the same thing in a way without a documentary to back it up. 

The genealogy is a different matter and is only found in the Gospel of Matthew. However in a few other posts I cover that subject and my inconclusive conclusions (because I am not a bible scholar and hold no degrees) with the help of a few other apologists who have researched it demonstrate the catch-22 of it’s proof.

The story that goes along with the genealogy account seems to indicate a pact or royal alliance between England and Germany/Rome:


Quotes from the Christopher Hitchens expose about Mother Teresa following:


Christopher Hitchens – Mother Teresa: Hell’s Angel

“The rich world has a poor conscience”

“It wants in fact it needs to think that someone somewhere is doing something about the third world and the Muther Teresa Myth ministers to this desire”

“In the subliminal appeal that she generates there is something of the mission to the heathen, something of the OLD Colonial Outpost,

and something of  Florence Nightingale while in the

*silented-*abject demeanor of her patients”

(to quell)

“there is something of the deserving poor.”

“The Great White Hope in this ICONOGRAPHY takes on the Black Hole/Hope

and the rewards are by no means

Aul/Awl/All in heaven.”




Who is the guy in the middle ad I think the guy on his right is the exorcist of the RCC. Could be John Joseph McLaughlin Bye-Bye who died recently: 8-16-2016

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 10.17.57 PM.png


Billy Graham gets around but he couldn’t quite get around to help JFKennedy when he had a premonition about Dallas:

why? Because he had a cold!

Ouch, did it sting?

 Miracles do happen and so does intentional malpractice to place someone in needless jeopardy. Many will come in my name>False Covenant spoken about in the Book of Daniel>Covenant with Many in the Synoptic Gospels at the Last Suppers which he breaks. a hater of women like the devil in Genesis and a hater of God and in retrospect a hater of men. LBJ awarded him the Big Brother Award but not for the Good Big Brother Award! Nixon taped him saying what he really thinks about Jews and I’m sure other Presidents tried some things as well. He could not have done it without Obama’s help offering free hospice care to those who might be tempted without realizing (some of them anyway) that assisted suicide is the wrong way and tricking others to sign papers like don’t give resuscitation etc if near death which can be interpreted as permission to murder depending on who you are dealing with and if they are friend or foe spiritually and using abortion to blame females for all the problems in the world. It worked for Adam.


King Henry the 8th who blamed the queens that didn’t bear sons and it’s the sperm that determines the sex of children. 

My supposition is: The devil comes down to the world with great wrath seeking whom he may destroy I think it is why he breaks the covenant….because of an entrapment which he was so skilled at and it works for the RCC for now, but not furlong.

(EXCELLENT EXPOSE by Christopher Hitchens and should be watched over and over again

to gain understanding of evil

like a golden cow chews it’s cud! )

Christopher Hitchens expose continued:



so what the FUCK

Fox News says: “The sisters have a vision that runs like electricity through all of their houses. And that is to serve, without getting noticed, without pride, without a pat on the back, without the instant gratification of, say, more social media followers.”

What about the Nobel Peace Prize, and all the other awards she received?  What about the money Mother Teresa received in the millions, annually. What about the nun getting kudos from Pope Francis for her false testimony about partial birth abortions and the scare tactics about brains being sucked out on some you tube during the Republican primaries?.

King James Bible
They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.  

I don’t recall many Jewish people with the name Elizabeth, though I could be wrong. The cousin of Mary and since there seem to be many Mary’s to add to the confusion. One in particular called Mary wife of Chuza which seems to be a BIG CLUE. Sophie’s Choice? And then we never hear about Joseph after a certain point. Not a hint. He just disappears. We do however hear about Joseph of Ari-mathea.

Kind of reminds me of Benghazi. Everyone more concerned with the IRS abuses such as Jay Sekalow (which by the way have a long history of abuses for the average middle class American) than figuring out about all the lies, the coverup of Benghazi, the UN speech by Barack Obama’s promise/pledge about Islam soon after Benghazi. Even Franklin Graham was insulted by the IRS, or so he says and I don’t recall that he was insulted nor alarmed by Barack Obama’s pledge at the UN,

nor anyone else that I know of.


What happened to the witnesses?

Were they executed by executive order

or was it a mandate?

Where did they go?

How did they get there? Who Kerried them there? Who took over the State Department? Who did he marry? Who met Assad before the “sarin gas” hoax? Who over heard the military talking about it? How convenient! JUST a coincidence? Diverting State Department fund’s funded by American Taxes to his daughter’s new charity


To train doctors? Are they kidding?


Can’t doctors afford to train doctors without diverting funds from the State Department? Sounds real sweet but if it’s based on a lie and theft so how can you trust the excuse? Soooooo catholic! It’s called bullshit.

Do they train mother teresa’s nurses as well?

We all know Kerry married for money and reputation. We know he’s a fake beginning with his tales of heroism at war! And we know he doesn’t really work for the USA, so who does he work for? He took over the State Department! Germany took over the State Department as did France. Courtyard of the Gentiles is in France at Notre Dame of Paris (UR Lady Of Paris) which was the only building lit up during a massacre in recent times to bring attention to it over the Eiffel Tower as I recall. And Kerry did not want any space between him and Hillary.


Some of the witnesses were taken to Germany. Some State Department employees were given lie detector tests weekly after wards to keep them in Chech. We don’t need to be deceived into a civil war which was proven by truth seekers on the internet but not admitted to by the news but hard to refute when dead bodies change clothes and women/nuns wearing painter’s masks walking around with kids in hand in Saran gas exposed areas and photoed. It was probably the rice.

John Kerry ought to answer the question below and expound upon it so he can have a clearer conscience before we ought to believe his suffering conscience in regards to Syria.

Might unravel some problems and give him that space he could enjoy which might lead to a silver lining in the cloud over his head. There were other clues having to do with South America, Argentina or near there I think in the clothing worn by the people in supposedly Syria and I think the people wore them for a reason. It was OBVIOUSLY a set up and Where is Pope Francis from? He is a Jesuit, that we know. They make a vow to protect their establishment and are capable of doing anything to keep it at a great cost to everyone else. The RCC wants them Golan Heights, me thinks, because “it’s Precious!”

Where are the witnesses? Supposedly one witness was transferred to Bethesda and visited by another Senator who said he was afraid to talk and then there was the lost nuke fear, wasn’t there ? I think it was Senator Lindsay Graham. And Christine LaGarde is getting kind of antsy lately. She likes USA tax dollars so she can bake on her yacht.

“What is truth” said Pontius Pilate.

What is that to thee?

(And of coarse Pontius is wrong)

Follow me.


The Tradition of Christmas


For those that defend Christmas the tradition such as O’reilly who staunchly and vehemently defends the holiday to honor Jesus why on earth would he laud a musician Herbie Hancock for his religion of Buddhism? Seemed odd to me. I know Herbie Hancock’s music is definitely laudable, but his religion? Course Roman Catholic Jesuits prefer Buddhism to delineating the differences in the gospels which are many. I guess it’s taboo. He just wrote a book called Killing Jesus because he thought or felt that God had prompted him to write it in his third installment of the trilogy about killing:

the first Killing Lincoln and the second Killing Kennedy

and the third of the trilogy and last but not least Killing Jesus.

Watch Bill O’Reilly ‘Surprise’ Obama

at the Kennedy Center,

Shake Hands with Snoop Dogg

And by the way I will include at the bottom of the page the flags of the Middle East and parts of North Africa and Italy and many of them are the colors of Christmas except a few. I wondered if since Jesus was Jewish why the colors of Christmas aren’t blue and white instead of green, red and white. Seems odd since the instructions in the Old Testament for certain housing and decor are blue and white and REAL GOLD (not credit!)

Seems to me in honor of Jesus

even though O’reilly admitted Jesus probably wasn’t born in December

we would celebrate his birth with the colors of his country and his ancestry

but then maybe Christmas really isn’t about Jesus.




A dish towel?

I wonder what they served Mother Teresa when no one was filming?

Christopher Hitchens Expose cont:

“The Teresa Cult is now a Missionary Multi National with annual turnover worth tens of millions. If concentrated in Calcutta that could certainly support a large hospital and perhaps even make a noticeable difference but Mother Teresa has chosen instead to spread her franchise very thinly.

To her the convent and the catechism matter more than the clinic:”

)That could actually make a difference(

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 6.29.30 PM

“Now we are in 105 countries and we are 500 convents around the world

without counting India:

HA,HA,HA, Beautiful.”

Eventually 700 and 300

…………contradiction contradiction contradiction ………….

My mom told me she wanted to live to 105 YEARS OF AGE and SHE ACTUALLY IS/WAS BEAUTIFUL

and my dad concurred


they are they

My mom might have had the opportunity to make it to 105 if it hadn’t been for Mother Teresa and her death cult and those that don’t question the status quo hoisted upon us by those that hate the USA and freedom.

My eldest sister was in the 500 Club

so to hear 105 countries and 500 convents is a bit strange


Eerie like a woman pulling a plug on her husband’s kayak in Lake Erie kind of eerie and with a chuckle. Heard it on Fox news first and my LITTLE sister and her new husband planned on buying kayaks for their lake home before my mom died and her husband who was not that much of a husband was with my mom when she died. He had been married twice before and never put a cent of his money into their lake home and lived off my sister’s settlement from her first divorce from her first husband and she socked away $35,000 before my mom died in a savings account of my mom’s estate as if that made it okay and her second husband looked eerily like the ring bearer of Queen Elizabeth at her Diamond Jubillee a few years ago and very much like DOD Chuck Hagel. One of his earlier wives didn’t live so I don’t think his record is very good when it comes to women. He told my sister’s son that he was guarding my sister.

My dad was set to go to his apartment at The ARC and the day of his release from the hospital I was told that he aspirated on a pill someone gave him (my little sister said she went to his apartment to clean it before he came home when it occurred) and then I had to return from another city by plane to watch him die so forgive me if I’m suspicious. It happened in a hospital and there is such a thing as a tracheotomy. And then my mom was hospiced without warning for me or to me by any family members two weeks before she died. I heard that the hospice people interfered with the hospital and that was when she died. Both of their deaths are suspicious/auspicious.

The problem with assisted suicide/murder

is the abuse of the patient

depending on their social status, religion, race, sexual preference, vendettas, 


and that is why

it CANNOT be allowed to PROSPER,



I know my teaching or revelations or what ever you want to call them is a threat to Roman Catholicism so



Mother Teresa came from a rough neighborhood Albania and imo a fraudulent religion so it’s no wonder she is full of shit. The USA has a lot of problems but we don’t need theirs. Instead of soaking them into our culture as if we need vultures we need to be an example however birth control and abortion are her tools to degrade our nation and she used it but then taking bribes and dirty money and using dirty needles to get the job done isn’t something to brag about hence the coverup. She is probably by interfering in the world guilty of more death and more deaths of children that were actually born than most who fight in legitimate wars. She should be considered the enemy to our nation as well has her legacy the hospices she generated which hopefully will be short lived.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 3.00.10 PM

The mystery of iniquity

2 Thess. 2:7 “He Who Now Letteth Will Let, Until He Be Taken Out Of The Way” (KJV)

Which He? the one that letteth or the one that is taken out of the way?

blood letting 

  1. the surgical removal of some of a patient’s blood for therapeutic purposes.
    • the violent killing and wounding of people during a war or conflict.
      “gang members have halted their internecine bloodletting”
    • bitter division and quarreling within an organization.
      Remember the picture of Michelle at Benghazi with the arms in one hand and a syringe in the other? I remember whether you do or not.
      blood rising to the horses bridal/ 1600 furlongs/ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and the longest Presidential race in history


Art not thou that Egyptian, which before these days madest an uproar,
and leddest out into the wilderness 
four thousand men that were murderers?
The reason I added this same verse is the word leddest in comparison to the word letteth in the verse in  2 Thess. 2:7 “He Who Now Letteth Will Let

I have no respect for Mother Teresa

(She/He is NOT a mother)

nor do I respect  priests called fathers by catholics because of the instruction by Jesus to call no man father but your Father in heaven. Most of them never have children but live off the backs of other parents who do have children. 

I imagine that got him in trouble with the temple people and I don’t think it was a deceitful thing to say. I think that God the Father and your natural father have the best interests of their kids much more in mind than a priest who is denied the opportunity to learn about children personally and can’t possibly have any understanding about raising their own kids especially when they rebel which they do sometime or others. Hence you have limited their personal growth in the most important part of a person’s life: their kids, but I can’t stress it enough call no woman your mother but your mother in heaven. One of the commandments God honors parents by commanding children to honor their mother and father and a commandment for parents to their children.

Muther Teresa has no boobs which is evident in the photo montage above,

nor does she have a forehead

neither that I can see

Are these albanian traits?

Was her name? JOY?

And while they yet believed not for joy, and wondered, he said unto them,
Have ye here any meat?


We’re Off to See The Wizard – The Wizard Of Oz (1939)

which she harbors inside her soul and she has great misunderstanding and lack of discernment and causing Great Harm to others.

In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t ASSIST with the AIDS Epidemic and obviously TB using those dirty needles

(which my mom had as a young woman and a mother and my past boyfriend and his brother died of aids both were hemophiliacs. His name was Bob.)


in the expose by Christopher Hitchens.

She could barely speak english broken at best.




CITIZEN KAINE by Orson Welles


Release dates

Mother Teresa Died: September 5, 1997, Kolkata, India

“Hearst prohibited mention of the film in any of his newspapers.”

William Randolph Hearst is the person who had the media he controlled

puff to the public


Sort of looks like a combination of a feminine version of BGEA Billy Graham and George Ganswein in the smile and the brow,

in a way!

as if their spirit or ghost entered her.

Not a feminine bone in her body


as in MARY the virgin!

Billy Graham of the BGEA


Hearst has relatives I think one of them was the Secretary and dresser adjusted his cloak and braids to Pope Benedict XVl. His comptroller. Saw the pope flinch once when he adjusted his braid while Pope Benedict was on a bridge checking out a memorial for three fellows MEN who were martyred and I think it might of had to do with Benghazi. Pre-nup type honor. He had the instinct to flinch and soon wasn’t the pope. He didn’t steal a martyrs necklace for courage as did Pope Francis a Jesuit POPE and I suspect that Ganswein is a Jesuit and many other secret things that are not good such as Opus dei. A man for all seasons just to fit in at every opportunity.  OPUS DEI etc. He is BAD NEWS and warned about in the movie known to be the Greatest Movie ever produced for a reason. Abortion being used as an excuse to kill the elderly (or impaired or those that suffer mental disorders) is typical of boys that hate women very deeply using the one thing: abortion which is  VERY hard to pin on a male and those that aren’t worthy in their eyes that depending on politicks and keeping power to afford their lavish lifestyles. If priests were required to be men with families they would be just as vulnerable as the next guy who does have families of their own and a VerY REAL and TRUE stake in the game of life, hence it is forbidden.

That my friends is what one of the Jesuses was warning about.

Think about what Solomon did when two women claimed the same baby and though it was barbaric (a man’s way) it had some merit and at the time people were barbaric and he was their leader. What if the sword fell out of his hand while making his point??? Where were the husbands? But nevertheless it is in the bible. It could have been handled better with the same conclusion and back then people did not know about depression and post partum etc. but for that time it worked.

The TEN COMMANDMENTS also warn about it as well. The difference between God and man. Roman Catholicism even changed the Ten Commandments and I think deleted one commandment and divided a particular commandment and made it into two to make them ten to indulge their sensitivities, so you can imagine what they did to Jesus and to the bible: (Made one cloth for the Shroud of Turin instead of what Peter witnessed in the empty tomb which was two burial cloths) Can you imagine Roman Catholics trying to compete with only

The Nine Commandments.

They had to have ten to compete with God and for their replacement theology. Why not accept the Ten Commandments AS WAS GIVEN as a basis of their religion if they weren’t competing. Obviously no human has fulfilled the law but it is still the law. You don’t change the law to fulfill it. Like changing the rules of the game in the middle of the game to appear holier. It ain’t fair. And that is why the RCC will be destroyed very soon 


 because of their sins: the 7 deadly sins that the RCC created, exploited and supported in place of the Ten Commandments. They definitely did not fulfill their own laws. I’m talking the clergy not the layman as far as responsibility. Even some of the clergy realize their own shortcomings and still support the religion of Roman Catholicism and they should resign ASAP because they do a disservice to themselves and others and give undue credence to a very abusive religion and because of the warning in Revelation to leave the religion and this would be a good time to do it since the signs are there to leave: some self-fulfilled, but fulfilled nevertheless and maybe some laymen and laywomen will leave too and you will have accomplished a good thing:

Divorce it.

You don’t have to mortify your own flesh just leave mentally, psychologically, spiritually and as best you can physically without making a big ordeal or making new religion (daughter) only to exacerbate and multiply the RCC by multiplying it’s daughters like a plant shooting out a new branch or branches only to be infiltrated and brought back to the fold of the RCC. Resign and Retire from Roman Catholicism. Make your excuses, but leave  and I’m sure God will understand since you are obeying his plea! You don’t have to congregate to be a believer in God. I know it’s human nature to congregate and makes one feel good but it’s not necessary. Believing in the same different tenet separated from the RCC. etc.: I’m a calvinist, I’m an orthodox,  I’m an anglican like different denominations of money but you are still money. So when the pope urges christians to have dialogue with muslims is total nonsense. I saw on the news or internet a bunch of men on one knee praying in Charlotte NC and seemed fakey, set up, displaying like Tebow who is IMO obnoxious. What happened to the idea of praying in private instead of making a spectacle as if Charlotte NC wasn’t a spectacle to begin with. Talk about turning everyone off to prayer. Why not send a chain letter while you are at it. LOL. I do have a problem with praying about a football game. Granted you want to win but do it in the locker room, you know? Congregating isn’t bad such as going to church unless you make a show of it in regards to God. Then it’s pomp. Who cares if a few football players won’t pledge allegiance or stand for the national anthem unless it’s the military or the President of the USA or those representing Americans in politics (those in high places). Now if those men praying ran around with the Ark 7 times around Charlotte rioters it seemed kind of pompous like watching the laying of hands on a few politicians in the Presidential race in Iowa before the Iowa Caucus…sickening at best especially after hearing about a friend of a relative whose parents laid their hands on their son on the same day before he ends up dead after falling off a building with one sock and one shoe on the same foot after complaining to friends and family that he was being pursued by some bad people in Chicago. Just because he was paranoid didn’t mean he didn’t have a right to be paranoid, obviously.

People wanted to lay their hands on Jesus and look what happened to him when they did lay their hands on him. Of course the notion “laying of hands” has come to mean other things such as “understanding” but how it got to mean that is a mystery or putting your hands on each other in prayer as if that somehow makes prayer stronger.

Did the walls of Charlotte NC come down?

There is a correlation to the Ark when David danced before it and one of his men died transporting it when he laid his hands on it to steady it because it was gonna fall and the Gospel of Luke and Joseph of Ari-mathea being a  just “something or other.” Which you can read about in the post about Joseph of Ari-mathea linked and posted on Merangue’s Blog. I don’t think he was the same David that the bible relates concerning the information or verse in the OT:  I am the root of David. How many David’s do you know? And maybe not the same Ark or in the wrong hands the Ark becomes a curse, etc. anyway seems to have disappeared for good reason. It became a curse otherwise where is it?

affidavit is

  1. a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, for use as evidence in court.
     That verse may have to do with whoever affirms the Ten Commandments is the root of David? I don’t know but seems to me the foundation to a good religion would be the Ten Commandments and without the Ten Commandments you are only a cult. It’s worth investigating.
    Confirmed vs affirmed
    Those are the values we need to use as a standard whether or not we miss the mark which everyone I have ever witnessed has missed the mark not just once but you have to have a standard to try to reach and you don’t dumb it down in order to reach it.
    Anyway I think that is what Jesus meant when he told Peter 
    Feed my sheep and lambs
    at the Sea of Galillee was to affirm the Ten Commandmernts as the standard whether or not he fulfilled the law then but seems to me Jesus is still in the process of fulfilling it. I guess it doesn’t happen over night. Was Rome built in a day?
    The Ten Commandments point to Jesus who said I Am etc and the true Jesus points to the Ten Commandments and it’s a good idea to try to be in that sphere of influence. He had to veil some things I think till the right time because there were some charlatans imitating him. Wolves in sheep’s clothing, etc. Plenty of wolves in sheep clothing on tv preaching some because they are deceived and some knowingly using tricks like the gold dust phenomena crap, falling backwards like Benny Hinn, etc. using ridiculous antics, clucking like chickens, talking about getting rich, talking in tongues, and are insincerely possessed.

Mean while the RCC will take as many with them as they can but God isn’t dumb though the RCC thinks he is dumb because God is patient, and said “come out of her my children”, (you are not their children) and so you do not partake of the RCC’s sins.

George Ganswein

who didn’t age well

obviously trying to influence the Pope lol


Criticism of Mother Teresa

Bhopal disaster

Was the Bhopal industrial accident

MERELY a publicity stunt

for the Roman Catholic Church and for Mother Teresa?

Recall Bhopal Tragedy To Know Real Teresa


She looks like a Hummel figurine especially on stage praying and being honored in the you tube by Christopher Hitchens.

Hummel figurines
Hummel figurines are a series of porcelain figurines based on the drawings of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, O.S.F.
The only ad the ex was in was for Precision Tune Auto Care and it went like this
“It hums a precision tune.”
It’s the mob, more than likely.


The fact that she got involved and told people to


and thousands and thousands died and then had instructions to destroy correspondence is SUSPICIOUS. 

What were they supposed to forgive?


snow flakes who had annullments?

females (real females) who use birth controls




She did not say,

so I think clearly she was demanding forgiveness

because of her part in Bhopal and form $$$. etc.

I wonder how much money she received for their forgiveness? kind of like my younger sister destroying photos of my parents and their friends and my eldest getting rid of pictures of me in her home as if I never existed. My mom didn’t worry about shit like that. She kept everything, lol which drove my dad up the wall sometimes. My younger as far as I know got $35,000 and my older got $250,000 a year, maybe more to fritter away and she did: she Commisioned a Ten Foot (thereabout, it was huge) Portrait in Oil of herself sitting in a wicker hawaiian queen’s chair with her first daughter by her side and not in proportion unlike herself which was the main theme obviously and should have been a clue for me she had a problem, a big one. Who does that? My mom could have done a better job but my sister had a way with demeaning her family.  Her ceilings were not tall enough so it was obvious something did not fit. She commissioned it near the time I made my witness to her about her husband that she didn’t take well or in the spirit in which it was given. I wasn’t trying to destroy them I just didn’t want to have to handle it alone. He wanted to carry me to the car in front of his wife because I was barefoot and it was moist outside etc and he went further than that which was unnerving and incriminating me and the past reared it’s ugly head at me that night when he molested me interrupting my sleep in a hide a bed sleeping a foot away from and next to his wife years before. I don’t think a portrait is handling it by any measure and lying to my parents was

EXTREMELY unnecessary and petty.

It seemed premeditated now that I think about it: the actions of my brother-in-law.

Maybe Babs (Barbara) and Sammy Kinkeade (banker) could explain, her suite mate who said “it is harder for those who have money to lose it than those that don’t” as if she knew. Went to the Methodick Church the largest congregation in the world in Dallas on NW HWY.


Or Lori Sparks (not a favorite of the family) her Royal Oaks buddy and real estate agent who when I first met her was pretty shabby looking but improved with some major work as did my sister: boob job, enlarging her vagina (her husband wasn’t into foreplay with his wife or she couldn’t have an orgasm because of hoe tiny her vg was. Probably didn’t understand you have to help), nose job, said it was for a deviated septum but ended up looking a whole lot different and other stuff neck and face lift? Even lied about it to her daughter. Virginia Cooke? Perhaps Scott Brown or Canda his ex wife might know what happened to my sister? Susan Johnson Caine a school teacher (perhaps she knows) or her ex Wayne Johnson. Fred Schlicker? Nancy Rattan, Gen. Rattan’s (4 star general the one that was lost in the Congo for a while) daughter…the one that called me about the morning when I left abruptly and advised me to tell her the scoop and worked for a hospital in San Antonio? Perhaps Scofield non-denominational church might know. BOB BANKS the church director for kids who got a divorce and dated my little sister while he taught her when she was only a young lady at Ferguson Baptist Church or perhaps Kay and Chris Krusz of Rockwall Texas might know? The one that said Texas doesn’t have earthquakes and worked for an oil company and said he was the one that found oil by fracking or some kind of technique? He was a geologist in college and now a wino etc and said we dated when we didn’t and was my little sister’s old friend to the point of jealousy from his wife. She was jealous of both of us because he had a problem: LYING! Richard and Debbie Stanford might know? Betty and Johnny Stanford? Or How about Bob Lamereaux? Many went to SMU. Seemed like it changed her into a nasty person. Mark Kircher, Gary’s brother, a doctor I think, in Colorado, maybe he gets it. Chuck Larson her affairs or how about Lon Williams, the other affair? Maybe the 500 Club knows, her ladder? How about the BGEA and the English saint who lived across the street from them on GLEN AIRE Drive  in Dallas.  I’m just getting started:)

I have a right to expose them because my sister’s husband the molester and dick showoff

SAE Gary JOHN Kircher of SMU

the dunce as my dad said about him

told my family to isolate me so that I would come back to the fold


for more harassment, belligerence at the oddest times, tricks, set ups, and for their Stellar reputations.

I can’t tell you how many times my sister wanted me to spend the night at her house and I had to decline nicely and I can’t figure out why she would even think about it? I think once I did and was on the couch with one eye open almost all the time. I’m talking years and years. Every time I declined I thought it might be a source of resentment but she asked. It was weird. I would have loved to have spent many nights with her as sisters, but I couldn’t. We had fun together often and it was hard to be in the middle of whatever it was we were dealing with, I was anyway. Usually involved drinking when he acted up.

Instead we tried forgiveness and silence for the kids sake and my parent’s sake after a meeting with my brother and my younger sister and my older sister and her hubby  who did not attend the meeting wouldn’t adhere to it! Asked my brother leading questions when he stayed in their home as to the reason for his visit and meeting with me when i was in isolation of theirs using many lies. Walt said he was fishing when we met at the hotel to find a reasonable way to handle  this problem we had as a family and of course Gary knew why. I think something happened to my brother because of them because he changed and in some ways we were very close because of our upbringing and our explorations. Tricking me into watching ATONEMENT and trying to get the family to watch it and little needling shit was my sister’s way. DIGS AND DIGS. Used her friends often as well and they went along and

THEY KNEW! I know they knew!

It’s hard to try to walk in her shoes b/c she never even tried to walk in mine.

When she spent a few hours shopping for those flip flops she made a point of saying “Money was no object.”
I had invented a contraption/a machine for welding small jewelry metal parts for the serious welders and hobbyists and I wanted to show her my drawings of it b/c I was excited and had seen a patent company and they were very interested b/c it passed their tests of patent laws which would mean a profit in various ways and she would not even look. That was on the trip with just my sisters to see mom when my sister said “Three was the number of perfection” which she must have learned on a Christian woman’s retreat in North Carolina. BGEA country) The patent company said I needed to come up with $17,000-$19,000 to get it perfected to get it to the manufacturing stage and that family is usually who you approach first, so i did. I think if it had been perfected it might have been successful and sold for around $600 per unit (maybe more) and replacement parts would have yielded a great profit as well. A very cool idea that came to my mind out of need. She didn’t even show interest in my drawings of it. Never even looked at them.  Never bothered to ask about it and reminded me of my ex’s mom who was very stubborn. She could have had a percentage but didn’t dare to examine. I don’t remember if I told her the money aspect of it but not to even look at my drawings was really a slap in the face and this is before the letters and before my indiscreetness in my blogs about family and before my mom was hospiced without my knowledge. Yet I had to spend two hours on her project: the flip flops!

Just one of her kind of digs!

So why THE FUCK should I be discreet anymore which I haven’t been for a while since being isolated, prevented from profiting, attacked in various ways, belittled, mocked, etc?

NEVER AGAIN. I will rub it in till the day I die.

There are those temples that were unearthed and I think there is something to it after the dams were built. You can read about it in the JFK stuff and Jackie Kennedy had something to do with it and was awarded by Egypt with gifts because of it. I think they are our worst enemy:the temples because of the things I learned about them but to explain it is too much for me to do and needs to be investigated by others if they want to make a difference in this world.

The office fiasco with my sister and her husband I think that I perplexed them


and I didn’t even bring up the past molestation to the office manager Sheila Rice of Virginia Cook Realtors, just what happened at the office when he grabbed my ass underneath in a harmful way. I was shaking afterwards and very upset and he was gleeful.

The truth works though not without a lot of hurt. After may strange threats and hassles

I ended up in the ER for the first time (besides the caesarian births) with a peritoneal abscess and Sepsis from the poison in my abdomen poisoning my organs, skin, everything and almost died. 14 days as I recall. For some reason the ex lied about the amount of time saying it was ten days. My sisters wouldn’t watch my kids. One had to go home and do laundry for her grown up kids and husband and the older sister who lived nearby didn’t offer.

When I had to tell her why I left my parents home that morning at the suggestion by her best friend the gnarls daughter and I barely got out what needed to be said and didn’t get to the part at the apartment years before. She told me she was gonna call our parents and tell them I was attracted to her husband and then called our parents in front of me and told them I left because I was attracted to her husband. So I left and went to my apartment kind of upset and bewildered and then he called me later that day and called me a fucking liar and was irate and I hung up on him and then they called later on to set up a meeting at their home to discuss it and Gary said at that meeting  he would go to church blah blah blah while my sister clanged pots pans and dishes in the kitchen a living room away. She didn’t attend or anything. I didn’t dare go to the kitchen because she wasn’t approachable at the time. I can’t remember how we got back to seeing each other again but we did.

I wasn’t attracted to him, though I cared about them and he was entertaining to everyone that knew him including me but there are limits and I wanted it to be healthy for all of us. I wanted him to be like my brother or like a brother in law should be. I did not want to be part of a harem. He ruined my sister and our relationship and our family. All he had to do was respect her! If you want to have an affair do it with someone who wants one and not within the family.

Anyway the earlier molestation my sister finally learned about recently through some emails we had and I sent to family when things got real strange and she called the accusations I made zingers. She didn’t obviously want to know or she would have attended the meetings but I thought she should know since he was using the night in San Antonio as proof he didn’t molest me then. Until I gave her some zingers she was in the dark about what she did not want to know and using that ignorance against me to our family.

Clever, but not clever enough.

My older sister changed as well and had quite a bit of memory loss such as when the first husband of my youngest sister who saved her son’s life when her son was about 3 yrs old and he slipped into the pool. No one noticed and we were all there nearby. He did it quietly and it was a weird coincidence one would not forget. I had to remind here of it when she phoned me when she was attempting to console him during the time my little sister and he were in a divorce at the beginning (I thought it odd of my older sister being so friendly with him at the time b/c I did not feel I had the right to be in touch with him during their battle. It’s not like I was in touch with him anyway however my older sister tended to be pushy in her way. My younger sister was living with me off and on for a couple of years and took over the household in her way and my daughters bedroom yet did not allow me to stay with her during my divorce and afterwards and even when my mom was in dire straits and called me satan and the devil b/c I divulged some truths they did not like when threatening me and my mom in weird ways like she had lost her mind as well) about the death of his granddaughter who at her 3rd birthday party actually drowned in their pool. My sister’s xmas letters became one page letters typed but spaced very big spaced dbl/triple spaced as compared to the five to ten page letters with single spaces going over every detail of the years accomplishments of her family to the point of redundancy since we knew those things as they occurred. So something changed and I think I know why sort of anyway and who was behind it: the angel with white hair at her bedside when she had her ureter cut by mistake during some operation but I can’t remember why she went in the first place though probably something to do with her allergy to corn products. She was similar looking to Billy Graham’s daughter with the white hair and the bright white gnarly smile. I think that phone call was a fishing expedition to get information. When I told her or reminded her she said something like “oh yea.” I had never seen that woman before in my sister’s life and I think I would have noticed or heard about her so she was a new friend since often we hung out together a lot. The surgeon that performed the operation had a very german name and I think operated on her on a Friday b/c it was mentioned to me then that that is when many doctors make mistakes b/c of their outrageous schedules and desire to live in castles and the woman did a lot of service to her during that time for some reason. The hospital was not Parkland but I think it was St. Pauls but I’m not for sure. It’s been a while and I have been though a quite a bit since then. Anyway they settled out of court and she wore a urine bag for a while. It was how they recouped some dough Gary lost on the stock market. Luckily the doctor figured out her dilemma that he caused before it killed her….get  it? Insurance.

One night I heard about when my mom and dad still lived in their home their front door was blown off the hinges by a very strong wind and I think was a marker of something strange. A harbinger. Remember chapter four of the Gospel of John with the not-so-secret-follower of Jesus since it is in the bible written about: Nicodemus, Paul’s friend, and it talks about the weather and the wind, etc. A false Jesus! 


Nick has something coming down his chimney soon as do his many friends.

I guarantee it. It’s not a threat, it’s reality.

It’s gonna knock the socks off him.

That’s for sure!

It’s gonna be a helluva day and less than the average kind of day as in an hour biblically speaking and it’s almost over! It’s not my timing but God’s timing.

I know I’ll reunite with at least most of my family, friends and pets. I don’t know however about Gary and his prospects, and the same goes for the ex. I think they might have gone over the edge of the precipice to ever return!

God isn’t blind, deaf, or dumb.

 We’ll see.




I don’t know what they produced but I bet we will never know however it might be some interesting possibilities!

Abortion is for those whose body was ready but the mind wasn’t and many other reasons.

Matthew 26:41 Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Why is the spirit willing?

Is he talking about the holy spirit? I don’t really understand this verse and seems a bit backwards!




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If she loved babies/fetuses in the womb so much then why didn’t she have any children                                                                                                    of her own, that is the question. (Was she really a she?) She didn’t have kids and preferred to travel like a rock and roll star!


I bet she hasn’t even read the bible being catholic, which is typical of ignorance and untruthfulness, the papacies greatest tool. I think she was/is one of those angel revealed in Revelation 12:9 and that’s why she spread herself so thinly.

 Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

She had a lot of ground to cover. Her costume is very telling. Mocking.

Do you real think God would kill Bathsheba and Uriah’s baby because of David’s sin? Well it is told differently but sometimes you do have to read between the lines. The bible has incurred much renovation/transliteration and sometimes it is not an improvement but a huge mistake, like the One World Order which has been a complete failure. They did work on it in Dallas in the 70’s and in the 60’s Vatican 2.

They did not know about DNA then!

Was Diana pregnant?

Franklin Graham often lately in the last few years has said “More Christians are gonna die” and I think he meant it! Either from fear or knowledge.


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 Abomination of Desolation Pt 2

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U.S. returns to 1 World Trade Center 15 years after attacks

Why would the US Customs and Border Control move into the New 1World Trade Center in New York?

Watched a little bit on the History channel about 9-11  where George Bush was being told about the planes hitting the towers (World Trade Center) and mentioned to the ex the similarity of that and how JFK was gonna give a speech at the Dallas Trade Center before he was assassinated and because I made the  mistake of calling it the world trade center got him riled up but in any case I meant the Dallas Trade Center which was attempting to be worldly and how the school book depository was where the alleged shooter was and how George Bush was reading a schoolbook to school children when he received the news about the planes in front of the cameras and he didn’t see the correlation and he’s catholic. Sort of a cultish correlation. Anyway we got in a heated exchange and I came back and said do you see a correlation between you calling the police and my arrest by the police and it really got heated. He was royally pissed! I said YUMMY. Thank God he’s only a house painter and a musician.

Other correlations: Jeb Bush Governor of Florida where the Saudi pilots were trained to fly planes without learning to land them. New school curriculums for public education: dumb down the public. One of the first governors to be involved in assisted suicide/murder by starvation i.e. hospiced patient against the will of her family. The Catholic connection. Maybe it too was an assassination in regards to 9-11. One plane never left the tarmac and probably the incentive for the suicide squads – to hit the White House or the NYSE or to erase a debt?- and conveniently was thwarted. Maybe the real reason was to hit a particular competitive company? I’m sure there is more we don’t know yet but it was definitely religiously and vengefully inspired.

Personal coincidences: My niece watched from Brooklyn the attack on a roof top the attack on 9-11 and my mom watched the attack on Pearl Harbor on a roof top when the planes came in to attack the USA. Her grandmother was Grandmother White who lived to 104 years of age and my mom wanted to outlive her to live to be 105 and instead was hospised (by my niece’s mom the executor who was married to a man whose dad was President of CONOCO OIL and his son lost a shit load of money on the stock market and blamed everyone else one Tuesday in October and knew the Bushes and even went to their vacation spot and loved golf and went to the place in the Carolinas once a year sometimes bringing guests by invitation the one the Bushes went to) and my niece (the one that got the jealousy lesson in a hot tub at night by her dad alone outside when she was a tot the same guy who wanted to carry me to the car, etc) married a White. My mom was born in Panama which we gave away the canal which was really DUMB making us vulnerable to attacks in various ways. Those are some strange kind of connections.

Remember Jesus said:: Feed My Sheep! That includes oxygen and nutrients and whatever else is required. It wasn’t just a suggestion, but also a warning. So mother teresa and her cult is /was barking up the wrong tree the wrong way, imo. And also in regards to feeding his sheep may have been a clue that he was against fasting which would sure eliminate a lot of scripture (possibly false scripture more than likely.) He could have said be sure to fast my sheep and he didn’t. Would you fast your children, your pets, zoo animals, Free Willie before you swim with him at Sea World, your cattle or your crops, your date, a diabetic, athletes, pilots flying your plane, anyone operating machinery, your car, your cell phone, your laborers, a surgeon before your operation, military men and women before a battle, a pregnant female, or your guests???

Before Abraham was I Am.

Do the Ten Commandments say anything about the religious practice of fasting?


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Here is the flag of IsraelScreen shot 2014-01-02 at 12.25.56 PM

 Found out I’m not allergic to shrimp!

It must have been hospital error.

 What Would Jesus Say About Distortions Of His Teachings?

Added this because I agree with some of what this person wrote but definitely not all of it however each of us grow at our own pace and start in different locations, religions and families but personal growth requires some effort and experience. Keeping people ignorant is evil like when catholics were not allowed to read their bibles but encouraged to buy them which is sick or performing rituals in pig latin so the patrons were kept in the dark ages.

By the way

 Ganswein means pig’s wine.

Remember that event told about in the New Testament

about a lunatic, some pigs, and the cliffhanger was a cliff?    hmmmmm

We had a close person to our family though I did not know her who supposedly committed suicide and suffered a great deal so it’s no wonder. She was a Christian woman. I guarantee she could have gotten better treatment in regards to pain. I guarantee politics got in the way. Ever since Obama care the world has been deluged by greed of the career politicians and career clergy exponentially. Who would employ austerity? Obama. Merkel, Rosebud/muther fucker teresa, Gov.Mary something or other of Oklahoma, usury, plastic surgery is great enticement for weak flesh but looks can kill:

I received one of those looks and I didn’t die via the TV and the ex. I felt sick for a while though because of it but I looked down and left the room. It happened while watching a popular TV series about Washington DC and during an Shakespearian aside. It  went to the ex and then to me and it made me feel very sick and I saw it in their eyes from one to the other. It was very strange but real. I heard that the woman that died was put on different  psychological type medication recently which could have been the cause but I guarantee the media had something to do with it as well b/c it was after she watched tv. that she left the house and killed herself. The last hour of a suicide or murder I think is very important such as who they were with and what they were doing! very relevant. The ex said it as “the fog of war”, but he is a huge liar and forgets frequently and conveniently. Very sneaky as well. Double standards and other crapola but comes off to strangers and friends as a gentleman, polite, concerned and helpful but it took me a very long time to notice. I don’t think he’s necessarily a master mind but a conduit and I think his actions lately and his reactions shows signs of collusion and fear of getting caught in that collusion and fear of backing the wrong side. Miscalculating his future interests thinking he was on the winning side (deluded) and not believing he can change his course. and direction for the better. He loves to use my family against me and their lack of support and when one neighbor (barely an acquaintance) gave him the cold shoulder he couldn’t handle it. The fortitude and character of a fellow gang raper. A mama’s pampered boy. His dad died when he was quite young (18 yrs of age or so)so that may be part of his problem. There is such a thing as honor not for honor’s sake, but for truth’s sake. That was very telling how weak, cowardly and insecure he really is. Hopefully he’ll work it for the sake of his kids and for truth’s sake but still relying on things he shouldn’t like the RCC and their stature b/c of their general ignorance and numbers. Easy side to pick but the wrong side regardless and the same goes for Islam. Mega churches is another example b/c there is still a lot of crud in them which cancels out the good like fast food. He is such a control freak I rarely got to shop for groceries by myself yet I did the cooking most of the time in the marriage and I didn’t get paid on the job. That’s why I threw that fantastic Turkey soup in the trash when I did and other things that preceded that soup. He certainly should know by now they don’t care about individuals they care about vast numbers and when you aren’t needed anymore they ignore you. Ted Kennedy??? His mom after her husband died??? There are many examples. The church she attended snubbed her, etc. She told me so. Perhaps in her death she atoned for the RCC’s stake and returned to their fold for honor’s stake, and not for truth’s sake by her sons and their steak who hospised her and at least two of them estimating the days it takes to starve their mom I was told by the ex in the car. She could not talk or swallow. How convenient. The ex waited to see his mom dead instead of going to see her alive sheep-ish which is weird but PROP er (himself) in his mind’s eye and hoping I was next. She had only been a WAC and not for long but she got a husband who when he was dying wished it was her instead of him I was told by the ex. I know that feeling but I did not marry to have kids but was blessed  and sometimes cursed as well by those blessings. Took me 14 years to have a kid and  a second one some years later after I was married. His mom was buried with full honors but you should have seen what I saw and heard what I heard when I went to Parkland representing her: patronizing and simple taking credit for something she did not do… a slave but without a brain and not doing very much at all.  A surreal zinger. If the ex saw or heard he would be changing his tune for the sake of his family tree and for his kids and himself. But I will go it alone if need be to affix my family tree with their help where they are for them, for my kids, and for me and the people that have helped me that are sort of hard to distinguish yet. 

We are not the root of all evil but as most people have been deceived and learn eventually: deception begets deception often times more than expected and more than is due.

We were very close as a family (and played a great game of Balderdash together) and as it grew in a lot of good ways. We were spiritually attacked very harshly but each of us had some kinds of resilience, strengths, and talents

so I think we are gonna come out okay, I hope,

but our kids need our help!

Our family name is Root though he pronounced it Rut up north near Flint, Michigan  (lansing) where he grew up. He doesn’t see the forest for the tree yet. Dishonor among thieves! the mob. The bible tells about wars won with few and our own experience with WW11 should also do the same in people’s hearts and souls. The Six Day War is a good example as well. God stopping the sun for a day. However this christian woman was thinking about it before: who hasn’t thought about it, but she got serious about it. So she was hurting inside and desperate but I think something occurred with the drugs she was taking prescribed to her a change in her medication and the media: TV like what occurred to me but I was in better shape maybe and made more aware by my family in weird and mysterious ways ones with miracles included. She will get her chance on the other side like my parents and others who have died being on the front line crossed first (a surprise attack, like at Pearl Harbor and New York) but you have to try to listen and try to see and try to discern. Distinguish between truth and deception which is very perplexing. The ex doesn’t believe that my parents are helping but to try to explain that they were lied to by their first daughter and Gary the golden boy of Conoco oil and they have since showed me their way that they know and are doing somethings about it and tried to do while they were alive. Some big things and I don’t think I would have made it thus far without them and without God’s guidance:  I believe, but I falter sometimes and so did they.) 


anyone that follows Obama eventually feels his indulgence.

I know of a girl (teenager) who acted rashly and shot herself in the stomach over a break up and wished she hadn’t and still died. I know God loves both of them. Suicide happens often but we don’t need to incorporate it or franchise it. Thank you, Christopher Hitchens. I could not think of that word earlier and it was written in your expose above. Some of the events in our lives are premeditated by others in high places who are spiritually weak, mislead, lied to, divided, united, to weaken one’s spirit and destroy their flesh and God knows as well. It’s calculating spiritually and psychopathic and very rough but that is what we are dealing with….

I know that subliminal techniques have been used in the past and social media sure is a great provider for that kind of warfare and when someone is at a weak stature in health and age and  b/c of that warfare is when I imagine it is employed by evil entities. Remember the cell phone in the mouth of one of the guys at Benghazi and they had passwords to the US State Department? and who sold their presidency using the bribe of a free cell phone? Plus I have seen and noticed some things using the TV as a method and computers so its possible since she was watching TV right before she left the house and shot herself. Her mind and spirit might have been attacked and didn’t realize it wasn’t her fault or thinking she was crazy or because she was reminded of past sins by those who don’t care about reality. A woman in my past when I was a child hung herself for fear of hurting her children and we were in England at the time. I know it’s occurring: a hidden agenda, a hidden war, and hidden persecution but it’s cowardly to use it on civilians, the retired, females, and children but who said evil is heroic? none.

This kind of stuff was used during WWll influenced via many ways that the RCC have perfected as well as by fascists the ghosts of the past.

Remember “War of the Worlds” on radio? I’m not saying Orson Welles caused some strange reactions b/c at the time it wasn’t developed and there are those that are susceptible b/c of mental illness and religious fervor type stuff. The first house we rented the wall near the garage had a big blue painted name of jesus on it and the people that rented it before us I believe were from India (the ex said Ethiopians ) and we had to clean the living room that had a mountain of dirty diapers to get a no deposit break on the rental. I guess they didn’t use the trash religiously, they used the living room. It needed work. Anyway it is also rumored the deaths from the radio show to be a prank to gain publicity. I have experienced some nutty people and read about some as well:

1000  Peanut butter sandwiches?

He eventually outed the BGEA in his last post before he died in a car wreck in East Texas. Wished he was able to forewarn the people at the World Trade Center so they wouldn’t need firefighters and a thousand peanut butter sandwiches but it spawned his career in religion kind of like muther teresa. Actually it was a trial based on the killing of a jewish boy by a gang of kids that he took under his wings and mentored that got him started and he looked a bit (quite a bit) possessed but I think struggled against it: Rev. Wilkerson was his name. He got some attention to show deception and possibly foreknowledge by the same person who did not warn JFK to avoid Dallas because of his intuition but he had a cold which prevented him as he wrote about in one of his books titled even though he had access to the President.:

Just as i am. Just a siam?  Just a twin? Who knows what he meant?

His name was Billy Graham. I think the purpose was to remind people of his alibi by radio for the time of the JFK assassination which could have been pre-recorded.

Have ye any meat?

The ones that were afraid in a room are the one’s being called out of the Whore of Babylon who do the dirty work of the devil because they are binding and remitting (I think they are evangelicals-evil cia angels secret service types gone over to the bent cross stuff-avenging in any case ) You can read about austerity in the Gospel of Luke and on some of my posts linked on Merangue’s Blog

and of course those who are not professional catholics.

The funny thing about austerity is it eventually kills the rich and well-connected and their trees. Its absolutely a ridiculous concept and it will be devastating. How about Nancy Pelosi’s tree for instance?

I used to stick up for my ex when we were married and so did my mom and he betrayed us in many ways, but he sure can put on an act of caring. I got very hungry at the hospital recently and wanted some eggs, etc. he declined fixing them but he put on my blood pressure wrap after i had to get a urine sample when the curtain was open to the hospital people with the door open. it’s sickening. He does what he can to appear a certain way. His birthday was a few days ago and because of a death of the woman who committed suicide that he barely knows and met once (the suicide which bolstered his reasoning about hospices which is the opposite of my views and bolsters the catholic way. he met her once as far as I know. It’s a sad story but he brought up to me whether suicide is considered murder??? twisted reasoning! I guess it depends on the circumstances and who or what caused it.)  But most people can accomplish it themselves if they are desperate if they have a mind to do it and don’t need avenging anger to assist them: which is murder. God knows the difference. I would not get into the business of it if I were a believer in God b/c it can get very complicated and take you on roads you don’t want to go and abortion rights is no excuse for killing those that are or were born or to harass women and girls who make that personal decision or harass their parents or the hospitals that provide safe abortions for the female unless they are abusing that privilege which I think much of the accusations are pig’s wine to divert attention from the real criminals in high places who cause many problems in order to keep a swell lifestyle.

I love money but I rarely have it. It’s because I rarely have it that causes me problems sometimes with God not the love of it but depends on what kind of love we are talking about.

The verse in the bible about the love of money makes you hate God is BULLSHIT. UTTER nonsense. Depends on which God one is talking about. Definitely muther teresa’s god, more than likely. But to steal and rob is the wrong kind of love of money or making money like charging outrageous taxation and killing for inheritance or charging outrageous insurance costs which is unreliable obviously definitely is a hatred of God. Insurance is Very NEO and wasn’t needed in the past. I think insurance is good for machinery and objects/things that need replacing or updating for better service is certainly a good reason for insurance but not people’s health isn’t, which causes inflation and higher costs and debt in the long run, IMO and doesn’t save lives in fact it kills people, businesses, economies, talent and delays cures.

A fetus is not viable till it is viable when born hence the powers that be don’t insure them till a certain point: IPSO FACTO.

 The ex did not want to have a good meal and wanted McDonalds instead for his birthday to appear as if he were mourning.. I asked what would he like and he went in to his explanation about his grief so then I said what would fulfill your desire in not being extravagant kind of meal (not in those words because I can’t remember the word he used) and so that was his birthday wish. He bought it.

My mom used to have this really long hair on her arm and she kept it and called it Aloishes or Alowishes. She never spelled it out, but that was what it sounded like. It’s true!

Richard Burton sings Camelot 1978



Camelot 04: Follow Me

beautiful song

The two live musicals my parents took the kids to was Camelot and The Sound of Music,

as I recall.

I am positive we saw the play The Sound of Music. I was just a kid and both parents made an impression on me and it’s possible we only saw the movie of Camelot and also the movie the Robe and the Greatest Story Ever Told with Max Von Sydow which I loved.

I trust their character as a team. They were amazing. I think it was a long view message to me and my shadow and hopefully to my family and the family that I grew up with and their families, etc. I think she witnessed some things she could not say. We really had a great childhood because of them. Maybe they KNOW something we don’t. She wanted to live to 105. Maybe it’s a message to some other humans as well. I think it’s a powerful message! It’s hard to explain things to kids and young adults how the world really works till they experience it. Like Thelma and Louise the movie when Susan Sarandon says “that ain’t how the world works” or words to that effect.

I do get a lot of help in mysterious ways from beyond and in the present but have been attacked as well which is par for the coarse.

PS: My little sister did admit to serving me walnuts instead of almonds she attested to when she served her dip the first time I came down with what is called COPD. The reason I persisted for the truth from her was others close to me got sick with pneumonia around the same time with the same symptoms (youthful non smokers). There was a listeria outbreak with walnuts at the time and her second husband provided the walnuts for her dip which is unusual so I appreciated her truthfulness that she blurted out to me over the phone, so I think there is hope for her in the long run. I felt like my dad was with her helping her to have courage by the way she blurted it out. I hope so and her truthfulness at that crucial point helped me to take notice of my ex’s insistence of my disease and his excuse as well and helped me to notice other things as well I might not have noticed or been as watchful. AWARE! She was my Shirley Temple buddy and many other things growing up;) : dipping potato chips in neopolitan ice cream at five in the morning for our entertainment ritual to see some great cartoons once a week and our shared horse hobby my parents provided us at great cost and hassle to them and our horse sense.

Boy did I have the best nap and a great poop.

I needed it

and I also received a very sweet sign afterwards and I didn’t even ask.

Divorce is rough no matter how nice you are……. on everyone.The ex instructed me not to allow my 18 yr old daughter to drive my car w/o license even to the neighborhood store two blocks away alone. I think I have allowed her to go to her friends house two or three blocks away and to the neighborhood store two or three times. She has previously driven her boyfriend off and on for two years all the way to Forney many times 40 minutes away b/c of his drinking problem and being on probation with a breathlizer which has just been removed from his car  and the ex knows this which is partly how she learned to drive in the middle of the night after he was with his drinking buddies who drink excessively to out drink each other…kind of a 21 year old male activity.  I’m talking about vast amounts of booze and she does this for him or she did to protect his life whether she was with him for the evening or he was without her. I also taught her to drive in the neighborhoods nearby and a small bit of driving within 5 miles or so off and on for those years as well. Her dad has done the same a couple times but they don’t get along and she doesn’t like his car b/c it’s too tight and sensitive as he is. A terrible type teacher and a real dick when it comes to small things b/c he is perfect.

Today while he was at work she comes in to wake me to change in some change of his for something or other though she did not say why or what and wanted to use my car to take it to the store to use on a money change machine nearby but I declined her demand b/c I was heeding his demands and while I was still asleep but coherent I thought I want her to have the desire to finish her driver’s course on the computer which she only has a couple more hours to accomplish and then take the test and the driving test after that in order t get her license but I did not voice it but that was my reasoning. She pitched a fit for about a minute in the house and I guess went to bed. Wakes up and complains about a headache. pain in her chest for two days though only complained about it at this particular moment. pain in her jaw from her wisdom teeth possibly.which she has felt a few times in the past. So we take her to the ER because of the chest pains which can be serious and I entered the admitting room to put in my two cents not without dissent from her and her dad b/c she is 18 yrs of age but I insisted in a motherly way. She doesn’t have a great deal of information about heredity on my side of the family plus she was recently there in the ER and was prescribed antibiotics and pain meds for the pain she was having which they called it endometriotic disorder. She took a days worth of the antibiotics and then the ex took her or her boyfriend picked her up to stay at his home for a few days without her medication and caused a storm of trouble not wanting the medication driven to her by me or the ex and he didn’t want me to go with him b/c I might cause a scene. I called the boyfriend left a message and said if you love her you will take an hour out of your time to pick up the medicine since you are responsible for the reason she is sick and needs the medication and for the endometriotic condition in her body. He never came and nor did she for a few days until I guess he needed a break from her and then she may have taken a few of the pills a few days later which is not what you do with antibiotics of course. So while being admitted she admitted to taking 6 days worth of antibiotics but w/o the days between information and I checked the medication and for a ten day prescription she had 5 and a half days worth left that were never taken and so I took her medications to the ex’s room and left them by his desk with her other self medication tool and told him to handle it in every aspect b/c while at the ER she treated me like a dog. She did not want me there and told me so, so I left for her health sake not to rile her up b/c anything I said to her to comfort her had the opposite affect but while there they asked a few things only I could have answered and I did my best to be discreet and as honest as I could be for her health concerns about teeth history on his side of the family wisdom teeth trouble and on mine in -general teeth problems mostly on my mom’s side of the family and a few other things. My ex suffered pleuracy quite often b/c of lifestyle, lots of cocaine, lots of pot at least three joints a day for umpteen years on gigs and on his day job and for entertainment. He came back once from Florida after visiting a music producer for about a week and tooling around on his sail boat visiting the Bermuda Triangle and I guess they snorted a bunch of cocaine and it scared him because of his symptoms so I tried to get him not to do it anymore when he came home as nicely as I could b/c he was still feeling bad. They gave her fluids for the migraine, medication/I think the ex said a shot of ritalin for something and something else: Benedryl a combination or something like that aid the ex while there for pleurisy. I had to think why she did not complain about the chest pains yesterday and could only surmise that they started today when I defied her wishes and obeyed his for her sake and for keeping the peace between all parties involved and to inspire her w/o saying to get her license work done and I got the royal treatment.It was hurtful and very degrading and mean and I won’t forget this time. She’s his little slave girl and too much of his bs will get to her soon. It doesn’t take long b/c he never really means it. He uses her terribly and with a lot of help from his secret religious friends , I think.

Ritalin? Really?

So she is in his hands and under control of his ability to schmooze everyone not for joy. He is the one that drives her to spend the night or the week with her boyfriend often which caused those pains, possibly.  I don’t believe she had an abortion as she stated in the ER last time by the way she acted about it, embarrassed as if she lied not that she was caught. Supposedly loved the guy as well. Doesn’t match! Or perhaps she isn’t really my daughter but only a facsimile, which is very possible! Sometimes she is and sometimes she isn’t. She has been through a lot that she should not have had to deal since she was about 5 or 6 years of age.

No more hanging out in my art area. No more bumming cigarettes which is good and the other tool that she got from her fried Merilla (Merrill Lynch? JK) she complained the residue was putrid and the only way to know that was if she used it and it is up to him from now on. He blamed it on me and cigs though she did it regularly with her b/f and friends on her own. She also ate cheerios a few days before the chest pains which in the past caused a reaction as did a meat loaf a while back when I added oats to make it fluffy. Threw up but not food she threw up flem.  NO MORE! I love her but it’s a mad, mad world sometimes especially when the ex wants control and to abuse me, her, and us: our relationship mother-daughter relationship and so forth. It’s like walking on egg shells. Sometimes it’s best to let someone have their way their way like when he undermined my home schooling after abuse from the high school she attended and ended up in the ER so he could control her and do it himself and he failed miserably. That’s the plan on my end. Let them have at it and it was probably b/c when he got his b/day gift from his other daughter I did not join him watching the blue screen tube he received when he invited me on his birthday. LOL.  Besides he was grieving as best he could. He’s a dictoid: why on earth would anyone want to watch a show with him on his new toy on his birthday when the day before he pulled some bs on me and many other days before that?

My beloved cat the most recent heart breaking abuse in regards to me? Remember? :She didn’t kill your cat bitch!” Remember? The ex noticed I primed the floor of my art space and moved around the furniture and organized it for many reasons. He prefers me in a miserable state of affairs, b/c it makes him feel secure and I kind of got it together for a while any way but it was not easy. I need to work on other aspects like making money and eventually it might get my creative juices flowing b/c truly I have truly grieved for those I love and it has been very hard and bitter.

The ex deserves to be thrown off a cliff by his own petard but we don’t have any here IMO not steep enough you know like The Grand Canyon. LOL Maybe he might get on that balancing rock and prove his utter stupidity AGAIN and this time it will achieve the right balance as it tumbles into the abyss.

Anyway I am enemy number one now to my daughter. TOUGH SHIT!~~

Not in my car, you don’t.

My biggest and best retort will be “Ask ur dad!”

With my ex and my daughter it wears very thin very quickly;)

He will lose her in the end but not for lack of trickery and I will eventually have her back when she wakes up. His occult is cunning and thoughtless at the same time.

He bought some coffee and came in to let me know when he came home. Weird.

And then comes in sheepishly to get me to take her somewhere to sell some song storage  piece of shit and I after a few remember how you treated me statements and her excuses etc and then I said

“ask ur dad.”

Went to the corner store and the clerk said “Phillip is mad, etc …..”

and I said,

“He’s an asshole, take it from me . If you could get him around anyone long enough they would know.” Then I prayed out loud to God and myself: Please throw him in the abyss. Frankenmuth would work as well.

 I wonder what the clerk will say next?

Cruisin For  Bruisin Basia

Basia Brave new Hope

If that is true about the female in the house in my living room acting as my daughter and if it is true that she lied about having an abortion and if she is the same one at the ER last night then I hope she gets thrown into the abyss with Phil and anyone who put her up to it or is involved in any way to deceive me, as well! It’s not something one should lie about for a political purpose or religious purpose or to ridicule those that have had to take that course at one time or another.

She seems different! SHE’S 18 YEARS OLD SO SHE IS DIFFERENT, SO THEY SAY. I HEAR AT TE AGE OF 21 SHE WILL BE NORMAL AGAIN. IT WAS TRUE OF MY FIRST DAUGHTER AS WELL.  Unless she is being mind controlled….ritalin.

 mind raped.

If that’s the case she will be innocent in my eyes no matter what and I think she is being forced into something! She has had a rough time since 9th grade. i’m pissed and I hope God is too. Pissed enough to do something drastic in a response!

The hospital people gave her ritalin with benedryl last night in a combination shot said the ex. That would be extremely evil if that is what is going on. It might be a test of some people without them realizing it, that they would stoop that low and be deserving of the abyss. When my daughter took two pregnancy tests both were negative a week or so apart which is partly why I’m suspicious! Besides being prescribed a ritalin shot and not needing her anti-biotics prescribed by the same hospital and they did not seem to care about it, like it’s no big deal. Some pretty big negatives, if you ask me. We will find out eventually, I hope. Not only that No nicotine withdrawal at all. Highly unusual for a smokers if she never smoked a cigarette in her life. Put on a pair of shorts (not short enough) she never liked as well. Like she did not remember her likes and dislikes. Something she would never wear- hand me downs and out of style. She looked confused as well. When I noticed and said something to her he took them off and put on the ones she was wearing beforehand,,,,weird. So I don’t think the ritalin combo shot worked on the migraine, but her memory is not right..

That’s my wish! ASAP

In order to stop deception in regards to abortion it might be wise to perform dna tests on the mom and dad if possible as well as the fetus to prove it isn’t deception or to use against her later in her life or him later in life for religious or political purposes or to cause a mental disorder or to use as an excuse for something not foreseeable except by those that would do it maliciously…especially in the religious climate these days and for the New World Order.

I know she is important to God. I have proof. A miracle.

And she still uses my art room and all those things i said have kind of poofed away like a bad cloud.

So it may be confusing but may also be to protect her somehow. We were getting along and then something happened and of course her dad was home when she turned on a dime into hatefulness, sickly, and in pain. It also happened after I told her a little about Gary on vacation at the condo when he had the shower on and the door open to the bedroom stark naked stroking himself as I walked out to the porch balcony to have a cigarette while family was gathered at the dining area. Not the bathroom door…the bedroom door in front of the bed. He used the shower as an excuse to be naked as if he was on his way with a hard dick. I think it was the same vacation possibly the same day and hour when his daughter was mad at me for smoking and as I recall my mom cried on the balcony later because of the argument that ensued b/c of both of them and my reaction and my sister’s reaction, her mom. Phil was there because we talked about it later that evening on the beach walking. He rarely attended those beach reunions because of his gigs. Gary avoided them often b/c he hated the beach. So that narrows it down somewhat. My niece was quite young. A work of art in the making as my niece said? actually said progress in the making later in life in regards to her dad in a letter to me when the shit was hitting the fan. She eventually had a verse from Ephesians tatooed on her back between her shoulders and I can’t remember which one but might be the verse about seasons. Remember the massacre in C0nnecticutt and the mom talking about the picture her daughter and her painted where every space of white was covered in marks-a-lot colors? niece’s bedroom floor was kind of like that but not neat: that’s what it was about. She did it to protect herself when she slept so that her mom wouldn’t get jealous. And she cut herself a bunch and her sister found her and rumors abounded at Hockaday about a dad and his daughter and my sister mentioned it on the phone. He wanted my niece to be left alone and not see a psychologist, b/c she just needed her space but then that changed and she saw a Christian psychologist who cured her in one visit. I wonder if it was that white haired woman at the hospital when my sisters ureter was cut by mistake that resembled Billy Graham’s daughter in some ways..   hmmmmmmmm?

I don’t think he goes willingly or gently.

a bribe?

Maybe something more going on…. like witnessing for me?

Then a few years later as a young adult I find out without probing but was told to me by my older sister that my niece drove her b/f/husband in the car with her and his kids by a previous marriage about 100 mph down a main road in Padre scaring him half to death. And then Gary tells me a few times they were begging for money from their wealthy parents who were awarded money yearly for nothing that my niece and her husband were blackmailing him. I thought pray tell what for and in my mind thinking more like compensation for damages caused by his weird habit of sneaking around doing things he shouldn’t do which regardless of being zapped to forget by a christian psychologist are still affecting her w/o real progress i.e. masking a real problem. Forgiveness is a wonderful feeling if it is based somewhat on the regret of the person that needs forgiving and if they don’t feel they need forgiving, don’t give a shit and continue doing it to other females and to his wife making her more of a bitch on wheels to women and family then how is forgiveness helpful empowering him to fuck with everyone and their livelihoods? It encourages psychopathic behavior and eventually full blown sociopaths on the job and off with co-workers, in families and with friends which hinders their lives, health, well being, relationships (personal and career), and their chance to grow, survive and profit in their abilities and talents turning them into introverts and other lowly types which makes them more insecure and vulnerable to their attacks, less successful and makes their children suffer as well many kinds of real and unreal paranoias, real and unreal suspicions because of the damages incurred snowballing into an avalanche down the pike. “Put some ice on it!” doesn’t help because eventually it melts like a festering septic tank stinking of pus and worms with flies buzzing and buzzards swooping in on the wounded and weak, the elderly and the children and others get hurt as well.

It’s sick and it’s evil. Then causes more macro problems b/c the sickness grows filling up the ERs, the welfare lines, the crime rate soars, joblessness grows, excuses abound and it all caves in and those on top either don’t survive or go into hiding thinking it will save them and it does not save them and those on the edges fill in the middle, but not all of them, etc. like a volcano which is hard to avoid or predict when you are sitting on one.

It’s stupidty at IT’S CORE!

Two plus two does not equal five.


Which is why there is a Courtyard of the Gentiles kind of stuff going on to protect the Roman Catholic Church and their sociopaths and their lowlys they created with their bad behavior and lust for power and I think from the sounds of it in Revelation the R.C.C.loses b/c they don’t get to continue for many reasons having to do with the Covenant with Many (a false covenant spoken about in the Book of Daniel.) Many shall be offended in me ….remember?

My 2nd daughter had not been born


at the time of the condo shower

expose of Gary!

Remember when a holiday feast was approaching and his brethren said he should go and he said my time is not yet come, your time is alway READY (without the plural at the end of alway) and something about how the world cannot hate them for some reason……… Remember? I think it has to do with a time completed and over. an end. Anyway that was about 2000 years ago and it seems Moses was 2000 years before that etc I don’t know for sure the dates I don’t carbon date nor trust it as much as some do but its like stages of something big.

I don’t think either of my daughters had been born YET!

List of volcanoes in Italy

Who says France doesn’t sit on a volcano?

Who determines that?

The wind and the rain?

The weathervane?

We need their recipes!

Simon And Garfunkel – The Sound Of Silence 

This may not sound very nice but the 47 year old Christian woman was buried and it rained so I guess Apollo watered?

Paul might have written and possibly said in

1 Corinthians 3:5-7King James Version (KJV)

Who then is Paul, and who is Apollos, but ministers by whom ye believed, even as the Lord gave to every man?

I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.

So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.

Via an autopsy it turns out she had


but the doctors she had seen said it was all in her head.

My uncle had diverticulitis for years without pain and lived to a ripe old age but the medical field has taken a wrong direction since then for the worse

for some any who

she didn’t need plastic surgery, she needed a good doctor.

INSURANCE hindered her chances for a good diagnosis for relief from her sickness and I think she was made an example of to others to hinder them. She worked for the government the DOD in the past.

Franklin Graham predicted more christians are gonna die….in the news.

He ought to know and he is no insurance!!!!


What does Jesse Watter’s think? Are some people getting the schtick?


Since when have hospitals been forbidden to prescribe more than one refill for a medication? (even via the ER and ICU etc.) Who makes these ridiculous rules?

What would Paul Ryan do?

(from the results I have seen of the plastic surgeries of the rich and/or famous a really good makeup artist have better results most of the time. Probably lesser expectations of beauty would help as well and help their speech impediments as well. I wonder how beautiful can a person become? If people were honest about the distraction of those impediments verses the beauty improvements most women would choose makeup over surgery. I guess beaks are in, huh? It’s true! We should all grow fur and not worry about it. Have you ever seen a cat without fur or a bird without feathers?

The moral to the story of the woman misdiagnosed is insurance hindered her life. It employs a lot of people but is like a bubble of glycerin and dish soap. It doesn’t make bad doctors good and raises prices by protecting their negligence or lack of talent, inhibits choice in doctors, causes inflation in health care and medicine and hurts the patients and good doctors in the long run and is like insurance in the card game of 21 Black Jack if you do it on every hand you won’t profit.

Insurance is a mirage.

It’s a way to employ the masses and a way to make politicians look good because of the employment statistics but it doesn’t help the patient, doesn’t help good doctors, doesn’t help good nurses and doesn’t help good hospitals and doesn’t help the medical field and HINDERS the economy and hinders cures. Raises costs and kills the field of medicine. Insurance is a bad deal and was useless in finding a good diagnosis for the woman who lost her life. Insurance is anti-middle class and anti-lower class and definitely pro upper class. It hurts America and Americans.

It helps negligence and bad doctors and leads and promotes insurance fraud with those doctors and their patients.

It also lead to muther teresa’s death cult.

Basically Insurance is a death cult device.

Health insurance hurts the insurance companies that sell insurance

for  inanimate objects

If consumption tax was employed and insurance was only sold for equipment and buildings in the medical field and for cars, home insurance etc .

small business would exponentially increase,

costs would go down and EVERYONE would be happier even the rich

because more people would have more money to spend.

The only people it helps in the long run is the Federal Government

and helps foreign countries across the world that compete with the USA and use America to fight their wars and fix their mistakes in foreign policies and only helps those with businesses overseas like the Bushes and many others that we have to protect the countries that allowed them access and many americans die b/c of it.

It’s not their fault b/c they took advantage of US policies that were already in place but that is the case and we need to turn it around for America and Americans and one way would be to un-employ insurance companies in the medical field for starters and go to a consumption tax so we know who is overcharging taxes on their products that they sell to the citizens of the USA and unemploy career politicians taking advantage of America to feather their own pockets if we want to survive the collapse of the NWO which is coming.

Some of the drawbacks of Capitalism which we need to contain. There is no perfect form of governance but we can at least try to save our country and hold the press accountable for their delusions to hinder our chances especially when they hide the truth such as the hospice situation. Have you heard any news agency reveal the intentional killing of good Americans using the medical field to the public EVER? They are in essence feathering their own survival and might as well be working for Chancellor Merkel and Pope Francis.

Rome’s secret weapon for recatholicising the EU

Ann Coulter has an article below about the press and their ridicule of Trump about a bomb in a trash bin vs. a bomb not in a trash bin and is very similar IMO how they treated Eisenhower when JFK was assassinated. Testing. Eisenhower said some strange things at the time and was reacting to the news and it was kind of unfair to do hoping to upend him and catch someone off guard at a difficult time. Eisenhower had a lot to do with the results in WWll and the Benedictines vowed to get revenge b/c of a certain monastery that was hiding Nazis which was destroyed at the time. They should have been upset with the nazis hiding in the monastery instead for making it a legitimate target during wartime but they had the wrong reaction and obviously were pro nazi. Anyway you can read about it on the Ian Paisley site about European Protestant Studies and I linked the article above. Was the assassination of JFK a response to the vow for revenge of the Benedictines b/c of their monastery (Monte Cassino)? The press kind of tipped their hat at that time but with so many things going on and people in shock they got away with their mock of Eisenhower and the mock of the assassination of JFK. The difference between fore-knowledge with intent to undermine mockingly and a normal reaction. Sometimes news is shocking and one’s first reaction isn’t always reliable because of lack of information and malicious intent of those that have foreknowledge because they are intimately involved in the event to illicit a reaction. Testing.


Our country has run amuck and we need to unmuck ourselves ASAP.

The press are overpaid for the good they don’t do. It’s vicious. But they get paid to keep silent and instead entertain and not educate like Watter’s World and Jesse Watters riding around in a limousine with his collar up mocking Americans, as if he were superior. The free press are the heroes who try like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh and The Onion who in their way educate a little off the wall et al but the press agencies are not free and work for the destruction of America and those who care very little for America and are delusional in regards to the NWO with teeth and it’s purpose. I’m not in total agreement with any of them but I can tell they have Americas interest at heart and take some heat for it as well. Jesse Watter’s never does. His fashion of informing is ridicule and meaningless Roman Catholic BULLSHIT. He’s a wolf and should be ashamed. Many he ridicules for lack of knowledge are over worked or under worked b/c of the influence of his religious BENT cross and will be hoisted by their own petard. He won’t be laughing the day he meets God.

I bet I could stump his knowledge biblically.

Shocking: World record 199-mile-long lightning bolt reported

My next post is gonna have some real big zingers

“I think therefore I’m  hoping (and coping) for the truth to set us free,”

any who.


We aren’t getting a whole lot of truth from the winepress


but the press/newspapers were run by the oil conglomerates and their clergy that think it’s the way and that’s why the Hearsts had the press puff Billy Graham to the USA and abroad where he started his campaign in England after we succeeded in WWll for a short time but he wasn’t from England to make matters worse because they know time isn’t on their side. IMO The two countries with others that allied with us against Fascism (bullies to the maximus) that won WWll. Communism isn’t much better IMO. Freedom is the best route as far as I’m concerned with some guidelines like the Ten Commandments to uphold as best we can under the duress we face. Not easy when sometimes you have wars that are necessary and unnecessary depending on intel that is usually propaganda for the enemy to America’s independence and freedom. Of course just b/c you are English or American doesn’t mean you are a patriot and just b/c you might be German or French descent doesn’t mean you aren’t a patriot.

What is a patriot?

Search me.

Here’s a partriot:

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

probably a relative of Benjamin Franklin

Doesn’t mean you should not defend your country or sovereignty as a country. Anyway some interesting witnesses in the Six Day War especially near the Golan Heights and not by jews but by their enemy at the time which ought to deter those with a brain.

We should never trust treaties like contracts which are meant to be broken!

Take Iran for example.

So I will write what I think I find out to chew on b/c I think we need to find the truth to gain independence and the promises of God.

How do we know that the 9-11 terrorists with box cutters were from Saudi Arabia and not Polish is one of the things I want to know just to be on the safe side.

The Post Master General?
His wife was later rumored to have been spotted in Poland and she worked for the press.

Why do Muslims repeat the phrase allahu akbar (God is great) in many contexts, from weddings to battle, jubilation to shock and tragedy?

As far as the word “akbar” if you change it’s sequence is barak without a “c”

isn’t it?

son of man, NOT GOD

 (Maybe they aren’t into ck vs. k because it has the same sound.)

A  crab?

Hence the pressure cookers.

HAS TO DO WITH THE SEQUENCE 153/135/351 TEMPLE STUFF UNEARTHED AND REASSEMBLED in our lifetime AND LANGUAGE AS STRANGE AS IT SOUNDS (sequence, sounds like, spelled the same etc languages) but AN OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN THE PROS AND CONS OF FALSE gods. I don’t think a one world order is helpful. I could live w/o the opportunity but it was forced upon us so …….How? I don’t know. I have my suspicions. Remember the Book of Acts and everyone speaking the same language on Penta-(If I don’t help him he won’t help me kind of tactics as if I haven’t and I did help him but he didn’t help me in the right way. I caught this conception over what we might eat for a meal tonight. It was ridiculous and I wanted to kill him. Obviously, it was frustrating.) cost and obviously it wasn’t true and definitely a different meaning and John walked away as I recall.

(When I made my design of my invention he wanted a portion and he didn’t do anything towards it. Antagonistic towards it, if anything, because I came up with it, a female. He would have benefited but he would have had to trust me and he didn’t. I had divorced him and therefore i’m not worthy. He was not worthy because he didn’t help. But I still would have helped him if it was allowed to progress and if it succeeded, if given the opportunity but perhaps not enough in his estimation and that’s probably true but still would have b/c he is my children’s dad and for that reason alone for their sake but they are females. His daughters would have helped him as well. Stalemate kind of juxtaposition: a fucked up deal. That is how my hate towards him GREW besides all the other shit he put in my way to hinder me! Hey he hocked “the gold wedding ring” a long time ago before we had kids; I lost mine on a trip up north because my hands were swollen from working so hard helping him and not getting paid as well and I took it off it kind of disappeared in a car or a restaurant possibly but it wasn’t mine to begin with, it was Gladys and Fred’s gold wedding ring and they lived a long time ago, LOL. I think it was their farm where I found myself in the middle of a cow pasture with a bunch of cows mooing at me. Those cows were kind of scary. I know they were relatives that owned the farm we visited when I had my first peaches and creme. My parents drove us on that trip and we ate swiss cheese sandwiches my mom made in the car but how I got in the middle of a bunch of cows is a mystery to me (probably my brother had something to do with it ) as was waking up in Spain on the beach alone and my parents drove us there as well. I followed him to school one day when we lived in Fort Leavenworth around the same time period my older sister took a pair of scissors and cut his eyelashes because people often exclaimed about his eyes and eyelashes but they grew back : I’m hoping the same happens to mine but I lost them a different way: radiation from numerous and some needless cat scans. The last one almost killed me and I’m not allergic to shrimp. What I remember is the person in the ambulance looked like the ex’s friend Mike Castleberry (Cass) who he had just visited previously which I thought was berry berry weird. Possibly gave me something that may have caused a problem via injection or the person at the cat scan didn’t flush the line after the last cat scan before me or I was plain ole poisoned. He is a musician/song writer/singer, not a doctor or whatever qualifications that ambulance people usually attain. I lived through it somehow. Anyway my hair is falling out and possibly the purpose of it, I don’t know, maybe to mess with me or to kill me. Not the first time that I have gone through this and my hair grew back. Cass might have been a cover but I saw him in the ambulance and I have not seen him in many years. A cover possibly. Trying to fulfill his marital wish for me to bury him and he to bury me. LOL. One of the reasons I was adamant about divorce b/c it was a lousy reason to stay married. I guess I wasn’ t helping him enough when I went in for that weird cat scan event for three days.. So I don’t morally feel like I owe anybody anything. I feel like my country owes me and my parents and my children. I can’t say how much b/c it’s that much.  The next time or time before a young white girl came in to show me my debt gleefully in front of my ex, of course. Looked like his niece who lives up north which he might have seen either at his brother’s funeral or his mother’s funeral.

Here’s an interesting inventor advertised on the google search engine which I though was interesting to read:

Who was Ladislao José Biro, how did he invent the ballpoint pen and how did it help in World War II?

What’s kind of strange about it when we were overseas after WWll quite a bit after WWll my brother went to a private school and the teacher smeared his face with ink because he made a blot on his paper with a fountain pen by mistake. Probably a Freudian slip of some kind. A rorschach indication he was a little bit over the top. It was his island. I guess the teacher didn’t like americans and that was in England. Still my brother loved England. I think they were still dipping then, I think. Could be we had cartridges but I think they were still dipping as well. We really tried to talk sense into him and nothing worked. It isn’t your island it’s theirs. Eventually he scooped up his brain and tried to develop it. Took him a very long time but I was patient. It seemed like he was happy eating bamboo so we left him with his friends to work at his own pace hoping he would learn about physics out in the wild.


Neil Diamond – “I Am… I Said” Music video 1971

The ex was raised catholic by a devotee who was betrayed by her own son, imo, but she would never admit it. She can’t now as herself b/c she was starved to death hospitably and couldn’t talk then either but her sons knew her desires so they say because of something she said in the past a long time before so he says. Whether she meant it that way is a mystery but perhaps she did and perhaps she didn’t I guess depends on the circumstances and interpretation, People say a lot of things they don’t mean the way someone else might understand or interpret but it supported his lack of belief and his intentions at the time and whatever it is he is up to which only God knows but I have my suspicions because of his actions and his mendacity

as long as it helps him

and fuck the implications

it might have on the future generations or even to his own kids:

a real shellfish person.

I did not cause the Abomination of Desolation

in the world and in our country.

I reacted to it the best way I could

with truthful information

to help not hinder.

You are welcome to read between the lines and add to this dereliction if you have the guts to add to it and aren’t afraid to expose your self. I dare ya.


Private Investigations

 Maybe Muslims don’t have a choice: crabs take over houses in the form of shells and perhaps the same goes for the people of the faith of Islam/muslim faith being shells and controlled by the crab. I guess Chelsea Ny or NJ there was an attack and some people were injured and there were pressure cookers found nearby..some form of mind control using cell phones technology/microwave towers/electro-magnetic fields?

Prepare for Change

I did not watch the video but I know what I know in regards to H.A.A.R.P. and seen a lot of hullabaloo in regards to cell phones by the ex being a control freak (imo a traitor to his kids and to himself and to me he is a blight of some kind and has caused a lot of harm and I think someday he’ll be sorry but he isn’t now, obviously,which is too bad b/c there is no honor among thieves for one thing and so on. It’s kind of funny when you think you have the upper hand b/c of religion, NWO, and a gang mentality and eventually find out you don’t have the upper hand-It happens … .) and I think its relevant but I don’t think it will succeed!!!!!

Are they trying to say that allah is a cancer? A DIS-EASE. A blight. Makes sense to me!

No offense!

Only trying to figure out what the muslim expression means! Perhaps muslims know not what they say in line with Romans knew not what they did kind of an oxymoron of some kind probably having to do with the Covenant with Many.

The Covenant with Many

Since writing this post I have evolved and devolved because of tons of deception LIKE A FLOOD but I think a lot of good information regardless.

Thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treadeth out the corn (maize).
For it is written in the law of Moses, thou shalt not muzzle the mouth of the ox that treadeth out the corn. Doth God take care for oxen?
Remember those fields with messages of some kind, but those weren’t corn fields
but it was recently.
(So either this person who penned corinthians got it wrong because it’s in deuteronomy or deuteronomy is the law of Moses. which may have evolved or devolved from the sounds of it and as possible as the changes of some other parts of the bible
and possibly excluding Leviticus as the law of Moses.?.) Talks a bit about what will happen to Amalek:Blood suckers like the RCC sucking the life out of people in all the ways they do from stealing taxes and other means makin’ it ex-tra hard to exist, run a business, start a business, earn money, keep money, afford a family, exclude those that aren’t them, etc, My interpretation of course. I would include mother teresa and her purpose in that interpretation condemning those who consider their bodies their own personal property which it is to make decisions EVERYONE makes in various ways taking away the rights of women over their own bodies to degrade, demean, disgrace and defile and control women/girls (as if males could do a better job especially in this day and age) and obliterating personal freedom of parents to teach (dumbing down the USA with the Bush plan CORE) and to try to protect their daughters and females women and girls to protect themselves as an excuse to kill those that are not RC or pro RC or pro NWO and b/c of how they handled blood products and those her business pretended to care for, etc. pushing and tricking the hospice travesty upon others in various dubious, malicious, insidious ways and the RCC for glorifying it by making her a saint recently to upgrade themselves as if they are superior when the RC Papacy is illiterate and stupid take
Pope Francis for instance. Can there be anyone as dumb besides Governor Scott Walker and he is the RCC fruit? Using every trick in the book/crises to cover up their mess and continue to undermine societies all over the world and

MOCKING and I don’t think God likes it!

I think President HW Bush is a shell but is now anti Trump and pro Clinton perhaps b/c George is her cousin, I don’t know, but that was in the news a while back.

what’s that riddle about family?

‘Brothers and sisters, I have none. But that/this man’s father is my father’s son’.

Isn’t that wild? How it happens I DON’T KNOW it just does. Hopefully when he dies he’ll get a chance to reinvigorate himself to fight for the rights of Americans and for freedom and for THE TRUTH. I’ll never forget that morning when he tossed his cookies at a breakfast meeting in Japan (the land of the rising sun) or something like that.

It seemed od.

Or should I say ODIN?

The Principal Germanic Gods

We all carry a lot of baggage and have been hindered by it in numerous ways. I think the words said by Pres. HW Bush “the NWO and a thousand points of lights” is what started this shit but be that as it may we still have to deal with the repercussions and try to have the courage to learn and overcome. I’ll never forget when I first heard the expression “The New World Order” and it alerted me and I think I probably thought “OH SHIT!” Shit was the only cuss word I think I ever heard my mom ever say once as I recall, but I can’t remember why she said it. Then came the expression “The New World Order with Teeth” said by Pope Benedict XVl so it emulsified into something else : the iron and the clay talked about in the bible (of all places) because they don’t mix and because they don’t mix ….i forget what happens but I think it all falls down because of the feet of clay.

Ring around the roZes…….

Prophecies sometimes are fulfilled in a multitude of ways: macro and micro so the feet of clay some say toes of iron and clay can mean a lots things and all be right because it’s a big world and in my case a very very small one having been secluded and isolated as I’m sure has occurred to others as well.  Sure can think of a lot of meanings to those feet/toes of clay. Maybe not a lot but more than one meaning any who.

Media and Zombie Hillary More Angry at Trump for Calling a Bombing a Bombing Than They Are About the Bombing

Zombie or no Zombie it’s getting ridiculous political correctness seems so pompous and we have to get past it’s purpose which is to hinder the truth if we want to survive. It’s like tying our hands behind our backs and trying to win poker game when the odds are against us to begin with.

Any who: Wasn’t Amalek David’s son? Nope it was Absalom. Perhaps one and the same and perhaps not but the RCC are one and the same interfering in the affairs of people, families, governments, societies, etc , I think and I don’t think the same David that slew Goliath.  Absalom rebelled against David, and since finding out David wasn’t necessarily on the right track maybe there was a reason for it. David was IMO being manipulated by the clergy (perhaps already became a shell for the crab) remember Bathsheba and the baby and Uriah her husband who he sent out to the front lines to die because she posed (POSER) for him was young and beautiful and just happened to be bathing under his balcony and he happened to notice (a victim of circumstance of course because he wasn‘t snooping) seems fishy to me and he was already married. Uriah might have been the real David and perhaps the clergy set it up to weaken David’s character. David screwed over Uriah and his own military numbered his people and many people died a No-no in God’s ways and told in the bible perhaps to teach us that it’s not how many that win’s wars, but God and/or the right reasons. A lot of conflicting info but even if you don’t read a bit between the lines like I sometimes do because changes may have occurred in translation or propaganda reasons it is still quite telling about human nature and clergy nature. The clergy said David’s baby died after being born because of what he did to Uriah but then why didn’t they prevent it if they knew the reason:

seems kind of lacking after the fact:

a way to get ones claws/Claus into somebody.

How did the clergy know??????????  and who wrote about it????????

Did a little birdie tell them?


‘Naked’ bird with rare illness captures hearts

How often does one sit next to a priest on a plane?

She thought it was God is what she told me. What is it about a collar? She never told me what he said or what she said except that she confessed. What, I don’t know, but the timing was suspicious for me and auspicious for her.

When hospicing happens to you, I promise, you  won’t be laughing! It’s worth discussing and silence in regards to the hospice practice won’t fly unless you are NUTS!

A very bad influence and forewarned by

Jesus at the Sea of Galillee.

It won’t pass!
Fore warned is forearmed. The pope represents a lot of people and he should have taken the advice and had the courage to speak up and he did the opposite by honoring Mother Teresa and said he was glad he was ignorant of many things and that is no excuse for someone in his position and stature and he will be one sorry SOB very soon.
The Ten Commandments say nothing about honoring your sister or brother and the reason mainly I think is because of mother teresa and her sisters in their mission to kill at the will of the Roman Catholic Church and it’s motive to be the most powerful abomination on earth. You think that a commandment about siblings/sisters and brothers is not included in the Ten Commandments is only happenstance? It’s a Huge sign. Besides sibling rivalry the muther teresa blight and her receiving awards for her death cult exposed by Christopher Hitchens and others is

A Phenomenal Sign!

I think it went unnoticed till now!

At least for 4000 years!

Maybe 6000 years for such a time as this.

Well I noticed but I didn’t really question it or understand till now.

“Jesus did not commit to man because he knew what was in man.”

A double standard!


What is the smallest seed in the world?

“HINT: It’s not the mustard seed!”

Says the orchid seed is a third smaller in size than the mustard seed and there are other seeds as well that are smaller than the mustard seed.

Oh yea, semen is also in man, the smallest of seeds, not the mustard seed, but inventors hadn’t invented the microscope YET. The Old Testament talks about man’s seed and not in regards to faith but in regards to spilling it as in bodily fluids, et al:

Physically, not fiscally.

“Why study Orchidaceae? With more than 800 genera and 25,000 species, Orchidaceae are the largest and most diverse family of plants. Orchids represent a significant branch in the tree of life, with more species than vertebrates (excluding bony fishes). Although new orchid species continue to be described, a solid alpha-taxonomic framework exists in the form of a collaborative provisional checklist of all genera and species. No other group of plants attracts such widespread interest from professional botanists, horticulturists, and the general public alike.”

Weird that the Orchid is the most diverse and populated family of plants.



ORK picture from the movie Warcraft which was a fun movie with a few curves


like the game WOW!

How often is war called a craft? Not often.

The bible brings up “craft prospering in his hand” as a sign but doesn’t say what craft it’s talking about: WOW the game?, Warcraft the movie?, war?, home and hobbies crafts?, witchcraft?, craftiness and trickery (propaganda, false news, framing people tyrannically like the mob, false testimony? etc.  Definitely WOW and Warcraft have messages in their plots and language.

I would say the Syrian war is crafty because there has been an awful lot of propaganda as truthers have demonstrated on the internet and I have in a few pics i got from them on the internet and placed in some of my content of my posts many linked on  Merangue’s Blog and if you look and are interested might compare some of the ambulance scenes with others and very much alike because what you see on the news shows on various station on TV are owned and so give a perspective of the owners that pay them hefty salaries they depend on severely and they want war that includes the USA and in the bible it talks about Syria in the OT and demonstrates via it’s imagery it is not a good idea to get involved (tongues and eyeballs melting) except from the standpoint of feeding the hungry (Feed my sheep, feed my lambs etc). The gospels (Jesus of one of the three synoptic gospels of Matthew Mark and Luke) bring up a contested piece of territory as well between Turkey and Syria called Racca (Raqua)? HELL AND DAMNATION KIND OF REFERENCE and then there are the Golan Heights which is to some people still a contested piece of territory between Israel and Syria. I believe Israel achieved it via war they did not start or cause except for their presence as predicted/prophesied in the OT. The Golan Heights is a barrier (like the Barrier Reef is to the ocean) or a fence (says the Mending Wall by Robert Frost but also in terms of Mark Twain (his testament about the physical state of Palestine earlier last century in the 1900’s and I believe he came up with the saying, “Good fences make good neighbors” or coined the phrase and possibly Robert Frost is revealing that in his poem) and “from twain to twain’ as in the Temple veil being torn in the New Testament (a reference to a time period) when Jesus was crucified, or a wall as Trump would say. It’s their protection and even angels guard it (I’m assuming good ones but I guess that depends on if you are for the existence of Israel or against it and perhaps there are two kinds of angels there as well?)  Then the Court of the Gentiles located in Paris which was an ice breaker prophesied about and it was not a welcome sign. A self fulfilling kind of prophecy and I guess Paris (Notre Dame of Paris, obviously catholic and probably jesuit) obliged?

Maybe a wall/fence in Syria is a good idea?

Putin warned the FBI about the Tsarnaev brothers which Orthodox KT McFarland spokeswoman for Fox News who seems to think she knows a lot about freign affairs wrote about the the Tsarnaev family life as if she was watching them for a long time and wrote some kind of book about them which I never read (were they from Turkey?) Did she warn the FBI? Putin had some information about Benghazi and gave it his way flying around like a goose and where we got the good tidbit about the Roman Catholic Jesuit involvement in Benghazi via Pope Francis’s sidekick Father Lombardi and I think Leon Panetta is deeply involved as is frightened John Kerry since he knows about the many witnesses and took over Hillary’s job in order to keep it secret where John Kerry hid them probably as hostages as a bargaining chip of some kind (like the iranians nasty habit) and de-brief them probably another talent of his: a wild goose chase? Don’t know, but he ought to be outgoing as soon as Trump is in charge. I think it was Germany at first where they were flown to. Don’t the Germans know where the witnesses are? Can’t John Kerry ask where they were flown to besides Germany? Did anyone in congress ask him where they were? Why haven’t they been questioned by Congress?

KInd of puts a whole different view of who is our friend and who isn’t, IMO.

“When thou get old another shall gird thee and carry thee where thou would not, follow me.” (people tire of it?) is the last thing  Jesus said in the Gospel of John

Maybe it was Rome they (the Benghazi witnesses) were flown to.

But in the game of WOW you have crafts you have to learn to make it in the game though some people buy it from others.

What we do know is Obama wanting to get involved seriously in the affairs of Syria while Russia says it’s handling things and we have neighboring countries causing trouble and then some disgruntles (quite a few). And the Vatican seems to be for getting involved in a war with Russia which makes me think trouble is on the horizon instigated by quite a few bad players and we should stay out because I think they are severely involved in all of those troubles with the help of their husband. And who is their husband?

………and something about when the rubber meets the road stuff and the rice shipment attack that was poisoned somewhere between China, India, and Syria that caused the saran gas propaganda stories in the news that truthers uncovered but India has become quite muslim and/or islamic lately so…..Not to mention the tape of some Syrian military guy which sounded fake about sarin gas attacks as was to be overheard by Germany conveniently and used as an the excuse for the UN involvement and their propaganda and trying to get us involved in war with Assad and probably Russia for Turkey’s sake? I think for Saudi Arabia’s sake because I think they sent hired hands (little armies) to stir up trouble probably for the Vatican because of it’s precarious reputation all over the world and because these are times we are in which we were kind of alarmed to on 9-11 by a bunch of Saudis, predictions about “a world government with teeth” by Pope Benedict XVl and a New World Order by Pres. George Bush, etc.

And then the problems in the USA the union which used to be for the people being abused on their jobs etc which is occurring in places like India and China and others countries  called outsourcing and companies moving overseas for cheap labor and basically slave labor but gives those countries more power because more money is in their countries etc and we lose business but we are always their clients usually at the sale of the item being sold and we need to change that.  Messages in bottles about abuse of their workers is a good indication something is awfully wrong. Undermining the USA via unions and outsourcing but it would help if we were more particular about the products we produce and manufacture for sale. We don’t want to gain a reputation like Taiwan and many chinese products we got in our Cracker Jack in box snacks. LOL and of course if we could fire workers that do work in the federal government type jobs to increment the standards of the federal government to higher level and to higher standards which includes teachers in the public education and so forth. Called Turn Over. Mobility. Letting the free market work as it should if you let it. Problem is the sociopathic tendencies of people in government and those benefitting not seeing the suffering of others because it’s convenient for them to get their million dollars when they retire. The federal government taxes was for a wall….a good army, navy, etc a good military to protect us. That is why it exists and the only reason it should exist and we should protect them as well. Hospice is not protecting their interests or their lives when they need protecting, it’s taking them and their businesses assets etc. Why? CORRUPTION to corrupt us so the employment in the Secret Service and other Federal programs that did not protect our president in the past can be ridiculously huge and ineffective. Now we have got to unbind business in the USA and unbind small business and unbind the self employed and bind insurance and big government. IT’s a mess now and needs someone with vision. Hopefully Trump has a vision unlike OBAMA and Michelle.

includes the health care industry as well and health insurance business that has been abused and involved in the abusing undermining our health care in our country and cronyism to undermine the USA (the priesthood of insurance) and big business in general undermining competition undermining the middle class and undermining choice and squeezing everyone in the long run. Health insurance did not exist before a certain date which I don’t want to to look up but in the last century for the most part and it has proved to be a failure causing trouble in every aspect of it’s existence adding insult to injury. Taxes have alway been around as far as I can tell even in biblical times but insurance is a new fraud and I think the game of 21 (Black Jack) probably started the mess:

life and health are not a card game.

People are different than equipment and homes and cars and things.

Do we tax places like Germany or France for being a place?

Do we insure Germany and France for being  a place in a bad location these days anyway?

Maybe we should for causing great hassles because of where they are located.

I think Truth is a process

and it takes a while to get there.

But not my dad, my mom, and hopefully not my brother because they knew what was in man, too.

They were not followers of Billy Graham and his nonsense!

Victims maybe, but not followers.

Hence the letter, possibly kept for posterity. How it occurred and was found and why it was kept and who wrote it I don’t know but could be sign for my younger sister. She ought to investigate its purpose.

The RCC are screwed and soon will have a VERY deep understanding of their fate. I guarantee the Jesuits love her mission: Pope Francis is a Jesuit and I think and pretty certain Bill O’reilly is a Jesuit and Jesuits will do anything to protect the Roman Catholic monstrosity. They take a vow to do anything and they think they do God a service. Whatever it takes. His books are death cult books that he sells: The Killing Books and he thunks God told him to write them.
How ironic.
Get him a leash.
He has had ample time and opportunity to do the right thing and he didn’t do the right thing. He should have warned the world about Mother Teresa. I know he knows.
Getting a bit technical here and it’s not my forte.
 Eto mites?

Maybe muslims are trying to warn us the only way they can that Allah is a crab. Every muslim is instructed to make a journey to mecca crab.

If Allah were omnipotent you would not need to go at least once in a lifetime to Mecca a crab. You would not need to go at all.


Remember the translator at Mandela’s funeral? He saw things we didn’t see and translated in sign language for the deaf. Can’t remember the things he said but it was

kind of funny.

Remember what Obama was doing?

I doubt we would have noticed other wise.

Language may be a sign!

High school athlete wakes up from coma speaking Spanish after concussion

Some in the past wrote from right to left what about speaking/language thinking they say one thing when they say another.

Jesus was asked if he could turn these stones into bread when he was out and about…..maybe? Could mean a multitude of things.

………”The Chelsea explosion occurred about 11 hours after a pipe bomb exploded in a Jersey Shore garbage can, shortly before a scheduled charity 5K race to benefit Marines and Navy sailors. No one was hurt.”……….

“…………..Two law enforcement officials said residue of tannerite — used primarily for making exploding targets for firearms practice — was found in material that had detonated in New York. The explosive material found in New Jersey was a black powder.”

…….”The two officials said a cellphone was used to detonate the explosives in both New York and Seaside Park, N.J. Bollwage said there was no cell phone with the devices in Elizabeth………….”

Remember what happened in Israel with the testimony of a few tunnel diggers blindfolded and taken to the tunnels and forced to dig!

For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west;
so shall also (P-AUL SEW) the coming of the Son of

man be.

M bean? Manbee? beaman? mean b? average b? killer b/africanized bee? a drone (a male bee)? Island that looks like a bee in the Mediteranean Sea is where Paul landed which was the island of Malta? or the island nearby and the isle of man.
Supposedly Barack means lightning, any who, how do we know that barack means lightning, well we don’t except from this verse about the coming of the Son of man and lightning.
I think probably where he was born/created, not Kenya. Kissinger trained him and supported him during the first election with the help of the Vatican who hired Kissinger for a revamping themselves.

Only a guess

but leads to during my translittering Arab man from scarab
but lightning comes as well.
I have a post about a scarab and other things having to do with an artifact found in Israel having to do with Yodfat.
Luke was with him (Paul) when a snake came out of the fire and everyone on the island  thought Paul was a god.
Is he the snake?
Besides there are other Baracks such as in Israel: Ehud Barack so that prophetic verse about lightening and barack isn’t’ that specific since there are others called by the same name such as Egyptian Pres. Hosni Mubarak. They’re around. I’m sure someone could come up with a good joke about a jew, an egyptian, and well if only we knew where obama was born we could finish the joke, but alas we aren’t privy to that in formation,
no offense;)
is also a possibility which sits near Alleppo the contested territory in Syria/Turkey anyway some prophecy about it which might be heeded.
and then of course barracks found on bases.
barque is a ship and bark is what deer eat when starving. homonyms. Pope Benedict XVl was given a Barque of Peter early in his career as Pope but can’t remember by who nor can I find the you tube of the event, but I saw it.
Muther Teresa had quite a bark when she said FORGIVE to the people during the Bhopal industrial accident/sabotage.
Pope Benedict XVl went to the Dome of the Rock and it was written in the press at the time he was the first pope ever to do so which I thought was interesting and that he brought something to Jerusalem in a big mac truck and closed down roads to do it and at the time I thought about the Alter of Pacis (AoP) might have been what was transferred either to one of two locations: the Dome of the Rock or to Notre Dame in Jerusalem near the “image of Jesus” displayed about that time and created a 3-d image hologram using the Shroud of Turin (SoT)- (a Graven image a no-no of the Ten Commandments) which could be anyone because in the bible there was a separate cloth for the head and a separate cloth for the body which equals two cloths, not one cloth and might have a different meaning for the cloths which might also fulfill the AoD as well but the Alter of Pacis (AoP) might fulfill Daniel’s prophecy of the alter constructed many years ago and transferred to Jerusalem from Rome of the Abomination of Desolation (AoD) but there are a lot of those and since Ganswein (his personal secretary as in state: Secretary of State (SoS) of Vatican possibly but he is the comptroller of the pope) means what it means pig stuff more than likely he fulfills a type of AoD that signified a possible fulfillment in the Book of  Daniel if he is offering oblations using the Alter of Pacis (AoP) in Israel and then where is the peace? oh that’s right SoS John Kerry has it in his back pocket not to mention some missing witnesses but he is as slow as heinz ketchup without a bit of shaking! It’s a possibility. Possibly another location involving a mountain and a glorious sea and in-between them in Israel or maybe the castle he retired in in Italy and some transport to and fro: sub level possibly because they love those tunnels?. Things have progressively gotten worse all over the world since then IMO. As far as king of the north written about the Danube is kind of north, isn’t it? So is Turin up north. The Vah of the Danube also goes into other countries as well in the north.
I haven’t had enough sleep in the last couple days so could be being far fetched however so is the next post but true in the sense it’s documented but not true in the sense of truth. More like an attempt to distract and misdirect like so many events but still has some clues and like some leaders planting artifacts in some seas to validate their religion, etc. I think it will be fun and personal as well because its someone we knew or thought we knew but he didn’t know us as well as he thought either.
Any who I hate the expression any who because it’s so affected but I recall hearing it in the past by the person I plan to expose upon. I could be wrong but it seems like I remember it somehow.

Distance from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Dallas, Texas

What is interesting are the charts of distance, time, and various travel times

I imagine cost would be a good chart to add

oh lo and behold it’s included. LOL

as compared to 7 seconds or so of travel time of a lightning bolt and it’s free if we can capture it somehow and what is nice about it is we do not need to disturb the earth’s crust or spill it into the oceans and the seas killing wildlife out the kazoo.

Could edge us closer to traveling at the speed of light if we embarked on a lightning bolt exploration for fuel and independence which could lead to time travel to other planets in the solar system/universe both forward and backward.

I have seen some form of travel that I could not explain and it was quiet as well so as not to disturb the peace:

A blink of an eye kind of travel so it’s not like it can’t be done!

The ex said he checked his little red box and some of his two dollar bills are missing that he has collected. I have no idea how many? Asked his daughter if she took them and she said no and then said he checked his little red box after Merilla stayed the night a few nights way back when and they were still there, but not after Katy/Katie stayed the night. So he was worried about Merilla??? Any way called them skanks again. I don’t think anyone wants his two dollar bills but I wish they would have taken his M&M dispensaries he has collected. Next thing you know he’ll be complaining about some Hummels he doesn’t have. His mom collected Hummels and I hated them. IMO they are worthless figurines in an artistic viewpoint. Today he started vacuuming even my room and plans to shampoo the carpet so I know he is up to something, but what?

Meanwhile Mel Gibson is on wife number nine?

The Beatles Revolution 9 Number 9 for 9 Minutes

(My ex’s b’day is Sept.9th.)

We need
Mel Gibson just in case the world runs out of children!


Big-headed babies are brightest

but take it from me they usually lack common sense: run into a pole, run out of gas, stand under bottles thrown in the air, shake 7 ups and drink them, takes them twice as long to speak for themselves, and no sense of direction that’s why someone came up with the idea of taxis to accommodate those missing a particular chromosome.
Any who I hope to cover some ground next post;)

Veni, vidi, vici

More really cool posts linked on

Merangue’s Blog

some of them any who

Meanwhile, Geraldo Rivera and Hannity

are kissing cop ass again.

We all know you like and respect them,

they know you like and respect them,

enuf already!

(Getting to appear like the press are fearful of cops in a way because of their adulation or fearful of someone else. A bit overdone! I think I heard Mark Fuhrman in their frenzied sound bytes:

 Is that who they fear?)


We like cops too if and when they are good!

Luke 24:41

And while they yet believed not for joeys, and wondered, he said unto them,

Gidday, Have ye here any meat?

Need not fear Lower Lid Subciliary Blasphemy is here, but not furlong.


Are cops Geraldo Rivera’s and Hannity’s parents or their children?

How about some objectivity for the sake of the public and for the sake of the police?

Where was Det. Bo Dittle Dietl when they needed him? Would have been more believable!

The ex swept the floor today pissed off about Charlotte NC and me and how I reacted which was “I wasn’t there. I don’t know and have not seen the evidence” just snippets in the press online and on TV.

(He wasn’t wearing a body cam, huh? )

How convenient.

On Fox they talk about the cop that shot the black victim and the fact that the cop was black as if that makes it kosher or legit and then talk about black on black crime epidemic as if it’s the problem: if a black cop shot a black citizen couldn’t that be considered black on black crime if the black cop is found guilty? I think every cop should be required to wear a body cam to protect their reputation and the department they work for and to ease tensions between cops and the public. There is such a thing as the mob /mafia and the mafia sometimes employ cops. The mafia is not exclusively white, russian, mexican, or italian…….. some mobsters are black and some use cops to make hits, not necessarily in this case, but they should wear body cams to settle the matter.
It would be a good idea to come with a better weapon for cops that don’t kill an alleged assailant, a person sitting in their car reading a book. Something safe that renders the alleged perpetrator when affected and not maimed in a state of “innocent till proven guilty” type state since cops are here to protect us not kill us and to protect cops from bad cops and protects their liability/likability.
Something that makes guns and books harmless.
Who pays their salaries?
 Any ideas?
a bullet proof mithril uniform
robot cops which we could insure instead of human cops because they seem to be erring more than humanly possible: four shots? One shot he might have lived, but four?: Cheaper in the long run b/c the public would not need to pay a salary just replacement parts. I doubt anyone knew what the wife meant by a TBI. I watched a video and it is unclear the cops and the alleged book reader and it looked like a set up and sounded like one too.

I Will Not Share Videos Of Police Officers Killing Black People

I did not vote in this election because of the deception not to mention :   Pence reminded me of Mitt Romney too much and his NSA. I don’t think Mormanism is an improvement of the Roman Catholic Church. DO YOU?

OFF course I think this is a take off of my ex showing a video of my cat dying to my kids to show his suffering as an excuse to kill my beloved cat and my belief that it desensitizes them and an EXCUSE to fuck with me NOT TO MENTION HAVING TO WATCH HIS BEAUTIFUL WHITE CAT DIE WITH MY TEN DAY OLD BABY my first child IN MY ARMS because he was TOO busy gigging and thought his buddies couldn’t gig w/o him. He plays the saxophone so they could do without him for the rest of the night and money had nothing to do with it since they didn’t make much money, if at all, and they were mediocre at best. Black people love to come to his gigs with Don Morgan still. Not kind nor concerned, not cool, unreasonable, sadistic, mean-spirited and unthankful to me and risked his own child in a way when he should have come home and been a man. I did suffer post-partum and he helped:

WAS THAT LOVE? I think not:

I have  a higher purpose than satyrs’


Sometimes speaking plainly is called for in certain instances however I don’t know if that applies to these protest marches and their out of


An excuse to kill and destroy businesses and take attention away from the real problems and solutions to those problems. Could demand video cams on all police officers for one. Could demand no health insurance since it doesn’t save lives and kills business and when business die so do people. Could demand Obama’s impeachment: for having a black president seems like more blacks have died so how did that happen? Speech, speech, speech: big deal.

Did Obama lead the way to make a law about video cams on all police officers

one obvious solution?

Why not? Why didn’t he lead the way

if black lives mattered to Obama?

It’s an antagonistic tool to keep everyone disheveled and disorderly to suggest without requiring and implementing a good suggestion and to keep HIS PEOPLE: black lives wondering not for joy: running in circles. Both posts written quite a while ago (years) so forgive me if I may have evolved and devolved since then in certain ways and uncertain ways because learning amid MASSIVE deception is tough. Still some good info regardless and since I wrote and compiled it I don’t at the moment feel like reviewing it while my hair is falling out from the last cat scan that I don’t remember

and I have my own problems as well:

Pope Benedict XVI and His Power of Suggestion

The JFK Challenger to the Power of Lies

Franklin Graham: Only God Can Fix Charlotte — and America

Is Charlotte NC protest another

muther teresa trick? A Publicity Stump? The wall of protestors for Asheville?

Another Notre Dame trick?

After the white cat that died he ran over both of my other two cats on two different occasions 3 months apart. The siamese cat and then when some people were nearby selling Jesus door to door with their pamphlets, the orange cat. They were next door and scared my cat under the car.: Jehovah’s witnesses. Pretty weird. They did not come to my door, obviously.

These cats were buddies and used to walk ahead of me when I walked my daughter in her stroller outside. Jeffie and Rocky. Really cute. Before that he saw some lights 3 0r 4 in the sky that dropped down from the same point of light.

Are the Bushes Jehovah’s Witnesses? The reason I ask is the point of light (a thousand points of light) and George Bush sold himself door to door in the beginning of his career (stumping) I read and I heard and I saw on a show about the Bushes.

I looked up Jehovah’s Witnesses to see where they originated thinking it was Germany and every source on the internet put it somewhere else and it seemed false so I looked up


and it’s german: The left tributary of the Danube River.


I think it may be Ninevah? Now online they spell it Nineveh? Maybe it is both?

I do recall it spelled Ninevah.

Slim Dusty –

Walt-zing Matilda

My dad liked that song!


hava nagila

Amazing how language catches on fire like in the Vook of Acts


Sting – Why Should I Cry For You (CD The Soul Cages)

Did you cry for me or for my parents

and how they died.

Not one F—— word!

I doubt you could know why WITHOUT ME!







and the first name as well?


“Some scholars have asserted that Luther taught that faith and reason were antithetical in the sense that questions of faith could not be illuminated by reason. He wrote, “All the articles of our Christian faith, which God has revealed to us in His Word, are in presence of reason sheerly impossible, absurd, and false.”[171] and “[That] Reason in no way contributes to faith. […] For reason is the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of spiritual things.”[

Johnny Guitar Watson – Superman Lover


The ex’s reaction was about niggers, etc. It’s a new aberration so I’m sure there is something to it’s newness, an excuse, or spiritual possession. Frustration. Guilt? Possibly b/c of the stance he took on hospicing/starvation of his mom which was wrong and may be haunting him. Plus before that he was talking to someone about the woman who committed suicide from frustration and talked about being a man and handling the death of his mom thinking he was right of course and caught me giving him the FU sign in another room. I didn’t realize he was behind me at the time. Before he left the next morning he noticed bananas growing on his tree. He pays the rent! Who knows what is going on inside his head and heart but I bet he feels something he can’t explain. The part that is hard for him is that I might have been right and the fact that I’m female. Possibly starting to notice things he took for granted or hadn’t noticed before.

Pride goeth before a fall.

I am against Sharia Law that’s fer sure!

I have no idea what Sharia Law has to do with Charlotte NC’s incident but a few were inciting Sharia Law in NC?

I think it has EVERYTHING to do with Franklin Graham, Billy Graham, the B.G.E.A..

the RCC b/c they benefit from it

cell phones more than likely,

the press, and Obama.

That’s what!

I think the Ten Commandments are good enough.

Two great sites to feast upon if you like knowledge and reason about lots of things:

Walter Veith


The pope urges sincere dialogue between christens and muslims

I say:  We need sincere dialogue between muslims and catholics and just plain ole sincerity within each catholic and within each muslim and especially within the Vatican and out of Pope Francis’s own mouth of decay.

Like the five classical planets, Uranus is visible to the naked eye, but it was never recognised as a planet by ancient observers because of its dimness and slow orbit.[18]



Here sincerity for ya: I hope Pope Francis gets a severe case of foot and mouth disease from kissing the wrong foot and I hope Pope Francis gets water under both of his patellas from kissing a porcelain baby Jesus and I hope Pope Francis gets the biggest hemorrHOids known to mankind inside his own rectum for being an asshole of epic proportions and I hope Pope Francis has to wed Mother Teresa for eternity here on earth and in heaven for making her a saint and eternally tied to each other with a ball and chain and they have to have sex once a day with each other. That ought to even things up between the two of you.

PS: after a stay at the hospital while at the hospital the ex finally shampooed the rug as promised a while ago and i had cleaned the bedding on my bed and dried them but hadn’t made the bed asked him to make it for my arrival home from the hospital to make things nicer for me because hospital stays while restful are an interruption in my life but necessary sometimes. I felt something where I lay sometimes on my  bed often doing my computer work and my posts and other things that I do on the computer to better myself and stay off my foot I injured opening he garage door that at the time wasn’t working and the spot on my bed was hard so I thought wow what in the world is that under my sheets and also under my mattress cover and it was a light blue children’s hanger for hanging children’s clothes which was not there before. LOL anyway one ought to discover what is missing on URanus.and what is not missing such as 560 mph winds. 211 mph gusts are the highest winds recorded on earth in a hurricane 301mph in tornados. I have no idea about volcanic winds!

Having trouble with Dr. Dang again not prescribing correctly and some untruths in prescribing and playing games with her power. It’s uncanny. The only doctor that seems to have that problem with me, so far. Lack of training or a vendetta? A very pretty oriental woman but don’t think she appreciates my work, my work in progress, or my art. Truth is I’d rather be doing something else but someone has got to set the record straight and since the discovery it’s maddening to some but I did not create WWl or WWll and all the other shit afterwards like most people I lived through some of the shit afterwards oblivious for quite a while but learned some things along the way and I guess that’s a threat to some perhaps even to Dr. Dang. Not my intent. I really have tried to be as fair as possible under the shit circumstances we find ourselves in in this world and in our country and tried to testify to what I see for their sakes as well and mostly for the common man, woman, and child and even for those rich politicians who want to hide in underground bunkers for themselves.

Kind of a habit with her getting’ it wrong and I don’t like it. You would think she could get it right out of the two times I have had to deal with her and both times she didn’t. The first mistake she made had if it been fulfilled would have killed me said the pharmacist. She is sporting a bump so I don’t want to be too hard on her but you can imagine my surprise as she took over my case the second time. However some people sport a bump for the wrong reasons to gain favor, an advantage, tax purposes and/or pity, etc.. A hanger in my bed? Kind of hard to miss since I found it pretty quickly and it was covered up. A hanger and a bump in the same day within hours. Pretty coincidental. Maybe both are vying for the same purpose? Allies.He got kind of generous a few days ago which was unusual. Distrust was hard to not feel and she foiled again. Got to go and straighten it up tomorrow as if don’t have anything better to do like discoveries or try to get well at home. Maybe the third time she’ll be a lady. Sometimes that’s all we get. I guess they don’t like those Ten Commandments way ahead of them. Honestly I stumbled upon that amazing discovery in the Ten Commandments but I don’t want to grind anyone to powder just passed it along in defense of myself and others who have had to climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow till you find your dream since we have been attacked, tortured and tormented by a very evil religion.  A religion that makes no sense whatsoever and the leading cause of mental illness all over the world, IMO because they are mad as the mad hatter.


So help me God!


My discovery about the Ten Commandments

must have really hit hard.

I didn’t write them and I didn’t make them up.

The Vatican Pushing Sunday Law

(have no inkling if it’s the mark of the beast but it’s intrusive which is what the RCC should be renamed The Intruder’s Church.

to recatholicize everyone.

I sure didn’t rewrite them either or try to mock them with:

and then:

The Ten Commandments of Climate Change.

The mark of the beast could be something as Simple as the

Deutsche Mark

Germany’s Merkel cannot afford to bail out Deutsche Bank: media

possibly b/c Germany can’t even sustain themselves?  I guess grease didn’t help them get out of the hole?

I think I hit a nerve and ought to make some nervous. Maybe it’s time to talk about hospicing like we do abortion just in case I’m right.

GREAT VETO/Override:

it was a veto but to be politically correct it is now a veto override for victims families of the Saudi aggression on 9-11! Hard to believe reid would be against the victims families: is he prating to mohammad or krishna? (the hare), probably both!

(never noticed the spelling of veto is an alteration of the word vote. hmmmmm)


Expect soon he’ll be wearing a little pony tail dancing around at an airport.

They Call the Wind Maria – Paint Your Wagon – Harve Presnell

Sorrry to hear about Shimon Perez and his passing away. Noticed a bit of a blurb about was and peace since he was awarded i think he was awarded the Nobel Peace prize a long time ago along with mother Tersa though not at the same time I imagine, and so did Obama before he ever did anything, but who is counting. Meaningless award, obviously and I would not consider it to be in good company.

Shimon Peres of Israel Dies at 93; Built Up Defense and Sought Peace

Here is that blurb I thought was kind was timely though I have heard it said time and time again the two things people shouldn’t do in public is talk about politics and religion and all anyone ever does it seems is talk politics. Politic is religion! but here is that blurb I found about Shimon Perez:

“Mr. Peres, who frequently drew on historical allusions, thought of himself as philosopher more than a politician. When asked about the 1993 Oslo Accords, he said: “There was no alternative. We had to do it.” He added, “An ancient Greek philosopher was asked what is the difference between war and peace. ‘In war,’ he replied, ‘the old bury the young. In peace, the young bury the old.’ I felt that if I could make the world better for the young, that would be the greatest thing we can do.”

Makes me wonder what was in that OSLO Accord. I never did check but I doubt the public ever really sees some of what we hear about and if it was based on the reasoning given by Perez in that little paragraph it can’t have been too good.

Really silly reasoning. I wonder who that philosopher was? He or she wasn’t forthright, obviously.

You won’t get much truth from the press so you have to be a bit cynical which comes with age.

Not so: In war you bury all ages.

I guess Shimon Perez was vying for the medal for his nobleness. I don’t know him so writing about him is kind of dry and maybe cynical but I hope his family and friends can cope with their loss, for the present time because I know how hard it is to lose someone you love and/or like. I remember he planted a tree with the Mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno, didn’t he?

The Deadly Wound Is Healed

(don’t know the veracity of every idea in the article above, but it’s interesting)

I remember Gianni Alemanne talking to some taxi union about conjuring something and it didn’t sound good. Also remember him with a bishop or cardinal Bertone on some anniversary having to do with the Lateran Treaty and the deadly wound that was healed. I don’t know him either and have no idea what his meaning was in the things he did, and don’t know his intent but it is prophetic. I’m not a professor of prophecy and know the changes were made in the 70’s and in the past to the bible and it’s different versions and especially during the Second, possibly the 50th Vatican Counsel, but seriously I think they need mental, spiritual, and psychological counseling for changing The Ten Commandments and mocking the Ten Commandments.

Aretha Franklin – Border Song (Holy Moses)

And in peace the same,

but we aren’t supposed to trick the old hence it’s war under a different Guise

Mary of Guise:Queen of Scots

and it is much more evil because it is murder with intent to kill! It’s worth fighting over just as it was in WWll. It’s called organized crime i.e. FASCISM and it is supremely evil and needs to be stopped. It’s spiritual too but physically we have to stop organized crime for starters. As far as abortion is concerned you aren’t supposed to trick young women, girls, and their families in all the ways that are done in regards to unwanted and wanted pregnancies. Which is also evil to trick them, ….as well. Families have a more sure right than government or the Roman Catholic Church to make decisions about their daughters, sisters, and mothers own bodies with the available options that are and were available and a much safer option than what the Roman Catholic Church offered indulging themselves of course and their shellfish dictates.They could not take criticism for their treatment of their own parishioners and instead threatened them in mobsterish ways and again could not take criticism for money laundering for the mafia and money laundering our taxes to achieve their goals not to mention deceiving those they were supposed to enlighten with the truth and failed again. We all have trouble with criticism. It’s hard to take sometimes and a few bad apples can really screw up a good pie. Snow White, etc. And then came the Court of the Gentiles also prophetic, however self fulfillment by the RCC’s inebriated goals to RCC-osize everyone. Judge not lest you be judged it says in the New Testament. I think much more is ahead soon that will dismantle the RCC and it’s deceptive and illustrious past, but it’s not in my hands. It’s in God’s hands, Thank God. I don’t think I would or could be as patient as God has been but I don’t think the RCC should take it as a sign to take advantage anymore and instead should take it as a sign to clean their own stables and try to go for the truth as much as they can because I think the truth will help them and take the advice of Jesus at the Sea of Galilee: Feed my sheep

Progress is not achieved based on lies especially when dealing with the people. There is a choking point that would certainly help the smallest of borders would make a big difference and we built it, but a peanut farmer Carter )probably under the influence of Billy Graham gave it away influenced by possibly the same influence that inspired a preacher to make a 1000 peanut butter sandwiches for firefighters the night before 9-11.) If Mexico and Central America/Latin America care for themselves I would think they would be wise to return the Panama Canal for their own benefit and for the kids b/c I think it will help separate some bad apples.

Did Fox News tell us about it? CNN? MSNBC? Reuters? Huffington Post? Drudge Report?

Howard Dean:
It was a joke.

I guess those long gas lines willy swayed us in the wong direction.

Funny thing is we hear about our oil reserves (150 years worth of it)  yet we don’t want to use it to be independent and while using it we could AFFORD to research other more economical, clean and possibly free energy such as what one lightning bolt can achieve without using up ANY of our resources or getting involved in civil wars of other nations. They have a right to try to improve their countries as we did without our approval or disapproval. Wars suck but sometimes it is the only way to get some human rights for those that are denied them and usually occur because of really bad behavior. Loping off heads etc like in Mexico dealing with organized crime and seem to have dropped the ball or allowed it to overtake their desire to be civil and I don’t think the RCC has been helpful spread out so thin just to Catholicize the world with their Nine Commandments.

Have you noticed who loves to drive it in that we owe a certain country a lot of money and he happens to be a friend of Chris Matthews and I think he is Catholic and advertises on Fox channel and wants everyone to invest in gold from Rosland in L.A.while he sits in his golf cart I guess he gets a tickle up his leg too. Anyone that does both those things ought to go live in a cave very soon and he won’t be missed.


Carly Simon – You’re So Vain – YouTube

He played in the series called DALLAS. Gold isn’t gonna be worth anything if we don’t get our country back.

In Perez’s honor Obama might plant a tree or exchange one, who knows but it doesn’t mean SHIT.

I did finally get my medicine and I have to give Dr. Dang the benefit of doubt again and the ex even though he has exhibited some pretty weird loony kind of behavior some very very bad which I have expounded upon quite a bit. For one: Starving his mom using the hospice lunacy and that’s a big negative but if it wasn’t lauded by the Roman Catholic Church via mother Tersa/Tarsus and supported by kissing Koran Pope John Paul and her recent sainthood by Pope Francis I doubt I would be writing about it. Talk about a bad influence!

Who made the option of hospice available for free in our government health exchange?

Either Medicare or Medicaid offered it for free so perhaps they might know.

What was the motivation behind it?

I watched the movie Pearl Harbor when in the hospital and reminded me of my parents when the ships were attacked in the harbor and the hands in the water that were trapped. I loved my parents hands, as funny as that is and in the movie they held each others hands and some did not live. I feel like my parents were attacked early like those people were attacked and I feel like my parents are holding my hands now and they have helped me through some of this. It’s hard to know who to trust anymore but I know I could trust them! I think the commandment about honoring our parents is about trust and they were trust worthy and that’s that.

October 5th could be an important date. It was to me, our family and my parents but for personal reasons but my mom did say she wanted to live to 105. Not trying to freak anyone out but everything that has happened has been kind of freaky in the last 10-15 years or so, hasn’t it????

“The Huns were a nomadic people who left the steppes of Central Asia, traveled to Europe and threatened what was left of Rome’s empire. Chinese documents, from the Han Dynasty, refer to a warlike tribe called the “Hsiung-nu” who may have been the Huns‘ earliest ancestors.Feb 23, 2015

I’m not a history buff but that’s kind of interesting!

I have some posts about the Neocatechumenal Way and what I gleaned from it that occurred in Japan a few years back which I think is noteworthy thrusted upon the the Roman Catholics of Japan and their desire for a five year delay they did not receive. The reason for their desire for a delay was the rise in suicides they attributed to the Neocats (layerers of hands?) as a possibility that was kind of in a test run of some kind. Some of the dialogue was kind of interesting that was published early on and the responses to the tsunami and by whom were ready on the spot. Reminded me DOD’s Chuck Hagel’s later warning to America when he said “Get Ready America.” He really never explained himself which was weird but said he never questioned Obama’s motives which is kind of dumb, but revealing. It’s kind of confusing but nevertheless worth investigating and soon after was a devastating tsunami. I just can’t get places like H.A.A.R.P. out of my psyche and what that kind of power can cause storm wise, earthquake wise, etc, etc, etc.

Suicide seems to be the central theme of many of the things that have happened and I don’t think it’s MERely coincidental. I think it has to do with Mother Tersia being sainted by Poe Francis on a collision course with The Ten Commandments.

Lots of posts about Mr. Tarsus in Merangue’s Blog intertwined with other subjects. I think Paul was a pope because he sure traveled far and wide on someone’s dime and changed his name from Saul to Paul. Popes do change their names and there could not be any other reason to change his name, that I can think of. One name was a title. He was so boring people fell out of windows listening to him preach because he was kind of other wordy and then he would fall on them.


The stone.


The ex’s brother called and he and the ex chatted a while and I over heard him say “Barely livable” in a kind of small voice (I must be doing something right’) and obviously the brother asked him how things were going or something similar. Feeling sorry for himself not too long after starving his mom to death and I’m supposed to be grateful he paid my bail for a false arrest and a night in jail since he was the one that called the police and told me I should be grateful and all the other things I have elaborated about in my posts and tells his brother life with me, I’m supposing, is barely livable. Also said if I don’t help him he won’t help me but I can’t remember what had transpired in order to get such a strange threatening reaction but it was said very coolly. You would not believe how much I helped him in the past for nothing and I would NEVER do it again. I think I would define his whiney-wimpy-sleazeballness as he is full of shit/gaul and many other vile things!

Could be he meant something else such as  ‘barely viable.’

His mom’s name was Vi/Violet. Am I his mom now? Sounds silly but you have to try to think sometimes like a loon when dealing with loony people when trying to understand what they or why they say the things that they say and why they do what they do

but I let him know I heard and said

“Barely livable?”

and he did not respond and seemed to compartmentalize or something like that.


VP nominee hoping to be Clintons helpmate if she can win votes which seems implausible.

A REAL KIND HEART and the astounding thing is his brother probably does feel sorry for him. Both were estimating the days it would take for his mom to die and his brother estimated quite a long time and the ex pretty much had the time it took to a tee and had not seen her. Disgusting. He let his brothers deal with it using a hospice that checked her vitals once a day and the ex waited to go up north until after she died to attend the funeral because it was proper. A real gentleman. How does one converse with someone so freakin insane? I do my best to keep it minimal. He tried to get me to watch a show with him on his new Blue tooth screen TV on his birthday and I declined, of course. Kind of hard to have a relationship with a person that far gone. Be like trying to live with the Prime Minister of Poland.

Totally outrageous!


Wonder what she got for her unhelpful advice!

Speaking of outrageous:

The woman that died of undiagnosed diverticulitus resulting in suicide  I found out her husband belongs to a very small secretive baptist church but another subsidiary of the Baptist church where when you join you aren’t allowed to speak and very few people join. Probably Ana-Baptist? A secret club and the wife did not attend his church but instead she went to a different church. He got paid insurance money because it was not ruled a suicide because the autopsy showed she had undiagnosed diverticulitus that drove her to want to pull the trigger on her own head on the swing outside their home after cuddling with her daughter and before that watching some tv with her other kid and his wife and the dad/husband doled out the life insurance a few days after her death. Wasn’t a great deal of money but I guess helped to sooth a conscience. Her funeral brochure said she had worked for the DOD (Department of Defense) in Austin for quite a long time. I don’t think it pays to work for the DOD when doctors can’t diagnose a patient with diverticulitis a well known illness/disease and are less talented than coroners in the case for a female government worker. The doctors she was able to see being limited by her insurance as to who she could see told her and misdiagnosed her diverticulitis as a mental disorder and said it was all in her head. So she was having trouble digesting food in her head? In Germany the beginning of the holocost was the undoing of the medical field as I recall and that was Obamas main contribution and probably why he received the Nobel Peace Prize as a pre-despot reward. Couldn’t do it without the insurance business to back it up and act as a support and use it as subterfuge for the unwary public of the USA. Obama care would never have been able to pass the mustard without that first step in order to fix our insurance troubles. The USA is a big country in comparison to Germany so the insurance business was sort of a seed. It had to be sowed first all over the country to make the USA dependent, even the doctors. Lots of people make a living selling and administering the insurance when their talent could have been better utilized if they had been allowed to endeavor, develop, and prosper unhindered by insurance and income tax to support other countries (Rome/Vatican especially) and their goals to outwit us and bog us down in a myriad of ways and not have to compete with America/USA (because we won WWll) who want death to America by any and all means.

Anyway: Thou shall not Ken dull (kindle) a fire on the Sabbath. I wonder what that means?  Is it a clue of some kind? Not all bibles say the same thing and definitely mean other things. Doesn’t make sense to me.  Even if it’s 33 degrees outside???

a member of an international order established for mutual help and fellowship, which holds elaborate secret ceremonies.
I wonder if it’s related to the Club of Rome another secret club. If it is on the up and up why be a secret organization and hold secret ceremonies?
Was Pentacost actually on the Sabbath?  I guess it depends also what day one considers to be the Sabbath. Some say Sunday and some say Saturday.

The news about Trump stumping on a bus about moving in on some woman is outrageous.

Was this before or after going to Iowa?

Did the Iowa Caucus lay their hands on him.

Did Trump know he was being yapped?

Why didn’t this tape of Trump come out a long time ago?  Amazing. Twenty something years later? The Bushes had this taped conversation for 20 years and didn’t use it for Jeb? I doubt it!~ Now this relative of the Bushes has a new cushy job at NBC? What was stopping Mr. Bush who taped it from allowing it to be heard until now and why now?
Something  VERY fishy goin’ on!

Trump on Hot Mic: ‘When You’re a Star … You Can Do Anything’ to Women

Seems to me if they did have this tape all this time and waited till now to use it

the Bushes intended to fix the election

and get Hillary Clinton elected so I’m not sure which is worse?

Georgie Porgie, Puddin’ and Pie,

Kissed the girls and made them cry,

When the boys came out to play,

Georgie Porgie ran away.[1]

I have never seen anyone lie so well as Hillary Clinton so I don’t think we need her: Remember Vince Foster a friend who didn’t like something she was up to and all the other suspicious deaths and rapes. She is not a friend for women, even muslim women? And we don’t need Obama Care,  if we have to have insurance competition is preferred, but we should not have to have insurance at all. Remember Yemen and those men left behind? And Remember Benghazi and those witnesses silenced and whisked away to Germany and those silenced at the State Department and given lie detector tests weekly??? Sorry but she has proven she does not work for America first. She is a pawn. Possibly a sociopath! And she and her husband prayed with Billy Graham who was a shill for the Vatican especially after signing that Vatican agreement Reichskonkordat with Hitler or setting it up and ought to be a Huge sign. Sure looks like him. Who controls them now?

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer had a really shiny nose.

The guy on the right could at the very least be a relative of the Grahams and his crusades started in 1947 in Michigan but he started before that in England and even sported an english accent for quite a while. WWll ended in 1945 so the timing is quite coincidental as well.:


Truman was the only President to not allow Billy Graham to consult with him and thought he was a charlatan which he was. O’reilly just came out with a book about the atom bombs dropped on Japan as not necessary but at the time it was necessary having a war on three fronts to fight and the one that started it seemed to be an appropriate target and if you lived in certain places or were on ships in Pearl Harbor or ships headed for D-Day or many other places that they dive bombed suicide planes some times using even their own kids  into Americans (and the ships they were on) of all shapes and sizes and colors it was a chance they took because Germany at the time was also working on their weapons of mass destruction and proved nothing was beyond their imagination ( Ovens? Gas Chambers? Death trains, death camps for jews and gays and whatever was not perfect by their standards: blue-eyed blonds, saxons whatever) by what was found and documented after we won the war. War sucks but Japan did not have to attack Pearl Harbor, did they? Maybe O’reilly knows why they attacked Pearl Harbor in the first place and by whose orders, the Vatican perhaps, and more than likely. He’s a Jesuit he ought to know since he seems to know so much. And what does a Jesuit vow to do in order to protect the Vatican and the Papacy? Maybe he ought to tell us his vows to the Jesuits. I’ve read about those vows and those vows include a lot of terrible things even in times of peace. His god is not my God!  How does one win a war if you can’t get there because of the Japanese? Osmosis? Someone knew that we could not get there easily if Japan was their ally. Who built their air force? It doesn’t happen overnight and it takes a lot of money and training. Who could that have been? Obviously one of their allies because I doubt Japan wanted us to go to war with them alone because of their vulnerabilities. I think it was the Vatican because of what was said when Japan asked for a 5 year delay of the NeoCatechumenal Way recently because of the rise in suicides and said they were already the Mother of All Martyrs which they were in WWll as well. So me thinks it’s related somehow and Japan was trying to evade being it again, imo, and were not allowed to delay what came to them via some kind of force, possibly HAARP or other type places with similar power and magnitudes to cause a tsunami/earthquake for the One World Government/Religion With Teeth. They were under someone’s spell. It was horrible what happened in Japan and as horrible as what happened in Pearl Harbor and in Germany and many other countries involved both allies and enemies. I think it saved many lives what happened in Japan at that time and if they had surrendered when they should have it might not have been them. It was up to their leaders and their leaders are to blame but I guess they trusted their allies to win and were counting on them when they shouldn’t have b/c they lost the war as it turned out. They should have blamed them in the first place., imo and whoever it was that got them into a war with the USA, the sleeping Giant at the time and not blamed the USA for responding in the same kind of kindness.

What would they have done under the same circumstances as we were in at the time?

Shot green peas from a pea shooter?

If we had the right to fight back in WWll against the Japanese and Germans and fascism don’t females and their families have the right to fight back against male aggression impregnating them without permission?

Why couldn’t God create protection for females till marriage?

I think unwanted pregnancy is God’s mistake! 

And I think abortion is his answer.

If Pope Francis is against abortion,

then abortion must be right.

If Pope Francis is for hospicing,

it must be wrong.

I think it was prophetic because the jews were supposed to head home to the land God gave them and leave the countries that abused them and Hitler was driven by madness as was Rome and always will be driven by madness until they meet their own doom they promote from SHEER BLIND stupidity:Poland for instance abusing women just to be dominant. Rome is asking for it. Maybe they will be the next one to share Japan’s deep wounds. I can imagine how hard it must have been but the same goes for those who lost loved ones while eating a peaceful breakfast.

What news agency wants us to go to war with Russia? Fox


What news anchor wants the same? Sheppard Smith

Is it wise?

I hate what Donald Trump said on some tape but I’m not sure he meant it. I wonder if he wasn’t slipped a mickey (as in Rogers, or did he go back to Africom??? to be with his wife?)


She looks like the woman in the middle between Trump and the new Bush character for NBC controversy walking down the hallway. Similar anyway.


Can’t even imagine any female would be interested in any possible way to Mike Rogers so it must be some kind of huge flaw in the inner workings of the woman he stands next to that keeps them together. What a boring boar.

And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.

But Politics makes strange bedfellows

)because I haven’t heard of any women who have come forward against him except for money which job harassment is different then just sexual harassment because a work place should be free of sexual harassment and money should be involved b/c it prevents women from earning money or improving their lives. Isn’t that important? Have any women pressed charges against him?  I know they have against O’reilly and he settled out of court but haven’t heard of any against Donald Trump. Just now read some on the internet but they don’t sound believable. It’s not like he couldn’t afford the highest paid prostitutes in the world and so can Mike Rogers obviously, so it’s hard to believe he would take a chance on some of the women I just read about. Anyway they ought to write some lengthy posts about it with details and timelines and place to verify their truthfulness if they are real regardless of the money they might or might not make (like Paula Jones, Jaunita Broadrick, Kathleen Wiley, and the impressionable Monika Lewinski should have been invited barely grown up at the time, Vince Foster’s wife and others) so he can respond with his alibi. Not like he is a very private guy.


A Woman Who Was Sexually Assaulted by Bill Clinton Drops a BOMB on Hillary (WHOA!)

She kind of looks like Vince Foster’s wife.

Both husbands committed suicide

and both couples were friends of the Clintons.

Not a good sign for Hillary. Just listened to Juanita Broaderick on Hannity on Fox which in the past I had only read about her and she seems very nice and sensible but I never forgot what I read that he did to her lip and that was imo worse than what he did before that when he raped her because it was so insulting upon insult to make her afraid, ashamed, embarrassed, like she was nothing, to humiliate her etc. Sick. I had heard Paula Jones but heard her again and I know exactly how she and Kathlene Wiley probably felt very confused, desperate and lots of things they were not expecting and to think the guy protecting the Att.  General of Arkansas Bill Clinton smirked at Paula Jones as she escaped her situation must have been very degrading. The Clintons cannot win, and if they do win it will be worse than before. Very sad what happened to Kathleen Wiley and her family and probably was to keep her silent. I have a feeling there is more to these events than meets the eye and many more victims that did not live to tell and we haven’t found the connection but I think it’s much deeper than just sex and groping and/or rape.

Interesting that Juanita Broaderick was in charge of nursing home which I think leads me to think it may have something to do with the Hospice travesty being heralded by the Vatican and it’s shills.

Warning signs!

The lip biting is significant: a signature of the 

attorney and a general

Why did Bill Clinton only rape Juanita and only bite her lip? I think a smart criminologist ought to figure it out.

What Hillary Clinton said to Juanita Broaderick 3 weeks later was kind of chilling and

ought to be scrutinized …..

“You understand what you are doing” I think is what she said to Juanita. No, I read another article where Hillary is quoted as saying: “Do you understand? Everything you do.”

The Police – Every Breath You Take

Some kind of ownership of Juanita Broadderick and what did Juanita do?

She lied a bunch and denied a bunch and it helped the Clintons and their guru’s plans against other females and their husbands who possibly committed suicide but probably were murdered, those lies and those denials. It’s sick but it worked for a while.

I think that is the meaning and luckily some other pressure came and got her off their hook.

NBC withholding Juanita Broaddrick shocker?

Who was their guru? Who was the President’s spiritual leader?

Billy Graham 

He guided many Presidents but I don’t recall him defending the Ten Commandments and no telling what stupid things they did without their own knowledge or memory or without consciousness to further his plans.

No telling what Juanita did under their influence and/or spell without her knowledge or memory but it might have included where she worked….a nursing home. 

like what Snowden has tried to reveal about the NSA….

and now Assange about a lot of important things.

Why was Bill Clinton interested in the nursing home business? He wanted to renovate (reinvent) a prison, he said.

Inouye it seems like we have a situation at hand that is taking a long time to unfold.

Remember him?

Trump Is Suspicious of Vince Foster’s Death.

Here Are 7 Things You Need To Know.

Very wild I must admit ….

And yes, Ted Cruzes dad resembles quite a bit (especially when Ted Cruz accidentally whacked his wife’s face (Heidi Cruz) with his elbow during a bear hug with his dad) the man at the School Book Depository an investigator and also the Methodist preacher/paster/chaplain of the United Methodist Church the largest congregation in the world at the time located on NWHWY in Dallas after the assassination who announced the news of the assassination to the audience at the World Trade Center in Dallas where JFK was to give his speech and the preacher chided the audience and blaming them (the audience) for the death of JFK in a subtle way which you can read and view  on some posts about the assassination of JFK linked on

Merangue’s Blog.

I didn’t really catch some of the nuances till I went through the CBS News transcripts of the assassination the second time and had learned some things the first time through so I did it twice but both accounts have different information and Mr. Vincent Bugliosi aka a high ranking general in the US army is wrong but certainly profited from his many books and I’m sure that was his reward to assist the Warren Commission, kind of like Bill O’reilly. I recognized his voice, his face and his gigantic ego and was a  friend of my family for years but we didn’t know his purpose. We thought he was who he said he was either that or he was a body double. His daughter and my sister were best friends for years and they were stationed in France overseas so it makes sense that he was pro-Warren Commission findings as outlandish as they were. I think he must have fallen in love with Jackie like so many of the people involved in the assassination of JFK.

The only thing I noticed about the audience at the World Trade Center in Dallas were their hats were like Jackie’s hat. The people that live in the area of that church also tend to dress alike. For a while they all wore khaki midi length skirts for the females and khaki pants for the males as if they all shopped at Old Navy.

I think JFK was sort of like a Jacob of the OT. The one who slept on a rock/stone for a pillow and dreamed about a ladder with angels ascending and descending and had a thorn in his side from wrestling with someone (an angel?) especially after going to Hawaii coming off the plane in Dallas. That is my impression and Jackie was Rachel but in the crazy kind of way? I don’t remember the whole story because I haven’t read it in a long time. I think a fallen angel had him killed using Rachel. I think it might be a nagging problem for the the USA and we ought to take it seriously eventually because I think it is important and should not be swept under the rug with the nonsense of the Warren Commission and all those book writers. Around that time was the supposed Second Vatican Counsel and the war against the Ten Commandments all of this after WWll.

He was seen with Billy Graham at a breakfast as far as I know and that may be the angel he wrestled with though he did not live through it as far as I can tell since he was assassinated.

Jackie Onassis went to work for Doubleday Publishing Company as an editor later on and edited The Warren Commission as well.

It was her weapon that killed JFK whether or not she knew what she was doing, I have no idea. She seemed like she was under some kind of mind control. I have no idea if the whole incident was a Roman Catholic Ruse because they are kind of well known for pulling this kind of stuff just to keep their power using Replacement theology but it did happen in our country though my family wasn’t in the country at the time and I was only a child then.

I think if we don’t take it seriously and ignore the possibility we might be in big trouble as a country and I think the world might also be subject to some major trouble because Jesus does say something about it in the fourth gospel: the Gospel of John. And it seems these days all over the world that we are all in troubled times. The reason Jesus mentions the son of man in the gospel of John when Nathaniel follows him is in reference to the fig tree and seeing whatever it was that Nathaniel did under the fig tree which made Nathaniel follow him and I wrote about in a post you might enjoy: 

The Fig Tree – Blessed are the Barren *

I went back to read this post about the fig tree and I remember writing other stuff in it but seems to have been edited or erased in parts. The point is just because someone “saw what you did” or “sees what you do “does not make them God. Nathaniel followed Jesus because Jesus told Nathaniel “I saw you under the fig tree” in the Gospel of John which I interpreted that Nathaniel might have poisoned the fig tree for another Jesus to impress his followers after another Jesus cursed the fig tree for not producing fruit out of season because he was HUNGRY for a fig off that particular fig tree which is ridiculous. If you compare the accounts of that incident in the gospels that tell it they don’t agree or support each others accounts and besides it’s pure stupidity imo but in the Gospel of John Jesus says angels that will rise and fall upon the son of man in reference to the other gospels accounts of the cursing of the fig tree. Then: John 1:51 and 52
Jesus answered and said unto him, Because I said unto thee, I saw thee under the fig tree, believest thou? thou shalt see greater things than these.
And he saith unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man.

(50) Believest thou.—This is not necessarily a question, and a fuller sense is obtained by taking it as an assertion. (Comp. the same word in John 16:31;John 20:29.) On this evidence thou believest; the use of the faith-faculty strengthens it. Thou shalt see greater things than these.”

Blessed are those that have not seen, but yet believed anyway. It would help them if we knew what Jesus MEANT and said he saw under the fig tree to make Nathaniel believe. Some evidence is missing obviously. One, is that the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seed. Faith Faculty has been superceded and Thomas and Nathaniels account fails to strengthen the Jesus behind closed doors that scattered the sheep and actually strengthens the account at the Sea of Galilee.

People see a lot of things not necessarily in truth or with all the facts.

(Some times we don’t understand what it is that we see or hear.)

Tunnel vision.

Sometimes there is more to the story than meets the eye and because of fear or intimidation or because of deceivers and the deceived it’s hard to fathom or accept in its entirety especially if it doesn’t make sense. Who says you have to accept something in it’s entirety? A lot of things happen like a chain of events but some are linked and some are unrelated to the next link causing great problems to confound and to bind the wrong way to make people give up or surrender to evil.

The open mic sounds to me like Election fraud since the Bushes waited till now to use the “open mic” incident and the Bushes ought to be investigated for using it so late in the game and obviously it has something to do with Assange and his Wiki leaks a reaction of some kind to offset his information perhaps. I haven’t the foggiest idea about Wiki leaks but it does seem to be a coincidence and seems since it has taken so long for the Bushes to come clean about their tape they ought to have to be questioned in front of Congress about whether they knew about it and why the delay. They had to have known!

Is it a threat to someone else?

Whatever Assange has to show must be pretty important so he ought to leak it!

Remember the Hanging Chads in Florida

and then

Gore ran away with the spoon?

It Takes a Special Kind of Stupid to Be This Acquiescent to the State

Rush Limbaugh

Of course there are places like H.A.A.R.P. (which I challenge readers and you tubers  to thoroughly investigate it’s potential good and bad) and I guess Putin has some kind of Tectonic installations because he said if we get involved in the morass of Syria there will be a reaction tectonically. What will they think of next?

Is Trump gonna run away with the fork?

Said he didn’t like people that got caught, so does he like himself?

Did Bill Cosby take over Trump?

The ex said that Trump said something about this taking place 11 years ago and I read somewhere it happened in 1995. Is Trump talking about the same incident as the press? He also said that Trump ran for President before this election and I don’t recall that attempt.

If Trump is seriously sorry for his manly banter which my ex said males do between each other when with other males on a regular basis (like some people do about nigger jokes when they aren’t around and others listen and either do the same and retell them or remain uneasily silent) such as in locker rooms and at work with other males etc about women and the ex said females do it as well:

like telling a woman to wear saran wrap to please her husband and meet him at the door which when I heard that ridiculous idea I thought to myself


You can skip this portion and read below it b/c sometimes I diverge/digress a bit but it is Very important

It wasn’t a new problem. I had lived with “his sexual inadequacy” not impotency, for our entire marriage finding out after marriage he had a varicocele which I think was caused by some injury he received as a kid growing up (like the one I received after school one day when jumping over a hurdle on the track and not getting the other leg over that hurdle and I waddled all the way home b/c we did not have cell phones then so I couldn’t get a ride home and I waddled about 20 blocks maybe 10 blocks but felt like 20, it hurt very much but my injury healed) but the alternative: taking sex enhancer pills for his problem was dangerous for his health causing others to have hard ons for hours and heart attacks as well so I told him not to succumb to it but he could have had the varicocele fixed if he wanted to fix the problem but because of the varicocele which affects male desire in his brain he didn’t feel he needed to fix it and so it was a catch -22. He never did have it fixed. I learned to fill my time learning to play classical guitar and eventually porcelain art and portraits thanks to my mom and learned to paint with pastels and now metal art and inventing my inventions and other things as well” I think I was a very good wife and a good mother and so did my mom and I take her impression of me as a mother very seriously~I know now why my mom said and did some things which were her attempt to sort through many lies she had been told and it was not easy for her or anyone else. But when someone tells someones family to isolate me that should have been a clue- A BIG ONE – to our family in order for me to return to the fold and make my brother-in-law and his loving wife look above the fray and they were not above it in fact they were the fray: like whispering in my ear about my underwear after I got up from the table adjusting my clothing in the dark outside hoping none would notice that happened to hike up a little too far which happens but i don’t need my sister’s husband’s fixation on my ass every move I made. Did he whisper in his wife’s ear about her underwear when she adjusted them? I doubt it. He was hassling me because he is an ass). I watched his grandkids like a hawk by a river walk in the dark that same night to ensure their safety not b’c I wanted to but b/c I needed to and I did not want to but they were comfortable possibly too comfortable imo about watching and expected family help as well which is what family does for each other. The kids ran wild at the ages they were at and I didn’t want to have to dive into a rat infested dyed river at night to save them is another reason and was advised not to watch the kids by my other sister who wanted to party and I guess wanted to party hardy with me and thought that her oldest sister and husband ought to watch the kids more seriously in other words that she said to me since they were the grandparents and a few years later she called me Satan and the Devil and neither watched my kids when I was in the hospital nearly dying for 14 days. One had laundry to do  for her grown up kids and husband and the other did not offer. Both my sisters were involved either by trickery or naiveté in the BGEA a very tricky organization. Something going on betwixt them I was not aware of possibly. I had let my little sister live with me during her divorce for about two years (off and on) took over my daughters room and my sister was miserable but I did what I could and when I asked for help during my divorce she refused. Anyway that was before that river walk and my divorce was after. She exiled me from her home during the time they hospised my mom without telling me and a bit (a few months before) when threatening to hospice my mom w/out doctors care. Crazy stuff. And I got quite ill in the interim from the stress and the craziness they were exhibiting and because of a few e-mails I sent to hopefully straighten things out and obviously had the opposite effect because I think my older sister and my older sister’s husband were exacting revenge on my mom for money he lost on some Tuesday many years before and my mom had nothing to do with his mistake. She barely knew anything as much as I barely knew. I think that is the main reason especially after my sister said “money is no object” the last trip to see my mom as sisters and  when shopping for some flip-flops because she had a blister on her heel and spent approximately 2 hours before we were to see my mom at the hospital choosing them at one store but would not invest in a pulsock (measures pulse and oxygen) because money was obviously an object but she was the Executor of my mm’s estate and should have invested in the pulsoc for my younger sister but didn’t and said, ” what do I need one for?” but my little sister did buy one so she could be watchful for my mom since she lived within driving distance nearby and caught my mom a few times hunched over in her chair in the upper 70’s oxygen rate when visiting The ARC in San Antonio which is OUTRAGEOUS. 

Then went through a big rigmarole about dedicating an oxygen generator for my mom and the insurance provider in Dallas refused to provide one said the ARC after telling us they would dedicate one for my mom and going through a few tense phone calls and catching them lying about a woman who had fallen out of her chair and lay bleeding profusely on the floor in front of the nurses station a desk blocking their view as we entered the area and an ambulance arrived and she told them she needed to go to the bathroom which got her in trouble I think. Anyway it was revealing….why lie? I wrote about it in a post in the past but it was disgusting and there is much more involved such as theft and I think physical abuse and threatening behavior to patients to shut up at least by one nurse.

I believe my mom was murdered.

Her funeral brochure I received did some mocking as well and didn’t have some facts right and didn’t sound right to me in it’s tone. Sounded like someone didn’t like her over exaggerating etc. She did not need to be exaggerated.

It sounded like David Sherman, to me. Very condescending,

I think her death mattered to God and those responsible will regret it.

David Sherman was at the hospital I was told by the eldest sister when my mom died and while the hospice people interfered with the hospital and my mom died during their altercation about what treatment she should receive which is OUTRAGEOUS! I have no idea what time frame was involved in their dispute.

Hospices should not be allowed in hospitals at all.

Hospitals ought to test the people they hire as well and find out their mindset about suicide and assisted suicide and not hire them! If they do go for assisted suicide the hospital should have to advertise it on their doors, on their prescriptions, on every piece of paper they dole out, at their desks, and in every room, etc so the public can know what hospitals to avoid and see which hospitals succeed and see which ones end up destroyed by the hand of God.

The Hospice interfered and I guess it may have been David Sherman’s doing. My eldest when telling me about the death of my mom on the phone told me that she knew my mom would have wanted it that way or something like that and that is the last time I heard from her. I doubt it since

My mom told me she wanted to live to 105 to out live her grandmother White!

 So someone is lying and I doubt it was my mom.

I wasn’t trying to improve my sex life with “the husband”

but to explain our problems and only one of those problems was infrequent sex (two to four times a year for the most part) to this person and I never asked for advice again because she was obviously not on my side qnd because I was wary:  who would stoop so low? Not I~said ………. And saran would not have worked or helped but instead would be a joke I did not want to be a participant of or the brunt of for the marriage that went south for many other reasons (It would not have made him interested.) : Like not believing me when I needed to be believed in reference to what was occurring by a very fanatical business and the extent they would stoop and a fanatic brother-in-law and his wife’s responses and the things they were willing to do to me and to our family theirs and mine to make me the villain.

As ridiculous as another sibling bling bling saying that he and her husband have sex regularly almost everyday and then they end up in a divorce soon thereafter

though it does seem a little different then male banter IMO ¨˜)

which can’t be good for some males taking it seriously

and act upon it on unwary females

why not stand up for legal and safe abortion for females

knowing what is in man and displaying it in the open mic incident

and stand against hospising/murder/suicide for the elderly/infirmed

and hospising of the opposers of the RCC’s  and their revenge and their avenging angels

using women and girls – abortion & birth control as an excuse to kill their opposers

loud and clear!

Would someone deny aid cures and medicine for men, boys, and the females and babies born that are caught in the crossfire?

An unwanted pregnancy is like a red tide in the ocean. It grows so therefore it is some form of life but it is not wanted and kills other fish in the ocean if it is made to grow against the wishes of that ocean – a female. If you punish that ocean and those who helped to rid it of the red tide it will turn around and rend you

like hurricane/tsunami or WWlll etc.


I think Moses who represented God or someone who represents God leads his people through the Red Sea (which in the past I had heard that some people mostly those that did not believe in the God of Moses thought the Red Sea was only a shallow sea of reeds. Perhaps there is more than one Red Sea or different parts of the Red Sea and perhaps shallow people can’t see it but those with any depth do such as the protesters in Poland and many more people as well.) to safety in their hearts and minds who are being punished or are being threatened with jail time retroactively and impugned in various ways for having had an abortion and using it as an excuse to kill with the Hospice Dissing-Service families involved, their children and even their pets because we won WWll and the Papacy and it’s guardians obviously hate the results of that win (Israel) and hates common sense and I think hates females hence refusing female jobs or marriages in the Vatican besides housekeeping to help them to see IN TRUTH. And out of spite because TheTen Commandments prove God prefers families and parental rights over the priesthood for having not even mentioned priests in The Ten Commandments: Total rejection of priests which is a tough stance but obviously for good reason. If they won’t even take a chance on raising their own families because of the possibility of divorce or failure family wise why should anyone believe they care about other people’s families, they don’t- they care about money because usually there is a settlement that has to be made because of the possibility of a divorce. So they hate divorce yet they aren’t allowed to marry. How convenient. The Ten Commandments don’t mention the village either which is basically what the Vatican is a heavily gated/guarded village with a village mentality and The Ten Commandments doesn’t even mention the word “church” which is kind of interesting, isn’t it?

Ever wonder why there is no Red Sea ?

Gary’s dad (Pres. of Conoco Oil) was colorblind.

His wife Dottie Kircher helped him dress. he used to feed her sons steak for breakfast, I heard. He hated Jews and loved the Saudis because of his job. He was a very Christian man. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY HE HATED JEWS! I had heard he did something he was very ashamed of but never heard what it was. It must have been really bad.His own daughter changed her first name from Elizabeth to Jessica and I heard something happened to her in Connecticutt besides having to be protected at college by some bodyguards of some kind that were hired by the Kirchers (not cheap ones either) because of their stature and she was being stalked when she was in Ft. Worth attending college. (kind of like Kristen in New York being beaten up) A Pattern!~ I think it has to do with the movie my sister tried to insinuate I was the sister who ruined her relationship with her husband and in actuality it was Jessica Kircher, I think from what I heard anyway…. like in the movie: Atonement 

However I had my problems with him as well which I have been explicit about.

Whatever happened to Jessica happened before the marriage. The stalking in Ft. Worth happened after the marriage by a few years at least.

I was 14 years old when Gary married my sister and Beth was my age.

I think I was their scapegoat just in case.

And so was my mom.

Both mother-in-laws with the name Dot. What are the odds? Tootie was chosen because of my mom’s first name.


 Names were important to the RCC at least the name given at baptism but not sure why, but Pope Benedict XVll mentioned the importance of names. Of course, Roman Cath0lics baptize with sprinkles at or near birth and the rest of mankind doesn’t necessarily do their kind of baptism which is a great way to differentiate people. To set apart. The real from the copy because like O’reilly the Catholic hierarchy is watching out for U2! I think the premiss is based upon Replacement theology. He mentioned it while he was the pope having to do with marking like a dog marks it’s territory invisible to the naked eye to give preferential treatment, benefits, and other kinds of things. It’s called cheating.

Cat organ causes Charles fit of giggles

This you tube with the charmed couple I witnessed a long time ago about 10 years ago or so. They were visiting Pope Benedict XVI about his divorce and remarriage asking for some kind of permission from the RCC which is insane. What a dweeb. Gary Kircher reminds me of Prince Charles in his face. Stupid looking. They have the same expression. Like not all there. My dad said he was a dunce i.e. a dunderhead. I think the reason for the visit by his witch girlfriend and himself to the Papacy during the G-8 meeting in Aquilla is he wanted to be king and his mama knew he shouldn’t be a king (kind of like Mrs. Bush knew Jeb  Bush shouldn’t run for the office of President) because she had married a dunderhead and realized her misfortune. He had his own kids RIFD chipped. That’s not only stupid but cowardly anyway he had an experience (a conversion) like Paul did on his way to Damascus thinking he was relevant. He became islamic: A coward.

I have a good feeling way down deep inside

my family will have the last laugh!

 “I’ve Got A Feeling”  And I had a memory involving a new video cam and a video that my dad took one Christmas morning in Georgia. We kept disappearing and we reappeared

like magic, even the pets..One pet was called Napoleon.:) and Romeo.

Get my drift? Capiche? Understandez? Comprendez?

A very berry good sign.

I was 16 then and it was obviously a long time ago. 

Then the ski mask rapes in the neighborhood that were never solved around the same time period when I spilled the beans. They moved to a new area of town after living in the same neighborhood twice but two different houses. So it was a good thing Tootie got into the real-estate business.This occurred near the Scofield non denominational  church and at the time 1970’s when Dallas and the churches were meeting with the RCC to compromise their word, the bible.

Some kind of readying. 

Maybe it was Vatican lll

The Great Compromise

since 1963 was Vatican ll

Then the mega churches took over the small churches and caused problems within the smaller churches mostly with the elderly. People like Christopher Warren and his types got popular with intimidation. Bullies. There is a word for it some kind of transformation word a woman wrote about around that time Hegelianism (master/slave shit) something having to do with the President of Russia in San Francisco after the Berlin wall was torn down (Reagan) you know the guy with the birthmark on his forehead : Mikhail Gorbechev

Political correctness arose and fascism started making a comeback:

Then, 1993 Bill Clintons first term and Oslo Accord

Then came Chuck Hagel!

Then Mark Twain made a comeback again:

Good fences make good neighbors

and that old proverb:

 “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley”.


The best laid schemes of mice and men / Often go awry.

Sort of a lesson and learning to walk! How old is this nation?

I think the USA is meant to be.

A gestate period. Perhaps it’s sign about abortion.

We are 238 years old as a nation since July 4th 1776

Gestation for human babies is 280 days.

34 weeks vs. 40 weeks

If insurance is a must perhaps babies should be insurable at 34 weeks instead of 46 weeks Give or take two weeks..

I do not know of course. But it’s a possibility. Makes sense to me.

We certainly did some good things like in WWll!

The enemy of freedom is very sneaky and we let our guard down.

I would rather have a good fence than the NSA or the Vatican

Why is the Black Sea called the Black Sea? Usually the water reflects the sky.

I think from what I read but it might not be true that the Meditteranean Sea means middle and not man made.

mare nostrum ((our sea) the Mediterranean to the ancient Romans)

Seas of Earth

The first time we met him he introduced us to the cheese Brie. He bought a whole wheel of it. This was before my sister and he married. I was 13 or 14 years of age. Eventually his son Gary owned the first cheese shop in Richardson, Texas. The Cheese Shoppe. It was a franchise, the first one was in Greenwich, Connecticut. And then another one at Preston Center, Dallas Texas and that turned into a deli eventually. I remember when the health department people came (they hassled him quite a bit in Dallas) and told him he had to have a drain so he made a fake one, drilled a hole in the cement and put a drain cover on it. LOL It passed inspection. We played Trivial Pursuit once with them in Dallas and at the time I wasn’t very smart. I had no geographic sense and answered the question regarding Saudi Arabia wrong and Mr. John Kircher, President of Conoco Oil was disgusted. He let me know it. Made me feel like the stupidest person in the world. I’m sure he affected his son the same way over time. I know my sister and he had to overcome their jealousy of Mark Kircher and his wife both doctors and Unitarians because Mr. John Kircher used them to make my sister and Gary jealous. Gary gave the jealousy lesson in the Jacuzzi one night to his daughter who was about 2 or 3 years of age. He had to carry her because she was just a tot. I have no idea if the doctors were any good. They earned the title but whether they upheld it in their work is another story. However, my sister had a son and I bet he did uphold it and his wife was also a doctor in the army.

I bet his grandparents (my dad and mom) made the difference.

They spent a lot of time with them especially on many Grandparent’s Days. I bet it was an uphill battle for my parents, but I hope it succeeded. We did not have Grand Parent days and I did not burden my parents nor did my little sister place that burden upon them. But the little my kids got what was important however my littlest doesn’t remember (probably very little) about her grandparents. You can only spread yourself out so thin and my older sister took full advantage of everyone. Must have been that trip around the world on the Conoco jet with the Kirchers an engagementish gesture though they were not engaged  that really screwed her up and those pearls in Hong 


I think it was entrapment which is evil

on the Kircher trip

around the world

and mocking my dad.

Mr. Kircher was a very pompous person and so was Gary. Mr. Kircher, in his conversation, was very affected. Very pious. Reminded me of Uncle Ted’s wife…Mary, after she got rich.

Too much money is the root of piety, I think, depending on how they attain it via luck,  debauchery, or family inheritance and depending on the weakness of their spirit. Money is hard to balance. I don’t know for sure his shame but I know mine. I’m kind of hard on people but it is because they were hard on me and this is what I noticed.

There is always room for improvement no matter who you think you are

which is hope, I think.

She was only 20 years old or so on the trip. I heard most people don’t develop a frontal lobe till after at least the age 21. Highly unusual for someone to be left in a room alone with thousands of pearls, isn’t it? Kind of tempting. Besides her favorite gem was the sapphire. Probably would have been too obvious if the Kirchers left her in a room alone with thousands of sapphires in one way or another. For some reason she was not given a middle name but the Rattans gave her the nickname Tootie.

My dad brought a pearl for each daughter while he was over seas fighting in Viet nam on an R&R where he was able to buy it. I think I lost mine that I kept for years and years and during the move to the rent house it kind of got mixed up in the shuffle. I have two pearly looking things and have no idea if either is a real pearl.

My eldest daughter got into my things as a tot and ruined my first sewing machine by taking it apart (curious minded) and the parts were not available to replace because it was a cheap shit model bought at Montgomery Wards. Then caught her with my engagement ring at an older age a 1 carat at least diamond ring my mom gave me. The band was wearing thin so I stopped wearing it and then found my other daughter wearing it and now I can’t find it. This was after the divorce and the move. I bet the ex found it and hocked it like he did his wedding band way before the divorce came into existence by 15 years or so but part of the reason for the divorce a very small part.

It was her West Point Diamond ring.

Yesterday saw while sitting on the shitter some disposable razors that come in a pack of ten and I took one without asking thinking no big deal. My youngest daughter saw it on my desk and made me notice that I took it so I gave it back. Something to do with me calling her boyfriend scumbag fucker because he fucks her up. Hassling her about lying to him and usually he’s wrong. Crazy. He reads twitter months previous and gets worked up with jealousy.

Jealous Guy-John Lennon

Got killed on the streets of New York in front of his wife and I think because he expressed his popularity in jest and some religious people didn’t like it especially Billy Graham, an evangelical asshole thinking he did God a service. Blamed it on a guy who was possessed b/c his flesh was weak but his spirit was willing.)

She probably can’t remember if she lied or whether or not she did or not do whatever he imagines so it’s kind of unfair. Imagine?  She wanted to help him early on and told his mom while he was running around the neighborhood naked. He did help me untangle my daughter’s dog which I appreciated because he would have died otherwise but since that triangle ufo appeared near where he lived he’s gone nuts. They both saw it and she told me about it.

Do you see a correlation? How about this?

Yoko Ono Issues Rather Appropriate Response To Donald Trump’s Win

I’m not gonna listen to her response tonight but include because she was the one that lost her husband that day for no good reason, maybe later. I’m kind of full because


and for me it’s a no-no because of the condition I’m in. Anyway Trump is controversial as are these days and these nights.

Golda Meir asked Billy Graham if he was the man?

Billy Graham said he was not the man.

The picture I saw of Trump but only the back of his head (could have been anyone) signing a triangle on a real crazy looking chic’s chest before the election by about a week -kind of a forewarning but not sure of what or to whom. I think it was a triangle. She was kind of ugly so it didn’t make sense he would bother before the election mostly because of the expression on her face as if possessed.

This is a fucked up world because we are being fucked with by something very evil.

The devil and satan coming down seeking whom he may destroy which is in Revelation. Occurred on Obama’s Presidency. He mentioned something in space and teaching a lesson getting it out of the box to let it stretch it’s legs and having something to do with the future must not belong to those who insult the profit of Islam. (jealousy)

Next three months should be interesting.

Oh yea one of the things I received from my parents usually with magazines on top of it at the end of their bed is a carved chest:

a war chest

so I would try to get to get it together if I were you. I’m trying but it is very difficult.

Other things have happened since just to hassle me. Revelation is being fulfilled whether you believe it or not. There are the 7 trumpets contained in Revelation. I wonder what it means: Trump and the 7 trumpets of Revelation.

Still it’s an

interesting correlation.

My sister the last time I saw her said that General Cushing sought my nephew in Virginia for some reason and said he was a friend of my dad however I had never heard of him. Did he come to take credit or did he come to corrupt?

Cush is an interesting name. Cardinal Cush was the  Roman Catholic cardinal at the navy base (Annapolis) who got word when JFK died. Mission accomplished. What was the cardinal doing at a Navy base then? Coincidence?

Cardinal Cush officiated the wedding and funeral of JFK. In fact I think Cardinal Cush was responsible for Jackie Bouvier meeting Jack/John Kennedy. Well JFK inherited 100 million dollars so he was important.  

This is Roman Catholicism.

Does it deserve to remain?

The RCC uses people and spits them out.

One less egg to fry.

Which came first the chicken or the egg?

I think it was the chicken.

Did Cardinal Cush officiate JFK’s sisters weddings and funerals? Did they inherit 100 million dollars?

Well one sister of JFK had a lobotomy. A pre partial birth abortion before they knew about chemistry. Not sure why she had a lobotomy, but I can imagine. A Catholic family. What will they think of next?

Oh yea Gary’s dad was also a chemist. I forgot.


Needless to say I hope he gets to be with his family without punishment. He is not the only person who has had to contend with evil. There are a bunch of us. Mostly females.

It’s a matter of awareness. If you are aware you are banished. But not for long. The powers that are in power prefer Watter’s world but what happens when the water turns red again?

Should I stay or should I go

the clash

No, it’s gonna be a war ( a big one, I think) a very decisive one to end all wars. It may take a while.  It started on 9-11

 and wishful thinking in Snowden’s mindful dreams won’t come true. Solly Charrie. Good scholarly ideas but not feesable but the group ought to petition for his freedom:

wilt hey or won’t hey?

I did not vote in this election because of the rampant deception and because Pence reminded me of Mitt Romney alot and I don’t think Mormonism is an improvement of the Roman Catholic Church especially with the NSA in his backyard even if he had a black grandchild. Just another facet of the RCC.

Do you remember when Billy Graham/Franklin Graham conceded

Mormonism wasn’t a cult?

Do you really think A Republican Congress (The House and the Senate) and The White House will get to the bottom of Benghazi? Mitt Romney knew something about it (HOW?) at the debate with Obama before everyone else and I heard a phone call to Greta’s show from Trump and he knew some things, too! (HOW?) Will this pass as the elect? I know what Mormans do I’ve seen it and heard about it from Morman females and it’s a BONIFIDE CULT especially towards the female. Very similar to Islam. Any which way it won’t pass either, LOL. I’m not sure of their penchant for a Guillotines, they have their ways but not the right ways. How many versions do we need of pure unadulterated stupidity? We are getting closer to the truth by a nudge. We’ll see what he does and doesn’t. It’s a test from above.

 Israel is on their agenda already!

Who would have thunk?

What will this man dew?

Cardinal Richard James Cush/Cushing. He is called by both names: Cush and Cushing.

Annapolis is close to the Secret Service Headquarters which is also in Maryland.

The older brother of JFK Jackie Kennedy said he didn’t have imagination and he was killed on a mission during WWll even though she had not met him she knew him. She did not meet JFK till after WWll so how she knew about his older brother is beyond me.

The SEE – the Papacy hates the USA and Israel and it’s military (power) as do many others because quite a few have misused it in the recent past because of World Government that creates a lot of problems for everyone even themselves. 

Trump would be surprised by the outpouring of support he will receive even from Catholics who are victims themselves of a religion gone mad.

Show some courage!

While Trump did a good job on the 2nd debate and I appreciated his apology he still did not show courage so I won’t vote for either one till he exhibits the courage he needs to exhibit out loud. Those manly banters cause a lot of trouble for women and girls giving license to other males to abuse young girls and women, so I hope Trump stands up for the rights of females and the elderly and infirmed and walks like a real man instead of like an ape pissing on an opportunity to be a gentleman with common sense and stand up against the Neo-nazi World Order using hospicing to murder/suicide those that believe in the females right to choose and are against Rome’s right to choose for them to either get them impregnated early in life to ruin their lives and/or reputations and against Rome’s (the Vatican) diabolical plans to design the world their way which is the wrong way OBVIOUSLY OR THEY WOULD NOT HAVE attempted and thunk to CHANGE TIMES AND LAWS. Rome nor the Vatican can own female bodies nor be allowed to make decisions only the female and/or her parents and their families have that right to make as stated and inferred in The Ten Commandments. Until then you aren’t really any better than Bill Clinton, imo.

I guarantee if you are elected you will not succeed unless you stand upright

and you will fail miserably maybe for the first time in your life

and your legacy

will be written about as a fool and his money

and insurance won’t help you if you allow the hospice practice in our country to progress! It is quite possible if you do or don’t get elected and because you don’t stand up for female rights your own daughters and Melania might end up in jail for posing in magazines or for something in their past that you may not be aware of being out of the loop b/c you are a male if the Nazis New World Order is allowed to take hold of our country or when you travel abroad and insurance won’t help them or for mere mistaken identity. Leaders and their families often were not safe when certain religious entities decided those families were a distraction against their will, etc. (So you ought to stand instead of relying on your daddy’s investment in you and your good fortune to keep you afloat. Others might want your good fortune as well and take it out on your family depending on which way the wind blows up their ass. So you ought to stand up for truth’s sake.) There is a silent majority you may not realize that might support you if you stand up.

Bring up what is going on in Poland and the Hospice punishment in the USA because it is a war that is occurring in our country that politicians are ignoring on purpose because of fear. Don’t let them get away with it.

Isn’t it similar to what happened in Germany:scapegoating behind the scenes and none talking about it because of fear? But this time it’s those against a
New World Order designed by the Vatican and some of it’s daughters. It is quite eerie because no one is bringing it up and it needs to come out and be exposed.

I think the open mic incident was an earlier conversation in the past taped and revealed on the bus to Trump in private then on an open mic without his knowledge and was an attempt to blackmail and it did not work then it went out into the air to be heard by the public to intimidate and obviously embarrass the Trumps so there wasn’t much else he could do but do what he did. IMO But still really weird thing to do.

The whole thing was bizarre

and I can see why he said some things he said at the second debate about Hillary going to jail whether or not she had anything to do with it which seems to me Robert Deniro might be the antagonist because of his business in Dubai. Is that possible and because of what he said to Trump which was also really random?

Dubai might be the problem because they owe a lot of Americans a lot of money because of 9-11 and trying to turn everyone against each other and Obama since he is against the victims receiving Saudi money  may have been behind it too.

Bill Clinton said “I did not have sex with that woman.” I guess it depends on which woman he was talking about. Maybe we need to be more specific. Anyway I did not know that Trump was on his third wife I thought this was his second marriage. I wasn’t following his activities until he started this campaign against Hillary Clinton’s campaign vying for the job both want. I have no idea what a pussy bow is but I think Melania is a very pretty poised woman who I have no other information about except she speaks other languages fluently though I have not witnessed her talents and he is a lucky guy since she isn’t whacking him across his face yet. An open mic is dirty politics and would love to have heard what lead up to that conversation because it kind of went south very fast (was he reading a script?) because it did not make sense and seemed out of place and abnormal. Trailor talk or male banter usually doesn’t start out so stark, but nevertheless Trump needs to stand up for future generations of the gender that makes raising a child possible for men because children are a gift when given freely and thankfully and what it does sometimes to a female body, mind, emotions, etc can sometimes be a struggle and sometimes even a great sacrifice to that body, mind and emotions, etc., and should be held in high regard when given freely. I’m sure he may in private never live the “open mic” incident down but at the very least he apologized openly and hopefully she won’t take out her possible future insecurity and/or hostilities and possible aggessions later on other females and/or her children or theirs because of the harm male banter and a gang mentality of over prideful men, their peers, their friends, businesses and allies can inflict upon those other females and their families and careers obviously affected as well by it’s aftermath often have to abide making each generation devolve in righteous resentment a little more each hour of every succeeding day. I mean calling her blouse a “pussy bow” is an example of some kind of reaction that could have been avoided. It’s not like we haven’t seen many women wear them. At least Melania isn’t sporting a dish towel, a jihab, or a habit. I don’t know how long they have been married but I hope his daughters will allow her to raise his standards to be a better spouse without lowering her standards b/c each spouse has something special to add if and while they love each other,

but he still hasn’t mentioned what he needs to stand up about.

I think we are being gamed by everyone mentioned above except for the few female victims.


The Moroccan women fighting daily sexual harassment


Never did go to any Billy Graham revivals, THANK GOD. Wasn’t interested! I doubt his sermons were interesting and you can bore people to death and I think he did a lot of it. The antithesis of the Ten Commandments which you can find when Saul/Paul talked/wrote

You can have it all and names off a bunch of other false gods!

And then talks about anathemas.

The Grace of Anathema Maranatha

Tersius I think affected his thinking like Mother Teresa has affected many people in a very bad way.

During our tiff this morning because a big box of my medicine disappeared last time I went to the hospital and the ex of course didn’t take it but my daughter was home and left while I was in the hospital and I suspected her of taking it to get back at me for something and she left her almighty makeup all of it here which is unusual though she swears up and down that she didn’t take it to her daddy on the phone. He had made an accusation about his whiskey missing he got for his birthday or for some other occasion and she swears she didn’t take it and she doesn’t drink whiskey as far as I know though her boyfriend and his friends drink a lot of whiskey.Before the medicine went missing after I tried to tell them where part of my money went and what I was trying to accomplish to make more money both jumped my ass about it and said basically some shitty things her following her dads lead because he did pay for her to go to a concert for a hundred dollars or more for an hour and half of live music the night before. Then later I explained what I had made because of my actions that they had chided me for while she was away and  he said well it’s not like you have a 145 thousand dollars in your account to make money. And I could not figure out what the heck he meant. Of course I don’t have 145 thousand dollars in my account. I have 22 dollars in my bank account but 145 thousand dollars was what the house we lived in that  he would not sell and he said was unsellable and went bankrupt on was worth (and possibly worked a deal with my older sister the real estate agent behind my back b/c obviously she is not nice) and still no matter what it was a strange thing to say and the look on his face after he said it was shock as if he couldn’t believe he had said it out loud, It was weird. Like he had been caught or something. Then he got up and started getting upset about his whiskey missing and went through his rant about it and it seemed like he was deflecting.. So I asked later what he meant but he said it was just an arbitrary amount he spoke about. I had organized my medicine and a huge box is missing of important medicine for me that she also uses when she has asthma attacks. As I left for the hospital we had an argument as well. She was the only one in the house unless someone else entered and her boyfriend picked her up. Normally she takes some of her makeup but not this time for some reason and she won’t call me back but only her dad. When I was at the hospital the doctor asked if I needed more of what I thought I had and I said no thinking it was where it should be and when I got home and looked it was gone so I called the hospital to explain and they would not give me the time of day and weren’t very nice about it. Not the doctor but the staff. I could not reach the doctor who offered. Anyway I was crying about it this morning and other things that are on my mind such as all the shit that has HAPPENED TO ME and those I love and he asked me what was wrong and I went through some of what was bugging me about the medicine and we argued and so I brought up about his mom and him starving her to death and he said he didn’t and I said the hospice you hired did and he said “who cares?”

He is crazy.

My daughter says things like that about stupid stuff but she is still a kid whereas he is an adult by many years and would say that about his mom. I don’t think she would appreciate his feelings for her. So no wonder we are having troubles with our daughter. She deserves better than him as a dad by a long shot. I hope he falls of his fucking ladder and dies soon or blows his sax too hard and has a lack of a heart attack. He’s a sick mother fucker.

When my beautiful cat went missing for 7 weeks years ago a person on a motorcycle passed me in traffic and was in front of me in traffic and had a same colored stuffed cat on the back of his motorcycle taunting me. So i have my reasons for my angsts, suspicions and my hatred. That is just one of my reasons but it was very evil thing to do and it was intentionally meant to unnerve me.




and those that participate in this kind of bullshit will pay in a multitude of ways and means a million times more!~I think it is the neocatechumenal way and it’s gonna die a quick death in all the countries it invaded and so will those who use it.

 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s.

You can try to interpret this how ever you want but I know what it means and the reason for this commandment:

to condemn those who use this commandment

to abuse others in various ways

to lord over the unwary and to be needed

and those that use it aren’t needed

such as the BGEA AND THE RCC

who like to move the lines, change the measures, alter the times, lie to the nth degree, control the press, entrap people to use them and not for good but for their own pleasure (leisure) and that is how many are destroyed, and last but not least change the Ten Commandments which has got to be the most stupid move ever made.

Everyone knows people make mistakes, even God knows.

The Ten Commandments are our guide: to the truth!

And The Red Dagon gave him his power: whoever that may be but I have my suspicions! The one that changed the Ten Commandments has to be the Red Dragon to simplify the confusion of many prophets or soothsayers or wannabes, etc and that is the RCC though there may be more culprits involved like the Jesuits and the one that mocked them trying to replace the OT Ten Commandments to The Ten Commandments of climate something or other using places like HAARP because macro economic principles are mind boggling to them but micro managing everyone else’s lives and businesses their folly and screwing themselves in the process.

I’m not a prophet but I still do have common sense. I think my parents are to blame because they loved me.

I know it wasn’t the church because they DID NOT love me. 

I was obviously being watched and threatened. So my hopes for a Great America are mixed. Sometimes I think a complete overhaul needs to happen and I don’t think Hillary is that opportunity but instead the same kind of tactics and brutality having read many things that happened even to their friends and enemies during their reign of terror which I think involves the BGEA (the Billy Graham Evangelical Association and shill for the Roman Catholic Church, the Papacy and the Vatican) and in my opinion deserve what is heading their way by hook or by crook. This is what I mean by being watched as I wrote this paragraph:


President Obama Meets with Billy Graham

PHOTO GALLERY: Billy Graham, Pastor to the Presidents

He has been a thorn in America’s side, a thorn to our unwary Presidents and their families,

and a thorn to the Republic for which it stands

(which one? I’m hoping it is still ours but if we play our cards right it will be ours and I believe it will be ours but seems like we go through a great many hoops sometimes)

and a Serious Threat to the wary and unwary US citizens

since WWll and to the World and to Israel, imo. 

He, his sons and daughters and their organizations have 

Caused A Great Amount of Harm.

I won’t vote

Why should I vote for Trump if he doesn’t support a woman’s right to choose about her own body in regards to birth control which includes abortion and stand up against the evil of hospice death occult? So I won’t vote for him nor will I vote for Hillary Clinton and if she wins I think it will be bad for the country but so is infringing on rights of woman. Not all women go the route of abortion and I support their decision and some entrap men and boys but the difference between abortion choice and hospice choice is humongous because there aren’t the same kind of enticements with abortion as there are with hospisng such as early inheritances, life insurance claims, revenge, interference of a doctors care and hospitals expertise demoting their talents in elderly care and disease cures subsequently shortening life spans each generation to the next generation so life spans will get shorter as they seem to have, punishment via the RCC or any majority group for not being a part of a majority, and a multitude of other things. Fetuses are not insured or allowed to have life insurance taken out on them and until insurance is willing to make fetuses of all ages insurable not just health but life insurance then it’s a Huge Double Standard. So I won’t vote for either until and unless he changes his tune and he will suffer if Clinton gets elected and businesses will suffer along with the economy, more than likely and corruption will sky rocket but fair is fair. Forced marriages will dramatically increase b/c American females are not ignorant and will try to entrap young boys and young men especially rich ones using drugs and alcohol if need be to accomplish their mission. Open borders will probably be enforced which I think borders are a significant safety measure against terrorism and crime and joblessness will increase but what’s good for the gander is is good for the geese and vice versa. We all will suffer. More than likely others won’t show up at the voting polls for the same reasons that would have and the House of Representatives will probably lose their majority, but too bad. Federal government power will expand exponentially because of population increases and poverty will not be overcome but Fair is fair. And we will probably be heading to Syria to melt the tongues in the mouths and melt the eyes in their eye sockets of our military and America will lose it’s armed forces and be the newest mother of all martyrs for the RCC Papacy’s lunacy and Sharia law will take hold and no more fashion shows, models, hollywood, concerts, swimsuits for females or sun bathing on a beach in fact females won’t be allowed to swim at the ocean., and you will no longer get to see beautiful females bending over at football games or working out b/c they won’t be allowed to even dance and then females in burkas will start a campaign to wear explosives on their bodies to spread their misery.

If a plane was carrying a nuke and could not make its intended target and would hurt the wrong people would you abort it or let it rip where ever it lands? Maybe not the perfect analogy but close enough because that is what an unwanted and unexpected pregnancy feels like to a female.

The boy that got me pregnant was a one night stand because I made it a one night stand after having been entered and it was my first time to have intercourse. He did not ask he just did. If he had asked “do you mind if I get you pregnant?” I would have said “Yes I do mind, No, thanks.” and there would have been no need for an abortion. PURE AND SIMPLE. There are a multitude of reasons safer and legal abortion is needed and it depends on whether or not the female and/or male involved want a child at that time. When I had the abortion I felt relieved. He never knew because I didn’t ask or tell him like he didn’t ask or tell me. I did not deserve to get pregnant anymore than any other person who gets pregnant when they aren’t PREPARED to get pregnant or aren’t prepared to drop everything and raise a child. Having kids is a big deal and when it’s not treated as a big deal usually it’s best not to. The first time I finally had a child it scared the heck out of me: I was married and 14 years later I had my first child and then a second child and I feel blessed for having my two girls even though the marriage didn’t work out because I was prepared mentally, married, and in the right circumstances at the time. Later those circumstances changed in many ways and we ended up in a divorce but I still love my girls.

If God was against safe and legal abortion then why doesn’t he punish those that do have an abortion by not allowing them to have children in the future and he didn’t do that to me but the Roman Catholic Church sure tried to punish me and my family because the RCC thinks they are god and they aren’t god obviously because I did have my girls irrespective of the RCC and then they tried using the hospice travesty to punish me and my parents and succeeded but they will pay for their unwanted interference and lose their church and  ALL their power. The RCC crossed the wrong line and the RCC was warned. My parents were not warned, nor was the rest of their family just like we were not warned at Pearl Harbor but we won the war. I will have my parents lives restored and their family because  of “I Am the resurrection.” Same with my sweet pets. I don’t know when exactly, but soon I think. We will win this war as well. One thing I think is interesting the people that are against safe and legal abortions often times aren’t given daughters to raise and I think they regress in some important ways because of their affinity.


This looks like my older sister n her youth but my sister was not Jessica Leeds. She was Mary Tyler Moore. Just kidding but very similar in her personality.

Trump Accuser Says She ‘Jumped Out’ Of Her Skin During Debate

So my older sister was on a plane with Donald Trump and she never told me? Believe me if she had been on a plane with Donald Trump and knew it or knew him she would have told me.

We were at a library once together and there was a guy in between the book shelf units masturbating and we reported it to the clerk at the library. It shook her up because it was very weird. I however kind of had been through some pretty radical stuff so it wasn’t that scary but what I do remember is he rushed out of the library and he looked a bit different than he did when he was masturbating. While he was masturbating he was pale like he wasn’t in his right mind or something. When he rushed out b/c we caught him in the act and he knew it  and while we were reporting him as he rushed out he looked like a regular white collar working class type guy that you would never think would go to a library to masturbate. It happened quickly and he got away. (Probably a priest in everyday clothing i.e. in drag.) You just never know where those books have been¡ I sat on a plane with Charlton Heston but he didn’t grope me and he sat in first class and I sat somewhere else but not first class but it was fun to see him on board. Together my sister and I met a tight end of the Dallas Cowboys. I can’t remember his name but he did not grope us at the post office when their practice area was about to be moved. Just clicked with a little help from the ex who remembers us telling him about the encounter and it was Billy Joe Dupree. He did not have a mustache but he was tall, dark, and handsome is all I recall.  He just said hello. Very considerate and polite when we did not know his name and we asked and he told us so we could tell our families.

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 4.32.40 PM.png

Why someone would use a picture of my sister is beyond my comprehension.  

Makes no sense.

Some of what is in the article is taunting me I think. Family is different like my cousin groped me when I was a kid (and so was he) so I groped him back kind of hard as we were getting in the back seat of the car when my family visited his family. He never did it again. But the other stuff isn’t the same as my angsts I have written about already and being in a public place these women should immediately report it to the airlines. Not sure why anyone would want to haunt me but “consider the source.”

I have a post about the “Q source” on

Merangue’s Blog

which discusses the author of the Synoptic Gospels that the RCC says was the author.

I think the Grahams need some perfecting because they sure as darn are not a good influence! I’ve witnessed their ways and I am not impressed.

Oh yea, I found my medicine in my dad’s war chest and either it was a miracle or an oversight. Hard to say because things are so weird these days and my stress level is high because of the ex and his maniacal weirdness that can only be explained as spiritual ineptitude, pride and something that is hard to explain:catholicism and it’s coarse. I truly think it was an oversight but expecting some miracles because they do happen and have happened to me and the ones I expect someday soon are big ones and little ones and only God knows who and what those miracles are.



Which is more important The US Constitution or the Ten Commandments?

Who wrote the US Cockstitition?

Who signed it?

Were there any women involved?

Signing of the United States Constitution

in 1789 and yet we had a civil war in 1861 for Africans via Lincoln married to a catholic woman and now woman’s issues are on the table because of Catholicism gone even madder (islam) and someone using African Americans: Black lives matter issues and some seem contrived, some are not contrived. How about women black, tan, and white? How many african americans had abortions or did they have babies out of wedlock to make money off the federal government b/c of the fear of black men at the time and now they don’t want to give up easy money like food stamps and other federal type dependencies out of control but you had to remain unmarried becoming dependent upon the federal governments handouts. Then of course blaming fatherless families for rises in crime statistics  amongst african americans i.e. black on black crime. Definitely some shenanigans and charlatans using segments of society to keep women down and raise Catholicism/Sharia law etc. and a huge deficit in the job market and small business and promoting ignorance on every level.

I think the Ten Commandments won

and so did Jesus at the Sea of Galilee

in my estimation.


Anyway here is a good question for the reader

“Whom do men say that I am?


For months my ex has been telling me he would give me  his computer when he replaces his computer and buys a new one which would of course be very helpful to me.

The other day he came in and asked if I would like a new one for my birthday and I said something like “sure” but with suspicion. He said i haven’t had a gift in years etc. So I said something like okay. He said he was gonna get a new one as well at the same time. Later I probed him about how and he said something like “just accept it don’t ask how.” in other words but the same meaning and I said okay, but later I probed some more and asked if he got a big job or something, etc He said “Don’t worry about it’s, it’s legal.” and I wasn’t even thinking about the obvious and probed some more and he said his brother let him know he was coming into some money that his mom had left to her sons. I was bowled over because right before within a few seconds of his admittance I had a thought in my head I would not accept this new computer over his mom’s dead body. I could not believe it and in the meanwhile a lap top of mine power cord stopped working the night before one of these probing conversations having been bitten through too many times by a certain cat. So I was in a kind of a state of shock and backed off to think about it and ponder my options.

Let me tell you something: my abortion was not legal

but abortion was legal in a few states at the time. I knew of a few girls, friends and family a little older than me who had had an abortion and that is how I heard about them. I wasn’t paying attention at the time about stuff like that because it was not pertinent to me as far as I knew b/c it just was not on my mind until I got pregnant. During that time after or before my friend whose dad was the head of the Grangers shared an LSD with me. Orange sunshine. I did not want a whole one because I was leery of the drug but she had done it before. So having a baby full term wasn’t a good idea at that time. I had an experience on one of their camping outings when I had a reaction to it which is called a flashback and saw skeletons around the campfire in their sleeping bags and I ran into the night into a light which actually turned out to be a tent with a light in it and scared everyone in the tent but we became friends for a short while and later they said they needed to tie me to a tree next time they took me camping and sometime or other they also taught me to repel which is using your left or right hand in front holding the rope to steady it and your body and the other hand behind your back holding the rope to control the speed and the direction you fall either with a wall or space..I preferred the wall because it was easier and I wasn’t that good at repelling. In any case I wasn’t sure which came first the LSD or the fertilized egg and either way I wasn’t sure it was a good idea to proceed near the time of that experience because I was still a stupid kid obviously: kind of like a fig tree not in season nor able to bear good fruit. Somehow I think that experience was found out and so I was granted a free abortion on an army base via a psychologist. But mom and dad didn’t know I had done LSD and I didn’t tell my mom and dad but I can tell my mom and my dad now that I never did it again which is the truth and believe it or not I know they can read about it because my mom told me so at a hospital without access to a computer in her way. And I hear my dad in his way with help from God for both of my parents. However during the time I was a stupid kid and afterwards we did some other drugs that were not hallucinogenics except for the one time in college with Brad Powell, his wife, and my brother when we did mescaline. I was kind of like a wild thing but not too wild yet wild enough to not be trustworthy at the time thanks to my friends and some family members and a few enemies that spiked my drink and raped me in college but they were arabian or muslim not sure b/c they did not exactly advertise it. I woke Deborah who was slumped on a bench and still dressed which was weird but in order to get us the hell out of there. The males did it in front of a window on a ledge to me and that was when I awoke (like it was for someone else to see.) It reminds me of the group of males standing around a consulate that had been captured who did not know how to swim that we saw on the news a while back. Deborah had short hair and I wondered if the arab guys were thinking she was a dyke which she wasn’t at the time or ever that I know of (she was my sister-in-law and a ballet dancer, oboe player very beautiful and only once said anything negative about Gaby her competitor calling her Gaby with a short a) who wanted to go to law school because she was smart but I don’t know if she ever did. She wanted my mom and dad to pay for it b/c her parents wouldn’t and they had a cabin in Ruidosa in any case their marriage did not work out having to do with sex denial and a menage trios that occurred before that, I think.) She was as neurotic as me and my sisters but I think we did not understand what we were up against at the time. I don’t know if she was raped and I did not ask.  Later it occurred to me those guys were teaching us some sort of arab lesson about lesbians. At first we accepted a ride from them but we had them drop us off because I was afraid of them. They all look alike to me so I would not have recognized them the moment we were dropped off and I didn’t want to but they were acting sheepish and seemed ashamed of themselves like they were under someone else’s spell because usually I would think rapists weren’t ashamed but they were looking down as I recall and very quiet while I observed them anyway (not reveling like you would think a group of rapists would act) and then we tried to find a bus shuttle stop and then we racked our brains to figure out a different way to go home. I think I was more alert having woken her up and having the sense to get out of their car asap. We did not talk about it later on, but the person that drove us home b/c we were without a car (Deborah and I) and b/c the shuttle buses stopped running at a certain time and we were without cell phones b/c there was no such thing at the time and we had no money (and our wits were gone for the most part because we had been spiked) was a jewish man within walking distance and a good hike that I remembered where he lived with the help of Deborah who knew him as well somehow. I don’t think I had ever been there so it was kind of a miracle. I don’t remember anyway. We were a bit frizzled on how to approach him for help while contemplating this dilemma we had faced and our shame and confusion at his front door so it took us a while to knock. We were hysterical in a few ways. (The place that spiked us was an arab bar down the street where I worked. We just went for a beer (Deborah’s idea) after work on my job and we accepted a free drink by the bartender who offered it via a table of gentlemen and ended up really screwed up.) He drove us home to our shitty little house we rented together. Mac Rattan came to see me when I lived there and we walked to the grocery store together to get groceries. Kind of weird. He kind of looked like this person in this picture but without a beard. Well can’t find it but he was in Damascus, but when I find the picture I’ll add it.

The Psychology of the 4 Menage Trois

at least the ones I’m fully aware of

Gary, my sister and me which was not by mutual consent because both me and my sister were asleep. I know I was asleep. Drinking involved.

Deborah, my brother, and Bob when in college on a gamble/dare and drinking and high which I heard about somehow which made their sex life miserable after that.

Bob, my brother, and Roseanne (my chemistry tutor) which happened after I left because I had a cold and felt like shit which I heard about via my brother the next day and because Roseanne was willing and I think in that order and high possibly drinking because they liked to dare each other for fun

and Bob and I kind of went our separate ways

and then

on a ledge in front of a window which was not consensual with drinking involved and obviously a drug

3 year old Malachi alone on a ledge and in danger at The Ark because the ledge had broken off and possibly spiritually trying to make me notice somehow probably a building code infraction causing an accident as if it had cratered or been blown away by something but no one was high except for my mom (not self inflicted) in a wheel chair talking to 3 gnomes by the tree near the pond and waterfall in the neighborhood below that we took her down into for a walk  b/c she said something like  

 from the Sound of Music!

pointing at the invisible gnomes and that was the visit when my mom kept pointing to her nose to me with her eyes very wide open about my companions: my brother, Gary, my older sister, and my little sister when we were back at the Ark in the hallway but did it I think 3 times

and then the ledge I created for computers later on actually before I created a cool ledge but never got it off the ground, so to speak.

And then my sister told me 3 was the number of perfection which she learned via her female retreats in North Carolina with the BGEA and I think the english woman across the street?


i know there’s something to all this but it’s very weird.

Donovan – Mellow Yellow 2010

The abortion was done on an army base but with psychological testing beforehand to see if I was capable. I think that was why but I did not ask at the time being so young. I was, I think, impregnated on army soil by an army personnel. I had met him on a ranger’s outing where they do ranger training type stuff and my friend’s dad was in charge of the rangers on that base at the time is who brought me there. While there we got lost in some thick thicket of woods and took us a few hours to find our way out and then I think was when I met him. We went out and I don’t remember very much. I don’t even remember the ride going home only snippets of memory getting out of the car after the intercourse and looked like a big hill overlooking something, pain in the back seat, small part of the drive to wherever it was we went and I don’t know where. I thought I was on the left side of the car but I as not driving. Weird experience. I did not accept a date when he called again and a few months later saw his friend when I went in the golf shop, bar, dining area who smirked at me like he knew something. His last name was Tucker one of the older boys not the youngest who was my age. We were also busted on the same base for marijuana when a bunch of colonel’s kids went out to the ranger area to smoke some joints. I was the youngest person of about 8 kids and no one was holding and everything was on a blanket. It wasn’t mine. One of the kids didn’t show up and he was a son of the military police and obviously he told his dad or something or his dad had him set it up. He was supposed to have been there and usually was smoking with his friends. He was kind of a sorry person like his younger brother in that they had been affeminated by their dad who seemed like a bully. We did not really blame him because obviously he did not have a choice but he should have warned us. The rangers came in helicopters at night and put us in a row on our knees with rifles on us. Scared the shit out of us. Anyway it was quite a scene. All of the kids were colonel’s kids and this was at the time of the social experiment to allow black colonels to become generals via a quota system, you know, when Colin Powell got his chance to shine! A bit over done. My brother was there on his knees and told me not to say anything so I didn’t but no one asked me anything any way.

The Powell’s were there as well….Tracy and Brad Powell -my brother’s best friends at the time. Both kids of another colonel who lived down the street. Colonel Powell. Kind of coincidental. Colin Powell and the Powells. I guess Colonel Powell cried when we were busted for marijuana (we heard) though we were not charged….why and why did he cry?

Because it wasn’t about drugs it was about rank.

For some reason I felt like my dad blamed me but he didn’t say so. I just felt like he thought my brother had been led down the primrose path by me and he was four years older than me and it was my brother’s friends, not mine, not that I wasn’t misbehaving enough already. Same thing in Branson being an hour late (and it wasn’t my fault AT ALL. I wasn’t wearing a watch and I wasn’t in charge of the van, etc) and in Virginia during the trip to the theater (which was definitely not my fault and admitted to many years later) and watching a musical I thought was a good movie but my dad was sick at the time and weaker and I think affected by what attacked him in the hospital when Kristen had her baby (Malachi, not sure, but I think so who I yelled out to go back when at The Ark because he was about to get in trouble off of a ledge two or three stories high without family -his grandparents UNwatchful eyes while my mom was talking to some gnomes by the tree. Funny thing is that ledge had been broken off as if it had fallen or some kind of accident occurred there because it was damaged somehow and should have continued past the huge window (i think the cafeteria window but kind of reminded me of a window in front of a golf course type eating place but something happened there kind of like what you see en masse in Syria but this was after my dad had died the visit to see my mom….not sure about the ledge and whatever happened to it before or after my dad died.

which I think was a sign)

 when he had a TIA and whatever it was that blew down his front door off the hinges of his home that he built for no reason (the door event, that is).

My brother took two of his sisters to see some pretty rank movies a few times one about nazis abusing a jewish female captive and after the war they meet at a music theater and continue their sick relationship and cause each other pain for fun that he wanted us to see. Italian style, and a few other Italien movies at the time by some famous director and Swept Away, Affair in Paris (Marlon Brando-music was good) etc So what I tried to show the family was tame in comparison but I think I know why my dad acted funny was because of the pre movie before hand which was pretty rank for my dad. I could tell when eating hamburgers with my sister and her family at a restaurant with my dad and mom he was mulling over some things and had been very sick with bladder cancer and had been doing some type cancer chemo therapy and I could tell he was sorting things out and being attacked spiritually very acutely because it was Gary and Diane that got him to “accept Jesus into his heart” yada yada yada the BGEA conversion technique to destroy a good person and their relationships for evil (however there is God)  “suffer it to be so” kind a thing and most people do it to get some deranged pesky pests off their back and end up with a bigger one (the T-rex who can cause a greater amount of harm being so shallow, dense and vengeful) and because of who my sisters both succumbed to somehow through their husbands and friends. I think they also needed my dad’s help without realizing that was what they got and they need it. Takes a while to get a good representation or the whole picture and the lairs involved which are many. I have been at it for a while and barely scratched the surface, LOL I had no idea there could be so much of a falling out (discontent, controversy) over a mustard seed. It’s like inventing the wheel or discovering fire. It’s really amazing. I know this will sound really conceded but how has mankind made it thus far without me?   Just been winging it, huh? We are dealing with some nasty shit and I’m not just talking politics:


who was attacking me

and many others as well including them then

but he’s BERRY tricky and has fooled a lot of people, even Presidents!

Does a leopard change his spots?

He’s the sifter like a sieve: The holy one. A thief and many other bad things.

Simon simon…..Perez who thought he could save the children at everyone else’s expense because the leopard changed his spots and other things.


My dad didn’t cry

when we were busted but he was angry but not too terribly and soon after we moved to a different state and he retired. There are many worse things that can happen and I think he knew that. He had fought in two wars. He could paratroop with the best. I don’t think he merrily pushed people out the door. He was a leader.

He had perspective.

Both the Powell kids were with us that night Tracy and Brad Powell during the bust in fact I think it was their idea and their idea of location because they had been there before, I remember.  Both were very outdoorsy type people  and liked to hike, camp, etc  So he probably did not make general either I assumed unless…………..because because because. We were on the same base as the prisoner Capt. Callais of the Viet Nam War who murdered a bunch of people in Viet Nam (My Lai) and was under house arrest for trial in the army who kind of looked like Colin Powell but white. Very similar at least the pictures I saw a while back of Capt. Callais  but probably are in a state of change now.

Colin Powell isn’t very dark. He was sort of 

(O GAWD what’s the word?)

a compromise.

 Years and years later after Brad had some kids and a wife my brother went to his wife’s funeral and the way Brad acted toward him made my brother think he had murdered his wife on that bike trail when she had an accident and a spoke went through her kidney. Like kicking her off her bike on a big incline of some kind because that was the story but with out the kick.

A short time before the death of Brad’s wife my brother won a huge lawsuit against FedEx for employee harassment or something like that: Discrimination. So not sure why Brad treated my brother so badly and SNUBBED him at the funeral of his wife. My brother came to be a friend and to help him at his own expense. They had been best friends and went through a lot together so it was bewildering the way Brad acted, which would be to anyone in the same position.

Was it because he won the law suit against Fed Ex? Was it because Brad murdered his wife? Was it because of what happened before that night on a base in Georgia? Was something catching-up with Brad? 

Before she died my eldest sister befriended them and their kids in San Antonio. I don’t remember Brad’s wifes name but her daughter became friends with my eldest sister’s oldest daughter after I had spilled the beans (about Gary) to my sister. I don’t know why except maybe her hairdo but she reminded me of Peter Pan in a femal-ish way but a very quiet person. Both her and Brad and my brother contacted me in college before that when I was attending college and got me to do mescaline with them (which I had never done nor did again) and swam down the Perdanales River going down the waterfalls (and some camping as well another time) ruining my beautiful bathing suit. He was a photographer on the side.


(Not just one but at least three with rifles)

Idi he shine?

Back to that awful night: The girl who brought me to the ranger danger area whose dad was in charge of the Rangers was sleeping regularly with her white math teacher and coach at a black high school in the black neighborhood we were bussed to during that social experiment who also provided marijuana to both of us. I was offered heroin on the campus of that school and asked if I wanted to go out by the same african american and I said something like “no thanks my parents would not appreciate it” or something like that partially because of race and the heroin aspect and everything else going on.

Ecc 3: To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

Why does this verse not say “A time to murder?”Is there a difference between killing and murdering? Why does this verse not say “A time to conceive?” Is there difference between being born and conceiving? Why do we celebrate birthdays and not conceivedays? 

If I had known what would occur that night I probably would not have gone and if I had known ahead of time and told my parents they probably would not have let me go out that night. But that was then. There is such a thing as petting that used to be respected so pregnancy would not occur.

Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.
Obviously conception is meaning birth because it hurts naturally (remember Joan Rivers joke) and even when you have caesarian though not till a day later and since conception is not sex the moment your egg meets a sperm (dating) which can obviously without birth control can result in pregnancy.
 Now who conceives a bunch more than others??????? Those without birth control or strict Roman Catholiics there are other groups as well (in sociology terms) but they are  known for it. They used to say that about Jews breeding like rabbits etc so we have to be careful not to offend large families but it is conceivable that the RCC religion is causing others great harm when they tapse into countries threatening woman who have aborted retroactively with jail time influencing our election process way too much trying to pin candidates down on an issue that is mostly a woman’s issue a very private issue and contentious as well and fictionalized in many ways through tricks and something most people evolve or are evolving as they learn more and stirring up some zealots within government and churches to shame women for utilizing a right given to most of them by law out of need and common sense sociologically. In the past they banished women that were pregnant out of marriage now they’re doing the opposite and praising them its a bit insane and threatening other countries for not being the banished woman from the garden it’s hard to take:)

which is a historical inroad for a

Coup d’état

over other religions, states, and countries killing their enemies softly

without declaring war

because they would lose and they know it but they are sleazy beyond imagination

What woman ate the forbidden fruit?
in regards to the Genesis 3:16 verse above
I don’t know about you but sex is not hard to do
except maybe when you don’t expect it
 or if you are a kid 
or if you don’t like or love who you are stuck with
or if someone cuts off your clitoris/penis
as some do in muslim countries which the RCC is somewhat responsible for 


which may be conceivably a very convenient sneaky underhanded way to protect their mousy business and gain some assets of others at the same time though most of us don’t have gold teeth.

Why do we honor D-Day and not the days leading up to the day we landed on the shores of Normandy? Why don’t people christen a ship during it’s planning?

Notice the number of the verse above in Genesis! 3:16

What is the most popular verse of the gospels besides my ex’s favorite saying:

A thousand years is a day as a day is a thousand years.?

John 3:16

How do you pronounce GEN 3:16?

I’ll have to look it up in a paper leather bound version of the bible

to see if it is the same as on internet, but Very-Very interesting until then. If it is different I’ll let you know but if it is the same John 3:16 could be a mock of Gen:3-16. It’s a possibility or a Very BIG sign.

Dominic Grieve under pressure to explain CPS decision not to prosecute over gender selection abortion scandal

I’m against late term partial birth abortion because that is a birth and seems to me it’s a possibility that the idea was conceived by the Jesuits to protect the Vatican. There is no reason for late term partial birth abortion when you can have a baby born caesarian vs natural unless the woman is against scars and scar tissue or to impale a baby which is a vow made by those who are Jesuits to protect the Papacy, but it’s not a pap smear tactic it’s what they promise to do and since the Vatican is against abortion and birth control I would not put it past the Jesuits to do it and Pope Francis is a Jesuit. Is it only a mere coincidence? There’s a picture of a nun getting patted on the back by Pope Francis or getting kudos who was in those videos about babies brains being sucked out that we heard about during the time that the only female Republican candidate was still in the running for the nomination for the Presidency. It’s political folly to even use it as a way to get votes either in Clinton’s case or Trumps. This kind of folly might be why babies are attacked during their time of birth to deceive and it ought to be “off limits in a political forum.” just in case that is the reason for it occurring.

There are exceptions to every rule like someone living through an abortion as we heard from Trump and others if they are to be believed which I don’t know could be a presumption not based on facts but it’s fair game to include this particular exception:

Donald Trump, Here’s What It’s Really Like To Get A Late-Term Abortion

Just added the article above that I found in my bookmarks on my computer while looking and I guess some people have abortions in or near time of birth because they prefer having a male child such as in China or a female child because they are cute. Obviously world government is a fantasy because of the differing faiths and different beliefs ensconced in some societies. Since women are required to wear burkas or habits in some countries I hope we make it illegal to wear burkas and habits (which are all too similar) here in the USA. I heard about a woman who had 11 or more abortions and in my opinion she should have had those abortions and must have known something about herself or her husband or for health reasons. I never asked her reasons and only knew her for a spur of the moment wedding and reception I attended for my sister who told me about it. 

We did our duty for african americans happily at the time and we got fucked when we were in the military and after by the theocratic country/state that interferes in the affairs of men by using their malice of forethought to come up with the assisted suicide/murder incentives under the guise of the new enlightenment 

i.e. faith

Pope Benedict claimed faith was the new enlightenment meaning it was false and I suppose might hold other clues as to the false prophet

and blame women and their families who have had abortions or used birth control as their scapegoat and their social justice was an excuse and a reason for hospicing/MURDERING those that are the enemy of the false prophet

Is Pope Francis the False Prophet?


But He Is


I have mentioned a few times about the Benedictine Order of Monte Cassino in Italy that was destroyed or heavily damaged by American armed forces during WWll because it was housing and hiding Nazis that Ian Paisley wrote about in his blog  European Institute of Protestant Studies  who has since died and is now referred to as an anti catholic- Evangelical  from Ireland who

looks like my uncle

(The Man From U.N.C.L.E)


Growing up my uncle often reminded me of Victor Mature who played Samson in the movie Samson and Delilah, I think the secret weapon to Re-Catholicize Europe might have been Billy Graham. He started his Crusades in England. The Hearsts/Hursts  of Germany who owned the press swine press had the rest of the press puff Billy Graham in the USA! He made a pact to keep silent about each other to religious leaders in order to hold him unaccountable and to look squeaky clean and them as well.  The entrapper. Doesn’t the leopard represent Germany? Does a leopard change it’s spots? Another false covenant! Silence of the lambs but the people rose up eventually;) They didn’t make the pact for one thing and the covenant backfired. LOL Like the car ride to the theater I had with my family with the windows up without warning anyone and then in the theater.   SBD And none said C’est moi– The one bullet theory kind of got the ball rollin. And it started to stink and people started to notice using their sense of smell and eventually their ears and their eyes and developed a sense of awareness and intuition etc and then their hearts and their minds, etc.

which I have no idea if it’s true but have never noticed that tidbit of information before but things change conveniently on the internet. Hard to believe an evangelical is anti-catholic since the shill for Roman Catholicism was Billy Graham (BGEA) an evangelical. But since Franklin Graham was attacked by some in the business of some religions in the first term of the Obama Administration to be inclusive of Mormonism and not to call it a cult anymore anything is possible in order to unite the religions of the world to be a One World Religion. One of the things I think the people vowed to avenge (probably Jesuits) said was similar to what Obama said about teaching a lesson not to be forgotten but in this case was to the USA and that is what Obama said a while back about something in space and letting it stretch it’s legs after being let out of a box. So whatever was at Monte Cassino might have included something about the Prophet of Islam or Obama. Pope Benedict XVI had only a short space to be pope he said at the beginning of his pope-ship. He left a lot of clues. has in my option he knew he had only a short space to leave them. I think he was considered by the Roman Catholic CHurch a Judas for exposing their lies a few times and was replaced by a Jesuit Pope. I certainly got that clue when doing some research that the RCC did not like what Pope Benedict XVl did in some aspects. Pretty controversial stuff and took some guts to expose. Such as: Maybe the Jews aren’t responsible for the death of Jesus and other things .Pope Francis stole a necklace off a martyr hoping to gain courage that he told about early in his POPE career. NOt sure he was talking about Pope Benedict XVl or someone else I know but I think it has to do with Benghazi the infamous event that O’reilly the Jesuit who wrote a book called Killing Jesus because God suggested it never hardly ever reported about and seemed to avoid conspicuously and indubitably is involved somehow, IMO. 

My oldest sister flew on a plane to announce with me my peril to my parents (b/c she had had an abortion previously) and I had called her and lo and behold she sat next to a priest on the plane and she confessed something as if he didn’t already know.

Never happened again so obviously we were people of interest to the priest.

My ex did a book on tape for Gen. Powell about Gen. Powell doing sound effects later on after we were married many years later. I have no idea why. To noblize him?

My dad retired soon thereafter the marijuana raid because he was screwed by the army but he did not complain. He did not ever put down african americans that I had ever heard of in any way though one of his men was caught at the launderers getting his uniform pressed and told the person in front of the business and in front of someone we knew that my dad was a SON OF A BITCH. I have no idea of his race. We also had our Volks-wagon stolen by some young guy who went AWOL on that same base.

My dad wasn’t a SOB but he was a good colonel cared about training his men and would have been a great general but I was glad he was who he was. My dad. He never threw my abortion at me as a whipping tool and nor did my mom. (My ex does in his way.) We had some family issues and we worked through them when we were together after that except for one we didn’t know about till later.

 I told the ex I don’t need a new computer I’ll just take the one he promised for no reason many months before when he buys his new computer and then I left a site for him to peruse or examine on his computer behind a game screen he could not miss about Mother Teresa by Christopher Hitchens. Whether he read it or not I have no idea. Obviously testing me through trickery to incriminate me and to make me a party to what his family decided to do which was to starve their mom to death using a hospice in Michigan which he said was her wish not to go to an old folks home/nursing home that she had been employed by the likes of for many years. Kind of sleazy. 

Perhaps the answer to this dilemma is to improve old folks homes, nursing homes, senior living, etc. Instead of lowering our standards we could raise the standards of nursing homes, senior living, and old folks homes, and protect our service men, wives, and families better since they tried to protect us but it wouldn’t be Catholic if we did that. hmmmmm

my next post I think will be titled

Something About Vincent Bugliosi Bugs Me

besides his assertion that Oswald shot J. F. Kennedy. If only he had watched the Zapruder film he would have to know blood doesn’t spray straight up when a shot is fired from above.

Bugliosi should have been court marshaled by the army.

Maybe that will jog his memorial.

Branded themeBranded theme

Or how about this: Me Tarzan, you Jane!

(I can’t remember who of the close friends of my parents had painted a medium sized portrait in oil of Jackie Kennedy. Someone who was captivated, I think. I know it was a male. Maybe I will have a brainstorm of memory before I write this post.)

though I may change my mind b/c I’m not sure he is relevant for my purpose and

because I do that sometimes, LOL.

Evidently so does my ex because while talking about the women accusing Trump of groping them after he allowed some victims of Bill Clinton to speak and listening to a Fox analyst lie his ass off (Krauthammer) about the press not responsible for some of this stuff and after reading Michelle’s response to something about Trump via her husband Obama piling on against Trump I read an article that Trump never has run for political office and mentioned it to the ex-husband and he said, “Uh-uh (no), he never has.” and then he asked “Who said he did?”  and it seemed sincere and all I could say is “I don’t know.” LOL….He, the ex husband said that Donald Trump ran for President before this election cycle but to get into that strangeness is not worth it. Some battles are worth fighting and some aren’t. I think sometimes some people know not what they say, especially the press. Even Tom Hanks is calling Trump a gasbag but he has a movie coming out with a religious tone ….called something like Things Are Not What They Seem…I think that’s the name of it and probably on the level of The Da Vinci Code however I agree things aren’t what they seem.

‘Absolutely false,’ Trump defiantly responds to women’s groping allegations

Are they piling on and why didn’t we hear about this 8 months ago while there were 16 other Republican candidates? Did they forget? Why didn’t they come out when Donald Trump got divorced from Ivana for Ivana?

*Have you noticed how the Sea of Peter (Mediterranean Sea) is very land lock-ed as if were not as big once as it is now to separate some peoples. Have you ever wondered why only Spain and England sent out ships unto the west? Why didn’t Turkey or Italy or other great nations in history send ships westward besides thinking the earth was flat because it looked that way from their vantage point, I suppose. I think maps are being diverted like rivers in some places for some ungodly reason. I read that LBJ was a builder of dams, but where? Egypt? Why for monsieur?

The reason Hillary and others want open borders is b/c of the results of WWll (Israel) and her guru wants to undo it and it won’t happen.  Why?

Why do you think?

I think it is very unwise to have the nation’s capital on the East Coast especially these days  and because of commerce. “There asking for it.” to plagiarize Melania Trump’s exact words in her interview about the dirty politics going on. I think that’s what she said but I’m referring to the feds. I think it would be smart when the capital is moved to the center of the country that no press should be allowed except in each state for commerce sake sints there is no there there.


I asked the ex today on the phone if he had seen the screen/you tube of Christopher Hitchens expose about Mother Teresa and about assisted suicide that I had left on his computer screen behind a game he likes to play called WOW a family favorite which wasn’t on wide screen resolution. He said “no, he didn’t see it.” There is no way he didn’t see it! More than likely he didn’t want to see it so he could remain in ignorance:

Aretha Franklin – Don’t Play That Song (You Lied) [1970]

Ahead of that conversation he came in before leaving to go to work and asked “do you feel okay?” and something else in regards to how I was feeling and reminded me of Gary mocking me and I said “Yea, I feel great.”  I didn’t really feel great but I didn’t feel bad either but he was mocking me in a weird sadistic way…not sure why and then came in with a twenty dollar bill. Some kind of game he’s play’in!

My daughter and her boyfriend were planning on coming to town soon a few days before my birthday but not necessarily for my birthday because it was not mentioned only was it mentioned in regards to the new computer the ex wanted me to accept and the complicity of the hospicing of his mom getting money from her later that his mom had acquired somehow which I think is pertinent in sum capacity though I don’t know why. He tried to deny he used a hospice when on the phone, but he did. He told me: the hospice personnel came to check her vitals daily because I guess the hospital people or where ever it was she was housed didn’t know how. Perhaps the hospice took charge over the others involved in her care HAVING SUM KIND OF PRIORITY or AUTHORITY and the ex was on target as far as how long it would take to starve her to death compared to his brother who thought it might take quite a bit longer AS IF HE HAD EXPERIENCE.

I had previously told him the things my daughter wanted to do when she visited that we had discussed on the phone if she could fit those activities in and found out the ex had to work on Saturday night and my other daughter had to work also that day earlier. So he decided and told me that he had to work that night and they could come to his gig and have dinner and he could bring something back home to me. I had said right before he made his decision that my daughter and her boyfriend and my other daughter and I could do those things without him then since he had to work and his response was for them to hang out with him without me because he had a gig that night. He knows I don’t enjoy watching him play his sax anymore but that was not why he said what he said. Because I persist in my beliefs and he does not like it. I was not trying to exclude him.

So I called her today before that phone call above to the ex and told her “you know what there is no way to do all the stuff she wanted to do and told her about her dad’s plan and I told her I would not be hanging out with them and about the schedules and that the distance and time it would take for her to get to town and back that it wasn’t worth it,” and she agreed.

aretha franklin do right woman , do right man

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 11.56.59 PM.png

She agreed not just because she couldn’t fit it all in (the things she wanted to do) but because she loves me and wanted to spend time with me

(but the ex obviously did not want her to spend time with me but to attend his gig to be his audience because it made him look more important than me in his little nugget of a brain like Gary my brother-in-law wanting my family to isolate me so I would come back to the fold which would make him and my oldest sister look good when some shit hit the fan. The ex enjoys insulting me and so did Gary in his ways which were many and it got old. I do try to play it straight and communicate but some people don’t and I have a right to respond in kind.)

I felt relieved.

I don’t think he liked me turning him down about a new computer, do you? There is a word sum call people like him and it starts with a “p” and ends with a “k” with three letters in between and my premonition is he isn’t gonna have one when all is said and done. LOL

In essence,

I foiled his plan that he had conceived

by witnessing to her about

what he said to me 

because I did not agree

and it did not sit well with me.

Too bad Jesus didn’t come as a female without knowledge and see how he would handle it. That’s why I think trust in our parents is our best bet which is in the Ten Commandments. With all the discrepancies in the gospels and the other books after

it’s kind of hard to trust Jesus. You learn a lot in families,

but you don’t learn very much at church. 

You would think God would have made sure there weren’t those discrepancies! Couldn’t God have corrected the gospels so there weren’t those discrepancies and yet he didn’t. Why?

Know what I mean?

Cursing a fig tree? What a waste.

I have my reservations about Jesus deservedly. There are only a few sincere statements included by Jesus towards the female. Why? Sin no more? How? Was the prostate/prostitute or adulterer able to earn a living? Did he know she had a degree in nursing? He wasn’t much of a psychologist and why not say it to those accusers but all he did was put a line in the dirt/sand so what did that mean? I have heard some weird ideas of what he wrote and nothing so far is believable other than a line. (Is it akin to the red line like Netanyahu has drawn a few times at the UN?)  like watching mother teresa say forgive to a bunch of people in India after a big deadly event. Forgive what? Sin no more. Easy for Jesus to say but lets say the woman had kids, no husband, no job, and no money, no talent because nobody gave her a chance (because she needed at least two years experience to get a job.) So the men left the scene. Big deal. Did they learn from it. Doesn’t appear that the male learned anything so far as I have witnessed.  Cursing a fig tree was supposed to teach males anything? The church from what I noticed is a COMPLETE FAILURE. Don’t touch me he told Mary (because she wasn’t clean enough or because he wasn’t really there or just a hologram or did she lie?) There were a few Marys in the gospels and supposedly she saw Jesus after Peter saw the empty tomb and he saw two cloths not one cloth (one for the head and one for the body) or before not sure but why did he not allow her to touch him when he allowed Thomas to touch him. Had he seen the father in-between visitations? It doesn’t say in our gospels whether he did or not. Doesn’t make sense. And then of course there is the Shroud of Turin which is one cloth and has since been used to make a hologram which may be the reason she was not allowed to touch Jesus because he was untouchable.) and yet he let Thomas touch him. Who cleaned him when he died….Thomas? And then Paul / Saul who hunted christians at first and infiltraited later after he had a vision/conversion on the way to Damascus like Prince Charles and Paul introduces his family in one of the books after the 4 main gospels and one of them is Mary and tells the world you can have it all…talking about gods.


a sign for you all  man out there AND I DON’T MEAN JOY

You are not yet fifty and you have met Abraham? says someone to Jesus about a guy who supposedly died on the cross at the age of 33 or 36. “Is this knot the Carpenter’s son?” I don’t think they had anything other than Henna for coloring hair.

Woman what do I have to do with thee, he said to his mom in CANA where in the Old Testament there will be no Canaanites allowed in the New Jerusalem that comes down after revelation is through and in CANA he turns water into wine to get people drunk? Something weird about that discrepancy. Was his mom the caterer? Why would she care if the wedding guests ran out of wine? She was trying to prove something, but how sublime or was it a delay of some kind in Cana? Something there with that. Maybe at the time he was remarkable but people didn’t realize some of the things he did might have been tricks like spiking the water with a drug and purple dye and they lacked experience to know how those tricks could be achieved. Did he part the Red Sea….nope. That’s a tough miracle to beat.  I was gonna say follow but the hebrews did whether Moses was ahead I don’t know but he parted the Red Sea with the help of God. He did not throw his staff into the water as in the movie about Moses recently like Holy Grail type staff or like in the movie Brave Heart probably the same director. There are a few things that seemed believable and I have witnessed miracles but was it Jesus? He didn’t exactly sign the miracles I have seen. A few of them were tough to beat. What happened to Joseph? Never mentions Joseph who adopted him the one that did not put Mary away for being pregnant out of wedlock. Did Jesus not appreciate his adopted dad and went their separate ways? Tells a scribe or someone who followed him to let the dead bury the dead when his dad died. Sounds to me like he did not like his own dad to say that to another person about their dad who had died. Some Very big problems with the bible and Jesus besides the mustard seed problem of faith since it’s not the smallest of seed so why did he say it was?. Why did he only teach for 3 to 3-1/2 years. or does he teach in one half of tribulation? Why does he leave his family so they think he is lost? Very precocious. Is that godlike? Did he enjoy freaking out his parents. He could have said mom, dad, God told me to go over here and do some stuff so don’t worry. How hard would it have been to tell his parents? Wouldn’t God have wanted him to warn his parents so it must not have been God who was directing him as a kid and why? So he could be a show off doing God’s business??  

(Reminds me of another cousin of mine that my older sister ate poop with as a tot.)

It doesn’t make sense since we are supposed to honor our parents you tell them the truth…like saying: God told me to show off at the temple. Don’t ya think? Wouldn’t God have told Joseph and Mary since their own son didn’t and say don’t get mad, get glad?  

I think the Jesus that honors parents

to fulfill the law

wouldn’t do that to his parents, don’t you?

even as a kid.

Jesus does tell Peter to “feed my sheep” not starve them using a hospice as if he knew something way ahead of time. 2000 years ahead of time.

Obviously there were more than one Jesus. I think there were two Jesuses in the Gospel of John/Gen a fake one and a real one maybe or mixed up some information like in a card game of war and the loser threw up the cards like a 52 card pickup gospel wise to mix everyone up which appears to be the case. When Jesus died on the cross the temple curtain/veil (evil) a very thick curtain was torn in half from twain to twain. Obviously referring to Mark Twain and a distance in length and length of time as well from the time of Jesus, I think. Why was the veil torn when he was crucified. To show something about who was really running the temple: King Herod (O’reilly Mr. Jesuit) thinks it was the Jewish clerics but who occupied Jerusalem?: The Romans (RCC), and what sits supposedly on the mount? :The Dome of the Rock (Islam) and the courts were not who they seemed and Joseph of Ari-mathea was a just (as I am? Evangelical) sat on it and where was he from? Ari-stotle Onassis? Greece? How close is Greece/Germany to Rome? Also the holy books of the temple were stolen and taken to Rome (for the jews?) and the rulers at the time hired JOSEPHUS ben/ari (son of) Matthias (Matthew) adopted son of Flaviuses to rework the books (for the jewish clerics to blame themselves?) and for propaganda purposes. Matthew was a tax man and a follower of a false Jesus imo.

The Rising Sun  – Japan

Oreilly’s latest book The Rising Sun I guess about Japan. Best selling book out there because he gets to advertise it nightly. Japan, the Mother of all Martyrs for fascism in WWll attacking Pearl Harbor at the time and for the Neocatechumenal Way the next time. Do Neocats yen for pearls?

And a third of the waters were poisoned

by a tsunami because the Japanese Roman Catholics wanted a 5-year delay of the Neocatechumenal Way Why? Because of the rise in suicides. So a place like H.A.A.R.P. heated the atmosphere and the water like a microwave oven and caused tectonic troubles inducing an earthquake creating a tsunami (2011) which affected their nuclear plant producing a nuclear accident/disaster (like Bhopal) and Obama tweeted “Another was on it’s way.” Another what? Another shall gird thee and carry thee where thou would not….. another as in Billy Graham/Frankln Graham/the BGEA

to offer his assistance and insistence to minister

and to release the poison every few months

because they have no choice


Rudolph But had to blame the female for pollution to make money on Climate Change/Global Warming

You mean it wasn’t microwave technology from H.A.A.R.P.?

It was those little women? Are you daft?

-No But he is.

What about the tsunami in the Indian ocean (2004) that altered the axis of the planet earth causing it to wobble about 7 years or so before that??? (not just physically but politically)

It was the little woman.

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:
it is the smallest sovereign state in the world by both area and population.

Dire Straits – Money For Nothing + lyrics

From Twain To Twain

Possibly referring to the saying “Never the twain shall meet?”

“Never the twain shall meet


Two things which are so different as to have no opportunity to unite.


Twain derives from the Old English twegen, meaning two. The phrase never the twain shall meet was used by Rudyard Kipling, in his Barrack-room ballads, 1892:

“Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.”

There, Kipling is lamenting the gulf of understanding between the British and the inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent. It may well be that he coined the phrase – at least, I can’t find an earlier citation of it in print.”

Course it’s in one of the gospels (Gospel of Mark) “from twain to twain.” referring to the veil of the temple when Jesus was crucified:

The Holy of Holies and the Veil

Sounds a bit like one of the Pauls in this description and the same kind of convincing about faith. It’s very easy to get sucked into some of the explanations for the torn veil because of a morsel of truth within. Could also mean kangaroo court run by Paul and Jesus put him on notice in a big way because it was no small feat!.

4″thick “and that horses tied to each side could not pull it apart.”

The Thickness of the Temple Veil

“Tabernacle. The Holy of Holies was covered by a veil, and no one was allowed to enter except the High Priest, and even he could only enter once a year on Yom Kippur (the day of atonement), to offer the blood of sacrifice and incense before the mercy seat.”Anyway this article says the veil was Babylonian….need I say anything else? Maybe so: Whore of Babylon? scarlet and purple/cardinals and bishops/roman occupation that is probably why it rent in two from twain to twain. The same group/religion that changed the Ten Commandments? The least merciful …WWll.(6 million jews) (not in battle) their neighbors and fellow countrymen, women and children…..etc >>>>>>Poland>>>>and  now going after women who have had an abortion retroactively but it won’t stop there. It’s the beginning and it’s the end. Bowing down to Islam. It’s called fascism the schism of the world and it’s about vengeance and money, breaking every commandment as long as you let them without confrontation, the RCC wants to make our decisions for us, who fucks us, who gets married to who, who gets leniency/anullments and convenient miscarriages, indulgences, now wanting to sell ashes in catholic containers, hospicing the elderly and looking the other way and those they resent because of WWll and our military that made a difference then anyway, and the fascists loss of face, and getting caught with little boys and girls and money laundering, etc, i.e.. transfer of wealth or redistribution of wealth eventually to be in their money grubbing palms by hook or by crook, etc. Mostly because they have dumb rules about marriage and all the other things that screwed their minds and want us to go along and because of fear of Islam who they cozied up to and want us to bail them out so to speak, or else. A catch-22 but it doesn’t have to be this way which is the wrong way.

Don’t let them get away with it.

We don’t need their intel. It’s false intel. I think we are in WWlll without announcing it and we were attacked on 9-11 and kind of defended the wrong people somehow. Kuwait? I remember the press were involved and I think it was a hotel and some sort of attack and it might have been a Big Deception by the press. It seemed like it was deception even at the time. We started having hearings in Congress about the rape of women in Kuwait?

Using women as an excuse in Kuwait and then abortion in Poland as an excuse against women.

I sure don’t recall a bunch of Kuwait pregnancies.

Do you? The IraQ war was the veil.

We want to defend women after the fact but they and their families can’t defend themselves after the fact so they can be used some more?

Is that how it works with the RCC and Islam?

This way no one can win?

To be or not to be, that is the question.

To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer. The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune (a bunch of birds attacking you),

Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles

(the Papacy)

 And by opposing end them: to die, to sleep.

Our country will be destroyed if we don’t win.

When did we become a bunch of losers?

When we were Romanced by Rome?

Iran and Iraq were at war. Something like that but it’s been quite a while. Who attacked us? It wasn’t Syria. Got off the track. Why? BAD INTEL. Dumb deals. One of the richest countries per capita is Saudi Arabia and below it is a country called Yemen and they are starving from what I saw in the news (in a civil war)


Enter a caption

“… least 10,000 people have been killed in fighting between Saudi-led Arab coalition and the Iran-allied Houthi movement.”

Severe malnutrition in Yemen

but I think with lots of help from Saudi Arabia who I think started the trouble in Syria with hired hands using our tax dollars probably laundered by the Vatican Jesuits (the mob). It was their citizens whether they trained in Afghanistan, Florida, or wherever the Saudis are responsible because the Saudis raised them and their discontent. Islam should not have freedom to worship in our country not after attacking the US, nor in Israel. They should not have mosques to further their plans.( The Dome of the Rock.) They should leave, imo. without diplomatic immunity. ET phone home. We don’t need their oil. I think the Jesuits of the RCC are involved. We have the right to take their oil after what they did to New York. We have been bleeding for a long time and haven’t stopped the bleeding and we have not been the same since then and our country will go to hell if we don’t handle it once and for all.

It was like we suffered decompression.

I think it’s called The Bends

to Islam.

Aladdin and the Seven Seas type deal and the veil

thick as thieves.

South Asia largest population of Hindu’s and largest muslim population in the world.


Lots of references to Hindus (woman in teal/satin and only woman/wife dressed in color and there are ten not 8 wives but the one that interests me is the woman with the lampshade hat who looks from afar though I don’t know her body type very much like MLK’s niece like she did or didn’t want to be noticed but it’s an unusual hat.) at G8 meeting in L’Aquilla, Italy July 8-10th 2009. Don’t know the significance of painting in the background but I guarantee it has some meaning. Here is another picture of her standing next to Mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno. She has a way of calming and comes on Fox news often for that purpose in the name of faith, I think. I often think: Is she for real? Or is she a puppet? Course it might not be her, lol. She Quells!



Is her name Faith, I wonder not for joy?


Power (n) of Oman, Isn’t he? The country next to Yemen below Saudi Arabia??????

Tell no man that he was Jesus the Christ……

Gianni Alemanno

Matthew 16:19-21King James Version (KJV)

19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

20 Then charged he his disciples that they should tell no man that he was Jesus the Christ.

21 From that time forth began Jesus to shew unto his disciples, how that he must go unto Jerusalem, and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day.

Ale | Define Ale at
Old Saxon alo, Old Norse öl), perhaps from PIE root meaning “bitter” (cf. Latin alumen “alum”), or from PIE *alu-t “ale,” from root *alu-, which has connotations of “sorcery, magic, possession, intoxication.” The word was borrowed from Germanic into Lithuanian (alus) and Old Church Slavonic (olu).

Ale | Define Ale at

Old Saxon alo, Old Norse öl), perhaps from PIE root meaning “bitter” (cf. Latin alumen “alum”), or from PIE *alu-t “ale,” from root *alu-, which has connotations of “sorcery, magic, possession, intoxication.” The word was borrowed from Germanic into Lithuanian (alus) and Old Church Slavonic (olu).

Remember the earthquake tsunami in the Indian Ocean?

Dec 26th, 2004

So severe it altered the earths axis physically and politically


NASA Details Earthquake Effects on the Earth

Some sort of sign or signal

I survived the tornado Dec 26th, 2015

and Hwy 1 before that!

Eleven years difference: Interesting because of my theory about time in an earlier post on one of my blogs!

Twain as a Unit of length

twain =fathom/measure of water ….fathom =6 feet (about 1.8 meters)……. twain to twain =12 feet of water (3.6 meters) or meaning 6-2/to-6

Imperial fathom =2yards=6feet

fathom to understand

understand to understand/comprehend to understand/to penetrate a mystery of/discover the meaning of

How many gallons are in a fathom?

Noah’s Flood to Jesus  (or to Mark Twain?????)

green tree-Jesus-dry tree/sell ashes?

So what happened when Mark Twain came into existence because he sure couldn’t talk in the womb nor write books in there either in regards to Israel or Jerusalem? A while back quite a while back I read what he witnessed when he came to Palestine and it wasn’t complimentary about Palestine. He basically said it was a mess. I forget his description but it meant uninhabitable….illiterate…….slum which was before the Jews returned after WWll.

When the desert blooms was when Jesus was on his way supposedly and it bloomed. Which desert? Which Jesus returns? The destroyer or the redeemer? or both? Or many? I’m not trying to demean any particular group in Israel but it was what he wrote and what you do is up to each person. I don’t think digging tunnels to attack civilians is helpful. Telling lies at a peace table isn’t helpful but I do think something or someone has put a spell on you whoever you is. Fear can cause a lot of trouble, I think. Fear of the wrong things or Fear of the right things. It’s a tough dilemma.

Pope Benedict came out with some ZINGERS:

“Maybe it wasn’t the jews who were responsible for the death of Jesus.”

“Faith was the new enlightenment!”

“A World Government with Teeth” another one

and after that he retired quite drastically and dramatically in



a sign?

How many Popes do that?


Was he one of the first Popes of the 101st Airborne paratroopers?

For the truth he really did



with some mighty Zingers

Then came Benghazi.


This is supposed to be my dad. I recognize his mouth and chin which I loved in a physical way without desiring him incestually and other things too like his sense of humor: “Walter Root you handsome Brute,” he used to say in front of the mirror. It was funny. I have no idea if it’s real or not but it’s on the internet and it is scary stuff and has to do with Benghazi, obviously. I don’t understand what happened there except a lot of bad stuff and a cover up involving Leon Panetta, John Kerry, Obama, The US. State Department, The Vatican who funded other protests in the area and the Jesuit sidekick of the Jesuit Pope  Francis gave Susan Rice the excuse “a videotape”, and others involved. Pretty cruel to use against me.


This is my dad ….a man’s man and a wonderful woman’s man and he was and is tough and loving.

So all of this is not easy cheesy for me. I believe he warned me about Obama Care first on TV when Obama Care started and may be why he looks like the picture above this one somehow at Benghazi. I took notice because I recognized him in his eyes on that occasion.

I did not understand the full implications of Obama Care then and because it grew like a bad seed. Nobody read it for one thing and were under some kind of spell. I knew something was very wrong about it besides the other signs I received and noticed over a period of time.

I did not know about the real threat of hospicing for quite a while.

I think I know how it passed. A gas, invisible and undetectable because I watched as Obama made a speech and at other press conferences but arriving late and put a spell on everyone using the gas via air ducts to prepare and condition his audience to make them compliable. I know it’s been done before in a far off place in another way to fight terrorists in a theater and with a different type gas. It was in the news way back when. That is how Obama plays….down and dirty. I think that’s why Congress applauded when an unarmed woman was shot and killed at the gates of the White House property by the Washington Park Police and Secret Service and they took her baby which was in her car. Remember when he was telling his workers (*Federal workers) to stick with him during the government shut down? She looked like my little sister in her youth same pose as a photo I remember but darker from that picture that was put on the internet somehow. Don’t know why it was used. Supposedly she was from Connecticut where my brother-in-law was raised as a teenager in Greenwich in their mansion. Kind of a strange thing to do. I kind of figured that we are dealing with a cult using cultish tactics to influence or to scare me as if I could do anything about it. Like the cat on the back of a motorcycle going down the HWY when my cat was missing. Reminds me of the Greta shows about missusing people or mysterious murders. Macabre style of intimidation. Since they were camping with the Grahams not literally I figure it has something to do with him and her getting shot 5 times in the leg and able to walk with her tongue on the side of her mouth in Caifornia terror attack at the airport and it must be something similar. I did that as a baby -chewed my tongue But I was still wearing diapers-  I did grow out of it eventually.

So bring it on- Seal

So let’s see the videotape involved in Benghazi excuse and the videos of babies brains being sucked out via partial birth abortions. Let’s see what you got. 

Anyway the deal is everything they do is a cover up that they are covering up. Everything.

An aside: Our government politicians have no understanding of what they are trying to cover up. They are pawns but they think they have the upper hand and they don’t, fooling themselves thinking they are fooling us. Worldwide problem imo. Even the elect will be fooled, if it were possible and it is possible. Right now they think they are in top of the situation with all their schisms and investigations but it keeps changing on them daily, hourly, minute by minute, and getting to be like a top spinning faster and faster..

My dad respected my mom and when referring to himself and her he said

Dorothy and I

When he named his home building business they named it

 Dorwalt Homes

but she was not on a pedestal and nor was he on a pedestal.


She helped his career He helped with the kids. She had a career too. She helped pay for college tuitions and horses, etc. Back and forth kind of relationship. Give and take.

The problem with those papers people often sign for no life-saving measures is the bar keeps changing and so do politics and religion. His bar was a high bar. While my mom was out of the room my siblings thought they knew what was best and I voiced my desire to give him every chance to live.

If my siblings were so sure of themselves why not discuss it in front of my mom, his wife? I know what my mom would have said but I did not realize what my si-blings were up to! I had never been through it before.

Bush was
president, then.

Soon after I witnessed Dr. Denham interrogate my mom, but I didn’t realize his intent. Asking her the date. When you are alone and don’t have a job you don’t worry about the date. Often I don’t know the date and that should not be a litmus question for people living alone. She couldn’t drive so it was not fair and he is an asshole and I hope he feels it in his asshole. He was unreachable by me even using his business card because why? The phone number had changed and he didn’t change his business card to reflect the change. That was when he was traveling back and forth to Virginia. He was only at the retirement center for retired vets and wives one night a week for three hours. Wednesday nights from 6-9:00 PM. They only had two doctors and he was one of them in San Antonio Texas at The ARC. The Army Retirement Center. I hope he gets to live there as a patient in his old age.

It’s not a good idea to trust anyone anymore.

Obama was president then.

Before all of this stuff occurred my brother took my mom and dad on a cruise to Egypt.

Then the insurance provider in Dallas denied my mom (by then she had been moved to Assisted Living at The Arc) a dedicated oxygen generator and my older sister and her husband Gary Kircher were in charge being the executor of my mom’s estate and they live in Dallas or they did at that time.

Then she was hospiced without my knowledge for two weeks and then my sister called me to tell me my mom had died while the hospice and the hospital argued about what treatment to give her. The hospice interfered and seemed to have power over the hospital.

My older sister said she knew my mom would not want to live like that and then she said she loved me and I haven’t seen or heard from her since. I did not go to the funeral, nor was I invited but my daughter did to honor my mom.

I begged her not to go because my family was on the edge and I feared for her life because of what David said to me on the last visit I had with my family: he said if I came to visit my little sister to not bring any friends …just my kids and it seemed a weird thing for a man to say. Most men aren’t that concerned and manipulative in regards to family visits. Not any of his money was spent on their home. He was using my sister. She met him on a dating service on the internet. Their guest room was in the garage that they added on and I was suspicious because of the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning which sounds extremely paranoid but strange things had been happening and I know I have made some enemies in regards to faith and the mustard seed phenomenon having nixed the new enlightenment with some (I think) powerful evidence and posts. My older sister told me that he was at the hospital when my mom died and that my little sister was beside herself. He is also from Michigan. A lot of weird people are from there like my ex. Very Catholic neck of the Northern woods though they were born in the cities of Michigan.

Before my mom died my daughter read a book called Dorothy Must Die. It bothered me. My daughter loves to read and it was a popular book but I felt the power of suggestion in that title which I wrote about in an earlier post. My older sister’s mother in law was called Dorothy and Dottie for short. My mom’s niece was named Dorothy (Dottie) and she was killed on a Christian trip for the purpose of spreading the gospel in Asia and/or near or in Russia via a car wreck years before. Her mom was the woman that fell off a two story building and broke her neck pinning laundry out too dry on a line and previously her husband had tried to abort her baby by driving her down a rocky bumpy dirt road. She was 26 when she died. Her name was Lorene (like my grandmother a DAR member and my older sister) though they called her sister later when referring to her. It was very hard on the family. He took the kids and remarried. My little sister’s middle name is Dorothy and David her second husband told her son he was guarding my sister, jokingly but I was suspicious of him already. In their garage is a portrait of my dad on the wall in front of their addition to the house the guest room. Strange place to hang a portrait of my dad and a picture on another wall in the garage of David catching a ball in his baseball mitt. My older sister told my little sister that she dreamed about David on a bridge with him kissing him and my little sister was below watching when my little sister was married to her first husband David. My little sister’s first husband was David and her second husband was called David who resembled quite remarkably Obama’s DOD Chuck Hagel “How much wood does a Woodchuck wood if a Woodchuck could chuck wood” who said he did not question Obama’s motives and told America to “get ready America” and also resembled the Queen’s ring bearer at the Queens Diamond Jubilee 50th or 60th anniversary a few years back. To some he would be considered handsome, but not to me. The Queen’s family think they are the direct descendants of King David of the OT King David of the bible. My older sister kind of inspired some jealousy in my little sister and suspicion by her telling her her dream which was a bit strange especially because of her own husband’s penchant for sneaking up and the molestation of me when I was asleep and other weird things. When we hugged a few times as a family greeting he felt dead to me like a corpse.

Just a feeling I had plus he liked to rattle his wife, my little sister. They lived in a place called Bridalwood before they invested money from her divorce settlement on their country home.

When my daughter came back from the funeral she said my nieces and nephews did not blame me for not showing up but they did not know I wasn’t invited and that I had been banished from staying at my little sister’s house where they stayed and had been previously called Satan and the Devil because of some e-mails setting the story straight because of some strange e-mails threatening my mom at least I felt their threats by their insane reactions and actions. I tried to write some lawyers to help me and they did not help. One even said “it wasn’t his wheel.”

Anyway, my little sister who was not the executor of my mom’s estate socked away $35,000 in her savings account before the hospice deal and no telling what deal was made for the others in my family. I have no idea but I guarantee it was more than $35,000. When hospicing was first mentioned by my little sister I did not know what it was. When she discussed it it was to be at her country home so mom could see the deer and the lake in the canyon. Made it sound so nice. And then I found out there would be no doctor involved. And she whispered on the phone that it was free via Medicare or Medicaid because of Obama. Why did she whisper? I tried to tell her about traveling doctors and it didn’t gel because it wasn’t free and yet she socked away $35,000.00 in her savings account of my mom’s estate which my older sister was in charge of being the executor. My older sister, my older brother and I nixed the idea a little more than a few months before my older sister called to tell me of my mom’s death.  That’s why I got busy writing them and setting things straight because I felt some strange vibes and possibly revenge b/c my brother in law lost money on the stock market and the molestation crap. I don’t know how much but it was a lot and not just his own money while he worked for a Stock Broker Firm and tried to hide it for months which might have been housed in one of those towers that was destroyed on 9-11. His dad was President of Conoco Oil for quite a while. For some reason they blamed my mom and I was the one that when my uncle called about his money told him Gary lost it. It affected their life style quite a bit. They still were were well off and probably were on their tenth home. I had only ever owned one home but like Babs her friend said, “it is harder for those that had money to lose it than those that don’t.” It was surreal at the very least. Evil, because she had my mom hospiced without telling me two weeks before my mom died. What was I supposed to tell my uncle, my mom’s brother? I was brief and didn’t really know anything other than he was trying to make it back on the stock market……..That was all I knew and all that I said having to do with their loss. He called me I did not call him. My older sister and her husband and his birth family hob-nobbed with the Bushes because of the oil businesses they were in and went to the place to watch golfers once a year with the jet set at the Master’s Golf show and to their vacation spot the Bush Compound Kennebunkport, Maine.

During the September 11 attacks in 2001, there were 2,996 people killed and more than 6,000 others wounded. These immediate deaths included 265 on the four planes, 2,606 in the World Trade Center and in the surrounding area, and 125 at the Pentagon.

It was revenge and those towers well it is BERRY possible the terrorists with BOX CUTTERS were trying to hit the Stock Exchange and didn’t quite get there.

Do you see the slippery slope?

My niece watched on a rooftop in Brooklyn on 9-11 like my mom watched on a roof top when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

Do you see a correlation?

Pandora’s box has been opened!

Leon Panetta knows a lot more than he is saying in regards to Benghazi. I know he does and if I were you……I’d get real busy like little bees to find out what it is he knows! Your lives may depend how you handle it regardless of the elect.

The way I look at it I would rather see the world destroyed then live the way I have to live or see the way my daughters have to cow tow to a bunch of shit boys.

Why should I cry for you: Sting



Eventually the feds will give up.

The Presidents, Perez, and other stuff 

I think making a deal with the devil isn’t smart like what I think occurred with Perez from the very little I know or think he said in regards to children vs what, and it sure as I can comprehend it, it didn’t work. What about the kid in Yemen? I think it has to do with abortion vs hospice either in secret talks or secret agreements. A swap like a hostage situation and you don’t make deals as I recall with blackmailers because they definitely aren’t to be trusted. And who benefits by a deal like exchanging people but the bible talks about buying and selling men’s souls I think gender inclusive regardless of race but I guarantee religion is involved. And if the past has any bearing the RCC stinks. BABEL- Pentacost – speaking in tongues -strange fires – feet of them/fetuses/crap-trickery- lies- doublexcrossing within families-in marriages – divorces, etc which the Book of Acts certainly demonstrates -all those catholic dogmas. And scarlet and purple (cardinals and bishops) all those other vivid clues in Revelation.

 I do not have a golden cup. LOL Not a big wine drinker. I might have had one wine this year. I don’t wear a string of pearls, etc. I don’t drink blood. I like gravy though on my turkey and mashed potatoes so I know I’m not the whore of Babylon. Nor is my mom but she could juggle! LOL…. a lot of things.She could play ping-pong without even moving and beat you. Very graceful at it. I wasn’t the only one that noticed even her grandson noticed she was talented, very quick even when she was quite old. My little sister’s son, Ben.

Obviously I may misunderstand some things if evidence is missing.


but I don’t feel like being trite about the Great Deception.

Pope Francis: Priests Can Forgive Abortion

If Women Are ‘Contrite’

Do Roman Catholic priests represent God or the Pope?
Anyway the ex keeps persisting that I allow him to buy me a new computer and I keep persisting that he listen and watch Christopher Hitchens about Mother Teresa and he says he doesn’t care about Mother Teresa and never did. But of course that is not the point. It is what is being thrust upon us by evil in exchange for the right to a safe abortion for females which is not a bargain the difference being freedom for families to make decisions regarding their daughters and females the same without our parents having to be murdered for inheritance sake or females having to go to jail retroactively depending on your relationship with the RCC using the hospice deception and as an inroads for catholic priests/evangelical fruitcakes to control our lives which is basically making a deal with the devil which is a very bad deal. I think it kind of started with a judge that swore in LBJ on a plane after JFK was assassinated for a healthy inheritance. 100 million $. It’s a bad deal and one we don’t have to make. What we have to do is dethrone the Papacy and its henchmen/women.

There is difference between ignorance and willful ignorance, I think. Anyway I liked Assange’s contributions and in particular his message on Drudge today “Keep fighting” and it helped me to overcome some hideous feelings about the people in the pictures above wearing blue and white supporting Mother Teresa. I think Assange has helped America and the world to see some things we needed to see and like Snowden’s contributions  we need to be aware of the things our country does because this is our country and we affect other countries and the people of the United States. Many of our politicians have betrayed the US citizens and our armed forces in order to protect the Vatican’s interests which is the enemy to their own laypeople/parishioners and everyone else. imo. The Vatican protects the mafias and vice-versa and it’s interests. The Papacy should never have been allowed to return to power. I hope both of the candidates bring up the Hospice Crisis in their last debate because it may be their last chance to divulge the information which is very important for other people to understand the implications in the future giving Catholicism Papacy organization control of who marries who and other personal family choices basically making slaves, the bullshit excuses for the hospice practice, the hidden dangers and hidden temptations involved, but it would take courage and I don’t think either candidate possesses that kind of courage or one of them would have done so already, but perhaps the press is holding them back and maybe it isn’t really a live debate which would certainly be a prophetic twist.

What is the deal with the press,

seemingly trying to stump Trump? The last time was whether if he did not get the nomination would he change parties and they could not pin him down and then because of his I think genuine concern that the election is rigged the press asked if he doesn’t win the election will he


the results which seems to coincide in timing with my ex telling me to just accept it i.e. a gift, a new computer before I probed him about how he was able to get the new computers and found out it was with his mom’s money that she left to her sons upon her death etc.

Winners don’t give in to petty demands: the silliness of the Press.

If we find out the press is lying or makes a mistake will they accept

an out of court settlement against them

for a billion dollars?

Trump was not pinned down it seems and why should he if he feels that the election is rigged and the Fox News Press Debate questioneer Chris Wallace probed him more about whether he will accept the results of the election outcome and Trump said, “I’ll keep you in suspense.” and then Fox anchors made a huge big deal about it after the debate which is really weird. Why should he accept the results of the election if he thinks the election is rigged? Another bizarre proclivity of those trying to stump Trump.

 I heard thunder


but I don’t know the meaning!

I did not watch the whole derate but heard Trump say Hillary was nasty in regards to some answer she gave having nothing to do with sex or her husband Bill Clinton or women but I forget what it was in regards to and the press afterwards made a to-do about it after the debate but Chris Wallace didn’t ask anything about the groping news of late at least not the portion of the show that I watched so I think this debate was pre-taped and not live, but like I said I did not see the whole debate.

A far as whether the election is rigged

if Assange and Snowden can get private e-mails or NSA secure information or China can steal inventions etc then any one can rig the election and we should find a better voting apparatus or better voting procedures:  The old fashioned way might be the best way to go: hand written votes, hand signatures, with identification of course and proof of citizenship such as copies of birth certificates and drivers licenses. Use computers only to confirm the information and then have the votes notarized by a notary public to assert the authenticity of a vote. A big hassle but would give notaries some work to do and they would have to be equipped to bare responsibility for the votes they notarize. Generate some jobs at the same time. They could be paid by the hour by the states involved. I think with good workers with training could be done with proficiency and swiftly and be a great way to make extra money especially if we stagger election days a bit to make it profitable yet keep results under wraps till everything checks out as far as legitimacy and off of the news stations so they won’t influence voter turnout or announce the wrong results and fine them or imprison them if they try to influence the elections in any way and if they do it anyway don’t allow them to be involved in future debates, and take them off the air for 6 months or so in the meanwhile and sue the crap out of them to pay some national bills.

I asked the ex again the next morning if he watched the you tube by Christopher Hitchens about Muther Tersia (mother teresa) and he hadn’t and didn’t understand why he should listen to an atheist. I said,”they probably wouldn’t be atheists if it weren’t for (Roman) Catholicism.”(fucking up the world which was inferred and not said.)

He announced before he left this morning that he was going to get my power cord for my laptop. He’s being very congenial at the moment. I am going to continue to persist in him learning about the hospice crisis so that he may know it’s the wrong way. Then he gave me his old used computer because he bought a new one with the money he got from his brothers in Michigan and their mom Violet whom they starved using a hospice free from either Medicare or Medicaid via Obama Care. 

My daughter came in and asked me if I liked my new computer and I told her it’s not a new computer it’s a used computer and he owes me because I worked for many years for free (and he promised to give it to me when he got a new one way before he decided to hospice his mom which I did not say to her) And she said “it’s new to you” and from that standpoint it is new. I did not explain to her how he bought her a new computer because she would not understand, yet, the implications of what his family did. She barely gets a lot of things and to bog her down with the information to process it might hurt her relationship with either him or me and it’s not the right time for her to know. It’s hard enough with the divorce and living together for her to deal with his tricks which is what it is to gain favor and to try to make me look less than him. He’s a scoundrel.  I do think he will regret it eventually.

We don’t have sex, we live together. I don’t or rarely cook or clean house anymore because of my resentment for many things. He has told me he hates my guts and he seems to want me to be dependent on him and gets a lot of help his way to keep me down as much as he can. It’s weird. He must be being compensated somehow or he would not do it and it has to do with Catholicism.

Some kind of deal.

I do know he loves it when I lose and hates it when I win but you would never know it as an acquaintance. He whistled when I lost and he doesn’t go around whistling normally but he did then because he’s possessed and jealous when i win. or do something decent. I hope I win a billion times more than I lost to shut him up for good. My dad loved seeing women win especially my mom because it benefitted him as well when she succeeded and sure some he didn’t feel that way about. Something’ quirky about my ex besides the usual shit.  You think he get over it b/c I really haven’t caused his problems but when I saw one acquaintance give him the cold shoulder one day and his reaction was a bit much, not so he would know. One person who I doubt meant any harm and that was all it took for the ex to act ridiculous about it in quite a few ways. He could not handle a small rejection by one person on one particular moment. He became inexorably paranoid about it.  That is not normal, is it?

I think my ex’s behavior is a form of persecution and he was raised catholic so it’s conceivable it’s Catholic persecution put it together with all the things he has done it adds up with some help from other deceived religious/political groups that were spawned from Catholicism, possibly Islam since what I learned from Walter Veith and his series you can watch for free called Amazing Discoveries and many other titles or buy for listening on the road about their relationship and locations of their churches and worship centers, shrines and holy places in other countries, usually walking distance from each other and some similarities such as the faith/mustard seed debacle. He was catholic and learned some interesting stuff so he is very considerate of the Catholic mind set.


It probably has something to do with

the false covenant. 

Was a Covenant made with the press? Who made a covenant with the press if it is the case and does it have to do with JFK and his infamous speech directed to the press that was taped but not live?


After reading the gospels and before I got into the snag of comparing the gospel accounts I read the Book of Acts when a communal religious sect run by Peter wanting to put the fear of God in everyone and needing to because this group thrives off of society and desiring someone else’s land (Sapphira’s land) which is a sin of the Ten Commandments (to covet) with the help of that person’s husband (Ananias a double crosser) tricked her into lying to Peter about the value of the land and the price it was sold at (and his Holy Spirit Ananias) who must be related to Matthew the tax collector who knew what price the land was worth and how much the land sold for and in order to protect her husband’s lack of total trust in this insane Peter/Holy Spirit/Ananias (and having to do with the right not to testify against a spouse . I’m not sure if she isn’t allowed to testify against him or if it’s a choice) gets slain and taken out of the room by a bunch of feet in the Book of Acts it says “feet of them”: obviously referring to feetuses. abortion type fetuses:This story  has to do with the Evangelicals + Roman Catholic relationship and their compunction to steal from society freedom to not trust their insane ideology and their excuses and compunction to enable and entrap females (pregnancy out of wedlock or abortion and everything in between) to keep them enslaved which has to do with the false covenant and having nothing to do with morals but with covetousness using every trick in the book to rob the people of life to live unhindered by bunch of reprobates who think life starts in the womb (not really but just to deceive and because of the love of money in the wrong way because life in the womb is uninsurable and uninsured even by their standards) and not at the time of conception (birth) which is outside the womb when a child is born thinking they own a female’s womb and because this fanatical group of mostly fags who hate women like Ganswein of the RCC -the popes handler- who want to live off others and could care less about normal homosexuals who like females or babies that are born will stop at nothing to achieve slavery of everyone including homosexuals, females and unborn fetuses and babies born I was astonished by the gaul of these reprobates and knew something was wrong. (How many spermatozoids don’t make it to the egg? millions with I think different codes and combinations. And how many times does pregnancy not occur even without any type of birth control and/or with birth control so it’s a pointless breech of freedom to argue about conception in the womb until birth which is success if wanted and when desired by first the female and seconded by the male and because of the many things that can occur because of politics and religion either hindering health and many other hazards : such as hidden agendas) Over a period of time I did some heavy thinking and comparing to get the picture. Their covetous ways is why the RCC and the papacy and it’s credent’s (evangelicals) needs to die a quick death (dethrone them, divorce them, deceive them by telling them the truth which is an an anomaly to demystify them and destroy them and their nonsense, dethrone them, defy them, deter them, deride them, etc) to clear the water so that we can live life unhindered by their LUNACY! These two groups need to surrender to truth but I don’t think it will be easy for them to do and I  do think some thing occurs such as some army that God puts the thought of destroying them into their hearts does it for us pretty soon and I think a mountain falls upon them as well so they get help from God to get the job done.

You know I think it was Obama at the Stemmons Freeway sign when JFK was stabbed in the back before Jackie shot him. I think he was the african-american sitting on the curb when a remote control device was used and he probably clicked the button on that remote control device to eject a sharp device located in the trunk of the limousine which went in and out JFK’s back and neck and nicked JFK’s tie because bullets don’t go through ties, do they? It was at that location he was sitting when JFK’s tie was nicked. The exit wound of that particular wound fit the description of something going in and retracting back out the entry wound the same way it came in when JFK elbows went out and up.  Then Obama look alike got up and sauntered across the field while everyone else was running the other direction towards the Grassy knoll

at Dealey Plaza.

But like thunder I can’t understand except for the timing which was interesting, I don’t understand how it was possible for Obama to have been there and I sure don’t know why but it is evil that he was there or a facsimile which is possible since it looked like Michelle Obama at Benghazi and my sister in her youth-ishness as a Trump Basher, etc even though she is staunchly a Republican worked for them but a victim of the BGEA, I think, or a willing partner without her own will.  Some strange things going on. Anyway new stuff coming out about Hillary and some in the Democrat Primaries are kind of feeling the sting after Donald Trump evaded press harassment about acceptance of a loss even if because of fraud so it’s kind of funny. Why not another Democratic Primary and we could delay the election another three months or so.

I sure wouldn’t want to live in Washington DC!

Hillary said there is a 4 minute window of opportunity in regards to nukes in the hands of the US President, but I don’t believe her.

I watched the poker show on tv when a woman with a short leather jacket came up to challenge and watched an asian guy cheat and I yelled out in my home that he was cheating. It was his timing and was listening to something somehow. She lost all her money then after wards the show challenged his cheating and got him off the winners circle but it didn’t help. A little too little too late for that. ßø i was overly unimpressed by their reaction. He kind of looked like an alien in an unearthly and devilish way and like it was purposeful to put her down by everyone involved but look good at the same time by the company. i could tell he heard me and so did they. It was sickening. I enjoy poker but not that much anymore. My brother and I cheated once at poker in a casual atmosphere with my on and off b/f. We marked the cards. It was hysterical b/c we couldn’t see the marks well enough to be successful and still lost. It was kind of a serious joke. We had fun doing it though and I’m sure if my ex b/f knew he’d laugh about it too. He was not easily offended which was a plus and showed a good nature, I think because at the time it was harmless deviant behavior. We were trying to erase a debt we had with him and invited him over etc a total set up that went awry. He was the type that would understand b/c he was kind of that way a bit deviant in the things that he did on a regular basis. His dad I had heard used laughing gas so it was bound to have an affect on his son but what occurred on the poker challenge on tv was not good natured.

So the false covenant is against women, I think.

Not because of the poker-joke but because of all the blockades for women and the shaming etc by the church and it’s sch-peeples which is really harmful to females and their families using hospice to kill those that were born (their parents) and there is no comparison with abortion and I think God himself proves it and so does Jesus at the Sea of Galilee when he says Feed my sheep and subsequently it is self destructive to those schteeples in the end so his advise is sound advice and worth heeding and is a sign of an end as well. I don’t know if it means an end to this dispensational period but the timing is kind of evident as far as the two thousand year events/4000 year span so I think I know I have some sweet things to look forward to which keeps me going:

Family, Friends, and Pets the important things in life that we should treasure and if you do treasure those things try to heed the advice and if you have screwed up already

try to change.

Women have buying power that they need to wield no matter who is President. Don’t buy from big companies at Christmas buy from the little guy and he or she will appreciate it but try to buy from the little women as much as you can.

Try to buy way before Thanksgiving if you can and buy less. Try not to buy for men if you can. Keep it scanty. Buy them cheap underwear and shit they don’t want the wrong size and make them return it.

Discombobulate them any chance you get. Do them no harm unless you can do them gigantic harm but little by little drive them up a wall and see if they can repel. Stop being their door mats. I think Donald Trump’s wife has a big problem on her hands so she ought to reaccess how to train him. I think he is trying to train her or someone is at his expense. I kind of like how Mel was treated by his second to last female when she taped him. At first it made me mad but there was more to that story than meets the eye and after his movie about “What Women Want” I think he deserved it. They want the same rights as men and they deserve more than that because they are superior to most men who are cowards for the most part. He wouldn’t know what women want. They don’t want what happened in Poland recently having to fight for their human rights. Now when I think about the movie Braveheart he makes me sick and I wish the dad had thrown him in the grave. He props the pope and their henchmen. He misrepresented Jesus in his first movie and he misrepresented who the temple people were. When I went to the theater to see his movie Braveheart it was the first time I had been out in a long time and ended up in my car crying and had to leave the theater before half way through the movie because I took my baby and the woman ahead of me shamed me for bringing my baby who was asleep. I wasn’t the only one she just picked on me. She didn’t bother to pick on anyone else who had their babies at the theater and some were crying. My family threw popcorn at her during the movie.

Mel Gibson, I think, thinks he’s Jesus.

Have another vodka. Don’t go to see Mel Gibson movies if you can see the forest for the trees. Does Mel Gibson have the courage to scorn via film making the RCC for Mother Teresa’s discontribution and the popes sainting her devastation for attention and go against the Jesuits war against american heroes and their wives who have been treated terribly using the hospice disservice? How about making a movie based on Christopher Hitchens findings about the RCÇ and Mother Teresa and do some more research about their mercy cult. Investigate Bhopal. Investigate the RCC persecution going on and compare it to the persecutions before now. Do a thorough investigation of the false films shown by the people running for President about sucking out the brains of babies and be fair and compare some of the pictures on some of my sites to nuns in the RCC that wherein those films lying their asses off. Like the lady in the Michael Landon show on Little House on the Prairie and find out how that works as truthfulness about a very important issue and how does lying help anyone? Find out how many lives lost including babies because of the RCC invasion of the countries they laid waist while and after invading and via their economic depletion of natural resources and trickery etc. How about the effect of RCC on those countries vs before their infusion and incursions. Listen to Walter Veith and see if he’s telling the truth I dare ya. How about doing an expose movie about Billy and Franklin Graham? How about a movie about the Book of Acts or is too hard for you. How about an expose on the Jesuits in the past and present. It would be interesting to see someone try especially someone do it who is on their dime (RCC dime) but his bump won’t let him I’m sure. She is probably guarding him like Jackie guarded JFK with a lead right arm.

JFK assassination strange photo I can’t explain it? 2016 UPDATE

Show us your manhood.

He did a decent job on his Viet nam movie but lost his mojo along his mary way thinking with the wrong organ.

Reminds me of King Longshanks: “If we can’t get them out, we’ll breed them out.”

Hamish: “Some men are longer than others.”

His alter egos!

If he believes in God he should try to expose evil:

Hospice assisted murder/suicide is extreme evil and a devious occupation a great temptation to the unawares and naive usually caught or entrapped, in a bind, or in a state of despair that can be abused in a multitude of ways using the four m’s of sociopathic behavior gone ballistic:

manage, manipulate, maneuver, and minister

that even an atheist could notice.

I think most atheists are latent agnostics.

Those that are easily managed, manipulated, maneuvered and ministered can be just as dangerous to the unaware.

Jesus said: “Feed my sheep.”

If I lived in Poland I would be burning down the RCC house if they have one.

Talking Heads – “Burning Down The House”

In the west there used to be a common sense approach to land management which were control fires which protected good vegetation and forests from uncontrolled fires and unwanted underbrush, etc. They also used fires to quench fires out of control when water wasn’t available to extinguish a fire and make the fire change directions and it worked.

As far as Hillary’s weird jerky movements she is being haunted and some are helping because they can read and they can hear and they can see.  They’re learning like spies what they need to learn, I think.

As humans we don’t see some things that even a horse, a dog, or a cat can sense or see so the spirit world sees things as well.  Often nature reacts to things ahead of the event such as earthquakes and tornados. Like my sweet Romeo did the day of the tornado before it happened and during and then some assholes “laid hands” on him. Spirit world uses animals good and bad. In this case Romeo was a good boy. He sat at the window looking out the day of the tornado which was rare the way he did it. Then the tornado came and I was in the bathroom taking cover and in the darkness because the lights went out I saw him walking down the hall calmly right after the windows to that window had shattered, exploded because an 8 foot beam from someone else’s house tried to enter my house via the high winds. I don’t know if he was really in the hall because it was pitch black but it was what I saw. He was the sweetest cat in the world as far as I was concerned. He was a miracle cat because when he was lost for seven weeks 7 years before I got him back. A big amount of huge birds before I got him back descended on my neighborhood hunting for something. Hundreds of birds the size of condors. They flew low over the housetops of a small neighborhood of 110 homes. You could see their shadows on the rooftops as they glided over them. Huge birds. It lasted about an hour or two. We got in our car and people were stopping their cars to look at the amazing sight. We stopped too. I was worried about Romeo because I had not found him yet and it was about a few days before I found him from a tip from the woman with the bad advise about saran wrap whose daughter had seen him at school in the bus lane turnaround drain under a grove of 11 to 12 trees. So I went to look and he wasn’t there and went back near nighttime at dusk and there he was and he was starving. Liver damage. Got in my car after I retrieved him and my car wouldn’t start so I had to walk home with my cat covering his eyes and holding his feet. When I got him out of the drain he bit my nose he was so happy.  He lived for 7 years or so after that until some bad-ass people did something to him to kill him to hurt me and did other VILE things to my daughter who was her friend and even defended her against my accusation. I think it was Merella but I don’t know. She was a zorianastronist and an Islamic teen from Bosnia. Said her dad was a mechanic but he couldn’t fix her car. Then he was a truck driver. They were going to be rich she she said when they moved back to Slovenia, not Bosnia so I knew something was wrong with her and her family. She had fuck you tatooed on her tongue underneath. Very mixed up, but seemed gooey sweet. Told me I was a milf: Mother I’d like to fuck but so gooey sweet. I think she was a thief but at the time my daughters friend. It was a tough situation. She tried to attack my daughter in various ways later on and the ex defended her even when I said she was not allowed in my house he let her in while I was in the hospital before my daughter dropped their friendship. The vets had their fun mocking me I think they were evangelicals, but I don’t know for sure. I received Romeo back in a bag like a bag of kollaches/donuts after he had been put down and incinerated by the ex because of some white dots in his left lung. My medicine had been stolen for real. It happened a few times once for real and once not. It’s a game to make me look unreliable in my word or words. I have explained it before in the past posts but it was hard to take. There comes a point when you can’t keep taking their jabs and attacks.

Later on he hospiced his mom who was very old but not a good idea! Knew how long it would take for her to die. He doesn’t understand that it’s not wise because it becomes franchised against others who aren’t old or because they aren’t the right gender, religion, color, persuasion, etc. He still hasn’t watched the Christopher Hitches expose. He doesn’t want to. I want to watch the accusations against abortion because I want to know. But they won’t show them because it’s a lie and an excuse to hospice.It’s against the law so what is stopping them from showing their evidence? If they had evidence they would show it. It’s a power war. They want to control every aspect of our lives and handout what they think is worthy to whomever and be thanked for it. Wanting our gratefulness for their handouts as they constrict our freedom in every way. It’s sick. It’s the RCC way. They do it to their own as well. Like I said partial birth abortion is in the mind not the body. It’s to make people to forget and wealth redistribution. Kangaroo courts etc. Son of consolation type…..or to forget.

Book of Acts. Read it.

Many females have had abortions and are afraid b/c of the RCC and some of the ones that aren’t afraid standing against abortion have had abortions but have had their minds sucked vacuumed to forget.

The party will be over soon. For one thing Malachi lived. His grandparents weren’t watching out for him at that moment when he was supposed to be with us following through the neighborhood and somehow he went back to the dangerous ledge at The ARC about to look over the ledge high above a fountain/pond. Granted it’s not the Grand Canyon still he was very young about the age in the picture and the ledge was 3 stories high. High enough to kill him if he fell. I saved his life. I told him to go back from down below when I noticed. His dad was Levi, the extortionist. JK. Second because it’s bound to end because of God. Third Jesus said Feed my sheep! The personal stuff could be like a shadow…I don’t know. An example. I’m just telling the truth the best way I know how amid a huge deception going on. I kind of think all of this may have to do with the hospice seduction. Could be more to it than meets the eye or on the edge of a ledge at the ARC/Ark that had broken off somehow somewhere in Mosul? Could be both. Maybe the Ark is located there? Maybe all three.

I think it’s the first option meaning

the flood if hospicing continues,

possibly a warning……an omen.

Honor your parents (OT) and Feed my sheep (NT)

There is a ledge (a shelf) on the west coast of another continent that if it broke off the east coast of the USA would be affected by a tidal wave or something like that. I recall hearing about it but I don’t know the name of the shelf (continental shelf) but it would be cataclysmic if it happened. I’m sure there are other places like it. So something to think about. Perhaps including having to do with the threat of punishment, lies, and retribution regarding abortion using women’s issues as an excuse to promote suicide/murder using hospice etc. using the female and her family as a scapegoat. It would be really weird if it happened the day after Christmas


 Perhaps the mountain that falls spoken about in Revelation who does the same and causes havoc.

I don’t know.

My mom was a writer but she did not teach me about writing. Obviously. She taught me art. She published a few things when it had to be published by others and not self published. She wrote a story about a boy that haunted a hotel,

But he was english.

It’s like the IRS charging penalties and compounding interest upon interest upon a debt

but even worse, of course:

It’s pure unadulterated evil.

A mayor or so ago I saw a press news picture on the internet of the back of the head of Trump (which could be anyone) writing with a felt tip pen, I think, the chest of some woman who looked kind of deceptive and I had a hard time swallowing it no matter how I looked at it. What a dumb thing to do as a candidate and yet all I could see was the back of his head and she looked very possessed. Why would anyone want a candidate to sign her chest? May not have been a signature but whatever it was it was weird. Looked like a triangle.

I always thought Trump owned the Trump Towers in New York

not a tower in New York,

But I wasn’t paying attention.

Very high ones “the twin towers” and now the Saudis have the something similar and beneath them is Yemen?

I thought Trump owned the Twin Towers.

1000 peanut butter sandwiches, eh?  Billy Graham launched his career earlier> Whose career? The Reverend who got the “Q”  “the tip”to make 1000 peanut butter sandwiches for fire fighters the night before the attack in New York. He launched his career based on the killing of a Jewish boy by a gang of kids in New York and took them under his wing.

I think there were 8 of them. I think the 8 were called “the gang of 8.”

Like the G-8?

I wonder what was in those planes besides 12 Saudis and travelers. What kind of cargo?

Pixie dust? Devil’s Breath?

Hit the Pentagon, too, but did not destroy it conveniently.

As far as Hillary goes sometimes humans go into shock and it takes years to understand or congeal (coalesce) and she did have an injury or tumor or something strange to delay and before she was to testify about Benghazi. I can’t judge what happened to her but I can judge what I saw was a kangaroo court attempt at not asking the right questions for 13 hours? Only a few attempted and they know who they are.

Check out Oanda forex Pictures and tell me something is wrong:

Ill show it soon. It’s called cheating when the 15 minute is ahead of the five minute by two or three minutes in the same minute! weird! not sure if it’s the company, another company competing, another country, or hacking if it is gender or/and religious persecution to be fair minded about it but i sort a prayed whoever is responsible lose their business. I think it’s the last two mentioned, for sure. I know between forex companies they try to steal potential clients via hacking. i don’t know how the companies hack the other but they do it for sure. Trying to make it hard on the female especially: It’s evil make no mistake about it and hopefully it will end very soon.

Would it help if we make the female vote worth a half a vote

to even things out for the male?  LOL

or should we move the male goal post 100 yards closer? LOL

I’m still not going to vote because it’s like voting for one or the other side of the same coin. Has any candidate mentioned the hospice practice? Nope. Though certainly both sides were benefitting off the partial birth abortion fantasy/deception financially  and instigated by Pope Francis and the Jesuits. And Elizabeth Warren is on her feet yelling about her feet. But in the meanwhile our government is gonna rape the military of bonuses received retroactively then they will hospice them.

Did you ever see a partial birth abortion and brains being sucked out of a skull? Why? Why would someone suck out a brain physically….makes no sense? To Shock and Awe?

Mincemete pie? Plum pie?

I never saw it and if they had it I think they would have shown it. There is such a thing as hidden cameras, that is, if they really really were occurring. These people have big bucks so they ought to be able to have the budget to buy a hidden camera to expose in truth the truth if it is the truth. Why no lawsuits? Why no court battles about it in our legal system.

Myth Buster: Why would anyone suck out a brain to harvest an organ

 I thought partial birth abortions were illegal!

Mind Rape

I think it is a spiritual mental sucking of the brain like when your memory is erased and not a physical sucking of the brain we are talking about when talking about partial birth abortion to protect the guilty and to keep some at a disadvantage in order to have the upper hand:

the rapists,

the molestors of their own kids,

and incest rapers and their accomplices using them

the thieves and liars

to silence those that figure it out.

That is evil to the core.

What say you O’reilly?

Is that how the Jesuits handle females

who complain or remember or try to sue males like you?

(I don’t know what she’s talking about-Susan Rice -UN ambassador because the future must not belong to those that insult the profit of Islam. Who is her husband? Pres or owner of some oil company-Shell? One of many women)

And many women were there beholding afar off, which followed Jesus from Galilee, ministering unto him:
(Because he was weak and they were willing.)

An out of court settlement?


I noticed O’reilly kissing Japan’s ass recently at the beginning of his desire to sell us his version of history in regards to WWll and the Atom bomb.

Who enlisted Japan to attack the USA?

The Jesuits?

Kind of obvious, you have no shame!

Did he blush?

I know why the Japanese attacked! I figured it out!

How about those men on ships eating breakfast in Pearl Harbor?

Who is responsible for 9-11? The Jesuits?

How about those civilians going to work to their jobs?

Gonna write a book about King Abdulaziz next?

Is he dead yet?

Who is responsible for Benghazi? The Jesuits?

I don’t recall hardly any O’reilly shows about Benghazi. Which is odd.

Too close for comfort?

Stayed away from that subject as much as he could probably more than any other news program besides the local news stations. Why?

As if he was above it or it was beneath him to broach the subject. Deliberate aversion. Like the Grahams about the statement made by Obama at the UN regarding the future “the future must not belong to those that slander/insult the profit of Islam.”

Mighty interesting. He did the same thing! Some kind of alliance in the midst:

Jesuits, Evangelicals, Islam and the false prophet….hmmmmm. It mecca sense to me. Laura InGraham wouldn’t be allowed to remember weather she had an abortion or not because she LOVES and EXPECTS those POLITICAL Christmas presents for the Winepress way too much! Wonder what she will receive this year? Saw her on Fox slipping in her jab against a lot of good people very callously! Probably not her fault, she just doesn’t know any better, yet.

Stop Making Sense, Talking Heads

Heads up – You are crazy! I know you think you aren’t as most crazy people don’t realize it  but truly you are crazy. We are Watchin out for ya.

Now the RCC has found a new way to make money: ashes- a diversion of course to try to make us think of why and I’m not gonna waste my time trying to figure it out. Foreseeing a lot of ashes to cash in on. They’re up to something, and it has to do with abortion and the RCC’s merciless version of a god like the attempt in Poland to condemn the female,

the RCC alway are

but the Pope is off to Sweden to obfuscate the truth.

(“Notwithstanding all such claims, the official date for the start of World War II remainsSeptember 1, 1939, when Hitler invaded Poland.”)

and will take the wrong side again. It’s habritual.

You know, that day (the thousand years?) is very educatin’!

Why is it you never hear about males cutting themselves? Why is it you never hear about males with Bulimia? or Anorexia? On the other end of the spectrum in Muslim countries some tribes cut the Clitoris of the female, why not cut the glans and the frenulum the erogenous zones of the penis? Why has it taken so long for the invention: the contraception pill for the male? There is an underlying reason for these questions! One of the answers is expectations1


Anne Boleyn, I think.

I wonder why!

Probably the same reasons for many many years the nursing field was mostly female. Males want the credit and want to be able to just in case discredit females if things go awry. Take John Kerry for instance…..

He didn’t want space between him and Hillary. WHY? What difference does it make?

That is not an endorsement, but I guess the answer to the last question is because she can handle it. Probably the only democrat that can handle it, the rest are a bunch of babies: Blaming the weather on the whether.

I’m still not opting. Why? Because I don’t want to be an enabler.

Neither the Dems nor the Reps are telling the truth and are still avoiding it like the plague.

MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This

I’ve witnessed your sociological-sociopathic tricks and you fit the description of Josephuses personality to a partial point:the book of the dead and History of the Jews in a lot of ways rewriting history, startin’ shit, you tipped your hand. How did Fox news get it’s start: it wasn’t OJ Simpson BUT it was the (Hindenburg) cigar as I recall at least it is what Brit Humes said anyway. They needed something juicy. Balls rule of law?


Related to Monica? signature in muslim? I guess it’s possible!

Who was the nun on your show with the black beret? Your mom? Pope Benedict wore one once as well once earlier in his career but whoever got into him sure made a difference. Amazing what a few truthful statements can dew.


Nothing wrong with listening to that good voice inside you, but hard to do in a religion gone mad and get away with it.

The Parable -Tale of Two Wolves

and sometimes we are dealing with packs of wolves not just two.

We do a disservice to our children when we shorten the lives of the elderly because it seems mete to do so. Those short times (moments) can be eternal to both the child and the grandparent or great grandparent. I think we should take the advice of Jesus at the Sea of Galilee even if the elderly are not in their right mind all of the time usually caused by a number of factors with sickness and health, pain management, diet, negligence, lack of exercise,  medication, and interference via insurance prohibitions and prices (even though I’m against it in regards to people because of the following insurance pitfalls protecting unskilled, untalented and negligent, and sometimes the vengeful over rewarding the ones that make a difference in the medical field), lack of enough skilled nurses, doctors, and staff and should try to improve it for the elderly and their “sanctuaries” for both reasons. Maybe we can extend the quality of life with some practice to living up to 900 years as in the past. Might be beneficial to our kids and their kids. Our kids are gonna grow old and certainly we don’t want some bogus religion gone off kilter determining their future. Might even improve the global weather conditions if we do it that way

since they were born

or begotten.


To have born; brought forth.

My dad was born in Missoula, Montana


Resembles Malachi the one on the ledge?

 His mother looked like the woman in San Bernadino, California who was shot and killed with her husband in a van after her husband shot a bunch of people in a meeting (I think he was fired) which was not Levi his dad and her husband. She left her baby with either his grandparent or hers. The picture where she is looking up as if looking at a camera at an airport with a man in a white cap and white hindu or muslim type garb which was in the news a while ago and in one of my posts on one of my blogs.  

I have no idea what it was about (San Bernadino) I do remember something abut money she returned or something, but I think the message I felt I got some how or another was about power of a river…..  

Which river I don’t know: Euprates, the Nile, or the Po, etc. In the olden days the powers that be diverted rivers like beavers to gain control. One prophecy is about the Euprates River drying up to make a way for the kings of the east. It did dry up around the time Pope Benedict was the pope.  The dams are kind of what I think may have started a lot of trouble in Egypt uncovering some temples that may have been better left under water, but the cat is out of the bag now! Maybe it was destiny. LBJ supposedly had something to do with building dams, I read. Jackie Kennedy Onassis received gifts from Egypt for her contributions and I guess her apartment in Manhattan overlooked a temple entry or something like that was housed in some building in Manhattan. I grew up watching movies like The Mummy so I kind of maybe sometimes have an over imagination besides the crap that as happened in the last ten years causing some acute problems and having ptsd. LOL but I don’t think there has ever been a time as this and though I sometimes see humor in some weird stuff I take it BERRY seriously too. Consolation may help temporarily but down the road may rear it’s ugly head and cause problems. And so you have the hospice just in case…a backup plan which  is not very nice and downright naughty. It will backfire.

I have no idea what it means as a prophecy about the Euphrates but I think it may be referring to the book of Kings in the OT or Chronicles some evil kings which may have to do with Saudi Arabia. I think they have numerous kings. I have no idea but since the terrorist attack on 9-11 with 12 Saudis carrying box cutters it’s kind of hard to overlook. Then add hospising to it as the latest threat to humanity and the excuses it’s hard to dismiss as mere coincidence on top of that the natural/unnatural disasters it would be stupid to sleep on it. Then the Book of Malachi in the bible and the Catholic writer Malachi Martin Wind Swept House etc and another Catholic Malachi which prophesied the last pope would be the pope in the Papacy now talking about Judgement.

Here is some IRONY

The ex brought home the new used car he got over his mom’s dead body with his daughter. She apologized to me about breaking my jewelry and will buy it again for me and said it was because I wished her boyfriend would die because she was talking suicide while her boyfriend was hassling her and the fake argument on the phone with the ex and boyfriend the other morning. And I apologized for feeling that way about him and said I over-reacted though I think

I said the part about wishing him to die after she broke my necklace

but no matter I don’t want him to die I truly want him out of her life because of the games between him the ex and her. So the three taught me a lesson though I was ill and on Prednizone and trying to make her not to take his shit he dishes out to her. Yet the ex starved his mom to death using hospice and still I don’t think has dared to watch the Christopher Hitchens you tube about murder suicide and Mother Teresa..I told her I was sorry but I don’t want her to marry him and I won’t be a witness for their marriage and she said she doesn’t want to marry him but he’s her boyfriend for now. And I told her no more suicide talk with him while he tears you down.

It was a set up though she doesn’t realize it and I realized it even more the extent of the ruse of the boyfriend and the ex.

Her friend killed my cat the ex did all the shit he has done and I had to apologize for wishing the death of her boyfriend .

I wish it now because he and the ex are IRONIC FUÇKERS Fucking with my daughter and me!

But when

I  apologized I meant it


I wish for the death and destruction of the Roman Catholic Religion and the Vatican

because the RCC is responsible for the death of my parents

with the New FASCIST Enlightenment:

The cult of Mother Tersa

I wish for the death of the cult of Mother Teresa and those involved in it’s business against the unwary unwitting victims which includes those who bought it via ignorance and being entrapped.

He is not the only one I want to die

I wish for the destruction and death of Phil Rodgers, my ex.

But before Phil Rodgers and Patrick Boner die I wish to see a broom and a mop up their asses.


hay I would do if I werePresident?

Why my family?  Of course, it isn’t only my family but sometimes it feels like it having been isolated in so many ways. 

 Let the true God handle those that weren’t born which probably number in the gazillions if you count all the possibilities.

Follow me

Both sides of the coin know hospising is occurring so why aren’t they talking about it?

Is it how they enriched themselves? Drunken on the blood of saints?

I think it is!

If our litres won’t talk about it,

who will.

In the olden days before abortion and divorce were legalized women died with their husbands/ex husbands regardless if they liked each other by locking them in the room with his sarcophagus or putting them on a wood stack and set afire with him. They did it to their pets and servants as well. This is not going to happen to me or to to my daughters. However, I’m sure the RCC would be for it for the assets left behind. Isn’t that what the warehouse auction show where people bid on peoples junk left behind in their warehouses and their collections left behind are about? Rare collections. How else do they get a show together for that reason and call it entertainment. My ex loved the show. He liked Pro Wrestling as well. Of course like the poker show they have cheaters who know what’s already in the warehouses. Those shows did not exist until lately when

Obama took office and we were enlightened by Pope Benedict about a future world government with teeth. Whose teeth? Have you ever seen Billy Graham’s daughter smile? She is married to a dentist and I think his name is Peter.

She is deviant but consider the source.

The unstable ledge shelf on one continent may be causing some problems soon,

but consider the source!

The harm young RC prostheletites (Pope Francis dick suckers) cause to women/girls and their families about women’s issues which is none of their business is very upsetting  and I pray they feel it in their assholes or in their groins and in each others mouths every day of their lives until they get off the Jesuit/RCC dime. See how much semen they can swallow till they give up their tongues to the truth: your religion > the RCC >

is the whore of Babylon

until the purpose is fulfilled.

D.C. Council gives initial approval to a bill to let terminally ill patients end their lives




The purpose is to show the nakedness of the RCC and deplete the RCC of everything except Bill O’reilly, imo.



LUKE 13:31 and 32

:31 The same day there came certain of the Pharisees, saying unto him, Get thee out, and depart hence: for Herod will kill thee.

32 And he said unto them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day I shall be perfected.

Zebrafish embryo ‘selfie’ takes top prize in microscopic photo contest

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-1-34-44-pmscreen-shot-2016-10-25-at-1-38-04-pmMy vote is we end the Papacy Dethrone them so we can win otherwise it’s a no win situation

not just that


If we don’t.

Another kid committed suicide, hung himself. His mom did the same thing. It’s catching like a cold

like cell phones our nemesis,

a Kryptonite for humans somehow or another

“The established premise is that Superman and other Kryptonian characters are susceptible to its radiation, which created usage of the term in popular culture as a reference to an individual’s perceived weakness, irrespective of its nature,[1] similar to the term “Achilles’ heel.”



Seen a lot of bad shit happen and a lot of bad behavior and bad reactions too often and the common denominator was the cell phone and those that can’t seem to live without a cell phone for even a day:

Obama’s Apple.


RCC Unions vs Free Market

RCC Unions vs Right to Work

in the State of Texas

Is Ted Cruz for RCC unions/illegal immigration in the State of Texas??

A labor union war goin’ on in Texas. My other brother in law has a temporary staff business that got to be quite successful. Right to work staffing business. Noticed lately that there are a lot of them now. The RCC wants to take them over by using cheaper labor by using illegal mexican labor then when they win the competition their prices will go yup because it’s the RCC unions against free market workplace. They are on Miller and Garland Road waiting every day for work. Gonna do the same to other business too if to is allowed to go on.

Not because they want open borders, not because the Dems want your vote…..


because the RCC uses unions

to devastate areas of interest to further the RCC’s legacy. the Papacy. Not scabs but marsh bleeders that’s why they get large crowds just to support the Popes balcony appearances: the union boss makes them, or else! How else would they know to show up at a particular time? Many of them live in little villages…Do they send out a tv guide for Pope appearances? Nope.

Will Ted Cruz do anything about the RCC union wars against right to work states? No he is probably is in Washington DC doing nothing about it and besides he supports the RCC papacy because it supports him via US tax revenue.

you know….male prostrates.

What do Senators do? Nothing, Didn’t Ted Cruz make some BIG campaign promises he did not keep if the senate had a republican majority? Why not? It was Bullshit.

The Constitutional wizard.



Then the mexicans will go home.

Draining the swamp won’t work on the Southern border of Latin America. I don’t think it will wo